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We talk about and post everything Slaanesh.

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>be me
>be noise marine in the service of the prince of pleasure
>drop by chaos undivided cuz lots of people to party with and get in to orgys with
>see the Khorn warriors
>think "these guys can bring the blood to the blood orgy!"
>want to make a good first impression though
>turn my amps as high as can go to try to impress them
>they look at me
>"What the fucking shit do you pansy ass Slanneshis want now?!"
>try to play it off as yelling to the guys behind them.
>run around them with a red ass blush under my helmet
>blood orgy in an hour
So what should I do, I wanted to bring some blood as lube and set a good impression but I've made a fool of myself in front of the Khorn warriors and my brothers under Slannesh will not think as high of me as they could.

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People talk about how Nurgle is nice and all, but Slanesh is the supportive parent that tries to be unto your hobbies. You like art? here is a new tentacle to paint three times fast! You like swordplay? Oh, here are some chaos drugs so you think super fast in battle. Oh, you like raping? Here is a another dick, have fun sweet daughter.

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When will Khorne confess his love/lust to Slaanesh?

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I thought they were exes.

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Khorne is just being tsundere.

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>not eviscerating them and using their intestines as lube and condoms

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Man I didn't want to be that guy, it was my first day
Though if I could get some pals the orgy get bigger and mabey some meat shields in battle
loyalists get out!

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The thing is Khorbe followers will only be friends with you if you slaughter a ton of stuff while shouting. I suggest find some marines, rope, warp dust and dildo swords. Got to get them into the mood.

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Fuck man not a bad idea, I can get some Khorn pals and some blood for the orgy.

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Khornates are fine, but any rats will be killed on sight.
Remove Rat
Is fucking a virgin a combo khornate/slaaneshi act?

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>Tfw she pulls out the latex suit

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>mfw corpsefage try to ruin the fun instead of joining in
They need a goodbedding

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Only If you use a chain/power dildo

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>not using condoms
Nurglite detected!

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>be me
>be random cultist
>need to devote myself to a god or I just get lumped in with those undivided neckbeards
>eventually I chose Slaanesh
>wonder what I could do to prove myself?
>then it hits me
>find other cultist
>female, I think
>approach and gently grab her hand
>in public
>around hundreds of people
>one cultist throws up
>gently move my other hand over her now blushing face
>a squad of noise marines faints in unison
>place my hand on top of her head
>become a daemon prince on the spot

How'd you all prove yourself to the dark prince?

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COCAINE!!!!!!!!! COCAINE!!!!!!! COCAINE!!!!!!!

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Snorting dry warp weed off of a pile of dead marines and elves

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Khorne and Slaanesh are the kind of relationship that breaks up every week loudly and violently, then midway through the week gets back together in a whirlwind of furniture-destroying makeup sex, only to get into another huge argument and break up again the next day.

At this point Nurgle and Tzeentch just assume they'll be broken up more than they'll be together, and work with that.

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The pathetic cringe in this thread is almost palpable.
You are all uncultured swine who misunderstand your master.

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This. Hedonistic pursuit of orgiastic mindlessness is but a minor facet of Slaanesh's glory. Reach for greater levels of perfection in yourself - in skill, in thought, and in aesthetic. Slaanesh is the god of Renaissance, and we, his followers, the new proletariat.

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Will Slaanesh help me get good at playing Chess?

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He will make you the greatest chess player ever.
Then you will be so good you will defeat every challenger, and become bored of chess being robbed of the thing you loved to do.
Then you will have to look for something more stimulating to do as chess no longer creates enjoyment for you.

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>Slanesh is the supportive parent that tries to be unto your hobbies.
Yet STILL no MILF Slaanesh...


>>mfw corpsefage try to ruin the fun instead of joining in
>They need a goodbedding
You mean Bending, as in Gender?

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So no COCAINE????????

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> tfw enligthened Chaos Marine
> tfw devoted myself to the worship of Tzeentch in the pursuit of true hope, complete knowledge, and nigh-infinite arcane power
> tfw Slaaneshi deviants mutilate themselves, causing permanent damage for the sake of a mundane chemical
> picrelated.jpg

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Slaanesh in 40k is for edgelord kids. Like you.
Slaanesh in WHFB is best slaanesh.


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Allow me a moment for polite retort. Slaanesh, more than anything else, is the god of excess, more so than perfection, perversion, vanity or pleasure. Slaanesh takes what motivates a being and pushes them to that excess, so much that so much that what you once found unachievable becomes mundane and you find that the only thrill comes from pursuing your passions beyond the realms of the physical, mental, spiritual and what the boring would normally consider sane. You for instance, are consumed with self love, and your interpretation of perfection, and go to extremes to embrace and push the borders of your own passions, you are similar to Fulgrim in that regard. For some the motivation of sensation, the others to temptation of the flesh, and as long as you push for excess in our father/mother/aunties eyes he/she/xir will love and uplift you favoring those that truly embrace their pursuits beyond the realm of sanity and possibility. For you, it's self perfection, for me its



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But really in this massive universe of ours isn't the only real excess the truly prosaic? Only in the bare necessities of life one find a million hands uniting as one to prepare their morning repast each and every day.

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Oh Haemaphrodite Prince no! The galaxy is a kaleidoscope of excesses, overlapping, changing and distorting. One thing me and Old Prince Siggy can agree on is all one needs is a mirror. How one uses the mirror is up for debate, but you should give my mirror a try and see the swirling colors of excess weave the beauty of true creation across our pallid dull cosmos.

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The most beautiful man ever.

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Hello. :3

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>death chess
Get on it,/tg/

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...That's a man?

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He's just that fabulous.

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Delet this

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What other characters would worship Slaanesh?

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Are we calculating Khorne's weekly three-ways with Gork n' Mork into that equation, or are we just guessing at this point?

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Clearly the "Slaanesh" head on this Archaon mount is its penis

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Pyramid head isn't slaanesh.

If anything is undivided.

>secretly the good guy:tzeentch

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Honestly with all the other gods in romps I'm glad i signed on with tzeentch.
>Khrone:gork and mork, slaanesh
>slaanesh:everything that moves
>tzeentch:smart enough to stay out of this.

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This ongoing porn/comedy theme about a group RPing is delicious

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>Tzeentch is smart
>butts into the great three-way bloodbath carnagefest between Orks/Imperium/Khornates, attracting the attention of ALL of 40k's 'War gods' at the same time

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I'm on like 4 warnings so I'll only leave a vauge link. There is like 9 pages of her barbarian being ravaged.

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Ah found it. Thank anon.

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I mean isn't that fucking hot as hell? A bunch of girls RPing a lewd as fuck adventure and you get invited to join?

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Come on drop the name or a link anon, I'm dyeing over here.

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kinda unrelated, but am I the only one who thinks that the new plague marines could be easily converted in Slaanesh followers?

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well Doom Rider is pretty cool I guess

>> No.55198381

Is that Shadman fanart?
Is Shadman basically a prophet of Slaanesh?
I saw the pics of shirtless Shadman and I totally want to lick MDMA off his midriff.

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I guess it's doable.
They kind of have tentacles and you could fluff the bloatedness as their overindulgence in gluttony.
What would you run them as though? The unit they represent has to be Nurgle, if you wanted you could get some Noise Weapons and kitbash them into really fucked up Noise Marines, but Chosen could work too.
They're definitely too fancy to be basic CSM.

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Oh yeah, speaking of Sigvald, what'd the Geld-Prince title mean?
Were they going for the German word for Gold to represent his wealth and armor, or do they mean he lost his balls somehow?

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Goodnight, everyone. Hope you all have sweet sloppy wet dreams!

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I masturbate too much to have wet dreams

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This thread is far too quiet, so I present this dirge to our excessive lord.

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It's censored don't worry about it

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Guys I'm thinking of making a spider themed Slaanesh CSM army, how autistic does it sound?

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Not that guy, but everytime I see shit like this, I have to ask: Do you even?

>> No.55202512

I'd say this is some pussy stuff. Wasn't dubstep cool like in 2004? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtDAW_FOxW8

take it like the sub cunt you are

>> No.55202564

more noise never enough noise my earscunts arent bleeding yet what the fuck

>> No.55202579

fuck painting toy men, didn't we come to this thread to go over every top?

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At what age should I start introducing my kids to Slaanesh?

>> No.55202635

the moment their pelvis can take a dick without shattering. I'm a soft pussy I know and I think too much of my partners I know.

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I assume all of you have read chapter 2 (slaanesh) of Liber Chaotica?


>> No.55202724

i think too much of my partners physical integrity* sry
I'm just getting a bit drunkerino, I was up for 5 days and decided I'll be a pussy tonight and go to sleep. I've been drinking gin and eating phenazepam for I dont know how long, but atleast not longer than from friday. I think tomorrow will be a not so slaaneshi day.

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Dubstep does have an excessive amount of bass though.
Also the song is literally dedicated to Slaanesh.
This works too.

>> No.55202755

actually, I just started to taste the word partner around in my mouth and might it just be, that having a partner in the slaneshian sense, is not very slaneshian at all. Shouldn't we be talking about masturbatory objects? Like what ever the hole you take is, it's sentience is irrelevant. You just take it. Or is this too khornist way of thinking?

Have some sounds of joy

>> No.55202773

asdasdasd niglet
that is clearly house, nothing of dup or breakbeat in that track, I was just being coy with you

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Slaanesh does represent obsession, becoming enamoured with a single partner to the point of excessive possession is completely and totally Slaaneshi.
I don't actually know every little subgenre of music, I just listen to what I like.
And getting high, the end of the song you posted might have given me a bit of a bad trip if I was doing anything hard.

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but the word partner, it means there is some care for her/him/it. My thought of diving into sin, is no one matters, not even yourself, as long as the sensation is as strong as it can be. Irl there is no better sensation than 200ml of ghb and 0.5-1g toot of dextroamphetamine, Depending of the purity. The cocktail takes you to discuss things with gods themselves. Nothing comes close to that. Not a thing in this life.

except this and a 1g toot of speed.

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gbh* im sorry, im faulty and dumbo

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Nothing says sin can't feel love.
I care for my toys, if someone broke something that belonged to you wouldn't that annoy you?
Just do what you enjoy and take it to excess.
If it makes you feel better call your partner your favourite toy, and show them some Slaaneshi love.

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Slaanesh isn't the God of feeling good, it is the god of excess above all else, what that excess IS is up to the slaaneshi in question. If it's physical pleasure, than so be it, but it can also be obsession with a specific person, or object. Money, sex, drugs or love, these things are all equal as long as they are taken to excess

>> No.55203043

this is where i failed to explain myself. Us humans are just conduits for sensations. What ever feeling we can manifest in ourselves and in what ever magnitude, makes us that thing in that moment. It's most clear in extreme cases of intoxication. In that moment, there is nothing else but that feeling in you. You lose every normal everyday trivial shit and you can only be that feeling. Dopamine is a hell of a thing.

>> No.55203080

I think >>55203011 answered your question better than I could.
Slaanesh is the god of sensation, perfection, and excess.
Be a conduit for sensation, be the perfect conduit and take those sensations to excess.

>> No.55203081

this is what im aiming at. If my persona is defined by penetration, should I care if the object I'm penetrating is consenting or not. Also known as being a partner or not. I'm not even talking about pleasure got from stimulating a dick, but the compulsion of thrusts that at some point will turn my dick raw and impotent.


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Have been working on my Slaaneshi warband, they believe that to truly feel excess one must tear down civilisation and become one with the frenzied beasts. Slaanesh is the best God, in her all things are found.

>> No.55203251

i think they are well painted. Haven't been playing anything /tg/ related in soon 12 years. I only come here to keep myself at least some times a little human. This board reminds me of when I was innocent.

>> No.55203299

wh related, I played tau in 40k, orcs and gobbos, vamp counts and skaven in fb. When I was still someone.

>> No.55203317

I like them, and I like the way they think.
So do they function like Beastmen more than a Warband?

>> No.55203366

>Just do what you enjoy and take it to excess.

>they believe that to truly feel excess one must tear down civilisation and become one with the frenzied beasts. Slaanesh is the best God, in her all things are found.
>Not becoming one with MILFs

>> No.55203382

btw if anyone would like to buy 2k worth of skaven, 3k worth of orcs&gobbos (with a decent amount of night gobs and forest gobs) and 4k worth of vamp counts, I'm literally selling them all for 4g of speed. Or one army for 1g of speed regardless of points. 1g is 30e. Tau I have only for 1g.

>> No.55203408

dem synths, could noise marineros do this?

>> No.55203444

Slaanesh dubs confirm Slaanesh approves MILFS.
Explains all the tits actually.

>> No.55203449

also think about this, we have here the best kind of street speed outside of meth and 1g gets me 1 or 2 doses. 2 if I take a 3 day break between the dosings,.

>> No.55203457

>> No.55203514

Noice, dude. They look great.

>> No.55203530


Thank you am for your kind words Anon, thus proving followers of Slaanesh are the best! Yes they are very much like a beastman warband, they are however a bit more organised. In time beastmen will be added to the roster, the GW ones are okay but mierce has some amazing woolly rhino and goat men. unlike the beast men though they are very keen on spreading their ideas to other humans by any means possible. I imagine the process would be something similar to the reavers from firefly. Once inductees join the band they are curiously unified, Thier common goal seeming to focus the worst of thier violence on thier foes.

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>> No.55203549


Thank you anon, you should get out their and gorge on TG related things... The prince of excess demands it.

>> No.55203553

So does this warband have communal sleeping arrangements?
And is primitive alcohol fine or is fermented drinks too civilised?

>> No.55203571

Angry sex is best sex.

>> No.55203573

's an empty bottle of phenazepam there. There's 2 empty bottles of gin there. They might've gone today, or they might have gone during 2 days. Should I sleep or fix more speed?

>> No.55203595

this fucken track. Sucha tragico, sucha bittersweeterino

>> No.55203616

Fuck yes it is, I'd kill to get fucked silly right now
See if you can touch Slaanesh.

>> No.55203652


I think they just take it from things they pillage and defile, but it might not be a stretch to imagine, the problem is that they are all insane, but demented obsessive behaviour is certainly welcomed.

As for sleeping arrangements, they worship the God of excess I think any rod or hole would be goal and you sleep when the combo of stolen wine and mushrooms wears off.

>> No.55203654

i touch myself every time no one else is touching


>> No.55203697

Sounds like the best warband to me.
I was encouraging you to fix more speed but that too.

>> No.55203732

about a year ago I almost died from an infection. There was this sore in my ankle and I didn't know what to do with it. So I went on with life and parties for 2 weeks until I couldn't walk anymore. When I went to the hospice, my inflammation values were 300. Not much to go and life would've been given to the immaterium.

>> No.55203781

dont be sop cryptic, I've been up from last tuesday i think. And i've been trying to go to sleep for the whole of today.


>> No.55203819

>be me
>play emperor's children
>love the new noise marines, they're awesome
>go to store
>play a game against chad
>he sets up his Primaris Marines™
>god i wish my models were as tall as his
>we begin the game
>he deep strikes his Primaris Inceptors™ into my noise marine squad, killing 2 of them on the charge with a well used Command Point™ reroll, killing the rest of them in a single combat phase
>well that's ok i guess, i have a few more squads lef-
>his Primaris Hellblasters™ rip my chaos lord to shreds
>finally my sonic weapons are in range
>aim and fire
>all my rolls missed
>my marines are too short to have any effect on the superior aryan Primaris Marines™
>watch helplessly as that squad is ripped apart by Primaris Intercessor™ Bolt Rifle™ fire
>as he slowly tables me, he looks me in the eyes
>"sucks to be a noiselet, eh buddy?"
>i can hear the sounds of his laughter closing in on me
>run home as they chase me out of the store chanting “NOISELET NOISELET NOISELET”
>they trash my forgeworld sonic dreadnought with a hammer but i managed to escape with the rest of my army
>burn all my models but the metal parts won’t set on fire
>vow to never play 40k again

>> No.55203870

I figured you'd either get it or you'd think of something even better honestly.
I know this is bait but holy fuck is this some weak ass bait.
>losing to Primaris with Noise Marines
means you have to suck, Noise is amazing at the moment
>not using Music of the Apocalypse when they die
>missing all your shots
>being tabled by Primaris
For fucks sake put some effort into your made up story.

>> No.55203949

I wouldn't get something so virginal >>55203382
is me. I'm really gone, in every sense.

>> No.55204001



time to crack open the vodka and cook a dose of fentanyl. TODAY I WILL SLEEP

>> No.55204061

i hope ill sleep forever, at least until the next era


>> No.55204251


I'll just leave this here.... it's an excerpt from Lucy Taylors The Safety of Unknown Cities, which I think is what worshipping Slaanesh must feel like. I can't seem to find the pdf online....

Strap in and here we go

The Keepers with their second sets of eyes hadn't even noticed that one minute she was spooning up the pudding, the next minute jabbing at it with! a fork. How was this possible? Unless they wanted her to have the spoon? Had, in fact, arranged for her to get it? Unless they were secretly in league with her? She didn't care. It was the Keepers, she felt sure, who sent the dreams that had been plaguing her for months now. Dreams of such unimaginable vileness, such stomach-turning carnality in a place beyond all salvation, a place she couldn't name or identify, that if she weren't already mad from all the years spent here, she would be soon enough. The visions of perversion and debauchery haunted her sleep and intruded on her waking. She could close her eyes, but this didn't stop the images.

>> No.55204275


She knew that must be because the pictures were inside her eyes, projected there by the sadistic Keepers. Except she had them now. She had the spoon. Oh, thank you Jesus. Thank you. The spoon. That night, behind the locked door of her room, she crouched beside the bed and tried to say her prayers-impossible! Demon! mages capered inside her eyes, a landscape of perversion unfurled in its unholy splendor. She reached to touch herself and touched, instead, (thank God) the object of her deliverance. Thank you, Jesus. The Keepers must be watching, enjoying this, delighting in her torment. She didn't care.

She'd show them. She raised the spoon in both hands and snicked the cold tip underneath the lower lid of one eye. And thought about another lifetime, one of privilege and comfort, when often as not, breakfast was begun with coring out the sections of a grapefruit. Coring out the meaty pulp from its neat triangle, popping the dripping fruit into her mouth to suck the tangy juice. (Oh God, oh God, oh God, ohGodohgodohgodohgod...) Blood filled her head. Adrenalin lanced through her like electric shock. Something warm and oyster-like slimed wetly against her cheek. Now the other one, the other... Again, the sickening struggle with her stubborn flesh. Then it was ! done. She collapsed in pooling blood and holy darkness. "Thank you, Jesus! Thank you!" She screamed it aloud, at the top of her lungs, not caring now who heard. "Thank you, Jesus!" Until the visions started up again in the black of her gutted eye sockets. Then all she did was scream.

>> No.55204307


And this is in in my humble opinion, your brain on Slaanesh.

>> No.55204330

thats kind of the point of chess.

>> No.55204348

Here, have a larger version

>> No.55204352


>> No.55204353

>But really in this massive universe of ours isn't the only real excess the truly prosaic?
I take it you've never been to miami beach

>> No.55204396


Much obliged anon

>> No.55204399

also, Warhol was a fag.
I'll be god damned if I didn't wish I'd thought of it first, though

>> No.55204421

So... i'm seeing a lot of blood.
I'm thinking more stroking, less lacerating..

>> No.55204499

3 paragraphs?
Do I look like I have the time for 3 paragraphs?

I picked the worse possible age in which to be a writer. I would have caught more traction as lay clergy during the dark ages.

>> No.55204512

ahahahhahahaha holy shit if I can hate opiate fiends. I've been clean from opi for 6 years now and only kept this one patch of fentanyl for a lady friends brother. I took like 1/10th of a piece from it, I decided to be a good sport and inform him of this. I called him and told him everything that went on. I was sterile in the process of removing that one strip and restored it in a sterile container. I was even offering him 10e for the strip or anything of equal value. amagad the reee i got

>> No.55204551

>So... i'm seeing a lot of blood.
>I'm thinking more stroking, less lacerating..
Yeah, I'd much rather more seamless merging of flesh, but artist gotta grimdark...

>> No.55204649

im still not sleeping, help me slaanesh

>> No.55205041


Have you considered that slaanesh does not want you to rest? There are clearly acts to be committed in her glorious name you are ignoring.

>> No.55205294


>> No.55205421

>mfw killing for khorne, scheming for tzeentch and being a happy fat nurgle fuck all empower slaanesh

>> No.55205447

is this the dogma of no sleep, no dishonor?`At this point I'm ready to suicide by cop, but in eussr police will only take you to jail. It seems I'm too toxic to od and I have company here who would disrupt any attempt of sleeping as a continuum of a noose or any sleep assisted with carbon monoxide.


maybe in 6h I can be ok again after the cook comes back and gives me something that is strong enough.

>> No.55205459

Anyone help me choosing alternate Slaanesh colors?

I have reds for Nurgle, Silvers for Khorne, Greens for Tzeench

>> No.55205508

Yellow or Green. Just look at the color wheel. White works too

>> No.55205595

have you tried hashish?

>> No.55205957

I'm a gardener by vocation. I grow weed for various purposes. I don't like it, or any derivates of it. It makes me go psychotic. Maybe I should smoke or eat less, but I don't know. It's just easier to sell it and buy benzos when ever I need to sleep. This time is just different somehow. Maybe too long awake and not strong enough doses to take me away. I don't know.

>> No.55205966 [DELETED] 

>> No.55205979

salad is my 1st purpose for the leaves.

>> No.55206014

Would you?

>> No.55206451


>> No.55206769


>> No.55207230


> implying they wouldn't first

>> No.55207317


You'd have to act quick to be on top.

>> No.55207366

+1 Initiative commonly associated with Slaaneshi alignment now makes lot more sense

>> No.55207383

I fell like she would fit just right in Slasnesh's army.

>> No.55207385

dear god ...

>> No.55207463

>dear god ...
Do you even Tongue, Anon?

>> No.55207494

Do I?

>> No.55207619

Morality and common sense are just empty words.

>> No.55207715

When they get their first boner and have reinforced bones.

>> No.55207898

Dude i hope this is roleplaying. Doesn´t sound healthy.

>> No.55208150

i dont roelpal+y

>> No.55208179

>tfw everyone just memes the same old tired dildo and cocaine jokes
>tfw when Slaanesh could be so much more interesting with pride, perfection, twisted beauty, and extreme arrogance

>> No.55208208

the pphenazepam its worken im closing my othrt ryr read anything

>> No.55208254

Please give examples. It's hard to find what you said.

>> No.55208265


>> No.55208270

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=127&v=4k7o_pYLMlI when wa s yesteerday?

>> No.55208285

'What is Sigvald?' for 500 please

>> No.55208289

these guys knoe notihng

>> No.55208294

I'm new to 40k lore but I like Slaanesh. Are there any vampires or vamp-like monsters?

>> No.55208314

my respiratory systeis vlodinmg

>> No.55208322

He's best Chaos boy.

>> No.55208335

Blood Angels XD.
Also i 1 ed there were Vampire xenos or warp spawn.

>> No.55208365

Well Sigvald the Magnificent is probably the best example of what I am talking about.


In general, I see Slanmeshi followers as soldiers obsessed with perfection, flawlessness, beauty, martial perfection. They go so far down this road they come out the either end as these weird husks with their eyes stapled open.

>> No.55208394

look up Halo Devices

>> No.55208417

>> No.55208479

well, have fun in the warp anon.

>> No.55208483

they pumpd ag of meth in me. also some adrenaline and naloxone. should i be thankwullf?
this song was pumpinng around when i woke up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnH8y1mhcnE

>> No.55208485

How does one go about seducing a corpse worshiper?

>> No.55208502

im never dead

>> No.55208571

i worship any corpse you give me
this thing came before me again

>> No.55208687

fuck these cuntorinoooooooooooooos. no prob wihany kind of cuntos, onlywith these who cant die with me

>> No.55208727

How do I into Emperor's Children?

>> No.55208739

fucken die with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.55208871

Tzeentch then suggests 40k, trapping you in a endless cycle of debt and misery.

>> No.55208988

Have you considered the possibility that you are already dead and 4chan is Hell?

>> No.55209026

vomit an blre

>> No.55209098

wouldnit acöööööööreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.55209446

Slaanesh is literally the only thing keeping me in 40k right now. She's like a fat bottomed mom who just suffocates you with her heaving tits whenever you're upset. Plus I get to shit all over everyone elses awful tastes.

>> No.55209497

Anyone know the dimensions of the Slaanesh boobsnake? Could it pass for a demon prince?

>> No.55209845

Is it possible to be a based slaanesh worshipper? Like a normal person who doesn't live the rockstar life all the time?

It seems like it would get pretty tiring

>> No.55210053

Often Imperial aristocracy is Slaaneshi worshippers.

>> No.55210146

>he's like a fat bottomed mom who just suffocates you with her heaving tits whenever you're upset.

>Is it possible to be a based slaanesh worshipper? Like a normal person who doesn't live the rockstar life all the time?
>It seems like it would get pretty tiring
Eh, that depends...
While you don't necessarily need to be a drug-fueled, BDSM murder-rapist, the drive to excess will make you insane eventually.
Like an old lady with a crazy amount of cats.

>> No.55210153

>nobles != normal

I mean like a 9 to 5 job dude.

Is it possible?

>> No.55210170

Let's say I was a chef who wanted to make food.

But a slaanesh chef.

Sure it's weird but making some really good soup wouldn't be as nuts as drug bsdm dude.

Doesn't this mean that there are chef daemonettes too?

>> No.55210265

Workaholism can be strive for perfection. When your 9 to 5 becomes 5 to 9, and you wouldn't want it any other way because the reports need to be done flawlessly and on time and you need to keep productivity above 115%, because i was 110 last year and you need to constantly improve. Inevitable karoshi then becomes your moment of ascension.

>> No.55210298

>Bill the workaholic daemon prince of slaanesh

So obsessed with working that he fixed a huge part of the corpse god's legal system.

His daemonette escort takes the form of sexy secretaries.

>> No.55210363

Think Steve Jobs is all the rumors about him were true.
>bombastic presentations
>mountains of cocaine for "inspiration"
>hyping product through the roof
>ruthless exploit on workers

>> No.55210379

>Doesn't this mean that there are chef daemonettes too?
Yes, but again you have to realize they will take things too far, like trying to get Plaguebearers to taste good or something.

>His daemonette escort takes the form of sexy secretaries.

>> No.55210521 [DELETED] 


I don't think you understand chaos. If you are a slaaneshi cultist you are a devotee to the god of absolute excess. You don't become a slaanesh worshiper by enjoying tits or liking to make good soup. A slaanesh cultist enjoys peeling the skin off his dick to the soothing sounds of jet turbines.

>> No.55210557


I don't think you understand chaos. If you are a slaaneshi cultist you are a devotee to the god of absolute excess. You don't become a slaanesh worshiper by enjoying tits or liking to make good soup. A slaanesh cultist enjoys peeling the skin off his dick to the soothing sounds of jet turbines. A Slaaneshi chef would be hunting down red-headed toddlers so he could use their spinal fluid to season his soup made of battery acid and utra-cocaine.

>> No.55210568

Take drugs, yep, nothing intravenous though. I was joking around with the Doomrider COCAINE!!!! stuff but I occasionally do pot, coke, and mushrooms. Coke very rarely as its expensive as fuck and low quality where I am from, as compared to when I tried it on a trip fishing for Tarpon and Bonefish in Columbia (my other hobby outside of plastic men) Eccies and acid dont really do it for me. As I said it's occasional and I'm a lightweight but yes, I even.

>> No.55210585

Slaanesh is the god of excess and perfection.

That's what got fulgrim, he was an amazing swordsman and artist and was obsessed with perfection.

If I wanted to make the perfect soup and spent years finding the perfect ingredients and pots, then yes I would be a slaanesh worshiper.

In fact the noise marines and daemonettes represent the perfect music and sex.

Luscious Lucius is an amazing swordsman cause that's what he likes.

>> No.55210729


You know Slaanesh isn't a girl right? Slaanesh is beyond gender and orientation.

Everyone in this thread is so incredibly smalltime. If all you can think of when trying to think of Absolute Sexual Excess is "big tits and some mild bondage" then you really need to just go back to nice vanilla Ultramarines and stop pretending you like Slaanesh.

>> No.55210832

Slaanesh is the god of perfection.

If I fought for the violence i would worship khorne. If I fought to spread disease I worship Nurgle. If I fought as a step in my plan, I worship tzeentch.

If I fight to be the greatest fighter of all time, I fight for slaanesh.

>> No.55210842

You need to start with something and then go deeper, slowly giving yourself to excess.

>> No.55210875

if you fight for the fight you worship gork and mork. If you fight to kill you worship Khorne

>> No.55210879


Perfect EXCESS.

Remember that chaos make you insane and evil. What defines perfect to a Slaaneshi cultist is completely incomprehensible to sane people.

Like noise marines don't blast music, they blast horrifying discordant noise at liquefying volumes. Music to them is the cacophony of warfare and slaughter.

And comparing what daemonettes do to you to sex is like comparing asprin to Krokodil.

>> No.55210943

I mean it's not like a slaanesh swordsman wouldn't be practicing 24/7 and getting bionics to improve his swordsmanship.

But at least he'd be nicer to talk too than the druggies.

You can be chaos and be good(see: tzeentch)

>> No.55210998

Slaanesh takes the image of what their visitor desires. I desire her to be a female, so she is. You should know that.

>> No.55211012


No, chaos is inherently evil. You can't be a "good guy cultist."

>> No.55211087

Tzeentch is the god of ambition(or hope) I could work for him and be "good"

Magnus though an idiot actually does things that are good, at least for the thousand sons.

You are going to be completely insane, but you can have some common decency.

>> No.55211088


You cannot look upon Slaanesh and not go insane with desire. Your desires are irrelevant, once you have so much as glimpsed Slaanesh you are Slaanesh-sexual forever.

>> No.55211103

Illuminati could.

So could necrons.


>> No.55211130

Oh and Orks literally don't gain corruption points.

>> No.55211154


Everyone thinks that but they are always wrong. A chaos worshiper might think they still are good, but they are blind to what they have become. Chaos warps you to your core. Unthinking rage, joyous decay, unquenchable hedonism, unrestrained ambition. Doesn't matter what you were when you started, everyone ends up wearing cloaks of human skin.

>> No.55211219

As I've said you do go completely insane. It's not a good existence and you really do lose your humanity.

However, I could eat dinner with a tzeentch follower pretty normally. Most cults go unnoticed for quite some time which means they have some degree of normalcy.

I couldn't eat dinner with a nurgle follower, that's not because of personality but the stench and looks. Hazmat suit and I could probably do it.

Slaanesh and khorne would have me really worried for my life though

>> No.55211276


Depends how far gone you are, but yeah low level Tzeentch cultists probably are the most "normal".

>> No.55211374

Basically it's the "could this person have a normal relationship with another person?" Test

Basically you take a no mutations cultist and a normal person and see if they could have a normal relationship.
>tzeentch: yes, though the friend would likely end up in some crazy plots.(typically tzeentch worshippers have time for friends, as plots aren't a 24/7 thing)
>nurgle: typically no, unless the friend is as disgusting as the follower(what do nurgle followers even do? They have plenty of time to make friends)
>khorne: probably not, considering if you aren't fighting you aren't a Khorne worshipper.(fighting 24/7 would make having a friend really hard)
>slaanesh:obsessive perfection would really make having a friend tough(perfection 24/7 makes having a friend tough)

Undivided is obviously the winner. Tzeentch second.

>> No.55211417

>Remember that chaos make you insane and evil.
No, it just makes you INSANE...

>You can't be a "good guy cultist."
You TOTALLY can, it just your definition of "Good" is completely insane, like getting everything Unbirthed by Slaanesh.

>> No.55211549


Tzeentch cultists are either scholars and intellectuals or workaholic ladder-climbers.

Slaanesh cultists are party animals, or perfectionists.

Nurgle cultists are the diseased and disaffected. Think the people on hoarders or the homeless.

Khorne cultists are violent gangs and fight club members.

>> No.55211566

So... If I wanted to start a WH40k Slaneesh army, what are the most... well... explicit models I can use, as to cause my opponent to be discomfortable when fighting my dudes (with tits)?

>> No.55211575

Lust elves

>> No.55211592


>> No.55211595

>what are the most... well... explicit models I can use?
you are such a faggot and give the hobby a bad name. People like you are why none of my coworkers and non-gaming friends know I play, and why many other people have to hide their hobby as well.

>> No.55211614 [SPOILER] 

Reminder that perfection exists and is green.

>> No.55211625


If you actually want to make your opponent uncomfortable you should focus on sexy androgyny. Nothing makes straight guys more uncomfortable than things that make them question their sexuality.

But since you probably just want hot chick models you can jerk off to, check out statuesque miniatures, hasslefree miniatures, creature caster, or raging heroes.

>> No.55211638

>tfw Emperorfags make it so easy to corrupt them
They seem to forget that living things will always strive for pleasure. From making a house clean to winning a reward, all can be done excessively. Also their mundane boring routine of overused prayers, meaningless wars, and constantly being told that you're expendable wears down morale quite a bit. You'll just need to give them a small chance of newfound pleasure to get them hook.

>> No.55211656

>year of our lord 2000+17
>not being inquisitor Diogenes

>> No.55211802

Need to create cute robots that will build bathhouses, orgy/battle pits etc...

>> No.55211816


>> No.55211974


>> No.55212085

I'd worship Slaanesh's cock with my entire body if given the opportunity in all honestly.

>> No.55212133

I just checked, it's too small, you'd have to greenstuff some extra length to do it unless your friends don't mind your Daemon Prince being smaller than normal.
Also I recommend using Herald Claws to represent malefic talons if you do it.

>> No.55212183

Love the pic, been working on my modelling and converting as I want to do an Emperor's Children which are more S&M Cenobyte based than 1980's psychodelic leopard print rocker. Not criticizing the latter but the Cenobytes to me are the perfect representation visually of what I feel reprsents Slaanesh.

>> No.55212197

There was examples of perfectionists earlier in the thread.
Excessive sensation whores are part of Slaanesh too though.
Don't worry, I'm a proud, arrogant, excessive sensation whore obsessed with getting that perfect high.

>> No.55212241

Hellraiser is basically about a group of Daemon Princes of Slaanesh and Chaos Spawn who fuck with people who solve a puzzle box.
Look at Pinhead, those scars and patterns are so perfectly symmetrical. Also in the original book Pinhead was described as being androgynous and having a breathy voice that made the listener unable to determine gender, I loved Doug Bradley's performance but I wonder what would have happened if they kept that in the movie.

>> No.55212254

>Also their mundane boring routine of overused prayers, meaningless wars, and constantly being told that you're expendable wears down morale quite a bit. You'll just need to give them a small chance of newfound pleasure to get them hook.

>> No.55212352

>tfw boyfriend is either an Emperorfag or a Taufag
>plays Tau for the mechs
>tease him about all the Tau's mechs being excessive
>ask him if he'll make them Slaaneshi Tau if Chaos becomes a thing
>constantly calls me a heretic
>pulls my hair, spanks me and calls me a bitch while we fuck
>tfw beg him for more
>tfw got him to whip me and pour candle wax on my back
>tfw got him to bite my neck and torture my nipples
>tfw at first he was a gentle lover because he said I looked "fragile"
>tfw corrupted him to be rougher and rougher with me over time
Love is a hell of a drug and makes for the easiest corruption, I even felt him get harder when I called him 'Daddy' last time.

>> No.55212533

That's sound sweet.

>> No.55212543

No I'm pretty sure it's faggots like you trying to ruin peoples fun that gives the game a bad name, please off yourself you try hard fucking loser.

>> No.55212703

Even with all that we do still cuddle and hold hands in the morning.
And as much as I love having my hair pulled there's just something about gentle headpats while giving head that makes my spine tingle.
We can't have visitors stay the night either since I'm a screamer.

>> No.55212979

>proudly have models on display on shelf or glass case in your house
>collect slaanesh army of tit-dudes etc
>finally meet a girl despite you being a cringelord edgefag
>girl comes over
>"Oh nice place anon, cool computer an-"
>"Ummm what are those?"
>Those are my Warhammer dudes
>"They actually sell those like that anon?"
>No femanon, I sculpted the cocks and tits by hand, then painted them myself- Hey where are you going??

>> No.55213345

You're dating the wrong girls if that turns them off.
Try bondage theme nightclubs. The kind that plays Genitorturers and probably has glory holes in the bathrooms, both bathrooms.

>> No.55213557

>Androgynous Anon and Femanon GF turn up to LGS
>Clad in latex, with strapons, proceed to put out army of Slaaneshi dickgirl marines playing little Timmy's brand new Ultramarine Primaris Marines.
>Anon loses initiative, Femanon pegs him on game table as punishment.
>Kicked out of LGS
>Proceed to proclaim loudly that its faggots like little Timmy and Normies that are ruining the hobby and putting people off.

And this people is why you should never LARP Slaanesh
>Femanon pegs

>> No.55213560

Should have banged her right then and there to show her the power of Slaanesh. No one should mess with perfection.

>> No.55213565

Well, obviously not just big tits, I'll settle for no less than the biggest tits that ever were.

>> No.55213649

>what is subtlety
There isn't a single Slaaneshi Cult that would last a day if they all did what you describe. That shits for after everything is corrupted.
Showing up dressed in latex? Fine, can't get kicked out for that.
Strapons? Hide that shit from the Inquisitor that is the store owner.
What should happen is Anon should have ten bullet vibrators strategically placed under his clothes, Femanon GF has the remotes via bluetooth to her phone.
Anon puts on music, regular music that the normies would like at an acceptable volume to keep them distracted while his GF controls his vibrators, punishing him by turning them down, rewarding him by turning them to max, the music hiding the sound of his vibrators.

>> No.55213906

Look I'm suspicious of anyone in latex playing dickgirl marines, especially if they're sweating, occasionally biting their lip and Hrrrrngging, just as I'm suspicious of that greasy fat autist eating cheetos as you know the fucker is going to touch your books and minis. Some things are gaming common sense.

And to be even more honest I'd be outright terrified if both these traits were manifest in the one person. This would is the Normie-Gamer nightmare.

>> No.55214085

I didn't say I'd do it, just there's better ways to go about it.
Then again my LGS occasionally has players go for a smoke which is pretty obviously weed but no one cares and the store owner has no sense of smell, at all, he can't smell paint he needs to ask if the smell of his spray painted boards is still too strong. But he pretty obviously doesn't care that it's weed as long as it's not done in his store.
Then we've got couples who make out in the corner and one Slaaneshi Soul Grinder that has a Tyranid Bio-Cannon strapped to it's crotch alongside a bunch of Daemons of Slaanesh who all have had nipples painstakingly painted on with Fulgrim Pink edge tips. That army is a doozy, and the owner of said army even has a mark of Slaanesh tramp stamp, is actually androgynous, and from the sound of some comments his friends made wears women's underwear under his clothes. Even he manages not get kicked out and hides his daemons when kids are browsing because he also has an army of Emperor's Children that do not have dicks or tits out.

>> No.55214368

I was joking mate, taking things to their ludicrous absurd for shits and giggles. That army does sound sweet.

Though you gotta admit finding the two traits I mentioned in >>55213906 would be both hilarious and uncomfortable.

>> No.55214413

Oh yeah, even the fatass at our LGS doesn't eat cheetos while playing, no one does, they all love their models too much. Everyone either eats food that doesn't leave dust everywhere or finishes eating before doing anything gameplay wise.
A fat guy in latex, eating cheetos, breathing heavily and occasionally moaning would be horrifying as all fuck.

>> No.55214440

>one Slaaneshi Soul Grinder that has a Tyranid Bio-Cannon strapped to it's crotch alongside a bunch of Daemons of Slaanesh who all have had nipples painstakingly painted on with Fulgrim Pink edge tips. That army is a doozy, and the owner of said army even has a mark of Slaanesh tramp stamp, is actually androgynous, and from the sound of some comments his friends made wears women's underwear under his clothes. Even he manages not get kicked out and hides his daemons when kids are browsing because he also has an army of Emperor's Children that do not have dicks or tits out.
Motherfucker don't just describe me on /tg/ what the fuck who even are you no one but me plays Slaanesh in my store.

>> No.55214552

Because your senses get duller with time. While the beauty of a sculpture could've once brought joy to you, after a while you'll end doing drugs, mutilating yourself and raping lolis because the beauty of art doesn't please you anymore

>> No.55214910

How insane and decadent would food be like if made by a mid-corrupt chef?

>> No.55215511

I imagine it'd be something like my uncles cooking but with more drugs and esoteric ingredients.
As it is he uses sweetened condensed milk when the recipe would normally call for milk, adds so many spices your tongue burns a little, and there's so many conflicting flavours that me and him are the only ones that actually enjoy it.

>> No.55216250


Obviously, but Slaanesh's blessings bestow stronger/more senses to burn out. It really is a cycle but if you're hedonistic, favored, and lucky enough there's nothing stopping you from riding the tiger.

>> No.55216643

Goodnight, guys, and remember to support your local McSlaanesh!

>> No.55217797

come on anon drop the name

>> No.55217931

but do you wear women's underwear?

>> No.55218383

I like this thread.
This is a fucking good thread.

>> No.55218607

I'm with this anon. I'm pretty certain I found the artist, but I can't find the comic being shown here. Slaanesh demands you aid your fellows on the path of excess! Whether they wish to be enlightened or not!

>> No.55218921


That's a Tzeentch guy. You can tell by the bird heads and Tzeentch symbols.

>> No.55219536

Sculptures might not do it for you anymore, but maybe some giant sculpture made out of rare dead animals might, or something like that. I don't think that drugs and sex become the be all end all of Slaaneshi followers, but they are a method of enhancement of the enjoyment of art, music, food, etc

>> No.55220582

Slaaneshi heretics: what is your favorite Imperial planet that you are going to invade in the next standard week?
Please include a precise date and time.

>> No.55221025

Well, I was planning to invad- Wait a dick! Are you an Inquistor?

>> No.55222159


>> No.55222547

Is this a Sonic Obliterator or a Possessed Noise Marine?
Either way I like it.
Imagine if Possessed Noise Marines were an option though, build in Assault d6 Sonic Mutations, Strength User+d3, -d3AP, 1 damage guns alongside Horrifying Mutations.
I'd buy the models for it in a second.

>> No.55222829

Most artists irl end up being drug addicts, perverted degenerates after a while too.

>> No.55223498

I think Noise Marines are the best. I like to RP as a rock star with warrior groupies.

>> No.55223730

The gifts slaanesh would bestow on that case would problably be stuff like a greater Light spectre,infrared Vision and a different sense of beauty

>> No.55226161


>> No.55226298

Would someone who spends every waking moment of their lives believing they are already perfect qualify as a cultist?

>> No.55226367

>Can't have visitors stay the night.
Granted I don't have much read: any experience with sex, but couldn't you just not fuck for 24 hours?

>> No.55229754

>> No.55230284


>> No.55230445

Why the fuck would I do that?

>> No.55231957


>> No.55233796

Each squad of Noise Marines is a band all of their own, Blastmaster supplies the bass and beat, the rest play to his rhythm and the champion is vocals with his doom siren.
Imagine four guitars in a single band with one heavy bass.

>> No.55234550

I'm going to use this in my Dark Heresy campaign. Crazed Slaaneshi chef behind a bunch of nobles disappearing.

>I've heard that the nobles of this hive have good taste... I'm going to test that theory!

>> No.55237112

>> No.55237165

slaaneshi pls

>> No.55237910

Sex is like dakka, I can't get enough and there's no such thing as too much.

>> No.55239237


Remainder, Slaanesh is subjectively the most evil Chaos God

>> No.55239326

I'm in the same boat. For the love of Chaos, someone drop the comic's name!

>> No.55240205

Purples, pinks, and black go wee with each other.

>> No.55241313

Seriously I do not follow how one is supposed to get this comic name from the image searches. Can't find anything to do with it. Please reveal you secrets you grand wizards.

>> No.55241618

How do we kill le Ratto? And when will GM stop trying to sell Warhammer to kids?

>> No.55244501

What does Slaanesh think of this family?

>> No.55244544

You've been given a character and an artist anon

Extra hint, its a series of images, not a comic

>> No.55246441

As all family ladders should be.

>> No.55246486

But anon, pic related is proper family loving. It's not excessive or degenerate.

>> No.55247007

>which new generation of incest, their eyes get bigger and I.Q. is lower
I see why incest is popular. Slaanesh is pleased.

>> No.55247061

Ah found it. Is there only like 6 images or something?

>> No.55247598

>Doomrider's ancestor

>> No.55248168

Wait what's the character? I'm retarded

>> No.55248323

I have honestly read every piece of Doomrider fluff and lore in Dr Rockso's voice.
He's Doomrider, the rock n' roll Daemon Prince, he does cocaine. I'm afraid that's all we know.

>> No.55250594

>9 pages of her barbarian being ravaged.
>only like 6 images or something?
I only found 3. Which one of you avian bastards is behind this?

>> No.55251585

Slaanesh help! I have been masturbating the whole day and my balls are starting to ache!

>> No.55251892

Clearly you aren't masturbating enough.

>> No.55252281

Some girls are just born to be lesbos, even if they don`t like the rug.

>> No.55252373

I disagree with >>55251892

>>55251585 your problem is that you're probably using spit, or lube, which is fine when you start. But try using a little blood as lube, you can do this by erotically cutting yourself with a razor. Try adding a little extra spicy sensation to the act, clamp your nipples up to a car battery, insert clothing pins into your perineum, or rub your balls with sandpaper and douse them in lemon juice. Why not insert a small animal like >>55196873 into your rectum and let it nibble and claw at your inner anus whilst you also try some of the aforementioned things?

The problem is you've become pedestrian in your wanking, you haven't pushed the envelope, tested the extremes, and this, more than anything else, is why Slaanesh is punishing you by denying you sweet release. The Prince of Excess only wants you to realize your potential, progress your experience of sensation to heights unimagined. He doesn't want you to just be a wanker, he wants you to be the greatest wanker you possibly could be.

Sincerely Yours,
The Ireverent Reverent Baerbak the Debauched

>> No.55254833

>get most of my illicit drugs through mother and her friends
>young mother had childhood nickname "bucket bong queen" as a kid
>comment that I'm out of weed and need to buy some off her friend next week
>she gives me a bunch of leftover tips from when she made special butter for hash cookies
Now I've had five bowls, two glasses of vodka, and a 30 grams of opiates.
Life is excellent.

>> No.55255405

giger is pretty slaanesh

>> No.55257171

I like how Frank is the epitome of the incredibly naive and misguided Slaanesh cultist having thought that the Cenobites would give just him a bunch of 'oiled and pliant' women. Then as his senses are heightened to the point of torture the female Cenobite that appeared asks if he enjoyed dreaming.

They didn't trick or tempt him really either, Frank had already exhausted every mortal pleasure and was desperate to feel pleasure having forgotten that pain can be just as exquisite which was his first lesson.

Later on as Frank has half regenerated back from his treatment he delights in feeling pain again as his nerves reformed which would imply he learnt the second lesson: that sometimes feeling anything is better than nothing at all.

>> No.55257554

Does anyone know where I can I get handsome male heads from? I'm looking to make some slaanesh marines and they must all be beautiful. Everything must be pretty and pristine, no muties or uggos allowed

Pic somewhat related

>> No.55257637

Boxing chess is a thing already

>> No.55257925

Refer to >>55198038

>> No.55260004


Oh you best believe.

>> No.55260905

Reminder that Giger had problems with the producers of Alien because a lot of the designs he came up with were considered way too sexual.
I want them to do a remake of Alien and use all of Gigers unused concept art and make it even more horrifying.

>> No.55260965

I don't think GW knows how to make an attractive sculpt anymore.
Also it's probably pretty hard to get attractive features on a small scale.
It'd take some converting but you could try dark eldar heads and shave down the ears.

>> No.55262014

That could be an idea actually, this kind of thing might do nicely if I git gud at sculpting hair

>> No.55262118

I also love Franks personel Hell in Hellraiser 2. Having all the beautiful women at his desire only to become so bored with it he can no longer perform whilst still retaining his hunger and lust. It's why he tried to summon his niece as he figured a little rape and incest might spice things up. It goes to show that the torture of walking the path he did wasn't in reaching the extremes and satisfying his desires, it's that ultimately no pleasure will ever feed that hunger, and that any pleasure is ultimately fleeting and quickly brings about apathy and boredom. It is in a way an interesting form of torture, depriving a being of what gives them nourishment whilst letting them keep their hunger.

>> No.55262677

Inklings live in a utopian slaanesh society. Prove me wrong.

>> No.55264686

Sup faggots. I'm making a Slaanesh-themed Blood Bowl team.
Does anyone know where I can get a transfer sheet with lots of white Marks and chaos stars for shoulder plates? There's only a very meager handful on the standard CSM sheets.

>> No.55266093

Yeah I've only found six even now and I'm not sure if it's all of them or not. The artist's account only had six so that's probably it.

>> No.55266677

>tfw live rural
>no idea where to buy harder drugs
>no one cares about weed though so it's plentiful
Every time I lament the fact there's no hard drugs in my area I remember that I buy my weed from a family friend at a discount.
Then all is right with the world again.

>> No.55268319

Some more arts like this?

>> No.55268956

this is a pasta you dumb nigger

>> No.55269247


Planning any fun conversions?

>> No.55269509

>Hey, Brother Addicticus, wanna have lots of unprotected sex and spray your white ink inside my cervix over and over until you get elevated to daemonhood? I'm inkling right now!

>> No.55270447

Unfortunately no. Since a player could mutate every few games, trying to keep up with wsyiwyg is damn near impossible.
I'm doing headswaps, but that's about it.

>> No.55273562

>> No.55274842

Im not even sure they ever made attractive looking faces. Just look at FW Fulgrim.

>> No.55274864

Some blood angel heads are kinda pretty

>> No.55276741

I was more referring to Juan Diaz models.
So GW had one talented sculptor and they got rid of him.

>> No.55276887

I believe this was the best Slaanesh thread yet.
Sounded advice.

>> No.55277108

>page 10
>past the bump limit
You know what, I'm making a new thread, I'm not the OP of this one but it was a good thread.

>> No.55277194

New thread

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