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Well somebody fucked up

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Changed The Sanctioned Action a bit, and added a canon companion option.

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When was the last time you committed genocide Jumpers?

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Terra Formars. I had a great time blasting the Roaches into oblivion.

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Sanctioned Action still refers to being 1,000 CP.

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Got any needlessly complicated plans Jumpers?

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Not yet, and I hope it never comes to that.

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They obviously do not want world peace.

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Eh, still think it's too early for this, but whatever.

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>Buying “The Sanctioned Action” is the only way to be able to use the art of cutting
post-jump, as it relies on this universe’s metaphysics.

I thought this was what was going to be changed rather than the price? I can afford it now so I guess its a moot point for me.

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So does Sanctioned Action's more impressive stuff explicitly require a sword? Or just a bladed weapon?

Also Demiurge only mentions the physical buff, when it seems to be more of an all around thing, especially in regards to magic.

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This is not complicated at all! It is obviously...a way to make a perfect dice for D&D! Or a rubiks cube.

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I'm pretty sure that's a parallel worlds thing.

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It also got buffed so you don't need to be a Demiurge to potentially unlock the conceptual cutting part. So the price of full powered Sanctioned Action has dropped by 800 CP arguably.

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Fixed yet again.

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This setting seems to share a lot with TES lore.

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What is Royalty?

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It does get a little Kirkbridian at times

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It is basically realizing that everything is god, and you gain nigh-omnipotence, similar to CHIM from TES.

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And now, again.

With something like this, why do some of our "end-jumps" even qualify as them.

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It actually didn't. The perk explicitly says it can't cut conceptual stuff.

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So...Google Chrome keeps crashing when I upload stuff to the thread. I updated The Witches, though.

Here's a link.

Ver 0.6 - Clarified some stuff about the Delayed Action Mouse Maker, boosted Sweet Shop, and it doesn’t cost anything to choose location.

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What's your point? Or are you just shitposting?

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So its not killing the 7 kings, stealing their keys and embedding them in your back in the pattern of the Sephirot?

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How long do you think the site will be down?

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Will probably be back up tomorrow.

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So let's say my Benefactor won't let me buy Forcewall.

Any other solutions for safeguarding my Warehouse and dodging global effects?

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Fittingly enough, my needlessly complicated plans usually revolve around shipping. For example, in My Hero Academia, I created an alien invasion force that brought the world to its' knees, forcing Deku and his friends to rise to the occasion and save the day. The goal of the plan? Getting pic related together. As a nice bonus, I accidentally killed All For One in the opening salvo, so that was cool.

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So Sanctioned Action....I just yesterday devoted my jumper to the Spear after a long deliberation on whether to go Sword or Spear and now a super move that is perfect for the Sword appears....why.

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So does Key of Kings mean there's always a rock poking through the middle of my forehead? Is that just a manifestation of the power that I could change with a perk that lets me change the aesthetics of my powers?

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It works with any bladed instrument anon, spears too.

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Aren't you forgetting someone, anon?

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>Additionally, with training, you can eventually learn to cut concepts, such as cutting away someone’s ability to be unharmable, though you can never do stuff that will grant yourself power.
Emphisis on learn anon. Time to git gud.

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That's certainly a strange way to write a periodic table, but it sort of works?

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Buy the Kaleidoscope. and kaleidonope out of the universe when things get too hot.

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Injump, it will manifest as a Glowing Bindi in the middle of your forehead no amtter what form you take. this will become optional post-jump.

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Remember to spay and neuter your AI so they cant breed.... replicate? Whatever

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My point that you're trying to ignore is that the idea of end jumps are outdated, and shit like Kill Six Billion Demons is just another nail in it's coffin.

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Get the portal tech from Rick and Morty so you can just run into alternate universes at will.

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Hold your head high, spearman.

If the Sanctioned Action is to Cut, then overthrow the laws of the heavens and render the Prohibited Action to Pierce.

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>Any other solutions for safeguarding my Warehouse
Close the Warehouse door/portal?

>and dodging global effects?
Nope out of there?

Huh. I assumed it was the physical key poking out of your head.

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so why did you raise demiurge to 600 points rather than the original 500?

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Because it was buffed.

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What? Me? Forget? Nah. I would never-

Uh oh.

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We have a MK Jump?

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was it? It doesn't seem that much different from the version you posted on the discord yesterday or so

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Not yet, but YJ_Anon claimed MK 9 and 10, I believe. That won't be for a while though, since he's working on Fables right now and will be working on Generic Kaiju right after. And I think he has Marvel vs Capcom after that?

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It acts as a magical generator, and has a Regality effect related to it. plus, as i am going to add soon, it has the ability to destroy worlds.

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You should probably clarify that we have a Key like Allison's with the same lack of experience and knowledge to utilize it. Maybe something in the notes about what you could plausibly achieve with training.

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The devil liquor has an actual intelligent devil inside of it Right?

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Though there is a Drawback in Generic Fighting Game that acts like a knockoff MK

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He's shitposting.

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Thank you for the jump by the way, I do not know much about the setting but the jump itself is pretty cool.

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I just use perks to convert all my spears into glaives so I can cut too.

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It does not. it is just a nickname for Liquor made by devils.

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Everything that sounds vaguely negative is shitposting, anon.

Remember this.

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Does a Key of Kings generate its own magical energy or is all magic in this setting external?

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Remember how put off she was by Mei getting Deku's attention? I think she might go down a bit of a dark path here.

>> No.55047213

Changed some things around with Demiurge. Might be the last update tonight.

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That's what happens when actual shitposters spend years poisoning the well, anon.

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Just to check, is Demiurge's magic boost effectively replacing the original capstone boost effect for Lying To The Face Of God?

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No, they stack
It is called a generator, so I assume it generates it.

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There needs to be a drawback where you're not allowed to accept a teddy bear from Mileena.

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So, do we get the liquor that gave Allison horns with that? Might be good to mention that somewhere. Horn-growing is an awesome sideeffect and deserves mention.

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So is anyone else planning on helping Mileena not go batshit insane right from the beginning?
I want to waifu her. Help.

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That is Blue Devil Liquor, and it is in the Drop-in tree.

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Well I'm waifuing her, but I dunno about making her not insane. We're all mad here.

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Neat. What's the difference between Allison's/our type of key and the Seven?

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So, with Allison Syndrome, it's not literally the worst choice you could make, right? Like, given the choice to dodge an attack or not, will you always choose to tank it? Given the choice to walk off a cliff or stay on a trail, would you always choose the cliff? The choice to become Royalty or not, you'd always choose to do so just because it's"the worst"? Seems like it's a bit cheap for only 200 CP.

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Allison's Key is Zoss's Key. The Seven's Keys are combinations of several thousand Keys each. Your key starts off a normal key, but by learning how to use it, it can easily become on level with the Seven.
It only applies to major decisions, so you wouldn't always make the wrong choice. For example, you arent going to run right into a battle unprepared, but you can go a certain direction, even ifd you know there is a trap.

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Cool. Still think the horn-growing and stuff should be mentioned.

>Post-jump it can be used to learn a language single language of your choice.
You've got a random extra 'language' in there.

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I mean, the world was nearly conquered by terrifying alien invaders. Would she really go down a dark path just because Deku got with Tsuyu?

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Testing, testing.

Ver 0.6 - Clarified some stuff about the Delayed Action Mouse Maker, boosted Sweet Shop, and it doesn’t cost anything to choose location.

damn computer updates

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When the MK9 and MKX jump YJ_Anon is supposed to have claimed gets made I plan to set my sights on Cassie Cage

>> No.55047369

>Your key starts off a normal key
I thought it had as much potential as Allison's, while the Seven have only 1/7 of that potential.

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You like boring, manly blondes?

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Why do companions not get discounts? Even on perks.

>> No.55047399

Looks good to me. Also, Sweet Shop looks really nice.

>> No.55047412

Sorry, i'm just a bit tired. Yeah, it is on par with Allison in terms of potential.

>> No.55047422

Choosing not to evade an attack or throw your Chain away are pretty major decisions, though. Doesn't seem worth it when you're almost guaranteed to kill yourself.

>> No.55047441

I'm just going to change it so that it will never make you die, just make you suffer. That better?

>> No.55047467

It's a 200 CP drawback, it should still be a legitimate threat, if not a guaranteed one.

>> No.55047468

Also, I have a question to ask: am i throwing out too much updates?

>> No.55047470

They do get discounts on perks? I must not have worded it properly. Unless you meant items, in which case I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that they didn't get items. I guess I must not have been thinking straight when I did that.

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Who is that fat pig?

>> No.55047484

Honestly, kinda. It's good to keep your doc updated as a thread goes along. But maybe a one-post-per-thread solidifying of an update-to-that-point would be better.

>> No.55047487

UC Gundam. I eliminated all Zeon, it's the only way.

>> No.55047490

they are coming a little quick maybe stick To 1 update a thread to keep your sanity and give people more time to talk things over

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Sadly Senpai didn't notice me. Then some of Senpai's friends staged an intervention to keep me away. They weren't too serious about it, so we were able to run away. Auctor at least managed to meet lots of interesting people to write books on. We ended up creating our own little kingdom between Sol's followers and a varied selection of the locals. Once more we set up our dungeon as a trial for adventurers, giving great rewards to those who succeeded while just mugging those who didn't for skills. By this point enough mana has been thrown at the dungeon's space efficiency that it doesn't even need that much external surface to have a huge complex with dozens of floors. I've taken to just walking around compressing the dungeon into a humanoid form and staying within it as the Heart. Always amusing seeing my opponents realize that breaking my skin just gives them an entry point instead of meaningfully damaging me. Auctor was frustrated at how badly outgunned we were by Nazarick's friends, so she spent most of her time traveling the world, trying to find skills that would let her fix things. Sol meanwhile just kept diplomatic ties going, his eyes and other stranger abilities making Ainz happy to have him around so long as Sol didn't start trouble. Something about having someone to commiserate with about leaving earth unexpectedly.
>Need a new three

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Looking on it again i didn't notice it specified items. Sorry for my failure on reading.

>> No.55047530

Stellaris there were all these Militant xenophobic folks and diplomacy wasn't working on them so I did what any good leader does to avoid the paradox of tolerance and put them down for the good of the Federation.

>> No.55047537

If senpai doesn't notice you, then you MAKE him notice you.

>> No.55047543

So is a Key of Kings kinda comparable to an Exaltation?

>> No.55047546

Tiramy from Amagi Brilliant Park!

>> No.55047553

I think it's one of the cat mascot fairy things from Amagi Brilliant Park.

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Militant Xenophobes are not psychos. They're just an insular and untrusting people who value militarism.

You're probably thinking Fanatic Xenophobe, but often even those guys can be harmless. Hell, a lot of Fanatic Xenophobe builds are Pacifists, that's really popular. They just want to be left alone.

No, the only peoples you need to kill are the Fanatic Purifiers.

>> No.55047578

Didn't MKX take place 25 years after MK9? That's real creepy, dude. Your waifu hasn't even been born yet.

>> No.55047590

You're just going out of your way to shitpost about people's waifus, huh?

>> No.55047626

Did we ever find out which jumpmaker was pushing for that Generic Hentai jump?

>> No.55047631

... You don't even realize how much that contradicts what you say about yourself, do you? It's things like this that reveal your true character.

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>> No.55047637

Hey, I'm just saying. If he's gotta wait for his waifu to be born and get old enough? That's Twilight levels of creeper. You don't want to be Twilight levels of creeper.

>> No.55047640

Time travel.

>> No.55047652

I genocided all the elves in LoTR. Guess why.

>> No.55047654

Senpai's friends made that hard. I suppose I'll have to find a new Senpai who doesn't have scarily powerful friends to stand in the way of our love. Ten years was just too short a time to spend together.
In all seriousness was halfway expecting the roll to go ridiculously high and end up podding the newly awakened spirit of Nazarick. Oh well, missed opportunities. Suppose it did make for a decent gag and framing device for the world.

>> No.55047663

We have severely WORSE levels of creeper in these threads.

On a daily basis, I might add.

>> No.55047671

Can they be removed? Are they reliant on you possessing a body?

>> No.55047675

No, no it's not. It'd be weird if he raised her, but meeting and waifuing someone who happened to be born after the jump starts at whatever age he's comfortable with is completely fine.

Don't even complain about the age gap there, 'cause he's already thousands or millions of fucking years old.

>> No.55047677

If bancho were self-aware enough to realize how self-contradictory he is, he would not be bancho.

>> No.55047681

>t. Sauron

>> No.55047688

They cannot be removed except willingly (And as in no mind control- you must be in full control of your actions), or by killing you.

>> No.55047690

That is true.

>> No.55047693

You never really loved your senpai if you can just go and find another senpai. That's not how it works.

Also, complaining about his friends? If they get in the way, just kill them.

>> No.55047699

exactly now please elaborate>>55047631

>> No.55047703

Wrong, Sauron hated me too.

>> No.55047748

Would the Backup Plan (from Digimon World 2) help at all with the "Gaia Problem" from Angel Notes?

>> No.55047749

If you remove it, do you no longer receive the benefits of the perk? If you have no physical body, or can survive in the absence of one, are they removed as if you were killed?

>> No.55047750


Golly! You all know how to make a flower proud!


Except you, but I'm sure you'll come around eventually.

>> No.55047755

There's no problem, the problem is those shitty TYPEs fucking things up.

>> No.55047765

Why is it a perk and not an item?

>> No.55047770

If you remove it, you no longer benefit from it. However, if you are in a form without a body, then the Key will just look like it is floating, and is not removed.

>> No.55047776

I'm still around, if that's what you care about. I've got a setting in mind, too.

>> No.55047782

Senpai will always be in my heart. The problem is his friends could almost certainly kill me first. Sure if I really work at it I could probably deal with most of them, but Senpai has so many cool friends that I wouldn't be able to reach Senpai's heart with all of them standing in my way. So I tried to take the slow approach, it didn't work out but at least it gave me a chance to be with my Senpai.
Could still use that toss.

>> No.55047784

Ever consider making an end jump scenario option? Something like Zoss gives the jumper the Key of Kings and has to become The Successor to Spark.

>> No.55047785

Do you non longer benefit from the boosted capstones, either? If you're killed and something happens to it, do you lose the benefits forever? Can it be targeted while it's "floating"?

>> No.55047806

So was it ever agreed upon how strong the 7 Emperors of KSBD are? I remember someone last thread trying to quantify them with Gokus.

>> No.55047807

End jumps are stupid.

>> No.55047811

We already have a Generic Hentai Fantasy jump and a Generic Hentai Modern jump

What would your Generic Hentai jump have to offer

>> No.55047812

>you'll come around eventually

Pray it never comes to that, Flowey. If genocide ever becomes my only option, I have a much bigger problem than whatever it is that needs to die.

>> No.55047818

The death problem. I figure that the planets seem god-like enough for it to work.

>> No.55047823

Kingdom Hearts

>> No.55047824

If it gets removed, the boosts stay. If you die, and someone takes it, you will still have it in your home world. It is just a floating light with no actual substance, more of a energy construct then an actual object.

>> No.55047830

He's a shitposter and wants to try and force porn in this thread despite it being banned. That's all he's doing. He thinks his attempt will succeed out of dozens and that people won't hate him. Because he's stupid.

>> No.55047832

I decided to not go generic and have found an actual setting. It's sexual in nature but I wouldn't necessarily call it hentai, and has other elements fitting an actual jump

>> No.55047835

No, WE don't. They're banned here. So is his, though.

>> No.55047843

An OC setting isn't likely to get accepted if the point is to sneak in a porn jump.

>> No.55047845

Rolled 1 (1d8)

>Jump List
>1. Stranger Things
>2. Jorge Joestar
>3. Kingdom Hearts
>4. Elder Scrolls
>5. Tomb Kings
>6. Street Fighter
>7. WHF Orks and Goblins
>8. Sonichu

>> No.55047848

Not yet, although I anticipate doing that in a few jumps.

So far the worst I've done has been fighting armies in both Redwall and Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.55047849

No, I care about you confessing to your crimes, in the best interests of this community. And then you can leave as recompense.

>> No.55047856

while I don't know, With my jumpmaker ruling im just going to say they are each 0.5 gokus each, while Jagganoth is 3 Gokus, on the goku scale, at least until it gets confirmed on how powerful they actually are.

>> No.55047858

You bait both sides but you're easy to spot because you're always an autist.

>> No.55047864

Not OC either. It's Legend of the Overfiend, a setting about demonic beings coming to the normal world to find the Chojin, which is essentially the strongest demon.

>> No.55047869

Depends on whether it works on dead people. If it does, making a new Gaia should be fine.

But on that topic, is it meant to work on beings critical to the world, or beings critical to the setting? Like... does it work only on people like Azathoth, or would a sufficiently powerful and influential entity that isn't required for the world to continue running be a valid target.

>> No.55047872

You profess to be a good guy, and to value freedom to such a high extent that you throw everyone into a Chaotic dream world against their will (although I hear you've put that plan on the backburner).

Despite this when you've encountered an alien race who like guns and don't like aliens your response isn't to talk to them, no diplomacy, no attempt to change their ways like you claim you do to other governments. Hell you don't even take over and try to teach them another way. No, you jump straight to hunting down every single one of them and 'putting them down for the good of the emperor'. Leaving aside how edgy that is you didn't do it for your empire. You just wanted to genocide a species and claim you had justification

>> No.55047873

Alright then, it is doable. Thanks for answering me and thanks for the jump again.

>> No.55047875

Stellaris in self defense
Civilization because I could
Tyranids because of the Scenario

>> No.55047879

>you will still have it in your home world
You mean when you go home? What if you use a 1-up to resurrect? Do you have to find them and re-claim it?

>> No.55047886

>Measuring in Gokus
Old and busted, measuring in Zen-Ohs is the new hotness.

>> No.55047903

I'm just going to say that if you die, the key ignores the normal rules and stays with you, unless you willingly give it away.

>> No.55047911

Is Allison actually acknowledged as a demiurge?
The name seems off here, as demiurge refers to a bunch of people who made it to throne a long time ago, and then after the Universal War the seven rulers. Shouldn't this be in the Item section as a (Master) Key of Kings?

Since the 7 demiurges are able to loan the power of their keys to others, this is also something you can do, right?

>I thought it had as much potential as Allison's, while the Seven have only 1/7 of that potential.
I thought each of the black emperors had 111.111 Keys of Kings each? Is the Key Zoss kept for himself really as powerful as all the others combined?

>> No.55047924

Thanks for telling us which jump to ignore completely. Necking yourself would do more to change things than what you're trying now. At least we'd have one less idiot causing shitstorms in the thread.

>> No.55047925

So it's a /d/ porn game.

>> No.55047934

That's just dumb. Then we'll have to use scientific notation for measuring most things. Who wants to have to talk about something being 3.6*10^-14 Zen-Ohs?

>> No.55047936


>and diplomacy wasn't working on them

I explicitly said I tried diplomacy first,why are you going with that?

>putting them down for the good of the emperor

Is this a 40K reference,because seriously not my thing

>> No.55047944

Allison is not a demiurge, but even if you take the perk, you dont have to be one either.

Also, Zoss's key is the True Key. All the other keys are just fake imitations, baring the Jumper's key as that is a benefactor thing.

>> No.55047948

Is there a perk that allows me to shift part of my body into one of my alt-forms?

>> No.55047956

For the capstone boosted Empty Palm, does learn in a day mean master in a day, or just become novice level?

>> No.55047959

However, how many Raditzes is that?

>> No.55047964

See >>55047574

You don't know how the game mechanics work.

Hell, in Stellaris, you can convince xenophobic races to like you with good diplomacy. Do you know what happens? They literally turn into protective tsunderes.

>> No.55047982

Reminder that Four was a closet sociopath and only acted good in order to please One and have "moral superiority" over the rest of the Intoners.

She would have massacred anyone she could get away with regardless of race.

>> No.55047985

Master in a day.

>> No.55047987

So is this based on any sort of feat or just a random statement from the author with nothing backing it up and no way to tell what Goku she refers to?

>> No.55047995

All of the girls were amoral monsters. The fact that 4 wanted to and tried to act good is still a credit to her.

>> No.55048003

Don't get autistic about meaningless thread statements.

>> No.55048007

They're also surprisingly (and almost hilariously) hurt if you break an alliance with them.
>Was it something we said?

Add in an insult, and...
>This...this is unforgivable.

>> No.55048017

At least 1.

>> No.55048040

Tsunderes always have fragile hearts. That's why they're tsun. They're scared of being hurt. That's why you need to be a good husbando for your xenophobic empire friend. You're literally the only people in the galaxy they're willing to put their trust in.

>> No.55048053

>All of the girls were amoral monsters

>All of the girls

>forgetting about One and Two both of whom were better morally.

Your right about the rest though, the Intoners were pretty screwed up.

>> No.55048056

Wait is the Kill Six Billion Demons site down permanently or is it temporary?

>> No.55048068

Permanently, she kinda had a big blow up and decided to delete her internet presence.

>> No.55048069

Should be temporary.

>> No.55048071


>> No.55048074

One's screwed up do, given the implications she was quite fine with her sisters dying so that she could be the only one to save the world.

>> No.55048076


You don't have to lie about why you murdered them. You were running an advanced stellar civilization, you had plenty of options. Social manipulation, sanctions, total conquest and reeducation.

Golly, I'm glad you didn't go for cultural Genocide, that's the worst form of Genocide!

Mass murder is best Genocide.

>> No.55048079

I am conflicted
On one hand you seem to just want to make a hentai jump
On the other Legend of the Overfiend is also filled with enough horror, supernatural nonsense, and 80's anime ultraviolence that it could theoretically be a legitimate jump

All I know is that if it is good enough for Ice-T then I can at least give it a shot

>> No.55048105

>Legend of the Overfiend
Wait a fucking minute, I know that one. It's the one where demons come to Earth and literally rape all the women full of demons. Isn't that the first thing to popularize tentacle hentai in the modern age too? I think I remember a lot of gore and parasite-like porn too.

This shit is way too much. Hell, you'd even be auto-raping female jumpers.

>> No.55048119

there were drawbacks involved, I didn't have a lot of options! but believe me when I say I did everything possible to minimize death and suffering! I have planetary immortality fields for goodness sake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5REs_SfqKrk

>> No.55048121

You know, this gives me a rather amusing mental image...

>Be a Xenophile Empire
>After a lot of hard work and diplomacy, befriend a Xenophobe empire
>They act in their typical way while taking with you, with backhanded compliments at best
>Amongst themselves however, they gush about the one alien race they actually like
>Meanwhile, the rest of the galactic community watches the two empires interact in total confusion

>> No.55048129

Demiurge is really expensive for a capstone booster. Not saying the benefits aren't nice, But I already have immortality and physical/magical strength.

the ability to destroy worlds sounds powerful, but there are cheaper ways to do that and I have no idea how it work. The thing about destroying the world is, chances are you are in the world at the time, so what happens to you?

>> No.55048143

In the game, there's nothing stopping you from reeducating conquered species.

>> No.55048148

Haven't actually thought about that. should i lower it back down to 500?

>> No.55048150

No seriously, is there any basis for the "These guys can totally bust universes" in your jumps material?

>> No.55048155

>Hell, you'd even be auto-raping female jumpers.
It's not like they wouldn't deserve it. Fucking tranny roasties

>> No.55048160

>all this inter-jump balance
Brazil nut cake.

>> No.55048168

Please don't. His entire argument is based on inter jump balance by saying he has stuff that it gives from elsewhere and can get it cheaper elsewhere.

>> No.55048169

That's really the reason I chose it

I think that was the OVA? Which I have yet to see/ will probably not include, was going for manga only which so far has had zero tentacles

>> No.55048170

I'm kinda surprised there's no "Witches work only with magic" perk. Or was that a movie-only line?

>> No.55048175

Excuse you, but some of us went Witch/Monster Cat/Vestal/to Strike Witches/to Symphogear and didn't immediately reeeee about it.

>> No.55048179

Not that anon, but having just looked up the series, that's the OAV that started the tentacle hentai genre. The author of the original series supposedly called the OAV remake 'repugnant, brutal, and sadistic, yet brilliant'.

>> No.55048181

Yeah, it took me a bit to figure that out,I am not a wise jumper.

>> No.55048182

You didn't have to take the drawbacks that forced you into that situation you know. You had total control over what was going on.

So why are you pretending like you were utterly helpless?

>> No.55048184

How do the power/danger levels of this world compare with other high-power settings like Marvel/DC, shonen, etc.?

>> No.55048189

Well, when the author says gokus, i don't think she means "Blowing up universes" goku. But that being said, demiurges are supposed to be practical one man armies, and Jagganoth is said to have comnplete control over spacetime.

>> No.55048193

go away Ebon Dragon no one likes you.

>> No.55048204

And no one likes you, so take your own advice.

>> No.55048209

Well we havent seen anything extremely high level yet except for multiversal teleporting, but Jaggonath's (And 1 Metatron's) plan is to destroy the entire multiverse, so it will probably get to some shenangians.

>> No.55048215

>Getting compared to Ebon Dragon

Aww! That's the best compliment you could have ever given me! Thank you Bancho!

>> No.55048217

One and the rest of the Intoners were the cause of the world's destruction because of the Flower, ALL of the Intoners would have had to die to protect the world. In order to save the world One would have either had to kill her family or have Zero do it instead.

Drakengard is pretty messed up.

>> No.55048224

I'd be surprised if the manga was free of earth women all becoming breeding sows.

>> No.55048226

If we are talking about prices, Id have it at 400 CP, and that cutting power at 600. So an origins perk tree + capstone booster = 1,000, and the cutting power + capstone booster = 1,000. That sounds fair.

>> No.55048235

Genocide out of ignorance is still genocide.

>> No.55048245

Flowey, eat a Snickers.

>> No.55048251

There's not really any breeding going on, the manga is much more about the Chojin being inside some lame ass and a demon looking for him but not realizing he's sitting right under his nose

>> No.55048255

Oh, you're that "NOTHING OVER 600!" guy from yesterday.

>> No.55048257

And your entire argument is screw that guy. Your argument is even worse.

>> No.55048258

But Flowey Killing is bad.

Have a snickers.

>> No.55048272

You don't go from no rape to all the rape in a remake, anon.

>> No.55048276

I never said I liked it I never said I was proud of it I never Said I didn't Shed a tear with every Tick of my kill counter, but To say I didn't do it, or to deny that it happened, or to fail to admit my own failings is a failure on my part to own up to my actions and help me use them to not do that again ever.

>> No.55048283

1,000 is the entire starting budget anon. You balance by the jump.

>> No.55048288

Can we build new King's Doors to connect to ours if we buy the item?

>> No.55048290


Golly, thanks anons!

>> No.55048300

Yep, it's you.

You really can just ignore the above guy, he's a shitposter we've had lately. He killed like four threads whining about one thing recently.

>> No.55048302

I'm not saying there isn't rape, I'm saying the manga isn't strictly about it and is much more about an actual story with some sex added in. Also, the ova was just based on the authors work, it wasn't a remake and has a completely different plotline

>> No.55048311


>> No.55048317

No prob, Asriel! Now you keep yourself out of trouble, kid. Have fun!

>> No.55048318

You're missing my point if you don't see why it isn't important to know how much rape is in the manga, considering the OVA makes it a defacto situation where anyone that's jumping in with a vagina is getting raped full of demon spunk in their background.

>> No.55048325

>Jaggonath's (And 1 Metatron's) plan is to destroy the entire multiverse
1: Why?
2: Location #6 mentions Jaggonath and Incubus. Is one of these a typo, or are all three in on it?

>> No.55048335

>when you can't choose between PMD and GUM for Jump #2

>> No.55048349

1. Because Metatron Manipulated Jagganoth into it, thinking it was his destiny. Metatron wants to destroy it because he thinks the Inheritors are corrupting everything, and that killing them would purify it.
2. All the other Seven made fun of Incubus, so helping Jagganoth is his revenge.

>> No.55048354

As I said before, I will not be taking the OVA into account. It's not even really the same world. As far as the jump would be concerned, none of that ever happened. Also, a third of the people doing the raping in the manga are female, so if you got a dick you're getting just as screwed

>> No.55048368

Speaking of rape, how easily could SCP-682 rape a Post-Spark jumper who's gone through all the jumps and sparked at DeSu 2? Pretty effortlessly, I'd imagine?

>> No.55048370

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Why not roll for it?

>> No.55048377

You still didn't answer my question about the manga.

And if all the men in the world are getting raped that's an equal problem.

>> No.55048389

Would you include a Demon origin so jumpers could do rape instead of get raped?

>> No.55048390

682 is a meme.

>> No.55048396

Mystery Dungeon it is!

>> No.55048400

Hey, K6BD anon, I found this info on the rootless.

>> No.55048408

682 gets torn to shreds when Jumper summons an army of SCP-173s.

>> No.55048418

Angel Shells boughts as a non-Angel still become altforms after the jump, right?

Also, could you buy multiples of both the normal and reinforced varieties?

>> No.55048421

Get some anti plot armor perks.

>> No.55048422

>You really can just ignore the above guy
This is something you need to be wary of.
Lazy dismissals by shitposters. Whose contributions consists of calling everyone shitposters, instead of bothering to argue for or against an actual issue.

>> No.55048424

I feel like I missed the question, could you please repeat it?

Also, stop saying all. It's not all, it's in fact very few and the number seen so far is probably closer to 3-4, maybe as high as 6, almost all of which have the shit luck of being near the Chojin

Of course there would be a demon origin. How else would you get psychic powers?

>> No.55048434

1. They do not actually, though you could forge them into armor, as they are quite durable.
2. Sure why not.

>> No.55048440

God dammit
Now I sorta want to be a treeman
This is going to be one of those jumps where you just can't decide what you want

>> No.55048444

There is a bunny rabbit that 682's only response to was to climb the walls to get out of reach.

Ask that rabbit, it's probably a Jumper

>> No.55048456

SCP-682 won't rape you unless you make her a waifu.

>> No.55048461


>> No.55048485


>> No.55048495

Give in to the darkness.

>> No.55048498

>tfw you tally it all up at the end of the jump
>You only killed 5,999,999,999 demons

>> No.55048508

>1. They do not actually, though you could forge them into armor, as they are quite durable.
Well, fuck. That kinda sucks.

And I wouldn't call shrugging of a sword or small arms fire particularly durable. At least not moreso than mundane metals.

>> No.55048509

Are there any items or abilities that can convert any type of energy into any other type of energy?

>> No.55048516

That's you get for not killing your waifu too

>> No.55048518

>I feel like I missed the question, could you please repeat it?
>You're missing my point if you don't see why it isn't important to know how much rape is in the manga

>> No.55048526


>> No.55048528

universal adapter from storm Hawks lets you build converters that can do that but they take some experimenting to work out

>> No.55048534

Admit she's cute, you know it's true.

>> No.55048538

'Plug N' Play' from Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei might work.

>> No.55048546

Yorokonde why you do this to my penis?

>> No.55048553

Well, angels are said to be comparable to constantly exploding nuclear bombs, and their shells are also compared to tanks in one of the alt-texts.

>> No.55048562

I'm not Yorokonde.

>> No.55048566

I feel sorry for whoever gets hit by the Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyMouse.

>> No.55048580

I thought I addressed that? Or do you mean that there shouldn't be a setting with rape in it, or something? There really isn't all that much going on in the manga, comparatively

>> No.55048583

...Then the descriptions of the Shells seem kind of wildly inaccurate?

>It is mildly durable, and can shrug off a sword at most.
>It is capable of shrugging off most small arms fire

>> No.55048588

>"Well hello little mouse!"
>"...what the fuck."

>> No.55048598

He knows what he has done.

>> No.55048602

So question for you guys. If I return to Overlord (The Series) do I get another ? Also, if I did the scenario where I unite Ains Ooal Gol am I in another universe or the same one. If I return do I get another origin, and further do I need to repurchase level 100 and Realm of Heroes?

>> No.55048604

You only addressed it in the same post you asked me what I asked, so.

>> No.55048605

so why does the angel items in the jump mention "A sword at most" and "Small arms fire" in the reinforced version. If they are supposed to be awesome in the setting, why does the jump make them suck?

>> No.55048626

Oh, you're right. Sorry about that.

>> No.55048630

Fixed to portray it a bit better.

>> No.55048635

Technically no. But since returns are a VERY limited resource, if you want to fanwank it as as running through the jump choices again, go for it.

>> No.55048643

Not canon, so it doesn't matter.

>> No.55048659

It's literally just another set of years through a setting.

No double your CP. No second origins. None.

>> No.55048666

>do I get another

Another what?

And also with return you don't repurchase anything or get more CP to spend you just show up against for 10 years.

It's supposed to be like a vacation option.

>> No.55048702

It could be much worse.
The Witches could come across the completely harmless children Goten and Trunks.
Nothing bad could come of them being turned into mice. Nothing.

>> No.55048720


Ahh, mb misinterpreted what return was for. Since it said another 10 years in the jump I thought it was just doing the jump again. My mistake

>> No.55048724

Now hold on anon, would anything bad come of Goten and Kid Trunks being turned into mice and killed by witches? Think about it.

>> No.55048745

Yes, especially if this happens before Buu Saga.

>> No.55048756

All good dude. It was from way early /jc/.

>> No.55048761

>and killed by witches?
This is the part that makes it bad. Because the witches couldn't manage it. So you'd end up with Goten and Trunks as mice doing their thing. The world would be doomed (more than usual.)

>> No.55048765

Does Sanctioned Action give you actual combat skills and proficiency with the ability, or do you just start with the ability? Are we on par with Maya?

>> No.55048781

> SSJ3 Gotenks Mouse

>> No.55048805

It gives you a regular knigh's combat skill in using whatever bladed weapon you want. You start off on level with Maya, and imrpove from there, to the point where you could potentially start cutting concepts.

>> No.55048811

I mean, Vegito did kick Buu's pink butt as a candy, so this might work out in the world's favor.

>Super Ghost Kamikaze Mouse Horde attack.

>> No.55048822

The ghost kamikaze attack always confused me. Like, is it ki projections or actual spirit shit?

>> No.55048828

Same thing, anon.

>> No.55048829

Where can I get magic meme snickers?

>> No.55048837

Would claws and other natural weapons work for the parts which require a "sword"?

>> No.55048855

I didn't see that in the book, so probably. The jump is based on the book.

>> No.55048856

How do waifu?

>> No.55048861

At least it'd be an easy to spot mouse. Just look for the glowing golden spiky, gravity defying, mouse.
Granted, most people don't look at the sky to find mice.

>> No.55048879

So long as they can cut, they should work.

>> No.55048883

Just kill Super Buu yourself. Hell kill him when he's Evil Buu.

>> No.55048903

Why did you remove the capstone booster interaction with sanctioned action?

>> No.55048910

Because i added the ability to conceptual cut as a skill you can get via the regular perk, just with training.

>> No.55048913

Dragon Ball doesn't really differentiate them. There's ki and ghosts and straight up magic and nobody ever says it's one thing or the other.

>> No.55048947


tactical vacuum-formed bodysuits.

>> No.55048948

The ghost kamikzae is defintely Ki, Neither Goten or Trunks are skilled in summoning the actual dead as far as we know.

Actual spirit stuff and magic does exist in DBZ though, its just ignored in favor of MOAR POWAH of the later seasons.

>> No.55048952

Is their an updated jump list? The current one is lacking a all of the stuff made in the last month or three.

>> No.55048955

I'm working on all three at once basically. When it feels like I'm not making good progress on one Jump I switch to another.

I've got a good idea for what the origins are going to be in MK 9&10, as well as races and possibly factions. I've also got a rough outline for a Kostume Supplement, and possibly a Kanon Kompanion Supplement since I feel like listing everybody out and giving everybody brief overviews would be kool.

As for Marvel vs Capcom; I've got no idea if I'm actually going to be able to do it justice. My concerns are that it'll either be selling off game mechanics or a hodgepodge of stuff from different settings, and neither appeal to me.

Do you guys want a Mileena expy in the same vein as the Deranged Fan? Of course she'll also be available.

I'm not that much of a monster, anon.

I was planning on having you start out in MK 9, with an optional drawback that shoots you up to MK 10 and one that lets you go through the duration of both.

>> No.55048974

How many wit perks would you need to use your words?

>> No.55048992

Ah, ok.

So, question, have you looked at the Universal War CYOA? it seems to be based on the setting, except either all the demiurges died in the Universal war, or the time is sometime after the remaining 7 have dies off.

Could you consider a +0 fanfiction Drawback to use that setting as backdrop?

>> No.55049021

So is Mardukth here?
I'd asked a couple thread ago about what all Jumps and CYOA's you made.

Kung Fury
The Incredibles
Exalted - Infernals
Exalted - Lunars
And after that post I saw Viscera Cleanup Detail
Any others?

>> No.55049025

Those really are the only two options, yeah. Smash Bros did game mechanics pretty well I think but I doubt setting grab bag would be well received.

>> No.55049032

I will consider it.

>> No.55049054 [SPOILER] 

Speaking of Kanon Kompanions, since Drop Ins aren't based on anybody in particular these gentlemen and their buddy Freddy are going to be discounted for them.

Kratos too, maybe.

>> No.55049061

I mean MVC spiderman showed up in edge of spiderverse. Basically he was just a more hammy, energetic spiderman who always yelled out his move names.

I'm certain there is at least a drawback (having to yell out move names) that could be drawn from his portrayal there.

>> No.55049103

... You know, I'm pretty sure a Sidereal could do some deadly things with Generalized Ammunition Technique, a shout, a bow and the Sanctioned Action.

>> No.55049119

I for one plan to stay for the duration

Also as long as I can get a perk that lets me make a Soulnado I could literally care less what else is offered

>> No.55049124


Playing as Unstoppable Jason was awesome.

>> No.55049133

I was really hoping some actual magic user would pop up in the Tournament of Power, but unless there's some big surprise from one of the weirder fighters hanging in the winds, no luck.

>> No.55049140

Why in earth orbit does the Gundam Wing jump omit the Taurus as a purchasable suit?

For that matter, I'd like to pick up a couple virgo mobile dolls, and I'm getting totally cockblocked here.

>> No.55049148

There's straight up a perk in one jump that makes things that hate humans or any other group you belong to make possible exceptions of or take it easy on you. I don't remember the name, but that perk and some charisma would have 682 become your yandere waifu in a heartbeat.

>> No.55049166

Stupid question but how strong would we be if we took Ebon Devil and Holy Thorn Knight?

>> No.55049168

Only interested in canon Mileena. An expy isn't here, it's a cheap recolor.

>> No.55049198

An expy would be cool as long as you're also offering the real deal.

>> No.55049203

Pretty Strong. I would say about 1 goku.

Also, im going to bed, so i will be unable to answer any moree questions for the rest of the night.

>> No.55049223

>about 1 goku
Just fuck off with this stupid stuff already.

>> No.55049231

Goku when? Start of the series? Frieza saga? Buu Saga? DB Super? GT?

>> No.55049248

I hope he keeps doing it if it bothers you this much.

>> No.55049250


>> No.55049252

I just wanna say: thank you for making the Goku scale a thing. It's so dumb, but it's so good.

>> No.55049267

>cheap recolor
>in Mortal Kombat
Well, I never.

>> No.55049275

Why dont you run a home for wayward succubi? They just want love.

>> No.55049285

You're right, we should've started measuring in Friezas.

>> No.55049294

I'm not aware of any jumps that have succubi that aren't evil.

>> No.55049300

That would have made more sense actually, since he has only two max powerlevels.

>> No.55049307

Because unlike some Jumpers, I care what the local governments think about my activities. It really is less of a hassle to play by the rules when those rules are acceptable.

>> No.55049319

The only DBZ character that should be used as a unit of measurement is Raditz.

>> No.55049325

I for one love the goku scale, however my country uses the alternate and often criticised Vegeta scale. Though it may not be as easy as the goku scale for scientific readings the Vegeta scale is much more applicable for everyday use.

>> No.55049331

I run a home for wayward ANYONE. And a separate Orphanage as well.

>> No.55049336

It...really doesn't make more sense. His two power levels are trillions or quadrillions of times apart. You're either talking about destroying a planet or a universe, very different things.

Raditz now? That's a better unit of measurement. He's only got one power level. You have to look really close to see it though.

>> No.55049337

Well, it is the prince of all scales.

>> No.55049338

But I do.

>> No.55049341

What jumps have indestructible item imports?

>> No.55049346

That would be like when in Coiling Dragon people used Haydson as a measurement.

>> No.55049354

Uhm, yes and no. There are two important Leomons in the game. One is the guy in charge of Digital City's Arena which is where you take the tests to increase your Tamer Rank, and fight other Tamers. The other is the target of the MC's first extermination mission.

So yeah, you can totes be a Leomon here.

Thing is the Digibeetle is sort of meant to be the Tamer's Capstone Item since in the games they're the only ones who actually own Custom Made Digibeetles. Heck, even newbies get fully personalized ones and an entire team to give theirs maintenance. Thus why they have a discount and freebies for the upgrades; they have the easiest access (and priority access) to all the best digibeetle parts.

That and, I'm already giving an Item Stipend; so adding a Beetle Budget onto seems a bit excessive. If I did offer one, I'd probably have to take away the Stipend otherwise it feels like I'd be giving away too much free stuff.

You already got a tank just for being human after all.

You're quite welcome man. I'm just happy people are enjoying it; and that it's of use to people's chains and narratives.

Well that's not it's intended use, but I'd allow it since it's still follows the spirit of the Item "replacing a greater being who's absence/death/injury/capture would be bad". You just have to decide whether its based on a "Sane, pre-human hating" Gaia; or whether this ones a brand new planet Spirit.

Of course either way, that'd probably bring it's own problems. As the Anon's said, an Artificial Gaia probably isn't the best was to convince the Types to stop attacking.

It'd be like if you went out to avenge the death of your Aunt; only to find out they replaced her with a hyper-realistic android that even has most of her memories. There's also the issue that by repairing the worlds Reality Marble Grain would stop falling unto the planet; so Human's would lose their source of power.

>> No.55049367

But what can Raditz actually do? He doesn't really have any feats aside from beating up Start of Z Goku and Piccolo.

>> No.55049375

I approve of the Vegeta scale, because I am the Prince of all Saiyans and should be the Prince of all Measurements as well.

>> No.55049380

Can you please post the newest version?

>> No.55049386


Well, you could; but it would be kind of wasteful. Remember, the Backup once it replaces the Original is its own independent being; if more align to your morals and friendlier to your goals.

So if you're going to use it on someone non-critical you best be certain it's worth it.

>> No.55049387

Samurai Jack and SAO.

>> No.55049390

>So yeah, you can totes be a Leomon here.
Alright thanks, I guess I only have a 50/50 chance of dieing as a Leomon then, much better then the latter series atleast.

>> No.55049408

Sure thing Anon.

Reposting V1.1

As mentioned last thread: comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed.

>> No.55049419

It only makes sense, the goku scale may go over 9000 but the Vegeta scale gives easy to understand measurements, no need to worry about godmode ritualss or funny magic space goblins when the Vegeta Scale can give the exact same results for just a little more work.

>> No.55049442

Could be a bancholeomon, those guys never die.

>> No.55049454

I feel like Doom 2016 in particular is a good jump to precede this one. No idea why it would be better than any other jump with ultra-violence.

It also just occurred to me that jumpers who took the witch origin should probably be offered a "kill all witches but one" drawback, to avoid being screwed over by exact wording.

>Take Kill All Witches drawback
>Jumper blows up the planet
>"Technically, I have to accept that"

>> No.55049459

Until Then, Traind Hard seems a lot better than the other capstones. it has a lot of good effects bound up in it. Amazing training booster, bringing you adventures and challenges to get you out of being stuck, getting superiors to train you, getting more attention from your favoured sex, getting enemies to spare you and offer to join their side.

It just seems like it's doing a whole lot more than the other capstones.

>> No.55049465 [DELETED] 


>> No.55049468

What jumps have cool swords in them (canon or make-your-own)? In addition, which jumps let me fuse weapons so I can make The Coolest Sword?

>> No.55049472

I prefer the Vegeta scale because, while it does take a bit more work, it has a clear progression. It just makes sense.
The Goku scale has these random jumps for no apparent reason and completely disregards logic.

>> No.55049474

The challenges you get also always scale to you to ensure they always give benefit and they make you a better person too.

>> No.55049475

So that's why that fuck stays around? Plot armor?

>> No.55049496

Hey Regalus, does Designer Skyline only work on cities? Could it also apply to other construction projects?

>> No.55049502

As long as it isn't like the LoL supplement.

>> No.55049510

Why would you want anything to do with bancho?

>> No.55049526

Because unlike that idiot, banchos can actually be cool.

He didn't invent the term, he's just tainting it.

>> No.55049529

>Challenges scale.
That sounds like kind of a big drawback.

>> No.55049533

Which one, and in what way?

>> No.55049544

Not to me. Sounds like it means you're always going to benefit from those challenges. You don't need to accept the challenges either, that's made explicit, and your enemies will constantly let you go even after repeated fights against them through this same perk too, so that's another threat lessened.

>> No.55049560


>> No.55049564

For Dies Irae, are we going to be able to get to Atziluth in jump? What's the endjump scenario going to cover? Can we import stuff for our relics?

>> No.55049590

Ah, thank you.

Well, the only people I've got in mind for it right now is Yhwach the Almighty and the Soul King from Bleach. The Soul King is kind of required for the various worlds in the setting to not implode IIRC so using it on him just in case would be a really good idea. But Yhwach's got precognition and fate control out of the ass so having the concealment would be really good. The fact that the Backup could take charge of any Quincies that survive the inevitable invasion of Soul Society and probably not be a genocidal world-ending prick is just a bonus.

...Also, the idea of the Backup looking like Young Yhwach is funny to me.

>> No.55049599


>> No.55049636

So, /jc/, which of these do you prefer?


>> No.55049656


>> No.55049657


>> No.55049668

I've always had a soft-spot for Mankey. I wish they were better competitively.

>> No.55049669

Riolu. I like the kung-fu jackal.
Ralts is a close second, with Pancham third, Tepig fourth, and Mankey fifth.

>> No.55049680


>> No.55049682


>> No.55049686

Tie between Riolu and Ralts.


>> No.55049687

>"Archer! Kill those things!"

>> No.55049695


>> No.55049696


>Although the manga would grow a cult following, it was the anime which became notorious. Anime director Hideki Takayama took great artistic liberties with the Urotsukidōji story, mixing elements of horror, violence, and sadistic scenes of rape not present in the original work. Maeda himself stated in an issue of Playboy Japan that he found the anime to be repugnant, cruel and sadistic, yet brilliant. He also said he admires Takayama's take on his vision. The anime series is most famous for being the first in the tentacle rape genre, though only one scene in the first OAV actually contains any tentacle rape. Tentacle rape was not present in the Urotsukidōji manga but was featured in a series that he would publish years later called Demon Beast Invasion. Takayama was incredibly influenced by this work of Maeda's but thought that the Urotsukidōji story was stronger.

So apparently, the joke here is that the original manga version of one of the most infamous tentacle rape anime has no tentacle rape in it.

>> No.55049714


>> No.55049715

Yes. Not sure on the specifics but most likely something to do with either Hajun or just the settings cosmology overall. You'll be able to, yes.

>> No.55049736


Something's not quite right.

>> No.55049761

No intended drawback? Regardless, here's my hypothetical build if you're interested. I don't know what I'm going to do with Companions yet.

Digimon World 2
Origin: Guard Tamer

Licensed Asskicker
Who Are You Calling a Kid
Data Transfer (200cp)
The Oath: “To Fight for Freedom and Harmony,” (200cp)
Mix-and-Match King (200cp)
Fostering Growth (200cp)
Until Then, Train Hard (300cp)
Designer Skylines (400cp)

Tamer’s License
Digibeetle (100cp)
DB-Browser, Experimental Chassis, Gigahand, Unlimited Power, Hot Rod,
All-Terrain Buggy, Sensor Suite, Chrome Finish, Super Pilot

Call in the J-Team

Another World, Another Time (+0)
Conflict Drive (+200cp)
Item Embargo (+200cp)
Attention Magnet (+200cp)

>> No.55049776

*No intended drawback limit?

Forgot a word.

>> No.55049777


>> No.55049804

She just wants to show you how much she appreciates all the extra training you've been giving her.

>> No.55049807

Are there any perks for writing airtight contracts?

>> No.55049810

I wonder if you could kill a lot of the momentum behind it if you removed the censorship of genitalia.

>> No.55049813

Consider that the Master of Archer is Rin. Who has the traditional Magus' view on technology. Now, add to that the apparent inhuman things involved.

>> No.55049865

Bit sad there is no way to buy held items in pokemon out of the gate. I wanted a 100% crit Absol

>> No.55049910

Mention that to Heavens when they start working on the Sun & Moon Jump.

>> No.55049925

Darkstalkers and Rosario+Vampire. In both they are rare. In the first succubi can die if not entertained enough. Morrigan Aensland is a decent person, she just likes to fight.

In Rosario+Vampire they are just normal people looking for their soul mate, because that is the only person they can breed with.

>> No.55049935

Not quite,despite how wordy it is, it only does two things:
*Make people take notice of you easier, and see you as someone valuable/worthwhile to them.
*Provide the chance for you to join events which will challenge you and help you grow. It doesn't conjure them up, and it's not restricted to just combat.That's it.

Tamer's hunch on the other hand gives you a combination of excellent luck at avoiding things that would've caught you completely offguard, and gives you intuition bordering on out right Pericognition.

Drop's Capstones basically allows you to give the middle finger most Save or Suck, and Save or Die effects out there in the chain; from Zombie virus' and jerk gods screwing with reality, to Aizen and Madara trying to Meme you to death. While it's other Capstone basically allows you to give Cyber Security the middle finger, and makes it easy to Social-Fu Ais.

Supporter's first capstone gives you the ability to not only decipher the rules behind any strange power or phenomenon you witness, but also gives you the skill to make super science devices based of those principles. While it's second capstone gives you the secret to making Digivices capable of working on any kind of Lifeform; in additon allowing you to make tech evolve, and how to game Digivolution for fun and profit.

In Blood Knight's case they get TRUTH the perk/permanent mundane True Seeing that applies to all senses and the ability to never be deceived by others; while the second one lets them know whether or not you can still resolve a situation peacefully, and if you cant then you can just go Ultra Warlord/Tactician on their butts.
Digimon are the ones who get the Capstones with the narrowest effects (Anime Digivolution, canceling unwanted fusions, controlling how the minds of fusions turn out, and being an Alpha/Boss Digimon capable of forming entire armies of loyal followers just by being a badass).
They all do a lot of stuff; UTTH just has the most examples on how it works.

>> No.55049945

What are some ways to deal with a companion with 20 different appearance boosting perks to allow you to actually get work done instead of drooling at them all day.

>> No.55049966

It can apply to anything you could reasonably say possess an "architecture".
Second Anon is correct, also as a reminder. UTTH doesn't fabricate the Challenges. If you can blow up Moons by punching them, it's very unlikely you'll get a prompt for a Challenge based off Raw power while in a setting like Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright; unless its something like "An Asteroid is going to hit the planet, and only you can stop it Anon!". As a whole you're probably to get far more prompts for social or intelligence/skill based challenges in that kind of setting.

Oh yeah, that'll work fine.

Yup, go nuts on your suffering.

>> No.55049969

Let's say you have a durability perk that essentially makes you immune to rockets. Firstly, does this apply to hair and nails, and secondly, if it does, how to I cut/trim them?

>> No.55049982

no reason why a blanket mental resistance perk wouldn't work
yes, and super strength or shapeshifting are the easiest

>> No.55049990

1. Probably,

2. Get a scissors/cutting blade that stronger or sharper then explosions.

>> No.55049991

Wait a minute, I know this artist.

What /is/ it with him and hair, anyway?

>> No.55049993

Duplicate yourself then use a perk, like the one from Portal, that lets you temporarily suppress your emotions, then either you or your duplicate can spend all day with your companion while the other suppresses their emotions and gets stuff done.

>> No.55050015

Get Willpower Perks and similar such Perks that aid you in resisting temptation.

>> No.55050049

Well, no. It ALSO makes enemies repeatedly let you go even after you've hurt them a bunch of times. And you grow at extreme speeds. That's four great effects. It's very clear that those challenges aren't just normal growth rate.

>> No.55050054

>What /is/ it with him and hair, anyway?
No idea who it is, but I'm going to say it's a fetish.

>> No.55050123

Didn't he die in digimon savers?

>> No.55050183

It's Writefagging time!

Jump 06: King Arthur
+100CP The French
+200CP The Knight
+300CP Excalibur
+300CP Dragon’s Bride
-400CP Half-Blood (Nymph)
-100CP Star Blessed (Lepus)
-300CP Dragon’s Soul
-100CP Knight
Combat Skill (Free)
-100CP Prince Charming (Discount)
-200CP Morning Hope/Evening Despair (Discount)
-300CP The Colored Man (Discount)
Standard Weapon (Free)
Armor (Free)
-100CP Recommendation to King Arthur’s Court
-150CP Dragon Lair
-50CP Gold Coins
-100CP Party Call (Kindred)

Drop-In (Free)
Natural Disease Immunity (Free)
Books of the Arthurian Legend (Free)
-100CP Castle Kindred (Discount)
-200CP Enchanted (Import to Lamb’s Bow)


On an unrelated note, I just bit my tongue and it hurts really bad.

>> No.55050330

Really good Scissors, you could pick up a pair of such scissors in Akame ga Kill, though the jump doesn't specifically mention them. I'm sure you could pick up some good scissors elsewhere though, and probably ones with a more manageable size.

>> No.55050335

I'm a fan of Ralts.

>> No.55050386

>The Long Lost Half-Nymph Brother of King Arthur, with the Soul of a Dragon, Blessed by the Leporid Stars
It's so easy to forget how silly builds can get, isn't it?

also fuck I wasn't expecting that to actually get serious and end bitterly

>> No.55050501

With enough charisma and the drop-in capstone (and a really good argument), is it possible to diplomacize overlord gaia in the relavant drawback? Or is he too dead set by that point.

>> No.55050530

If we ever get a Starfinder jump, I think I'm gonna curse the entire race of Lashuntas with ugliness.

>> No.55050548

Just came from that thread too huh

>> No.55050564

You caught me. I just don't like Mary Sues, ironically, so I want to give them some humble pie. If they really are good diplomats they'll be able to recover, anyway.

>> No.55050571


>> No.55050613

How would people feel about a Rahxephon jump?

>> No.55050641

I'd feel pretty good about it. I don't believe anyone has it claimed either.

>> No.55050674

I'd definitely be down for it, though I don't know how you would handle the titular mech itself.

>> No.55050676

They're a race of androgynous (within two gender roles who look different though so members of one caste all look similar no matter what their sex, stuff like that) diplomants who are supposed to be the sexiest things ever and who every races likes and who are friends with everyone and who have the most perfect and amazing society despite it being a literal caste system.

>> No.55050677

I'd feel pretty meh about it. But that's probably because I'm not a fan of mechs, in general.

>> No.55050690

The former falls under the "make you seem valuable/worth it" part of the perks.

As for training booster you're forgetting a few things:
1)You have no control over the kind of event. Meaning Jumper can't use this as a reliable way to train whatever they want.

2)You have no control over the frequency of these challenges. Meaning that if you deny one, Jumper has no way of knowing when the next one will pop up

3)The events won't be easy, and will always have a substantial chance for failure *because* they help you grow by forcing you to push yourself in a certain way; so if you fail or give up, that's it. You missed your shot at the lesson, and life goes on. If you join an Event that involves having collecting ingredients from a distant mountain range to cure a little girl, and you decide its not worth it after seeing the huge monster the little girl is probably going to die, and you won't get your lesson. Or the lesson might come from fighting someone without any of your special powers or gear; meaning the moment you use any of it because you got frustrated or desperate you lose the Lesson, even if you won the fight.

4)Most events aren't combat centric; and those that do might not have something you fight. An Event could be involve delivering 30 pizzas across the city in 30 minutes; making you run around on foot to deliver them, while dealing with horrible customers and inconveniences. Only for you to get insight to a new Move as you think back to that awesome thing you did with your wrist to deliver the last pizza.

It doesn't provide power boosts, nor does it make you train faster, or better. It provides "challenging learning experiences that are always worth it in the end." Yes, that can make you grow faster than just trained by catching 1000 leaves that afternoon instead of delivering pizzas; but gaining raw power isn't the goal of the Lessons, it's "becoming the best You, you can be" (i.e. Living up to the potential everyone saw in you).

>> No.55050703

Lol bitcthulhu is acting like the whole thread banded together to waifu 682 rather than a couple anons making a throwaway joke. SBers, never change.

>> No.55050737

Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

>> No.55050740

I'm always down for more weird anime jumps.

>> No.55050748

After some quick research, I still have no real idea what this show is about. But it's not like I would prefer to not see it done.

...That Largo mech sure is cool, though.

>> No.55050752

>Doesn't make you train faster
You might want to change the third paragraph then because that really doesn't seem clear from what you wrote.

>> No.55050765

Hey Strike Chan, Sisters of Battle question if you see this.
Living Saint has Relic Armour & Relic Sword under it's wargear, does that mean living saint Jumpers/companions get a free Relic Power Armor and Relic Power Sword? If so is it one of the named ones for RP? Because I don't see a Relic Sword anywhere else.

If it is supposed to give one of the named ones what happens if we have more than 2 living saints in our party?

>> No.55050832

Metalocalypse has a contract law perk but its more about getting good deals rather than perfect contracts.

>> No.55050852

Well, I'm just about to head to the gym. So, kind of? It depends how you define "better". It's certainly a /different/ use of my time, but in the end nothing worthwhile is really being accomplished. Nothing that impacts anyone but me, really.

>> No.55050892

I'm taking bait right now, but I'm curious. Does that disgust him or is he having silly fun and you're just trying to start shit over it?

>> No.55050895

I mean, just sitting and watching what goes on on the SB thread seems like a pretty boring thing to do. If you're really that bored, there's got to be a ton of actually fun things to do, aside from just watching and reporting what goes on over there.

>> No.55050927

He was just having fun. He got a couple joke responses as well.

>> No.55050941

Alright I have no idea where I saw it but there is a perk that allows you to treat pounds of fat as pounds of muscle, essentially allowing you to be a super strong fat fuck.

Does anyone have any idea what jump it is from because I can't remember

>> No.55050968

What I expected. Man, what a harmless thing for this guy to try and stir drama over.

>> No.55051001

Is it okay to pump out a mib-quality jump if you just want a specific thing from a setting?

>> No.55051026


>> No.55051030


>> No.55051031

No. No it's not. That just locks someone out of making that setting that could actually do it justice so you can be a powergrabbing fucktard.

>> No.55051044

Buddy. Pal. Chummer.

That depends on your definition of the word "okay." Ya see, some people would consider that scummy or immoral or otherwise offensive.

But! But! You can always drop a concept/WIP/etc in thread and then see if anyone is willing to pick it up for polish, once you've got the basics down - or recruit something like a proofreader.

>> No.55051063

I got nothing, but Bottom Feeder from Dark Souls 3 lets you funnel your overeating into height and particularly protective fat, while the Akimichi Bloodline from Naruto lets you burn calories into Chakra or raw power with certain medicines. If noone else knows what that perk is from then this should let you get something out of being a fat fuck at least.

>> No.55051074

What's the minimum length requirement for an IP you want to make a jump of? Specifically for literature.

>> No.55051086


Its possible that its one of the perks in Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms, given that this is one of the Ogre's specialties.

>> No.55051092

It's from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

>> No.55051096

>minimum length
Is there enough content for you to make a good jump from? If you can make at least the average sized jump with stuff from the book, it doesn't really matter how long the book is.

>> No.55051111

What's the IP?

>> No.55051144

I'm considering writing some fanfiction for a setting we already have a jump of, and then writing a jump for that, but I don't want to waste too much time on it. So that's handy, I guess.

>> No.55051157

Morrigan Aensland must thank god for that little bit of battle mania that she's got, because otherwise at her age things would have turned stale a while ago.

>> No.55051185

That didn't answer the question, what's the IP?

>> No.55051196

The fanfiction I haven't written yet.

>> No.55051199

Yep and I'd suggest hitting up Kill la Kill for the scissors there, they're great

>> No.55051205

what is the fanfic OF, DAMN IT.

>> No.55051231


To be honest, I'm tempted to do it.

>> No.55051240

No no no no no. Fuck that shit no.

>> No.55051283

Yeah, that's....not going to work. You'd have to put in a shitload of time to make it long and different enough and you basically sabotaged yourself already.

>> No.55051291

Okay, what if I fluff it out more, and it's still because I want something specific from the setting... But it's not obvious that I made it for that thing, because it just fills a niche autistic need of mine?

>> No.55051313

...I'm reluctant to ask, but what setting is the fanfic for and what's the premise of said fanfic.

>> No.55051328

Two kinds of bait in a row. What a retarded fisherman.

>> No.55051331

If you make a good jump for something that doesn't already have a jump, that is fine. If you make a bad jump, or a jump for something we already have, that is not fine.

>> No.55051333

Just make the rest of the jump surrounding what you want actually good, fuck's sake.

People don't care when you make a jump for one thing, they care when you make the jump only good for the one thing.

>> No.55051346

Fucking thank you, I was driving myself nuts looking for that

>> No.55051352

It's Night of the Living Vague.

>> No.55051361


>> No.55051407

>tfw I knew the answer to the question, but I couldn't find the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia jump so I thought I was wrong
God damn it.

>> No.55051544

What are some good perks to pick up early in a chain?

>> No.55051562

If you want your Jumper to be recognizable after a while, anything that protects your identity and perfects your memory.

A 'never bored with adventure' perk is good, too.

Otherwise, get convenience and survival stuff.

>> No.55051592

I promise you will never regret regen and 1-up perks.

>> No.55051655

What do you want from the setting?
Because there's probably six billion ways to make it already.

>> No.55051660

Some perks are exponentially better early on in the chain then later, everything from EVO for example is amazing early on since it builds up over time. Picking up various immunity perks and resistance perks are always great early on since while they are mostly utility and meaningless in a lot of settings when they are useful they're amazing.

>> No.55051674


For sure, always beneficial early-chain. You will take damage as you jump.


Debatable. Their value varies wildly depending on how you decide to write your chain. Whether you get a particular 1-up or not should depend on the other things you could buy with that CP.

>> No.55051756

I write my chain in a semi realistic way, which means that when my jumper inevitably gets in over his head trying to protect someone or something, he's probably going to bite it.
Maxim 70: "Failure is not an option - it is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do."

>> No.55051876

I write my chain like it was an escapist self-insert fantasy, so while my jumper gets into all kinds of cray trouble he is obviously not going to die, because he's the protagonist.

>> No.55051887

The one in the uploads folder should only be a week or so out of date.

>> No.55051896

But anon, every proper protagonist has to die at least once so their comeback is all the more awesome.

>> No.55051899

you and 99% of other people in these threads.

>> No.55051906

Would anyone be interested in a generic paleolithic/neolithic jump?

>> No.55051927

Only if you make it the cheesy bad science kind of paleolithic/neoithic with anatomically incorrect dinosaurs and improbably blonde women wearing leapord skin bikinis

>> No.55051940

Yeah, sounds interesting.

>> No.55051945

>with optional I AM PLAY GODS drawback

Oh my, yes.

>> No.55051947

I would, but I would be interested in pretty much any jump.

>> No.55051989

Nah, he can just fake his own death with a body double.

>> No.55051992

I remember that comic.

>> No.55052003

Ah, I knew it didn't sound quite right.

>> No.55052020


>> No.55052042

Only if it has a vehicle import option that lets you power it with your feet.

>> No.55052094

>tfw that might actually make your vehicle faster

>> No.55052118

[The Witches]

Drawbacks: Witches Hate You Too, Witches Do Stick Children With Knives (1400)

Rolled The Grand High Witch's Castle


A Warm Aura (Free)
Savior of Children (1300)
Witch Hunter (1100)
Unchangeable Body (800)
You're The First Non-Witch To See Her (400)
A Simple Drop Will Do (0)

Yep, totally a witch! See this pointy hat? See this broomstick? See my fellow witch Pleinair, who's trying to help us get unstuck from our human disguises after a tragic potion accident?

>...is that a microphone?
>Can't be, it's far too small!
>Must be some kind of wand in disguise
>What a strange phone! It almost looks like a very flat camera!

Exactly. Say, where's the cafeteria? I'm starving.

>Oh, just downstairs from the guest lair and second left from the dungeons


Later that day, I turned in a documentary about the invisible child predators that walk among us to several intelligence agencies and governments from around the world. Some of them turned out to be run by witches already, so I had to pull a lot of strings to stabilise the situation in America-and arrange one specific accident in Germany.

The remaining witches banded under a protest group called Mousegate (#NotAllWitches) that tried to prove the leadership's tragic potion accident was an inside job, but by then police violence was officially sanctioned by the will of heaven.

>> No.55052149

I need a expert of martial art WUXIA genre to explain this to me: What is the great deal for the Nine Yin/Nine Yang Manual?

>> No.55052196

I'm a fan of the Savant Perk in Pokemon. That jump is kind of lacking in stuff that matters post jump. Mostly breaks down to the powers and Pokemon, everything else is obtainable elsewhere. Also, fast learning is good.
>protects identity
Where might we get that in a low-danger setting?
I'm struggling to think of anything other than underpriced perks.
Both are always good. Keeping yourself from getting dusted earlier is good. You can keep gathering powers the longer you stay alive.Wonder if one ups would work if you had your soul stolen or destroyed.
Never thought of EVO Or heard of it, really. I'd need to read into it to know. But being a dragon or a vampire or something seems like it'd be useful in that regard, or really any being who's power scales with age/mastery. After all, if you don't die, you'll have all the time in the worlds.
Regen is useful, I can't count on not being shot in the head or anything. 1-ups are good if you were actually in a chain. They're useless if you have law of narrative causality on your side unless you plan on using those 1-ups.

>> No.55052204

Is there anything for anti-air in the Sisters of Battle jump? There will probably going to be some air born enemies in the scenarios.

I thought one of the exorcist patterns would do it but apparently that is just a thing in the homebrew codex and while the jump takes from that codex it still uses the original canon version of the exorcist.

>> No.55052209

Yes. I want to invent agriculture in Australia, there are some plants there that could theoretically make good domesticated crops but that never were.

>> No.55052230

Good luck anon. You're gonna need it.

>> No.55052244

As an Australian, tell me more.

>> No.55052247

Just do some research about when/where peoples came from. Like Indo-Europeans being in Central Asia before the invention of civilization.

>> No.55052267


A refilling income source, any perk that gives you infrastructure that follows you, and tech good enough to make your warehouse livable would all be good convenience perks.


Video game where evolution occurs by accruing evolution points that you can spend on upgrades. The earlier you go, the more time you can spend evolving.


More specifically, if you can go to a D&D jump with low overt danger (such as OotS) you can get access to a very useful set of game mechanics that will make you stronger over time. And if you don't mind the jump itself sucking, going to Forgotten Realms to become a D&D dragon is a good idea.

>They're useless if you have law of narrative causality on your side unless you plan on using those 1-ups.

Every jumper has some amount of narrative causality on their side. How much just depends on the jumper.

>> No.55052282

>What is the great deal for the Nine Yin/Nine Yang Manual?
What like from Kung Fu Hustle or Wuxia?

Kung Fu Hustle's is:
>Nine Yin is a compilation of numerous scrolls and ancient scriptures pertaining to psychic powers, healing techniques, classical martial arts techniques, and Taoist Alchemy. It focuses on working with inner energy and qi, usually to nullify the magical, psychic, or spiritual powers of others.
It's a general anti-supernatural powers marital arts.

>Nine Yang was created to counter Nine Yin and includes powerful defenses to block chiblocking moves, but by embracing a counter philosophy it also compensates for some of the weaknesses of Nine Yin, largely by allowing the user to defend himself against many opponents while focusing on eliminating them one by one.
It's a direct counter to Nine Yin and other anti-supernatural powers skills, if you can get your hands on your foes they're not shutting you down you're going to end up shutting them down.

Other than that I know nothing about another Nine Yin/Nine Yang Manual.

>> No.55052284

Where can I attain gun mastery of such skill, caliber, and power, that to all mortal practitioners and divinities alike, I am become a God Of The Gun?

>> No.55052306

Hit up Equalibrium and then Enter the Gungeon and maybe some western settings like Wild West or Red Dead Redemption.

>> No.55052308

In both of the warfare intensive scenarios you have other imperial factions to provide air support and anti-air defenses, unless you think you need air defenses when rooting out heresy on a shrine world.

>> No.55052312

Gun Kata from Equilibrium is essential.

>> No.55052330


Good one. That's less believable than half the stuff in /JC/.

>> No.55052366

I /think/ guns are a thing in Anima? You could purchase either level of available skill there and do things that are impossible several times over.

>> No.55052386

It's mostly root vegetables. Australia doesn't have any cereal crops, though some of the wattles are suitable for making flour from their beans. But your staples are going to be the long yam and Warran yam. Murnongs can add variety to the diet, while scrub nettle and purslane are suitable leafy greens. For fruits you've got kutjera, silky pears, and quandong, with the possibility to domesticate some of the berry species like saltbush. Spices are where the theoretical Autralian agricultural package shines, there are numerous native analogues to peppers, cinnamon, and vanilla. And cider gum trees can provide a source of sugar, as was done by the Tasmanians.

>> No.55052396

Disgaea for power, Anima for skill. You might also want to consider Generic Isekai or Weakness of Beatrice for further improvement, or whatever training perk of your choice.

>> No.55052401

What jumps have good perks for summoning?

I've got the specialisation and talent from Overlord and another perk in TES.

>> No.55052417

For god's sake why is the thread always in limbo right when I'm trying to post a thing.

Anyways here's a mostly-complete Thunderbolt Fantasy. Notes forthcoming based on questions I get.

>Heavens, this jump feels a bit bare bones in terms of fluff. What gives?

I wanted to try a more laconic form of perk writing to finish the jump a bit more quickly, since I'm running out of ways to purple prose my jumps convincingly.

Also, this canon is receiving a sequel in the near future, so I plan to update/expand on it accordingly once it's done.

>> No.55052462

Oh, good, there's a perk for demoralizing enemies like Rin does. He's very good at being absolutely insufferable, I would like to copy that skill.

>> No.55052474

I, Justice, vote yes. This would be 100% amazing if done well.

Please give us a "fast forward" option at the end of the jump, to see how our actions effected humans up until their equivalent to the 'modern day'. Like a quick simulation where we get to see all of the effects as they happen.

>> No.55052488 [DELETED] 

What makes you think we want your bullshit, SBer? Don't think you can just run on back to your hugbox to avoid criticism when it gets too hot in here, if you want your "jump" accepted.

>> No.55052489

>An empty scroll

An endless storage space seems a little much for 200 CP even if it's only for weapons

>> No.55052494

I feel like someone should make a bunch of jumps for Gerry Anderon shows now, too, so we can have maximum puppet power.

>> No.55052500

Don't we have hammer space for like 300 points elsewhere? That's all this is.

Also if you watched the show, he had to actually scroll through his scroll, which is a limiting factor.

>> No.55052506


Personally I want to see how time traveling historians react to Jumper being Jumper with ancient cave men.

>> No.55052522

I wanna see how this shit mixes with that perk from Sword and Sorcery that makes you a figure of legend older than any other in human history

>> No.55052523

>Bones of Creation

Also is this named after a thing or a person?

We do? I don't know, is it also limitless? Also blah blah interjump balance, I don't know anything about this actual chinese cartoon so if there's a decent basis for it then eh.

>> No.55052527

>Refilling money pit
Yea like any of the Batman perks that give you billions, the entire point of Monopoly, so that I already have.
Like bases that follow you around or something like that?
>Warehouse livable
Like I know the warehouse supplement already does that, with the house option, or the optional housing supplement. Could just use all the money to get more stuff in the place for whatever purpose.
Sounds cool. I'll probably at least give it a read. I'm writing a new chain and I'mlooking for good perks in the start.
Yea, grabbing a full caster class or two is useful, since casters become godlike at high levels, and most don't have the same restriction that the Mage the Awakening jump where most of the top-end powers are post-spark. Granted, MtA probably out-powers a Wizard or Sorcerer, but hey, just do both I guess. Might be worth doing Vampire the Requiem, since blood potency gets stronger, but you don't explicitly gain additional powers.
>Narrative causality.
I suppose you could make the same argument about regeneration. I thought about my first post a bit and realized that it read like I was arguing that regeneration is useful but 1-ups aren't because causality. They're both completely useless if you have a ton of plot armor, but so is anything. If we talked about a real situation where narrative causality isn't unambiguously on your side in full force, or it just isn't a force, then they're extremely useful. Perks aren't useful if the narrative doesn't call for them.

That was my bad. I need to work on how I word things. I feel like it happens in my chain writing as well. I word things badly because I assume the reader can follow reasonable and favorable conclusions to arguments like that.

>> No.55052538

>Also is this named after a thing or a person?

Considering the mindfuck Heavens just made me watch, it's a person.

>> No.55052543

Sorry if it seems tedious, but what is "ki" in this setting, and how does it work (e.g. is it from the soul, willpower, mainly physical, can it be disrupted, does it "flow", etc.)?

Every setting has its own nuances for this type of thing.

>> No.55052561

I think its a wuxia setting? So physical mostly?

>> No.55052569

Person. Also >>55052500 pointed out my logic for the price.
It's extremely vague but it's basically fight energy that's easily channeled through steel for various flashy techniques.

The metaphysics of the setting aren't dwelled on much or for long. But as >>55052561 says it's mostly a Wuxia sort of story and setting.
It's pretty great, yeah.
Blah blah something something half-hearted snarky comment.

>> No.55052579

Just curious, but what is your complaint based on, if not inter-jump balance? Because this is stuff that you'd need to be able to somehow acquire initially and draw forth in battle, as well as having a basis in the setting... Honestly, what's the problem with endless hammerspace if not that you think it conflicts with the Warehouse?

>> No.55052582

With 2600 cp worth of items, it seems like there should be at least one discount on an item.

>> No.55052605

>Limiting factor is that he had to scroll through the scroll
I understand you want to spend less time per jump but I feel you've gone too far and sacrificed actually important mechanics talk in cases like this for the sake of brevity.

>> No.55052610


Listen, all I'm asking is: Does an endless hammerspace exist in this setting?

If it does, we're good. We're done here. I don't wanna be like a soccer mom.

If it doesn't, then it just seems like putting a Nanoha device in the dark souls jump.

I'm looking at how it stacks up to other things INSIDE the jump not outside. If everyone and their mother's carrying around hammerspaces thatss fine by me, no problemo.

>> No.55052612





>> No.55052623

It does, yes. You really need to stop trying to give 'critique' where you don't understand the thing you're talking about. Educate yourself.

>> No.55052643

Let me look it up, but there's at least one scene GIFFed somewhere with an old man scrolling (huehuehue) through a scroll full of swords.

>> No.55052650


>> No.55052651

Not against adding it, sure.
Hmmm...well, the item it's based off of is carrying exactly 36 weapons of myth. So if there's a problem with it, I could just make that the cap unless it turns out Sho's scroll is actually bottomless?
I'm trying to find the scene or webm of Sho using it. It has shown up in /jc/ before, at least once during Exalted talk.

...needle in haystack, but it exists!

>> No.55052666

Fine then.

>educate yourself

Right, because it's totally reasonable to expect anyone to have comprehensive encyclopediac knowledge of every piece of fiction ever produced ever. There was a reason that post was directed at Heavens in particular and not you you know


Also thanks, like I said I'm not trying to make the scroll a big deal it just stood out compared to the others. If it helps, I'll take your word for it if its there

>> No.55052671

That guy was saying that the need to scroll should be added to the perk, not that it should be nerfed.

>> No.55052676


>> No.55052677

>Right, because it's totally reasonable to expect anyone to have comprehensive encyclopediac knowledge of every piece of fiction ever produced ever.
It's not.

It is reasonable to expect you to know what you're talking about when complaining about perks in the jump, though.

>> No.55052678

Thunderbolt Fantasy is a puppet show put on by Gen Urobuchi. Literally, this is what happens when you hire Gen Urobuchi to direct a puppet show.

>> No.55052687

I wish Urobuchi would suffer all the things he has his characters suffer.

>> No.55052702

I want to note this is one of the rare Urobuchi works where the protagonist at least if we consider Sho the protagonist is my favorite character. Especially once the other shoe drops in the final episode.
Ah, alright. No worries, then. I'll include that detail once I add notes and such tomorrow.

It is almost sleep time where I am, so I'm mostly hanging on to register notes and critique.

>> No.55052704

I wasn't even complaining in my second question. I was literally just asking whether it's a thing there or not.

It's really annoying that you're trying to ascribe ulterior motives and give yourself some sort of moral debate highground over a simple fucking question.

>> No.55052707

Nononono I WILL FIND IT.


>> No.55052709

>Hiroyuki Sawano composed the soundtrack
Dear god it's way too fucking hype.

My heart feels like it's about to explode.


>> No.55052716

>Tempered Blade
New skill for manipulating Ki and armsmastery. Nice

>A Legend Told
We need more of this, absolutely great for the Wu Xia Xian Xia genre Jumps we've got.

>Not From Around Here
This is actually one of the best quick information gathering Perks I've seen. This could viably be a Bardic Knowledge of the local common sense.

>You’re Definitely Doing That On Purpose!
Anti-Aizen perks will always be loved, IMHO

>The Biggest Mystery
Hide your light in a group of equally bright stars!

>The Edgeless Blade
Nice. How much Ki does this grant, is this in the whole "o lay waste to an entire countryside, or scatter a small army" area of Ki with no experience?

>A Smile In The Light
Stoic thy name is Jumper.

>I Happen To Know Someone
Yay not!Harem Perks

>Plans Within Plans
All According to Keikaku.perk

>The Greatest Treasure
Armor Piercing Question the perk. As well as an all-around boost to actions ment to tear a person down emotionally. Nice.

>A Nod and A Smile

>A Sacred Duty

>For Generations to Come
How good is good? I mean does this mean that Teachable Skills now are heritary to all relatives and descendants (even adopted) if they accept or something. I think this one could do with a little fleshing out.

>The Key To Hell
High Risk High Reward nigh-inescapable sealing technique. Neat, might want to give it something else to match the two other capstones I reviewed though, or does it do something that I breezed by?

>A Dreadful Chill
Intimidation skills on the instinctive level. Nice.

>To Me, You Fools
Minion gathering. Nice.

>Your Final Moments
A nice Crime Scene skill as well as a power-skill theft. Just wow.

>Bones of Creation
Necromancy + Magic Martial Arts Blending skills. Yep The Key to Hell might need a little buff.

>Good Steel
Is my friend.

>Puppet Show
Grants a skill in retelling our story through them that's great.

>A Simple Umbrella

>Dread Whistle
See Umbrella

(Continued in next post)

>> No.55052732

Holy shit I just looked this up and it is fucking amazing.

>> No.55052741

That seems a bit extreme. He might be edgy, but at least he's got some interesting ideas and art direction.

Now, whoever came up with Oniai and K-On on the other hand deserve to be smothered by their own characters' dakis.

>> No.55052758

Hey, K-On was harmless until KyoAni got their claws into it.

>> No.55052762

Oh hell yeah I would!

Make it, and the jumpers will come.

>> No.55052764


Lemme pull out my hat of obscure subjects to present, on the topic of puppets so we dont forget them: X BOMBER/Star Fleet, a space puppet show by Go Nagai of Mazinger Z/Devilman fame


>> No.55052773

Then who was your favorite character in Pmmm, Heavens?

>> No.55052785


I wonder.

>> No.55052788

>I'm trying to find the scene or webm of Sho using it. It has shown up in /jc/ before, at least once during Exalted talk.
Not a webm, but I found it on Youtube. Behold: puppet theater demon slaying.


>> No.55052794

I just think he's a scumbag.

>> No.55052797

I have no idea but my body is fucking ready.

>> No.55052803

Sayaka. Madoka is a close second, so it wasn't a one-sided race.
That's the one! Thank you, anon. Yeah, I love this scene.

Oh, we need a sword that can fight demons? No problem, I've got THIRTY-SIX OF THOSE.

>> No.55052810

Why? That's dumb. You're dumb.

>> No.55052811

But you need to pick just the right one for the situation, and no need to rush.

>> No.55052823

Hello everyone
Just wanted to let everyone know that the Baki jump is progressing. Slowly
I'm going back through the series in my spare time and jotting down notes for potential perks, items and drawbacks as I go
I have a few already mostly drawn from memory but mostly nothing totally solid yet

The only two things I know for sure is going to be included is a Perk that gives you the baseline level of fighting ability needed for the setting and this Item

100cp (Free Hanma) Leopard Print Briefs = A single leopard print speedo. This somewhat garish piece of swim wear is virtually indestructible and is guarunteed to always fit the wearer. Perfect for swimming, fighting or just lounging around.

>> No.55052824

Yeah. He had thirty-six of them. THE WHOLE GOD-DAMN TIME! You could have saved us all so much trouble, Sho.

>> No.55052830

>Gets off on all the shit in Saya no Uta, has the waifu cuck you with an old man too.
>Is the reason Sakura is a worm slut that gets raped by her brother
>Let the badguys escape just to kill some other planet in Gaim
He's bad.

>> No.55052835

>An Empty Scroll
Does it require the hand motions and stuff?

>Interesting Pipe

Nice. I love property buys.

>Seven Sins Tower
This looks neat for those people who like to set themselves up as Evil Overlords of Darkness...

>A Blade of Legend
So this is a weapon import kind of on the same level as Enchanted (King Arthur) right?

Liked both of them reasonable prices.

Okay. I'm of the opinion that this might be worth 100 CP.

>No Respect
Yeah that's annoying but not too bad.

>Hot Blooded
Battle mania isn't too bad, but yeah worth the CP but not too worth it.

>Screaming Phoenix Jumper
Personally I think that this might be worth 300 because whilst it doesn't hit companions twisting a dude around then entire bend like that is pretty rough.

>The Burden Is Heavy
This one is right on the money though. Worth it. If we go out of our way to use non-leathal methods does this hit us just as hard anyway?

>An Interesting Person
Oh boy. That's a bit much of Rin for me, but yeah worth it.

>They Seek Your Treasures
Under nigh constant attack and the people unleash more demons than in canon? Ouch. Also everyone knows about Jumper, double ouch.

>> No.55052842

>Sayaka with Madoka as a close second
Good taste, though admittedly I have it the other way around. Still, nice Heavens.

>> No.55052845

>God Of The Gun
>Gun God

There isn't a Nuclear Throne jump in existence, is there?

>> No.55052850

That man must have a tiny penis.

>> No.55052853

Someone was memeing about making one for a week then he disappeared.

>> No.55052854

There is not, no.

>> No.55052865

Man, that is one ugly demon.

>> No.55052867

Plebeian-tier taste.

>> No.55052873

As far as I understand Baki through Saltybet and obscure collabs, everyone has freaky gains so its normal i guess

>> No.55052883

What is wrong with that man's face.

>> No.55052884

better than some of the Anons here, I would guess.

>> No.55052889

Hey now. No matter how many chins I may have, I still only have one mouth. And very few tentacle-like growths!

>> No.55052890

Despite what the succubi want you to think, demons aren't supposed to look good.

>> No.55052896

Oooh, so THAT'S why Heaven made a jump out of this setting.

>> No.55052915

Fred Saberhagen's Book of Swords/Books of Lost Swords. Interested?

>> No.55052918

>That's the one! Thank you, anon. Yeah, I love this scene.
My favorite scene for Sho being badass is the one where he reveals that his main sword was just a prop the whole time, and he's actually been cutting people with his chi (thus the hollow thunk sounds for his swordplay instead of metal clashing ones, his sword is wooden). He demonstrates this by being disarmed and then exploding his enemies' heads with a stick he picked up from the ground. Surprisingly graphic, considering that they're puppets.


>> No.55052919

Even in collabs their faces are kinda wierd

>> No.55052922

Keisuke Itagaki
His art style takes some getting used to
I used to hate it myself but now he is one of my favorite artists

>> No.55052931

Character art from the main artist of this mobage (Chain Chronicle), for reference in what Itagaki's artwork contrasts side by side on your character roster

>> No.55052934

The tentacle thing has always been just a bonus.

>> No.55052935

He looks like someone has caved in both sides of his jaw

>> No.55052946

Baki is one ugly-ass manga

>> No.55052949

Sometimes you gotta shake the magical sword scroll and see what falls out.

>> No.55052956

I would love that!

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