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Warlock edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Three-Pillar Experience


>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:

>Resources Pastebin:

>Previous thread >>54916307

Warlocks and clerics, how is your relationship with your patron?

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Aasimar Light Cleric here.

I basically get all my powers through the might of unbridled nepotism

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Why do people consider Arcane Trickster subpar?

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Other than Unearthed Arcana, what other official WotC material can I use?

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Is the far right wearing that virgin-killer sweater?

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>clerics, how is your relationship with your patron?
Last time I suggested that I could play a Cleric as a sort of mercenary, who does work for a god in exchange for divine power with both deity and cleric considering that to be a fair deal, I got told to just play a Warlock.

I've never played a Cleric. I like the mechanics, but I don't like the flavour. I can't imagine worshipping someone, and I don't like the idea that all my decisions are made by a powerful NPC the GM controls. It'd be like making a character to be Elminister's whipping boy.

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Reposting from Old thread:

So I had an idea for some 5e homebrew as a person who's played 5th edition so much and is getting tired of the standard classes.
In 3.5e it felt like there was so much customization that no 2 characters were really the same. Backgrounds/Race/Class/Archetypes add a lot of potential variation but the problem is that backgrounds and race are chosen at 1st level and archetypes are chosen at 3rd level and for the rest of the game you're just along for the ride with no customization to speak of besides feats.
Which brings me to my second point: Feats suck.
What if characters could select other classes class features instead of feats whenever they got an ability score improvement. Prerequisites would include the level of the class feature and the multiclass requirement for the class they're borrowing from.

Would you play in a game that adopted this homebrew? What are the positives and negatives of taking class features as feats in relation of balance and customization?

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What are the best gishes for being in the thick of it? Besides paladin and ek

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That's a nice sweater, but why is she wearing it backwards?

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Valor Bard

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Battlemaster Fighter.

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Stone sorc

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Stone Sorc

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Yeah, I'd give it a shot. Lots of min maxing potential though.

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Stone sorcerer can't be stressed enough here

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Are Bladelocks actually good? Don't think the DAM is allowing UA.

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Would you guys MC or just go all levels of bard/lock?

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hexblade bladelock is pretty good

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A lot of their bonuses aren't useful for high magic/fantasy campaigns. They really only shine in urban campaigns

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>I basically get all my powers through the might of unbridled nepotism

So... you're a Democrat?

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>quotes posts about Bard and Fighter

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If i could use UA i was already set on hexblade, or stone sorcerer. I've heard mixed things about regular bladelocks

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Whoops, I'm retarded.

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Regular bladelocks are good for multiclassing into paladin, but otherwise you're better off spamming eldritch meme as a warlock.

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regular bladelock suck for anything not multiclass, tell your DM to allow the fucking bladelock UA because it makes them usable
Nothing in it's OP if I remember right, it's just flat "GOOD"
also if you go bladelock, still grab Eldritch Blast so you can have a reliable long range option

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Well, I am self righteous whitey with a savior complex, obscenely privilege, out of touch and drop explosives at hairs trigger, so yeah...

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he has sold it like 3 times

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>Sell soul 3 times
>Character dies
>Battle between a GOO, a Fiend, and an Archfey while the normal citizens are stuck in the middle
Could be a fun plot idea

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On the other hand, I'm also a white evangelical arms nut who wants to make the forgotten realms great again

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>party tracks a group of smugglers to the docks at night
>they're loading some dangerous goods onto a boat that the party has been hired to stop
>group gets into position to jump them
>paladin whips out his gun and fires on a smuggler
>Are you sure you want to do that?
>yeah, it's loud, but they're all going to swarm us anyway
>It's murder, is what I was getting at.
>we kill bandits all the time
>Most of these smugglers don't even have weapons.
>they're breaking the law
>So is vigilante murder. There is a town guard. It's possible they would investigate gunfire in the dead of night.
>we'll be fine
So the Paladin's in jail now for shooting several guys dead over their illegal movement of crates, then scuffling with the town guard who came to check it out. Codes were a mistake.

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>bad playing of codes was a mistake

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So what's the deal with Warlocks this edition?
Are they supposed to be casters or martials who can cast spells? I'm asking because I want to make one but I 'm not sure if it's worth it especially since at max level they can only cast 4 spells before needing to take a short rest.

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• Put it in your sleeve and shake someone's hand. Oh my, you pulled my hand off! The ol' fake hand gag!
• When you need to flip the bird three times simultaneously.
• To complete your Addams Family cosplay.
• Getting at those hard-to-reach itches on your back.
• Masturbation. It's "The Stranger."

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Archery Rangers whose bow and arrows have been replaced with a purple beam. They have limited spellcasting and do some utility shit to get around and sniff stuff out, but their primary purpose is to deal ranged damage.

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Wait till you find out who the president is my man

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Hence the Eldritch blast spam meme. Use 4 spells and then you're stuck shooting lasers, unless you're gishing. I play them as a full caster, using my spell slots for utility (or for specific damage aapplication like aoe) and shooting lasers otherwise.

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You're thinking of John Constantine.

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Why does everyone say Warlock magic is purple

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They're casters who get shortness of breath after being awoke for 60 seconds straight. In fact, best make your warlock narcoleptic.

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Wanna spam a cantrip that can 1d10+1d6+5 force damage 4 times while pushing all hit targets 10 feet away? Want to do anything else? A different class is probably better at it.

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Dangerous Habits was a fantastic Hellblazer arc

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The "dark magic" archetype using purple. Personally I'd change the lasers color based on the patron, or just white

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Because that's the color of eldritch juice.

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Cause purple is the pimpest color and Warlocks are pimp as fuck, nigga.

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>Take the haunted one background because it seems like it would be fun to have something slowly making my character go mad unless I find a way to get rid of it
>Tell the DM this
>DM makes it so it's a 1/2 challenge shadow that we kill in the first session

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Other products put out by WoTC?

The free elemental evils PDF filled with races and spells.
Sword Coast Adventurers Guide
The various player's options in each of the hard cover adventures?
Content hidden in various Adventurers League PDFs which you could buy off the DMs Guild?
The Plane Shift PDF articles that WoTC's MtG team put out to cross the streams with D&D filled with races, subsystems, backgrounds, and subclass options?

And third party there is a robust selection of independently produced content on the DMs Guild online marketplace.

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Gotta roleplay the madness yourself, making sure that you tell your DM if you're thinking that your character will lash out at other PCs

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no, Dr Strange has sold his soul on multiple occasions, not just good ol' Conjob

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you know what you got to do.

Dial the paranoia up to 11. The shadow was actually your last anchor to sanity

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My warlock barrister wore purple courtiers clothes, for he presented himself as a man or note and a person of means.

Shit is pimp.

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Why do bows scale with dex and not strength?

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Sounds like a white Obama.

Lefties really can't meme.

I wonder how long it took Trump to clean the smell of fried chicken, crack cocaine, and nigger shit out of the White House carpet.

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DEX measures hand-eye coordination and accuracy. Realistically maybe STR would allow you to use more powerful bows or something, but D&D is not a game for fiddly realism and 5e least of all.

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To facilitate dedicated ranged characters as something useful in every fight, not just when you can cheese and kite things around.
Also, because Dex wasn't good enough yet. FUCKERS.

Make it scale off Strength if you want. Doesn't break anything. Dex characters have access to a 1d8 one-hander so whatever.

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Scan of this when?

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You're trying too hard

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>Dangerous Habit
OG Hellblazer was the fucking bomb.

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>gencon weekend but none of us could make time/buy tickets
>at least our weekly session is still on
>DM group texts everyone saying he won a single four-day pass and is going to be in indy all weekend

>tfw no game and no convention

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He bought if off ebay and doesn't want to admit he paid quadruple the normal price.

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How can i make a Witcher type character without using Homebrew or UA?

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>cunning action dash
>have 80 feet of movement
>rapier attack
>have another 50 feet of movement to get out of enemy movement range or take cover
So is this feat standard for all rogues?

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Hey want to see something else funny?


>> No.54926460

It's standard on anyone who wants to be a cheeky git instead of a GWM/PAM cookiecutter.

>> No.54926468


even the regular tickets were quadruple the normal price, they're milking the fuck out of the 50th anniversary

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>engaging an anonymous keyboard warrior instead of ignoring and reporting

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Firstly, anything based on being a non-caster that benefits from a very select amount of casting is going to be tricky to get full value from, especially in the sort of naive white room analysis that corrupts internet message boards. In game terms, it suffers from a high skill floor but compensates with a high skill ceiling and has only situational usefulness.

Secondly, all Rogues are heavily, heavily DM-dependent. With few exceptions you're exactly as good as the DM thinks you should be at the time which further frustrates discussing the class in anything resembling a fair matter.

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Pick champion fighter and kill monsters for gold.

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Swashbuckler, Some background with the alchemist option, alchemy kit, and a drinking problem. Alternatively maybe ranger.

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Attack of Opportunity bro. Safer to shoot off double crossbows from a distance

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>When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from that creature
>whether you hit or not
sounds plenty safe to me, even something that a range character would like so they can get out of dodge while attacking

>> No.54926634

Sorry I meant from other creatures potentially, though with enough movement you could approach from proper angles to avoid that

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Eldritch knight with a greatsword. For the generic Geralt meme.

>> No.54926663


They're full casters, but they use the same resource spending rhythm as martials. If "cantrip-based Battle Master" is what you're after then they're absolutely perfect and they make an excellent dip for a multi-class character. If it's not feeling suspiciously martial-y you're doing it wrong.

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Current game:
>takes place in Faerun, in the walled city of whatever
>party is hodgepodge mess
>lizardfolk fighter who was taken from his far away homeland as a slave alongside his mate, fighting to save her and return home
>kenku bard on a quest to discover the cure to his people's curse and return their creativity
>drow cleric trying to find a place to settle her people in the above world
>GM starts us off in three separate places
Will it work out?

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Standard for anyone who's keen on melee, but doesn't have the health or armor to stay in reach and take a beating.

>> No.54926683

jesus, why am I seeing this every other 3 threads?

>> No.54926696

/v/ players with shitty taste in vidya

>> No.54926699

>GM starts us off in three separate places
He better have a really good plan for putting you all together. also the drow is retarded, have they heard of the SUN

>> No.54926702


'Force' used to be the damage type associated with amethyst and purple dragons and it backwashed.

>> No.54926703

Lots of people like Witchers

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Made a Sorlock originally for spell point cheese but went for backstory and "flavor". He's a shadow sorcerer/he blade warlock. I took the Gourmand feat so I could support the team and for backstory. His patron is a blade is called Flayvar (pronounced like flavor) and it only chooses people who want to cook what they kill. His pactblade is a greatsword/meat cleaver and he uses the UA invocation so he attacks/damages with charisma when using the blade. The joke is that the patron is playing a Highlander game with other patrons mixed with food wars. He talks/acts like Guy Fieri mixed with Ainsley Harriot and my character seems to be currying his favor. Sooner or later I'll have to fight the other bladelocks he partnered with in his own pocket dimension "Flayvar Town".

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>have they heard of the SUN
Maybe the drow likes the pain? Wouldn't be far-fetched.

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This may happen in other systems but 5e has tight enough mechanics so that even unoptimized and optimized characters are on relatively even footing.

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That's fucking retarded, but I love it.

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The problem isn't that Arcane Trickster is subpar. The problem is that Rogue/Wizard is simply better. Most of the power of the Rogue archetype is baked into the core class and most of the archetypes fluctuate around the same level with Swashbuckler being the best mechanically (Thief is better at high levels, but almost no one plays high level campaigns).

Familiar + Help pretty much gives you the benefit of Rakish Audacity (without the Initiative bonus), if you really want Panache you can just take the Friends cantrip.

So really you're losing out on Fancy Footwork, which is good, but not amazing since dual wielding is bad in general.

>> No.54926788

That's why she's searching: to find a place free from the tyranny of the sun. Or whatever. The alignments are CN all around but nobody's been a murderhobo yet. The lizard guy is just willing to do whatever it takes to save his wife even if bystanders get hurt, the kenku is CN because most of his people are and his motivation is inherently selfish with a mask of altruism, and the draw truly cares about her people, even the cruel and vicious ones.

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You might like this then: https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.ca/2017/07/monster-menu-all-part-1-eating-ad.html

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>Playing rogue has that +7 investigation and sleight of hand at level 1
>Use investigation to find loot and sleight of hand to pocket it for myself

>> No.54926845

>stuck with DMing 5e so I can't play a swashbuckler

I just want high seas adventure but I have no time to play a 4e campaign, dm a 5e campaign, and join a 5e game. At least my 4e dm has talked about possibly switching to 5e once this campaign is over which I also don't want to happen because I want to play an Eladrin knight/swordmage multiclass

>> No.54926929

>playing a Monk
>Got boots of striding and springing
>just got a Belt of Hill Giant Strength

What kinds of silly shit can I do with my newfound near-50 foot vertical jump?

>Grapple enemy
>Jump 50 feet straight up
>Pile drive them for 5d6 damage (without using the attack action

Also would you say Tavern Brawler and Brawny are worthwhile so I can Donkey Kong enemies with barrels and boulders and shit?

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Are there any notable benefits or downsides to playing a DEX paladin over STR or is it just another flavor?

>> No.54926959

hey so how big of a faux pas is it to entirely prefer published campaigns over homebrew?

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>be in an urban campaign
>get into a fight with some gang
>grab one, jump 50 feet
>place them on the top of a building
>repeat so your party has to fight as few enemies as possible

>> No.54926974

>Roll 3 1s in a row in combat.
>Joke about going home if I get a fourth 1 in a row.
>I get a 2 instead.
My paladins god has clearly forsaken him.

>> No.54926987

DEX paladin=tank paladin. Rapier and shield+shield master and Defensive Duelist make you rather hard to hit.

STR paladin is "shit out damage" paladin with GWM+PAM memes.

Which one is better will likely depend on party layout.

>> No.54927000

If you follow the multi class rules then you'll be unable to multi class until your strength is 13.

>> No.54927013

I've always wanted to play as a whip-wielding paladin so you can smite with reach. Sounds like it might be fun

>> No.54927053


There are tradeoffs. DEX paladins lose out on 1 AC with studded leather + shield vs. plate + shield, don't get as much mileage out of Athletics, and can't get the best use out of Great Weapon or Polearm builds. However, they can get great use out of DEX skills, they have better odds when it comes to Initiative and DEX saves, they save on heavy equipment costs, and they still have Smite for their big source of damage anyway.

Really depends on what you're looking for.

>> No.54927124

Swashbuckler is in the Sword Coast Guide. Eldritch Knight is a base class.

>> No.54927182

>rapiers: the game
>eldritch blast: the game
5e was a mistake

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>> No.54927206

having a high average damage is nice, but not really that important

therefore, if you like shortsword over rapiers, or greataxes over greatswords, knock yourself out. you are now free to live your life as you wish

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New to the system, what's wrong with Eldritch Blast?

>> No.54927249

>crossbow expert
>2 hand crossbows
>heavy armor
/k/ommando style

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>therefore, if you like shortsword over rapiers... knock yourself out

>> No.54927296

invocations make it way too good
>add cha bonus to damage
Okay, sure
>push 10 feet
Sounds like a bit much for a cantrip
>lower the enemy's speed by 10 feet
Okay, hold up
>multiple beams instead of more damage dice on one hit
I can do all that shit to multiple targets?
>combos with hex

>> No.54927327

I know about it all, I'm talking about a 4e Eladrin knight multiclass swordmage. It's a lot of battlefield fuckery with teleporting every time an enemy even thinks of moving or attacking

>> No.54927338

Did somebody say

>> No.54927340

>not picking rogue for those sweet sneak attacks instead

You goofed.

>> No.54927343

Also it combos with Sorcerer metamagic if you want to do that.

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>Being a munchkin
>Current year

>> No.54927365

But anon, I want to play a Dwarf Fortress character.

>> No.54927369

New to D&D. What does munchkin mean?

>> No.54927392

Somebody who plays the game because they want to excel in combat, and they generally don't like exploration or social interactions.
because enjoying the game for your own reasons makes you a piece of shit

>> No.54927405

Sincere, honest question: Does it really matter that much if some classes do more damage or are a bit more effective than others if the game is meant to be cooperative, and not competitive? I understand that it feels good do roll high numbers, but in the end isn't the point to make a character that's fun, because the game is designed to allow the players to win no matter what they roll?

I just mean, sure Rangers used to be ass and now they're top banana, and sure Wizards will never be fair because magic is ill defined at best and reality rending at worst, but they're on your side.

Sometimes I think most of the people in this thread don't actually play the game, they just read the books and base their opinion on that rather than real play time.

>> No.54927407

>Brought laptop to work to finish up encounter tables for an area
>Spent the whole time shitposting instead
Help me /5eg/ what are some good "welp there goes the village" high CR monsters to use in open plains, at least CR 6 or higher, preferably close to 10

>> No.54927418


GoOlock. yog is kinda annoyed with me at times but is playing the long game as I'm making a good start at weakening the boundaries of reality

>> No.54927420

Heh. How did the term come to be?

>> No.54927430

The backlash comes from the guys like Anon, saying 5e was a mistake

>> No.54927436

Just slap down two Bulettes and you're golden

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They're named after the munchkins from the wizard of oz, something about being childish.

>> No.54927452

The games namesake

>> No.54927472


herd of terrifying dire buffalo

>> No.54927481

I don't want to use dragons on random encounters, at least not yet. I'd prefer to save them for important encounters

>> No.54927515

> Want to play martials
> But I know that all my friends always play meathead character, whose method of solving problem only involve murder or bashing stuff
> Resign myself into being fullcaster again

At least I can pretend to be martial with War Cleric right?

>> No.54927518

Anyone tried a mounted combat focused Paladin?
How did it go?

>> No.54927532

Can I tell you about the wonderful world of Paladins?

>> No.54927534

I should have been something built-in into class. An option that everyone have to take (unless they want to severely gimp themselves) isn't an option at all.

>> No.54927539

Hydra, Treant, Couple of Galeb Duhrs or Cyclopes. Good old fashion troll is always good with no pyromancers are in the party

>> No.54927570

Can Paladin magic all the problem and puzzle away though?

>> No.54927576

>rapiers: the game

>> No.54927601

Why not just be all martials?

>> No.54927604
File: 622 KB, 600x849, ab63c35afe236639a54e1e380bad4469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Learn to bladesinger

>> No.54927607

Be a stone sorcerer

>> No.54927623

> Bladesinger
> Not shooting spells in the back with untouchable AC

You are playing bladesinger wrong.

>> No.54927665

But that's boring

>> No.54927705

You mean a democrat until 1987, and from 2001-2009?

>> No.54927719

There's nothing wrong with an all martial party.
Magic makes you weak. Solve problems in manly, resourceful, and intelligent ways, not just "hurr I cast a spell". Somehow all the great adventure heroes of film and literature going back centuries managed to do cool shit and prevail over incredible odds without being able to make themselves levitate, turn invisible, dissolve walls, or summon walls of force.

>> No.54927740

He was a Democrat because he lived in New York City and wanted to go to fancy parties with the rich and popular, who don't like to let you in if you're a raging homophobe who hates blacks. Then he found a crowd that would actually accept him and changed his views to align with them. he's always hated blacks though You shouldn't read too much into his stated political orientation--or any of his views for that matter. He changes his mind like the rest of us change underwear.

>> No.54927761

>like the rest of us change underwear
do you realize what website you're on

>> No.54927765

To add to that, do you realize what board you're on?

>> No.54927768

Guys, brainstorm with me.

Trying to give a greater mechanical function to Barovia.

The same way Strahd has a heart of sorrow and the players can have a beacon of hope, I'm trying to establish more hope/dread spots throughout the land

Where are good places to incentivize the heroes to redeem in order to gain advantages?

>Cemitery of Barovia
>The waters of Krezk
>The Circle of Berez

Anywhere else? And how would it be reasonable to go about it?

>> No.54927779

>who don't like to let you in if you're a raging homophobe who hates blacks.

Donald J Trump was a major proponent of black presence in his properties, and is the first president of the USA to go into office supporting gay marriage

>> No.54927807

>do you realize what board you're on?
Once you become girl, there's so many options to try - cute, lewd, sporty, frilly... and so little time.

>> No.54927841

>investigated and slapped twice by the Justice Department for racist housing practices
>stamped applications with a C for Colored
>allegedly wanted black money counters booted from his casinos because he doesn't want them touching his cash
>insisted the Central Park Five were guilty even after DNA evidence exonerated them
>pitched and continued a crazy conspiracy theory that the first black President was born in Kenya for years
>filled his staff with anti-gay crusaders
And you can't claim Trump is some kind of progressive gay marriage champion when every Democratic nominee was for it at the same time. Even Obama was in favor of gay marriage before he had to fight for the Presidency and shift views to more closely match the nation's beliefs. You're underestimating how much public opinion on the matter has shifted in eight years.

But hey, this is all off topic for /tg/ and /5eg/ especially, so let me make a thread on /pol/ where you and I can continue this. Look for it.

>> No.54927846

Bard can do all that better than martial while still capable to levitate,turn invisible,dissolve walls and summon walls of force.

>> No.54927852

>who don't like to let you in if you're a raging homophobe who hates blacks.
Democrats don't let Democrats into their fancy parties?

>> No.54927879

The creative portion of their brains that enables them to do those things has atrophied through magic use. Bardic Inspiration is also magic.

>> No.54927887

the ruins of an old grand cathedral
some old battle site
the ruins of some village that Strahd destroyed

>> No.54927889

>player wants a volo's deinonychus as an animal companion, under the condition that its health pool is reduced to match the other options
Should I let it happen? I don't see anything particularly strong about them with the hp cut

>> No.54927894

flumphs come from the far realm and not just the underdark right?

>> No.54927925

The Gulthias tree is a pretty obvious competitor

>> No.54927940

Aberrancy doesn't always follow from Far Realm hijinx, it simply means it has an alien physiology. That doesn't necessarily mean that it IS alien (extra- planetary or dimension) in origin, just that it's very much unlike just about everything else that evolved or was magically fucked with on the planet.

The Underdark is contaminated with a naturally-occurring radiation called the faerzress that has weird interactions with certain schools of magic. Over millennia it could certainly produce "aberrant" creatures without any influence from Far Realm entities or energies.

>> No.54927968

Wanting to do a time loop murder mystery, what all do I need to plan out and account for going in?

> players on their way to meet a contact in new city
> meet a bevy of npc's
> random seemingly innocuous events
> go to meet contact, DOA
> at first sleep or midnight, time loops start at the morning.

>> No.54927977

>currying his favour
You cheeky fuck

>> No.54927996

> implying you aren't more creative with magic
fundamental is the building block of fun. martials doesn't even have the building black.

>> No.54928034

>Attacks with CHA


>> No.54928039

What methods do you use for mapmaking?
I have a basic map draw but i'm trying to figure out a good way to make country borders that look good. (using Gimp)

>> No.54928057

Set opacity to something like 40-60% and pick colors that stand out. End result is something like http://regalgoblins.com/maps.php

>> No.54928077

You are confusing "can do more shit" for creativity. Being able to solve a problem 50 different ways with 25 spells isn't the same as lacking spells and having to solve it in a completely mundane fashion using some fucking twine and a paperclip.

Who is more creative and has to work harder in a prison escape scenario:
>the guy with a spoon and a jumpsuit
>the guy who can turn invisible and summon a completely silent gun with his mind that also teleports its victims into another dimension also he can mindcontrol guards and manifest eight snakes outta nowhere

>> No.54928135

So say I wanted to play a high damage sniper fighter, an archer who picks his shots and makes them count instead of becoming a machine gun. Would you as a DM allow exchanging of extra attack for extra damage dice/a to hit bonus? For example instead of getting a second attack at level 5 getting an extra d8 longbow damage. Does that work to balance out the extra damage by reducing hit chance per round or would I be just a piece of shit crit farmer?

>> No.54928136

How about a Hydra?

Just realized Hydras and Assassins have the same CR

>> No.54928156

Why not just play a rogue then? Or a rogue/fighter

>> No.54928157

How does a crit work with Arcane Archers Bursting Arrow?

Do all creatures hit by the aoe get the crit damage, or only the creature targeted in the first place? Or does the force damage not crit at all because it is counted as a seperate aoe?

>> No.54928159
File: 579 KB, 1233x711, happyending.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A PC is dragged down into a place that's presumably certain death via trap or BBEG's final attempt to kill a PC in vengeance
>Everybody thinks the character has died
>Hold a short solo event for the PC's player to see if he can return to the party after that mishap or he actually dies
>If he manages to get out of the trap, the PC can return, albeit hardly, to the party
>Both DM and player act as if the player was making a new character
>Next session, surprise arises expotentially as the character returns from almost certain death

Would a Gandalf-like pull here be a shit move or an absolutely amazing move to keep things spiced on your games, /5eg/?

>> No.54928163

>Set of rules on what causes the time loop
>Detailed timeline of each NPC throughout the loop with varying paths if something drastically alters their day
>Have pre-written dialog for NPC, Keep track of anything they say.
>Have clear rules for what would happen in PCs accidentally/purposely cause a paradox (i.e. Kills the NPC that summons them before they do)
>Players will take any accidental discrepancies they see/hear as a sign that things have changed. Talk to your players before hand and let them know that your wording is not gospel

>> No.54928166

The problem is that nonmagic shenanigans rely on what your dm will go for, whereas magic has at least some crunch to back it up.

>> No.54928217

>His setting doesn't slap wizards in anti magic jail

Okay then

>> No.54928236

Eldritch invocation that lets you use CHA instead of STR/DEX for your bladelock attacks, I think.

>> No.54928246

Oh, it does. No magic user can cast anything more than a cantrip without a focus (and you can only have one attuned at a time), component pouches don't exist, and there are antimagic handcuffs and neckshackles in the hands of most mid-size law enforcement.

>> No.54928274

>antimagic handcuffs and neckshackles
>not simply tying their hands and fingers and gagging their mouth in a way they can't make somatic and/or vocal components

>> No.54928303

Actually check out 4e's weapon list if you want to see this in action.
There's other things than damage, but bladelock is right there if you just want damage. And there's also battlefield manipulation and tanking as options.
>Implying mystic is more snowflake than warlocks and sorcerers.
You can still see that they have every Int skill but only deception and intimidate on their skill list. That's actually their whole list there.

Anyway, cha casting works for them as the way they use the power they've learned/been granted, rather like the magical beings themselves. It's not about how you got it, but how you use it.
They'll both be pretty even in ranged combat. The tiefling might even be better at it.

>> No.54928316

I'm kind of new to this and don't really have anyone to play with but I find all the stuff surrounding fifth edition to be interesting.

I'm thinking if I ever did play I'd be an old ass Druid. Just seems like my kind of thing. Anyone who plays Druids of the moon cult?

>> No.54928337

Because I don't really want to be sneaky or to have conditions for my bonus damage that mean I need to be hiding or have a melee character in range.

>> No.54928377

Why do rogues have to be sneaky? And if you go Swashbuckler you're always getting sneak attack damage

>> No.54928378

>so some other Wizard can magic the rope and gag off them

>> No.54928386

As a DM, probably. At face value it sounds like a downgrade, though

>> No.54928400
File: 52 KB, 500x500, 9842439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM just canceled
>1 hour before game time
why do I even bother
how do I find a good gaming group?

>> No.54928417

>GM cancelled
That seems unusual, isn't it usually players who cancel?
>inb4 they didn't prep anything

>> No.54928425
File: 5.61 MB, 7034x1997, 26a5338e-4251-4b5c-aaaf-07d3771c9d86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Start by making friends

>> No.54928435

Be the GM

>> No.54928436

>Not having a backup GM who can run a oneshot

>> No.54928440

The way you suggested would be gimping yourself, anon. If you relied on a single shot per turn for your damage, you'd want to have advantage anyway (and Cunning Action helps with that). I mean, it makes sense for me that a sniper would be sneaky.

Trading 1d8+5 and an extra chance to hit for a single chance to deal 2d8+5 is a shitty deal. Have you considered the Gunsmith Artificer? It's not as good as a rogue at dealing damage, but it doesn't rely on being sneaky.

>> No.54928472

I don't know whether assuming this is One Piece of Gorillaz would be more insulting to you, so pick whichever one is most appropriate.

>> No.54928501

>Want to shitpost about my players
>They actively browse this thread too
what do?

>> No.54928507

>anyone lay Druids of the moon cult

Nobody tell him. hes too pure

>> No.54928515

Change the situations and characters entirely.

>> No.54928526

>how do I find a good gaming group?
The other anon is right, be the GM. Filter the players out until you get a good group involved with the game, then coach one of them into DMing for you. It's what I'm doing, and thankfully one of the other players has already volunteered to run us through SKT once we're done with my campaign.

Swashbuckler relies on melee, though.

Only if the other wizard manages to break in, which they shouldn't because magic prisons have stuff like Mordekainen's Private Sanctum permanently cast on them.

>> No.54928533

>running a game for 4channers
Get better players.

>> No.54928545

I do it knowing full well that they know I use this general regularly. Most of them use 4chan and some of them even use this board.

>> No.54928554

Awesome, these help a lot.

I was thinking of doing something like making it a limited loop like it only completes 7 reps or something, and then afterwards if they haven't "figured it out" or "stopped the murder" then they get to keep whatever info they have and use that to help deal with the consequences afterwards.

>> No.54928555

Hey, thats me!
Even though I have shit one-shots that I've made myself and I'm very bad at GMing I still offer to run a 1-shot if the GM can't make it.

Please recommend some good one-shots, I don't think they can stand another one of my home-brewed scenarios

>> No.54928589

Does noone know the answer?

>> No.54928618

They aren't the best but the ones in the Mega by Kobold press will do if your in a hurry.

>> No.54928624

The greatest advice ever posted on this board

>> No.54928628

Shitpost anyways

>> No.54928673

Some people like to jack off looking at their numbers. Powergamers are often a vocal crowd.

It's why shit like Inspiring Leader or Healer seldom get any discussion online, despite being fantastic feats in their own right.

But yeah, I like it when other people at the table have fun. Our Evoker's a blast to play with (heh), action surged fireballs are top meme.

>> No.54928676

>>Attacks with CHA
Jump on my sword while you can, evil. I wont be as gentle!

>> No.54928679

is there any way to have an actual engaging escape sequence where the players have to run away from a group? they **could** fight them, but that would make a scene and attract guards and backup and i'd like to encourage them to run away

>> No.54928699

Players have to return a book to a library a few days away from where they are. They're forced into a cave by a storm, where they discover a person frozen solid, touching some kind of magical orb. Upon unfreezing the person thanks the party, then sneaks off with the orb in the night.

Frozen person starts going on a rampage, killing and burning small hamlets and causing havoc.

Hope your party hasn't seen demolition man recently

>> No.54928711

Have the players make checks/attacks to create obstacles behind themselves

>> No.54928715

>I want to be a sniper
>I don't really want to be sneaky
Do you even know what a sniper is?

>> No.54928790


If there's a class ability that makes that true, I haven't found it.

>> No.54928833

Shillelagh taken by a bard used on a special wooden greatsword?

>> No.54928841


If you were trying to perfectly replicate the kind of bullshit that people who don't actually play RPGs come up with, you succeeded wildly.

>> No.54928858

ffs, have you people never heard of the Hexblade warlock?

>> No.54928880

That only works with one-handed weapons, you coot.
Hex Warrior doesn't work with Cursebringer.

>> No.54928883 [DELETED] 

>At 1st level, you gain proficiency with medium
armor, shields, and martial weapons. In addition,
when attacking with a melee weapon that you
are proficient with and that lacks the twohanded
property, you can use your Charisma
modifier, instead of Strength or Dexterity, for the
attack and damage rolls.
>attacking with a melee weapon that you
are proficient with and that lacks the twohanded
>lacks the twohanded
Yes I have, have you?

>> No.54928902


>At 1st level, you gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons. In addition, when attacking with a melee weapon that you are proficient with and that lacks the twohanded property, you can use your Charisma modifier, instead of Strength or Dexterity, for the attack and damage rolls.
>attacking with a melee weapon that you are proficient with and that lacks the twohanded
>lacks the twohanded property
Yes I have, have you?

>> No.54928925

>he's always hated blacks though
Donald Trump doesn't "hate" anyone. There are people he respects, people he likes, and people he dislikes.

He respects people who wield power, authority, and make money

He likes people who like him, and buy his products

He dislikes everyone else.

Donald Trump is the 80's personified. He doesn't care about race, gender, sexuality, or religion. Only making money and succeeding. If you aren't with him you're against him.

>> No.54928929
File: 220 KB, 1280x720, Hawk the Slayer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Group couldn't all get together today for the game I usually run every other Thursday. (we rescheduled for next Tuesday).

So instead fried up some fresh bass and fixins, and we watched a classic from my childhood.

Much fun was had.

>> No.54928947

Then probably he and his DM handwaved or misread that bit and allowed him to use the Cursebringer greatsword with Cha.

>> No.54928956


Yes, my favorite part of it is the part under Hex Warrior where it specifically says it doesn't apply to weapons with the Two-Handed property. So unless you've found some feature that over-rules that my question is have you done anything more than hear of it?

>> No.54928960

What's the biggest playable race without going homebrew?

I want to be the biggest guy in every party.

>> No.54928967

>"I'll use a published setting, because I like maps... And I can just adapt content."
>End up editing details and adding in new things until I would need to redraw the map and write a primer
Should I just bite the bullet and keep going as-is, or try to stay in-line with what's written? It's a dumb question, I know, but it's a strange problem

>> No.54928968


The fuck is this? Some kind of 5e shit?

The Land is Strahd, and Strahd is the land. You don't co-opt the land out from under Strahd, Outlander mongrel. Te-a facut ma-ta pe cojile de seminte!

>> No.54928977


Fluff-wise, Goliath. Crunch-wise all non-Small PC races are Medium.

>> No.54928982

Unless I'm being daft that doesn't exist. That's the hexblade feature, which explicitly doesn't work for two handed weapons. The only other one is the invocation that allows you to deal bonus CHA damage when you hit, but it doesn't
modify attack rolls - and it's a base invocation, where he specified UA

>> No.54928998


And now they've become another obnoxious cancerous asshole being a jerk because they don't want to play by the rules but they do want to argue about them on the internet so fuck both of (you)

>> No.54929024

It's still his, all they're doing is screwing with the regulators that shape his immense natural power into mechanical things he can actually use.

>> No.54929027

Fuck. I was really hoping for some little-known playable Large race so I could grapple dragons and shit.

>> No.54929034
File: 162 KB, 300x300, DnD_HoardDraQueen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got this cheap, anybody run it before? Is it any good?

>> No.54929038

Yes. We just don't give a shit. It's basic. It counts as a crit, just like all other attack modifiers.

>> No.54929049

Anybody got a decent mountain battle maps? Without snow

>> No.54929058

It's widely agreed to be the worst of the published adventures.

>> No.54929079

But I don't think there are other cases of aoe attacks critting, if I'm mistaken?

Other cases like sneak attack or smites say you deal extra damage with your attack, and not that you deal damage after the attack hits.

>> No.54929081

Really? What's so bad about it?

>> No.54929088

Extra damage never crits

>> No.54929098

Little known? Dude, there's not much in way of official content out there.

Just get enlarge cast on you. Or roll EK and cast hex on yourself.

>> No.54929132

Orc and Goliath have the powerful build trait, which lets them count as one size larger for the purpose of determining lifting, dragging, and pulling strength. Ask your dm if that would let you grapple bigger creatures

>> No.54929134

It was being made while the rules were still being revised so there's some wonky unbalanced shit in there.

>> No.54929148

Because they usually are saving throws to avoid damage, not attack rolls. This is a rider effect applied to the attack. On a crit all damage dice are doubled. So it's doubled.

>> No.54929151

Its linear and poorly written, but some of the scenarios can be quite fun if DM'd well. Also there are many balancing issues with some chapters being way too easy, others too hard.

Personally my players had fun with it, but I would recommend you reading some of this:

>If the attack involves other damage dice, such as from the rogue's Sneak Attack feature, you roll those dice twice as well.
Nice how you say you know how the effect works if you don't even know that extra damage always crits

>> No.54929167

The rapier is the best weapon in the game, since DEX is better than every other stat in the game. STR sucks massive cock in 5e.

>> No.54929225
File: 31 KB, 720x876, 1865484547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing a rogue
>dm makes this bullshit houserule that changes crits
>rather than roll double the number of dice, you add a maximized die to the damage
>my sneak attack crits do 3d6+10 instead of 6d6+4
>my sneak attack crits will only get weaker as time goes on

>> No.54929227

How should I go about running Tomb of Horrors for a group that doesn't have the brightest players? None of them intend to play as casters, and multiple deaths are almost a certainty. We all really want to run it just for the historical experience, but constantly re-rolling characters or handwaving deaths will cheapen the experience.

>> No.54929257

That sounds horrible. I hope you are not playing an Assassin, as those should never be played then

>> No.54929259

Kill hem until they learn

>> No.54929273

Kind of feel you on that. DM is running a "critical hits" table thing, and I think the best possible result is maybe dealing double damage on your hit. Maybe. For the most part it's just normal damage with some rider effects - would much rather have dice doubled.

>> No.54929305

tell them to roll up about 4 characters so they can cycle through them as they die.

>> No.54929310

let me guess, they didn't bother mentioning this until you scored your first crit?

>> No.54929313

have them start with a couple raise dead scrolls, or some time rewindy gems of undo stuff
like a pouch of gems you can crush to go back 1 minute

>> No.54929316

How long would it take for a group to complete LMoP? My group play 6 hours sessions

>> No.54929328

I knew nobody would give the right answer unless someone gave the wrong answer first. That's how you get responses on /tg/

>> No.54929355

Thankfully not

>> No.54929357

Roll up 20 characters, and have them draw one randomly at the start and each time they die

>> No.54929368
File: 58 KB, 550x900, aab8f152552f9caf326273cc58075fcb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find a monster template without having to know how to code? I'm trying to build a Dracolich and I want to make an actual stat block for it but everything I find by googling is all complicated.

>> No.54929370

Have you mentioned to your dm that this makes you way weaker than the rest of your party?

>> No.54929376

Depends on the playstyle of the group. It was our groups first 5e campaign and we had to learn the rules as we went. Took us 6 sessions.

>> No.54929382


>> No.54929398

I think the disappointed look on my face and general lack of hype at the table when I score a critical speaks for itself

>> No.54929451

Martials are gimped a comical amount in 5e still. >>54927570
No, which is why you should level Paladin to 6 and then do 14 levels in Bard or Sorceror instead. You not only are better than a full level 20 paladin at actually doing paladin shit due to having more spell slots for smites, you have magic.

>> No.54929462

Depends on how much the party needs to read their charsheets/rules and spends time dawdling

A focused party with experienced players could probably do it in 12 hours if they skipped Thundertree and a few sidequests, 15+ if they do literally everything

>> No.54929471
File: 120 KB, 900x1186, 1453861357435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo, is Storm King's Thunder any good? Need something to run with my brother and his friends, but don't wanna spend weeks putting together a campaign

>> No.54929487

What if my character is a Paladin, and not a bard?

>> No.54929496

Voice your complaints and don't expect your dm to change things without you saying anything.
Talking to yo gotdam dungeon master solves so many problems.

>> No.54929517

4 dungeons, one town and like 5 sidequests one of which is Thundertree in only 15 hours? Does your party not to any roleplaying at all? How is this even possible?

>> No.54929524

Then you multiclass into Bard and still play like a Paladin, except you actually are able to do what the Paladin is supposed to do.

>> No.54929529

I second this anon: >>54929151
Definitely read the guide in the second link, it has helped me immensely to make the adventure something enjoyable. It was the first thing I ever ran as DM, and we're still going through Rise of Tiamat (which is leagues better, by the way). Have no fear to adapt and change stuff to suit you and your party, and it should be fine.

>> No.54929548

Except several people gave the right answer already. You jumped in the middle of the dudes questions being answered. Don't pretend you were being stupid on purpose.

>> No.54929555

These are good. I'll take them into consideration.

>> No.54929558


No, they're mostly wearing polo shirts and "Make America Great Again" caps.

>> No.54929567

Cragmaw hideout is very short and redbrand lair isn't particularly lengthy either. I'm also assuming these players know what they're doing and aren't fucking about in town trying to intimidate the stupid townmaster into giving up information he doesn't have.

>> No.54929568

Obviously I didn't read them because I'm stupid AND lazy

>> No.54929595

Real talk, what's the point of even having a class based system if you can just multi like this to get anything you want anyway?

>> No.54929642

Because 5e is super casual and classless games confuse the target audience of normies

>> No.54929689

What is the best wizard school and why is it transmutation?

>> No.54929712
File: 816 KB, 2100x1400, forest hills trees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got hills


>> No.54929745

What's so confusing about classless systems? All you do is spend points for the stuff you want to do. If anything it's more simple than class based games.

>> No.54929764

Because it's evocation

>> No.54929881
File: 29 KB, 412x430, 1462202821128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>find certain glowy weapon
>need to find some bones
>guy says vampires told him to steal bones
>five level 4 PCs versus 6 CR 5 spawns
>2nd turn the weapon "turns off" on a bad roll (yeah i know, crap DM but we roll with it)
>this is awful, monk gets swarmed by five of them cause he decided to run ahead
>cleric turns all but like 2
>win after we exhaust every resource everyone has, the certain weapon helped far more than we realize after we finish for the night DM tells us, if we didn't have this we probably would have TPK'd

fuck me it was fun but nail biting

>> No.54929951

Duergar get Enlarge as a natural spell at level 3. Do PC Duergar get Sunlight Sensitivity?

>> No.54929968

Normalfags are really stupid.

>> No.54929987

They do, and therefore are complete shit to play, just like Drow.

>> No.54929991

> Do PC Duergar get Sunlight Sensitivity?
Yes, it's in SCAG.

>> No.54930089

Be a minotaur.

>> No.54930106

As a PC, would you hate your DM for having animals drag off the unconscious party member to eat?

For some reason nobody has wild animals that do that

>> No.54930118

Is there any difference gameplay wise between all the Human cultural subraces? Or is it just flavor?

>> No.54930136

Enchantment is super underrated and really strong as it is.

>> No.54930145

Flavor. Just like all the other cultural races. Race matters, not subculture.

But you can also adjust your background to fit your culture.

>> No.54930199

I once had a group of perytons attack my 5th level party. It was a hard battle, but after the perytons were reduced to only a couple, they both tried to grapple and fly off with the two small party members. The halfling rogue was able to avoid it, the gnome wizard wasn't.

Thankfully the cleric managed to kill the last peryton with a guiding bolt before it got out of range.

>> No.54930238

Yea, it's pretty over powered, especially once you realize that you have to strap all of your functionality into a single spell in order for Eldritch Blast to be that strong.

People are silly.

>> No.54930271

lol, why you keep pressing enter though

>> No.54930307

>As you set up camp, a lone man walks up and says he's been traveling for days, asks if he can spend the night around a fire and hear some stories of the party's adventures.
>Gone in the morning, leaves behind a note with a simple thank you written on it
>Was a polymorphed gold dragon curious about the party's journey
Is this a dumb random encounter?

>> No.54930316


Don't play with cunts.

>> No.54930349


Not at all. The stories with the old gods were full of that thing.

>> No.54930363
File: 104 KB, 583x407, unicron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It works if you play a Unicorn.

>> No.54930369

I did that once to a particularly bad player when he tried to pet a giant alligator. He stopped playing because he couldn't figure out how to make a new character.

>> No.54930394


No, that's actually pretty in-line with the lore on gold dragons.

>> No.54930395

Tell him he's a faggot, rogues aren't good enough to get nerfed. Did he take away bard's "steal a spell from any other spell list" ability?

>> No.54930396

>he couldn't figure out how to make a new character.

>> No.54930404

No, "beggar asking the hero for help is actually of great importance" is a standard trope for a reason. Although it's lackluster if it has no actual impact on anything.

Here's how I would do it:
>You all wake up at the crack of dawn by the sound of magic, followed by a roar and the noise of wings flapping. A gust blows around your tents.
>>PC's presumably leave their tents to see what the fuck is happening
>You see a golden dragon flying off into the skies. The beggar is nowhere to be seen, and where he slept last night there is a gleaming golden dragonscale in its place, and a note simply saying "Thank you."

Or, if the PC's tell the beggar to fuck off:
>You all wake up at the crack of dawn by a foul stentch.
>>PC's leave their tents
>A massive pile of feces sits where your campfire was last night. You notice a glint in the distance, far away near the horizon.

>> No.54930419

What's so hard to understand?

>> No.54930426
File: 136 KB, 294x256, 073 - oBtfiG3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit, /mlp/ content outside of /mlp/. Genuinely haven't seen that in a while.

Anyway fuck off saged reported filtered

>> No.54930442

Why Scan? They already said it would be put. up on DMsGuild

>> No.54930459

Go back to 2011, fag.

>> No.54930489

>15. All pony/brony threads, images, Flashes, and avatars belong on /mlp/.

rules are rules

>> No.54930504

Yet he has been sued multiple times for being a slumlord, and enacted a gay ban in the military.

>> No.54930528

Sure, but you don't have to do the whole "overreacting faggot" routine.

>> No.54930537

>being an overreacting faggot to an overreacting faggot
its like pottery

>> No.54930553

And consider this encounter stolen, nice.

>> No.54930604

Can I grapple someone with the same hand I have a shield in? Are shields strapped to the forearm or held in hand?

>> No.54930620

No, shields take up a hand.

>> No.54930629

Trannies aren't gays, don't lump us in with those nutjobs

>> No.54930669


The UA stuff is just the two eldritch invocations (the one that knocks enemies down and the one that gives it a +1 enchantment) for bladelock right? Or is there more that I haven't seen?

>> No.54930694

Fuck. Do I need a shield to take Shield Master as a feat and be able to shove as a bonus action?

>> No.54930758


>he bought the drumpfy hates blacks and gays meme

>> No.54930778

currently I have a level 12 blood hunter
I went with the lycanthropy archetype.
the capstone is pretty good should I not multi-class at all?

>> No.54930790

You're trying to grappler, aren't you? Sheathing and unsheathing a weapon is a free action, so once you have Extra Attack you can put away your weapon as a free action, use your attack to grapple, shove them prone as a bonus with shield master, release the grapple as a free action, then Extra attack with advantage/crit.

>> No.54930801

pretty sure it cost half your movement to unsheathe a weapon

>> No.54930830

You get one sheath or unsheath as an "interact with object" free action per turn. So you'd have to start empty handed, grapple and shove, then unsheath and attack.

>> No.54930892

My Devotion Paladin gets Magic Initiate for free for reasons. What do I take?

>> No.54930919

shield is good

>> No.54930992

You have one object interaction a turn. You can sheath OR you can unsheath. You CAN drop your sword and pick it back up; dropping doesn't use an interaction, picking it up does.

Not a rule in 5e, bucko.

>> No.54931011

Yes. But as another anon said you can use the extra attack feature to shove, or you can use things like battle master trip attacks. But if you want to shove as a bonus action, you need shield master.

And shields use your hand, and take an action to don or doff. You cannot easily remove it or put it on.

>> No.54931045

>character dies
>GM fiats him back to life while I'm considering my lose concept notebook for which to flesh out and play next
>later tells me my character is "literally unkillable" due to "having the most backstory reliability"

How do I fix this

>> No.54931062

>Getting triggered this hard
>On a stone collecting board in this, year of our LORD, 2017
Man, you guys still haven't recovered from last November. Take some valium or some shit and get back to /tg/-related shit.

>> No.54931086

what is the character backstory that makes it reliable?

>> No.54931140

Prodigal son of chief mercenary who is self proclaimed "best of the best" who left to prove himself better than his father and fund his own guild. I fleshed out a lot of the characters in his backstory with vague personalities and quirks and shit. His friends are treated like shit in the merc group and he wants to get them out of that life and provide them a better setting.

I think it's just contrast to the rest of our party
>Nomad McLoner--entire backstory is "I have a sister"
>Barbarian who comes from a city named "Ivalice" final fantasy city with no other details that GM just let him go with
>wizard lady. she has amnesia.

>> No.54931144

your dm seems lame

>> No.54931234

Is "The ends justify the means" a neutral good statement?

>> No.54931258


Its not bad per se, but its poorly structured & written. You can try to clean it up, and there is an errata that does a lot of that for you, but really it needs a total rewrite. The theme and story beats are fairly solid.

>> No.54931260

>"literally unkillable"

This sounds like fun. Put yourself in harm's way as much as possible. Don't kill yourself, but take the most reckless options possible. You'll either get your new character or have fun trying.

>> No.54931261

That's either lawful evil or chaotic good, depending on the scenario

>> No.54931262


No. And the central message of Buddhism is not "every man for himself".

>> No.54931263

That REALLY depends on the context. It could apply to literally all of the alignments without too much trouble if you ask me.

>> No.54931271

He now has protagonist plot armor.

Dare you take it to shounen levels and defeat enemies through the power of FRIENDSHIP?

>> No.54931278

Honestly I'd think of them as the Arcane version of a Ranger or Paladin but different. They're not half-casting, but they'll cast about an equal level of spells per long rest as one and the rest of the time use Eldritch Blast.

If Ranger is the Ranged Half-Caster, Paladin is the Melee Half-Caster then Warlock's kinda the Magic focused Half-Caster. It's hard to explain well but that's what they play like.

>> No.54931294

Need a name for a Small sized semi aquatic race meant to be a "sibling" race to Orcs.

Also, would giving said small sized race +1 INT, +2 WIS, Darkvision, and a base swim speed of 30 be too much or too little?

>> No.54931318



>> No.54931332

Be more specific for fuck's sake. White hair boy himself has been shown with a different set of skills in each of the games and most of the books.

Even in the games he focuses on specific aspects of Witcher training. Sword focus would just be a Battlemaster with Magic Initiate, Sign would be Eldtich Knight and Alchemy going to be a case of heavy refluffing.

Seriously it's not fucking hard to figure this out.

>> No.54931334
File: 702 KB, 596x316, 1454915226722.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54931336



>> No.54931399





>> No.54931413
File: 83 KB, 689x689, Q5wEu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54931424

Huh. That's a really good point, actually.

Makes complete sense to me. Hell, it even breaks down with the magic types.

Nature: Druid full, Ranger half

Divine: Cleric full, Paladin half

Arcane: Wizard full, Warlock Half

And then there are bards, which thumb their noses at using only arcane magic.

>> No.54931459

Be high elf for booming blade too.

>> No.54931463

Find familiar/lightning lure/melee cantrip

>> No.54931473

> 2017
> Still calling OA as AoO

/pfg/ please out

>> No.54931482

> making a Paladin choose INT based magic initiate.

>> No.54931567

oh fuck you right, but having a get over here seems pretty nice.

>> No.54931804


>> No.54933471

I find such a move to be very interesting. As long as it makes sense that the PC could have survived this. I also find the implications for the Party interesting. How will they react to see a character come back after they thought him/her dead. Will there be mistrust as one could see it as a plot of the BBEG who send a Changeling to infiltrate the Party or something.

>> No.54934600

Well, you'd have less hp, fewer ASI, and deal less melee damage overall, but you could inspire people, learn more spells, and cast higher level spells.

>> No.54934629

People rarely "want to do" the things the systems require them to do for success. Like focusing on doing only one thing or buying sufficient defenses, whatever sufficient means.
Everyone is stupid.

>> No.54935017

Lore or valor? Paladin 6/bard x sounds wild

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