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"Fake Commander" Edition

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>Full C17 Decklists:

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Namefag bitchfest, but people often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question: If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

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>Thread Question: If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

Soulfire Grand Master

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>test deck on xmage
>55 lands
>mana screwed every time even after mulligans

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What do you think of Mirri? Would she work as a commander, even if you don't play it as an equipment deck?

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>> No.54891040

I have a disproportionate love for this card. The ability to dodge almost all land top decks is amazing, and using lands that search the library feels great to get more chances of playing a land off the top. The only card that comes close is the new Vizier of the Menagerie from Amonkhet, because the top card stays hidden.

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>If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?
Grisslebrand XDXDXDXDXD

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this while getting as many creatures on the board as you can for fast damage. concordant crossroads and hunting grounds are your friends

>> No.54891097

no just keep mirri up, they won't be able to block her and while oyu have your whole stax package up, you can effectively lock the game down and win

>> No.54891145

I can't keep my Sisay deck from trying to do a billion things. I try and make it a token deck and then I accidentally stax myself, but not before forgetting I put a bunch of voltron shit in there too.

I just want a fun little toolbox with a wincon.

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why not use it as intended? legendary tribal with some good strong cards? its not that hard. if you want tokens do something like trostani

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>I have a disproportionate love for this card
you me and everyone else playing green
its as much of a staple as sol ring or SDT

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Haha, OP, you seemed to have forgotten the Discord info. Here it is:

/tg/ EDH General Discord

Don't beat yourself up about it though. Just try to be less forgetful next time.

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Do the legends end up doing anything on their own? I'm not sure it's enough good stuff to power trough a tuned deck.

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Putting together a Sidar/Tymna hatebears combo deck for an unknown but supposedly pretty competitive group. I pretty much threw in every hatebear/staple I could think of and whittled it down from there. Now I just need to cut 19 more cards, but I'm not sure which. Anyone care to help? List is at http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/hit-our-opponents-draw-some-cards/

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go on edhrec then

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I have a Sram voltron deck which runs Second Sunrise, is Teferi's Protection just a straight upgrade to this card or are there arguments to keep sunrise?

>> No.54891338

Sunrise triggers ETB effects, phasing doesn't

>> No.54891340

Krark-Clan Ironworks and sac based effects combo with Sunrise, if you don't run those and has it only for protection, maybe switch over to Protection.

>> No.54891363

id rather play faith's reward desu just because it only effects you

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>Thread Question: If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

Magister of Worth. I love the art and what she does.

>> No.54891384

>Sidar Tymna
>not Anafenza
>no Authority of the Consuls
Why bother?

>> No.54891402

She works best as a go wide commander and soft-control/hatebears.

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Well I guess its time to try and grab one or two on the cheap after the precons are released then.

>> No.54891410

Divining top

>> No.54891423

They do when Paradox Engine is legendary and leads to hilarious and easy infinite combos.

>> No.54891467

Speaking of Paradox engine, it actually makes shu yun work.
Its a 5mana omniscience basically

>> No.54891475

Because drawing cards is a good thing for a combo deck to do. Also, Authority is shit, especially with Kondo.

>> No.54891486

My girl

>> No.54891493

Infinite turns easily. Would be banned in an instant.

>> No.54891499

i always thought it was a dude

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>> No.54891518

No easier than Narset.

>> No.54891521

While the precons themselves are not so good out of the box, is Arahbo a decent commander? I feel oddly inclined towards making a cat deck and like his art

>> No.54891555

Fair enough, I guess my pet card isn't as unknown as I thought. EDHrec says there are 14596 decks containing Oracle of Mul Daya. Is there any way to determine goes many decks are running G?

>> No.54891556

He's good for 1v1, but he's the kind of commander who will die in the long game after taking out one or maybe two players. You'll need hefty backup in the 99.

>> No.54891564

Any free effect is guaranteed to be good, you could just run selesnya beatdown stax and im pretty sure itd be real good just because of the free effect. Kinda like oloro but more impactful

>> No.54891570

its a trap

>> No.54891599

>Swing and hopefully chain turns, requires ways to either cycle your turn spells back or a large amount of turn spells

>Fucking 4 mana buyback on any time walk effect, effectively a 2-card infinite turn combo where one piece is always in the command zone, never needs to swing, and the other piece can basically be one of the ~10 copies of the effect in the game

Show me where the Narset deck gave you such wrong notions. There's a reason people are worried about Taigam Turns, and that's with only rebound after he attacks. Now imagine never having to put your commander in danger (combat), not needing haste, and again that redundancy I've mentioned above.

SFG would blow the doors off Narset, anon. And I stand by my opinion that it would be banned VERY quickly.

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How many Processor Eldrazis should I have in Scarab God? Does Lazav work with Processors like I think he does?

>> No.54891620

Quoted the wrong post. That's what I get for phone-posting at work.

>> No.54891624

It took months for Leovold to get the banhammer anon.
I think you should rethink your assertion.

>> No.54891632

Your combo is shit and should have Hulk to turn it on. Consuls hoses go wide strats and is entirely asymmetrical.

>> No.54891640

Anyone have any luck with Subversion, Retreat to Hagra or Polluted Bonds?

>> No.54891653

How do you think he works?

>> No.54891663

The time period wasn't the focus of my argument, the focus was the power of SFG. I think that it would be banned, sure there would be a testing period as there was with Leovold, but I still think it'd be banned. It's just too readily abused with next to no investment.

>> No.54891680

Eternalize something with Scarab, then Process it back to the yard and have Lazav become it again?

>> No.54891697

What would happen if the rules committee banned the new Eminence commanders on the grounds that they don't think stuff like Eminence fits the format's spirit? Like almost immediately after the set's release?

Would WotC try to take over the rules committee?

>> No.54891713

Lasav seems pretty clear in its wording. Moving a creature card from exile into a graveyard meets the requirement of "whenever a creature card is put into an opponent's graveyard from anywhere"

>> No.54891732

Hulk didn't occur to me. Thanks. I'm still doubting Authority though; I don't think the go-wide matchups need much shoring up between Sidar, Stoneforge, and wraths.

>> No.54891735

I was actually just thinking about posting about this. I seriously think that WotC would take control of EDH away from them simply because it would potentially hurt their sales and make them look bad if their brand new product meant to get new players into the game got banned. Sheldon likely can't do shit about any of the new commanders from Commander sets.

>> No.54891748

Nice, would you say Cryptic Cruiser is worth it in a deck with Training Grounds or is it too jank?

>> No.54891809

While I don't think it's totally unlikely, that would be an incredibly drastic move. On top of that, enforcing an official, inflexible banlist on an almost entirely casual format seems like a logistical nightmare.

>> No.54891832

>If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

Who here likes the C17 decks? I haven't played in a while, might just start getting back into it, though. Might pick up the Wizards one, but the decklist looks kind of shitty.

>> No.54891845

I think they'd at least step in and force Sheldon to unban them. If they did that, Sheldon would lose a lot of credibility (that he already has little of) in the eyes of players. There's a certain amount of trust that needs to be maintained between WotC and the players, and banning the face cards of a new product meant for new and casual players would not bode well for that trust.

>> No.54891871

is sheldon actually planning on doing this?

>> No.54891880

>implying Sheldon isn't shown the commanders months before they're released

>> No.54891886

Is the impression that all the Shards of Alara charms are more worth while in Ramos than the Tarkir ones fair? They seem better than the Dragon charms too.

I kind of want to run 15, 10 or 5 and not mix and match.

>> No.54891902

id give him props for having the balls to do it
I would hope they would give it time to test before doing something in a knee jerk fashion

>> No.54892011

Why not mix and match the best? Abzan Charm is a draw-two or an automatic five counters. Bant is a versatile answer, as is Crosis's. Grixis and Jund are pretty decent as well.

>> No.54892082

No, the RC pussyfoots around banning cards. They have this moronic idea that if they banned one thing they'd be required to ban every card that someone might not like.

>> No.54892147

the RC doesn't seem to pussyfoot that much around banning commanders to be honest.

Leovold was banned despite not really being a T1 commander, it was more that his playstyle was unfun for everyone involved. He was even designed for commander or tiny leaders or something.

Kokusho was banned for a long time despite being sort of weak.

Braids, Cabal Minion is banned even though she's not really broken, but rather fast mana is.

>> No.54892215

Ok, does anyone else notice that ultra pro's light blue lines of products are consistently off point? The light blue eclipse sleeves I recently got have nowhere near the amount of "stifled" back that the other colors have. The light blue regular sleeves I got years ago had the worst shuffle feel while other colors still felt nice. Even the satin tower has a noticeable different feel to it.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here.

>> No.54892233

Any opinions on pic related? Could I get away with 4 color goodstuff as a deck?

>> No.54892262

Volrath players: how many fatties do you run? Are you all-in on the Voltron theme or do you pack some reanimation? How much removal?

>> No.54892273


>> No.54892275

Hard to balance colors and cycles then.

I'll see if I can balance it out with other cards.

>> No.54892340

Just out of curiosity, why balance the colors?

>> No.54892440

>non legendary
>there are multiple princes of thralls
I mean... sure...
but that's a cop out.

>> No.54892441


>> No.54892447

what the flying fuck does she have to do with equips?

>> No.54892457

What reason do you have to balance colors? Just autism?

It's usually better for a deck if you lean heavily into a color instead of having them all equally represented.

>> No.54892476


>> No.54892486

>Any opinions on pic related?
even with this attack two for the price of one mechanic, combat isnt super hot in edh

unless you use infect

>> No.54892500

top is absolutely not a staple

>> No.54892511

I typically play Grixis, so my colors are typically Black and Blue, splashing Red for support.

>> No.54892525

She's not very fun unless you like turning dudes sideways and doing nothing else

>> No.54892539

>sheldon trashes commander-set commanders but forgives wotc since he wants to see interesting attempts at commanders

he truly is a god among men

he also feels the exact same about prosh as i do (that putting him on the command zone of any jund deck makes it better)

>> No.54892563

what decks doesnt it go in? hmm?

>> No.54892570

Monastery Mentor would make for a sweet general.

>> No.54892582

Hmm, that's a shame. I was looking for a Naya commander, but none of the options really jumped out at me so I considered branching out.

>> No.54892585

make it u/w and you have a deal

>> No.54892657

There's enough white spells that would make it worth it. But, yeah, I generally agree with what you said. I would just be playing PW and token makers.
Anyone have a good story from playing commander recently? I was playing Narset, and the only creature in the 99 was dual caster mage. Someone cast treachery on me, and spent about 5 minutes looking through my deck (I had dual caster mage in hand) and finally just said, "are you fucking kidding me? No fucking creatures???"

>> No.54892673 [SPOILER] 

>If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

>> No.54892761

just use the partners or a legit naya commander instead

>> No.54892839

Does anyone pack ramp in their Edric decks? Would you even need to?

>> No.54892893

Last night I won with sage of hours

Today I won with a double striking yidris and aetherflux reservoir

I'd scale the powerlevel down a little bit but my group plays almost exclusively with my decks anyways

I miss being able to play modern

>> No.54892923

The only fun decks in Modern are the insane fringe ones like Spellweaver and Forest Belcher. Oh and Grishoalbrand

>> No.54893096


If your LGS isn't full of turbospikes modern can be pretty fun no matter what you play

>> No.54893212

Is there a way to make this guy work as a commander?

>> No.54893225

sadly that's all my lgs is
that's why i play extra turns zada
nothing pisses people off more than losing to a mono red combo deck

>> No.54893255

Flicker effects

>> No.54893269


>> No.54893279

To elaborate, you put Mangara's ability to stack, then you flicker her. She comes to field immedietly or at the end depending on your flicker and the targeted permanent still gets exiled

>> No.54893296

Ava's Demon

>> No.54893299

Autism, ultimately.

I just like each color to have a chance to shine in the deck, instead of being all the green cards are boring ramp and white is a splash on 6 cards. It bugs me.

>> No.54893311

Sure, flickering seems fun but that doesn't win you a game. Flicker, flicker, flicker then roll the game out with goodstuff?

>> No.54893331


>> No.54893496

Thoughts on the gearhulk cycle in EDH? Will they become staples like the titans were? Here's hoping they drop in price when they rotate out of standard

>> No.54893513

No, but the author does visit porn threads of her comic and actively encourages it.
She tried drawing a few nudes of her characters too but her tumblr fanbase lost their shit, mostly since the characters are like 14.

>> No.54893620

>If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

>> No.54893625

Same guy here. All the gearhulks could make for pretty interesting commanders. Panharminicon conjurer's closet, and strionic resonator going in all of them for value.
Big red robots with Feldon and scrap mastery to reanimate anything people make you mill or you pitch to looting.
Spellslinging and control with symmetrical mill. Kicked rites of replication MVP for five free instants.
+1/+1 counter shenanigans with some voltron?
Killing motherfuckers left, and right. Suicide black is go.

>> No.54893636

I picked up a Noxious to use in the Licia deck I'm brewing.
Combustable is like Browbeat on a stick with the potential for more damage, good for the possibility of draw in red but the only time anyone will let you draw is when they think you'll have enough damage to kill them that turn.
Torrential is like a big fat Snappy that lets you cast even fatter spells without dumping all your mana into them.
Cataclysmic is alright but it can miss a lot of impact against a lot of decks.
Verdurous is a 5 mana 8/8 or a 4/4 that can make your important shit bigger, alrigt in the right places.

>> No.54893669

Anyone know if Illusionist's Bracers would work on Mathas, Fiend Seeker?

>> No.54893674

I'm an idiot

>> No.54893688

The rules for Aggravated Assault don't really specify what happens when you activate its ability during combat. It seems to imply that I can't untap my creatures unless I activate the ability during the postcombat main phase. Is that true?

>> No.54893700

>Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

>> No.54893702

No, "At" is a triggered ability, not an activated ability. You could use Strionic Resonator.

>> No.54893727

They can all do some sreious work, but probably never as big as titans do to not having attack triggers. All of them except torrential are ~$5 so they are pretty affordable already.

>> No.54893728


Shit I can't read, thanks. There goes that idea for Radha ;_;

>> No.54893733

ty anon.

>> No.54893771


>> No.54893772

Man that alara creature cycle was pretty cool.

I like the vampire deck, already preordered the edgar markov playmat and will upgrade the decks manabase and throw in some of the better vampires too.

Inalla seems sweet also.

>> No.54893792

Oh shit I'm sorry. I read that post as "Voltron players:"

>> No.54893809

Now you have to tell us what it is. I'm guessing Archangel Avacyn.

>> No.54893811

Yeah that's my fault, they look way too similar

>> No.54893891

What are some "fly by the seat of your pants" style commanders? Like ones where you just slap a wincon together out of a bunch of disparate parts.

>> No.54893948

noob question. does anybody run this? how many colors does a deck need to have in order to make this worthwhile?

>> No.54893969

>"fly by the seat of you pants"

>> No.54893970

Just wait a couple weeks and you'll have the perfect commander.

>> No.54893992

>only good for producing mana colors of things you already casted
It's about 10% as good as reflecting pool.
Checklands are better than this.

>> No.54894022

If you think about it then it's only reliable in 1 or 2 color decks and in those you could just run a basic or something instead, in the 3-5 color decks it stops being able to reliably be what you want in the beginning of the game before you have access to whatever colors you need.

>> No.54894039

Seems like you could be doing better things in commander and seems especially bad if you have to pay full price for its ability, but I don't know anyone who has tried it so if you want, give it a shot

>> No.54894061

It's bad. It'll do nothing more often than you think, remember that lands are colorless.

>> No.54894187

thanks for the input

it's kind of a counter intuitive card

>> No.54894194

whenever i play something copy/steal focused, my wins tend to feel that way

>> No.54894412


There was one time I won because Player A had forgotten to put Lab Maniac into their Hermit Druid deck. Player B had lethal on me next turn and would have won, but it was my turn next and I topdecked a Molten Primordial, stole Player B's sole blocker (that would have let him live) and a fatty from Player A, swung at Player B for Lethal, and passed to Player A who lost due to missing Lab Maniac. Pretty funny!

There was another time, same deck, verus an Oloro player and some Sultai Jank who never even played their commander. Oloro was at some 200+ life, Sultai player just played a Tree of Perdition. I had Molten Primordial in hand, stole the Tree, reset Oloro to 13 and Swung for lethal. Sultai jank was easy to mop up after that.

>> No.54894444

This article sort of touches on all the reasons I don't like commander much as a format. Put plainly, the fact that the range of cards is so wide as well as the range of players means that different people can have vastly differing desires out of playing commander, and that leads to really unpleasant interactions where someone built their neat little bird tribal deck plays against someone playing tasigur full of fetches, duals, fast mana, tutors, and infinite combos. The idea of the lead man on the rules committee throwing around the term "social contract" is just fucking... Kind of depressing.

>> No.54894478

Nice quads. Are you autistic?

>> No.54894480

Saskia seems totally fine I'm not sure what these other guys are talking about.

Try running her with furnace of rath type effects for maximum *FUN*

>> No.54894482

I still have fun with my robots. The feeling of all the little parts clicking together is still great.

>> No.54894489

Super Deepthroat

>> No.54894505


So don't play 5 colors?

>> No.54894524

It's j-just Kalemne . . .

>> No.54894574

Tips for actually making Ashling work?

>> No.54894590

No? If what you're getting at is my dislike of the idea of "social contract" then let me clarify. I'm not refuting that social pressure isn't a real factor when people build decks and decide what to play and when, what they bring to game nights, etc etc. What I take issue with is that commander is a real format now, one which WoTC acknowledges, prints cards and sells product for, and the rules are still, to me, feel like they are in this semi lawless state. Like it is treated like a real format except when they don't want to treat it like a real format.

>> No.54894619

I prefer it that way in all honestly. I don't want EDH to become more of a regular format than it is.

>> No.54894621

Which one?

>> No.54894626

Both are subpar commanders.
Red Ashling is good for keeping the board clear until you're ready to set up your own shit but monored is a hard color to make work if you're not willing to shill out for gauntlet of power/might, caged sun, and even blood moon to keep the other players on lock while you fiddle around with your minimal card draw/tutor deck.

>> No.54894628

the pilgrim

>> No.54894681

What is the spirit of the format?

>> No.54894686

Buy about $400 of red staples.

>> No.54894714

The biggest spirits of the format are either Brago or Karador.

>> No.54894718

I'm trying to build a Vela deck. I want it to generate enough creatures so that mass removal becomes impractical, but since I'm in UB I'm not having the easiest time building a token army. I know about Bloodline Keeper and Intruder Alarm, but just tutoring for that combo every game would get boring. Any ideas?

>> No.54894728

did glacial chasm go up because of that dumb amonkek card? i wanted to get the ftv printing

>> No.54894743

Have fun with friends.
Or mercilessly crush spergs while jerking off on yourself with your $2500 deck.
Either is fine.

>> No.54894748

Yes. 2 cards that prevent all damage being dealt to you for 3 mana and a land drop is very good anon.

>> No.54894750

This is the biggest spirit.

>> No.54894770

>not Iname as One
>not Kuro
You're wrong in all ways.

>> No.54894779

Not so fast.

>> No.54894784

Grimgrin also works with the combo. I never found tokens to be super effective in Vela, if only because the big token producing spells tend to be expensive. People will still wrath the board regardless of how many tokens you have, they can even just use targeted removal on Vela first before wrathing if the lifeloss is dangerous to them.

Rite or replication is your friend. The Ixtalan "Hostage Taker" also seems to be very good here.

>> No.54894795

>Implying people play Iname

>> No.54894876

Iname can put a Kuro into the battlefield on his own, two even.

There are 56 decks on edhrec with Iname as their commander. People think that Mairsil is jank, but that is nothing compared to people who live on the edge.

>> No.54894879

That is part and parcel of it being a casual format. 60-card casual was the same way. Just because there wasn't a "60 card casual banlist" doesn't mean that everyone used the most powerful decks possible. You still could do fun things with the deck without winning being the only prioity.

>> No.54894906

Retreat to Hagra is pretty nasty in Gitrog

>> No.54894983

Sure. Just comes down to a difference of tastes and opinions. Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.54894992

Kuro can put Iname into an early grave.

>> No.54894998

That makes sense. Unfortunately, the deck is monoblack so it probably will suck.

I just like little bits of lifegain like that that won't paint a target on my face but will keep me from dying.

>> No.54895100

Its too bad all of the cards in kamigawa were dogshit, otherwise it would have been an edh goldmine

>> No.54895199

>tfw can't find the French version of Delay anywhere

>> No.54895263


>> No.54895331

This card is radical in mono-B holy shit

>> No.54895375

Jesters cap effects are overrated.

>> No.54895382

That's really not very good.

>> No.54895385

How do you exclude search terms from line's on magiccards.info? Like search for "flying" but exclude "reach"

>> No.54895399

o:flying -o:reach

>> No.54895468

Watch out with that though, since it reads reminder text. For instance, searching for flying but not reach could prevent it from showing a card like Aegis Angel.

>> No.54895512

please help

>> No.54895640

Oh that's interesting. I'll do another search afterwards, really I'm just looking for Edric stuff

>> No.54895664

I have one.


>> No.54895763

It is if you play against a lot of combo decks. Urborg makes this even nicer.

>> No.54895813

Any Sliver players around with some spicy tech? I'm wanting to finalize this list and need to know if I'm missing out on anything good, though any feedback is appreciated.


>> No.54895839

>spicy tech

>> No.54895869

If a combo deck doesn't fire off before something like that is relevant, it isn't a very good combo deck.

>> No.54895885

>Thread Question: If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?
probably animar because its expensive as fuck and i want to make that deck but refuse to spend 30 dollars on a card

>> No.54895909

>30 dollars
Consider playing Uno instead.

>> No.54895911

>move to new city
>no one to play edh with
>keep pumping money into my decks anyway

life is suffering

>> No.54895912

Bring to Light fetches out and casts any of your 5C slivers, or really most of the stuff in your deck.

>> No.54895922

If you're still here, anon, Strionic Resonator would work instead.

>> No.54895941

if im going to spend 30 dollars on a single thing its going to be something that will get me laid anon, sorry your life is so sad you spend that kinda dosh on card board

>> No.54895974

All you need is 3 swamps and you've just dug out 3 of their combo pieces. Not every combo deck combos off turn 2, cEDH included.

>> No.54895984

More like my life is so nice that I can afford to spend $30 on cardboard.

>> No.54896019

>3 swamps
>6 mana card

So you always have that Sol Ring, do you?

>> No.54896044

My bad, misremembered the cost of the card because I hardly glanced at it (I'm not the one who posted it). Still not hard to accelerate to six mana before someone else combos off.

>> No.54896065


I think the wizard deck is the worst out of the box but I think Mairisil and Inalla are both pretty sweet commanders.

>> No.54896077

>tfw finally found someone to play edh with
>tfw me and two others are going to get the precons to play them against each other
>tfw just ordered a demonic tutor and a patron wizard

What exactly is the problem? No lgs nearby or noone at the lgs interested in commander?

>> No.54896086

Like you said, 3 cards would probably be "enough", meaning it's a much worse Sadistic Sacrament, and Sadistic Sacrament isn't even that great. It's a Timmy card where they're looking at how big the effect could be and ignoring practicality.

>> No.54896104

From people playtesting, the Dragons are apparently worst out of the box. It's almost a flat upgrade to just swap out all the Vivids for basic lands, the mana base is that bad.

>> No.54896112

It's a multiplayer game, you don't need to be the only player disrupting the combo player, and casting it for 3 or 4 is enough to shutdown most combo decks.

But the problem is that it is both not reliable for being slow, and very niche, since it won't do much against non-combo decks.

>> No.54896127

>three swamps

Might as well just play this?

>> No.54896136

>tfw love Ramos and will probably buy the dragon deck because it seems fun but have no idea how to abuse the card and don't want to to just play big beats

>> No.54896177


Rough, but at least the dragons has some kind of end game right? The wizards deck doesn't even really know how it wants to win, because your puny wizards are probably not going into the red zone and you don't have any real way to make tokens to win with Inalla...

Maybe I'm just pessimistic though.

>> No.54896296

Not exactly weak or snything, but an unoptomized Jarad deck feels like a random mashup of monsters for you to use every game. And then I like Athreos without those stupid spamable clerics.

>> No.54896321

Not him, but vampire and cats are the only decent ones to play precon. Because the 4 decks are tribal, all of them relies on turning creatures sideways, even the wizards deck.

>> No.54896333

>Needing thirty dollars of anything get laid
>Not just gettin laid
>Can't afford 30 dollar cardboard

>> No.54896373

Out of the box, Wizards don't do much, yeah. They're definitely geared toward combo and control with a side of value, but the precon doesn't give them any real combo pieces. They're left with having to bounce threats away or hope to out-value their opponents.

>> No.54896379

Thoughts on Riptide Replicator in Mairsil?

>> No.54896383

So I know that Mairsil can't actually equip himself to anything, but he can target a Cephalid Illusionist with an equip ability, right? And then it wouldn't do anything, letting him do it again.

>> No.54896393


I just don't get how you're gonna win turning your puny 4 mana 1/1s sideways when everybody else gets all that value for free.


I've wanted to build wizard tribal for a long time but this is the thing that's really holding me back. I'm not sure how to win. It seems hard to win with just my creatures but at the same time I feel like I could always make a better combo deck.

>> No.54896413

Yep, that would work. It's easier to just slap pic related under him and go to town, though.

>> No.54896436


Quads of truth. I played at an LGS for the first time against narset, malestrom wanderer and some esper chick. I was using Yasova Temur goodstuff and I got merkd.

I mean I know what I gotta do now but damn. I just wanna play janks

>> No.54896445

You can equip him if he's an noncreature aura.

>> No.54896455

>implying Ramos wasn't tailor made to be the Lucky Charms commander

>> No.54896459

Wizards need good combos to hold up properly. You'll be relying heavily on untap/tap shenanigans and if you want to stay in flavor, you'll want the good tap effect granting-abilties. If you're going Inalla, I tend to combo off with Bloodline Necromancer, Mistbind Clique, Wanderwine Prophets, Azami, or other neat stuff. Inalla can provide crazy value if you're doubling up on ETBs. A simple Omenspeaker turns into decently nice value and can be used as a counterspell with Patron Wizard in play or a draw spell with Azami in play. You assemble machine out of wizards granting other wizards effects.

>> No.54896480


Do you think it's possible to win somewhat consistently without relying on the Bloodline or Champion combos?

>> No.54896494

For what? Mairsil can't do anything from eating it.

>> No.54896515


You on the wrong board famalam

>> No.54896537

Tough call. I've just been playing test hands on tappedout and can't really do any field testing yet, so it's unclear. You might be able to beat a little bit at a time and build up to a nice X cost finisher like Comet Storm or Exsanguinate, but most of the time you'll want to combo. Galecaster is an interesting addition, even if high in cost, because he gives your wizards even more usefulness as a field clear at the end of your opponent's turn so that you can swing in when you need to. Wizards are definitely the tricky-dick tribal that I'll have to play around with a lot to find out just how viable they are.

>> No.54896547

>If you could have any creature as your commander, what would it be?

This cute little fella right here.

>> No.54896561

Docent of Perfection makes it a lot easier by buffing all of your small wizards into medium-sized wizards.

>> No.54896585

can he not make creatures with it even if he has charge counters on him?

>> No.54896588

the LGS near me has almost 0 edh presence. everyone there plays modern

>> No.54896599

He absolutely can. In fact, charge counter tribal seems sweet.

>> No.54896606

>make 5 color precon
>mana base cant achieve all 5 colors of mana anywhere close to reliably by turn 8

what did WotC mean by this?

>> No.54896671


That's true. It's too bad it's not a wizard himself, but it's good that he makes tokens. I think docent of perfection and lich lord of unx are the only two wizard token making cards I've found.

do you think it's worth it to run illusionist's bracers?

>> No.54896673

>make deck for casual players
>4chan aspies upset that they don't get ABUR duals

>> No.54896693

would it really be that hard to put in painlands or even checklands?

>> No.54896702

>see argument on 4chan
>misrepresent it completely in ways that make no sense

What did this shithead mean by this?

>> No.54896705


>deck straight-up doesn't fucking function
>only aspies take exception

>> No.54896714


>> No.54896719

I've toyed around with it, but I've found it unimpressive so far in testing.

>> No.54896724

No. It breaks because you have to choose a creature type and color.

706.7a If an ability causes a player to “choose a [value]” and a second, linked ability refers to that choice, the second ability is the only ability that can refer to that choice. An object doesn’t “remember” that choice and use it for other abilities it may copy later. If an object copies an ability that refers to a choice, but either (a) doesn’t copy that ability’s linked ability or (b) does copy the linked ability but no choice is made for it, then the choice is considered to be “undefined.” If an ability refers to an undefined choice, that part of the ability won’t do anything.

So, because it tries to create an X/X [null] colored [null] type creature, it creates nothing instead.

>> No.54896728


Forget that shit, the Ur-Dragon deck doesn't even have fucking Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse in it. Literal 10 cent cards that would make it less shit.

It's straight up a situation where the designer did a bad job. No other way to interpret this. He had no clue what a 5-color manabase needs to actually work.

>> No.54896747


>> No.54896751


No, it just creates a colorless and typeless creature.

>> No.54896775

>If an ability refers to an undefined choice, that part of the ability won’t do anything.

No. It does nothing.

>> No.54896785

Ah shit, I forgot it was one of those omni-tribal cards. I was mixing it up with the Phyrexian one.

>> No.54896793

Brush up on Myr Welder and Necrotic Ooze rulings. Linked abilities with a "When ~ enters the battlefield" component are going to be completely useless in Mairsil.

>> No.54896798


"Part of the ability". Part. Not the whole ability.

It ignores the part that it can't process and completes the rest. Resulting in a colorless, typeless creature token that's 0/0 (unless Mairsil got a charge counter somehow).

>> No.54896821

Seeing as how the other precons pulled of 4 colors just fine, there's no excuse of 5c. Not even a fucking evolving wilds, Jesus Christ.

>> No.54896848

>the other 3 decks all have terramorphic expanse + evolving wilds


>> No.54896852

The "part of the ability" in question is the entire token creation.

>> No.54896863


Bummer. It seemed like it would be fun with Inalla and galecaster colossus.

>> No.54896871

No, no. The whole thing breaks because of the [null].

>> No.54896877

Is this strategy to just keep using that ability until you have no cards and lab man out? Am I missing something?

>> No.54896878

It's decent enough in theory, I just haven't had the chance to test it against real opponent's yet. We'll be running a value wizard machine anyway, so I say give it a go.

>> No.54896881


The lands are by far the worst part of this product.

>> No.54896914

Borborygmos Enraged. 51 Basic Lands, and then literally whatever the fuck else you want. Get him on the table and just start chucking trees at motherfuckers.

>> No.54896963


Then why does 706.7a use the wording "part of the ability", when in all other contexts it refers to linked abilities with the word "ability" (even when speaking of only one "half" of the linked pair)? Why doesn't it say "the ability won’t do anything", which is much simpler phrasing and less open for interpretation?

>> No.54896965

Look at the way it's worded. The first is "Mirror-Mad Phantasm," but the second is "a card named Mirror-Mad Phantasm," and Mairsil only changes the first. So Mairsil (or Necrotic Ooze) shuffles itself back into the library, flips until it finds a Mirror-Mad Phantasm, which it won't since your Mirror-Mad Phantasm is in the grave or exiled, and ends up sending your whole deck to the grave, after which you can find your win con at your leisure.

>> No.54896994

Because an ability could have multiple parts. Say, for instance, Riptide Replicator made a token and then you gained 2 life. You'd still gain 2 life.

>> No.54897034

>put pain lands in previous precons/commander product
>brushland is up to $12 for some editions
>it's used in modern so more people want it besides EDH players
>cat precon is W/G
>no reprint

>> No.54897083

Any tribes you guys would have preffered to see for C17?
>Mardu knights

>> No.54897103

spirits or elementals

>> No.54897106

clerics or angels

we got shitty dragons instead..........at least there are wizards

>> No.54897120

this >>54897103

also wouldnt have minded merfolk

>> No.54897197


I wouldn't have minded seeing Rogues or some other kind of sneaky tribe.

>> No.54897209

As much as I like Wizards, I would've really liked Horrors. I knew there was like a 5% chance of it actually happening, but it would've been neat. I'd have been over the moon if we got a sweet new Old Phyrexian Horror like Gix in a UB or Grixis Horror deck.

>> No.54897215

Ætherborn ;-;

>> No.54897224

Grixis Nightmares

>> No.54897296

Faeries would have been cool.

>> No.54897307

They would never have been able to do Gix justice

>> No.54897319

I know, but a man can dream for horrible and awesome metal mutant demons, can't he?

>> No.54897350

You can still dream. There's s distant chance they'll use him again some time in the future, considering there are Old Phyrexian dominated worlds still, like Elspeth's home plane.

>> No.54897372

Edgar Markov seems to lend himself to sac strategies, especially with Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble being Vampires.

But I've only ever done GB sacrifice, so I'm kind of at a loss. What are the most powerful things Mardu can do with a sac based strategy?

>> No.54897392

I'm hoping something big happens on the return to Dominaria personally.
>a foolish Phyrexian demon, wielding a hateboner for flesh stepped forth to oppose me
>before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law
>now he seeks to return to Dominaria and undo the future that is (almost destroyed) by Urza

>> No.54897395

How does he lend himself to that at all?

>> No.54897405

oh honey

>> No.54897417

He produces easy sac fodder semi-passively.

>> No.54897441

>cast aristocrat
>get sac fodder for literally no investment whatsoever
Gee, I dunno.

>> No.54897450

Did you read the card?

>> No.54897470

That's good.
Gimme more.
I want the jank. Give me the jank.

>> No.54897478

>Gideon PW back to Theros
>trades places with Elspeth
>Mardu Zombie PW Elspeth
>reclaims her world
>we get a better Gatewatch
Just ditch the terrible characters, hire a good writer, and make it Elspeth, Ajani, Sorin, and Tibalt.

>> No.54897526

None of the Gatewatch are inherently bad characters, just poorly developed. You could put [insert your favorite Magic character here] on the Gatewatch and they'd succumb to the same shitty writing.

>> No.54897527

I want none of this because Wizards in their current state is printing absolute dog shit for products.

>> No.54897529

Honestly, Sorin is more likely to be Mardu as whatsername the ghost assassin may wind up our designated WB planeswalker, he will be FUCKING PISSED and it runs in the family.

Plus Elspeth isn't allowed to be anything but white as the driven snow.

>> No.54897541

Prove they're not bad characters please, especially Chandra.

>> No.54897554

No, Nissa and Gideon were bad characters before they joined the Gatewatch. Jace was a prick and Liliana was a bitch but those were parts of their characters, until they joined the Gatewatch and that became their entire character.

>> No.54897569

Kaya, who like Dack and Daretti will likely never show up except in supporting products.

>> No.54897575

Nissa I can understand ever since they decided to tone down her love for her fellow elven ubermensch but what was wrong with old Gideon?

>> No.54897610

Knights / Wizards / Rogues / Clerics would have been GOAT but I get that they have to pander to Timmys

>> No.54897622

Shut up about which terrible characters are slightly less terrible than the other terrible characters and give me the Mardu sacrifice goodness.

>> No.54897647

This. All occupation-based tribes would've been sweet. The only problem is that pretty much all four of those tribes would be in black to some degree.

>> No.54897655

Edgewalker, Ashnod's Altar, Cloudstone Curio, Drana's Emissary, Kalistria Healer.

>> No.54897669


>> No.54897698

The thing is that Planeswalkers are supposed to be leaders. They forge their own fates and walk their own paths. Except for Gideon who just follows the path set out for him. Planeswalkers are by nature rebellious and Gideon isn't.

>> No.54897748

If you consider Origins the start of the Gatewatch, then Gideon and Nissa are pretty close to blank slates. They could be written any way you like. Chandra was a lot less of a Relatable Marketable Teenage Girl™ and more of a younger Jaya. That's not a bad spot to be either. Jace and Lili were already pretty interesting IMO. Their relationship in Agents of Artifice could have been explored in much more depth.
Goblin Bombardment, Attrition, Mind Slash, Vindictive Lich.

>> No.54897791

It's funny just how many occupational tribes would end up having Black.

>> No.54897914

there are no bad characters only bad writers

>> No.54897952

>Eminence: As long as X is in your command zone or on the battlefield, creatures you own that are Knights, Soldiers or Samurai are Knights, Soldiers and Samurai in addition to their other types.
A man can dream

>> No.54898093

Combine this with Partner so that a/each Partners types are also the other Partners types. Maximum jank.

>> No.54898097


How is discard not one of the absolute top strategies? I realize that it'd be better for 1v1 but even in small groups it's doable. Fundamentally, if your opponents have no cards in hand they literally can't do anything. They can't play the game. Is it just very good in theory and lacks the proper cards to support it or what?

>> No.54898163

>I want to make every deck into Slivers
Slow down, buddy.

>> No.54898215

>Fundamentally, if your opponents have no cards in hand they literally can't do anything.
If only we were playing a game type where every single player always had access to certain cards which could in turn grant access to other cards. If that were true than discard would be a lot worse.

>> No.54898237

While you're spending your turns and resources making your opponents discard, they're building an actual boardstate with which to kill you, and probably drawing cards along the way to ruin your strategy because every deck already wants to be drawing cards anyway.

Not to mention the command zone being a thing means you'll never be able to fully discard them out of action.

>> No.54898320

>Fundamentally, if your opponents have no cards in hand they literally can't do anything.

Step it up.

>> No.54898321


That's a good point. So is it due to the fact that there aren't enough mass discard cards or that it isn't fast enough? Cause they can definitely play spells and build a board while you're trying to make them drop their hands. If you could do it more quickly and consistently, would it be considered an above average strategy?

And maybe if it was discard and removal you'd be able to clean up whatever was put down before it snowballed out of control. BG seems apt to do that.

>> No.54898360

Most discard cards target only 1 player, and there's a lot of graveyard interaction in the game. I think that's it.

But the archetype seems interesting, it's just too bad the only viable Commander for it is just Elfball + Black.

>> No.54898373

Not so much, most tribes only have a few keywords to slap on, slivers have virtually all of them because it was their shtick. It'd be a way to make smaller tribes more relevant without producing cards few people care about.

>> No.54898375

You always have access to the zone, and the card in your zone can help you get around discard in a whole bunch of ways. Like imagine if you forced a Karador to discard, now he can just play Karador more easily and grab the cards from his grave.

>> No.54898378

>not playing Cao Cao and destroying the weak
Low tier senpai.

>> No.54898408

Is nath any good? I have that elf precon and wanted to make it a little better.

>> No.54898450

I think so too. Seems pretty damn good, mainly in 1v1 though. Even though there are definitely cards like >>54898320 they're not all that common. Generally, people with early empty hands will have some trouble I think.

Yeah that's true, but there are always cards that mess with what you're trying to do. Outside of very specific commanders I'm not sure how having access to them would help that much in the face of constantly having no cards in hand. Also, I meant discard from the get-go, so likely not even enough land to play whatever you've got in your zone.

That looks pretty cool.

I'm throwing around ideas here. Can't imagine the person sitting across from you would enjoy this in any way.

>> No.54898483

>Players still get to draw cards every turn
>Players can still play their commanders
>Discard is useless when you're already losing

>> No.54898486

It's because CA gets really fucky in multiplayer. In a five player game making one player discard 4 cards is roughly equivalent to drawing a single card. Except it's worse because they get to choose what they get rid of, and graveyard shenanigans are a thing (why yes I will discard all my praetor's so I can living death next turn).

Any discard that would be good enough for multiplayer would rip other formats apart unless it's worded like "each opponent", and we don't have much of that.

>> No.54898488

Elves. Duh.

Btw.. free Rofellos when?

>> No.54898512

Theorycraft all you like, but practice shows true. There's a reason discard strats don't show up often even in Duel Commander. There's only one Hymn to Tourach in your 99, after all.

>> No.54898520

Literally never. Smileyelf and Grislebanned are staying there forever.

>> No.54898549

>wanting 2 (TWO) Gaea's Cradles
You're fucking mad.

>> No.54898553

Assuming you're having them discard from the beginning. With some removal to make that commander more expensive and no new lands to play it again.

>Any discard that would be good enough for multiplayer would rip other formats apart unless it's worded like "each opponent", and we don't have much of that.

I think that's the crux of it. There doesn't seem to be enough resources to actually make multiple people discard things. GY stuff definitely screws it as well, although not all decks make use of it. But most of the good ones do.

I see what you guys mean. This only seems viable in 1v1

>There's only one Hymn to Tourach in your 99, after all.

That's what I mean. Seems that there just aren't enough good discard cards. No one wants to play Night Terrors even in 1v1.

>> No.54898583

>Assuming you're having them discard from the beginning.

Imagine your godhand here. Best case scenario is probably trying to Mind Twist them with some Mana rocks, right? Just how efficiently do you think you can do that?

>> No.54898605

There's another issue you're failing to consider. Say you do manage to get them Hellbent. Then you draw Hymn to Tourach. It's a dead card. Then you draw Mind Twist. It's a dead card. Then you draw Thoughtseize. It's a dead card.

For you to have enough forced discard to ever be able to rely on it early game, you'll render a huge chunk of your deck useless after the fact.

>> No.54898632

Not very, given the cards available. Makes sense.

Maybe it's best that this one isn't too powerful.

True, although I once saw an Olivia deck that focused on discard and just used her to win. 1v1 of course, I probably shouldn't have even bothered bringing it up as a multiplayer strategy. The dead cards in hand were alright with the guy playing the deck as it just meant next time the opponent drew he'd lose the card almost immediately.

>> No.54898634

should athreos be included if your opponents take the ping every time? i wanted some child of alara insurance but i haven't been gaining much

>> No.54898649

>have control deck
>have voltron deck
>have no "just play the goddamned game normally" deck

>> No.54898657


Athreos is pretty bad most of the time for that reason, you need quite a lot of stuff going to really force people to let you recur shit

>> No.54898714


What's normal?

>> No.54898749

Not such a specific strategy to slow the game or just rely on one creature. Something with multiple creatures, maybe a little graveyard stuff, that kinda thing. Good stuff I guess?

>> No.54898754

>The dead cards in hand were alright with the guy playing the deck as it just meant next time the opponent drew he'd lose the card almost immediately.
Do you actually have a decent way of making someone discard at instant speed? Otherwise, a player will usually just play their entire hand every turn if something like pic related is in play. Also, like >>54898605 said, discard spells have highly diminishing returns.

This isn't to say Nath would be a shitty commander, just that it's not going to be overpowered, and aggro and reanimator decks can make mincemeat out of you.

>> No.54898762

whoops forgot my pic related

>> No.54898774

No, definitely not. I don't think there are enough cards to make this work well.

>> No.54898819

Try this guy.

>> No.54898827

Wanna convert Cats into a budget 1v1 powerhouse until I can turn it into Dinosaur Tribal. Would I be best off playing Arahbo aggro with it or Nazahm Tron?

>> No.54898855

Bring to Light
Descendant's Path
Unnatural Evolution if you;re running Overlord

>> No.54898905


I love a good humans deck. Not wildly powerful humans, just ones that interact well together. I had a modern (I guess) deck that I threw together to change things up or in case we didn't feel like playing a long game of Commander. It had Doomed Travelers that replaced themselves and helped you draw with Mentor of the Meek, Elder Cathars that would die and boost your other humans in the process, Hamlet Camptains to rally everyone as they fought, some of that Innistrad equipment that was always better when humans used them thanks to opposable thumbs, etc.

I'd love a scrappy humans tribal deck

>> No.54898931

I wass also hoping we'de get a fairies sub-theme in Wizards with Oona and a new Wydwen and Vendillion Clique reprint.

>> No.54898937

Vampiric Rites, Martyr's Cause, Attrition, Mind Slash/Sadistic Hypnotist come to mind

>> No.54898941

Golems would have been cool. Grixis Demons would have made more sense.
Spirits would have been great. Just don't get me started on the shitty O-Kagachi.

Gix would have been great, as long as they didn't fuck it up.

I'm a bit disappointed in the Wizard Eminence ability once I found out how few wizards with relevant ETB effects there are. I mean sure, there's some really good ones (Archaeomancer, Vend Clique. Puppeteer clique is good too) and plenty of good filler (Omenspeaker and Aether Adept and Augur), but... There's not quite enough to make it /really/ good.

>> No.54898955



Try 0.001%

>> No.54898957


>> No.54898977

Why Wizards, WHY won't you let me spook my friends??

>> No.54899017


Seems like there's fuckin plenty to me, sea gate oracle, dualcaster, venser, the ones you listed, then ones that don't have etbs but benefit from the clones anyway like azami or arcanis or apprentice necromamcer, etc

>> No.54899060

Don't just consider the ones with ETBs. Think of the ones that require tapping Wizards or have tap abilities.
>Apprentice Necromancer
>Beguiler of Wills
>Magus of the X
>Serendib Sorcerer/Sorceress Queen
>Sigil Tracer

The hasty copy can use the abilities.

>> No.54899104

I like Prossh for this strategy. Having eight different thigns go off each time a token is sacrificed is great

>> No.54899112

Butcher of Malakir
Deathbringer Thoctar
Rage Thrower
Skirsdag High Priest
Fleshbag Marauder

>> No.54899145

>tfw your Amonkhet collection is almost complete and you can start with HoD next

>> No.54899156



>> No.54899163


Goblin sharpshooter

>> No.54899199

Somehow I forgot about Dualcaster.
Thanks for the list guys!

I think I'm going to disassemble my Azami deck... I have the majority of the pieces in there, and it's not really a fun deck to play. Plus I have 3 other mono-blue Commander decks already (Talrand, Arcum, Teferi)

>> No.54899205

Yet Metalworker, Sol Ring and Crypt are fine.

>> No.54899219

98 mountains and a Valakut. Fuck friendship.

>> No.54899304

If it makes lots of tokens, the answer is always Possessed Portal

>> No.54899327

Possessed Portal is always fun.
>Possessed Portal + Teferi's Puzzlebox
>Have a Myr Turbine + Unwinding Clock + Clock of Omens to keep it going

>> No.54899371

I forgot Metalworker was a Legendary creature.

>> No.54899393

Anyone have any tips? Trying to keep it relatively budget.
I'd be friends with a guy who mulls to 1 each game and does nothing but occasionally ping someone for 3.

>> No.54899440

Banned as Commander died for this dogma.

>> No.54899459

Stop avatarfagging you stupid autistic piece of shit.

>> No.54899472


>> No.54899490

I don't think this semen slurping format is for me guys

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