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GM story thread: 'My players are why I drink' edition
Either post greentexts or just bitch about specific things your players do.
I'll start: subtly adding dice/modifiers to every fucking roll and thinking I don't notice
I literally talked you through character gen, do you honestly think I can't tell?

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Well I'll write something in a minute but thought it is good to note that in my party all four of us take turns DMing and as such we keep trying to fuck with the person DMing at the time because they had dicked us over previously and it has gotten to the point where our sessions are just us trying to ruin games.

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>playing without problem player who hogs all action
>as a gm try to actively engage players
>guy still wants to do everything himself
>this is really difficult on me since one guy is really quiet and i have to put a lot of effort into engaging him
>guy gone, game is now a 3 people session including me
>second guy does a lot of the work
>engaging the quiet guy is a lot easier
>now have to explain to the attention whore that he has to engage quiet guy

Wish i had social skills

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>Run a one shot of Atomic Highway for complete stranger
>They tell me that they had a lot of fun
>One of the player made some sketches or the various event or the game session

It feels good

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I would classify myself as a player that likes to engage with NPC.
And sometimes I feel like that I hog all the action,
but everytime I go silent or give the shy guy a chance, crickets fill the room.
Sometimes NPC do stupid things or insult us and if I don't interrupt them nobody will.
I don't want to make the game orbit around me, but nobody shows any initiative whatsoever
and i'm tired of making OOC comments about what they could do.

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Even in a fantasy nerds can still be defective socially. Are you playing with autists?

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>"let's play on a megaman inspired setting?"
>everyone shits on robots and sci-fi
>I give up
>"let's play on a noir fantasy setting, then"
>everyone agrees
>but that one bitch tries to be an orc, minotaur, ogre and a nanomachine construct
>and she thinks she's right

why the fuck must I be put through this?

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I had a player quit my game in the middle of an adventure, claiming the game felt too video game-y for his tastes. The last one-and-a-half gaming sessions didn't include any dice because everyone was roleplaying. Their characters and interacting with NPCs

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I've had similar problems. I like to engage and talk with NPCs. I like to do things with the world and interact with it, and sometimes it results in me just doing everything and getting all the screen time. The players seem to enjoy it, but it feels weird when, regardless of what kind of character I make, they end up as the party leader.

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this guy
I feel you have to directly talk to them ic like 3 times before they wake up and participate in the adventure

Its really hard to play with passive players because it takes so much effort but i think it works after awhile

But yea if they dont respond to your ooc comments properly its obviously even harder

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I have a player that makes the most autistic tonal deaf characters.
He's a smart guy but he plays his characters as actual retards.
He once tried to dig a pitfall trap in a city. Like concrete asphalt city. He even put twigs and branches over it IN FULL SINCERITY.

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>not allowing ur players to play intellectual female fedora orcs in noire settings
Hows it feel to miss out?

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theres nothing wrong with your PC being the main character

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Only you can break the cycle anon.

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Sounds like you don't have enough players around the board, I found out that the passive players don't really want to be apart of the story, they're perfectly fine just participating as a background character or a sidekick, If you don't want to hog all the action you'll need to invite another active player, but you've gotta ask the question "Do they care I'm hogging the limelight?".

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That's still better than what one of my groups have descended into, they do everything humanly possible to play as little as possible, It started that they wanted to play a less crunchy system, then rules-lite, then freeform.

It's like some form of autistic where pseudo-nerds can't accept that chads were right that it was fun to "hang out" together. Kill me.

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>playing simple fantasy homebrew system, 1d10 + stat vs DC
>4 sessions into campaign
>PCs get ambushed, roll for initiative
>everyone dives for cover, everyone but That Guy
>That Guy starts asking tons of questions about his special abilities
>"Can I use my Light spell to blind an enemy?"
>"Well why aren't there explicit rules that let me do that?"
>"Wouldn't that also do, like, radiant damage to them?"
>"Shouldn't I be able to hit more than one enemy at a time?"
>"What kind of roll would it be to do that?"
>"I didn't know I'd have to use that stat to do that, anon."
>"Why didn't you tell me at character creation that I'd have to use that stat to do this thing I want to do?"
>"Actually on that subject, this stat is really underpowered, it barely gives you any bonuses."
>"What do you mean it gives us MP? What's MP?"
>"You mean I've had MP this whole time and didn't know about it?"
>"Okay so now that stat is CLEARLY overpowered. Why is your game so broken anon?"
>"Also why can't this ability of mine do five more things? It should be way more powerful."
>"What do you mean 'game balance?' Some options should be better than others."
>That Guy wastes the last 15 minutes of the session asking about rules instead of fighting monsters

I adore constructive criticism but it's incredibly frustrating when it (1) derails the session and wastes valuable play time, and (2) when the person clearly hasn't read the rules. I tried to tell them to write down their thoughts and tell me AFTER the session but another player said he had to run and the group decided to end the session early.

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I feel like posting this story again:


>low powerlevel M&M campaign set in the 20s
>one of the players is my gf
>I knew she had played other rpgs before, though I've never played with her, slightly worried
>first session, some rich dudes are being hold hostage by a group of weird pre-hippies
>heroes take care of the situation quickly
>hippies complain about corporations ruining the world and rich people being evil
>suddenly the players decide that obviously that means the hostages are actually the bad guys, so they kidnap all of them
>after interrogating them for a while and getting nowhere they realize this was a bad idea
>all of them except for my gf
>she decides to go full spanish inquisition on the guys
>psychological and physical torture of all sort is applied in many, incredibly creative ways
>the other PC's can't do shit because her superpower is to make people agree with whatever she says, and keeps rolling high numbers, so whenever somebody complains, she just convinces them that this is the right choice
>this goes on for in-game weeks until I improvise another hook for them to follow instead
>she still stays at their headquarters to keep torturing the rich guys when nobody is around, just in case

>second session
>they get on the not!Titanic
>there's some more hippie ecoterrorists onboard
>they subdue them all
>time to get some information
>after getting some answers, everybody seems pleased except her, she keeps insisting there must be more to it
>she convinces the rest of the party to leave her alone with the captured guys
>"I cut the tongue of one of them, cut the dick of another guy and then put the dick on the mouth of the one without a tongue"

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>third session
>they're suposed to protect Tesla from the ecoterrorists
>things go haywire and he ends up with 80% of his skin burned
>they all run to the nearest hospital
>once more, she uses her power to be alone with the man
>"I shave him entirely"
>"yeah, i don't want anybody to recognize him, so I'm shaving all of his hair"
>I make her take a roll on medicine, which she actually has some ranks in
>inform her that with her knowledge she's quite sure shaving a man so burnt is dangerous as fuck and she may end up killing him due to the skin getting peeled off
>"I'm doing it anyways"
>we all keep insisting that it's a terrible idea, I even go out of my way to guarantee her as GM that if she does that, I'm taking her character sheet because she'll become a villain at this point, and I'm not running a villain campaign just for her
>"I'm doing it anyways"

Turns out she was 100% convinced that my mission as the DM was to fuck up with them and make it basically impossible for the PCs to get relevant info and advance the plot, and everything time I was warning her to stop doing some shit clearly meant that she was doing the right thing because I didn't want her to do it

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>>"I cut the tongue of one of them, cut the dick of another guy and then put the dick on the mouth of the one without a tongue"


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So did you make her reroll and use her character as a villain later in the campaign?

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Fuck this. Did you tell her what your actual job as GM was and that she was very much doing it wrong the whole time?

Or hell, that she wasn't welcome to play anymore? If she's like that at the table that is NOT a woman you want to be in a relationship with anyway.

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That could have been an idea, but instead I banned her from the game and that weird torturer heroine was never seen again, much to everybody's joy

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Or maybe you do
With an imagination like that she'd be pretty kinky irl

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Well thats also a way to resolve that

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Funny thing is, she did all of this with the most innocent smile in her face, she honestly did not understand what was wrong with torturing some guys as long as they were the bad guys

I'm marrying her later this year

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You still playing with her?

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>running shadowrun
>crafted an amazing adventure that takes advantage of every player's traits and abilities
> they decline the run
>they decline that one too
> that nights session ended up with them doing mundane shit, which i guess is fine

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No, never, under any circumstances

>> No.54604950

never played shadowrun, why would they decline an adventure?

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>tfw your going to have a accident with the lawnmower in the future

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>her superpower is to make people agree with her
christ man that red flag had a neon sign and marching band.

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> le pcs runaway from blatant plothook meme

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I mean, I get where you are coming from but from a third party perspective that is just hillarious.

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>playing cthulhu
>design village with dangerous stuff happening
>theres a bunch of factions and lots of things to do
>designing this took me a lot of time and effort
>the players refuse to go in there because "it's too scary"
>they want to go full gta and then drive to new zealand (we were playing on the eastcoast)
>30 minute irl discussion follows
>they play a bit
>they keep triggering me
>tpk with delightful descriptions on how they die

Had a big talk with them about never abandoning an adventure because the world doesn't really exist outside of what i've planned

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OOC Ramblings are forbidden at our table to some degree because aside from wasting time this also breaks the immersion HARD.
Also "that guy" you described would probably not be invited to another session we would run.
He seems to not be enough about the Fantasy and the Roleplay and too much about the game.

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I blame podcasts for this behaviour, players often don't understand that Critical roll and Acquisitions Inc are entirely scripted and heavily fudged, like nigga I don't have 3 dedicated writers, stick to the play area.

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One player who is a great friend and is pretty cool 90% of the time who I've p[layed RPGs with over last 13 or so years.

Will always have one session either earlyish in a new game or every 4-5 months in a larger ongoing game will complete flip his shit and storm off, throw a tantrum and play the victom when literally everyone I've ever played with has read as his character misread the situation and made the wrong call.

Example is during our Mutant campaign when the party came across an exiled group of mutants who were worshipping an obsidian obelisk as a god. He immediately asked them "what the fuck is a god to you? what do you guys even know about it?" to which they excused themselves and fled, everyone understood he was oppenly hostile except for him that says he was playign his character.. and he was. But his character is a chainsaw wielding 6 and a half foot brute who wanders the wasteland killing beasts for money.

If that dude approached me and my family in a camping grounds Id pack them in a car real fucking quick and we would leave.

He throws a bowl of chips across the room, smashing the glass and making a huge mess, screaming how I target hima nd punish him for roleplaying instead of rollplaying etc etc.

I think it comes from he has a few drinks while we play, we all do, but every so often he just blows up, I record sessions and when i listen back i can hear him muttering curses and shit under his breath because the other side of the table the mic hears better than I.

He's a good mate but I think I'm just done playing games with him, hes 38 btw.

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>He throws a bowl of chips across the room,

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My job as a GM as a i see it is to design a believeable playing field

The players are kinda obsolete if they don't want to play.
I mean lets be honest if you make a character that "has no reason to be there according to his backstory" or someone who just wants to flee (with players who are complaining why they can't flee and abort the adventure) in some horror scenario then you might as well not be playing

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I know a guy just like that, he's a nice, cool guy most of the time but once in a while something goes off in his brain and he completely flips out on the slightest thing, starts screaming, gets unnecessarily violent and then storms off for the rest of the day.

It's really weird because this may happen even if you actually agree with what he's saying. I wonder if it's some sort of known psychological issue?

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>autistic gm kills whole party for deviating from the railroad

Learn to prepare for your players to have free will, dumbass.

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This was adorable.

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probably dude, I'll admit I've been frustrated during games because of shit that happened during the day, but it's just my tolerance to bullshit or having to repeat myself really puts me on tilt.

Last few times ive just calmly closed my laptop and stacked my books up, explain this as good a place as any to call and I;'ll see you all next week.

We have all known each other for years, with new players coming and going since not everyone can play every game our group runs, but everyone's first time seeing him blow up is always a shitstorm for weeks afterwards

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>I wonder if it's some sort of known psychological issue?
They are extremely commonly among people with depression and autism.

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>designating a play area where the adventure is played = railroading

>> No.54605225

its not nice to shit on all the work the gm put into preparing the adventure

they could just stay home and use their imagination and enjoy all that sweet freedom

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Srsly, love the amount of "hardass" nerds in here. Learn to improvise and quit being so damn butthurt about a tabletop roleplaying game. Nobody thinks you're cool for arbitrarily shitting on your friends.

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Tricky situation. Are you sure your quiet player is unhappy? Nothing wrong with being the quiet one in a group, although if your group is only two players I can understand why that'd be frustrating for you.

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I really feel bad for some of you DM's

I am a forever DM, but thankfully I only ever play with friends so these problems never occur. We have no-rambling rule and the DM-is-god rule.

Very simple, players can argue a little. What I say is the rule. It's never a problem since none of us are socially inept rules whores and I'm really flexible and purposefully allow the players to be awesome and do cool stuff even if I have to bend the rules/stats/dice behind the scene.

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>if you don't have a plan for every single idea a group of people may randomly have, you're railroading

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I don't think hes unhappy but he just likes being a background character

Which is okay but not opening your mouth for like 10 minutes while i have to converse with just one guy is just annoying
Especially when that one guy doesn't play his characters in a way thats interesting or exciting
>makes a character based on exploding stuff up
>in his backstory he said he was thrown out of his families home because he hurt too many people there
>plays his character as a diplomat

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It happens. If it's never happened to you, be thankful, not suspicious that everyone else is making it up because memes.

Usually it happens due to mismatched expectations from the players.

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Eh, you've gotta be careful with Colville, his group comprises entirely of upper-class professionals with bright dyed hair if you get what I'm saying.

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>Start up Lost Mines of Phandelver on Roll20
>had a group of about four candidates who were perfect
>one drops out before the game starts, one drops right in the first few minutes of the session
>deletes his discord account, his Roll20 account, and character
>other two are still on board
>they think the game is way too empty now and need players to fill
>player brings his friend from college
>she makes up a character and doesn't really roleplay a whole lot
>her character likes to trip on things and caress the inner thighs of characters
>one of the core players says he'll be back from a trip in a few days
>hasn't returned since

I'll readily admit that I'm not the best DM. Played LMoP two times as a player, and now the first time as a DM, but we always fail when we're about to do cool stuff. I believe this is karma for dropping out of an autistic roommate's Star Wars D20 game earlier in the year. If it is karma for every bad thing I've done as a DM up to this point, its probably what I deserve.

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Because in Shadowrun, more often than not GM's go a little overboard with the setting concepts, and every adventure is a double-cross where the PC's end up in deep shit. I'm guessing these players were burned by one too many Shadowrun GM's and decided to play it safe.

>> No.54606196

It's the same way in my group. Even when I try to hang back and play a meme character, I end up acting as party leader + face.

>> No.54606215

Maybe the guy got I to a really bad accident on his trip. As he lay there bleeding out, his one regret was not being able to let you know he wasn't going to be able to make the next session.

>> No.54606275


If he's actually dead, I hope he's doing better than whatever lives we're leading down here. He was a good player, and I laid out some story for him for our upcoming session.

>> No.54606276

>subtly adding dice/modifiers to every fucking roll

I'm not quite that bad, but I do have a bad habit of calling higher than I really got. But I must not overuse it because every single time the GM calls me out thinking I'm rolling too high or doing to much damage it's on the totally legit rolls.

I've never been caught, by our groups forevergm or any of the other players.

>> No.54606294

To be fair, it's Cthulhu. They were all dead anyway.

>> No.54606441

>Yfw your character somehow survived a entire campaign + side scenario and only got paranoïa on the litteral last sanity check of the campaign (like if having paranoia was gonna change anything when your above 35% in Mythos)

>> No.54606457

>marrying the girl who wants to cut dicks off
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.54606497

>my players prefer being railroaded and perform extremely poorly when I open it up like I prefer.
I feel like a storyteller with children.

>> No.54606573

This is typical roll20, don't worry about it. I've played 4 different games on Roll20, 2 of which I DM'd, and this is just the biggest issue with the platform. Without physical location, people don't feel as large an obligation to the game and are more easily ready to drop out. Combine that with the number of new players playing for the first time who discover TTRPGS aren't really their thing, and you get the absolutely massive quantity of failed Roll20 campaigns.

Frankly, it's a miracle when a campaign on roll20 lasts more than 5 sessions, in my experience.

>> No.54606608

>He thinks Life is Strange is a game

>> No.54606833

Mine is pretty stable, but it probably from the fact we know each other since a long time, but since our geographical localisation are pretty far away from each other, we need to use roll20 to resolve that.

>> No.54606899


>low powerlevel M&M campaign set in the 20s
>low power level mutants and masterminds
oh boy this takes me back to the first rpg i've ever took part in. i wasn't the GM but the game itself was a ride

>friends suggests we all get together and play dnd
>none of us know shit about dnd, but someone in our group had a setting he was working on for no real purpose and he wanted to run something in it
>all of us were like sure why not
>he was in my class, he explained the setting to me before we played it
>low fantasy setting, tech level some mashup between 1500-1800
>the players were going to play a group of rogueish mercenaries that may or may not have magic power, player characters on average will be slightly a bit powerful than the main character of dishonored; so like it'll take a team of people to do what that guy could
>magic very limited, you can't just play fireball machine and expect that to work
>get to GM's place, he whips out Mutants and Masterminds
>everyone fucking stares at him.
>"we playing superhero DnD?"
>we rolled with it because why not i guess
>mfw he's using his setting in m&m
>puts us at PL8
>one guy found a few funny modifiers and spent all of his points on forcefields and defensive shit
>i took teleport then took a bunch of modifiers for it, including the ability to teleport others
>our stats and skills were probably crazy understated for our power level but we all just were interested in the powers because that's what the book focused on

>start PL8 M&M campaign
>we are part of merc crew that's been tasked with breaking someone out of prison
>we find the complex, scout the area
>prison seems to be medium security, guarded by your standard run of the mill armed guards
>forgot how we knew but somehow we knew where our target was being kept
>was able to locate window to prisoner's cell
>mfw the GM let me teleport the prison wall away
>have line of sight to target. teleport target to our location
>mission complete.

>> No.54606998

>NPC we rescued gives us a reason to enter the prison, don't even remember what it was
>Force Field guy (FFG) decides to just walk in through the front entrance
>GM tells us that's not how rogues work
>FFG just looks at him and says to him "Indestructible. Force. Field."
>FFG walks up to the front, and demands entry.
>Guards warn him
>He assaults them
>Guards try to knife him
>+20 to defense because of force field
>I teleport the guards away to deal with them, teleport the gate open.
>FFG stands there menacingly demanding the info we came for
>Only enemies GM threw at us are armed guards. Bullets get +20'd away.
>Slowly start teleporting shit apart in the background until the guards all submit

The GM did not continue this campaign past the first half hour.

>> No.54607236

I've had something similar happen, you know those guys who insist D&D is the absolute worst when it comes to balance between classes and how Vancian casting is terrible? that guy insisted we try Mage: the Ascension because he read something that's the pinnacle of game design for spellcasting, by the second session the prime-focused character was warping reality at a whim and the entire system snapped in two when somebody made himself literally invisible to the universe.

>> No.54607362

>introduce my vidya group to DnD 5e
>first session goes fine
>then the guy who picked paladin as his class has an autistic fit about paladins using spells
>doesn't take "it's just a fucking game mechanic name" as an explaination and reeeeeeeeeeees autistically
>shit falls apart
>fast forward 1 year
>against my better judgement they convince to try again
>that guy wants to play paladin again
>"fuck you, you're playing a warrior, I don't want your autistic sperging about spells again"
>bitches long enough for me to let him play paladin
>first 2 sessions go fine
>then he skips on session 3 without telling anyone anything
>just go without him
>session 4 doesn't happen next week because a different player isn't there, and the rest don't feel like playing without him
>run session 4 with 1 week of delay
>then session 5 doesn't happen because another player skips out without saying anything
>tell them to either figure out the fucking schedule, and tell me when they want to play, or fuck off
>6 months later I'm playing OW with a different group
desu I'm glad it turned out that way

>> No.54607423

Y'all gotta get yourself some quantum ogres my man

>> No.54607893

Quantum Ogres?

>> No.54607957

You plan an ogre encounter. The party comes across a fork in the road. No matter which path they take, they will encounter the ogre, but they don't know that. To them, they just happened to choose the path that led to the ogre.

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>> No.54608184

I've had, and also been, a player like you. all you can really do is try and play support to the quieter people. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

a story of my own
>start up a new game
>gaming buddy not part of game hears about it once we're 2 sessions in, begs and pleads to join
>wanted to keep it small because combat, while sparce, gets bogged down with too many combatants
>but whatever, sure
>help him through chargen for system he hasn't played yet, makes a neat character
>next session starts, didn't get to do much planning because assisting chargen, try to get him integrated into the party
>he ignores all of my hooks, refuses to join the rest of the group
>eventually had to railroad him into the party
Why do people ask to join a group of they're not going to try to be part of the group? Guess I brought it on myself for humoring him, though.

>> No.54608370

kill yourself railroading scum

Did you ever thought for one second that maybe the players won't want to go there?
>but they have to want what I want!!

>> No.54608425

Similar experience here.
>1920's low power mutants & masterminds game
>girlfriend had played in one rpg prior
>makes a Jean Gray clone
>overly fond of mind control
>day job: legal advocate for woman's rights
>spends a good chunk of the game mind controlling villains and npcs.

>> No.54608500

If the players absolutely walk away from everything like this, you narrate the start of their journey, and then call the session a night 10 minutes in because they just walked away from X pages of notes.

>> No.54608877


>> No.54608912

>People who have never GM'd before

This. If they don't want to play the adventure you made, they can all go home. And never come back, because if they're not willing to meet you halfway they can get fucked.

>> No.54609085

Not one of them.
Forever GM
You're shit. Learn to improvise scrub

>> No.54609140


>> No.54609190

>you need to be a railroading autist to prove you have GM'd
Are you retarded? The first thing you learn about GMing while GMing, is to stop fucking planning a single road for the players.

>> No.54609212

You must be a patient man because I would excommunicate that motherfucker from my life for that kind of behavior the first time it happened. I am a grown ass man I do not have time for that Preschool type shit.

>> No.54609301

There's this story:

>> No.54609337

>Want to make the campaign a bit harder for seasoned players
>Knock a few point off of the point buy
>They foam at the mouth and tear their clothes
>Want to give pc's a few magical items with cool properties to even out their lower than normal stats
>Want to make it so they approach encounters carefully and use new methods to get through challenges due to shit stats
>They bitch and moan and ask only for whatever stat stick they can get

I guess Im not built to be a DM

>> No.54609354

Yea Mage is what you want to play when you think it just takes too long to get to level 20 as a Wizard and want to be a God in the mundane world.

>> No.54609358

A better way to do that would've been to give them normal PB but more challenging encounters.

>> No.54609363

If not for a very disruptive potential, if he sincerely can play it out, I'd commend him on good roleplaying skills.

>> No.54609392

Unrelated, but thank you for the blueberry cheesecake anon

>> No.54609394

Sounds like she was traumatized by a previous GM, though of course it doesn't excuse sheer stupidity, and the graphic torture is kinda fucked up

Honestly, some people are going to call you a railroading asshole, but... that's not railroading. All games start with a premise, if the players ignore the premise then it's time to find another (and the GM is 100% free to end this game).
However, this should be spelled out. And if you didn't, then you're a dick
>"hey guys, the game is going to happen in Townville, so please don't leave Townville to become a pirate, thanks".
If they do THEN you can say no and be perfectly justified.

>> No.54609434

"git gud at GMing"
what fresh cancer is this
I'm just gonna have a good time while giving my players a good time, but unlike you I don't have to suck anyone off to do that, faggot

>> No.54609443

I'd probably have serious talk with her after very first session, so you can exchange how you actually see DM and what's considered disruptive and inconsiderate toward other players. Sorry anon, your gf is That Guy, even if unintentionally and she should be informed of that fact as soon as possible because she'll only make it unfun for others to play with her. Hell, you can even show her this post. She needs a solid intervention.

>> No.54609467

no problem buddy
there's so goddamn little of good tau research material it should be a crime

>> No.54609468

Either you marry an edgelord or you'll regret it in the future.
Alternatively, you're marrying an edgelord AND you will regret it in the future.

>> No.54609647

>Playing on roll20
>Make some maps
>Group fucks off to some random direction and I have to make shit up
>Come up with a huge temple on the spot and lead them through it
>They end up setting fire to it and running away
>PC complains that there wasnt a picture of the temple

Also only one person talks. They even told another player to talk to an npc and they just didnt say anything

>> No.54609662

It's tragically true anon, keep fighting the good fight

>> No.54609849

Yeah, I checked e621 and gelbooru quickly, found maybe 6 decent pictures total.
Such is life.

>> No.54609896

I was not the DM in this story, but this happened yesterday and im still frustated by it so here it goes

>Playing 5e, party consists of me and two other friend. We are all pretty new
>DM is also very new (I'm usually DM'ing, but work stuff got in the way) and railroads a lot
>Fine by me because I understand how hard it is to improvise when you're new
>Party consists of a grappling Rogue (That Guy), Paladin, Revised Ranger and Tempest Cleric (me)
>We are escaping from a prison that was getting attacked by goblins and orcs
>We eventually get overwhelmed, the DM was not expecting this and pulls a Gandalf-esque rescue with an NPC
>Paladin starts yelling OOC ''Wow nice scripted event DM''
>NPC tells us to follow him for safety
>That Guy ignores the request and starts bolting the other way into the wilderness
>DM gets visually upset and continues the story with us while ignoring That Guy
>That Guy starts pulling out his phone, lays in two seats and says: ''tell me when you're done with storytelling, I'm not supposed to hear it anyway''
>NPC tells us he will send scouts to save That Guy
>I'm telling the NPC that he left us alone and that sending your scouts into the wilderness to save him is not worth it
>DM continues That Guy story, says he is getting chased by five goblins, That Guy wants to fight them
>That Guy starts losing, but gets saved by the scouts.
>The Paladin and Ranger both complain about the scripted event again.
>We reunite with That Guy, he asks us to recap what the NPC told us
>We all tell him to fuck off

On paper it doesn't that bad, but the way That Guy behaved was so fucking toxic I was about to snap and go on a tantrum against him.

>> No.54609930

>>Paladin starts yelling OOC ''Wow nice scripted event DM''

>> No.54610000

>they make it to some village in new zealand
>they wake up and are in the middle of your scenario
Badabing badaboom

>> No.54610001

>Hey guys, how do you feel about an adventure where you're all exploring some big-ass cave and fighting demons
>"Sounds fun, GM! See you in two weeks!"
>[Session comes]
>Okay, so yadda yadda you're all standing in the first natural room of the cave
>There's a tunnel to the left covered in luminescent moss and a deep pit on the west half, there's something glinting at the bottom yadda yadda, what do you do?
>"I go back to the surface" "Yeah I also leave, we're not doing this" "Hey what if we became magical arms dealers?"
>Sorry guys I'm invested in the cave campaign tonight, I came here to play this and I'm not feeling anything else, let's call it quits for tonight and play board games instead

Your GM doesn't owe you any game you want whenever you want it. If you agree to play a specific adventure and then back out and request something different he is not obligated to come up with a new adventure he may not even be interested in.
The GM is a human being and a player as well, he's not a slave.

tl;dr Don't be a dick.

>> No.54610157

digits confirm, will remember for my next game lol

>> No.54610158

>Sorry guys I'm invested in the cave campaign tonight,
First mistake
> I came here to play this
Second mistake
>and I'm not feeling anything else
Red flag of shit GM
> let's call it quits for tonight
Huge red flag.
> and play board games instead
And a faggot.

Also your entire story doesn't make sense, why would they want to become magical arms dealers? Your setting is non-sensical and your world building is bad. You should feel bad for even thinking for a second that you were fit to GM your players.

plus, your story never happened, no players would agree to go to a cave, and then turn around and decide they want to be arms dealers out of nowhere, don't be autistic, you are strawmanning hard, its like you never even had a season 0 to establish the setting before hand. Why would the players want to become arms dealer when they are level 1 peasants with no fucking arms to sell? Your story is retarded as much as your opinion

>> No.54610209

Could have spun it in a "You have already entered my Stand's range!" kind of way, just have them start to go away a from the town, until they encounter the same town from a different side, either due to spacetime dickery (exit the area from x degree, show up 180° on the other side) or perception society (the town is subconsciously pulling them in, and they travelled to the other side of town without realizing it.

>> No.54610233

Strange game. It seems like only winning move is not to play.

>> No.54610291

Could you elaborate why the first two points are mistakes? I don't really see it.

Obviously, he should communicated BEFORE about the kind of campaign he want to run and what kind of campaign players want - but given situation, i think it is entirely justified to play Catan instead. (Obviously, that works better if you're playing with friends and not random neckbeards you picked up on the interweb.)

>> No.54610316

Do you actually want to have a conversation? Because we can do this the civil way until we understand each other's points or we can take turns calling each other faggots. Your call.

>> No.54610422

>>"I cut the tongue of one of them, cut the dick of another guy and then put the dick on the mouth of the one without a tongue"
>>"I shave him entirely"

Well, at least this way you get to find out that you're dating a psychopath the easy way.

>> No.54610487

I'd honestly try a new system. I'm not ragging on DnD, but a lot of players approach the game with a lot of preconcieved notions on how it's supposed to work.

>> No.54610526

>Calls people faggots
>Can't go two minutes without talking about sucking dick

>> No.54610530

>''Wow nice scripted event DM''
I don't even understand how this is a complaint. GMs are supposed to have plans for what happens next.

>> No.54610534


>> No.54610770

dont listen to players unless its a good criticism maybe this guy was tired or ddidnt like the atmosphere or had a big fight wih his parents. players are extremely complicated cuz theyre humans with outside lives always question any feedback good or bad know theyre rarely gonna help you improve. fellow gms are a lot better to take critique from.

dont know if you were good dig deep but dont completely blame yourself

>> No.54610785

This never happened, and if it did it was because you statted archmages or you misread. Either way you'd be dumb trash.

>> No.54610957

>Skipping out on a Mega Man game.

What the fuck is wrong with them? I would have killed for that.

>> No.54611127

The discourse continues.

>> No.54611288

Nah, man, if anything she's the least edgelord person I've ever met in my life. She's the kind of girl that bakes cakes in her free time, likes cute dresses with flowers and birds, and watches soap operas for fun.
She simply did not understand the idea that a hero torturing people for days was wrong, as long as she didn't kill anybody and the tortured people were bad guys.

>> No.54611416

>Your encounters are way to hard
>Long rests after every encounter

If you want to play a hard game and your players just want the "cinematic" experience of being heros neither will be happy.

>> No.54611516

>builkd players a disney playground to do whatever they want in it.
>Dozens of attractions they can freely vistit
>They prefer to play in the mud pit next door
>Why is this so shitty?

Every good damn time

>> No.54611587

>Man 3.pf sucks, we should play X
>I agree, by the gods how I agree!
>Run X with great joy and love in my heart

>> No.54611700

>She's the kind of girl that bakes cakes in her free time, likes cute dresses with flowers and birds, and watches soap operas for fun.
Man, it's like building a nice and pretty facade to hide the crazy. Though I guess it may be just me being paranoid despite the fact that's exactly how I had it and she did turn out to be slightly.. off

>> No.54611723

>She simply did not understand the idea that a hero torturing people for days was wrong
Yeah, that's kind of stuff I understood already as a kid. Moral highground aside, hardly it's a hero if he goes with causing suffering and whatnot.
How she is not a psycho exactly?

>> No.54611768

>How do you always have somethong ready no matter what we do? That's crazy awesome
The true path to GMing genius is railroading so well they don't realise that's what you did.

>> No.54611774

Never said she's not a psycho, simply not edgelord.

>> No.54612104

Dear players,

It is my fondest hope that one day you will learn the rules or, if not, you will at least not get pissy with me every time you try to do something and only then discover that the rules for it do not work the way you expected.

Further, I would be delighted if you some day stopped getting mad at me for referring to the rules when I tell you you can't do a certain thing. We all agreed the campaign would be rule-bound.

Sincerely yours,
Your loving GM

>> No.54612222

Just play board games lol

>> No.54613663

>Anon complains about descent into practically mechanics-free system
>Ironically suggest games that are basically mechanics without much story-telling, implying they're casual.
How can quads be so wrong?

>> No.54614493

Recently one of the players in my D&D game just disappeared. We barely knew him, he was an old guy who didn't seem to use much online stuff, so his Skype was called "James Skype" his Discord was "James DIscord" and his facebook was "James Facebook"
People were starting to get worried, I forget how long it was until he heard from him. He worked at a Warehouse and fell from a ladder, was in hospital for ages and lost some memory and some of his motor functions.
Its actually really sad, he came back but he can't remember my name or string a coherent sentence together most of the time. Damn thinking about it is making me tear up now.

>> No.54614619

I really fucking hate it when the players aknowledge the DM directly.
Don't look behind the fucking curtain, just accept whats going on because theirs a reason for it.

>> No.54614645


>> No.54614904

Anyone have a link to that megalist of bad players and GM's? I've been looking for it forever and can't seem to find it.

>> No.54614963

Whats this?

>> No.54615240

Or when you throw a happening in there like some people had their cart break down on the road, asking for help. "Well obviously there's something suspicious here or the DM wouldn't put it in" or "In meta, I know what this is, but I guess I gotta roleplay otherwise."

>> No.54615561

That's one of the reasons I like to pepper in travel time with random things that don't lead to anything. I try to keep them interesting, so they're not dragging the game down, but that way the PC's learn that not everything is A Thing. Just little things like a quick conversation with a friendly NPC, or a bit of scenery that reveals a little more about the setting. It adds flavor, fills the world out a bit, and really helps to hide the few times when there really is something more going on.

>> No.54617156

Thinking that it's perfectly okay to cause great pain to and mutilate people for little reason if they're the bad guys is pretty edgy. Also god help you if you ever fall out and she arbitrarily decides you're a bad guy.

>> No.54617266

Have.... have you ever played an actual game of D&D?

I once had a group quadruple cross every faction in a worldwide conflict in a war against people who were trying to bring the Four Horsemen, then flee to a 3rd world country when nobody trusted them anymore and they were being hunted down by basically all the major players of the setting.

Players just do dumb shit that they know isn't going to work sometimes, or make the decision to go completely against something they agreed to/said they were going to do last week. It's just a thing they do, no matter how many times you use the word faggot to a faceless stranger my comrade.

>> No.54617476


>> No.54617490

>>playing cthulhu
>>the players refuse to go in there because "it's too scary"
>>they want to go full gta and then drive to new zealand

>Fine. Those characters go off to New Zealand.
>Make new characters for this investigation I prepared.
It was cthulu, not a sandbox.

There is rolling with your players actions and there is abandoning the game entirely.

The GM should do his best to accommodate player choices.
The players should do their best to make use of the game the GM has prepared.

I once had to bend over backwards to find a reason for my D&D character to want to investigate a haunted inn we 100% could have just passed by.
I did it because it was clearly the adventure the GM had prepared and hamfistedly presented.
Find a reason to take the plothook, don't find excuses to avoid them.

GM's also need to present plothooks that are reasonable.
"Not-fucking off to New Zealand and actually Investigating the Horror Plot" is a reasonable plothook when playing a game about Investigating Horror Plots.

If you disagree with any of this, you're probably a terrible human being.

>> No.54617531


>> No.54617639

>refuses to join the rest of the group
>I brought it on myself for humoring him, though.
Pretty Much.
Never, never allow characters that don't work with the group, there is no point.
Have pic related for future use.

I never humor players that aren't willing to accommodate for the other players.
I'd let an SuperSecretEvilCultist planning on betraying the party in if they were willing to play nice for most of the campaign for Reasons, but Fuckstab McNinja the mute assassin that runs in the opposite direction of the party goals can just stay home.

>> No.54617681

>I'm marrying her later this year

>> No.54617944

research material.......i get you brother.

>> No.54617945

One of the best tricks a GM can use.

>> No.54617963


>> No.54617981

>>then the guy who picked paladin as his class has an autistic fit about paladins using spells

what does this even mean

>> No.54617999

i could kiss you but 50% chance of gay is too much for me.

>> No.54618005

Players act like dipshits all the time. Had a paladin fly over a friendly dwarf army in the middle of the night as a ball of fire. Then he tried to sneak into their ranks, despite the fact he was a full two feet taller than everyone there and glowed.

When they asked him what he was doing he just gave them a 'wasn't me!' and flew away again to try it over in a different part of the column. This is not obscure behavior.

>> No.54618037

It sounds like you just need to open yourself and your sphincter to new and interesting horizons anon

>> No.54618046

I guess I'll have to draw some sometime.
I drew some Scout cheesecake simply because there was so little out there.
Of course, when I get around to doing art that doesn't matter, I gotta do another piece first.
A while back we discovered a 34 thing that does not exist.
Need to take care of that.

>> No.54618057

That sucks mate.

>> No.54618060

Do it. Make them short and busty for those are the best blueberries.

>> No.54618065

Did she have subtle 2 and insidious as extras for her powers?

Why didn't you throw a ghost with invisibility and insubstantiality at her?

>> No.54618104

Didn't pay enough. Johnson seemed fishy. Went against their particular sets of ethics.

There's lots of reasons to look at a Run and go "yeah, but nah, lets bounce."

>> No.54618112

This was worth keeping.

Thanks for drawing my attention to that post, but, yeah, not sure how you got that 50% chance of gay.
50% is neither futa nor elf and there are no women on the internet.

>> No.54618162

Also never played Shadowrun.
I'm familiar with the concept of turning down jobs though.
Makes total sense in the setting, but I never thought about it from the GM's perspective.

Does this mean Shadowrun lends itself to a choice between either GM improvising extensively or the Players simply suspending what "their characters would do" and taking the mission because it's what the GM has prepared?

>> No.54618192

>Does this mean Shadowrun lends itself to a choice between either GM improvising extensively or the Players simply suspending what "their characters would do" and taking the mission because it's what the GM has prepared?
Good GMs involve the run with something the characters need, such as money. People playing DnD don't usually worry about paying rent. Unless they just pulled off a big score or are unnaturally good with money, they should be used to getting hungry.

>> No.54618223

>Do it. Make them short and busty for those are the best blueberries.
Any other composition suggestions?
I am 40k illiterate, I just respect underrepresented cheesecake.

>> No.54618273

>Good GMs involve the run with something the characters need, such as money.
I figured all the runs would pay, making "forcing the card" more difficult.
Of course, like you say, a good GM knows their group and will *usually* be able to know what they like and play to that.
I just long ago gave up the Job Board in favor of improv or player driven plot and I'm having trouble imaging what I would do.

>> No.54618327

See what you do is you say: okay, you all leave and go have adventures outside the cave.

Now roll up characters who WOULD explore the cave, cuz the cave is the stuff I prepared.

>> No.54618375

Exactly what I said >>54617490

>> No.54618563

Player A likes to make anti-characters who are smucks. They should have no business adventuring and he makes them intentionally useless because it adds character. He does this despite my request he make someone the others would want to take along with them, instead forcing everyone to metagame around his awful character and how awful they are at everything because muh rp.

I love rp. Thats not rp. Thats being a drama queen pain in the arse.

Player B likes to run away from adventures. He has acknowledged he does this. He doesnt know why he does this, but he persists in doing this.

Likes playing anti-establishment characters like the dirty dwarf/orc who shuns society, hates elves and pretty races. Basically a dwarf in real life. Every single game he plays cowards who antagonize every single NPC they meet. Druid who turn into carp at the first sign of a fight and leap into the water, or a spider and scuttle into a hole only to come out a few turns later.

He also refuses to come to a new game with a sheet prepared. Has to make it at session 1 when everyone is twiddling their thumbs waiting to go. This is despite weeks of notice and frequent prompts to send me the sheet and backstory for approval pregame.

Player C is a sweetheart but refuses to put themselves out in roleplaying. Has given up on the idea of being able to ever do it and so comes up with frequently interesting characters (if a little edgy) that have zero screen time and zero dialogue because engaging with them causes explosions on the characters part and muted silence on the part of the player.

Player D is great, rp's, grocks the mechanics, and generally a great guy but he cannot stop from making puns. I was running curse of strahd and I had to sit him down and explain atmosphere and how cracking druid puns in horse form while the terrified peasents looked on make it difficult for me to do my job as well as I want. Shit was so funny it kept knocking me out of character...

>> No.54618673

Players A & B need to have a printed copy of guidelines like >>54617639 handed to them.

>Player B has to make it at session 1 when everyone is twiddling their thumbs waiting to go.
Never hold up the game for one player being a twat.
Make pregenerated characters and he can either use one of them or roll up a char while the rest of you play.
Use a replaceable npc that strains plausible suspension of disbelief if necessary.
Nothing is worse than wasting game time on nonsense, imo.

Curious how Player A keeps getting his characters approved.

>engaging with them causes explosions on the characters part and muted silence on the part of the player.
What did you mean by this?

I had a player like D once that I had to drop because they wouldn't/couldn't stop.
Hopefully D listens to you and ropes it in.

>> No.54618681

Is it normal to get frustrated by the things that players do? I'm new to GMing but I feel like I'm the one at fault whenever they do something that makes me want to yell.

>> No.54618703

>when you worry that you're going to end up in one of these stories as 'that guy who never does anything' and/or 'that guy who cannot into RP'

>> No.54618716

I run one shots and he sends me overviews which seem fine, then plays them dramatically different. "It just happens that way bro" like the cleric of love who turned into a cleric of lust and jealously. Ishtar basically instead of Venus.

Player C creates extra shooty characters to avoid having to interact in character socially. The player can get upset (I think) if forced into an RP corner so inevitably folks help them out because they are pretty great outside of game. Even in game, they have the right cooperative attitude I wish all my players had. They create art and drum up idea's. They're terrific, til you ask them something in character.

That said Im joining the military shortly so all my games have pretty much fallen through as is.

>> No.54618742

It is normal, but as the life skill of not giving a fuck goes, its important to realize its not your fault.

Take a deep breath, sit back and realize DM'ing is hard, do the best you can, and ask that of the party.

First and foremost set expectations. What kind of game do you want to play? Serious? Tongue in cheek? Anything goes?

Review their characters prior to play to veto any potential issues. I know GM's who simply disbar certain class/race/feat combinations because its a headache for them.

You deserve to have fun too, DM. You are not a slave to the players and nor are they to your creative whims. The key word here is ttrpg's are cooperative. Whether cooperative story telling, combat simulator, or something in between (its usually something in between)

Good luck anon and I hope it works out.

>> No.54618749

>Is it normal to get frustrated by the things that players do?
Depends on what they're doing, but yes.
It's a sliding scale with you being an oversensitive prick on one end and your players being total assholes on the other.
We need examples to judge and /tg/ digs storytime

>> No.54618764

>'that guy who never does anything'
Then DO something

>'that guy who cannot into RP'
Easily the mildest of complaints.
The hobby takes all kinds.
Just make an effort to act like the character not yourself playing a game.

>> No.54618784

>he sends me overviews which seem fine, then plays them dramatically different
Hard to vet a bait and switch

>That said Im joining the military shortly so all my games have pretty much fallen through as is
Ah. Well, you're likely to find a new group once you get settled in the military.
Good Luck.

>> No.54618785

>>one drops out before the game starts, one drops right in the first few minutes of the session
I haven't really tried to get into roll20, but the one time I did end up in a game there, my internet cut out minutes before game start, and remained fucked for the rest of the day. Doesn't help that I'm not in a good timezone to play with 'murricans.

>> No.54618793

Thanks anon. Lots of stories with these folks. Shame to go but careers call and it'd be nice to look to a pension when I retire.

>> No.54618818

To being able to into RP isn't the end of the world friend, everyone has game aspects they struggle with. So long as you're being cooperative and not being purposefully cunty or doing things that is fucking up other people's fun then you're fine. Honestly the fact that you even consider it means there's a good chance you aren't a That Guy.

>> No.54619001

I don't consider them bad players, but a few of the more notable bad habits:
>grilling NPCs for information on something that they clearly wouldn't/couldn't know
>trying multiple times at the same skill check when they've already failed, especially on checks that require observation after I announce that their search turns up nothing or there's nothing interesting to be found
>"So how much damage do I do again?" and similar questions about the basic rules

>> No.54619171

in the world of Shadowrun it actually is
you're doing illegal extremely dangerous stuff for a bit of cash for shady organizations that only exist to fuck with people
you will get fucked sooner or later

>> No.54619188

>first time DMing
>use basic campaign but decide to change a few things around for player comfort/worldbuilding/simplicity on my part
>railroad players into the first encounter so I only have to manage that one instead of 1 of 4 they could randomly choose based on the guide
>have a fixed encounter with some fleeing mobs for a bit of worldbuilding, expect them to either kill or ignore the mobs and be on their way solving the plot
>instead they frighten the orcs off through hilariously bad stealth rolls before I can make them awkwardly spill the beans as to why they're running
>eventually they catch up to wounded orc, proceed to generally scare him senseless
>roll for encounters after the third time they make him scream his head off in fear
>I just straight rolled it too, I was hoping it'd just be some wolves or something, instead they aggro'd the big bad's hunting party
>as this point it's TPK or DM fiat
>go for fiat, they intimidate the players and kill the orc before leaving to kill the other orcs
>players go back to town, again defying expectations
>ended up ad libbing everything past the orc encounter that I only got to half do after they spooked them off

Jesus, I thought DM'ing would be, well not easy, but not this nerve wracking. Ya it's my first time and all but for some reason in designing this encounter it just never occurred to me they would take what was supposed to be plot expansion and free exp on wounded orcs and turn it into a 1 hour long deviation red herring.
I was told to expect the unexpected and I bamboozled myself over something simple.

>> No.54619300

"Hey, can I ask you a favor? I would really like to get all players engaged and *quiet guy* has some problems with it because he is so quiet. I would really like to get him in on the action so could you try to get him more engaged? You are really social person and could do it easily I bet. Thanks man, I really appreciate it."

>> No.54619318

Showed her this post.
She finds it hillarious.
Leason not learned.

>> No.54619342

sauce on that animu?

>> No.54619430

How was running Curse of Strahd? I have it, just waiting for the right time to introduce that plot arc

>> No.54619512

Your future wife is a perfect psycho lolita character, the kind of crazy that doesn't understand that she's crazy
You are going to become a sitcom character by marrying her, anon

>> No.54619530

>that story
>Lesson not learned.
It is always heartwarming to hear about someone staying in a relationship with a person suffering from mental retardation or severe brain damage.
It is very sweet of you, anon.

>> No.54619537

So, yandere.
start running

>> No.54620090

>deletes his discord account, his Roll20 account, and character
socialphobia probably, I know that feel all to well

>> No.54620345

>free exp
that's kinda brutal man

>> No.54620767

>what does this even mean
It went like this
>player gets to level 2
>reads that you have to take spells
>"wtf anon I thought I'm playing a paladin, not some sword wizard"
>explain to him that it's just a name for the game mechanic, he can call it whatever he wants
>he starts autistically raging that they're named spells and he refuses to do anything
>other people try to calm him down
>he still autistically rages like a 10 year old when his mom says she won't buy him candy

>> No.54620826

Did he miss the memo that paladins often use at least passive magic (depending on setting)?

>> No.54620871

I'm pretty sure he didn't read anything but the classes stat block
Similiar thing happened with a different player during second attempt, where he picked ranger thinking it's a ranged fighter type of class, but when he learned it's basically a druid/fighter mix, I asked him if he wants to just reroll into a bow fighter. He stayed as ranger and actually enjoyed his spells. But he also was an edgelord of biblical proportions.

>> No.54620942

this is my second post on 4chan in general so pardon me for not knowing what I'm doing

I actually GM'd my first game and Jesus is it hard cuz me and my friends were all starved for games after one of our main crew left to visit family

>be me a few months ago
>decide after marathoning Fear The Walking Dead and other Zombie movies/shows it'd be fun to GM AFMBE
>invite a bunch of buddies cause it'd be more interesting to see how they all interact as characters
>one of these players lets call him Danny
>Damn Danny decides he wants to wait til the last fucking DAY before we play
>Danny also thinks it'd be easier if he had me walk him through character creation AND backstory
>spend fucking HOURS working with him at 2AM onward
>he wants to make a Schizophrenic character and that he wants that mental illness no matter what
>have to then search through the fucking Drawbacks to see if that's actually in the book
>Danny then says he'd rather make a Mad Bomber character
>I can kinda work with that since CC helps
now you can start adding even more positive traits Danny! I exclaimed hopeful this is the light at the end of the tunnel
>"nah Anon I That'd be expecting you to want to have normal sleep cycle lets add some more Drawbacks"
>he then decides this Blind and Deaf Quadruple Amputee needs to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and have fat stacks
>decide to let him since its now 10 and my family is starting to wake up and I want to sleep
>we went over skills which was more normal

that's my only complaint no problems other than that but fuck was that mess a pain in my ass and my sleep cycle is still fucked either way Anons have a good night

>> No.54621063

Here's the entirety of my session last night

>party gets a message from an arch priest of their God saying they need to help build a church in some anti-theist city
>party starts heading that way
>stops in town along the way to gather supplies
>wizard sets up food cart and starts selling chimera pot pies
>bard starts marketing the pies
>paladin wants to keep moving
>rouge's player goes outside to smoke
>barbarian goes into the woods to find more meat to sell at this cart
>he finds some deer
>throws a bar of soap at the deer
>deer runs away
>is upset that didn't work
>barbarian goes to find the shadiest most dangerous part of the city
>starts looking in alleyways for the homeless
>finds mentally ill halfling doing drugs
>"I swing my axe at him"
>"aren't you good aligned?'
>"yeah but I'm trying to provide meat for my friends. That's good."
>"you're trying to kill someone and sell their corpse to their neighbors as food."
>"I just need the meat. I swing my axe."
>ridiculous fight ensues
>barbarIan murders homeless man and cuts off his hand and shoves the corpse in a barrel
>tries to give the hand to the wizard to use for food
>wizard refuses
>barbarian rolls the barrel with the corpse in it down the main street

Barbarian backstory: had to leave his own village because he was framed for a murder her didn't commit

Barbarian actions: murders and cannibalizes people for no reason.

>> No.54621276

You are just a bad GM in general if you aren't flexible enoug to let the adventure take its course.
Your players are bad for not understanding what they play the game for though.

>> No.54621280


>Wizard starts asking his patrons if they know any of the goings on in town
>some patrons tell him about the towns centennial coming up next year that they are excited for
>some tell him that a building was just demolished in this towns sister town across the mountain range
>party goes to that tow
>starts asking about the building
>"it was unsafe, it was vacant, it was an eyesore, we need the room for a new businesses and merchants"
>party is unconvinced and begin searching for clues for the real secret reason why this building was knocked down
>barbarian's player says this is the worst session we've ever had

Thanks. Not like I had anything planned around that hook you ignored.

>> No.54621409

Wizards are wizards, not food merchants.
Barbarian thinks he's playing Dwarf Fortress.
Control your players.
The barbarian might require a violent touch.

What plothook?
The deconstructed building that the other players were struggling to turn into something interesting?

>> No.54621446

>party gets a message from an arch priest of their God saying they need to help build a church in some anti-theist city

It's literally the first part of the greentext.

>> No.54621483


>> No.54621485

That's not a hook.
That's a fucking mission, literally, that they're actively ignoring.

>> No.54621516

The whole campaign is they are chosen servants of their god.

>> No.54621524

Then remind them about their god
Preferably with lightning strikes up their ass

>> No.54621549

What got them so hung up on the building anyway?

>> No.54621559

You know about the modern way of thinking how a GM should "not say no, say yes but.."?

That is complete bullshit. Not just during the game, you should also say "no" especially during chargen when you see that one of the dipshit players is going to ruin everything before it even starts.

Now I am done and can tell you to stop posting and lurk moar you newfag.

>> No.54621577

For some reason they just went full, jet fuel can't melt steel beams on me and assumed there was some secret to this demo'd building.

>> No.54621586

>You are just a bad GM in general if you aren't flexible enoug to let the adventure take its course.
I mean, I am all about improvising and shit, but I understand that other people really find it difficult if they can't plan NPCs and plot beforehand and are just thrown into the cold water.

>> No.54621607


>everybody in the party is friends, including myself (6 players + GM)
>first time for us all playing D&D
>5 of the players enjoy a bit more serious tone and will try to actively roleplay all the time (we're all new so it's not that easy for everyone)
>one player just wants to goof around
>either didn't read the rules or doesn't want to adhere to them
>keeps bringing up goofy stuff he wants to do/have that go straight against the rules and the way we play the game
>keep turning him down
>he mopes and sulks for quite a bit each time

The problem is we are good friends IRL. We've already talked to him about it as a party, but I feel he doesn't get it. We don't really want to kick him out (because of the friends thing), but he can make sessions fairly annoying with his shenanigans from time to time.

>> No.54621683

This, in its entirety.

>> No.54621702

I try not to squander the work my gm puts into the campaign. Alternatively I try not to be autistic enough to miss plot hooks by virtue of being a dumbass.

>> No.54621725

>Wizards are wizards, not food merchants.
Why can't they be both?

>> No.54621727

Explain to him the problem and say he can leave with no hard feelings. Sounds like you got a good group.

>> No.54621743

1. Why was it brought up?
Is it just a case of the players searching for excitement and to manufacture their own adventure, asking for rumors as leads, then them turning your idea of the safest, most boring event possible into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and obsessing over it to your horror?

2. You know that when it gets to that point, you can just break the fourth wall and tell them there is no secret to uncover, right?

>> No.54621839

Yeah that's basically what happened. The problem is I don't want to habe to break that fourth wall. With all the in-game information I've given them it seems ridiculous and meta as fuck to obsess over a normal building demolition.

>> No.54621878


How does such a dense material exist

>> No.54621879

>it seems ridiculous and meta as fuck to obsess over a normal building demolition.
It is.
It really is.
And at certain point, you have to actually master the game and speak plainly about what is and is not going to happen.

Or you can just watch them slowly excavate a torn down shack while selling rat-kabobs.
Whatever you enjoy, anon.

>> No.54621932

>Why can't they be both?
Wizards are wizards, not food merchants.
Wizard food merchants are wizard food merchants, and would start the game as such and not become one on a whim.

>> No.54622021


Yeah I enjoy the group. We've got many different types of players I already recognise.
>one 'audience' guy that just sits there and goes with the flow, but he's enjoying himself.
His character is nothing more than 'barb that enjoys to fight and drink ale' but that's ok
>one who has a flair for the dramatic and is a genius with sweet talking.
Too bad he's playing fighter, but he should definitely become a bard or some shit if we ever roll new characters
>one guy that wants to influence the plot in different ways
It's hard as a GM but we have a lot of contact about the game outside of the sessions, so he's kinda like a 'sub-GM'. He also knows the rules back to front, so I sometimes ask him about rulings I don't know

Most of them also really try to think 'what would my character do' instead of trying the obvious 'optimal' thing.
>queue very obvious enemy in the distance (flaming skull)
>"oh we don't know what this is right?"
>"Maybe it's friendly?"
>they approach
>almost get killed
>laugh about it

Really great party desu

>> No.54622046

The guy in question is probably one of the worst point of the whole setting, he is not only a dense motherfucker but also a insuferable faggot.
Hell even his future HIMSELF can't stand him and actually want to kill him for being the faggot he was

>> No.54622091

Are you actually autistic?

>> No.54622353

I just hate players who feel entitled to lulrandumb nonsense.

>> No.54622393

Hmm, that's odd...the list is just your name over and over again.

>> No.54622418

So you're making a mountainous pile of assumptions about that anon's game

>> No.54622502

If you and your players explicitly agree to run a special kind of campaign, and then fuck off immediately to do something else you have the right to put everything on hold.

It's obvious that you're not going to enjoy what they want to do, so why waste both your and their time?

The first line in the original post reads "Hey guys want to play x? -Sure!"

>> No.54622542

1) you're playing shadowrunners. Characters who have fallen outside of regular society; you don't have many options unless you want to starve to death.
2) even if you get double crossed, there's always money to be made. Hell, in my campaign the players recently got double crossed by a gangster. They had destroyed a rival gang drug lab and taken the recipe back. When the gangster betrayed them they were able to sell the drugs, and raid the gangster's hideout. They made almost double of their promised pay.

>> No.54622545

and you're making a shitpost pill of moles. Whats the problem?

>> No.54622556

LiS is not a game, it's pure kino you heathen fuck

>> No.54622687

>you're making a mountainous pile of assumptions about that anon's game
>>wizard sets up food cart and starts selling chimera pot pies
>>bard starts marketing the pies
>>throws a bar of soap at the deer
>>barbarIan murders homeless man and cuts off his hand and shoves the corpse in a barrel
>>tries to give the hand to the wizard to use for food
>>party is unconvinced and begin searching for clues for the real secret reason why this building was knocked down
Yeah, no random nonsense there.

>> No.54622800

Your mistake was offering a rumor that was not, in fact, an actionable quest lead. A red herring, in effect.

I know, I know, you put it in to add versimilitude, but it remains a red herring. Never add red herrings to your game; as this anecdote demonstrates, players will snap them up and waste entire sessions on them.

(In fact it's been my experience that even if you don't add red herrings, most players will still waste time inventing and then chasing after their own)

Conservation of detail is key to GMing. If it's important, mention it. If it isn't important, gloss over it. I've been bitten in the ass myself so many times because I ad-libbed a meaningless and insignificant detail that the players snapped up and spent an entire session trying to find the quest it lead to.

Rather than "you hear rumors that a building was demolished", I would have suggested "you hear bits of rumors and gossip, but nothing that catches your interest".

>> No.54623131


>> No.54623181

complete utter trash-tier-kino that fails at literally everything

>> No.54623210

Not even the guy you are responding too, but a wizard trying to sell some food he made, as a hobby or interest or just on the side to make extra money? Nothing seems wrong with this to me, you sound autistic

>> No.54623233

It's like my party doesn't have ears. The DM will explain whats happening and all the other players just don't respond to his 'what do' situation, even if it's as simple as 'you wake up in the woods after your nights rest, what do'. Every single session at least once Ill have to directly ask them after saying their name aloud once or twice, and hope l get an answer. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to decide to keep walking through the forest down the road just as we were yesterday.

I kinda feel bad for taking the scene in every 9 out of 10 conversations, but if the three players with 20 CHA dont want to let the 10 CHA guy do all the talking they haven't said anything about it yet. It doesn't help that the only other player that occasionally speaks up is nearly always doing it just to make some sarcastic quip at me, which usually never expands beyond him remarking on my old man good aligned character compared to his young, spunky, chaotic neutral elf.

It's not for lack of interesting material on the dm's part, he's been doing this shit for years, maybe even decades and I don't think he's ever put us in a boring situation. At first the communal silence was understandable, as many of us didn't know each other well when we first started playing, but this games been going on for nearly a year now running weekly.

Why don't my party members fucking do things?

>> No.54623261

My current group is about as smart as a bag of rocks, and are 100% completely incapable of understanding the point of something that they won't use right at this minute. In the session last evening we had this.

>Players are in [city], snooping around for clues concerning a quest they're on.
>Not what they're looking for per se, but find a secret passage into the city, and a mark that they should remember was from a smuggler's clan but needed to be reminded of.
>Cue in a few clueless questions as to why this would be there
>After all, they'd just use the main gates, so clearly, nobody else would ever want a secret way into the city.

>> No.54623275

Establish threats and opportunities for them to engage with, or you're a hack.
I'm sorry but that's the heart of the matter.

>> No.54623287

The only random thing is the barbarian. Its' perfectly reasonable for people to set up operate food carts as a hobby or way to make additional money on the side. You're not out slaying big-ass monsters and studying eldritch incantations 100% of your time. Everyone's got a hobby.

The party being unconvinced about shit isn't even random, it's just people being dumb.

So yes, you'r emaking mountainous piles of assumptions about that anon's game

>> No.54623330

I'm not the DM, Im the only player that speaks during sessions. It's not my job to create threats, but deal with them. In my post I also mentioned that the DM does in fact give threats, but outside of combat the other players just kinda sit and stare. They don't even go on their phones, they just sit there while stuff is happening.

>> No.54623339


A good GM can always improv, but this attitude is just as cancer as the railroad, frankly.

It's a group activity, and the GM is only human. If the players simply turn their nose up at every little thing, then it's really only their own fault for never getting an adventure.

>> No.54623581

>GMing for a bunch of spics because I have no other option
>4 players: loli witch, retarded giant albino, literally Saber from Fate, and a hashashin
>should've said "No" but I gave up on trying a long time ago
>Saber player keeps derailing conversations with her stupid shit about arm cannons
>eventually the game actually gets rolling, as the players meet up in a caravan
>they are attacked by bandits and the undead, leading to the caravan being destroyed
>retarded albino kills the caravan owner in a fit of rage for reasons I can't really recall
>only the four players have survived, and they meet up near the city
>assassin and Saber start talking about raping the loli witch or some other stupid shit
>loli witch tricks them, putting the assassin to sleep and threatening Saber with a crossbow
>demands that Saber pay her some cash and in return it'll all be forgotten
>Saber keeps bitching that she isn't gonna pay the cash and flip flops on paying some or nothing
>eventually the undead catch up with them (after an hour or so of arguing about stupid shit)
>loli gives up and shoots Saber in the face, immediatelly rendering her unconscious
>unending bitching and reeing from Saber player
>they all demand I roll it back and pretend this never happened
>eventually they get to their destination, a medium sized city that is currently cursed by an unknown force
>albino and witch go find an NPC related to their backgrounds
>Saber decides she wants to buy a fucking arm cannon like Guts from Berserk, and she wants to cut off her own arm
>Hashashin finds an inn, flirts with a maid and then fucks off to have sex with an underaged prostitute
>he roleplays in detail how he has sex with said underaged prostitute, much to everyone's amusement
>and after a while he makes a deal with a vampire to help kill Saber, because really why not?
>also throw flesh golem at Saber hoping it'll kill her
>chamber a bullet and ponder if I should kill myself instead

>> No.54623635

I should also mention that I had written a bunch of NPCs, plots and other stuff, but the hooks weren't working as intended even if they actually bit them.

I just really suck at this and stopped trying before I even got together with them,

>> No.54623717

Here's a hot take: As a GM I now fucking hate the idea of a Session 0 for gauging campaign flavour.

Every single time I try to have a conversation with players they always want a gritty and lethal campaign with consequences, that is also fun and let's them go a bit crazy. They want it to be full of intrigue but not talky. They want a huge, spwaling globetrotting adventure that also has a convenient hub area which is static.

Players are dumb asshole who don't know what they want. I always now just come up with three ideas for the overarching adventure and simply slap that unformed template onto which NPC they autistically latch onto like a momma duck.

Fuck anyone who says to listen to your players.

>> No.54623819


>> No.54624125

>Be me.
>DMing a D&D 5th edition campaign.
>Group seems decent enough, two girls and one guy.
>One girl would be the poster girl for Tumblr, between her fat and her fandoms, if it wasn't for her much more tolerable personality.
>Other girl is pleasant enough, somewhat masculine, but not to the point of being an eyesore.
>And then there's the guy.
>He's intelligent, but oh boy if he cannot pick up cues.
>He plays a Neutral Chaotic Drow Warlock in a Neutral Good team of High Elf and a Halfling, both rangers.
>After the warming-up encounter, them defending merchants from bandits, the group decides to go the city.
>In the city, there's a temple for the worship of demons, its entrance guarded by a Dread Guard.
>He decides to try to kill it right away.
>Guards come to check on the mayhem
>Other players go "Oh shit" and try to stop the guards from arresting them all.
>The warlock gets beaten up to a pulp and the other are two arrested.

>After a shit-tier Deus Ex Machina to avoid to look like an asshole to him and force creating a new character, the plot goes on.
>The group has to recover an idol from a dwarf blacksmith.
>He plans every action the rest of the group has to take, making it look like he is trying to bait the dwarf out, bait him in an alley and stun him there, thus getting to the idol safely.
>So the Halfling is placed on the rooftops and the High Elf positions next to the temple.
>The warlock is alone in baiting the dward.
>He attacks the dwarf by aiming at the knee and calling the elf ranger to help stun him.
>In the middle of a crowd.

>> No.54624602

> wants to play the kid of a local tavernkeep, proceeds to name his character Bart Anderson
> mfw

>> No.54624666

Weird thing to pick up on, by why did you feel the need to describe the appearance of both females but not the male?

>> No.54624707

I read this in Hank Hill's voice.

>> No.54624708

>Rather than "you hear rumors that a building was demolished", I would have suggested "you hear bits of rumors and gossip, but nothing that catches your interest".

Literally this

>> No.54624852


>> No.54624993

>>instead they frighten the orcs off through hilariously bad stealth rolls
how the fuck

>> No.54625006

>"It's not easy dealin' with that sicko's lolita witch and that pedophile Egyptian murderer, I tell ya hwat."
>"Dangit Bobbeh! Just because yer playin' a barbarian doesn't mean that ya get ta go around killin' people."

>> No.54625121

Stop playing with women.

>> No.54625166

Laughed harder than I should've.

>> No.54625238

>Gritty Noir Investigation Game
>Players are a ragtag bunch of investigators who've come together for various reasons to track down a smalltime gang operating in Queens
>They finally track the gang down to their hide-out: an old garage
>I've got contingencies ready for if they sneak up on the gang, for if they get caught by the gang (failing their sneak roles), for if they stay to observe the gang, etc.
>Every player is slowly sneaking up, through the warehouse/garage, using cover, or else sneaking around to look for windows.
>Everyone super serious, trying to get into good positions to fight despite being outgunned.
>They're in incredibly good positions to ambush the gangsters having a meeting in the backroom
>New player is bored == just waltzes into the back room with the gangsters: "What's the haps, chaps?"

>> No.54625280

I've never had that, players are usually pretty quick to come up with a direction, tone, theme and setting for a campaign.

>> No.54625313

Well, "pancake" no longer sounds like a word to me anymore.

>> No.54625585

HOLY SHIT, MY SIDES! You fucking rule, dude!

>> No.54625740


What the fuck did he expect with a paladin? Has he ever played video games before? I'm struggling to think of anything I've ever seen with a "paladin" class in it that would lead you to believe they don't have spells.

>> No.54625772

> Decide to be keeper for the D20 edition of CoC, system is pretty good and I don't have to reteach my group a new system because their so opposed to it, fucking stupid of them but okay.
> new to GMing in general. say I'll be a tad slow and shitty with dialogue, they understand.
> old dying man gives some artifacts to players to figure out a ritual to banish some monster he summoned in his youth. the players go to house doing no research and explore the house. unlocked basement door sits in front of them. without checking to see if the door is open. German character blows up half the house with dynamite, killing witnesses to the monster that were hiding in the basement and freeing a small shoggoth-like thing that was living in the attic. then proceeds to throw dynamite at the rest of the PCs because on of the characters is a jew and one is Japanese. claiming to fight for the Fuhrer.
> the game is set in 1925, his character living in the U.S. since before WWI. this backstory was established after I refused to let him be a nazi because that's fucking stupid.
> continues to fight the party shouting antisemitic remarks until he is disabled by the party until the Arkham police can pick him up. attempts to escape from the hospital where he was placed under guard with several broken bones. but the result is coming next session.

Anon,why did I even bother memorizing the scenario if I will end up with a player that's this fucking retarded?

>> No.54625789

>What the fuck did he expect with a paladin?
Fuck if I know
Although there was no problem with him using spells at second attempt, thankfully.
I guess that's because he only picked different variants of Smite
>Has he ever played video games before?
Yeah, I do play vidya with him every now and then
It keeps getting rarer and rarer though, because he autistically screeches at any mention of mods, meanwhile I can't stand 90% of the games vanilla anymore, they're just too boring after 100-200 hours put into them.

>> No.54625802

The Kobold thief rolled a 3 for stealth.
She managed to talk them down but when the rest of the party tried to follow the paladin rolled a 5 and even dumb orcs can tell they're being followed when there's a buffoon crashing through the forest.

>> No.54625812


Have you ever seen him play a video game with RPG classes and one of them was paladin? What the actual fuck?

>> No.54625834

I haven't, but then again all we play is RTS games together, I don't ask hm for anything beyond that.

>> No.54625947

Because players are dumb fucks that don't understand how much effort it takes to write this shit.

>> No.54625983

Just move the cult shit you had planned to NZ. Boom, problem solved.

>> No.54625989

You realize you can kick out players who do shit like that, right?

>> No.54626053


I'm giving him a chance since it's the first session, but if he pulls this crap again he's most definitely the fuck out.

>> No.54626112


Holy Christ. She's going to make an open relationship (just for her, not you) a condition and you're going to agree because you're an idiot.

>> No.54626183

>hurr durr its not a sandbox
How so? The entire point is that the players are supposed to have agency to do whatever they like. Since I feel sorry for your failure to construct a compelling story, I'll give you a hint; if you want the PC's to be forced to deal with something, have the stakes include something important to them, like their family, friends, career, mission, ect. Mario would have no reason to fuck with Bowser if he didn't take the princess.
Alternatively, force the PC's to deal with the problem not by ragequiting like a manchild when they take the reasonable path to surviving a horror story by walking away, but by trapping them inside the scenario so that escape becomes the adventure in and of itself.

>> No.54626231

RTSs, huh? Has he never played any of the Warcraft games?

>> No.54626252

>after I refused to let him be a nazi because that's fucking stupid.
And you still kept him around?
Honestly as soon as he said "I wanna play a Nazi" My immediate response would've been "Get out"

I do this because I can already tell that anything this person makes will be disruptive and/or offensive to all involved and I am under no delusions that he will be anything else. Just drop him and get it over with, yes it sucks and yes it will be painful to do. But think of it like pulling off a band-aid, better to just rip it off quickly and get it over with than to draw it out.

>> No.54626255

We spent years playing Dawn of War and it's expansions before I've just grown sick of it
Then we moved to Company of Heroes, but I'm done with that as well
Oh well, I'm glad I found other people to play games with, both /tg/ style and /vg/ style

>> No.54626285

Well I'm glad you found other people because eholy shit that guy has terminal autism.

>> No.54626288

If the players didn't want a horror story they shouldn't have signed up to play Call of Cthulhu.

>> No.54626310

Part of being a good player is meeting the GM halfway and going along with what they have planned. It's not that difficult to understand.

>> No.54626341

>Noob DM
>Trying to balance encounters
>Notice that my encounters are fucking obliterating them, and they're all almost dead and running out of spell slots
>Subtly change numbers behind the scenes because I don't want them to die because I was shit at balancing an encounter
>Suddenly one of them starts using some kind of class feature and they start working together better than they were before
>Obliterate the encounter because of the reduced numbers
>Always tell me that my encounters are too easy
I-I just don't want to TPK them because I couldn't build a balanced encounter.

>> No.54626361

Players will feel like the world is empty, then. Just say "It's a mundane construction site, you can spend as long as you want here but there's nothing weird to see."

>> No.54626369

>Finishing up Forge of Fury
>Party is at a truce with the duergar
>They argue and eventually majority vote to kill and loot the duergar
>Except, you know, they can turn invisible and have been since they tripped the alarm at the start of the area. Party has no idea of their total numbers.
>Over half a session dedicated to a battle that they eventually fled, fighting a group that actually liked the party since they also took care of the dragon

>> No.54626430

We're not talking about the players, retard, we're talking about the characters. Tell me what kind of characters want to star in a horror story? Oh, right, the only "characters" you want are stat blocks that will walk through your carefully laid railroad because you can't be bothered to come up with a better plot than "you all feel the need to walk into the spooky house because its what I have prepared so you have to."

>> No.54626458


playing a nazi in CoC is not impossible. it's just that it was 1925. that's what made it stupid. could be interesting if he was a german spy in a 1930s or 40s game but here it was just out of place and immature.

I will kick him if his full on shittery continues.

>> No.54626492

Nice projection, anon

>> No.54626534

>playing a nazi in CoC is not impossible
but always a terrible idea.

>> No.54626551

Ok so I play in a game and I feel like I am always part of the action, i really try not to be that guy, but then my party always says I should be the one to talk to this or that NPC

Half the other players don't talk except for when they really should, i feel like im hogging the game and will actively just have my character sit down so that they have to do the next thing

>> No.54626572

What's difficult to understand is why you sub-80 IQ dipshits who can't plan a half valid reason for the characters to want to interact with your story are even GMing at all.
>Part of being a GM is meeting the player characters halfway and going along with their motivations to push the plot. It's not that difficult to understand.

>> No.54626631

Yes, but if the players came knowing what sort of game they'd be playing beforehand, they should come prepared to bite the plot hooks as they appear, just as the DM does their best to give them a reason to go along with it. That's the entire point of meeting others halfway.

>> No.54626675

So you're choosing to ignore the DM doing their best part to rail against the player characters for not picking up a plot hook they not only had no reason to pick up, but would put them in direct danger?

>> No.54626696

The player characters in Call of Cthulhu are called investigators, they should have an interest in investigating shit.

>> No.54626697

Start ramping the difficulty back up until you reach a point where you're consistently almost killing them. I say consistently because unlucky rolls can sometimes make an otherwise well-tuned encounter much harder than it should be.

>> No.54626709

No, I'm saying that the players should also do their best to go along with what the GM has planned.

>> No.54626736

The player characters can be interested in whatever the fuck they want to. If the GM wants them all to be investigators he should make that clear from the offset instead of getting "triggered" and having an autistic breakdown at the start of the session.

>> No.54626836

The GM in question didn't plan anything other than a scenario, apparently payed no attention to character backgrounds, got exactly what he had coming, and then decided to try to use a cambodian goat breeding forum as a hugbox to bitch about it instead of taking the lesson as learned.
How were the players supposed to know that their characters were all supposed to be the protagonists from your average slasher flick when the GM made no indications to that point?
>inb4 b-but its call of cthulhu!
Who gives a fuck, I've run CoC games full of cowards and they've all gone fine because I understand the PC's that I'm playing with.
So yes, you are choosing to ignore the GM's fuckups and pretend that the PC's are responsible for something that they have no agency over, i.e, the plot.

>> No.54626877


The players should make characters who are willing to do what the game is about. The GM is not their slave, he's there to have fun too and he has to put a lot more work into it than they do. If they don't understand that and try to be accommodating, they're assholes, that's all there is to it.

>> No.54626953

What kind of player makes a character for a CoC campaign that goes "Well, this is too creepy I'll run to New Zealand instead"?

Fuck off.

>> No.54627064

If the GM wanted them to create a party of retards he should've told them to, and regardless of anything else he acted like a manchild once they strode off of his railtracks. If you're not willing to put the work in to be a competent GM then you shouldn't GM, no one's forcing you to. That's all there is to it.

Ignoring the argument by reverting to a strawman and throwing out half assed insults because you're out of options. Are you a woman, by chance? You bitch like one.

>> No.54627117

I remember this scenario, was performing the last phase of the ritual when the monster showed inside the circle and wiggled it's tentacule in front of my noose. Actually suceed this SAN check.

Actually we also killed the hobbo, and I was the one who did it, but that was not a case of "That Guy". We just founded the animal corpse first, where pretty stress since my character got a score in Occultism and was trusting the old man (was part of his backstory) and we heard weird noise the basement. So I draw my gun, and under the pression by my groups, oppened the door.

To my discharge, I tried to shoot the crazied, hobo who charged me with a stick after jumping out of the shadow in the leg. I just failed my roll and killed him on the spot.

>> No.54627247

It's could be especially hilarious with the Day of the Beast/Fungi campaign tough; mine actually involved killing Hitler, altough by complet incident, and not by our hands

He got DHOLLED with half of Berlin general region

>> No.54627370


happens to all of us. At least you were sane.

>> No.54627465

If you have a session 0 and your players are indecisive and have no real preferences you know you can probably give 'em whatever.
You sound like you're starting to dislike the concept after multiple instances of this shit happening. Was this with different groups?
Because if you keep having session 0s after that, for different campaigns with the same group, that's kind of retarded.

Sometimes the players act weird or stupid and insistently refuse to engage with the plot despite having reasons to do so. If the players want to do something the GM is not interested in then it is perfectly acceptable (and in fact socially expected) not to play. The GM deserves to have his fun too.

I think a good middle ground would have been to let the player investigate the construction site, find out it's harmless, yet stumble into plot by accident. Maybe interrogating local workers reveals a rumor: some architect (working on another project in the city completely unrelated to the demolished building) might be involved in a cult...

>> No.54627528

Man CoC can really be awesome and hilarious by moment; especially when a phobia kick in and a character totaly flip is shit and ruin the plan.

Actually the character in question is pretty awesome, thanks to great shenaningan during the campaign.

>> No.54627536

>Why don't my party members fucking do things?
Is the game online or are they on their phones?
Because that sounds like distracted play.

>> No.54627539

>be GMing a DnD group of my friends for a year or so
>pretty fun
>guy from work hears about it, wants in
>don't have the strength to tell him no
>classic "jock who peaked senior year", now he's a fat alcoholic
>tell my friends he's coming
>they're just as uncomfortable as me, but also don't want to tell him no
>he gets there
>brings a case of bud light
>gets confused that we're not drinking

>character gen time
>he wants to be a Fighter
>says he wants to make the Arbiter from Halo
>make him a Dragonborn, find a decent class supplement that could fit
>help him muddle through rolling for stats

>immediately tries to persuade a shopkeeper to give him the best suit of armor for free
>rolls 18
>"he laughs and tells you no."
>"but Anon, I rolled high!"
>whenever the group runs into a problem, he announces that he happens to have the exact thing they need in his pack
>"my character had it before he met the group, in case he ever needed it"
>after the third outright fiat, I make him roll Wisdom every time, to see if his character was wise enough to foresee needing it
>fucking exhausting

>always announces what the party is going to do, before we actually decide
>has trouble understanding that he's not the sole hero of the story
>makes no effort to make plausible explanations for his bluff/persuade checks
>tries to get an ork into a secluded place to be murdered with "hey, there's something in the bathroom I want to show you"
>half the time winds up getting the party into horrible situations from his stupid decisions
>constantly bitching every time something goes wrong for his character


>> No.54627649

I've run this module more than a couple times, and I've never had a party that could (or tried to) befriend the duergar.

>> No.54627669

You're pinning it on the GM to work with characters that have no intention of participating in a type of plot that is specifically laid out by the very system, and instead choose the most absurd and randumb of options (let's go to fucking New Zealand), and you expect the GM to magically shit out a decent plot?
Are you actually retarded?

>> No.54627740

>after a while, I start to realize something
>he's always the most enthusiastic about D&D in the groupchat
>he's come more times than the friends I literally live with
>always bummed when we have to cancel

>he's the only one who puts energy into roleplaying
>everybody else is either playing on their phones or blatantly metagaming
>he keeps track of the plot and tries to keep true to his character, cheap Arbiter ripoff that it is

>he gets us riled up for bad or good
>every time bad things happen he sulks and bitches
>but every time good things happen he's pumped
>gets us yelling and laughing just by yelling and laughing loud enough

>gets too excited and makes decisions for us
>instead of the fifteen-minute debates we normally have for simple decisions
>keeps the ball rolling and makes me have to work for my GMing

>realize me and my players are actually invested in the campaign
>we all roleplay more
>games are more exciting, more interesting

>turns out he's a huge nerd for Pokemon and Game of Thrones
>has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Halo universe
>has started drinking much less when he comes to D&D
>has invited us to stuff and comes to stuff we invite him to
>is a full-on, legitimate part of our friendgroup

>he likes to use "I had a dream about" as a way to talk about awkward things, like "I had a dream I was hooking up with the waitress at work" when he clearly is crushing on her
>the other day, said "I had a dream where you guys told me you only let me come to D&D because you felt bad for me"
>all of my poker face
>"that's not true, man"
>hurt inside

>> No.54627770

And before he goes "you need to give them reasons!", why assume he didn't?
He literally doesn't specify, he just says his characters abandoned the adventure and decided to go for something completely random and unrelated to the very core of the setting.

>> No.54627771

>player agency = sandbox
You're an idiot.

>> No.54627975

Wait a second...

>The player characters in Call of Cthulhu are called investigators, they should have an interest in investigating shit.
Fine point from Captain Obvious.

>The player characters can be interested in whatever the fuck they want to. If the GM wants them all to be investigators he should make that clear from the offset
Disagreeing with the obvious and somehow making it the GM's fault.
Okay, you're not just an idiot.
You're a blatant troll fishing for arguments.
Fuck off.

>> No.54628074

Posted this in another thread but
>Players are looking for thing
>Get a tip that a bartender knows where thing is, but it's a close guarded secret
>After accidentally coaxing him, the agreement is made that the bartender will tell them, but they've got to drink "the good shit" first
>It's strong enough to deal con damage, even detects as poison
>Most players fake drinking it or are a Paladin
>10 Constitution Wizard drinks it
>It was a 32 point buy game
>Thing is in the middle of a swamp, ask the party if they want to stock up or wait before heading over there
>Head straight over with out a second thought
>Wizard walks ahead of the party, with the guy who can make stealth checks, gets spotted by wildlife
>Main threat is dealt with, two cr 1 snakes remain
>Closest targets are rogue and wizard
>Unsurprisingly wizard gets bit and doesn't pass the fortitude save
>Takes three more con damage, and leaves the session
>Wake up the next day to a lengthy post about how stacking con damage is retarded GMing and I was focusing him because reasons
>Another players calls him on the bullshit
>He harasses the guy to the point where he quits the campaign
>Boot him out and try to get the other guy back while simultaneously finding a replacement

Why is it so difficult to find a group of half-decent players? I'll admit a couple of the people in the group are pretty great but I've got to essentially start over because a level 4 glass cannon got bit by a snake.

>> No.54628113

Bittersweet man.

>> No.54628203

I can't handle all these emotions right now

>> No.54628282

Reassure this man of his worth as a player.

>> No.54628289

roll20 is an amazing website full of neets that somehow are always fucking busy. The secret is they're not busy, they're pieces of shit that don't care about the game unless they are the spotlight.

Had one nigger just like that in my group, whenever he was leading you could tell he was enjoying it and wanted to interact with the npcs, whenever he wasnt in the spotlight he was disinterested or interruptive. He eventually got dropped because he kept trying to PK me with npcs and failing.

>> No.54628356

I'm running the version from Tales from the Yawning Portal. Dont know of the differences between the two. Party had a guy that spoke Undercommon, and the duergar were pretty much neutral to the party, in the sense of "you leave us alone and we'll leave alone. But we will point the way to a dragon below us".

The duergar were going to let them leave provided they dont tell anybody of this location, and developed respect for the since they came back alive from the dragon, even reward them with the loot they would get if they fought them.

And then the party attacked

>> No.54628371

>running fallout game
>players hunt down bandits who've kidnapped a farmers daughter and have a bounty on their heads
>find their base in a cave up in the hills
>stop by tribals and recruit tribal kid for some extra muscle
>go up in the hills
>clear the cave of bandits
>tribal sniffs and starts to pray to his voodoo gods
>tells the players that there's "spirits coming" and starts to panic and runs off
>players think nothing of it and start to loot the cave
>digging around a small pre-war shelter in the cave where bandits were hiding out
>they hear something big moving around in the caves above them
>they hear the creature start to devour the corpses
>everyone freezes
>after awhile it stops moving
>this lasts for a few hours
>I tell them as each hour passes that the thing is breathing slowly and hasn't moved *cough cough*
>NPC daughter suggests they try to sneak out since the beast is clearly asleep
>lead players say that's stupid and they'll beat her senseless if she tries to leave

>players wait until morning
>creature wakes up
>wanders down towards the party

>players get mauled by mutant bear, one gets his legs crippled, and the other has to burn a fate point to not die

>> No.54628488

>not wanting to play 30's Berlin CoC where the backdrop is street fights between Nazis and Commies

>> No.54628559

that doesn't sound interesting in the slightest.

>> No.54628594

>continue hurting inside

we're doing 40k Rogue Trader right now, and the rogue trader got killed off, and he wants his character ("I want to be the Arbiter from Halo, but in 40k") to be the new rogue trader, and another guy wants his character ("I don't know, just make me a character and I'll play it") to be it, and I'm seriously leaning towards making him the official leader of the group

>> No.54628643

How is it any less interesting than rural Massachusetts

>> No.54628710

See what you do is that you make the part where the players meet the Johnson and accept a job the last part of the game for the night, because then you can present a selection of concepts for runs, they can pick the one they like, and then you prep it for the next session with them having already committed, so you don't waste any prep work on stuff the players decide not to go and see.

>> No.54628797

>>Obvious GM communication to Players through NPC suggests they try to sneak out since the beast is clearly asleep
>>lead players say that's stupid and they'll beat her senseless if she tries to leave
That's some high quality player flavored stupid there.

>> No.54628801

Well, choose the best character concept.
Considering one of the concepts is nonexistent, that should be an easy pick.

>> No.54628813

the best cyberpunk stories usually involve the main characters being blackmailed, threatened, or poisoned into doing a job.
That way there's the subplot of trying to outwit their employers as much as their targets.

>> No.54628870

>How is it any less interesting than rural Massachusetts
at least rural massachusetts offers a counterpoint to underline just how weird the mythos shit is. And street brawls between nazis and commies just sounds, somehow boring and unnecessarily inflammatory. you can get the same effect by having your shit set in any-time-period New York or civil-rights era South, or LA. I mean why pick a time and place where the conflicting ideologies are both going to be hated by modern-era players unless you are trying to piss someone off and no one wants to go to a TRPG session to get upset in that manner.

>> No.54628883

There is a less than subtle difference between "I think it would be interesting to play a Nazi, as is appropriate for this setting." and "I wanna play a Nazi!"
One could possibly not be terrible, the other is awful and you should expect the awful from the start, if you allow it.

>> No.54628942

And then there's "I wanna play a Nazi even though there is literally no plausible explanation for me being one"
I mean, if it were after WW2 you could argue a case for playing a neo-nazi, but before it? Completely bonkers.

>> No.54628955

Not that anon, but I always thought it would be interesting to have a campaign where players are non-meme Nazis going up against Soviets in a race to dig up alien technology or dive into ghost-infested pyramids or something. If everyone takes it seriously and doesn't act like an idiot, it might be cool. The inverse is also acceptable.

>> No.54629013

I like this a lot.

>> No.54629080

>The setting is Edo Era Japan
>"I wanna play a Nazi!"

>> No.54629106

That could work.

>> No.54629152

>if it were after WW2 you could argue a case for playing a neo-nazi,
and then the questions must be asked:

1: what kind of player is interested in playing a Neo Nazi?

2: Do I even want this kind of person in my group?

>> No.54629216

Maybe if there was some serious development, like Daryl from Walking Dead.
Like, "has to overcome his dislikes to deal with the fact that there is real, mind-breaking evil in the world to be dealt with".
Mind you, a guy with no development, but enough mental gymnastics to blame shoggoths and eldritch horror on the Jews would also be pretty entertaining.

>> No.54629223

Before it wouldn't be too strange if it were set in a country at least bordering Germany, and during the short period of time during Hitler's rise to power (i.e. when there were more people who knew about him and didn't think he was evil)

>> No.54629542

The chaos of Weimar Berlin was far beyond anything the US saw in the 60's.

The Berlin of the 20's and early 30's was a city really like no other. There was extreme poverty, crime, and vice, but at the same time it was a hotbed of cultural experimentation and freedom. The economy was in ruins, inflation was insane. A loaf of bread would costs millions of marks. The political chaos caused Communists, Nazis, and Anarchists to fester. It was a place of extremes. If your players are interested in history you can show them what caused people to flirt with such insane ideologies.

Here's a brief documentary about what life in Berlin was like, try to ignore the stormfags in the comments.

What are your players like that they aren't emotionally mature to handle a setting where neither political faction are the good guys?

>> No.54629696

Well this took an unexpected turn

Honestly, anon? You don't seem like you let him come out of pity. You just had doubts about him, but that's normal.
The thing is, you were willing to give him a chance. And you did.
And you didn't kick him because you thought maybe he would become valuable to you guys. And he did.
That's what really matters.

>> No.54629907

That all takes away from the supernatural bit. Making the normal parts insane undermines the actual insanity.

>> No.54630250

Does it though? It'd just be different. Cults could hide in plain sight, addicts and other deranged types would make for red herrings, the investigators would have dig deep into the city's underword before they actually reach any Yog Sothothery, they might encounter clues an accident by stumbling into the right cabaret, if they want backup they might have to enlist on of the revolutionary factions.

If you think that sending a bunch of brownshirts to go get eaten by a Shoggoth hiding under a strip club is boring I don't think you know what fun is.

>> No.54630357

>Does it though?
yes, when already surrounded by insanity, when cosmic horrors do arrive, the players are more likely to respond with "SURE! Why not?!" as at that point it would be one more bit of bullshit on the pile that is their lives.

Set it in rural Massachusetts, which runs like a check-list for "what is normal" the buildup to insane cosmic bullshit is tense and in stark contract to the day-to-day making it all the more noteworthy. Then when the cosmic horrors appear it more of a "WTF is this?! WTF is that!? NOPE! NOPE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!" Which is exactly where you want your PCs to be in a good Lovecraft story.

>> No.54630422

It'll end up more like Hellboy than CoC.

>> No.54630437

Oh and mind you, I'm not saying that's bad, just different.

>> No.54630563

>the buildup to insane cosmic bullshit is tense and in stark contract to the day-to-day
But why exactly does the horror need to fit into a single boxed in formula? I don't see a reason why putting them in a more noir setting couldn't work. Once the sun sets over Berlin the occult could appear at any time, the players would never truly be safe.

>It'll end up more like Hellboy
Just because Nazis are involved doesn't mean it needs to be action packed.

>> No.54630627

>Making the normal parts insane undermines the actual insanity.
Yes, this is true.

>I'm not saying that's bad, just different.
As is this.

>> No.54630636

Holy shit. Either try GM'ing or kill yourself.

>> No.54630797

>I don't see a reason why putting them in a more noir setting couldn't work
Noir setting? sure it works, but we aren't talking about a Noir setting, are we? no we are talking about a city in a state of near civil war. that is way too much going on and too many problems to build the appropriate atmosphere properly.

There is a way to add Nazis to CoC, but they would be as a replacement to the Cultists, and this would be during the Third Reich, because then they would add something to the buildup. Because now the people trying to bring forth this horror are no longer just rogue cultists working from the shadows relying on secrecy to conduct themselves, now you have a large well-armed and well-trained, and highly organized force capable of blatantly operating out in the open who have access to the resources of an entire nation at their disposal and helmed by a maniac who would not only know about the existence of Mythos monsters, but insane enough to think they could tame and weaponize them. This setup adds to the tension because not only are the investigators on a time-clock to stop these people from summoning some cosmic horror, but now they have ask the serious question of "How the hell do you stop them?"

It's Nazis, and it adds something to the horror, but it only really works if they are the antagonists.

>> No.54630926

> noir
>a genre of crime film or fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.
Seems like 20's-30's Berlin to me m80.

Also please explain how
>Trying to find cult buried in a city rife with vice and social unrest
doesn't fit CoC but
>Investigators, who are normal people (writers, detectives, etc), going up against an authoritarian regime with one of the strongest armies in the word

>> No.54631001

>Investigators, who are normal people (writers, detectives, etc), going up against an authoritarian regime with one of the strongest armies in the word
ever see an Indiana Jones movie before?

>> No.54631022

>Seems like 20's-30's Berlin to me m80.
too much wanton violence, it over-shoots Noir and goes into something else.

>> No.54631119

Yeah my favorite horror movie Indiana Jones

>too much wanton violence
And the gangster movies where mafiosos hose each other down with machine guns isn't?

>> No.54631209

I think Berlin-Noir could work too.
But a swirling hotbed of chaos "far beyond anything the US saw in the 60's" does take away from the jarring insanity of the mythos, which is a big part of the expected experience.
Because it is less jarring to step from one madness into another.

So, yeah. It's different.

>> No.54631751

CoC can be anywhere any when. There's splatbooks for Cthulu in Rome, Cthulu in the Future, Cthulu in the stone age, all sorts of stuff.

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