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So i have a character who is the result of two fraternal twins fusing together into a single person in their early childhood due to a magical mishap.

I need some character art of ambiguously gendered adventurers. Or barring that, some "masculine" looking females.

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Looking for female and male druids. The more naturery the better.

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Requesting Punks, tough guys in leather jackets that sort of thing. (Bonus points if they're riding a Harley-Davidson)

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Can we get some pirates/sailors in here? Anything with a nautical bent to it would be terrific, really.

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this makes me think, have you ever played a fat character? would being this fat change your attributes? maybe low dex?

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You'd think, but in actuality Dexterity is a vague as fuck stat. You might be a slow runner if you're overweight, but that doesn't actually change how good you are at picking locks, tumbling, ranged weapon combat, or balance. Obviously that depends on how fat you're talking, because someone who can't even get out of their own bed surely can't walk across a balance beam, but the point is you can do a lot while fat. Hell, some could argue that being fat should raise your constitution or strength, since body fat does play a role in immunity to both sickness and temperature, and fat people are naturally stronger than thin people who get about the same amount of exercise simply because their bodies weigh more and therefore provide greater resistance when performing anaerobic activity.

So to summarize, tabletop games don't make sense so don't worry about it.

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Obesity /being overweight decreases immunity. As a plus it lowers your cardiorespiratory capabilities, you're gonna run out of breath sooner so to speak. Should you really have high Con?
You're more prone to serious diseases like Diabetes and heart conditions, which in a medieval setting are basically death.
And it doesn't increase strength, Strongmen have a fat buildup under their skin, but even higher lean body mass underneath, bigger than you could ever get probably.
If you're fat and inactive you're lard, not muscle. The weight of your limbs WILL NOT impact your muscle gain unless it's something like squatting, you only gain more due to the caloric surplus, so even if active...
Being a fat male also tends to lower your testosterone levels, so good fucking luck with that.
Is definitely affected by weight, being gracious and extremely fat would require even more muscle to compensate. I doubt a strongman is "dexterous" in that sense.

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>Obesity /being overweight decreases immunity
No, he was right. Having low body fat makes you way more susceptible to things like cold and flu

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>If you're fat and inactive you're lard, not muscle
But we're not talking about "fat and inactive" PCs, we're talking about fat PCs. Really, just being a PC in itself sort of necessitates that you're "active" on some level unless you're dungeon delving on a Rascal scooter. Obviously it doesn't make sense for someone with a bodytype like Boogie's to be an adventurer, but what about a strongfat powerlifter/traditional sumo guy, who really DOES have that muscle? That I could see. Obviously the fat wouldn't actually GIVE them that muscle, but it sure as hell ought to make it harder to push them around. Resisting efforts to be moved forcefully fall under Strength, so you could give them that maybe. I'd allow it.

I'm in a campaign right now with somebody playing an overweight dwarf fighter. So far the only time it's come up aside from her describing her character has been that, on one occasion, the DM ruled that her character would be slowed if she tried to enter some tunnels. They didn't go very far, though, so she just dug her own.

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Speaking of fat PCs, one of my players is playing a fat Calishite Arcane Trickster. (I swear it's neither /pol/bait or sjw-shit, he just likes the character concept.)

If anyone could provide character art of fat dark-skinned dudes in silky desert wear, it would be much appreciated.

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Looking for humanoid robots/androids.

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Looking for fighters/warriors with a Landsknecht flair to them. Empire Greatswords are the preferred style but any unabashedly fancy badasses are welcome.

If you have any with predominantly blue livery I'd much appreciate it.

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As a fraternal twin, this viscerally disturbs me.
Very interesting idea.
How's the character playing out, or what other details do you have planned for them?

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Please help.

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So far the character is playing out pretty well. They're a kind of spirit medium, letting ghosts, and spirits possesing them a little bit for powers and skills. Very versitile.

The main downside of being a fusion of two people with all the parts still there is that you have very few romantic partners past first base.

Also being banned from every single public bathhouse sucks.

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I know you, you're plump quest QM right?

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...Excuse me while i scrap my character concept.

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I need more dashing, heroic knights and warriors using spear and polearm type weaponry. Most of the ones I have look like generic rank and file types, or have their faces covered.

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Being underweight, yes. A bit of flab is only really useful for the old, and even then we're talking a couple pounds overweight at best, not a misstep from being obese like most americans think it means.

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Looking for blacksmiths of any sort.

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Don't let me dissuade you bro it's a pretty good idea

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Requesting commoners! Anybody who doesn't look like an adventurer of any sort, preferably the kind you could find in a sleepy peaceful town.

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That's not very peaceful, anon.

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looking for holy crusader types. female preferable.

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Anyone got pictures of young female spellcasters with a tired look on their face? Something like this: >>54925212, but maybe not so obvious with the skull-staff.

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Anything you're lookin' for specifically senpai?

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Portraits/upper body art of warrior women wearing relatively practical armor. It seems to be all I play these days, so yeah.

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Bigger version

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Does anyone have weird looking occultists/cultist types?

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Anyone got some desert dwelling goblins? this shit is incredibly hard to find

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So, does your character have one soul/one mind?

Or are they two separate souls battling for control over the single body?

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I need fantasy gunslingers, preferably of the noble duelist variety.

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I'm running an aasimar cleric, but he's on the ugly side for an aasimar, with a scarred face and a cropped military style hair cut. Can't find any "militaristic" looking aasimar.

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I'm needing NPC art that would be at home on an unexplored jungle continent in a campaign that has a very Conan feel to it

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Looking for art of female vikings

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Checking for more, dont hold your breath


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(4/4) pretty sure that's my last viking girl,hoped it helped anon

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So do they have both sets or neither set?

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Now I also want to know. Come on all OP what's going on in your characters pants

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Human chimerism is a thing, happens in the womb

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Anyone got WW2 American soldiers?

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only one I got that's close

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does anyone happen to have a sailor monk?

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I need some art work for a unique group of Tau Soldiers

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Aka I need semi tau looking Scfi art

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What's with the boner?

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I just need an archetypal face character in a colorful suit with glowing eyes. Bonus point if he looks demi-human.

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They're fully functional as both. they got the whole shebang.

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Lol, she-bang

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Trying to find a picture of a dwarf with a spear. Alternate weapon optional. Shield preferable. Anyone got anything?

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21/21. I'll post a few more in the next thread if you still need em. Probably only commoner women though. I have a few more common lookin' dudes but they're all armed.

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Cute elves especially of the magic variety?

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Looking for orcs. Wearing black full plate or carrying a two handed axe, or both, much appreciated.

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Full plate will be really hard to find.

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That's ok. The character has other armor options.

Or stuff like this, great for a tangential character.

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These two are my current favorites

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... That's actually all of my Female Character Art folder with armor except for what I've saved from this thread. Do you guys want some princesses?

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I love princesses!

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Princesses are good.

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Falconry is the sport of kings, and thus the sport of princesses

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GURPS covers everything as always:

-1 point
You have approximately 130% the
average weight for your ST. You get -1
to Disguise – or to Shadowing, if you
are trying to follow someone in a
crowd. However, your extra fat gives
you +1 to Swimming rolls, and +1 to
ST when you resist knockback.

-3 points
You have approximately 150% the
average weight for your ST. You get -2
to Disguise – or to Shadowing, if you
are trying to follow someone in a
crowd. However, your extra fat gives
you +3 to Swimming rolls, and +2 to
ST when you resist knockback. Your
HT may not be above 15.

Very Fat
-5 points
You have approximately twice the
average weight for your ST. You get -3
to Disguise – or to Shadowing, if you
are trying to follow someone in a
crowd. However, the extra fat gives
you +5 to Swimming rolls, and +3 to
ST when you resist knockback. Your
HT may not be above 13.

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Praise the Unconquered Sun.

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I also need pictures of knights, wielding halberds or spears, with shields (preferably tower).

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Holy crap you can see the Edge emanating from him.

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Rhongomyniad Arthur when?

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i had a fat character in fallout
>max STR
>max INT
>low agility and middling charisma
basically Coop from megas xlr if i had to compare him to anything

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requesting people who have seen some shit

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Does anyone have more like this?

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Any art of demons? I'm not looking for vaugely-Satanic parallels, I'm looking more for the low quality "mook" type.

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Hey /tg/, looking for some high tech soldier art, battlesuits and mecha are welcome too. Something along the lines of Planetside or Titanfall would be most appreciated. Anything you want in return? got a hefty folder...

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Requesting Crusaders

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I'm heading into a game set in a Low Fantasy 800-900ish Not!France, but I have little idea what kind of aesthetic it would bear.

Anyone have any art to point me in the right direction for what a good character would look like?

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Kars is that you?!

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This edit just hurts my feelings.

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I see a edge on the tip of the spear.

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Playing a bardbarian (skald) soon, so bonus points to any buff female characters with Viking looks and drums or other percussion

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>my name is Sir Not of Important.

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this guy's face has definitely seen some shit, his whole head looks like it got hit by a brick.

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