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Well you got up early, good morning, I hope everyone here has a nice and wonderful day!

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Tell me Jumpers, what's the most you've ever lost in a gamble?

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They are still stronger and faster than any DB character until Super. People in DB blow up planets using Ki blasts, but their speed and strengh isn't that great.

As for Xianxia settings, unless you are spending thousands, if not millions of years, they will be useful, since higher tiers don't go down to the lower levels.

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Er, no. Their strength and speed scales to their Ki stuff because it's all due to Ki. The force they put out with a blast is the same energy they can concentrate into their fists. They're going FTL by Namek too.

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God this thread is cancerous. What fucking happened? It was never this bad just a hundred, two hundred threads ago. What the fuck changed recently that the quantity of mindless shitposting shot up so fucking hard?

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Jumpers, when have you caused a dab of discord? A mite of mischief? A clown-car of chaos?

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The discord was made, basically.

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Fuck off Dirge. Acknowledging the discords existence for anything besides shitposting isn't allowed here.

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>implying a fucking chat besides the IRC is the problem
Why don't you just fucking blame the IRC?

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[Digimon World 2]

Drawbacks: World's Favor, World's Favorite, Another World, Another Time (1600)

Rolled Digital City

Supporter, age 11

Data Transfer (1400)
Tinkering (Free)
Nothing I Can't Find (Free)
Fostering Growth (1300)
Deconstruct (1000)
Moving Forward (700)
All For One (100)
Shout It Out (0)

>"Welcome, traveller. Your Benefactor and I have an agreement, for now you need only prepare yourself against the challenges I have-

Hey, you! You wanna be an ultimate lifeform, right? I know that look! I've seen it in the mirror many times myself!

>...yes? Wait, what do you mean by AN-

Alright, sure thing! I still got Poppa Kars' heart's blood around here somewhere. And a sample of Shadow the Hedgehog. And that bit of Cell's tail Vegeta cut off that one time. Oh, and one of my spawn-feathers.

>Oh. Well. Thank you? Where did you GET all this?

Oh, I get around. Listen, there's just one thing you should know: Starting some sort of world war in order to accelerate conflict via, say, some kind of reality-melting virus is a silly way to isolate useful attributes because any rational lifeform prioritises survival over holistic improvement. Combat data is bullshit. Here are some bar charts to prove it.

>How did you-I mean, well. I suppose when you put it that way, it all seems obvious.

Cool. Let's just do some pre-splice stretches and warmups, and then we'll have you fitted up for a stone mask in no time!

The Books of Magic, over a very intense game of poker with John Constantine that took place in several planes of reality at once.

You win some, you lose some. He picked a moment when the team needed the Books really bad for another dimensional incursion, which didn't endear him to the others much. I won something far more valuable, in the end.

I won Zatanna's heart

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Drawbacks: Canon is Screwy, Prepare To Die Edition, When All You've Got Is You (1400)

Drop In

Rolled Hell

No Harm No Hex (Free)
Counter-Counter Curse (1300)
Crafter of Bells (1100)
Trinketry (1050)
Animism (950)
Traveler's Garb (Free)
Love Letter (900)
Seed of a Minor Lun Tree (500)
Sacrosanction (100)
Boomerang (50)
Pocket Incensory (0)

Can I just start off by saying-this is, by a long shot, the most I've ever been tempted to go female in a jump since Ar Tonelico? LOVE everything Priestesses can have and do. In the end the other bits and bobs were too neat to pass up but still.

This maze is confusing, and everyone is rather unfriendly. I resort to using my Undertale bullet patterns ("PLEASE STOP THIS", "I WAS JUST LOOKING FOR THE BATHROOM", "FIGHTING ME WILL BRING DISHONOR ON SEVEN GENERATIONS") to try and mansplain my way out of all these encounters. This only makes them angrier, and prolonged some fights.

After a lot of misunderstandings, we found underworld goddess mom. Who had to stay there as a sacrifice. So I used a holy grail, my demon eyes and a sack potatoes to make an underworld demon goddess who actually liked her job before ressurecting her.

And then we all went home for tea and biscuits.

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What order should the following jumps be taken in? Bleach is last in the list no matter what, and these are my first jumps for this chain.

Tales of Vesperia
Disney Princess
Ghost in the Shell
Final Fantasy VII
Fate Extra
West Wing
Origin Spirits of the Past
Lone Wolf


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Do you have proof of any instance of a DB character pulverizing a mountain using their fists or legs?

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Drawbacks: My Gambling Madness, You're Interesting, Permanent Pet (1500)

Student, age 15

I LOVE Gambling (Free)
Let's Get Into A Craze (Free)
New Game Releases (Free)
Wear Down The Walls (1300)
Care For An Apple? (1100)
Queen Atop Her Mountain (800)
The New Craze In Town (500)
Canon: Kirari Momobami, Ririka Momobami, Sayaka Igarashi (200)
Strange Mask (Free)
Life Plans (0)

I'd forgotten what true oppresion feels like. This is hilarious!

>Hey! HEY PIG, what are THESE?
>Nothing important, oh senpai of senpais!
>What kind of stupid name is "the Games of Divinity Go"? HAW, I'm stealing it!
>No! Don't steal the best game ever made!
>Too. Late!


Weeks pass. I develop a reputation for being the monkey's paw of slavish lackeys: Cosplays attract mobs of other cosplayers, arranged marriages coincide with leaked dirty secrets, menial tasks make people feel ashamed of themselves.

I made friends with the new transfer student. She laughed herself silly when I told her my gambit.

>What do you mean, this is the 'mildest' setting? You need to keep winning against other people to keep playing, unless you fulfil all these random conditions! Why do half of them involve challenging that pet?!
>Midari, you haven't eaten in days! You have to stop playing this game!
>I...I can't! And it hurts. So. Good!

Grades have been slipping. Gambles have been mysteriously rigged. In months, the school's irredeemable pet becomes untouchable. And half of it owes servitude to him.

>Congratulations on winning the gambling election! However, you realise a pet can't possibly be seen to replace me?
>Indeed. Just as you realise I've already replaced you in every way that matters
>It seems we're at an impasse. What are your terms?
>Simple. (I pass her the Life Plan). Nice job keeping order while I've been having my fun. This was an audition. I'm here to make an offer: How would you like to control far more than Japan?
>Oh my~

And whoops, that was [Momodora]

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Can you namefag so I can filter you?

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They've been around since the start anon but the problems only started recently.

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Can't we please try for one thread that has little less hate than the recent few? This long stretch is really quite exhausting.

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One of my favourite bits of mischief was using magic to turn a bunch of kids into the monsters they were dressed as on Halloween. The adults freaked out, the kids had fun, I cackled maniacally, it was a good time. That one vampire kid and the ghost girl were pretty cute as well, acting all shy around each other. I had a lot of fun teasing them. At the end of the night, I turned them all back, but it was fun while it lasted.

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Doesn't Goku literally hold two halves of a mountain from being pushed towards each other at one point?

Besides, it really only makes sense. If they can destroy things with ki blasts and their strength comes directly from ki enhancement of their bodies, why shouldn't they be able to enhance their strength to the level of destroying planets? They can definitely do it to boost their durability to that level. Or are you saying they can only boost their durability and not strength for some inane reason?

Not to mention they're able to hurt each other with physical blows despite often tanking the same planet busting energy blasts.

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Wait for Summer to end and the shitposters to return to high school and homework

>> No.55036681

No. Fuck you. This place would be better off if you SBers fucked off and left us the fuck alone.

>> No.55036687

Durability is even more confusing than strength in Dragon Ball, not a good analogy

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No one wants to post actual fucking discussion in the jumpchain thread of all places
Actually posting about jumpchain is just asking anons to shit on you

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>> No.55036702

This is a general with almost 1700 threads. Did you really expect actual discourse?

>> No.55036704

Not really. It drops when they're not actively enhancing their bodies with KI pretty much explains the gaps. It's the canon explanation too.

>> No.55036711

So how do these guys hurt people that can survive planet busting blasts or worse with just punches and kicks then?

>> No.55036724

We have so much content and have received to much more just recently that if we don't then we might as well fucking dissolve the community since we clearly aren't here to participate in jumpchain then.

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Anons literally only want to shitpost or complain about shitposts. Actual discussion is impossible anymore.

>> No.55036739

I literally only come to this thread for drama, new jumps, and salt.

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Shitposting is the core of jumpchain and has been that way for a countless number of threads now.

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A quick update on the Jumps, I live on Venus IRL. The internet connection is very poor, but still usable. Two days is about 11664 hours, so I'm actually really ahead of schedule.

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I'd go

>Disney Princess
>Origin Spirits of the Past

early on, just to get the adventure juices flowing, then

>West Wing
>Ghost in the Shell
>Final Fantasy 7

for either a different kind of challenge or a quasi-breather episode, then take

>Final Fantasy VII
>Tales of Vesperia
>Lone Wolf

to ramp up the heat. Whatever you do, having a run-up to Fate Extra's a good idea since unlike the others it's a fighting tournament where you may or may not end up against Hakuno the haremancer-especially if you're thinking about the CCC drawback

...you probably shouldn't take the CCC drawback if it's your 10th jump, though.

I'm at peace with the world. Well, the part of it that's relavent to /jc/, at least.

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I say final fantasy, it has good magic and is easy enough to lay low as a early jump. Then minecraft as the world can easily get a lot of useful stuff but is also easy to survive.

Then disney princesss
Ghost in the shell
Tales of vesperia

Up to you how to do the rest though.

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Why is vesperia apparently after everything else?

>> No.55036811

FF7 is not safe or low level

>> No.55036827

Aside from world-ending disaster, how much taunting do you think Gilgamesh would throw at himself if two Masters were serving as attendants to two different versions of him?

>> No.55036831

It's been a while, but-I think part of the plot is that magical air pollution is making this giant monster appear in the sky that will engulf the planet unless the heroes use the power of MAGISCIENCE! and friendship to beat it? I dunno, seemed marginally more dangerous than FF7 since at least there Cloud gets super buff near the end whereas I don't remember any last minute powerups for the Vesperia crew.

Oh, by the way-that wasn't supposed to be a specific order, I don't know your starting jump build so those are more supposed to be like sets of 3 you can totes choose the order from.

I...don't think anyone said it was? But that anon was asking me to choose from that set of 10. 'sides, Tifa made it through alright and I don't remember Tifa packing any more special abilities than the average AVALANCHE member other than some extra martial arts lessons as a kid.

>> No.55036841

Can you talk to Dirge for us, since you're still friends? Tell him to fuck off and stop screwing with Val because he doesn't like what she says?

>> No.55036843

I greatly approve of this level of fuckery. They'd either get along amazingly or end up hurting their own feelings while mocking the other one and going berserk as a result.

>> No.55036845

If you stay out of the picture the main cast solves the big problems. It is easy enough to live far away from thw troubles happening.

>> No.55036848

Welp, finally finished the perklines for archie, fluff and all. items incoming.


All the perks, give it a go/look

>> No.55036856

I know you have school to go to, can you please turn off the computer and go already and stop getting up early to shitpist? Good lord I will never understand why you come here every damn day to make people miserable.

>> No.55036865

It seemed like the right way of fucking with Gil. Either that or a great way to screw everyone else over. Either way it should be fun...

>> No.55036866

Can't wait

>> No.55036918

Because it's fun. He likes feeling that he's helping the community by removing the less productive jumpmakers.

>> No.55036919

>Dreams of an Absolution

Does this create a way to solve the sources of sorrow where none existed, or is it just really good intuitiont? Does it only apply to mystical doomsday force sorrow, or stuff like economic downturns or bad marriages?

>Live and Learn

Might want to swap it with this actually, since the adventures can pose some detriment to you?

>You're My Number One

Is this just incredible, supernatural endurance or actually doing the impossible?

Also damg, no idea it crossed over this much with Sonic. Thought it was just a cameo here or there.

Everything else looks clear and promising!

>> No.55036926

Huffing paint is fun too but the kid who huffs glue will never be cool.

>> No.55036993

No one comes to jumpchain thinking they'll be cool, at best people will think you're wasting away on daydreams, at worst they'll think you're an autistic manchild.

>> No.55036999

>>Hey! HEY PIG, what are THESE?
>>Nothing important, oh senpai of senpais!
>>What kind of stupid name is "the Games of Divinity Go"? HAW, I'm stealing it!
>>No! Don't steal the best game ever made!
>>Too. Late!

... Gold star.

>> No.55037025


I meant specificslly archie sonic

im just tired and sleepy

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>> No.55037168

What's Lone Wolf and why is it so dangerous?

>> No.55037175

As long as you've already got some jumps under your belt, go Lone Wolf first - there's a bunch of good perks and items that really help out in future jumps, without hugely affecting your overall power level.

I'd take FFVII, Tales of Vesperia, Fate Extra and Bleach near the end.

I'll try and give it a read, thanks digger!

>> No.55037204

>Final Fantasy 7
>Final Fantasy VII
Pretty sure that's the same thing.

>> No.55037216

Remember the Rome drama? Some anons are terrified of roman numerals.

>> No.55037239

So, in Tales of Demons and Gods if I have Nine Souls (Soul Eater) and I get 7 souls can I integrate with Sixty-Three Demon Spirits?

>> No.55037241

Besides Swordbow is there any other bow that allows you to shoot arrows that turn into swords?

>> No.55037296

Hmm, nope I don't remember. However, I don't think I cared about the jump one way or another, which lead to not paying attention.

>> No.55037300

seems reasonably ridiculous to me.

>> No.55037319

It's a fantasy series where the macguffin is a crystalised orb of pure magical genius, which the evil god of the setting can use to blow up a plane of existence.

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>> No.55037340

Its simple until you get to 40+.

>> No.55037407

Have you seen Fate stay night? cos Archer's all about that.

>> No.55037424


>> No.55037435

Tales of Vesperia has a bunch of reasonably tough JRPG fodder monsters outside the towns, but outside that, every major threat in the setting will be handled by the main character party pretty handily.

You can survive there just fine as a first jump, assuming you don't take drawbacks. If you do, you may want to wait until you have some power from the others.

>> No.55037438

Isn't that a bit high level? Looking for something lower end so that I don't have just a bow.

>> No.55037450

That's basically the opposite. You are shooting swords that turn into arrows. Or if using UBW to imitate the Gate of Babylon, just shooting swords.

>> No.55037453

Aionon has said that seemed fine to him in the past.

>> No.55037474

But you do have great taste

>> No.55037497

I wonder if we can trade him for another valeria? Fucker is late on those promised updates.

>> No.55037513

Oh Aionon did Tales of Demons and Gods? Awesome I love his stuff.

He promised updates. I don't remember him giving times for them. Seriously though why complain about getting free stuff?

>> No.55037600

>Seriously though why complain about getting free stuff?
When you have a choice between two people giving you free stuff and one of them gives free stuff quicker and better, you'd choose them over the other.

>> No.55037634

Nah more stuff in general is good as long as it's not shit. No need to shit on other Jumpmakers because you're impatient anon.

>> No.55037750


I've seen this crop up a few times now... Am I missing something? Like, is there someone with a similar name there?

>> No.55037758

The secret ending in touhou boils down to youkai not feeding on fear anymore, right?

Can I use upgrade from generic isekai to increase their ability to feed on other stuff? Lust, maybe?

>> No.55037768

You're not being given a choice though. You get both, Jumpmaking isn't a job, it's a volunteer position that as many people as willing can fill.

>> No.55037791

Indeed! I agree whole heartedly.

To all you Jumpmakers, THANK YOU

>> No.55037818

I don't think Upgrade gives options, it just "makes stuff better" based on how much you feed into it.

>> No.55037828

You'd have to upgrade every single youkai to pull it off that way, plus somehow ensure that every new youkai that's created also gains that trait.

>> No.55037841

I wouldn't, because unlike you I realise people need a motivation, however slight, to keep giving you free stuff. And you're a fucking cunt with entitlement issues.

>> No.55037899

Nope, you can focus on whatever you want.

Obviously I have to upgrade the upgrade until it propagates. Like some sort of magical virus.

>> No.55037910


Hes a well known demon/god

>> No.55037948

Well, yes. I knew that part. I was just wondering why someone listed me in a post of okay people on SB.

>> No.55037962

There's a guy named Marduk (or something similar) on over on SB, but I don't think he posts on the Jumpchain thread.

>> No.55037963

I lost the right to pants for three days one time. Which made everyone else a little uncomfortable during that run against Fuchi Industrial Electronics in Shadowrun. It was really funny to see the Lone Stars run in and hesitate because I lacked pants. That moment of "What the fuck?" was just enough to mow them down.

I would pay to see this episode. It sounds fantastically filled with insults and a berserk Archer absolutely losing his mind.

You're welcome! That's a nice way to start the morning.

>> No.55038054

My penis is confused, as usual

>> No.55038094

Maybe if you upgrade the species as a whole?

>> No.55038158

Y'know to produce milk, cows have to be constantly pregnant or nursing. So I hope you like bunch of calfs.

>> No.55038175

Eh, really for the latest shit storm it's that the Discord got Dirge invested in thread again. Dude has always had esteem issues, half the reason people stopped critiquing his jumps before he went to SB was that whenever someone did it would lead to massive unwanted changes, usually him having to be talked down from tearing the jump to pieces. This isn't the first time he's tried to remove all his jumps from accessibility.

>> No.55038200

It's just a Pokemon making lunch for their Trainer silly billy.

I'm pretty sure Pokemon don't work like cows do in the real world.

>> No.55038234

In exchange for their own breakfast

>> No.55038371

We talked about God of Highschool towards the end of the last thread. I haven't read the series, so give me opinions on a build.


>Divine Constitution (200)
>War Trophies (500)
>A New Era of Martial Arts (800)
>Regeneration (free with 400 CP stipend)
>Divine Form (1000)
>Also, all the freebies
I think this build makes me stronk, but leaves me lacking in actual skill and utility. My only offensive options really come down to "hit it really hard" and "train to hit things harder," though I do kind of like the idea of just hitting things harder when it sounds like there's lots of eclectic abilities being thrown around. On the plus side, having Regeneration+Divine Constitution seems like it would make it really hard to take me out of the fight, and when coupled with War Trophies means I get harder to put down every time someone fails to put me down. A New Era of Martial Arts is supposed to help compensate for the fact that I didn't buy the 600 CP Divine capstone for raw power, plus it's more fun to start low and work your way up, and hopefully I'll be punching and healing really well before too long.

I also want to take the Become God drawback, because it sounds like a good hook and a good way to get involved in the plot as a drop-in, and I'm trying to decide what to spend that last 200 CP on. Earnestness seems like a given, what with how well it combines with the potential perk, but the last 100 seems like a toss-up. I'm leaning towards either Hybridization (Genuine Fighter) to try and solve the skill problem, or Now We Can Fight to the Fullest for the utility.

Any thoughts?
That comment last thread about Domination turning armor into maid uniforms tempted me to take that instead, but I think specializing in fighting is the way to go.

>> No.55038376

Hey myrm, in AoBS what tier would you say a CP-bought Union Core would be for a non-MM? As in, between Destroyer-tier, Battlecruiser-tier or Superbattleship-tier?

>> No.55038426

Yep, you sound pretty strong physically speaking. I wouldn't want to step into the ring with, I'd just have the ring itself attack you from my pocket universe

>> No.55038447

How would a person go about making kockoff angelus and darkness artifacts? From what I know they are like sapient items that are bonded with hosts buy offer massive amounts of power with really nice looks.

>> No.55038479

What I want to know is how to turn people into angels.

>> No.55038495

Be an angel and use infectious bite?

Go to demons of astlan, get the magic or perk, and use it to turn people into angels of any kind you want? I like this method the most myself.

>> No.55038497

The Darkness is the darkness of a time before creation when God took the light from it. The Angelus is the manifestation of the light separated from the Darkness. You are going to need a lot of perks to make somethings nearing the level of power of those two.
>What I want to know is how to turn people into angels.
Go to Bayonetta, there's a perk for that there.

>> No.55038534

I have only read a few of the Darkness comics, but I don't remember him being always at 'universal force' power.

Making a knockoff with some of the summoning abilities and the tentacles shouldn't be that hard.

>> No.55038572

I think the anons pretending to be dirge and the anons being mistaken for val are conducting some sort of shadow war on the discord.

>> No.55038607

>shadow war
That sounds much cooler than it actually is.

>> No.55038630

Please, please post pics. oh please anon I will love you forever.

>> No.55038637

Did I miss something? I'm on the discord and there's nothing happening right now. Besides, Val isn't even on there.

>> No.55038664

so they got to you too, huh?

>> No.55038670


>> No.55038683

He can't release all his power as that would kill his hosts, the same hosts that has to have an offspring for him to inhabit. The Angelus is different as she get one host every generation to kill the Darkness.

>> No.55038700

>Not being in every possible Jumpchain community just in case /jc/ is rejected by Jump-chan for all the shitposting

>> No.55038711

Well yeah, I dont want full cosmic force levels. Just the make stuff out of light and darkness and such as well as the armor and a few healing boosts.

Also angelus now takes a host without burning out her brain, because it got sick and tired of having its shit kicked in by the darkness hosts.

>> No.55038713

I am, actually. I browse the thread, the IRC, SB, and Discord.

>> No.55038723

you have to go deeper

>> No.55038734

Well, there's Reddit too, but that community is pretty dead.

>> No.55038743

Technically, since the Witchblade (at least in the comics) was made through their union and can be seperated into a Dark and Light version, you may be able to use that as a foundation. Then use something like the Upgrade cheat from Generic Isekai to upgrade the light-witchblade into having the Angelus powerset and the dark witchblade into having the Darkness powerset.

>> No.55038959

I wonder if you did something like that, what would the Witchblade be like if you fused to the two halves back together?

>> No.55039048

You are forgetting Questionable Questing

>> No.55039068

If you train really, really hard then you might be somewhat relevant in the final stages of the first tournament. You'll be horribly irrelevant to actual plot going on in the rest of the world though and will be basically useless when the gods come down to earth and start wrecking shit.

>> No.55039087

Oh, right. I might need to take a look over there sometimes, I heard their lewd jumps weren't all that bad.

>> No.55039367

So, Dark Souls (any of them). How do I go about fully becoming a dragon instead of a weird emaciated deer man?

>> No.55039558

Is there a jump that gives me a bar ?

>> No.55039571

Yes, several.

>> No.55039575

Like ?

>> No.55039587

I like some of them, yeah. Not all, but some.

>> No.55039595

Example ?

>> No.55039607

Hold on a second, I have a list of things I uses in my bar would that help?

>> No.55039612

VA-11 Hall-A has one.
And i think the Carnival Phantasm jump has one.

>> No.55039623

bayonetta, VA-11 HALL-A

>> No.55039626

Yes. and thanks.

>> No.55039644

I'm kinda fiddling with the idea of it being a scenario reward in DS1 Jump. I haven't been able to work on it much recently, but I could try throwing together a WIP tomorrow or in the next few days when I can get the remaining perks done.

>> No.55039662

>scenario reward
I need muh Lord Souls. Well, not all of them, but those of Fire and Light.

>> No.55039699

Anarchy Reigns gives a warehouse attachment bar that can be used by all of your past friends from previous jumps. Even if time is stopped for them, they will still show up to drink with you.

Trigun as a normal saloon with infinite alcohol.

Heroes has a waffle bar attachment for the warehouse.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - minibar

DC Occult has Oblivion Bar. It is an extradimensional bar that attracts demons, angles, and all sorts of planar travelers that just want to drink in peace.

>> No.55039705

Infernals has a manse that acts like a bar.

>> No.55039737

I love how the author not only fails at real work scale, but constantly changes the sizes of things during the same chapter.

>> No.55039751

Not sure how much it helps, but here is my set up.


That dnd jump with the ddagon people also has a tavern and the va11 hallA jump has a bar too.

>> No.55039752

I'm leaning towards not giving away full Lord Souls anywhere in the Jump. Some of the old enjoyment I had when the Jump was still new was hearing people's adventures or plots to obtain Lord Souls in the setting itself. Admittedly not fully decided on a lot of that stuff though since it's later in the Jump development schedule.

>> No.55039753

I don't really care about power but will the scenarios have canon companions as rewards?

Those tend to be pretty nice.

>> No.55039781

Well it is just a copy, still its pretty big.

>> No.55039786

DLC Scenario then? Manus fight when?

>> No.55039793

There are no scenarios with companion rewards planned at the moment. Keeping in theme with the old Jump though I'll be working to make the companion section of the jump big and healthy. Lots of OC companions, and an overarching "Canon Companion" option with some interesting mechanics are being planned.

>> No.55039798


>> No.55039808

My Witchblade lore is weak, but working off what >>55038497 said-

For starters, Twice As Bright from Boktai (to fuse different forces), Concentration from Noblesse (to solidify energy into objects with similar properties), Binding Spirit from Ghost Rider, To Treat With Spirits from Sword & Sorcery and Maker from Darksiders will be very useful. Why Maker in particular? Because some of the non-reality things made with a lesser skill than that, are the Grand Abominations: Transforming living weapons forged out of a shapeshifter race. The blacksmith perks from Bayonetta, DMC and God of War can manufacture similar things too.

For the light one: If you go to Mage: the Awakening or any of the nWOD jumps with continuity drawbacks, there's a realm of platonic ideals called the Aether inhabited by embodiments of primordial light; mages can also conjure the fire of creation, directly but it's kinda eh. Once you use the above perks to create a vessel, you could try your luck at summoning of those living platonic ideals to inhabit it; Resolved Casting/Unbound Casting from the jump or anything to augment how difficult it is to break out of your summons is /strongly/ recommended, because for a universal strength personification of primordial light you're probably looking at a Rank 8er. As in, basically a bargain bin Endless. You can also become a host for some primordial light from DOTA 2; there's a being there which embodies it but if you're only relying on the perk you might want Codex Alera's elemental summoning magic and the Correspondence from Fallen London to make it bright enough.

As for the dark one: There's loads of Humanity lying around in Dark Souls, and I'm pretty sure Heatlesses from Kingdom Hearts can be frankenstein'd with enough SCIENCE!

Oh, and once World of Warcraft is done there's perks for becoming beacons for primordial light and darkness. The Exodar also has crystalised Light lying around for some reason, if you're really on a budget.

>> No.55039864

Eh, getting them in-jump is pretty easy. That's why I was hoping for some kind of perk or scenario. Oh well.

>> No.55039876

Are there any good building jumps ?

>> No.55039913

No. In the more than 900 jumps we have, there isn't a single good one.

>> No.55039922


>> No.55039931

What do you mean by building jumps?

>> No.55039952

Far as I know, just keep defeating other dragon covenant members, taking their scales, offering them as tribute to a LIVING dragon instead of one dead enough to become a mountain and /maybe/ use sorcery to bolster your soul a little.

The dear thing probably had something to do with the whole decay of the world, considering some of the item descriptions (and the Crestfallen whatever) go on about how only one warrior can become a new dragon at that point.

It's...not clear if Oceiros is bigger than average because Seath is dimly alive in him somewhere, or because of his magical experiments. What we DO know, is that you can apparently create a human-dragon hybrid with enough soul research; Vendrick's brother Aldia did it to make the Emerald Maiden, and he also created an artificial dragon out of giant souls somehow.

Also personally-I prefer the cloning technology from FF13-2. Apparently it's based off the same process that created Adam, an artificial fal'cie-which is basically an angel for the crystal god/Toriyama's self-insert.

>> No.55039963

Jumps with good building perks.

>> No.55039974

Ah, too bad. Was hoping for something where you take the place of the original Bearer of one of the Souls and have to ensure the force you're aligned with ends up as dominant regardless of the Cycle.

>> No.55039983

SIMS3 and Minecraft

>> No.55039996

Thanks Anon.

>> No.55040030

Surprised no one has noticed the error here.

>> No.55040031

>Seven Deadly Sins
>Pick Goddess as your clan
>Get the Eleventh Commandment

You can now touch people, animals or whatever and they will become winged people with holy magic.

>> No.55040076

First you go to one of the dark souls jumps, then you go to civ and import the ancient dragons as a race and get an altform of one. Done.

>> No.55040078

Nah, that's never really been in line with my style of doing things. I like people forging their path, their legend, with their own will. It wouldn't feel right to put you into the shoes of another legend. Sorry anon.

>> No.55040081

>>Seven Deadly Sins
dat giant tree doe

>> No.55040114

Giants are shit
Even cute giant is pretty shitty.

>> No.55040129

>NuBee is now a tripfag

>> No.55040154

Why no Exalted jump aside from Infernals (and that is limited to demons) offers a canon companion option?

>> No.55040162


>> No.55040164

I never knew what it was and thought Val's reading "From Elpo" was funny. All I got was a jet though.

>> No.55040203

Sidereals has one too, and Solars lets you pick a Lunar mate. And probably because most of the canon characters other than those available are shit.

>> No.55040204

What End Jump are you planning to use to get your Spark?

>> No.55040234

"Using the power of the 「Trip」 NuBee evolved beyond the limits of his old form. He had become unkillable, undying, and not only embodied but surpassed the qualities of every jumpmaker! This was the Ultimate Lifeform NuBee"

>> No.55040244

>Implying I'll ever end my chain
There are infinite multiverses, and infinite settings to jump to. I'll never stop jumping.

>> No.55040273

But nubee looks more like this to me.

>> No.55040289

I assume if jumpchain were real, jumping for long enough would give you a spark even if you didn't go to and endjump, just due to accruing enough power/narrative weight.

>> No.55040330

That's the single gayest thing I've ever seen.

>> No.55040354

You obviously don't have much experience with JoJo then.

>> No.55040357

Huh, did I not put in a line somewhere that you can pick canon characters for the Exalt companion options you take? Could've sworn...

>> No.55040369

Current planed one is Angel Notes. Probably will switch to Dies Irae or Demonbane depending on what they offer, but I doubt they can top it.

>Never stop jumping
Seems like a risky concept. I mean, right now I think that you could practically get every power and every immunity with the curren 900+ jumps that we have.

But if you somehow fail a drawback or some mandatory winning condition, you would end up losing all your potential post-spark rewards and powers.

That would be really disappointing.

I want more perks. Getting a Spark at this point is more of 'unlocking all those sweet rewards' rather than something that I need for survival.

>> No.55040370

>Jump 10,000
>Jumper actually Sparked a long time ago but was so powerful already they didn't even notice
>They continued jumping because they expected that to happen and their subconscious made it keep happening

>> No.55040374

Both of those are pretty accurate.

Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Where there hasn't been a single gay man introduced to the best of my knowledge.

>> No.55040472

Dio did give Jonathan head after nibbling on his neck.

>> No.55040509

No, it's the "planet toss" part of that name that "copy" applies to. He saw someone else throwing around Mars, thought "hey, that's pretty cool", and then one-upped them by throwing a gas giant at the same target.

>> No.55040543

That totally wasn't gay. My memory of the event tells me that Dio called no homo on the honeymoon ship.

>> No.55040555

Dies Irae, once it's done. Because I find Reinhard and Mercurius pretty gross, and want to troll them by invalidating their powers using out of jump tricks.

>> No.55040566

Was that before or after Jonathan shoved his 'Puck' all the way into Dio's abs?

Sounds about right. Not gay at all.

>> No.55040608 [SPOILER] 

>Both of those are pretty accurate.

That mental image.

Forgive me for this.

>> No.55040626

I don't forgive weirdos who take creep shots of me on my morning stroll.

>> No.55040632

Oh my god! My sides!

>> No.55040652

Was Cuty Skylines ever finished?

>> No.55040657

You know, that's significantly better than what I was expecting. 20 points to whatever House you're from.

>> No.55040668

What's the greatest build you could make?

>> No.55040669


>> No.55040683

Hello folks, first update for Digimon World 2 jump.

Change Log
>Assorted Typo Fixes
>Neo Jumper Key's capacity was corrected. It was set to three, but was supposed to be 4.
>Heavy Vehicle Import option added for Digibeetle Customization
>Included a Note at the end clarifying that "Until then, Train Hard" doesn't force you into the situations, doesn't conjure them from nothing, and isn't limited to only combat based Challenges.
>Added note clarifying that Jumpers and Companions who possess multiple Digimon Alt-Forms can naturally digivolve into Digimon that would normally require their Alt-Forms to fuse with each other (i.e. Paildramon, Omnimon, Alphamon Ouryuken, ect). Have fun.

Any questions or comments?

>> No.55040719

Do you mean City Skylines? Because yeah it's done.

>> No.55040734

Is there an EBF jump, or a claim on one?

>> No.55040749

Not to my knowledge no.

>> No.55040760

Take Greed and start eating a ton of people. Once you get powerful enough, go to the Sage Realm and start eating demons. Then go to the giant tower planet or whatever where the gods live and start working you way through the various floors. Once you eaten all of high gods, you might be able to at least slow down the Monkey King or Satan until they start abusing the fuck out of power multiplication techniques. If you want to be able to keep up with them, you'll have to learn the knockoff Kaio-ken.

>> No.55040774

I'm filing a restraining order.

>> No.55040827

I think your idea for the Digibeetle Customization having a few of it's own point might be the better option with it being a huge point sink, just my opinion though.

>> No.55040844

Many thanks.

>> No.55040868

The Witches by Roald Dahl is done.

>> No.55040905

So, which Covenant are you anyway?

You better say Sun Bro, you filthy heretic.

>> No.55040919


>> No.55040926

I have no idea what this is?

>> No.55040931

No problem.


We each seek our own Sun, bro.

Wait isn't that guy a bad dude?

>> No.55040975

It's a children's horror novel by Roald Dahl, the same dude who did Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Dude has no chill as a children's story writer.

>> No.55040982

Bad enough to rescue the president.

>> No.55040983

Yeah, I generally like helping people go kill shit and get through things. Gravelord Servant does appeal to my inner sense of sadism though.

>> No.55040986 [DELETED] 

>Wait isn't that guy a bad dude?
I don't know about that. He just had an unconventional hobby, one that was difficult to satisfy legally

>> No.55040994

Do Some Good Friends get any CP to spend?

>> No.55041013

Yeah Repressed Trauma, thx for the nightmares lol

>> No.55041018

My chain.

>> No.55041026

Oh jeez, yeah. They get 600 CP to spend. I'll mention that.

>> No.55041042

That looks like a stretched nutsack made of smaller nutsacks, but stretched around spindly bones and dolled up like a five dollar hooker named Margerie.

>> No.55041065

Y'know, I can really see what Val sees in you now, Bee.

>> No.55041110

Pretty hot, right?

>> No.55041124

Sorry, tired, probably going to bed soon. Judgement isn't the best when I'm up this long. Can't tell whether you're sincere or sarcastic, but given the context I'm assuming the latter.

>> No.55041188

Where would I have to go to get a perk that'd stop me from losing my mind/ losing myself to a literal inner demon. Also for keeping in touch with my humanity/the person I used to be.

Unrelated, immunity to mind-reading.

>> No.55041194

Don't you live in Texas? Isn't it like 2 PM?

>> No.55041197

Local (free)
Automaton (800)
Drop In (free)
Themed Aesthetics (700)
Omnidextrous (free)
Identify Talents (free)
Bestiary Knowledge (free)
The Realm of Heroes (free)
Sorcerous Swordsman (free)
Unified Focus (400)
Bard (350)
Rogue (300)
Spiritualist (200)
Monk (100)
Magic Warrior (0)
Summoning Specialization (-200)
Enhanced Summoning (free)
Detect Magic Power (free)
Talismonger (-300)
Import Sol and Auctor as A Local Hero (-500)
Legendary Tier Equipment ("free")
Sub-Par Equipment (-300)
Rival Local (0)
And so Castellum starts on his hardest task yet. Getting Nazarick Senpai to notice him. Not Ainz, Nazarick. The dungeon itself. What's that? Nazarick-Senpai isn't awake? Don't worry, he has just the thing for this. Meanwhile Sol and Auctor work on dealing with the stalker. And grab Castellum to run like hell when this inevitably backfires. Rolling to see how Senpai takes it.

>> No.55041209

Rolled 22 (1d100)

Suppose it helps if I include the roll.

>> No.55041245

>Rolled 22 (1d100)
Nazarick-Senpai is not interested.

>> No.55041271

It's 12PM, almost 1. My sleeping schedule is completely fucked for a variety of reasons, half of which include really bad sleep partially caused by rat murder and a contemplation of of everything's finite existence.

>> No.55041530

Warhammer. I will make that setting non-grimdark damn it!

>> No.55041597

It's possible to induce with hormones if you really wanted to.

>> No.55041599

Be a God and kill the Monkey King before he regains his powers and breaks the Taboo. Live with the gods happily ever after.

>> No.55041662

Yeah, that's not why the gods come down to Earth to fuck shit up, anon. Mo-Ri can't break the Taboo, either on a personal scale (because he's not human, so it doesn't apply to him) or on the grand scale (because he's not a Key). The gods show up because Mu-Bong is a megalomaniacal dickbag that goaded them into attacking so he could have a cross-dimensional war.

>> No.55041762

Wait I thought that power was reserved for demons to turn other beings into demons?

>> No.55041777


>> No.55041799

Nah, it imparts the effects of drinking your blood with a touch. You need Next Generation to get the effect which transfers your abilities should someone drink your blood.

>> No.55041831

Until Satan fucks you up for ruining his chance to meet the one person in all of creation who could give him a real fight.

No, what you need to do is help the Jade Emperor restore his youth. In fact, if you have a method to do so from out-of-jump, he'd probably be super buddy-buddy with you. Do that and he can keep things from going too sideways. He's not exactly a good guy, but he's downright saintly compared to both Mubong and most of the High Gods.

>> No.55041840


This changes everything.

>> No.55041862

Or take the Special Human drawback and throw canon off the rails completely.

>> No.55041919

>Stopping fun things from happening
It's like you want to be boring. The reason you need to get stronger is so you can be involved in the fun, stopping fun from happening has the same problem as staying weak.

>> No.55041924

Would Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin be Servants in Fate (once they're dead in that universe)?

Seems like men who could ride on explosions outside of Gaia's giant Reality Marble and walk on the fucking moon in that universe would have to be ridiculous badass Riders.

>> No.55041937

You will have some time until he does that. And know you have the Monkey King's power. So, you can probably kick his ass.

>> No.55041938

Nope, nobody after like 1900.

>> No.55041965

Well, to be fair, he's not wrong.

>> No.55041967

If someone is worried about surviving canon, they WILL die if they take that.

I'm just responding to that other guy. I personally broke Tae-Jin out and nagged him into training me.

>> No.55041998

>demons of astlan, get the magic or perk
What perk are you referring to? I read through the jump but I can't find it, sorry :/.

>> No.55042023

There's a good chance you wouldn't get Wukong's power just from eating Mori.

And if you did, you wouldn't actually be able to keep it with Greed at that point because you have to at least be within a stone's throw of the power of the person you're trying to eat or it just vomits it back up... or probably explodes in the case of trying to eat his power, seeing as he's less of a stone's throw and more like half a solar system away.

>> No.55042025

Is there any war where they could be servants?

>> No.55042050

It's actually after 1940. Grand Order is still canon, sorry.

>> No.55042053

Tesla and Edison died in like the 30s and 40s.

>> No.55042054

No Michael Colins? Nobody ever remembers Michael Colins.

Except in the Moon Cell Wars. So you can summon them in the Fate/Extra jump. And in F/GO, too, once that's a jump, because of timey-wimey weirdness.

>> No.55042082

That's dumb.

>> No.55042123

Modern society sucks according to Nasu

>> No.55042134

Well, he's not wrong. Ancient magic > shitty space ships.

>> No.55042173

I don't see Gilgamesh knocking on Type Moon's door.

>> No.55042190

It makes more sense once explained in the setting, given it's not just about a human's bad ass levels but their legend and the mysteries surrounding them. Heroic Spirits aren't popping up anymore in the modern era because nothing seems mythical to the general populace after Tesla and Edison brought electricity into people's homes, metaphorically wrestling the power of the gods (lightning is commonly associated with the gods) away and granting it to man.

Given how absurd such a feat would be for fairly modern humans, it's highly suspect that Niel and Buzz would have landed on the moon in Fate History what with reality breaking down when too far from the Earth, and if they did then those feats were damn well kept on the down low. Because of that, no legends, just being praised as the first men on the moon.

>> No.55042194

So if Zelretch died now, he couldn't be a Servant?

>> No.55042212


>> No.55042216

Couldn't they become Counter Guardians?

>> No.55042223

Well Illya is a servant.

>> No.55042241

Come on, you couldn't have chosen a worse example. I'm sure he's got like a hundred trinkets in his Gate of Barbylon that would let him reach the moon.

>> No.55042243

>Chaldean system

>> No.55042250

Zelretch doesn't have any real legends since Magus aren't known to the general populace, and he'd have died during the time where no one is ended up as a Heroic Spirit, so double no.

>> No.55042265

I think you're right, I think he literally has a spaceship of some kind.

>> No.55042270

Don't think it would, actually. Servants and all of his trinkets would need mana to function properly, which doesn't exist outside of Gaia's Grand Reality Marble to my knowledge. Don't think Grain is interchangeable with it.

>> No.55042275

Really, the best Servant to summon is a female version of yourself anyway, by taking that one perk from Swords & Sorcery or something like that.

>> No.55042277

Bayonetta's angels are not typical tho. From what I can remember they're abominations hiding under golden clockwork-like disguises, right?

>> No.55042344

Roosevelt is a servant and he died in the 1970s. Also, Caster Classes exist.

And you can't go "CHALDEAN SYSTEM NON CANON REEEEEEEEE" because sorry, Fate Grand Order is still canon.

>> No.55042359

*J. Edgar Hoover, not Roosevelt.

>> No.55042366

Man, you're making me nostalgic. hidden jiggle physics as a hidden perk yes/no?

>> No.55042399

It is canon, but it works off of different mechanics than the grail wars set up by the Tohsakas, the Eizberns, and the Makiris

>> No.55042427

>The Witches Jump Ver 0.5.pdf
>You will have a year before the Grand High Witch organizes a nice
Sentence ends in the middle

>Roll 1d4 for starting location or pay 100 CP to choose.
So no 50 CP stuff then?
I don't see any age rolls (elder mentions you are pushing 80) or mention of gender except in the witches section. Give age rolls for each origin and toss choosing that in with the choosing location.

Um, where do witches come from? Are they a human subspecies? Are they a separate race? Do they reproduce normally, or just pop into existence magically? No Male witches and hating children puts the normal answer into doubt.

>> No.55042429

I have no idea how that works then, sorry. Based on everything I know, Tesla pretty much should have been the last Heroic Spirit. Unless this is another exception, I got nothing.

>> No.55042436

Delayed Action Mouse Maker OP pls nerf.

>> No.55042445

what do you do with all the trinkets in your collection?
Where do all the magical gems of power, swords of yore, plasma rifles and spaceships go?

do you encrust armor pieces with ancient magical gems?
combine magical focuses with your shotguns?
perhaps make your plasma rifle an underslung attachment for your assault rifle?

certainly you do not store all the useful junk you collect?

>> No.55042481

They lie in a pocket dimension. Really, I'm someone who thinks that any power that doesn't come from yourself is useless, so even though I do collect trinkets and McGuffins, I never really use them.

>> No.55042511

The Witches

>Seaside English Town
Actually a free choice but I thought I might as well take it so that I can demouse the mouse kid at the end.

>A Warm Aura
Is a good parenting perk basically. Pretty nice though as I do like taking apprentices/subjecting children to ridiculous tasks occasionally.

>Savior of Children 100
Lets me reverse curses if given enough time which is pretty great for the price, particularly in setting. Don't think the mouse thing was reversible in the book.

>Unchangable Body 400
Is a great perk for crossing off some weaknesses as it nullifies poison and other things that affect the body. Not sure if it'll stop me from turning myself into a mouse accidentally with the potions perk but I can always reverse the curse if it comes to it.

>The Heart of a Mouse 500
Lets me befriend mice. Had 100 CP leftover and rodents can be cute.

>A Simple Drop Will Do 900
Esoteric potionmaking. Mostly got it as it's funny in Harry Potter to create viable potions with alarm clocks and stuff in that setting.

>Rubbery Cigars
Free cigars that mostly make me more annoying/leave a trail of ash wherever I go.

>Some Good Friends 1000 - Ramona: Drop-In, Warm Aura, Unchangable Body 300, A Witch Could Be Anyone 400, Problem Solving Woman 600
Nice to get Unchangable Body for my companion, already had similar myself but not sure she did. A Witch Could Be Anyone makes her better at pretending not to be evil and I took Problem Solving Woman largely because it's a good description of her.

>Cursed Apples 1100
Apples that retain curses really well. Come in all variety but not sure about quantity so not sure if I can corner the apple juice and then curse most of the apple juice in the world. There's always cursed pies I suppose.

>Money Machine 1400
Infinite money. Don't really need it but wanted it as a kid. Nice early on though and for swimming in coins like Scrooge McDuck.

>> No.55042512


Is his NP the mound of blackmail or just the FBI?

>> No.55042513

That's a really weird stance for a human to take considering our mind and tools are basically our big gimmicks.

>> No.55042518

If it helps, the powers don't scale with the new form. Only the drawback does it. If you trick Broly into eating it, he'll still be a really strong mouse and will still kill you if he can. You just made him tinier and furrier.

>> No.55042547

>J. Edgar Hoover,
Who is not a fat old guy for some reason...most likely a perverted one

>> No.55042550


>Paranoid Child 1200
>I Ran Into A Witch. Once. 1000
Makes me slightly traumatized and deeply paranoid about witches which should keep me largely out of trouble and I'll probably get a kick out of watching them get moused. Plus I'd be so rich with the money machine that demanding that nobody wear hats, gloves, shoes or socks in my presence would come across as amusingly eccentric rather than something that'd get me committed.

>> No.55042574

I wear them all at once all the time using the Charm Pouch from Secret of Evermore.

>> No.55042575

It's a mound of blackmail.

>> No.55042596

oh god please no

>> No.55042615

I usually make stuff with the things I collect or stash them until I'm ready to make something out of them. I mostly just hoard tools, materials and useless trinkets I have some attachment too.

>> No.55042640

Blessing of Delirium from DC Occult.
No Delta Brainwave from Futurama.

>> No.55042659

That's an apt description

>> No.55042702

It's less clockwork and more a guise of marble and gold not unlike the work of some artisan craftsman with warped delusions, but otherwise yes. Bayonetta Angels are full on abominations beneath the rocky surface.

>> No.55042736

Gudako is canon, but she's not the canon GO protag. Rather, Gudako canonically exists in an alternate dimension. The Bunyan event happens because Gudako sealed Bunyan away in a third dimension that ended up bumping into yours, and thus you two interact through this third dimension. But she never goes to yours, and exists in her own.

>> No.55042746

I'm trying to come up with a good single weapon for a mainly martial arts-based jumper, but haven't been able to decide between sword and staff for a while. I was thinking maybe a long sword that can act as a staff when sheathed could be useful, but does that sound stupid?

>> No.55042753

What are the best perks for helping someone deal with serious trauma? And I mean really serious trauma, like 'being raised as a weapon/science experiment, with a 'father' who loves you if you obey but throws you in a small, cramped room to trigger your claustrophobia if you don't' levels of trauma.

>> No.55042795


Use a spear, son

>> No.55042797

>not wanting to fuck Hoover
What are you, gay?

Roy Cohn Assassin as the bishiest motherfucker in the USA when? I've developed a liking for the scumbag after finding an alt-history involving a Disney presidency in 52, horrible decisions with regards to racial issues, and Roy Cohn saving the Republican Party from racism, punching a nazi, and generally being a REAL AMERICAN HERO while simultaneously being the scummiest motherfucker around.

>> No.55042813

It's been ~2 months. I think that's enough to say that Red's officially gone.

>> No.55042817

I don't think it sounds stupid. I mean, functionally all you're really doing is expanding on the cane sword concept by giving it a longer sheath, right?

>> No.55042820

No fighting with a sheathed sword actually looks badass

>> No.55042836

Wasn't Wernher von Braun mentioned as one of the servants summoned in Extra, though? Or at least heavily implied?

>> No.55042838

Man talk about stretching yourself thin. This is like a Jack of All. With only like 40 levels to play around with, dabbling in 6 "classes".

>> No.55042844

A Naginata, it's a staff AND a sword.

>> No.55042868

Be original, go with nunchucks/tonfas.

>> No.55042877

I'd suggest sword that acts as a staff in sheath that sounds bad ass.

>> No.55042894

I thought about suggesting that too, but it functionally behaves as neither. It's too long and heavy for the chinese longsword commonly associated with martial arts that I forget the name of, and the weighted/bladed end means you're going to be focusing almost exclusively on that part instead of the staff as a whole.

>> No.55042903

Or you know the fact she's incredibly busy? She's doing post grad stuff. Probably no time for JC.

>> No.55042909

>I have no idea how that works then, sorry.

It's very simple, anon.

Nasu flip flops more than a fish. And has admitted to lying in interviews.

>> No.55042916

Dueling Shield.

>> No.55042917

>> No.55042918

You know, now that I think about it, this really doesn't get used all that often in games or shows, does it? You see swords, or lances, or spears, or axes, or bows, or guns, but naginatas don't really show up for the most part.

>> No.55042940

>chinese longsword commonly associated with martial arts that I forget the name of


>> No.55042979

Asian long-bladed polearms (guan dao, naginata, various korean arms) really do behave more like swords, but their martial arts do include usage of the staff for bashing.

>> No.55042996

Yeah, pretty much just Guan Yu in popular culture to the best of my knowledge.

That's the one.

>> No.55043033

Is it weird that the first thing I thought about this is "Oh good, a vacation jump." You've got a bunch of low power baddies who are irredeemably evil with a cartoonish plan.

It's like Christmas for a jumper who just wants to relax and hunt down a bunch of morons for doing stupid shit, and then eat them all, just like daddy Alucard taught you to,

>> No.55043050

Thank you anon, that's informative.

>> No.55043069

I made the jump specifically for that purpose

>> No.55043087

"You call yourselves witches?!? Summon up your demons! Call up your devils! You don't have any? Trash!"

>> No.55043268

goodnight thread, you guys have a good day

>> No.55043278

>Now then, 'Grand High Witch', allow me to show you how REAL witches do battle!

>> No.55043290

Night NuBee!

>> No.55043297

So I'm being a bit more laconic with perk descriptions as an experiment. Here's an example.

The Biggest Mystery [400 - Discount Foreigner] - People tend to be skeptical of your origins and skills in a way that makes them seriously underestimate you or downplay your role in things, letting you glide by events without too much attention, and your reputation tends to evaporate into irrelevance until you reveal yourself in a big way. This can be toggled on or off at your leisure, though your foes are unlikely to forget about you if you continually confront them alone.

If I keep going with this sort of style, just cleaning up my outlines, I can be done with Thunderbolt as early as tonight. I plan to cover the basics of the jump right now, then leave it open to an update when the sequel is out. This acceptable to you folks?

>> No.55043298

You can't tell me what to do.

>> No.55043299

>goodnight thread
But muh question about the life cycle of witches!

>> No.55043317

Anon, NikaMoth made The Witches, not NuBee.

>> No.55043320


>> No.55043337

Sounds good to me.

>> No.55043358

Fuzzy, big butts, wings... You sure?

>> No.55043375

The ritual to make people demons, in setting demons and angels are literally made in the same way, depending on what you imagine and how much mana you dump in a person could be pretty much whatever you want as well as being immortal and having the ability to respawn from death short of being de atomized.

There is a perk to turn people into demons, but the truth is that is just an application of the settings magic that can be done by both wizards or animages if skilled enough.

>> No.55043381

>You call that form scary?

>> No.55043498

fuzzy butt
fuzzy butt

>> No.55043500

The funny thing is that Ainz actually looks less scary than the random skeletons there, with his weird skeletal features and bulkiness.

>> No.55043527

40K Imperial Navy/Battlefleet Gothic Jump when?

>> No.55043533

Is she truly a witch? Or is she just a big fairy? my biggest complaint about the live action movie is that she never turns into a dragon.

>> No.55043618

I'd say both, personally? I mean, Maleficent shows off power way beyond that of the good fairies, and the Forest of Thorns seems more like a spell then the kind of magic she and the fairies have been using throughout the movie. This, combined with her referring to the other fairies as the rabble, made me think that she actually spent time learning magic outside of just her natural fairy magic, making her a witch as well as a fairy.

Same. While the changes to everyone's character was also pretty bad in my opinion, her not turning into a dragon was a major letdown.

>> No.55043680

I could just make it so that you can choose wherever for free like I did in Fire Emblem Tellius. I don't think much about location anyway.

The novel itself has no answers about witch reproduction. I've never watched the movie (Only short clips). So just headcanon responsibly.

>> No.55043692

Actually one of the ye olde references of Maleficent was as the Black Fairy who'd spent so long in the Black Tower studying magic that most of the other fairies and all of the kingdom had forgotten about her or outright thought she was dead.

>> No.55043697

>Inuyasha jump
>kimono is free for non drop-ins
>each purchase doubles it
>acquire unlimited kimono works

>> No.55043723

Well no wonder she wasn't invited, why didn't anyone just say that?

>Why wasn't I invited?
>You were away in your tower so long we thought you were dead!
>Oh, okay, fair enough.

>> No.55043726

take a perk that lets you summon your belongings and drown people in a sea of kimonos

>> No.55043748

Actually that's how the story goes. The king ends up insulting her in some other way in that iteration.

>> No.55043802

Man, these guys just aren't very smart, are they? 'Hey, let's piss off the Black Fairy who's been learning magic for so long that even other fairies have forgotten her! I'm sure THAT won't go wrong!' I mean, do they just have no survival instinct?

>> No.55043828

Both, that makes sense. The live action was really good in my opinion, I liked the various characterizations. Still, though turning the bird into a dragon was cool I was really looking forward to her turning into one. Guess Disney will always screw something up even when they do a halfway decent job.

>> No.55043843

Generally what happens is that after the king clears up the misunderstanding about her alleged death, he notices that he doesn't have enough plates for her anyway, and refuses to snub another one of the guests by telling him he has to give his tableware to the fairy.

>> No.55043850

>I like dindu nuffin Maleficent

>> No.55043903

I have a question, does Leomon die in this one? Trying to figure out if I should be him in the 1st or 2nd one and the Beast King perk seems perfect for me to be him in this jump.

>> No.55043928

What are all the jumps on the drive made by SBers? For this chain I'm trying to exclusively use valid jumps.

>> No.55043946

It was enjoyable, in spite of not having people die in an obviously deadly battle with plant monsters and a pissed off winged elf.

>> No.55043964

Moon is a part of Gaia's Grand Reality Marble, though. That's how we managed to land there.

>> No.55043985

Everyone is an SBer, so all jumps are invalid.

You are also an SBer, so your existence is also invalid

>> No.55043995

Type Moon is a thing anon. The fact that it has it's own Type means it's outside of the GRM, though the Moon might just have a really weak RM and the astronauts landing there never noticed the stupid levels of scary that the rest of space might have.

>> No.55044011

Humans carry their own prime reality wherever they observe. It's why Mercury doesn't look like a crystal hellscape covered in spiders.

>> No.55044025

Eh, I'm just not a fan, personally. Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, the original, was a ton of fun because she was evil and loving it. Aside from just being awesome in general, the amount of fun she had just being the villain made her really entertaining to watch, something that the remake missed out on. Plus, what they did to the king and the fairies just wasn't right. That's like, fanfiction levels of character derailment.

Oh, well that's fair.

>> No.55044067

How do you guys organize all the perks/items/whatever you get from all the jumps?

>> No.55044075

Perfect Memory perks.

>> No.55044079

shove them in the warehouse

>> No.55044126

By default it would be for a Light Fog Vessel, unless you also bought a Heavy Fog Vessel (in which case it's enough to keep up with the Heavy Fog Vessel) or Overclocked (that increases your processing power to keep up with a Superbattleship).

>> No.55044138

>It's why Mercury doesn't look like a crystal hellscape covered in spiders.
Woah, wait, what the fuck? What's wrong with Mercury that it looks like that?
Also, are all the planets Types?
Is the Sun a Type?
Not that anon.

>> No.55044155

The Sun is really ASA's type, but they had a falling out.

>> No.55044186

Ah, sorry. I meant not "part of", but "inside of". Moon reacted to Gaia's request for protection, placing it in the orbit and inside of the GRM, and sending it's Ultimate One, Brunestud, down, starting the entire True Ancestor thing.

All planets in our solar system have Ultimate Ones. They have names but are also each classified asTYPE-(Planet).

Mercury's is called ORT. It's weird.

>> No.55044192

I think he's referring to how Mercury looks like... well, mercury to Nasuverse humanity, despite Type-Mercury/ORT's Reality Marble (which is meant to impose the territory of its planet around itself) turns shit into a crystal hellscape spider web.

>> No.55044200

Types are basically the Ultimate Lifeforms of whatever celestial body they represent. So, Type Mars is the Ultimate Lifeform of Mars. Aside from just being the strongest thing on their celestial body, they also share a special connection with their home, and act as an instrument of that body's will. When Gaia was dying, she sent out a call for the other worlds to avenge her, and make sure humanity dies with her. The other planets of the Sol system responded, and sent the Types to exterminate humanity.

If the Sun has a Type, it wasn't shown in Angel Notes, but Val said you can be the Type of the Sun. You won't be any stronger then you would be if you choose any other celestial body, though.

>> No.55044212

still better than Cursed Child. However, I felt it fit for the king to be a bag of dicks and therefore was succeeded by a bag of dicks. I also like the idea of Malefecent growing fond of the brat due to taking care of her because the 'good' fairies were so incompetent that she wouldn't survive long enough for the curse to trigger.

>> No.55044275

>buy Ronald Reagan as companion in East vs West
>buy USS Ronald Reagan in PROTOTYPE
>import him as shipgirl for his own ship in Kancolle/AoBS
Best idea or best idea?

>> No.55044278

ORT is Original Rare Type, which is a homage to the fact that it was the first Type they labeled as a Type.

>> No.55044312

Well, it's the only name we have. Just wanted to give the anon a reference.

>> No.55044317

Spreadsheet. Categorized, with search tags and everything.

>> No.55044325

Black Crusade when?

>> No.55044342

In about 38 millenia.

>> No.55044459


>> No.55044503

Never. Red's finally gone, this time for good.

>> No.55044529


>> No.55044573

>Humans carry their own prime reality wherever they observe
So wait, every human has a Reality Marble, it's just that the vast majority of them are synchronized with Gaia's?

>> No.55044576

You wanting something doesn't make it happen. If it did you'd be someone completely different and not a loathsome little aubergine.

>> No.55044586

Would anyone be opposed to a Magi Part 2 jump, considering the current jump doesn't really reflect the later parts, and the jumpmakers are highly unlikely to return to update it?

>> No.55044592

So wait, is there a canon TYPE-EARTH?

>> No.55044605

I'd totally be up for it. The jump doesn't reflect the setting very well. Though, have more than 10 years passed in-setting in the story? Otherwise you might just get people shitposting at you for making it.

>> No.55044608

Personally, I'd be all for it. I think it'd be okay so long as you follow the same principles for things like fanfic jumps. So long as it's distinct and offers different things, it should be fine.
I haven't really been keeping up with Magi, what sort of things do you think would be in a part 2?

>> No.55044610

Humans are what determines the Reality Marble of Gaia. They, as a species, change reality around them to be more suitable for human life.

Humanity as a collective are the prime being of Earth.

>> No.55044627

If anyone has stuff they want in AVP, say so, because it's getting close to jumpable.

>> No.55044628

Archetype Earth, kinda. Sorta. Only a little.

>> No.55044630

Humans don't reflect Gaia's will because Gaia fucking hates humans.

>> No.55044634

Kinda. Gaia didn't have a Type, so she made a deal with Crimsoon Moon/Type-Moon to make people to protect herself with based on him, which is how the True Ancestors became a thing, who all have the ability to use Marble Phantasm instead of the Reality Marble a proper Type would have. Arcueid herself can sometimes act as the full conduit of the planet's will and power, and she's called Archetype Earth when that happens.

>> No.55044637

>Humanity as a collective are the prime being of Earth.
Are you simply pretending to be retarded, or are you really talking about Fate without knowing jackshit about it?

>> No.55044641

Yes. Her name is Arcuied Brunsted.

>> No.55044642

Does it overlap timewise with the current jump? If it does, then it wouldn't be viable.

>> No.55044663

That seems like an arbitrary thing you just pulled out of thin air. Can you prove it?

>> No.55044686

Uh, it's always been a thing, going way back to when proto-Bee was making a Legend of Korra jump.

>> No.55044690


Xeno morph and Predator waifus

>> No.55044692

Are we sure it's taking vengeance? I mean, Gaia created humanity. When you're a creature that needs mystery to exist and you create a rapidly-expansionist species that denies mystery wherever it goes, that looks pretty fishy. It's like a human creating a super-virus that can infect and destroy any organic life. Best case scenario, they're an idiot who made something horrible because they were having too much fun playing around in their lab. Worst case scenario, that's a weapon, and they were planning on using it on other people. Unless the other planets are so alien that they lack the ability to assess threats properly (which they might be, I've never read Angel Notes), I don't think they'd be feeling any sympathy for Gaia. If I were a planet, I'd be sending out my Ultimate One to kill humans just to get rid of the threat they pose before they infect me, not because I'm mad about what they did to my sister. She clearly deserved it.

>> No.55044713

I want to be an alien queen.

>> No.55044724

Not really, but also yes. Humans have basically given Gaia DID through their common sense and started severely overriding her Reality Marble. But even if there wasn't a Grand Reality Marble setting the rules, the average human would probably fail to impose their own Reality Marble upon the empty world around them.

>> No.55044732

Gaia is an idiot.

>> No.55044742

Lots of the Kamen Rider jumps from different makers overlap with each other. Taking place in the same decade shouldn't be an issue as long as they're distinct enough to stand as their own jumps.

>> No.55044746

So long as I can get a Xenomorph companion/pet to go along with my Predator, I'm good.

Oh, will there be a drawback for things like Alien vs Predator vs Terminator?

>> No.55044753

>Time Period, Starting Location, Origin (Faction): N/A, Blank, Drop-In (N/A)
>Race, Gender, Age (Apparent Age): Human, >Male, Blank (N/A)
>Power Stuff: Blank
>Starting Item Stuff: N/A
>Item Stuff: N/A
>Companion Stuff: N/A
>Scenario/Drawback Stuff: Blank
>Future: Blank

Anything default N/A I just assume isn't applicable as those things tend not to be.

>> No.55044757

The Kamen Rider jumps all take place in different timelines, anon. Don't let any Decadefag tell you otherwise, it's not true.

>> No.55044767

>Different makers
All working together, yeah. Moreover, they actually cover entirely different series. This isn't covering a different series, nor a different time, nor different races, roles, characters, situations.

>> No.55044770

Drawback where the xenomorphs decide you would make the perfect vessel.

>> No.55044786

That's because they're different series. The reason why he's bringing up timeline stuff is because Magi is one property that the other anon is considering making another jump for.

>> No.55044790

Any chance of getting that dope ass spaceship the Yuatja arrive in?

>> No.55044794

The ability to be a xenomorph.

Acid blood perk? A bunch of Alien eggs.

Possibly a pyramid like where the movie takes place?

>> No.55044836

A warehouse attachment full of retroactive trophies of stuff I have killed personally.

>> No.55044837

I had not meant the >Male in there but, hey, the evil that men do, amiright?

>> No.55044840

Yautja that have functional chelicerae to kill facehuggers with.

You know, the ones the predators from he movies apparently forgot they have SPECIFICALLY for that?

>> No.55044855

The predators are kinda stupid, yes.

>> No.55044869

Their weird vagina faces evolved specifically to kill the weird vagina bugs that aren't native to their planet?

>> No.55044884

according to the old AVP comic books that predate the movies, yes.

>> No.55044918


Xeno morph eggs that will imprint on me as their parent or leader

>> No.55044919

>“Not just Britain, but the entire world of mankind. Britain, actually, happens to be a bit unique. Artoria, the world you see with your eyes is not everything. The fairies knew the moment your species ascended to the seat of the Prime Ones that the nature of the planet was changing, and they accepted it. What had once been an era filled with mana ended by you humans becoming the greatest of forces and gradually declined. Personified gods was reduced to mere natural phenomenon, and the ether in the air cleared. The decline of mystery accelerated since the demise of Solomon the King of Magic. And then five hundred years before today, the age of gods ended completely.
>This planet became the possession of animals who could survive on their own even when they’re no longer apart of the cycle of nature.
>To put it simply, I mean you and your species. The intelligence that humanity gained, their mentality strove to illuminate the darkness of ‘uncertain laws’. And because of that, the laws of the planet changed to laws most suitable for humans to live.
If you read shit you would know this already. Gaia's will doesn't matter because nature doesn't run reality. It just got salty when they outlived it and called space monsters

>> No.55044921

That seems silly. I don't think the Predator's as a species entire existence revolves around hunting Xenomorphs.

>> No.55044929

...that's strange, because I've been reading all the AVP comics online and I didn't see anything like that.
I wouldn't have thought biting a facehugger full of acid was a wise move for a species that isn't immune to it.

>> No.55044952

Still probably better than getting chest-bursted.

>> No.55044955

Gaia literally does run her reality though, which is what Earth is.

>> No.55044956

I mean yeah, the whole thing is kinda dumb.

I know I'm not making this up, and I could have sworn it was from the comics. And yeah it doesn't seem that smart of a move does it? But they are also crazy death before dishonor types.

>> No.55044982

That sounds like fun. A fan-fic drawback that could be used to get >>55044690?

>> No.55045000

Jumpers, have you ever remade a work of fiction for a new world? Like releasing Wizard of Oz in Code Geass, or Star Wars in Naruto?

>> No.55045011

Requesting a pet Xenomorph, or similar option.

A perk to be bros with any roaming hunters/nomads would be neat too, let me befriend some Yautja. Like that chick at the end of the first AVP movie.

>> No.55045017

I wrote an actually good version of Harry Potter, without the plotholes and stupidity.

>> No.55045028

Gaia runs things in the sense that it enforces the rules when people try to break them, humanity writes the rules.

>> No.55045033

I've said it before, but I attempted to recreate the entire Rocky Horror Picture Show for real in Franken Fran with the help of the Medical Opera drawback.

>> No.55045036

Gaia fucked up, made Humans, then spent thousands of years trying to kill 95% of humanity

>> No.55045041

Perk that gives all your powers/equipment a sexual/rape theme?

>> No.55045058

What, like a Giger Makeover?

>> No.55045065

That sounds hilarious.

>> No.55045076

Nice. Thanks myrm.

>> No.55045117

This would make a lot of powers a lot creepier. Oh God, imagine this combined with Sacrificial Bestowment. That's just...actually, on second thought, don't imagine it.

>> No.55045130

>Humans don't reflect Gaia's will because Gaia fucking hates humans.
So do humans. We've spent literally our species's entire existence trying to kill each other and ourselves.

>> No.55045147

>humanity is a result of gaia's selfhatred

>> No.55045160

If we used the vehicle merging perk to combine a a whole bunch of ships together and one of them was a Fog vessel would that mean the resulting ship's structure would have the same abilities as Nanomaterials? I ask because I want to use this to ditch some excess mass after all the merges are done.

>> No.55045167

Hilarious, but not especially befitting. You'll probably want a Mundis Carnis jump for that.

>> No.55045174

I never new I needed this until now

>> No.55045198

Or a hellraiser jump. I'd love one of those. I hear the sights are something everyone needs to see.

>> No.55045250

If we are to get Clive Barker jumps, I'd want Nightbreed fist personally.

>> No.55045262

I think you could do it to your alt-forms with that one perk from Val's recent jump with the stupidly long title.

>> No.55045269

Hey, this is my first jump. It is not quite done yet, but i am coming close to finishing it. any criticism?

>> No.55045296

The whole ship will have the 'properties' of nanomaterials, but if you ditch that part of it, you'll lose whatever benefit that mass was providing.

>> No.55045317

I don't understand, I just mean to just dump off mass from the resultant ship so that it isn't made overly bulky. I don't intend to spit out any actual ships that were merged into it.

>> No.55045358

With the cutting perk, you should mention that Meti is canonically the deadliest son-of-a-bitch alive.

>> No.55045360

...Are you sure this is far enough along and/or are you ready for update hell whenever needed?

Because that's the concern I've been hearing whenever a jump for this was brought up.

>> No.55045387

I am definitely prepared to redo stuff, or add stuff as the story progresses.

>> No.55045389

I mean she is the chick who litterally killed ten-thousand soldiers whilst naked and her student is barely even done with a quarter of her hair and is already cutting through mystically empowered stone and angel armor like its butter.

The Sanctioned Action is insanely powerful when you take even just the on screen feats into account.

>> No.55045396

Stop that, you cringy Redditor.

>> No.55045417

Alright then, excellent. Carry on.

>> No.55045422

It is also worth noting that aside from the ability to cut, she is an ordinary human.

>> No.55045425

>doing math for exponential growth
>given infinitely-sized personal dimensions, and true energy creation and taking approximately 4 days to double (conservatively)
>took the Hero Union BBS modifier for 200 years to myself

>do math, 100 years of growth ( O * [2^9125]) is something like a 2740 digit number growth from the original
>Switch mass from growth to mana generation
>Generic Isekai perk to improve myself using mana

...Okay, I outmass the universe innumerable times over, and can win any fight that isn't pure conceptual. Almost nothing can beat me in a fight, and I made sure to take all the anti-destiny/anti-existence erasure perks along the way.

What jumps would be funny to go to and leverage my new cosmic power?

>> No.55045431

Oh.... Oh my. Today is a good day after all. This looks very good indeed. I will greatly look forward to the finished product. I am not totally certain The Sanctioned Action is worth more than Demiurge. other than murdering anything even vaguely near her i can't remember Maya doing anything at the level of a 1000 point power. 600 points definitely. a 1000 feels like King level stuff.

>> No.55045435

You should probably mention the other abilities of the Key of Kings. Pretty good jump though.

>> No.55045438

Yeah as I said The Sanctioned Action is powerful, not the fools who use it.

>> No.55045448

Harvest Moon.

All shall fear your turnips.

>> No.55045478

We have any perks or a combination of perks that would let us make weapons that can grow with the user? Mainly asking as I want to hand out Zanpakutou but I fear they will be irrelevant to the user in settings like Xianxia and other high level jumps.

>> No.55045480

I like it, although I feel Empty Palm Vanishes the Wicked would benefit from giving actual examples of what the supernatural martial arts of the setting can do.

>> No.55045491

Be absolutely flawless, use your mass to make cities instantly


>> No.55045503

We haven't seen much of it so far, but the angels, who are the big users of it, are pretty much unbeatable except for other angels, and one of the Seven used martial arts to become ageless.

>> No.55045509

What is Royalty and why does it make you stay? The wiki isn't very helpful besides it being some kind of enlightenment.

>> No.55045524

Also, it is worth knowing that the Kill Six Billion Demons site is down right now, so i may be unable to post images related to the jump.
It is basically CHIM from Elder Scrolls, except you don't have to worry about waking up an omnipotent being.

>> No.55045528

So... You're charging 1000 CP for something that you can learn in-setting, without any particular ability, to allow for it to work in other jumps when that's the point of CP in the first place. Yeah, no.

A fucking tax just to use something you can learn should not cost your entire budget.

>> No.55045541

The amount of power a Fog vessel has, and the strength of the force shield that it can project, depend on how much nanomaterials it has available.

Let's say you've got a Fog batleship, and combine it with a non-nanomaterials ship that's it's equal in terms of power generation, hull and weaponry, but has no Klein field.

Power generation = 2 Fb (Fog battleship's equivalent)
Hull strength = 2Fb
Weaponry = 2Fb
Klein Field = 1 Fb

So if you dump half the battleship's worth of nanomaterials, you'll lose that proportion of power, weaponry and Klein field from the total. When it comes to ditching nanomaterials, in effect, you're 'spitting out' half of a Fog battleship from the total.

Power generation = 1.5Fb
Hull strength = 1.5Fb
Weaponry = 1.5Fb
Klein Field = 0.5Fb

If you are merging enough ships together, this becomes a negligible loss, but then so is the amount of mass you're losing.

>> No.55045545

>>55045431 >>55045422
After more slightly more thought than none at all. (and some wiki diving) I withdraw my complaints.

>> No.55045549

The wiki says a Key of Kings grants a massive pool of magical energy and has the power to destroy entire planets. Is that the case here?

>> No.55045561

Pretty sure it's impossible to "wake up" the Godhead.

>> No.55045565

yes, though i might raise the price later.

>> No.55045573

Theoretically you could, but keep in mind that Maya ahs spent at least 1,000 years trainign, and she has yet to even come close to the peak of power that it provides.

>> No.55045577

I'm trying to open the site to actually read the webcomic since this looks interesting, but I'm getting an error saying I don't have permission to view the server. Is it like that for everyone now?

>> No.55045586

Did you even read the notes anon?

>> No.55045592

Ah, thanks. This I understand.

>> No.55045593

Yes. the site is currently down, unfortunately.

>> No.55045604

The Sanctioned Action is how Royalty became what they are "The power to cut infinity with the blade of Want is what makes true Royalty.". As Meti's Sword Manual states "The only true path to kingship lies through regicide.". Heck Meti also declared in the Sword Manual that she is Royalty and the undisputed master of the principal art of Cutting.

Learning is basically impossible. Meti has basically given up on life and everything to do with it and her student isn't teaching to anyone till she masters it. Which is virtually impossible because getting to the point where you can start cutting the words of god out of an angel or something is kinda beyond any of the learned versions that we've actually seen, but not beyond what it's been said to do.

As >>55045573 says it's taken Maya 1000 years just to get to the point where she actually is able to Cut.

>> No.55045613

Things work in other jumps by default.

>> No.55045628

If you would rather learn it in setting go ahead and do so, perks don't prevent you from getting a thing in setting. Just make sure you have a fuckton of growth and training perks.

>> No.55045633

Yes, I did. It's a fucking 1000 CP tax to be able to use something that's normally learnable in-setting. It should not be that goddamn expensive for your shit to work as it does in its native setting, that's the entire point of CP. You shouldn't be pricing an art that anyone can learn in-jump based on its power-level. It's not some unique potential that this person possesses, but rather the use of a setting's metaphysics that, you know, apply to the whole setting.

>> No.55045635

One person in the multiverse learn that. Not that common.

Looking good. A few suggestions:

>Canon companion option
>Could you considering offering the Bike of 6 Juggernaut or we can fanwank our body being one like hers?
>Angel shells seem pretty weak and a huge drawback on their own. Do they gain any durability powers you have?
>You should specify what kind of key are you getting with Demiurge. Neither the one of the MC or the Seven Kings' I assume, given that the kings farmed thousands if not millions of other keys to strength their own

>> No.55045646

>The Sanctioned Action is how Royalty became what they are "The power to cut infinity with the blade of Want is what makes true Royalty.". As Meti's Sword Manual states "The only true path to kingship lies through regicide.". Heck Meti also declared in the Sword Manual that she is Royalty and the undisputed master of the principal art of Cutting.
That explains basically nothing. Like, to me, the perk description just states that you can cut well. That's it basically.

>> No.55045648

I am so tempted to take The Sanctioned Action and Demiurge

But I also want to go full Devil

>> No.55045649

Jump # 194 Kim Possible
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Starting Location: Middleton
Background: Athlete (100)
* Gymnast (0)
*Genius (100)
*Puppy dog pout (100, Discount) I have lethal levels of cute when I want to
*International Hero (300, Discount)
*Down to Earth (100, Discount)
*Frugal (200)
*Culinarian (100)

(I know very little here, so just making things up)

I was glad to see an end to the last jump, constantly being looked at as the villain even when you are trying your best to help people gets annoying. Apparently though someone thinks it’s funny; so from the people who brought you that last thing it’s more of the same.

So things started out well enough. I actually went to school with Kim Possible and we sort of became friends. She even became friends with most of my wives. She instinctively did not like Doom-chan, the feeling was mutual.

Then Snowflame started up his cult and middleton was suddenly mired in a cocaine epidemic… well guess who came to save the day… Yeah Kim was less than pleased. I was drawn in to things and well she misinterpreted a few things and well she thought I was a villain and the evidence heavily supported it. I managed to get Snowflame and get out of there. Kim apparently thought I was the one responsible for all of this.

Unbeknownst to me Rick also had been active. Rick was either interested in some inventions here or just really bored I can’t tell which. Guess who shows up again… this time at my mansion.

Well I had to run this time as some of my companions (including my wives) wanted to kill Kim for invading their home. I actually had to tank a plasma blast from Doom-chan.

… and that’s how I became a teenage super villain. By that point I decided screw it. I hatched elaborate plans to fail that covered up the good deeds I was actually doing. I teamed up with several villains who wound up arrested do to my “Mistakes.”

I have to admit it was fun playing the part of over the top villain

>> No.55045652

If my bladed weapon has effects that normally require me to actually cut my enemy with the weapon for it to activate, would cutting with the Beam created by Sanctioned Action be able to achieve the same thing?

>> No.55045656

Plenty of jumps charge you for speeding something up. Personally I'm inclined to take the perk if it's so hard to learn normally.

>> No.55045657

There's a lot of things you need to buy throughout the jumpchain to keep because it relies on local metaphysics anon.

>> No.55045660

Not them, but it's actually impossible.

>Buying “The Sanctioned Action” is the only way to be able to use the art of cutting post-jump, as it relies on this universe’s metaphysics.

>> No.55045664

The notes say you can't.

>> No.55045672

Huh, that seems rather odd.

>> No.55045673

Go full Devil Demiurge. You can afford it. And Cio stole a key for a long while, so it's possible for you to wield that power.

>> No.55045675


>> No.55045682

It's the guys first jump and this sounds like a misstep on his part in regards to how this subject is normally treated (ie, it's left up to fanwank by everyone else.)

>> No.55045695

You can cut well enough to kill gods. Which is the bare minimum required strength to be a king in this setting.

>> No.55045705

Who are kings, who are gods? Like, what's their powerlevel?

>> No.55045707


I think it's supposed to be this.

>> No.55045710

You're fiat-restricted from learning it normally. It has nothing to do with "speeding things up". It's a tax because the maker thinks it's "OP".

Yes, and when it's something that can be learned by anyone in-setting, most of the reasonable jumpmakers charge around 200 CP, like Sorcery in Exalted. Or literally any magic system which anyone can learn which relies on local metaphysics.

>> No.55045716

1. added, will be in the next update.
2. You can fanwank your shell as being something like that, like how Juggernaut's is the wheel of his bike.
3. yes they do.
4. you are getting a key that starts around Alice's level, but has potential to become equal to the Seven.

>> No.55045732

And the king couldnt, give her his maybe and borrow one from someone outside the castle or send a servant to ye old pottery down the street?

Stupid king. Could of at least explained why he had no plates, or hell gone ahead and offended a noble for fucks sake at least they cant magic your kingdom to ash.

>> No.55045749

Who would you learn it from? There are only two people and one doesn't teach anymore because she's in a barrel and the other hasn't even mastered it yet so you'd never get the same level of power out of it from her.

>> No.55045758

But it can't be learned by anyone in setting. it is also so hard to achieve through normal means there is not a single way an average jumper, even with learning perks, can learn it in 10 years.

>> No.55045765

Dont those already get stronger with age?

>> No.55045766

I think I will
I'm going to wait for the Jump to be completed before I make any attempt at a build though

>> No.55045769

>you are getting a key that starts around Alice's level
So a complete Key like hers but also like her we have no fucking idea how to use it and start with a similarly minimal capacity to tap into it? Both of which we can improve?

>> No.55045773

Not really. With spiritual power eah.

>> No.55045776

While I think your statement is sensible by itself I can't help but feel someone is gonna get triggered by you talking about average jumpers failing at something.

>> No.55045777

>Yes, and when it's something that can be learned by anyone in-setting, most of the reasonable jumpmakers charge around 200 CP, like Sorcery in Exalted. Or literally any magic system which anyone can learn which relies on local metaphysics.
Not when it's a thing only know by one or two people.

I agree you should be able to learn it yourself without the jump locking it away in the notes. But reducing the price on buying the perk to get it, just because it's theoretically possible to learn it in an absurdly long timespan, despite having near zero opportunity to... that I disagree with.

>> No.55045780

Meti was a normal human who started with basic skill in blades, was tutored by other swordsmen, and eventually founded the art on her own. You could theoretically develop it yourself, or convince/force someone to teach you. It's not a special power, it's an expression of setting-wide metaphysics.

>> No.55045784

senpai you don't even know the kind of bullshit combos people come up with here.

>> No.55045790


>> No.55045791

"Hey Anon, why don't you eat soup?"
>Pulls out VHS of The Witches
"Because I watched this when I was 6, that's why."

>> No.55045803

Maybe, but like i said in the notes, even if you should learn how to cut in your time, you wont be able to use it in other jumps because it relies on the local metaphysics, unless you bought the perk.

>> No.55045804

So what did aionon do here? I see the janky grammar in some parts that I have come to associate with him in some things.

>> No.55045806

Yeah but Meti also has a minor Key too, as does Maya.

>> No.55045807

Conquering thousands of worlds, Fighting whole armies of Xianxia Tier angels and demons. that sort of thing.

>> No.55045814

Mate we've got enough learning perks that we can have millions of years of training in a single year. Sorry, but your setting isn't any more special than others. I don't believe that a Jumper wouldn't have a good chance at learning it.

>> No.55045815

Don't actually care either way, but that sounds like bullshit. Enhanced Mastery lets you learn things like 700 times faster, iirc. 10 years in setting with that is equivalent to 7,000 years, which is 7 times longer that the other person you mentioned.

Also there's no reason you couldn't use the Skill Book option from Generic Isekai.

>> No.55045823

Cool, it would be a pain in the ass to have to kill the seven to get a full key. I mean they are assholes and jumpers should kill them anyway but it is nice that it isn't required to finish the key.

>> No.55045824

Except it can be learned by anyone, because it's a manifestation of sublime skill and understanding in the setting's metaphysics. Theoretically anyone who lives there could learn the art, with what little sliver of a chance they might have.

>> No.55045829

Yeah, he just helped rewrite the perks.

>> No.55045850

That potential is inherent to the key or do we need to kill some of the Kings?

>> No.55045867

This is the bullshit. The entire point of CP is to carry the local metaphysics with you. Basic potential to learn it should be, like, 400 CP at most considering it's entirely possible you /could/ learn it in setting... And out of setting, if only you had the metaphysics like CP is supposed to give you.

>> No.55045872

The potential is there, and you don't have to kill other people to increase it.

>> No.55045873

More like had. Incubus seems to be the one that took her key and domain during the war.

>> No.55045913

Weakness of Beatrice, maybe? Shining Weapons grow with the user, and it's possible to learn to make them. Combine with that perk in Kingdom Hearts (I want to say Oathkeeper is its name) that lets you join an item to someone's soul for storage, and that would work.

>> No.55045918

>Capstone Boosted Sanctioned Action
So what degree of conceptual cutting can we actually get up to once we master it? Cutting knowledge or a soul out of someone? Cutting someone's mortality to make them immortal? Cutting time to retcon something from happening?

>> No.55045919

If your Key is the same a Allison's you start with a complete one, of course all the seven are much stronger with their 1/7 keys due to having a lot more time with them. Also the seven might try to kill you for your complete Key. They are scary.

>> No.55045925

Dude, every other jumpmaker leaves that kinda thing to fanwank. It's sort of standard here.

>> No.55045935

>Jump offers unique ability ib the multiverse for 1000 CP
>It can be used to kill anything in setting
>If you pay 500 CP, aside from more super Xianxia magic, you get to fuck with concepts

>> No.55045948

He said in the irc that he'll likely drop that part, because there are literally no feats for that ability, and it's entirely theoretical.

>> No.55045956

>Might try
Two will for sure. The others might just to prevent Big Guy from getting it.

>> No.55045959

I actually don't mind the price, there's only one dude complaining about that. I just don't like rulings on how learned powers work.

>> No.55045960

Basically, you can do all of them, but you cant do something that will grant you greator power or ability. also what >>55045948 said.

>> No.55045961

Well the King did Cut stuff out of Metatron though.

>> No.55045966

>If you pay 500 CP, aside from more super Xianxia magic, you get to fuck with concepts
That shouldn't even be here, honestly. There's nothing in the series that points to that.

>> No.55045971


>> No.55045975

There's plenty in the series that points to it, it just hasn't been SHOWN yet. Keep up.

>> No.55045985

I like it. But I would boost the price of Demiurge and lower the sword thing. Demiurge should cost 1000 CP and the sword thing 600 or 800 CP.

>> No.55045986

I thought those only grow with the user because of the exp they gain from the system?

>> No.55046005

It's not, though. It's literally just getting good in the local metaphysics, and charging you a tax so you can continue to do it in later jumps. It'd be like if the Exalted jumps cahrged you 1000 CP for a single high-level Charm, except not for the Charm, just the potential to use it with a note saying that that 1000 CP is the only way it'll work in future jumps. Because it relies on metaphysics specific to the setting. It's silly.

>> No.55046007


>> No.55046031

1000 cp is way too much considering you have no idea how to use it, and the supergod overlords of reality want to kill you to get it.

>> No.55046032

>Also, it is worth knowing that the Kill Six Billion Demons site is down right now, so i may be unable to post images related to the jump.
Could simply google the images.

>> No.55046035

Not sure if I'm following your build correctly but it looks like you are paying 200 to import 2 companions. I think Locals get one free and a discount on others using the option you used.

>> No.55046039

>Kill Six Billion Demons
>not an end-jump

So remind me why we have certain shit locked behind a Spark again?

>> No.55046041

You can put me on this list as well, there are something on the order of half a dozen power a skill stealing abilities across the chain. there is no reason any of these should not work. the price for just getting it without bullshit should stay the same though. Fiat-locking things is never good. Jumpers are too bullshit.

>> No.55046054

I honestly don't know how to implement an endjump for KSBD, except for making the +800 drawback into one.

>> No.55046067

That guy is just being a salty sally.

>> No.55046075

It breaks a long tradition of fanwanking it and sets a bad precedent, really.

>> No.55046091

Anyway. Seconding this anon here >>55045959

>> No.55046095

TES Magic can be used to kill almost anything in the setting. Cosmo from Saint Seiya can be used to kill almost anything in the setting. Neither charge you 1000 CP to learn something that anyone in the setting could with enough effort. Because it's silly to charge you your entire budget for the basic ability to continue doing things you could already do in future jumps.

>> No.55046114

Oh, it wasn't so much of a ruling, as saying "this is extremely hard to get in setting, and cant be used outside of the setting unless you bought the perk".

>> No.55046126

Dude think of it as more like Instant Transmission in DBZ it is technically learnable but getting there is the problem.

>> No.55046136

You could just take out the boosted part and change the text of Sanctioned Action to say you could eventually improve beyond the scope of the perk.

>> No.55046143

Cosmo is also something literally everyone in the setting who isn't a mundane person makes use of. Not a good comparison.

>> No.55046145

i'm going to do this.

>> No.55046151

And Cosmo is technically learnable, too. That shit is hard to train up. Notably none of the DBZ jumps charge you 1000 CP to not ban your techniques that you can achieve in-setting.

>> No.55046154

It fucking shouldn't be.

>> No.55046161

Learning it wouldn't do you any good, because as the jumpmaker said here >>55046114, it won't work outside of the setting.

>> No.55046171

>cant be used outside of the setting unless you bought the perk

THAT is what has people upset. lose that and everyone shuts up about it.

>> No.55046173

If it isn't a ruling then it's a lie, things you learn in one setting continue to work in others. The only way for that statement to be true is if you are making a ruling as the jumpmaker that it is.

>> No.55046174

More like it starts off as normal sword skillz, upgrades to http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Cutting and http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Severing before going there anon.

>> No.55046182

>Oh, it wasn't so much of a ruling, as saying
>and cant be used outside of the setting unless you bought the perk
This second part is basically as ruling-like as rulings can get though.

It's mostly assumed you carry metaphysics with you by what seems like quite a few people's fanwank.

>> No.55046185

Oh sorry if it wasnt clear: you automatically go to Maya's level, with room to improve, and i am going to change it so that you grow more quickly in the art while training.

>> No.55046186

>and cant be used outside of the setting unless you bought the perk
That's a ruling.

>> No.55046188

Oh, man. So much nostalgia. I used to play the shit out of this game. Thanks for this, Regalus.

>> No.55046194

How the fuck is it not? Cutting isn't something that requires a special Planeswalker Spark or Demon Cock or anything unique to the person. It's a universal concept that theoretically anyone could use with enough skill and training. A difficult spell in a certain magic system, would be an apt comparison.

Okay, it'd be like saying "achieving the eighth sense doesn't work because of specific metaphysics".

>> No.55046197

Guess im going to change that then.

Also, Keep this in mind: http://killsixbilliondemons.tumblr.com/post/162055076720/how-powerful-is-2-michael-is-he-stronger-than-the

>> No.55046203

Kill Six Billion Demons
Origin: Angel Peacekeeper

Forgive Me For This Violence I am About to Inflict
Old Law (200cp)
The Art of Lying in the Face of God (300cp)
Empty Palm Vanishes the Wicked (300cp)
Demiurge (500cp)

Angel Shell
Red-Beaded Necklace
Reinforced Angel Shell (200cp)

Pursued (+200cp)
Suppressed Fanfiction Author (+300cp)

Here is my hypothetical build, if you're interested.

>> No.55046208

Shouldn't we just ignore people who doggedly insist things be cheaper? Lately they've been really whiny even when people humor them.

>> No.55046233

...Keep what in mind?

>> No.55046260

Presumably that 2 Michael, strongest being shown so far, is as strong as three and a half Gokus.

>> No.55046263

I am bummed out, because I want to read this jump, since it seemed like fun webcomic when I looked at it before (though I think it was only a few pages then? That was a while ago)...

But I want to read the webcomic first, to avoid spoiling too much... buuut the site is down.

>> No.55046275

>three and a half Gokus
That should be a sitcom.

>> No.55046276

Also, 6 Juggernaut Stars Scour The Universe, Who is 1 Metatron and 2 Micheal's hitman, was casually cut in two by Maya using the art of cutting.

>> No.55046280

When? What type of Goku? In what regard? Speed, durability, physical strength, versatility? How is that relevant, though?

>> No.55046290

Well the statement was made on June 20'th this year. Let me look up the latest episode of DBS that came before that.

>> No.55046291

Where's 42 Gabriel?

>> No.55046300

That would require her to have been following DBS and not be judging Goku from half-remembered Frieza or Cell Saga episodes.

>> No.55046301

Probably in terms of raw power.

>> No.55046307

You missed such an opportunity by not making Kill seven black emperors not give you 700 cp.

>> No.55046316

The internet archive is your friend, learn to use it

>> No.55046320

changed to 700

>> No.55046348

Could you tell me the joke?

>> No.55046366

Well we would never know that, I mean, Goku and Beerus' fight when he went SSG supposedly threatened to destroy the universe purely through their punches. And the last episode of DBS before making that statement was literally moments before going to the Tournament of Power. So I suppose the 2 angel dude's power could be on par with the High Priest's power or a bit beneath that going by equivalents if we take the statement for granted.

>> No.55046372

Will there be a Kill Six Billion Demons drawback?

>> No.55046373

He could, but he obviously didn't

>> No.55046380

You keep fucking presuming she's keeping up with DBS. Most people who talk about DBZ don't.

>> No.55046386

No, due to the fact that Alice does not actually have to kill six billion demons.

>> No.55046399

I'm trying to make an objective observation of power here mate. You can't blame me for trying to understand how the setting works.

>> No.55046410

Actually I think it's a reference to http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/battle-gods-animanga-akira-toriyama/ being used as the 'Goku Scale' a 3-5 is worth 3/10 or a max of 5/10 of one Beerus at full power. I think.

>> No.55046411

I can blame you for thinking '3.5' gokus is a serious measurement.

>> No.55046416

heh, I know. it just seemed funny. that and there's a running tally of how many she's killed in the comments on the site being sung to the tune of 99 bottles of beer.

>> No.55046421

7 is a number that shows up everywhere in ksbd. After YISUN split into YIS and UN, they fought for 7 years then loved each other for 7 hours. They created 777,777 gods, who created 777,777 worlds, and all of those worlds are now ruled by 7 demiurges.

It's kind of an arc number.

>> No.55046433

Would using Upgrade on a Sister of Battle turn her into a female space marine?

>> No.55046440

When are you going to leave? Does your mom know you're on the internet?

>> No.55046441

Is Jagganoth's immunity to harm in that drawback fiat or just his power in the setting?

>> No.55046442

Ah thank you, it makes sense to me now. Maybe I should read it when the site is back up.

>> No.55046461

Canonically he is unable to be harmed in anyway, due to 32 angel feathers implanted into his skin.

>> No.55046465

>Compared to Beerus, God of Destruction, how strong is [Super Saiyan] God?
>I suppose if Beerus’ strength is a 10, [Super Saiyan] God would be right about 6. Only, Saiyans rapidly increase in strength as they fight against strong opponents, so the longer they fought, the more that gap would shrink, and it might even be possible for them to eventually turn the tables. Incidentally, I guess Whis would be about a 15.

This line should be posted at everyone that takes that one line from another interview where Toriyama talks about this out of context. In that one he said "They won't exceed Beerus any time soon." People took that to mean EVER instead, yet here Toriyama saying that it's basically inevitable that they will. Just again, it'll take a while.

>> No.55046476

A woman turning into a roided up man is not an upgrade.

>> No.55046486

Does worlds mean planet or universe?

>> No.55046492

>Would using Upgrade on a house cat turn her into a female mastiff?

>> No.55046500

Some would consider it to be....someone post that Before and After pic of the girl turning into muscle, this is all I got.

>> No.55046509

Shonen Protagonist Race is kind of bullshit.

Sounds like all we need is a "Touch The Untouchable Break The Unbreakable, Row Row Fight The Powah!" type perk then.

>> No.55046520

They'd literally look like male space marines and you could only tell the difference if you looked in their pants. The process basically resculptures their skeletons. There might even be female space marines now, you just can't tell.

>> No.55046525


>> No.55046532

Would the Backup Plan (from Digimon World 2) help at all with the "Gaia Problem" from Angel Notes?

>> No.55046535

I imagine the evolution lines would split, with one branch being equivalent to muhreens (except they'd be cute muscle girls 'cause it's an Isekai power and like hell an Isekai'd throw away perfectly good waifus) and the other focusing on the faith thing and making them more like Living Saints.

>> No.55046563

Does a Key of Kings generate its own magical energy or is all magic in this setting external?

>> No.55046566

I got you senpai. No matter how often I hear it, I refuse to believe that gif is female

>> No.55046579

Sooo... pluck his feathers then? Or does the unable to be harmed bit protect from that?

Also, how rare are angel feathers?

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