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"Whoops" edition

Previously: >>54786030

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Namefag bitchfest, but people often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question:
Ever discovered a combo in your deck that you initially didn't know was there?

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>Thread question

Of all the accidental 6 card combos I've come across in my decks, this is the only one.

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When was the last all-round decent commander set?

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>Ever discovered a combo in your deck that you initially didn't know was there?
I test pretty exhaustively now with tappedout or such before building and playing "live" but when I built just from crap I had lying around I'd goodstuff into combos fairly often.

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>Ever discovered a combo in your deck that you initially didn't know was there?
All the time, every deck. I build a lot of moving and sweet pieces. Goodstuff midrange THOTs begone.

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>two dominaria spoilers

who's taking bets on teferi or jhoira in wizards?

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C15 was pretty good. Sure, Meren is a lot better than Kalemne, but out of the box they were pretty balanced and they all have their niches, plus Karlov, Mazirek, Kaseto, Arjun, and Anya are all at least half decent, if not F U N.

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Jhoira just got a reprint a few months back.

I think they'll be saving Teferi for the return to Dominaria.

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I just dismantled Ghave for some Alesha parts, and now I have a Saffi Eriksdottir without a home. How do people usually build her?

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Saffi is creature combo with Sun Titan, Reveillark, Renegade Rallier, or Karmic Guide and a sac outlet.

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2016 was for value. Basically all of the decks were, at MSRP, worth it to pick up for parts, sporting like $80+ of value in any given precon.

For out-of-the-box play, probably 2015.

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>thread question
pic related

anyways, help with this deck?? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/akirithrasios-wip/

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So just dump, sac and reanimate for value?

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>thread question
paradox engine + erratic portal + kozilek. in retrospect i don't know how i missed it.

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No, Sun Titan and Saffi with an Altar of Dementia or Blasting Station as an outlet goes infinite and wins.

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you're spending turns sacrificing a lot of cards in order to swap or bring back artifacts from the graveyard but you dont have many (or any) valuable artifacts worth the effort, everything is dirt cheap im not sure I get it.

But uh,
1x Creeping Renaissance
1x Mimic Vat
1x Mizzix's Mastery
1x Regrowth

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what was erratic portal doing in your deck before being a combo piece? just there to recast kozi but you didnt realize you could do it infinitely with paradox engine and rocks?

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commander was venser, but i didn't have color-producing rocks for it to be infinite

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He probably meant a brand new Jhoira, but I think she would appear in the Dominaria set instead.

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What is the best tech for the new wizard general that clones wizards?

>> No.54789311

Dualcaster Mage. Clone wizards to clone spells to clone spells to clone wizards.

>> No.54789363

i might put in creeping renaissance. why would i use mizzix's mastery? i have next to no instants/sorceries, unless you meant scrap mastery. it's artifact tokens to make akiri beefy and also cheap mana rocks to be able to dump mana into thrasios, with some recursion effects for fun

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Intruder Alarm/Paradox Engine

>> No.54789419

Conspiracy, Xenograft and the new Xenograft from Ixalan.

>> No.54789421

>White Sun's Zenith

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What sort of shenanigans can I pull off with Sunforger? I'm thinking of running Glorious End and Final Fortune with Angel's Mercy in there to stop a game loss. Do you guys have any suggestions on building this?

>> No.54789498


Help me find things to take out of this Wort spell slinger deck so I can put in Increasing Vengeance

Also what a piece of crap, we get a more expensive Second Harvest and a worse Parallel Evolution

>> No.54789499

She has good synergy with Anathemancer

>> No.54789501


It's called angel's grace, but yeah sounds fun

It's also great to just have Swords, path, wear//tear, etc on deck

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dualcaster mage, archeomancer/chronologist, puppeteer clique, sea gate oracle, sower of temptation, venser, snapcaster, trinket/treasure/trophy mage are the only notable ones i can find. i guess that's the price of having the most versatile effect outside of a tribal deck. on the plus side, you can tutor for any of them with vedalken aethermage.

>> No.54789512

What are you going to do to make them worth it?

>> No.54789534

Having Black or Blue as a third color for 'Forger makes it amazing, I recommend something like Zurgo or maybe Shu Yun as the general.

>> No.54789542

Ugin confirmed then?

>> No.54789553

Run literally any other utility creature with a half-decent ETB.

Even stuff like a cloned Solemn Simulacrum will be sweet.

>> No.54789557

I'm just trying to find a balance between MLD, mana rocks, equipment, and creatures to threaten the board. how much of each would you reccomend?

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Grixis has a lot of great value ETB stuff

Most Evoke Creatures
The Primordials
The Gearhulks
The Titans

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Just want to play boros for now. I know it would easier to play jeskai or mardu, but I like a deckbuilding challenge.

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>Cat Shards
>not Kitty Litter

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Can I get some advice for a judge/police deck? It's a group huggy control idea of supplying everyone with cards and other resources for a level playing field, while being able to stop someone from comboing off or a board state getting out of hand. I'd want to help a lagging player get ahead, or allow myself to be bribed for favors.

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Get a lot of vote cards from the Conspiracy sets. Those are always pretty group fucky.

>> No.54789669

My circle eliminates your kind first

although these look funny as fuck, theres one for each card and you can hand them out like punishments for slighting you

>> No.54789684

Maybe something like this?

>> No.54789743

Problem with those is most are one-sided. They'd have to be like Council's Judgement.

looks neat

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Not just the new ones, curses in general are great for that, though the Commander curses are the most encouraging for your other foes, whether this years or the old ones.

>> No.54789812

Eh, a lot of the Conspiracy mechanics tend to be in the interest of the group, with you being able to pull ahead using a few of their more aggressive cards. There's definitely fun to be had with it and I'd still go through the Conspiracy 1 and 2 card list and see if some of them are interesting to you.

>> No.54789837

So is there some story behind this fag in the new curses? Or did the artist just get the note "Draw the dumbest looking nu-male you can"?

>> No.54789859

I think the latter, he's not any lore character I know, and I know quite a lot.

>> No.54789933

The artist very likely is a nu-male himself and looks somewhat like that character or at least is comfortable with people looking that way. That style is his normal.

As annoying as you find it, remember that this has been happening since before you were born and hair like that will look silly in 20 years like mullets and big hair look to us today.

>> No.54789942

The problem with group hug is that it helps more to those who don't need it and because you "help" people first most of the time and spend your resources to do that - you end up not being able to stop those who got even more far ahead.

Obviously it depends on group, but group hugs decks just make whatever is the best deck on the table win so much faster, really.

>> No.54789949

Curse of Vitality, Disturbance, and Bounty make me think that this guy is probably from Innistrad, where you can find wolves, zombies, and pitchfork wielding mobs.

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>This guy drew them
Does this answer your question?

>> No.54789989

post the last cards you need for your deck and others guess who it is

>> No.54789991

>tired /pol/ African meme

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Daretti Daretti Never Forgetti.

>> No.54790011

Don't you shittalk Aztecs boi! They actually were a proper society and culture before they were eradicated and weren't just living in tribal huts out in the desert.

Also, they're more spics than anything.

>> No.54790033

Also demonic tutor and a scrubland.

>> No.54790039

mono red
not artifact based

>> No.54790045

>Mox Diamond
Shoot! I ordered cards today and I keep forgetting to buy some of these. It's on the reserved list and only going to go up.

>> No.54790054

It all makes sense now.

>> No.54790064


Kiki jiki combo?

>> No.54790068


>> No.54790074

Pretty cancerous to play these cards and not even be artifact-based so I'm guessing it is Grenzo or Neheb.

>> No.54790080


>> No.54790081

Oh fuck you were right, it is a self insert.
I don't care if Wizards is willing to pay for masturbatory self-portraits, but these cards clearly take place on Innistrad. Putting CURRENT YEAR: The Haircut on a guy who's supposed to be in a Gothic horror setting just looks tacky.

>> No.54790082

I could see those in any competitive combo deck that uses red.

>> No.54790098

It is not on the reserved list.

>> No.54790102

Little Teysa?

>> No.54790109

Yes it is.

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>> No.54790141

>local /pol/tard can't even keep what racial slur goes with which minority straight

More at 11, now to Cathy with the weather.

>> No.54790145

Really? I mean it got a reprint in a from the vault set and mtggoldfish does not show reserved edition when I view the card.

>> No.54790152

Chrome Mox and Mox Opal are off, Mox Diamond is on.

>> No.54790154

That haircut has been around for much longer than any of us have been alive.

>> No.54790155

>Azorious Teferi that plays like Dosan + Augustin
Are you ready

>> No.54790156


It was printed in FTV for fucks sake

>> No.54790174

Fuck yeah

>> No.54790177


All 3 are off, Chrome and Opal are modern cards, Diamond just isn't on the list

>> No.54790180

Spic jokes aside, there's pretty clearly a dead !conquistador in the shot.
>It's another "Jace and friends help the good and pure colored native girls BTFO the evil and twisted cishet white males" episode.

>> No.54790190

>Demonic/Vampiric Tutor

>> No.54790199

It seems he is just a nu-male.
Which is perfect.
Just look at him, don't tell me you don't experience schadenfreude and feel like he deserves it.

>> No.54790203

Jace is going to be the only GW member there for Ixalan. The plot is supposed to be about reaching some kind of treasure anyway.

>> No.54790204

Fuck it, have a random Mirrors.dec I threw together on cockatrice for no reason while I was looking at the mirror card in Hour and the new one in C17. (still should fill in the rest of the lands, but meh)


>> No.54790206

WotC used to be able to print reserved list cards in special "sets" - like judge promos.

Investors continued to complain - so they changed it that they can't print it in special "sets" either.

>> No.54790209


>> No.54790218

>drawn like blacks

>> No.54790234

I stand corrected, didn't know something like that happened sorry.

>> No.54790236

Actually, if the pirates are the bad guys, which isn't even clear yet, 3 of their captains are women.
The dinosaur lady also is clearly female.
Hell, even the vampire leader seems to be a woman, since "Mynea" sounds like a girl's name.

So far, it looks like it'll be a gold rush story of every faction trying to reach "Eldorado" first with Jace thrown in the middle of everything as a psychic jungle man.

>> No.54790242

Check filename.

>> No.54790251

It still doesn't belong in a set inspired by 15-century Eastern European aesthetics.

>> No.54790261

>It seems he is just a nu-male.
I don't get this. It's just a haircut.

>> No.54790262

No image, and I haven't started getting the deck together just yet, but I'll post five cards off the list and see if anyone gets close.

>Bloom Tender
>Patriarch's Bidding
>Temur Ascendancy
>Ancient Ziggurat
>Cryptic Gateway

>> No.54790283

Don't forget we're going back to Dominaria in less than a year, too.

>> No.54790286

I could see a posh vampire going for that kind of hairdo.

>> No.54790288

I think it was """"""Collector"""""" outrage over the Negator reprint on Phyrexia v. The Coalition that forced the change.

>> No.54790290


Oh lol, well that's weird. Did people throw a fit when the FTV set came out?

>> No.54790291

He wasn't cursed with that haircut by some Gypsy; he chose to pay someone to shape it like that, which tells us a lot about him.

>> No.54790311

Considering it was reprinted in ftv most people would assume that mox diamond is not on the reserved list tho.

But whatever I now know better, thanks.

>> No.54790312

It is though. It's one of the reserved list cards that was reprinted in foil during the brief time where wotc tried doing foil reprints as a way to circumvent it.

>> No.54790314

Side thought, but I don't think I've every seen a vampire with a full beard outside of V:tM.

>> No.54790319

very few of the characters depicted in medieval fantasy settings have medieval haircuts. the fact that you are just now realizing this doesn't merit posting.

and it's actually very practical for an artist to use themself as a model if they need to do a series of illustrations depicting the same character. you can hire a model to pose for you but within financial and scheduling constraints using yourself is much more common and practical.

>> No.54790328

>BRGU or 5 color creature heavy,
Sliver Overlord.

>> No.54790334

Out of all the cards they reprinted via loopholes they picked Negator to bug out about?

>> No.54790340

Yeah it is dumb as fuck and it does sincerely annoy me to see it in the game. The hairstyle thing I posted is my attempt to mitigate that annoyance. The artist might be a decent illustrator but he's got some bad judgement here

>> No.54790349

Drinking blood can get very messy.
Don't want to have to deal with dried blood in the beard, that shit sucks (pun intended)

>> No.54790358

It was mostly >>54790288, because a duel deck like Phyrexia v. Coalition was so much more widely available than FtV. That's when people were like "Alright, this is too far, the List essentially doesn't matter now".

>> No.54790359

Does it really? I've seen much stupider haircuts. I don't get what people mean with this "numale" shit.

>> No.54790367

any good ETB effects in red and white?

>> No.54790368


There was a short window where Wizards decided printing Reserve List cards was okay as long as they were foil and in non-random product. See also, Phyrexian Negator being the face card for Phyrexia vs. the Coalition.

Apparently collectors complained and they shut the loophole.

>> No.54790378

See >>54790358

It wasn't what card they reprinted, it was how they reprinted it. If they'd kept to Judge Foils, FtVs, and other super rare reprints, they'd probably have gotten to do it much longer.

>> No.54790380

MtG """"Collectors""""" and """"Investors""""" are the cancer actively killing the game.

It's not like anybody is ever going to fucking buy their graded Beta Black Lotuses for actual play anyway and reprinting the card to be used for play would still keep the old one in demand.
Fuck, just make all of the reprinted ones count as proxies and illegal for tournaments. Selling them as official proxies for use in private would not hurt collectors, would have no impact on the competitive scene and casuals would benefit by getting high-quality proxies for cards they always wanted for cheap while WotC would be able to sell those proxies for money and possibly drive some of the Chinamen out of business.

>> No.54790381

More Wizards flew too close to the sun by using the face card of a Duel Deck as the "special premium release" exemption rather than limited-run FTV.

>> No.54790392

In today's world, only Hipsters, Cucks, and Nu-Males ("men" that bow down to any demand made by their superior feminist women overlords), and kids that don't know any better have that kind of haircut.

>> No.54790400

Where do all of you preorder your commander decks from? I want all of the new ones but I don't know what site will give me the best deal. I don't normally order online.

>> No.54790405


This guy doesn't even have an undercut. You're literally sperging out about a man who drew a picture and has his hair trimmed slightly shorter on the sides.

>> No.54790412

If it works the way I think it does, Sundial of the Infinite. I'd like to keep my clones, thank you very much.

>> No.54790415

100% agree.
Also, pic related.

>> No.54790420

That seems like a huge assumption. It's just a hairdo. Some people might think it looks cool (personally I dislike shaved sides), but it's no different from liking mullets or pompadours.

>> No.54790422

Restoration Angel, Zealous Conscripts, Stoneforge Mystic.

>> No.54790434

I usually go with Card Kingdom, but I hear good things about TCGPlayer.
StarCity is a cesspit of money grubbing shitheads, never ever order anything from there ever.

>> No.54790449

>Collectors are somehow not players
>Collectors are somehow not players who spend the most money

>> No.54790456

Seems more like they are trying to push new players towards standard right now.

>> No.54790473

They tried doing large scale reprints that crashed the secondary market back with Chronicles. People went into open revolt.

>> No.54790480


Inferno Titan, sun Titan, bogardan hellkite, ingot chewer, soul warden, karmic guide, reveillark (sorta), Kiki, conscripts, flametongue kavu, avalanche riders, luminate primordial

>> No.54790483

No, they aren't. They buy and sit on the cards, never actually playing with them. You know, that thing players do. And who gives a fuck about undercutting them? There's more money to be made in bringing in new players to other formats with a higher buy-in price than there is to keeping people who have already bought their shit happy.

>> No.54790488

>Seems more like they are trying to push new players towards standard right now.
>right now.
They've pushed new players to Standard since it was called Type 2.

>> No.54790494

mindclaw shaman is my homie

>> No.54790497

>Fuck, just make all of the reprinted ones count as proxies and illegal for tournaments.
You're retarded.

>> No.54790499

daily reminder that fast mana is cancer and should be banned

>> No.54790508

Good. Fuck "collectors", especially the ones that never even play.
I bet most of them sit around in jogging pants and no shirt and fap all day to their wall of environmentally sealed graded alpha Black Lotii

>> No.54790514

>>Collectors are somehow not players
A vast majority of collectors sitting on practically whole collections of reserved lists, owning several copies of dual lands, lotuses and other shit don't buy any of the new product anymore, because why would they when Wizard's isn't going to print anything for them anyway and they already have thousands of dollars in cards banked at home.

>> No.54790526


It's so funny how the best, most fun and most memorable games are always the ones where nobody plays Crypt or ring turns 1-3

>> No.54790537


>> No.54790542

Which led to a knee-jerk reaction from Wizards and has continued to hurt the best formats the game has to offer. Had they done a Chronicles-style reprint now, I don't think the reaction would be as harsh, "investors" are a minority nowadays. Shit, I'd love to play Vintage or more than 1 Legacy deck

>> No.54790547

>best, most fun, and most memorable
Real quantitative metrics there.

>> No.54790555

Adversely, things also get pretty good when EVERYONE rings on turn 1.

>> No.54790564

>Sliver Overlord
Close enough to accept, because honestly I doubt anyone would have guessed Legion.

>> No.54790575

>player suggests to ban Sol Ring for the group
>agree on it
>he brings a fully tuned Xenagod deck next session bringing Eldrazi on board consistently by turn 4

>> No.54790584

Yes. I run Ghave and while I do run Infinites(just to keep up with the local meta) I've discovered some pretty sweet combos.

Last night I pulled a fairly substantial board wipe/Grave Hate combo taking out everyone's creatures using Night Soil, Utopia Mycon, and Butcher of Malakir. A great alternative combo when everyone goes after Ghave.

>> No.54790589

Mistveil Plains + two white permanents is a good way to constantly cycle the Final Fortune. I had this combo in my Jor Kadeen deck.

>> No.54790594


I didn't say you couldn't disagree, I was speaking to the people who've had similar experiences to me, a sizable number of people

>> No.54790600

Hell, just imagine how sweet all your Commander decks would be if you could get dual lands for the price of a shock land or even as fetchlands.

>> No.54790614

>Hell, just imagine how sweet all your Commander decks would be if you could get dual lands for the price of a shock land or even as fetchlands.

it wouldn't really make a very big difference. this isn't legacy. you can play nothing but basics and it's actually fine.

>> No.54790621

I'm more amazed none of you saw that shit coming.

If someone suggests banning X card, it's always because there's hidden agenda to it. Note that it's not same as asking someone to tune down his deck or not run it, if it's too fast/powerful.

>> No.54790624

Tell that to my 5 color God tribal deck.

>> No.54790630

But that's wrong. My group actually had some really fun games where we went all out with our fast mana and more competitive combos. I wouldn't do it all the time because it doesn't make for long games, but it does lead to some tense games that seem like they could end at any time.

>> No.54790643

There's just so few reasons to run Legion over Overlord.
You can have a recurrable Coat of Arms as a Commander or you can have a card that can tutor at will and also steal opponents creatures if you tech in things like Unnatural Selection.
It's better for winning and it's better for fun.

>> No.54790646

I disagree, as a collector myself, it would be best if everyone had access to all the cards at a reasonable price, so it would be easier to collect them, not only me, but also other collectors.

They are looking after the big stores that buys shitton of boxes of boxes and makes profit out of it. They buy and sell cards that might spike or not in bulk as if they were stock market.

>> No.54790651

Wait, you people don't use proxies for over-priced cards in your groups?

The only people that ever opposed that were those who want to be the only ones with those cards.

It's EDH, it's meant to be enjoyed, not having some autists spend thousands on a casual format and still screech when they lose.

>> No.54790655

>Tell that to my 5 color God tribal deck.

"hey poorly constructed theme deck you could run less expensive lands if your owner wasn't a moron"

>> No.54790660

Yeah, we've since just started slotting it out when he's around and otherwise running it, since he's not playing with us on the regular anymore anyway and we'd rather save us the bitching and instead simply hate him off the board for so long that he needs to get his shit back together for a few turns.

>> No.54790669

I ran a Sliver deck with almost nothing but basics once.
You just need a lot of ramp and hope no one will apocalypse you or kill you before turn 6.

>> No.54790678


>> No.54790699

i don't really care about proxies but if somebody shows up with a 5000 dollar deck in proxies they are probably not a fun person to hang out with

>> No.54790715

Guys help

My meta is "turn creatures sideways" and as a creature-light combo player, I get fucked up unless I can pull a combo off. What commanders let me combat the Timmy menace?

>> No.54790724

Since we're talking about proxies for expensive cards, where do you get yours or how do you make them?

There's a handful of things I'd like to upgrade my decks with but some of it costs more than I'm willing to pay and I don't want to slap down the old "backwards card with scribbled sheet of paper" or "backwards card with shitty printed card image".
Any good tips on how to make some cheap and easy ones yourself that at least look acceptable and have the same shape/thickness as a regular card without gluing or anything like that? Buying from china with that shit is always such a hassle and can still end up pretty expensive with shipping.

>> No.54790725


It CAN be fun, but there's been too many games where somebody wins the dice roll and plays turn 1 Crypt + other mana rock and steamrolls the game

It's NEVER a bad game when everybody starts off at non-broken speed, everybody gets to play their cards and their decks get to do what they were built to do.

>> No.54790742

>tfw Gix will never get his card

>> No.54790745

Wizards needs to creat "Command Boosts," booster packs that contain everything everyone includes in their deck:

1x Sol Ring
1x Command Tower
1x Command Beacon/Sphere
12 assorted unique Tap-lands in Wedges, 6 unique Tap-lands in Dual, with 6 Full Art Lands.

And the rarity or value Tap-lands can shake things up a bit, maybe even throw in some Masterwork Sol Rings in there.

>> No.54790749

>where do you get yours
the Chinese peddler, though I haven't bought from him in a while and don't know what he has now

>> No.54790752

I run a Saskia Landfall deck with only slow fetches.
In the end, card quality matters as much as the playgroup power level.

>> No.54790754

Queen Marchesa

And give them Monarch. They'll be beating each others shit while you assemble. Run spot removal, too. Best colors for it and barely anyone expects it past Path to Exile/Swords.

>> No.54790758

That's what I keep hearing, but I'm gonna stick to my guns long enough to try Legion out. I'll have Overlord and Hivelord at least in the deck, so really I can change commanders up and if I like one of the others better, I'll probably change the deck up to fit it better. I also like the special snowflake points because nobody fucking runs Legion.

>> No.54790759

Start donating those steel golems with the goat mom, son.

>> No.54790761 [DELETED] 

Haha, OP, you seemed to have forgotten the Discord info. Here it is:

/tg/ EDH General Discord

Don't beat yourself up about it though. Just try to be less forgetful next time.

>> No.54790776

>It's NEVER a bad game when everybody starts off at non-broken speed, everybody gets to play their cards and their decks get to do what they were built to do.
There are plenty of times that doesn't happen in more casual games. It's not as often as someone may combo off in a more competitively tuned game, but it's easy to get screwed over in regular games nonetheless. I maintain that it's good to switch between both every now and then when one can manage it, but only if everyone is playing at the same level. The important part is that everyone in a group should play decks of a similar powerlevel.

>> No.54790782

Ensnaring Bridge and ways to tutor for it

>> No.54790784

Buddy I pimped out my Naya deck with original Dual Lands and let me tell you it does not add a significant increase over my Sultai deck.

There's so many dual lands now that it's impossible to be mana screwed these days even if you run the most budget of duals.

>> No.54790788


Oloro pillowfort

>> No.54790803


Even if everybody is in a similar power level, fast mana increases the variance in a negative way, there's just no consistent way to compete with fast mana unless you get your own, so every time the fast mana draws are distributed unevenly the game is ruined

>> No.54790880

Are you actually complaining about variance in a 100 cards singleton format?

>> No.54790906

>I don't get this. It's not like she is scene/goth, it's just a haircut

>> No.54790921

I mean, yeah. It's the makeup and the clothes in combination that make up the "scene" look. Nu-male isn't even a thing though.

>> No.54790950

From my LGS

>> No.54790951


It depends on the kind of variance. You can build your deck to consistently do something conservative, but there's nothing you can do to consistently beat fast mana except to have your own

If there was no fast mana, the variance would be all fun. It already is mostly fun since I don't have to deal with too much fast mana because of the variance. Fast mana is just gay as fuck, people who like it are fucking shit eating faggots, case closed

>> No.54790959

The thing is that Sol Ring helps everyone while not having is helps all Timmy decks able to cheat shit out fast, as demonstrated by >>54790575 and punishes people for not playing decks that don't need any mana to get shit done. For decks like those, drawing Sol Ring usually is at best a difference of playing their "finisher" by turn 3 or turn 4 while the others barely have enough mana for a counter or kill spell and could have had enough to establish something and still keep some open to take care of a threat.

>> No.54790970

>Fast mana is just gay as fuck, people who like it are fucking shit eating faggots
Fully subjective, but you have your opinion on it and I have mine.

>> No.54790974

He literally does have an undercut.

Sundial is an automatic inclusion in Innana decks

>> No.54790989

Eldorado meets tarzan meets akira movie when?

>> No.54791010

This is an important step in understanding the game. Wotc doesn't officially have a reserved list anymore but they absolutely enforce card prices and never tank the price of a card. The best they'll do is the rare reprint of something like Thoughtseize and the repeated reprints of Tarmogoyf that only serve to keep him stable at $100. Goyf has been $100 for a very long time and he isn't on the reserved list but can be assumed to hold his value.

>> No.54791015

>tfw I used to know someone in the LGS who looks almost like this and acts just as faggy.
>He doesn't play or pay attention to Commander products, is a Modernfag down to the core
I should give him a playset of each one and put it in a deck box and mail it to him.

>> No.54791031 [DELETED] 


I know man I'm just looking for (you)s

>> No.54791048

Have you tried a little of Humility?

>> No.54791053

Some people do, some people don't.

Go to a Vintage tournament and I guarantee you will see people playing with Beta Power. Eternal Weekend is in two months and there will probably be 150-200 people in the same hall playing together with real ABU Power in their $8000+ decks (+ a bunch of people cutting corners for budget reasons).

>> No.54791074



>> No.54791108

Someday he will. The scarier thing is that it could be a shit card.

>> No.54791132

It's tibalt's early years

>> No.54791147

How many legendary creatures and planeswalkers do you own?

I'm at ~200/~700 legends and 55/95 PWs

>> No.54791148


>> No.54791158

Why do people get their shit so twisted about Sol Ring that they'd ban it?

>> No.54791178

She's a RW walker, but that glowing chestplate bears little resemblance to the Boros signet.

>> No.54791204

>superfriends player
Nope. I have tones of legendary creatures but only a few planeswalkers. Most aren't even that good in EDH and the card type is cancer.

>> No.54791253

>Meren XP ticks up only at end step of each turn (she has to survive) and only if 2 or more creatures died that turn (no more lolsporefrog/sakuratribe) still gains XP for each other creature that died
>Ezuri has to CAST power < 3 to get XP

Commander 2015 precons are now balanced

>> No.54791260

Its a c with a hat, not a fist

>> No.54791285

people are wrong about sliver legion. there's little utility in slivers, it's better to just kill people.

>> No.54791317


>not per attacking creature

Not enough of a bribe

>> No.54791327

Going that route, you will want:
Tithe to get Mistveil Planes
Pull From Eternity to get back Glorious End from Exile
PureSteel Paladin for Free Equip
Leonin Shikari for Instant Equip
Sundial of the Infinite as an additional safety net for Glorious End/FF

>> No.54791351


>> No.54791354

Vanish into Memory

>> No.54791393

this could easily be a judge promo

>> No.54791404

Chrome Mox/Mox Diamon/Opal are fine. One forces you to build your deck a certain way in order to get anything out of it and the other two drop your handsize.

>> No.54791434

This art is atrocious

give me back art with character and appeal

>> No.54791440

>Moxes banned in EDH

What's the point of banning something 99% of players don't have?

>> No.54791455

Is it too much to ask to have reprints of the original invasion shard dragon cycle?

>> No.54791500

>chrome mox isnt banned
>mox opal isnt banned
nice try fag

>> No.54791510

>Gix returns
>Beats the shit out of Norn and becomes the new Father of Machines

We can only hope.

>> No.54791521

>Doesn't realize that chrome mox and mox opal aren't original moxen.

>> No.54791524

think he meant the p9 moxen

>> No.54791583

>implying Wizards won't have him check his Privilege and bend the knee to porcelain queen after taking his estrogen-enriched glistening oil bath

>> No.54791599

>A being capable of killing old walkers
>Losing to anything currently alive

>> No.54791623

>Wizards in charge of not fucking up their own lore

>> No.54791631

A mox is a mox

>> No.54791722

>1 free colored mana per turn for 1 card
>1 mana of any color for 2 cards
>1 mana of a particular set of colors for 2 cards
>1 mana of any colors with a condition for 1 card
Not all Moxen were created equal.

>> No.54791872

aren't you supposed to declare attackers and before announcing who you;re attacking give people the opportunity to respond to that? cause if you just say you're attacking someone without giving notice they can technically just respond knowing that theyre being attacked instead of another player??

>> No.54791884

The "collectors" we are talking about are guys that hoard tons of cards for profit - see: Rudy.

The actual collectors would probably like the cards to be cheaper so they can have everything the want without selling their apartment. I'm not planning on selling what I already have so the value doesn't matter anyway, it would still be cheaper in the long run than if the prices stayed the same.

>> No.54791929

Yes. Priority passes between each phase. So it would be completely fair to say, "Wait, I wanted to do something at the end of your PreCombat Main Phase"

This is also why I always say, out loud, "Combat" when I'm ready to end my PCMP.

>> No.54791984

You declare whom youre attacking in the declare attackers sub phase of combat. An attacker is a creature who has a target to swing at. its illegal to just say "I attack" without the follow up of a player unless youre moving to combat, and saying that to give the priority before combat starts.

>> No.54791990

>using tap lands

Basics are better if your meta is not extremely casual.

>> No.54792017

Skip beating the shit out of Norn, he's already Father of Machines on Elspeth's homeworld, which is why it fell at least a decade before the perfect breeding ground of Phyrexia known as Mirrodin.

... That's not technically canon but I'm running with it.

>> No.54792082

>Gix returns and finds all the Old Phyrexian worlds
>They still recognize him and follow him blindly

>> No.54792088

>Jace not only planeswalked away, he pulled off what only very few neowalkers pulled off
>time travel
>ixalan is the plane he travels to
>turns out it's actually ravnica
>1000~ years previous

>> No.54792104


sorry, i might be unnecessarily confused here but the moment you say "combat," do you need to declare who the blocking player or players will be? i realize you're saying it to let people know that first main is over but what i'm getting at is when precisely the defending player knows hes defending?

as i'm reading, that's the second part of the combat step. so you can say "combat" give people a chance to respond and then declare who is going to catch a beating. meaning once its time to say who is being attacked it's too late to respond to attack step.

i ask because some creatures have "defending player X" so if someone just shouts ATTACKING YOU! before declaring that combat starts you can technically respond to it cause you never knew combat step was coming.
as i see it, there's start combat, attack, block, damage, and end all part of combat step. so the moment you de

>> No.54792107

Go on, post the rest of those proxies.

>> No.54792110

I could actually see that work with the return to Dominaria, but it doesn't explain Vraska

>> No.54792117


>> No.54792120

Post 'em, friends

>> No.54792160

>>drawn like blacks
This. They already blackfaced persians, indians and egyptians, if they fuckers try to blackface mexicans and tumblr assfaggots still deny there being a nigger-pushing agenda I'll take a dump at WotC's door.

At least the PW does look native-american.

>> No.54792174


>> No.54792191

Stalin's haircut is different by a country mile and you know it.

>> No.54792211

>People went into open revolt
Yeah, the ten people who played at the time.
Nowadays there's 3 million players, 2.5 million don't even know the resserved list exist and 499,900 want it gone.

>> No.54792214

i don't have all of them, only a few.

>> No.54792235


>> No.54792238

Not at all. In Magic, no step of the game proceeds without each playing confirming that they have no new actions to perform (passing priority). Assuming its your turn (you're the Active Player), once you are ready to end your PreCombat Main Phase, it would be considerate to say "Combat" or "Moving to Combat?". This means that you are passing your priority in the PCMP to your opponents, who will in turn pass it provided they have nothing to cast/perform.

Once everyone passes as mentioned above, the game will then enter your Combat Phase. Priority passes again here before the Active Player (You) choose your attackers. Again, here is an easy way of passing priority before attacks are declaring: say "moving to attacks?" or "declaring attackers?" This will let the other players that you are passing priority and is their last chance to perform actions before attackers are declared.
This same cycle occurs after attackers are declared/before blockers are declared. For your opponents, it would be considerate of them to say "declaring blockers? or "moving to blocks?" so that you know you're being given a chance to act before they make their blocks.

These passings of priority are generally understood between players; however, being human, we sometimes forget or don't expect others to take action between these fleeting moments and rush ahead. It is perfectly fine to request backing up to game to the most recent point you should of recieved priority.

TLDR: If all else fails, just say what step of the game you're about to enter and request the same from your opponents. Its a game rule that all must comply with but this isn't a tourneyfag format so their really don't be any problem.

>> No.54792252


>> No.54792254

Don't have a picture yet and can't make one right now because phone but
Angel Tribal/Mono Waifu. Was considering to either go full tribal and replace Kaalia with that Mardu angel from her set or to break tribal and tune the deck to be competitive as I get shit on a lot since she draws a ton of hate while a lot of my angels are mediocre.
Random counter and peoliferate synergies. Also not very strong and mostly built from my Ezuri deck with a ton of +1/+1 counter things and some gimmicky things. Was thinking of going max meme with energy and charge counters but everyone already hates me off the table because they assume Atraxa = broken Spike bullshit
Still in planning, but probably just big stomoy Dinosaur Tribal with 5+ attack matters cards from Alara.
Wanted one of the new decks, the others didn't interedt me and she looks like fun shenanigans are possible while easily being able to be serious.

Overall, I feel like I have a tendency to run extremely busted Commanders in extremely inefficient ways and be hated due to prejudice because of it. Even my play group hates me off the board because they don't trust me. Just because I put Sage of Hourd into my Ezuri deck once when nobody expected my small stuff durdle to have such a strong combo.

>> No.54792269

and here's a spider-delver alter

>> No.54792271

It's because it would give a huge edge to the 1% that do, and you'd have to get a mortgage to optimize one deck. cEDH would be even more of a shitshow. Banning them only affects that tiny 1%, probably 0.1% really, that does have them, but unbanning them causes a lot more issues for everyone else.

>> No.54792297

>he uses more than two precon commanders

>> No.54792318

>He has 4 decks that use the same commander

>> No.54792328

R8 me

>> No.54792336

yeah, this has never been a problem its only with very specific cards. most of the time we say "attacking you with X" without going through each step. and we would respond without a problem but cards like kaalia depend heavily on who she's attacking so when you jump straight to "attacking you" one can say responding to you going into combat. had the player waited and done it properly it'd be impossible to respond knowing that you were the target.

>> No.54792341

My favorite. Thanks anon, fukkin' saved.

>> No.54792357

Would not play your Augustin deck but the others seem fine. Won't judge you for having a "fuck you" combo and restrictions deck because I understand the sentiment.

>> No.54792374

i have multiple versions depending on who im playing against on cockatrice

it really helps with not having to make real decisions. just copy and paste bro then a few key changes for that one dude that has that one deck that relies on the GY

>> No.54792392


>> No.54792399

I only put out arbiter if I know someone has a combo heavy deck, I understand what it's like dealing with stax

>> No.54792401

Which is precisely why players with those types of commanders/cards need to be prudent with the rules since it can legitimately gimp them if they forget.

>> No.54792413


>> No.54792435


>> No.54792438

>enjoy playing control
>do not enjoy winning through combo

I swear this is true suffering.

>> No.54792442

I think everyone who has any Vorthos in them has that one character they're super sad will never get a card.
>tfw no Jodah

>> No.54792460

>enjoy playing the most autistic strategy
>don't enjoy playing the most autistic wincon
0 pity

>> No.54792462

just kick a rite of replication or something

>> No.54792476

I just wanted this handsome bastard in the Vampire deck.

>> No.54792485

Winssurection/Mob Rule nigga

>> No.54792486

That's so dependent on what others play and whether or not I'll go and buy one of those cards.

>> No.54792487

I think you mean at least 20,000 years prior.
Original Ravnica block and Return to Ravnica block had a 10,000 year time skip between them, and the plane was already completely covered in City at the time of the original.

>> No.54792488

Thinking of picking up the kitty deck for utility cards in GW and to have a decent budget landbase ready when I get to craft Dino Tribal.

Good idea or bad idea?

>> No.54792506



>> No.54792507


>> No.54792513

I immagine this is the Tarkir Vampire they where talking about.

>> No.54792530

How did it not succumb to the sheer amount of poop generated on a daily basis?

>> No.54792544

Aaaand into Alesha you go

>> No.54792549

Good thing this dies to bolt.

>> No.54792559

>Ravnica block and Return to Ravnica block had a 60 year time skip

>> No.54792561

Yup, Tarkir vamps are based on Balinese Leyak.

>> No.54792567

Post list for the partners
Genuinely never seen this partner combo

>> No.54792584

Speaking of which I really hope we finally get to see Baron Sengir again in Dominara. Like fuck, his story has been left on a cliffhanger for 20 years now. Wizards pls.

>> No.54792591 [DELETED] 

And a depiction of Ranga, Queen of the Leyak.

>> No.54792595

How's the Kiki-Jiki/Zealous Conscripts combo work? Can you claim control of something you already own?

>> No.54792597


People should just eventually scoop once it's clear you can draw more than enough cards to answer everything they play. At that point you can win slowly with some planeswalkers, tokens, and big creatures. You only need a few in your deck.

>> No.54792599

>Dragon Breath
>Glistening Oil
>Illusionists Bracers
>Chandra's Ignition

My Licia deck is slowly coming together and it's gonna be probably subpar but still fun

>> No.54792610

I really want to try this. Tri coloured general with a shit land base is painful

>> No.54792613

And a depiction of Rangda, Queen of the Leyak.
Yes, Conscripts untaps Kiki, and you can copy it again, to make an infinite army of hasted Conscripts and win through combat damage.

>> No.54792621

I know that fucking feel. I took out aetherflux resevoir because the combos were just too sleezy

>> No.54792631

Yes. Tap jiki targeting the conscripts, then untap Kiki jiki with the conscripts ability so you can do it again.

Alternatively, great oak guardian will also do the same thing, but infinitely buff your board.

>> No.54792657

I haven't updated it in a few sets though. (mostly because I fucking hate the entirety of the lore of, and nearly every card in, Amonkhet block)

You're still ignoring that at the time of original Ravnica block the Guildpact was already 10,000 years old.

>> No.54792659

The only time I draw that ridiculously is when they leave Consecrated Sphinx around for a few full rotations. I never have that kind of crazy draw without it. And they always play it out till the bitter end.

Damn I need planeswalkers really badly.

>> No.54792668


>> No.54792674

The day you finally have all 10 fetchlands, shocklands, duals, checklands, fastlands, manlands and filters feels like an awakening.

>> No.54792676

Although I do have a Blightsteel Colossus that can get the job done if I can draw enough and keep enough mana there to make him never go away. Hmm

>> No.54792687

Baron Sengir is on Ulgrotha, not Dominaria.

>> No.54792694


Who is your commander?

>> No.54792695

That's a good word for it. Like I didn't really win, I was just fencing against a few people and no matter how much back and forth there was I just, at some point, pulled out a gun and blew their damn heads off.

So empty. First time I did it I realize I wasn't a spike

>> No.54792702

Whoever made that image forgot Smoke.

>> No.54792712

To the fact that you have a serious problem.

>> No.54792715

Grenzo and watch them kill each other.

>> No.54792717

>great oak guardian

Thanks. Also nah I specifically want Conscripts so I have a chance of Purphoros being a creature. My decks pretty low on red mana symbols.

>> No.54792725

Walkers are already cancer in the normal game. Why would you think it's any better in a format where you regularly have to wait through two or more additional turns?

>> No.54792727

I play a lot of Oloro these days but I've been looking for a UW alternative. It'd make my mana base easier and cheaper, maybe draw less insta hate because I have 4 more life than everyone else.

>> No.54792736

>12 cards
>many of them fuck me over just as hard as my opponents

>> No.54792746

I have a serious cash flow.

>> No.54792753

>I don't know how deck-building works: The Post

>> No.54792757

It's known as Stax, which is, indeed, a form of control.

>> No.54792761

For a wincon that isn't "tap 5, I win."

>> No.54792766


Imagine being this triggered by a haircut.

Cuckservatives, not even once.

>> No.54792769

>have 10 mana
>play Leveler
>exile with that new "everyone but one gets a copy" Sorcery
>everyone gets a Leveler
>everyone loses on-draw before it's my turn again
I will have fun with this card.

>> No.54792785

I want to make it MINE.

>> No.54792786

Man I'm real curious as to what Dominaria is going to look like after over a decade

>> No.54792800

Seeing as it's been between apocalypse after apocalypse for the past few millennia, mostly the same no matter what's happened.

>> No.54792801

Expect there to be no more male, white good guys and that every peotagonist will be female or female(male) like the last bunch of sets.

>> No.54792804

Rate me.

>> No.54792805

Fun tech for Steal-shit Scarab God?

>> No.54792812

And this is literally all red can muster. It definitely helps in some situations, but you'd be kidding yourself if you think a red control deck can hold a candle to actual control colors.

>i dont know how to formulate an argument: the post

>> No.54792813


>> No.54792821

The Invasion really fucked them up though. But places like Krosa are rebounding nicely

Great, love it, so long as drafting is fun and the legendaries are interesting

>> No.54792823

Whatever happened to that guy? Is he still cursed and running around on Innistrad/Ravnica?

>> No.54792830

In a multiplayer format, Walkers are only WinCons with Doubling Season.

Play MLD, a big X spell, or just accept that Control's wins are relegated to Combo.

>> No.54792837

>life total: 0

>> No.54792840

Post Shattergang list?

>> No.54792847

Hey man, there were plenty of black people in ancient Greece. And Mongolian tribes were definitely cool with chicks with dicks.

>> No.54792855

He's jumping around the multiverse killing random walker, last I heard.

>inb4 2 years from now comes back with trinkets from all kinds of one-shot walkers like Saheeli on his belt because he went and killed them all after the GW left

>> No.54792866


>> No.54792868

>argument meme

>can hold a candle to actual control colors
Nigger you're the one suggesting that Red didn't have control. Stop moving goalposts once you're proven otherwise

>> No.54792881


It's a little out of date, but not by much. The deck doesn't win, but it has fun. Half the joy is seeing how long until you're hated off the table.

>> No.54792888

>The Invasion really fucked them up though. But places like Krosa are rebounding nicely
The Planar Rifts didn't help anything.

Jace took the hedron from Ob Nixilis' head and stuck it in Garruk's. It halted the progress of the curse and prevented Garruk from becoming a demon, but he was actually enjoying murdering other Planeswalkers, so he has no desire to fully fix the curse and return to normal. Current status is still BG unrepentant Planeswalker hunter.

>> No.54792892

>big X spell

I've been doing that with Debt to the Deathless and it doesn't feel as slimy as straight up combo. At least I need to survive/have people beat each other down enough to not need massive amounts of mana to win with it.

I figure that some walkers can be wincons with they can't be answered and even if they're not crazy powerful they can do enough to kill people or make them scoop

>> No.54792893

Nah, somehow he ended up on Shandalar when Liliana was there after Innistrad looking for clues to gaining complete control over the Chain Veil, and Jace weaseled some other poor Walker to go to Zendikar and take the Hedron in Ob Nixilis' forhead out and go back to Shandalar and shove it into Garruk's chest to hold the curse stable.
The curse is still there, just no longer advancing or taking Garruk over.

>> No.54792901


Typed this long reply with a bunch of suggestions but I keep getting this error message "out system thinks your post is spam, please reformat and try again"

Don't know what to do, sad day for me

>> No.54792911

>take the Hedron in Ob Nixilis' forhead out
>this Reignites the Ob Nixilis
The irony is fucking delicious.

>> No.54792915

No, I suggested that red isn't a control color. Posting a few examples of red cards that have some negative effects on opponents doesn't make red a control color any more than Hornet Sting makes green a burn color.

But cool strawman.

>pointing out how you literally have no argument is a meme

Okay now that was funny.

>> No.54792918


Tamiyo ultimate is a great wincon in control

>> No.54792949

Is 14/30 of my creatures are artifacts and I have seventeen noncreature artifacts do you think Scrap Mastery is justified for my Kiki Jiki deck?

I wanted to fit a Mirror works in but I cant decide what to cut from the 5+ CMC.

>> No.54792957


Wait, Ob lost his spark again? Kinda feel bad.

I like lore and all but I find a lot of magic's lore articles really boring.

I like this idea, him going nuts and all. That's fun

>> No.54792958

No, taking out the Hedron just loosened up his shapeshifting and allowed him to regrow his wings. He stole power from the Hedron Network while the Allies were attempting to seal Ulamog, which he used to reignite his spark.

>> No.54792963

>Wait, Ob lost his spark again? Kinda feel bad.
No, that all happened before Ob got his spark back.

>> No.54792976


I mean invader parasite is one of the worst cards ever, so I would cut that for just about anything. Whether that should be mirror works is another story

>> No.54792979

He lost it, Jace took the hedron out, Ob did some fuckcrazy ritual and got his spark back, then summoned Kozilek

>> No.54792980

Would he have been able to do that without his shapeshifting and wings? The way I see it, things would have gone a lot better for them without that.

>> No.54792989

Really thinking about it though, this is true. What the hell other options do I have? If I'm not attacking to win, I need to be doing some kind of combo or big spell and if they both feel slimy then I'm just plain fucked.

I'll give Blightsteel a shot but keep a combo in there just in case. It'll be fun to try and keep him and myself alive for the few turns that are needed to close it all out.

>> No.54793002

I assume it's there since most Kiki decks have additional ways to clone, and so it's probably there to allow him to repeatedly exile any land he wants whenever he wants, by cloning it with Kiki.
It's not great, I'll give you that, but it's better here than normal decks.

>> No.54793003

felix best trap

>> No.54793010

>Greece plane is niggers
>East asia plane is niggers
>Eastern europe plane is niggers
>India plane is niggers
>Egypt plane is niggers
>Mexico plane is niggers
Wanna bet they'll market Dominaria having niggers as if it was breaking archetypes and there had never before been any black people in Magic ever?

They've been losing money since OGW, just like Marvel's been losing money since they killed Cyclops and replaced all MCU white male protags with women and POCs. The funding for agenda pushing must be billions, or maybe the cultural Marxism is so deeply ingrained now they don't even care if the company goes down, private property is white cishet opression anyway!

>> No.54793032

Yes. This is perfect for my "exiling my opponents shit before they get to cast it" monoblack deck.

Not even kidding.

>> No.54793042


True, playable I guess. And it gets better with other etb land destruction you might run in Kiki like avalanche riders because land destruction is sort of cumulative

Maybe I was too hasty, I just saw that other ability was terrible in edh

>> No.54793053

>Jamuraans are black
>Ghitu are gypsies
>/pol/tards lose their shit

>> No.54793061

>Wanna bet they'll Market Dominaria having niggers as if it was Breaking archetypes and there had Never before been any black people in Magic ever?
They already did this with Sidar Kondo in C16.
Pic related was Sidar Kondo back in the day when we were on Dominaria.

>> No.54793063

>Posting a few examples of red cards that disprove my argument by demonstrating Red's ability to run a stax-control shell is inconvenient, so I'll continue to spout bullshit in an attempt to conceal my glaring cognitive dissonance.

>> No.54793083

>They've been losing money since OGW

>> No.54793084

That's part of the point, Dominaria has always had a black population. But they'll still make a bunch of revisionist pandering articles about it being something new and "brave" just so they can keep tonguing tumblr's asshole for /leftypol/ good boy points.

>> No.54793087

Would Panharmonicon work with Edgar and Inalla's eminence abilities?

>> No.54793095

He looks brown. Isn't Jamuraa full of black and brown people?

>> No.54793099

i heard Indians were really mad there were so many blacks in that set. makes sense since they've racist as hell

>> No.54793106

Here's Teferi.
His ass.
No they won't, they'll point out that they've been doing it the whole time while your reactionary ass will claim that Magic used to be for good Aryans.

>> No.54793114

>Look at this new brave black protagonist!
>But WotC, he has always been black
It's Twilight Zone shit.

>> No.54793117

Inalla yes, Edgar no.
Inalla says "enters the battlefield", so yes there. (but only if she's on the battlefield. if she's in your command zone, no it won't)
Edgar just flat doesn't work since he says "cast"

>> No.54793121


Edgar's ability is on cast right? Whenever you cast a vampire, so definitely not him.

Inalla's ability is etb, BUT panharmonicon only affects the abilities of permanents you control, so it would only double her trigger if she is in play, not in the command zone

>> No.54793134

Thanks, I wasn't looking at Edgar's ability as I wrote the question, thought it was ETB.

>> No.54793154

Sidar Kondo is from Jamuraa, the part of Dominaria that Mirage block took place in, which is pretty much literally Magical Africa.

>> No.54793166

Are you trying to imply he wasn't obviously black "back in the day"?

>> No.54793176

Hasbro financial reports, WotC was down from Q1 2016 till Q1 2017.
It's either:
>Bubble popping, the market can't sustain continuous growth anymore
>Stores realized they weren't reprinting the enemy fetchlands in standard and stopped preordering like crazy
>Standard being so shit and flavor being so poisonous even normies aren't buying enough and concessionaires are returning unsold product
>All of the above

>> No.54793191

>here's a few more so now the color that is literally not associated with that playstyle at all is now a proud member of the group due to my cherrypicked examples
>i know we were talking about the color as a whole but i dont mind strawmen

>warstorm surge
>token producing cards

Oh yeah man, Rhys the Redeemed is control king. Just brutal.

>> No.54793205

Marvel's feeling the pinch right no (on the comic sales side anyway) but it's honestly hard to tell whether it's due to backlash or just horrible, horrible stories.

>> No.54793212

Don't forget
>WotC announcing that they're discontinuing the "golden ticket" masterpiece series for literally no reason, leading to even less preordering of material by stores

>> No.54793220

The two-set Block thing probably didn't help. Especially since they were testing out keeping the same number of Blocks in Standard without Core sets, meaning a much faster rotation, which had a massive negative backlash.

>> No.54793228


Good. Those things are an abortion.

Literally Murder.

>> No.54793230


Okay wait, hang on. If I'm gonna say fuck it and just win with a combo then really why bother with control? Why not just have a deck that's a massive amount of draw, tutors, and some counters to just pull off the combo ASAP and call it a game?

>> No.54793239

He's always been black but they tried to get progreshit good boy points when they revealed him and got upset when people pointed out he's always been black.
No shit, it's literally ethnic erasure, one of the most racist and "problematic" media issues the left loves to whine about all the time except when it's black people replacing other ethnicities.

>> No.54793245

You could doble Eminence by creating a copy of your Commander.
You then sacrifice the original, send it to the Command Zone and thus double the effect by having it both on your battlefield an Command Zone.

>> No.54793247



on top of Avalanche Riders I use Ravenous Baboons and Goblin Gardener.

With things like Panharmonicon and additional ways to make tokens the land destruction can really shut down land screwed decks, especially the more colors they use.

Besides Scrap Mastery my other two thoughts are Steel Hellkite or maybe Combustible Gearhulk but I like his ETB a lot.

>> No.54793257

>for literally no reason

The reason was that the Invocations were really half-assed and a bunch of people didn't like them. They were a really random swath of cards without a clear theme.

Basically, it proved too hard for WotC to do Masterpieces well enough that it wouldn't quickly be obvious to even the most trusting that it was just a stupid cash grab.

>> No.54793274

Magic pls no die

>> No.54793283

Didn't they say they will do them every once in a while when they have a decent idea?

Just not every set, right?

>> No.54793293

Not to mention they were ugly as sin and literally 95% of people said so straight to WotC's face.

But other than the visual design, they should've just reduced the overall number per set/block and gone with their original idea of removal based instants and sorceries instead of just throwing any random shit in.

>> No.54793298

>Hasbro financial reports
Looking at them now and I'm not seeing that. Franchise brands up in that time period.

>> No.54793325

Stax commander, let you wipes get rid of problem creatures while continually returning yours to maintain parity
>warstorm surge
once you've grinded everyone down, you need to actually kill them, see:
>token producing cards
>doesn't see the word "Storm"
Oh I am lafin

>i know we were talking about the color as a whole
>No, I suggested that red isn't a control color.

In this game, continual wipe/grind while breaking parity is what people with a brain call stax. Here, let me walk your Neanderthal mind through it: Stax is a Control Archetype. Red is a color that can play Stax. Red is a color that can play Control.

>> No.54793337

Dominaria and Ravnica both feel like they could easily support a Masterpiece Series: Legends thing, or Dominaria could even do a Masterpiece Series: Planeswalkers. Don't be surprised to see one of the printings of Teferi pop up on an $80 Masterpiece as we make our way back through Dominaria.

>> No.54793356

>Feldon stax
Oh jeez no dude what the fuck are you doing

>> No.54793360

>he thinks red isnt a control color
Bolt was so controlling it had to stop being printed. Its so controlling it affects players before a match even starts.

>> No.54793363

>Operating profit in the U.S. and Canada segment decreased 17% or $13.6 million, due to the anticipated decline in MAGIC: THE GATHERING revenue and certain higher expenses.

>> No.54793375

yes he's better in the 99 for the build daretti would be the actual stax commander

>> No.54793396

Masterpiece series of entirely Planeswalkers in Dominaria would move product like nobody's business.
And, by that logic, they won't do it because muh collectors, and WotC is far too stupid to do the smart thing.

>> No.54793414

Oh well. Good thing that Q2 shows that they're up for the half.

>> No.54793417

How long is the average player retention for MtG? A big part of this could be the "average" players they got during Innistrad, RtR, Theros, etc. finally falling off.

>> No.54793432

Post yfw you open a Masterpiece series Karn Liberated.

>> No.54793441

>the color with Stone Rain doesn't have Control elements

>> No.54793448

Speaking of Karn, I wonder what the chances are he'll be showing up on Dominaria.

>> No.54793450


>> No.54793460

Could be. Wasnt there a huge player boom around then too?

Standard is also a big mover and it was complete dogshit for a long while a few months back, so likely people weren't buying.

>> No.54793467

He'd better not, because it means he's either given up on Mirrodin, which is just the sort of thing for Sadbot to do, or that he's already beaten down Elesh Norn, which would leave us without best girl.

>> No.54793476

Scars, OG Innistrad, RtR, and Theros had some of the best appeal and biggest player increases of any recent sets or blocks. Most of the others had little to no appeal.

>> No.54793478

Very high. It's his homeplane, after all. We also haven't seen anything of him since New Phyrexia.

He could be going for reinforcements.

>> No.54793484

Or he could be going to the one plane that has more experience fighting Phyrexia than any other for some prep work.

>> No.54793496

God I hope so. It'd feel right, considering he's one of two characters from the era of Magic where it was all Dominaria. Him and Bolas are holdovers from another era

>> No.54793505

>Hey man, lemme just leave the multiverse's most resilient and fastest growing threat alone for a bit, gotta pop over and see Jhoira, I mean, find some reinforcements.
Fucking genus.

>> No.54793515

yfw Karn goes back home and brings back the squad
Are all of the 9 titans confirmed dead?

>> No.54793535

Post yfw you open a Masterpiece Radha, Keldon Warlord

>> No.54793536

Before BFZ, 2 years. After BFZ 15 months.
Might be because of the constant stupid bans in Standard tho.

Magic is super fucked right now. From BFZ to AMK they lost 35%+ revenue and 20%+ operation costs which is why they put down Duels.
The numbers are slightly out of context by themselves, BFZ was the historic peak in Magic sales and going down 30% from there puts them at ISD-RTR numbers, they're not at Fallen Empires levels of unsustainability but nowadays that companies consider not making one million more than yesterday a complete failure, Hasbro must be pissed as fuck at WotC's performance.

I wouldn't even be surprised to see more cartoony art, waifus and much less leftist propaganda if Unstable performs positively. PoC protagonists and #resist storylines may be "in" with the manchildren of today, but the people who actually buy shit want cartoons, tits and simple good vs evil good times as demonstrated by Blizzard and Riot.

>> No.54793544

Hey questions for an EDH newbie with some greentext:
>long time player but new to EDH
>bought my buddy the anthology and we played a few times
>After scoffing at it for so long realize i love the format
>start crafting some decks but realize Meren is my waifu and have my friend give me the precon out of the Anthology
so my questions are:
If I play Endless One or Walking Ballista (or any pure X creautres) do they hit the battlfield then go to they graveyard and are they eligible for a 0 experience reanimate to die again for a total of 2 counters?
Should I run Ezuri, Claw of Prgoress with Meren? It seems strong enough that even if it doesn't support any specific deck theme the value should be good.
And last question, are there any cards in the precon that definitely need to get replaced and if so, what are they?

>> No.54793553

Yeah. Windgrace ceased to exist when the rifts were closed, so he's the only one who could theoretically come back.

>> No.54793558

That sounds like it would work fine
>Cast Ballista for 0
>Dies as a state-based action, get a counter
>Reanimate in end step
>Enters as a 0/0
>Dies again

>> No.54793608

Just taken from the wiki:
>But, before facing the rift he performed a spell, and claimed that he had fused his spirit to Urborg, and thus he would watch over it.

>> No.54793610

Tevesh Szat killed Daria and Kristina, Yawgmoth killed Guff and Bo Levar, Urza killed Taysir, Tevesh Szat, and himself, and Windgrace and Freyalise killed themselves closing rifts. All 9 are donezo.

>> No.54793615

>Bo Levar
>Commodore Guff
Died in Yawgmoth's death cloud.
Killed by Tevesh Szat.
Died to heal the Skyshroud Rift.
Killed by Urza.
>Tevesh Szat
Killed to power the Soul Bombs.
You should all know that one.
>Lord Windgrace
Died to heal the Urborg Rift.

>> No.54793623

I redact my statement on Ezuri, thought he was B/G not U/G

>> No.54793638

Yes, you can reanimate them, they have a CMC of 0. You can't run Ezuri with Meren, Meren has a BG color identity and Ezuri is UG. If you meant Ezuri, Renegade Leader, then still no, there are just better effects.

>> No.54793643

Bo Levar is dead because he sacrificed everything he was to shield a colony of merfolk from Yawgmoth's Death Cloud.
Daria was killed by Tevesh Szat.
Freyalise sacrificed herself to seal the Time Rift over Skyshroud.
Commodore Guff was killed directly by Yawgmoth's Death Cloud.
Kristina of the Woods was also killed by Tevesh Szat.
Taysir of Rabiah was killed by a device Urza implanted inside him because Taysir turned mutinous when he learned Urza knew Tevesh would betray them.
Tevesh Szat was killed by Urza by using Tevesh's essence to power the Soul Bombs they planted in Phyrexia. (illustrated in Pernicious Deed)
Urza died activating the Legacy Weapon, and his spark became Karn's.
Lord Windgrace is still alive, but his essence is fused with Urborg itself, and so he is tied there as its watcher.

>> No.54793673

>turned mutinous
>Urza, you just *let* Daria and Kristina die? You're a monster!
>Would a monster have put a KILL SWITCH IN YOUR ARMOR!?
Fucking Urza man. Real villain all along.

>> No.54793703

This, Taysir could have beaten him but let himself die because he was tired of his shit and planeswalkers in general.

>> No.54793708

Nah, Urza just knew that you always have to have back up plans and contingency plans (like having the killswitch in Taysir in case he turned mutinous)
Plus he knew that you must always plan to win, no matter the cost.

>> No.54793766


New thread

>> No.54794375

>those goalposts are running on their own

>i know we were talking about the color as a whole
>No, I suggested that red isn't a control color.
>this is a contradiction

Phew. I honestly think you're trolling at this point.

Previous post quite literally says it has control effects but isn't a control color. Try reading.


>> No.54796462

Having Approach of the Second Sun as a finisher has done wonders for my azorius deck.

>> No.54796898

>metal armour


>> No.54796927

we wuz metallurgy and shiiet

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