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How much of an asshole do you like your fairies in your setting?

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You got two of them, sort of, in my setting. The more common ones in the galaxy tend to team up with Aliens and help them out. Imagine a fairy providing radio backup in a modern/sci-fi setting.

The other is Humans, one of the smallest species in the Galaxy. They have transforming robots.

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Mischievous, but with an equal capacity for good and evil ranging by individuals, as in humans. A nice fairy will tell a wounded warrior how to get to the healing spring, but might hide his clothes while he's bathing for a laugh, because fairies love a good prank. An unseelie fairy might make him promise them his firstborn or something, and then when he inevitably tries to get out of it later reverses the healing power of the spring and watches him die.

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Enough to make Sunibee proud.

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I prefer them mostly neutral. They prank humans and other humanoids to deter them from entering their territory. However, if threatened they will gladly trap you in a fucked up glamer and have you walk in circles until you die from dehydration.

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I like them to be self serving, so if they like you they'll help you out and do you favors because you amuse them. But if they dislike you, they'll pee in your oatmeal

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I like them only a little bit of an asshole. That way they stay nice and tight while fucking them. You gotta use a lot of lube though, otherwise they bleed.

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I base my fey on internet users, of all things.

Like, "I'm gonna strangle you with you own intestines if you say that again" is a tame enough statement when some 12-year-old says it over CoD voice-chat. But it takes on a whole new meaning when a capricious fey-lord says it.

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Please tell me you have a navy seal pasta fairy.

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O-oh my

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This is about where I like it, too. Possibly with a dose of it being really hard to tell a malicious fairy from a benevolent fairy before the former shows their hand and does something awful.

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Pixies in my setting are one of the worst things ever. They literally only cause trouble, using pixie dust to make people susceptible to their telempathic power called Pixie Whispers. They cause hallucinations, implant desires, and just generally tell lies to the inner mind. They're literally the most dangerous part of living in forests, and are very difficult to avoid. Most people just hire wizards to exterminate them, but a skilled mage or empath can learn to use these things to their advantage. These guys can control picked by taking pixie dust, letting them do things like sense from large parts of the forest, use pixie whispers on people and animals, and predict weather.

I like this.

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My fairies are the kind to replace your left shoe with a right one.

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if by fairies you mean like your picture then they are benevolent creatures that live in the feylands at the pleasure of one archfey or another, if you mean fairies as in fey then they don't see mortals as equals and most of them completely ignore us, a few of the more militant eco-warriors among the summer court get butt-frustrated at mortal attitudes to forests which culminated in first contact between human and fey resulting in a 30 year war which devastated a county before the gate spell could be sealed and a few members of the winter court find mortals a hilarious distraction from the politics of their home plane and take great pleasure in fucking with us but most fey don't even give a shit about the mortal realms, which is pretty lucky for the mortal realms all things considered.

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Not this guy, but now I'm gonna drop a navy seal fairy next time my players make a trip in a forest

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>which is pretty lucky for the fey realms all things considered.

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Bill Cipher level of callous cruelty.

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I play Hackmaster as a Pixie-Fairy and I do this.

I have somehow managed to stay alive for two years of real-time weekly sessions simply by virtue of people either
A) Believing me
B) Calling my bluff, but me being fast enough at getting to a safe distance so all my party members have to fight instead

it helps that I'm the face

Any good lines you've got I can use for inspiration? For context, my character is the bard-class equivalent and has Charisma and Looks that literally go beyond the cap, as well as Sphinx-level intelligence and very high Wisdom, but he 3 Strength and Constitution and has absolutely no sense of impulse control. He is also one of the single most famous individuals in the continent thanks to a bunch of very, very retarded bullshit he's pulled off and lied about and spread around.

He's still incapable of doing more than negative damage with his sword.

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>if by fairies you mean like your picture then they are benevolent creatures that live in the feylands


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Your fear is well placed. The Fey are Fair, Not Nice. Ask any journeyman or travelling merchant. Their wares are eccentric, exquisite, and Not Cheap.

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As parasites

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See, this image doesn't make much sense. The parasites clearly have more than their fill since she's obese. Unless their function is to magically cause something like Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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Read that as
>How much asshole do fairies lick in your setting?

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They don't intend to be assholes but they are a problem by dint of being completely unable to empathize with mortals and being uninterested in figuring out how to interact with us without that empathy. And we can't empathize with them. If they show up in your area you may be better off having intermediaries like elementals negotiate terms of cohabitation with them in your stead. The best case scenario is literally just to drive them away from you with violence, but most communities can't do that.

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The fae in my setting are pranksters who love a laugh but wouldn't do anything that could seriously harm someone (and if they do, they'd patch the poor fucker up). They are considered children until well into their 300s, and live for about 1200 years. They get a bit more mature with age, but still love jokes.

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"She's beautiful, you know. Your daughter. Her red dress, her Mother's eyes, her father's laugh. The way she doesn't listen to your warnings about the forest. She'll listen to me, though. She'll listen to all I have to tell her. I'll teach her so many things."

"I can bring you a pain so sharp and powerful you will weep not in agony, but in awe. You will see the sky turn grey and your food taste dull. All your aches and pains will leave and the music will die. You will beg to feel again. I will smile and walk away."

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Well? How much?

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No, anon, that's not fat. That's pixies.

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It depends on the kind. Lesser fairies (small winged ones with no magic) can be pretty caustic but since theyre more like annoying little people with wings instead of mysterious magical sprites, they have to temper themselves around humans. It isnt smart to go around and purposely piss off people who are bigger than you by 5 and a half feet on average.

Greater Fairies are the upper class who are taller and have magic and they interact less with humans, and when they do they usually lean towards impassive but are narcissistic amd selfish to a fault. If they can get something out of someone they won't hesitate to try and get it from them.

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Pixie sticks?

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I'm not sure.
Why don't you awaken the crystals and find out?
It's really important, after all.

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these + EXTREMELY rare, like Dwarves in Skyrim (most people think they're extinct or just a myth, only a few druids and powerful wizards can get to them)

and tie your laces together with a very thin thread stolen from a spider
actually, it's a very possessive drider that will identify you as the thief
the fairy didn't even plan it like this

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She did nothing wrong

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CN. They do whatever they want whenever they want.

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I want to expand on this for a moment.

The internet is an incredible outlet for creation. See how I create the words of this sentence from nothing, and with what ease I summon up an image of an incredulous girl from a Japanese cartoon. It is so easy to create, I will feel no remorse when this thread autosages and this post disapears.

This is how fey feel all the time. Their fey realms are based on emotion and thought and aren't static like the physical world, so they literally don't give a shit about anything but themselves; not because they lack empathy, or because they're evil, but because they know that anything (or anyone) they value can literally be created again once it is gone.

Here's an example. When a fey lord takes a human wife, the emotion he feels is real, genuine love, as true as you or I might feel. When the fey lord kills his human lover one month later, it's not because he no longer loves her; it's because he's never had to deal with a relationship with any badsides. To the fey lord, he's not killing his human wife, because (he thinks that) he can just recreate her later. He probably won't even notice that his wife is nothing more than a very sophisticated automaton, since he 'recreated' her from his perceptions, which she still fits.

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>like Dwarves in Skyrim
There were no dwarves in Skyrim. In fact, the only Elder Scrolls game to feature a living (or undead, for that matter) dwarf was Morrowind. Please don't be the kind of basic bitch who refers to the whole series by the name of the most recent installment.

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>Alana tries to waddle down the alley
>Her bloated bronze midsection swaying of its own accord
>The bronze mass of flesh heaves left when she needs to step right
>It swings up when she takes another step forward
>She has to stifle a belch
>Her cheeks bulge from the effort
>Alana can feel lumps swirl inside her middle
>The pixies giggle as they swim about her gargantuan uterus
>Stretched and refurbished into their stronghold
>They're not happy though
>They know what she's up to
>There's a tiny lump of meteoric iron for sale in the market
>If she swallows it, bye bye pixies
>One of the pixies looses a burst of hunger
>Her gut burns for sustenance
>Alana grits her teeth as every pixie in her belly sets to work, heaving against the walls of their world
>She already ate an entire baker's dozen of muffins and they tried to make her swallow her money
>But Alana's determined and she knows there's a second generation of pixies growing inside of her
>It's now or never

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In one of my settings, fairies are vicious mind-affecting killers who pretty much do two things to humans and fey beings - they either murder them or torture them before murdering them. Even being in the same general area as one can cause paranoia and anxiety and ultimately panic attacks.

In the other they're more your typical lives in the woods not bothering people and are occasionally mischievous but typically well meant woodland critters.

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My waifu. I'd gladly nuke a whole nation for her if necessary.

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Color me curious.

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There's a fair bit of difference between not being nice and being Airy.

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With a tight one. Very tight...

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Why would you nuke a nation? She doesn't want you to nuke nations, that's silly!
She just wants you to awaken the crystals!
All the crystals!
All of them.
Besides, nuking a nation would be pointless - what does it matter if one chunk of one landmass on one reality is a nuclear hellhole when the prize you're after is giving ALL realities to Lord Ouroboros? You might even damage a crystal and that'll set things back a few thousand years.

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This isn't what I had in mind for this thread not that I mind

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Keep going faggot

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Dude probably mistook the last snow elves from the vampire DLC as Dwemer.

The pleb.

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As Petty and flippant as this bitch.

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Sorry, I'm sure I oversold it. It's a Macross inspired setting with lots of Alien races, so you can meet all sorts of giant weird creatures. Main gimmick is that there is no federation or empire, being friendly with your neighbors is extra important. Especially when you barely reach past the Ankle of many of them.

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>Alana never got that iron
>The hunger proved too much and clouded her mind
>The pixies really like her
>Alana's mind comes and goes when the hunger's not as strong
>Sometimes she sees her reflection
>A second chin wobbles under her angular jawline
>She can feel pixies slip through it when she's able to think
>Her belly's twice as big as it was during her attempt at the iron
>All she can do is waddle while leaning forward
>There's a huge lump deep inside of her overgrown womb
>Alana's thoughts focus on where to get her next meal but that lump causes a very vague sense of unease
>The pixies manipulated her ovaries with their hormone magic and grew a clone of her
>Parasitic parthenogenesis, they'll put their own children inside her copy
>Alana's rump is two-thirds as wide as she is tall and its incessant wobbling distracts her all the time
>Laughter echoes all around Alana and she can feel fingers poking her love handles sometimes
>A few hands grope and slap her rump
>One hand gropes her privates and Alana's hunger spikes
>Her vision is a blur but her jaws open and close on whatever's behind her
>The taste of blood fills her mouth and a screech fills her ears
>The laughter and poking stops
>There's darkness to the right
>The pixies induce a light orgasm, compelling her to waddle there
>Her jaws work over something kinda crunchy, kinda soft, whatever it was she bit
>Laying on her side feels nice on the cold ground
>The big lump begins thrusting about but Alana's mind is focused on the orgasm the pixies are rewarding her with

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THIS. Fey behave with such disregard because they live in a world with little to no consequences. At least, none that affect them severely.

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Nice. Nice nice nice. I'm going to steal these verbatim.

My character is not really very powerful at all, he's just extremely conceited. But I like this, I like it a lot. This is a good way of describing the mindset of someone who lives in an idealistic (as contrary to materialistic) world, and is perfectly capable of controlling it.

It's actually also a pretty good way of describing the difference between high and low Wisdom Mages (Ascension-type ones).

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>dwarves in skyrim
>Druids in skyrim
Nigga where in skyrim have you found a druid and a dwarf talking to each other.

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Zero capacity for empathy, narcissistic and extremely petty.

Basically a race of small children with a few hundred years of knowledge and some innate magical skill to back it up.

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Nah that sound really interesting. Have got some of that going on in my own setting.

Got somewhere you can be dropped a line to talk about it maybe?

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