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Old bread: >>54945882
Pasta bin: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Scary cyoaas pleasfhjjjkk

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I still don't understand how "harmless" can be considered yandere

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shes a yandere, but shes too self aware/scared/weak to do anything crazy due to it

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In other words, she is a shitty yandere

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as a yandere? maybe- shes probably better to be with/around than the average yandere tho

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No. The purpose of a waifu cyoa is to serve as a masturbation tool. If she accomplishes that, she is by definition a good yandere waifu in a yandere cyoa.

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>The purpose of a waifu cyoa is to serve as a masturbation tool

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>masturbation tool
thats what fetish CYOA are for- like Toks shit

Waifu CYOA's are masturbation for your heart boner

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Yandere just needs to have a fucked up mind.

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If a half dimensional character written up in less than a hundred words by some sperg who last interacted with a living person two years ago actually touches your heart you probably have a serious psychosis

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>Not filling the blanks around what it is already written

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>no best yandere

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I have a tremendous loreboner for settings where the world is split up in multiple factions that transcend national borders. Especially the first megacorp cyoa did a wonderful job with that. Any more cyoas like that come to mind?

Bonus points if the factions are not known to the common man. Imagine the templars running most of europe while the illuminati run america, etc.

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>if a cropped picture of a generic anime girl drawn by a fat jap who last saw a woman IRL 3 years ago gets you hard you need help
>if a barebones setting and rudimentary plot written by a failure who failed English gets your mind racing you must have never read a good story

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I'm still stoked at the idea of this getting any kind of update. It's been a while since I've had daydreams of being a yandere.

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This is true.

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>then what are you doing here.jpg

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Is the theme of this thread going to be "yanderes"? Is the guy who points out why most yanderes aren't yanderes bj

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Accidental post. I meant to ask: is the guy who points out yanderes aren't yanderes but yangires or something here? I like that guy.

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>tfw no yandere bf cyoa

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>If a half dimensional character written up in less than a hundred words by some sperg who last interacted with a living person two years ago actually touches your heart you probably have a serious psychosis
>less than a hundred words


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Did that empire revival thing get updated?

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Male yanderes don't exist because girls fundamentally enjoy being obsessed about and even abused by handsome bad boys. It's the norm, not exception like with female yanderes.

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Nigga please.

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...that's a boy and a girl, right?

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Tell us the difference please.
Are "yangires" the ones that want to murder/murder-suicide her sempai? Those are bad. Juno is the absolutely worst yandere I've ever seen.
Except for the scene after meeting the mother where she (spoilers) reveals she brought a duffelbag of knives ready to get rid of Yuki's mom if she was a problem. That was good. That scene showed her being a yandere without stabbing at Yuki/anyone showing interest in Yuki.

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desu I think /cyoag/'s interest in yanderes was just a fad induced by a tiny but loud minority


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Canon? No, Bum and Sangwhoo are boys. In that pic? Who knows. Girls love to cosplay as boys so Bum might actually be a girl there. Your penis can safely erect, anon.

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Does anyone else take an already made cyoa and modify it with choices and improvements to suit your likes for your personal use? What kind of changes do you make?

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That Bum is too pretty. Bum is supposed to be plain. Reeeee! Don't sexualize female (male) characters!

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>doesn't call you onii-chan

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ignore the immortality options when they have nothing to do with the cyoa's theme

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To advocate for equality one must sexualize everything.

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>Inmortality options are bad

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Your posts reminded me of that Twilight tidbit, that vampires are forever frozen in the mental state they were in when they turned. One of the girls was turned shortly after being gangraped. Freaky shit.

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I'm not into incest, that's sick.

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>you were enslaved by crazy elven females
>if you gain their favor, you can spend 2 points on getting to eat meat once in a while, 1 point to make them futas or 4 points to make them give you immortality

tok har lol

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m8 if you get a boner from a bad plot you really do have issues

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>boner from a bad plot
reading comprehension

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Highlander's Deus Ex cyoa apparently has one. Didn't save it though.

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not my fault you lack it

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Highlander did a what? I ... I guess I need that ...

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The best die first.

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It's about turning into the first true sapient AI in the cyberpunk future. Its not finished. You can ask for the WIP though.

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It's a terrible day for rain.

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Yanderes have to be crazy, and obsessively in love. No other requirements, any kind of insanity works.

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Isn't every anon with a waifu a yandere by definition then?

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that's only the obsessive type of yandere

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Not all of them would be insane by a medical definition.

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No, all yanderes need the love aspect. That's where the dere part is from. If they're just crazy they're a yangire.

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Needs a yandere option.
Considering how many waifus everyone has, we're hardly obsessive.
And we're not really crazy, just lonely.

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Why would you think that, anon?

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I love you, yangire-chan. One day you'll be mine <3

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love isn't necessarily obsessive you dolt

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This fucking show I swear

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off to another quality start

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>past 20%

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Yes, that is what constitutes a start. Keep working those numbers, brainlet.

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>past 20%
>that is what constitutes a start

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look at him trying to put the numbers together!

keep trying sweetie

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go open a dictionary some time sweaty

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aww, were you trying to copy words? just keep doing your best and stay in school!

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OC, tentatively finished. I need help with balance.

I finally did something. Yay!

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go take a shower, sweaty

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those ellipses are an eyesore

>> No.54954706

Oh hey, it's the cute Tiamat mom CYOA. I was wondering if that was still going.

>> No.54954710

How do you represent pauses in speaking that don't finish the sentence then? Ellipses are all that came into my mind.

>> No.54954731

bretty gud, keep going anon

>> No.54954788

not him but you probably shouldn't be doing that, it just makes your text awkward

>> No.54954807

You overused it

>> No.54954823

Lovely setting, anon.

>> No.54954829

Just end your sentences in regular periods. Only use ellipses for when you really have to emphasize a pause; they're really only used for dramatic effect to emphasize a point or something.

Also, put some padding on the text boxes. The text shouldn't be right up against the edges.

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Can I fuck the mom tho

>> No.54954833

Were you trying to make the narrator sound like a synthetic voice running on a too slow CPU or something

>> No.54954840

Got it, boss.

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Anon, no. You need to save your mom and make humans and monsters understand they are brothers and sisters.

I mean I guess the gods are your brothers and sisters too but they're dicks.

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Put dick in the mom

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So if not yandere for your waifus then having so many makes people like the crazy cat lady that keeps wanting to collect more?

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Those body parts seem kind of gruesome for monster boys and girls. It's pretty good though. Just a bit complex.

>> No.54954892

Do not

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In longer writing, you would have the narrator state it as her speech pattern. "She pauses awkwardly between each word, stumbling over them robotically one at a time, the tongues of men near foreign to her, and long distant in her memory."

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>colossal (60)
>Quadruped +2 power

>Body Parts
Goring Horns (56)
Fanged Maw (52)
Spear Legs (49)
Hoofed Legs (46)
Extra Wings (45)
Feathered Wings (41)
Stinger Tail (37)
Coiling Tail (33)

Extra Power (26)
Regeneration (20)
overdrive (17)
Aureola (13)
All Sunderer (5)
Fire Control (0)

Twilight of the Gods
7+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1= 15 power, 16 when in overdrive-i think i broke your CYOA, and now theres an untouchable tarrasque running about


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You need help with your English too not that it's bothering me so much as I'm curious what your primary language is

Writing helps with that so keep at it lol

>> No.54954968

shit, bad at maths- 17 power normally, 18 in overdrive

still enough to turn the local mount olympus expy into a crater in one hit

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>[Wizard] cast Cone of Cold!
>It's super effective!

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>Monster infestation
Who ya gonna call?

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oh fuck, just reread godblooded

might have to redo the build- see if i can get to 11 magic too

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the rest:

Duelist Paths:

The Quickdraw, you breath and your eyes narrow, your vision curls at the edges and the world takes on a gray tint as you lace your sight in quicksilver. By taking in the power of the wind you can sharpen your mind and accelerate your perception.

The Gust, you breath lightly and rhythmically as your legs flit through the sands, arm snapping off shots in wildly different directions with furious swings. By grasping at the wind around you your movements are pushed faster and guided while the attacks of others are softened or turned away.

The Trickshot, you seep your breath into the bullet and rub it for good luck, you load and fire, watching as the bullet bends in it's path and coats your target in a silver sheen. By breathing a little of your power into a shell you can imbue it with the power of wind to slow and weaken foes.

Fire: Armbreaker, shotgun.

Armbreaker Paths:

The Flame, you feel a spark alight in your mouth and you spit a gout of brilliant scarlet fire, burning the target to ash in mere moments even as the flames stick to your form like phantasmal scales. By drawing out the fires within your weapon you can breath fire and coat yourself in protective flames.

The , you .

The Passion, your heart hammers in your chest, blood burning with inner-fire as you find yourself pushing yourself harder and harder with nigh tireless movements. By taking in a little fire you can charge up your stamina and fill your muscles with overflowing strength.

Earth: Sharpshooter, rifle.

Sharpshooter Paths:

The Sandstorm, .

The Hawk, .

The Clay, .

i'm too lazy to finish it. so if anyone wants to use my ideas go ahead.

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probably to some weak puny humans - youd need at least some kind of legendary hero or demigod

if only there was a CYOA for that

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Gonna do a quick run through of this before bed; theres quite a few typos and in the future you could probably polish the formatting a bit in terms of text boxes and stuff but its a pretty good first effort my man and I'm 8 CYOAs in an still have bad formatting myself so its not the end of the world



>Sensor Horns
>Terrifying Mien
>Fanged Maw
>Engulfing Maw
>Coiling Tail

>Extra Power
>Extra Speed

>All Sunderer

I think I'm going to leave it there, but I think either we've got too many points to spend or you're going to end up with a lot of "do everything builds".

>Twilight of the Gods

But in any case, I'm a giant monstrous eel made of seaweed and kelp that devours all in its path, from schools of fish to whales to eventually the gods.

>> No.54955082

Stats go up to 11, and the only thing that can break that limit is Niké. Still with something at 11 you can smash Babylon into a crater. But then again you can smash anything into a crater with 11 power. If the gods will let you, that's another thing. Feel free to put the points you used on useless power into magic and speed.
My native language is Spanish.

>> No.54955117

You English is pretty good, esse.

>> No.54955137

>If the gods will let you
if 11 is "beyond the Gods"

then 11 power + 11 magic means the gods cant do dick

its good to have aspirations esse,
me? im going to have waffles

>> No.54955148

Well you're a first gen monster straight from the mother, and the expectation of you seems to be titanomachy, so you'd be a pretty damn standout monster.

>> No.54955187

Did you do a Spanish version, by chance? Would be curious what just the introduction looks like and I've never seen Spanish in such a context before.

>> No.54955225

The gods presumably exist in multitudes, though. I think that's what people keep forgetting.

>> No.54955239

Spanish in my CYOA? I dunno, maybe for an April's Fools, but I want my CYOAs to reach the maximum amount of people and this is an English website after all.

>> No.54955295

Could you please do the intro from the first image but in Spanish though? Just those 6-7 lines of text, as a separate image, for the sake of example of what such things look like in Spanish.

>> No.54955326

You seem autistic. What do you want him to do that for?

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fixing my endbringer

>Colossal (60) 8,3,7
>Biped - 9,4,7

>Body Parts
Goring Horns- 10,4,7 (56)
Fanged Maw- 11,4,7(52)
Grasping Arms(free)- 11,5,7 (52)
Extra wings + Weaving Wings - 10, 5, 8 (47)
Taloned Legs (free)- 11,6,7 (47)
Weaving Tail- 11,6,10, (43)
Extra horns + ornamental Horns - 11,6,11 (38)

Aura (free)
Aureola (34)
Overdrive (31)
Regeneration (25)
Wind Control (21)
Lighting Control (18)
Pheumaphagy (11)

>Shastra Astra
Gloriole (6)
Judgement Bolt (0)

>still immune to physical attacks by everything except monsters? check
>now also immune to magical attacks by everything except monsters? check

the gods may be many and i one, but i will reduce their armies to ruin, grind their halls to dust, and break their bones like matchsticks

>> No.54955492

I'll write it in Spanish here, sorry but I'm not going to make an image for this:

¿Cómo... acabaste aquí? Aquí no vienen... las almas. No pueden. Humano, tienes que ir al lago; a Kur. Sino...

¿No sábes? Eso es... malo. Demasiado tiempo aquí y seras prisionero. Como yo.

Rápido, corre, a lo alto de la montaña. No te mereces quedarte atrapado aquí. Nadie lo merece.
No... ya es demasiado tarde. ¿Por que te atraparian aquí?¿Solo para herirme? Lo siento... es todo culpa mía.

Pero queda una opción. Podría hacerte un nuevo cuerpo. Con el podrías ascender por encima de este falso cielo, a su mundo. Pero no puedo hacer humanos. Está prohibido.

Ahora, ve a mi vientre. Soy madre... otra vez. Que felicidad.

>> No.54955542

I'm asking for a friend but could one of you post some Warhammer Cyoas if it's not too much trouble?

>> No.54955604

>The gods presumably exist in multitudes
but they still shouldnt be able to harm someone with 11 str/magic and godblooded- since they would have less str/magic

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>> No.54955643

thanks anon, I imagine this is the only time I'll ever see spanish used in the context of a monstergirl cyoa

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>> No.54955696

Two gods have 11 in a stat. Enlil has 11 power, as king of the gods, and Enki has 11 magic as god of magic. It's the reason why they're the head honchos of the pantheon.

>> No.54955697

It all makes sense

>> No.54955726

guess ill need overdrive for those

>> No.54955756


>> No.54955774

You need Niké, overdrive doesn't increase the limit.

that's something I should state when I balance some things.

>> No.54955789

oh, huh

oh well, guess its a temporary +1 speed then

>> No.54955797
File: 136 KB, 850x525, abb1261f8557fcf9933330bf6ef06056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gargantuan (80)
God Blooded

>Purifying Horns (77)
Wise Mien (74)
>Fanged Maw (70)
Grasping Arms x2 (65)
Hoofed legs (63)
>Weaving tail (60)

>Aureola (56)
Soul Bond (54)
>Overdrive (51)
Regeneration (47)
>Extra power x 4 (27)
Extra magic x6 (-3)

>Gloriole (-8)
Nike (-12)
>Trumpeteer (-17)


Power 11
Magic 11
Speed 4

All I need is patience. The waifu will come.

>> No.54955802

>come into my womb
That's about when I closed the image.

>> No.54955845

>All I need is patience. The waifu will come.
More likely than you think, when/if I make the second page expanding onto the 3 final choices, there will be waifu options.

>> No.54955852

Nice, we all needed to hear about your blog.

>> No.54955861

Fuck, forgot
>Notorious (+3)
Since this >>54955034
is here, might as well write the waifu too.

>> No.54955868

Thanks anon, I'm happy to hear your opinion of my opinion!

>> No.54955881

dont you need positive points at the end?

can i interest you in a local even happening at babylon/mt. olympus? a peaceful protest to initiate conversation about monster oppression and god privilege, bring friends

>> No.54955882

Very well, how can I word it so it's less creepy? Leave it at "Come into me"?

>> No.54955891

Well let us become a god among men.
Asusual, let's take drawbacks first.
Broodling should be fine. [120]

Let us become a monster. (it's not like dragons cant lewd the worshippers so no harm in being a monster with the right size.)

Size: Lets call it Huge. Getting 3 stat points for 20 points isnt worth it.

Body Type: Im not sure what dragonoids fall under. Quadrupeds maybe?

Monster Type: God Blooded. Of course.
1 horn: Purifying Horns [3]
1 mien: Mesmerizing Mien [3]
1 maw: Fanged [4]
2 leg: Weaving Legs [0] + Hoofed Legs [3]
1 tail: Weaving Tail [0]
Extra Wings+Weaving Wings [5]
Thats -18 for [102] so far.
Now to max out magic and power, I need 2P and 6M . Thats 8*5 for 40 points. I'll spend that on Perks Extra Power Extra Magic. (I assume I can take those multiple times?) Now I'm slow but literally undamageable. [62]

Other Perks.
Spell tongue [6]
Mimicry [3]
Aura [0]
Aureola [4]
Regeneration [6]
Since I have spellsoul, lets also take Ice Lightning and Toxicity. [10]
I.... dont really know what Pneumaphagy does but I guess I'll take it. I have spare points. [7]
I have 6 spare points. I guess I'll spend it on 1 speed boost?

Astras :
Spellsoul [8] If I have spellsoul can I get the other elemental astras? I assume it mets the fire/water/earth/wind control requirements.
Gloriole [5]
Land Waker [7]
Thats -20 for a grand total of [1] point leftover.
[P11 M11 S3]

Twilight of Gods. How can I fear them when they can not eve touch me? I shall lead both men and monsters for the sake of their freedom.

>> No.54955899

>how can I word it so it's less creepy
its fine as is IMO- fits tiamat (its tiamat right?) and the whole CYOA well

>> No.54955906

no way around it really, though "come to me" may be a decent alternative for ambiguity's sake

>> No.54955912

11 mag
5 spd
1 pow
>Monster girl
>Diminutive +3 mag +3 spd
>Other +1 perk +1 mag
>Crystalline +3 mag -1 spd
>Body parts
Sensor horns -4 +1 spd
Grasping arms -4 +1spd
Mesmerizing mein -3
Insectoid wings -4 +1 spd
Weaving wings -5 +1 mag (extra wings)
Weaving legs -3 +1 mag
Spelltounge -6
Soulbond -2
Extra magic(x2) -5
>Twilight of the gods

Do you see that tiny light near the army of monsters that is turning everything in to ash? Yep that is me, and we are not going to stop until the gods are nothing but a memory. Poor mom holy shit.

Nice CYOA but maybe there are too many points? i mean i have 11 magic and i have a lot of leftover points.

>> No.54955943

Question: Did the cyberpunk cyoa (the good one) ever get another update?

>> No.54955976

Tentacle weaving arms, terrifying mien, engulfing maw

Power 9
Magic 10
Speed 3

Extra magic

All sunderer


Twilight of the Gods

>> No.54955998

It's fine like that. Mother of Monster giving unsettling vibes is natural. If people are baby about it it's their own business.

>> No.54956001

How about not forcing vore and unbirthing?

>> No.54956009



Colossal (-40/60)
- 8 Power, 7 Magic, 3 Speed

Flier (Free)
- 7 Power, 7 Magic, 6 Speed

Godblooded (Free)

>Body Parts
Horn: Ornamental (-4/56)
Extra Horn: Goring (-5/51)
Mien: Wise (-3/48)
Maw: Fanged (-4/44)
Wing: Weaving (Free)
Leg: Talons (-4/40)
Tail: Weaving (-4/36)
- 10 Power, 10 Magic, 6 Speed

Extra Power (-5/31)
Extra Magic (-5/26)
Spelltongue (-6/20)
Mimicry (-3/17)
Aura (Free)
Aureola (-4/13)
- 11 Power, 11 Magic, 6 Speed

>Shastra Auras
Spellsoul (-8/5)
Gloriole (-5/0)
Trumpeter (Free)

Notorious (Free)


I understand what's happened, more or less.
One day, the Gods may need to be cast down once again, their temples erased, their followers slaughtered, their divinity crushed beneath the heels of a new power. The birth of this new power may even force such action, should their reactions be too unbending.
But for now? What 'monsters' need is a land of their own. A sanctum, free of the Gods' influence, to live and grow the way they were meant. A place to return to their natures once more, severed off from humanity and the Gods' minions.

I will be their promised land.
I will take root in the oceans and become a continent unto myself. I will reshape my body into a small world, for them; one that will provide for them and support their needs. The light of my soul shall seal away those who would come to desecrate this land, by force or by magic. Even the king of the Gods himself should be prepared to risk annihilation, should he not respect this peace.

But should we be left alone, that peace will remain. I have no need to conquer the world or claim the portfolios of the Gods for my own. I have no desire to massacre humanity, once born equally to other kinds as they once were.
I simply wish to nurture the little ones that come to me from a world that rejects them at every turn.

>> No.54956030

it seems implied that the (you) in that cyoa is a soul, not a solid body

>> No.54956035

>Nice CYOA but maybe there are too many points? i mean i have 11 magic and i have a lot of leftover points.
Yeah I have to reduce the amount of points by a lot. I'm thinking of putting it at 70, so that you have to pick up a couple flaws to reach 11/11/x stats.

>> No.54956061

Idgaf, I'm not indulging in his sick fetish.

>> No.54956070

>inb4 "lol, why use the newer version when the old version made you way more powerful, that's dumb!"

>> No.54956072

Why does people keep biting the bait?

>> No.54956075


so we have

>giant invincible (or close enough) demon titan that can match the God king at his own game
>jormungard as made by swamp thing
>mage titan that can become literally invincible/super sayan
>tinkerbell if she was the avatar and was high on warpdust
>godknows what, but scary as shit
>a living continent bird thing

1/2 of these can match most if not all of the gods- local pantheon is fucked

its what they get for making mom sad

no sexual so not a fetish

>> No.54956086

It's not presented in a feitsh manner anon
there's no description of it beyond being taken in (whatever that means) and reborn (which is not described beyond the result)

you're reading too much into it to such a point I need to accuse you of liking it yourself despite being in denial, for the sake of banter

>> No.54956127

That, I fear. Well, I'll couple it with some improvements to sweeten the deal. Will waifus keep me from being shredded to death for a nerf?

>> No.54956141

>I need to accuse you of liking it yourself
Sounds like you're getting disability checks.

>> No.54956143


people who want waifus wont take drawbacks and wont be OPOP

people who want to play the badguy from FGO/godzilla will pick the drawbacks but no waifu

>> No.54956154


Or, hear me out here... You make the waifus very expensive avoiding >>54956070

>> No.54956164

also, i think the main issue is how ridiculously strong Godblooded is

>> No.54956169

Who even gives a shit about the

>> No.54956193

You need to attract an audience of people that understand the concept of balance and don't choose what cyoas to play under the premise of assuming it's all really going to happen to themselves.

>> No.54956194

So yeah. The colossal and Gargantuan thing really isnt worth it though.
For Gargantuan, you get 3 extra stat points for 20 points, when you could buy them for 15. Colossal is even worse. You get 9 extra stat points and a 5 point free astra for what is essentially 60 points.
It's really just a negative for people who want to be really really big.

Well, otherwise it was pretty fun building though.

>> No.54956203

Leave it as is, I think it suits the tone.

>> No.54956213

Best idea. I love being rewarded for not taking waifus.

>> No.54956214

Yeah I thought of it in "point scarcity" context where stat points are precious, and you're sacrificing 2 of them for immunity to those weaker than you. In here with 11/11/x flying around it's too OP.

>> No.54956233

No, I hate the drawbacks so I'm not picking them and I don't want a waifu. I'll just post the old version every thread.

>> No.54956241

>tinkerbell if she was the avatar and was high on warpdust
I got a laugh imagining that, don't forget about the tiny roars of war though.

>> No.54956245

Anti self-insert fags are in denial.

>> No.54956267

Power Total: 10
Magic Total: 10
Speed Total: 10
Type: Monster
Size: Colossal - 40
Body: Flier
Monster: God-Blooded
Horn: Goring Horns - 4
Horn: Purifying Horns - 3
Horn: Extra Horns - 1
Mien: Mesmerizing Mien - 3
Mien: Wise Mien - 3
Mien: Extra Mien - 1
Maw: Fanged Maw - 4
Arm: Grasping Arms - 4
Arm: Extra Arm - 1
Leg: Taloned Legs - 3
Wing: Membrane Wings - 0
Tail: Weaving Tail - 4
Perk: Extra Power - 5
Perk: Extra Power - 5
Perk: Extra Magic - 5
Perk: Extra Magic - 5
Perk: Extra Speed - 5
Perk: Extra Speed - 5
Perk: Spelltongue - 6
Perk: Mimicry - 3
Perk: Aura - 0
Perk: Aureloa - 4
Perk: Soul Bond - 2
Perk: Overdrive - 3
Perk: Regeneration - 6
Shastra Astras: Gloriole - 5
Shastra Astras: Trumpeter - 0
Drawback: Ravenous Hunger + 15
Drawback: Bane + 15
Drawback: Notorious + 0
Sight: Twilight Of The Gods

I'd rather take Broodling instead of Bane, but i'm not exactly confident i could survive six years with Notorious along with it.

>> No.54956277

Holy shit he actually added a Monstergirl option! The absolute madman!

>> No.54956296

>all the mountain sized monsters joining their earth shattering roars in unison
>this rat sized fairy somehow has an equal effect

look at this looser, he isnt even immune to everything

11/11/11 when in overdrive, holy shit-
take nike and you have the strongest possible build for one encounter

>> No.54956304

Why wouldn't you play CYOAs under the assumption your build becomes reality? That's like being able to choose what to be reincarnated as and you choose to be a mute crippled chinese girl.

>> No.54956317

That anon is a self-loathing masochist.

>> No.54956354

One thing! And hey, if i'm taking on the gods i gotta atleast match them right?

>> No.54956357

>inb4 "lol, why use the newer version when the old version made you way more powerful, that's dumb!"

Don't even reply to these retards. You'll never please them

>> No.54956373

Maybe you shouldn't peddle needless nerfs so you can masturbate to how hardcore you think you are?

>> No.54956374

Because you also want to play cyoas that have an unfun premise. Like those 10 year prison cyoas.
What I care about is the ability to make creative builds that are uniquely yours and are in turn fun for others to read.

>> No.54956390

>Want to play prison CYOAs
Why? They're boring, mundane, and are all copies of each other.

>> No.54956414

>Because you also want to play cyoas that have an unfun premise.
>Not self-inserting in them to see what you are willing to endure

>> No.54956417

There are transcendent versions, like the one that takes place in space.

>> No.54956443
File: 67 KB, 708x799, f062e30da20a25d647b2726b5d450ced (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>power 6
>magic 11
>speed 7

>monster boy


>elemental: fire

>ornamental horns (96)
>mesmerizing mien (93)
>grasping + weaving arms (85)
>extra wings + weaving wings (80)
>weaving legs (77)
>weaving tail (73)
>extra horn + purifying horn (69)

>fire control
>extra magic (64)
>extra speed (59)
>extra power (54)
>spelltongue (48)
>aura + aureola (41)
>soul bond (39)
>regeneration (33)
>spellsoul (25)
>sunflare (18)
>extra magic x2 (3)
>extra speed x2 (-7)
>extra power x2 (-17)

>broodling (3)


Not sure if I'm allowed to buy the extras multiple times but I had a ton of points leftover.

I want to be found by a cute boy and I want him to raise him until it's time for me to devour him. Fulfill my wish, mama!

>> No.54956447

This will probably always be my favourite CYOA in terms of graphic layout and style. I love the way skills are displayed with the background character.

>> No.54956448

Still found that one boring, though it's at least an improvement over the rest of its ilk.

Still, I agree with >>54956414 when in the rare cases I make a build for a prison CYOA.

>> No.54956452

Anyone have that cyoa where you need to stay underground for a couple of years and you can buy a bunch of features, such as food from a fast food restaurant of your choice or a roommate who's a Mayo clinic doctor, and you get like a million dollars after you've completed the wait?

>> No.54956464

What I mean is that you don't go: " I would not enjoy any of these options, therefore I will not play this cyoa, which I see as an additional choice instead of just not engaging with the work."

>> No.54956465

>One thing!
and everyone who has 11 in str/magic

>> No.54956469

>Because you also want to play cyoas that have an unfun premise. Like those 10 year prison cyoas.
Uh yes and? I play them to make the best of a bad situation.
I don't see how it's a "fun" build to read how you pick the shittiest food so you can fuck the model. That's not what I'd do for sure.

>> No.54956478

Not doing that doesn't preclude self-insertion.

>> No.54956503

which one

>> No.54956539

I just described it to be best of my ability, except actually maybe it wasn't supposed to be underground, also it's designed to be a comfy CYOA. Can't remember the name.

I also think there's another feature where you get a huge library with like every book in the world or something.

>> No.54956545

Well I never mentioned "self-insertion" however you choose to define that. I simply dissaprove of the idea that choosing what cyoa to play is another choice like in the cyoas themselves, taken for optimized results.

>> No.54956585

>I never mentioned "self-insertion"
That's the premise of the conversation, though. See:
>don't choose what cyoas to play under the premise of assuming it's all really going to happen to themselves.

>> No.54956589

I love cyoas that let me be a special snowflake because even though I tend to have humble ambitions I appreciate the comfort and security those powers give me. I'm not ashamed of that.

>> No.54956639

Monster boy
>Body type
>Monster type
Wind Elemental
>Body parts
Ornamental horns (96)
Wise Mien (93)
Grasping arms (Bipeds get a free arm choice)
Weaving arms (89)
(Monster boys can trade a maw for an arm slot)
Extra wings (88)
Weaving wings (84)
Weaving legs (81)
Amphisbaena tail (77)
Extra tail (73)
Weaving tail (69)
Extra power (64)
Extra magic (59)
Extra speed (54)
Wind control (Elemental gives me this free)
Lightning control (51)
Overdrive (48)
Spell tongue (42)
Regeneration (36)
>Shastra arts
Sirocco howl (29)
Judgment bolt (23)
Spell soul (15)
5 power
7 speed
10 magic

I may now be a monster, but my Soul is and shall remain human. I will use my magic and speed to hunt monster and men alike for money.

Good cyoa but it seems we start out with too many points. maybe decrease it to 75?

>> No.54956643

>Will waifus keep me from being shredded to death for a nerf?
Would any of the waifus be strong enough to keep me as safe (and autonomous, in the sense of her not forcing me into something) as being godblooded w/ 11/11 power/magic would?

>> No.54956667

Another "11/11/x invincible monster" would just be boring... Fuck it, time for vore

>Monster Girl
>Colossal 60
I am great, and beautiful, am I not?
>Ornamental Horns, Extra Horns, Goring Horns 51
>Mesmerizing Mien 48
Gaze upon my beauty, unmatched by others.
>Extra Maw, Engulfing Maw 45
Gaze upon my beauty - and become part of it.
>Grasping Arms, Weaving Arms 37
>Extra Wings, Feathered Wings 32
>Weaving Legs 29
>Weaving Tail 28
See my perfection. Do you not wish to join in it?

>Extra Power 23
>Spelltongue 17
This greatness, little one, can be shared by you.
>Aura (Free)
>>Aureola 13
>Pneumaphagy 6
I am not of this world - I AM a world. Come, little one, enter me and join my world.

>All Sunderer -2
Do not flee, large ones; those who would harm me from afar, I consume from afar.
>Spellsoul -10
I command the seas and skies; this world itself wishes to join me.
>Gloriole -15
All who would harm me - behold my majesty!
>Trumpeter (Free)
Grow, little one, and then come to me.

>Maneater 0
I hunger, little one. Take one more step - and come into me.

I bear no hatred - those who will come, will come, and those who must not, will not.

Power 11
Magic 11
Speed 5

Can Pneumaphagy bend the 11 cap, to edge me over other 11 stat monsters (by eating others if necessary) rather than any 'actual' benefit, or would I need Theophagy for that?

>> No.54956703

to get over 11 you need the aura that requires overcharge

the only way to harm 11 power monsters is with 11 power monsters

>> No.54956752
File: 1.36 MB, 1200x3500, Conduit Bevin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54956768
File: 132 KB, 1000x709, qrxgvRdCn1tibuboo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Monster Boy
I'm a big guy.

>Weapon Arms
>Tentacle Arms
>Grasping Arms
>Membrane Wings
>Coiling Tail

>Extra Speed x6


>11 Power
>6 Magic
>11 Speed

The world has 6 years. 6 years to find and kill me, before I am ready. I need no magic when I am power incarnate. I am the reaper of the gods, and it is their time.
I shall create everything anew, but won't you stand with me? My brothers and sisters?

>> No.54956789

Forgot to add
>Twilight of the Gods


>> No.54956822

>6 Magic
risky move

>6 years
6 weeks is stretching it brother

>> No.54956843

so the CYOA is basically pitting the Eldrazy vs the Amonkhet gods

>> No.54956867

Power: 11
Magic: 14
Speed: 3

>Monster Girl
>Size: Colossal
>Body Type: Other
>Monster Type: Chaotic
>Body Parts: Terrifying Mien, Wise Mien, Weaving Arms, Weaving Wings, Weaving Legs, Extra Tail (Weaving Tail)
>Perks: Extra Power (Free from Other), Pneumaphagy (Free from Chaotic), Extra Magic, Spelltongue, Aura, Aureola, Soul Bond
>Shastra Astras: Trumpeter (Free from Colossal), Spellsoul, Gloriole, Theophagy
>Drawbacks: Notorious (Free from Colossal)
>Twilight of the Gods

Now unless I fucked up during build creation this should be fun.

>> No.54956869

I didn't mean to attack the idea of using your own desires and preferences with that sentence, only the idea of playing cyoas like they're really happening which makes choosing to play more wish fulfilment ones the better choice and makes people prefer unbalanced previous versions over more fine tuned finished versions because they can get more stuff.

>> No.54956880

These are Mesopotamian gods.

All these people picking Godblooded are basically Kingu.

>> No.54956890

I have no need for magic when my me presence warps reality. I am the Ordered Chaos.
As for the 6 years, let them come. Mother shall steal me away and then it's a game of hide and seek.
The longer they take, the stronger I become.

>> No.54956917

what's your favorite wish fulfillment cyoa?

>> No.54956923

Which cyoa?

>> No.54956926

>Magic: 14
cant, cap at 11

i mean yes, i was reffering in terms of powerlevels/how fucked they are- literally every single monster can match the enki in combat, and the others cant even hurt them

I- i dont think theyll have time worrying about you little one, 6 years is a long time when you are dead, and that part is happening sooner than later

>> No.54956942

You don't have enough magic for gloriole.

>> No.54956943

the one everyone is doing right now

>> No.54956954


>> No.54956966


>> No.54956968

Whenever you're forced to say motherfucker, you're really just calling someone daddy.

>> No.54956978

>cap at 11
Oh. Correct.
Still take those bodyparts for style and flavor.

>> No.54956981

I don't understand. Why do people pick the monster boy option if they're not planning to waifu/husbando a human?

>> No.54956992


>> No.54956997

It is a more confortable form.

>> No.54957003
File: 41 KB, 608x588, Choking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Choke me motherfucker" doesn't carry the same feel as "Choke me daddy"

>> No.54957008

fair, honestly the cap is kinda dumb- anything beyond 11 is kinda redundant anyways so why not let someone have that 21 strength Nike build like a madman?

speak for yourself, when you are the size of typhon it becomes pointless to look humanoid, its not like it will fit anyways

>> No.54957026

I plan to cast down the gods and unite monster and man. I think it's fitting that I have a combined form, to represent what I plan to do.

>> No.54957039

They're fags

>> No.54957055

Does Trumpeter for the Colossal count against the limit of 3?

>> No.54957066

>tfw no mass effect cyoa

>> No.54957076

Explicitly stated to not count.

>> No.54957090

no, read the thingy

>> No.54957104

>tfw anon don't make no mass effect cyoa

>> No.54957135

Since you were planning on making a newer version, maybe you could consider the following; we don't associate smaller monsters with necessarily more magic but with more numbers. You could make the bonus of being smaller to have your offspring mature quicker and come out in bigger litters.

>> No.54957161

And then there is no reason to be a tiny thing if you are male

>> No.54957175
File: 149 KB, 1000x1120, 6343202+_dfa5b4e0da5e3529e75a43544d4219ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still remember that shitshow of an creator and his mass effect WiPs, boldly claiming it'll be the best thing ever.

>> No.54957189
File: 2.68 MB, 2305x1400, 9bbf39e4c0e873170173ac64f0f4ec8c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Free monster Soul (Wurm)
>Physical (4)
Martial Arts
Sixth sense

>Weaponry (14)
Bladed Arms
Ancient Weapons
Spine Weaponry
Ancient will
All seeing Eye

>Ethereal (20)

Str 2
Def 3
Spd 6
Int 4
Skl 15

There, let's call this a companion build to >>54955797 for now at least. Shit physical stat are a lot more survivable when you're more or less immune to magic, wield a wield a living, has several variation of expanded awareness and his under the protection of a nearly unkillable Monster-God.

Also noticed I misread the first page. I took the body stats as our base but we start with 1 in all stats before that, putting me at +18 now. Rather than dilute my build, I'll double down on Wise mien to really be the ancient master as old as the Earth itself, add extra 2 speed and add another set of arms. That puts me at 11/11/7 and 14/14/10 with Nike. Maybe I can't punch reality into submission, but I think I can get close enough.

... I'm starting to also think we either have too many points or we should have more things to do with them.

I'm alway up for peaceful gathering, but my Notoriety might draw an agressive crowd. If you're fine with that, I'll happily join you.

I don't feel the need for a sanctuary Anon, but I'd hapilly hang around with (on?) you.

>> No.54957193

That's why you get a waifu option.

>> No.54957212

So lets see.
>Big monsters get to be the fucking strong
>Tiny monsters get... more tiny monsters i guess?

>> No.54957213

>I'm alway up for peaceful gathering, but my Notoriety might draw an agressive crowd.

theres 2 gods who can even hurt us- and the remaining possible dangers are other monsters

its fine

>> No.54957218

It's not cute when a dude murders you for cheating on him

>> No.54957223

Why make them weaker and useless?

Not everyone even wants a waifu.

It's not cute, but it's justice.

>> No.54957229

I have heard tales of him. He namefagged talking mad shit for being an author.
He quit before finishing his only CYOA.

>> No.54957233

seeing as all the colossals get notoriety and have the gods made aware of them

how many bricks do you think have been shat at the slew of colossals that suddenly appeared

>> No.54957246

Why not waifu a human with your monster form once you become god?

>> No.54957282

There are two Babylons now, that's how many bricks were shat.

>> No.54957283

>with your monster form
because its like - the size of a mountain, and the dick is equally massive

only your mother is loose enough to fit a dong that big

>> No.54957289

So what does Theophagy actually let you do?

>> No.54957293

There needs to be an option to keep mother company.

>> No.54957305

>There are two Babylons now
thats going to come in handy after marduk/enki/whoever else gets flattened alongside the first babylon

makes you more effective against gods- full endbringer mode

>> No.54957309

Multiplayer is for retards.

>> No.54957313

>only your mother is loose enough to fit a dong that big
And proportioned apporopiately to take said dong without being burst apart by a giant fucking dick.

>> No.54957328

Theo means "divinity." Phage means "consumption."

>> No.54957330
File: 31 KB, 1280x720, re.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only your mother is loose enough to fit a dong that big

>> No.54957340

Don't lewd the dragon mom.

She's their mom too technically.

>> No.54957352

>wield a wield a living
wat wat wat.

>> No.54957371

i didnt mean Tiamat, i meant (your) human mother

although technically (and most likely in mythology) that is indeed how it would go

>> No.54957373

In essence, you accept what has become of chaos and your objective is to return the world to nothing, so that chaos might thrive again. For this purpose, you have the same ability as Pneumaphagy, but supercharged, as in the strength of anything you kill is added into your own (This doesn't let you break the stat limit, but gives you the perks and shastra astras of whatever you have killed.). The ultimate power at a price, but in this version of the CYOA, only take it if you want to be truly "eldritch", it's nigh useless for anything else.

>> No.54957403
File: 100 KB, 640x360, serpent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Colossal (60/100)

Terrifying Mein (Free)
Engulfing Maw (58/100)
Weaving Tail (Free)

Earth Control (53/100)
Ice Control (48/100)
Extra Power +3 (33/100)
Extra Magic +2 (23/100)
Soul Bond (21/100)
Pneumaphagy (Free)

Land Walker (14/100)
Age of Ice (8/100)
Theophagy (2/100)
Trumpeter (Free)

Notorious (+0)

Power 11
Magic 11
Speed 4


>> No.54957416


literally yormungandr

>> No.54957420

>basically 75% finished with my CYOA
>just straight up give up on it due to lack of interest
why do I give up on everything life anons?

>> No.54957442

We are cursed.

>> No.54957451

Bad laissez-faire parenting.

>> No.54957453

I mean, you could have gotten yourself tentacles. Or just made yourself big but not gargantuan like me. Really being the 2 largest sizes has no upsides.

>> No.54957460

For you.

>> No.54957467

>not looking down on the gods, literally
>no watching as your shadow engulfs their city and your footsteps shake the ground

>> No.54957469
File: 286 KB, 1000x569, 1503106837309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would you introduce your cyoa-given bf/gf to your parents? How would they react?

>> No.54957479

Is there a CYOA with a unnaturally long hair option? I love long hair

>> No.54957481

Cause you a little bitch.

>> No.54957485
File: 74 KB, 720x720, CkQy0EiWsAEHKPX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The upside is obvious.

>> No.54957517

> Wield a living weapon.

I really shouldn't make cyoa builds at 3am.

>> No.54957522

>Not crushing their pride by using a relatively small being to crush their every attempts.

>> No.54957539

the reason nobody is replying to your post is that there is no good answer

>> No.54957566


>> No.54957582

Please stop posting this image. It makes me physically ill.

>> No.54957635 [DELETED] 
File: 1.03 MB, 1703x1204, __lancer_fate_extella_fate_extra_fate_extra_ccc_and_fate_series_drawn_by_sunga2usagi__23b70afab985879f2d755edb53a10ed6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




Purifying Horns
Mesmerixing Mien
Fanged Maw
Grasping Arms
Membrane Wings
Extra Wings
Taloned legs
Stinger Tail
-Pincer Tail
-Coiling Tail

Extra Power X4
Extra Speed X5

All Sunderer
Thousand Cuts



>> No.54957652
File: 1.03 MB, 1703x1204, __lancer_fate_extella_fate_extra_fate_extra_ccc_and_fate_series_drawn_by_sunga2usagi__23b70afab985879f2d755edb53a10ed6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




Purifying Horns
Mesmerixing Mien
Fanged Maw
Grasping Arms
Membrane Wings
Extra Wings
Taloned legs
Stinger Tail
-Pincer Tail
-Coiling Tail

Extra Power X5
Extra Speed X5

All Sunderer
Thousand Cuts



>> No.54957663

Like I introduced my other girlfriends. It's not exactly complicated.

>> No.54957677

truly, porn has always been known as the art where a good plot is the most necessary.

>> No.54957736

You cannot pick Freedom with Pneumaphagy. You have to pick Twilight of the Gods.

>> No.54957763

Being bigger than mountain would be miserable. You can't interact with people, you can't own anything because there is not enough materials and anything big enough for you would simply crumble anyway. You can only sleep and destroy. Planet is like town to you so you will quickly run out of things to wreck.
It's cool if it's your fetish but smaller monsters are obviously superior choice.

>> No.54957824

>I watch porn because it touches my heart

>> No.54957881

Strength in numbers. Quick replenishing after extermination attempts.

>> No.54957896

porn is the ultimate form of poetry.

>> No.54957918

Anyone have Conduit: Mu?

>> No.54957983

>Wanting to use your children as cannon fodder
>Instead of favoring invididual strength you choose powerless masses
>Daddy issues

>> No.54958009

"Hey mom, hey dad, so some kind of magic exists, and somehow I now have a girlfriend."

>Dad probably just ignores or laughs off my statement due to a mix of disbelief and not really caring either way.

>Mom is happy for me but will begin bugging me about grandkids in a manner only she would call 'subtle'

>Siblings just roll with it, older brothers maybe joke that reality had to break for a girl to date me, little sister just happy for me and trying to befriend my girlfriend.

>> No.54958080
File: 5.92 MB, 1600x4000, The World Below 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck happened to this?

>> No.54958091

The guy doesn't work on CYOAs often/is also updating the Little Anime Girls in a Dark City CYOA.

>> No.54958097
File: 7.39 MB, 1600x4000, The World Below 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54958113
File: 4.75 MB, 1200x3300, Retired Protagonist WIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another piece I found.

>> No.54958151

Well, if the gf is normal in appearance and people at large don't know about magic cyoa shenanigans happening, they'd react normally I guess.

If everybody knows the world suddenly fell into a bukkake of magic powers and weird perverted gods and outlandish sci-fi tech and horrific eldritch creatures and such, I guess they'd have bigger things to worry about.

>> No.54958253

>literally yormungandr
... which is awesome, I have no problems with it.

>> No.54958276

For Colossal size, what does it mean when it says that notorious costs 40 points?

>> No.54958300

notorious doesn't cost 40 points, colossal size does

>> No.54958406
File: 2.36 MB, 320x287, 1rlax243.wizardchan.pooh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because there is no real reason to even finish CYOAs, the attention is fleeting from posting, enjoyment is difficult to have with your own work sometimes, skills can be gained in the creation process but finishing the CYOA gives none.

I feel you senpai, happened many times, mainly for this reason here-

>Redesigning a CYOA for fun and better quality fapping
>Split the pages into separate PSDs to reduce slowdown
>Everything going fine, have all the choice boxes ready to put images into and change some text
>Start making it look fancy, colours, patterns etc
>Everything starts to slow down to the point I have to wait a few seconds to even see a change I made.

Literally haven't even put a picture on it, there aren't even that many effects, just drop shadows, bevels and gradients. what the fuck is this? Is there no way to fix this crap?

>> No.54958455

Any ghost or spirit cyoas

>> No.54958496

How does the extra effect work?

>> No.54958503
File: 126 KB, 850x601, d9153df02f03d89275ef1d607bf47822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> He can't interact with the people that lives within the extension of his soul
> He doesn't shape the Earth until it take a form satisfying to his magnificence
> He doesn't commune with the life that has grown upon his back, gently nurturing every animal, every tree and every human in his domain until they accomplish things he'd never imagined during his long, long life.

You have an awful lack of imagination.

>> No.54958524

I find that sometimes I enjoy my own fantasies a lot more if I "formalize" them by creating a CYOA around them

>> No.54958589

Yeah, I suppose that's probably one reason, I'm actually slowly trying to make a Self-Insert cyoa, something I can use to sort of plan daydreams and fantasies of being in a fictional universe or some autistic shit like that.

>> No.54958604

Anybody got anything light and comfy?

>> No.54958622

well I have a pillow

>> No.54958631

My bed is comfy

>> No.54958651

And a active imagination is the only thing you have going for you

>> No.54958660
File: 776 KB, 536x750, Picture1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Power – 11
Magic – 11
Speed – 4

Monster, Other, Chaotic

Ornamental Horns, Grasping Arms, Weaving Arms, Weaving Wings, Coiling Tail

Pneumaphagy, Aura, Aureola, Regeneration, Spelltongue, Ice Control, Lightning Control, Toxicity, Mimicry

Trumpeter, Theophagy, Gloriole, Spellsoul

Notorious, Ravenous Hunger

Twilight of the Gods

>> No.54958679
File: 3.95 MB, 1700x5376, Comfy Camping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54958695

Anyone got that one cyoa where you can choose from 2 lists, and you get to choose how much of either you could get? First one had stuff like a warehouse that could recieve anything, second one had documentation to be anywhere, stuff like that.

>> No.54958698
File: 409 KB, 1184x3476, Comfy Powers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54958702

>almost done build
>can't decide whether to join the Monster Mash, join Enlil or fuck off as fast and as hard as I can
What do you guys think?

>> No.54958706

Take a step, giant shock wave and magnitude 9 earthquake kills everybody.
Gee anon, petting humans sure was fun.
Largest size should be overpowered because you sacrifice everything by picking it.

>> No.54958711

So, a small confusion... If you pick monstergirl/boy and a type other than biped, is that just what kind of thing inspires your still-bipedal still-humanoid form, or what?

>> No.54958720
File: 154 KB, 1000x800, Comfy Powers 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54958729

Forgot to add Colossal, but that's pretty obvious

>> No.54958742

I bet it'd turn you into something like a centaur.

>> No.54958776

>come into my womb
Okay, you got me hard.

>> No.54958790

I had the same problem in GIMP with the original version of pic related.

But this version is in done in PHP/CSS with a little database to keep track of all the content. Performance is great, but it's more difficult to do fanciful graphics. Dunno how other people think about it, for me the visuals just lack a certain something.

I know the colors are bad, I'll get around to it eventually.

>> No.54958800

>got me hard
'Achievement unlocked'

>> No.54958807
File: 398 KB, 1161x725, verywip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course I forget the pic.

>> No.54958815
File: 3.51 MB, 2150x3035, 1486709453224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these people making kaiju to show the gods what for

>> No.54958834

>what the fuck is this? Is there no way to fix this crap?
More RAM.
I had the same issue where I'd move an image and it took five seconds for it to register a change. Or I'd type and the text was lagging, or sometimes I couldn't even see the text appear until I hit enter.
Now I put the text layers from a section of choices into a group and apply the effects on the group as a whole, and I turn off effects while working.

>> No.54958842


Whee, I'm an overpowered monster being tom bombadil thing!

Core stats
Power: 11
Magic: 3
Speed: 11

Monster type
Size: huge (+4 Pw, +1 Ma, +1 Sp)
body type: biped (+1 Pw, 1 free arm subtype)
Monster type: animal (+1 Pw, +1 Sp)

Body parts
horn: sensor horns (4, +1 Sp)
Extra horns(1): Goring horns(4, +1 Pw)
Extra horns(1): Purifying horns(3)
Maw: fanged maw(4, +1 pw)
Arms: grasping arms (4, +1 sp)
Extra Arms(1): weapon arms(4, +1 pw)
Leg: Taloned legs(3, +1 sp)
Tail: coiling tail(3, +1 pw)

Extra power 1 (5)
Extra speed 5 (25)
extra magic 1(5)
Aura (3)
Aureola (4)
Regeneration (6)

Shasta astras
All sunderer(8)

Freedom. To wander the world, and see its miraculous sights.

The old war between the gods and their servants and the monsters is not my war; I am at least one incarceration free of it.

We have been labeled monsters falsely, but names have been waved about and misused frivolously since the beginning of time. The capacity for monstrosity exists in each being, a choice that is made easier or harder by the environment in which they live.

I have no desire to be worshiped, nor do I have any desire to roust the gods from their existing dominance. I am not confident in my ability to do the job any better, nor am I confident in the ability of my kin to avoid perpetuating the cycle by treating the gods with the same cruelty they were themselves cast down with.

Doing so would merely kill entirely too many people. Not worth the price... for now.

Still, there is very little that escapes my notice, and I will not sit idly by upon seeing injustices perpetrated by either side directly in front of me as I travel. I am fortunate in that I am capable of smacking just about anything into line if I can't reason with it; even if the gods wished to cast me out into the un-being, I will endure.

I think they will be smart enough not to make an enemy of me.

>> No.54958846

i never said it wasnt awesome

>> No.54958857

Have her breast gained sentience and try to escape in the last pic?

>> No.54958866

Finish it you lazy, fat bitch.

>> No.54958871

>Magic: 3
>inb4 random mage OHKO's

i dont think so

>> No.54958882

Do you think so? I'm pretty happy with myself anon.

>He can't step lightly while carrying his big stick.

Shape up, will you?

>> No.54958902

It looks like what you'd expect a Spreadsheet made cyoa would look like, clean and orderly. Colours aren't the worst, could change them though, maybe add some old rock texture pattern or something in PS, or GIMP if it can be done in there, to fill in what might be missing.

>> No.54958910

Oh hey it's echidna. Why's she got a speech impediment then?

Well, if she gives me her power then I'll take it at the fullest. Monster, and colossal.

And as a colossus, what form could I take but the serpent? There is no greater form.

Godblooded and Chaotic both have their appeal. But Godblooded is the one that bears powers otherwise unattainable, so I pick that one. My lessers shall not dirty my being.

My mien comes to me unpurchased, and so I claim the mien of terror, for who shouldn't fear me?
I could minmax the body parts, perhaps I should - only the weaving tail would grant me two points - but instead I shan't. The coiling tail better fits my image. I shall gain magic instead from horns. (4/44)

I get two maw slots, so my maw shall b e great and fanged, and shall engulf all that live. (6/50)

My magic and power shall be unquestioned. I'll take both of those perks. (10/60)

Aura is a feature of my divinity, but I will grow it into agency, to Aureola. (4/64)
But to be what is, that is also the mirror of what isn't. To consumer what is, and make it part of me, that's the root or power. Pneumaphagy, I mean. (7/71)
Oh, and regeneration because it should allow me to overcome the wounds of those few beings who can match my divinity. (6/77)

Both sides of the coin, to empody reality and consume it, I'll take at the highest level. Gloriole and Theophagy. (11/88)
And because I am great of might, All shall be Sundered. (9/90)

And that leaves ten points, so though I'm not sure this can be done, I'll do it anyway: Extra power twice more.

12 power
8 magic
3 speed

And the point expenditures formed fortuitous numbers towards the end there. Truly my divinity will shine strong as I bring about the twilight of the gods.

>> No.54958925

Ew, no. That's so fucking excessive.

>> No.54958929

I took spelltongue specifically so I can learn all of the death touch counterspells.

>> No.54958941

>I turn off effects while working.
But that's too tedious, I have soo many things that have effects, and to group them up would make moving around anything, if I needed to do that, really difficult.
I guess I'll have to get that Ram, I thought I'd have more than enough.

>> No.54958942

its literally Tiamat

even if you know them, you are as potent as the average human

>> No.54958957

If any Colossal does that, with its simplest movement he's already FAR more powerful than his smaller brethren and thus "overpowered".

>> No.54958979

Most novels I read dwell on things even longer when introducing a character's speech patters and things like that, so I wouldn't call it excessive in a book. Though I do prefer older works.

>> No.54959013

Good lord, that's some boring design you've got there. If you absolutely have to go with the bargain bin fantasy "pick races from a list" shit, at least make them interesting races.

>> No.54959025

Consider honestly: Do you read shit novels?

>> No.54959038

15% Discount is exploitable into unlimited wealth through arbitrage, making the Chauffeur, NEET Blessing, and Aura of Automation options largely redundant.

>> No.54959055

>I have a tremendous loreboner for settings where the world is split up in multiple factions that transcend national borders.
But they're literally all shit. It's never been done well, counting reality.

>> No.54959058
File: 49 KB, 856x550, verywip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's orderly like that because it's just a simple program that runs through a data set and prints it into a simple grid.

I'll try to add some fancy stuff to it once the content is done, but I'll do so while keeping it usable as a HTML. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because this stuff is relevant for my job.

>> No.54959080

'A monster's strength is determined by 3 stats. These stats go from 1 to 11'

Only during Niké can your stats surpass 11

>> No.54959114

Oh so you are going to remake the CYOA? Neat, i really liked that one.

>> No.54959119


>A single sentence.
>28 fucking words.
>Excessive to describe a character's attribute that denotes how alien and isolated it is.
> Is said once and will never be brought up again.

Consider honestly: Maybe you have shit taste.

>> No.54959146
File: 675 KB, 1161x725, 1503175533170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something like this?

>> No.54959154

Is your favorite author GRRM?

>> No.54959171

make the text darker/clearer

>> No.54959201

For example. This effect would be pretty easy to implement btw: you make the texture the background image if one box and then have an identical box with a colourd background and some transparency above it.

Changing colors will be pretty easy because their saved in variables. The ones now are just left over from the original version.

>> No.54959229
File: 587 KB, 554x800, kokabiel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[160]Long Slumber/Bane: Precious Metal/Notorious

Origin: Monster Boy
Size: Normal (POW/MAG/SPD +2)
Body Type: Biped (POW +1/SPD +1)
Monster Type: Godblooded (Aura)

Body Parts:
[147]Horn: Ornamental (MAG +1)/Extrax2/Sensor/Purifying
[140]Mein: Wise/Mesmerizing/Extra
[132]Arms: Weaving [MAG +1]/Grasping [SPD +1]
[129]Leg: Weaving [MAG +1]
[125]Tail: Weaving [MAG +2]

[085]Extra Powerx8
[065]Extra Magicx4
[030]Extra Speedx7
[025]Earth Control

Shastra Astras

Power: 11 (14)
Magic: 11 (14)
Speed: 11 (14)

The idea behind this build is earth control allows me to manipulate all earth and metals this combined with mimicry would allow me to change my skin composition to the metal I am most weak against, and thus absorbing it into my skin as it the metal impacts my body, if that fails or doesn't make any sense I can simply prevent the metal from ever hitting me.

My other idea is that at 14 speed, I'd experiencing Xeno's paradox in my Nike'd overdrive state. The time limit for Nike or even the requirement for long sleep will never arrive because I am traveling at a speed faster than the concept of speed itself. Infinite lengths exist between any two points in space and two points in time and I experience everything within any arbitrary temporal or spatial frame of reference.

>> No.54959256
File: 7.94 MB, 856x7133, 1493562152289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valkyrie - Not actually interested in her, but I don't want a waifu, any responsibility, or to travel, so this is about all that's left on this page.
Second choice on the last page

>> No.54959291

>and to group them up would make moving around anything,
It really isn't. I have one group per section of choices.
One sub-group per row.
One sub-group for images, for text, and for the text box.
Then you just hide the effects.

>> No.54959301

>My other idea is that at 14 speed, I'd experiencing Xeno's paradox in my Nike'd overdrive state.
time would still go from your frame of reference

also, i highly doubt its that fast to be in high relativity

>> No.54959316
File: 4.58 MB, 856x3876, 1490841059278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54959339

traveling that fast would allow me to time travel and thus allowing me to create temporal loops just so I never experience Nike's drawback or simply sleeping for millenniums in mere seconds.

>> No.54959364

Diminutive monster with same stats would be insanely broken. Imagine power and accuracy of attacks required to kill fairy strong enough to shatter continent. If you spread dangerous attack around area 1000000 times bigger than your target it's going to do nothing.

>> No.54959374
File: 110 KB, 720x720, 1503167123212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54959387

How can one infinity be bigger or smaller than another infinity?

>> No.54959391
File: 5.10 MB, 856x4195, 1490845957215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54959404

>raveling that fast would allow me to time travel
to time travel you would have to have V>C

which is both impossible and almost certainly faster than speed 14

>> No.54959422

Are you the author?

>> No.54959426

Unless power scales with the size, as >>54958706 to think.

>> No.54959427



>> No.54959455
File: 3.38 MB, 1200x8784, 1493562254159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one is cute.

Repair a Dam
Unearth a Temple

>> No.54959461

That entirely depends on how strong the gods are.

If there is a god of time then obviously you surpass that god in his own domain by several magnitudes with a stat of 14.

>> No.54959466

but the whole "time travel through speed is not happening" thing is just part of physics- which i understand are already fucked with all the kaiju and magic, but if you want to use the laws of physics to cheat you may as well do it properly

>> No.54959491

unless the time gods magic isnt based on pure stats, and is more based on knowledge or access to the loom of fate or whatever

or that the god of time can time travel and doesent just have the power of prescience

>> No.54959499
File: 2.09 MB, 1844x2906, 1500614773493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasn't this getting an update?

>> No.54959529 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.41 MB, 1196x1492, 1503178433752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54959566

I don't really get how to play any of these 'conduit' cyoas...

>> No.54959584

>unless the time gods magic isnt based on pure stats, and is more based on knowledge or access to the loom of fate or whatever

I took sensor horn and wise mien, I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to access the loom of fate too or beat the knowledge out of him with base 11 across all my stats.

>> No.54959601

Geenymous (the author) was silly to have done that, yes.

>> No.54959651
File: 46 KB, 400x300, 1a9ddb9bf82716882ee216e09a09fc75a0f669d34059c8ef83500f03ee9bd7cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same you play any other CYOA?

>> No.54959682

just checked

there is no Babylonian god of time

>> No.54959712

than I'll go to the next pantheon and than the next and so on and so forth

>> No.54959720
File: 67 KB, 568x308, Ibitsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Kanbe from Ibitsu is best yandere because she is an actual yandere instead of waifubait trash

>> No.54959740

>than I'll go to the next pantheon
im not sure there is a next pantheon, creation myths tend to mutually exclude

>> No.54959752

than lets agree to disagree

>> No.54959764

No dere, they're just a yangire, not a yandere.

>> No.54959788

What's the best kind of dere? In CYOAs or life in general.

>> No.54959804


>> No.54959813

dead dere

>> No.54959837

There is a focus on the yan part but there is some dere given everything she does is out of some really fucking twisted love

>> No.54959839

You've gotta start with the first image.

Then you pick a world or worlds (earth is free) and pay points for abilities from them and for general abilities, much like any other CYOA.

There are spin-offs, but the only one that's connected is the least conduit waifu set; those are chosen if you elect to spend a point to summon a pre-existing least conduit with one point (under the least conduit general perk)

If folks are amenable, I'll dump the whole thing next thread, since it's been a long long time since it was every done properly.

>> No.54959860


>> No.54959898

Depends on the type of CYOA or in life in general it depends on the person

>> No.54959967
File: 4.64 MB, 1200x7088, 1493109649846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54960011

hm, ok. thx

If you did that I guess you could just post the first image and like a couple of the best others? & if people like it post the rest?

>> No.54960017


>> No.54960114

what game is this?

>> No.54960117
File: 4.90 MB, 1200x7900, 1493109760620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54960159

It's very subjective which is best. I'll post the core ones to start and I guess fan worlds if it's requested.

On which note,

NEW THREAD: >>54960115

But it can lie dormant until we finish this one off.

>> No.54960239

Actually in this one theres no reason why the first two cant be done with normal sized bodies. Hell theres no reason why you cant magic yourself some even tinier intelligent life as far as I can tell with more magic than the gods.

>> No.54960244
File: 7.43 MB, 1245x10000, 1502970711694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lots of CYOAs with dolls recently.

>> No.54960512

Real talk, that is a rumor I made up for lulz. Quiet doesn't like trap porn, and when we last heard of him he was in Canada after immigrating.

We're actually great at staying on topic compared to other generals. From what I recall of other generals: Katawa Shoujo hasn't talked about their game in over 2,000 threads, Fire Emblem was plagued by at least 20 people who posted the same shit every thread, Monster Hunter was actively at war with their own IRC, Visual Novels regularly hypes untranslated chuunige because they have to justify their time spent learning Japanese, Erotic Games is 500 people asking for shit in the pastebin, etc.

>> No.54960584

Deredere or a very very non-violent yandere.

>> No.54960596

Do extra X allow you to take one extra or as many as you want? Can you buy multiple Extra X?

>> No.54960617

Monster Boy
11 Speed, 10 Power, 10 Magic

Sensor Horns
Weapon Arms (free from biped, replaces maw slot due to monster boy)
Grasping Arms
Extra Wings: Weaving Wings
Diver Wings
Hoofed Legs
Weaving Tail

3 Extra Power
4 Extra Speed
5 Extra Magic

Wind Control
Lightning Control

Thousand Cuts
Sirocco Howl
Judgement Bolt



Humanoid build (with just a some extra accessories), can fly
Wind and Lightning masteries, but competent at spellcasting in general
Emphsizes speed, but super-high base stats all around

>> No.54960647

Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

>> No.54960657
File: 5.49 MB, 1600x5300, 1497149640021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure what CYOA this goes to.

>> No.54960736

it's pretty cool but sort of leaves me noncommital

>> No.54960741

>Not saving the little girl via gurren lagann drilling
Let me show you how it is done.
Cure a disease
Repair a dam

The repair a dam is pretty straightfoward, get in there swarm the whole dam with glus and then wait until they make a more permanent fix, pretty easy and the reward is quite neat.

However whatever experimental disease the goverment has cooked up concerns me more, regardless of that i have to do it for justice! The plan i made up is to get inside her and kill the disease via liberal drilling. Chances are things are more complicated but everything can be solved with enough violence.

>> No.54960758

Are you a druid or a digger?

>> No.54960829


>> No.54960849

A miner inside a minor, eh?

>> No.54960880

Going by what I found from 4plebs, that's a WIP of SlightlyDrunkGuy's Rebellion CYOA.

>> No.54960889

are you drunk or just lack reading comprehension?

>> No.54960893
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I had a lot of fun coming up with this build


Strength: 2 (1+1)
Defense: 3 (2+1)
Agility: 4 (2+1+1)
Intelligence: 10 (5+1+1+2)
Skill: 9 (2+1+1+1+3+1)

I pick 3 stat points

>My Ancient Weapon

Behold the mighties, most flexible, mysterious and ugly weapon in the entire existence! Witness The Grey Mass Used To Forge Things! Sure, you may say this little shit over here is nothing more than a cube of bland grey clay and you wouldn't exactly be wrong, but, but BUT - it actually has a very interesting set of propieties beyond simply being used to forge weapons, armors or items: it is VERY permeable to magic and spells AND it is possible to get more of it by separating it in two pieces and waiting for it to regrow! You see where I'm going? Exactly, fella, there's a new artificer in the neirbourhood.

(You may ask, how the hell is this a weapon? Well, throw it to someone's face and see how it hurts!)

T1: Catalysts
T2: Arcane, Inscribe, Psionic
T3: Combine, Blink

T1: Bladed Arms, Blunt Arms, Marksmanship
T2: Ancient Weapon, Enchanment
T3: Ancient Armor
T4: Spine Weaponry

T1: Terrain
T2: Affinity, Duality
T3: Enhance

T1: Pocketing

Volcano (Ancient) + Glacial (Deep) = 120


Exempt (25) - I'm not touching that shit even with a stick. Not even if I had spent the whole year creating a powerful stick that with magical propieties that can extend and contract itself however I want while chanelling lighting magic. But I have one of those if you happen to be interested, my beloved costumer.


>> No.54960905


Library (10) - Knowledge is power, never forget that. It's also money. And if I'm not wrong that library is going to help to earn some of it. Knowing the monsters, their patterns, strenghts and weaknesses can be crucial while making weapons to deal with them.
Forge (10) - Skilled craftsmen who repair, maintain or custom-make weapons or armors? What a coincidence, this hunter is very interested in learing your ways, you fuck... noble craftsmen! So that's how you do it? Very interesting, very interesting... You know, I would like you to forge something for me using this special material I have stumbled upon!
Market (10) - Well, I have to buy things.
Underground (5) - Well, I have to buy /other/ things, you know. No, not /those/.
Diner (5) - A man as busy as myself can't bother to lose his time with such a trivial activity as it is cooking. Plus, once my business skyrockets I'm going to swim in cash.
Bar (5)- Drinks, socialization and rooms for business. A great place to meet some people and to tell them about my great skills. A broken heart you say? I can give you a hammer that commands the thunder of the heavens while it shatters the skies! What- that you only want her back? Oh, for fuck's sake...
Club (5) - New clients! Oh, so that monster is only vulnerable to fire? There, there. I just happent to have this little thing over here... Seriously, it's a great oportunity to make a contract or sell whatever I have already made.
Bounty (5) - Well, often men as aventourous as myself end up facing untrustworthy fellas who want to hit them as hard as they can in the face. I may need someone else's face to get punched for me.
Upper (40) - That was a hell of a purchase, but, as you may know, image is as important as the product to a business. Besides being a confortable place, I will have plenty of space to storage anything I need and the perfect building to partialy turn into my store. Wellcome, wellcome, my fellow hunters.

>> No.54960912
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Found the first page.

>> No.54960915

Be the Monster CYOA: (+100)
>Monster Boy
>Normal (+2 Power, +2 Magic, +2 Speed)
Body Type:
>Biped (+1 Power, +1 Speed, +1 Arm Subtype)
Monster Type:
>Godblooded (+Aura)
Body Parts:
>Horn: Ornamental Horns (+1 Magic) (-4)
>Mien x2: Mesmerizing Mien + Wise Mien (-7)
>Maw: Fanged Maw (+1 Power) (-4)
>Arm: Weaving Arms (+1 Magic) (Free)
>Leg: Weaving Legs (+1 Magic) (-3)
>Tail: Weaving Tail (+1 Magic) (-4)
>Extra Power x7 (-35)
>Extra Magic x5 (-25)
>Extra Speed x2 (-10)
>Spelltounge (-6)
>Aura (Free)
>Auerola (-4)
Shastra Astras:
>Spellsoul (-8)
>Golriole (-5)
>Trumpeter (-5)
>Brooding (+20)

End Stats:
>Power 11
>Magic 11
>Speed 5

>> No.54960929


You may be asking yourself, what the hell is this prick going to do in order to survive? Simple answer, my friend: I will sell magical items, armors and weapons. A the begining I may need some people from the Forge to help me with the forging, but I'll eventually be able to do it on my own. My items are high-class products imbued with strong magic, sutiable for the job of the hunters. You want a sword that trows flames? An armor that protects you from ilusions and mind magic? A a pendant that lets you teleport around? Something that helps you to survive during the Culling? Fear not, I can craft those for you! My payment, you say? It's easy: I want my quota filled without me having to do the dirty job. Since teamwork is allowed and the kill may be claim by anyone participating in such teamwork, I will give you the item you desire so much and, in return, you will fill a certain amount of my anual quota. Simple, right? What? What if you break the contract? Listen, boy, there are laws around here and I'm sure nobody likes to have a betrayer around, even the worst hunters have some sort of morality. Plus, it would be a shame if that hammer you like so much exploded in your face because you cheated, wouldn't it?

I want my items to be rather exclusive so I'll try not to flood the market with them, but I want to live a live confortable enought without risking my life on those damn monsters.


There are some changes that I wanted to make that would ensure that the build works a bit better, but maybe >later

>> No.54960946


>> No.54961029

Nice try but neither option says anything about that.

>> No.54961059


>> No.54961163

>This CYOA is on hold for an undefined time
>I was hyped when the WIP was first posted
It boils my blood with anticipation.

>> No.54961308

I'm going to go against the grain and say Tsundere is actually pretty good. Tsundere girls typically have a lot of character to them, and for a 'real life' variant it's nice to be around someone who has some actual passion and spark. Some of her traits (like not having a great handle on her own feelings) are less than ideal but when you're taking a generic trope and applying it to a person you're going to hit some snags.

Deredere is, of course, also nice.

As a side note I am sick and fucking tired of Kuudere or Dandere characters, especially the ones that seem to live in the intersection of those two -dere types. There are some good ones, but more often they just stay these stiff, tight-lipped characters with a habit of being less verbose than Calvin Coleridge quickly shifting from "Enigmatic and interesting" to "You're just a flat character with no personality, aren't you?"

>> No.54961336

Tsundere are nice when it's the old fashioned style and not the modern style. The girl who has a character arc of trying to deal with her emotions and who slowly calms down and is honest with herself. In contrast to what people do now, where the girl never grows out of her tsun face and just comes across as schizo.

>> No.54961373
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>Monster Girl
>Size: Normal
>Body type: Biped
>Monster type: Godblooded
>Body parts: Mesmerizing Mien, Purifying horn (Life fiber hair), Grasping Arms, Weaving legs
>Perks: Aura (Free), Aureola, Regeneration, Extra Magic (7), Extra Power (7), Extra Speed (4)
>Shastra Astras: Gloriole, All Sunderer
>Drawbacks: Notorious

Power: 11
Magic: 11
Speed: 9

>> No.54961556


>> No.54961618

Be the Monster CYOA: (+100)
>Monster Boy (+1 Power, +1 Magic, +1 Speed)
>Normal (+2 Power, +2 Magic, +2 Speed)
Body Type:
>Biped (+1 Power, +1 Speed, +1 Arm Subtype)
Monster Type:
>Godblooded (+Aura)
Body Parts:
>Horn: Ornamental Horns (+1 Magic) (-4)
>Mien x2: Mesmerizing Mien + Wise Mien (-7)
>Maw: Fanged Maw (+1 Power) (-4)
>Arm: Weaving Arms (+1 Magic) (Free)
>Leg: Weaving Legs (+1 Magic) (-3)
>Tail: Weaving Tail (+1 Magic) (-4)
>Extra Power x6 (-30)
>Extra Magic x4 (-20)
>Extra Speed x4 (-20)
>Spelltounge (-6)
>Aura (Free)
>Auerola (-4)
Shastra Astras:
>Spellsoul (-8)
>Golriole (-5)
>Trumpeter (-5)
>Brooding (+20)

End Stats:
>Power 11
>Magic 11
>Speed 8

>> No.54961793
File: 6.13 MB, 1200x10000, Escapades-Sexcapades Page1_v1-1-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54961800
File: 5.96 MB, 1200x5464, Escapades-Sexcapades Page2_v1-1-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54961905

Monster Girl
Normal (2p, 2m, 2s)
Biped (1p, 1s)
Animal (1p, 1s)
Goring horns (-4) (1p)
Fanged maw (-4) (1p)
Terrifying Mien (-3)
Grasping arms (-4) (1s)
Hoofed Legs (-3) (1p)
Regeneration (-6)
Overdrive (-3)
Extra Power (-5)
Extra Magic (-5)
Extra Speed (-5)
Wind Control (-4)
Lightning control (-3)

>> No.54961915

EnlightenedNEET dragon

Holy grail: +enemy (Sir Lancelot(lv2)), +1 boon, +1 dragon blood
Medichamber: +1 public unrest, +enemy (Miserable families(level 0)), +2 dragon blood
Magical Leyline: +enemy (The Wizard(lv2)), +3 dragon blood
Really bitchin' fitness course: +enemy of choice (lv0)
Library of Liberandia: +enemy of choice (lv1)

Total dragon blood: 16

>Dragon powers
Strength: 3
Immortality: 2
Element: 2
Form: 3
Breath: 0
Scales: 3
Extras: Tail (1), Wings (1), Claws and fangs (1)

Total boons: 1

Public unrest: 2. Seen as a local menace, morons with swords and guns will try to slay me occasionally. No store service w/no human form or servants.

>Level 0 enemies
Miserable families
Smug AI

>Level 1 Enemies

>Level 2 enemies
The Wizard

The holy grail gives me more dragon's blood and foritication, as do the medichamber and the layline. The medichamber I'm just going to anchor into the front room so the permanently camped crowds of people can murder one another over it, I'm unrest level 2 and people hate me anyway. The fitness course keeps me in shape and the library lets me learn pretty much anything. It was a big tossup between the library and dosh, but I don't like the idea of being limited to 100 million net worth when I can live forever and I'm not sure which of the two remaining level II enemies I would then pick.

Maximizing dragon blood is my means of dealing with my enemies. I'm basically indistructible, immortal, can fly, smack people with my tail, and bite like a honey badger on meth. And as mentioned, throw fridges around and punch hard enough to rip people's limbs off. When I get mad enough, all of that improves another 50%.

Fortified makes it easer to secure the room with the medichamber, and to deal with the incoming threats.

>> No.54961935

I can live with unrest level 2. Spending most of my time in draconian form means bullets and swords bounce off, all I have to do is alarm my entrances properly and would be adventurers won't even get a chance to stab at a soft spot while I sleep.

The medichamber will be public use. I will eventually befriend the smug AI, and if not then she can only bother me for three hours a day.

It was a hard choice between the otherking and ken-sama, who I think I have a decent chance of eventually befriending... but on the other hand speed is probably the one place I'm going to struggle, he comes more frequently, and his downside is probably a lot of my electronics disappearing. I am fairly confident in my ability to rip the otherking into small pieces every time he shows up, or murder him with his own weapons. Or just shoot him.

Of the level II enemies, Lancelot is the one I'm the least worried about. I have an amateur's understanding how to use a shield and sword and such a ridiculous power advantage that I can probably pick up a railroad tie and swing it like a willow switch. The thing doesn't say his armor is claws proof, but in this case I'm probably better off just bludgeoning him to death with something so large it's impossible for him to dodge it at the speed I can swing it. His sword is also anti-scale, but having a shield of my own will presumably stop it and thus enable me to engage him on something approaching even ground.

The Wizard is the one I'm worried about, because the gauntlet does enough blunt force damage to actually hurt me and the shields mean I will have a hard time actually connecting with him... although it depends heavy on how fast he can cast them, and how big they are/can be. A breath weapon would probably be the answer for this one, but in lieu of that I'm probably going to end up tossing napalm and grenades at him and otherwise using AOE weapons to try to get around his directional shields.

>> No.54962000

Farewell, good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world.

>> No.54962076

What the fuck is this?

>> No.54962152

SDA's work for that reddit contest, censored version.

>> No.54962290

They have to be obsessively in love with someone and at least part of their craziness has to be BECAUSE of their love with that person.

>> No.54962326

I want Outer Worlds Guy back.

>> No.54962390

Took the words out of my mouth.

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