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Paizo Games General /pgg/ (also /pfg/)

Have you gotten your Starfinder and Dead Suns PDFs yet? And the Starfinder Society adventures? There are some free adventures with monster stats!

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/JLu5xXML
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/3GfJKi0y
Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>54913680

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First for big fat sheep tats.

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I'll probably check later to see what I can get. I forgot they were coming out today. This will be good because I have some friends who are starting up a Pathfinder game and I just told them about Starfinder so hopefully I'll be able to run games and host them at my new place.

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She looks like she would give the comfiest hugs

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Here are the free mini-adventures for Starfinder Society, which contain a handful of monster statistics:


To nobody's surprise, the monster math has changed not one bit from First Contact. At CR 1 and above, monsters still use 4 + 1.5 times their CR for "good" skills and 9 + 1.5 times their CR for "master" skills, and Perception is always a "good" or "master" skill.

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Do you think a campaign set in the tumultuous first years following the Gap would be interesting?

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Sooooo, Rovagug was totally getting let free by cultists so everybody banded together to seal him away in a pocket dimension Gallifrey War style, then wiped everyone's memory and refuse to speak about it to make sure nobody can attempt it again, yeah?

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Hey /tg/

Here are my Starfinder houserules to boost Envoys a little, tweak Operatives a tad, and rework Solarians into a cooler class.


plz review

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That's part of the plan! being the best beep is the goal. Hugs and being a saucy tart are crucial

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Absolutely. The ingrained plot and character hooks of mass memory loss and a great loss of historical context would be really interesting.

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Reposting this to maximize the pain. New Accusation Spells!

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Why are all the Starfinder races so shit?

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If they were all really cool than they can't sell you more books showing off the good ones.

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That very well might be the case, though it's also just as likely that there's some hidden, lame excuse for the Gap that will never be mentioned because Paizo is about as open to commitment as a 23 year old New York girl.

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The Operative is overnerfed. It didn't need a nerf - the other classes needed a buff.

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A melee envoy still has to sink a feat into Heavy Armor Proficiency, and is screwing over their skill monkey potential by investing in Strength and bogging themselves down in armor check penalties.

You should allow Operative's Edge to apply to more skills than just one initially.

You have done nothing but downgrade 1st-level solarians for no reason at all, and downgrade solarians in general. You have not even fixed their MAD. Why would you do this?

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Yeah, with the timeline it's easier to set up games between the first years post gap to the present. I think it would be neat to have some kind of generational game session taking place over the 300 years of the setting

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So I read that Starfinder is science fantasy. Is there elves and dwarves in space and if not why not? Also, how do I get pic related into space?

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>Is there elves and dwarves in space and if not why not?

Dwarves and Elves are absolutely in, though sadly I have to say "proper" wizards no longer exist.

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Shitty. I was hoping for space wizards.

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I mean, you could still be a "wizard" and just be a Mystic who does the flowing robes and typical wizard shit but if you are looking for Wizard the class then it's technicaly not a thing in the starfinder setting.

That said, now I have this amusing idea of a group who ironically do fantasy larping roleplaying in setting

>files away idea for Idol Mystic

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of all the people to make this game, why did it have to be paizo

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desu, for some reason all you've done is reminds me how so many classes are lacking spells they should really have on their spell lists.
Why is shit like Produce Flame not a magus spell, it's the most basic bitch functionally possible and would for the stereotypical image, you had ONE JOB, PAIZO.

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Sasuga, Paizuri.

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Something feels off about that math but I haven't seen enough of the game to put two and two together

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Secret Wizard please go.

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When is the Starfinder talk going to end or get it's own thread?

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Lol I've always been here love

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What do you want to talk about, homie ponie?

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Oh cool, that works. I just put in my order for the core book.

Thanks guys.

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So a buddy who says he's an experienced GM sent me his house rules for Giantslayer I am unsure what to think of all this because its mostly tl;dr here's his "reasonable" rules

>In order to Aid Another, you must be trained in the skill.
>There are three ways to Search; Quick Search, Normal Search and Thorough Search.Quick Search: May Search four adjoining squares in one Round, but you only use your Base Perception Score. Others may assist the highest Perception player for the situation, but only using their Base Perception for the assist (no die rolls). Normal Search (Search): May Search four adjoining squares in one Minute by making a normal Perception check. If the situation allows, you make Take 10 on this check. Others may assist the highest Perception player in one of two ways, either for thoroughness or for speed. You are limited to a maximum of 5 assistants in the same area. If for thoroughness, you are limited to a maximum of 5 assistants in the same area. Depending on the situation, these assistants may be able to Take 10. This method still requires a full Minute. If for speed, each assistant, up to the maximum of 5, shaves off a single Round of time spent Searching the area. This does not add anything to the primary players Perception check. Thorough Search: May Search four adjoining squares in 20 Minutes. This is basically Taking 20. Others may assist above, but only for thoroughness (they may Take 10, thus automatically assisting).This is an average time. Some areas may be kind of bare, others packed, but the above times will be used as an average to standardize Searching.
You can also split the party up in Search Teams, with certain people always assisting for time or assisting for thoroughness, etc and just state we are doing our standard Search patterns
>I am going to change crafting in my campaigns. It is way too easy to make Magic Items, so the DC to make an item will now be the CL+10+the market value of the item modifier.
Is this reasonable?

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What do people think of the Legendary Gunslinger and or the Rajah?

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>Have you gotten your Starfinder and Dead Suns PDFs yet?
No. The connection to paizo's download client times out without doing anything.
This happens every time they release something, though. It's not really a surprise.

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The item crafting part is pretty fucking unreasonable, everything else seems not too dumb.

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Anyone that calls themselves "experienced GM" has no idea what they're doing. At all. Ever.

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Someone post the game they're working on! I want to go on epic adventures and fight giant monsters with my friends!

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There's additional rulings he added if you want to see them.

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This is true. I'm an experienced DM, been playing for over 20 years over multiple systems. And I don't know shit.

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im excited /tg/
are you excited?
im excited
i want to board one of those wierd bone space ships in my space suit and fight my way through space skeletons to plant a bomb on the reactor as the void twinkles through the openings in the hull then run like hell from a horde of space skeletons and jump into the space from the outer hull just as the ship explodes and skeleton gibs fly everywhere and im twirling in spacee laughing my ass off waiting for my ship to come pick me up for a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

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Well I can imagine why they couldn't put analog on unarmed strikes; an unarmed strike from a robot (Or an android??) wouldn't be analog, after all.
The others though...

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>>I am going to change crafting in my campaigns. It is way too easy to make Magic Items, so the DC to make an item will now be the CL+10+the market value of the item modifier.
Why not just ban magic item crafting entirely?

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What did the Bone Sages ever do to you?!

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12 years GMing multiple systems here. I am neither experienced nor good. I'm just "good enough" to keep the majority coming back for session 2 and 3.

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>Spell casters must make a check to target a cross-section of squares or the center of a hex.This check uses the casters Ranged Attack Modifier vs. AC 5.This check is considered a Skill Check, so a Natural 1 is treated as a -2.
>Use the grappled creature's light load carrying capacity, modified by its size and type, as per the carrying capacity rules. If the grappler weighs less than the creature's light load, the creature can move at half speed, but is considered "Heavily Encumbered" for penalties. If the grappler weighs less than the creatures passive light load, than the creature can move at half speed but is now "Medium Encumbered" for penalties
>Each character starts with 3 Fate Points and 1 Hero Point: Fate Points are used to save the character from death, but that character would effectively be out of the encounter for a bit after that.
>Hero Points will be used as before, without the options of stopping death (that is what Fate Points are for); also, you can no longer cast higher level spells by expending a Hero Point. I will allow you to spend a Hero Point to cast a spell up to your maximum level that you already know, however (as if you had another spell slot to do so); this spell does not need to be memorized (for casters that must do so). If you are a spontaneous caster, that spell can be cast at +1 caster level. Changing the scene can still be used as can be the bonuses of +8/+4/+2 (hero for your own roles, before/after the die roll/after results) or +4/+2/+1 (hero effecting other roles, including the hero's own AC score as a Luck bonus, before/after the roll/after results). Hero Points are now an enhancement to a Luck bonus instead of a straight out Luck bonus (so they now stack if you already have a Luck bonus)

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I'll have you a bump with the show that inspired Tailspin

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Some things are best left unspoken, anon.

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Let's talk about the app circus, /pgg/

Let's talk about Bones and Bedshackles. What's just a short pro and con for each app so far? I'm curious as to the general common man's opinion of them!

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and we are fighting our way through the ship keeping one step ahead of the skeleton hordes hacking through doors just in time for the horde to over welm us and leave overloaded weapons behidnt hat explode like 20 skeletons and fuck up the door to give us more time to plant the bomb then after the ship explodes the skeleton gibs are flying everywhere in space and some of them are cut in half but still alive and they still try to fight us as we all careen trhough space witha ll the ship debris but we blast the shit out of them and then we are rescued by our stealth insertion ship and we get the gold then goto the space cantina and spend the night with wierd glowy blue drinks and super hot alien turbo sluts!

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Legendary Gunslinger (at least what I saw of it) is a bit much to wrap my head around. Looks good, but somehow I've a bit of difficulty on the intake, maybe it's just how it's written in googledocs.

Rajah I rather like. Not really the kind of thing I'd play myself, but I'd like to have one in the party and I do like their abilities.

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Pathfinder mechanics question: Some feats have a level prerequisite like, for example, the Disruptive feat has the prerequisite: "6th-level fighter" Does this mean that this feat can only be taken at level 6 for fighters? or (and I believe this is more likely) Does it mean fighters of level 6 and up can take that feat?

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It means that fighters of level 6 and above can take that feat, yes.

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>tfw the Paizo website is being belligerent and won't let you download your legally purchased PDFs, and none of your sources have the pirated copies yet

Feels bad, man.

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would play in your campaign

>> No.54920799

The few Elves left are xenophobes who never left Castrovel, and dwarves nearly but not quite extinct like all other Golarian natives (4% of pop on homeworld station) besides humans because those breed like rabbits, but yeah, They do exist.

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At least 6 levels of Fighter.

There are equivalences, some archetypes of other classes, etc can say "your levels count as X levels of fighters" with the X usually being something like "this class's level -3"

You can retrain a feat from earlier (level 1/3/5) into that one but a feat only FUNCTIONS while all of its prerequisites are operational. So say you need point-blank shot: if you ever retrained out of the latter you'd lose everything it's a prerequisite for.

Unless an exception is clearly spelled out (usually in some archetype or class ability that grants you a specific feat) then the feat simply does not function for someone who does not have at least 6 levels of fighter.

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Every Drow and Elf has a duty to repopulate their race's ravaged numbers!

>> No.54920842

>In order to Aid Another, you must be trained in the skill.
This is RAW for trained skills iirc. Can't help someone disable a trap if you don't know how.

>> No.54920843

We were talking starfinder character concepts and it sounds like there's a lot of enthusiasm. Hashing out how to do a Tiefling, space dwarves, whether or not I could sell asteroid bits as 'authentic Golarion rocks'.

We may all end up being galactic con men.

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It's a hard job, but someone gets to do it.

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Pro: GM seemed like they could actually run a fun game...
Con: ...until they disappeared.

>> No.54920876

that file name

>> No.54920878


Will you inadvertently impersonate the gods of native civilizations?


>> No.54920894

That's not a picture of C3P0

>> No.54920915

but why is unarmed strike not archaic?
Flesh is definitely softer than steel, and steel counts as archaic.

>> No.54920920

It is

>> No.54920932

>immediately started hearing this in my head once I saw it

You win this time, Satan.

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Hey man thanks for the feedback.

I don't mind Envoys sinking over points to Heavy Armor if they want to go melee. I think it's compensated by the fact that unwieldy melee weapons are pretty damn good.

I unnerfed Operative's Edge. I'll give it another shot. Maybe in my session the Operative was too good because he had three Skill Foci.

I bumped the Armor for Solarians to 1st level. I fixed their MAD by granting them higher base AC. If you have higher base AC, the need for DEX is smaller. I also added Parallax for people who want DC-based Solarians, granting them an effective bonus to their DCs.

Also, check out the new item – I grant Envoys/Solarians their highest stat as key for Resolve, rather than CHA.

>> No.54920957

just not with each other, despite being the same race, give or take a little apocalypse magic radiation.

>> No.54920963

>Spell casters must make a check to target a cross-section of squares or the center of a hex.This check uses the casters Ranged Attack Modifier vs. AC 5.This check is considered a Skill Check, so a Natural 1 is treated as a -2.
That's the most assanine thing I read all day.
>grapple shit
Unecessary. Complicated. Just dumb.
>Fate Points/Hero Points
This seems interesting. I feel like 3 fate points is a bit much, but it makes sense since no one uses hero points for almost anything other than avoiding death.

>> No.54920983

>flip through the Starfinder PDF
>alignment is still in for no reason at all
>into the recycle bin it goes

>> No.54920995

>That's the most assanine thing I read all day.
Let me put it like this. Most Wizards can fucking easily afford a 14-16 Dex on 20 PB along with 18 Int. That's a +3/3 Modifier vs AC 5. You're average d20 roll is 10.5. I see no fucking point to this houserule besides making shanktown more retarded and swingy.

>> No.54921008

I want to marry a Drow!

>> No.54921014

Is word in on Unchained Gunslinger vs. Legendary Gunslinger?

>> No.54921026

Yeah I was a bit confused at that rule

I wish I could explain his logic in some way but this is how he likes to play any tabletop. He hates it when magic items are found as loot he also feels its appropriate to give monsters below CR 2 DR 10/magic to make them pose more of a challenge

>> No.54921031

There are lots of dwarves if you know where to look. Most of them piled into generation ships for the second quest for the sky.

>> No.54921041

I want to die.

>> No.54921044

>CL+10+the market value of the item modifier.
So the DC for crafting a +1 greatsword from scrap has a DC of 1363?

>> No.54921052

Why do you still play with this person.

Why isn't this person just playing "lol you forgot to lick that doorknob, so you explode" OSR shit. Seems right up his alley. Like what brings people with this sort of mindset to play PF, the game least suited for this.

>> No.54921053

I want you to see a doctor.

>> No.54921059

>Spell casters must make a check to target a cross-section of squares or the center of a hex.This check uses the casters Ranged Attack Modifier vs. AC 5.This check is considered a Skill Check, so a Natural 1 is treated as a -2.
There are few words in this sentence that aren't wrong in some form or another.

Making hero points an enhancement on luck bonuses is tolerable though. Otherwise it screws over halflings and other such.

>> No.54921063

Yeah, that's what I thought. Why not just say no if you're going to houserule the DC to be arbitrarily high.

>> No.54921066

I want both of you to play doctor

>> No.54921075

I think it's more like CL+10+Unmodded item value
So a +1 great sword is 3+10+50, so 63. Still retarded.

>> No.54921092

Not, him but I went to the doctor and that made me want to die more. But it seems my body is way ahead of me on that front.

>> No.54921093

He's usually tolerable as a player its when he GMs he becomes an insufferable faggot

>> No.54921096

That's a poorly planned out scaling away from flying a starship

>> No.54921100

>he also feels its appropriate to give monsters below CR 2 DR 10/magic to make them pose more of a challenge
This is mine, if using them for higher level encounters. 4e and most JRPGs do similar with a palette swap and raising damage and health instead.

>> No.54921106

It gets dumber. At least this has the excuse of being a magic weapon, although guaranteed it's now completely impossible for anyone to craft any magic weapons anyways (also it would be +2k DC not +1k, 1k is for armor and it's based on market not crafted value).

Want to make masterwork padded armor? DC 105.

>> No.54921110

What are some builds- any class- that are pretty good from level 1 (or, at minimum, level 3)?

What gestalt would do well with said builds?

>> No.54921121

That also means they're no longer CR2 and should no longer only be worth CR2 xp in the setup.

>> No.54921142

Can I play doctor with you?

>> No.54921143

Have you tried giving him a taste of his own medicine?

>> No.54921149

Except DR 10/Magic won't mean shit at higher levels. Dr/Magic may as well not exist at all at that point.

>> No.54921162

Magic items and normal items use a different DC

>> No.54921181

Means they have to die to your spell/sword. No tricky shenanigans, and if they can prevent either of those through tuckers kobolding then they're doing good.

>> No.54921192

Darth Vader as a dark Solarian, how?

>> No.54921204

I did.
He wouldn't help me achieve my goals.

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File: 2.07 MB, 2560x1440, 1483859616983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so who here is gonna play a mechanic? what AI will you use? im having a hard time deciding.

>> No.54921250

Literally put any magic item in loot that is not alchemist fire will cause him to quit

>> No.54921252

Never works. Insufferable faggots never realize they are insufferable faggots and get mad when you give them a taste of their own medicine.

Source: my GF's hog of a sister crashed with us for the summer and would constantly buy food for herself and eat it in front of anyone. One time I bought me and my mother some rodeo burgers and didn't get her any and she threw a fucking fit.

>> No.54921258

So you're actively punishing PC's for using tactics beyond "hit them really hard" when the game does that plenty?
You don't because there isn't. You can't actually make a Jedi/Similar in Starfinder or something simlar beyond "laser sword". They're aren't enough options yet.

>> No.54921267

The class interests me, despite being the less powerful choice I'd rather have the exocortex, I like how it makes you a cyborg by higher levels.

>> No.54921281

I want to play a grease monkey, but I don't want to have the extra baggage of an AI. I'll see what I can do about that when the CRB finishes downloading in five hours.

>> No.54921292

Alchemist Fire isn't a magical item. It's mundane alchemy.

>> No.54921328

I'm wanting to build a hacker character, but torn between Mechanic and Operative.
If I do go Mechanic, it'll definitely be the exo cortex though, since that fits the theme.

>> No.54921341


I'm just interested in the vague idea of having a double life. I don't have a specific character concept I'm trying to flesh out (yet). So heck, why not tell me about all of those? The weirdo with two families, the secret subversive, the superhero who roughs up thugs without caring about the fact that he's doing so in Middle-Earth?

>> No.54921343
File: 785 KB, 736x643, 1498356728869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mudane or not that is his limit of loot that can be found. He doesn't believe fantasy games do fantasy the right way. I know we should just cut all ties with him but its funny to see his reaction when his plans go awry

>> No.54921368

So... would anyone play a campaign based off of the Chronicles of Narnia in world alone? I loved those books.

>> No.54921371

You can't, I'm fat and ugly and a guy.

>> No.54921387

They COULD have done it with solarian. It SOUNDED like they were doing it with solarian. Graviton even almost has sorta a hint of jediness.

But they went both retard AND charisma-based.

>> No.54921394

Will saves should be based off of Charisma

>> No.54921419

I want to hug that beep.

>> No.54921440

Conceptually it couldn't unless you're one of those people think that Soulknives are Jedi.
They shouldn't. Charisma just shouldn't exist. Period.

And that honestly won't fix anything. You just turned Wisdom into the dump stat.

>> No.54921443


Good point. Would you worship a chrome dude in a Hawaiian shirt?

>> No.54921458

Not the make-laser-from-mind part, but becoming one with the universe, letting the force flow through you; it easily could have gone that way.

>> No.54921470

That might be bad; I've been repeatedly told that Hawaii is some kind of african regime that's not part of america.

... gods my grandparents are dumb.

>> No.54921502

>letting the force flow through you; it easily could have gone that way.
To be fair, that's EVERY magic class now that they homgoinzed it.

Want to say you're just psychic. Fuck you.
Want to say you get from the gods. Fuck you.

>> No.54921541

Well built martials tend to function best at low levels while caster's tend to do best in mid-to-high levels. Try a human Swashbuckler with the Feat Slashing Grace (Scimitar) and you'll do well in the early level and if you super max your Dex you'll be good at killing thing in melee but you won't have much else. If you are going gestalt pair it with Sorcerer.

>> No.54921546

Doesn' t need to be a straight vader analogue.

>> No.54921549


It is, though; when Queen Liliuokalani attempted to draft a new constitution to strengthen the monarchy rather than American growers, they overthrew the government with US marines nearby to "protect American interests". Then, during the Spanish-American War, it was annexed by the United States, and it was elevated from territory to statehood in 1959.

Where do your grandparents think we got that 50th state?

>> No.54921559

Although a cyborg or better yet undead with cyber-parts would be neat.

>> No.54921570

>it was elevated from territory to statehood in 1959.
You forgot the part where Obama traveled back in time to annex it for Kenya, shortly before his birth.

>> No.54921576

I believe the idea is more that how you tap into that power is what the difference is.

Want to say you're just psychic? Your awakened mind is what allows you to tap into magic.
Want to say you get it from the gods? Your connection with your god is what gives you access to magic.

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File: 76 KB, 500x500, Super FX Chip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... British Columbia. We annexed it in the 50s to ensure we could reinforce Alaska when the ruskies came.

>> No.54921593

I still don't like it honestly. I quit liked that idea that different classes were using fundamental different forces.

>> No.54921613

Uh, you know a +1 sword overcomes that DR right? You aren't one of those awful people who refuses to give your players any magic weapons are you?

>> No.54921640

I personally am a fan... as much as I hate a lot of other shit in Starfinder so far.

>> No.54921656

Anyone else feel some of the locking in of Solarian choices seems kind of arbitrary? I'm talking about whether your mote is light or dark, and the form your solar weapon takes. With the mote, I feel it should have the appearance of whichever stellar mode you last attuned to, and your weapon, which the book says has no statistical bearing, you should just be able to manifest however you want rather than getting to choose its appearance once per level.

>> No.54921672

I understand, but I disagree. I find it much more enjoyable now. You can still have your different sources by referring them to as different magical Fields of Study, though.

>> No.54921695

Wait, British Columbia isn't a state?

>> No.54921718

It is a province.

>> No.54921729

Of America?

>> No.54921743

By one definition yes, but what you are looking for as an answer: No, it's in Canada.

>> No.54921749

British Columbia is part of fucking Canada.
What the hell is wrong with you?

>> No.54921751

>Implying Canada is a real country that exists

>> No.54921757

>. I find it much more enjoyable now
I'm kinda curious as to why, since it just seems so boring to homogenize everything like that.

>> No.54921790

Is DHB gonna apply to any more games?

>> No.54921798

Yes, but only for the first three Starfinder campaigns.

>> No.54921809

Ah, I see you know how to beep beep like a sheep.

>> No.54921828
File: 402 KB, 640x360, beeplikesheep.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was *inspired* to beep like a sheep.

It will eventually go on my stack of want to play Aasimar(agathion blooded) Avowed (Celestial Pact)

>> No.54921837

You could make an Agathion-Blooded Aasimar socialite Solarion for Starfinder!

>> No.54921871

But Wisdom is used in Sense Motive and Perception, which are two of the most important skills in the game.

>> No.54921876

It is starting over a bit since it's a new system, but I enjoy the idea of being able to get the spells I want with enough work.

Don't get me wrong, I get why people like the Divine, Arcane, Primal, Shadow, etc. power sources and the Schools, but I think this new way also has a lot of promise.

>> No.54921889 [SPOILER] 
File: 218 KB, 800x450, 1502992377004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not really all that interested in starfinder nor is anyone I know, and I don't really want to pour over the rulebooks for it.

Its just not my cup of tea. If I wanted space I'd play warhams 40millionz:rogue heresy. but I'd refluff it quite a bit so I can relive my love of a game that is now long dead. It was beautiful and perfect in every way and they killed it

>> No.54921901
File: 13 KB, 164x276, 1442507782905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, DUST is dead?

>> No.54921913

Fuck you. I've been GMing since 1982. I barf solid gold over that GM Screen.

>> No.54921963
File: 55 KB, 800x450, 2d27fd6e0f85d8f5998dd6efff9bdc24beb8c2ed_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, now I'm not saying Orbital Frames aren't cool, but I feel like something akin to a Skell wold probably be more likely for SF

>> No.54921965
File: 118 KB, 643x900, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

space goblins have captured the space king's daughters and taken them to a magma planet to sacrifice them the the volcano god so we sneak into the space goblin camp and set up a distraction with explosives and then alpha strike our way through the chaos toward the princesses who have been tied up in their slave bikinis on the rim of the volcano and set them free then jump into our hover bikes and run like shit as the goblins chase us in their ramshackle smoking junk cars through canyons and caves and active volcanos with the lava and molten boulders flying through the air and getting manuevre kills on the goblins as they run into walls and lava and eeachother then we ramp off the top of a mountain and launch directly into the hold of our starship and ESCAPE

>> No.54921972

The searching thing is dumb. It's overly complicated, and it's based on rounds when you're rarely if ever going to be searching in combat. The magic item thing though, is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. It would be so much better to just ban crafting feats; that would be saying, magic item crafting exists but I don't want to PCs to do it. Instead he's creating a world where magic items can't exist, because no one in history has ever been able to make the check even to make common items.

>> No.54921991
File: 218 KB, 1920x947, DustAmarrHeavy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, they killed it a while back May30th 2016.

I had a character of every race, and was a major faction warfare driver for the caldari and amarr. I almost won the contest to name the officer laser rifle, but came in 3rd place partially due to bad luck and bad timing, servers went down for 6-8 hours on the weekend that I made my attempt. I used to be one of like 15 people who had the amarr commando to level 5 before its rework... and a lot of the good players on the forums considered me one of the 10 scariest laser rifle users in the game

CCP in general shits the bed with how they handle their properties though. They basically tried to remake dust from the ground up something like 7 times over its lifespan and even then they never managed to finish basic shit like a full loadout of weapons/vehicles for every race. When they still had world of darkness (they may still have the IP) it hit playable alpha 3 seperate times before they tossed everything out.

They just recently (as of like 2-3 days ago) got rid of walking in stations because they fucked that up, tried to force it on people (and removed functionality / melted gpu's) and then never implemented anything further with it while they were off to chase the next thing on the horizon.

>> No.54922017

Oh and my attempt for officer laser rifle was ~2782 kills in ~56 hours. The person who won the weapon name had ~3400 in the 72 hour period the contest alloted. 4 weekends of 72 hours

>> No.54922027

excessive arrogance, and hubris detected. Signs of a poor GM regardless of experience.

>> No.54922098

I never could understand just why they thought Dust was a good idea. How could they think that making a console-only action game based on a pc-only online autism simulator was gonna work?

>> No.54922099
File: 1.71 MB, 1920x1080, bojack_horseman_s03e02_1m50s220f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting again

So I need opinions on how bullshit this is. We've been dealing with this weird eternal storm hanging over a kingdom surrounded by mountains, only two passes in or out. There have been strange mercenaries called the Wicker Men coming out of it. All normal contact why the kingdom inside had stopped a year before the storm appeared.

Fast forward we've been watching one of the massive fortresses that holds a pass. Suddenly it lights up and there is tons of activity. We sneak in. We get inside one of the bigger chambers and can hear talking when suddenly it stops (After the paladin starts moving around) then:
>GM: I need a will save from all of you
>everyone rolls
>GM: Ok, paladin you're still standing, everyone else falls prone, drops anything they're holding, and are pinned
>Paladin: I try and get Wizard up
>GM: As you're doing that what looks like an Imp made of pale gray smoke and embers appears on the balcony you all are on
>Imp: The Prince of Dust, Upon the Ashen Throne graces you with his presence.
>GM: From up the stairs a pale teenage boy walks up, as you see him you feel overpowering nausea. Everyone make a fort save.
>everyone rolls, only paladin and barb pass, everyone else is nauseated now too
>the prince just sort of walks forward as the imp dances around and looks at all of us
>the prince ends down to touch the face of our investigator (a woman)
>Paladin: I lunge at him and smite evil.
>GM: Ok, initiative.
>The fight lasted two rounds before our Paladin died
>The prince just touched him and spheres of the paladin turned to dust. (He got a fort save and passed one, failed the other)
>GM: After looking down at the Paladin's dissolving body the Prince's emotionless eyes fill with tears, he weeps silently without so much of a touch of the mouth. He turns to leave, the Imp with him, chuckling as he goes.
>GM: Maybe a minute later you all can move again.
>We fuck off, our wizard dimension dooring us away

How bullshit was this encounter?

>> No.54922120

>How could they think that making a console-only action game based on a pc-only online autism simulator was gonna work?

DUST 514 was developed during a period in time when the FPS was king, and consoles were kind of the undisputed master of them. The company was simply trying to tap into a market they've never approached before, using the "oorah" meathead console soldiers to fight, kill and die for their autistic spacebound overlords.

>> No.54922127

Jesus christ
>Paladin failing a save
>Paladin failing a FORT save
yeah no, i'm guessing that chucklefuck cranked the DCs sky high

>> No.54922147

It was an obvious cutscene with a vastly more powerful creature.
You should have at least detected evil.
Simply charging into battle against something obviously vastly overpowering without any assessment of the situation was dumb.

>> No.54922169
File: 99 KB, 494x375, 1444280798993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope everyone had fun with their games last night, and will have even more fun tonight!

>> No.54922173

For reference we're level 9. The rest of us survive and our wizard tries to puzzle out what happened with knowledge arcana. GM told us it was basically Finger of Death plus the dust thing. He also told us that the presence we felt was probably having something to do with mythic power.

We got most of our paladin's body and resurrected him later, so he's fine now.

More info on the Prince of Dust:
>completely naked
>appears albino, but more gray than white with gray eyes
>long hair
>body looks super thin to the point of malnutrition

>> No.54922175

Are you in the DUST Vets Discord?

>> No.54922177


The planescape pathfinder game I've been playing in for more than a year ended yesterday. it was pretty fun, though, and the GM's going to run a new one in a new setting, so.

>> No.54922183

why is this a thing GMs do

Do they really feel like the players are cramping their style that much?

>> No.54922188

Is it just me, or are animated objects ridiculously overtuned? An adamantine candelabra is CR 3 with hardness 20 ffs.

>> No.54922210

The knowledge check should have come sooner, but running into something above your level isn't remotely impossible.

>> No.54922219
File: 4 KB, 95x126, CirnoExpert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I happen to be an expert on this subject. CCP looked at their only game that they had: Eve online, and went "Oh boy, we're several years into this right now and games like these don't tend to last for forever... and we're beholden to a single market", and went "Hey, why don't we try to diversify and appeal to a bit of a different market".

So they looked at consoles, which were selling like fucking hotcakes. Playstation 3 had already sold something like 30million units when they announced dust, and they wanted to do cross-platform with xbox too (but microsoft shut that out). They were really hoping to leverage the inbuilt distribution models of PSN / XBL (which if you look at steam isn't anything to fucking joke about)... quality FPS's were in extremely high demand... and beyond that quality F2P was also just starting to get out there too.

It was honestly the perfect decision for the time, because F2P was almost completely untapped... however CCP was CCP and they let the game languish in development hell for far too long (and that was even with rumors of sony doing a ton of shit to help them out with development, even allegedly funding a portion of the development costs for dust). And CCP has an older population of extremely entitled bittervets who love to do just about everything they can to chase away new players, on boy were they fucking mad about dust not being a glorified expansion to eve that they never would have played anyways - they just wanted the *option* because everything CCP makes has to be made for them.

You don't see this sort of anger and resentment in most other game communities (barring the diablo 2 community who are also similarly pants-shittingly angry about d3). CCP was slow out of the starting block, and then classicly mishandled the game in a way that only CCP could: gigantic balance fuckups that took forever to address (scouts ruled the game from invisibility for over a year), and more.

>> No.54922222

What are some good, fun, even semi-decent builds that people should try out, 3pp or no?

>> No.54922223

Also our wizard tried to run when this all first happened by casting dimension door while pinned, but rolled a 2 on his concentration check and failed. The other dimension door game from his bonded object. In the minute we were all pinned we tried to do stuff. I couldn't start my performance to try and saving finale for another save because I'm a drums bard. Also our barbarian started raging while on the ground, but stopped after three rounds of nothing happening.

The rest of us (Paladin, Wizard, Investigator, Barbarian, Bard (me)).

>> No.54922234

Does bonded item ring mean you can enchant other rings too or just your arcane bond?

>> No.54922244

>Hardness 20
So hit it with an adamantine weapon and you bypass that shit.

>> No.54922247

The guy was introduced by an imp and named "The Prince of Dust, Upon the Ashen Throne". You shouldn't need a spell to know he's evil.

>> No.54922249

We tried knowledge nobility and didn't get anything during the attack. We only got what happened later when we tried to think about what the prince did rather than what is was (that's how the GM put it).

Actually in this case our paladin rolled low unfortunately. He has a bonus of like +14-15 I think, but he rolled a 3 and failed.

>> No.54922253

It's still dumb to attack a blatantly overpowering creature who isn't even hostile.
You should sometimes hold back your murderhobo instincts.

>> No.54922265

>isn't even hostile
>opens by casting a powerful control spell on everyone before even introducing himself
yeah totally not hostile

>> No.54922270

Nah. I couldn't be bothered with much of the game community after a while. I used to be an eve player and most of them pissed me off with their interactions with dust

"No you cant have nice things, because only space people are supposed to have nice things! My game is better because the decimal point next to my in game currency is higher than yours! I dont care that [dev in charge of fluff] has said [good things about how immortal clone soldiers] are in many ways better than capsuleers he's wrong because I dont like it!"

The wish fulfillment fantasies with eve players are fucking unreal and they sicken me. and there's so many fucking obnoxious faggot trannies that never undock but spend all their time sucking each others cocks about how they're so good at everything ever I literally ran into one that in our first interaction, tried to tell me about how "everyone agrees that she's the best at roleplaying". I was like "You're trying to tell me that you think you're special IRL for being the 'best' at playing pretend? well they don't hand out awards for that or doorknob humping dearie, so you can fuck right off because I don't care"

>> No.54922279

From the description, it's an aura kind of effect, not a control spell. Which implies it was something used to create an impression and scare people into submission. Especially since he didn't attack outside that aura.

>> No.54922308

The description doesn't indicate that at all. Also, the imp appeared after everyone was already prone. Meaning the little shit was hiding in wait for them. How is that in any way the behavior of a reasonable or friendly individual?

>> No.54922315

so, we have a STARFINDER pdf.

when do you think we'll have one with searchable text or bookmarks

>> No.54922321

>Get into a starfinder game
>GM only speaks in lower case letters and seems very uninterested

h-haha at least i'm in, right friends???

>> No.54922322

The guy wasn't acting hostile. The only "hostility" on his part was the aura which rekt everyone, which might not even be up to him to disable.

>> No.54922326

Or the imp teleported up to where they were. I have to agree with anon, sounds like an aura sort of thing.

>> No.54922329

Was that the Roll20 Starfinder game?

>> No.54922345

The paid-for one?

>> No.54922352

Dead suns is pretty terrible but i don't know why i expected any better

>> No.54922373

Why does it matter if it's an aura? He's clearly aware that he has that power, and either way he's willfully using it against them.

>> No.54922374

Yours doesn't?
There's been one since August 8th
I got it from 7chan then

>> No.54922388

So? From the description of the scene, he wasn't looking for a fight.
It's a blatantly obvious case of "a clearly way out of your league creature wants to spook you".
Attacking in this context is tantamount to suicide.

>> No.54922390

Because most creatures can't turn off their auras?

>> No.54922391

Oh yeah? Prove it by posting it here, anon.

>> No.54922407

Notice him crying in the end. He's likely unable to turn off the aura.

>> No.54922412

PC commits suicide via antagonist. I would guess the GM was gonna let the party go after doing something to the investigator, but probably not kill her. Hell, he said >>54922173 that they resurrected the paladin later.

It's an old story.

>> No.54922418

>spook you
>by pinning you to the ground while invisible before uttering a single word

>> No.54922428

Not every encounter is supposed to be overcome by fighting. You don't handle a social encounter with a king by murderhoboing the king and claiming the throne for yourself. Same thing applies here.

>> No.54922429

He still finger of deathed the paladin to death.

The prince wasn't invisible. He walked up the stairs to the players. He probably walked and the pinning was when the players entered his aura.

>> No.54922437

here it is

>> No.54922450

And skills are easy as fuck to come by. It's a -1 at worst, compared to a bonus to the stats that actually keep you alive.

>> No.54922459
File: 816 KB, 325x179, OL5LgTD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You don't handle a social encounter with a king by murderhoboing the king and claiming the throne for yourself.

>> No.54922460

>paladin is not stealthy, clanks around in his full plate
>people hear it
>they stop talking
>imp teleports towards the sound of players and gives introductions
>prince begins to walk towards the voices
>prince has a spherical aura
>as he passes below the balcony the players enter his aura
>he climbs up and causes the vision based nausea aura
>walks forward to touch pretty girl's face
>fight starts

What I'm seeing here is an aura that makes you bow, and an aura that punishes you if you actually look at the royalty. Sort of a 'keep your forehead pressed to the floor' thing.

>> No.54922475

Yes he was. Throwing people to the floor and nauseating them is a hostile action, doesn't matter if it doesn't deal hit point damage. Doesn't matter if the kid can't control it, he clearly knows what he's capable of and that he shouldn't be around people. And if the imp were really that powerful, why use such a massively destructive spell in retaliation? Why not just put the paladin to sleep or some shit?

It all smacks of the GM wiping his dick on the PCs for his own ego. Pardon me if I'm not impressed by that.

>> No.54922481

Not every situation is supposed to be murderhoboed through.
If your reptile brain can't comprehend that, you have no place in Pen&Paper.

>> No.54922497

>he clearly knows what he's capable of and that he shouldn't be around people.
Did you miss the part where the players has snuck into the enemy fortress?

>And if the imp were really that powerful, why use such a massively destructive spell in retaliation?
The Imp never cast a spell.

>> No.54922514

Looks legit. Now how about the AP and Character Sheet Folio?

>> No.54922516

Don't use the word murderhobo like you know what it means. Why is it unreasonable for the party to refuse to negotiate with arrogant fuckwads who used a spell (or, indeed, some kid with a weird aura) to subdue them before even revealing themselves?

Not to mention, the boy's clearly unhappy. What if he's a prisoner? We're supposed to lay down and let that happen, as a Lawful Good?

>> No.54922520

>Doesn't matter if the kid can't control it, he clearly knows what he's capable of and that he shouldn't be around people.

>players sneak into enemy stronghold
>offended when people don't roll out the red carpet for them

>> No.54922540

>It was an obvious cutscene with a vastly more powerful creature.
Fuck GMs who think this is okay. This hobby would be so much better if video games were never a thing.

>> No.54922544

Stealing this concept, thanks

>> No.54922545

>Why is it unreasonable for the party to refuse to negotiate with arrogant fuckwads who used a spell (or, indeed, some kid with a weird aura) to subdue them before even revealing themselves?

To subdue a group of armed men who broke into a military compound?

>> No.54922546

That only proves my point that hostility should be assumed. ENEMY stronghold. As in, you know, people we're not friends with.

>> No.54922549

You don't have to negotiate. That doesn't mean you're going to win. That doesn't mean you're going to be capable of winning.

>> No.54922564

You guys aren't using this word correctly. Not only did some people pass their saves, but they were allowed to keep trying to act. As anon said >>54922223 the wizard tried to bitch out and run, but failed.

>> No.54922577

The imp himself was scrawny and unimpressive. At a glance, it seems like he's only powerful because he has the prince under his thumb. It's entirely reasonable to consider the possibility that killing the imp could free the kid.

>> No.54922592

Yeah I'm not seeing how it's the GMs fault that a player gets his teeth kicked in when he attacks someone before even trying to say something after sneaking into the enemy stronghold with basically no info.

I was more getting the impression that the Imp was the prince's servant.

>> No.54922600
File: 39 KB, 640x480, 1481999796931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now what am I going to do with all this dolphin porn, anon?

>> No.54922639

But they attacked the kid, not the imp. The prince reached to touch the girl. Instead of saying anything or trying to get between them, the paladin attacked the prince. It's not an unreasonable decision given the circumstances, but it's also not the only option they had. There was clearly some amount of power this thing had if it was suppressing nearly everybody by simply being present. It's unfortunate, but not really a bullshit situation, I'd say.

>> No.54922653

sheep sheep imma beep. imma beep that sheep.

>> No.54922665

It's just like losing your virginity, anon.

The first time is going to suck.

>> No.54922693

What's a good race for a Paladin?

>> No.54922702 [SPOILER] 
File: 131 KB, 724x471, 1502996605193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha! Yeah, I totally know what that's like, man! With the sex having, and the vaginas!

>> No.54922710

Well aside from the fact that putting in overpowered NPC quest givers is shitty quest design anyway because it demonstrates a lack of creativity to roll with the PCs' punches, all signs point to the kingdom being taken over by some malevolent force, judging from the storm that took place.

If they had stopped to talk, then what? How would that somehow tip the situation in their favor? If they can't back up any threats they make, they're still effectively prisoners.

>> No.54922720

Aasimar, human, tiefling

>> No.54922738

Half-orc with Sacred Tattoo and Fate's Favored, just to further ensure that you never fail a save ever.

>> No.54922753

If you meet a Pit Fiend at level 3, you don't fight. You either run the fuck away or try to see what he wants.
>b-but muh appropriate CR
Fuck off with that video game logic.

>> No.54922759

Tip the situation in their favor? Probably not, but the prince seemed very willing to just leave after getting a look. If he hadn't attacked they might have all just been able to walk away.

>If they can't back up any threats they make, they're still effectively prisoners.
The prince just let them leave. He only actually hurt someone when attacked. The paladin probably could have just walked away.

>> No.54922786
File: 68 KB, 700x1166, 1458110438159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awakened Giraffe. Use a shark as your mount.

>> No.54922819

It's not about appropriate CR, it's about appropriate perceptions. Aside from the aura, there was literally nothing to suggest they were more powerful than a 9th level party. It was an imp and an apparently human boy. You guys are assuming he's a god-being based purely on...what, his fancy title?

>> No.54922847

He incapacitated the entire party merely by being present, without actually doing any hostile action.
If this doesn't scream "THIS GUY IS WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE" to you, you're both deaf and blind.

>> No.54922885

Hey guys, shall I convert The Plane of Faces and its monsters from Kingdom Death to Starfinder?

>> No.54922892

>Plane of feces
Keep your shitty fetishes out of games.

>> No.54922896

Plenty of standard-difficulty monsters have a similar aura around that level. There was every possibility it was just a surprise encounter.

>> No.54922912

>Plenty of standard-difficulty monsters have a similar aura around that level.
Show one.

>> No.54922929

a Mummy is CR5 and can project a 30ft aura of fear-paralysis for 1d4 rounds.

Are you telling me that if you saw a mummy show up and paralyze everyone, you'd be like 'hey guys hold on, let's see what it wants'

>> No.54922942

The save on the Mummy is laughably easy, which is the key point here.
Virtually everyone failed the save, implying the creature is very powerful.

>> No.54922969

A mummy in general is laughably easy for a party of level 9 characters. increasing the save DC would make sense. In any case, if you're going to surrender to a mummy over one failed save, you might not be cut out for the adventuring lifestyle.

>> No.54922992

If your entire party is incapacitated by the presence of a single creature, activating the organ known as brain and thinking is useful instead of mindlessly charging.
First, the guy wasn't hostile - there was no real immediate reason to fight.
Second, all of your party was already incapacitated - fighting even not an overpowered encounter alone is a deathwish, generally speaking.

>> No.54923007

>Not eating rainbow coloured phoenix poop.

It's like you want to keep your heart or something.

>> No.54923009

>If you meet a Pit Fiend at level 3, you don't fight. You either run the fuck away or try to see what he wants.
What if you don't know what a Pit Fiend is? A creature's power level in PF has nothing to do with its appearance, a Large creature could be CR 3 or CR 20+.

>> No.54923016

>incapacitated the entire party
>not hostile
see I keep explaining why that's horseshit and you keep ignoring it

>> No.54923053

Bullshit that he wasn't hostile, he attacked the party with a supernatural effect. He was obviously evil, and he reached down to a helpless party member to do...something. What Paladin wouldn't try to protect his friend?

>> No.54923055

It's not really hositle if the general implication here is that he literally can't help it. It's (or at least is implied to be) a passive ability this Prince of Dust has no control over.

>> No.54923067

GM is supposed to give you an idea of a thing's power level somehow. Pit Fiends shouldn't just pop up out of nowhere, you should hear about them before you meet one.

>> No.54923071

He was passive and not attacking. It was his presence that incapacitated the entire party. As far as I can tell from the description of the scene, he was simply trying to give the cute girl a look before fucking off, which is when the Paladin charged like a retard.

A Pit Fiend has a DC 23 Fear aura. Most level 3 characters will fail that and be panicking.

It's an aura, m8.
He wasn't acting hostile, he just passed by and rekt people with his presence alone without doing anything hostile. That's not the kind of creature you attack.

>> No.54923097

>everyone knows about every single powerful monster in existence despite the fact that 99/9% of the populace couldn't tell a pit fiend from their own diarrhea.

>> No.54923113

Diarrhea doesn't look like an utterly terrifying abomination that makes anyone but the most hardened of adventures panic with mere presence.

>> No.54923121
File: 1.49 MB, 1920x1080, the pfg dream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one of you fucks is this? Swimmingeagle? Broodie? CountSuccula? DHB? Captain Slow? I NEED ANSWERS

>> No.54923134

Plenty of stronger creatures have been thrown at me as a level 9. Sometimes everyone rolls shitty on their saves, it doesn't mean the creature is all-powerful, it just means the dice is shitty or the DM overtuned the ability's DC.

You're not employing occam's razor here. What's more likely; that we're supposed to surrender to a creature who is, at the very least, inadvertently dicking us over and could potentially cause serious harm if something actually hostile shows up and takes advantage of our downed state? Or that the DM misjudged how powerful an encounter should be in a game well known for having shitty encounter balance?

>> No.54923143

I take it you've never eaten Indian food before?

>> No.54923148

Where did you find that image?

>> No.54923151

All of that is irrelevant. The dude wasn't hostile. He was just passing by. There was no real reason to commit suicide by monster there.


>> No.54923173
File: 355 KB, 1302x585, 1490301351767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54923192

>if you disregard the clear indication that he's hugely powerful then we have no way to tell he's hugely powerful!
Why are you acting like a retard?

>> No.54923194

What even are you saying here, because I have no idea.

>> No.54923196

Is that a gun from starfinder?

>> No.54923202


>> No.54923212

They wouldn't know what a pit fiend is, but could tell it's a giant monster wreathed in fire.

>> No.54923217 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 2.88 MB, 600x336, 1502998835043.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Indian doctor told me next time I eat Indian food to just go to the street if I feel bad.

What did he mean by this?

>> No.54923219


Well, so long as no one holds it backwards in their animation.

>> No.54923236 [DELETED] 

>That filename
>Not "ficki ficki."

>> No.54923248

What the fuck is that? Why the fuck does that boy have incredibly womanly hips? I've heard of traps, but this goes TOO far!

>> No.54923258
File: 753 KB, 200x86, 1391206531480.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe they should copy more things from mass effect. Then they'd have an RPG system that functions properly

>> No.54923294

So here is my idea of what happened:
>Prince can't really be controlled, his arrival is probably what caused the fortress to light up
>He was probably doing something inside the building, soldiers giving reports to him and what not
>Soldiers can't get up because they're in his presense
>Prince hears the paladin clunking around after the party breaks in
>Turns and leaves to investigate
>Imp teleports ahead to announces his arrive
>Aura incapacitates the players, his soldiers can't follow him to investigate because getting close means they fall prone
>Prince is some kind of powerful mentally stunted creature (or maybe just mute and socially stunted?)

If you're alone, the enemy can incapacitate you by being near, and he hasn't yet actively tried to hurt you then why attack? Because people are taking passive stuff as active hostility, which is dumb.

>> No.54923295

>Mass Effect
>functioning properly

>> No.54923311
File: 151 KB, 576x355, 1235123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I put an AI into a gun.

>> No.54923364

say what you will about ME3 but the multiplayer was the best combat in the series

>> No.54923369

Starfinder CRB does list Mass Effect as one of their inspirations. Seems like they were particularly "inspired" when designing that gun. :^)

>> No.54923379

High praise for a game originally lauded for its story, setting and single-player.

>> No.54923415
File: 278 KB, 706x412, 1448513425367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Due to the light of the Starstone at the heart of Absalom Station, any course set to it will take 1d6 days in the Drift, regardless of distance

You know what this tells me? We need to smack more Gods over the head with rocks and make more of these things.

>> No.54923417

>Mass Effect 3 was infinitely better than Mass Effect (4) Andromeda.

I'm still in shock, they retroactively fixed 3 by making a worse game.

>> No.54923439


To think, at one point they were banking on a "Ryder" trilogy.

>> No.54923453

At one point they were banking on DLC, anon.

>> No.54923454

>Implying 2 was better than 3

>> No.54923472
File: 73 KB, 500x479, Numbers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find maps?

>> No.54923490

Wait, does touching that thing still give Mythic?

>> No.54923501

I'm legitimately impressed by that. I expected it would be a fart in the wind, nothing more, but they managed to shit all over themselves in some primal display, in ways that would offend chimpanzees

>> No.54923506


Maps of what? Continents, planets, nations, dungeons, trade routes, mountain passes, canals, canopies, elaborate houses of ill repute?

>> No.54923527

Does Mythic even exist in Starfinder? Because if it does than yes, it would still give you Mythic.

Now you're giving me ideas on building a Golden Throne and entombing a sufficiently powerful Mystic within.

>> No.54923541

That's a VERY cute boy! I wanna kiss his thighs!

>> No.54923555

His spine looks kinda fucky

>> No.54923563

What the fuck is wrong with his legs!?

>> No.54923577

Over-emphasis on the thighs and musculature thereof.

>> No.54923594


>> No.54923599
File: 76 KB, 500x375, muh thicc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thiccfags are a cancerous bunch

>> No.54923619

Maps of castles in Golarion?

>> No.54923623

Is anyone here going to actually run Starfinder? Are you going to use the default setting or make your own?

>> No.54923630 [DELETED] 

>Everyone watching and not doing anything
>those birds getting closer and looking
Oh my

>> No.54923635

Never ever. It reads like shit and the rules don't work.

>> No.54923641
File: 488 KB, 499x367, 1476911882457.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then why are you in this thread?

>> No.54923645

Thiccfag here, even I think this is gross and messed up. Men should not have wide womanly hips. This art is clearly done by a homo who refuses to believe he's straight

>> No.54923656

I am, mostly using the basic setting but letting the players add shit to it to make their background concepts work.

>> No.54923666
File: 436 KB, 573x569, 1498623383344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit man I just need interiors maps of castles

>> No.54923675
File: 60 KB, 558x718, ea872e935b82e74587c978fad8917be1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starfinder now has a FAQ:



>Does a mechanic have to pay twice as much to equip his hover drone, which is Tiny, with smaller weapons to avoid taking a -4 penalty to attack rolls with improperly sized weapons, as suggested under Weapon Sizes on page 168?

>No, a hover drone is an exception to the normal rules for weapons built for Tiny creatures. Combat, hover, and stealth drones with melee weapon arms or weapon mounts can use weapons designed for Small or Medium creatures without penalty for their size.

Hover drone mechanics are now combat juggernauts with amazing action economies.

>> No.54923695

>homo who refuses to believe he's straight
nani the fuck

>> No.54923705
File: 309 KB, 384x307, No68.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mega kek

have a meme coin

>> No.54923715
File: 20 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spoonfeed me, how do I play this guy in this game? He's a robot who has a gun that shoots sunlight.

>> No.54923724

>He's a robot who has a gun that shoots sunlight.

Android Soldier worshiping Sarenrae with a Plasma Rifle.

>> No.54923727
File: 31 KB, 600x608, ME Be Patient.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

different guy, but presumably because pathfinder is also in this thread, and despite having a bigger clusterfuck of a system still manages to be more comprehensible and less fundamentally broken than Starfinde-WAIT A SECOND what were anons talking about earlier again? It seems like it applies to this situation.

>> No.54923735

Android Soldier worshipping Sarenrae with a Laser Heavy Weapon.

>> No.54923736

yo where's that starfinder download at

>> No.54923741

I guess Icould've worded that better. What I meant was someone who think's they're gay, but are in denial about actually liking women, so they decided to take a woman's body, remove the tits, and imply a dick, just so he can try to make himself feel secure in his homosexualty

>> No.54923759


Anon, you need elp.>>54922437

>> No.54923765

thank you my eyes are bad

>> No.54923774

This is not an excuse to make a new thread earlier than page 8

>> No.54923793

Yup, friendly reminder Leakanon doesn't post leaks in threads made before page 8, so any such threads must be reported and ignored.

>> No.54923798

Maximize the pain.

>> No.54923801

I'm only planning on running homebrew settings. My schedule is poor right now though and I need to prepare a local game before I run any for /pgg/

>> No.54923802

Because I play Pathfinder. I'm also following the system, despite knowing I'll never get a game going.

>> No.54923808

I would go Mystic then, and hope they come out with a telekinetic focused tradition. It would work even better if they released some sort of energy-sword focused archetype.

>> No.54923817


It only matters to the poor fags who can't get the pdfs from somewhere else. I don't understand the rage about making a new thread before page six. If you're not the one making threads then stop being a bitch.

>> No.54923827

You think Pathfinder doesn't read like shit and has rules that work?

>> No.54923832


Pic is a mystic of technomancer with fancy robes, doesn't really matter which.

>> No.54923860

Am I blind, or did they forget to define what a starship turret is in the CRB?

>> No.54923862

No, it does. Which is why I don't run it. I did in the past, and it was a massive headache. Now I play within the scope of the working rules with a GM that modifies the shit out of the dysfunctional bits. Works well enough. I don't have the patience to take a hatchet to this mess.

>> No.54923866

Just your arcane bond.

>> No.54923879

should i start trying to find a starfidner torrent yet, or is too early?

>> No.54923885

Can I ask if you'll be sharing the elemental masters handbook first?

>> No.54923887

Do insight bonuses stack in starfinder?

Making my first character and as an operative they get a +1 insight bonus to skill checks but then also get 2 free skills with skill focus that also gives a +3 insight bonus to them.

>> No.54923889

>a starfidner torrent
What for?

>> No.54923894

They don't. This was by design.

>> No.54923916

look up starfinder 7chan /tg/

youll find first encounters and the core rulebook

>> No.54923925

A question about occultist: Is using Necromantic Servant an evil act or not? It nowhere says that you need a body to raise the creature or that it's an evil act anywhere.

>> No.54923927

Well, do what you like but it'll definitely take a lot less effort to fix SF than PF. Most of the core mechanics are sensible this time, it just needs a lot of math adjustments rather than having a lot of convoluted inherently broken systems.

>> No.54923936

not sure why I said torrent, just menat leak in general

to actually look over the rules because I'm to lazy to download pages 1 by 1

then i can decide if i actually want to play SF at all, and whether or not to buy the pdf (I'd say hardcover, but I'd be lying if I said I expected SF to be that good)

>> No.54923943

>people still meme that they got the pdf early

heh nothin personal

>> No.54923953

A link to the pdf is literally in this thread. Ctrl+F, mate.

>> No.54923970


>> No.54924000
File: 253 KB, 442x442, 1450239901421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starfinder delivery service! That should be a campaign!

>> No.54924028

they're not supposed to stack, no
apparently skill focus wasn't supposed to be an insight bonus, but paizo's amazing team of editors afield to catch that

>> No.54924030
File: 465 KB, 480x640, 1490315082978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking down on people like you is the reason I chose not to share the PDF.

>> No.54924053

What would you deliver to the Fish People?

What about Hylax? What are you bringing to her?

How annoying is it to deliver to Eox?

>> No.54924056

I want to play Starfinder, but I'll run if I have to.

>> No.54924065

....well, yeah, it's made out of adamatine. Which means when you break it you now have 10 pounds of raw adamantine to forge into weapons or sell.

>> No.54924068

Dick to that bug queen. Tartar sauce to the fish bitches. Fuck Eox.

>> No.54924076

What weapon is ideal for maximizing the pain in Starfinder? A grindblade?

>How annoying is it to deliver to Eox?

I bet they really like calcium.

>> No.54924085


So they are an accident by design?

>> No.54924093

I'd like to point out that the stronghold went nuts BEFORE the PC's arrived.

It was literally a sign that things were going badly for the badguys who were already there.

>> No.54924094

The Technomancer can still cast the Wish spell and there's no in-game definition.

>> No.54924103

Thank you, anon.

>> No.54924120

Of the Wish spell? It's in the spells chapter.

>> No.54924141
File: 166 KB, 744x625, 1465156826477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick! Before the next thread, I need a decent flying monster to challenge/kill a level 8 party of four. This creature should kill them if they charge straight in, but be beatable with any sort of prep or good planning. I'd normally make one myself, but I'm in a serious time-crunch and need something quick.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.54924149

The lead designer wanted them to stack, then was taken off lead design. The new design team decided it shouldn't. If I remember correctly, I could be wrong.

>> No.54924159

Crag Linnorm!

That said, where are they right now? What's the biome?

>> No.54924166

invisible poisonous acidic ghost

>> No.54924190

CR 16 Ghost Wizard (Transmuter) with massive charisma and int.

>> No.54924214

To Intrigue game is starting soon, did we ever decide who is being shipped with who?

Reminder on relevant characters/PCs:
>Mycroft Cutting, LE Half-Orc Investigator from Augustana. Affiliated with the White Goose trade company, it is on their behalf he has been sent to Michsbridge - for reasons he is only now starting to realize the truth of.

>Embry Winespeckle, NG Human Witch from Michsbridge. Never had she suspected the quiet, friendly Ranger Lenart to have been hiding such secrets, but she's more than happy to help him out in his time of need.

>Delnora Algata, NE Elf Investigator/Warlock Vigilante. A scammer and sneak-thief who works as a courier to get her hands on juicy information, she has in fact been tracking Elvargian's communications to his brother Abaric for a long time - and now, has stolen the documents intended for the Karvane Company representative meant to be sent to Michsbridge, impersonating them and going in their stead.

>Miri "Dale", LE Aasimar(Halfling) Magus from Ostenso. A slave born into the service of House Henderthane, she has been raised as the perfect secret agent by her masters - after all, nobody would expect a slip to willingly betray their own kind and work for a Chelish noble house - and now, she has been sent by Belphian Henderthane himself to unravel the mysteries of House Karvane's turmoil.

>Godefroy Lesarge-Masson, LG Human UC Cavalier from Laekastel. Previously a mere retainer for House Lesarge, he ended up remarrying into the house after a somewhat scandalous tryst with the Patriarch's daughter, Baroness Elnynaeve - and now, facing threats to the lives of both himself and his children, presumably from the scheming hands of his loving wife's family, he has engineered a way to get himself and his sons out of harms way for a while.

>Isaac Quint, LG Half-elf UC Cavalier from Laekastel. One of Godefroy's bastards he fathered while out on the campaign, Godefroy refuses to reveal who the mother is.

>> No.54924217 [SPOILER] 
File: 80 KB, 638x479, 1503002839448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54924223

Nobody cares.

>> No.54924225

fuck off

>> No.54924232

All of them with Godefroy's kids, while he fucks a new NPC waifu.

>> No.54924239


>> No.54924242

No!Sengoku-Japan. They've dealt with Kamis gone Bad before, as well as Kenku-ninja armies. I need a creature I can roughly refluff as a flying bat, the result of a Not!Chinese diplomat being cursed by his ancestral sword of life-stealing. They've dealt with this character before, in an uncursed state, though with different characters.

>> No.54924270

I ship you with the barrel of your gun, you faggot

>> No.54924271

If we include Godefroy's son it's 3 men/3 women. Now to build pairing names.

>> No.54924310

Deagle-chan would never go to the harvest festival with anon-kun. He'll have to ask the noose.

>> No.54924313

sounds boring

>> No.54924333

Fresh bread (now with SF CRB baked right in)

>> No.54924339

I hope Garant-kun makes it someday. That "ping" is too good, if you know what I mean.

>> No.54924403

Okay, I'm a retard, thanks for pointing it out.

>> No.54924427

Ignore. Page 8 thread for leaks.

>> No.54924546

If leakanon really thinks like that then he's an autistic faggot who needs to kill himself. Make the thread the second it hits bump limit.

>> No.54924560

Your words are poison, sinner. You would lead us astray with your fickle tongue.

>> No.54924580

Funny how people always do this and try to pretend there's any kind of equivalence.

>> No.54924764

Is powered armor really worth it?
It looks like a huge commitment for meager improvements

>> No.54924911

Ask 2hu, they're the ones with all the numbers.

And not a lick of sense, but all the numbers.

>> No.54925028

I want to lick 2hu's sense!

>> No.54925140

I might run if the rules for "Gundams" come out and aren't shit. I want to run a mecha campaign with the Azlanti Star Empire as the main villains (or protagonists?)

>> No.54926085

PDF? Son, I got the physical copy. Plus the starfield flip-map and GM screen.

>> No.54927098
File: 655 KB, 636x1000, 9c5e6014ad64af8f1e33faf9b786fed3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Powered armor is for switch-hitters. The most optimal powered-armor-user is a halfling soldier who keeps Strength at 8 and takes the Guard fighting style to bypass the Strength prerequisite for using the Powered Armor Proficiency feat.

Such a halfling can then avail of a high Strength and a high Dexterity.

I still do not think it would be quite as worth it as a 5th-level soldier with Blitz, Hit and Run, or Sharpshoot, however.

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