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"Manly Melee Men" edition

Previously: >>55135784


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Horrible place with primers, access at your own risk.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What kind of deck do you MOST like to see across the table from you?

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So lets say I have unwinding clock, some mana rocks and sundial of the infinite, can I just end my opponents turns?

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>Sundial of the Infinite

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no, because it specifies that you can only use sundial on your turn

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>End the turn. Activate this ability only during your turn.

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Stupid question time.

With atraxa and other similar abilities add to experience counters?
And if so, would there be any merit in making a fun goodstuff type deck using all of the 2015 commanders except r/w?

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Yes you totally could if sundial didnt say activate this ability only on your turn

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Reanimator decks, because I play reanimator decks and it's always fun interacting with other peoples' graves.

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Any blue deck that I know doesn't run counters.

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Yes, you can Proliferate yourself to add experience/energy counters. Keep in mind that this will also add infect counters, and that with Atraxa you can run Blaxos, Ezuri, and Meren, but you probably shouldn't run Blaxos.

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Yes, she adds to them. Also works with Poison counters.
I personally tossed Meren and Ezrui into my build just for that.

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I have a German Mana Flare called Manasegen.
It's pretty neat.

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Hey there friends can I get another set of eyes on this work-in-progress for what to add/cut


Game plan is to make playing creatures and combat absolutely fucking miserable for my Timmy meta

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Decks with early action because it means they won't whine like a toddler when I attack them before turn 10.

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reposting my shitty blog from last thread:

I was playing the other night and had a Notion Thief in play. I cast Villainous Wealth on an opponent and got a Teferi's Puzzle Box out of it. Then everyone got mad at ME for accidentally assembling a soft lock. One of them unironically used the term "spirit of EDH".

The people who play at my local store are the worst types of casual players. I just want to find a group that doesn't throw a temper tantrum every time something happens that isn't a big creature turning sideways.

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Did you think that sundial of the infinite stopped your opponent from having a turn in 2-player games?

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I asked this in the previous thread, but i'm in a dilemma.

I'm new to magic, not just to commander, but to it in general. So, i'm looking for a commander precon that will help me understand the game, for me to not get bored of it playing it and for me to upgrade it.

The closet game store to me has the 2013 commander decks on sale, 2016 precons are priced regularly and the 2017 tribals are up there in price. The deck that's not in stock is Breed Leathality with Atraxa.

I'm not sure which one to get.

Thanks for the help.

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>Keep in mind that this will also add infect counters

No. You get to pick individually for each type of counter whether or not to add one.

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Best partner pairing for the most options? For example, you wouldnt run akiri/silas unless you were doing artifacts, and outside of artifacts they wouldnt give you many options.

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Isochron scepter+final fortune+sundial of the infinite = Nobody else ever gets a turn

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Breya or Yidris are probably the most fun and easiest to upgrade. Also if you can get them for MSRP that is a pretty good deal.

>> No.55144540

You can use Vial Smasher with anything because his effect is so good.

I did Vial Smasher + Kraum for a while. Kraum is surprisingly strong. 4/4 with haste and evasion for 5 that will draw you cards.

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I wanted to do the reverse but this does work too, I just wanna bully my friends

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Scarab God Anon from before.

I've gotten it to 111 cards. Need to cut 11. I need advice.

Right now I have the four following conceptual wincons:
>Phyrexian Reclamation/Gray Merchant of Asphodel/Phyrexian Altar or Ashnod's Altar
Play Gray Merchant some number of times until opponents are dead.
>Exquisute Blood/Sanguine Bond
Do any form of damage and kill opponents.
>Triskelion/Mikaeus, the Unhallowed/Any Altar
Infinite damage, infinite mill, infinite mana, etc. depending on what altar is used.
>Scarab God/Stax
Stall the game with Stax while I wait for Scarab God's ability to kill opponents. Use Scarab God's scry to scry for answers.

This is the best I could come up with, thanks for the advice last thread. This is my first time building an EDH deck alone.

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Just play endrek sahr and tutor assault suit and equip him, nobody ever wins a game again

>> No.55144573

I'm an idiot who forgot a link to my deck list.


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Out of the 12 I have I randomly picked two numbers and got reyhan and kydele. This is either going to be the coolest rampy counters deck or more likely absolute fucking garbage.

vial and kraum sounds fun too, and I love the colors, especially with so many high cost new spells in hour of devastation.

>> No.55144584

So is Teferi's protection mandatory in white? I feel like I have to buy the deck just to get it.

>> No.55144604

Just buy the single?

>> No.55144614


The single is approaching the price of the precon.

>> No.55144618

It's strong, but fortunately monowhite is so bad that you don't have to bother

>> No.55144630

its 20 right now, you can get 2 for about the same cost as the precon

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Ok, first things first. There are many ways to play mtg, as you could probably see by the commanders, they all do different kinds of things. I personally think that the C16 decks were all pretty good. Saskia and the gaymen have pretty fixed gameplays, so I wouldn't really recommend unless you like their mechanics. Yidris is fun, but it may be too random and sometimes frustrating(I may be biased since I am not a lucky person).

I think Breya would be a better option because she does a lot of different things herself, so you won't do the same stuff every time. And artifacts not only is the second card type with the most support(second only to creatures), but you can always fit in(since 99% of the artifacts are colorless), and every set there are new artifacts to play with.Also, Breya deck comes with useful artificer cuties

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>Entropic Uprising $96, Top Card - Chromatic Lantern $11
>Stalwart Unity $86, Top Card - Forbidden Orchard $5
>Open Hostility $85, Top Card - Ravos, Soultender $7
>Invent Superiority $80, Top Card - Breya, Etherium Shaper $8
>Mind Seize $66, Top Card - True-Name Nemesis $28
>Power Hungry $55, Top Card - Primal Vigor $15
>Eternal Bargain $53, Top Card - Toxic Deluge $7
>Nature of the Beast $47, Top Card - Avenger of Zendikar $5
>Evasive Maneuvers $46, Top Card - $5 Thousand-Year Elixir

Not only is Yidris the most valuable overall, it has the best Top Card in terms of usability. Any deck with 3 or more colors will be happy to have a Chromatic Lantern. The second best card in the deck, Vial Smasher, is herself nearly $11 too. Add to that, Entropic Uprising is a fairly powerful deck out of the box, and it comes across as a clear winner.

Stalwart Unity is deceptively pricey. It has a high density of cards that are $1 or $2 but lacks any real big number value cards.

>> No.55144654


I want it for my Sunforger package.

>> No.55144655


Vial Smasher is a girl goblin. Hard to tell, I know.

>> No.55144660

I'd cut: never//return, negate, empty the pits and essence scatter for starters. Mainly because this cards aren't that great and you seem to have more than enough counters/token producers/ removal already.

>> No.55144663

I want this meme to die.

>> No.55144688

I don't like the 4 color ones to start. The mana base isn't good and it's hard to upgrade, and 4 colors to choose cards from is quite overwhelming

2013's precons are built like shit and 2014's mono color limits you too much
I'd pick a 2 color one from 2015 or this year's tribals. Cats and Vamps are preety noob friendly and Dragons, while being 5 color, are Timmy's wet dream and have a preety cohesive theme to work with.

I started playing Magic with 2015 Ezuri's deck and it was quite easy to upgrade and get strong cards for those colors. I loved when I went from being a non-factor in my games to actually winning in semi-competitive tables from upgrading it

>> No.55144693

I didn't know this was a meme. I just don't give a shit about lore and rarely look closely at art. Sorry I triggered you

>> No.55144726

>I'd pick a 2 color one from 2015
That wasn't one of the options.

Probably the only reason they still have 2013 ones to sell is because they were garbage.

>> No.55144730

That seems resonable.

>> No.55144735


Strongest are Thrasios in multiplayer and Vial-Smasher in 1v1

Most versatile are Tymna and Kydele. Tymna is consistent as fuck and has access to the best support colors and Kydele can ramp like a madlass.

>> No.55144736

I would recommend either Yidris or Breya, as they are cool and interesting build around commanders with good cards included in their precons. As a disclaimer I have not played with either of these commanders, but based on what they do they could both be informative for a new player. Breya has a lot more complexity built into herself, and will let you gain experience with more intricate decision making surrounding her ability and how to best generate value with your artifacts. Yidris has less complex decision making, but will allow you greater freedom in what you put into the deck and lets you play a lot of cards each game.

>> No.55144772

What if you dont have tymna? I didnt get the saskia precon.

>> No.55144782

Reposting my Wizards list from last thread because why not with a few adjustments mostly based on that feedback.

I'm way too tempted to put in Xenograft, Conspiracy and the new Ixalan version of them once it drops and replace all but the best Wizards in the deck with generally busted Grixis ETB effects.

>> No.55144786

I'd cut a few lands. I usually settle at about 34-35 lands depending on how many mana rocks I run.

>> No.55144800

That sounds gay as fuck

>> No.55144840

Notion Thief is a bullshit card

>> No.55144844

>play one of the most casual and fun cards in all of Sultai's colors
>get called out as an ass because another player intended to fuck with everyone's deck plans
Wow your store sucks.

>> No.55144854

Then you buy her. She's like 5$. She's not that great but she's so fucking consistent that she's part of the best 2 decks for parters, together with Thrasios and Tana

>> No.55144866

>decides to take a look at the decklists
>Breya comes with Daretti, Skullclamp, and Solemn Simulacrum
>Yidris comes with Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fate, and Chromatic Lantern, not to mention that Yidris and its partner commanders are decent
Man I really forgot how bad the C17 decks are.

There is another point to add for the C16 decks, they are the only commander decks with the Partner Commanders(You can use 2 commanders instead of 1, if both of them have the partner ability), it is pretty weird in a fun way to play with that.

>> No.55144883

Maybe they should be mad at the guy running Teferi's Puzzle Box if they're going to be so casual.

>> No.55144892

If buying her was an option I would have just said thanks ill pick her up. I wont be able to buy her for a few weeks.Long story short I live in bumfuck nowhere, my job is a small company that doesnt do direct deposit, so i have cash and no bank card, and we dont have an lgs near me.

>> No.55144923

Figure out how Paypal Credit works.

>> No.55144953

I would love some feedback on my uncle karl deck, not sure If I put enough mana in there

>> No.55144963

Looks fine to me, great deck.

>> No.55144970

>cash is my only option
>bumfuck nowhere
I swear its like some people don't know what rural is.

>> No.55144972

fuck forgot link

>> No.55144973

Looks great

>> No.55145023

>friends agree to all brew something up in secret
>make Animar Morph tribal
>game night
>Karlov, Teysa, Ayli
It was fun making at least...

>> No.55145043

The very next game, a separate 3rd person won a game after Puzzle Box came out by dropping this dude.

When I got my Notion Thief lock, one of the dudes has a Rout in his hand and had enough mana out to respond to the Box trigger by Routing away the Thief but he just didn't know he could respond to it like that. These players are retarded

>> No.55145050

I like both W and B, but for some reason none of the WB commanders interest me at all. It's a shame.

>> No.55145057

Ive blown almost 200 bucks building an oloro deck and i had no idea they had him in a precon

>> No.55145069

well played sirs

>> No.55145081

How? And either way, the Oloro precon isn't all that good anyway. I guarantee whatever you brewed is better than that deck.

>> No.55145091

i just started playing magic a month ago

>> No.55145100

>>Exquisute Blood/Sanguine Bond
>Do any form of damage and kill opponents.
This deck isn't enchantress or lifegain. You waste a tutor finding the other half and you get yourself spot removed because everyone and their dog knows the combo, and it has to make it around the table at least twice. Each half has zero interaction with your commander, so why are you running this?

>> No.55145101

Ah, that explains both the lack of precon knowledge and the choice of commander then.

>> No.55145110

>tfw every commander that interests me has w/b in its mana cost

I already build little teysa with all the removal I could find, next is granddaddy markov and after that maybe sharuum. I can only afford so many vampiric/demonic tutors help.

>> No.55145132

is oloro noob bait? i like regenration stuff in other games

>> No.55145143

Oloro will just get you hated out.

>> No.55145149

Because most EDH players refuse to add enough interaction into their decks to deal with combo decks then go on to complain about combos. You would be surprised how often you can blatantly assemble a combo that everyone knows about in most playgroups.

>> No.55145161

IDK man, if you really wanna play her just build the deck and proxy her in the meanwhile.
If your playgroup doesn't let you proxy a $5 card they're probably faggots anyways

>> No.55145163

Now see, I can do something like Esper, but straight Orzhov doesn't work for me.

Oloro is massive noob bait. He generally never gets cast and gets built as pillowfort, which is a lot less secure than you may think. He gets hated on hard for passively getting you value and is pretty boring to play as well.

>> No.55145187

It's not noob bait. If you're not playing competitively, it's powerful to gain life every turn for no investment. The problem is that anyone with a brain will just attack you constantly to keep your life total in check.

>> No.55145205

Its not that I really want to play her man, I was asking what would the person recommend outside of her.

>> No.55145224

>I already build little teysa with all the removal I could find
The best way to play Teysa is with Grave Pact effects. Besides those all you need is a couple board wipes, a couple non-creature permanent removal spells (Return to Dust, Vindicate, Utter End, etc). She acts as creature removal for when you need it, so there's really no reason to run very much removal.
It doesn't win the game for you on the spot though, and if your shit meta DOES happen to have proper interaction, you're just left with a do-nothing enchantment. Take advantage of the commander, stick to creature based combo.

>> No.55145284

Sounds like you have the Yidris precon
Thrasios+Vial smasher is preety fucking strong anyways, and you can run Simic goodstuff with Kydele instead of Vial, even though I prefer Rashmi for that kind of deck.

The Yidris precon had the strongest commanders and the best value. Yidris is a value machine that eventually wins from casting free stuff so he isn't bad at all. If you play ultra competitive he's tier 1 as far as I know too.

Choose something from this mang, look the decks up

>> No.55145303

How does this does compared to Skullclamp? Seems like they serve kind of the same purpouse

I'm building a Mirri weenies nowm, which lacks draw, and I wanted to hear opinions on this card

>> No.55145353

how well does this guy fair as a commander?

>> No.55145397

Clamp is pretty much "pay 1 attach this equipment to a 1/1 token so it dies and you draw 2 cards" I would play clamp over this

>> No.55145417

+ draws cards from creatures that have toughness >1
+ creature doesn't die
+ draws you a card even if the creature gets countered
+ scry 1 every turn
- 3 mana
- green identity
- can only draw on cast
- only draws 1 per mana invested
- doesn't work on tokens
- creature doesn't die

>> No.55145515

I have all of them except for saskia. Im not sure if you saw my first post but im looking for partners that dont pigeonhole you into a certain style of gameplay, for example if i paired akiri with silas, it'd be stupid not to run artifacts. Does that make sense? Im a bit drunk.

>> No.55145520


>> No.55145535


Ok. Depends on the build. Works well with Eldrazi Displacer

One rule: Do not forget the return trigger or Obzedat will be stuck in exile

>> No.55145611

I don't think that forgetting it stops it from happening. The exile trigger says "may" but the return doesn't, so it happens unless another card effect says that it doesn't.

>> No.55145750

Yep. You're correct.

>> No.55145771

>not running this guy

>> No.55145808

This card just makes me thinking how awesome a pokedex actually is.

>> No.55145869

Skullclamp is definitely better but you can put both in.

>> No.55145921

post combos

>> No.55146097

process for this?

>> No.55146132

Totally fresh to EDH, alot of friends are recommending to just buy a premade EDH deck and build from there, and doing some research alot of people say many of the premades are pretty decent, at least for the level someone like me will be playing on.

Right now Im thinking either Feline Ferocity or Vampiric Bloodlust, both are readily available in nearby big stores like Walmart and TRU, are there any others to keep a lookout for?

>> No.55146201


>> No.55146356


>> No.55146391

Immortal coil+fractured identity+relic of progenetis

All aboard the jank train to janktown

>> No.55146431

>artifacts in grave
>cast scrap mastery
>sac lotus bloom for RRR
>tap salvaging station returning lotus bloom
>sac lotus bloom for 3 more mana
>sac a myr token for 2
>myr token dying triggers salvaging station, untap
>tap salvaging station to return lotus bloom
>sac lotus bloom
>repeat until all myrs are gone
>activate codex shredder, returning scrap mastery to hand
>sac salvaging station+ironworks for mana
>cast scrap mastery
and then at a certain point you can mill everyone out and cast every card out of your grave an infinite amount of times

>> No.55146458

>5 cards left to cut

>> No.55146519

How the fuggerson mcwuggerson is this a "1-card infinite combo" like people are saying?

>play Wanderwine
>make token
>exile original Wanderwine
>hit with the token, sac itself
>original Wanderwine comes back

I mean, you can make another token when the original one comes back, but the combat phase is over. You can take your extra turn and hit with the Wanderwine, but then you just sac it and take a third turn. You don't go infinite.

>> No.55146530

And then you take another turn. And another one. And another one.

>> No.55146564

>original Wanderwine comes back
>make another token
>dies at end of turn, original Wanderwine comes back
>make another token
>swing with that token
>do it all again
Congratulations, you have infinite turns. How the fuggerson mcwuggerson are you this retarded?

>> No.55146585

Tweaking cats and vamps
I know this feel
Arahbo kitty party or Balan equipments?
Can't decide

>> No.55146618

Read the reminder text on proliferate
(You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there.)

>> No.55146636

Yosei, the Morning Star
Antler Skulkin
Vizier of Remedies
Ashnod's Altar

>> No.55146688

The token from post combat eminence is sacced at end of turn. You get another eminence trigger from the original returning, but this one wont be sacced until the next end step because the time for end step triggers has passed. So your final token for the turn wouldnt leave until the end of the next turn, allowing you to keep it for combat on said next turn.

>> No.55146700


Atraxa infect horror tribal

>> No.55146733

Nah son

>> No.55146761

what's the potential biggest guy not-eldrazi and not combo?

>> No.55146781

So, is she gonna stay in the $35-40 range or do you think the hype will die down and she'll go back down? I kinda want one for my Teeg deck now, but not enough to get investor'd for 20 bucks

>> No.55146789

But that's exactly what it says, anon. Every type of counter on a permanent or player gets another one of those counters

>> No.55146800

Which means that whoever posted >>55144427 is still wrong, because you put exactly one counter on, rather than choosing for each.

>> No.55146834

>tfw she gets reprinted because of the changes

>> No.55146835

>Reading comprehension
>To proliferate means to choose any number of permanents and/or players that have a counter, then give each exactly one additional counter of a kind that permanent or player already has.
>If a permanent or player chosen this way has more than one kind of counter, the player who is proliferating chooses which kind of counter to add.
You add EXACTLY ONE. If you have Energy Infect and Experience the proliferating player chooses one of Energy Infect or Experience and adds one of those counters.

>> No.55146849

>tfw she gets reprinted because we go back to Dominaria

>> No.55146866

whats the reason for these buyouts?

>> No.55146883

Planeswalker Uniqueness Rule is donezo
Planeswalkers are all Legendary

>> No.55146907

>tfw reprinted from human soldier into human pirate, different kind of captain

>> No.55146922

>tfw she never gets reprinted not as a mythic in a masters set, because the pricetag is now "too high for a normal reprint"

>> No.55146933

>tell friend that planeswalkers are now legendary and old planeswalker uniqueness rule is gone

>he doesn't seem to understand, asks if they can be commanders

>tell him no, but he can have two different kind of gideons out at the same time

>he tells me no, because they are legendary and cannot be out at the same time

>tfw i have no face

>> No.55146963

Use the multiple versions of legendary creatures, like how you could have both Niv-Mizzets out at the same time

>> No.55146998

he doesn't understand, he gets confused
basically the opposite of what wizards wanted
admit it, you've seen people asking if planeswalkers can be commanders now

>> No.55146999

I guess that makes sense. I really don't like that rule though. Planeswalkers did not need that push. What do you all think?

>> No.55147000

Sisay seems pretty...
*puts glasses on*
...iconic to me

>> No.55147020

Yeah but some people were taking the piss, especially in here. Still don't know why Wizards decided this would be a good idea though

>> No.55147057

Trips of please be true

>> No.55147067

it seems like a fairly obvious cash grab. people will now be building chad tribal decks.

>> No.55147093

>Ordered a bunch of stuff from TCGPlayer while half drunk, half asleep
>Some Mirage Fetches and BfZ Dual Lands and Sarkhan Unbroken for Ur-Dragon
>Bunch of Stuff for Feldon, including Invention Combustible Gearhulk

Thanks drunk and half asleep me. I mean, you could have ordered like 5 more useful things for the price of the Gearhulk... but it is pretty cool.

>> No.55147111

>Planeswalkers did not need that push
How else will they push for that MTG movie that feels like it's been in planning for a hundred years? That movie's going to suck shit and I can't wait but really I can, because I don't want this fucking game to die like all the other, better TCGs I've played over the years

>> No.55147321

One time I woke up very hungover and out $700, turns out I ordered a bunch of Reserved List artifacts and an Ugin

>> No.55147473

>tfw the blue gear hulk is still in standard

>> No.55147587

It's only going to get more expensive as time goes on.

>> No.55147590

She's too expensive to reprint now :^)

If wotc reprinted her in commander next year then investors would buy them so it's not even worth reprinting them of course :^)

>> No.55147664

nah, kaladesh was opened to fuck, it will drop horribly once it rotates cause its only playable in EDH outside of standard

>> No.55147680


Atleast your stuff will probably keep value. I've wanted the Masterpiece Gearhulk partially because it looks like Gypsy Danger. It's pretty much not played anywhere but EDH.

>> No.55148100

It's stupid bullshit to push the gatewatch.

The good news is that this rules change has no impact on the legit competitive formats, Legacy and Vintage. Planeswalker decks get a little more annoying in casual EDH and maybe they break Standard (I hope they do) but that's it. The change is dumb but it doesn't have any bad effects.

>> No.55148120

Reasonable idea but she'll be a mythic rare in 10$ packs.

>> No.55148160

Pretty based order. Which artifacts?

You know you could've bought a Mox, right?

>> No.55148165

Groupslug and Goodstuff lists that aren't UGx
Yidris and Breya are the best two. You just have to decide if you like artifacts or wheels more.
The 2016 decks were so good, even the gay kangz and genderbent braveheart. Wizards dropped the ball hard with C17

>> No.55148199

Best precon and staples for a newbie? Interested in Riku but don't want to shell out the cash until I know I like EDH

>> No.55148218

Taigam, Ojutai Master/Cast Through Time + Walk The Aeons/Temporal Manipulation+ Relearn + Call to Mind

Infinitely rebound three spells out of your graveyard and take infinite turns.

>> No.55148229

why is this guy so good apparently? destroying your own lands sounds like shit

>> No.55148240

opinions on pic related?

>> No.55148249

It's a meme.

Only good for infinite combos.

>> No.55148255

You don't have to destroy your own lands though, just have them hit the graveyard.

>> No.55148259

>Which artifacts?
Gauntlet of Might, Grim Monolith, Metalworker, the EDH-legal Moxen, Sword of Light & Shadow/Fire & Ice, Jitte and Smokestack

>You know you could've bought a Mox
I don't play Vintage

>> No.55148267

Ramp and card draw, also in good colors for graveyard recursion and landfall type effects.

>> No.55148276

It's extremely minor. Protecting multiple walkers is a massive chore in any format. I find it ironic that shitposters are screeching that they're pushing Gatewatch with this at the exact moment we only get one Gatewatch character per block, like they wanted in the first place.

>> No.55148282

Similar situation while working on my Legends collection.

There are cocksuckers doing buyouts on Legends rares so I feel really pressured to buy them asap. I bought Gwendolyn Di Corci only 3 weeks ago for 20 something dollars and now she is 60+.

>> No.55148334

I fucking hate superfriends but personally I don't see this as doing much outside of price gouging some Kamegawa shit and a slight consistency boost.

>> No.55148389

>Gaintlet of Might
That's badass

>> No.55148428

How many commander decks you guys got? (Only counting sleeved and ready to play, no commander in the box bullshit)

>> No.55148472

6, please send help

>> No.55148490


>> No.55148539

>Kaladesh is Seattle
Really makes me think

>> No.55148549

>Ur Dragon
>currently building Unesh, Ezuri, and Scarab God

shit, it might be time to stop

>> No.55148568

are you taking apart Ramirez and building Becket Brass?

>> No.55148573

I go for quality over quantity so i currently got 1 deck.

>> No.55148577


>posting in edh general

>> No.55148580

Only 2 breya and kaliaa
Bought scorpion god invocation to make infect/wither my third deck

>> No.55148591

9 and I will soon be finished a 10th

>> No.55148592


probably, but my current pirate deck is so flavorful (not necessarily good) that I think I might have to wait for rivals to see some more pirates.

>> No.55148600

He's a broken design and also isn't that good. Massive noob bait. Try Sen Triplets if you like the colors, or Selvala, Zedruu, Kambal, Ayli, Karlov, Licia, or maybe Kokusho if you like lifegain. Kokusho and Selvala in particular are absolute powerhouses.

>> No.55148619


how much is it worth?

>> No.55148621

Selvala, Explorer Returned. Not the monogreen one, she's powerful too but for different reasons.

>> No.55148625

6 right now. Gonna cut it down to 4 because I never play a couple of them

>> No.55148626

>> No.55148663

yeah i think im gonna swap over to someone else after i get my kicks in with oloro.

Was leaning towards licia, kambal, or >>55145353

>> No.55148670

Why not both?

>> No.55148687

Atraxa,Trostani,Gahiji and Ghave

>> No.55148778

Looks fun someone should host an /edh/ tabletop simulator game

>> No.55148824

The game is almost 25 years old, m8, it ain't going anywhere

>> No.55148837

This game is going to attend your funeral, anon.

>> No.55148840

>no one else doing anything to neuter the Meren player
>other players getting mad that I'm focusing on the strongest deck at the table
>everyone gets blown out by Meren

>> No.55148858

Like 8k.

Im missing 3 out of 9 fetches

>> No.55148881

>be nice to timmy

>> No.55148889

Anyone else run this card?

>> No.55148897


>> No.55148899

>Want to build a bunch of new decks
>Halfway through realise I really don't like either the general or the deck
Help me /tg/. I want to build something new but I just don't know what I should build.

>> No.55148957

>bought anthology + Newzuri
>Started pouring money into Kaalia, 200 dollars down but only about half done
>want to fix one of the other decks
>can't decide between Elfball, Newzuri, or building Feldon from scratch

>> No.55148985

Kaalia is a trap.
The only people who can possibly enjoy her after 10+ games with the linear bitch are the ones who get their rocks off by pubstomping casuals.

>> No.55149022

>order matte dragonshield sleeves
>they're somewhat see through

>> No.55149112

This is why dragon shield also sells smoke inner sleeves. When you go to double sleeve your deck use those.

>> No.55149203

Bully Timmy into oblivion and make him build better decks.

>> No.55149323

Good ol' 'murican greed

>> No.55149393

Edgar Markov
U/W Bruna
Ashling the Exterminator
Odric Lunarch Marshal

>> No.55149430

i want to but im not sure about how to build it

>> No.55149612


No but it seems quite reasonable with all these multicolor commanders running around

>> No.55149672


Four, I find if I go much beyond that some of them end up going a long time without getting played.

Thinking about taking Tosh apart because he is awful, but not sure what I would build instead.

>> No.55149681

I find celestial purge hits more targets.

>> No.55149849

Scythe of the wretched + lure+ any deathtouch creature. Would that work how Im imaging it? If so throw on that myriad sword for max fuckery

>> No.55149864


>Kruphix, God of Fog
>Silumgar, Drifting Conspiracy
>Thassa Takes Too Many Turns
>Sidar Kondo & Kydele Presents: Draw All the Little Men!
>Queen Marchesa Monarch Tribal
>Darien, King of Pain

And the Monoblack Tutors and Graveyards Deck, helmed by a rotating cast of gentleundead or demon princes with the rule that I had to have gotten the Commander in a pack in the wild.

>> No.55149868

>that myriad sword

That doesn't really contribute much. The copies won't have the lure effect or the Scythe effect.

>> No.55149880

Oh, I really dont know much about myriad as an ability desu.
But would it work for one opponent? Aka kill and then steal all of their shit?

>> No.55149924

i have 7 decks built: mizzix control, saskia infect, breya value, flip avacyn, zada storm, and sigarda humans. i do have to switch some cards between the decks, though. i don't see the point in buying multiple of expensive cards when you can just use proxies or switch cards when needed.

>> No.55149934

Everyone says the dragon one is shit, but I found it to be great fun.

>> No.55149944

I mean I would start with a baseline level of niceness for every one but this is 4chan so that might be an unpopular opinion

>> No.55149948


Scarab God anon back again. I made another edit and took out Stax. Instead I added in some of the more control walkers. Honestly I took out Stax since my deck was becoming more combo and I'd prefer just to keep it combo rather than Stax.

Any thoughts? The competitive percentage went way down, but I don't even know what that percentage means.

>> No.55150059

How should i build derevi that isnt lockdown? I like her versatility but at the same time not sure where to focus on

>> No.55150066

You'd steal as many things as your creature is able to actually kill. If it only has 3 power and is blocked by 8 guys, you'll get to assign 1 damage each to 3 of those guys. If they do actually die from it (meaning it isn't stopped by protection, indestructible, etc.), you'll get to steal them.

>> No.55150088

so it would be better in the long run to have a deathtouch creature with scythe and then give it a ping ability?

>> No.55150099

Or give Deathtouch to something that already has a ping ability.

>> No.55150123

Oh holy shit that'd be sick. I'll have to do some looking around, thanks for the help man.

>> No.55150132

Wouldnt that hit itself?

>> No.55150211

Cycling lands turn into draw 2 for 1, which you then fetch back with Life From the Loam. He effectively draws you a new card each turn, and doubles your potential landfall triggers. Anything that can discard cards for free will allow you to sculpt your hand like a madman. Also he's undercosted as shit, a 6/6 deathtouch for 5. How is that not broken?

>> No.55150223

Any deck that you want to in green for meme no dream? Primal Motherfucking Surge. Ramp to 10, get out the S U R G E and blow your deck all over the board.

>> No.55150230

>9+ mana two card wrath
Sign me up!

>> No.55150323

Yes, and then he'd be revived by the scythe.

>> No.55150334

More than that.

>> No.55150386

>Concerns about practicality

Fuck off Spike, this is Johnny time.

>> No.55150417

1-4 Convert Sedris to Yidris
5-8: Built Nazahn Dropping the Hammer
9 and 0: That big dino motherfucker

>> No.55150459

that ain't even johnny, it's just retarded since it's not repeatable
this, on the other hand, is solid

>> No.55150476

>it's just retarded since it's not repeatable
>this, on the other hand

You didn't read the whole comment chain. This was always about the scythe from >>55149849 onwards.

>> No.55150754

Aren't the opponents' creatures triggers going on top of the stack though, netting you just an expensive two card Necromantic Selection?

>> No.55150817

You control all the Scythe of the Wretched triggers, so you put them on the stack in whatever order you want. You want the trigger returning Pestilence Demon to be the last to resolve so the scythe will be attached to it at the end.

>> No.55151394

Alright lads, I've got a mono-coloured deck of each colour except blue (and brown I guess). I've got:
Lovisa Coldeyes, shitty aggro for red
Xiahou Dun, The One-Eyed, big-mana control for black
Euro, Renegade Leader, elfball for green.
What should I build for blue (and/or brown) in a multiplayer focused meta (No baral, he won't hold up in 4-5 players.)?

>> No.55151414

And a lin-sivvi control deck in white. Forgot to add that.

>> No.55151540

I would've recommended wizards but the recent precon has sort of ruined that charm (I still play it regardless) Unesht is theoretically really powerful while also letting you build flavour and having Timmy goodstuff. If you're willing to compromise and make a Blue and brown deck I would recommend Jin-Gitaxias big artifact mana + eldrazi.

>> No.55151639

What are the most useful cycling and morph effects? Stuff like Decree of Pain and Willbender.

>> No.55151663

Go monoblue aggro. Kira's resilient dudes, Braids sea monsters or polymorph tribal (with optional creature stealing subtheme) with Jalira.

>> No.55151680

Is Black market worth it in Edgar if only 3 people in my play group play boardwipes (one is playing Animar with 49 creatures) ?
Don`t want it to be just a 5-mana do-nothing enchantment, haven`t had the chance to play it till now.

>> No.55151703


>> No.55151748

Wouldn't wirewood lodge be better for this?

>> No.55151804

Never even thought about it being an elf. Good spot my man.

>> No.55152058

Daxos the returned is my only really tuned deck. I also have a Mina and denn I've pumped a ton of time and planning into, but it's nowhere near as good as my daxos.

Working on my third, used to be lovisa coldeyes warriors but I was going to convert it into neheb the worthy. Guy is so hard to build, no good early drops or good curve cards for him to make up for the fact he's almost a late game red commander.

That being said post some sick tech for neheb I'm going in bois

>> No.55152141

Malignus, Dark Depths and Big Furry Monster

>> No.55152561

Rishadan brigand seems to be drying up, get them while you can for pirates i guess

>> No.55152578

>4.50€ suddenly


>> No.55152597

hey guys, can you give me some criticism about this deck i just built? thanks!


>> No.55152713


At this point it is just hilarious.

>> No.55152747

>want to get arcane wizardry because of the potential it has
>the problem is that is all it has and you can't really do want Inalla wants to do which is flood the field with wizards and then tap them all

>> No.55152799

i fucking hate this game

>> No.55152823

I would put in some Eldrazi, nigga. Void winnower in particular seems pretty nasty. Mana reflection is also amazing, if you can afford it.

Why do you have command beacon? Your commander is a theros god so he won't die often, better replace that with something that gives you utility, like reliquary tower or arcane lighthouse.

>> No.55152829

Dont hate the game, hate the "Investors"

>> No.55152835


>> No.55152841

He isnt even that good. Just because he is a pirate? Did they announce so far what creatures are erratat to dinosaurs, and if, is there a buyout too?

>> No.55152843

Just don't jump on stupid meme fad decks. Problem solved.

>> No.55152855

maybe Genesis Wave and Mystic Remora

also I'd consider running Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation

>> No.55152869

>Did they announce so far what creatures are erratat to dinosaurs

No. They usually don't announce things like that either, they just update all their listings on Gatherer when the CR update adds the creature type.

>and if, is there a buyout too?
I don't know. Maybe buy your Deathmist Raptor now.

>> No.55152895

How the fuck does one play blue-red (izzet) properly. That stuff is a bit daunting for a beginner.
Pic related

>> No.55152927


I like Red and White.

>> No.55152982

Spellslinger and combo. Storm is your usual wincon.

>> No.55152995

I want to build a French Mathias Control- Midrange.

It seems so good

>> No.55152996

Likely suspects
>Adaptive Snapjaw
>Aetherwind Basker (?)
>Brooding Saurian
>Crag Saurian
>Deathmist Raptor
>Drakewing Krasis
>Frenetic Raptor
>Grotag Thrasher
>Hissing Iguanar
>Lava Runner
>Putrid Raptor
>Pygmy Allosaurus
>Pygmy Pyrosaur
>Regal Behemoth
>Ridgetop Raptor
>Ripscale Predator
>Saddleback Lagac
>Shivan Raptor

Of these, those at risk of a buyout would probably be:
>Aetherwind Basker
Admittedly, it's one of the least likely in the list to be eratta'd, but it could happen.
>Brooding Saurian
Another one that's uncertain whether or not it'd be errata'd. It was a Rare only printed in Coldsnap and C13 though so supply is scarce and it has an appealing ability.
>Deathmist Raptor
A Mythic rare that will obviously be errata'd and one of the few Dinosaurs that will be on the lower end of your curve.
>Lava Runner
A Mercadian Masques rare and we've just seen how much they're willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel on those. Another decent low CMC dinosaur.
A Tempest rare, guaranteed to be in the errata.
>Pygmy Allosaurus
Stupid as it seems, it is an Ice Age rare. They may reprint it, but the Swampwalk may not necessarily be what they wanted.
>Regal Behemoth
If it is part of the errata, almost a guaranteed buyout target.

>> No.55152998

My decks are feeling worse and worse. Even the decks I haven't changed suddenly feel like hot garbage.

I wish my friends had decks like they used to. And by the way, if your suggestion is to "git gud", I seriously tried to make a strong, more competitive deck. But stax pieces are fucking expensive and my attempts at competitive decks end up even worse than my normal ones.

>> No.55153096

I really wish one of the new cards would've been a Wizard token producer. Docent of Perfection is great and all, but most of the new cards they printed weren't really all that good for Wizards. Bloodline Necromancer and Galescaster Colossus were cool and useful, but a token producer would've been great for what Wizards want to do.

>> No.55153106

I think you set your standards too high. What is "good" is largely meta dependent and the rest is competence in deck building.

So unless you suffered a major brain injury recently, I think you're overreacting.

>> No.55153199

Thanks for doing the work for me. I think I'll buyout some of these myself.

>> No.55153210

>Thread Question
A somewhat unique 75% deck helmed by a relatively obscure Commander.

>> No.55153251

What's the edgiest Magic card?

>> No.55153271

Imposing Sovereign
Kataki, War's Wage
Dosan, the Falling Leaf
City of Solitude
Dragonlord Dromoka
Dueling Grounds
Silent Arbiter
Static Orb

>> No.55153276

Alright, please take your talk of ""investments"" elsewhere. I get it, you either have a horribly unfulfilling job, or a very low income, but speculation fags are giant dicks. There's a big difference between "Hey, teferi's protection is going to be expensive" and "look at me, I'm playing the cardboard stock market". It's just a bad attitude to promote because it will attract the wrong type of people.

>> No.55153293

I posted >>55152996 and I meant it more as "If you're interested in playing Dinosaurs, these are the cards you should probably buy before they get bought out." I'm not trying to play stocks, I'm trying to warn people before they're going to have to.

>> No.55153295

I don't know if this guy is the edgiest, but he's pretty edgy and one of my personal favorite cards.

>> No.55153301

And thank you for this. :)

>> No.55153304


>> No.55153316

Perfect, as long as that's the attitude, I'm okay with it, and thanks for all your hard work. I would just hate for this to become speculation general filled with a bunch of Rudy-lite dicks.

>> No.55153340

Competence in deckbuilding is not a given.

I lost 5 games yesterday.

>> No.55153342

Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault

>> No.55153394

That list is pretty helpful, thank you. I will make sure to pick up a deathmist raptor.

>> No.55153417

Mizzix is one of the most versatile Commanders I can think of, mostly because you just want to play any number of awesome instants and sorceries on the cheap. In particular, X spells and Buyback spells are your friend. Magebane Armor might also be of assistance once you start playing global burn.

>> No.55153443

>art not done by wayne reynolds

>> No.55153519

Heh, I had the same table last night but I was the Meren player

>> No.55153539



>> No.55153550


>> No.55153589


>> No.55153605

Shut up Ed

>> No.55153609


>> No.55153662

here you go
I hope you get over your allergy to magiccards.info

>> No.55153677

>a draw spell

people usually mean stuff that gives card advantage

>> No.55153736


Try something like this.

>> No.55153741

people are usually able to search cards on their own
ask stupid questions
get stupid answers

>> No.55153744

how the fuck do people get stomped by meren so much

i've played against that commander like a dozen times and i never see it doing anything more than incur value. then someone with an actual threat just btfos him and everyone else

>> No.55153758

i'm not even that anon, i'm pointing out that linking cantrips for card draw is retardation

a lot of of green's "draw" isn't even draw anyway, it's stuff like cultivate and evolutionary leap, cards that turn 1 card into multiple cards without the word "draw" ever being used. so searching for "draw a card" on magiccards is dumb

>> No.55153769

that was the point retard

>> No.55153779

>a lot of of green's "draw" isn't even draw anyway

You're thinking of "Card advantage", which Evolutionary Leap isn't even anyway.

>> No.55153780


>> No.55153783

I find people tend to ignore me to deal with whoever is the early threat and then by the time they realize I'm swinging for 150+ with trample and menace

tbf though my playgroup doesn't run nearly enough board wipes

>> No.55153801

>player with the dragon deck uses fractured identity on my izzet chemister
>everyone starts exiling shit from their graveyards, preparing for their big moment
>they lose it all a few turns later when a boardwipe hits and their chemisters are all tapped
my group does the dumbest shit, i love it
fractured identity is also a hilarious card in general
>somebody casts fractured identity on a hungry lynx on like turn 5 and we started stockpiling rats
>meaning that when the two token decks were kicking our ass and fighting eachother and all but one of us were at 10-16 life, me casting a topdecked kindred dominance and naming 'cat' gave all our lynxes something like twenty counters each
>i swing for lethal at the token deck guy who'd already attacked with his lynx
>game devolves into everybody getting lethal'd by a solitary cat one turn after another, until the last guy standing is a dude with 43 life because >lifegain and tokens

>> No.55153806

your group sounds bad

>> No.55153812

Unless you have expendable instant speed removal every time he hits the board, he replaces himself. He can recur annoying locks like Spore Frog while pumping himself. Of course though, graveyard hate makes short process out of him, but by that time he probably has a strong board position.

>> No.55153815

"Okay, Spore Frog?"

>> No.55153816

you're not wrong, we're very casual

>> No.55153822

>You're thinking of "Card advantage",
which is what almost everyone means when they ask for card draw

>which Evolutionary Leap isn't even anyway.
it is if you know how to use it you doofus

>> No.55153824

>which Evolutionary Leap isn't even anyway
Until you start saccing tokens

>> No.55153839

>evolutionary leap
>cards that turn 1 card into multiple cards

>> No.55153842

you can't be this bad

>> No.55153860

>it is if you know how to use it you doofus
>Until you start saccing tokens

No, that's using other cards that produce card advantage and then having Evolutionary Leap filter those into better cards.

>> No.55153864

Tokens are card advantage?

>> No.55153870

>use a card
>use another card
>get a card
Haha, the magic of card advantage.

>> No.55153881

>use a card to make 3 tokens
>use another card to sac 3 tokens
>get 3 cards

>> No.55153884

I love this card so much, but dunno where to put it. It seems so easy for that card to bite you in the ass.

>> No.55153888

More than Evolutionary Leap. Dragon Fodder turns one card into multiple cards. They're not hand advantage but they're card advantage.

>> No.55153891

Yes. It's what's usually considered "virtual card advantage", since you're not getting real cards out of it, but tokens are functionally identical to permanent cards in the eyes of many cards, such as Evolutionary Leap.

If you make two 3/3 Elephants from one spell and your opponent Lightning Bolts one, you're up on Card Advantage.

>> No.55153913

Not gonna disagree anon, but it's a damn good one.

>> No.55153960

Did you try Lightning Bolt?

>> No.55153967

Well, for flavour purposes Bassandra is clearly the right choice. Gilsela or Iroas are backup options for the same schtick. Personally, I run it in feldon for a surprise fuck-you out of nowhere if you aren't paying attention. You loot him early, ramp into a fatty, then slap him down with haste and everyone cries.

Alternative, Xenagos. If Xenagos is out, you cast that bitch, it's game over. 16/16 double strike haste is strong enough to win you the game, and if you run something like Pathbreaker Ibex or Overwhelming Stampede, it gets nutty real fast.

>> No.55154006

Nope. But using tokens with Evolutionary Leap creates card advantage.

Pic related is not card advantage.

>> No.55154027

Tenatively agreed, But the deck is designed to play reactively to opponents.The two cards you meantioned are great for the Archmage Ritualist, but you have to realize that the point of the deck is to ourwit your opponents by getting good value out of solid creatures, not swarm and overrun. That task was taken over by the vampires.

>> No.55154029

Can anyone take a look at the lands here and let me know what needs to be added/cut?


>> No.55154037

See >>55153891

Virtual card advantage is more card advantage than anything Evolutionary Leap is doing.

>> No.55154070

evolutionary leap also gives you card advantage when some dickhead casts a wrath and you sac all your shit in response

>> No.55154077

Is Explore the first verb creatures can do sans attack or block?

>> No.55154079

Card advantage is access to more cards as a resource. An effect that requires you to sacrifice a creature is using creatures, typically creature cards, as a resource. Being able to use creature tokens means that one card effectively became multiple cards for the purpose of that effect.

The total concept of card advantage is a lot more nuanced than "the number of cards in your hand."

>> No.55154099

Combinations of cards can produce card advantage and while Evolutionary Leap does not produce CA on its own, it can with other cards. The same is true for token producers but at best you can call them virtual card advantage on their own.

And this >>55154070

>> No.55154108

Trample is a verb. Rampage is a verb. Banding and Flying are present participles of verbs.

>> No.55154112

Creatures can haunt

>> No.55154134

Is this guy worth building? What to use as his wincon?

>> No.55154139

>does not produce CA on its own, it can with other cards.

Evolutionary Leap is never the one producing card advantage. It's can "upgrade" virtual card advantage into actual cards at best.

Also >>55154070 is closer to "maintaining" card advantage than it is "giving" card advantage. This is something you actually see a lot of in Green, where the cards like to replace themselves. You don't actually gain card advantage but you keep from losing it.

>> No.55154143

In MTG, they're nouns. A creature has trample. The act of trampling over something isn't described in game rules.

Ah, right. Cards can haunt things. I wonder what other verbs permanents get (since haunt isn't really used by permanents).

>> No.55154147

you want people to hate you? sure

>> No.55154164

True but tokens are not cards. It's the combo that creates card advantage and we shouldn't bastardize the term by changing the meaning to "permanent advantage". That is its own separate concept.

>> No.55154180

white sun zenith
only wincon

>> No.55154182

You're gonna love Floral Spuzzem, the sentient card.

>> No.55154185

That's not card advantage.

That's situational card advantage. Harmonize is card advantage because it nets you cards every time it's cast.

Brainstorm is not card advantage, it's card selection because it lets you pick your best cards in your hand, and you don't net any more cards than you originally had with brainstorm in your hand. Ponder is card selection for the same reason. Evolutionary leap is a card-draw engine, but isn't strictly card advantage unless you build around it.

Notion thief isn't card advantage either, just like fecundity isn't card advantage, unless you specifically build around it, which means it's situational card advantage. By comparison, Consecrated Sphinx IS card advantage, because you draw two cards every single opponent's turn on their draw step, which means you're gaining cards just by having it on the field without any other tech.

Come on anon, you're like a little baby. This isn't complicated. It's like saying demonic tutor is card advantage. It's not, it's selection.

>> No.55154211


>> No.55154218

>It's the combo that creates card advantage and we shouldn't bastardize the term by changing the meaning to "permanent advantage". That is its own separate concept.

The usual term is already "virtual card advantage" when referring to token effects. Even without "combos", tokens are able to represent card advantage, typically more by exhausting your opponents card advantage, like if you were to block and kill two X/1 creature cards with your 1/1 Servos.

>> No.55154222

situational card advantage is card advantage, it's just a shitty version of it, which you should be getting used to since you're in green and can't really get card advantage in that many other ways

the whole thing with green's card advantage is that it often has a high chance of whiffing but huge rewards if you don't

>> No.55154228

how about Azor's Elocutors?

>> No.55154235

>Also >>55154070(You) is closer to "maintaining" card advantage than it is "giving" card advantage.

>opponent burns a removal on your creature
>you sac it in in response
>he loses 1 card, you replace your card

that's what card advantage is senpai

>> No.55154239

sounds like you are trying to have more than one win condition
also sounds like you could win the game before turn 25
clearly you dont undertand the deck

>> No.55154260

CA discussion again? Come on guys, I thought we were past this.

>> No.55154263

Fractured Identity+Leveler only wincon.

>> No.55154278

NOW were talking

>> No.55154285

>[laughs in Tireless Tracker]

>> No.55154286

Exactly! You hit the nail on the head. It's card advantage, but an objectively shittier version of it.

This is why I think green has poor card draw, it has things that might draw you cards, but they're so dependent on setup my autism can't justify using them as card advantage. I think red actually has stronger "card draw" (note, I'm using this term loosely) because of looting effects, but I'm a little biased because I love graveyard shenanigans, and I recognize that it's elaborate card selection.

>> No.55154298

gaydudes approves this post

>> No.55154308

>Evolutionary Leap is never the one producing card advantage.
That's an asinine statement. Neither Servo Exhibition nor Evolutionary Leap directly produces card advantage but together these types of cards form a combo that produces card advantage. Both are parts of it and you can't say that half of the combo isn't producing card advantage.

As an example, with the Donate + Illusions of Grandeur combo. It would be wrong to say "Donate doesn't win you the game". It's a combo and it needs both cards to do what it does.

>> No.55154349

>card advantage

>> No.55154353

>Both are parts of it and you can't say that half of the combo isn't producing card advantage.

Like I said, it's not "producing" the card advantage. It's filtering virtual card advantage into card advantage. It's technically quibbling over diction, but an important part of understanding card advantage is being able to perceive the difference.

When people refer to cards that produce card advantage, it's incorrect to point to Evolutionary Leap without caveat.

>> No.55154377

And equally wrong to point to tokens, which you seem to be reluctant to say.

>> No.55154388

I've been making a point to refer to tokens as virtual card advantage.

>> No.55154392

>I think red actually has stronger "card draw" (note, I'm using this term loosely) because of looting effects, but I'm a little biased because I love graveyard shenanigans, and I recognize that it's elaborate card selection.
Where the did I say looting is card advantage? It's card selection with a downside that can be used as an upside. Please read more carefully.

>> No.55154432

New Thread


>> No.55154433

>>game devolves into everybody getting lethal'd by a solitary cat one turn after another
Do you all have brain problems? Why would you tap down when an opponent has lethal on you?

>> No.55154594

because it was almost midnight and it was absolutely hilarious

>> No.55154644

Since you get an extra land drop per turn and are drawing cards all the while, he really doesn't slow you down. You run through your deck much quicker than usual, and get a ton of mileage out of dregers like LFTL and the land pictured in >>55148255
(sac it, use the git's trigger to dredge it up, very likely mill another land and then draw for real)
(oh and pic related)
You don't even need landfall cards, really.

>> No.55155175

literally just built my third

>> No.55155218


>can't get card advantage in any other ways

green's card advantage is ridiculously good.

>> No.55155955


>Pic related

jesus christ

>> No.55155998


get enough cost reduction and copiers like pyromancer's goggles and mirari to one-shot everyone

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