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Is this man truly the greatest DM of our time or is he an overrated hack?

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Neither, he's a decent entertainer and mediocre storyteller.

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You're a fucking hack.
Can he not be somewhere in the middle? Fucking extremists.

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The answer, as with most things, lies in the middle.

He's a below average dm with above average stage presence.

He makes for decent TV, but he's not who I would choose to game with.

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He's more entertaining when he's streaming playing McCree.

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I still haven't watched his sessions, and have no real reason to do so.

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I can tell you this. He's ruining my group's games. DM started listening to his show and now he's just started cribbing him 100%.

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As filename suggests, Matt Mercer, DM of Critical Role, a reasonably popular D&D stream (by D&D stream standards). Judging by the CR and edition war threads, some members of /tg/ like to watch him and others like to blame him for normies invading their hobby ree.

As others have indicated, he feels a bit more like an actor than a DM, but I haven't seen enough to properly judge him either way.

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>Start calling out his plot points before they even happen
>Everyone at the table unaware of this shit thinks your 4D underwater chess hungry hungry hippos grandmaster

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has anyone noticed how cringy that photo is? I can see some edits of it....

I.e: Come with me if you want to protect your virginity

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>all dat obvious shilling
Nope. Still not watching.

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Isn't he married to a model?

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Don't know about his DMing ability, but Troy Baker's clone is a pretty cool guy.

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I have no glue, my GF watches the show not me, she even spends £5 to watch the stream and have the privilege to use the chat despite being poor as fuck.

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I don't know who he is, so neither I guess.

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Your GF is a moron. I hope she's hot at least.

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Hey its her cash, I've said why its a terrible idea and a shit business practice to charge people so they can TALK in your chat, when you'd think audience participation would be a important thing to a fucking social game like D&D.

I don't have a problem with merch or subbing to the channel, but that is a practice that just irritates me on an ethical level.

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I made you guys something. Enjoy.

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It makes sense to me. Twitch chats are complete shit once you reach a certain amount of people, and theoretically gating off chat helps with that.

In practice it doesn't really, and paid chats are oftentimes still a load of shit, but what can you do?

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>ask "literally who?"

>now I'm a "shill"

I want /v/ to leave.

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He's a decent DM with a high degree of stage experience/showmanship, the latter earned due to his job and experiences growing up (he's a voice actor for several prominent/popular games, cartoons, and anime).

His storylines are a bit cliche, and he seems to favor a high magic setting. I base the latter upon what I've read in the book he had published via Green Ronin of what his campaign setting is for Critical Role (the show that he DMs on).

He tends to favor Rule of Cool and wanting to give players "Big Hero" moments to fit the story/setting his players are in. He's homebrewed some stuff (both for the game and in the book), with its power level varying from decent to busted. But again, that reflects how he wants high magic settings.

Probably the biggest knock against him is that he tends to be more forgiving of actions performed by his GF/fiance, but that might be more-so due to the fact that she is easily the worst player at the table.

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he's shit and anyone who is a big enough loser to watch him is retarded

youtube friend simulators are literally the worst way you could spend your time

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>friend simulators

It's like I'm really on /v/

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He's not a master DM, but he has excellent stage presence and while the quality of his arcs and stories may vary, his character-crafting and acting range are undeniably impressive.

His worldbuilding is mediocre but the individuals within it are solid if you ask me, and he's good at his job—which is running a show.

I wish there was more crunch and less shitty character roleplay, but that's on the players, not him.

Honestly, he's one of the three or so people on that crew I actually respect.

Still enjoy the show, though. Gives me something to put on in the background during session prep.

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Haven't listened to any of Critical Role but I'm reading bits of the Tal'Dorei book since my DM wants to run our next campaign in it. So far the map seems uninspired, full of nonsense names that tell you nothing about the areas. His summary of the history of Tal'Dorei is full of fluff and poorly written, again telling very little. The race descriptions are short and yet feel too long for how little description is actually in them.

The world seems overall good enough but it seems like a lot of effort for something that doesn't really deviate from a standard forgotten realms setting. I kind of feel like I'm wasting my time attempting to learn anything about the setting.

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>I'm wasting my time attempting to learn anything about the setting.

Setting is not his strong point. NPCs are.

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Only ever seen one episode, but he's alright. He *is* a good showman, though, and he runs a game for other good showmen.
As far as pure "watching him run games made me a better GM" caliber goes, I give it to Chris Perkins.

Nicely done. I think I would have left it on the page background, though--that way you could easily read the (You) from the thumbnail.

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from someone who mostly just lurks tg and just started watching/listening to CR because of a 2 hour commute 1 way, he, along with the group do the stage stuff well, because yeah their jobs, and he isn't any worse than any other DM when it comes to story and rules so far. DMs are so different that he seems to sit in the middle range of not bad, but not anything special (again ignoring the voices because his job)

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>feigning ignorance
I want Matt to leave.

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Make the (you) white instead of red, maybe? Not the way 4chan text looks, but it's easier to read.

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I actually sort of liked that it was a bit cheeky that you couldn't read it till you opened it. But I could do an easier to read one too, I suppose. White text or something.

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It does work though. Channels that stay sub-only all the time soon contain nothing but toadies sucking the streamer's dick. Of course, the streamer doesn't give a shit because he's already big enough to be using sub mode and contemptuous enough to enable it.

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That. He's fun, he makes good voice, he's entertaining, but he isn't a good GM. He doesn't know how to properly manage the flow of a game, he doesn't know how to properly manage the PC, the story is cliché and not that interesting.

Good entertainer. Mediocre GM. Still, people watch him not because he's a good GM, but because he's a good entertainer, and that's okay.

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>Greatest DM of our time
>Not the Angry GM


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He might not be the best DM in the world, but at least he has a group that he plays with.

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I genuinely had no idea who this guy was, and I waste my life on YouTube. I have heard of critical role but that is it. Chill lad.

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He is a decent DM who is a cool guy and makes subclasses for his crew. His setting has some neat ideas in it. He can go overboard sometimes with descriptions and voice acting but generally he is solid. I prefer Chris Perkins for he runs the way your standard DM does, memes with his players and does not overdo with explaining shit no one cares about.

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Bro join discord. I'll play with you man.

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That's not Chris Perkins, so he must be an overrated hack.

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Which games/podcasts does Perkins run, by the way? I've tried Dice, Camera, Action, but got turned off by players being a bit too dull (except the tiefling and the rogue, they were ok).

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Acquisitions Incorporated

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Built a decent, basic/generic world with generic lore.
Does a great job of giving NPCs personality and I do enjoy watching him pull names and voices out of his ass over and over again.
Doesn't crack the whip on Marisha and make her play her character properly.
Doesn't do a good job of changing up serious fights to make them more challenging. Instead, he just slaps on more HP. Maybe a tiny bit more AC.

All in all? Slightly better than ~ half of all the DMs I've played with.

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Does anyone know examples of good GMs in a form similar to CR ?
I'm kind of a novice GM, and though I've read examples of advise, I'd like to see how a game run by a really good GM looks like.

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>there are only extremes
he can describe scenes entertainingly but his adventures are your standard pleb-tier D&D crap

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No even best twitch DM lmao.

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¿Porque no las dos?

YMMV. This is an inherently subjective question.

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He's pretty bad, and he makes life difficult for other, better GMs.

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He is badass, handsome and highly entertaining.
Instead of blaming him maybe you should instead work harder on being a better DM scrub.

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Post DMs that make you feel good inside, /tg/.

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A thread in which a bunch of people who likely don't even play D&D and almost certainly don't DM say that one of the best and most popular DM's out there is mediocre.

I'd challenge any of Mercer's critics to post their own games for comparison so we can really see what true great dming is.

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Hello Matt! How are you doing today?

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>famous GMs

Uhh...all good GMs I played with? And there the list ends?

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My current GM.

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i am pretty sure i cant act in character as good as he can but i am also pretty sure I can deliver on a more interesting setting and plotlines. so i stand by what i said above.

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Considering the amount of work I imagine he puts in I'd imagine he's better than 90 percent of dms, and certainly better than anyone on this board. Especially the people on this board. Still, you're asking for a extreme point and I'd have to tell you to begone, nobody's perfect. And besides even if he put in a bunch of work in he wouldn't necessarily run the game you want. Though if you watch his Divinity 2 stream as a web dm, he can clearly play silly games pretty easily.

Still, this is a bait thread to stir the pot isn't it.

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It really surprises me how many people on this board actually seem to know who this guy is.

>> No.55185198

I mean, maybe it shouldn't come as such a surprise to me - after all Let's Plays are big now, and okay maybe this is the tabletop version of Let's Plays? Anyhow I don't get the appeal of either, when I can just play/GM myself.

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I've got a normie friend who got into D&D and she loovvess Critical Roll.

I don't wanna alienate her by shrieking like an autist. So I looked it up.

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i'D love to play with Matt, but i would probably prefer to have 0 combat at all
his voices and storytelling would probably be extremely engaging, but his combat always feels extremely bland and way too easy

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Wait wait holy fuck this is the guy who voices McREEEE isn't it

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Prove it and post your games then.

Anything else is just cowardly talk.

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If you want to watch actual D&D, watch Neal not Matt

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If you have to ask that, you've either already drunk is unoriginal edgelord faggot coolaid, or you're trolling. Probably both.

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Everything he runs feels identical, even when their running different systems. He's also becoming a negative influence on the community because everybody attempts to copy him despite not knowing he has dedicated writers and a lot of the player reactions are pre-planned.

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>greatest DM of our time
Ha no.

>overrated hack?
What? No either.

He's just a good DM. There are many. This one just has a podcast, and is great with voices.

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Somehow, and I don't understand why, their D&D podcast went downhill when they switched to 5e, all the interesting interactions and mechanics disappeared.

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This is called the "Acquisitions Incorporated" syndrome, when Krahulik* isn't involved everything becomes so dull everybody attempts to raise atmosphere by becoming completely retarded and putting themselves in the worse situations humanly possible.

*Who unironically started out not even knowing the rules and quickly became the only player who actually knew how to rollplay.

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>Have GM'd probably 40-50+ sessions over the last 7 years since I got into the hobby
>Only been a player for probably ten sessions in different games with mostly newbie GMs trying things out
>Most of my players started roleplaying with my games and haven't had much other RP experience

I always suspect that I have a lot of bad GM habits and that my games have pacing issues, but I don't have much to compare with. Who's good to watch or listen to as an example of good GMing?

When I put in the effort, I've actually been able to run pretty damn tense horror sessions that players have talked about years later, so I know I've got some potential.

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The problem with youtube DM's is that they don't play with regular players, they're mostly playing with people who have been working in the industry for most of their life and suffer from insane biases where they won't criticize anybody working at Wizards, people are only just starting to figure this out with Colvill who has been increasing outputing some extremely pandering and dubious advice.

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ITT: People trying to decide the 2nd best DM, behind our Lord Chris Perkins.

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Matt Mercer is too fond of fantasy clichés, but he's an absolute genius at voicing NPCs and setting the mood. He knows the rules and knows where to bend them without breaking them to make D&D work for his show that is supposed to be entertaining.
Keep in mind that what you see him do on Critical Role is streamlined to create a show that is watched by an audience, not necessarily how he'd DM in a private group.

His biggest flaw for the /tg/ crowd is that CR has become so popular, it draws in too many new people with distorted ideas about what D&D is like.

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Earlier Dawnforgecast is pretty realistic how a game with a decent DM goes until he fell for the "rules are guidelines, ignore them" meme.

>> No.55186050

I can't bring myself to watch this Critical Role show, I instinctively have to close the tab after about a minute tops.

Everyone else in my group is big fans so they end up texting image macros and saying injokes and I have to laugh along as if I get it.

I can't help but feel my own instincts and method of DMing is more fun.

>> No.55186087

>people are only just starting to figure this out with Colvill who has been increasing outputing some extremely pandering and dubious advice.
Not really familiar with his stuff, I've only seen a couple of his videos. What kind of dubious advice does he give? Does it reach the point where he's practically shilling for stuff?

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Overall I think he's good. The voice acting experience helps him set the mood. I like the rule where he lets a character role-play the finishing blow on bosses.

I don't know enough DMs to call him the greatest, but I would attend his games.

>> No.55186210

Nah I pay it because if I can't watch the stream live being a sub means I can watch the vod whenever. Geek&Sundry uploads the video but it's usually several days afterwards.

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Dawnforgedcast is homebrew autist who thinks he has to redesign everything. I don't understand why he has a following.

>> No.55186330

Advocates fudging dice regularly, defended Mearls incredibly poorly thought out alternative initiative system, believes he's always right and nobody should voice dissenting opinions, deleted older videos on behest of Hasbro because the software he was reviewing expected players to play the game according to the rules, lies about the quality and success of his writing (which everybody who has played Evolve knows is terrible) and constructs obviously fake scenarios to rant on about the less progressive members of the community.

>> No.55186367

Just another eceleb. The only thing I give a shit about is how he influences 5E, and I could do away with some of his rulings.
>Polymorph->Disintegrate = Instant Kill
As if either of those spells wasn't absurdly good on their own.

>> No.55186368

I knew who Matt Mercer was before Critical Role due to the fact the he does VA for every video game/anime/cartoon show ever.
People are saying "Never heard of him" but they have heard him.

>> No.55186395

Yeah, and I know who Yuri Lowenthal is. Doesn't mean I want to spend my time watching Yuri play Dungeons and Dragons. When people say 'literally who', they mean they don't give a shit about whoever you're talking about.

>> No.55186403


>their D&D podcast went downhill when they switched to 5e

So, from the start? The first episode is in 5e

>> No.55186413

No idea who he is or what he does, so I'll lump him in with the hags that crowd around a table and act all zany to get clicks.

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he's nowhere as good as Spoony or Lindybeige

>> No.55186433

>As others have indicated, he feels a bit more like an actor than a DM
that's because he is an actor
or a voice actor at least

>> No.55186463

They ran Pathfinder for the first couple of years, people used to actually play interesting characters back then including Alchemists and Gunslingers.

>> No.55186602


Pathfinder was pre-stream, they've never had an alchemist in the party and they still have a gunslinger

I have only a passing interest in the show and even I know that, christ.

>> No.55186757

Perkins is the epitome of "dad dnd" It's what i imagine old guys find funny and good story telling when its just cringeworthy jokes and poor execution.

>> No.55186841

He's pretty good, better than average probably.

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>which everybody who has played Evolve
so nobody?

>> No.55187195

>play interesting characters
>including class, and class
That's an insightful opinion

>> No.55187579

A lot of comments in this thread saying he is average, or less. Perhaps you magical DM wizards could come out of your shadowy enchanted basements and show him up? Since you all know someone who is, or are yourselves, vastly superior.

>> No.55187665

>They played such great characters, like [class] and [class]
Yep that's PF

>> No.55187689

It was actually going to be [class] and [race] but I remembered they only played Goblins once, S-Sorry.

>> No.55187701

Literally no evidence anywhere to suggest Spoony is or has ever been a better DM. None.

>> No.55187702

Real GMing is a intimate matter for close groups of friends to share personal experiences. Let these d-list celebrities preen for children audiences.

>> No.55187741

I've started streaming my group's games fairly recently, so from that perspective I respect what he does. I just can't ever really get into CR though.

>> No.55187748


Steven Lumpkin is excellent. I wish he was my DM, instead of DMing for a bunch of streamer e-celebrities.

>> No.55187771

He's engaged to the druid player

>> No.55187788


I honestly had never heard of him. I've heard of "Critical Roll" though, but only as "that normie D&D show that's ruining our hobby, right /tg/? REEE" from the local autists.

>> No.55187797

This. The man in question is trying to entertain (and sell products to) an audience. The DM is trying to entertain his friends. I'll put my stock in the latter since it's always more sincere.

>> No.55187838

>The DM is trying to entertain his friends
And do you think Matt's not entertaining his players too?

>> No.55187913


I honestly never heard of him before CR. He's supposedly in "every game" but I only ever hear about him being an Overwatch character. And frankly, the fact that Overwatchfags seem to be the primary demographic for Critical Role is one of the reasons I've never tuned in.

>> No.55187952


That explains a lot. I bet he slept on the couch for a week when the Druid cliff dove off of a cliff and he actually killed her.

>> No.55188132

she dies? wat?
literally the only reason im currently watching
the burnout after 80ish episodes is real

>> No.55188148


never watched this show, but is the druid the one that everyone hates and that wrote a note on some blog or something about how the haters just don't get her character?

>> No.55188224

sounds like Marisha
cannot confirm any twitter/blog rumors

shittiest most retarded player on that show, and the "safe space" that is CR makes it nearly impossible to criticize her without it being labeled as "lol hate"

snowflakes the lot of them

>> No.55188347


I dunno about you, but if I was on a show like this and my friends liked my character, I wouldn't be losing any sleep just because some internet randos hated it, either. Sure I'd want people to like the show, but there's no pleasing everybody, and if something gets popular enough, a certain class of nerd is gonna find SOME reason that the show's total shit, no matter what you do.
The only healthy response is to shrug and keep doing what you're doing.

>> No.55188415

Hi Marisha

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File: 1.26 MB, 1024x1024, Bearclap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ha, ha! Well memed!

>> No.55188619

>constructs obviously fake scenarios to rant on about the less progressive members of the community.

Are you talking about the $100% true story of the sandnigger kid who just wanted to play a dwarf but his white supremasist DM made something about nordic culture?

>> No.55188638

Wait, what

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There's only so much of her soapbox i can stand.
hurr durr atheism in muh d&d, whats that? paladin of bahamut, nah we cant trust you.

hurr durr i killed one kid and I feel super bad about it, but im totally ok with killing off this whole town for some tribesmen i met once for 10minutes huehuehue

and the classic,
I sunbeam the tree

additionally Im pretty sure most of the people defending her are normies that just watch the show and dont game at all.

>> No.55188690

His players like playing with him. That makes him a pretty good DM.

>> No.55188697

The fat manlet made a video about diversity, being inclusive and white heteropatriarchal bias in fantasy and TTrpgs.

The comments were mostly calling him a SJW/white knight so he got so triggered he disabled the comments.

>> No.55188714

>spoony "roll 3d6 in order"
>a better DM

>> No.55188716

Her character has hypocrisy written all over it

High wisdom yet characterized by naievete, pacificistic yet has been the leader in several murderhobo runs, flat-earth atheist yet willing to take divine power when it's handy.

I use her now as a perfect example of a bad player, because there is nothing she does right. No redeeming qualities, and is the famous "GM's girlfriend" to boot

>> No.55188730

I think Matt Colville is better, to be honest. I also like the Angry DM.

But Mercer, Perkins, and the like are fantastic. I don't think anyone does voices better than Mercer (though, to be fair, he is a fucking voice actor).

>this thread is now about DMs which we enjoy reading and respect.

>> No.55188768

Personally, I just go with this idea;

If your players, the people that you play with like playing with you, you are a good DM. Maybe you know SHIT about the rules, but if your players cares little about it, and you make the whole thing entertaining, you are already going well.

>> No.55188771

Didn't he also make a video about how literally every D&D player is sexist and perverts because he saw a post on Reddit about how a group of grown men sexually harassed a kid at a store or something?

>> No.55188777

I really like James D'Amato

I was sold on L5R by the way he portrayed it, the way he did combat, duels and etiquette were perfect

>> No.55188786


I've never even watched the show, I just know angry nerds on the internet are a fact of life.
From what people are saying it sounds kinda shitty, though, so I prefer to do the smart thing and just not watch something that might irritate me in the first place. Saves me time to spend on stuff I actually like, and saves them from the possibility of me bitching, everybody wins.

>> No.55188790

I'll have to check him out, thanks!

>> No.55188829

People give Marisha a lot of shit, and if I'm honest she has a few moments that annoy me (mostly when Keyleth starts going "RAAAHHH" because she is desparate), but she has some good and fun moments.

She is not my favorite of the girls (that would be Mary, then Laura, then Ashley, then Marisha), but I would not hate her because her character is kinda conflicted. I mean, she HAS to support some degree of murder hoboing and violence because thats the whole part of the game, and as a player she has to respect some of the other players decisions.

>> No.55188833

I don't remember that video.

>> No.55188858

(Cont) I sometimes feel like I live in a alternative timeline from the people that make sexual harassment claims regularly, I've ran tables that consists of a mixture of people from /lgbt/, /pol/ and /r9k/ and never seen any arguments or harassment. Like what situations is Colville putting his players in that they even have the opportunity to inject real-life politics into his campaign?

>> No.55188901

He did talk about a tendency on some DnD tables of letting rape in their games. Which at first I thought that was bullshit until I played with a guy that made a Barbarian that literally did that shit in almost every session, and the DM just went with it, while the other players were ("Yeah, we don't like it, but we want to keep playing the game after this BS").

>> No.55188941

Seen that shit before dude. Its usually guys that either think that is funny, or edgy. I had to cut it out once, and remind myself to be very careful allowing teenagers on my table.

>> No.55188964

Man, this is a world where FATAL exists. Someone was willing to make that shit, and I know a few guys that asked me to play with them, or worse, DM a game for their fatasses.

>> No.55188969

I cant like Laura either, eternally metagaming half-elf jude.
How she even got away stealing the broom is beyond me.

I do like Ashley though, and her lack of understanding the system is forgivable since she isnt there most of the time. Plus, she has the best interactions with the only good players at that table (Sam and Travis).

>> No.55189013

I must be blessed with luck because the stupid people at my table usually just go full murderhobo thinking if they kill a king they automagically become the ruler of a country or something retarded like that, the edgiest was somebody who murdered a priest for literally no reason other than the fact he was a priest, which ironically derailed the entire plot because they weren't supposed to learn he was a evil Cultist until later.

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>> No.55189082

Halldamirandrahal(YT channel) has good GM's also Grimith

>> No.55189117

Ashley has some awesome improv and cool moments, but I don't like her as much as Laura because she is not present (because she has work, but I like her when she is there).

The whole Broom stealing is actually a plot point, and Laura tried pretty hard to redeem herself (cause she thought it was a more of a Improv moment instead of a break of gaming etiquette).

Laura is usually the kind of player I want in my table: interested in the game (like always. Even Travis gets bored in shopping sessions), roleplay, doesnt fight me a lot with the rules.

Being fair, I think everyone, including Marisha (if somehow I manage to control some of her tendencies that annoy me), would be cool on my table. Specially Sam.

>> No.55189124

>Level 17
What the actual fuck? also why didn't she just use wild shapes?

>> No.55189141

You are blessed as fuck man.

>> No.55189144

She is both incredibly stupid and incredibly arrogant

>> No.55189154

The comments deliver here, too.

>Twenty-two wisdom, everyone.

>> No.55189167
File: 69 KB, 920x380, 1499097095739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a dumbass

>> No.55189178

That is the most Keyleth way of dying.

>> No.55189218

>Died doing something incredibly stupid that posed no benefit to her or anyone else, slowed down party progression to focus on her, made several objectively wrong decisions in a row, and then got revived by DM fiat

Shit you're right

>> No.55189226

hey matt, if you'd like we have an open spot in our group if you want to see some good gming and take some pointers. I'm serious, reply to this

>> No.55189227

He's okay. He's neither as good or as bad as people would have you believe.
I wish this one fagboy in my group would stop fellating him.

>> No.55189265

Wait, wouldn't she would still be a gold fish after they revive her? death doesn't end buffs.

>> No.55189275

I'm not a narcissist so I don't stream.

>> No.55189277

Agreed with you on that shit. Seriously, as much as I agree that his storylines are not super out there, his execution is really well done, and the most important part: his players like to play with him.

>> No.55189303

nah after you drop to 0 in wild shape you go back to your normal form and any damage would carry over

>> No.55189304

wildshape ends if you take more damage than your wildshaped form has in health

goldfish have exactly 1 hit point

>> No.55189341

I'm not going to watch the rest of this but general question, does the DM ever ask the other players what they are all doing or is it a typical quantum-infinite-skill-check-in-a-row-for-the-loudest-player type situation?

>> No.55189348

Ah, I'm thinking of Pathfinder which doesn't have this rule.

>> No.55189406

I dunno. I just googled Marisha critical role death and watched the first footage I could find. The group seems alright enough. A little loud but aren't they actors and shit?

Also, that brown haired chick was pretty good. She gets into it and then seemed to know her rules.

I think the DM fucked up the dice roll, though. Because at terminal velocity the most damage you take is 20d6, the average of which is 70. He gives her like, 300 damage.

>> No.55189409


>> No.55189427

Yes, the short answer is Mercer regularly asks people what they're doing. In fact when Vex (Laura Bailey) triggered a trap, the first thing he did was notify what Scanlan (Sam Riegel) had found on the corpses of some minions they'd killed, then proceed to explain that Vex had just died. He manages and priorities in a reasonable way so that it makes sense internally what people would do or experience in what order.

>> No.55189461

He's made a statement since that the max damage rule is fucking stupid. You don't reach terminal velocity from such a height so the damage taken should cap much higher. Furthermore if on average you could jump from ANY height and take only 70 damage on average you actually could do shit like what Keyleth did and survive, which isn't fucking healthy for the game.

>> No.55189479

it's not unreasonable to just increase the fall damage.

Not everything is less than or equal to 200ft tall.

>> No.55189490

OK fair enough, just a pet peeve of mine.

>> No.55189506

I've play only twice in roll20.

Both time it happened, some neckbeards go into games and shove their rapey thing no matter the context.

>> No.55189508

Even so, I'm not sure where he got 300 damage from.

The cliff was what, 300-500 feet?

30d6 averages 105 +/- 20 or so

50d6 averages 175 +/- 15

>> No.55189551

Because he doesn't know the rules and his whole game is about the rule of cool, the entire show is aimed at sub 90 IQ normies that don't care about rules.

>> No.55189565

So I think we all agree that the rules are extremely useful but may also be flexed when story appropriate right?

>> No.55189594

Just popping in to comment that it is a little telling that people don't have enough confidence in their settings to try to challenge this. I don't watch Critical Role, I didn't find it that interesting in setting or content, and I don't think I got past the first episode, but people are kidding if they think that somehow sets Matt apart. He's a pretty standard GM in his skills, from what I saw, because most homebrew settihg aren't that good.

>> No.55189691

That would get you upvotes in reddit, you should try posting stuff like that there.

>> No.55189766

Perhaps 4e would be more your speed, anon? Why don't you play that instead.

>> No.55189771

I liked the porn dude from I Hit It With My Ax. He seemed like a pretty good combo of structure, improv, and using voices.

>> No.55189840

>Also, that brown haired chick was pretty good
Laura Bailey. The CR players are a mixed bag and she's one of the good ones.
She's a good VA too, I loved her in Catherine.

>> No.55189924

He said that he rolled crazy high damage too IIRC

>> No.55189968

He seems to have fun with his friends playing a game, all of which are good at funny voices. People seem to enjoy watching him have fun with his friends doing silly voices while playing a game. I know it makes a lot of people angry to see people benefitting themselves by doing something they genuinely enjoy, because other people enjoy watching them do it, but there it is.

>> No.55189986

Just like adam sandler movies.

>> No.55190098

Depends on the movie, but fair point.

>> No.55190132


every time.

>> No.55190210

A common houserule for falling damage is 1d6 per 10ft up to 1500ft falling - the distance you fall before hitting terminal velocity.

>> No.55190225


>> No.55190436

>Rules As Written
You can't take more than 20d6 falling damage in 5E. PHB 183. Any character with 61 hit points or more can fall from orbit and AT WORST they're reduced to 0 hit points and need to make death saving throws. You need to be reduced to negative hit points equal to your maximum in order to suffer instant death. PHB 197. Keyleth would have been fine since she had 127 hit points in the episode, she might have even stayed conscious after the fall.

>Good GMing
Players should be punished for making poor decisions and for treating challenges like they're nothing. Jumping off a cliff in a silly manner when your character is still basically a flesh and blood human is dumb. Not shapeshifting into a bird to avoid the cliffs is even dumber. Killing her character permanently is a very anticlimactic action to take and kind of a dick move, but with resurrection spells readily available, death isn't that big a setback and thus is a reasonable consequence for this level of stupidity.

As a side note, if I was GMing Critical Role there would have been at least 5 permanent PC deaths by now. Matt Mercer is way too lenient with the resurrection magic and it makes his players stop treating his adventure seriously. You can still have jokes and good times while facing actually deadly and threatening foes.

>> No.55190515

I couldn't make it past 30 minutes of his 4 hour spot with dodger and company for divinity original sin 2's gm mode. They were all so cringeworthy and disgusting. If this is peak GMing then I'm dropping this fucking hobby.

>> No.55190565

It's level 17 D&D, it's not permanent.

>> No.55190732
File: 139 KB, 500x279, yano.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he makes good background noise while i do more important things

>> No.55190770

I agree he's definately fudged things on multiple occassions for all of his players.

I imagine the fact they film it might be the reason he's avoiding killing PCs like the plague. Doesn't want to risk changing the group dynamic or have people lose interest because X character isn't there anymore.

I'm sure I saw an interview with him where he said he prefers to make resurrection possible, but really hard to pull off in his games, to avoid the 'No Risk' scenario. But they've had some many times saved from death now I don't think he's sticking to that claim in spirit.

>> No.55190816

I started following Critical Role after watching the all-goblin party thing they did in Pathfinder. Started off a bit cringey but then became pretty fuck at the end, which I like.

I stick with it for those moments, anytime CR segways from action into X Character's Dark Emotional Backstory™ segments I just skip forward most of the time due to cringe.

Not saying I don't like character development, but their almost universally dark, serious and edgy backstories really clash with the wacky, carefree fun on the more action-focused parts the group produces.

>> No.55191460

Never watched any of his stuff. Though everyone tells me I should. Personally I don't care. I like the idea of a full table of voice actors playing dnd. That sounds fun in practice, but personally I'd rather it be made up of actual actors like vin diesel, or the dude from True Blood. The entire thing just seems like it started off as an awesome thing for people to do, but now it's just WotC trying to shill through other people. Which isn't bad I say the more players the better. I'd just wish they were playing a better edition for it.

>> No.55191478

What are some good podcasts of DnD to watch since we're on the topic.

>> No.55191524
File: 7 KB, 224x225, 1503941567267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people here actually prefer Felicia Horseface Day over Marisha

>> No.55191548


post a video of Felicia Day doing something dumber than the cliff dive. It's a race to the bottom to find out who truly is worst girl

>> No.55194069

I hate them both equally.

>> No.55194199


The Cliff was over 1000 feet tall, he mentioned in the previous session. He rolled 100d6, and got over 350+ damage, which is average.

>> No.55194260


I enjoy the Acquisitions Incorporated stuff. A little scripted sure, but they have pretty great banter. I also recently started the Adventure Zone by the McElroy brothers (and dad), and while it starts off a little rough, and they use 5e but a VERY loose with rules and setting, they're pretty funny.

Not a podcast, but Dice Camera Action with cute Holly Conrad and equally cute Chris Perkins is also alright (kill the rest).

>> No.55194303

Falling damage is capped at 20d6 in D&D 5E. Check the rulebook.

Gamma Crawl X is amazing. They play Gamma World 7E, which follows the D&D 4E rules but is much more simple. They have a podcast called System Mastery where they read and review old out of print RPGs, it's great. I can't recommend them enough.

>> No.55194314

>Falling damage is capped at 20d6 in D&D 5E. Check the rulebook.
He got rid of that rule, because terminal velocity is 1500 ft, and by that rule it caps out at 200. By the rules, a PC could drop from orbit and walk it off like it was nothing

>> No.55194345


I actually kind of enjoyed AcqInc more when they played 4e, so I'll check that out.

>> No.55194567

Matthew Mercer is contributing more to the downfall of the D&D community than anyone else in history. Not even Monte Cook, not even Lorraine Williams, not even Micheal Merals, not even Gary Gygax himself have done as much damage to D&D. Mercer has made the game palatable to the kind of person who spends his Friday nights playing Cards Against Humanity while slobbering microbrews all over his beard while his wife's son is sleeping in the next room. The kind of moron who thinks mirthful laughter is the end goal of everything, and fails to understand the potential that RPGs have as a fulfilling hobby. Instead, he shits on that creative potential by turning the entire game into a joke, refusing to take anything seriously and making gimmick characters, bringing along his fat girlfriend to make a shitty elf druid character that she hardly roleplays, screeching autistically whenever she rolls a natural 20 because that is the only aspect of the game that her tiny female brain can comprehend, taking copious pictures of the game and posting them to Snapchat and Instagram to show what a geek she is, before getting tired at 11 and tugging at her cuck boyfriend's shoulder so that they both leave and disrupt the immersion even further, because the game doesn't matter to these people at all. It is a mode of entertainment, nothing else. And by entertainment, I mean they consider it nothing more than a Netflix special that they can pause at any time, because it is meant entirely to pander to their enjoyment and make them laugh to cover up how empty their soulless lives are. This hobby used to be full of passionate people who cared about the game and weren't afraid to show it. Now the hobby is being diluted by hordes of casuals who couldn't give a fuck.

>> No.55194589

I was wondering how long it would take for this to show up. No (you) for you though

>> No.55194593
File: 39 KB, 960x631, 1500046592167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have so much respect for Mat Colville, it's mostly thanks to his videos that I've actually begun to enjoy DMing.

>> No.55194597
File: 57 KB, 567x561, autism overload.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whoa, we caught a big one!

>> No.55194612


I feel re-entry would be more damaging to you than the impact personally.

>> No.55194624


I've not watched any of Colviles vids and I hate him.

His face is so punchable.

>> No.55194636

to be fair she did originally want to go rogue because thats what she normally played and had it snatched away so then went druid, and the retardation was planned(even if it is a bit of a cop out)
They mentioned this in a QandA after one of the first episodes

>> No.55194711
File: 119 KB, 288x512, damndude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hot damn this reads like a 10/10 copypasta.

>> No.55194993

It's a copypasta newfriends

>> No.55195072

He's okay, there's some other DMs from podcasts and streams that I prefer. David Crennen from Crit Juice would probably be my pick for favorite streaming DM, he put so much work into making that original campaign fun for the whole group

>> No.55195098

The point he is trying to make is that there is no ulterior motives.

There is more sincerity and integrity when you are doing something for the sole purpose of entertaining your friends vs doing an entertainment show on top of it.

These things are bound to conflict at certain points and may influence behavior, writing, and the RPing that people do. It ends up being inorganic as to how tabletop games actually roll.

I wouldn't rule it out. That shit can be fun and funny if this character is only meant to last a few sessions or so. I wouldn't play a year long campaign with that shit unless I get some sort of compensation for rolling so low. It can also give me some limitations that would force the player to think more creatively, if you are into that.

What did you think would happen you dumb cunt?!
Also, what a bunch of faggots.

This. The show might actually be decent if he didn't bring along the faggots that think D&D is so cool because of "nerd culture" shit. You can goof off OOC as long as it doesn't derail the entire session with shitposting. You can balance the passion and the joking that goes on. Then again, this could be the DM's fault because the stories are not worth getting into so it devolves into what you describe.

I have only watched 10 minutes of those CR videos and I am just basing what I said off of what other people mention and the clips I have seen.

>> No.55195197

The cliff was 1000ft high so he gave her 1d6 for every 10ft she fell. Which added upto an average of 330dmg which was far more than twice her max hp.

>> No.55195289

He's got a lovely singing voice.
Best dm is definitely the guy who does "Thrilling Intent" on The Third Wheel. Fucker sounds like Patrick Warburton when he's voicing Thaug.

>> No.55195298

I hate Colville too. I disagree with what he thinks a DM should be and how they should play things out, though some of his pointers I think are good. I also hate him as a person and hate his fucking jump cuts.

>> No.55195437

Yeah, he has the face, the personality, and opinions that make him really punchable.

>> No.55196198


Only person I hate more is Dawnforged Cast.

>> No.55196308

I actually like Marisha when she plays anything other than Keyleth.

>> No.55196844

Don't really catch him often enough. To me he just seems like a pretentious faggot. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

>> No.55196923


Nope you hit the nail on the head.

Honestly I find most WebDM youtubers seem to have the view that if you don't run it their way you're wrong.

>> No.55197027

Hah, please.

>censored swearing makes him look more like the Slightly Miffed Vicar
>highly opinionated and presents his opinions as if they were really universal facts
>is not entirely stupid, but never says anything profound either

I mean like Mercer he's not shit but he's not the best.

>> No.55197092

There is only one style of GMing and that is mine.
There is only one style of command and that is mine.

There is only one style of directing and that is mine.

Yeah I hate those people. There are wrong ways to do things, but not necessarily a singular right way of doing things.

>> No.55198427

What do you think a DM should be? I love Colville. What's wrong with him?

>> No.55198527

I think this is it TG. Where I finally see you for the narcissistic faggots you all are.

Some guy has turned his hobby, OUR hobby, into something he can have fun with his friends with AND turn a buck with.

he is living the dream most of us would love.

yet all you dumb shits have to say is how fucking terrible he is. how fucking jaded have you become? have you always been a bunch of fuck faced losers? is it absolutely not possible to enjoy other peoples success?

Fuck you guys. sincerely. I hope none of you ever find happiness in the things you enjoy ever again.

>> No.55198619

>not /tg/
Please die.

>> No.55199905
File: 41 KB, 811x601, earning_those_roleplaying_xp_points.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what are some good RPG Youtube channels?
I'm actually looking for some videos on how to improve things with some actual examples other than:
>"Take an improv class!"
>"Don't plan too much detail!"
Non-memeing faggots preferred.

>> No.55199924


>> No.55199926

Matthew Colville is good for advise. Spoony was good if you just want to hear a nerd ramble about DnD for hours.

>> No.55199929

If you think he is below average and youre not just making a snide comment I really want to meet your Dms

>> No.55199933

>Reddit spacing
Please kill yourself.

>> No.55199971
File: 554 KB, 800x2144, 1407032162787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't play DnD so Colville is it I guess. Thanks Anon.

>> No.55200084

>Hobby used to be full of noble passionate people before normies showed up
>shitting on Gary Gygax

Nigga pick one

>> No.55200103


>while his wife's son is sleeping in the next room

I've never really gotten where the whole 'Wife's son' thing comes into stuff. What is wrong with step-parents?

>> No.55200707

>Mediocre storyteller
That might qualify him as greatest DM of our time though.

>> No.55200903

It's an extension of the 'cuck' accusations that fly around these days.

As in, a man is a beta cuck for raising children that his wife bore to another man.

>> No.55201210


That seems kinds stupid. I mean, that's someone taking responsibility to be a proper father when the other guy was too weak or too much of a failure to do so. Do they also go about mocking people who adopt children?

>> No.55201288


Marisha is engaged to Matt Mercer, and they are getting married next month.

>> No.55201291

Jeeze, Kevin Sorbo really let himself go

>> No.55201411

Go home Matt. You really aren't that good.

>> No.55202219

It is dumb. However the average 4chan poster can only really form the same 3-5 insults, and it takes years for them to rotate into new ones.

So if you see something like 'cuck', 'wife's son', 'go home/to bed X', assume they are functionally retarded and move on with your life.

>> No.55202289

There's nothing wrong with "go to bed X"

>> No.55202964

He has his strengths and weaknesses. I don't like his overarching story that much, though the character-based stuff like the Briarwood arc is pretty sweet. His characters are what knock it out of the park for me and keep me coming back on a weekly basis.

>> No.55203035

Mad Mercer is Mad.

>> No.55203143

Less I don't know caring about the players. I think he's a little afraid to make his players suffer/die. Too much suffering is bad don't get me wrong, but it should still be there.
As GM you are both all the allies of the players and all the antagonists.

Also he's just fucking annoying.

>> No.55203217

>He think it means any child
No it's specifically for raising the biracial mongrel child of a woman who has clung onto you because she can not get any other man. It's an insult to the modern man of the west who would rather raise some other person's mongrel than have their own children.

>> No.55203254

Why are you even here?

>> No.55203265

Watched a few of his how-tos and they are pretty basic if you have been GMing for any mount of time. Rule of cool is a decent idea that I have been using for ages without the cool name. As for his actual game sessions... well they are watchable. Is he the best GM no. Is he the worst... no. Stage presence and interesting guests are the thing that get poeple to watch. Honestly the only reason I watched is that I know he is an actor and wanted to see how much more acting/interesting voices he puts in the NPCs.

I've burned out on all of all play throughs after listening to the various podcasts while working.

>> No.55203738

Because sometimes buried on the meme-ing jackoff contests are actual worthwhile discussion and neat shit I haven't found before. Though in recent times it's gotten rarer

>> No.55204573

If there were a "cr meme" bingo, "can I make Gust do something it doesn't do?" would be on there.

>> No.55205407

That response, along with the others mentioned previously are the insult equivalent of playing baseball and letting the crowd jack off onto your face so they'll tell you you hit a home run.

>> No.55205522

I don't see how non-sequiturs are going to help your point any.

>> No.55205675

>hopefully ctrl-f Lumpkin
>1 hit

Thread literally saved. I might not agree with his sjw-ideas every time, but he makes a wonderful DM. Keep it up, Steven!

>> No.55207578

gust cantrip would be a free space at this point

>> No.55209389

Nah, the free space is Marisha not knowing what she can do on her turn.

Other spaces:

Laura haggles despite literally being royalty
Liam and Marisha do their shitty awkward romance RP
Matt says "entity"
Liam broods like the edgy shit he is
Travis gets caught between gameplay and staying in character
Sam makes weird sexual advances at Ashley (not so much a problem recently)
Liam and Laura say some retarded flanderization shit when they're working as Pike
Marisha says something retarded about the good gods despite one of her closest friends being a cleric and is engaged to a paladin of the Raven Queen
Marisha rips the spotlight off other people and onto herself
J'mon S'ord (fuck that spelling), Kima, Allura, or Gilmore do something more powerful than they should be able to because they're a bunch of mary sue LGBTQs, making you wonder why Vox Machina has to do anything.
The party is given cool shit or useful concessions despite being pretty incompetent most of the time.
Taliesin's guns misfire because Matt's homebrew isn't super great.
Matt ignores a rule for no good reason.
A player cheats by "forgetting" how many expendable resources they have left.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.55210347

In what way? Like in terms of voices/narrating action or in terms of his specific plotlines? Because I bite his style of narrating action/voices as much as I'm able - they make DMing fun for me

>> No.55211011

>Matt says "entity"
What's the story behind this one?

>> No.55211049

He says it a LOT.

I took a drink of wine every time he said it once during a session, and I blacked out by the halftime break.

>> No.55211145

what about
>party forgets about the cool shit or useful concessions they received despite being pretty incompetent most of the time

>> No.55211278

That's a good one.

Add that they feel entitled for more.

>> No.55211326
File: 10 KB, 233x250, 1487350402680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a better DM.

>> No.55211345

>shows extreme favoritism to one character
>absolutely hates the paladin character
>has a dmpc with broken time powers
Homu is a bad dm.
But she's cute so its fine

>> No.55211447

Let's play Spot The Shill!

>> No.55211980

Nah. That was because of Keyleth's own stupidity and I think she understood that. Though RAW she shouldn't have taken more than 20d6 damage.

He was definitely sleeping on the couch after the Thordak battle though.
>"But hey, 8th level spell! :^)"

>> No.55212091



Mostly because he is my boyfriend and he has a nice cock

>> No.55212101

She did wildshape...into a goldfish.

>> No.55212219

But Kima and Allura have literally never done anything impressive ever, and all the brass dragon did was help them escape that one time. Gilmore is a medium level Wizard so it makes sense he's got decent spells.

And why do people have such a problem with the guns misfiring? Taliesin doesn't seem to mind all that much.

>> No.55212220

>flat-earth atheist

Keyleth isn't an atheist. She knows the gods exist, she's literally seen Pike work miracles thanks to Sarenrae. I think she just doesn't know if they deserve to be revered as "gods."

>> No.55212293

Kima's actually been shit on a fair number of times in the sessions when she's with the group in any sort of combat scenario. Probably the most noteworthy moment was when they went temple-diving to get the first artifact magic item and they fought another Beholder. She failed the save to not get paralyzed by the eye beam, and then got Telekinesis'ed eye beamed into a pit below the battlefield and didn't get freed from the paralysis until the thing was dead.

Allura did Counterspell one or two things during the second Raishan fight, but that was such a huge shit show they needed every little bonus they could get.

Gilmore's a Sorcerer, not a Wizard. But he's been intelligent with his spell choices, grabbing things like Teleportation Circle for utility and Disintegrate as his big "fuck you" spell.

>> No.55212313

>He doesn't know how to properly manage the flow of a game
What does this mean

>> No.55212334


post the video you fuck

>> No.55212379

Gilmore is literally a 11th+ level Sorcerer though and I believe Matt has said that Allura is a 14th level Abjurer. They're supposed to be powerful.

>> No.55212413


>> No.55212453


>over 4 hours

this is why I don't watch the show in the first place. I meant a video like >>55189073

>> No.55212485

the hobby will outlast this phony and the entire contrived pop-gaming scene he perpetuates.
can't wait for the day when it's no longer cool to be into gaming and the whole "geek chic" trend is over

>> No.55212507

That's why it's been copied at the relevant time.

>> No.55212514


started at the beginning for me

>> No.55212524

But don't forget the most awesome NPC in the campaign, motherfuckin LARKIN!
Seriously why was Raishan so into transing as shortstacks though?

>> No.55212540

Same fucking thing. My old DM would steal shit from him all the time. He would have the exact same story, you go to ____ and find ___. The only difference was that he would scale the monsters down. But fuck it was stupid. I started watching Critical role a while ago and now I see all of these fucking themes and creations that my DM just ripped from the story. All the while other players are showering him with affection about how interesting and unique the stories are. DM gets so insecure about it he doesn't want anyone watching critical role at all. I showed what I thought was a funny no context required scene to other players, and my DM sperged out about it.
Ended up leaving the game a few months later. Now I DM and while I still watch and enjoy critical role any inspiration I get from them I adjust heavily before using it in game.

>> No.55212549

Because no one suspects the little guy.

Honestly, Raishan was the best villain they had up to this point in time.

>> No.55212586


But how is it Mercer's fault your DM's are uncreative, derivative and spergy? It's not like they wouldn't be cribbing someone/something else if Critical Role wasn't around.

>> No.55212639


His imdb is quite long at least, I just don't know if it's a lot for a voice actor or not.

But who cares about voice actors? No wonder most people haven't realized in which games/Anime he had a voice role.

>> No.55212661

No but for real, turning on Raishan was so bizzarely unheroic. There's a fucking conduct to this sort of thing, you let the noncommitant evil character get away so that other heroes have someone to fight later. Why did they have to fuck up Matt's setting like that? If Vox Machina doesn't die to Vecna there's gonna be no baddies left except for some ineffectual Outsiders like Orcus and Asmodeus who don't actually do anything.

>> No.55212701

I never said it was mercers fault, I think he's a damn fine DM. But I think he's held up on such a high pedestal by fucking obsessed fans. He's great, but the people who think that everything he does is comparable to the word of God can go fuck themselves.
It's not him, it's those obsessive fans.

>> No.55212737

Because Keyleth had a raging murderhobo boner for the intelligent green dragon, and beta boi Vax was all for seeing her get killed, it's just they chose almost literally the WORST moment possible to perform the double-cross.

The second fight was them chasing after her at Keyleth's insistence, and to kill the last - and arguably most dangerous - member of the Conclave.

And let's be honest, VM is less a group of heroes and more like a force of nature that you can try to steer in a general direction to do good/ill.

>> No.55212801

Why does no one ever use Asmodeus to his full potential? He's literally the devil.

>> No.55212919


What's kinda ironic... I mean, his ressurection rules *are* harsher than original 5E rules, because less lax isn't possible. But during battle he seems to pull his punches so the players don't even die in the first place.

That's why I liked the first Veccna fight, finally an encounter that didn't feel like that. I hope he keeps this up for the final battle.

>> No.55212939

His pacing during sessions is not very good, with rushing or dragging at bad parts.

>> No.55212950

>geek chic" trend
Yeah, fuck that.

When I was a kid I had to suffer socially and emotionally for the things I liked, and now that I'm an adult everyone wants to get in on it because it's cool?

Nah, normies get out. Ree.

>> No.55212968

Once again, it's Marisha's fault.

>> No.55212986

>I stick with it for those moments, anytime CR segways from action into X Character's Dark Emotional Backstory™ segments I just skip forward most of the time due to cringe.
>Not saying I don't like character development, but their almost universally dark, serious and edgy backstories really clash with the wacky, carefree fun on the more action-focused parts the group produces.

I think this style is heavily influenced by how long-running anime are structured, stuff like One Piece or Fairy Tail e.g.
Also makes sense when you think about that he voices mainly for games and anime.

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