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But where does Iron come from?

>> No.54641732

So Vulkan would be hot and bitter?

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I don't know if this has been posted here but enjoy

>> No.54641735

from the blood of course
which makes them khorne worshipers

>> No.54641739

Can't you have basilisks AND run with Iron Warriors keyword?

>> No.54641744

No, Vulkan is warm and cozy.

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>genius ancient primarch and his legion outruled by a dimwit dead primarch and his shitty bananas

>> No.54641753

There was a complete write up in the last thread

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>Can't even construct a trap right

>> No.54641761

Hot and BLACKer

>> No.54641765

Don't forget

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One thing has been bugging me, since one of the most common homebrews is to make 40k "alternating activation" (Bolt Action 40k, etc).

How come GW still uses strict IGOUGO anyway, after seeing so many competitors out there? I mean, they made close combat a pseudo-alternate system but everything else is still clunky as fuck.

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>iron warriors get shit legion trait
>AND it's just a less useful version of the IF setup
>AND the special stratagem is just IH tactic
>AND their warlord trait is useless except for goddamn cultists
>AND their rules are crappier EC stuff

Lmao, ironlets cucked again.

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from honor

>> No.54641786

>failed so hard at taking the imperial palace that is cost them the heresy

>> No.54641787

Fake news/10

>> No.54641791

TFW you play Iron Warriors and your best bud plays Imperial Fists.

Cover was overrated anyway.

>> No.54641795

Saving it for 9th edition

>> No.54641798

>friends with a fist
I'll make sure to destroy your hellforge, you are no son of Perturabo

>> No.54641799

So what's the max negative Night Lords can realistically get on a unit now? -3?

So say, do 3 casualties. Have 2 units within 6" and maybe Raptors or something. So -6 to morale, most things are leadership 7-8. So...average around 2-3 extra casualties after morale?

Eh, not great.

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Mainly I think it's about overall game speed in a system with such a high model count. And melee combat does use alternating activation now.

>> No.54641810

You would have thought that the Iron Cage would be UM v. WE considering one's space Rome and the other is space Spartacus

>> No.54641812

Are regular terminators worth it now? They're only 40 points

>> No.54641816

Well this is fucking wrong already

>> No.54641819

Don't forget that the Iron Warriors lacked the balls to finish the job.

>The battle should have favoured the treacherous trench-fighters, but the Imperial Fists endured. They countered every ambush and fought their way out of every trap. Rogal Dorn was a colossus who personally turned back attack after attack. Ammunition expended, Brothers fought in half-flooded trenches with combat knives, giving and expecting no quarter. Eventually it became apparent that the Iron Warriors could not finish them. For all their skill and ferocity, the Iron Warriors lacked the faith to make the ultimate sacrifice that victory demanded. While they paused, the Ultramarines intervened; Guilliman had decided that Perturabo's destruction was not worth the loss of Rogal Dorn and had brought his Chapter to drive off the Iron Warriors.

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I hope you have tall LOS blocking terrain in your collection.

>> No.54641824

Friendly reminder that conscripts are still more scared of the commissar's pistol than marines who've spent 10,000 years perfecting the art of being spooky.

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Terminators are forever shit

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>How come GW still uses strict IGOUGO anyway, after seeing so many competitors out there?

None of their competitors are doing better than them.

>> No.54641836

99% of them are retarded.
>How come GW still uses strict IGOUGO anyway, after seeing so many competitors out there?
That's like saying MTG is legitimately a competitor to World Series of Poker.

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>literally says they weren't finished off because Perty enjoyed Dorns suffering.
>Imperial version of this story claims it's because the IW couldn't kill a bunch of wounded bananas

Uh huh, sure.

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Well since FW made it so Warpsmiths / Helwrights cannot repair Hellforged vehicles I am not sure if I even need it anymore.

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Have strenght, Iron Warrior.

>> No.54641843

Shooting Termies are pretty good for teleport assaults. TH/SS Termies are strong in melee, but getting them there can be a bit awkward.

>> No.54641852

Try to fit Butcher Cannons in for another -2Ld.

And depending if Night Lords must be Markless or not you can grab an Icon of Despair for another -1.

Also depending on new powers, you might be able to build a Witchfire Sorcerer with Warp Gaze + New Power to snipe out Ld boosting characters.

Spawns also reduce by -1

>Overall I find Night Lords one of the most fun new Legion Tactics.

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So it's a pretty useless trait :(

>> No.54641854

>TH/SS Termies are strong in melee, but getting them there can be a bit awkward
Land Raider

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Wait, when did that happen?

>> No.54641859

>We could have totally killed them at any time

Best boy Bob is impartial and knew that they were going to destroy each other.

>> No.54641864

Thats why your assault termies are from the best chapter.

>> No.54641869

You can take a Renegades Battallion which is like 180pts before adding a Basilisk but they wont be Iron Warriors

>> No.54641873

Don't worry, rumours suggest you can pay 1CP to give one unit the same ability that raven guard and alpha legion have always-on across the whole army.

>> No.54641876

>TH/SS Termies are strong in melee, but getting them there can be a bit awkward.
>Raven Guard Terminators sneaking up through the Shadows to start the game 9" away.

>> No.54641878

Is there any reason to spend $60 CAD more on a forgeworld knight instead of just getting a Crusader?

Looking at their forgeworld knights they don't even really look as good as the normal GW knights.

>> No.54641882

I'm told the Iron Warriors get 6+ FNP now.
Is this correct?

>> No.54641890

>I could have trusted my "sons" as I called them despite seeing them only as tools and been open with them about my plans and prevent them from becoming resentful as human beings are wont to do

>> No.54641891

Deep striking is good, at the very least they'll tank half an army's worth of fire before dying OR actually punch something.

What about thinderfire cannons? Seem kinda fun

>> No.54641897

Bullshit, Fuck you GW, let me have my god damn basilisks

>> No.54641900

Latest FW FAQ, models with the Machina Malifica rule cannot be repaired , so basically every Hellforged vehicle afaik.

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Can I make an effective army of Burna Boyz and Tankbustas? When will I get a Promethium Ork Tanker that extends Flamer ranges and auto explodes when it drops to 0 wounds

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A thing I've been liking to do is deep strike termies into cover in rapid fire range of their front line, shoot them up, maybe lose 1-2, then teleport them back to my deployment next turn with a homing beacon. It's really fucking disruptive to suddenly have to deal with these terminators in front of them while the rest of my army moves up.

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>> No.54641912

Have faith word bearer >>54641882
As a strategem yes

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Is there some rule that anything that might be neat or cool for chaos has to be ruined and made unviable so that they get steamrolled by everything? God damn

>> No.54641915

Only if they spend a command point

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>> No.54641920


I wanna remove a head from a model but the glue's being stubborn. Will leaving it outside for an hour or two then tossing it in the freezer overnight help remove the sonuva bitch?

>> No.54641926

The issue is that assault vehicles no longer exist. So the Termies still have to get out at the start of movement and hoof it there themselves with 5" movement.

The re-rool is indeed nice. Although I'd probably still want shooting Termies in the teleport assult too.

They can do that anyway by teleporting. The RG strat is more useful on Agressors.

>> No.54641927

I remember old WDs with converted IW Basilisks.
It was a simpler time.

>> No.54641933

GW confirmed to fucking hate IW so much that they copy and pasted their fucking legion trait from the IF chapter tactic

Sometimes I wonder why I fucking bother with this hobby when the only things GW cares about is giving Marinefags the best and most unique shit.

>> No.54641936

What was the Dark Angels big secret again?

>> No.54641942


Well of course the battle was self destructive, its not like either the IW or IF got any bonuses from cover

Shit was probably like one of those 17th century battles where both sides would just take it in turn blasting each other in the face

>> No.54641946

They were bad enough that GW buffed them between the index and the codex. I'm still sceptical.

>> No.54641951

Nope, unless you're fighting a monster mash, in which case the Atropos is funny as hell.

The Styrix is *okay* as the hits like a truck and potentially gets even more shots, and the castigator can fuck up shit with his gear, but generally no.

Styrix is the only worthwhile one, though I love the look of them all. Mageara is just pathetic

>> No.54641952

>Fleshmetal Exoskeleton is back with a 2+ and auto-heal per turn for DPs
Fear my erection, for it is iron.

>> No.54641953

I remember when WD wasn't basically an expensive monthly catalogue of the latest GW products.

>> No.54641960

You must be old as fuck then

>> No.54641962

>IW and IF both autists about sieges
>But their special rule should be different to reflect that they're the same shit in different colours.

>> No.54641963

Have you tried being friends with it first?

>> No.54641968

Hi, welcome to 40k, please refer to the receptionist and she will point you to the correct complaints department, Green Cucks, Pointy Cucks, Tranny Cucks.....

>> No.54641969

Chadmarines have really gown on me, I'm sort of tempted to pick up the loyalist half of Dark Imperium now

>> No.54641974

I lost 7 tons in a month with this one weird trick a Catachan housewife found that the Ecclesiarchy don't want you to know.

>> No.54641976

It didn't start to shift that way until the mid 90's. Usually the first few pages were HERE'S THE NEW STUFF ISN'T IT COOL and the preceding pages were FUCK YEAH HOBBY

>> No.54641977

They're super gay.

>> No.54641984


Thanks anon.

Who rocks Butcher Cannons? FW Dreads only?

>> No.54641988

Admittedly, that's pretty cool
Chaos Lords and Daemon Princes are great for us now.

>> No.54641993

But what's the sauce with those double dudes

>> No.54641999

They show conversions and such all the time since they switched back to monthly from the shitty weekly version. The recurring Blanchistsu feature for example.

>> No.54642000

It's not hate. Hate implies caring in some way. It's pure and simple laziness/apathy

>> No.54642001

Didn't X-Wing report better results than 40k recently, or is there more numbers/behind the scenes stuff at play there?

>> No.54642002

The Rock.

>> No.54642007

That's litteraly what current WD is.
Conversions, painting tips, batreps, all of it.

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>> No.54642010

So last night I made a post debating what I should start with (WE, WB, EC, DE, or orks). Thanks for the replies. If the whole NPC thing is just a tg meme (idk, someone said it to me in the store), then I don't mind it much. I'm pretty sure I don't want to paint a hoard of orks, and I dont think I can afford FW world eaters.
The only thing keeping me from going WB over EC is that I don't know how they'll play yet, and I don't understand the concept of chaos undivided. How do they receive favor? Are some of their dudes all nurgle-ish while others are slaaneshi?
Dark eldar are also still on the table. I just don't know too much about them.

>> No.54642014

Of course X Wing will do better, normies Fucking love star memes.

>> No.54642016

Can someone post that cool tutorial on painting Alpha Legion armor with thin layers above a metalic primer ? Saw it a while ago and forget to save it

>> No.54642022

Just wait for the CSM codex to find its way to the MEGA. Make your legion choice then.

>> No.54642027

I have over 8k points of Orks, and no Trukks. Post looted counts as Trukks??

>> No.54642028

The reports your reffering to is only 3rd party sales in NA (which is a small part of GW sales, while 3rd part sales are the vast majority of xwing sales) and is also a couple years old now.

>> No.54642033

Indeed, dubsman. I play Thousand Sons mainly so seeing the bonus tzeentch power is pretty nice there.

Yesterday's power had Mark of Slaanesh on it too, I'm willing to bet the marks now just give you a power to use if they're psykers, with maybe Khorne's being an ability.

>> No.54642035

Better results as in what?

>> No.54642038

X-Wing had better sales in NA from independent stores. GW does most of it's business through its own stores.
X-Wing also has Star Wars brand power in a time where Star Wars is being heavily marketed for the new movies.

>> No.54642039

You know, that doesn't look half bad

>> No.54642045

It is a meme. But anyone who tells you Space Marines aren't favored on the release schedule and in the fluff overall is fucking lying to you.

>> No.54642050

You kidding? It's just baby carrier 2.0, its far too thin

>> No.54642057

That helmet on the right one is cute

>> No.54642058

At least now it doesn't look like the chadnought skipped leg day


>> No.54642062


Horus heresy was able to pull this off pretty well

>IF get BS 5 with bolter weapons and stubborn when in forts, get proto crusaders and special breachers for defending positions
>IW get immunity to morale from shooting, BS 5 tankhunter Havoks that give -1 to enemy cover saves and terminator squads all with missile launchers
>IF RoWs are about getting super tough infantry or launching coid boarding assaults
>IW RoWs are about using a combined arms force with lots of expendable dudes who storm positions or bombing the hell outta the other guy

These aren't perfect or necessarily play out amazingly on the TT, but they're fluffy and thematic and represent different aspects of the same subset of grinding attritional warfare

>> No.54642072

Looks like any Chaos Dread variant may take a Butcher Cannon weapon

>> No.54642076

At least it has some bloody front armour.
But yeah stick an X-NUMBERS label to it and file some edges and it's fucking Tau tech.

>> No.54642086

Na, vehicles have them too. It has to do something else.

>> No.54642087

So here's my current plan for my Iron Fists primaris successor chapter, 2000 points

Captain in gravis armor and Armor Indomitus
Power sword Lt with Burning Blade
5 stalker intercessors with GL + power sword
10 bolt rifle intercessors with GL + power sword
10 bolt rifle intercessors with GL + power sword
3 flamer aggressors
5 rapid fire hellblasters
6 assault bolter inceptors
Redemptor with macro plasma, onslaught cannon, 2 storm bolters
Repulsor with TL lascannon, lastalon, onslaught cannon, 2 storm bolters, 2 fragstorms, 2 krakstorms, icarus rocket pod, ironhail heavy stubber

>> No.54642090

HH is fluffy as fuck but only because it has tons of USR.

GW doesn't want their core products to become bogged down with that shit, and I'm inclined to agree with them.

>> No.54642100

Imperial Fists, whoops.

>> No.54642103

>3++r1 Magnus
>2++ Whats'his'name
>4++ Rubrics and Tzaangors

Hot damn.

>> No.54642109

So... can Kor'sarro Khan no longer ride a bike?

>> No.54642112

HH is also dead as fuck now

>> No.54642121

Oh shit really? I didn't remember. Well either way, I can't wait to find out but I gotta wait probably another few months for my own TS codex. Ho hum.

>> No.54642123

>Iron Fists
Banana Within, Banana WIthout.

>> No.54642137


> TFW Word Bearers Legion trait looks pretty damn useless

I had a feeling they would get shafted, but come on. Being a legion of religious demon-worshiping zealots gives them a mostly inconsequential leadership rule?

>> No.54642143

Oh I totally figured that out from day 1. That's why I already hate them and won't use them.

>> No.54642147

Do you mean figuratively (because of 8e hype) or literally? (RIP Alan Bligh)

>> No.54642151

>"Hi dad, it's me, Perturabo."

>> No.54642161

You and me both. All is dust, brother.

>> No.54642166


Ok, so -7 to 8ish if you do 3 casualties, hit with a Butcher Cannon and have 2 units (with a spawn) within 6".

Not terrible, then it's pretty much straight dice on how many they lose. That could be pretty devastating on expensive units.

>> No.54642169


Guy who made that edit here: I might actually try that conversion when I have a little more free cash floating about.

The main thing it fixes is the over-wide stance making the legs look undersized and causing a weird double-shoulder effect with both square and round shoulders. It also makes the reference to the rogue trader dread more obvious.

I will admit it looks less like a boxy-dread, but on the other hand that might be a good thing in a way? Make it look like someone tried to reinvent a Contemptor without any notes, cobbling it together from stuff the modern imperium can make and having to settle for a less elegant look and no shield generator.

>> No.54642170


Because MagicJuggler, GW is outselling those competitors like 3/1.

>> No.54642173

>IW just had plain yellow patches on their armour until someone thought they were in IF chapter
NO COLOURS ANY-MORE I WANT THEM TO-Oh shit we've only got half the black paint we need.

>> No.54642184

Flamers aren't HORRIBLE. That said, basically everything else is a better option outside of trying to fight overwatch.

>> No.54642188

Use legacy captcha, don't ask, just do it.

>> No.54642193

Damn I just got really nostalgic looking at that pic. Don't quite know why.

>> No.54642194

I can see where they were going with it, paring rerolls with dark apostles standing near cultists. The problem I keep experiencing is cultists tend to die in numbers so high that no leadership score is going to keep them on the board.

>> No.54642195

Between the shit range, the random nature and the cost. You are better of spamming Storm Bolters than trying to make flamers work in anyone that can't move 10"+ on their own.

>> No.54642197


There's a points cost for it and everything.

>> No.54642200

Yes, but mostly the former. Which sucks, I actually quite liked it. But now that it's stuck in crappy 7th rules, there's no reason to play it.
Has FW realized they made a grave mistake and back tracked on the whole not switching to 8th thing yet?

>> No.54642201

I guess you could use the IW warlord trait?

>> No.54642219

It's what I'm here for, I'm glad I could help someone.

>> No.54642228

>Can't move 10" on their own

>> No.54642229

>Plasma plasma plasma plasma plasma plasma plasma plasma

Are we sure the Primarch who returned wasn't actually the lion?

>> No.54642233

>MoT units get +1 inv' or a straight up 5++

Not bad at all, especially if marks stay a free bonus (which I doubt but hey, let's dream).
Also, 3++ Tzeentch Leviathan ? Yes please.

>> No.54642243

I'll hold off on that until I see some strategems for Word Bearers. I expect that with a lack luster legion trait they will get some baller strategems and war gear that lend themselves to keeping cultists on the board.

>> No.54642252

wtf i love tzeentch now

>> No.54642261

It's a psyker power

>> No.54642262

Page number? Didn't see it in the new codex.

>> No.54642265

Now you'll get a 6+ armor from anything that matters to match your 6+ fnp strategem, gratz

>> No.54642268

>tfw traitors can't have double grav bombard


>> No.54642274

Our time will come and it will be magical

>> No.54642275

We can now. See the latest FW FAQ.

>> No.54642276

What should I paint the main body of my Cyclopses? My Guard are Grey/Blue but I don't think a normal grey would work well.

>> No.54642278

Yhea I know, but given that you play TS at least half of your shit is a psyker anyway.

>> No.54642299

We can tho.
it was fixed in FAQ

>> No.54642313


Having MoT just makes you a legal target for the psychic power, just like the Slaanesh one.

>> No.54642319

I dunno. I think they were caught off-guard by 8th. Considering how much they botched the Imperial Armor updates (Tau Manta had a gun it cannot fire), I don't blame them for wanting to play it safe with their flagship product.

>> No.54642331

Laugh at the Ironlets.


Also will CSM get objective secured?

>> No.54642340

Make it a sombre grey then

>> No.54642342

Does the hive tyrant kit come with monstrous rending claws, I can't see them in any of the photos, and why is there only one bonesword foot

>> No.54642345

Chaos Levi has a 5++ vs Ranged for some reason and costs more, 4++ and heals in melee though

>> No.54642346 [DELETED] 


>> No.54642356

According to Spikeybits yes

>> No.54642357

Use the index entry.

>> No.54642358

So is the Alpha Legion trait good

>> No.54642365

>and costs more
Perhaps because it heals for every slain unit??

>> No.54642373

Relic Contemptor with multi melta, cyclone missile launcher and chainfist, what palm of the hand weapon best supports this?

>> No.54642386


And has +1 attack.

>> No.54642388

Just non-overwatch kills in the Fight Phase, there's probably a better spend of 353pts if you want a melee beater

>> No.54642395

Graviton gun

>> No.54642398

Hmm, what if the Thousand Son's legion trait is 'each psychic power can be cast two times'.

Not sure they'd do it though, since it only works for match play.

>> No.54642400

How many units have you slain by crushing them beneath the treads of a Baneblade, fellow guardsmen?

>> No.54642402

Is that allowed, now that the codex is out?

>> No.54642411

They actually have the best Primarch, the others just had way better PR teams.

>> No.54642428

Not canon.

>> No.54642433

Yep, same with dreadnoughts using autocannons

>> No.54642452

Sure hope it's worth it

>> No.54642469


I can't believe the day finally came when taking Autocannons on a dreadnought was actually a good idea.

>> No.54642478

You can almost hear the collective fapping noises coming out from GWHQ

>> No.54642486

Getting enough different psychic powers so that all Sorcerers have something to do each psychic phase would be nice.

>> No.54642487

Is this sarcasm?

>> No.54642488

none yet in 8th. but i once crushed Mortarion with a Typhon which was sweet

>> No.54642490

Please kys and trouble this board no more

>> No.54642493

>It's wank now that my Legion isn't the best!

>> No.54642500

>I can't believe the day finally came when taking Autocannons on a dreadnought was actually a good idea.

Rifledreads were pretty popular in 5e.

>> No.54642501

I think the main issue is that FW thought that people liked HH because it's a legitimately good ruleset, rather than is being popular because it was better than 7th. Now, when a better 40k ruleset has came along, people have dropped HH and gone back to 40k, and FW is left in the dust because they didn't understand what people actually wanted. What's real sad is seeing the people in /hhg/ who try to defend the decision to stay with 7th, or who say that 8th is only drawing people away right now "because it's new"

>> No.54642502

Indeed. Unless you can move fast by your own means, flamers are utterly useless.

>> No.54642504


How does this address with the other dude said in any way, shape or form? You aren't shitposting are you?

>> No.54642508

>implying GW hasn't been fellating the Ultramarines since time immemorial

>> No.54642513

Every legion was the best at something. Ultramarines just happened to be the best at being the best at everything :^)

>> No.54642515

Yea, it's not like it hasn't been a part of the lore since 2e with the original Codex Ultramarines that stated flat out that they were the most successful legion, period, and it wasn't until the later Index Astartes that said anything different.

>> No.54642523

Oh hell yeah, I would also love Ectomancy and Telekinesis back.
I loved the idea of those two disciplines.

>> No.54642526

Yes, Anon. Anything not in the codex but in the Index, you use the Index.

>> No.54642531

People around here have short memories, see >>54642478, for example.

>> No.54642533

The BRRRRT Redemptor Dreadnaut looks pretty fun.
For 202 points, you get the Heavy Onslaught cannon, the Onslaught Cannon and 2 storm bolters. 18 S5 shots per turn, at 2 Rapid 2 S4 because why not.

>> No.54642534


I wonder why you bother too. Fuck off Perturabo, you won't be missed.

>> No.54642540

>tfw this upsets those same people who have being crying that they bought the index for nothing now that the marine codex is released so quickly.

>> No.54642561

But the gaint oversized plasma cannon is the only thing tempting me to get one. If only the redemptor dread itself wasn't so ugly ...

>> No.54642570


They were fucking garbage last time around. Most improved dread weapon by a long shot: Doubled rate of fire, doubled damage, and AP4 actually does something.

>> No.54642588


Don't forget your shitty sky autocannon.

>> No.54642596

7th edition wasn't the only one, anon.
They were good in 4e-6e, especially in 4e when only DAs got the mortis platform.

>> No.54642599

That's what? 6 heavy bolter marines?

Not that special. You get a fully kitted out predator for less than that.

>> No.54642619

>Good in 6th

If they weren't good in 7th they weren't good in 6th kiddo.

>> No.54642624

Andy Hoare is one of the main FW writers, and it shows. He is the guy that did 3.5 Witch Hunters after all. The HH and 7e FW books were all cool even after relative power levels (Ordnance Tyrant gunlines), but because they were extremely Your Dudes. Stuff like Corsairs being multiple feuding Coteries banded under the will of a maniacal Corsair Prince, who had a character-defining obsession, which would reflect in the army (s)he commanded? That's cool stuff. That's narrative-forging, far more than "Random Warlord Traits hurr".

>> No.54642629

Getting something that lets aspiring and occult sorcerers do anything at all would be nice.

>> No.54642643

Cool, thanks.

>> No.54642660

I've seen a huge surge in people fielding almost entirely mono-slaanesh Daemons with supplementary Noise Marines and Havocs, seriously shredding Horde armies like IG and Ork.

One trick pony or fluke?

>> No.54642679

Chaos Undivided is in theory worshipping the gods as a pantheon, drawing on all of their strengths without devoting yourself entirely to one ideal.

In the books, any WB that goes a bit too far is seen as damaged and deviating away from the word of Lorgar, which is a major no-no.

In the game, it's unlikely there's going to be anything really undivided-y, so you're better off taking marks and playing to synergies, despite it being mildly fluff breaking.

>> No.54642681

They've always been midtier as mono. They lack any sort of staying power beyond LoC, which has to run up the board real slow

>> No.54642685

Do the Custodes or Sisters of Silence have the equivalent of a chapter symbol to paint o their vehicles and shit?

>> No.54642686

I actively chosen to believe the Icarus Rocket Pod didn't exist. Although it is included in those points, it doesn't contribute to the BRRRT

BRRT Repulsor can dish out more shots, but it is also nearly 300 points. I guess it can move and shoot without penalty which is neat, but god damn it is a big investment for a troop transport.

>> No.54642687

>see EC + IW traits

So, who want to bet that Word Bearers will get something useless again? Maybe something for summoning, a dead mechanic in 8th in matched play.

>> No.54642693

Any ideas on how to convert these into plague marines? I'd like to use them as possessed.

Feels like they just need shoulderpads and a backpack really.

>> No.54642695

Woops KoS, as you can tell I've switched to mono T

>> No.54642697

I don't get Xwing. Where's the fun in pre-assembled, pre-painted shit?

>> No.54642703

Why do the Iron Warriors job so hard in 40k?

Failing to take the Phalanx, getting their fortress planet BTFO by the Fists, and being smacked around by the Ultras in the beginning of Dark Imperium.

>> No.54642724

Thats about it

X-Wing has the same problem I have with warmachine. Both games feel like playing a card game with miniatures. No idea why but that is how it feels to me.

>> No.54642729


They're a shit legion. You'll notice the legions that are actually competent (world Eaters, Emperor's Children etc) rarely job in the fluff.

>> No.54642731

Aquilas out the ass, for SoS you could do the Astra Telepathica symbol which is this or the I with an eye in the middle.

>> No.54642734

If the reroll morale thing is legit it's honestly a big so what. Oh great I may lose even more cultists from my big 20 blobs, truly this is 10,000 years worth of training.

>> No.54642735

Shoulderpads are a minor thing. Swap some hands to get the ranged weapons in there instead.

>> No.54642738

>Why do the Iron Warriors job so hard in 40k?

They're the NPC Rival to the Imperial Fist PC

>> No.54642750

>> No.54642757

Yes, oh wise grandmaster, please show us your skilled mathhammer that proves that mortis platforms were not the best anti-air point for point in SM armies until a handful of rule changes made them obsolete.

>> No.54642762

To be fair, 6th edition CSM codex says on page 13 that each Word Bearer devotes themselves to a single Chaos God.

>Dedicating every new blasphemy to the Ruinous Powers, they each venerate one of the Chaotic pantheon with manic fervour.

>> No.54642765

Because it's star wars.
X-wing is also not meant for playing by actual dedicated hobbyists, it's meant for people who want to play a star wars table top game. It's why I think it's stupid to compare it to actual wargames, because it's missing such a huge part of all other wargames

>> No.54642773

Sauce that fine slit anon

>> No.54642781

Iron may be within, but their Flesh is still weak

>> No.54642787


>> No.54642795

Would I be That guy if I started a primaris marine army but paint them as Alpha legion? I would also want to use tempestus scions as cultists.

I figure that this way I can start one space Marine amry to cover loyalists and heretics.

>> No.54642796

Rifledreads were a staple in 5e, and doubly so for Grey Knights. They lost their viability in 6e/7e as the game became more about Bikes and Monsters but still had niche use for popping light vehicles at range. I mean, Marines got Grav for everything else...

>> No.54642798

>wants to buy HH Audiobooks
>goes to Black Library
>get everything I want proceed to checkout
>they dont accept Paypal in 2017
>Credit Card only
>fucking Americans expect everyone to own a credit card

are there any Black Library Mp4s in the Archives/megas somewhere?

>> No.54642799

Is leadbelcher spray shit? Not sure if i should use black or leadbelcher for gk basing

>> No.54642815

Black then the other.

>> No.54642824

I cringe unbelievably hard whenever I see Primaris traitor marines.

>> No.54642825

metallic sprays in general. The nozzle clogs really easily.

>> No.54642830

If I don't see a chaos conversion of this with huge fangs I'll be disappoint

>> No.54642831


j-jesus christ

>> No.54642832

Colored GW sprays are pretty good. They aren't true primers so they don't have quite as much tooth, but they give a nice thin coat with good coverage and should work well for most people. Main issue is they're really expensive.

>> No.54642838

But Primaris are Alpha Legion. The recent book didn't even try to sugar coat it.

>> No.54642845

Gw does most of its allotted business in NA through Inde retailers, close to 80% of it's brick and mortar sales (clearly this does not include it's online sales which obviously throw it all to hell)

>> No.54642859

Oh I didn't know that. Could I get a quote please? I haven't read that myself and I'd love to go and tell my 40k playing friends and watch them rage.

>> No.54642864

might go for that on the rhino and an aquila on the land raider. thanks

>> No.54642865

I'd say go for it, but I love alpha Legion and I think primaris would look good in AL colors

I have a few I've been tinkering with, filed off the aquilas and I was thinking of using FW heads to distinguish them a little

>> No.54642867

>not using iTunes
>implying it's not British
>MP4 for audiobooks
>being a poorfag
Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

>> No.54642884

I'm not sure if I should be excited or scared for these legion previews. On one hand, it will be what decides if I go chaos or not, and will break a tie between 3 legions for me, but on the other hand, it could just ruin them for me.
Do you think word bearers and world eaters will get anything good? And is the EC ability any good? I'm kinda just starting out, so I can't quite gauge how it is

>> No.54642899

Why did GW not allow WB to have cult troops in Traitor Legions then?

I'm not trying to be a dick, it's just that they've been entirely inconsistent. I'd rather the WB have an 'empowered' undivided but, no fun allowed.

>> No.54642906

Perfect possessed

>> No.54642912

There's no quote.

>> No.54642920

I really like primaris models it might be stockholm syndrome and might make a little force of chadmarine-only.

For a battle-forged army, which chapter seems to be the most appropriate ?
Salamanders'rules looks fine (the +1T relic is always nice). But raven guard too (overall a slow army, the -1 to hit might help).

>> No.54642947

Ultramarines are literally the best

>> No.54642948

Except that's wrong, you fucking moron. 41% of all GW sales come from Games workshop and Warhammer stores, and GW doesn't release info on how they break down on each continent. Why are you lying about one of the few things GW actually provides info about?
"Sales by channel
41% (2016: 41%) of sales were made through our own stores, 38% (2016: 38%) of sales were to independent retailers and 21% (2016: 21%) were mail order."

>> No.54642957

yo lesbians I have the new white dwarf

>> No.54642964

How many Biovores are needed to make me look like a WAACfag? I want to field them, but don't want to make my LGS hate me.

>> No.54642965

>For a battle-forged army, which chapter seems to be the most appropriate ?
Which ever you like the most

>> No.54642970

Iron Warriors trait is pretty good. I'm happy with it.

>> No.54642972


>> No.54642983

>Salamanders'rules looks fine (the +1T relic is always nice)

Would that stack with Gravis Armor? And if so would the T7 be of any practical use compared to T6?

>> No.54642993

Post all new releases

>> No.54643000


Should I keep posting? People don't really seem interested

>> No.54643003

post the dreadknight thing plz

>Would that stack with Gravis Armor?
>And if so would the T7 be of any practical use compared to T6?

>> No.54643007

Keep posting anon.
Show us the new releases please

>> No.54643011

Needs more googly eyes.

>> No.54643018

Post Word Bearers, fluff, rules, whatever

>> No.54643019


Only differences is T7 would make:
S6 Wound on 5+
S7 Wound on 4+
S12 Wound on 3+

>> No.54643022

WB will be shit because they have no idea what to do with them. If its not muh fast slaanesh, muh attack khorne, muh rotten toughness nurgle or muh magic tzeentch it will get shit rules.
See also: Changes to possessed. They add a wound, yet thats not why possessed are shit.

>> No.54643032

No true son of Perturabo would run a DP. Daemons are for spineless cowards. Only blood and iron are worthy of an Iron Warrior!

>> No.54643034

In a 2k point game I'd say >8-9, they dirt cheap artillery that miss half the time and do a max 3 wounds a shot 1/36th of the time

>> No.54643037

tobe honest? Backpacks and boltguns/pistols and you're good.

>> No.54643051

Given plasma tends to be S7 or thereabouts, seems kind of worth it.

>> No.54643053

>wild new marine strategem appears
they going to post random strategems in WD now?

>> No.54643054

well since plasma is really popular right now, 7+ is 1/6 of normalshot hits ignored which would normally wound

>> No.54643055

Black Library is actually based in the US and people outside the States aren't all retarded and own a credit card if they do not need one

The EC ability is good but not as good as people hype it up to be, atleast it isnt useless like the IW one.

What is Poweful is their Shoot-Twice Stratagem on Big Units but its pretty predictable and only used like 1-2 times

But Shooty Armies wouldnt bother charging you anyway, Tyrannids have similar rules on certain Units. It is decent against full on Assault Armies like World-Eaters though as you can chill back and shoot them down with your better shooting and by the time they arrive crippled you get to hit first and finish them off.

I still believe that World-Eaters are the better melee Army in comparison to EC, especially if they get the retarded Traitor-legion trait back where they could almost guarantee a First turn charge. But the rules preview atleast makes me Happy having a EC Army instead of being the drooler legion compared to TS DG and WE

>> No.54643058

Cool I wonder how the Chaos Boons stratagem will work

>> No.54643059

>Perturbo, the deamon, hates deamons, is perturbed.

Checks out.

>> No.54643065

Combined with the laspistol tease, isn't this basically confirmed now?

>> No.54643085

now that I think of it does that mean all GK characters only have an aura of 6
probably the same shit as Chapter Master

>> No.54643086


Mortarion, the immaterial demon, hates the warp and warpcraft

>> No.54643088

I wouldn't say 'ignores cover' is useless anon. I know covers not as strong as it was last edition, but that's the main draw of my Noise Marines and it's sure to make GEQ armies sweat.

>> No.54643094

>Mortarian, the daemon prince, hates magic, is literally made of magic

I wonder if Horus ever realised he fucked up when he noticed the only primarchs who'd followed him into treason were massive idiots and insane psychotics.

>> No.54643095

Fag this has already been posted, do you really have the new white dwarf or are you posting from Reddit
Post the whole page at a time of new releases

>> No.54643102

Why the fuck does this exist

>> No.54643103

I really really really hope we get a new redeemer comic with it, and of course arbites.

>> No.54643109

>wanting the cancer that was invisibility back

no, fuck off.

>> No.54643113

Yes that's what I thought too.

>> No.54643121

I think there's a part in one of the books where Horus goes full George Bluth, puts his head in his hands and goes "I've got the worst fucking Primarchs"

>> No.54643122


>> No.54643130


>> No.54643136

because fuck yeah

>> No.54643140

I fucking try you dick

>> No.54643141

You sure?

>> No.54643147


I really hope they include rules for using Necromunda units in 40k. They'd add some wonderful flavour to the Imperium.

>> No.54643150

Not quite the same, but in Path of Heaven Horus asks Morty to go chase down the White Scars because he's the only one he can rely on to get it done. Or so he thought.

>> No.54643156

Hey! You should TOTALLY buy a second Grand Master Voldus, Warden of the Librarius. Don't worry. You can buy Grand Master Voldus, Warden of the Librarius as a stand alone character.

>> No.54643159


>> No.54643162


>“Strange is it not, that so many I wish beside me stand against me, while at my back are only the flawed and damaged. I am a master of broken monsters… I cannot control them or their sons, and they know it… They all know that this war is no longer something that can be guided, only ridden out. But they never understood me, not truly, and they understand less with each passing second. They doubt. They think that I have lost my way. I can see it in their hearts — the pettiness, the pride, the seeds of ruin driving them on, feeding the tempest. With such creatures must I remake the future!”

From Warmaster

>> No.54643170

>Marine doesn't have fucked up proportions
>Must be Primaris

>> No.54643180

Now go to the first page of new releases and go from there

>> No.54643182

True, I mostly have to play against TS/tzeentch Daemon Armies, 'Nids (units too big for every model to be in cover) and Tank-Guard so I havent really felt the whole Cover thing yet

>> No.54643189

Read it.

>> No.54643191


>> No.54643194

What did you expect, brother? We're always the disposable bad guys that get killed when GWs doesn't want the Black Legion to look even more inept. Who do we even have for characters? Shon'tu got set up as a huge BBEG only to get iced by some no name terminator. It's the Cult Legions that bring in the big bucks. People want bird wizards, sex machines, insane gladiators, and cancer marines. People think our battle cry is "The flesh is weak" half the time.

Bitter guys without any of the cool flashy bits of Chaos probably aren't a big seller.

>> No.54643200


>> No.54643206

Who's this guy again?

>> No.54643217

>All that dry skin
christ man, go moisturize, the hell is wrong with you.

>> No.54643218

I like how Horus, even in the darkest depths of the heresy, still wished he had Sanguinius along side him.

>> No.54643220

I still believe they're going to retcon that.

>> No.54643227

It's Pikachu.

>> No.54643228




Scans guy, if you could post the Redemptor design article that would be fantastic, I'd love to see exactly what their thought process was for fucking up so catastrophically.

>> No.54643235

Because idiots wouldn't stop with the Chadmarine memes.


>> No.54643242

>Go Moisturize

>> No.54643243

Can you post the picture of the grey knights showing off the entire brotherhood or something. Someone said there was a chaplain in the bottom right of the picture. Cheers

>> No.54643245

I think because being entirely devoted to a single God doesn't necessarily make you fit the mould of what the cult units in the codex are.

Being a huge, favoured, devout Nurgle devotee doesn't make you a Plague Marine, for example. I recall reading somewhere that becoming a Plague Marine is a secret mainly kept within the Black Legion and the Death Guard.

Same with Khorne, you can be devout and axe crazy, but being a Berzerker requires specific surgeries etc.

That's how I see it, really. They have marines devoted to each God (Why they could take marks of Chaos) but don't take those final steps to cross in to true Cult marine status.

In the Word Bearers novels, Dark Disciple and Dark Creed, there's a marine who's very clearly on the path of Khorne, and his Apostle is totally cool with it as long as he doesn't go full Khorne and lose sight of the big picture.

>> No.54643254


>> No.54643255


A man with such balls of steel that he was confronted by the Warmaster, powered by the Chaos pantheon, and shrugged, lit a cigar and didn't take a backwards step. He is the Saint Pius of our time.

>> No.54643256

>taking photos with a phone then uploading it to your computer
>this is real

>> No.54643260

I don't even...

>> No.54643261

so can mixed armies (not detatchments) use chapter tactics?

like if I have a knight with my iron hands, can the space marines still use their tactics?

I know stratagems are army locked, but are tactics and warlord traits?

>> No.54643263


>> No.54643265

There will be no necromunda rules or units. There will be a necromunda VIDEO GAME that will be released next month.


>> No.54643271


>> No.54643275


>> No.54643276


>playing Iron Hands

Roll for Perception

>> No.54643280

Clip your fing-, fuck. Wash your disgus-, no. Nice sheets.

>> No.54643284

>Not looking after your skin
>Not looking after your body in general
>having dick cheese on your hands
What are you, gay, is that why you have so much dick on your hands?

>> No.54643285

To be fair, the White Scars remain the only legion to leave the Alpha Legion standing with open mouths going "I did not see that coming..."

Morty was an idiot though. The Scars stopped running and stayed next to a single planet and his only thought was 'Finally I can crush them' not 'Why have they stopped?'.

The Scars. Stopped moving.

That should really raise alarms in anyone's head as to what is going on.

>> No.54643293

As long it is about the same quality or better than the Mordheim one I'm ok

If I can't play Arbites it will be trash automatically.

>> No.54643294

are you a woman
how do you notice stuff like that

>> No.54643296


Huh, mite b cool but recent 40k games haven't left me with a lot of faith. That could have a lot of potential though.

>> No.54643301

That's a shame then. I really love the WB colour scheme. Guess I'll just either go DE or start AOS instead

>> No.54643303

I see what you did there

>> No.54643311

no they can't use them or no they aren't locked?

>> No.54643313

Warmahordes invented a game term called Skornergy. It's where the game designers try to bludgeon you over the head with "this is synergy, hurr" where X unit gives bonus to Y unit, but the combos actually don't work in-game due to actual game mechanics.

As an example: Unit A gets speed bonus from being near unit B, and unit B gets bonus actions as friendly living units die. However, A is not living so B gets nothing, while both are slow melee-only units, so chasing the buff-combos ironically is a noob trap.

Certain formations in 7th had the same problem. The Demolition Claw in partocular was hilariously better if you ran the Rockgrinders empty, and gave the Acolytes their own transports.

>> No.54643315

I can see your point. I must admit I haven't read DA in a while, but I thought the Khone aligned marines were seen as 'distasteful' but useful. I don't think you're ever going to become a Dark Apostle by devoting yourself to one god and hoping for the best, great scene where Marduk unleashes daemonettes aside.

>> No.54643318

>coming to 4chan
>dont want to be bullied
welp theres your problem

>> No.54643321

Please post the Word Bearers trait. I need to see it confirmed so I can weep.

>> No.54643326

>being able to run all arbites army and being able to do "GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD" against a night lords chaos lord
Do want, do want.

>> No.54643328

I just look after myself so i dont have dry and cracked hands, like someone who never has to shake hands with another human being

Then go get some E45 man, its ez pz

>> No.54643329


>> No.54643334

You can't read it. You need a magnifying glass in real life and even then it's hard.

>> No.54643335

Same guy from last thread who was asking questions about making a bike riding Chapter from last thread.

So I've taken the idea I had for one Chapter and split the fluff into two that would make them more coherent and less sporadic. The first is the bikers which I'm sticking a pin in for now just because I'm not looking to put that big of a hole in my wallet.

My other idea kind of focuses more on my idea for humanitarian marines. From a game play perspective, I want these guys to be the guys you send in when you need an objective held, if they're defending they are a boulder and everyone else is the poor motherfucker trying to move them. If they're attacking, I want them to get to where they need to be, drop them, and then watch as the enemy scrambles to upheave them. I guess Anti-siege would be the best way to describe it.

Obviously mechanically it won't work so perfectly, but I'm wondering what should I expect to work well for something like that. I'm imagining Dreadnoughts and other tougher units, with a lot of anti-infantry and vehicle destroyers, so maybe Thunder-fire Canons, Whirlwinds, Devastators and things like that. Would something like this be feasible on the table-top either from a tactics of a points perspective? I'm not looking for the best, just something that won't get shit slapped consistently.

As far as fluff goes I see them as either a standing force in a region of space where they basically drew their line in the proverbial sand and told anything that dared to cross it 'good fucking luck', or they go from place to place where threats like the Orks or the Tyrannids are threatening Imperial worlds and act as the dam to protect everyone behind them. I'm on the fence on where they come from, I like the idea of a Loyalist Successor to a Traitor Legion trying to repent, but I'm worried it seems too snowflakey.

>> No.54643339


Traitors btfo
Everyone wants the Sangy or Lion

>> No.54643340

I know discussion about a 40k movie has probably been done to death by now, but if there was one, assuming you want to pull interest to 40 from a general audience, do you think it should just be actiony, Space Marines doing Space Marine stuff with the basic trappings of a plot or a more down to Earth, kind of Saving Private Ryan style Imperial Guard focus? Or maybe a drama-thriller involving the inquisition?

>> No.54643345


>> No.54643349

There is no traits and such shown on the White Dwarf. There's no new releases either, unless you fucking want info on the new codexes, in which there is nothing you haven't already seen. I'm just trying to post the most interesting stuff in this white dwarf but people aren't satisfied enough

>> No.54643356

interest to 40k*

>> No.54643359

Look at you with your soft woman hands.

Who gives a fuck if someone has dry hands?

>> No.54643363


>> No.54643364

Because perhaps i work in the industry and are given the numbers. stop acting like a child and name calling.

>> No.54643367

I hate you so fucking much

>> No.54643369

t. basement dwelling NEET who sees only his mum

>> No.54643371

Give proofs or fuck off.

>> No.54643386

I imagine a lot of Apostles become aligned, but just never make it far. I see Apostles firmly undivided, honouring whichever God behoves them during each situation and thereby serving as an example to the more single God inclined marines of his Host that just as he courts the Four, pays them their due respect and leads them to victory, so to does the host as a whole.

The Apostle is one man serving the four, but the individual marines of the host serve one, but together they serve them all. There's something respectful in that, being Undivided is difficult, especially when you have to go from God to God, kind of allowing your Marines to follow their own inclinations.

>> No.54643388

>my uncle works for Nintendo that's why you never see him

>> No.54643392


>> No.54643400

Just use Salvation's Reach as the plot. Got your muhreens killing everything, guard dying + heroism, politics and gothic grandeur.

>> No.54643401

>my uncle works at nintendo and he says your wrong
Fuck off fag

>> No.54643406


>t. silky handed cubicle dweller who never had a real day of work

>> No.54643409


>> No.54643413

Not that guy.
But you guys are faggots lol

>> No.54643438

What are you still doing here? The pyramids didn't build themselves.

>> No.54643440



>> No.54643451

Women, you calloused troglodyte. Try doing anything to them with that chitinous probe you call a finger and see how hard she has to lie to you that it's pleasurable.

>> No.54643456

more like
>t. bioscience researcher who has done plenty of conservation volunteering in his life
i just like not being a smelly neet

>> No.54643460

>tip of the hat my good sir
Fuck off you stupid nigger if you think 40k is better, back in 3.5/4th yes but now? GW got rid of all rules without models BUT I AM LE SUPREME HOBBYIST AND AND AND all pointless now, use the correct GW model or the dumb faggots here will chew you out. Also the models are vastly better than the overdesigned and still generic shit GW has been shitting out lately

>> No.54643464

I scanned the September and October whitedwarf so shut your whore mouth, this guy is just an attention seeker and isn't boosting the community but dragging it down

>> No.54643482


>> No.54643485

>I-its not real work if you arent picking up heavy shit then setting it back down somewhere else

Your entire industry is going to be replaced by robots one day you Cro-Magnon. Granted, mine will be too, but yours is going first.

>> No.54643488

>being this buttmad because somebody called your shitty star wars game bad
Top kek, starfags are so sensitive

>> No.54643490

This is probably the Necromunda bideo game that's being worked on

>> No.54643509

Stupid nigger your numbers prove you wrong, they only do 3% more sales in house. Not a big difference.

>> No.54643512

Next book in Ghosts series when

>> No.54643515

>implying this isn't the rebirth of GW
Which should tie in with a necromunda game for Christmas

>> No.54643519

>TFW you don't play any of the 32 flavors of Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines and you know your codex isn't coming out until they all get their books.

Anyone else get a little peeved when they saw the initial release schedule was ALL marines?

>> No.54643520


>> No.54643524

>use the correct GW model or the dumb faggots here will chew you out.
Nigger what? We get custom models and conversions all the time, like the IW warpsmith that was posted just yesterday.
>Also the models are vastly better than the overdesigned and still generic shit GW has been shitting out lately

>> No.54643535

Actually it is easier to replace office jobs than lifting shit up jobs.
Desktop jobs are almost entirely done with a computer.

Who gets the robot master race axe before? Only time will tell, but office jobs are the ones most likely to get the axe first.

>> No.54643550

>guy claims inde retailers make up most of sales
>post undeniable proof that that's wrong
>hurr durr no you're retarded, that proves YOU wrong!
Are you ok anon?

>> No.54643551

>npcfags this mad
You couldn't even protect yourself from a splinterfleet so shut up

>> No.54643553

dayum dat dude with the audio rig in his belly

>> No.54643558

>Who gets the robot master race axe before

So far it looks like driving jobs.

>> No.54643561

We all know Chaos re the real NPCs.

>> No.54643563

her name is striderscribe and this is her Tharja cosplay

>> No.54643568

Make Eisenhorn a movie

>> No.54643570

>easier to replace office jobs
No they aren't because the parameters are constantly changing, which robotics recquire guess what EXTRA CODING to do, and who makes that coding course

>> No.54643571

Honestly I'd prefer if it were, it would probably stop a lot of deaths, especially with the big rigs.

>> No.54643578

Be thankful you weren't first.

All the kits were hoarded for Chadmarines and Death Guard.

If you're released later you have a better chance of getting new stuff.

>> No.54643584

Alpha Legion Primaris Marines is the /tg/ special. Very very cringy, but if you like it go for it.

>> No.54643585

this pic gave me ideas

>> No.54643586

>> No.54643589


Necrumunda plastics can double as IG troops. I like.

>> No.54643591

>saves blood angels and all successor chapters from exterminators
PST nothing personal

>> No.54643593

Alright lads so I had a hard look at the legion tactics and it is true to what the others have posted. Yes, Word Bearers only get to re-roll morale tests

>> No.54643596

Retail is the first to go

>> No.54643609

And yet needs Xenos to have any chance t winning the campaign.

>> No.54643615

Forgot about Amazon for a second. When are they planning to make drone delivery widespread? Self-drivings aiming for 5 years.

>> No.54643617

It'll be a whole boxed game at first like with the tyranid cult game which brought deathwatch back
Not an argument

>> No.54643618

>they can't make you go last in order of initiative if you don't have initiative

>> No.54643621

Greatblades or flamers for SoS?

>> No.54643628


>> No.54643631

>he doesn't know about the "robot" replacing lawyers
>he doesn't know about the "robot" replacing middle management

There is a freaking programan assigning job to freelancers and checking out their progress and result on its own. Right fucking now.
I'll admit it is a rather simple thing right now, but it is done with current stuff. Pressing activation runes behind a screen have its day numbers.

>> No.54643634

Neither, play a non-shit unit

>> No.54643643

>It Stinks!

>> No.54643644

Then why every thread are there sports bitching about WYIWG and count as aka converting models?

>> No.54643657

Both options are rather bad. Hell all SoS options are bad.
You could have better result by giving them SB/meltaguns and run them as Dominions inside a Repressor than trying to make SoS work right now.

>> No.54643661

>>he doesn't know about the "robot" replacing lawyers
As a lawyer, I have to say no, that is not happening on any widespread scale. Machines might be replacing some clerks and such, but those are glorified officie jobs anyways

>> No.54643666

>> No.54643668

I have no interest in playing HH on its own, but I love the armor and stuff from it. The models are hands down better than their 40k equivalents. (ESPECIALLY for the Chaos legions. The 40k versions are complete shit.)

>> No.54643679


>> No.54643696

I'm getting some paints and tools and shit tommorow, gonna buy one set of troops to paint.

I'm going Deldar, should I just get some basic kabal warriors? Some Wyches? Maybe some Scourges?

>> No.54643703

>Then why every thread are there sports bitching about WYIWG and count as aka converting models?
>counts as
>the same thing
>at all

>> No.54643704

I actually like that. Going full tech-monstrosity works.

>> No.54643725

I expect they're trying to get as many people their codices as quickly as possible. As SM and CSM are the two most played armies they want to do them first because a higher percent of players will have a codex than if they had put out Orks of Tau.

>> No.54643731

>custom models and conversions

>> No.54643736

But anon those are Slaves to Darkness Duardin
>websites that update you on jobs
Wow its fucking nothing, HR was always useless

>> No.54643737

Kabal warriors are probably easier, don't need to bother with skin or eyes, and lots of nice sharp edges to practice highlighting/drybrushing on.

>> No.54643744

Warriors are easy, just prime, drybrush green, detail wash, brighter green highlight.

>> No.54643745

thanks, that helped

I know theyre not great, but I got some in the Talons boxset and the mrs has her heart set on painting them so I figured I'd build the least bad version for her

>> No.54643755

That looks really cool anon, what are you using for the legs?

>> No.54643759

Damn you, don't make me want one of those beer gut monstrosities.

>> No.54643761

>What You Is What Get

>> No.54643762

I hate the fact that so many people treat driving like a chore, so they use their smart phones while driving because they can't be separated from Facebook for 20 minutes, making traffic less safe for everyone, and thus making people want self driving cars solely for safety reasons.

>> No.54643766

>But anon those are Slaves to Darkness Duardin
My point still stands.

>> No.54643769

This is how irrelevant you are>>54643755

>> No.54643789

>people choose to be like this

>> No.54643790

I mean it's the biggest reason to want them. Robots don't get drunk, or sleepy, or check facebook, or even get distracted the way we do. They don't need to be perfect they just need to be better then us and that's not a hard thing to do.

>> No.54643794

Hello, new Defiler.

>> No.54643802

Right and if it's not an official GW power first it's not a power first, those mechandrites better be from. GW model or they don't count etc. that's the path GW is going and you tarts gargle their cock. The rules for 8th aren't even great just no formations makes everyone happy. If you added overmatch, 4th is still the best edition.

>> No.54643805

I drive an hour just to get to work. I'm all for self-driving just so I can read or shitpost, or nap while driving.

>> No.54643812

The Great blade is the less shit one. You can just have 5 girls and add 5 acolytes with SB to ride along their useless Rhino.

>> No.54643819

>why do people like to distract themselves from their routine
Gee anon maybe because they made wrong decisions in life
Anon you're not making your position any stronger by failing to spell basic words

>> No.54643822

>saying "this melta gun counts as plasma" is the samething as kitbashing and greenstuffing your own models
Top kek

>> No.54643835

i know, but I'm one of the few people who actually enjoys driving. I'm going to get fucked out of one of my favorite activities because the Facebook generation can't put their phones down for 10 minutes.

traffic deaths due to alcohol are actually way down, it's distracted drivers that are the problem at this point.

>> No.54643838


>> No.54643847

>muh millennials
Escape to the country and you might be happy anon

>> No.54643855

Is this from tails gets trolled?

>> No.54643861

>escape millennials

You can't

>> No.54643881

To be fair I'm rather new to 40k so I'm nowhere near a 'recognize pieces on sight' kinda guy.

>> No.54643894

Why are Iron Warriors so useless and incompetent? Wouldn't they sell more if they were given equal treatment to loyalists?

>> No.54643899

>leak makes my Magnus slightly less shit

Maybe he won't get blown up immediately anymore.

>> No.54643901

The moon, the ISS, Area 51 and the south pole

>> No.54643908

So are Word bearers really going to be trash?

>> No.54643910

Poor Berzerker.

>> No.54643913

Why is this guys face so punchable

>> No.54643916

>Millennials are causing this
You realize there are as many middle aged suburban white moms and middle management dudes in their late forties who do that kind of shit as there are kids in their 20's right? I know it's an old people thing where they blame everything on the new generation, it's been that way since the ancient greeks, but try to be better then that. Break the cycle.

>> No.54643922

GW can't even give their poster boys competent rules.

>> No.54643933

>implying those aren't trendy places for "LOL SO NERDY XXDDDD" millennials.

>> No.54643935

They did get equal treatment, they got the exact same rules as their loyalist equivalent

>> No.54643940

technically I am a millennial. I just hate social media, and everyone my age or younger.

>> No.54643942


That's a human cultist anon.

>> No.54643943

Blah blah take with salt blah.

For starters, I suspect they've got that psychic power wrong, it's far more likely to be roll ABOVE target's toughness.

>> No.54643944

Apart from the GreatJoJoMan who does this

>> No.54643954

Gut gud

>> No.54643966

when the fuck did I say millennial?

please point it out in my post anon.

or maybe don't get so triggered by posts on the internet.

>> No.54643970

Well, we know it's wrong.

>> No.54643973

This has to be bait. Ultramarines are and have always been fantastic on the table, and their Primarch is the single most OP model for it's cost.

>> No.54643981

>The face of scum

>> No.54643987

I mean in the fluff

>> No.54643998

Everyone thinks that the Ravenguard's invincible Stormravens wildy outmatch them.

>> No.54644008

Why is the WB a reroll, an extra dice on demon summoning would allow you to get bigger packs and greater demons in play while risking an extra perils test, it's perfectly fluffy and it annoys me it isn't there

>> No.54644010

We get it, you got dumpstered in highschool and never quite recovered, so the fact that your hobbies where you finally felt accepted are becoming more socially acceptable long after it makes a difference for you is alienating. People aren't allowed to have your fun unless they too are unpleasant and unlikeable enough to not have anywhere else to go. Woe be unto anyone who takes a causal interest in the same hobby as you lest ye come into a Taiwanese basket weaving forum and complain about them.

>> No.54644011

Isnt horus the strongest primarch model?

>> No.54644019

Hey there fellow Nordic supremacist

>> No.54644038

i wonder if anyone has done the math on pic related now it's theoretically possible

>WE stratagem is stolen from the BT
come on now I know we stole chaining our weapons from them but this is getting ridiculous

>> No.54644039

Those are Onager Dunecrawler legs, anon. Pain in the ass to assemble while keeping movement, then they just have you give that up by gluing them to a base for some reason. I leave the bases off my Dunecrawler, since I can actually use the features of the model then.

>> No.54644045

>Are regular terminators worth it now? They're only 40 points
if your army lacks anti-infantry, they are an okay choice now. you can teleport in, hurt an infantry unit, then (with a little luck) charge a vehicle or monster. they lack ranged weaponry to really hurt tanks or elites.

>> No.54644047

He is, then pertuabk with hammer, then fully beefed angronius, then maybe dorn depending on his salvo bolter

>> No.54644054

>Raven Guard's invincible Stormravens
What the fuck are you talking about? Stormravens dont get Chapter Tactics

>> No.54644065

I want the jump pack you used to make that leap.

>> No.54644067

7e 40k Guilliman would kick his ass even if 30k Guilliman doesn't, 8e Guilliman is insanely better at army buffing and is probably worth around 600/650 points instead of 350.

>> No.54644075

>using hero units
why the fuck would you ever use someone that isn't one of YOUR DOODZ?

>> No.54644077

As a Word Bearers player, yes. Unless the relic, Warlord Trait and Stratagem are amazing.

I worry the stratagem will be for summoning.

>> No.54644081

Is that the pedophile that opens/closes stores and steals from people. The Independent Characters podcast dude

>> No.54644083

Looks like its all going to be copy pastes from loyalists but modofied. Lame but also realistically the best way to balance it.

>> No.54644084

invincible stormravens? those who don't get an additional -1 to hit over 18" because they arent infantry, bikers nor dreadnoughts?

>> No.54644087

>the Facebook generation
This phrase is used interchangeably with Millenial, but if you really want to try and pass this off as a 'hurr I din say noffin' so you can try to look like the smarter man here then whatever that's your prerogative my man. It's just really pathetic.

>> No.54644090

So, Night Lords confirmed useless tactic?

>> No.54644091

Do you think GW will actually do anything competent with WB this edition? I love the look of obliteraters and possessed as well as the colour of their armour.

>> No.54644099

fucking captcha screwing up made me forget the pic

>> No.54644102

Personally I kitbash up something suitable for My Dudes on the same base and counts-as rules, so I get Your Dudes AND decent rules.

I do the same for entire units, too, because Admech doesn't have enough variety and allying in stuff is piss-easy in 8e. I don't know why people get so uptight about conversions, keeping roughly WYSIWYG is easy and it just makes the whole thing cooler.

>> No.54644112

Any good third party bits for Frag Cannons (for deathwatch models?)

>> No.54644115

No it's not? It's totally accurate so far.

>Emperor's Children always strike first

>Iron Warriors something to do with ignoring cover

No? The Night Lord's one is accurate.

>> No.54644116

>you disagree with me that means you're a fat neckbeard

good one, I just remembered the other reason I hate my generation.

>> No.54644121

Mostly because my army has a tax named Saint Celestine to actually work as it should.

>> No.54644126

>"m-muh dudes xDDD"


>> No.54644127

Still will get his shit fucked up.

>> No.54644134

Please take your neck beard and your disgraceful ways and get the fuck out of here, and stop using my Ancestors to justify your prejudice you degenerate.

>> No.54644153

What's the way the cool kids load out their helbrutes

>> No.54644154

Who knows, maybe. Personally I'd like to see a stratagem where you replace a recently lost unit with equal points in demons or a relic that boosts Marks of Chaos in a small area.

As for their trait, something simple like 'Demonic Heralds: Word Bearers gain a 5++ save and may deep strike' would be cool.

>> No.54644161

Good to know, thanks anon.

>> No.54644174

>even though I got btfo i still just think you're really pathetic you know like words mean what I say they mean and if you disagree that's just pathetic

fuck off back to whatever mangina cave you learned how to argue from.

>> No.54644182

Keep telling yourself that.

Cool kids don't field cuckbrutes

>> No.54644185

>cool kids
>playing chaos
>using hellbrutes even if they did

>> No.54644196

I run a pretty Terminator heavy IWs army (Sorry if it doesn't translate well, I don't know much about Loyalists). In my experience they've gone from somewhat bad to pretty alright. Combi-Bolters now get four shots at half range which can really wreck up infantry. Two wounds mean that you won't just lose your whole squad if you get unlucky. All power weapons are viable now, which is nice. Overall though the change to how AP works has aided us in my opinion. Everybody and their grandmother had AP2 in 7th, but now most of those weapons reduce Terminators to a 4+ instead of forcing them to use their 5++.

I played a game against Orks three or four days ago and the three things I took away were
1. Lightning Claw termies are scary as hell
2. Terminators are still not invincible, a squad of well armed Nobs can kill 200pts of termies before they can hit back
3. Plan your DS around what will be happening in two or three turns. Do not try and flank with Terminators. When you destroy that unit on the enemies left flank you then have to spend at least one turn walking back towards the real battle.

>> No.54644199

In Lore which primarch would win in a battle royal, no psychic powers allowed.

>> No.54644202

WUT, Magnus is fucking awesome

>> No.54644203

I think he's just pointing out that, the more you expand the fluff of this universe, the more everything has to run on a complete lack of logic.

>> No.54644221


>> No.54644228

Angron. He's the pit fighter Primarch. His whole shtick is winning duels and battle royals by being the most insane and violent gladiator to ever exist.

>> No.54644237

WB Trait: for every unit with this trait you gain 1-2? PL to summon without using reserve points.

>> No.54644240

>No? The Night Lord's one is accurate.
The EC one isn't,mand it was released by GW the day before that guy posted that shit.

>> No.54644248

No Physic powers? Angron. I know some tards will say Russ, but even Russ concedes that Angron is just on another level Martially

>> No.54644255

Whats he going to do againat Vulkan?

>> No.54644264

Kabal are easy enough to paint with lots of drybrushing and washes and look good from it; they're also detailed enough for you to go all out if you want to and make them look really good. Scourges are in pretty much the same boat but with wings.

Wyches suck unless you're good at flesh tones, for obvious reasons.

>> No.54644266

No it wasn't, we haven't seen the Emperor's Children stratagem, they showed us the generic Chaos Space Marine stratagem for models with Mark of Slaanesh. Go read the article again.

>> No.54644271

couple of days ago it was 100% chaos thanks to xenos

>allowing free units outside of narrative games
plz no

>> No.54644273



>> No.54644285

Kill him most likely.

>> No.54644288

Deepstriking possessed would be fun

>> No.54644296

>Day 4. Still no uploaded scores from my local GW.

>> No.54644302

Keep taking his skull until all of existence is filled with Vulcan skulls. Space and time will be reduced to Vulcan skull after Vulcan skull. The warp's infinite realm shall become nothing more than Vulcan skulls. ALL WILL BE SKULLS! Then Vulcan will have nowhere left to respawn.

>> No.54644308

You know who.

>> No.54644322

Fuck you, boring blood pactclone out of shitty books of abnettverse.

Like, yellow armour? Really? Your anarch will get some entrenching tool oral rape.

>> No.54644337

>hating on yellow armour
y tho

>> No.54644357

Sorry brother Fist. But even you use a painglove because of it.

Sons of Sek are just fucking disgrace.

>> No.54644381

>6 Year old meme response

at least you tried.

>> No.54644390

Am I overlooking something here?

I'm trying to get my Traitor guard back on track, but the points seems way off.

A cultist is 5 points per model. a Guardsman, with better armor and able to take orders are 4.

A Chaos Renegade Militia is 4 points, still worse armor then their Guardsmen count part with the stats of a Conscript that, for guard cost 3 points.

Then there is the Mutant rabble. the conscript counterpart, also 4 points, thats 50 points more for a full sqaud and still no way to give orders that makes the guard versions very lethal in large quantities.

Am I missing something major, or a FAQ, or something, because this seems wierd and off-putting.

>> No.54644399

IG are overpowered right now and will probably be nerfed soon, don't worry about it.

>> No.54644413

>but now most of those weapons reduce Terminators to a 4+ instead of forcing them to use their 5++.
only if you deepstrike them into cover, which you should. also many weapons cause multi-wounds now.

>Terminators are still not invincible, a squad of well armed Nobs can kill 200pts of termies before they can hit back
Tactical Termies are not made for CC but for shooting. They can do CC but ut should be a ioftened up target that they can safely eliminate.

>Do not try and flank with Terminators
You use them to capture and old an objectove though. And loyalists get to teleport home from the enemy's table edge.

>> No.54644437

IG bodies are overpowered and R&H are hilariously terrible. It's not your fault, but at least IG will bite the bullet when their Codex comes out. You're stuck though, FW ain't fixin shit

>> No.54644454

Why is lorgar missing from that image?


Angron is the best fighter but he is also mental and doesnt hold back so may beat several just to be taken down by another and so not "win".

So i'm going to be a wanker and say vulkan as he is the strongest and cannot actually die.

>> No.54644498

A "fact" that seems to do the rounds is that Vulkan won a wrestling tournament between the primarchs (with Corax second, impressively) but I've never found out what the source for that actually is. Anybody know, out of interest?

>> No.54644517

Horus easily.

>> No.54644544


>Corax second

I find that incomprehensible, unless not all primarchs took part.

Also i dont know, i am just basing his strength on the HH vulkan series

>> No.54644549

This seems like such a good idea.


>> No.54644552

alright broskis, I am intending to put some lascannons in my vanilla SM backfield and bury them behind ablative bodies.

i would like your input on how to optimize it:
A. how many ablative bodies should I put on? most people choose a squad size of 5 but I am considering adding another body to make the process more arduous for the enemy and make them look for easier targets. does that make sense or is that a waste of points?
B. what do I give the Sarge? i would like to protect the squad in case of enemy units reach the backfield. or in case i need to push midfield midgame. i was thinking poweraxe and combi-plasma but that's expensive for each squad and might be a waste.

any thoughts?

>> No.54644589

This has probably been asked a hundred times before but how should I expand my space marines army from the DI set? I don't want to go all chadmarines, but if regular marines are obsolete this time next year then there's no point getting anything other than chads.

>> No.54644599

Angron easily, he has way more experience fighting humanoids than anyone else. Now add the nails...

>> No.54644601

>cannot actually die

If the Psykers can't use their powers I'd argue that Vulkan would lose when he dies, regardless if he can get better.

>> No.54644608

Extra marines in the squad always helps.
Power axe, sword or mace all work well enough. Don't give the sarge anything else.

>> No.54644621

Devs, termies, dreadnoughts, land raiders, metal boxes, ass marines, etc. the usual stuff. Regular marines will not be invalid anytime soon. If you get some devs, pick up 2 boxes and some magnets, the contents inside will allow you to run 3 squads WYSIWYG

>> No.54644624

Add stuff you like that does things you need them to do on the field. That's about it.

>> No.54644640


I suppose thats fair, but we still have the strongest primarch who likes setting things on fire and crafts some of the very best weapons and armour

>> No.54644642

unless you're limited by detachment slots always take less guys.

4 squads of devs with 1 lascannon each is harder to kill than 1 ten man with 4 lascannons. just as an example.

you also get the benefit of requiring them to wipe out the whole squad before you lose any special weapons, (or the special weapons you don't want to lose) and since you have fewer guys you'll lose fewer of them to failed morale.

>> No.54644644

Also, what chapter are you playing, and what's your current list? That helps a lot in telling what exactly will help you best.

>> No.54644647

>yellow armor
The fuck? I will garland your coepse with your entrails imperial scum.

>> No.54644649

Yup. GW can't have anything be better at winning tourneys than Space Marines, that would be unacceptable!

>> No.54644668

So a GW store opened near me recently, which is surprising since I live in Bumblefuck, Iowa. I've never done anything with minis, so I went and looked. Shit was neat but now I see that the 'GW is overpriced' thing isn't a meme. Obviously nippers, brushes, hobby knife, etc can all be picked up much cheaper at a hobby store, but what about paint? Googling around gave mixed responses, so is there a good alternative or should I be a good goy and shell out for Citadel? (I'll definitely buy some Krylon primer or something, but actual paints I didn't know about.)

plz and thanks for info

>> No.54644682

Actually pretty much:

Whistle goes, Angron leaps at whoever is closest screaming wildly, Perturabo lunges for Dorn because he detests that guy, Corax uses his ability to fade from all forms of sensory perception and vanishes, Magnus starts blowing people up with his ridiculous psychic powers, and everyone else teams up on Magnus because basic survival instincts.

Some random member of the group Magnus didn't kill before going down, probably Fulgrim, Angron, Russ, Sanguinius or Horus, comes out of the brawl battered and bruised, then faces down Vulkan at which point Corax reappears and shivs whoever was winning.

Corax and Vulkan then acknowledge neither Can kill the other, and declare a draw.

>> No.54644684


>Eldar codices
nah, bullshit, they'll let marines lose

>> No.54644692

coepse? we don't have one of those. are you sure you're at the right building? you might wanna try across the street, this happens a lot.

>> No.54644693

Give the sergeant nothing, if the enemy has reached your unit it's as good as dead. Now I say good as dead specifically because it will likely either actually die or will be tied up for a few turns regardless of what the sergeant has.

Don't throw in extra wounds. Lascannons should be out of range of basically all non-heavy weapons. You should be focused on destroying the threat of heavy weapons with faster and closer units. Keep a reserve of Assault Marines or those new Flying Marine things in order to force your enemy to either withdraw whatever heavy weapons he has to threaten your Devastators with or engage them in combat and destroy them.

>> No.54644695

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

>> No.54644699

they will draw it out over many years. also, people play 30K right now, right? so GW goes full-on 41K now, there will remain a 40K comminity that is bigger than 30K is now. GW can't get rid of 40K entirely.

>how should I expand my space marines army
that depends entirely on what you want to play. vanillas have a range of semi-viable builds, ranging gunline over assault to full mech. personally, i run a fairly mobile list combined with deepstrikers that is rarely seen. what's your preference? what's your chapter?

>> No.54644705

I believe in you

>> No.54644719

>I didn't start playing before 7th: the post
Space marines haven't been the top army in most editions, and even in 7th, argueably the most powerful they've ever been, they were outclassed by Tzeentch summon spam and eldar

>> No.54644720

1. horus
2 Sanguinius
3. Angron and Fulgrim ( tied)
5 khan
6,7,8 in no particular order curze, lion, Russ.

>> No.54644721

Imperial Fists purely because I like their lore and colour scheme. Haven't made a list yet but all I have is the stuff in the DI box and another 5 Hellblasters I acquired.

>> No.54644729


New thread

>> No.54644735

Citadel paints are consistent in colour and consistency and are good quality paints. But you pay a lot for the brand too.

Look into Vallejo, Army Painter, P3, Reaper, there are plenty of great paints out there specifically for models.

>> No.54644742

Well, a very recent tournament had IG as the top 3. You know, if we're going with facts and stuff.

>> No.54644743

You are so pathetic you are using the Blood Pact images, Sekite. Go home, you are drunk. You are waste of perfectly good razor wire garrote.

>> No.54644746 [SPOILER] 

>tfw I live in Iowa and a store opened up near me recently too
>I know where you are anon

I use Game Color from Vallejo and some Citadel

>> No.54644747

You know what I meant faggot. Just try to keep up with Khone's chosen and make yourself a worthy sacrifice instead of running away like your pathetic guardcuck breathren.

>> No.54644751

Then devs are definitely a good option, as are sterngaurd or termies, for all those bolter shots. You'll also want some good melee units, I'd suggest either Ass cents or TH+SS termies, sine their both good and fluffy for the fists

>> No.54644777

Imagine I have three squads of thousand sons but haven't played since 5th edition.
Should I find a store to play at or stay out of the hobby.
I wanted to do a tzeentch demon 1k sons allied army with a big ole demon prince.

>> No.54644778


>> No.54644790

Are you retarded? Do you not know what context is?

>> No.54644801

Where do you guys go typically to buy minis and paint? Ebay? GW? Or maybe a local store. I'm a beginner just rediscovering the glory of building an Eldar Army, but it's hugely expensive.

>> No.54644803

Drunk with the blood of your brethren faggot. Also, says the faggot whose regiment's idea of damage is clogging the enemy's blades with the bits of their mangled corpses.

Ahahahaha what a cuck faggot. Real men fight and WIN for the Blood Father.

>> No.54644812

The Black Legion one sounds a lot like the Ultramarine re roll one.
The WE one is literally the Black Templar one.
The one no invul save one is the null zone one.
So fucking original

>> No.54644816


And Vulkan is one of the ones with the most fight in him, with his whole promethean code

>> No.54644824

You're a reactionary like most neckbeards who refuse to grow a proper beard

>> No.54644840 [SPOILER] 

Oh my.

>> No.54644845

>4 squads of devs with 1 lascannon each is harder to kill
but you waste more points on marines who do nothing but babysit the lascannon

some context: i have a set of deepstrikers who can bring the pain (GC devs + Kantor + terminators) but I need to soften up enemy mech before I come down. the backfield units have the dual purpose of doing either that and/or advancing midfield. combi-plasma might be useful in threatening advancing forces, particularly skimmers.

i agree that a full unit that reaches my backline means trouble but if the unit has been weakened when it arrives there (or by the first tactical squad), a power axe can make a difference.

that's why I am unsure whether to keep the sarge as cheap as possible or whether an upgrade might be worth it. (conversely, a combi-plasma means deploying as far forward as possible to cover the mdifield with it, exposing the unit potentially to more enemy fire)

it's really hard to tell for me if it's useful or not.

>> No.54644877

reposted in new thread

>> No.54644884

>GW can't have anything better than space marines winning tournies
>here is something other than space marines winning tournies
So what's the magic context here? Yesh, there's some post at the top of the chain whining about renegades, but it seemed the conversation had moved on to standard (unjustified) marine bashing. That's a thing conversations do.

>> No.54644893

well in that case we're going to have to have security escort you out.

you're free to call the complaint department to speak to a manager.

>> No.54644934

it was just an example anon.

mixed dev squads are actually good now, was the point I was trying to make.

2 lascannon and 2 heavy bolter is a good setup, since you can choose what dies based on what you're fighting.

>> No.54644950

There is definitely paint that is as good as citadel, but if you not sure on the quality then don't risk it. You can get some awful looking models using cheap paints.

>> No.54645036

A workplace

>> No.54645191

I know where both of you are. Also, our store belongs to CHAOS!

>> No.54645235

One had reach, the other flexibility.

>> No.54645396

Both Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors get bonuses against buildings, but is there a Chapter that's actually good at defensive play and using fortifications ?

>> No.54645501

yes, the Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors :^)

>> No.54645625

Not enough centurions

>> No.54645661

Don't really see it ? The Fists have a meh trait for it, but what do Iron Warriors have that buffs their fortifications ?

>> No.54645855

>notices the front of the rhino has "Iron within, Iron without" written on it.

>> No.54645947

They are, but the way I play them isn't very strong and makes for really balanced and fun games. When the nerfbat comes the way I play will also be nerfed and I will end up being stomped. Good fun.

>> No.54646120

i don't see what your comment has to do with america...

but thank you for being envious of us.

don't you wish your country wasn't 3rd world?

>> No.54646240

I play DKoK for fluff reasons and I like having fun with my friends.

Leave me sweet nothings at my link


>> No.54646351

Where did you get the sitting models?

>> No.54646357

Fuck off with your corax fanclub bullshit. His faggy haired backstabs would do fuck all against one of the actual martial primarchs, regardless of whatever Mary Sue shadow ninja bullshit some retard at GW shits out.

>> No.54646377

Mortarion can go full *Teleports behind you*

>> No.54646384

The centaur kits, there's like 3 in each of them.

>> No.54647118

Their Exo Lords were pretty much made to be a third party Deathwatch. Not as good looking but has some cool options like the cloaked power armor snipers for your team with stalker bolters.

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