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Iron Warriors Edition

>Hilarious™ Mortarion Reveal, also some terminators and stuff

>Konor Campaign: Chaos Losing again...

>Check your local store's contribution to the Campaign.

>GW FAQ (1.1):
>FW FAQ (1.1):
>Codex: Space Marines FAQ

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf & epub, SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Other Megas

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Chaos' work)

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First for slaanesh

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First for Dusk Raiders

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first to worship slaanesh

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First for hazard stripes.

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id be mad I lost first but I aint even mad

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This is now a slaanesh thread

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Nth for zerkers still Troops

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From last thread, the Anon who posted the font file to fix the CSM dex, that same file doesn't appear to fix the GK dex. Do you happen to have the font fix for the GK dex? Or could someone repair the files and upload them to the mega?

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Inspiration for dude last thread who assume making a table was hard
>>54843463 #
Where? I was thinking of having the skulls in lava but I don't know how to do.

>>54843453 #
I plan on justifying our janky ass aquarium terrain and infinity cardboard by saying that some other Dynasty fucked with Trazyn's collection via tesseracts or some shit and some of it vomitted into realspace here. Hence everyone scrambled to investigate.
>>54843456 #
Two and a half, and a pot of Dawnstone, a pot of white scar, and a good bit of Nuln oil.

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How long does it usually take for books to appear on the mega? I really want to read the new ADB book.

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gotcha covered bro

gotta get that <quicksilver Swiftness> bro

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im ok with this

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Who /StillDoesn'tOwnATable/ here?

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First 10 posts are about Chaos.

How about that?

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I'm just simulating the butcher's nails for you.

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Alright once and for all:
Index Chaos allows a World Eater army to take Berserkers as Troop choices.

Can this be combined with the Codex rules

Note the Berserkers are elites unless taken in a World Eaters detachment.

Why or why not?

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Where is this called out in the new codex? Didn't see it anywhere.

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This pic is great, but, we can't use thunder hammers?

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They are if you use the Index datasheet.

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whoa mama

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>good bit of Nuln oil
>Wasting nuln oil on terrain

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Nth for chaos players don't even know their own fluff

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How does one zoom in this shit?

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no one has even leaked it.

Why don't I just use 3.5 while I'm at it.

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Because anything we tell you, you'll keep asking until we give you the answer you like.

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Is MSU dead or not?

I keep on seeing people recommend units at min or max strength and it's frankly kinda confusing.

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Yes because Index entries that don't appear in the Codex are still valid, and there is a Troop Berzerkers entry in the Index.

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this is one of the best depictions of a daemonette IMO

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Different edition, and GW said Index datasheets not in the codex are still valid.

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But it was on skuuuuuullllllssssss.
Plus I applied it and my drybrush to the beat of a live performance of Mr. Blue Sky

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like this

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How's this for Babby's First Dark Eldar list?

Archon - Blaster/Huskblade - 79pts
Court of the Archon - Lhamean/Ur-ghul/Sslyth/Medusae - 134pts
>Venom - Splinter Cannon - 95pts

Kabalite Warriors x10- Blaster/Dark Lance/Blast Pistol/Agonizer - 119pts
>Raider - Dark Lance - 115pts

Kabalite Warriors x10- Blaster/Dark Lance/Blast Pistol/Agonizer - 119pts
>Raider - Dark Lance - 115pts

Hellions x5 - Stunclaw - 92pts
Reavers x3- Blaster - 105pts

TOTAL: 973pts/1000pts.

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can someone explain how this absolute bullshittery is possible, how the fuck can thousand sons teleport a planet?

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I've been through at least a dozen pots (large ones) of a graz on terrain in the last year.

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>its magnus I don't gotta explain shit.scroll

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10/10 would eat the souls of

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A wizard did it

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It's 23:03

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So is it true that imperial guard and Orks are up next for codex releases?

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>Why don't I just use 3.5 while I'm at it.
That's right, why don't you? I still have a combination in the 3.5 codex that can break 7th Ed, going by RAW. Tzeentch spell that hands out 50*D6 Victory Points bitches!

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MSU will be better once they change the way first turn is achieved.

Its a tight balance between extra Sgt./Special Weapons, Stratagems Psychic powersm morale fucking up units with big losses and of course how many drops your army has in deployment.

Honestly it depends on what youre doing

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because deep strike does not scatter anymore.

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Depends on the army. GKs should always be in the smallest unit sizes for maximum SMITE. Other armies, not so much.

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>Chaos losing, again

Ffs, you guys were fucking beating the crap out of everyone while you were still loyalist legions. What the fuck happened in the 10k years since the Horus Heresy that now you can't fucking win a battle if you tripped into a victory?

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R8 my warband scheme.

It's glossy dark/brown red and very pale bronze.

I think it can look good with god-specific marines as well

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>TFW you wish that Word Bearers get some new content in the Chaos codex.

While there are a lot of pretty cool legion rules, I think the Word Bearers got shafted pretty hard. A minor bonus to morale is nothing compared to most of the other legion rules. It's pretty bad when the most exciting rule they get is '+3" to all aura abilities on the warlord.' Summoning is nowhere near as strong as it used to be, and while I think that's overall a good thing, it really hurts that their legion-specific stratagem interacts with a pretty lackluster part of the chaos rules.

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Constant in-fighting and going full retard on chaos.

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I mean, the only two of yall that even remotely has their shit together is the Black Legion and the Word Bearers.

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>post yfw Steel Legion plastics

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have faith word bearer

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Fixed it guys!

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But it will be very glossy

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Question: How difficult is it to get one of the AoS Liberator heads onto a human torso (Guard, Skitarii, etc.)? I want to use trimmed-down versions of them for a "faceless" Renegade Guard army.

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looks like shit, i miss the older booby ettes and the new ones look like ugly angry bitches

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I said one of my favourite

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That's one squished corset. Look only works if you have big tits desu.

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thank you friend

>> No.54843812

Really? Because I honestly want to do it.

Oh well.

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Or maybe they didn't go *enough* to chaos?

I mean I still see a lot of Marines that are, more or less, very similar to how they looked during the Heresy. And we also know the Possessed Word Bearers beat the fuck out of the Custodes sent to watch them on their little picnic to the Eye of Terror

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Shit, Hulkbuster does look like something between a Terminator and a Dreadnought.

>> No.54843821


Loyalist version as well

>> No.54843822


What did you wish they got?

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Malcador did it, and Magnus is on his tier.

>tfw all the strongest psykers are humans and not eldar

>> No.54843836

not realising gal vorbak are superior to all other possessed for "reasons".

>> No.54843844

Not him, but maybe some better Possessed would be appropriate.

>> No.54843845

But IW can't take Thunder Hammers

>> No.54843856

Eldar rested on their laurels and the smug belief that they were always already the best at everything ever.

>> No.54843863

We lost our drop pods
And our land speeders
And apparently our relic Terminator Armor? WTF

In exchange for being mutated at random into senseless monsters

>> No.54843868

With release of Primarchs all Xeno races have become NPC tier.

>> No.54843869

Sounds like the Imperium as of 40k LUL

>> No.54843870

Today I learned:

Possessed aren't chaff or as dismissed as Spawn, it's actually a difficult thing to become possessed and it really does make them pretty elite.

>> No.54843875

Alright, I got it working (I think). You'll need to replace both the fonts folder and the CSS folder.


>> No.54843878

>Take Power Fist
>use Command Rerolls to make your damage rolls 3s

>> No.54843883

What's their stat block look like?

>> No.54843889

I actually really like all of the old codex art

>> No.54843898

>Spending CP to POTENTIALLY be as effective as TH
no ty
Marine, but S5 and now 2W in the codex

>> No.54843902


probably not the next ,since Chaos still hasn't had all their time in the sun. Expect more marines and emo marines first, then orks x IG in the wave after that.

>> No.54843906

Technically me, sold mine when i moved so now I can make some new ones

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>> No.54843932

Any advice on doing Emperor's Children? I really just want to do up an army in pink and purple and I've got like 4 loyalist armies.

>> No.54843941

At least they have the excuse of psychic bullshittery., hasn't the admech shifted some planets and moons and shit

>> No.54843944

Also 5++ invuln.

And they move 7".

S5, AP-2 attacks.

Their attacks are D3 for the whole unit. So if your unit rolls a 5, every model has 3 attacks. If you roll a 2, every model has 1.

I'm a big fan of their fluff and stats. Not so much models sadly. And don't you shove your FW shit in my mouth, not buying it.

>> No.54843955

Blood Angels are such a meme army.

Death Company is fucking useless.

>> No.54843965

Im pissed GW stopped making the Forsaken box from fantasy

Those bits and the Primaris = Hulking mutants

>> No.54843972

all fair, i just dont like the way they are trying to turn all of slaanesh into these ugly horrors when they are supposed to also represent beauty in excess.

>> No.54843979

>Spending CP to POTENTIALLY be as effective as TH
>no ty

>> No.54843995


How could they do this to Dawn of War III? I am looking at reviews and gameplay and it doesn't make any sense..

>> No.54843996

it's okay, they are turning to chaos soon any way and will get shat on

>> No.54844001

Me, I always wanted to do a Mechanicus Island Base board but that would be a PITA to design and build so I could rearrange it and also would be expensive in terms of boxes of Sector Mech.

I may just make a bogstandard 6x4 at some point though, now I have a spare room big enough to turn into a nerdcave.


I saw a dude who'd put those heads on Electropriests and it worked well, and they're about Skitarii size, so it should be possible even if it takes a little chopping.


Yeah, Scoria strapped engines to Xana and turned it into a HellForge Death Star, before piloting his Kardashev 1 industrial base off into the eye of terror to make cool phasing planes.

>> No.54844004

add any bright neon colors for muatations use purple. mine are mostly pink and secondary black, with some parts mostly cloth on bright neon paints.

>> No.54844017

It's good to see the bad guy from demolition man became a space marine

>> No.54844019

Newbie just looking for ideas on what to purchase. I've settled on Night Lords, I love the Raptor/Warp Talon kit so I figured a Vanguard detachment with a Lord, 2 Warp Talon squads and a Raptor squad with plasma guns would be a good start. I need stuff on the board too though so would it be advisable to get Havocs or Predators and maybe some cultists?

>> No.54844022

Khorne Berserkers are in the Codex. You're taking a very wide reading of that and in danger of having an invalid army.

>> No.54844024

do patrol detachments give +1 CP? i saw it on the gw stream but i thought in the rulebook is gives no benefits?

>> No.54844025

>simon says you're a heretic

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>> No.54844037

nice socks tho desu

>> No.54844038

The book is correct.

>> No.54844046

no Dawn of War is perfectly fine on /tg/

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>> No.54844063

You can get a box from ebay for the low low price of $100!

>> No.54844078

So? Where is that gk codex pdf?
Work harder sushiman

>> No.54844082

Primaris haters are just poorfags who can't buy a new army. It's just a case sour grapes.

>> No.54844085

Why haven't Kharn, Typhus, Ahriham, and Lucius been made Daemon princes?

>> No.54844101

Because they are in the game to represent mortal lieutenants.

>> No.54844103

>Spiderman = Me
>Batman = My Wallet

>> No.54844104

Tzeentch enjoys fucking with Ahriman too much, honestly

>> No.54844115

Just like cents and dreadknights.

>> No.54844118


>> No.54844121

Are there any good pre-heresy world eater books?
Or any books about chapter founding?

>> No.54844122

This desu

>> No.54844134


>> No.54844136

Rotated my screen to see full ePub of Knights. Got 111 screens they are readable. sure the font looks pixelated on 300 but it is highly readable,where should I upload it to? Pic proof.

>> No.54844137

so the cult-legions have "human" Leaders.

Also because the chaos gods like to see them keep doing their stuff. also pretty sure neither of them WANT to become a daemon prince

>> No.54844146

Betrayers. Kharn is a bro.

>> No.54844156


>> No.54844158

You know if you weren't a faggot NEET you could just buy the book yourself, it's really not that much

>> No.54844162

finally i will have a proper plastic steel legion to field alongside my kriegers

>> No.54844163


>> No.54844165

>Gal Vorbak
Terrible taste

>> No.54844174


You have to understand GW commitment to ensuring that when you play Iron Warriors, you feel like an Iron Warrior

>Here's your awesome piece of art that's meant to showcase you in the codex, wielding a weapon that you aren't legally allowed to take cause you threw them away after the heresy along with all those other weapons and units you're known for, like your heavy artillery, breachers, cataphractii armour and destroyers.

>Also we made your stratagem shit and copy pasted your unique legion rules from the Imperial fists

>Ow, and all those vehicles you want to take, your legion trait doesn't effect them and we got rid of the vehicle upgrades like doom siren and demonic possession

Feeling Cold and Bitter yet?

>> No.54844181

Shut up cancerfaggot, provide it now

>> No.54844183

GK have chaplains. This feels weird. Weren't they supposed to be so pure they didn't need them?

>> No.54844187


possessed have great models

>> No.54844208


Just don't bother taking any. Though GW should be shamed for doing shit like this just to sell models.

>> No.54844217

Dreadknights are literally baby carriers friend. They're garbage.

>> No.54844219

In the eyes of GW, yes. If you don't have PAULDRONS and an oh-so-speshul demigod leading you who can sell huge overpriced models, get to the back of the line, kiddo.

>mfw nobody has realized you could give Tau LOW characters by just putting them in a bigger battlesuit

>> No.54844224

Weren't those replaced by the plastics something like a year later?

>> No.54844229

So I have a bit of a quandry, 40kg. The guy in the foreground here is how I currently base my minis, desert for a desert themed list, right? But Duncan recently told me that darker bases make lighter uniforms looks better, and I think he's right. What color should I be painting these bases to make the colors pop but still look realistic for a khaki-colored uniform?

>> No.54844237

Confirmed for next year

I know, what the hell am I supposed to do to compete?

>> No.54844240

Sounds lie you are just too poor to field 6 of them lead by a gran master in one as well.

>> No.54844241

take the true path of chaos

>> No.54844248

>Farsight in a KUSTOM Riptide Gundam

>> No.54844249


>> No.54844255

>I Am Alpharius

>Word reaches the High Lords of Terra of a Chaos Lord claiming to be Alpharius ravaging the adamantium-laced moons of the Danevra Sub-sector. Debate rages about whether this could potentially be the case, for the Primarch’s death has been recorded more than once across the span of Imperial history.
>The Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum dispatches a force of six Vindicare marksmen. Over a number of years they identify and slay a dozen Alpha Legion champions bearing the name of Alpharius upon the scrolls of their battle plate, but the reports of raids upon the sub-sector’s mining operations only intensify. Five years later, the decapitated heads of all six Vindicare Assassins are found frozen in the food storage halls of the High Lords.

>> No.54844260

Wait until that piece of shit fluff from Beast Arises becomes canon and we get "Primeorks"

>> No.54844263

>prove it
I wouldn't buy a codex for that shitty fucking army because I don't play it, not because I'm too much of a looser to not pay for it, when my factions codex comes out I'll buy it day one absolutely because having a job means you can actually afford the things you want and feel like you've earned them

>> No.54844267

Holy fucking shit, TWO orange transparent chainsaw? That's fucking overpowered.

>> No.54844269

A friend and I were going to make a Forgeworld order, but we aren't sure what to get.

I play Chaos and already have a Spartan Assault Tank.
He plays orks and has some grot tanks and a squiggoth.

Any suggestions for things that we might like?

>> No.54844280

Fliers, because GW cannot design one worth a damn

>> No.54844283


>> No.54844288

Man I can't wait to field a knight-sized Warboss with a revolver-modded battlecannon as sidearm.

>> No.54844292

>demigods in your army
>giant centerpiece models
New necrons confirmed?

>> No.54844296

Can't you read illiterate retard?

>> No.54844303

Any Japanbros here that went to Comik92?

Anybody here able to read (and therefore translate Japanese?

>> No.54844304

Darker colour.

>> No.54844305

>Orks next year
Do you have a drop of proof for this other than "my dad works at GW?"

>> No.54844306

that baby is so lucky to be sucking on those titties

>> No.54844308

I've been planning on getting a dreadclaw.

>> No.54844313


More like, ala NDK GM, convert yourself a Tau LoW using Stormsurge+Riptide+Commander kits because fuck you buy 3 boxes for one model

>> No.54844316


>> No.54844319

Kill Kan 3+ save

Battlewagon 4+ save...

What is this

>> No.54844321

Maybe some of the Leviathan or Contemptor dreadnaughts. Or more Grot Tanks.

>> No.54844335

Not him but logical. Let's assume 50% is Age of Sigmar. That leaves 26 weeks. And there is 15 or so 'major' factions. 3 have been done. So Orks are most likely gonna be done next year.

>> No.54844338

Please reference the rules which allow Berzerkers to still be troops

>> No.54844342


which darker color I mean. I can't think of a decent dark color scheme that makes sense for khaki uniforms.

>> No.54844349

I won a game today (Ad Mech vs Space Marines) I declared for Chaos in the campaign and a young lad in the store had a mental breakdown and started screeching I couldn't do that and I was cheating and he actually came damn close to REEEEEEEEEEEing

>mfw when I did anyway

>> No.54844359

Kans have rounded armour, Battlewaggons have flat slabs, but shitloads of it.

>> No.54844360

Of course

>we have released several codexes, but there are still plenty of Factions – Orks, Drukhari, Necrons etc. – that don’t yet have a codex of their own. Chapter Approved gives these players a sneak peek of what many of these factions can expect when their codex is released (we are hard on work to get that done as quickly as we can), but one of the things we wanted to do was give everyone access to ‘objective secured’ right away:
>Chapter Approved gives these players a sneak peek of what many of these factions can expect when their codex is released

Chapter Approved releases at the year's end, so no codices between it and New Years

>> No.54844361

>not him but logical
>uses absolutely terrible logic
So I guess you guys didn't know something I don't

>> No.54844364

So I want to run this list using raven guard chapter tactics. Put the captain, lieutenant and the 2 aquads of marines in the land raider, the scouts are going to hang back. The dread will walk next to the landraider and the reivers will be annoying. Anything I should change?

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [56 PL, 1001pts] ++

+ HQ +

Captain [5 PL, 89pts]: Chainsword, Combi-plasma

Lieutenants [4 PL, 63pts]
. Lieutenant: Chainsword, Master-crafted boltgun

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [6 PL, 75pts]
. Scout Sergeant: Chainsword, Sniper rifle
. 4x Scout w/Sniper Rifle: 4x Sniper rifle

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 78pts]
. 3x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Tactical Squad [5 PL, 78pts]
. 3x Space Marine
. Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon: Plasma gun

+ Elites +

Redemptor Dreadnought [10 PL, 202pts]: 2x Storm Bolters, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

Reiver Squad [5 PL, 100pts]: Bolt Carbine, Grav Chutes, 4x Reiver, Reiver Sergeant

+ Heavy Support +

Land Raider Crusader [16 PL, 316pts]: 2x Hurricane bolter, Multi-melta, Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon

>> No.54844365

I love my Xiphon, but the other anon has a point if you like the dreadnoughts

>> No.54844369

I like the middle one...

>> No.54844370

Dark Mech best Mech

>> No.54844383

You're doing God's work anon

>> No.54844385

Cool dude, I bet all the nerd girls at the store lined up to suck your cock after you told them that, did everyone in the game store clap?

>> No.54844390

Saved him from bad doggo. How can I fix? Doggo is alright too. Didn't eat but destroyed banner.

>> No.54844400

How is it terrible logic? There is 15 or so major factions, 3 have been done. So that means 52 weeks of updates is available next year. Even if 40k gets zero more releases this year (HAH) then chances are Orks, which are a popular major faction, are likely to be done next year. Short of GW making brand new factions and doing major releases for 3 weeks each AND releasing specialist games AND releasing AoS, then I don't see how Orks are gonna be 2019.

>> No.54844403

What the fuck is a Power Stabba?
Why do I have this an option despite their being no model?

>> No.54844410

I'm inclined to believe him because there are some genuinely fucked up people who connect way to personally with this hobby

>> No.54844414


>> No.54844423

Either round it out and say it's a walking stick or even it out and stick a fancy decoration on the even surface

>> No.54844427


Yes, unfortunately

>> No.54844428

Nice quote manipulation
Do you work for CNN?

>> No.54844432


No, one lad got really upset, just like you are now. Everyone else was doing their own thing. Did you play any games today?

>> No.54844433


>> No.54844436

I've been considering a dreadnaught or decimator.

>> No.54844437

>> No.54844445

The novels are already canon.

>> No.54844454


Has this been confirmed?!?!?!

>> No.54844455

>lying, on the internet no less
>being a grown ass man and picking on kids because he's that much of a beta
Neither are great options

>> No.54844464

wat dat

>> No.54844466

Alpha legion

>> No.54844467

Do you see posts with conclusive evidence?

>> No.54844468

>quote manipulation
>literally copy pasted almost the full paragraph

Well alright, clearly you're dense and want to live in your own bubble so it is a waste of time trying to track down shit for you. Not even a (You) for you.

>> No.54844478

Powa Stabba. All of a sudden, the single best bit in the orks range.

>> No.54844480

Power stabba

>> No.54844483

Look, we've literally had a dude have a complete mental breakdown to the point where we basically had to call the cops because he was throwing models and rulebooks at people,
and he eventually jumped through a fucking glass-wall window to escape. He only freaked out harder when two of us pulled guns on him after he refused to leave once we called the cops, which though it was legal and "the right" thing to do in the situation, it most certainly did not help him calm down

>> No.54844487

Fucking British English. I completely missed that he said 'young' lad.

That's pretty shitty

>> No.54844488

But can I still run him with icon or banner (are they still two different things in 8th?)

>> No.54844490

Yup, Orks and guard, posted pics, didn't even have to troll children to get my rocks off, step off faggot
Uh huh, if someone calls you out it must be an emotional thing

>> No.54844497

>1001 points

>> No.54844498

A Ork Bionik arm, the powa stabba version, 1/Nob box, there's also a killsaw version and a few different klaws.

>> No.54844510

>Waving guns at a madman didn't fix the situation
Next time don some scrubs and tell him you'll take him to the madhouse, I'm sure he'll calm right down

>> No.54844511

>daemon troops included in the chaos dex

That's a nice touch. Saves me having to shell out for Codex: Chaos Daemons or whatever to use the daemon summoning rules.

>chaos knights and chaos bastions aren't


Like, why would you not compile them in with the rest of the mortal(ish) Chaos dudes. Oh god, please let it be because Dark Mechanicus are getting their own book.

>> No.54844525

Personally I live the walking stick idea. Paint his eye all cataracty like he's blind and needs a cane

>> No.54844530


>> No.54844537

A friend and i is having a rule argument and neither of us has English as first language.

What it boils down to is that i want to field the Dark Vengeance asp champ (now sold separately from GW it seems) as is, with a power axe and combi-melta.

He argues that i can only take two weapons from the first list, or replacing both bolter and bolt pistol with one from the second list, not one from each.

Can i take one from each list?
Can i take two from the first AND one from the second list?

>> No.54844570


>> No.54844576

Do you declare after a game?

If two SM players play, does one have to fight for chaos?

>> No.54844580

> he refused to leave after we called the cops
If some faggots drew down on me, and it wasn't even their store, I would pull out my phone and start taking pics. You do know you could have gotten in an ass load of trouble right?
And I'm sure you pathetic losers had rock hard 3 inch boners at the chance to throw down. Finally get to use my concealed carry range queen pocket cannon!

>> No.54844584


>trolling children

You mean two Imperium sides playing against each other and both agreeing beforehand one would declare for Chaos and rolling off for it and it being me and when we recorded the result and some ratty teen overhearing and screeching Ad Mech can't declare for Chaos?

I thought it was worth a giggle but sorry you've literally become triggered and are white knighting some sperg you'll never meet, in a store you'll step into who got mad that Chaos got their 3rd win in a day that already had 10 recorded Imperial wins.

frigging wew lad...

>> No.54844588

I would only give a shit because it would mean Orks are close behind

>> No.54844592


>> No.54844593

Obviously Tzeentch tricked them into fighting each other, Chaos wins

>> No.54844599

He's correct. It says 'alternatively' which means instead of. So you can either take two weapons from first list or a single one from second.

Though this might have been fixed in FAQ's, shrug.

>> No.54844601

Is it valid to think that the lore is shitty, half the models look stupid, and the last thing Marines needed was to be even more special snowflakes?

>> No.54844605

>GW includes AdMech and Dark Mech in one book

>> No.54844610

Still no new Berzerker models.
Still stuck with the tripping daisies.

>> No.54844615


The way it is written suggests your friend is right, but it does seem weird. Replace you boltgun+bolt pistol with a boltgun?

>> No.54844621

Gunfight at the Games Workshop

>> No.54844624


>> No.54844631

>/40kg/ today

>> No.54844634


>> No.54844636

Aesthetically, how would Dark Mech and Hereteks differ from Ad Mech and Skitarii?

Spooky robes and robot wires are already there.

>> No.54844637

All you're achieving is having your posts filtered.

>> No.54844643


>> No.54844644

>you get 3cp for being battleforged
Shit, totally forgot about that. The lack of 'zerker troops still hurts, but 6 CPs should be enough to play with the stratagems

>> No.54844645

I don't understand why you guys are believing that completely bullshit story.

>> No.54844647

Look, it was a grown ass man screaming at 12-years olds because he lost a game, throwing his models and other peoples stuff at kids. We gave him multiple chances to leave, informed him we called the cops, gave him more chances, and he just ranted and raved and threw shit at people. We only drew our pistols (I am an armed security guard at a corporate location, and the other guy was ex-sheriff) after an hour of standoff and attempting to remove him by other means. Even when we drew and told him - again - to leave, he just slammed his fists on the table and cried and screamed at us and the manager (everybody else had booked it the hell out of there by this point.

We didn't call the cops until 20min after the incident started, he didn't leave (via jumping through the window) for another thirty, and the cops got there ten minutes after he left. This was an hour-long debacle of insanity I literally never want to live through again, and one the PD backed us up on and told us was ultimately handled correctly.

So yes, I'd believe that people can kind of lose their minds in this hobby lol.

>> No.54844652

I can only help you by providing an image for your next attempt

>> No.54844658


I thought CSM had drop-pods that were more advanced than the current SM drop-pods, but were possessed?

>> No.54844661

Why? Not him but why are you reacting like that? Bit autistic. Just ignore him.

>> No.54844667

>tfw this isn't even that bad by /40kg/'s standards

>> No.54844668


>difficult to become possessed

One would think it would be as easy as saying "possess me"

>> No.54844670

Throw a grab talon on those reavers. Give those raiders shock prows. You have 27 points to blow, might as well get some cheap upgrades in. Also I think the huskblade is shit, but your mileage may vary.

>> No.54844675

Thanks lad. Appreciate it. There was a Japanbro and a few Moon readers here a few days ago and I was hoping to catch them.

>> No.54844678

Deamon batteries, Unshackled AI and a plasma weapon with 3 settings instead of the mandated 2

>> No.54844685

Try >>>/jp/

Spiky cogs

>> No.54844688

>grown man throwing shit at children and having a mental breakdown in a public location
>refusing to leave or calm down
>refusing to leave or calm down after cops have been called

While the guys may have over-escalated the response, escalation is the correct response to a hostile person endangering a minor and refusing to leave the premises, and there does come a point where violence is the correct response.

>> No.54844689

What are you guys doing with your Dreadlets?

I'm gonna use them as bases for my Redemptors.

>> No.54844693

He's blind and he THINKS he still has his icon. This results in a psychic anomaly that makes the I on's effects take place.

>> No.54844699

Yeah but it's specifically for 40k fans as there is a 40k doujin artist at C92.

>> No.54844707


In 4th edition I once saw a guy smash his entire Necron army to pieces after he rolled about ten 1s in a row...

>> No.54844719

New Nanashi, but it's not lolidom. Full-color image set from Asanagi (that might be cute and bubbly as usual but surprisingly light on abuse), some toned femboy from Mikoyan. And plenty of usual mainstream / recent seasons.
Have not seen a single promising piece for Made in Abyss though.

>> No.54844725

is it a bad time to start a chaos army? I know they got their codex released today, but the models are ancient.

>> No.54844729

Heard that Rob was leaving Warhammer TV, did he get fired for all the swearing / twitter whinging?

>> No.54844730

I'm looking for some advice on building my necron army. What I have so far is:
20 necron warriors
5 immortals
5 scarabs
1 overlord
1 destroyer lord
1 ghost ark

Should I get a cryptek? Or would it be better to get some lychguard?

>> No.54844743

>but the models are ancient.

Doesn't look like that is about to change anytime soon. Unless you play Death Guard.

>> No.54844748

Normal aspiring champion can't take the shit that is in your pic.

Aspiring champion however that is listed on GW site is "exalted champion" or, in your case the DV aspiring champion is a named character "Vrosh tattered soul". He can have both power axe and combi melta and rerolls failed wound rolls in the fighting phase.

He is in the right since the picture you have there is the regular aspiring champion from CSM squad.

to put it simply
>Can I take two from each list
For the HQ exalted champion, yes. For the aspiring champion that is part of normal CSM squads, no.
>Can i take two from the first AND one from the second list?
No, you can't on either.

>> No.54844751

Or Thousand Sons

>> No.54844755


>No-one fights like Vaston
>No-one shoots like Vaston
>No-one serves beyond death to the end like Vaston

>> No.54844757

I'm with ya man, I usually make fun of people who said 4chan is shit "today"
But idk if it's my mood or what but all the anger and lashing out on top of disingenuous arguments and straight up lies is getting to me, maybe I should go outside or something

>> No.54844764

Duncan is just tightening his grasp.

>> No.54844766

Anyone feel like the inclusion of Primarch's is a bad decision?

They take away from the sense of scale of the galaxy and your games. Suddenly your game is suddenly, by definition, super important. It takes away from the named champions like Ahriman, Calgar and Typhus.

The ultimate Irony is that the biggest models with the flashiest rules make the game feel smaller and less personal.

>> No.54844769

Sounds like Iron 40k

>> No.54844774

Literally the most cringy story I've heard in a while
Poor guy

>> No.54844784

>swearing/twitter whinging
What's all this?

>> No.54844790

Crypteks/named crypteks are absolutely necessary for Necrons these days.

Scarabs are worthless in my honest opinion.

Get 5 more immortals and 20 more warriors or 15 more immortals to finish your troops.

Get some Heavy Destroyers. Lychguard are nice, Praetorians are really good. Triarch Stalkers are really good for their targeting relay.

>> No.54844798


You have a problem with primaris but not the fact that every ultramarine player is taking guilliman or every TS player taking Magnus etc etc

>> No.54844807

The guy was throwing models. Good luck defending that shit in court
> well your honor he was throwing metal models around! He could have hit a MINOR!!!
>... why didn't you all just step outside and wait for the cops again?
>... uhh well...
Overweight, trigger happy, white trash like you make it so much harder for the rest of us. Please overdose on your opioid of choice

>> No.54844811

Ad Mech: replace fleshy bits with machine bits.
Dark Mech: replace machine bits with fleshy bits

>> No.54844813


How much of your army do you guys have painted?

>> No.54844818

>Literally the most cringy story I've heard in a while

Try fucking being there. Literally none of us wanted to do it, but the dude basically lost his mind. He had to have had some sort of medical problems we didn't know about and it all just snapped. He causes thousands in damage too, and according to the manager apparently getting insurance to write it off was a nightmare.

>> No.54844819

This. Story time!!

>> No.54844824

>reading comprehension

>> No.54844829

Sold half of my Primaris shit to focus on Death Guard

I feel good for it and feel like my AOS Nurgle Daemons haven't gone to waste either

>> No.54844834


Change the scale. I'm bullshitting up a Kill Team ruleset that takes queues from the fan-made AoS Hinterlands system. 150 points makes for a very restricted and tiny game, and given the points costs for vehicles, you don't really need to add any prohibitions on units save for unique Characters.

>> No.54844840

Probably like 20% of my total IG, by points. I only play with painted models though so I don't feel too guilty.

>> No.54844851


I hate how they're treating the named characters now.

Reading Calgar's sections in the Dark Imperium book was *pathetic* he was written like a whimpering 11 year old girl... and not a 600+ year old solid granite hero of the Imperium who has stared the void and the great devourer in the eye and spat at both of them. It was all

>Calgar felt sad because he felt Guillimans words were aimed at him
>Calgar hung his head as he couldnt defend Ultramar
>Calgar was very very sad

>> No.54844861

Is Doomrider ever coming back?

>> No.54844862


>> No.54844865

Out of the first set of Death Guard?

29/31 models.

That said, the last models are the Drone and Lord so... like 75% done.

>> No.54844873


What the fuck is drawing guns going to do in that situation though? You've asked the guy to leave. The store has been evacuated. So you pull your gun out and point it at him. What exactly do you say now?

>Sir, leave now, or I will be forced to shoot you

Are you really going to shoot the guy because he won't leave an adandoned shop? That shit isn't going to fly in any court. He's not holding a weapon and threatening people. Plus I seriously doubt a security guard and a retired sherrif are going to open fire on Neckbeard Prime just because he won't leave.

So, if you're not going to shoot him, what purpose does pulling those guns out serve?

>> No.54844882

Stop, my penis can only get so erect

>> No.54844885




The fact that one was an armed guard and the other guy was an ex-LEO paints the situation in a bit of a different light than that.

At least in Texas, if you're trained to handle situations like that (which both of those would be) you are considered to have a moral obligation to intervene until authorities arrive by other members of your profession, especially cops. Just because you're not in uniform doesn't mean you don't get involved.

>> No.54844892

What was even worse was the writer jacking off about how much of a brilliant politician Guilliman's suppose to be, always knowing exactly what he has to say to people ... and yet Guilliman never says anything to Calgar besides orders.

>> No.54844903

Who knows, he comes and he goes

>> No.54844904

Shitty PDF but it works. Not sure what it looks like on mobile devices. I'm trying various options on my converter. Will post again if I can clean it up.


>> No.54844908

> security guard
> EX deputy
> but the local po dunk flat foot who answered the call backed us up!
Trained professionals all I see.

>> No.54844910

I got a mat but I still need to buy some folding picnic tables and make terrain

>> No.54844913


This is the reason I don't want new Ork fluff.

Ghaz is already almost beyond redemption with the whole Abbadonesque "everything he did was actually a brilliant strategm and perfectly planned he didn't really lose at any point in fact he WANTED to be defeated and not capture Armageddon twice". Doubtless if we hear more about him it'll just take the whole thing even further.

>> No.54844914

You sound like you don't want Ghazgkhull to truly become the Beast Reborn and wear a Gargant as body armor, anon.

Truly though the thought of someone other than Marines of either flavor getting huge overpowered character LOWs fills me with glee.

>> No.54844921

/40kg/ has been going downhill fast since last summer, January it got even worse, 8th accelerated it so much I left in May, and from the state of it, is must have been in a free-fall eve since.

>> No.54844930

>Normal aspiring champion can't take the shit that is in your pic.
>He is in the right since the picture you have there is the regular aspiring champion from CSM squad.

Uhm wat.... a champion cant take a fist?
I was under the the impression that the champion equipment list is for like... champions, because HQ units dont take stuff from the Champions equipment list they choose from pistol/combi/melee

>> No.54844931

Which one of you turbo edge lords wrote this?

>> No.54844935

You know I'm critical of that and personally believe pulling a gun was extreme overkill, I've pulled a gun once and it was in a terrible situation and it made me not want to look at a firearm for about a year
That being said I work at a low shitty motel, and we get people who sometimes snap who either get a room or just wonder on to the propertyX I've seen those kinds of breakdowns and it's not fun, I usually just lock the door and wait for the police to arrive, nothing's worth putting myself in a position where I may end up killing someone

>> No.54844944

>waaaah don't enjoy more than one thing

>> No.54844945

15% primed
5% basecoated
1 model painted

>> No.54844950

He's been gone too long!!

>> No.54844957

That did the trick. thanks anon.

>> No.54844959


>> No.54844963


>> No.54844967


Well, you can check his twitter @sixdiceskills and he came off twitter because the GW bosses told him to tone it the fuck down, so he threw a strop and left a passive aggressive message and came off twitter.

I dunno about swearing though?

It's more likely he got head hunted by another mini selling company for more cash as he actually did a really good job as the face man for a corporation that prior to his arrival was about as open as the NSA

>> No.54844972

Can chaos lords still take bikes?

>> No.54844982

>lmao who wrote this?

>> No.54844985

Yes, but I don't think they sell a model, so you have to kitbash

>> No.54844989

It was I, Alpharius

>> No.54845004

>It's more likely he got head hunted by another mini selling company for more cash as he actually did a really good job as the face man for a corporation that prior to his arrival was about as open as the NSA

This part sounds like you pulled it out of your ass 100%

>> No.54845010

>What the fuck is drawing guns going to do in that situation though?

Believe it or not, de-escalation 95% of the time. When you have an uncooperative and hostile individual who poses a threat to others (operative words are "uncooperative," "hostile," and "threat"), drawing your sidearm makes it VERY clear to the individual that they need to stop exactly what they're doing right now and comply with orders. This is only to be done once other options have been exhausted, behavior is escalating, or there is a clear and present threat to themselves, to you, or to others, but there does come a point where it's the correct response.

95% of the time, people realize "oh shit, this isn't worth my life," and they stop what they're doing and follow instructions.

This (if it actually happened) may have been the other 5% of the time.

Source: beat cop.

>> No.54845021

Besides that Doomrider has such cool lore he deserves a place in the game. He's like the Green Knight of 40k

>> No.54845042

>source: beat cop
>trusting a cop in burgerland on how to de-escalate a situation
Now that's kek level irony

>> No.54845045

What program are you using?

>> No.54845046

>SC Skitarii, Beep Boops, Kataphrons painted
>Tech Priest, Dunecrawler, Kataphrons unpainted
>Infiltrators partially painted, need to be redone

I'd say about 55-65% painted

>> No.54845068

Unless that lunatic is also armed.

>> No.54845080

He's more like the chaos dreigo.

>> No.54845084

Coming back to 40k from basically 3rd edition, some 4th, any tips for an Alpha Legion list?

Can they still 'infiltrate'

>> No.54845091

desu senpai he came off as a chode to me after that Warhammer Community article were he said he doesn't paint his own shit.

>> No.54845097

Am I the only one who really likes the plastic possessed?

>> No.54845099

>CSM and Chosen have to swap out their bolter for a chainsword, rather than being able to take one in addition to their bolt pistol (only space yiffs can do that now)
>Chaos have misplaced all their melta bombs this edition
>Night Lords don't have night vision
>Iron Warriors don't get any buffs to their vehicles (Iron Hands got gipped by this as well)
>World Eaters and Emperor's Children don't get cult units as troops any more
>Legion Tactics don't apply to daemon princes. Emperor's Children cultists are thus quicker in combat than their Slaaneshi daemon prince overlord, Night Lord cultists are scarier than Night Lord daemon princes (Krieg Acerbus lol), etc.
>Typhus is the only traitor in a cataphractii suit, whereas any dipshit loyalist chapter can apparently field that 30k shit
>Warpsmiths and Dark Apostles still can't take bikes or jump packs. Exalted champion is another footslogger.
>Warpsmiths can't heal heldrakes, despite them basically being landspeeders with claws now rather than a supersonic jetfighter that breathes fire
>Heldrake claws are priced at 17pts rather than just being included in its cost

I actually like the dex and think the stratagems and artefacts are cool and everything seems to be points costed way better, but I gotta vent about the minor quibbles somewhere.

>> No.54845105

Hey fellow kid! You want an awesome new grey knights brother-captain plastic model? Just buy a space marine captain!
Oh you wanted a librarian? Same!
But wait, there's more! You can also buy the ultra limited special edition chaplain for only 250€!
Also don't forget to buy the shitty toy helicopters and lego spaceships!
And the awesome super mega nemesis dreadknight deluxe action figure*!

*Grand master not included

>> No.54845107

Yes. It's one of their stragems in the dex.
Alpha Legion is strong as fuck now, since their army wide gives everyone shooting at them outside of 12" a -1 to hit.

>> No.54845108


They "infil-traitor" now. Yes this is now a thing.

>> No.54845113

Can Interceptors be built without thier fruity booties?

>> No.54845117

>> EX deputy

Ex SHERIFF. He's a great guy who served his county for 26 years (8 as sheriff) before he retired. That's the literal definition of a professional.

I'm not a cop, but I'm also not a rent-a-cop you see at the mall. ARMED security guards have actual qualifications and standards that have to be met, and the company I work for requires a fuckload of training (probably too much training desu) in how to handle uncooperative and hostile individuals. I work at a large corporation that handles federal and state contracts and sensitive material, and I've had to actually handle these at my work as well (though I've only ever had to place my hand on my holster there, and even then just a few times).

It's not a night-shift guard job anybody who can put two sentences together can get for the summer.

>> No.54845130

Had a game of footslogging SM vs Shooty AM. It did not go well but it was funny.
Iron Hands venerable dreadnought survived a deathstrike missile, 11 mortal wounds became 4 thanks to two 6+ saves, that was hilarious.
And it was after it had jumped 3" up to a balcony and punched a sentinel.

>> No.54845136

He is like a child who grew up to be a manager at a hardware store, who suddenly met his father for the first time, only to find out his father had a bunch of other kids who were all doctors and lawyers

>> No.54845138

Costs 1 Command Point per infantry unit you want to 'Infiltrate', but those units can be placed anywhere outside 9'' of enemy units. And since it's outside of a phase the once per phase limit on strategems doesn't apply to it in matched play.

>> No.54845143

A cop is given the legal authority to draw to De escalate, or attack, as they deem appropriate (within their own regulations and the law). Whether they do it correctly is another matter.
Joe fucking Nobody, mouth breather with a concealed carry, doesn't EVER get to make that call. It's life or death self defense or nothing.

>> No.54845144


>> No.54845152

Index allows Emperor's Children and Worldeater armies to field their elite Legion units as troops.

>> No.54845153

so if i wanted to start a CSM army with more recent models i'll have to play TS/DG or attempt to kitbash primaris SM into CSM?

>> No.54845160

Dude! Downloading and thanks!

>> No.54845163

Underrated post.
Old Simpsons was witty

>> No.54845175

>mfw Chaos Heads look good when you remove the retarded horns

This guy will look good in my IW army

>> No.54845182

Didn't Jaghatai Khan cut his head off in some short story or audiodrama fairly recently?

>> No.54845187

>Not just using a box of GK terminators to kitbash a Brother-captain, a Grand Master, a Librarian, a Chaplain and a Ancient/Apothecary

Funny advice by GW ... sad that it is going to work, people lack the ability for independent thought these days

>> No.54845192

Will Games Workshop release a big box set of all the Primaris units? Like Dark Imperium but with Reivers, etc replacing the Nurgle army.

>> No.54845194


And that apples when the individual is exhibiting signs of mental illness or distress as well? Because in my experience of 10 years working in a special education unit at a high school, once kids with mental disabilities escalate, threats of force do the exact opposite of de-escalating the situation.

Further to that point, a cop drawing their gun and telling someone to back down is completely different to two random dudes drawing guns and telling someone to back down. The cop has authority, the two random dudes do not.

>> No.54845195

There's a reason why you can't field cult marines as troops anymore. It's because troops get obsec and obsec berserkers would be fucking insane. I guarantee that rubrics and plague marines won't be troops in the TS/DG codices either

>> No.54845203

literally went up today.

>> No.54845211

Hey retard, save the retarded bullshit for your retarded children and get the fuck out of this 40k thread with this bullshit.

>> No.54845218

- 1 Primaris Apothecary;
- 1 Primaris Chaplain;
- 1 Primaris Captain;
- 1 Primaris Librarian;
- 1 Primaris Repulsor;
- A set of 10 Primaris Hellblasters;
- A set of 10 Primaris Intercessors;
- A set of 3 Primaris Inceptors;
- A set of 3 Primaris Aggressors;
- A set of 10 Primaris Reivers;
- 1 Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought.

565 burgerbux

>> No.54845231


In episode M42.335, when Magnus plays Russ's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something? Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

>> No.54845237

It's Centurion armor. Even has a little guy in power armor climb inside.

>> No.54845241


>pulled it out of your ass 100%

Well yeah I did because I don't know?

I think it's highly unlikely he was fired, you can't just fire someone like that in the UK, He wasn't made redundant

It's more likely he got another job... and as he loves Games Workshop and the models (he literally took overtime pay in miniatures more than once) it might be for another wargaming company

>> No.54845242

>No entire-chad-marine-chapter bundle like that entire space marine chapter deal from a while back

Why live ?

>> No.54845247

>he actually did a really good job as the face man for a corporation that prior to his arrival was about as open as the NSA

I've not paid too much attention to the inner workings of GW, but their recently turnaround as far as social media presence / community interaction (starting with when they asked for everyone to submit their FAQ requests last edition) was pretty impressive by modern GW standards. Is he the guy responsible for all that then?

>> No.54845248

Exactly, considering if you build an apothecary and an ancient you get three spare bodies. Also brother captains, grand masters and librarians don't really look different from a regular gk. Chaplain.. Just give him the stick and a skull

>> No.54845250


>My job requires vast amounts of overtraining in how to handle uncooperative and hostile individuals
>Draw my personal weapon at a store and threaten to shoot someone posing a threat to no-one.

Yeah no


In my experience a shitload of people in this hobby started out in a special ed unit exactly like the one I work in.

>> No.54845254

Then end it.

>> No.54845263

Fuck off, retard

>> No.54845306

Or what?
You'll point your purse gun at the monitor?
Demand your webcam drop to the floor?

>> No.54845308

>that awful pun is actually in the new dex

Based GW.

>> No.54845311


Thought you might like this of topic video. Sexy Chinese tanks won the Army Games with W40K-style music.

>> No.54845314

>Is he the guy responsible for all that then?

he was just the community manager essentially a face for Games Workshop. Really enthusiastic, loves the hobby, good bants most of the time. not everyone's cup of tea but a perfect community manager.

There is a larger community team at work who manage everything else

>> No.54845316

And as far as I'm concerned, done. Expect to see some peaches and nids on here in the near future.
To finish the last part of my promise to dubs-anon I need to find some pieces that would resemble a ruined cathedral. Suggestions?

>> No.54845326


>> No.54845331

Dude I'm not the guy you were talking to, I'm a 40k fan who is telling you that you aren't welcome here and you should fuck off back to whatever retarded place your retarded ass was jizzed in last, you fuckin' idiot

>> No.54845345

>W40K-style music.

>> No.54845346


Look folks the kids are bickering again...

>> No.54845349


I haven't done the math, but i bet that is just the price of putting all those units together.

GW is so fucking jewish when it comes to any kind of deals and we're meant to be greatful when they put together something like the start collecting boxes

>> No.54845370

Am I wrong in thinking that a Black Templars army running Reivers will be fucking awesome and essentially pic related?

>> No.54845371

It's not supposed to be a deal, just a 1-click bundle

>> No.54845376

>W40K-style music

Bolt Thrower?

>> No.54845377

I refuse to believe that's real

>> No.54845382

Tonight I had a game that came to a draw. So we decided to have a 1v1 with our leaders to see who gets the win. I snapped a picture and fired it into photoshop afterwards. Does anyone else do this?
I won.

>> No.54845394

Forced jokes?

Pretty much.

>> No.54845405


>Does anyone else do this?

No, because we're not autisti... just kidding. That's kind of awesome.

>> No.54845420


>essentially pic related?

Clarify that statement

>> No.54845425

No but I will from now on. I hope you like a half a dozen shots of my Company Commander being eaten or obliterated by various xenos.

>> No.54845432

Yeah. The CSM codex has Fabius Bile getting a hold of Primaris marines so he might be making his own version of them, but I can't imagine we'll see actual models anytime soon.

>> No.54845441

It's just a bit of fun.

>I hope you like a half a dozen shots of my Company Commander being eaten or obliterated by various xenos.
He sounds weak. He deserves his death.

>> No.54845453

>works in special ed
>belittles others

yer a real fuckin hero

>> No.54845458

>The CSM codex has Fabius Bile getting a hold of Primaris marines

He wants to get a hold of them.

>> No.54845461

Next Edition.
Two editions from now, current marines and current CSM's won't exist. We true scale now.

>> No.54845474

>tfw you're a sensitive little soul who can't stand people disliking what you like

>> No.54845486

"Hurr durr someone told a probably made up humorous story, gee I better argue with them like my life depends on it" shut up nobody cares what you think about this thing that probably never happened anyway

>> No.54845520

So traitor primarchs did something other than mope around but the loyalists one are literally no clue
Ravenguard and Russ headed to the warp, nothing of it.
Khan 10k years in the Webway, literally nothing of it?
Vulkan is now ???
4 of them literally jackshit in 10k years
Dorn: Cliffhanger now

>> No.54845531

True scale? Or just HERO SIZE EX DEE

>> No.54845541

I don't think I've ever seen people use the original Possessed models. My FLGS had packs of them sitting on the shelves for years because they just didn't sell.

>> No.54845547

True Scale by current Primaris and DG proportions.

>> No.54845567

>Russ headed to the warp, nothing of it.

Actually we got a glimpse of him during Wrath of Magnus.

>> No.54845569

That's a fuckin nice shade of red

>> No.54845591

Reivers have 2 attacks

With 2 combat knives they get 2 more

With Grimaldus they get +1 S and a chance at more attacks (on hit rolls of 6)

>> No.54845594

It's gotten better. The week when Indexes started to leak was the worst week in a long long time.

>> No.54845611

Really? I missed that

>> No.54845614

Elite Berzerkers are in the Codex and the Index. Troops Berzerkers are Index only. So the first datasheet was ported, while the second is left behind and still valid because GW said so.

Your tears are delicious.

>> No.54845616

That is how all draws should be decided from now on though. Awesome job anon

>> No.54845621

I can't see a decent justification for them Primarisizing each and every CSM, especially since Death Guard are one of the 8th edition flagship factions. At most, I could see Chaos Primaris being the source of a few new unit entries, and GW bringing the rest of CSMs into line with the Thousand Sons (or even new Death Guard) scale-wise.

>> No.54845622

can sum one smart pls convert epub chaos codex to pdf and post???

>> No.54845627

Ah oops, I misread that part. You're correct.

>> No.54845628

> TFW I realise that eventually all marines will become primaris
> Fallen are specifically heresy era marines.
> Dark Angels hunting the Fallen turns into a game of 'Find the halflings!'

>> No.54845636


>> No.54845644

I don't think they can have two combat knives.

>> No.54845646

>Actually we got a glimpse of him during Wrath of Magnus.
What was it?

>> No.54845652

We have such sights to show you.

>> No.54845654

Here you go, this should help you track it down

We got the idea from Warzone. There was this thing you would do when you couldn't decide on a ruling called the Peacemaker. It was just a dice-roll, but we decided that it's easier to make peace if your enemy isn't alive to dispute your rule. Thus, we duked it out. And thanks, anon!

>> No.54845671

The constant spam about x being broken and this being the x spam edition really wore one me

>> No.54845682

Berzerkers are still troops.

>> No.54845704

BT tactics have synergy with any melee unit with Deep Strike. It's not the worst.

>> No.54845726

I'm confused. How are berserkers troops?

>> No.54845727

I always thought Chosen should have been the "primaris" chaos space marines.

Gifted with increased size, strength, etc by chaos energies but not completely taken over like possessed marines and they would wield the best of the best daemon weapons.

>> No.54845743

>Chaos Lord can't take a bike, steed of slaanesh or juggernaut

What the fuck is this shit. I bet those Nurgle and Tzeentch faggots will keep their Palanquins and Flying Discs when their dexes come out.

>> No.54845750

Sure they can. They use the old datacard from the index.

>> No.54845755

They aren't. Troops get objective secured now, which is why all the elite cult troops like noise marines and berserkers are no longer usable in the troop slot.

>> No.54845758

Tzeentch certainly will, because they've got new models.

>> No.54845775

That's cult troops.

>> No.54845780

When the World Eater dex comes out and I don't see Juggernlords back as well as a new unit of Berzerkers that ride Juggnernauts I'll be pretty damn pissed.

>> No.54845795

They aren't going to make a Death Guard on Palaquin model.

>> No.54845796

The ones who suffer most are the previous top dogs who get upstaged. Calgar is literally pointless except when Guilliman is busy, both in fluff and crunch.

Not that I don't enjoy ultrasues being taken down a notch, but when it's by bigger sues you got an issue.

>> No.54845822

Seems reasonable to me. Except they said on facebook that it's invalid. I expect day 1 FAQ.

>> No.54845831

Meanwhile, guard characters are being killed off left and right.

>> No.54845847

I want to see xenotech instead of chaos shit

>> No.54845856

Expect a bunch of brand new Steel Legion dudes if the plastic SL rumors are true.

>> No.54845881


>> No.54845891

Which everyone will run and it won't feel new or unique anymore

>> No.54845892

Heldrakes, Forgefiends, and Maulerfiends are of Dark Mechanicum design. Also the Warpsmith gives you a good sense of their current aesthetic.

>> No.54845893

I always get them mixed up.

>> No.54845896

Are there even rumors about plastic Steel Legion? Because i am going to buy a huge amount of them

>> No.54845902

Well, at least there will be more guard players, playing the second best legion.

>> No.54845906

I'm so happy orange transparent chainsaw is still a meme.

>> No.54845948

Having to use the indexes in addition to the codexes because they're removing model-less characters is such a shitty fucking practice, especially given GW promised they were going to cut down on the "having to take a fuckton of books everywhere" bloat of the last few editions.

Kor'sarro Khan losing Moondrakken because GW inexplicably never bothered to give the biker chapter's poster child a fucking biker model is probably the most egregious 8th ed loss, but juggerlords no longer being a thing is pretty fucking weak.

>> No.54845994

Gangster as fuck. Also are they eluding that night haunter may be alive from the extra bit about crazy eyes and no lips?

>> No.54846009

>are they eluding that night haunter may be alive


>> No.54846015

An entire codex of these aesthetics will make me drop 800 bucks easy.

Do it GW.

>> No.54846032


>> No.54846036


Infinity at least had some decency in this area.

Models that were being shifted out of the game got sendoffs. One character got turned evil by alien mind-control, a whole race of bug people were found to be double-dealing against the alien big bad and had to book it, and a TAG polit that got phased out was killed in action when her brain got hacked, frying even her backup consciousness.

40k could have some sendoffs for all these characters, having at least a fluff blurb about how gloriously, or ingloriously, they were killed off.

>> No.54846046

Creed and Kell had a whole book but they still have models and rules. Explain that.

>> No.54846059


>> No.54846069

>night haunter may be alive

Pretty sure M'Shen was literally carrying Curze's severed head with her in a bag as proof of the kill when Talos wrecks her in Soul Hunter or whichever book he has the flashback.

>> No.54846073


Anon, I think you're failing to see this from GW's perspective.

You see, they know from the chapter house debacle that they really shouldn't be making rules for models that they don't make. So they cut those models from the codex. Its also why they stripped out certain weapon options from units, most notably the removal of rifleman dreads.

But they realized that people have been building these things for years, either scratch or through FW parts, and they can't just not support units that have been in past codexes. So they created the index books, which while they also allowed them to port the rules over to 8th in a timely manner so that eveyone can play while they wait for the codex, also lets them provide rules for models that they don't make.

Which is genius, because it means that if you had one of those models and were just waiting for the codex, you just got punked by GW and now have to buy the Index to get rules for one or two models in your collection. I don't know how chapter approved factors into this, but you're probably going to have to buy that too.

Which means that they're simultaneously pissing off their fans and welcoming another chapterhouse incident because they don't make the models they're providing rules for. People spout this "Nu GW" meme from time to time, but this is the GW I know and love.

>> No.54846087


GW wants their copyright even to what they're putting back on the shelf, and is highly unwilling to pull a model from the line save anything but a hard setting reboot. They're too burned by what happened with the AoS relaunch.

Would be nice if they had the guts to empty their legacy models finally, though it seems their MO is just to keep them in perpetuity until a replacement is made or it becomes untenable.

>> No.54846116

Huh cool had never seen that little bit about the pict feed and though it was a soft nudge since primarchs are coming back left and right.
I'm not saying I want him alive just curious calm down pal.

>> No.54846133

Didn't Eldrad get killed off after some campaign or other, but is still kicking around because reasons?

Only character I remember getting dropped from the rules due to being killed off was that Dark Angel veteran sergeant who got blown up by an ork dread. Hell, Tycho of the Blood Angels got killed off but gets two unit profiles for his troubles.

>> No.54846135

>I'm not saying I want him alive just curious calm down pal.

I am calm. The answer is still no.

>> No.54846173

So has anyone read the CSM book? Can you summarize the background advancement? Or is the only real movement in the timeline pages?

>> No.54846179

Not an Ork player (Eldar) but I'd be hyped as fuck for that.

>> No.54846180

>had never seen that little bit about the pict feed

The pict feed cutting off as she lunges has always been part of the fluff (or at least, it was definitely in the Index Astartes article in White Dwarf about NIght Haunter and the VIIIth legion). Curze has always been presented as being killed, but the fate of M'Shen was left ambiguous until the Night Lord trilogy.

>> No.54846273

Night Lord trilogy probably isnt canon and there was never confirmation he was just assumed dead. They purposely left it open until ADB shat on it.

>> No.54846274

>most notably the removal of rifleman dreads

Oh wow, hadn't even heard that was a thing. They really are going about this in the most clusterfuck way imaginable.

>> No.54846289

If you take a relic, do you pay the cost of the weapon it replaces?

>> No.54846290

Nice I like the fact that he is such a vindictive cunt he let him self die as an insult.

>> No.54846293


Eldrad was killed in the 13th Black Crusade campaign, which was basically never mentioned again when the setting was set two-minutes-to-midnight at the 13th Black Crusade, and I guess retconned by the events of Gathering Storm.

>> No.54846298

like Kell and ??

>> No.54846306


>> No.54846311


Also the Skull-Aqulia teaser video with "steel" sfx fits the steel legion look perfectly.

>> No.54846315


I suppose you have to have that weapon first, so you pay the base cost and then replace it with the Relic's profile as your relic.

>> No.54846321

So I've seen a lot of people using the quote from BL that books are and aren't canon at the same time as justification to ignore fluff they hate or just goes against their headcanon narrative
So I ask you guys, what does it take for something to become unquestionably integrated into the canon?

>> No.54846322


Pretty sure that one was Forge World, as it seemed to be tied into that.

>> No.54846327

That's what I thought. Cheers.

>> No.54846329

The thing that bothers me the most about this is, they said you can still take steeds with the Index, but on friday when someone asked Robin why dont they get Legion rules he responded "They can, just use the index." Even after someone specifically stated they are cavalry and cant.

>> No.54846341

If it's published, it's canon until officially retconned or redacted by a piece of publication that's post-release date of the original publications.

>> No.54846350

>tfw it took you 3 watches to realize that was a skull Aquila
>but you came when you finally did

>> No.54846352

Eldrad died during the 13th black crusade but it was retconned in gathering storm ( because gathering storm 1 doesn't feature eldar fleets, let alone having the blackstone fortress possessed by Slaanesh him/herself.

Additionally in Gathering Storm 1 we see an Ulthwe strikeforce lead by Eldrad himself rescue the fleeing cawl and his allies.

>> No.54846354

watch it just be about Forge World's titanicus game

>> No.54846355


There's just some bad BL books out there, anon. Some bad, bad BL books...

>> No.54846358

True or False

From CSM Codex pg156:
>Chaos Space Marine Detachment is therefore one which ONLY INCLUDES UNITS WITH ONE OF THESE KEYWORDS.
>If your army is Battle-forged, all Troops units in Chaos Space Marine Detachments gain this ability. Such a unit that is within range of an objective marker controls it...

Translation to fucking English:
I can have Patrol Detachment:
HQ [World Eater] Prince
Troop [Word Bearer] Cultist

My Cultists are "CSM Detachment" and get Obsec.

Because it does not say: "Chaos Space Marine Detachment is therefore one WHICH INCLUDES UNITS WITH ONLY ONE OF THESE KEYWORDS."

>> No.54846360

This. Why is that so hard for people to grasp?

>> No.54846362

I wouldn't even be mad.

>> No.54846375

They have agendas.

>> No.54846389

Fucking. This.

>> No.54846396

Is the Burning Blade relic good for anything besides being cheap?

>> No.54846408

You can make a Guilliman mini-me.

>> No.54846416

Fucking SHREDS armour. Give it to a high A salamanders character with +1S.

>> No.54846430

yep, I misread them as having one equipped already. sad now.

>> No.54846451

its the best weapon available for some of the characters that can only take a power sword. I wouldnt replace a mc sword with one, but for a company champ or primaris captain its a significant increase in cc damage.

>> No.54846470


>Gee, Battle-Brother Billy, by what providence has the Forge Master seen fit to gift you TWO of our finely honed Combat Blades?

>> No.54846474

Just take your free 3++ halve all damage taken upgrade. It's way the fuck better.

>> No.54846492

>Huh cool had never seen that little bit about the pict feed and though it was a soft nudge since primarchs are coming back left and right.

The bit in the codex is a straight copy-paste from the Index Astartes article from decades ago, not a new retcon implying Curze is coming back.

>> No.54846493

Yeah but we often get multiple editions going by with tons of publications providing information on events that leave out elements introduced in BL stories, what in those cases? The reason i call the M'Shen brought the head back story bullshit is because its a story that has been relayed multiple times since then (including in the most recent CSM codex) with no mention of that supposedly important detail.

>> No.54846506

>Night Lord trilogy probably isnt canon

What the fuck am I reading.

>> No.54846512


Gotta pay for/have access to a storm shield

>> No.54846514

>that makes too much sense
>autistic screeching

>> No.54846524

Curze may not come back but they could always have a Demon Prince called the Night Haunter, maybe its Curze's darker personality manifested, maybe just a random space marine that simply took the moniker to unite his legion.

>> No.54846526

Yes. It explicitly says this in the artefacts section of the relevant codex in case anyone tries to argue the point with you.

>> No.54846547

Two more points away from the Imperium today.

>> No.54846570

I think the big complaint is someone subjectivity sees a writer, such as Matt ward or cruddence, as a sub par lore author, or worse, someone who plays favoritism in the fluff, so it's hard for people to agree that everything that's written when that means they have to agree Kaldor Draigo fought off two daemon primarchs with one hand while masturbating
And that's not even getting started on the muh old nostalgia lore!!! Fags

>> No.54846581

A question.

"This unit contains 1 Intercessor Sergeant and 4 Intercessors...Each model is
armed with a bolt rifle, bolt pistol, frag grenades and krak grenades...The Intercessor Sergeant may take a power sword."

Does he keep the Bolt Rifle?

>> No.54846585

kek, have a Sister for your bantz

>> No.54846588

False. Athough it may need a FAQ to clear up the slightly ambiguous "one of these". GW has been regularly squishing all these keyword wordplay tricks in 8th.

>> No.54846593


>> No.54846600

And can he also take the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher?

>> No.54846603

I think if whoever you're playing doesn't kick up a stink about you taking a unit from the Index that isn't in the Codex, he probably isn't going to complain about you applying Legion rules to a Lord on a steed (because having "Legion rules apply to Infantry, Bikers, Helbrutes... and cavalry" in the codex wouldn't make sense since there are no cavalry units in the codex). The whole thing is just a massive hodgepodge of rules at this point, because GW have done things in such an asinine way for nebulous legal reasons.

>> No.54846607


>> No.54846609


>> No.54846613 [SPOILER] 

Post more lood sisters pls

>> No.54846619

>what does it take for something to become unquestionably integrated into the canon

When it becomes a meme.

>> No.54846625

I'm having some pretty hard times with the CSM epub, the text is all jumbled up. Are we waiting on a better copy or something?

>> No.54846626

Jesus christ.

>> No.54846627

I missed the catalogue but do recasters have the night lord heresy heads on catalogue?

>> No.54846634

If the relic is strictly better than something you're already taking it's free. There isn't even a strong opportunity cost since it's so good. If you don't like storm shields the relic artificer armor is also good.

If you aren't giving your captains 3++ or a 2+ save I mean okay you do you. But you were asking if the burning blade was good and the answer is: "No, because other things are better." Remember that AP-5 looks good on paper until you realize that apart from land raiders, almost everything with 2+ in melee has a ++ save which negates 1 or more of that AP.

>> No.54846645 [SPOILER] 


>> No.54846647


>> No.54846650


>> No.54846659

Try opening it in Readium. The heading formatting is still off, but the rest of it's fine.

>> No.54846670

Can we get more sisters yuri/futa?
or both?

>> No.54846672

In that scenario your cultists would have ObSec, because you have a battleforged list, but no-one in the detachment would benefit from legion traits due to not all being from the same legion (although you could still apply their respective legion stratagems or artefacts).

Unless I've misunderstood what you're asking?

>> No.54846680


>> No.54846681

I think that's a long rant response to "yeah but what about guys who can't take storm shields"

>> No.54846697

>> No.54846716

Sisters are for wifeing not lewding

>> No.54846718

>The 66th Chapter

>> No.54846726

I don't think I've ever seen any Sisters futa. Kinda surprising.

>> No.54846733

Am I missing something or are there no major point changes in the new GK codex?

Also codex blatantly says GKs are made with the emperors geneseed, it's not even implied anymore

>> No.54846734

I won't say no to wife material sisters either...

>> No.54846745

>age of Warding

>> No.54846750

This isnt new knowledge. Have you been living under a rock?

>> No.54846752


They've been the 666th chapter since their inception in 2nd edition

>> No.54846766

>tfw no bull futa SoB to bully you with her cock and fuck your GF

>> No.54846785


>> No.54846795

Because they wouldn't be Sisters anymore

>> No.54846806

Something is wrong here.

>> No.54846807

>The reason i call the M'Shen brought the head back story bullshit is because its a story that has been relayed multiple times since then (including in the most recent CSM codex) with no mention of that supposedly important detail.

And the Alpha Legion section doesn't make any mention of the Cabal, John Grammaticus or any of the events of Legion (although it confirms they had twin primarchs) and says they defected because Horus was more worthy of respect than the Emperor. The codex dedicate about four pages per legion - it isn't going to include every detail of every BL book relating to the legions.

>> No.54846811

>age of warding

Is that why the ultramarines are being shilled again as the BEST OF THE BEST?

>> No.54846816

Isn't this heresy, though, battle brother?

>> No.54846837

>infiltrates behind you
Pshh, nothin personal kid

>> No.54846850

>infil-traitors behind you


>> No.54846853

Only if the Sister Superior catches you.

>> No.54846860


>> No.54846868

>Also codex blatantly says GKs are made with the emperors geneseed, it's not even implied anymore

I think one of the BL books (Pandorax maybe) confirmed it a while back.

>> No.54846871


>> No.54846905


>> No.54846916

Yesterday was macha, today is sisters, good times
Side note are there any trap sisters?

>> No.54846929

>Trap Sisters

>> No.54846966

>Take a 20-man strong squad of Berserkers
>Infiltrate them 9" away from the enemy
>Move them 6"
>3" charge with rerolls due to Icon of Wrath
>Let's give them all chainswords because why not.
>2 attacks each, Champion gets 3. Add +1 to all of them.
>61 attacks in total
>Assuming anything is left alive, another 61 Attacks
>At the end of the fight phase, whatever you charged is still alive somehow.
>Spend 3 command points.
>Fury of Khorne, an extra 61 attacks.

>4CP for 183 Str5, WS3+ attacks
>And then 6+ to-hits generate additional attacks if fighting the Imperium

While I'm sure it's not an optimal use of 4CP, my sides are in orbit.

>> No.54846985

For god sake share bloody Black legion novel by ADB.

>> No.54846987

Total results, 3 unsaved wounds vs anything that wouldn't have died in the first string of attacks. You'd be a lot better off taking chainaxe+chainsword

>> No.54846995

Infiltrate happens at the end of the movement phase. Infiltrated units can't move, just shoot and charge.

>> No.54847006

>virgin slanneshi whore
>Chad sister gf

>> No.54847025

How do I base my minis? I wanna do snow but I dont want it to look ass

>> No.54847031


Do snow, but like, don't make it look like ass.

>> No.54847052

Everyone knows shota sisters are the best and most emperor approved

>> No.54847061

Epubs failing to work for anyone else? Got them transferred to my ipad like any other ePub and all I get is "could not open required resource is missing"

>> No.54847063

It does not. The rule states it happens before the first turn at the beginning of the battle phase.

>> No.54847064

No, with the strat it's pre-game. As is it sucks dick cause RAW you can infiltrate dreads apparently, which a dude has been using to put leviathans up front turn 1. Feels bad

While I'm moaning, is that correct? Does SM one allow dreads, or is it just infantry? cause I'll shove it in his shiteating face if he's been cheating

>> No.54847068

White to light blue base coat, then slap on some Valhallan Blizzard.

>> No.54847082

Lord have mercy~

>> No.54847090

If you're talking about the Raven Guard strategem, it only works on <Raven Guard> <Infantry>.

A dreadnought is not infantry.

>> No.54847098


>I thought CSM had drop-pods that were more advanced than the current SM drop-pods, but were possessed?

Yes, they also have access to super sonic strike craft, tons of daemon engines, special tanks which have CCW and eat people to heal wounds, non line of sight artillery on a tank and on a dreadnought, and access to unique and powerful weapons like the butcher cannon, storm laser and the various soul burner weapons.

Too bad all that sweet flavor and fluffy unique weapons are only available through FW, which a lot of players don't have and which different gaming groups will look down upon you for using because "FW is WAAC P2WIN shit".

So your either stuck with the codex which is pretty bare as far as unique options go, or pay the eye and a testicle to get cool shit from FW and be resented

>> No.54847104

Mourn mountain is good to just apply alone, if you wanna get creative mixing it by putting down a dirt baser across most of the base and adding in Valhallan blizzard looks awesome.

>> No.54847106

>when flamers and heavy bolters got buffed this edition

>> No.54847107

How about the alpha legion one

>> No.54847108

Anyone have a PDF of the booklet that came with Know No Fear? I have the Bloat Drone but I'm missing the instructions for building him...

>> No.54847124

Ey ya gits, I wanna try out 10 Nobs, 1 with PK, 9 with Power Stabbas, A normal Warboss, and a WAAAGH! Banner nob in a ard case battlewagon with deffrolla. My only concern is that is combo is a hefty 599 points, and I want to you know if anyone has tried something similar, and if this is worth the investment?
If no, whats the ideal way to run nobs? They seem great this edition compared to in 7th

>> No.54847125

Making a new thread, someone post a good sister lewd for me to use as the OP imagine

>> No.54847129

Well now I'm pissed. That thing killed a fuckload of my stuff. Thanks anon, I shoulda called him on it

>> No.54847140

By my math that's 9 Unsaved Wounds on MEQ per Fight, up to 3 fights, assuming no losses on overwatch.

18 on GEQ and 4 1/2 on TEQ (So 2 dead termies).

>> No.54847153


>> No.54847162

Infantry only as well.

>> No.54847163

Also only <Alpha Legion> <Infantry>. That said, Khorne Berserkers have the <Legion> Tag, so they can be <Alpha Legion>.

>> No.54847173


>Flamers buffed
>Literally not worth taking on a model that can also take a stormbolter

>> No.54847176

The closest I can find is that we somehow pay almost twice the cost for the twin plasma on the stormraven

>> No.54847182

>against anything that would have survived the first round
You bring the chainaxes for stuff that would survive otherwise, the chainswords (and your normal attacks) will clean up anything that you don't need the axes on.

>> No.54847186


Keep it pure
Friendly reminder sisters are not required to be chaste in canon

>> No.54847206

Now that's funny

Even though there's barely anything new, I think the warlord traits, relics and the psybolt+invul stratagems are pretty solid buffs to an already pretty good army

>> No.54847211

New thread ?

Also is repressor dominion spam unbeatable ?+ celestine and a few manticores, earthshakers and a single conscript blob.

I'm 18-0 with another 5 "draws" in casual tac games

Got second place in tournament undefeated
At least 70% of my army is sisters.

Are they op now ?

>> No.54847222

No thanks, fuck off retard
Good new thread here

>> No.54847225


>> No.54847234

Considering doing alpha legion, but I kind if don't see the point if their stratagem when regular deep striking is so good now.

>> No.54847253


>> No.54847259

Yeah I just checked the math and Chainaxes are ever-so-slightly better, and for only 1 point each you're not gimping yourself taking them.

Though it's no dice-avalanche shock factor.

>> No.54847266

Too slow kid

>> No.54847268

Too late, get purged

>> No.54847283

Why are Sisterfags so terrible?

>> No.54847289

Not entirely similar...

two 5man mob squads with scorchas in a killtank. Mek + bannernob


>> No.54847293

Why most sister fags always make me want fetish squat? Loli sisters, traps sister, neko sister, good to know they don't make plastic sisters.

>> No.54847297

Alpha Legion's Strategem turns risky 9" charges into almost guaranteed charges. Additionally, they impose -1 to hit from enemies more than 12" away.

Plus you are forcing the enemy to kill all your characters to get Slay the Warlord.

>> No.54847298

I don't think you misunderstood the question. I read it the same way as you, although I expect some people may say it means all in one detachment have to share [legion] to get obsec.

The usage / placement of the word "only" in that sentence pisses me off.

>> No.54847315

Can I ask what caused this?

>> No.54847346

I would say "true." I can see how you read it that way. It's the placement of the word "only" in that definition. Hope this doesn't become an issue =(

>> No.54847361

Right. Fir some reason I'm retarded and thought they couldn't move just like regular deep strikers. Thanks

>> No.54847415

Remember that time the Tyranids were about to finally accomplished something significant, defeating the blood angles, and GW had spent weeks building up the significance of the great rift and how no one could cross it, ONLY FOR THE ULTRAMARINES TO CROSS IT, LITERALLY ARRIVE OUT OF NOWHERE, AND SAVE THE BLOOD ANGELS WITH THE HELP OF A FUCKING CHAOS DAEMON?

I do, and I'm still pissed.

>> No.54847434

You're actually retarded if you think the Blood Angels would ever lose.

>> No.54847573


>> No.54847603

Neato I kinda figured after the whole head in a bag thing. Any other crowning achievements of the night lords?

>> No.54847622

Didn't think they'd be wiped out of existence, but for the ultramarines to literally to break all of the rules gw made in the past couple months, and nearly wipe out the greatest hive fleet ever with the help of a chaos daemon is fucking ridiculous. Teleport them elsewhere or some shit, even "Warpstorms, fuck you," would've made more sense.

>> No.54847629

At least diminished greatly and not saved by the blue sues though man. The indominus crusade was a mistake.

>> No.54847724

The BA's casualties don't even matter, though, because of Primaris marines. Leviathan just lost its largest tendril for no reason.

>> No.54847944

Hows my fluffy Black Templar list /tg/?

Battalion Detachment

1. Chaplain Grimaldus - 127
2. Emperor's Champion - 75
3. Lieutenant w/ Power Sword and Plasma Pistol - 71

1. Crusader Squad w/ Bolt Pistol and Chain Swords+ Power Axe and Sword - 139
2. Crusader Squad w/ Bolt Pistol and Chain Swords+ Power Axe and Sword - 139
3. Crusader Squad w/ Bolt Pistol and Chain Swords+ Power Axe and Sword - 139
4. Crusader Squad w/ Bolt Pistol and Chain Swords+ Power Axe and Sword - 139

Heavy Support:
1. Land Raider Crusader w/ Twin Assault Cannon, 2 Hurricane Bolters, and Multi-Melta - 314

1. Cenobyte Servitors - 6
2. Vanguard Veteran Squad w/ Jump Packs, Melta Bomb,Power Swords, and Storm Shield +Relic Blade- 157
3. Vanguard Veteran Squad w/ Power Swords, Melta Bomb, and Storm Shields +Relic Blade- 147
4. Assault Terminator Squad w/ Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers+ Teleport Homer -260

1. Drop Pod - 95 w/ Storm Bolter
2. Drop Pod - 95 w/ Storm Bolter
3. Drop Pod - 95 w/ Storm Bolter

Total: 1998

>> No.54848094

Seems like it's going to be pretty vicious!

>> No.54848238

Can stormtroopers ride in chimeras or do they have to take that tauris prime thingie?

>> No.54848283

They have the ASTRA MILITARUM keyword, so yeah.
Though Taroux Prime is way better

>> No.54848537


>> No.54849826

They didn't, the question in fact didn't mention the Index. But yeah, until a FAQ probits it you can still take them as Troops.

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