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M-Muh Oppression Edition

>Konor Campaign: Chaos comeback? edition

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>novels here

>Other megas
https://mega.nz/#F!9NchGZyZ!-V1LhJALxDp9Tw97WzEQGA (no 8e stuff here)

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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Konor will not fall

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First for chaos

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xth for Morty

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second for Guard!

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So how do I represent my Red Hunters, who I picture pulling buried skillsets out if their ass/memory as situation call for them, as a proper chapter Tactics?

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>tfw I lost all three games I played
>tfw stupid codex full of free relics and ultramarine primarchs everywhere
>tfw what few victories I had were negated by xenos factions

I dont even want your stupid planet anymore.

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I fucking saw that guy selling that army on 40k buy and sell and my first thought was "Shit, /tg/ will love this or dismiss it as Reddit shit, it's hard to tell sometimes

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Ducking taucuvks stealing our victories
Thought this was a daemon host
Most disappointed

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>when the codex drops today
Prepare for major marine reinforcment

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You need to learn to use an archive necron anon.
Here you go you silly pleb. https://mega.nz/#F!wx4BiKhD!YhnAf1BqSmAB8dO6xDM56Q!1xIWjDLR

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Morty Come to Konor on the double quick!

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Definitely thought Flamebelcha would be bigger but I still love him, great model to put together. Now I gotta figure out the Howdah....

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HA! Imperials have jobs enjoy working while Chaos is all in your base killing your dudes.

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until somebody does it for this model, don't every reply to /40kg/ again.

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>be green ork
>middle class waaagh
>GW sez da beakiez get a new codex but not us orkz!


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>fighting for the same faction that Slaanesh supports
>willingly jumping in to the crocodile's mouth
100% imperial control here.

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I guess that's true, that would explain why chaos has been kicking ass this campaign while the imperium has so few wins. Oh wait...

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>gotz me a full teef scholarship to the waaaagh youz jus a grot

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It is the Beyblade!

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The new upgrade pack pales in comparison to this.

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More forces means More corpses means more flies

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>be playing DoW2 for the first time since before I got into 40k
>see this

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Now anon, that's not really Ireland, now is it?
You are like little baby, watch this

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Whatever helps you sleep at night chaoscuck

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>mfw I bring my Not!Emperors Children to the shop to play today
>Four of the six Imperial armies are SM
>All of them have at least some Primaris in their army
>All of them between 15yo-20yo
>Store is allowing all of them to use the new in-store Codex, which I had not seen
>Play five games, four of which are against these SM players
>Lose to two of them, scrape by one, and blow the SW player out of the water (Inferus Predators FTW)
>Entire game is literally NOTHING but sarcastic remarks and internet memes
>"Lol Get Primarised, Heretic!"
>"Manlets Bee-Tee-Ef-Oh!"
>"You're losing because your guys are terrified of the bigger, better Primaris marines!" (Note: This was the SW player that I absolutely routed)
>[Player Narration] "The Chaos Lord of the Apostate Kings looks through the haze of the battlefield, when suddenly Primaris Lieutenant Addicles strides through the smoke. Gazing into the blood-red eyes of his Mk. X helm [Note: The model actually had yellow eyes] and realizes deem into his shrunken soul that he is completely, totally, hopelessly outmatched. He knows he cannot compete with the pinnacle of Imperial science and mastery!"
>Then these kids kept calling me a "manlet player," and asking me when I was gonna buy the Primaris models and "run them counts-as" because "they're just so much better looking."
>mfw I am the tallest guy in the shop by at least three inches
>mfw I'm still only 5'11"

Look guys, shitposting on /tg/ is fun, but lets not be such goddamn autists in real life.

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But this isn't for Primaris Space Marines.

I just had to get that laurel head for my 30k praetor.

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Anyone uploaded the epub codex yet?

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world eater sorc is more irritating. Thats why I used to play it.

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>things that didn't happen: the posg

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Librarius being blue is a codex stipulation, nothing more.

There were WE Sorcs though, they just used their powers to rip and tear better.

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I put my autism spectacles on and noticed that these helmets have two tubes on each side which is different from the Dark Imperium helmets.

I also noticed that the sergeant doesn't have a piece missing from the middle of his gorget like the sergeants and lieutenants from Dark Imperium.

I'm shaking, brothers.

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in HH, sure but in 40k I have never heard of one.

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Xenos get to choose who they take points from?
So, a Xenos and a Limperial could both fight and agree that whoever wins, chaos loses?

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1.Codex released on the weekend
2.SM players buy it.
3. Go to work during the week
4. Chaos neets clean up till Thursday.
Search your heart you know it to be true.

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>There were WE Sorcs though, they just used their powers to rip and tear better
There were right up until the WE went to Khorne and he made them butcher them all

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I'd believe it. The kids in our shop literally do nothing but spout memes ALL THE TIME, be they 40K memes or otherwise.

You drastically overestimate the social skills of a group of teenagers who are normally the social outcasts, and suddenly find themselves among a group who shares their hobby.

Source: was once one of those kids, now I know better.

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Yup. But there can also be matches where Imperials fight Imperials, and as a result Imperials win.

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Konor Battle Report: Total loss.

2 players vrs 1...
2K Chaos v. 1K Admech 1K Sisters + Imperial Support. Victory to Chaos, unfortunately.

Who wants a battle report with pictures?

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no if xenos plays vs imerpial the xenos player is playing for chaos.

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before memes it was movie references nothing has really changed.

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Uh-huh. I guess that's why chaos got BTFO harder during the week than on the weekend, right?

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I guess. But nothing in the World Eater's fluff says there are no Sorc's in their bands. Now if DoW2 had a Black Templar colour chart for Librarians, sure.

Pretty sure that Librarians are often used by non-Librarian-liking-legions in order to find the best places to fight and shit. In Cult of the Warsmith book, the Iron Warriors use a pysker to find an item of Pertys and when they got it they fired it into the sun because lol imperfect. They didn't like the pysker, but they still used him. World Eaters aren't all Khorne Zerkers, it's possible that they captured a Pysker and force them to find the best fighting or to counter weakling sorcery.

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>buying into snapfits
the multi-part kits are ALWAYS better

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Do want gimmie that shit.

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Had an argument with my friends about rerolls.

With the new FAQ out, can you reroll a single die of a failed charge roll? Or do you have to reroll both dice using 2 CP?

>> No.54595333

>squad is using auto bolt rifles
>except for the guy reloading

>> No.54595338

>World Eaters aren't all Khorne Zerkers

After skalathrax, they basically are though.

>> No.54595343

You mean for the tactical reroll? You only reroll 1 dice

>> No.54595361

Apart from alternative poses, is there a reason to buy this kit over DI hellblasters from ebay? The major difference between the guns are some decorative bits. I would have expected the assault to have a shorter range and the heavy to have a beefier barrel. But no, one just has a cylinder under the muzzle and a cable to the backpack, and the other has some tactical light and a scope. And I thought the auto bolt rifle, bolt rifle and stalker bolt rifle were lazy design with the only real difference being the magazine.

>> No.54595362

Right, so can I just reroll 1 of the 2 dice, or do I absolutely have to reroll both since the FAQ states you have to reroll all applicable dice if you reroll.

>> No.54595368

Not all Zerkers are WE either. Otherwise the option to make like Mutilators World Eaters woukdn't exist.

Yes? The rules for them says any unit can replace their Bolt Rifle with Auto Bolt Rifle. So you don't have to swap them all out.

>> No.54595378

Crimson Fists here.

>> No.54595384

So for something like BT's CTs, you have to reroll both, for the strategm, just one is allowed.

>> No.54595386

I suppose they still have to have Lords but I can't picture a WE Warpsmith being very good at his job.

>> No.54595404


>24 head bits

Has GW gone too far?

>> No.54595412

It says "all models" so GW made a goof.

>> No.54595438

If you have an ability that says you can "re-roll charges" like Orks or Black Templars, you have to re-roll both.

If you use the Command Re-roll Stratagem for 1CP, you only re-roll 1, and CANNOT re-roll both.

Also you can't spend 2CP to use it twice in the same phase.

>> No.54595444

>World Eaters aren't all Khorne Zerkers
Even their units that aren't berzerkers are berzerkers, the Butcher's Nails are what turns a marine into a berzerker and the WEs universally have the nails.

>> No.54595450

My understand is by skal everyone had the butchers nails in their head. Then kharn does his things the legion breaks up into warbands.

In fact I think in adbs betrayer all the Librarians die. But Im not sure its been a while.

Well there are meant to be world eater psycho surgeons who still live. And give wannabe berzerkers the nails. I imagine their bed side manner is malpractical.

>> No.54595451

Found on FB
Hints of what models to come?

>> No.54595468

You're really late.

>> No.54595471

>And I thought the auto bolt rifle, bolt rifle and stalker bolt rifle were lazy design with the only real difference being the magazine.
There's a top part that changes too, and the Stalker has a bigger scope than the standard.

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>> No.54595483

>says it's conversion

Why? Slap a different head on and some gubbins. Really late as well. It's to placate the fags who want conversion shit in WD again.

>> No.54595490

This. For every memespewing kiddie, there's a middle-aged neckbeard that spams quotes from Monty Python and Firefly.

>> No.54595495

No. You're not getting a new model.

>> No.54595497

>not drilling your magazine wells
Absolutely fucking disgusting.

>> No.54595503

>Tfw chaos/xenos player
>Tfw tempted to switch to Imperium
>Tfw don't want to waste the models I already have

>> No.54595510

Since when are Nurgle and slannesh so chummy?

>> No.54595512

The magazine is still in there. Get your eyes checked, fuccboi.

Enough with the phony outrage culture.

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>> No.54595535

>>Tfw don't want to sell the models I already have to finance my new army
numales, everyone.

>> No.54595537

Every fucking thread I hear about how another culture has to go.

>> No.54595553

Don't be impatient your new toys are coming soon don't be an ultra bandwagoner.

>> No.54595564

>The magazine is still in there.
It clearly isn't. Look at the picture marked "1" below. If the empty magazine was still in the bolter it would extend beyond the grip. Perhaps you should get your eyes checked.

>> No.54595566

The prior magazine is still in the bolt rifle.
You just wanted to get upset about something without giving it a second thought.
You're shitposting.

>> No.54595583

How many of us are gonna even notice any size difference between the scopes? Or care? I don't even care if the gun has a straight or curved magazine. Telion has a curved magazine on his stalker bolter.

>> No.54595587

Come one, rookie. You know not every 'bolt' gun and magazine is identical.

>> No.54595596

Ah fair enough

The hand shown isn't one that comes with the NDK at all so I figured we might be getting an upgrade sprue

>> No.54595601

Still confused.

>> No.54595604

>But nothing in the World Eater's fluff says there are no Sorc's in their bands.
Besides all the fluff about how Khorne hates psykers and literally has an entire class of demon dedicated to hunting them? Or how being inducted into the WEs requires a member be implanted with the butcher's nails which cause either the psyker, any nearby battle brothers or both to be brainsploded if they use psychic powers? Or that it's stated repeatedly that just the mere presence of psykers give anyone with the nails headaches to the point of nosebleeding?

>> No.54595606

It's not even the Primaris. It's the Custodes, Imperial Knights, and the Assassinorum.

>> No.54595608

I would claim this didnt happen but ive seen worse...from the staff, any time I head into a store its mostly kids yelling and a few older neckbeards hanging about, any ''normie'' oeople I see are literally in, buy and out shoppers.

The staff I am mixed about, they either ignore you when you need something or are pestering you to buy tools at a 400% mark up...seriously NOBODY IS SPENDING 20 QUID ON A SINGLE SCULPTING TOOL.

>> No.54595610

Are you talking about the pistol? I'm commenting on the big guy with the respirator reloading his rifle.

See >>54595601

>> No.54595612

There is a straight mag still in the rifle.
He hasn't ejected it yet to replace.

>> No.54595622

What's a nice loadout for land speeders now? Typhoon missiles seem like a bit of a waste for its movement, and multimeltas seem iffy for the cost->accuracy

>> No.54595624

Best part about the BT kit is that it contains two sets of what is it that picture.

I really do want an updated one for Primaris though.

>> No.54595634


>> No.54595645

Re-read what I said. World Eaters got smashed into different warbands by Kharn. It's entirely possible a warband got a pysker and forced them to join. And making them sit somewhere else and dispel magic is going to be useful. it's one of the most minor things in 40k, this isn't like trying to fluff justify female space marines.

>he doesn't knock it out with the new magazine

>> No.54595647

He has already ejected it. Bolt magazines still have grooves at the bottom.

>> No.54595650

What do the new stalker bolt rifles look like, anyways?

>> No.54595652

Not being able to shoot heavy at full BS really fucks with fast vehicles. I don't understand why they don't have a rule to overcome this like they did before....

>> No.54595658

If you don't model your guns properly I will not let you field them, WAACfag. WYSIWYG is important to stop people making shit up and changing their lists. If you have a unit with Bolt Rifles they better all damn well be modelled with the proper magazines and scopes.

>> No.54595661

Not all of them, no.

>> No.54595666

He's clearly moving the new magazine into place. If the previous mag was still in the gun his movement wouldn't make any sense. You're clearly a liar or an idiot.

>> No.54595667

Impressive face detail. Why does GW make their 'Tactical' equivs have meme faces? The new manlet ones had faces from DoW.

>> No.54595668

Stalker on top, auto on bottom.

>> No.54595670

>WYSIWYG is important to stop people making shit up and changing their lists
>what are magnets

>> No.54595673

You sound like a ball of fun to game around!

>> No.54595677

There is no ejected mag on the ground!

>> No.54595681

Because I don't allow cheating?

>> No.54595686

Such customizability.
Many options.
Totally worth the price

>> No.54595687

So the Chaos Space Marine codex is up next, or was it the Grey Knights codex in the works?

>> No.54595690

Proxies aren't cheating

>> No.54595696

Just realized I have to resize and pick out images. Also should of typed this up before hand.

So I'm hazey on pain meds + long day. This is a very vague report.

Chaos had:
>Typhus + shitloads of plague fucks
>Daemon prince (proxied with kastellan as his model was being stripped)
>1x pred with autocannon and lascannons
>3x bloat drones
>rhino with berzerkers
>other shit i can't remember

We had:
>Admech shit I don't know because i rarely see them
>tech priest dominus
>3x Ironstrider dragoon
>3x ironstrider ballistraius
>5 sicarian infiltrators
>two squads of electropriests

>Canoness with Eviscerator
>Inquisitor of Ordo Hereticus
>2x5 battle sister squads with 2 stormbolsters each
>1x5 battle sister squad with just bolters
>1x10 battlesister squad with 3 stormbolters
>2x Immolator with Twin Multi Meltas
>Sentinel Power Lifter
>Storm Troopers
>2x Sabre Platforms with Twin Heavy Stubbers
>Avenger Strike Fighter rocking lascannons

I had come prepared for a 500 point game. I ended up filling with odds-and-ends (sabres, etc). The Admech player was trying a meleecentric list.

The plan was gun line behind melee priests. Lifter would follow the Dragoons about. Stormtroopers air drop in behind his shit and gun down some plague marines. Avenger attack from side and gun for what-ever-needs-it.

Instead we were nearly tabled by turn 2... and this is the story of our colossal fuck up. Fuck up that I am blaming the Adeptus Mechanicus for, because the Emperor surely never abandoned my own. Not mad at him. Was a fun game... just learned a LOT of hard lessons. Any shit-talk is purely in-character.

>> No.54595697


So half the starter box guys are stalker? Cause it's just a scope?

>> No.54595700

both together

>> No.54595705

They are if your opponent says no.

>> No.54595707

Both come out the 12th

>> No.54595709

I have to question your intelligence to bite at such bait, surely evolution would've preventedyour existence?

>> No.54595710

Do you DM often out of curiosity?

>> No.54595714

Right? He also comes with a sword/pointing hand and optional head for the reasonable price of $35!

>> No.54595722

No, the Stalker has a longer scope than the Bolt Rifle and a different mag.

>> No.54595729

Formatting is dope please continue friend!

>> No.54595732

You gonna call the internet police on me, daddy? Give me the "long arm of the law," daddy? Tell me I've been a bad, bad boy?

>> No.54595734

No, the DI guys have bolt rifles. Stalkers have a longer scope and short, straight magazine.

>> No.54595741

Carbines or combat blades on the reivers?

I'm leaning towards the carbines, that's a lot of firepower while they're already at 2 attacks base.

>> No.54595742

nobody needs you to play with anyway

>> No.54595746

I have to question your intellect to reply with such a typo.
Surely evolution (not real btw) would've prevented a mind as inferior as your own to have been allowed into existence?

Not, really.
You don't have to play with that would-be opponent.

>> No.54595754

Oh god...
I'll take stupid marinelet jokes over having to hear about deadly rabbits and 'kill you with my brain' over and over. With the former, there's at least a chance that in two week's they'll have moved on to a new stupid joke.

>> No.54595756

Marines don't dump their empty mags on the ground bruv

>> No.54595765

Any leaks on what Chaos get, or were they too busy throwing us chapter tactics?

>> No.54595778

This surely will never be confusing at all.
Also totally not lazy weapon design or anything.

>> No.54595779

Then where is it on his body?!?!

He has a pouch, but no spare magazines.

The truth, Chaplain! The people of The Imperium demand THE TRUTH!

>> No.54595785


>> No.54595790

This is deployment.

Avenger in the bottom so I could orbit safely and not be shot on his turn one. It is off the stand to avoid a fall due to uneven terrain.

This is where we fucked up. Hard.

The idea was the Admech Melee Wall would be in front of bolters and immolators. That idea did not work out. We fucked up by not deploying further back because we didn't expect him to cover ground quickly....

Big fucking mistake. The CP order for chaos is assault after advance. His Berzerkers were out, advancing, and charging into the Electro Priests TURN FUCKING ONE. Not like he had a huge distance to cover but GOD WE FUCKED UP.

The Blight Drones were HOT on his ass.

By the end of our enemy's phases we were really fucked up. Most the Admech walkers were dead to ranged shooting (Predator) and bad dice rolls.

Next picture demonstrates this.

>> No.54595795

It's also entirely possible they got an Ultramarine to join, if we're just going to ignore years and years of fluff that say they revile psykers. Or the fact that if you took a World Eaters army last edition you weren't allowed to take any psykers because it just doesn't happen.

>> No.54595800

More important part is that it means that units will be in codices that don't have models again.

>> No.54595819


>> No.54595826

>Not wanting all 'your dudes' to look different from each other

>> No.54595835

This is the ground he covered in his movement phase. Fuck. It. Sucked. We fucked up HARD deploying so close.

I'll post our turn 1 + more pictures next post.

>> No.54595840

added a claw

>> No.54595843

Does anyone have a link to Shroud of Night? I want to see what shenanigans the Alphas get up to.

>> No.54595857

No it doesn't. The Dreadknight has a model.

>> No.54595858

I got a second box of Raptors the other day, I built my first 5 with Sword+Pistol only.
Should I build Special Weapon Raptors and a 2nd Champion or just go with Warp Talons? If the first which special weapons for what purpose?

>> No.54595867

Speak English pedro. I don't know what the fuck your saying.

>> No.54595869

Scans in the mega when?
anyone have the two pages of SM: Stratagems?

>> No.54595874


Looks like the shambling Death Guard caught you by surprise ! Which ... sounds a little odd actually. Maybe they advanced under the cover of clouds of flies, thick enough to obscure even whatever the AdMech use to look around with.

>> No.54595876

>Play DoW1, absolutely love Flash Gitz
>Get into 40K back in late 2007, just in time for new Ork codex
>Flash Gitz are terrible
>Persevere for the long years until 7th edition update finally hits
>Flash Gitz are terrible
>Suffer through 7th until 8th hits
>Flash Gitz are terrible

Not sure why I hold out hope that our codex update will fix this situation but damnit if this isn't an impressive record from GW keeping a unit this useless for this long.

>> No.54595881

>can't even into elementary meems
Lurk moar

>> No.54595885

It's ok, anon, we still love you.

>> No.54595886

>not playing totally WYSIWYG every single game is Waac and against the spirit
First of all, it can't be against the competitive sense AND Waac. Second, fuck off. Third, how do you help new players in?

>> No.54595887

The conversion is for a chapter master in dreadknight armour you mong. Its like making a archon and putting him on a reaver jetbike. Easy conversion but its different

>> No.54595895

>horde of sprinting Khorne Berzerkers and flying Drones
>shambling Death Guard

>> No.54595907

I thought stalker bolters were supposed to have way bigger barrels

>> No.54595909

>Speaking in memes
>Upset when people don't care to look it up

>> No.54595924

Primaris Bolter already has a longer barrel.

>> No.54595931

Those whatever type of green shits they are in the front aren't far behind that one unit of Khorne Berserkers.

>> No.54595938

whats the revolver drum looking thing above the mag?

>> No.54595941


>Third, how do you help new players in?
By teaching them to read the fucking instructions on their kits to assemble the models correctly and not with an illegal mishmash of non-mixable weapons so they have to tell their opponent's "oh this is actually this and this is this and this is this" and then conveniently "forget" some of them halfway through the game.

That is That Guy behaviour, don't be That Guy, just model the fucking guns right.

>> No.54595942

>look it up
Are you freaking kidding ME?
is such a basic meme on 4chan, and has been a long time that one shouldn't need to look it up, if they've been here even for only a month or two.

>> No.54595950

>the 135 point unit that has decent BS and hits like a truck against elite armies
>and actually does damn good damage for the cost
Well I'm sorry it's not as good as 30 boyz, but its good. They've served me well knocking off marine special units

>> No.54595959

The auto feeder for the auto bolt rifle?

>> No.54595969

Probably literally a revolving chamber for RAPID FIRE

>> No.54595976

>forcing people to model EXACTLY every time and not letting the freedom and enjoyment of modelling in
w a a c f a g and n o f u n

>> No.54595978

And that means what? If stalker bolters are longer than bolters and bolt rifles are longer than bolters then stalker bolt rifles should be longer again.

>> No.54595983

>The conversion is for a chapter master in dreadknight armour you mong.
There's nothing stopping you from saying the guy in the Dreadknight model is a Grand Master.

There ARE things stopping you from saying a Reaver is an Archon, because Archons have different gear options.

GW IS removing all unit entries from Codexes that don't have models, sometimes they just allow existing models to now have multiple unit entries, like Purestrain Genestealers and Hive Fleet Genestealers, or this newest example of a Dreadknight or Grand Master in Dreadknight.

Don't expect them to keep around something like a Warboss on a Bike without a plastic GW model.

>> No.54595984

funny how the grenade launcher barrel has the same diameter as the regular bolter barrel

>> No.54595996

because they can.

>> No.54596000

Reminder that unless it outperforms Wraithknights in 7th edition the unit is literally trash.

>> No.54596001

>then stalker bolt rifles should be longer again.
No, check out the Deathwatch kit.

>> No.54596003

>Being triggered by vets pretending to newfag
No wonder you talk in memes

>> No.54596004

They're higher bs ork with 4 point rerolls and extra wounds, who have a chance of shoooting twice in a turn and are armed with shorter range better ap heavy bolters.

They look fine. What issue are you having that they seem shit to you?

>> No.54596015

3 pages and they're still on youtube

>> No.54596017

See >>54595785 and fuck off

>> No.54596024

This is the end of his turn - the daemon prince (kastellan) has charged in and wrecked a strider. Took 4 wounds from them.

Not pictured: 2 of the 3 shooty-striders are dead. Tons of sisters dead.

Our reply
>3 wounds to a blight drone from ALL OUR COMBINED ANTI VEHICLE SHOOTING. Including act-of-faith Storm Bolter spam just for weight-of-dice.
>12 heavy stubber shots at the fucking lone-berzerker who shrugs it all off
>16 bolter shots at lone-zerker who shrugs it off
>get a wound
>enemy spends a command point to re-roll it just to spite us
>avenger fails EVERYTHING

Our melee:
>Charge the prince with Inquisitor & Lifter to aid the striders
>Do 1 wound to the prince
>strider dies in punch back

His Turn 2...
>shooting wipes
>he cleans up loose infantry
>He charges shit up. Fucks Inquisitor and Lifter up
>everything proceeds to die horrifically
>lone berzerker charges immolator
>rhino charges immolator 2

At this point all we have left:
>2x5 sisters, Canoness
>2 Sabres, 2 Immolators locked in CQC
>Avenger orbiting map
>Warlord Techpriest
>1 Strider w/ Lascannons
>10 storm troopers who we are banking on coming in to salvage this cluster fuck

>fail to roll to bring in stormtroopers

>> No.54596030

I play Deathwatch, that's why I'm so butthurt about it.

>> No.54596034


>> No.54596038

this goes against pretty much every single rule of how you should reload your gun
coupled with the hilarious face it just screams "wtf am i doing with this thing"

and THAT is funny

>> No.54596045

If anything, you'd expect the Primaris Stalkers to be shorter.

>> No.54596049

Results of his turn 2, before charging us.

>> No.54596054

no he means changing the list mid game.

like that guy with proxied special weapons that always seem be flamers on the squad near your infantry and conveniently their squad with meltas happens to be the one next to your tank.

its cheating THAT GUY shit some people still try to pull.

>> No.54596055

oh, so you were just pretending to be retarded.
fug! :DDDDDD

>> No.54596058

>can use command squad box to build a commander
>can use scion box to build a tempestor
>can't use a biker squad box to build a biker warboss

>> No.54596061

>>Being triggered by vets
>N-no guise I was an oldfag all along.

[X] Doubt

>> No.54596062


It's a unit with a 6+ save and 24" range. So it needs some kind of protection to not get absolutely smashed by anything that glances at. Lootas can get away with minimal protecting because of 48" range, so they're not exposed to many threats. But Flash Gitz can and will just get mown down by bolter fire.

So you need protection for them, and that means a transport, because the short range also means you need to move them around. But the only option is a Battlewagon, which then has to forego an 'Ard Case to let the Gitz shoot out of it, which means your "protection" is a T7, 4+ save vehicle. That's extremely easy to pop for most armies in the game, and once they're outside, Gitz have the survivability of wet noodles.

The icing on the cake is that the short range on Snazzguns means Gitz have to keep moving to keep enemies in range, but they have Heavy weapons. This might have almost made sense if the Battlewagon's Mobile Fortress rule affected passengers, but it doesn't. So you're left with an expensive, fragile unit that needs a transport that is also expensive and fragile, and is most of the time hitting on 5's.

>> No.54596065

>>fail to roll to bring in stormtroopers

Wait, you were playing a narrative mission ?

>> No.54596073

Come on, let's keep taunting the autist! The longer we bait him into posting here, the less likely he is to drive players away from the local store with his unwashed stench!!

>> No.54596076

yea so basically a gw invented thingamajic

>> No.54596078


There are no specific warboss parts in a biker squad box unlike the (IG?) command squad and scion box which have parts for a commander/tempestor respectively

>> No.54596079

If GW thinks it doesn't have the right parts, they'll remove it. Don't look at me and ask why. All I'm saying is don't be stupid and think the Grand Master Dreadknight is a reason to get your hopes up that GW won't remove options from Codexes that do not have models. They fucking will.

>> No.54596082

Yeah. I'm sorta new and I stricly avoid playing at my FLGS due to this.
I have 500 pt of models that I made myself. The idea that I am now forced to take exactly the equipment the models hold bothers me. Probably more than it should but damn.
>Whops, took the coolest looking thing instead of the best thing. My bad, I guess I'll never win a 500 point game then. And I thought having d6 damage was a good thing.

At least my friends let me use battlescribe to print out alternative lists with alternative equipment to test out.
Man fuck the FLGS people.

>> No.54596094

Well a Reaver Archon hasn't existed since 3rd edition, its just an example of a easy conversion to do if rules existed for it.

The warboss example is more interesting and may work against you, as there never has been a model for it. Maybe in 2nd editon. He also wasn't in the 7th edition codex, yet here he is in the index bizarrely. Same thing with the Painboy on a bike.

>> No.54596095

This, it's as if people don't realize the GK line consists of one box that makes up 4 of its options.
Or another box that makes up two, three, four, five, actually SIX of its options.
Not including the Bro Cap in that count.

>> No.54596107

Why? Longer barrels on rifles result in higher velocity and better accuracy at very long range. The kind of thing you want in the sniper variant of a rifle.

>> No.54596116

I've put three victories toward Chaos as Orkz this week so far, two of those games were close, but my first one was a meme reaming. He brought a bunch of lascannons figuring I was going to do Morkanaut spam like I have in the past, I brought my hordes, he drowned in a sea of 150 bodies.

Lesson of the day, don't list tailor lads. Also heres my red boy squad, charging in for the glory of Khorne alongside one of my tankbusta trukkz

>> No.54596119

>Being triggered and not always doubting anons

>> No.54596125

The Primaris Stalkers and Deathwatch Stalkers have identical statblocks.
There's not a reason for the Primaris Stalker to be any longer.

>> No.54596136

>He also wasn't in the 7th edition codex, yet here he is in the index bizarrely.
That's even more reason to believe he won't be in the Codex, they put things in the index for people who had old legacy models for them.

Although, I believe Orks will actually be one of the Codexes to get some new kits when they release, so maybe he'll get a brand spanking new kit. But that could really go either way.

>> No.54596139

>I'm actually an Alpha Legionnaire
You need to take a break from posting, friend.

>> No.54596147

You Boyz are doing a damn fine job! Red orks make me happy as well.

>> No.54596148

>"this squad here has bolt rifles"

And somehow the world didn't end.

Yeah, I'm terribly sorry my WAACfagging caused me to give my SM scouts scoped bolters with extended barrels as sniper rifles (like seen on 30k legion recon squad models) triggers your autism. If you can tell me how to make a scout squad with sniper rifles without camo cloaks, I'd appreciate it. The instructions were a bit hazy on that.

Seriously, you fuck off, faggot. You don't go measuring every model to make sure each and every space mans has the correct size scope and the right shaped magazine, so don't pretend you really care.

>> No.54596152

>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.54596155

>Muh compensation

Clearly you didn't realize yet that this is a man's hobby :^)

>> No.54596163

>If you can tell me how to make a scout squad with sniper rifles without camo cloaks, I'd appreciate it. The instructions were a bit hazy on that.
Read the index.
They don't have to take cloaks, dude.

>> No.54596168

Would you guys take 30k plasmas as a proxy for combi plasmas?

>> No.54596176

He's talking about the models.

>> No.54596179

Oh I did, I've got the Watch-Master and his TOWERING stature.

Seriously, he's taller than any of terminators. wtf?

>> No.54596193

Yeah, you can take the arms and put them on the non-cloaked scouts.

>> No.54596201


His Turn 3...
>Chaos mops up Immolators & tries to take out Sabres, one dies
>Strider dies and explodes wounding the Tech Priest
>Rest of sisters dead
>Avenger gets shot out of the sky
>Things are mopped up in general, it is clear we will not lose.

Our Turn 3...
>Everything is dead in some way or another, Canoness & Tech Priest alive
>We agree to go out in glory... bro-hand-shake and charge a cunt, ignore the blight drones
>Fucker is locked into melee, we got this! Let's do this! Yeah! Wound a cunt!
>He didn't die...

His Turn 4....
>He Daemon Prince falls back. FUCK YOU MAN. LET US DIE IN GLORY
>Plague Zombies swarm into CQC
>Canoness dies and becomes zombie
>Tech Priest survives, fuck him. I should of killed the heretic. He clearly is one. He lead us to doom. Fucking Adeptus Mechanicus. [MANJAW SCREAMING INTENSIFIES]

Our Turn 4...
>Storm Troopers arrive and mow down several Plague Marines. A little to fucking late. Fuck you Scions.
>Sabre Platform wounds the Plague Drone
>Priest kills some zombies and survives again
>We call game

Man we fucked up HARD. Badly played. My list was poorly composed too as I didn't expect to go over 500pt today and just used spare shit.

Also, honest truth?
>Chaos dice was like 75% success. Every save. Every hit was amazing.
>Imperium dice was 20% success. We failed nearly everything

I am ashamed of today... it was fun but yeah. Big fat fuck up.

>> No.54596203


>> No.54596204

I know they will, I'm saying they're not being consistent. Unless they removed all options from, say, SM captains that weren't included in the SM commander box, they're full of shit. If they allow me to put pieces on my IG commander that aren't available in the command squad box, they're full of shit.

>> No.54596206

No, no, that would be if I was saying stupid things.
I was saying things that are the truth, you know, like 'people are allowed to actually have fun'.

>> No.54596207

No REASONABLE Tournament organizer would.

>> No.54596213

Never. Those don't even remotely resemble anything other than plasmaguns.
Converting a combi-plasma isn't that hard. Take a plasma pistol, cut off hand or handle, glue to the bottom of a bolter, done.

>> No.54596215

Konor requires you to roll 3+ to bring in Storm Troopers from Turn 2 to Turn 4.

>> No.54596217

>You don't go measuring every model to make sure each and every space mans has the correct size scope and the right shaped magazine
No I just use my fucking eyes. That's the point of the different bits, is to be able to read what you're up against at a glance, not have to memorize what's actually different about every unit your opponent decides to field with proxy bullshit. That's putting the burden of memorization on the opponent, which is unfair and rude. Players always have the right to tell you to fuck off with proxies and play WYSIWYG.

Is it hard for me to memorize these things? No, but I still shouldn't have to do it. They're not my fucked up models. You have a responsibility to model them properly.

>> No.54596220

>buy 2 boxes of dudes just so you can properly model them

fuck off gw shill

>> No.54596221

wait, there's a new upgrade pack?

>> No.54596222

They look like normal plasma guns to me. Combiguns usually look like a horrible mishmash of bolter and the abortion of whatever gun is attached to it.

If we were playing WYSIWYG I'd say 'fuck no.'

Since I'm not a colossal prick I'd let it slide in a casual game.

>> No.54596228

>I have never looked at SM scout models, yet here I am, acting like I have

>> No.54596232

>ask for answer
>gets it

>> No.54596234

Local game store running it's first tournament using some of the ITC missions. Also the first tournament I've played in. Most people running pretty casual lists. Any general advice?

>> No.54596237

So since gw removed libby and chappy on bikes for space marines, will we dangles also lose our bike HQs? Or will it be our flavor?

Also calling the release of the Lion with our codex

>> No.54596242

There were a couple chapter tactics mentioned in previous threads but I don't remember them desu

>> No.54596243

>I play Deffskullz
No, I'm not going to stop modelling my boyz with pulse rifles and bolters just because you're autistic. Playing WYSIWYG armies is nice and all, but as long as the stand-ins aren't overly complex nobody should have an issue. I've played people using two assault marines as one biker base. Twenty year olds. Would I prefer if they didn't do that? By god, yes, but anyone who fucking reees about "This mek in a fifteen man burna squad is actually a burna" is socially retarded. The burna kit doesn't even come with a minimum squad of burnas.

>> No.54596244

>Unless they removed all options from, say, SM captains that weren't included in the SM commander box, they're full of shit.
I believe they did.

>If they allow me to put pieces on my IG commander that aren't available in the command squad box, they're full of shit.
They do in the index, but good luck finding those options when the Codex comes out.

>> No.54596247

I have some, it's entirely possible, just requires a bit of effort.

Cloaks are cool though.

>> No.54596257

>Most people running pretty casual lists.
Punish their weakness and trust.

And what fucking advice do you want without any army?

>> No.54596258

Mult-meltas are still allowed on dreadnoughts, which is confusing because the only dread that has a multi-melta was from the Assault on Black Reach starter set like 3 editions ago.

>> No.54596259

We haven't seen any Legion tactics at all, only Stratagems.

>> No.54596261

TLDR: 80% of our army was wiped by turn 2 due to gross negligence on the part of the Adeptus Mechanicus. A strong letter has been written.

>> No.54596271

>a bit of effort

More like modelling whole new arms for them, since most of their arms are attached to the cloaks.

>> No.54596281



you can still get it

>> No.54596283

Well, those are still sold via the Vedros kits, so I guess GW counts that as a point in their favor.

>> No.54596286

Nah, just cut the rifle grips off and cut hands to accommodate as needed.

>> No.54596293

>Whats alpha legions chaos facade up to

>> No.54596294

>I believe they did.

Nope, still everything possible that was possible before with Captain wargear. The captain on bike is also still in the codex.

Tactical squads are also allowed to choose any heavy weapon, despite only having a missile launcher in the kit.

>> No.54596296

yeah, that, I got them mixed

>> No.54596302


But anon why are you worried, GW does make a Warboss on a bike model, they sell it here:


Unless GW only makes rules for models that are made by one specific part of their company, which would leave us in the strange case of them making a model that doesn't have rules.

>> No.54596311

Same goes for twin heavy bolters, flamers and autocannons, yet those options are gone.

>> No.54596312

Forge world doesn't count. Otherwise GW would have not removed all those IG artillery pieces from the codex or conversion beamers from techmarines.

>> No.54596315

Forge World stuff never gets rules in the Codexes. Not even the Indexes.

>> No.54596316

The fist displayed isn't one that comes with the NDK kit, all of them are closed fists.
Seems a bit much for a conversion to chop up one of the hands just to make a pointing finger

>> No.54596317

run a casual list, go have fun and make some friends

>> No.54596325

FW makes a conversion beamer techmarine, yet I don't see Conversion Beamer in the ranged weapon list in the new codex.

>> No.54596338

That page straight up tells us it's a conversion. If they were releasing a kit we would know by now. The next new models to come out will be Death Guard.

>> No.54596339

>yet I don't see Conversion Beamer in the ranged weapon list in the new codex.
It's in the Index, and Index is compatible.

>> No.54596345

>doing something that's not in the official instructions

Sounds like WAACshit to me...

>> No.54596348

Go get the metal space marine sniper scout model off eBay silly boy.

>> No.54596349

>strange case of them making a model that doesn't have rules.

Also, Necrosius and Arkios lack models.

>> No.54596360

no new models.
but they've got legion traits for 7 legions plus renegades and a bunch of startagems and warlord traits.

>> No.54596368

...no they arnt

>> No.54596369

For how long?

>> No.54596371

What was the leaked release schedule?

>> No.54596376

THE 7 major chaos marine legions no less :^)

>> No.54596380


They might not advertise it as such, but the chaos sorcerer of Nurgle FW sells is Necrosius.

>> No.54596384


>> No.54596390

this pls

>> No.54596402

Indefinitely, I believe. Or at least for the duration of the edition.
There are a couple other things in the Index that didn't get codex rules.

>> No.54596415

>9 Shoulderpads, one short of a full squad

Damn that is scummy.

>> No.54596419


What's the problem?

>> No.54596423

What the hell are you on about?

>> No.54596425

Aggressor shoulder pads probably don't go on regular primarines.

>> No.54596426


>> No.54596428

They gave dark angels new models?

>> No.54596430

if only the helmets and the gear and the fluff weren't so atrocious

>> No.54596437

So, why aren't their female Chaos space marines?

>> No.54596441

5 regular marine pads and one regular dearest pad
2 aggressor pads and 1 aggressor seargent pad

What's are you talking about?

>> No.54596451

My friends Dad said he'd sell me 50 ish boyz plus a few nobz, and 5 lootaz without any of the extra bits. For 80$. Is it worth?

>> No.54596454

Oh rly ?

>> No.54596456

Because because chaos space marines aren't space marine enough for GW to update,

>> No.54596459

First, (You).
Settle for MTF Slaaneshis. It's even more 'progressive' and degenerate.
Should be satisfactory.

>> No.54596467


The Black Templars have a long and broud history to record and much lore in the art of warfare to remember. Why wouldn't they have brothers sworn to this solemn duty?

>> No.54596469

>played a game against orks with my nids.
> I was on defense.
>Turn 1 weird boy jumped his squad move to my back line and jumped my carnifex.
>Storm boys followed
>Carnifex tanks like a champ through the shooting and charge
>my strategy is thrown out the window
>still got 3 lictors to kill the weird boy
>Carnifex survived to charge a 20 grot squad and do work.
>Won with numbers
>we both had a blast
>points off of imperium

>> No.54596470

Depending on the condition, yes.

>> No.54596478

The Chaplains pull double duty.

>> No.54596485

*jumped his nobs to my backline

>> No.54596486

so just use the index profiles, nothing stopping you

I'm fairly sure there is a GW post saying that using index profiles is fine if it wasnt updated in the codex

>> No.54596489

Are bare bones assault squads worth it as a delivery system for x2 flamers with 12" movement speed plus deep strike?

Because honestly I can't see any other use of assault squads seeing as vanguards are like two points more for an extra attack, but don't get access to flamers.

>> No.54596494

Use Meltaguns (check FAQ).

>> No.54596503

Because they are Emperor's Children that got a sex change through Slaanesh, which doesn't count.

>> No.54596508

Yeah that's not what the discussion is about retard. We all know you use the indexes for squatted options, the whole point is that those things are not in the codex and you need both books.

>> No.54596509

>if it wasnt updated in the codex

Protip: Dreadnoughts were.

>> No.54596524


They are busy enough proclaiming the emperor's good word and seeing to the mental conditioning of the marines

>> No.54596527


Aren't there renegade knights that ally with Chaos?

>> No.54596531

Pro-ertip: the weapons weren't

>> No.54596541

You mean that FAQ bit that allows BLOOD ANGELS assault squads to still use wargear they were always allowed to use, which set them apart from regular assault marines ?

>> No.54596548

oh fair enough, but in that case why the fuck are people surprised

>GW makes it so you need to spend more money

In other news rain is wet

>> No.54596551


Absolutely, and you get to go ham with the green stuff daemoning them up too.

>> No.54596559

You weren't seriously asking about taking RAS outside of Blood Angels, were you?

>> No.54596562

>>GW makes it so you need to spend more money
GW IS p2W?????!!!?!??!?!?!?!ONE!

>> No.54596564

Yes they were: >>54596454

>> No.54596578

I'm more shocked by his other revelation

>> No.54596580


Not really, sucking at warhammer isn't any cheaper.

>> No.54596585

They said as long as the codex doesn't have rules for something that is in the index you can use them

>> No.54596588

Maybe I'm giving the other guys in this thread too much credit and they were actually arguing with you that those things are completely gone for good, who knows.

I'm gonna go work on my cityfight terrain.

>> No.54596592

those poses are really nice

>> No.54596602

True, water isn't wet in the most strict definition of wet.


>> No.54596607

Huh thats odd you must have this new type of vision where you can see an updated twin autocannon profile in there

man I need to get myself some of that, i'm clearly missing out

>> No.54596611

Just use the regular Ultramarines Upgrade Sprue. The pauldrons are compatible.

>> No.54596613


Well.. maybe

>> No.54596614

>those things are completely gone for good, who knows.
Mortis dreadnought, pal.

>> No.54596630

How is it over at Bolter & Chainsword these days?

>> No.54596641

What a convenient loophole, that way GW can never remove anything or change the options for anything, because you can just go "well, you didn't UPDATE it, so I'll just use the old rules to give this unit those options you removed."

Yeah, that'll stick.

>> No.54596646


>No part in the kit, only dreadnought with it is out of print or sold in sets not available from GW stores or the webstore

What is this heretical conversion and bits store encouraging garbage? Next thing you know innocent hobbyists will be buying the dread multimelta forge world sells!

>> No.54596662

Time to dust off my Doomrider I guess !

>> No.54596663

>What a convenient loophole, that way GW can never remove anything or change the options for anything

except they can via index errata

>> No.54596667

Did any of you read the Codex FAQ?
>There are a few options that are missing in the codex that appear in the index: why is that? Does that mean I can’t use these models in my army anymore?
>While the indexes are designed to cover a long history of miniatures, the codexes are designed to give you rules for the current Warhammer 40,000 range. There are a few options in the indexes for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example.
>Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons (currently, also in the index).
>They still gain all the army wide-bonuses for things like Chapter Tactics and can use Space Marines Stratagems and the like, so such venerable heroes still fit right in with the rest of your army.

>> No.54596673

Balthasar and Kranon and co. have rules fuccboi.

>> No.54596679

>can't even into Battle of Vedros

>> No.54596685

So this is what I had -intended- to run today.

What I have 'in the pipes' - 3 Penitent Engines, 9 Repentia, 3 Death Cultists. I'm thinking of making 12 Crusaders, and a group (or two) of Acolytes for an Inquisitor. Some priests... General theme: Crusade!

All that is pictured + the above shit will easily put me around 1000-1250.

What can I add to salvage the functionality of the army? The melee shit will 'function' - but not be great. What can augment them for up to 2K?

>> No.54596686

They're getting ready to kill off Dante.

>> No.54596715


I literally referenced battle for vedros in the post you're replying to you blind fuck

>> No.54596730

>speaking in memes
What'd you expect? People to go look it up. Grow up, speak like an adult.

>> No.54596755


>Sold in sets not available from GW stores or the webstore

>Speaking in memes

>> No.54596783


Also forgot to share one more thing from todays battle.

>Someone comes up, sees my sisters
>"What company are these?"
>"These aren't Citadel models, Citadel makes Plastic. Forgeworld Resin"
>We all tell him it's from the late 90s
>He doesn't get it
>Proceeds to pick up the Power Lifter
>"Why is it different colors? Is that plastic? Is this even a GW model?"
>He keeps questioning if any of my models are GW products because they're all old models or OOP FW shit.

>> No.54596785

Isn't that a repack of the previous starter set?

>> No.54596796

>old finecast terminator librarian has rad as fuck combi plasma with the guns arranged side by side (like a storm bolter)
>no other combi gun does this
fucking why.

>> No.54596801

Yes, and I am laughing at your inability to get Vedros boxes purely because you can't order them from the GW webstore.

I guess I was being too clever for you to notice it.

>> No.54596802

what do you guys think of this eldar list for a 1000 pt first game of 8th edition
>inb4 npc race

farseer w singing spear-120
dire avengers + exarch w/duel catapults-5-92*2
dark reapers + exarch with tempest-5-187x2-spearhead-
fire prism w/ shurikan cannon-175 + targetting array
shadow specters w/ exarch prism blaster-124// or wave serphant w/3 shurican cannons

>> No.54596803


>Late 90's

Try 1992

>> No.54596826


Oh, you're being an idiot.

Giving codex options for a kit you need to, from GW's perspective, jump through hoops for is out of alignment with them removing Autocannons.

>> No.54596829

Were there ever metal sisters of silence? I see some on eBay but I've never seen them before in my life and can't find any pictures online either

>> No.54596843

So, here's a little question. It's actually for a game of dark heresy but it tends to be a bit dead over in that general.
If an orthodox tech-priest encountered equipment (weapons, armour, technology in general) that has been used by heretics (or even hereteks), but it's no more blasphemed than 'they scratched chaos stars into it and stuff', what would they do with it? Just destroy it all? Reconsecrate it?
What about if it was something originally pretty serious (omnissian axe, for instance) but it had been heavily defaced and blasphemed? Or if it was something fairly regular like a chainsword or something but it was being used by something extra-heretical like a daemon?

>> No.54596853

The Blood Angels Termie libby does.

>> No.54596872

or half of a sex change

>> No.54596874

Drop the dire avengers.
You can take a squad of 10 guardians with a shuriken cannon for the same points as 5 Dire avengers
And the singing spear probably isn't worth it either.

>> No.54596890

Huh. Auxilliary grenade launchers for intercessors have no point costs.

Guess they're an auto include.

>> No.54596893

Yes they do. Only because GLORIOUS BISHIES love A S E T H E T I C ' S. Making functional and beautify stuff, not meme 'functional' stuff like Sallies do, but they're bros and didn't rat us out to the Inquisition when Dante literally tried to rip Tu'shans throat out whilst under the Red Thirst.

Then again I think the book 'Dante' retconned that.

>> No.54596900

>Oh, you're being an idiot.

It's ok, anon, I forgive you.

>Giving codex options for a kit you need to, from GW's perspective, jump through hoops for is out of alignment with them removing Autocannons.

Not really. It's still a plastic GW kit they are making and selling, where as autocannons are Forge World, and that's no good when it comes to GW.

>> No.54596908

According to French anons, the translation is the same, so they're 4pts I think. They put some other word in the English one.

>> No.54596920

They're named wrong in the points section as Astartes Grenade Launchers, 11ppm.

But at least one non-English translation has them at 4ppm.

Wait for errata.

>> No.54596936

Fuck yeah Michigan! Winter is coming for the imperium those fuckers are putting in work for the gods!

>> No.54596945

Mechanicum is borderline heretical at the best if times desu senpai. My guess is just "depends on whether the magos in charge thinks they can get away with using it." The higher up the more likely. Cawl always and then excavate the planet to find more for example.

>> No.54596951

>no armor
>changes to cover makes them even worse

>> No.54596955

How much does Imperium soup lists bother you

I haven't played in years I am seriously considering adding AdMech and a Knight to my old SM/IG army

Man so many cool new models to play with, and I love how derpy the Kastelan robots are

>> No.54596964

did you carve that head out of a beaky?

>> No.54596983

To be clear though, this is explicitly for a more Orthodox tech-priest. I know radical ones would just go 'OH BOY SHINY THINGS', but I also know of canon cases of the Imperial Guard ending up with refurbished rifles used by cultists (gaunt's ghosts) so there must be some widespread use of stuff like that. I just don't know how 'mainline' that is for the most part, and where the borders lie between 'we can fix this' and 'just take a fucking hammer to it and shed a single oily tear for it's tortured soul'.

>> No.54597003

Nah that's MKII or MKIII I'm pretty sure.

>> No.54597004

Odd lore question.
Originally, Genestealers predated the Tyranids themselves, right? And then later were retconned into being part of the hive?
Given that every big lore change has people freaking out, is there an argument for this being a bad thing, or was this so early on in the game/a good enough idea that nobody gives a fuck?

>> No.54597019

So, konor mission 1 is defensive. My store is apparently doing 50 PL games for it. So if I fight a chaos or xenos player here's what I think I'll bring tomorrow for shits and giggles to see how it does.
++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [50 PL, 1112pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

**Chapter Selection**: Iron Hands

**Chapter Selection**: Iron Hands

+ HQ +

Captain [6 PL, 131pts]: Combi-grav, Jump Pack, Relic blade, The Armour Indomitus

+ Heavy Support +

Devastator Squad [11 PL, 250pts]: Armorium Cherub
. . 5x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon and grav-amp

Devastator Squad [11 PL, 250pts]: Armorium Cherub
. . 5x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Grav-cannon and grav-amp

Devastator Squad [11 PL, 243pts]: Armorium Cherub
. . 5x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Plasma cannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter

Devastator Squad [11 PL, 238pts]
. . 5x Space Marine
. . Space Marine Sergeant: Combi-plasma, Power fist
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Plasma cannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Lascannon
. . Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher

>> No.54597035

I don't know what they AdMech Mechanicum considers beyond saving, but they definitely reconsecrate stuff used by Heretics

>> No.54597037

No, Astartes grenade lauchers is what Scout bikers can have on their bikes.

>> No.54597045

Anyone have the scale pic that has a rubric next to a Primary

>> No.54597046

Its not though. the details are different

>> No.54597053


You really should invest in some Repressors + Dominions with melta and stormbolters.

The gimmicky "muh crusaders" is fun, but you can be a force to be reckoned with if you just stick with Dominons + Repressors and THEN add in some extra lulz flavour when you're raping your whole region.

>> No.54597062

>Dante literally tried to rip Tu'shans throat out

Where was this ever said?

>> No.54597073

But this, >>54597037
They're different, too. An astartes launcher is 24" range.

>> No.54597077

>Dante literally tried to rip Tu'shans throat out whilst under the Red Thirst.

[Citation needed]

>> No.54597089

Now thats hevy.

>> No.54597090

I remember him saying he filed down one of those marks.

>> No.54597095

>two chain

holy shit wait what how did i not notice the blackman chapter had this going on

>> No.54597097

mfw only one kastelan robots

>> No.54597100

Ah ok. That makes sense

>> No.54597111

Your illiterate, or stupid

>> No.54597114

Looking good m8!

>> No.54597118

Looks like old style MkII helmet you can see on the new plague marines.

I so hope the multi-part plague marine kit contains a ton of those heads, I've been wanting them for so long. Those FW ones are terrible.

>> No.54597125

You would get raped by a few deep striking characters with rerolls on charge T1

>> No.54597146

That's a good list for Salamanders or Raven Guard, not fucking Iron Hands, what are you doing nigger.

>> No.54597151

Some short story. Salamanders come to some ruins that the BA are in. They have a chat and boom daemons invade due to something. The daemons are killed but the BA get hit by the Red Thirst and they turn on the injured BA. They attack Tu'shan and his bodyguards, Tu'shan and co refuse to strike back and resort to parrying and shield blocking but get forced back, Dante then forces in (I think he had blood around his mouth which is contradicted by the book Dante) and the other BA's cancel and part. Tu'shan tries to get Dante to come to sense and Dante attacks Tu'shan and basically overpowers him and the bodyguards. Tu'shan says something and Dante returns to normality and as soon as he did the others returned as well.

Dante apologises and says BA hide some dark shit he shouldn't see and nobody could know. Tu'shan says that makes them all the better for fighting the foes of the Imperium and the Salamanders have dark secrets and shame (which is that 50% of their chapter went Renegade and fucked up Nocturne. They were CSM group called Dragon Warriors). Tu'shan and his guys basically agree never to speak of it and just assume it was Daemon related anyway.

Busy miring their weapons.

There's a short story, I have it, I've uploaded it to /tg/ before. Lemme find it or redownload it for you.

>> No.54597153

Metal scouts are really great. They're also really cheap on eBay too. I even converted a metal chainsword sergeant to a power fist sergeant because I like them so much.

>> No.54597159

How are eldar looking?, Wraithguard and knights espically I played iyadian.

>> No.54597160

Don't really care.

It's 50 PL anyway. I plan to combat squad the devastators out so I can use the bolter marines in different places, as long as it doesn't cause me to have more units than the opponent.

I play iron hands, they're painted iron hands.

>> No.54597163

don't be triggered so much, fatass.

>> No.54597168

Yeah I carved down a Mark 3, shit was a lot of work.

>> No.54597183

trying to look like this I take it.

>> No.54597193

Looks pretty spot on. Is he some sort of character?

>> No.54597195

Here, you know, I actually provide sources to my claims.

If anybody else is interested here is the short story.

>> No.54597199

The Aux. Launcher is weird. It's basically a combi-grenade launcher, except only one model per unit can fire it (since it still counts as throwing a grenade), you can't fire the bolter at the same time (like with other combi-weapons) and it apparently uses regular hand grenades as ammo, rather than having its own stats (like other grenade launchers).

Why exactly was this made instead of, I dunno, giving the unit 1 combi-weapon per 5 or something? Give the sergeant one as well. 10 Intercessors with 3 combi-weapons might have been interesting.

>> No.54597202


It's my favorite look for IW personally. Chaosy enough, but not too much.

>> No.54597204

just paint the cloak as regular cloaks.

just cos the mini has a cloak doesn't mean it must be a camo cloak. heaps of marine characters have cloaks.

>> No.54597205

When FW gives me some back yes. I refuse to use China & Conversions.

Also I don't want to spend more money right now... I only have 2 Melta & 1 Multi-Melta body wise. Storm Bolters I have metric shitloads... but again no Repressors.

Maybe next year FW will have new Repressor models up for sale.

>> No.54597229

>>54597183 meant for >>54597168
Looks pretty cool man IWIW

>> No.54597240

Can somebody tell me what the Ironclad Assault Launchers on Ass Cents do now in 8th? I got a box to add some beef to my IG army but I don't have Index 1. Are they worth considering over Hurricane Bolters?

>> No.54597267

Squat Tempestor Prime looks like a kid wearing his dad's coat and I can't stop laughing

>> No.54597304

Anyone have a copy of the new 8th edition marine codex? It's not in the Mega links

>> No.54597310

Here you go.


>> No.54597316

You mean Centurion Assault Launchers?

>If a model with Centurion assault launchers finishes a charge move within 1" of an enemy unit, roll a D6 - on a 4+ that unit suffers a mortal wound

If you mean Ironclad Assault Launchers and Ironclad Dreads, not Ass Cents

>If this model is equipped with ironclad assault launchers, and finishes a charge move within 1" of an enemy unit, roll a D6. On a 4+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Hope that helps.

>> No.54597323

A mortal wound on a 4+ after a succesfull charge.

>> No.54597330


If you finish a charge within 1" of an enemy unit, roll a d6, on a 4+ that unit takes d3 mortal wounds

It's an upgrade, not a weapon replacement

>> No.54597339

Dominions footslogging across the field with stormbolters is better than anything you're fielding.

Not being a jerk, but really . . . . two groups of stormbolter 5 dominions in a rhino outshoots most things in the game

I know you're not super competitive, but you should aim a bit higher mang

>> No.54597360

Well, what do you know?
I never read that before.

I don't think "Dante" ever retconned this event either.
As a Blood Angels player, I kind of want to paint some Salamanders. They're total bros.

>> No.54597366

Does make for a nice way to plink at a vehicle with a krak grenade from safe range though. I don't usually consider primaris to have getting their points back as a goal (because they rarely do) so much as trying to get as much value as possible (as pretty solid objective campers and generally helpful against most things)

>> No.54597381

As a Bangles player, I gotta say.
The Sallie are real mensches.

>> No.54597395

I want to play smitespam with Imperium

What's the best model for this ? I assume its librarians or something

Who has the best deep striking librarians

>> No.54597402

Post you are face when Lion is a dual purpose release from GW for HH and 40k

>> No.54597405

1500 points Imperial Fists

Captain in gravis armor, armor indomitus
Primaris Lt with power sword
5 intercessors
6 intercessors with power sword
6 intercessors with power sword
5 assault bolter inceptors
5 rapid fire hellblasters
3 flamer aggressors
Repulsor with TL lascannon, las-talon, onslaught cannon, 2 krakstorms, 2 fragstorms, 2 storm bolters, icarus rocket pod

>> No.54597410

Had a good 1k points battle against some Orks with my Iron Warriors. Literally every vehicle that was destroyed exploded including one that was destroyed by another vehicle exploding. Hows your night?

>> No.54597411

Aight, it was annoying chopping out all the GSC symbols, but the first of my crewmen are done.

Whaddya think? What should I run them as? cause aside from thinking about doom a lot I have no ideas

>> No.54597412

Too early in the game. Pretty much all the lore was in flux at that point.

>> No.54597413

>I want to play smitespam with Imperium
Grey Knights, of course.

>> No.54597420

You can't spam librarians so you can't smitespam.

>> No.54597421

>Primaris army

>> No.54597425

not him but thanks anon

>> No.54597428

No I'm pretty sure you replace them with hurricane bolters. They're both in the chest in the same place dude.

>> No.54597433

I think it did, because if Dante DID drink from a few BA then it's retconned by the book Dante which says he didn't drink from a living being after some event where he murdered civilians and drank from them after saving them from CSM. Of course he ends up drinking from his servant who slits his wrists so Dante can drink because Dante was looking ill and the blood would have really helped him perform better, the old guy says it's the last gift he can give and is gonna die anyway soon, so better Dante has strength for the Baal invasion than not. But it's a good book anyway.

If you go on Horus Heresy Ally chart, they're the most loved chapter, followed by Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus. Blood Angels aren't hated by anybody, but they're only loved by Salamanders, Ultramarines and Imperial Fists. Surprisingly, really, since Sanguinius stood up for Magnus and literally formed the Librarius to try and let Magnus keep his shit going. The only other person who did was Khan, who also doesn't love BA.

>> No.54597435

>You can't spam librarians

Supreme Command detachment spam, bro.

>> No.54597438

>*Teleports behind you and re-rolls charge
>*9" - multicharge.
>"Heh, I made it. You can delete those 3 squads.

You lost. Wanna play again ?

>> No.54597444

Clean your mold lines

>> No.54597460

Wanna do it properly? Grey Knights. Want to meme it? White Scars + Supreme Command Detachment x3 Librarians over and over.

>> No.54597461

What a laughable post.

>> No.54597464


I could be out to lunch but isn't the hurricane bolter the arm that is just six bolters? You replace your cc wep + storm bolter with it.

>> No.54597467

Are you suggesting one unit is going to be in range of a 9+ inch multicharge of every unit I have?

>> No.54597477

>30k DAfags would rage so hard

>> No.54597479

Grey knights are fucking expensive, even for other terminator libs.

And they also have the shitty version of smite.

If I want strictly "character, terminator Librarian smite" then greyknights must be the worst choice ever.

Tell me I'm wrong somewhere. I don't see it.

>> No.54597487

I never into the figurines but a bunch of my friends are

Can I do a thing with Black Templars and Adepta Sororitas? I really like both, they have a lot of stylistic stuff in common, and common themes as well, and I love the n idea of the badass knights wading in to fuck shit up while angelic bolter bitches flank them

>> No.54597495

What's so special about white scars libs ?

>> No.54597500

Did you miss the words "Ass Cents" in his original post?

>> No.54597502

Space police mah nigga nice work.

>> No.54597505

Fun and casual list against an Ork player.
>I feel a little bad for taking tesla.
>Am I a waac-fag now?

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Necrons) [80 PL, 1500pts]

Imotekh the Stormlord [12 PL, 228pts]

Catacomb Command Barge [10 PL, 162pts]: Tesla Cannon, Warscythe

Cryptek [6 PL, 104pts]: Staff of Light

10x Immortal, Tesla Carbine [8 PL, 170pts

14x Necron Warrior [12 PL, 168pts]

10x Necron Warriors [6 PL, 120pts]

Triarch Stalker [8 PL, 158pts]: Particle Shredder

Doom Scythe [10 PL, 220pts]

Ghost Ark [8 PL, 170pts]

Total: 80 PL, 1500pts

>> No.54597507

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that Dante didn't drink blood after that one time. except when his servant killed himself

Makes me sad, since it really solidifies the brotherhood of the Salamanders and Blood Angels.

>> No.54597509

+1 to psychic test roll for Smite.

CTRL + S for spoilers. But yeah, it's cool. Obviously the Salamanders were worried about being BLAMED due to the Dragon Warrior civil war that split the Salamanders up.

>> No.54597513

If you take GK Librarians and park them within 6'' of a GK Brotherhood-captain the Librarian's smite becomes 36'' range.

>> No.54597515

>Grey knights are fucking expensive.
You asked about Smitespam <Imperium>, not "character smitespam"
I answered you with the best answer.
Take a BroCap with some GKSS. The range isn't an issue.
Also, you can derp strike.

>> No.54597519


Black templars and SoB works decently.

Black templar gives the sisters some anti psyker utility, lascannons and some pretty nasty assault units.

Sisters give black templars an assload of cheap stormbolters that scouts 12+D6 before the match even starts

>> No.54597522

Are Centurions still good for anti tank/MC/big baddies? Talking about the twin lascannon and cent missile launcher loadout

>> No.54597541

Are there any left, hhg doesn't even appear to be on the catalog.

>> No.54597548

pretty sure no.
I'm almost certain theyre only a recent addition to the fluff.

>> No.54597558


Yes, because I'm retarded and was parroting the rules for Ironclad Dreads

>> No.54597559

Sorry, forgot to add, they have a relic which gives them +1 to Smite rolls. Plus on top of their bike army buff they can easily get into range and blast people apart. Sadly only one relic per army.

>> No.54597567


3 twin lascannon + cent missile centurions are 15 points less than 3 twin lascannon and heavy bolters predators, and the predators got a sick stratagem.

>> No.54597581

They ALL get +1 to smite? That's stupidly good.

You're right. I'm just dwelling over the "nerfed" smite. The greyknight will get a codex soon, I bet they'll be the best.

What about smite inquisitors in term armor guys ?

>> No.54597599

>I bet they'll be the best.
Rites of Banishment isn't getting altered.
Purifiers are staying at 1 Attack.


>> No.54597606

not at all.

with how often in the fluff mixed forces are in any given war its really something thats been missing from the game.

>> No.54597613

>Black Templar character with the Crusader Helm and Astaramis Stratagem giving rerolls to everything within 12''

Absolutely savage, also making 9'' charges with rerolls is not that unreliable specially when you can reroll a single dice with the stratagem.

>> No.54597620

/hhg/ has been slower since 8th, they'll probably have one up by tomorrow. Sort of sucks having your game left in limbo
But considering how ForgeWorld has slowed down their primarch releases to one per event (if that) i wouldn't be surprised if 40k got Rogal or Alpharius before 30k sadly

>> No.54597622

SM codex leaked yet?

>> No.54597635

I'll dump it for a pizza

>> No.54597643

>give the Salamander relic and the +1W WT to Ashmantle for a T10, 9W, 2+/4+++/6++++ model
Holy funballs, what other silly HQ/relic/trait combos are there?

>> No.54597656

Alpharius just got a new model

>> No.54597657

Deathmark tactic.

Couldn't you set up your infantry to leave enough space for a death mark unit to port in, inside of another of your units?

The idea being that someone Ddeep strikes something for a charge.

You drop your deathmark unit inside the other target unit, not only do you get to shoot, but they would also have to multi charge the unit and the deathmark, giving for more shots.

This wouldn't likely save the day, but it would but a dent in the charge, and be fairly fun.

>> No.54597662

You can't give relics to named characters

>> No.54597668

So I got a Wraithlord kit and am unsure the differentiations in the large weapons. The index only says they are Shuriken catapults but all of them look vastly different. Can anyone help me figure out which weapons are which?

>> No.54597671

Oh fuck, nevermind. Sad!

>> No.54597691

Sisters came out in 1997, the only thing in that pic that may be from 1992 are the slottabases.

>> No.54597696

I get no china counterfeits.
But why no conversions?
Converting is half the fun of 40k.

>> No.54597697

Top left is a brightlance
Under that is a shuriken cannon
Top right is scatter laser
Under that is Missile launcher
And under that is the star cannon

>> No.54597703

Where does it say that?

>> No.54597716

Top left - brightlance, under that is a shuricken cannon. On the right side you have scatter laser, missile launcher and starcannon, from top to bottom.

>> No.54597717

Pizza sent.

>> No.54597721

Guess that's what i get for wanting to go only infantry. Assuming a unit of 3 is more than enough though Cents still do work though?

What's the stratagem for the preds though?

>> No.54597723

Well no longer if you ask GW. Zero optionts that need to be converted.
there supposedly even are some GW stores that ban conversions because if little Timmy walks in and thinks it's cool, the manager can't sell it to him

>> No.54597729


>> No.54597732

inquisition acolytes is probably your best option for rules

>> No.54597740

hmm, is it not appropriate that a game set in the past uses outdated rules?

joking.. Its a shame what happened to bligh, i wonder if whoever replaces him will have such talent. Probably not.

>> No.54597742

can he send all his enemies into the shadow realm
or just the demons?

>> No.54597750

Thank you so much.

>> No.54597770

>Its a shame what happened to bligh
Out of the loop?

>> No.54597783

Died of cancer.

>> No.54597786

I-is he gonna be okay?

>> No.54597787

But that anon made a shit comparison. Full anti tank loadout cents vs a predator with fucking heavy bolters ? Like seriously ?
Autocannon + lascannon Predator is 44 more points than full anti-tank centurions.

>> No.54597793

Feeling like an idiot here, but where have people been downloading the new Marine codex?

>> No.54597803

My list normally is dominions rocking stormbolters in number... shifted shit around for point cost at 500 points. Hence why I got my ass reamed because I kept them at Battle Sisters at 1K. It's okay don't worry about being mean. You're right.

Here is all I own, model wise. No new purchases. All of it legit GW pewter. Enough to beat someone dead.

Foot slogging
>90+ Boltguns
>Multiple plasma pistol/power weapon/etc sister superiors

>9 Storm Bolters
>7 flamers
>2 Melta
>1 Multi Melta

Heavy shit
>3 Immolators
>1 Excorcist

Fast flying shit
>20 Seraphim

Melee memes
>9 Repentia
>12 Crusader
>3 death cultist
>3 Penitents

Guard shit
>2 sabre
>Power lifter
>10 Storm Troopers
>1 demolisher
>1 hellhound
>1 chimera
>around 300 bodies of assembled/unassemble guardsmen, heavy weapons, special weapons, etc

I'm in a position where I literally can not buy new models. So I have to make what I got work.

20 Seraphim + Celestine + Dommies in Immolators = Outrider Detatchment close as possible to what you are suggesting.

If I have the points then ontop of that I could cram my "crusade" as a different force.

I also have
>the entire 1st and 3rd company of Ultramarines

But I don't wanna play them for Konor.

>> No.54597822

Hey, what's the best Knight to bring alongside a vet-heavy Elysian drop troop army?

>> No.54597823


>> No.54597824

Strategem is +1 to wound and damage for one phase if 3 Predators are within 6'' of each other for one CP btw.

>> No.54597839

For free, you cuck.

>> No.54597840

Lancer? I think it's the most durable and is going to have to withstand your opponents shooting while you get set up in the skies above

>> No.54597849

>What's the stratagem for the preds though?

Kill Shot Stratagem: 1CP Predators +1 to wound and +1 damage vs Vehicles/Monsters.

>> No.54597870

Are there any depictions of Death Company Librarians?

>> No.54597880

Who says people have been downloading it for free?

>> No.54597882


>> No.54597888


>> No.54597893

Aw, the poor baby can't afford to buy a codex. Mommy not give you enough allowance?

>> No.54597894

>wanting crazy murder marines to have acces to mind bullets as well
how about fuck no

>> No.54597904

I think he himself did.

>> No.54597905


>> No.54597909

You could, but I don't know if the extra overwatch would be worth having the deathmarks tied up as well.

>> No.54597918


Was he actually in the DC though?
Also, go away Khorne.
No, I just wanna model one, but I'm also a bit of a fluff autist when it comes to named chapters.

>> No.54597919

having conversion no longer required isn't the same as being against it. The Chapterhouse case forces their hand so they can't afford to have miniless options anymore is all.

that last bit is definitely a lie, every GW employee I've ever encountered has been very pro-conversions and scratchbuilds.

>> No.54597920

Fuck no, Mephiston is so OP because he conquered the Black Rage, meaning he no longer suffers from it and no longer has to worry about it.

>> No.54597926

>Was he actually in the DC though?


>> No.54597927

>ITC missions
Mistake number one

>> No.54597930


Once you go black, you never go back

>> No.54597940

Pretty sure he just succumbed to the Black Rage after getting a building dropped on his head.

>> No.54597951

>GW employee
redshirts matter now ha!

>> No.54597979


>> No.54598002

Alpharius is just a Hive Mind

>> No.54598003

Welp, time to leave.

>> No.54598007

t. dorn

>> No.54598008

What's the point of the primaris librarian ?

>> No.54598022

Cool model?

I really want one to convert for the glory of Chaos and the chaplain

>> No.54598027

Spear isn't worth it. If you aren't locked into it thanks to modelling rule of cool drop it.

DA suck this edition, guardians in WS will do it for you every time.

Fire prism sucks balls. Go crimson hunter or Hemlock. If you really want tanks get Nightspinner or Falcon(falcon worth more than damage output because you can deploy reapers in it)

>> No.54598034

>Cool model?

>> No.54598035

In Mephiston: Blood of Sangunius we see a flash back of him wearing Death Company black.

>> No.54598046

Cool, thanks.

>> No.54598048

Then nothing to you

So why care?

>> No.54598058

I'm a different anon.

Still a good question.

>> No.54598067

Yes, unless you're Omegon who is very much like Alpharius

>> No.54598071

Sometimes I forget just how much of a 40K nerd I am when talking to people in the stores. Some of their lore gaps are just...whew.

>"Black Legion can't use Noise Marines. They're Undivided."
>"Are Grey Knights Space Marines?"
>"What happened to the Chaos Primarchs after the Horus Heresy?"

And my absolute, no-question favorite:

>"Why is it called the Horus Heresy?"

Like nigga really come on

>> No.54598076

they're the ones whod make and enforce such a hypothetical rule as no comversions.

the nearest GW to me the manager actually encourages to leave our kitbashed conversions in the display case for a time. So he can try sell people 2 or 3 kits to imitate that cool custom model if they ask about it.
my OOE converison of a fex with haruspex claws is there at the moment.

>> No.54598087

105 to be precise

>> No.54598090

Conversions are praised and supported by GW staff as long as it has mostly GW parts. If it's a total non GW model then they get a little annoyed.

My GW manager said that the tables are essentially for demonstration for customers coming in and seeing what's up. It's also for giving us a place to play and create a sense of community for us to want to support.

>> No.54598092

you are surrounded by whiteshields

>> No.54598136

I want it tooo

>> No.54598148

doesnt GW also publish photos to show off the better gamer conversions on their websites and WD?

>> No.54598152

from the 5E dex

>> No.54598172

What retard willingly spends $40+ on a codex?

>> No.54598179

I wish, they're all grown-ass men who I've seen in the shop every few weeks for at least a year.

The kids actually know more than many of the adults. Most of the young adults just spout /tg/ and reddit 40K memes and present them as fact, which is just fucking horrible. Got to the point where I had to get the Traitor Legions book and point out the fucking line where it lists Lorgar as a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided to convince one guy that Chaos Undivided did not "get squatted." Then he said, "Well, nothing is really canon anyway."

I know you knuckledrag on this board,

>> No.54598180

A lot of people here.

>> No.54598191

So I've noticed. It's so fucking weird.

>> No.54598211

how many times do you end up quoting Alien when you play with that model?

>> No.54598221

The 'Proxie=Cheating' anon from last thread got me thinking

Would you anon's allow me to use a Custodes Carrier as a Proxy LR for my TSons?
They took a souvenir when they left Prospero

>> No.54598237

Considering the sheer size of the Carrier, hell no.

>> No.54598238

truthfully I don't know much of the new fluff as I can't really be bothered to read it. But I know the old fluff well, because I gave a shit when I was a "whiteshield".

>> No.54598249

Are Death Guard worth playing at the moment? I'm thinking about rolling with and expanding on the Dark Imperium ones. Hopefully their Codex won't wind up being garbage.

>> No.54598250

How close is it in size to a land raider?

>> No.54598253

The cannon sized one, maybe.

>> No.54598258

People who want to support the hobby? Yes, they're entirely too expensive, but if we just pirate everything then the company doesn't make money, which means they start cutting costs and raising prices - neither of which are good for the consumer, especially in a luxury industry like miniatures/wargaming is.

I'm not gonna pretend I don't pirate the ever-living shit out of stuff, but I have a personal rule of buying the physical book (not E-Books, fuck those forever and always) that contains whatever models I have on the table. So far I have AM, CSM, Genestealer Cults, and IA:13, and I'm getting the new books tomorrow.

>> No.54598262

Pleague Marines are NEVER bad.
Go wild.

>> No.54598263

I wouldnt mind as long as you made it clear what it was. I play a Wraithlord in my Necron army that I stuck a bunch of the tiny little scarabs from the Obelisk/Vault box all over it with the excuse that it is being Mindshackled, or at least controlled by the scarabs swarming over it. Trazyn does love to steal things.

>> No.54598277

whats so weird about gamers buying a rulebook for the game they play.

>> No.54598282

the only books I've ever bought were imperial armours that contained minimum 2 factions I play.
IA32nd edition has tau and elysians so it's the only book I own

>> No.54598291

You mean 50 bucks.

And probably a lot of Space Marine players.

If you're too cheap, wait for it to show up in the OP along with all the other books. No need to beg for it post after post and then whine about it.

>> No.54598307

>truthfully I don't know much of the new fluff as I can't really be bothered to read it.

That's understandable, I get that. It takes people a while to catch up to fluff usually - I'm sure the events of Gather Storm(s) will become "common knowledge" by the end of the year for most people.

The problem is when you don't know extremely basic stuff that is crucial to understanding the 40K universe, like what the GODDAMN Horus Heresy is.

>> No.54598313


>> No.54598328

>That's what she said

>> No.54598332

Mobile upload so fuckhuge file size

>> No.54598350

see >>54598237

>> No.54598358

yeah I'm the same.
I pirate all the books to get a look at eveyones rules and fluff.
but I have the books for my armies as well. Both out of principal and because physical books are just convenient for the gaming table.

>> No.54598365

I mean I've bought every IA from Vraks and on plus the Badab War pieces. Now I have Inferno and the red books too.

I bought the Knights, Deathwatch, and Marine codex from last edition and they felt like a massive ripoff with their content in comparison to the FW books. I could understand a $25-30 range but beyond that is absolutely absurd now.

I LOVE the hobby but the item markup from GW is beyond disgusting at times. Example?There is zero defense for a Cataphractii squad being $60 when I can buy the exact one for $30 on ebay.

>> No.54598381

Spartan? I've never seen one so I don't how the Spartan relates to a LR and most scale pics are at angles that make it hard to tell.

I just want a floaty LR that isn't the MOAR Guns thing that was just released

>> No.54598382

> Tfw no vraks audio book
I am suffer

>> No.54598394

Do you have the Grav Tank?

>> No.54598403

It vould work as a spartan easier though

>> No.54598409

a bit bigger so I'd be fine with it and most peoplr would be aswell.

just arm it appropriately

>> No.54598425

>Why are you in a hobby that costs money? Why are you in a hobby that should be supported?
>I... I don't think I'm going to bother uploading it for you guys now

And that's why we don't get scans quickly. Just be glad somebody took the time to scan the relics, warlord traits, psyker powers, strats and tactical objectives AND point costs.

If you want the book, fuck off to >>>/wsr/ and beg there.

>> No.54598431

I'm also the same. I pirated the core rulebook and a few extra indexes, but I still bought a rulebook and the index I actually will use for now. Books are a just nice to have around, and anyone who plays anything on /tg/ knows why most game books hover around the $50 mark. Not that bad a price for a book you'll be looking at regularly over the next couple of years, assuming it holds up well during all that time.

>> No.54598446

Really? Great!
I bought the fuck huge guy because I thought it was LR esque, and then it wound up being like 2 inches longer

>> No.54598447

>anyone who plays anything on /tg/ knows why most game books hover around the $50 mark

>> No.54598449

That's fair. I can't tell you how to spend your money.

I just buy the books for everything that I put models on the table for. Part of it is the financial support - never forget that ultimately GW needs to make money, and if you're not buying stuff then they're not making money - but it's also really useful to be able to show your opponent in the physical book the unit entries for the stuff you're using, and allow them to view it at their leisure from an official source.

IA:13 I also bought because I liked the book itself when I read the pirated scans. I appreciated the time and effort that went into creating the book - the artwork was really good, as were the fluff behind everything - and wanted to support the team that did it by purchasing their product. As somebody who does freelance writing, it's an extremely satisfying feeling to know that somebody liked your work, and the ultimate way to show that is to pay fair value for it.

>> No.54598462

I buy physicals of all books as I like physicals, I only ever download when I need to reference/crop a picture for anons on /tg/. I don't agree with recasters or pirates, as I think hobbies should be supported. Plus bad experience in tournaments with 12 year olds using downloaded fakes and the judges not kicking them out.

>> No.54598463


>> No.54598464

It's a smexy model.

>> No.54598466




Fresh Bread

>> No.54598491

>"Why is it called the Horus Heresy?"

>> No.54598507

>literally 1 post apart


>> No.54598509

>During the Indomitus crusade, Guilliman's forces suffered ambushes and catastrophic malfunctions when combat dropping onto Secundus Terra
>The walked right into a terrible Alpha Legion
>Rather than fight, Guilliman decides to retreat all forces and then proceeds to fly around the entire system


Based Alpha Legion. For the Emperor !

>also wtf is THAT captcha ?!

>> No.54598538

Good binding, decent paper and full color. Shit costs money. Game books have to be durable as shit. I'm using a 1st ed. D&D PHB as a mouse pad right now, shit is as sturdy as the day it was printed. If you can't pay a fair price for quality, I assume you don't buy ANY game books.

I may be upset about the price I pay for all this plastic, but the books aren't THAT overpriced. Of course, it helps that I only buy stuff when I know I'm going to play, thus I skipped all the 7th ed books.

>> No.54598542

But where do we have to migrate to ?

>> No.54598568

They're growing more powerful. One day they'll both start a new thread, but it will be THE SAME THREAD.

>> No.54598627

>If you can't pay a fair price for quality, I assume you don't buy ANY game books.
I have a much larger collection of rules than I'd care to admit.
I still think the Codexes are about 15-20 bucks too expensive, and I own plenty of them as well

>> No.54598671

I'd say only about $10 more than they should be, but they could drop the price a lot more if they just did without hardcover. I kinda prefer softcover as well, since I'll be lugging this shit around forever.

>> No.54598684

What is your favorite model from a faction that you dont play? I really like Exalted Sorcerers and am considering TS as my second army once im not poor again.

>> No.54598707

Fuck a ton of the Chaos models.

>> No.54598744

>I've never seen one so I don't how the Spartan relates to a LR

>> No.54598789


Floaty Spartan it is. Even better.

Much Appreciated Anon

>> No.54598886

de nada anonbro

>> No.54598950

How do units impact LoS in 8e?

Like, can I shoot through my own units? Can I shoot through enemy units? Do vehicles block LoS? What if it's a skimmer?

>> No.54599017

You can shoot through your own units, cant shoot through enemy units, land vics block LoS and Skimmers can be shot through.

By my experience

>> No.54599055

The only thing that doesn't block LoS is models from a firing models own unit.

>> No.54599108

Calgar's power fists were reclaimed from chaos it's probably fine

>> No.54599478


They actually specifically address this in the new codex FAQ, if you have a model that is represented in the index but not in the codex, you should use the index datasheet and the codex point costs in possible.

>> No.54599552


The grey knight librarian does not have the shitty smite, in fact the only difference between him and a normal librarian is his staff, psykout grenades and his choice of psychic powers. He does not gain the Rites of Banishment rule that makes his smite suck.

>> No.54599673

>regular librarians dont have rites of banishment
>voldus does
fucking gw

>> No.54599721

Fucking hell, it's already down. Can someone reupload it?

>> No.54601951

Is it really that hard to search the archive?

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