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What does /tg/ think of elves?

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annoying and overused

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I love elves, though roughly 90% of threads here on /tg/ about them are pure shit. Like OP, who just wanted to put this pic into the catalog.

With a thread like this you will never get a honest opinion from this board, but this wasn't your intension anyway.

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They're a fantasy race that can be done well or badly.

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Overused shit that have lost any value they originally had. At this point they're just smug, dextrous people with pointy ears.

Shut up you pathetic tryhard twat. You're neither insightful nor interesting.

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if you're gonna post elves blazbaros.

POST AN ACTUAL ELF FROM BLAZBAROS, that's clearly a human.

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>actively hating elves

Even normies are hating elves these days. Stop thinking you're some super smart ahead-of-the-curve guy for being sick of the legolas mustard race

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Is this a dump thread for horrible "elf" art that completely misses the point of elf aesthetics in favor of fetishes?

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I never tried to be insightful, just saying that OP is a fag and shit and that elves are better than the threads they get here.

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You're more insightful than that overly aggressive buzzword-spewing guy

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Elves are groovy.

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lol there it is

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They work well as female characters but then writing the males always feels like a chore.

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''Alp'' sounds better than ''elf''

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Pretty cool if you let them grow mustaches. I know this is just a thread for people to bitch about the perfect race being perfect but that's all well and good. I'll just leave you to it.

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Waaaait that's a passage from Mein Kampf about Jews isn't it. I've seen this like three times and never pieced it together.

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pretty sure its a goebels quote

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It was Henry Ford I thought.

He really hated jews

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You have to be 18 or over to post here anon

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Now what happens to the chariot? Did the lion just meander over and attack the Cold One? Why would you strap a wagon to something that has the capability to be proactive about attacking. The purpose of the animal is to just pull the chariot. If that things running full tilt, and decides to jump at something, it's just going to get a chariot up the ass, and the guys inside are going to get thrown about, and there will be chariot everywhere.

Why would you do that? Bitching picture though...

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>Overused shit that have lost any value they originally had. At this point they're just smug, dextrous people with pointy ears
You should try Burning Wheel, its elves actually feel different from humans
>they have a unique stat called Grief which means if they witness too much destruction and suffering they sail west and you have to re-roll
>they weave magic through songs which allow them to do certain skills supernaturally well or create low-key magical effects
>they are incapable of working quickly on things but can benefit more than other races from taking their time on something
Playing a Burning Wheel elf actually does feel like playing an inherently magical being who mourns every act of evil in the world and has trouble dealing with events on a rushed, human, time scale.

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I hate elves
I hate dwarves
I hate halflings and gnomes

I like less humanoid and cliche races like avianfolk, draconids, constructs, elementals, celestial beings.

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this right here is actually true. anyone who doesn't let their elves grow facial hair is a fuckin nerd. And in the bad way.

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This. Elves not having hair anywhere other than on their heads is stupid. And I'm not just saying that because I like a good, hairy muff and appreciate elf ears for their erogenous potential.

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jesus you're just as insufferable as elves.

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Pretty much anything that resembles a human that much without being one is shit.
The elves are a useless species, they should've been just a ethnicity of humans not a whole new species

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>eats leaves and shits in the wood
>still manages to be a fatty

more meat for the plowing, i guess, but really?

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Well memed freindo.

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I am the exact opposite. I like generic races. I despise all those niche snowflake races

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Talk about a little gay ass of a comic

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it is a bit funny how the elves talk about "magic you can't begin to imagine" but somehow a nuke is so far out there for them.

I mean, I feel like a spell able to level a whole city would be kind of normal 'super glass magic'.

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I say elfs instead of elves.

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Forgotten Realms elves had a nasty habit of using WMD level magic. Several times, and they usually tried to erase it from history after the fact. They originally colonized the setting by fleeing through a portal from a mega-tsunami spell IIRC.

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lmao mad wizardfags because I can snipe your old men dress wearing asses from 100000 yards away with my sniper rifle?

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ah yes the Aelvelan

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>we still being prettier than you
Fucking slav elves

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>Fur trimmed coat
I have a feeling that elf knows the joy of meat

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Always the silliest of comics.

The point of elves is that they're more advanced. Their sciences, philosophies and crafts are a thousand years ahead, and this is why they get bonus to shit like magic - because in fantasy magic is just a matter of understanding the world better.

In a setting where we have nukes elves should be using neutron bombs.

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Too skinny for an elf, is she on a diet? Their cells absorb the mana and fatten them up with magical powers.

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That's not an elf. That's a whale.

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>The point of elves is that they're more advanced.
>Their sciences, philosophies and crafts are a thousand years ahead
>and this is why they get bonus to shit like magic
>because in fantasy magic is just a matter of understanding the world better.
I don't think literally any idea in that post was necessarily true.

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>What does /tg/ think of elves?
Never heard of them.

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Funny how it'd be weird for a not-Star Trek sci-fi RPG to use Humans Vulcans Klingons and Romulans; but every single fantasy RPG, story, and video game using Humans Elves Dwarfs and Halflings is not only fine, but people *complain* if they're missing.

At least when sci-fi reuses aliens it has the decency to rename them.

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Meteor storm

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I appreciate this post

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made for sex, some more than others.

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