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Yoo'z muckin about ya pimply grot.


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You'z a git. Krumpin da enemy is better dan shootin' since even da humie's and panzees can shoot, but no one krumps like an ork!

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Fightin'>muckin' about

Arguing about the best way to fight is just muckin' about

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Blood axes > Goffs > Evil Sunz > Snakebites > Bad Moons > Deffskulls

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Wait boyz I think I got it

Shooty bootz

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>even da humie's and panzees can shoot
Ya call dat shootin'? Dere's grots dat kan dakka betta den dose gits. Ya needz to get close fer da krumpin, dakka kan happen whereeva, wheneva

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Da humie's have great big gunz like pic related.

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We'z kan dakka 'hole roks at dat puny kannon.
Dats noffink.

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But den, what's da point of being shooty at all if we can dakka roks?

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So we'z can dakka while dey's fallin ya git!

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I fink 'he'z untoo someting 'ere

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nah nah nah, a brutuly kunnin boss has boyz ta go shootin' an' boyz ta go krump. den, wen da uvva gits fink ta krump ya shootas, ya krump 'em, an wen dey fink ta shoot ya krumpas, ya shoot 'im.
Dat's 'ow it wurks, cuz da uvva way don't make no sense, 'cuz Orks ain't gettin' out-krumped by any humie, pansy, or gribbly out dere. Even da spiky wunz.

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Yeah, but dis ain't no board of bosses, OB is asking wever being shooty or stompy on yer own is betta.

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I gots wun uv dose fings.
I fink I just turned weird fer a sekkund.
'ear me out.

We 'ave da rokks, roight?
An' da roks iz fallin, roight?
An da boyz want ta git close to krump an' shoot and smash, roight?
But givvin 'dem trukks makes da meks mad cuz da roks smash da trukks roight?
An' mad meks stop makkin' good bitz, roight?
An' footslogginz no gud 'cuz da roks zog evveryfing before da boyz get 'dere, roight?

So wot if, wot if we git some boyz ON da roks, give 'em some dakka, an dey shoot all da gitz before da roks get dem close enuff ta krump fer free! No mad meks, no boyz missin' da foight, an' no gits iz survivin' Roks AND dakka AND a good thump!
'ows dat sound?

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Dat's roight brutally kunnin' iz dat.
wot if we used TWO roks?

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well, if you'ze put it dat way, krumpin'.
Da boss krumped four boyz an' a grot at once yestaday, but I'z only eva seen 'im shoot up two boyz at a time, an' dat wuz wen 'e wuz REAL mad, 'cuz somewun ate 'is 'air squig.

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Shud dey be red or yellow?
Red's always gud, but what if it goez so fast da boyz can't dakka enuff?
If it's yellow, da boyz get ta dakka more (not enuff, but betta), and da roks get to zog more stuff wiffout worryin' about trukks

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>ya git

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Best ta paint wun red and wun yellow, and see which krumps da enemy more!

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Dis git knowz 'iz taktiks

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