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I am a moron, oops.

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How do your Companions know when you're under a mind-affecting drawback?

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What's your best/favourite alt-form, jumpers?
(SAO mixed forms included)

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we discuss that kind of thing when we go through the episode treatment together,before we finalize the draft and we feed the completed build into the slot and the big red button.

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Bio and Anti-Bio Particles to produce our own teams of Bio Men please.

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they just notice through conversation.

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Already there my good man.

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>best altform: my current mixed altform with forms from all kinds of races etc

>favourite: martian (DC). Just because they have such an amazing powerset.
I have more powerful once, but i feel comfy in martian skin

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Kill six billion demons
Wht 97.6
Book keeper
Cigar chomper free
Fanfiction writer 900
Imagination 800
Black speech free
Holy thorn knight 400
Ebon devil 200
Demiurge -300
The Art of lying to the face of god -600

Wide brimmed hat free
Mask free
Paper people free
Palace free

Pursued -400
Become a farmer -300
Target of the thorns 0

RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAY FROM EVERYONE, then catch demons and kill them one by one adding them to my court of bell till I can flood the others with them to avoid hassle.

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What a lovely language?

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A perk for making sure there are at least a few survivors if an organisation you lead/are a part of is destroyed, much like how EAGLE was destroyed yet there were survivors who formed the Secret Squadron Gorenger. Speaking of, if there could be a villain perk for thoroughly destroying your enemies in a similar manner, that'd be great.

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I am partial to my human looking final form.


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first of all nice trips second of all we need escape perks for the villains! hideaways heroes Can't get to and monster making equipment and abilities

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I like it as well.

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My favourite form? It's a tie between my Divine Dragon form from Fire Emblem Archanea and my Blue Eyes White Dragon form from Shadow Realm.

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my Roidmude form oddly enough

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Those are good ones, thanks for the ideas. I'll see what I can do with that.

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I basically I have two forms: My main form, and my monkey form.
I've basically tweaked the Saiyan Oozaru form over time to have bone spines, based off of my Kaguya ability, instead of fur. I can also shift into it at any size instead of having only the "fucking huge" size.

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They way they talk reminds me of this SCP.

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Jumpers, if you were a character in a fighting game, what would be your intro taunt, fighting style, special attack, etc...?

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It's usually incredibly obvious that I'm going through one.
Zephyr's favorite altform is a t-rex moth bear thing. Nothing more satisfying to eat than crunchy mooks.

Adventurer's Nika's a pretty powerful shapeshifter, but their favorite form is something like this but with pink hair and red eyes.

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Dental plan

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I rather like it, and he lives off of gummy worms he calls stranglefruits. Neat.

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My favorite? My completely normal human form. Pay no attention to the moonsilver tattoos or the serpentine eyes.

My best? I'm a Blacklight Norn Queen Dragon Heartless. This is, in fact, my Final Form.

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Anyone know some good pets to pick up?

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One of the Green Lantern Jumps has Hope Corgi! Kamigawa has the Moth Stables, Avatar The Last Airbender has animal hybrids so pick up a squirrel-fox, Pokemon Conquest gives you a pokebuddy too!

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I just realized we were supposed to be thread 1700 last time and now I cannot help but feel like we went back in time.

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I'm quite fond of my pet Chupacabra from Red Dead Undead nightmare. There are some other supernatural pets on offer there.

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>Pupa Pup (SimAnt)
>Friendbringers (Worm)
>the Aura-enabled pet (RWBY)
>the Bydo-cat (R-Type)
>the tiny Varelsi (Battleborn)
>be an Elf in Dragonlance, get pet gryphon
>get the dragon egg in ASoIaF
>get Best Horse in LOTR
>get Meeko in Skyrim

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>the Bydo-cat (R-Type)
Also a good daughteru.

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ASoIaF has a broad pet option as well.

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I just got thirty or so in Kakegurui. They're all really cute, especially when they complain.
"I'm not wearing that in public! Nor in private before you ask!
"No Sir, I'm not okay with organ rentals"
"My EYES! THAT'S NOT A COLOURRRrrrr.... [intense screaming follows for several minutes]"
Absolute cuties, I must say

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You should have known better than to get her in the habit of playing catch with moons, Heavens.

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Yes, much like that

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Having flashbacks, there?

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I've got a question for y'all: how do you guys think being the aristoteles of the sun (angel notes) would mesh with Sunshine (nanatsu no taizai)? i kinda like the idea that just being near escanor super powers him up.

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Not everyone is as irresponsible as you, moonslayer.

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There's a reason I don't play science Jumpers anymore. Just imagine my usual short-sighted decisions and impulsiveness but WITH JUMPER SCIENCE.

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Intro Taunt:
>All your little tricks are USELESS against me!
>I'll rip you to shreds!
>You couldn't beat me in a hundred years!
>I'll show you the power that will rule the World!

Fighting Style:
>Basically a mix of DIO and Bowser's fighting styles, except unlike DIO I haven't forgotten my vampire powers.

Special Move:
>Freezing my enemy with vampire ice powers, then melting them with fire breath
>Hurling knives at my enemy and then smashing into them with my shell whether they get hit or not
>Tearing into them with my claws before blasting them with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
>Stopping time and smashing my opponent with a Road Roller

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I don't think it would interact at all. You're not the sun, you're a being that lives on the sun and has been chosen as its champion. You might as well ask if Superman being around Escanor would power him up, since he's got all that solar energy stored in his cells.

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Jumpers, what did you do in Exalted Lunars?

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but part of the description for aristoteles also has the part about: 'You also emit a constant field of reality changing force around your body. This impresses the landscape of your home world on the area around you'

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Is SMTAnon around?

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The twist.

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Haven't been there, how long should I wait?

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Now if you were a Solar Exalt with the Rising Sun Soul charm, your anima banner is real sunlight.

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Oh, you're right, I had forgotten about that. Then no, it still wouldn't empower Escanor, because he'd be too busy dying from the sea of thermonuclear plasma you drowned him in, you monster.

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You should look at the real planet Mercury, then look at ORT's crystal valley.
Just because we on earth see "Fiery orb of fiery death and sunlight" doesn't mean that's what the natives experience.

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It's 1701, you stupid fucks.

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>we're almost at 2000 threads
How the fuck have we lasted this long.

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Draenei. They look great collared, they're loyal, and you can teach them all kinds of neat tricks.

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please, i would control it to just around me. he wouldn't die from any plasma.... he'd die from radiation poisoning a year or so later.

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I think it's mostly inertia at this point.

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Spent most of the jump being out done by an aggressively helpful Solar waifu, had difficulty staying mad at her for constantly rendering most of my work redundant. Except for that one time while repairing my manse city when she plated everything gold, this place is supposed to be Moon themed baka Solar!

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French toast.

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A propriety blend of creativity, autism, spite, wonder, fun, and an inability to talk to anyone else about the weird shit that our collective imaginations churn out.

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I can go get you a toasted french again if you want.
I'm pretty sure France surrendered the moment I looked at them anyway.

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Texting our Senseis also helps.

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>toasted french


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So, did the guy who was making the Watchmen jump just die?

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>Can you buy more than one of the Xenomorph subspecies?
No, but the Heavy variant would permit "a slightly faster praetorian".
Not sure if I should permit varients on the Queen.

>Does the Princess and her brood obey my physic/pheromonal commands if I'm a Queen too?
No. As stated under the Queen description, though I should make that clearer, each Queen controls their own brood, and the Princess is a Queen in her own right.

Cloaking devices are a function of the wrist-comp, but I will make that clearer.

>If I have a "company/corporation" item from elsewhere, can I choose to be the head of that for Company Man?

>I don't lose any powers during the chestbuster embryo part, right?
Uh, technically not, but you might not be able to use them if they require body parts you don't have. Being a speedster is great, but you don't have the ability to move. Being made of Bardamium is neat, but that doesn't stop them extracting you in one piece. Etc.

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Dear lord this looks disgusting.

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No waifumorphs?

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I already put in the princess what more do you want.

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We're already in hell, anon.

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That is not a good angle, it looks like steaks piled on top of one another and bananas thrown on top for no reason.

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I'm guessing they want something that doesn't decide you're lunch or a hatchery if you're not currently a xenomorph.

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Maybe he wants a harem of them?

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I'm going to ask EMIYA to make this for me.

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Didn't some absolute madman claim Wadanohara recently?

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Sexy xenomophs.

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It was me.

Shark fin soup will soon be on the menu.

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Intro Taunt:
So you've made it this far, impressive

Fighting Style:
Apocalypse+Peacock+Pic related+mike haggar

Special Move:

>open up my faceplate spewing forth a powerful destructive beam of divine energy

>hi speed divine words

>drill cuff slash

>Grindhouse critical kick!

>infinite stun lock Circle combo

> Vulcan Fire!

>Full-body tackle

> Sky high spiral slam!

>hyper cast off relativistic roundhouse kick

>deactivate my driver belt, Shifting Position from background to foreground turning into My war form thus the switching Out my move set.

> Rip off one of my own still living cybernetic heads throwing it directly at them Where it will continue to assault them.

>orbital railgun target paint

>50 Fold double hand crusher!

>microwave field!

> 100 middle finger missile Circus!

>Abyssal Fighter launch!

> Throw the mother into the sun

>living lava body slam!

>bio-weapon bad breath blast!

>Body hold them then turn into a solid blackhole of Equivalent volume and shape

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i remember there was something about a stargate atlantis jump being made a fair while ago. did this fall through or is it still a WIP?

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Dark Souls has doggos!

They're cute, fluffy, loyal, wield claymores to tear your enemies apart. and are incredibly good at hugs.

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Have a capstone item outline, gents.

Parallel Room [600 - Discount for Future Warrior] - This is a customized chamber designed similarly to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. While it lacks the full time dilation of the original, only turning one hour outside into four inside, it has another function - the interior of the chamber can accurately simulate any environment or opponent you’ve battled before at any level of power you’ve met or fought them in. These are merely Danger Room-esque simulacras, nothing in the chamber leaving it aside from yourself and anyone you bring in, but the training you get from within it is invaluable.

...my notes are sloppy, but I figured folks would like this one.

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They would surrender but they can't hear you from the top of the wall.

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Friendly reminder that Sal is worst boy, and that the mad Princess Mikotsu is more sympathetic then him despite being the main antagonist of the game. Speaking of, hoping for a scenario to bring her back to sanity and redeem her.

>> No.55077686

I've seen better Versions of that kind of thing for 400 though

>> No.55077714

Is this a Warehouse attachment? Property? Separate pocket dimension of its own?

>> No.55077718

Whoops, yeah. Meant to be an attachment.

>> No.55077728

The Arena Supplement is way better and way cheaper. What a rip-off.

>> No.55077742

Oh yes. There's going to be a scenerio about purifying the Red Sea and scrubbing the ocean clean, and it starts with Sal on jumper's chopping block. You can also save Princess Mikotsu and help her out, and she'll be very helpful in curbing the Red Sea, as iirc she's the one commanding it.

>Pictured: Jumper about to fucking murder the shit out of Sal

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Can you choose for it to be somewhere else? Like attach it to Kai's Landing or whatever from DB?

>> No.55077755

Looks good to me. Now I'll be able to do everything from getting into a boxing match with Darth Vader to having a food fight with Grima!

>> No.55077756

In the Zelda Minish Cap jump, if I pay to import a melee weapon into the Four Sword, can I keep its original form or does it actually take the canon Four Sword's form?

>> No.55077757

You can get a Thunderbird in Fantastic Beasts, and a Phoenix in Harry Potter.
I'm pretty sure you can import the Thunderbird as your Phoenix, too.

Think about. Huge, six-winged, teleporting, extremely intelligent, lightning and fire powers, super-strong, weather control, great singing voice, and healing tears. Also pretty much impossible to kill, pet/Companion resurrection fiat aside.
It's basically a Pokemon at this point.

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>Intro taunt
[*30 Generic 2000s pop-rock song play at the same time*]

>fighting style

>Special attack
Turning off the console

>> No.55077777

Sure, I can make it so you can attach the door leading inside to a property you own.
That's the spirit!

>> No.55077779

How big is it? And how durable? There are lots of opponents who are probably too big and too powerful to fit in the thing it's based on, at least.

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Favorite alt form is my Half-Ghost form from Danny Phantom.
Intro: lighting a cigar in a deep shadow.
Taunt: "Who the fuck are you?"

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Nice, looking forward to this NikaMoth. Fucking Sal, that bastard got away with all of the shit he pulled in every ending. Even in the true ending, it's only implied that Samekichi finally kicked his ass. Fucker needs to go DOWN.

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>No, but the Heavy variant would permit "a slightly faster praetorian".
Hm, okay.

>Not sure if I should permit varients on the Queen.
Would be nice, but I understand if you don't want to allow it.

>No. As stated under the Queen description, though I should make that clearer, each Queen controls their own brood, and the Princess is a Queen in her own right.
Ah, guess I'll pass on that then. Taking her along seemed fun, but unleashing an uncontrolled Xenomorph infestation on the multiverse is damn pretty stupid/irresponsible.

>> No.55077799

>Intro Taunt
>A fight? Count me in!
>I needed some practice!
>Oh, hiya!

>bare-knuckle boxing, with some kendo and ki stuff thrown in

>ki-boosted right hook
>ki-boosted head strike with bokken
>the punch barrage, you know the kind
>the joke special where I trip and fall onto the opponent while going for an uppercut, knocking them down hard

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The border stretches to meet any needs or environment you simulate, and is strong enough to not collapse on itself when simulating Super-level foes. The downside is that it snaps back to normal room size once training is over, and nothing it generates can be taken out - all you get is the training and whatever cerebral insight you glean from it.
I too wish to murder the shark.

I promise to writefag about it.

>> No.55077821

Does it have to be used for fighting? Can you defeat enemies and then have "fun" with them afterwards?

>> No.55077829

Beware of orcas on strolls.

>> No.55077835

You mean food fights?

>> No.55077840

Does the expansion affect the outside, or is it all contained?

>> No.55077850

>Heavens writing about fighting and murdering Sal
This I have to see.

>> No.55077853

I'm calling the police.

Also, no.
It is contained, cap'n!

>> No.55077856

What happens if we die or bring someone else in and they die inside it?

>> No.55077857

No, I mean funstate without the time-travel.

>> No.55077859

Can we have a yautja waifu?

>> No.55077876

Nice Quints

>> No.55077884

Since it's meant to simulate Parallel Quests and other ways of training, it just stops short of killing you and you're exhausted instead of 'actually' wounded lethally.

>> No.55077888

No to which question?

>> No.55077895

Alright thank you Heavens.

>> No.55077901

More xenomorph waifus, except based on obnoxious anime archetypes. Maybe mix it up with some girl Yautjas...

>> No.55077904

>Uh, technically not, but you might not be able to use them if they require body parts you don't have. Being a speedster is great, but you don't have the ability to move. Being made of Bardamium is neat, but that doesn't stop them extracting you in one piece. Etc.
Cool. Extraction would be a bummer, but at least most things still can't actually kill me like that then.

Can we pick something besides a Drone to become with it? Like, becoming a hybrid Praethorian or a new hybrid Queen?

Maybe gated behind having bought the relevant upgrades in the species section? (Like, a drone would only be able to become a hybrid drone, but a Large Variant could become hybrid Praethorians or Chargers, while a Queen could become a hybrid of whatever she damn well pleases, including a new Queen form?)

>> No.55077905

Nice. Thanks, mate.

>> No.55077906

Salt is a preservative

>> No.55077909

Second one.

It has to be a fight or battle of some sort, mostly in spirit of the canon.

>> No.55077931

If it's sufficiently rough or challenging, it could count as a "fight".

>> No.55077944

>unleashing an uncontrolled Xenomorph infestation on the multiverse is fucking awesome.

Especially if you then head to every grimderp setting you can think of with her.
Worm? Fuck that, we've got Shard Powered Xenomorph Queens!

>> No.55077950

I've asked them, myself.

They've admitted that these days, sometimes they can't tell. To be fair, not all those drawbacks are terribly obvious.

Altforms are a disgusting aberration that stretch thin the existences of good, wholesome reality. Like making a patchwork quit out of dishwater soap bubbles and rotten meat. The swirling one-in-allness of the Cthonic Baara actually goes a long way to making me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It's the difference between having an arm that's practically paralysed and having a overall healthy body.

Other than that, I guess a medley of Herald, Type-Sun, neutronium angel and Devil-Tiger is one of the least skin-crawley shapes I feel tarnished by.

>Thank you for purchasing Jump Fighter X! Would you like to purchase this additional content for a limited edition seasonal discount of $99.98?

...what did he do?

>> No.55077955

We do about 550 threads in a year. Last year had slightly higher volume but being at 1700 is pretty much on target.

>> No.55077973

So tell me again why nobody likes this Sal.

>> No.55077975

Something that... actually listens when we tell it not to eat us, or the other companions?

I mean, okay, her not deciding to eat us if we're a Xenomorph that isn't controlled by her IS already a step towards that... Since I'm pretty sure that normally two queens would see each other as competition, and an uncontrolled drone would probably get a lesser version of that sentiment.

>> No.55077977

He basically made the entire plot happen, with all the suddenly-grimdark that entails, and had "plans" for the protagonist.

>> No.55077982

Jump # 196 Ronin Warriors
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Starting location: Tokyo Shadowlands
Origin: The sixth Samurai (100)
*To arms (0)
*Legendary Armor Samurai trooper -Fox (0)
*Part of a greater whole (300, Discount)
*Armor of the Inferno (300, Discount)
*A legion of legendary armored troopers (400)
*Your mom wears army boots! (+ 100)
(to be Continued)

>> No.55077996

(I know nothing here… wee)

So when I arrived Tokyo was under attack by extra dimensional entities again… This seems to happen to Tokyo a lot. It draws those, giant monsters and really weird trends.

Anyways it was good to be a good guy not a good guy pretending to be a bad guy or thought to be a bad guy like in the past few jumps.

I also learned something. When the dark overlord suddenly realizes he has been overwhelmed because there are suddenly 9 more people wearing items of power than should exist they tend to react to that… hard.

He tried to use his power to blast us to different locations but We were able to counter it.

Well that didn’t sit well with him apparently…

So Talpa may have started with just sending Anubis after us but when we showed up strangely… things hit the proverbial fan. Suddenly the other three warlords showed up, he rolled out an army of evil Dynasty mooks.

This turned in to an ugly war as Talpa proved he wasn’t above things like taking hostages. Trying to keep the real Ronin warriors alive while they were trying to keep up with us was hard.

Eventually we were guided by the Ancient one to Talpa’s castle where he sacrificed himself to become a bridge so we could enter it.

Talpa tried to absorb people but I went magical Idol and hit him with a magical purification song boosted with my song boosting perks… he was done. The other Warriors were kind of confused why I turned in to a magical girl and sang the evil overlord to death but since it worked they decided a win was a win. I just claimed it was an aspect of my armor. They didn’t believe me really but what were they going to do.

So in the name of the moon or something we saved Tokyo. I even did a magical girl pose after I defeated Talpa (much to the chagrin of all non-companions present)

>> No.55078001

See here >>55077977. It's also implied that he rapes, tortures, and mind breaks the MC in one ending, twisting her into an insane witch like the main villain while her love interest and his brother is forced to watch.

>> No.55078018

Dungeon keeper anon if you are around are you using war for the overworld stuff too? I want the heart of gold dungeon heart when its done pls.

>> No.55078033

See, I don't even know what the plot is so that's meaningless to me.

Also, that's the True Ending, right?

>> No.55078097

No, that's one of the two normal endings, but you have to get both to get the true ending, and then there's the bad endings.

>> No.55078124

Considering the powerlevel of xenoverse, limiting the time dilation seems unecessary.

>> No.55078147

Usually they just ask me and I see no reason to lie to them.

I'm sufficiently erratic that it's hard to tell, but they usually ask me whenever I go into extreme behaviour, since I'm usually so lax about stuff.

Lunar Cat from Sailor Moon! Though Raccoon from Generic Isekai is also cool. I also enjoyed my Bob form from Undertale.

Saiyan is also kindof fun, but not for the reasons most people think. Actually, I never learned how to go Super. Couldn't get the anger right. It's just kindof neat to suddenly be SUPER into fights and eating.
Well, when you're in it, anyway. When you shift out of that altform there's a lot of "What was I thinking...?"
Saiyan biology is weird.

I also kindof like my base form, just because it's nice to loaf around without any special effects or anything.

Yawning, a particularly frenetic Drunken Fist, and throwing lots of explosions.

>> No.55078151

Is the LAST SHOT from the Killer7 Jump technically a part of your Heaven Smile alt-form? Can you use the alt-form combination Perks to bolster and enhance the LAST SHOT, like the ones from Exalted - Lunars and SAO? And also, while I get that the LAST SHOT is predisposed towards being cowardly, is it possible to teach it how to fight and convince it to stand its ground somewhat?

>> No.55078161

I'd normally agree but it feels like making it a full Hyperbolic Time Chamber PLUS a customizable danger room feels like feature creep?

I don't know, would folks really be on board with that? I've also been meaning to uncap the Hyperbolic Chamber in the DBZ jump, so...

>> No.55078188

>Can we pick something besides a Drone to become with it? Like, becoming a hybrid Praetorian or a new hybrid Queen?
>Maybe gated behind having bought the relevant upgrades in the species section? (Like, a drone would only be able to become a hybrid drone, but a Large Variant could become hybrid Praethorians or Chargers, while a Queen could become a hybrid of whatever she damn well pleases, including a new Queen form?)
That's a good point. I will add some stuff related to being able to use your standard xenomorph form as the base for the hybrid and a bit more choice about your development.

...fine I'll change it a bit. She will listen to you.

>> No.55078206

Who knows? Make the choice for yourself, so we we can see how much of an SBer you really are.

>> No.55078229

Cool, now make them curvy and give them cow tits.

>> No.55078237

Are you absolutely sure you want to do that.

>> No.55078239

>but you have to get both to get the true ending
I hate stuff like that. It's not even like they're connected story wise, it's just "You can't pick the choices that make this other ending until you experience an unrelated ending."

>> No.55078245 [SPOILER] 

Please no.

>> No.55078253

Go grab physiomancy from shadow-whatever and make'um your self? Iz not 'ard.

>> No.55078258


>> No.55078262

Not really. You could, however, upgrade your Last Shot Smile through other means.

Yes. It is a coward, but a smart one. If you were sufficiently threatening, applied sufficient levels of diplomancy/morale boosts, or otherwise made it clear that the Last Shot Smile would be in no actual danger, you should be able to get it to fight instead of running away from things.

>> No.55078274

Eh. do one or the other. but we've needed something fully functional for eons now. (I just ended up building my own in my last chain.)

>> No.55078294

Alright cool. Just wanted to make sure.

>> No.55078301

If you don't think this is sexy enough we can't be friends.

>> No.55078321

Maybe do it as a 400 cp option with just the danger room? That seems to be the main point of the perk, and the time dilation effect doesn't seem quite enough to bump it to 600.

>> No.55078327


>> No.55078336

Time Lord. Ignore the benefits like increased resistance to radiation, less need for sleep, or being able to go into a healing coma without regeneration. I just want to tell people "Hey, I have two hearts." And it's fun.

>> No.55078339

It is sexy enough, but enough is never enough!

>> No.55078348

Even a lot of his later, toned down designs still had dsl. It was almost a last minute decision to remove those.

>> No.55078367

I'd go along with >>55078321 but also a 200 CP upgrade to add (either the limited or full) Time Chamber dilation effect

>> No.55078371

>That's a good point. I will add some stuff related to being able to use your standard xenomorph form as the base for the hybrid and a bit more choice about your development.
Awesome then.

No reason Metamorphosis wouldn't work on cloned bodies, right?

Also, wondering what stuff would produce interesting results... comicbook species like Kryptonians for power, obviously. Krogan to make it bulkier, tougher, and add a bunch of redundant organs?

Hm. Tyranid Xenomorphs...? Would probably upgrade their bioweaponry and hivemind stuff.

>> No.55078377

where did you get a timelord alt-form from?

>> No.55078383

Sounds good to me. I'll have to think of a new capstone item for the Future Warrior, but this works it out pretty easily. Thanks guys.

>> No.55078414

Facehugger Bunshin no Jutsu?

>> No.55078440

. . .not sure if turned on or horrified

>> No.55078461

Asari for biotics and their mind melding trick.
Turians and Quarians though, their different fundamental biology was an issue in ME's setting, would it be a problem for a metamorphosis facehugger I wonder?

There's some neat races in Farscape and Star Wars with unique biological abilities, mostly senses or things like acid sprays that could be useful.

>> No.55078491

>No reason Metamorphosis wouldn't work on cloned bodies, right?
No reason it wouldn't work, no. So long as they're alive.

Still need that capstone item for Frontier, though.
Maybe a colony? Maybe a crashed yautja ship to scavenge or repair? Maybe some space jockey tech?

>> No.55078496 [DELETED] 


>> No.55078514

Intro Taunts
>The acceptance of our duties and place in the universe is a path to inner peace. My duty is to kick your ass.
>The acceptance of our duties and place in the universe is a path to inner peace. My place is above you.
>What strange destiny has brought you to my shore? Will I see you again if I cast you away?
>It seems our paths are intertwined. Shall I cut you loose of me? Or shall we... intertwine?
All can be cut down to their first sentence if the player tries to rush through the screen.

Fighting Style
>Confusion Fu. Moves often start out looking similar before button presses or environmental factors switch their effect.
>Lots of suddenly blocks and super armor
>Lots of teleports
>Slow movement, mostly quick dodges that can't be used quickly in succession
>Very limited flight by air dodging

Special Attacks
>Environmental Ki Charge - Moveset changes slightly based on level. A trap might go from a basic mine to a waterspout that launches opponent higher, or to a lava bubble that makes an area of ground untouchable for a few seconds

>Ki Release - Temporary damage/speed boost, need Environmental Ki Charge active to use, detonates all active mines/animals, same button combo

>Land Mine/Air Mine - Land mines detonate on contact, Air mines detonate with directional explosions after a short time. Can block attacks.

>Throw a wild animal, no way to tell what you'll get. Effects vary by animal. Animals can be punched or thrown and thrown back.

>Teleport attack, switch places with a land or air mine.

>Rain of Pain - sets up 8-12 air mines and teleports between half of them, attacking with a ranged energy attack, then the other half detonates at once


>> No.55078518

What're the best perks for seeing through illusions?

>> No.55078536

>Intro Quote
"Let's go! Show me how you fight!"

>Win Quote
"Thank you for showing me your skills!"

>Lose Quote
"Dammit! Looks like I still have a lot to learn..."

>Fighting Style
A very fast and agile, yet hard-hitting style that incorporates flips, leaps, and other acrobatics with various different martial arts that I've picked up over time. Mixes both unarmed combat with every part of my body and armed combat with a staff.

>Special Moves
Shoryugeri (ki-enhanced backflip kick)
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Two different combos, one unarmed and the other with my staff
Enhanced versions of the previous moves

The first few jumps of my chain are all fighting game jumps. The jumper pretty much starts out as a good fighter right from the get-go.

>> No.55078547

Different anon, but I think the Civilization jump can get you a timelord alt-form after the Doctor Who jump.

>> No.55078554

Go to any D&D jump, learn True Sight, enchant an object with True Sight: BOOM. Now you can see through any illusion or other perceptual shenanigans.

>> No.55078555

So, somehow someone made clones of myself. Not bad ones, but just clones with all my memories, skills etc. Now i'm (we) have a little existential crisis....

can we merge again?
is there some perk that lets me absorb all my clones, even if they have a conciousness of their own and gain their memories/skills whatever?

>> No.55078572

Xenomorph from >>55078245's pic when?

>> No.55078573

Primacy from Eclipse phase
(Existential Crisis Solved)

>> No.55078592

If you are feeling like a dick, you could always go prototype on them.

>> No.55078633

>Maybe a crashed yautja ship to scavenge or repair?
Eh... there's already a working one in the Yautja items.

Offering a colony or space jockey tech sounds promising though.

>> No.55078660


Honestly you don't really need to have an existential crisis. Just accept that you're both two creatures working towards the same goals.

You don't even need the ability to re-absorb yourself beyond the fact that a lot of you running around might get inconvenient, simply for the fact that a clone of you with all memories, goals, and dreams that you possess is pretty much the one person you know you can trust absolutely.

Basically, I'm not really sure why people would think of this as some kind of problem.

>> No.55078670

People like thinking they're unique, you know?

>> No.55078687

There's no 'real' you, all are valid instances of you. However, there is a single instance of you, the you that you are. This is the only one that matters, and is the one occupying the body you are currently operating. That is the awareness which you are. That other valid yous exist is meaningless, as they are separate yous.

>> No.55078702

>you know you can trust absolutely.
If you knew me, you'd know that I'm the last person I would trust. My goals and methods are fine.. For me. Add a second one, and they work at odds.

>> No.55078709

that's great, thanks
>Basically, I'm not really sure why people would think of this as some kind of problem.
i don't want to get cucked by myself
can we stop with the existentialism? That's what i wanted to avoid. I want to hear practical solutions like the first reply

>> No.55078720

Do what I do, find way to form a hive-mind with your clones.
Or, even better, make like Pein and his extra bodies. Multiple bodies being controlled by a single mind.

>> No.55078732

Runners from prototype can absorb the biomass of other creatures and integrate their memories and skills. It's probably a bit more violent than the kind of re-integration you want though.

>> No.55078740

Um, there's Recolada from Speaker for the Dead? It allows you to "assimilate" people.

>> No.55078755


>> No.55078768

Who needs perks, just power through them. Anything can be blocked with enough power

>> No.55078808

Since we have so many perks that give Jumpers their own soundtrack I thought I'd pose the question, what is your Main Theme, Battle Theme, and Boss Theme?

>> No.55078825 [DELETED] 


>> No.55078844

>battle theme

>> No.55078871 [DELETED] 

Is Tera still alive? I haven't seen him for a couple of threads.

>> No.55078916

see >>55077628

>> No.55078949 [SPOILER] 

What would I need to do to convince you to let the xenomorph background buy being one of these

>> No.55078961

Why you want to be an alien that lost to an actual queen?

>> No.55078977

being a weirdo mostly.

>> No.55078991

The crest looks cool. Are there any other advantages to being one?

>> No.55079003

Auralnauts Star Wars
I've Quadrupled My Flip Power!+100 too late to make this a drawback
I've Heard Legends of a Taco... Made Entirely Out of Doritos+100 annoying but I can work with it
Jedi Free basically how I was originally raised anyway
We Dance Like Jedi Free Jedi you know there is a terrible lack of dancing perks.
..Which Means that You Have a Lesser Amount-200 discount for Jedi hang on some things coming to me
so please report to the dance floor -300 discount for Jedi and I'm not talking about Monique haay-oooh will will will will and you so you so you I thought you know I you that your and how sorry no and you and sorry you all you will will okay you will and you you you okay and that you will you will either die by
you challenge me? -200 combo with so please report to the dance floor and which means that you have a lesser amount to make dance battles seem almost as important as real battles.
Dance effects free hell yeah I loved those scenes!
bad singing free combined with my singing perks so I can just use the radio as a karaoke.
Lord of the dance -400 this is getting ridiculous
emergency gum free for Jedi I'm going to need lots of this considering I'm spending the decade stoned out of my mind!
Ravesaber -100 Discount Jedi the colors!
The plan: find somewhere nice and far away from space Hooters and set my liver to minimum, fork my brain, and let the liquid melange/ethanol mixture flow directly into me as I fill my war pipe with some Brown-brown and Inhale

>> No.55079007

Motherfucker lets loose a corrupting essence in the ocean essentially and causes what amounts to the zombie apocalypse but Underwater and does this >>55078001 too.

He deserves death.

>> No.55079023

Technically they are the largest form of Xeno, and it possesses greater strength but isn't quite as quick or intelligent as the queen.

There is also the novelty factor since there has only ever been one king. It's always fun seeing others be confused about what you are..

>> No.55079082

>Main Theme:

>Battle Theme:

>Boss Theme:

>> No.55079093

So Jumper, who's your companion that you've built to be your killer? If you were to ever lose your way.

>> No.55079102

None. I have perks for keeping me on-track. Also I'm not an edgy idiot.

>> No.55079110

I lost my way almost immediately.

>> No.55079128

I am far too self-centered to even consider that. Making purchases specifically to stop my own moral degeneration, sure, but never opening the path to my own ending.

Such reckonings will be postponed indefinitely.

>> No.55079136

I've got kindof an Alucard from Hellsing going on, in that I don't really care who does it, as long as they are truly heroic and a good person. And, just like Alucard, there is no one who would actually be able to stop me who would fit that description.

>> No.55079149

from what i know of martian manhunter you could become a DC martian and just merge bodies and minds with yourself (since your clone has that ability too).
With all that phasing, shape/size/density shifting and matter absorption you can easily absorb your clones body and with the martians amazing telepathy you just merge minds


>> No.55079150

Main Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOPEEAkACTA

Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7SX7VZYBZA

Boss Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8vbLnGr5qg

>> No.55079156

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

I've got A pair of Companions I've been Guiding towards being my Mercy knife should the need arise, my wife,and caped Baldy although Saitama doesn't actually know it.

>> No.55079173

Bancho, if they were at all interested in being your mercy knife they would have killed you centuries ago.

>> No.55079190


>> No.55079193

>What would I need to do to convince you to let the xenomorph background buy being one of these
You would need to provide usable feedback to jumpmakers in a way that doesn't attack them, encourage new jump makers to keep working and improve, try to be pleasant to other anons in the thread and always keep making more jumps for everyone to enjoy.

I was thinking of re-jiggering the Queen upgrade to allow variants that are also around their size in exchange for egg-laying ability anyway.

>> No.55079205

Thank you mysterious anon!! This is so nice!!!

>> No.55079223

Now how the hell does one do hair? Transparent layers n'stuff? At least this hair has black borders, had to help.

>> No.55079225

Yuuka noticed I was a lot more 'fun' than usual.
That was when I jumped Overlord LN.

I got into a lot more fights, let loose more.
She was right, though. I ended up having fun too.

>> No.55079244

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

>> No.55079260

Do Eldar make good Companions?

>> No.55079274

Yes, because that space elf is lying through her teeth.

>> No.55079280

Well they're genetically compatible with humans, but they're also backstabbers.

>> No.55079293

>pssh, mael dannan, kid

>> No.55079318

They are aesthetically pleasing, immanently upgradable, and deep down they want to be pleasing waifus

>> No.55079328

Yes. They do have a problem with their habit of deception though, as seen in your image's lies.

Aside from that, take them out of 40k and they've got millenia of repression to make up for. Remember they spawned Slaanesh.

>> No.55079354

Recolors are something that I've essentially gotten down to a step-by-step process.

>1. Select the hair manually or using quick-select. Magic wand is unsuited to doing this quickly as while with careful tolerance adjustments it can provided a better selection, a very light feather usually works as well.
>2. Create a new layer and apply the selection as a mask, then fill with the desired color and set the blending mode to Color or Hue.
>Color is appropriate when it's a bright or flashy color such as the pink in this example. Hue is more appropriate for general hair colors, but it isn't always. Sometimes the artist uses a very flat shade that gets murky when you try to change it to something darker.
>3. Repeat process with eyes.
>Unlike with hair, in the eyes Color is almost always preferred unless they were very bright or glowing eyes to begin with, as a standard Hue recolor is very subtle to begin with and on something as small as the eyes it may not be obvious. On top of that, a Hue recolor usually leaves things looking very flat, and eyes are almost always vibrant colors.

There are two caveats that can be thrown into this process:

When recoloring things to black:
>If it starts off white, then usually Dividing the white by it's lightest area will generally turn it the right black, but if that doesn't work, things get tricky.
>Generally the next step involves several color, luminosity and overlay layers which have to be fiddled with until it's at least a convincing dark gray, which you then layer with a straight black transparency within the same mask.
>The reverse applies when attempting to recolor things to white.

>> No.55079356

Lunars from Exalted

>> No.55079391


>> No.55079421

>If you were to ever lose your way.
then i'd just retcon it with time travel/anti-causality shenanigans once i've found my way again. Since i have those abilities and still haven't lost my way i know that my path is right, otherwise i would have intervened already

>> No.55079433

Potara Earrings from some of the Dragon Ball jumps.

>> No.55079451

>they've got millenia of repression to make up for

>> No.55079467

> find an Eldar who was alive during the great hedonism of Slaanesh's birth
> take them out of setting, to a world where there is no Slaanesh to fear
> start up the party

>> No.55079476

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

>Bonus: Last Stand Theme

>Bonus: Sad Times Theme

>Bonus: Heathers Music "Dead Girl Walking"
Why? Because it's an awesome song and I can't get it out of my head.

That's a trippy Boss Theme man. Good taste.

I'd like to hope that my Companions would step in long before I got to this point. But, if they didn't, they would likely not be in any position to do anything about it.

>> No.55079491

So does anyone else go around as Aizen or other famous characters just to mess with SI in jumps?

>> No.55079497

Anon you really know your stuff, I'm impressed.

>> No.55079520

Main: https://youtu.be/Pe2Zr_k49ag
Battle: https://youtu.be/zNkQN-EmNUk
Boss: https://youtu.be/rOKfeDK01iU

>> No.55079527

I haven't met enough self-inserts to do so. What jumps can you even meet those in?

>> No.55079531

I use Lelouch's Zero outfit for trolling.

>> No.55079548

Pretty much any jump that lets you go with fanfics. SI's are pretty popular, but you have to be careful of the Mary Sues out there. Not even Jumper can avoid the plot hole singularities generated by those.

>> No.55079566

Any jump really, just keep the fanfic drawback when you go to one that has it and use it to meet the SIs.

>> No.55079602

Regarding the Summoning Scroll from Naruto I'm confused by what it means to choose the two categories. Do I choose when I buy it and only summon one of the two types or is it each time I summon?

>> No.55079607

So for jumps for ongoing settings/series like 40k and Marvel, do you guys often ignore new canon or else stitch together your preferred canon from various versions/continuities/runs etc rather than always going with the most recent take?

>> No.55079634

I prefer to ignore quite a bit of modern Marvel.

>> No.55079639

Summoning contracts are typically with a species, and you can choose at time of summoning (and somtimes the summons themselves will intervene or substitute) who you're getting.

>> No.55079647

Stitch together canon, yeah. With a healthy bit of original stuff to fill in gaps that don't make sense to leave.

>> No.55079649

I made Aizen into a slug.

>> No.55079657

A human-looking form with most of my alt-form goodies internalized.
If you manage to cut me open, you'll get a faceful of What the Actual Fuck.
>Intro Taunt:
Oh, what? Seriously? We're actually doing this? This is so cliche I might vomit.
>Fighting style:
Erratic, morphing kung-fu. Mixing up styles together and removing and replacing forms on the fly. Switching between speed, power, and pure finesse to throw my opponent off. Occasionally throw weapons into the mix, particularly random environment stuff.
>Special Attacks:
Haymaker that knocks them to the ground.
Pressure point attacks that stun them
Some sort of reversal on their own attack that hits them for 3x the damage.

>> No.55079664

Heathers Musical is addicting and I had just kicked it out of my head.
Fuck/Thank you

>> No.55079667

But anon, you are Aizen.

>> No.55079669

Question for Avatar. Do I have to purchase Mobile Bender just so I can use bending to move around, or does it just make me really good at moving via bending?

>> No.55079672

The only reason I'd go to contemporary Marvel is to fuck with it: Illegal alien brown skinned redheaded pansexual multisex (futanari) secular priest of my indigenous religion. Then I'd act like Johnny Bravo meets Mad Men and there wouldn't be a DAMN THING they could do to stop me.

>> No.55079673

Stitched together, mostly.

I usually try to go with the most recent stuff for ongoing things, but sprawling series with multiple writers like 40k and Marvel just don't really work if you try and do that.

>> No.55079674

Good thing I can shapeshift out of slug form then.

>> No.55079689

You should have seen the look on Shikako's face when Godzilla showed up. It was priceless.

>> No.55079698

But anon, since when were you under the impression you were the jumper? You have no shapeshifting, accept defeat before your superior.

>> No.55079709

i love my Czarnian altform (i have it integrated in my mixed form)

i just love it to mess with my opponents by just fighting them, regenerating almost instantly and having continuosly spawning new clones of myself each time they make me bleed

>> No.55079715

It just makes you really good at moving via bending. Loads of benders do that.

Almost all the bending perks (but the basic ability) are just purchases of talent/skill.

>> No.55079716

>Heathers Musical is addicting and I had just kicked it out of my head.
But is it as good as the Predator Musical?

>> No.55079732

Oh, okay, good. That'll save me a lot of cp.

>> No.55079746

huh.. so this is the power of Flip (paper mario)

>> No.55079761

The latter. Bending is based off of martial arts, see? It requires focused movement. This can make it difficult to move around -- or especially to move around EFFECTIVELY -- while also trying to properly use bending techniques. Lots of benders move around, but it might be hard to start out for you to do flippy bullshit while also simultaneously bending in a seemless way.

If you want to save CP, you can learn to do that on your own, but Mobile Bending gives you a particular talent for it and starts you out with a good chunk of knowledge.

>> No.55079803

That's a good point. In that case, buying it might be a good idea so I don't injure myself or others.

>> No.55079807

The Aizen pics reminded me to ask but, are there any great illusion powers? Preferably better then Kyoka Suigetsu.

>> No.55079828

Edgy eyes.

>> No.55079832


Himedachi can put people into illusions so great that you can feel pain from them but the down side is that the poison has to enter the enemy's blood stream first

>> No.55079925

Quick question for Dragonball Multiverse for the Cell option. What stage do we start at, and can we send out Cell Jr. like the original Cell did?

>> No.55079944

I think you start out at Imperfect, though I could be wrong. As for Cell Jr., I believe you can spawn them in your Perfect form.

>> No.55079997

I don't like the lockout and X background only on some of the capstones. There is no reason for it at all.

>> No.55080041

Main Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENaYHuuq6kc
Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCc6KIYykY0
Boss Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap1ea8bvMgw
Bonus - Curbstomp Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0deA1JUUZFQ

>> No.55080073

I thought it might be that but, I felt the need to ask just to be sure, thank you.

>> No.55080082

No problem, anon.

>> No.55080099

Val said you start out in the first stage power-wise, but that you can look like whatever you want as long as it's Cell-y.

Should be able to spawn Cell Jrs in your perfect form at the very least, since he also did that in Multiverse. Not sure if you'd be able to in the forms before that.

>> No.55080130

R8 my team, /jc/.


>> No.55080150

Huh, that's not supposed to go there... This was for you >>55079925

>> No.55080151

Mostly likely to die to sneaky stones/10

>> No.55080154


>> No.55080158

>only 1 Ludicolo

>> No.55080179

They're better but they're also different instead of just better. Also, doesn't he just naturally get stronger over time/with more anger?


>> No.55080189

3/7, very Hoenn.

>> No.55080217


Alright thanks for the answers and confirmation. Now to begin my quest for my P̶̷̱̳͍͓͈̰̱̭͒́ͯ̃ͦͪ͞Ḛ̢͖ͦ́̍̽̔͜R̸̸͉͇̣̼͉̋̑̓̄̾̔F̵͚̦ͨ̃ͪ̀̚E̟̦̣̟̞̺̰͌͋̈́͆̐͗͢C̜͇̥̝̮͙̠ͬ͊̏̋̄̚T̢͍͚̻̊ͦ̃͊̕͡ ͎̗̬̮̺̜͓͚̣ͭ̎̓F̹̫̮̣̓͐ͯ̈́̐̑̆͡Ő͈̳̮̎ͪŖ̝̼̫̝̥̑́͘̕M̢͙̖̖̈́̃͊͘.

>> No.55080222


Seriously, why do people crosspost?

>> No.55080229

>Also, doesn't he just naturally get stronger over time/with more anger?
That's the special trait of LSSJ, yeah. It's what's most notable about it other than the green tint it gives stuff. Otherwise his transformations work as normal.

My main point though is I'm not really sure there's anyone other than Broly to use for saiyans.

>> No.55080236

If you're imperfect, how are you gonna molt into higher forms if you're not in a universe with the androids?

>> No.55080260

Hey Val, I remember a while ago someone was asking about Domination vs the King's power in God of Highschool.

Maybe I'm missing something very important because I've never read the series but other than the armor into maid outfits thing, is it just me or are they practically the same power? Seriously having trouble coming up with other things you could do with it that are different from high level fundamental forces control, other than maybe invisible, extended kinetic martial arts technique projections?

>> No.55080265

Well, why do you need a specific example? If there's no specific example of what a peak saiyan is, just boost their natural abilities significantly and then apply the multiplier. Basically just treat them like peak humans are to humans.

Make some new androids to munch on.

>> No.55080266

Someone had this same team on SB?

>> No.55080269

Go to a universe where there are Androids with something like Doormaker? Revive the Androids if they were killed with magic?

>> No.55080274

You could try to build your own androids

You could try absorbing other things

You could go to a self-help group, cure your body image issues and realise the real perfection was the friends you made along the way.

>> No.55080288

Eh, sorta? Domination is telekinesis but since the King gives control over the four fundamental forces, telekinesis is something you can do there too with gravity control. They're not the same, the King's power is way better, but technically they're different. At least in type, they can eventually do all the same thing.

Like I detailed back then, basically the only real difference is that the King's power grows over time while Domination will grow alongside your life force.

>> No.55080298

I'm not convinced.

>> No.55080301

Cell can't actually absorb other things like that, bro. He can only drain their life force for more ki, it doesn't help him molt to higher forms.

>Make androids
>Out of jump solutions

>> No.55080315

I'm terrible at these questions.

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

>> No.55080316

>Cell can't actually absorb other things like that, bro. He can only drain their life force for more ki, it doesn't help him molt to higher forms.
Didn't Cell absorb piccolos namekian regeneration?

>> No.55080334

Are you going to fix the issues we pointed out with Kakegurui?

>> No.55080335

He Didn't Even Catch God/10.

>> No.55080340

Thought he had that by default since he was made from Namekian DNA (among other things)?

>> No.55080343

TY, >>55080298 isn't me. Just to be clear, are you saying eventually you could do stuff like turn the air into a nuclear reaction, telekinetically disassemble a wall at the molecular level or swipe back an attack so hard it hits the sender with lots and lots of training?

>> No.55080344

He already had that, he just took some energy from Piccolo.

>> No.55080350

What am I supposed to do, tell Arceus Himself to get in the Master Ball and cart him off to universes where his authority is nil?

That sounds pretty rude, anon.

>> No.55080363

Just in case Kill 6 Billion Anons is here (or reads this later)... Could I get one of those cool floating halo-crowns with either a purchase of Jewelry or Iconic Outfit?

If not, could it perhaps be added in discounted/free to Demiurges?

Because those crowns are awesome, and I really want one of my own.

Also, unrelatedly, the palace Demiurges get free doesn't float like Mottom's, right?

>> No.55080365

Already did, well, aside from adding some perks for Suzui. I'll eventually get on that. I'm really bad with updates though.

Well, yeah, eventually. All those are are just affecting the physical world with your mind so with enough skill and power either ability should do it. Might take a while or need lots of power depending on the specific thing but eventually, yeah.

>> No.55080374

Not Enough Empoleon/10

>> No.55080378


Ah yeah your both right, I apparently skipped over his name in the wikia, thanks and sorry.

>> No.55080393

What? He straight up sucked the androids with his tail, what are you talking about? Also can't you just drain something with a lot of life energy then?

>implying wandering through the multiverse to find a version of Gero to make androids for you is an out of jump solution

Lazy/10, Kars-sama would be disappointed

>> No.55080406

All the DB jumpmakers seem scared of Broly. I guess they just can't handle him; his power is maximum, after all.

>> No.55080425

Probably because he's also not a thing. Aren't the movies noncanon unless you have a Xenoverse-related drawback?

>> No.55080430

Not the issues regarding all jumpers being referred to as daughters and raised to be one of the strongest women.

>> No.55080454

I said OTHER things. He can only do that to androids to achieve higher forms. Not other people.

He can drain people for ki, but he can't actually molt to better forms without the androids. So as an imperfect cell, you'd basically be permanently crippled.

>Wandering through the multiverse
You'd have to somehow steal from the birds.

>> No.55080464

>not working your way up from your starter town to bullying God into a Master Ball
What kind of Pokemon Trainer are you?

>> No.55080471

He's canon in Multiverse.

Plus Kale is his clone with tits.

>> No.55080473

He got his ass kicked by yamcha.

>> No.55080479

The kind who doesn't see it as a personal imperative to bully God?

>> No.55080480

Pretty sure he lost to Goku then later Gohan.

>> No.55080484

>steal from the birds

Well, there you go. Get swole, get gud and do it. Is there any reason you can't?


Straight up his clone, or someone who might as well be him like Frost is to Frieza? Like, same background and everything?

>> No.55080489

So you're saying that Yamcha's power is maximumer?

>> No.55080497

He was yamcha'd by yamcha?

>> No.55080498

>Is there any reason you can't?
They exist in a different universe from you at the start, no way to get to them without out of context powers.

>> No.55080503

I'll leave you to deal with your issues alone.

Well, there'll be something based around Kale in Super at least. Maybe I'll eventually do a multiverse update? That'd be a really long way away though.

>> No.55080505

>Straight up his clone, or someone who might as well be him like Frost is to Frieza? Like, same background and everything?
Just someone with his exact same power set.

>> No.55080517

I think he's referencing yesterday's TFS stream, where they soloed Broly with Yamcha in a DBZ RPG

>> No.55080519

Gotta catch em all anon. No exceptions.

>> No.55080525

Well people can gather to the interuniversal tournament thing, why can't you sneak back the other way?

>> No.55080527

>Silver and iron to the origin...
Those of you who have jumped into one or more of the Grail Wars as a Master, did your jumper perform the summoning ritual, a spontaneous summoning, or did your Servant simply arrive with Jumper?

>> No.55080533

Oh. I don't watch their LPs because they all kinda suck at videogames.

>> No.55080538

The Mist jump when ?

>> No.55080539

>Well people can gather to the interuniversal tournament thing,
The birds contact them.

>> No.55080548

What do you want from me? He doesn't appear in one version of AF and in the other he gets his ass kicked. Not really a lot to work with

>> No.55080550

>> No.55080555

I wonder how maximum a Perfect Form Cell with Broly DNA would be.

>> No.55080556

It's literally just changing one or two words to not screw over non-female jumpers. This isn't a hard fix, what is your problem? Is it just laziness?

>> No.55080557

>putting points into recovery

>> No.55080560

Novella, movie or TV series?

>> No.55080570

>The Mist gauntlet when?

>> No.55080571

>Jumper walks into the fog and kills all the monsters,
>Leaves fog so that they can mess with the trapped survivors.

>> No.55080578

>Super Perfect Legendary Golden God Cell

>> No.55080588

>Mr.Satan isn't supposed to be this strong

People forget that outside of ki-users Mr.Satan is legitimately the strongest man on earth, and he one the WMAT legitimately.

>> No.55080589

Well can't you just lie to/blackmail one of the birds? Good heists take effort. I mean Frieza doesn't know how to recreate destroyed dragonballs so his plan A was bullying some people who did.

>> No.55080593

You missed step 2 of standard Jumper Procedure:
>Jumper waifus someone (or some people)

>> No.55080602

He would probably outpace Krillin (the strongest pure human overall) if he actually got gud at Ki.

>> No.55080606

You don't seem to understand that these birds are only in contact with the universes at the moment they decide to start the tournament. There's no wiggle room here.

>> No.55080625

But he'll never beat Krillin, because Krillin has one thing Mr.Satan never will.
Best Girl as his Waifu.

>> No.55080652

Satan doesnt want to be a ki wizard, which is a shame

>> No.55080658

Blame Mercenary Tao. He murdered Satan's sensei with ki right in front of him, traumatized him.

>> No.55080659

I could be wrong on this, but wasn't Satan's master killed by a Ki user? That could be why he never learned to use Ki himself, preventing him from being as strong as he could be.

>> No.55080665

Why do people go over and read the SB thread if they hate it so much?

>> No.55080666

So anyone else thinking of going to Jorge Joestar _before_ going to "usual" JoJo just so one can troll the pillar men in JoJo by already being "The Ultimate Being"?

>> No.55080677

Nah, I rolled universal reset.

>> No.55080683

A generic option to be the Legendary Super Saiyan, as opposed to a regular Saiyan, is my guess.

while I'd love to be able to just buy into being maximum I'm just being cheeky here

>> No.55080684

It's over 10'000

>> No.55080697

Just steroids and develop an irrational hatred of carrot cake

>> No.55080712

No, that's a period, not a comma. His power is ten, though with that many significant digits we can tell it's only ten with a very high degree of certainty.

>> No.55080719

I can get steroids in any mundane Earth but where do I get auto-hypnosis?

I can't make myself angry at cake. They're too inoffensive.

>> No.55080728

>Japanese school boy can use Yamcha's body way better than he ever could.
I'm not being disingenuous, I'm pretty sure that's completely reasonable.

Welcome to Europe.

>> No.55080740

Many countries use periods instead of commas. Also, the next panel says ten thousand, so...

>> No.55080745

I did it mostly so that I could show up and give Joseph a fucking heart attack in Stardust Crusaders.

>> No.55080763

Although I don't use it a lot, my favorite regular alt.form is definitely my kaiju form from Pacific Rim just because it's fun to be a giant monster capable of walking through buildings and shrugging off nukes.

And my my current favorite combined alt.form is my living magitech pocket dimension combination.

"I'm gonna kick your ass."

>Fighting Style
My character would probably be built around simple damage dealing attacks with only a few specials or combos. So basically just attack and don't stop attacking.

>Special Attack
For long range it'd be a huge energy beam that takes up the whole screen, and for close range it'd just strike my opponent with a bunch of high speed hits from my melee weapon. Also I suppose my special finisher could be me transforming into a giant monster and punching my opponent.

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

If I ever fall to the darkside, they're all coming along with me weather they like it or not.

Hey Myrmidont, would the Building Better Worlds perk give any knowledge about cloning or modifying Xenomorphs, or creating Human/Xenomorph hybrids?

Stitched together canon since I don't know a ton of stuff from big settings like that, but I also usually fluff that most of my adventures take place as early in the setting as possible so that I wouldn't even encounter the most recent canon.

>> No.55080775

I'm considering paying to pick the era just for that purpose. Is tempting. "Oh hi Kars, your idea is cool and all but... you're kinda behind the times. Been 'ultimate', still am, you gotta keep up with things."

>> No.55080778

I wouldn't mind some kind of power boost and green ki, but Broly's completely effortless no selling of every fucking thing is a bit too much for me.

Actually, now that I think about it -- are there any ways to change your aura/chi/spirit energy color? I want my Mary Sue to be Maximum.

>> No.55080783

Same reason people watch "funny" visors, probably. It can sometimes be amusing to watch people make complete tardlings of themselves, and SB never stops giving.

>> No.55080788

Ahahaha. Now that's just cruel. :)

>> No.55080795

I know what it says, I'm just making a dumb joke. Honestly, it's fucking stupid how half the world uses decimal points and half the world uses decimal commas. We got nearly everyone to agree on metric, can't we get them to agree on the most basic notation?

>> No.55080814

The thing people forget about Broly is that he's not literally infinite in power or invincible, it's just that his LSSJ forms slowly ramp up in power level the longer he's in them, and he comes into the series at a point where SSJ is getting old so he's just way beyond everyone. As the second movie shows, his LSSJ form's base ki is still below SSJ2.

>> No.55080815

Who needs other forms? Just git gud, nerd

>> No.55080821

This Isn't Even My Final Form from the Dragon Ball Multiverse jump gives you a sort of custom transformation with a custom appearance, so I guess you could make your ki whatever color you wanted

>> No.55080825

Every English speaking country except South Africa uses periods to indicate decimals, not orders of magnitude. Why do you have South African DBZ translations?

>> No.55080827

You're still not meeting your full potential.

>> No.55080833

So they can post bait here

>> No.55080854

So, what, Broly gets mini-zenkais as long as he's super? That could be pretty cool.

>> No.55080866

If that's how you wanna see it. Seems like his power level resets when he leaves the form too.

>> No.55080876

Would that let you burst out of your own skin though?

>> No.55080898

Series with movie, novella and gauntlet drawback.

>> No.55080918

>whining that things could be easier instead of just training and surpassing others anyway
Do you even Shounen?

>> No.55080932

It's not about that. It's about it being impossible to actually achieve your potential.

>> No.55080948

>would the Building Better Worlds perk give any knowledge about cloning or modifying Xenomorphs, or creating Human/Xenomorph hybrids?
That could go either way, since depending on when you insert, W-Y might not have that knowledge.
But on the other hand W-Y is bound to have more general genetics knowledge which would certainly apply. I think I'll add it as general genetics that could be applied to xenomorphs.

>> No.55080974

I guess man, the text is kinda vague. The perk is clearly just so jumpers can make their own dumb super OC fanshit forms
Not that that is a bad thing

This Isn’t Even My Final Form! -400
Everyone has a transformation here. Well, not everyone, but enough that you’ll definitely be feeling out of place in the coming tournament without one. Now sure, you could just go for one of the ones anyone else has by being some special species or you could get one totally unique to you. By buying this, you gain a special Jumper transformation mode. With an appearance customizable by you, it will provide an immense boost to your physical and supernatural abilities though the form itself will cost a great amount of energy to maintain.

>> No.55080989

I wonder if doing something like using Shadow Clones would let me perform the Super Saiyan God ritual on myself?

>> No.55081010

Is ir_fane still on the IRC?

>> No.55081024

That's actually a pretty good question. We just don't know.

>> No.55081029

>wah, wah, wah
>I'm too lazy to train

>> No.55081064

Cool. Really loving the jump so far.

>> No.55081065

Is magic in Dragon Ball worth it, you think? I haven't really seen much of it being used and so I can't decide if I want it or not.

>> No.55081074

Probably not. He's pretty much an Exhauted-tier shitposter, right? I'd be surprised if he wasn't banned.

>> No.55081076

Probably not shadow clones specifically. Chakra clones still tear a portion of chakra out from you in order to make them, and they disappear with a sufficiently strong jolt, regardless of the original's durability. They seem to just be a portion of the original's power made into chakra construct with self-awareness. They just don't have all the necessary materials.

Now, if you had some way to create full bodied saiyan clones with all or a percentage of your powers, that probably WOULD work. So, something like the body duplication power from the Teen Titans jump. That would probably be sufficient.

>> No.55081083

This is why you crank up the Jackie Chan when you montage


>> No.55081097

>Jumper wanders into the mist
>Promptly trips over a rock and breaks their neck

>> No.55081102

And so the Jumper surpassed the SSG ritual by instead converting it to the Super Saiyan Tyranid ritual.

>> No.55081103

By the way Val if you're still there, how extreme is Shapeshifting at the higher end? I'm assuming you can't become something like a digital entity or something that only exists in dreams, but would rebuilding your form out of barbadium or rebuilding your form out of multiple natural elements like wind or fire be out of the question?

>> No.55081128

In the Dragon Ball Multiverse Jump, am I allowed to access objects I have stored within pocket dimensions during a Tournament Fight? Would I be able to do so if I declared each one and what they all contain to the Organizers?

>> No.55081132

>Wasting your points in Teen Titans like that

>> No.55081133

>Jumper wanders into the mist.
>Jumper gets eaten by a grue.

>> No.55081135

>it's a God of Highschool episode

How does Regeneration compare to Most Divine Constitution, and when stacked and well trained how quickly a recovery are we talking? Mainly asking because I noticed people also seem to be able to heal themselves with other techniques as long as they have enough life energy.

>> No.55081168

Wut? It's definitely one of the better options in the jump, even if you care only about optimization.

>> No.55081170

Yes, he's in the IRC.

>> No.55081182

...Why? Teen Titans isn't really a CP vampire, anon.

>> No.55081205

Yeah, as long as it's physical you'd eventually be able to do it.

Uh, probably fine.

Hm. I'd say that Divine Constitution is generally way better for just surviving damage, though not healing from it, unless you get to the high tiers of the setting which is where Regen probably over takes it in terms of how much you can survive from. They wouldn't stack to increase the healing speed though, so you'd just be healing as fast as you would through regen, which is still really fast, especially at higher levels.

There's probably generic healing stuff too here and there, yeah.

>> No.55081236

That won't make you achieve your true form, weirdo.

>> No.55081241

So here's the very rough draft of a new capstone item for Future Warrior to replace the chamber thing.

Z-Soul Creator [600 - Discount for Future Warrior] - Creates unique items and one-off abilities based off of ‘iconic’ moments from both your chain and significant events you’ve personally witnessed from canons. These tend to be symbolic powers - a hero’s desperate resolve against a powerful foe would create an item that greatly increases the durability of the user, a previously weak villain no-selling the hero could create something that creates an immunity to a specific attack or technique, etc.

Anything to patch/consider in this one?

>> No.55081249

It's boring, and thus always inferior.

>> No.55081269

Really not liking the new lazy descriptions.

>> No.55081278

Did ya ever decide to include the wardrobe?

>> No.55081283

>rough draft

This is just an outline before I fluff it, anon. I'm asking how the general function itself sounds.
Yes, actually. That's the 100 for Future Warrior.

>> No.55081284


The thing is fine, I'm just a little puzzled because it sounds more like a perk than an item? Is it some sort of gatcha you need to physically roll for, or are they like equippable items that just sort of show up in your warehouse?

Also to avoid getting them by watching fights from a camera far away, should probably gain the things through actually fighting and winning, or at least training.

And...yeah, what >>55081269 said to be frank. More that I've watched Thunderbolt Fantasy, more the jump seems like a rush job.

>> No.55081288

I feel there need to be more guidelines on how they're made, the upper limits of what they can do and how many you can use at once.

>> No.55081289


>> No.55081291

Meh, that's your opinion. The rest of the jump is just your standard generic set of superpowers, so it's at least a more unique option.

>> No.55081317

I love this kind of stuff.
How far apart should these events be spaced, or how often should the jumper be expected to get an item?
Do the more dramatic and critical events in the chain yield better results?
Also, what jump is this for?

>> No.55081326

I can only type paragraph after paragraph of fluff so many times, anon. Besides, laconic ended up working best for Thunderbolt because -they really don't explain a lot of the setting's metaphysics-. Me trying to fill in the gaps or make fluffy comparisons would have effectively been nothing but fanwanking. Especially with the abrupt cutscene logic in the penultimate fight scene in the final episode. It's getting a sequel in the future, so I'm probably going back and updating it, as well as making proper item trees once that's out.

Back on the thing itself, it's meant to be an item or a machine that processes memories of these events into Z-Souls. Those are probably good guidelines to consider.
Alright, that's fair.
Xenoverse and these are all questions I need to consider. I'd say like once or twice for every major 'arc' you experience at minimum.

>> No.55081327

How large is this item?

>> No.55081330

>Also to avoid getting them by watching fights from a camera far away,
That doesn't really sound like "personally witnessed". In fact, it kinda sounds like the opposite.

>> No.55081339

I think it has potential to be cool. I mean, turning epic feats into magic items is basically what Noble Phantasms are, and I know people here are crazy for those. So I don't know why people wouldn't like this.

>> No.55081385

So basically we're witnessing your metamorphosis into a mib-tier jumpmaker. Kinda interesting, kinda tragic.

>> No.55081405

Fluff just makes it nicer to read. You don't want your jumps to start feeling like just pure mechanic rulebooks. Quite a few perks and items, even from your own jumps, are likely a lot more appealing because of the fluff you've given them, even if the mechanical side might be easier gotten elsewhere or not really interesting to someone otherwise.

Fluff isn't absolutely necessary but if you're not going to add it, please at least be open that it's just so you can get through these faster, because the idea that you can only do fluff that draws on setting info is just plainly untrue and we have hundreds of jumps of flavour text that doesn't need that.

>> No.55081419

That is cruel and uncalled for, anon.

>> No.55081437


>> No.55081447

I don't mind the reduced fluff. I hate it when a description is wordy and still doesn't give enough details.

Please include an explanation of what Z-Souls somewhere in the jump.

Does the item work on past events? I'd like to use this item to pump out unique henshin trinkets for the Kamen Rider casts, but I can't imagine myself taking a Dragonball jump before the Kamen Rider jumps.

>> No.55081455

What are the best imports to give weapons the ability to fight autonomously, shapeshift, and/or change size?

>> No.55081457

That's a bit astounding to me because I always considered my fluff...repetitive? That's why I was struggling with Thunderbolt Fantasy because I felt like I'd be making too many guesses at how things worked in-setting, or setting myself up for trouble if the sequel contradicted what I said later. So I wanted to keep it simple and concise, and get through it quickly. In short, both things said are true.
Meant to be the size of a vending machine with the Capsule Corp aesthetic.
Glad you like the idea, anon.
I'm sorry, go back and read EEnE, Elfen Lied, Kamen Rider Blade and Kamen Rider Kabuto and tell me with a straight face they weren't rushed, grammatically troubled, and in desperate need of polish.

This is not the first time I've cut corners, anon. This is just the first time someone MENTIONED it.
It'll prolly work on past events, yeah. And I'll be sure to include an explanation in it.

>> No.55081469

The fact that this is the second time someone has had to ask for you to include important mechanic information is the issue though.You're not just cutting fluff, you're cutting how things work fully.

>> No.55081472

Sacred Treasure in Seven Deadly Sins does most of that.

>> No.55081490

He said this is basically a wip of the item. He'll be typing up better descriptions when he knows that he's actually going to use it in the jump.

>> No.55081491

Akame ga Kill has a shapeshifting Teigu option.

>> No.55081521

Alright, I mentioned twice already that isn't the actual description, just me posting my notes.

Let me repeat it.

It is not the actual description. It is an outline for me to fluff later. The entire reason I -ASKED- was to get an idea of how to do said fluffing and what limits/guidelines I should use. Which other people asking about it has helped me with it.

>> No.55081523

Seems like becoming an SBer has made you complacent.

>> No.55081550

Why even bother responding to obvious shitposts, Heavens? He clearly doesn't care that it's a WIP, he's just happy to have an excuse to stir shit.

>> No.55081577

Carrie Jump when ?

>> No.55081593

Why? How would even you avoid OTB without just not offering the thing people would most expect you to offer?

>> No.55081596

These are nice ones, the Sacred Treasure one also provides another thing I've been looking for.

Related Lunars question.
For the switchklaive
>Only the specific magical functions of unique artifactsare still out of its reach
Does that mean that the specific magical functions of non unique artifacts are possible?

>> No.55081619

No, you can only change them when you're not in a fight.

All Kompanions.

No, only one at once.

>> No.55081625


>> No.55081661

The original movie version was better.

>> No.55081672

One True Build

>> No.55081768

That seems reasonable enough for me.

I keep forgetting about the other weapons being offered in Lunars due to the fucking Catklave being too best.

>> No.55081785

I just wish they allowed imports.

>> No.55081793

1.3 Okay this is the final update. Added OC Companion customization and finally gave companions their own section. Polished up wording here and there. Also you can be Sailor Mau and Sailor Corvus now.

>> No.55081805

Are there any ways to stop the Black Barrel from fucking with stuff you don't want it to? I get the feeling I don't want it touching any of my other stuff without something to stop the magic from being fucked with.

Perhaps an import option or a perk?

>> No.55081827

Do we have a perk for converting normal tech into biotech? Or anything for making magical biology/magibiotech?

>> No.55081846

Willpower or Hope, anons?

>> No.55081856

Besides the Ring of Elru and Green Lantern rings, what are some worthwhile rings available to find in-setting or purchase with CP?

>> No.55081857

Putting Carrie's powers up on availability.

Personally her level of psychic powers while effective aren't actually the thing I'd circle things around. It's also hilariously easy to stop the bucket of blood from pouring on her by stopping them from pulling the rope.

>> No.55081867

Hope. You can get boosts from people around you instead of only running on your own reserves.

>> No.55081870

Presumably, I act differently.

I don't have alt-forms yet, but size-changing is pretty great. You get to see things from so many different angles.

>Intro Taunt
(VS Enemy) I grow a few extra feet, "You're not going to enjoy this."
(VS Ally) I grow a few extra feet, "Go easy on me, okay?"

>Fighting Style
A mixture of boxing and throws, augmented by my size-changing powers. Dodging attacks by shrinking, putting more force into my blows by growing.

>Special Attack
It depends on if I'm going lethal or not. If I'm not, I do an all out-beatdown.

If I am, I grow big and step on them. That or shrink and make their insides explode by growing inside of them.

>Main Theme

>Battle Theme

>Boss Theme

>implying I'll lose my way


>> No.55081880

Are there any perks for prevent accidental or collateral damage?

Ring of Being from Exalted Lunars

>> No.55081896

Willpower, leave the hope to the cute doggos. Also known as the morale corps. Also There are more willpower perks than hope perks.

>> No.55081898

I was planning on making one... But then my ideas went up in flames.

>> No.55081904

Can I be Sailor Moo?

>> No.55081907

Hive Queen quest I think. Also speaker for the dead.

>> No.55081912

Blue Friendbringer Simurgh is adorable.

>> No.55081913

Boo! Get off the stage!

>> No.55081920

Well Carrie herself is the easiest thing in the world to solve. Stop the bullying and put her mom's head through a wall.

>> No.55081933



>> No.55081941

Kamen Rider Wizard Rings, Class Ring from Sonichu, and others I can't remember.

>> No.55081942

Not unless you've got a bucket of blood hanging over my head!
This stage is mine!

>> No.55081952

Even people in the Wormverse get over the tastelessness of it when they've had their hearts healed by the very sight of the Hope Bringer.

>> No.55081962

Geneaology Of The Holy War has some nice rings.

>> No.55082007

Hey, other than revive from Magicka, are there any really good ways to resurrect others? Or is there nothing that compares?

>> No.55082013

If we have Multiplication on a sacred treasure could we choose how the power of each copy is split up? Such as having each copy taking the form of a different one of the weapon's alt forms with the features at full power but divided between the different copies?

>> No.55082028

Damn, that was supposed to be to >>55081205

>> No.55082033

Gratzi mi amigo.

>> No.55082053

I asked that when Val first posted the jump. Her answer was no, all the copies will be of the same form. Additional Forms is meant to mimic how the Fairy Kings' spears are shapeshifting weapons, so taking Multiplication with it gives something like how Chasteifol Form Five turns the one spear into a bunch of identical blade knives.

>> No.55082056

I'm the Corgi of Hope and I approve this combo!

>> No.55082058

Having the strength to pursue your goals is more important than simply believing that it can be done.
Hope needs at least a little bit of Will to make it worth anything, but Will requires nothing but itself.

>> No.55082081

Level One Hundred Divine Caster from Overlord (Series) can rez entire armies at once.

>> No.55082092

I would argue that hope is necessary in order to create the goals that you need willpower to pursue. Hope without willpower accomplishes nothing, but willpower without hope has nothing to accomplish.

>> No.55082103

Well I more meant with alt forms of the weapon I am importing not alternative forms obtained from it's nature as a sacred treasure.

>> No.55082105

Literally any jump where you're in high school.

>> No.55082115

Are there any perks that would let me break out of being sealed away somewhere?

>> No.55082120

Nah, all mini versions of the current form of the sacred treasure.

>> No.55082125

>Divine Caster
best caster

>> No.55082136

Bartimaeus has the best one i know of. I think it covers everything from binding rituals to locked doors.

>> No.55082150

Tenchis Space Pirate tree has one

>> No.55082165

I'm pretty sure Justice League Dark and DC Occult have one. JLD's is really good, it basically says that you can't be trapped anywhere indefinitely.

>> No.55082166

The new AvP jump has "really good at escaping" as a Xenomorph capstone.

>> No.55082175

Your Will will break. Your Hope is an illusion.

>> No.55082187

No one invited you Darkseid, go back to brooding on nice, domestic chairs.

>> No.55082188


>> No.55082194

Ah, wheeee! Mass res is nice.

>> No.55082200

Death himself once called things like hope, justice and mercy big lies we tell ourselves so that they might come true. You must be a poor liar.

>> No.55082204

Your Edge will cut. Your Profundity is an illusion.

>> No.55082206

Oh, you mean the imported item already had shapeshifting powers? Then yeah, that should work.

>> No.55082209

He thinks they're good lies, though.

>> No.55082213


>> No.55082214

Damn, can features of each copy not dependent on your or the Item's power still work at full strength similar to the Cloning power? Such as the gunpowder in a mundane gun form staying at full power?

>> No.55082222

I know. that was the point of calling the anon a poor liar. I don't do poet-ish stuff well though.

>> No.55082231

Hope! 'v'

>> No.55082246

What if the weapon can already shapeshift, such as if the weapon already had alt forms before it became a sacred treasure?

>> No.55082257

See >>55082206

>> No.55082261

About the Black Moons drawback in Street Fighter: does the drawback make that event happen when you arrive in jump, or does it just make sure that Bison is there to cause it to happen no matter what when it's supposed to happen?

>> No.55082268

Can you be Sailor BobYou can't call a planet Bob.

>> No.55082280

No one said you had to live on bob.

Do we have a titan ae jump?

>> No.55082282

I'm pretty sure will is the only thing keeping me going anymore. But hope is far prettier.

>> No.55082290

I don't really have either of those things. Where do you get them?

>> No.55082292

What about age/gender?
Just quickly skimming the first few pages, I didn't see anything.

>> No.55082294

Huh? Are you Val sans the trip? If so what about>>55082214

>> No.55082296

Numerics, preferably. Hope is situational. You simply may not be able to get back up after awhile. You will either succeed or fail. No reason that I can see to complicate that system.

>> No.55082299

Sailor milf?

>> No.55082301

Hey NikaMoth, flavour question for the Archanea jump. If we take the entire Manakete perk tree and choose Divine Dragon as our type, can we say that we're descended from Naga like Tiki? Since I remember you saying that Ruler of Dragons would let us eventually reach the level of Naga and Medeus, like Tiki, and plus it'd be kind of fun to be an elder sibling to Tiki. Especially for the War of the First Exalt scenario. The teasing alone will be tons of fun.

>> No.55082303

I'm not calling it that.
Sadly no.

>> No.55082304

>You can't call a planet Bob.

>> No.55082326

Well, depending on the nature of the "sealing", potentially a whole bucketload of teleportation perks would get you out.

>> No.55082327

If it can already do so, that's fine. It's just that it won't be able to use the different forms you can get via the sacred treasure tree.

Well, the entire thing splits into many smaller copies this way so it's basically going to end up with each individual one weaker, though you'd have a bunch of them. The materials will remain the same but even mundane stuff is likely to be weaker by virtue of it being smaller.

It'll happen once you enter.

Definitely not me there.

>> No.55082351

Sailor office lady who doesn't want to be seen in a silly outfit that's two sizes too small for her, and who tries really hard to keep her slowed down metabolism from giving her a love handles that would make the whole thing even worse, and desperately wants the next generation of sailors step in so she can stop parading around in this ridiculous, embarrassing, too-small leotard in the dead of night because she's not young anymore and her body can't handle the late night fits and she keeps falling asleep at her desk because she's sleep deprived, and getting chewed out by her boss for it.

>> No.55082361

fits -> fights, obviously.

>> No.55082377

What about No Sell? Is it "you're not going to win against anyone ever no matter what you do" or more "you can win but they'll be back eventually no matter what you do"?

>> No.55082385

The latter, for the most part

>> No.55082389

That's...oddly specific.

Is there something you want to tell us?

>> No.55082426

Sure, why not.

>> No.55082453

Biju scenario in naruto.

>> No.55082455

Doesn't matter how old you are or what gender you are. Choose whatever you want.
I fully endorse this.
If there's a planet named Bob, sure.

>> No.55082459

Cool, thanks NikaMoth.

>> No.55082479

>many smaller copies
Does it have to make them smaller? From the text I thought it just made them weaker. That kills a lot of what I intended for it.

>> No.55082483

>Doesn't matter how old you are or what gender you are. Choose whatever you want.
Is that in the jump?

>> No.55082484

Behold, Sailor Moon's true form!

>> No.55082485

So we've done several lists for best jumpmakers, but what about top 10 worst SBers?

>> No.55082496


>> No.55082498

The unimaginative call it Earth 2.

>> No.55082515

>If there's a planet named Bob, sure.
No I need to look through Jumpchain to find a way to import planets, because I need that.

>> No.55082519

I think I have a good idea for a jump. How would people feel about a jump focused solely around the comic Lantern Corps? Yay or Nay?

>> No.55082523

I nominate you for this list.

>> No.55082531

It should be. If not, I just put a text in bold up top on the jump in the google doc that said so anyway.

>> No.55082532

Sailor Milf?

>> No.55082542

Want. Want badly.

>> No.55082554

If I can FINALLY have access to an Orange ring I will love you eternally. I don't care the CP cost.

>> No.55082560

So long as you get the cats' permission.

>> No.55082561


>> No.55082578

How would you feel about a regular Blackest Night scenario and a Blackest Night end jump scenario, too much?

>> No.55082585


I want muh lava blood.

>> No.55082598

Yes, I endorse that.

>> No.55082599

scenario? Unless you plan on giving us a massive reward for it, thats one hell of a drawback.

...white ring?

>> No.55082600

Words alone cannot express my desire for a black lantern ring. I need all the EvilDarkDeath powers. Need.

>> No.55082616

If you think you can get enough out of it for two then sure, I mean I would nope away from it as fast as possible personally but others might want to give that hell a shot.

>> No.55082617

I was thinking White Ring and maybe the ability to create your own Corp. Still working out the kinks on that. If I make it the ability to form your own Corp based on a Metaphysical concept of your choosing I'll have to make it way harder.

>> No.55082628

I'm thinking of allowing that to be part of the reward for the Blackest Night scenario a choice between Black or White rings.

>> No.55082638

>Apathy - Grey

What color would Curiosity be? IS Curiosity technically an emotion? What about Confusion?

>> No.55082649

The cartoon has a darkest night drawback for +600 I think. So its not be too bad.

That would be good/fair. I don't necessarily care for either so I wouldn't take the scenario, but it should be fine.

>> No.55082659

Yeah, it's why they're weaker.

>> No.55082664

I said Metaphysical concept, doesn't have to be an Emotion, after all Death isn't an emotion. An argument could be made for life but Death, nada.
Curiosity is totally an emotion and it's color would be a vibrant sort of pink I think. Confusion would be some sort of murky color. Swamp Green?

>> No.55082666

Not that anon, but I'd say a soft yellow, personally. Like sunlight, I guess. Also, I...think it counts as an emotion?

>> No.55082670

We are friends now. That is what just happened.

*Undead squee-ing noise trails off into the distance.*

>> No.55082675

>custom corps
That would be dope as hell

>> No.55082681

I plan on the drawback being a good deal harder than the cartoon one, much more like the comics with all the heroes becoming Black Lanterns and gunning for you.

>> No.55082682

Ah, fair enough. Not sure off the top of my head.

>> No.55082688

Sounds pretty boring. The Lantern Corps are one of the least interesting parts of DC's cosmic setting, I'd rather you not bother.

>> No.55082698

Just to clarify the Black Ring is gonna be cut off from Nekron's control, maybe if you take a Black Ring and defeat Nekron you could become the Black Corp Torchbearer.

>> No.55082709

Piss off asshole, some of us have been hoping for a comics Lantern Corps Jump.

>> No.55082718

Meh, to each their own. I honestly just really wanna go into a lot of the DC that isn't covered by Occult or JLD. Something with the Monitors, the New Gods, Amazons, and Deities. So basically a type of Mythological/Cosmological version of DC Occult.

>> No.55082743

I think there is going to be one based on the myth stuff at some point, that was one of the three DC jumps Cracker Jack was going to make. I think he still plans on getting to it eventually.

>> No.55082744

*Joyous screaming intensifies* That is literally the most awesome possible reward.

>> No.55082751

Cool, I look forward too it. His jump's are always nice.

>> No.55082753

Hey, he asked how people felt about the idea. I answered. There's no need to be rude just because I disagree with you. And your viewpoint is the majority, a lone dissenting voice isn't going to sway this anon unless they've got extremely fragile self-esteem. And if that were the case (not saying it is, GL anon, just posing a hypothetical), would you really want a jump from them?

We've got a generic DC jump. It's an early creation, not as good as current jumps (it's almost entirely focused on powers, doesn't have much about filling the superheroic role), but you could interact with those things there.

>> No.55082773

It's cool anon, didn't put me off at all, hope you take a look at it even if you aren't all that interested.

>> No.55082900

Did you know that apparently Android 16 is modeled after Dr. Gero's dead son?

>> No.55082901

Shit, there goes my flying spears.

>> No.55082918

Either of these things would be sick as fuck. Very excite.

>> No.55082919

I mean, big enough weapon and they'll still be flying spears. And they do retain the properties of what they're smaller versions of so anything with a size changing ability will still work to grow the mini spears, it just won't grow them to the same max size.

>> No.55082926

I actually went years and years not even knowing that the Androids used to be humans, at least in 17 and 18s cases. I really did not pay attention during that saga.

Probably because Nightmare of Trunks and the early Cell stuff gave me nightmares as a kid. Christ some of that imagery got fucked uo

>> No.55082947

Funny thing is sleeping on the job is considered sort of a good thing in Japanese culture, to the point that some businessmen will pretend to fall asleep at their desks if they know their boss is watching. The idea is that if someone is sleeping on the job, it's obviously because they're working so much they're not getting enough sleep at home or something.

Weird inn'it?

>> No.55082950

I suppose that would work, still wish it wasn't tied to size though. The small bits from King's spear total up to way bigger than his normal spear so I though it was just that the smaller size was more convenient for mass projectiles.

>> No.55082956

How far along is the new Fate supplement thingy?

>> No.55082958

You're still getting more total mass like he does, they just all need to be smaller than the original.

>> No.55082968

eeeeeeeehh, not very far along. desu I haven't really started on the supplement, since I'm aiming to just get GO done first and then go into the supplement. Good news is that RL stuff is dealt with, just about, so GO is back on course.

>> No.55082970

1.3.5 I keep saying the updates are final but they keep coming. Sorry.

I put an addendum about age and gender in bold on the top. Clarified some stuff in companions, and also I put an option to get a kitty and a crow and other animal friends from another planet since I noticed I didn’t put that option there in the Found Friends Companion Section and that’s just shameful of me. They get the same benefits as the OC Customization option.

>> No.55082990

I don't suppose it would make a difference if I showed you a pick of his awakened spear where each piece is larger than the normal spear would it?

>> No.55083008

No, because that's True Spear mode, something you can buy in the jump that enhances all the forms. That's not his normal Multiply form for the spear.

>> No.55083026

Ooooh, GO. That's cool. Will I get to make every alternate version of Seibah into a companion for that?

Keep up the good work you beautiful craftsman

>> No.55083034

You know, if you skip past the multiple Servants bit, I think the part of GO that would cause panic in the original Grail Wars would be anybody having regenerating Command Spells.
Makiri, the Clocktower, the Church... Possibly even Atlas would be out to "research" you for that.

>> No.55083043

When you actually do have a final edition, you should call it the "Really Actually Final Edition. Finally."

>> No.55083048

There's going to be a scenario for the Saber Wars at some point and I'm sure it can't be hard to guess the reward there.

Eh, maybe. Makiri sure but a lot of the world sees the Grail Wars as kinda dinky...despite how idiotic it is. It's basically, as I remember, just racism against Eastern mages and thinking anything they'd do is just bumpkin stuff.

>> No.55083055

Yeah, Toriyama did a good job making things seem dire and serious during the Android and Cell Saga, and the Trunks OVA was very well put together.

Too bad they can't do the same for Super.

>> No.55083056

Damn it, couldn't it just cost more energy if they are all normal sized? I really want this to work without resorting to any wonky workarounds.

>> No.55083064

So Nika, where's our time traveling unicorn boyfriend?

>> No.55083072

>Magi being retarded and ignorant
What? That's impossible.

>> No.55083083

Eh, I feel they fell off as early as Buu with that. There were moments that should have been as bad, especially with Super Buu, but they never really had the same impact.

That said, Nightmare of Trunks is basically one of the best things in Z as far as emotional weight goes. So it's a little unfair to compare things against it when it got to be a movie of it's own. Special. OVA. Whatever.

Oh wait, haha, I forgot the option as I wrote it specifies you can just make less spears and have the power divided less.

That's probably not what you want though. Hmm. Well, I suppose I'm not opposed to you putting in more energy to make up for the division of power if you really want to.

>> No.55083113

I really don't care about how much the power is divided by, I just want them to be normal sized. I can just make the original better to make up for the division if that was the issue. I want the copies to just be weaker but otherwise identical copies.

I really don't care about how much extra energy it costs me to run them all if I can make this happen without any weirdness like having them look like chibi versions of the original or needing to grow them up to full size again with OOC nonsense.

>> No.55083116

At least Buu Saga had Vegeta's suicide. That part was good.

>> No.55083117

>Main Theme

>> No.55083119

It's writing, its fagging, it's...being a background character? Ah well, we can't all be MC's.

Jump 08: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
+300CP Fate Finds You Interesting
-300CP Demigod
Age: 13
Pantheon: Greek (Free)
Old Traditions (Free)
-400CP Blood of Kings (Chosen of Hestia)
Divine Child (Free, Nyx)
-400CP Glory to Me (Discount)
-200CP Legendary Implement (Concealable, Returning, Unique Ability, Import to Excalibur)
Band x2 (Free)


>> No.55083122

Okay? I basically just said you could make up for the loss if you really wanted to by putting in your own power.

>> No.55083124


>Saber Wars scenario

Amazing 10/10. So I can plan on which waifus and such to create prior to the multi-servant insanity of GO, can you say which of the current jumps will cease to be officially endorsed after this next "batch"?

>> No.55083125

Alright then, that should work. Thanks!

>> No.55083135

Yeah, it still had a lot of good moments, I just don't think it nailed the horror parts as well as some earlier bits.

Heck, I still love the very end, with Vegeta finally getting over his rivalry with Goku and Hercule using his fame for good.

>> No.55083142

Er....none of them. The only one that will ever cease to be official is the original Fate jump and thats only once I have Apocrypha, Strange Fake and Prototype done.

>> No.55083144


...But I kid.

The OC Customization option lets you define your relationship with the person. It can give you all kinds of cool story options if you're creative about it. Pick an appropriate origin (I would suggest the Mysterious Protector origin) and go from there.

>> No.55083151

Pff, I just wanted to see you recoil in horror at remembering Chibi Usa's romantic relationship with a horse.

>> No.55083156

Okay. I figured the new supplement would replace the old one but I might be retarded and they are completely different things. But for some reason I also thought you were re-doing Extra

>> No.55083163

Despite the racism, the Association does keep an eye on it as a just-in-case. At least partially due to Zelretch's hand in it, I'm sure.

>> No.55083172

The horse wasn't really a horse, though, so I'm not too weirded out by it.

>> No.55083176

And also the fear of somebody summoning Guy Fierri Berserker

>> No.55083195

Oh, you mean the supplement. That's just an update really, not like a 100% overhaul.

Extra...yeah, that's fair. That's basically going to be a FSN style overhaul at this point, given how god awful it is now.

While true, I feel you're really overestimating how much they might care about things like command seals. The Seals were actually made by the Makiri and just powered by the Grail or something, they're not an entirely alien or inaccessible spell/knowledge.

Guy Fierri would totally have Innocent Monster. He'd get summoned as Shrek and be constantly talking about how all his other achievements should be just as important.

>> No.55083208

In the Persona 5 jump, can I bring a small party with me when I use the Metaverse Navigator App?

Also, if I buy the item, is it the phone+app combo that grants it power or is it the app's data?
If I transferred the app to another device, would it still work?
If someone copied it from my phone, would they still be able to use it?

>> No.55083232


What, is there a problem with being able to intentionally create your opponents to be shit-tier and importing all 1000 points to your Servant? Haha

>> No.55083246

Well, you have to at least fight the same level of threat as Hakuno did, whether that's a mix like he did, all your opponents being of a similar level or just one uber strong one, you're not really meant to be picking the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.55083266

Should've thought about that when it was first released.

>> No.55083272

Canonically, the App pulls in every nearby the user. Early on, Protagonist accidentally takes along somebody that was stalking them and hiding in some nearby bushes. And later on, one of the Antagonists sneaks in basically the entire Police Department.

Dunno about the other questions. In game, a third party downloads the app to the Protagonists phone originally, and then downloads it to the other Persona-Users the Protagonist recruits. Considering the way it's handled in Jump, if you ended up getting a new phone, it would probably remove itself from your old phone and download to your new one. I don't doubt that you could transfer the Data to other Phones, but I bet it would take some hacking and magic to create properly working copies of it.

>> No.55083287

I did, it was mentioned then quite often.

Really, I don't get the whole SB thing of not looking into what you're wanking and then complaining/boasting about things you haven't looked into. It's almost as silly as when you guys make things up/ignore things and then complain about the things you made up/ignored.

>> No.55083383

We all lost our way. But in a good way, sorta. We're a codependent clusterfuck of a team held together by love, friendship, and camaraderie despite our unique types of insanity.

>> No.55083412

Senpai if they killed me I'd pull a SMT Yahweh on their ass once we get back to Earth.

>> No.55083413

>not knowing how to kill Sues

>> No.55083422


AHAHAHahaheaheaooaheaheoahaahaaaa go fuck yourself.

>> No.55083423

So I was gonna wait for the next thread before saying this, but it's almost time for me to sleep and this one is taking it's sweet time dropping off.

After some deliberation and taking a good, long look at my Xenoverse outline, I've realized I've basically been forcing myself to make jumps and it's actually affecting the quality of said jumps. Taking on a large number of claims was not a smart decision, and I'm likely to fall ass-over-tea-kettle into making it about half as good as they should be.

So, I'm dropping my claims. For real this time. I'm giving Pokemon Sun and Moon to Nikamoth and both Dragon Ball claims to Val, who I've already informed on this. Sorry, folks. I really did bite off more than I could actually chew. I'll still be around like usual, I'm just on sabbatical from jumpmaking.

>> No.55083430

Infinite Turkeyyummy. Fucking eyehax faggots.

Tobirama did nothing wrong

>> No.55083433

You just flip-flop worse than a bipolar cunt.

>> No.55083436


>> No.55083444

Pretty sure they come from the keys.

>> No.55083448

Awww, well glad you are sticking around though. Hopefully you'll still make some hilarious write chains? Some of them have been really fun to read!

>> No.55083450

>Let the shitposter stop you from making jumps.
Goddamnit, everyone here is so damn naive and easy to manipulate.

>> No.55083456


Nobody wants to burn out on something they love.

Have a pleasant rest.

>> No.55083462

Catfus are not for bullying anon.

>> No.55083468

Will Softanon be uploading Generic Isekai to the drive? I don't want to keep it on tab forever

>> No.55083470

Hope you feel better soon!

>> No.55083473

So now that Val has the other two Dragon Ball jumps, how are they going to change? Are you going to be using HeavenAnons' WIPs Val?

>> No.55083478

I hope she doesn't remove the wardrobe and the Heroes stuff.

>> No.55083480

No worries Heavens, you've got to look out for you first. I look forward to your return to jumpmaking if/when it happens.

>> No.55083481

I'll be around, yeah, and I'll writefag again once the fancy strikes me.
I can't deny it's annoying to go through thread after thread of the same stuff, but that's not really the sole factor. I've been rubberbanding between retirement and more claims for a long, LONG time. I was basically forcing myself along out of stubbornness and habit after a while, and it was finally starting to catch up to me. Even someone like me runs out of steam eventually.

>> No.55083486

>bitching at someone for admitting they're too tired to write free stuff

You sound like the real bipolar cunt desu

You sound like far more of a bipolar cunt desu

>> No.55083493

Indeed, they need headpats and emotional support!

>> No.55083500

Hopefully. It's done besides one screaming autist who's butthurt they can't get cheaper shit.

>> No.55083503

It's probably a basic question, but I wasn't around when the Jump was released: do Pure Human Companions still gain +300cp just for being Pure Human?

>> No.55083507

We may as well just give Valeria the google drive ownership and IRC moderatorship at this point.

>> No.55083515

*Gives headpats*

>> No.55083518

Nah, going from the ground up on both.

Xenoverse is going for 3 origins but more perklines per origin and racial lines too. Definitely including Heroes stuff to fill out some more content and so on. I'll definitely include stuff based on all the different clothings and so on.

GT....may only be just race based origins actually. Saiyan, Machine Mutant, Android and Shadow Dragon. Maybe another for the Luud stuff? That's a great name. But yeah, considering just going for Race based origins there but that may change into race and role origins if I find enough inspiration. Who knows eh?

I'll probably do roles. I actually do really like GT

>> No.55083527

She'd only be able to mod on aussie time, though, which is a strange and godless hour. It'd never work, unless we all move to Australia.

>> No.55083529


>> No.55083530

How interesting. Just how long have you been under the impression that she isn't in control already?

>> No.55083545

You act like anybody really has a problem with that.

>> No.55083551

>Implying Australia is real

>> No.55083555

Just how long have you been under the impression that you can Aizen without an Aizen-pic? Here, use mine.

>> No.55083561

I mean she already gets whatever she wants by now. It's not like it'd be anything more than a ceremonial gesture by now.

>> No.55083562

>I'll definitely include stuff based on all the different clothings and so on.
I bet it's going to be some shitty weaving perk and not the actual cool thing Heavens was doing where you just got the wardrobe of all the outfits. Probably can't replace the protagonist, be a demon, or companion Chronoa either.

And Luud is a machine mutant.

>> No.55083570

I heard they got tiny bears what falls from trees! They call'em drop bears! It's true I tells ya!

>> No.55083573

Why would it be just a shitty weaving perk? How does that even make sense?

Huh, it's been too long since I saw the early parts. I guess I'll be rewatching them too. Least I remember the Android and Dragon and Baby arcs well though.

>> No.55083585

>Why would it be just a shitty weaving perk? How does that even make sense?
You said some stuff, meaning you're not actually going to offer the clothing as a bulk like they should be and are going to do it in some retarded, round about way that costs too many points.

No denial on removing all the extra races or the good things Heavens was doing.

>> No.55083594

The real Australia is the one that exists in our hearts and dreams, anon!

>> No.55083602

Hey /jc/, should I take a capstone perk undiscounted or just let a Companion buy it instead so I can buy an item which companions can't spend their CP on? On one hand, it's way more cost effective and fair to my new companion, on the other, I really want that capstone and don't as of yet have a way to acquire it with powersharing perks.

>> No.55083606

But if Australia isn't real, where are all these jumps coming from? Checkmate atheists.

>> No.55083614

...oooor I was just summarising instead of listing the exact things when I've spent about five minutes on it so far?

Really not getting the whole 'you're not going to offer things'. It's kinda like whiplash. One day I offer too much to some, the other day I'm going to not offer enough to some. Why would I not offer some of the coolest things in the games like being a demon, when I already said I was going to do perklines based on the races and they're a major race? One of the origins is Time Warrior too so you can be the hero if you really like too.

>> No.55083615

You will inevitably gain some form of powersharing, just be patient.

>> No.55083620

Friendly reminder that if you take the scenario that gives you One For All instead of Deku, you should find him and give him powers. He doesn't deserve to be Quirkless.

>> No.55083621

Hey everybody! It's me! Again! With the tentatively final version of Generic Isekai!

What's new this time? Not much. Arguably the biggest change is that I removed Gatekeeper and replaced it with something new and much more fitting. I also retitled the Cheat section to something a bit more lore-friendly.

Aside from that, I decided to compromise with the compromise to the compromise, and make it just slightly easier to get multiple cheats. Just a tiny smidgen. Promise.

Now, of course, I am still welcome to comments and discussions on the jump. But I really don't expect that there's much left to change. This is basically going to be the version that goes up on the drive. For real this time. I promise.

>> No.55083629

Sorry to hear that Heavens, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sure NikaMoth and Val will do great jobs with those jumps. I am sad to hear that Princess and the Frog's not getting made though. I was really looking forward to having Friends on the Other Side. But that's just how it is, sometimes.

>> No.55083631

Being Quirkless is not the end of the world. Deku could easily have gone into developing support items and lived a happier and probably longer life than he would have being a Hero.

>> No.55083639

Nani is a capstone? I hear that thrown around all the time and I've never understood it.

>> No.55083652

It sucks having to let go of the original vision, but I understand why you're doing it.

Even though I may feel a little bitter about it, I understand why.

>> No.55083653

Question? If I used Skill Book to share around all the cheats would they be weaker than normal due to them all starting at "lvl1" for everyone other than the original owner or are the cheats as they stand "lvl1"?

>> No.55083655

The most expensive and usually most powerful perk in a line of perks. Usually it's the 600cp for each origin.

Also welcome to the community. You'll hate it here.

>> No.55083656

Where can I get a spark?

>> No.55083659

Basically it's the most expensive perk(s) of a perk tree, usually being worth 600cp.

Take this jump, for example. A Hero's Light is the capstone perk of the Summoned tree.

>> No.55083662

The 600 CP perk for a perk line. They're usually the big thematic or big power option, as they cost the most in standard setups.

And because you brought this general topic up and I am an autist: I like to call 400ers pseudo-capstones, while 800/1000s are hyper capstones.

>> No.55083670

From an endjump, or a jump with an endjump scenario.

Would a 1200cp perk be an ultra capstone then?

>> No.55083682

The most expensive and most powerful perk in a tree, usually 600 but they can be more or less expensive depending on the jump.

>> No.55083684

I know that but what jumps have those.

>> No.55083688


Oh, so it's just a fancy name...! Seemed like some crazy thing I wasn't privy to. Thanks for the explanation.

>> No.55083689

...But "capstone" is an indicator of structure within the jump, not price. That makes no sense at all.

>> No.55083698

It could go either way, really. Depends on how you imagine cheat skills working.

>> No.55083699

How strong does Grind actually make you? Like, are you Level 100 from Overlord strong?

>> No.55083706

Taking and defeating a designated End Jump such as the DBZ End Jump, Gurren Lagaan's End Jump scenario, Tenchi Muyo's End Jump Scenario or. . .(do we have any others?)

Anyways, taking an End Jump and beating it ends your chain, gives you a spark and allows you to move between universes without a Benefactor. It's also usually treated as a power boost since many power ups or potentials for later stuff found throughout the chain only unlock after getting your Spark.

>> No.55083715

I know Darksider's has those.

>> No.55083719

For the Reincarnation origin could we use it for the type of isekai where we wake up after dying in the body of someone else in another world? Possibly an alternate version of ourself?

>> No.55083720

...That actually makes sense and I am glad people other than me responded to that anon now. However, as I think slapping adjectives onto things is super cool, I will continue to use my system silently.

>> No.55083721

Well, Devil Survivor 2 is one, along with Gurren Lagann. Also, Darksiders, Angel Notes, Tenchi Muyo, the original DBZ jump made by Quicksilver, SMT, and probably a whole bunch of other jumps as well.

>> No.55083724

Yeah, sorry. While I have no doubt Heavens work would have been a great jump, I'd feel it'd be a disrespect to him and to myself to just pick up his WIP and change it around as I saw fit.

I'll definitely try to make XV just as good as I can though and with as much content as I can fit in.

>> No.55083725


>removed gatekeeper
That's a pity, was going to build a vista rip-off as a companion with that. oh well, guess I'll have to grab the real one when wormtime rolls around.

So is this a universal softcap? Or is it only for number based things like System.

>> No.55083739

Limit Breaking looks cool.

Does upgrade work on spells?

Magic systems?

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