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Form up men! The Emperor is watching you!

Now then, I must say, I'm damn proud of you all. Damn proud! Your dedication, and devotion to the Emperor during our battle yesterday, was a light in the darkness! But we're nowhere near finished upon Dracolese.

Command has informed me, that there will be a final push towards the city center. And that they wish for us, to be it's spear head!

We are to muster immediately! But first~ I am calling for a surprise field kit inspection, to determine our readiness for the coming battle.

As such, present armors and equipment for a Field Kit Inspection!

>Welcome to ''Field Kit Inspection", home of the 'Unknown Regiment". Feel free to join in! Remember though, we tend to use spoilers for OOC chat, while greentexts for are used for describing a character's actions. D20s are for combat checks and d100s for other things you wish to roll, with higher being better.

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Well whatever comes next I can probably kill singlehandedly. Isn't that right snuggles?

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Captain Matthias Wyvern, of the third company! We're prepped and ready to move out, on your orders, Commissar!

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>walks around, huffing heavily under her breather with the occasional cough and wheeze pausing her stride
>her fingers were awfully itch so she'd try to scratch them as she went, trying to find something, anything, to kill.

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Toime' to kill them chaos freaks. I'll eat em' up like breakfast.

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You realise that you aren't going to be allowed to take that warp infused beast, off planet. Correct?

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>standing by my medicae tent, I raise a small glass of alcohol.

for you pyker, and for all those who died

>knocking it back in one, I place the glass back in my tent and march to the commissar saluting him when I reach him.

reporting sir

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Of course honorable commissar, but before we take off is there any special equipment we need? Also what do I do with the civilian we found yesterday, he hasn't moved a bit

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is there something wrong sister superior?
you appear agitated and there seems to be slight damage to your lungs.

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Just like I wasn't allowed to take my raider into combat? Or perhaps like actual fucking slanneshi daemonette is not allowed to live.
Point is, you are a hypocrite and neither one of us actually cares.

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*wakes up next to equipment*
"By the emperor! I'm alive!"
>Runs off to find regiment.

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You there, get me my shit. Now.

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A fine mind is a blessing of the Emperor, It should not be cluttered with trivialities.
>She nodded to the medic and continued her stride, now well aware that her, passion, was visible.

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Oi, gimme some Autocannon rounds. I'm gonna need em' for grindin' them chaos fucks up.

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so be it sister

>I make the sign of the Aquila and return to milling about with a bottle

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It's in a crate filled with "meat" near the kitchen, don't worry, cook is still on hangover
Of course honorable Klux
>Gives a box of autocannon rounds
And while were at it, mayb I interest you in non-standart autocannon rounds...

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Keep talking like that about my wife, and I'll shoot you myself, Xeno!

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It's Krux, and I don't need non-standard rounds.

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Spearhead assaults aren't... exactly my area of expertise, Commissar. Are there any clandestine actions to be done that might suit me better?

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Zip it, both of you, and recite your blessings, or so help the Emperor, this is no time for arguments. Be vary.

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What are you, a fukkin kroot?!

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But they can set creatures on fire, turn into a bunch of miniature blades before hiting the enemy, or have acid inside them, yes.
Or are you more interested in melee weapons, yes?

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I don't need no melee weapon, me machete can carve zig zags and O's in a primarch

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>stares in Sister of Battle

>> No.54605780

Hmm I see, yes.
How about las cannon for you pet? Or armour for him?

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*picks up his new wings, jetpack and prisim rifle*
Have fun with the giant bug victor.

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>looking about I call over the vox

Anyone who is injured, please come to my medicae tent. if you do not and then fall down in combat I will not be patching you up GOT IT?

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Also on the topic of giant bugs, what do you have on the armor side of things?

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Men! I won't lie to you. The coming battle will no doubt be intense. With incredible amounts of hand to hand fighting, and snipers everywhere. Many of you will NOT survive.

But, it is your sacred duty, to die in the name of the Emperor. And before him, you will not falter!

Now I suggest you all prepare yourselves, and make way to your transports!


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Hm... a lascannon
Sounds gnarly.

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May I help you?

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>Gives a cataloge with different armour styles, all of them have same protection though

>> No.54605830

A warrior's faith in his commander is his best armour and his strongest weapon

I was just, inspecting your gear, from a distance, are you sure you're fit, adequately?

>> No.54605839

Does the wraithbone style come in an extra large, giant bug form?

>> No.54605853

Hmm yes, you can also choose colour

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>grunts, weighing in her option,s a healthy body is a deadly body in battle, but she'd have to risk delay if she were to take the exam
>She calls up her comms, checking the medic through the vox channels
You free at the moment doc?

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Corporal! First of all! Why are you not wearing your new rank chevron?

Secondly; I do Infact, have a special assignment for you.

I am requesting that you,along with a team of scouts. Head to the area before hand, and set up sniping positions, within enemy territory. You'll wait until the fighting starts, before unleashing hell, upon our enemies.

>> No.54605860

Why wouldn't I be?

Roger, commissar.

>> No.54605862

Reporting for duty, Commissar Knochenmus.

>> No.54605863

Make it match my armour

>> No.54605867

I am free sister, what do you need?

>I growl as I miss grabbing the elder by a hair span

>> No.54605870

This is my name tag oops

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Oh more mon'kleigh recruits?
Just what we need! More fodder!

>> No.54605880

Hmmm, but what will you give in return?
So honor- erm Krux, about that las-cannon

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Just making sure, it would be a shame if you were to fail your duties due to lack of equipment, or protection, for that matter.

Just a checkup, nothing more, you'll be quick right?

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very quick sister, I doubt very many will take longer than 10 minutes

I trust you can find the medic bays?
be there I a few moments, I just need to drag another patent there

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Take it off of my master(race) card.
I just totally didn't steal a shipment of lasguns so I'm pretty well off.
Sold them as antiques to this fat frog looking fuck.

>> No.54605915

Flak doesn't give a whole lot of protection in the first place, and I find that I need to move fast most of the time.

>he takes a team of scouts further into the city

>> No.54605929

Got it
>She turns off her vox, taking a breath before checking her surroundings again.

A weapon cannot substitute for zeal..huh?
>She nods to the man going into the city, continuing her stride

>> No.54605931

>the large pile of blankets and coats continues to sit motionless by the stryxis' merchant table, only the rhythmic rise and fall of someone breathing give any indication anybody is inside

>> No.54605935

>Takes half of the credits from card
Done, your armour will arrive tomorrow

>> No.54605949

Allright what do you want mon'kleigh bastard?

>> No.54605961

Rolled 87 + 20 (1d100 + 20)


[roll for medical exam]

medical exam, I don't care your a filthy xeno. its regiment policy a mandatory examination during a campain

>> No.54605968


Today, many of you will die. Today, I may die, but today, we relish ourselves in the Emperors holy light. Today, we put the nail in the coffin of the heretic. This city will be liberated. We will prevail

>I'd put my hand up in a Roman salute

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That went well enough, so, are you joining the battle?
>she gets up on her feet, ready again for war, except for a moment's cough again

>> No.54606002

*flies off with his new jetpack over to the kitchens*

>> No.54606013


>a few minutes later, the sister better than before she went in

remember take a break occasionaly, and have a drink of citrus

and I will be running by the bullits healing those who fall, empra wills I will save more than I kill. and I plan to kill many heretics
ahhhhh, the comforting sound of home

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>over the vox, I inform the commissar that the damned osiros idiot is running from his medical exam, and can you please catch him.


>> No.54606087

*i would ready my insect army for war*

>> No.54606097

Rolled 41, 73 = 114 (2d100)

>calm and prisise, I try to tacke this asshole and stab him with a track dart

[for tackling and stabbing]

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>Matthias would be quickly going about, giving orders to men and women of his company, in an effort to prep them for war.




>> No.54606130

Rolled 20, 14, 9, 20 = 63 (4d20)

*removing the dart from my chest and staring at the dirt ridden medic I rise into the air and let my insect army rough him up*

>> No.54606134 [DELETED] 

>cursing as I miss and the dart fails to knock him out. I grumble and begin to follow orders

you wont be lasting very long knife ear

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>> No.54606161

>Puts on a weird device on the ground
Erm honorable civilian, we are moving out, will you just stay here?
Honorable Captain, what do I do with him?

>> No.54606162

Rolled 18, 10, 13, 11, 20, 15, 2, 1, 6, 7 = 103 (10d20)

>As soon as the gant, mutated bug, had begun attack someone. The entire base would open fire upon it.
>The pure amounts of las, and bolter shells flying towards it, would be nigh undodgeable.

>> No.54606171

Sir yes sir...
*taking flight upon snuggles, following the rest of the regiment*

>> No.54606181

Rolled 25 (1d100)

stuck down by the bugs, the medic collapses bleeding

>so lets see if I have another round for medics. I need a 90+

>> No.54606189

No Brutus!
Oh well, the rest of you bugs, charge the chaos forces!

>> No.54606195

>over the vox
We are approaching enemy territory, Commissar.

>> No.54606197

yeah no, dead krigsman

>> No.54606228

Understood, Corporal-
>The Commissar would be riding atop his command Chimera. His bolt pistol drawn, and his thunder hammer placed upon his mechanical shoulder, as the regiment spearheads the final assault for the city.

We shall be there momentarily. Once you hear the shooting start, you may open fire.

>> No.54606250

*my bug army quickly arrives at to flank the chaos forces before being shot again*

>> No.54606304

>Comes near the fighting and sets up another shot
>Uses shocked Franisko to hold more items on display
Come people get you regular, munitorum supplies for free, and actually useful ones for a prices!
Today's special offer is personal shield, hurry, we have only three in stock

>> No.54606331

this I captain Reth sir, do I have permission to begin my bombing run? my wing is waiting for weapons clear, do we have weapons clear?

>> No.54606355

*i would position my army into cover, with clear view of any chaos forces that might approach*

>> No.54606449

Rolled 11, 19, 10, 16, 11 = 67 (5d20)

>fed up of waiting, my wing begins its attack, shame that we don't know about the corssir as 5 bombers begin their run

>> No.54606451

>Over the vox
Do you see any chaos space marines?

>> No.54606464

Seems to be quiet, no chaos forces to speak of.

>> No.54606471

>Deep within the city center. In what was once the ecclesiastical palace, now turned heretic command center. Would be be the chaos commanders. Each one attempting to help the other, in planning out their stratagem for the inevitable Imperial push.
>The room would shake, as a stray artillery shell would explode a few hundred feet away. Causing dust to flutter from the now defaced murials above.
>"We need to reinforce sector 14! Send a squadron of Leman Russ tanks, from the 97th Wartorns Regiment!"
>"We can't! They're busy holding the line in sector 21!"
>"Damn them! Those filthy loyalists won't give up!"
>"Mi'lord! If we don't do something soon, we won't be able to push them back!"
>The main commander. A former Imperial guard general. Would slam his fist into the holodisplay, showing the city. Causing the image to flicker for a moment.
>He was losing this city a block at a time. By the end of the week, there wouldn't be anything left of his forces.
>"Damn those heretic Astartes! They've done nothing but sit around, and stack their bloody metal boxes, side by side, throughout this entire campaign! If I see that Lord Damidous before the Imperials show up, il-"
>He would getting to finish the threat of his threat, as he would be cut off, by the sound of heavy footsteps along the floor. Followed by a heavy, vox filled voice.
>"You'll do what, General Thimes..."
>The general's face would go a shade paler, than it was a moment before, as he stared at the black coloured, gold trimmed terminator armour, of Lord Damidous, followed along, by a squad of similarly painted chaos marines.

>> No.54606507

As I said before honorable customer
>Points at a little sign
No refunds

>> No.54606521

Rolled 88 (1d100)

*i attempt to cast invisibility on my steed and myself*

>> No.54606543

>The sound of entire regiments footsteps could be heard to the forces of chaos, along with a thundering clap of the instruments playing this song


>Leman russ siege tanks of the Death Korps of Krieg would be beginning to line up to besiege the city. Underground, men would be working tirelessly to dig tunnels and strike from under the belly.

>Huge lines of cavalry would line up, holding the banners of Krieg

>> No.54606546

>"Attempt to kill me? You're men couldn't scratch the paint. Let alone wound me."
>The General would swallow hard. His words caught in his throat for a moment, before he could finally speak.
>"I am m-merely s-saying, that you have done n-nothing to- KEH!"
>A large, armoured fist would be wrapped around the old man's throat. Squeezing tightly enough, to cut off the air to his lungs.
>Heretic guardsmen, and power armoured infantry, would turn their guns towards each other.
>"Might I remind you, general. That you were the one whom requested the support from the Black Legion. And we graciously oblidged your summons."
>His grip would grow tighter around the old man's throat. Nearly having broken his neck.
"But do not think for a moment, that you hold any authority over us. We will fight, when we are ready."
>The Terminator would drop the man back to his feet. The general on his knees, as he gasped for breath.
>"And it just so happens, that my men and I, are finally ready for war."
>The Terminator lord, would turn upon his heels, and would begin to leave the room. The heretic guards still on edge, as they watch the chaos space marines leave.
>"The enemy are approaching from the west, through sector 19. I would suggest you pull your men back, and allow them to reach the palace."
>On of the other commanders, would speak up at this point.
>"B-but that's insane! W-we need to stop th-!"
>"you will allow the loyalists through, or I will find your bones to ash, and give them to the Emperors children, to snort! Do I make myself clear."
>The other commanders, would be silent for a moment, before nodding in near unison.
>"Very good... We shall show them our true power, very soon. Hehehe..."

>> No.54606610

*my cloaked giant flying beetle and myself would travel deep into the city, my platoon of bugs hiding in buildings to ambush small patrols of heretics*

>> No.54606615

Rolled 95 (1d100)

>Begins to search stuff with a telescope
Hmm maybe I can find something profitable

>> No.54606628

>The spearhead of the 27th army group. The Unknown regiment. Would find their way towards the palace, completely deserted.
>Gun positions and sandbag barricades completely abandoned. Enough ammunition and supplies to equip a small army. Valuable weapons equipment.
>All of it left behind in a hurry. Almost as if no one had ever been there.
>It's far too quiet...

>The Commissar would glance would the area with his one good eye. Attempting to find any trace of the enemy.
>Nothing.... Not a damned thing...
>Where the hell had they all gone?

>> No.54606633

>The men would form up perfectly, advancing for the final push against the city
>Artillery would be pushed up behind the rows of men, loading in their shells until the order is called to charge
>Huge ranks of men would stand at the ready, with their bayonets protruding out
>They were ready to die for the emperor
>Their bottom of their trench coats and their boots were stained by the dirt of the planet. They had been working tirelessly from day one for the attack
>hundreds of leman russes belonging to the death korps of krieg would have their battle cannons directed straight for the city
>In the trenches, thousands of heavy weapons teams were at the ready to fire all of their weapons towards the chaos threat
>Autocannons, heavy bolters and las cannons were all reasy

>> No.54606644

Hmm a golden vaults which's keys are on the general
Eldar and his...bugs
Oooh space marines
Hello honorable commissar, but I seem to have spotted the black legion troops

>> No.54606649

>There wouldn't be a damn thing.
>Entire heavily barricaded, and entrenched positions were entirely abbandoned in their entirety.
>What the hell was going on?

>> No.54606653


>> No.54606668

Rolled 33 (1d100)


>> No.54606686

Sire...I'm ready.

>> No.54606705

Rolled 2, 19, 2, 10, 17 = 50 (5d20)

*i would look and see that the coast was clear, before deciding to simply ruin all of the expensive defenses that were abandoned*
*extra attacks due to extra time*

>> No.54606716

Hmm, honorable civilian you worked with the goverment of the planet, yes?
Do you know what's in the golden safe in that cathedral?

>> No.54606786

>the man perks up slightly, relishing the chance to be distracted from the current events
It's data, of every person who lived here. Where they lived, what job they did, what car they drove, you name it it's in there. They even kept their material wealth in there, family heirlooms and the like.

>> No.54606815

*over vox*
If you are thinking of looting it I reccomend finding out where the traitors are first

>> No.54606818

Hmm interesting, honorable citizen, very interesting, yes.
You wouldn't have an acces to it, would you?
Also be careful, you'll make merchendise fall over

>> No.54606840

>Over vox
Of course I'm looting it eldar
Also be careful, I saw some marines in there, black legion I think

>> No.54606843

Rolled 11, 4, 1, 20, 12, 16, 2, 13 = 79 (8d20)

>The moment he had said this to the Commissar, was the moment, that the regiment had arrived at the city center. The ecclesiastical palace, in all its former glory, sitting before them.
>It would appear to be abbandoned...
>What the hell was that shaking?
>It seemed as if it was getting closer...
>After a few moments, where nothing could be heard, save for the shaking ground beneath them, and their own heartbeats. There would be a loud crash.
>This would be followed by the sight of a more than 40 foot tall, mechanical monster, crashing through the walls of the palace!
>It's armored plates are painted a dark black, like the midnight sky. It's trim a shining, gold, that would glisten from the blood red, smoke filled sky above.
>It's a damned Warhound Titan!
>The Titan, would crane it's wolf like head towards the Imperial forces, as a loud voice, speaks over its Vox.
>It was like listening to knives running down a chalkboard.
>With these words, dozens of chaos Astartes, and hundreds of heretic guardsmen, would rush out from within, and around the palace. The stage having been set, for this final battle.
>The Titan's Vulkan mega cannon, would begin to spin, before spewing forth a hail of enourmus shells, into the lines of Imperial guardsmen, and APCs. The first two rolls are aimed towards Sergeant Lewis and his men.
>With its Plasma cannon, it would charge up, before releasing a glob of sun like, ball of red plasma towards the corsair, and his bugs. Rolls three and four.
>Heretic Astartes, would begin pouring bolter fire, into the xeno merchant, and the men around him. Fifth roll
>Heretic guardsmen, would begin pouring fire upon the Commissar, and his command Chimera. Six roll.
(Not enough room. Will post rest in second post.

>> No.54606845

Y-yes, I can get you in, but ever since the planetary governor exploded into a bunch of purple foam the chaos forces have been using it for... something

>> No.54606875

Rolled 152 (1d205)

>Vu Chen and his sniper squad open fire on important-looking mortals from their position in a tower

>> No.54606880

Rolled 15, 9, 11, 12, 15, 11 = 73 (6d20)

>The thousands of men would charge for the encampments, first three rolls
>the leman russes would target the titan, last three rolls

>> No.54606885

Rolled 5, 20 = 25 (2d20)

>Ignore the last two rolls.
>The first roll of this post, would target vu Chen, and his snipers, in what could only be an expected showdown, between both the Regiment's top snipers, and the chaos snipers.
>The second roll of this post. would be heavy bolter fire, raining down upon the corsair himself

>> No.54606888

Rolled 12, 16, 2, 1, 17 = 48 (5d20)


>> No.54606917

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Ouch damned chaos, always firing at the humble merchants
>Returns fire with aether rifle

>> No.54606926

>She would boom into her vox at the commissar
They've lead you into a trap, Commissar. Me and my sisters are inbound with anti-armor support. Lightning bolt fighter wings will hold top cover as we move up with the Multi-meltas and bombs
>nine fighters in groups of three would race past, taking potshots with their lascannons at the titan before circling around to fight off any heretic flyers

>> No.54607010

Rolled 14, 5, 2, 8, 7, 2, 4, 1, 13 = 56 (9d20)

Forgot dice

>> No.54607038

Rolled 3 (1d20)

>The amount of fire peppering his command Chimera, would cause it to explode. Sending the Commissar flying, right as he had leapt off of it. Hitting the ground hard.
>The leader of the regiment wasn't looking too good...

>He would begin firing off a series of bolt pistol rounds, at the lead Astartes.

>> No.54607091

Rolled 15 (1d20)


>Matthias would take cover, before firing upon the foul heretics, with his hellgun. Whispering hymns of accuracy to himself.

>> No.54607160

Rolled 49 (1d100)

>with two bugs down I order them to hide from the machine before rising into the air on my invisible steed and attempting to cast psychic maelstrom

>> No.54607234

Rolled 13, 14, 3, 18, 7, 14, 11, 6 = 86 (8d20)

>The Chaos Warhound Titan, having wiped out the army of mutant bugs, and it's master, would quickly reload, and recharge it's weaponry.
>His team of snipers, would manage to pick off several heretic Lieutenants, and an Astartes aspiring champion. Putting deep holes in each of their skulls.
>Despite the number of heretic bodies charging towards him. The merchant would manage to land a single shot.
>All her shots would do, is seem to annoy the Titan.
>The kreiger regiment would charge towards the palace. Killing few heretics, as they directly engage several squads of black legion Astartes.
>Their tanks would fare no better again the Warhound Titan. It's shielding protecting it from such minor blasts.

>The the Unknown regiment, currently engaged by ground forces. The Warhound Titan, would turn it's guns upon the kreiger regiment before it. Letting loose a hail of massive, explosive shells, and giant blobs of plasma towards them. First four rolls, each at +1 due to the dear number of bodies it can target.
>The heretic snipers, would once.more attempt to pick off their counter-revolution, within the unknown regiment. Laser rounds flying towards Vu Chen, and his team. 5th roll.
>Heretic hydras. The few that are left anyway. Would begin targeting, and opening fire upon the sister of battle air forces. Hoping to bring them down, before they could do any real damage. Sixth roll.

>His shots having missed, due to his injures. The heretics would cheer, as they continue to pour heavy fire upon the Commissar. 7th roll
>Stubbers, and laser shots, would be fired upon the merchant, and the men around him once more. 8th roll.

>> No.54607300

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Well at least theyr aiming is as bad as mine
>Throws an energy grenade which illuminates a strange blue glow

>> No.54607329

Rolled 6, 14, 5, 8 = 33 (4d20)

Commissar! There are Hydra firing on top coverage. They're staying low untill my sisters can deal with the hydra.
I'm pulling forces from the main assault. Repenta units should be in range of the main infantry assault
>Several dozen sisters in rags charge out from alleyways, eviscerates held high as they sing songs of the Emperor as the fighters dip to rooftop level, dog fighting and strafing the titan
>first two for Repenta second two for fighters

>> No.54607369

Rolled 3, 18, 3 = 24 (3d20)

>3 shadowswords would roll up, targeting the titan
>They would fire off 3 VOLCANO CANNON shots towards it

>> No.54607391

Rolled 71 (1d100)

>still atop my incredible steed that nobody could see, I would try and cast psychic maelstrom again

>> No.54607487

Rolled 30 + 10 (1d100 + 10)


>> No.54607507

>The Corsair would feel something... Although he wasn't exactly sure WHAT it was...

>> No.54607521

Rolled 15, 12, 10, 19, 10, 12 = 78 (6d20)

Kill the false Emperors men! Slaughter them all!!!
>a practically deranged cultist would swing a mighty battle axe
>first roll

>The infantry blob is hit by the sisters charge, being cut down by the swaths, calm bolter fire laying into the melee, they won't last long without support from the guard

>the titan's void shields flare as it turns to the tanks.but doesn't fire. Several squads of terminators teleport then charge the superheavy tanks, one spawning inside the crew compartment of one, blasting and hacking at the crew,
>second through sixth for power weapons on tanks

>> No.54607592

Rolled 13, 7, 2, 7 = 29 (4d20)

Get away from me you deranged lunatic
>Attack with an aether sword, first roll
>Men around him start shooring at both cultist and his friends, all the other rolls

>> No.54607605

Rolled 7, 13, 9, 19, 14 = 62 (5d20)

>the snipers continue focusing on the heretic leadership

>> No.54607667

How do the IG deal with CSM when they don't have astartes of their own? Tanks? Artillery? Bayonettes?

>> No.54607699

*seemingly being ignored I move closer to the titan stealthily and invisible, losing any who might track my position.*

>> No.54607708

our glorious primer tells us that our faith will slay these heathons, so you should in fact shoot them with all your lasguns at once on a single target. or use bayonets. so in sane person speak, your fucked

>> No.54607723

To be fair the long lases and hotshot lasguns of the stormtroopers have been described as being okay even against power armour.

>> No.54607776

>This cultist's eyes seem to be glowing mad red as the las shots pierce through him or ignore his body all together, each shot speeding up his swings,
>first two rolls, with +2 to each

With two "officers down the titan would turn and start barraging the buildings where the snipers could be
>next 3 at -5 for blindfire

>a rather large daemonette would tuturn towards the hidden Eldar.
I smell a tasty soul nearby... and he's right... there...

>> No.54607801

Rolled 12 (1d20)

>throws grenade at daemonette

>> No.54607803

Hey I totally hit him, that should turn a space marine to dust/spoiler]

>> No.54607823

Rolled 2, 13, 5 = 20 (3d20)

>Heat tracking rounds would be fired from chaos baneblades towards the eldar prince

>> No.54607827

Rolled 14, 10, 17, 14, 3 = 58 (5d20)

Dark gods are watching the planet.
He's pretty much a daemonhost at this point

>> No.54607856

Rolled 55 (1d100)

>The Sorcerer would attempt to cast a psychic shriek onto you, and only targeting you, not your bugs

>> No.54607857

Rolled 13, 7, 16, 15 = 51 (4d20)

>After getting hit
Gah...great a daemon host
>Hits him with a table
>Soldiers near him start charging the host with byonets

>> No.54607883

Rolled 1 (1d20)

[psychic shriek does not work against units that are vestry out of range]
Hmm, a sorcerer.
*i take aim and fire with my prisim rifle*

>> No.54607894

*the shots go wide due to not being able to target me properly*
Well I think I have had enough of this reality.
The rest of you fucks can clean this up on your own. Have fun.
*teleports off*

>> No.54608034

Rolled 2, 10, 17, 14, 19, 15 = 77 (6d20)

You! Guardsman!
>she throws him a book
Read the prayers of exile as you kill it!

>the sisters finally emerge from the buildings, bolter and flamer fire pouring forth into the Chaos forces, several jump troops landing amidst chaos space marine ranks.
>first 3 for bolt and flames
>second 3 for close combat troops and prayers

>> No.54608062

>Reads the book
*Pseudo-latin chanting*
Begone now!
>Looks around
Hmm I should stay for a bit in case they win

>> No.54608100

Rolled 2, 19, 7, 19, 1, 13, 15, 16, 6, 5 = 103 (10d20)

>the daemonhost is speared by several bayonets, shreaking and thrashing about, smashing a few lesser mooks as he tries to swing
>first roll at -10 for held down and exile chants

>the chaos troops are blasted back by bolter fire, many of the marines falling to the well trained sisters, only a handful of marines remaining as they try to break combat to lay waste with bolters and heavy weapons
>next 2 at -3 for breaking moral

The Titan takes notice and starts laying waste to the courtyard with whatever it can bring to bare, focusing on the white armored sisters
>next seven at a -2 for quick fire

>> No.54608127

>Matthias would be dragging the badly injuried, unconscious Commissar, from the front lines, as he attempts to stem the blood flow, from the older man's now missing bionic arm.

Bloody hell! This is getting worse by the minute!
>He would stop, as his vox bead begins beeping in cypher.
>He would concentrate on the words. Not having used cypher since basic training.

>"General.... Retreat... Issued..."
>"Warp... Storm.... In-bound...."
>"Planetary.... Exterminatus.... Being... Declared..."
>"Evacuation...coordinants... Will... Follow..."
>"The... Emperor.... Protects..."
>Matthias' eyes would go wide, at the word "exterminatus".

>Matthias would set his vox bead to an open Regimental command frequency.



>> No.54608164

>Matthias bwould get in touch with as many other units as he possibly could. Issuing then the order to retreat, should they not have received it yet.

Canoess! I need you and your sisters to hold the line, for as long as possible, while I pull our forces back! Command has issued a death sentence to this world.

>> No.54608177

Rolled 59 (1d100)

>begins hypersprint, dropping everything but his lasgun, and 9-70

>> No.54608188

>Hits the daemon one last time with an old knife in his robe
Captain, to me! I have teleporter beacon set up at the base
>Picks up Fran
For beacon see >>54606161 ,the weird device is the beacon

>> No.54608201

>I'd run to the Captains position, holding a banner on one hand and my lasgun in the other

Captain, it was a damned good time fighting with you.

>I'd salute the man

>> No.54608204

Rolled 18, 3, 11, 17, 19, 16 = 84 (6d20)

No! We can clear the chaos forces from this world!! They are breaking!! The Emperor's light is with us!!! Charge for everything you have!!!
>the sisters break rank and charge the remaining forces as over a half dozen Multi-melta Immolators rev out across the yard, titan fire claiming two but not before they start circling, multi-melta's firing furiously at the titan
>+10 for in melta range and 2 on each tank

>> No.54608231

I need you too use whatever transports you have, and begin evacuating procedure delta-429. I'm sending you the coordinants now!
>He would be silent for a moment, before speaking up once more.

...If i... If I don't make it.... Tell Rias I love her...
>He would cut off the vox, before sending her the evacuation coordinates

>> No.54608244

>Esterminatus in t-minus 30 minutes

>> No.54608255

>the man is shocked and confused at his sudden ejection from his safe haven
Wha- What's happening?

>> No.54608263

>The daemon host bursts into golden flames, vaporizing and dropping the axe

>by the guided melta fire the titan would, fall to a knee before going necular not a minute later, letting the tanks flee, the remaining chaos forces breaking and running, even the clinically insane running for their lives as the battle is lost. The backbone of the chaos forces shattered and burning

>> No.54608266

>He would flash the man a smile, and a salute.

We shall stand our ground, until the very last moment, Sergeant.

If we are to die, it will be with the Emperor looking down upon us with pride!

>Matthias would grab hold of the regimental banner. Waving it around gallantly, as he fired off shots from his hot-shot Laspistol at the incoming traitors.

>> No.54608304

Were leaving honorablecivilian, the planet will face exterminatus, yes
Best of luck honorable captain, you sure you want to stay?
>Pulls a remote out of his robe

>> No.54608317

>I'd smile after him, the first time I had ever smiled

>I'd turn to face my enemy, sending of Lasgun shots after lasgun shots

>> No.54608334

>Along the lightside of the planet. The newly arrived exterminatus fleet, would begin it's bombardment procedures. Cannons raining death down upon the planet from high orbit.
>With each shot, hundreds would die, as cities are blasted to rubble, and both heretics and loyalists are turned to ashes.

>> No.54608336

No we won't Captain. Board our landing craft as well. I will not let such loyal servants die this day.
I will have my fleet block this location from low orbit.
>several dozen landing craft and vehicle transports with heavy fighter escort cstart to break atmosphere as the sisters battle fleet moves to low orbit

>> No.54608340

WHAT! But... but my office, my car, my wife, my...
>The man looks around him at the ruined, burning city, then sighs, defeated
Ok, lets get out of here

>> No.54608346

The third company will stay here, until the rest of our regiment is evacuated.

>> No.54608365


>The Sergeant would continue to fight until the last man in his regiment

Let the others on first. Get the civilians. We die here like men.

>> No.54608374

As you wish captain, EVERYONE TO ME!
>A bunch of wounded and exausted guardsmen come near the hooded figure
Be ready Franisko
>Pushes a button
>Everyone in 5 meter radius of Ars gets teleported to the base
Now to transports

>> No.54608391

>the man unties his bow tie, then hands it to the robed xeno
Thank you

>> No.54608399

die well guys, it is an honor to see it happen


>> No.54608400

>the landing craft all land at any open space they can find, rooftops, gardens, the courtyards, even hovering above balconies to pick up troops
Let's get aboard before those blasted ships hit my own
>The sisters would be quickly loading any wounded guardsmen aboard

There were none trooper. Get aboard and that's an order.

Get on Captain. Your Wife is waiting for you. You made a promise about not dying I believe...

Hurry. Carry any wounded you find

>> No.54608402

Sir, one company cant hope to hold off thousands of cultists for more than a few minutes. We need some smarts here.

>> No.54608415

>The Canoness personally punches out Matthias and carries him to a vehicle transport.


>> No.54608417

Oops, droped my namepin

>> No.54608447

>runs in

>> No.54608450

>the man runs towards the ship, practically throwing himself aboard

>> No.54608451

With all due respect, Canoness

>I'd take my helmet off, it going into the dirt below

I'd like to decline that order

>I'd turn around, rushing towards the enemy, firing my lasgun at them

>> No.54608463

>Matthias bwould narrowlynarrowly the punch. Never once allowing the regimental banner to drop, or touch the ground.

Not until my men are safe!

>The look upon his face is pure pride, and stubborness, at the refusal to show the forces of chaos to gain even one foot, towards the retreating men and women around him.

I'll die here if I have too.

>> No.54608472

>Holds the bow tie
At leas it wasn't a total loss
>Get's aboard the transport
True shame
True shame

>> No.54608518

Sergeant The chaos forces are routed, you are shooting at corpses, board now. There are only a handful of shuttles remaining.

They are all out. Grab that sergeant and let's go. They will fire upon my starships soon

>> No.54608530

Get everyone else out first. Troopers and civilians first.

>The majority of the third company would stand beside their commander. Proud looks upon their faces, as they rally towards him. Willingness to sacrifice their lives for their comrades, rather apparent.

>> No.54608585

>Speaking of chaos forces being routed...
>As the warp storm above, begins to grow out, and spread in and around the planet. Masisve warp portals would begin opening up all around them. Releasing hordes of daemons, and heretics upon the retreating Imperials.
>The few heretics and traitors left, would rally forward. Pressing for a renewed attack.

>> No.54608619

Rolled 3 (1d20)

>I'd attempt to fire my lasgun at the hordes of daemons

>> No.54608621

>Up in orbit, things wouldn't be looking any better. The warp storm would be lashing out, and destoryed innumerable drop ship's, and transports, as they reach orbit.
>Those ship's that are able to, would begin fleeing at incredible speeds, before making the jump.
>However, a few galliant captains and their ships, would stay. Their honour demanding that they stay, and assist with the evacuation.

>> No.54608623


>> No.54608671

Heh... At long last. This must be my calling.
>Loads his pistol with silver bullet, carved into it pentagrammic wards
>Holds his staff, a plain, reinforced tool of wood and steel
>A smile on his face under his mask
>Quietly he chants:
Orr'ee ot mglw'nafh, Y' hai join ymg'. Let c' ah'ehye nnn ph' shuggog ot n'ghft ehye, mgep c' uh'eog nogephaii ng mgahnnn ngluii ot fhtagn.
Come at me, traitors. Come at me, murderers. Let me take you to hell for your crimes against the master of my temple.

>> No.54608708

>Up in orbit, the exterminatus fleet would finally make its way above the planetary capital. The fleets heavy guns raining death down upon both traitor, and loyalist forces.
>If anyine was still left. They would be hard pressed to escape at this point.

>> No.54608744

>looks at the legions of daemons from a transport in orbit
>Looks at the warp storms
Let's hope we can leave
>Looks at the exterminatus
Okay, who's gonna tell Rias that her husband is dead?

>> No.54608784

>Matthias would flash the men and women continuing to fight alongside him, a bright, cheerful smile, as he continues to fire off rounds from his hellpistol. As all around him, the cityscape burns, and collapses.
>He the pride he felt, was only out marched, by the pride he felt on his wedding night, barely a month ago.
>There would be a flash of pure white, brilliant light at this point, as he is drowned out.

>> No.54608869

>Meanwhile, high in orbit over Dracolese. The Eagle's Fury, would be awaiting the arrival of the last few dropship and shuttles.
>Less than half of the Unknown regiment, had managed to escape the planet's surface at this point. And many of those that had, were badly wounded, or had escaped by the skin of there teeth.
>Many of those who had survived, would watch the exterminatus below, through the viewports all across the ship.
>The Captain meanwhile, would be watching from his perch on the bridge. His mind less focused upon the exterminatus, and more on the reports coming in, on escape craft.

>> No.54608881

Let the fire rain and death consume me... I shall die doing my duty... In death, I will avenge them, master.
Ephaiagl c' ah. Syha'h uln.

>> No.54608916

>"Ensign. I want a status report on those shuttles. How many are left?"
>"The last one just came aboard now, Captain."
>"Very good. Prep the ship to leave immediately. I don't want us stranded in this warp storm."
>"Aye, Captain!"

>> No.54608917

>Gets out of the transport
Phew, hood thing I was ready
>Goes to the nearest clerk
Please write in entire third company as KIA

>> No.54608919

Even though it is extremely rare what happens to IG veterans who make it out of the IG?

>> No.54608934

They either become generals, or advisors, sometimes they even retire, but it depends on a planet

>> No.54608951

>The Sergeant stay on the planet, fighting to his last breath
>As he fought, a smile on his face would be shown, a tear running down his cheek and a banner flying behind him
>His words before the exterminatus happened
>Ave Imperator, Glory to Krieg.

>> No.54609005

>As the ship is about to jump to warp. One last transport would manage to squeeze aboard. Badly damaged, and barely functioning.
>He'll, landing isn't even a proper term in this case. It looked more like a mentally retarded bird, falling face first, into a pond.

>> No.54609006

If you are too good you just become extra assigned to the IG
>"This pattern of returning alive after being declared dead occurred often enough during Cain's career that the Munitorum made a special ruling that Ciaphas Cain is to never be considered dead, despite evidence to the contrary."

You probably only get to retire if you are so fucked that even cybernetics can't restore you or you are so unstable you can't be counted on to be stable enough to not shoot your fellow guardsmen or if you have propaganda value.

>> No.54609051

>looks at the damaged transport
>Comes near it
Hmm...Hello honorable survivors, if aany of you can still walk I can sell you some fine alcohol in celebration of being alive!

>> No.54609053

>It's baydoors would open up, and would guardsmen from the third company would begin flooding out. Many of them missing limbs, and badly wounded. Their uniforms and armor torn to shreds.
>The last one out, would be Matthias. Covered in spot and ash, and soaked in the blood of a hundred heretics and daemons.
>But he would be alive.

>> No.54609067

>the man looks out a viewport at the planet, the brilliant explosions of purple and white reflecting off his glasses, before walking away
>he doesn't look back

>> No.54609077

erm...honorable captain you would kinda want to go to that clerk, I told him that all of you are dead

>> No.54609123

>There would be a voice calling out to the man, from down the hall.
>Should he turn to face the voices, it would be his wife, and family running towards him. Their arms outstretched.

>> No.54609180

>Lewis would be vaporize in the exterminatus, even his ashes do not remain. All records of his existence, lost. He is just another lost cog in the war machine. One, easily replaced.


>> No.54609192

>Matthias would let out a sigh.

Of course you did. Why did I think you people wouldn't...

>He would smile, before walking towards him. The Regiment's banner still clasped tightly in his hand.

To be fair though, you weren't far off. I doubt more than sixty men from the third company made it out, considering we had well over three-quarter, when we went in.

>> No.54609252

>the stimms wear off
>hobbling to medic as fast as bks semi fractured bones will carry him

>> No.54609262

>the adept turns a corner, hands full of paperwork
Alright, so I got all the death certificates filled out, now all I need to do is-
>the man locks eyes with Matthias, and the remaining survivors

>> No.54609327

>The man, now aboard the Eagles fury, would be losing an arm
>It would appear that he was down on the planet, fighting the entire time
We meet again, Wyvern... Last I saw you were a Lieutenant!
>The man would be gritting his teeth in pain

>> No.54609427

Medic? Anyone?
>leaning on supply crate, unable to walk for the pain

>> No.54609510

>Matthias would nod his head.

A lot has changed since then, it seems. Although I'm surprised to see you were down there.

>Using his freehand, he would begin helping him towards the nearest medicae center.

Come on. Let's get you patched up.

>> No.54609525

Uuuuuuhhhh.... talking...
Grrrrrr... stop.... whiningggg

>> No.54609612

SHADDAP YOU FILTHY XEN- oh wait, sorry sir, its these meds.

>> No.54609654

Noooottt.... xeeenoooh.
Huuumannnss... me...

>> No.54609687

Yes, yes, sir sorry. Can you *oof* direct me tl a medicae please, sir?

>> No.54609788

Meh.. dic... aeee?
Die explode...
Find robot...

>> No.54609884

Wha, what? Oh, your no help...

>> No.54610016

Medic... ash.. now...
All... dead... fi..r..e

>> No.54610071

>Illya would be just a few hallways down, dealing with the massive amount of wounded, and dying, as best she could.
>Seeing the wounded trooper. She would motion for him to make his way over.

>> No.54610081

Oh shaddap you, were on a damn naval vessel. There has to be a medical aide somewhere

>> No.54610105

Oh theres one, thank the Emperor.
Told you ya bastard.

>> No.54610130

>All Matthias bwould do, is smile and wave, as he walks by the adept.

I would suggest, properly checking your facts, before automatically filling out all those death certificates. Wouldn't want another 'Caiphas Cain' incident, now would we?

>> No.54610142

Not... barhhh sthaardd...
Me.. Brutus!

>> No.54610153

Rolled 49 (1d100)

>The sister emerges from under a pile of rubble
>obviously shaken and apparently also stirred up, the sororita drags herself out of her stony pit

rollan for dragg-effect-ratings

>> No.54610161

I dont give a damn what your name is you bootlick.
>hobbles to medical staff.

>> No.54610169

>As the trooper arrived. Illya would just be finishing up with another patient.

He'll need a replacement arm, and foot, but he can wait a few hours.

>She would turn to Thel.

Ah, trooper Thel. So glad to see you. Even if you are coming back wounded.
>She would flash him a warm smile. The exhaustion evident on her face.

What seems to be the problem?

>> No.54610206

I'm in need of a ne-- new arm
>The Scion would cough blood over his face

>> No.54610236

>The fact that someone -probably one of the priests-, had wasted space on a ship to bring this rubble with them, pissed Matthias off too no end.
>He would sigh, before attempting to help the trapped sister of battle escape her Stoney prison.

>> No.54610275

Your name...

>> No.54610298

>The sister appeared beaten, and stoned
>As in she had probably been buried in the rubble somehow, how it got onboard, was anyone's guess. Maybe it was all the smoke coming from her severed rebreather
>She'd cough, dragging her gun out from the rubble

>> No.54610299

Stophh.. ruining my..... stone.. castle...

>> No.54610416

Well, you should tend to the others first, but it would see that the arm you put on is no more.
Also, I habe several broken ribs, andithurtslike hellsoifIcouldgetastimmshotthatwouldbegreatetetet
>through gnashed teeth

>> No.54610550

>Matthias would frown, as he helps her to her feet.

Come on. I'll bring you to the medicae.

>> No.54610644 [DELETED] 

Rolled 18 (1d100)

>The Hospitaller would take a close look at him. Doing a quick check up, to see what level of injured he was at.

Your injuries are a priority level Secundous Zeltic.

>She would flash him a warm smile.

That means you won't being seeing a Chrugeion for atleast a few hours, trooper.

>Seeing the scion stumble in, she would not over towards him, and would do an examination.

Priority level Primaris Theltic. You're coming with me, trooper.

>She and several orderlies, would bring the badly injuried scion into the medbay, where Illya would begin to preform surgery, after she put him under.
>Rolling for heals

>> No.54610680

Aw shit, where the frak am I?
>She'd rub her head, trying to regain her senses while she coughed and wheezed through her obviously malfunctioning breather

>> No.54610687

Rolled 3 (1d100)


>The Hospitaller would take a close look at him. Doing a quick check up, to see what level of injured he was at.

Your injuries are a priority level Secundous Zeltic.

>She would flash him a warm smile.

That means you won't being seeing a Chrugeion for atleast a few hours, trooper.

>>54610206 #
>Seeing the scion stumble in, she would not over towards him, and would do an examination.

Priority level Primaris Theltic. You're coming with me, trooper.

>She and several orderlies, would bring the badly injuried scion into the medbay, where Illya would begin to preform surgery, after she put him under.
>Rolling for heals

>> No.54610712

Rolled 81 (1d100)

>Way too much isn't exactly recoverable at this point. And he's going to need some serious bionics, it would seem.
>Rolling for bionic healing.

>> No.54610767

Rolled 96 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

>Once surgery was finished, the man would be nearly 35% bionics.
>Only a single limb had been recoverable it seemed. His other three having needed immediate replacements.

>At this point, an orderly would assist them into the medbay, and his surgery would begin.
>Rolling for heals. +5 since some of the bionics are likely salvagable

>> No.54610829

>The surgery was a massive success. thel even had a shiny, new model of bionic arm.

>> No.54610842

>With my new robotic hand, I'd shoot a smile towards the Hospitaller
Thank you, I appreciate it

>> No.54610870

You're on the strike crusier, Eagle's Fury. It seems someone recovered you, after you were buried alive. That, and half the building that fell ontop of you.

>The man would check her for any serious injuries

Your safe for the moment.

>> No.54610880

>admiring bionic
Many thanks doctor.

>> No.54610914

Hospitalier, I can't feel my left arm.
>it might have something to do with the fact that the sergeant's left arm isn't attached to the rest of her body anymore, but the woman seems to be far to up on paikillers and far too low on proteins to notice small details
Can you fix it?

>> No.54610934

>Illya would flash him a warm smile, before planting a kiss on his cheek.

Try not to get your arm blown off again. As nice as it is seeing you so often. I'd rather see you in one piece, and with far less holes.

>> No.54610963

Oh captain... you made it.
>she tries to smile. It works, somewhat
Is the commissar alive?

>> No.54611038

Don't.... knowwwww...
No.... signnnn....
I want signs.......

>> No.54611048

Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Illya would nod her head, before having a room prepared.

I'll see what I can do. Emperor knows most of the regiment needs similar hell right now.
>Once the room had been prepared, she would lead the Sergeant away, and would begin surgery.

>> No.54611060

How the frak did I end up over here? Last thing I know I was just ripping this one cunt open and now I'm here

>> No.54611078

Rolled 37 (1d100)

>That's a LOT of blood. And alot of her body simply isn't working at this point.
>How in the Emperor's name had she survived this long?
>Rolling for bionic implant healing.

>> No.54611080

What kind of signs.
>the sergeant sits down with a weary sigh and starts the complex maneuver of lighting herself a lho with only one hand
Hand signs? I'm a little short on those now...
Doc, are you sure about what you are doing here...?

>> No.54611123

Not knowww....
Sign to say I'm hunger....
Sign of death smash thing.....
Sign that planet is all crispy.....

>> No.54611125

>Matthias would shrug. Not knowing how she had survived.

I can only assume, it was the Emperor's will.

>> No.54611143

>on stimm, apparently.
>enough stimm that if you were to search for blood cells, you'd only find some hidden within all the drugs

>> No.54611216

>There really isn't much she can do. Rook's body keeps rejecting the implants.
>With a frown on her face, she would speak up.

Unfortunately, your body isn't handling the replacements. The fact that you're even alive right now, is a miracle, that only the Emperor can explain.

>> No.54611273

Emperor's will be blessed then
>she'd nod, shaking herself free of his grasp, limping toward the medicae's post
>the tubing on her rebreather had kept leaking the smoke for a while now, and the coughing had gotten worse than before

>> No.54611307

I don't even know what to say. But I got to blow up several chimeras and put an hole in a Leman Russ.
>the sergeant looks at the ceiling with a vague smile
Not a bad way to go, at least I'm comfy. What comes next?

>> No.54611364

Rolled 30 + 1 (1d100 + 1)

>While the Hospitaller is busy, the chief Chirurgeon, would take a look at, and begin dealing with her injuries

>> No.54611398

>Rias rubs her eyes, yawning and smelling of freshly washed flowers in a set of Sisters of Battle robes
Good morning everyone...

>> No.54611405

Rolled 73 (1d100)

*roll to conduct deep philosophical thinking*

>> No.54611425

I, uh, have some tape, for your pipe thing
>the adept waves a large roll of black duct tape

>> No.54611444

Well, there are several possibilities, Sergeant.

The first, is I can have the chief Chirurgeon take a look at you. Bionics are his specialty after all.

Or, we move onto option two, which is move you into a less... Active... Position. Where you'll still be of use to the regiment.

>> No.54611491

Oh. I thought i were in for a bolt shell to the head.
>she sounds sort of... disappointed?
But if I have to walk out of this place, I'll be damned if I do it with a life of sitting at a desk and not blowing shit up before me! Also, I can't write with my right hand.

>> No.54611494

Lest you gain control of your actions, I suggest you get your hands the fuck off of me before I paint the dirt with your entrails
>The sister grunted, wincing in pain as she got up, walking off

I'm fine, though I could do with the tape...
>She approaches the adept, her weary eyes fixed on the roll of tape

>> No.54611502

Rolled 31 (1d100)

*roll to begin reassembling the rubble into a small trench*

>> No.54611530

>The man would frown at his findings.

Looks like I'll need to get to work immediately.
>This would begin the long process of removing her armour and then, attempting to heal her wounds

>> No.54611549

>on the vox
-static- -yone there? My team is -static- Aventus Disctict. Repeat, we are pinned down it -static- some sort of warp-spawned atrocity!

>> No.54611551

Rolled 58 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

>Forgot the fucking roll...

>> No.54611605

Rolled 70 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

>after having dealt with other sister of battle in the next room over. The chief Chirurgeon, would enter into the room.

Alright, just shut up, lay down. And I'll deal with your injuries. Now hold still Dammit. This is going to hurt like HELL!
>Rolling for healing

>> No.54611614

*the man would suddenly be transported to the ship by a smug non existent elf when he touched helium atom #023847288373829347293983736393928.

>> No.54611660

>Matthias would be busy, doing what little he can, for those who survived the exterminatus of Dracolese.
>In most cases, he would be trying to comfort those who weren't going to survive.

>> No.54611668

Rolled 23 (1d100)

*roll to construct an impenetrable stone fortress*

>> No.54611712

>A Chimera would come over, and would destory it, right as he was about to finish ir

>> No.54611724

While you are at it, can't you do something for my head?
>said head being covered in burns that left her with what looks like a mohican cut, and an eye that has clearly become blueish and vacuous
I forgot they could put heavy flamer on sponsons...

>> No.54611726

>she grabs his shoulder and squeezes it roughly
I said... Good morning...

>> No.54611746

How creative.

>> No.54611747

Rolled 99 (1d100)

*brutus would decide that the chimaera would be a great addition to the fortress and turn it on its side, only to then build it into the fortress*

>> No.54611776

> even in her hospital bed, the sergeant feels like something close needs to be Melta'd right away

>> No.54611781

>Matthias bwould be somewhat surprised she was here right now. And dressed like that.

L-lieutenant Wyvern! W-What are you doing? This ain't the time for such things! There are far too many wounded.
>He smells of death, daemon blood, and exterminatus.

>> No.54611821

>Brutus would be defending his mighty impenetrable fortress with a large construction hammer

>> No.54611832

Rolled 100 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

>The medical officer would let out a sigh, before getting to work on fixing her up.

>> No.54611885

By the emperor... it's miracle!

>> No.54611915

>her hand crunches his shoulder as she smiles
Mother told me you refused to get on the shuttle...
>she keeps her eyes closed as she squeezes tighter
Why did you refuse?

>> No.54611929

Rolled 85 (1d100)

>builds a fortress

>> No.54611962

Rolled 94 (1d100)

>annexes the monastery and fortifies it as her convent monastery
rollan for success

>> No.54611976

*laughs violently at the attempt*
Hurr huur...

>> No.54612019

You heard about that, huh....

>He would be sweating a little at the look his wife is giving him.

Duty comes first, Darling. And my men needed a rallying point.

(Image related)

>> No.54612045

*is still content that his structure is more impenetrabler than the monastery*

>> No.54612056

Rolled 56 + 99 (1d100 + 99)

>builds a fortress

>> No.54612096

*The enemy fortress stops existing*

>> No.54612111

Rolled 63 (1d100)

>builds a fortress from paperwork and cardboard boxes

>> No.54612149

*laughs even harder at this pathetic attempt*

>> No.54612156

Rolled 40 (1d100)

>Mounts guns on the fortified-monastery walls
>Chants prayers and hymns for the emprah can be heard from the shooty monastery-fort
>the SoB's are regrouping in the monastery regards: Benedictine :DDDD

rollan for fun-effectiveness rating

>> No.54612173

Rolled 8 (1d100)

>rolling for slapping some mother fucking ducttape on this bitch

>> No.54612195

Rolled 37 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

*begins to arm the fortress*
*+20 due to actually having weapons already on the chimaera*

>> No.54612283

You little shit. I am your wife. I am the greatest duty you'll ever have.

>> No.54612293

Well, you definitely look cute, I'll admit that much.

I like what you've done with your hair. It looks better longer, and in curls.

>> No.54612322

Shame I won't be doing much with them for a while.
>she sighs and then scan the area with her new shiny, bionic eye for the Chimeara whose presence she felt earlier
... but, I am sure someone has put a tank somewhere around here...

>> No.54612324

>Matthias would let out a sigh. Obviously exhausted.

I know that, Darling. But a decision needed to be made, and I made it. I don't regret what I did, but I am sorry it had to happen.

>> No.54612346

>That was a nat 100+10. I don't think you'll need a bionic eye. Probably just did some corrective surgery to fix it up. She probably has perfect eye sight now.

>> No.54612368


A bionic eye is probably better than a normal one, also hers was more or less blue-white paste. Bionics are cool, too.

>> No.54612397

>Fair enough I suppose. I leave it up to you. Your choice of cloned organs, realistic robot eye, or giant, clunky bionic eye.
>Atleast her flesh is baby smooth, and without scars

>> No.54612403

*the loyalist would be on guard near the auto turrets and multi lasers*

>> No.54612446

>she throws him over her shoulder, fire in her eyes
Oh you'll regret it. This is what happens when I'm not around. You go and nearly get killed. I'm cuffing you to me from now on.

>> No.54612450

>she yells from behind an hospital bed that somehow ended up outside the medbay and posing as ablative cover
Bitch I put holes in leman russes. Back the fuck down now...
>she waves her meltagun with her new metallic arm
...or get better guns.

>> No.54612481

Dammit Rias! Put me down!
>He would struggle until he had finally freed himself from her clutches.

There are hundreds of wounded men and women, across the ship that need tending to!
>He would get back into his feet.
And I don't have time, to be dealing with you about this!
Most od our fellows, died on that world, not two hours ago!

>> No.54612492

*i would gesture over to the paper fort and the SOB monastery*
You not do kill fort...
Other fort... more sharp...
More danger... more kill...

>> No.54612546

I care not for forts, I want your damn tank!
>a melta shot sails wide over the chimaera
Hand it over!

>> No.54612599

Taaaankk..... is... foortt.
Saaammmee.... thing...
*brutus readies his massive hammer*

>> No.54612638

>The driver, having become annoyed, by his captor, would simply sigh, before putting the APC into reverse. Causing the fortress to fall apart.

Fuckin' idiots!

>> No.54612653

Are you a medic? No. Let the hospitiler sisters and the churgon deal with them.

>> No.54612666

Bring it!
>the shot goes wide again as the chimera moves from her spot
Dangit! Don't run you sly bastard!

>> No.54612695

*the man would be confused, due to the fortress being of master quality and the chimaera being on its side and built into the stone*

>> No.54612765

>Matthias would narrow his eyes. A rather angey look to them.

These are MY men, dammit! I owe them this much, to do what I can, and help ease their pain!

>> No.54612798

>It was magic of course, that allowed it to flip back onto its treads, and drive away.
Quit shootin' me, ya damn bitch! Do you have any idea, how much trouble I'll be in, if you damage this thing!?

>> No.54612851

>the sergeant weights it against the need she has to blow up another armored vehicle, gun raised, but her pondering is interrupted by the stimm suddenly stopping and she collapses gently on the bed barricade.

>> No.54612873

>so magic that once escaping the vehicles weapons were restored and there was still a chimaera left in the fortress. Strange

>> No.54612917

Rolled 24 (1d100)

*takes gun and attaches it to fortress*
*extra power is 1d100/2*

>> No.54612939

There mine as well and we're just in the way. Look around. The medics are working around you. Just let them work...

>> No.54612998

>Matthias would sigh.

Have you not seen, the damned amount of injuried they're dealing with! But the bloody eye of terror, if there were anymore, we'd all be swimming in blood!

>> No.54613016

>after hearing the order for exterminatus come crackling over the vox, the sergeant booked it from his lonely foxhole to the nearest transport he could find
>sadly, it did not belong to his regiment
>as he steps onto the deck of the ship, he peers out into the sea of unfamiliar faces
...Ah, shit.

>> No.54613034

*hears this comment faintly*
*makes a mental note about blood pools.

>> No.54613154

(Nice to see you online finally, spicy. Where the hell have you been?)

>> No.54613178

And you can't do anything besides get extra supplies from storage. Now go be helpful.

>> No.54613479

>He would rolls his eyes at her words, before patting her head.

You're a massive pain sometimes...

>> No.54613481

Fairly busy with life stuff at the moment, but I try and drop in to the threads when I can. Should probably get discord on my phone.

>> No.54613483

Dare youuu.....
My imperial...

>> No.54613590

You know I'm right. Now, go be useful. I have to go talk to an excited sister

>> No.54613596

>somehow the vox waves manage to find their way through space from the Eagle's Fury to the St. Ezra's Fist, crackling through on the sergeant's voxcaster
Uh, n-no, probably *cough* not... Who the fuck is this?

>> No.54613641

>He would grumble, as he continues to do what he can to assist the medics.

>> No.54613748

I meant from storage but okay.
>she kisses his cheek and stretches

>> No.54613886

I.... built... the fortress....
Do not.... attack it....
I... Brutus!

>> No.54614118

Alright B-Brutus, if run into a fortress I'll uh, keep that in mind.
>shutting off the vox frequency, he wanders off to find something to drink

>> No.54614247


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