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Chaos is finally winning as GW wanted them to

Old thread: >>54589779

>Konor Campaign: Chaos comeback? edition

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>novels here

>Other megas
https://mega.nz/#F!9NchGZyZ!-V1LhJALxDp9Tw97WzEQGA (no 8e stuff here)

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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first for the Sisters of Battle.

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good work anon

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Should I play Alpha Legion primaris successors or Dark Eldar?

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First for heresy.

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Play any cool games today anon?

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No, and I dont even get to play in Konor. No painting for a month either.

But on the upside I am in flight school, which is nice.

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How about playing Alpha Legion primaris successors who are actually loyal to the elder

you never know with those fucks

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new EC models?

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Flamebelcha coming along nicely, this kit is beautiful

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With a few less this would be great, one of my plans for a 35k emperors children
>Valhallan dude is among us
>his opponent uses goblin green bases
Truly we are blessed

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The Glam Marines, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear

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who makes these? theyre awesome

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What's the end result and what will you use this fantasy model for

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What is actually happening on the local level?

How is your store, /tg/, Imperium or Chaos?

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No. This is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

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I'm looking for a good alternative to Eldar Rangers. Looked through the AoS shit and nothing seems to quite fit or would be a massive paint to convert to hold long rifles.

Willing to go third party.

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Your guard make me fully erect, man.

Played my sisters against some nurgle daemons. Immolators and Dominions are king right now.

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A lad called Steeljoe

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By the emperor

I feel like some steps are missing

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Something.... BURNY

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still no pdf?

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Will we get legion upgrade kits at least
60% chaos, although the hive tyrant destroying the primaris dread is probably essential to that percentage

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Re-posting from the last thread:

How do I make non-ratling snipers viable? Command Squads with rifles maybe?

Not hating on sniper hobbits, I just really like the IG sniper models (the various metal ones, that is).

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So Hellblasters are now super OP and better than vet squads and devs. Intercessors are better than tacticals. Aggressors are nuts and better than Terminators. Centurions were nerfed. Inceptors are the best plasma deepstrikers. Redemptor is the best Dreadnought. Repulsor is a Land Raider for 50 points cheaper. Thank god Reivers don't get jump packs so manlets are at least useful for something.

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That's not one model
Try the shadow spectre and cut the rifle in half
>sisterfags are included in an imperium win
Can't wait for them to get banned from my local club

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>Can't wait for them to get banned from my local club

Justify your heresy.

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>haha T-Theres no way P-P-Primashit will be better than my glorious marines ever haha

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Anybody got a pirate 8th Spersh Marayns Codex?


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Except if you pay the points for jump packs then your assault manlets are 16ppm, while Reivers are 18ppm for 2 wounds each, can disable Overwatch and give the opponent -1 to hit in CC, have a leadership debuff aura, and can just be infiltrated into position with the Raven Guard Stratagem.

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Use the other IG snipers as ratlings

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Thinking about making an army based around centurions, terminators and primaris intercessors and inceptors (maybe reivers too, but aggressors just don't do it for me, basically everything has multiple wounds) is it possible to cover all bases with them?

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You know Smaug has a resin model right
You forgot 40 rapid fire shots

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what about the high elf archer ladies from AOS? sisters of averlorn or whatever.

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>tfw i'm gonna turn in 8 points of painted guard on monday to flip my store to imperium
upset that we're enjoying the hobby friend ?

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I want an Imperium/CSM "character spam" army

How would I approach this ?

A lot of single model "one against many" elements in an army for both shooting and assaulting.

Inquisitors in Term armour with psycannons? (they got psyk spells)

Anything better ?

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But Reivers kinda do, grapnel launchers allow them to ignore any vertical distance when moving.

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Whenever people play them they make me stand at the table edge and they have to check distances to the models, in fear I whip them with the tape measure
Autistic I know

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> it's a imperium/order will dominate the whole campaign again episode

smart move to release a brand new line of space marines during the campaign, GW. that certainly will not affect the outcome.

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Hydra Dominatus.

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Here is how it goes IRL
>buy sniper models you like
>go to flgs
>"Hey bro, i'm proxying thoses as ratlings.
>"Ok lets go, but let me get my beer first"

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I-its a "mount" for my Warboss anon.... I thought Burny would be enough of a hint, but im also retarded

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And why would I do that

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elysian sniper teams have 2 wounds, bs3+ a 5+ save , can deep strike and are 7ppm

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>Repulsor is a Land Raider for 50 points cheaper.
Plus more small arms guns, an AA option, debuffs the opponents charge rolls, has FLY, and has exclusive rights to transport all the different Chads mentioned in your post that are better than their manlet counterparts as well.

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You're right they can just deepstrike with Grav Chutes as well. So they are 2ppm less than Vanguard Veterans with a better pistol, same attacks, and 2W for less move.

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I've yet to see anyone, ANYONE complain about using kneeling IG as ratling squads.

Just base them differently then the rest of the army so your opponent clearly sees and remembers which unit they are.

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Post it bitch
Chaos sorcerers and summo Belakor

>> No.54593096

2ppm more I mean.

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Who cares? Like it's gonna change anything.

>Those who cast the vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything

In other words, GW will just pretend Chaos didn't win or not record it correctly or something.

Somebody uploaded all the rules that count last thread. Nobody is scanning 200 pages for nothing in return. Wait until somebody buys the pdf and uploads it, but if I were them, I wouldn't, because you guys never shut the fuck up. Just buy the fucking thing or go and ask >>>/wsr/ or Reddit or something.

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>chaos is winning in all but America because burgerkeks banned chaos imports due to sharp edges

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>Take normal Sniper models
>Play as Ratlings

I think you meant
>Hellblasters are now actually a viable option and not the overcosted garbage they were before
>Intercessors are good, with interesting options, but cannot justify their cost with firepower alone, so you need to find ways to make the most of them
>Aggressors are fantastic tarpit-clearers who are horrifically fragile on a per-unit basis (6 Wounds at T5 3+ is not tough) and can punch out the Rhino your opponent sends at them to shut them up
>Redeptor is a good Dreadnought, but not bullshit like a Grav-Flux Leviathan and actually reasonably priced
>Repulsor is bristling with guns but struggles to find uses as anything but an Aggressor taxi

Come on, man. Yes, their stuff is good now, but not THAT good, stop shit-stirring.

>> No.54593129

>Hellblasters better than Devastators

For some things. Not really in the case of their heavy guns vs plasma cannons, and they can -only- do plasma.

>Intercessors better than tacs

Doubtful, point for point.

>Aggressors are nuts and better than Terminators.

At anti-horde. Temmies have other roles and their shooty ones were always the shittiest.

>Centurions were nerfed.

Well, shooty ones. Still, you're half right this time.

>Inceptors are the best plasma deepstrikers.

I wasn't aware that was a role that needed filling.

>Redemptor is the best Dreadnought.

Hahahaha that is gloriously ignorant. Redemptors are mono-role and have competition even for the one thing they do.

>Repulsor is a Land Raider for 50 points cheaper.

Yeah, but it's ugly as shit.

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You don't even need the chutes, since the hooks lets you enter the game 6" from any table edge (as long as you're 9" away from the enemy), letting your dudes get close to some juicy targets behind enemy lines.

I'm a little torn which one to give my Reivers.

>> No.54593145

Eh boss, dis be a better mount

>> No.54593148

so the chapter relics dont have a points cost associated with them so how the fuck is GW going to balance them if players inevitably find some broken combos?

yeah the answer is they wont cause they dont care

>> No.54593153


when I look at the page Imps controll at least over 60% of each sector.

>> No.54593154

The way their arms are would not be within my conversion ability to change to a position where they'd be holding a rifle. Much of the Wood Elf line has a look I like, but no good way to re-pose the arms.

>> No.54593157

Most of my stores around me are Imperial or neutral. We even got a total score yet? Yesterday Imperium was winning 65/35.

>> No.54593164

It was. Everyone with two brain cells to rub together understood what your Flamebelcha was meant for the first time around. It's also a great idea. Proceed.

>> No.54593174

>they can -only- do plasma.

Sure, but their heavy incinerator is S8 and can overcharge to S9 and Dmg. 2. Throw in a cheap captain to let them re-roll To Hit rolls of 1, and they can do some damage.

But they're not perfect by any means.

>> No.54593175

>I wasn't aware that was a role that needed filling.

Where were you the last 4 edition ?

>> No.54593191

for those with SM codex what the fook is auxilary granade luncher - the rules says 11 points for Astraters granade louncher is this the same shit or what ! ?

>> No.54593202

>Yeah, but it's ugly as shit.
It's sleek perfection

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>> No.54593217

>GW changed stormraven wording just to fuck with Death Stars
Sure they'll just let all those sales go to waste

>> No.54593235

>REEE-ing for no fucking reason
Here's the balance: You get ONE. Just ONE. 1. If you want more, you pay Command Points for them. And the ones in the Space Marine Codex range from niche trash (Burning Blade) to merely good (Shield Eternal, Primarch's Wrath). There's nothing remotely game-breaking in there. They're just some fun, fluffy additions.

>> No.54593238

>grenades don't ignore cover

>> No.54593244

The only problem is where to put all those turret-mounted weapons if you want to get rid of it. I broke my head trying to figure out how to nicely convert it.

>> No.54593256

Grenades never ignored cover?

But if you use the cities of death rules (which everyone should at all times) they get huge buffs against infantry in ruins.

>> No.54593259

>Imperial Fist Hellblasters
Hide behind walls all you like, you are never getting a save again.

>> No.54593268

Hey all, now that I am painting up my IG army I have to start thinking about composition. I have ~30 of these little faggots and some tallarn squads and was thinking about making a skirmisher IG army, with tallarn guardsmen and lots of ratlings.

Would that be a remotely viable army core in this day and age of overpriced and overpowered bullshit LOW the size of my forearm?

>> No.54593269

>not abusing the Command Point strat to give all your dudes relics since you can use the strat multiple times to get multiple relics for 1CP each rather than having to pay 3CP for 2.

>> No.54593271

Exept nobody hide against imperial fists and just go balls out agressive from the start.

>> No.54593274

>Hahahaha that is gloriously ignorant. Redemptors are mono-role and have competition even for the one thing they do

They aren't mono role at all 4 s14 d6 attacks against vehicles and 18 HB shots and 8 bolter shots against infantry. Its the only all around multi-target effective dread besides the leviathan.

>> No.54593278

You do know the point of a grenade right

>> No.54593284

You get one per spess muhreen detachement, Enjoy scout, buffed up HQ, scout buffed up HQ, actual force.

>> No.54593285

No, but there is limitations. You can only get 1, you have to use CP for more. A unit can only have 1 each. Some can't be given to certain units (Primaris can't take Primarch's Wrath for example).

>> No.54593288

So are they gonna make chad terminators?

>> No.54593292

>overpriced LoW
No it's actually better to do many large units now
And why aren't you filling up the gaps on those squat bases

>> No.54593296

>30 ratlings

>> No.54593298

They get to enjoy the universes finest bolter drill then.

>> No.54593302

You are clearly misunderstood on the state of the game.
1) Ratling is one of the most broken units with some top player fielding 80 of them. YUGELY POPULAR in 8th.
2) Most LoW are Turboshit.

>> No.54593304

To provide troops with explosive ordnance for clearing out enemy positions?

>> No.54593307

stupid fucking GW. In the french leak it has the same name in the intercessor squad and in the point cost table. The price was 4 points. No idea what the fuck happened in the english version.

>> No.54593312

They are called gravis.

>> No.54593314

bought off eBay. Will fix the bases or just replace them at some point.

>> No.54593319


I was in the meta where flame and meta were the deep striking thing of choice.

Yeah, there were some combi-plas suicide units, but those were expensive suicide units. The people who relied on those were desperate or retarded.

Whilst redundancy in a list is important, you should plan a unit to be able to contribute at any time, not once, unless it's utterly throwaway cheap. Leave the chess style piece trading for after you hit the board.

>> No.54593320

Got the double dex release, not the date

>> No.54593347

I haven't played regularly since 2003 so I only surmised that LOW were bullshit based on their appearance.

If ratlings are broke that makes me want to field them less, since I don't want to be some WAAC fagmaster. There are enough of those around.

>> No.54593355

Which part of "not that amazing" is so hard to get?
Also, how many Characters do you intend to take? Or do you want to give Teeth of Terra and shit to random Sergeants just because you have more Relics to throw around? Whoops, you can't, only Characters can take them and only one per Character at that.

>> No.54593361

Not even flamers ignore cover

>> No.54593362

beergut armor replaces terminators. i hope not

>> No.54593368

Already been addressed, that's almost certainly just bullshit.

>> No.54593374

great now find points cost for it at the end of the book ...

>> No.54593387

Hey /tg/ i got into 40k last year with orks, with only a starter box and another box of boyz. So what happens now with the 8th edition transition?

Will all the 40k models including orks be getting upgraded models like the primaris?

Should i wait until that happens or just keep getting orks?

>> No.54593398

>Chaos is going to win this campaign because xenofags are deliberately destroying Imperial point gains AND Imperialfags are submitting non-painted armies

Thanks lazy fucks, Chaos wins cause hur dur grimderp.

>> No.54593402

There is nothing obsolete about the Emperor's Children, anon.

>> No.54593413

>Will all the 40k models including orks be getting upgraded models like the primaris?

>> No.54593420

>a unit can only have one
thats great to hear, i didnt know that

its kinda unfortunate that theyre all 1cp cause i bet that theyre not all equal so here comes the problem with PL again - the lesser options wont be taken, ever

>> No.54593421

Considering buying an army. Please halp TG! Sorry if this is the wrong thread?

A guy is selling his Blood Angels army and I'm pretty interested. Can TG help me decide if it's a good buy?

Help me answer these questions:

I like the brown/green army color of the tanks and bikes, but could I easily repaint those to make them more bloody?
How good would this army be in 8th edition? Do the BA have good rules?
Are those dreadnaughts safe to paint? Looks like the primer is cracked but I can't tell.

Here is what he is selling and he's asking about 400 for it. Seems like a great deal to me but..


Crafting gear includes;
- dozens of paints in various colors, shades, and purposes
- a couple of pigments
- some texture paints
- a decent amount of "green stuff"
- various files, a modeling saw
- two clippers
- molding tool
- crafting knife w/ extra blades


1 Thunderhawk Gunship (magnetized)
1 Land Raider (magnetized with various attachments)
1 Predator / Rhino (magnetized with the attachments for a Razorback or Rhino setup)
1 Custom Librarian w/ Wings (taken from a Sanguinary Guard box)
1 Death Company Chaplain w/ Terminator Armor
3 Attack Bikes (magnetized heavy weapons)
5 Scouts (w/ Sniper Rifles, four have cloaks, one has goggles)
9 Death Company Marines
10 Devastators (painted and kitted as Flesh Tearers w/ Rocket Launchers)
25 Assault Marines (all w/ jump packs, kitted in various loadouts)

3 Dreadnoughts (one Librarian, one Death Company, one standard issue)
15 Death Company Marines (w/ jump packs and various kits)
17 Marines (2 w/ heavy weapons, some can be made into Sternguard if one would wish to do so)

>> No.54593422

to provide indirect fire ?

>> No.54593423

orks probably wont get anything. They still sell these for fucks sake.

>> No.54593424

Yes, your Orks are going to be worthless in a year.

>> No.54593429

>airplane mode

Where you headed anon?

>> No.54593440

Guy posted rules last thread re Relics.

>> No.54593446

they used to be in 7th
8th completly changed it
this is the edition of the humble troop slot

>> No.54593447

forgot pic

>> No.54593452

nobody knows so take a guess
gw dont communicate shit

>> No.54593459


Wtf i hate games workshop now

>> No.54593477

>this is the edition of the humble troop slot

That's how the game should be. I'm loving it.

>> No.54593490

And what type of enemy positions
No gravis is centurion armour you mong
Fugg, so people die more from morale, cover is more important, truly troops are blessed

>> No.54593494

Only now? And because of this? I mean the model's been continuously for sale for ~20 years so that sounds more like your fault for not noticing.

>> No.54593501

It's literally the first week and we're still leading against both the Xenos and Chaos. Next week we get painting points for different stuff, so there's more points, and it's hardly like we're being curbstomped. We're doing fine and will almost certainly take at least this week of the campaign.

I do know that any Admech player who does not turn out fucking everything they have for defending the planet Konor is a heretek of the highest order, whether they were radical or orthodox before. We help our own, dammit, these forges will hold.

>> No.54593509

Pick up index xenos 2 and wait two years for a codex
>imperium is beaten by painted fire warrior devil fish spam tau armies
Truly we are living in the best timeline PRAISE STEIN;S GATE

>> No.54593519

Alpha Legion primaris successors or wait for CSM update and play actual chaos Alpha Legion?

>> No.54593528

What do drag queens even do now that gay bars are shutting down
>lesser options won't be taken unless I'm playing someone who actually liked to have fun

>> No.54593530

well cover is not that great anymore compared to what it used to be

>> No.54593534

I don't really know shit about the state of the tabletop right now, or how shitty/good of a deal that might be. However, I'm pretty sure those are Dark Angels, not Blood Angels. The latter are scarlet red.

(dark angels are cooler than blood angels anyway and the picture is of an interrogator-chaplain who are fucking rad)

>> No.54593539

Nah, you'z fine.

>> No.54593541

That's not a thunderhawk but np.

>> No.54593544

Xenos here are either IoM friends or chaotic neutral

xenos konor allegiances right here
eldar greatest ally




Dark Eldar


>> No.54593549

How much
£150 would be my highest

>> No.54593552


>> No.54593556

Just picked up my first start collecting.

Is it worth magnetising kabalite warriors (at least a handful of em) like I did my wyches, or are they likely to remain static enough that I shouldn't bother?

>> No.54593559

Thoughts on the Blight Launcher? It seems a bit like the autocannon to me, caught between two uses and suffering for it.

Its relatively expensive at 14 points, and is Assault 2, 24", S6, AP -2, D3 damage and rerolls 1 to wound.

What would you use it against? The extra damage is wasted on infantry and its not really strong enough to wound most vehicles on a 3 or 4.

>> No.54593562



>> No.54593570

>not using airplane mode because it saves battery and all your friends use WhatsApp so the government can't remove you from university for sexist memes

>> No.54593579


Yeah I know, no point polling the orks

>> No.54593593

/pol/ plz

>> No.54593595

>as good as it used to be
>flamers denied cover
>cover saves would never be used because your armour was always better

>> No.54593598

anyone else think that SM librarians are usless now ?

>> No.54593599

Actually, hang on. I didn't look at the full album until now. Those are definitely Blood Angels.

>> No.54593602

>And what type of enemy positions


You can toss them into rooms, you can lob them into trenches, at vehicles and even just at dudes standing out in the open. But none of those "ignore cover." First thing we were taught about grenades was to take cover. Why would you take cover if they ignore cover? Even a shallow ditch can save you, unless the grenade is in the ditch with you. Just like a shallow ditch can save you from incoming fire, unless the enemy shooting you is in the ditch with you. Or standing by the side of the ditch, shooting into it. A grenade shouldn't ignore cover anymore than any other explosive ordnance.

>> No.54593605

>That feel when no Fungus beer to drink before heading out and Krumpin eads wit da boyz

>> No.54593607


>> No.54593610

I assume that they shall continue their work in secret.

>> No.54593611

Aren't Gravis Marines T5?

Probably 'meant' for them

>> No.54593620

Multiwound small things, primaris, termies, bikes, crisits suits etc.

>> No.54593626

Actually when he sent detail pics he said it wa a stormraven gunship?

>> No.54593630

Nope just buy more warriors
It's guard that have extra wounds and synapse creatures
But yeah how good are autocannons vs rhinos now

>> No.54593634

>Mfw I don't know that feel

>> No.54593636

For years, xenos and chaos alike have been cucked by release after release of space fag. It is only natural that they ally against the "NPC race" meme spammers.

Don't ultrafags get huge point bonuses just for showing up? I could have sworn the campaign was supposed to be rigged with things like that, though I haven't bothered looking at the thing in a while.

>> No.54593644

well grenades can easily be explained away by the grenade falling short and exploding infront of the barricade , or simply a random piece of rubble in a ruin
but flamers are retarded , i figured they would give them a -1 ap standard but nope

>> No.54593645

> see small pic of batrep
> batrep on /tg/
> expect shit painted/gray model
> oh wait. Everything is painted
> and the board has nice terrain
Am I in fucking bizarro /tg/

>> No.54593652

To anyone with the Codex: Have Intercessors gotten a points reduction? Any points reductions at all among Primaris Marines?

>> No.54593655



>> No.54593656

He is asking 400 USD. So.. yeah.

>> No.54593660

I knew the place was full of tau players with gundam inspired paintjobs and conversions but damn

>> No.54593664

Last thread somebody posted all the post costs, strats, relics, tactical objectives and disciplines, warlord traits and so on.

>> No.54593671


>> No.54593681

Jump pack guys seem good

>> No.54593683


>> No.54593690


Is Chaos even that popular? I swear this campaign is making me doubt it

>> No.54593693

the confusion here is that the anon you were talking to remembered grenades NEGATING cover for the purposes of assault. You didn't used to be able to throw frag grenades, instead, they caused assault to resolve at normal initiative even when charging units in cover. If you didn't have grenades, you fought at initiative 1. I'm pretty sure that's what he misremembered into ignoring cover.

>> No.54593699


>> No.54593702

those dreadnoughts are CAKED. You'd need to strip them and start again

>> No.54593716

>servitors are 2ppm
Eat your heart out memescripts.

>> No.54593718

Fortified positions, there's a reason bunkers have additional trenches near the windows, a shallow ditch saves you because then you aren't on the same level as the grenades

>> No.54593722

No, but xeno game winners can remove points from one side.

>> No.54593727

powers are shit - not one is usefull just shit all of them

>> No.54593729

Vanguard heads or Rangers heads?

Digits or a convincing arguement decide. also what the hell should I run them as?

>> No.54593739

115 pts for 5 men with sergant with power sword and granade louncher (30" range for granades)

>> No.54593740

Rangers cause they look much cooler.

t. Unforgiven

>> No.54593745

Interscissors are the same. Robute is 10 points cheaper.

>> No.54593748

>nice terrain
>glumps of greenstuff put together then stuck in a mole and sold as trees

>> No.54593750

Go with the hoods.

>> No.54593752

The only reason Chaos has a chance here is because Xeno players can remove points from Imperial wins

>> No.54593753


I am aware, but it is the campaign results I've been seeing that makes it look like Chaos has most of its wins from Xenos and it is due to xenos things aren't even more one-sided.
That was what makes me wonder whether Chaos isn't the deserving of the title NPC here

>> No.54593762

Renegades and Heretics

>> No.54593765

IMO all the chaos fags fucked off to HH cause everyone loves legions except GW

>> No.54593769

They were 2ppm, they suck because you have to take servo-arms for 12 points.

>> No.54593771

I mean, it depends a lot on what you are playing and playing against but for me it seemed difficult to ignore both cover and armour, so you used to be able to rely on one of them. getting 4+ cover from ruins is preatty good compared to not getting any save if you were being shot at with plasma. But now you only need high enough ap and you can leave the opponent with no save at all.

>> No.54593774

I saw a store that had 15 Imperium wins, 30 xeno wins and 0 Chaos wins... the % was 100% Chaos. So...

>> No.54593782

Goto, leave this plot alone.

>> No.54593788

yeah that's what i thought
a stormraven is a 450£ forgeworld model
that said i stopped trying to count the model value when i got to the unpainted bit but i guess there is about 700€-750 € worth of stuff in there
depending on what currency it is in here is my advice
i'm assuming you already have tools
$: seems like a great deal , go for it
€ : meeeeeh most of them are painted and that usually means atleast a 50% price drop from nib, maybe wait and try to haggle unless you really specifically want this, keep in mind ebay is a cesspit , facebook groups are where the deals are at , the tools are probably amping up the price a bit , if you don't need them se if he'll drop em for 50€ or something
£ doesn't seem like an exceptionally good deal, not bad , just not wow

>> No.54593793

Nope you can get them cheaper individually >>54593660
>the tau save konnor
Does anyone have a water caste as a merchant

>> No.54593794

>a stormraven is a 450£ forgeworld model

>> No.54593796

Why would you just tell lies like that. Roboute is exactly the same.

>> No.54593800

>Chaos are the NPCs

>> No.54593802

Won a game for chaos today, death guard vs space wolves. Konor will fall boiis.

>> No.54593803

Inquisition acolytes

>> No.54593812

>a shallow ditch saves you because then you aren't on the same level as the grenades

So grenades are suppose to be used against fortified positions because they ignore cover, yet a shallow ditch is enough to negate them...

>> No.54593821

It's hard to say - it could be that Xenos players are going out of their way to support Imp over Chaos to remind everyone that they exist and *ahem* could use a little more love.
Or it could just be the way these things shake out.
Oddly enough, I don't have any preference who wins - which doesn't really matter, since I'm playing IG. And probably going to lose.

>> No.54593829

Thanks. I'm kind of keen to paint my own and start from scratch but I thought maybe getting a battle ready army would help me get a feel.

Its actually on craigslist.

>> No.54593832

Absolutely wrecks primaris marines, of which you will find many people using. Anything multi wound will feel the hurt.

>> No.54593834

No I don't remember anything I'm thinking in a practical sense, when do you throw grenades, when assaulting a fortified positon to incapacitate them to easily go over their barricade and not be shot
Martian explorator team
they found a monster no one wanted but them

>> No.54593841

Sorry brah, I played three games and lost all three.

First was guilliman's force, rerolling EVERYTHING
Second was an IG gunline on a mostly empty board (not allowed to change the terrain)
Third was IF pulling all kinds of crazy shit out of the the new codex, heavy bolters doing 2d3 mortal wounds a turn.

I didn't stand a chance.

>> No.54593842

How do you figure cowboy?

>> No.54593845

mix it up
hoodies on one squad, helmets on another

>> No.54593848

If a grenade enters a bunker and you can't get out the door, you die as it's on the same level as you. If a grenade lands in front of you, and you're in a ditch, you can duck and avoid the shrapnel.

But that's real life, where we literally reduced the power of grenades in western militaries to reduce the kill radius.

>> No.54593849

Stormraven is not forgeworld, it's plastic. That one is using a conversion kit to make it bigger I think.

>> No.54593851

mfw anon doesn't know difference between thunderhawk and storm raven

>> No.54593852

Alright, somobviously this bastard is a very nice model, but what exactly is his role on the tabletop?
Yes, I get it, he buffs melee dudes, but exactly who do Primarines have that'd really need that? Intercessors and Hellblasters are shit in melee, Inceptors and Reivers have various movement options that he does not share and Aggressors want a Captain/CM to make the most of their guns and fists.

>> No.54593855

It's actually moved more for Chaos win since I last saw it half an hour ago, so that's cool.

>> No.54593857

The xenos will rally against the player character races.

>> No.54593862

Aaand there's the GW we all know!
>Nerf everything except Chadmarines
>Another price hike plus stupidly OP FW units.

>> No.54593865

Hard for sisters players to understand I know, but give it a try

>> No.54593870

not him but the UK has swung from hard Imperium to hard Chaos. Only the South remains relatively Chaos free. I live in Oxford and thankfully most of my stores are either equal (ie, neither) or Imperium. USA is the only nation keeping the world in Imperial hands.

>> No.54593874

Regular marines.

He is full of shit.

>> No.54593883

Found pic related in my bits box. How do I make him look more scary?

>> No.54593886


Played one yesterday. Was supposed to be the first of three games in the FLGS' monthly tournament, but honestly after the first one I just felt so demoralized that I didn't play the other two.

My Orks played against a Primaris force lead by Gulliman. I had some good luck early on; my Kustom Mega Kannons were worth their weight in gold. I managed to Da Jump a 30 strong Boyz mob right into the face of an Intercessor squad then pulled off the charge too. My Tankbustas smashed two squads of Inceptors apart too, so things were going well.

Then everything started to fall apart. My 30 strong mob that had charged dragged down 6 Intercessors, but morale buffs and rerolls kept them in the fight. Then next turn they fell back and filled me with dakka thanks to Ultramarine chapter tactics, whilst the remaining Inceptors put out a revolting amount of shooting. Rerolling 1's on one side of the board was bad enough, but then the guys on the other side with Gulliman nearby started up. I was utterly gobsmacked at how powerful Gulliman was. Giving everything nearby rerolls to all failed hits and wounds? My whole right flank just fell apart.

During my next turn I used my Mek Gunz and Tankbustas to bring down the remaining Inceptors, only for each of them to successfully roll a 4+ and get a free round of shooting. I lost 16 Boyz to those guys dying. During my turn. I had two reduced units left on the left to charge in, and both promptly failed their charges.

>> No.54593890

How does that have anything with what I said? How does Chaos get 100% of the planet when they don't have a single win? Nice projection though.

>> No.54593894

How do I see every store at once?

>> No.54593895

Does he do exactly the same as a normal chaplain? If so anything you can use a normal one for except with 1 more wound probably

>> No.54593897

'Hard chaos'

>> No.54593903

Intercessors are nearly as good at chopping as they are at shooting, charge the unit you've just shot at to finish it off.

>> No.54593904


Re-read what I said.

>> No.54593906

Rate my Chaos Lord in progress

>> No.54593913

I love those bodies!

i dont play genestealers but I may have to copy off of you here and use different heads and use them as something else

>> No.54593916

Oxford city of Oxfordshire, I'm going off to uni there so which stores would you advise going to and which not, and how much longer will you be there for, if you're a student of course

>> No.54593918

>the UK has swung from hard Imperium to hard Chaos
How does that square with

>> No.54593919

i meant thunderhawk ofcourse
did the exact same thing as anon and switched them durr

>> No.54593923

thats not how half of that works

>> No.54593929

Chaos has 100% win because all imperial victories have been neutralised

>> No.54593932

Aggressors with flamers maybe, I dunno. I always felt chaplains weren't worth it over a chapter master anyway.

>> No.54593933

Is it easier to land a baseball within 10 feet of a guy

1. in a giant open field
2. in a rubble strewn ruin
3. standing outside of a bunker with the man inside

>> No.54593939

because that number includes the entire world, dingus. It's a global campaign. USA is keeping Konor in Imperium hands.

>> No.54593942

i think you meant race there friend
also it's spikey humans versus gothic humans so that means they're rallying against both sides ?

>> No.54593943


Based FW making their elysian models OP for their fans so they don't buy ratlings instead.

>> No.54593945

give him a bolt pistol and a beard

>> No.54593948


They expect new stuff all the time, are the most annoying, and it turns out there aren't even all that many of them.
Chaos, pretty pathetic desu senpai

I guess Chaos gets to exist as the cartoon villain for Guilliman and Xenos PC friends to triumph over now

>> No.54593953

Okay so one sec:

As far as I'm aware, there's not much to go by in Konor so far. It's just kinda, earn points for team eagle or team star.

Why is there so much conversation over it in here?

>> No.54593954

That's why you kill the stuff near Guilliman first.

>> No.54593958

Sweet, that makes things heaps easier.

>> No.54593960

So in the event of Chaos not having a single victory but the Imperium having all theirs neutralised, it becomes automatically Chaos? That was my question and concern, since Chaos doesn't even need a single win in order to get that store leaning to them as long as xenofags undo all the work Imperium does.

>> No.54593962

Wrong faggot. This image here is the global campaign.


The image you just responded to, this one here is the UK side of the campaign.


>> No.54593964

I'm saving this

>> No.54593971

I had an open war game today, space wolves vs space marines, where the objective was that the tally of the power level of every unit you destroy becomes your kill points, and you double the power level for every vehicle and character. Which was fine except my ENTIRE ARMY was dreadnoughts.
So I lost 124 to 56. The only way I would have been able to win was by tabling him, by his second kill he had 42 kill points. He had three units left at the end of the game, I had two tarantulas
FUCKING Wulfen killed four dreadnoughts, including the deredeo and leviathan, without taking any damage,because he made all his invul saves, after making a 24 inch move/advance/charge across the table.

>> No.54593973

Different anon here. Just checked the page 1 min ago and every region is imperium majority. What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.54593974

that number is uk and rest of the world - Eu/NA
i doubt mbutu is what's keeping the imperium alive

>> No.54593975

In a bunker because it bounces off the walls, duh?
Because it will decide if the imperium falls and allies with the tau or rises and expels all threats

>> No.54593989

to be fair I didn't open it and assumed it was just the global one. either way my point stands, it's sweeping to hard chaos.

>> No.54593995

It's not really fair but I think they (correctly) figured that Chaos was going to get completely stomped if they didn't do it this way.

>> No.54593997

Well, now that Chapter Master cost 3 fucking CP on top of a Captain's cost with no stat upgrade at least that issue is resolved.
But, yeah, flame-aggressors seems as good a pick as any.

>> No.54594005

Anyone buying into the rumor that the Glottkin is going to be introduced into 40k as the new Great Unclean One? OR at least them retooling its sculpt to base the GUO off of when its new model drops?

In the index there is a pic of some Death Guard guys in bone colored armor (it is not the new models...but some FW converted ones). In the background there is what appears to be kind of out of focus the lower half to the Glottkin. GW has been pretty good about not showing Sigmar only models in the 40k artwork,


>> No.54594007

It has moved toward Chaos, but with Space Marines getting new codex and units soon, I don't see how Chaos can keep momentum.

Xenos need to universally help Chaos and I don't see that happening.

>> No.54594012


>> No.54594013



We both checked the rules as we were playing. No idea what we could have been getting wrong since it was all pretty clear in the book. Gulliman gave all nearby Ultramarines rerolls to wound and hit. His Ancient gave +1 Leadership (stacking with +1 from Ultramarines chapter tactic) and whenever nearby models died, let them roll a 4+ to get a free shooting attack. And he had a Gravis Captain giving nearby models rerolls of 1.

>> No.54594014

He looks plenty scary as he is. But you can always add some bloody trophies to his base or an enemy body.

>> No.54594017

seems the win conditions fucked you over.

not the first time a general has fought and won, and alligevel lost.

>> No.54594018

>Imperium still ahead at least 60/40
>"sweeping to hard chaos"

>> No.54594022

There are multiple races of human dingus. Don't be a race denier.

Chaos are just as NPC as us Nids.

>> No.54594027

>using dread lists


>> No.54594032


>Chaos needs xenos help to be relevant in their own campaign
Shoes on the other foot now fuckers

IoM has the lead in every region. But the narrowest in UK+

>> No.54594035


Yeah on one buttfuck nowhere planet that's never been mentioned before.

>> No.54594038

It's going to be introduced as SOMETHING Nurgle. Not sure whether it will be the new GUO or a separate monster.

>> No.54594044

I guess.

Isn't it going on for like 6 weeks? So won't DG have their codex by then?

Pretty sure it's more like 55%/45% but OK. It was like 70/30 yesterday so I suspect by tomorrow it'll be 50/50.

>> No.54594048

>power levels

>> No.54594057


>> No.54594060

I have no fucking clue.
Last I remember, everyone remains salty about how this all went down the last time, where Chaos won on the ground, but Imps won BFG, and the Xenos (again) were treated as unimportant NPCs, but the GW just ignored all of that and pretended it didn't happen (supposedly because one side or the other was buttblasted about the results, depending on who you ask.)
So I don't know what people are expecting. All this is going to decide is the fate of a couple of systems in Ultramar, which doesn't really mean much. Plus, trying to read their website isn't helping, unless all three 'regions' have the same Imp/Chaos ratio, because clicking on a given region doesn't change the little chart at all from what it shows at the 'world' level.

>> No.54594062

>america is once again saving the world from evil
God bless the US of A

But in all seriousness, it's not nearly as bad as your making it out to be. Praxima skyport is the place where chaos has the greatest hold, and even that is about 42/58 in favor of the imperium of man.
I also suspect that if chaos ever gets a strong foothold anywhere, xenos support in that area will turn against them, since most xenos players seem to be in the side of "screw over the winner" rather than supporting chaos or the imperium

>> No.54594064

Sure DG get a new codex and maybe units to paint up, but the problem is that Space Marines are getting more units and they are more popular. So even if Chaos wins all battles, I see the new primaris units coming on stream just pushing it toward Imperium just from the painting.

>> No.54594066

>planet that's never been mentioned for
Not even true, it's been in the Ultramar maps for ever. My Skitarii were fluffed as being from there for over a year before they announced this campaign. It's a major AdMech world on the doorstep of Macragge, and I believe it's named after Guilliman's stepfather who raised him when he was first discovered as a baby Primarch.

>> No.54594071

It won't be, we got two tzaangor kits, so they're clearly keeping exclusive units
We'll get those Not! Carnifexes from the Mortarion vs Guilliman art instead

>> No.54594078

I hope so! I have wanted to pick the model up for some time...but as I dont play Sigmar, already have a Knight Titan...Ku'Gauth doesnt have rules...waiting for official GUO resculpt...and I want the actual FW model for Scabbethrax. also...poorfag

I cant seem to find a legitimate excuse to purchase him.

>> No.54594080

I can't find a points cost for the Intercessor's new grenade launcher. when the new box comes out will it list the points value or am I blind?

>> No.54594092


Naw sounds like bullshit a few anons are floating just because of that Glottkin model showing up in a white dwarf staff army (or whoever it belongs to)

The big green dude would definitely fit as a GUO but I don't buy this particular rumour.

>> No.54594096

>post yfw a warhammer version of planetside would be so successful that it would kill the tabletop and that is why GW will never allow it

>> No.54594100

I wish gw didn't suck the ultramarines dick 24/7, I want a fucking black templar upgrade pack for primaris please.

>> No.54594113

That lies as the gateway to ultramar
Do you want a sixth battle for calth

>> No.54594117


>> No.54594120

>so I suspect by tomorrow it'll be 50/50.
Nigger what? Why on earth would you expect chaos to do better after the release of C:SM, when the imperium has a massive advantage over them?

>> No.54594122

There's debate over that right now.

In the Intercessor datasheet it's called an "Auxiliary Grenade Launcher" but in the points index it's an "Astartes Grenade Launcher" costed at 11 points. However apparently in the French translation they have the same name so there's no ambiguity, and that one is costed at 4 points. We'll have to wait for errata.

>> No.54594126

What do you think about this bad boy?

The model is fucking sexy and it seems like a good flexible addition to me. Loads of firepower, blazing fast, versatile fire modes.

Just wish it had vector dancer.

>> No.54594127

needs more spikeybits. clip a bunch of sprue leftovers into little pointed rods, apply superglue to various parts of your chaos lord, chuck him in a bag with said sprue leftovers and shake vigoursly. walaa, chaos lord

>> No.54594133

My store in Belfast said we were 80% chaos wins. Now I think on it that means jack shit. Fucking tiny Ireland

>> No.54594135

They tried that with EC, it didn't work.

>> No.54594138

But anon they tried to do this with Eternal Crusade and it crashed and burned so hard that it turned into early access freemium garbage.

>> No.54594139

>gw would never allow themselves to make more money than they do now

>> No.54594140


There will always be a market for autists to paint little toy soldiers and push them around the table

>> No.54594142

How terrible is this Homer Simpson looking piece of shit? Base is just a big turd.. weird shape on the forearm and leg looks boring af.

>> No.54594145

He looks good, but a little bland. The servo-arm is good, assuming you're going IW, but he basically just looks like a slightly cooler marine right now.

>> No.54594147

That's not the only reason the rumour came about. It was being discussed before we even saw that WD pic because the devs said on official GW stream that a model that already existed in AoS but had never had rules in 40k was coming to 40k soon. Glottkin was already the top contender in the speculation, and THEN we saw one in the White Dwarf pretty much confirming it.

>> No.54594151


Eternal Crusade already exists

>> No.54594152

God I'm glad I haven't bought a book this edition

I normally don't mind buying them just to throw a bone for my FLGS, but these constant erratas have made them fucking worthless

>> No.54594155

>iron warriors
>a fucking manlet who needs a huge ass servo arm to compensate


>> No.54594157

Did you swipe to the various locations
Although I haven't figured out how to do stores tho

>> No.54594160

It and the void raven are dope

>> No.54594168

Sorry had to go afk, I didn't post this.

>> No.54594170

185 points with the ability to obliterate hoards of chaff or a single guy because his hammer has 2 settings

>> No.54594172


>> No.54594173

Codex Spesh Muhrines scan when
>I need fluff for my Bluhd Rehvehns

>> No.54594177

How should i run intercessor squads as troop? should the be 5 man, 10 man? Bolt Rifle or Stalker Bolt Rifle? Can i reliably use them as my only troop choice?

>> No.54594179

Thier so undercover that even they forgot the point of the mission was.

>> No.54594186

>fuck the winner
It's like French politics all over again

>> No.54594187


Are you a /v/edditor piece of shit that wishes he was doing a backflip?

>> No.54594188

That's like saying that when APB tried to be gta online and failed, and an actual gta online could not possibly succeed ever (but it did).

>> No.54594190

>Using Tacticals 1.5 as troops


>> No.54594196

So blight launchers > plasma guns for an objective camping Plague Marine squad, right?

>> No.54594204

Am I missing something? I mean, isn't that good? People have been bitching about the removal of units/options that needed to be kitbashed and this seems like a step in the right direction.
Not that the dreadknight isn't an awful mini, mind you.

>> No.54594205

>post yfw you're on so many layers of double-agent you forgot where your loyalites actually lie

>> No.54594214

>The Blood Ravens are from an unknown founding with an unknown gene-sire. They are now a fleet-based Chapter following the loss of their home planet. Their own records have been expunged, and the ones kept by the Ordo Malleus are sealed. Perhaps because of this, the Blood Ravens hunger for knowledge, and are particularly obsessive about discovering the truth behind their creation.

That's all there is.

>> No.54594218

That's cool. I wonder if they'll keep the Chaos Lord and Sorcerer on top as part of the 40k rules.

>> No.54594219

That was the case in third ed but not now with Eternal Crusades smashing success
>burgers have such bad education they can't even spell their names properly
So that's why the imperium's winning

>> No.54594228


Uhh...have you actually like watched a single video about the game? Or considered the fact that a bumfuck studio with a minimal budget making the game would not count as an attempt (ps2 was made by SONY), even IF it had anything to do with planetside 2?

Seriously, you don't have to be such suckers for the tabletop. It's better for everyone if 40k gets a proper game.

>> No.54594229

Yeah, went to them, and found what you did -
three regions showing the exact same Imp/Chaos ratio as each other, and the world in general.

>> No.54594234

10 man, you can always combat squad them at deployment if you think you need more units. Unless you're trying to get a Brigade and need lots of troops, but then you probably want to fill up mostly on Scouts.

Bolt Rifle seems to be the best option by far. Stalkers are cool but I don't think they're points-effective. Auto Bolt Rifle is literally only good for kiting from long range.

>> No.54594240

Its not insignificant.

>> No.54594243

I feel like 5 with stalkers are okay at babysitting a backfield objective while still contributing, but in general I'd prefer the full squad. You can still split them via combat squads if need be.

>> No.54594250

Probably not since those guys don't look 40k at all. I'm guessing it will be repackaged with a 40k conversion sprue like the Tzaangors.

>> No.54594251

theyre probably porting over glotkin itself.
like they did the soulgrinder to fantasy a few years ago.

we'll probably get the magoths as well. It'd be an easy way for GW to add new units to expand th deathgaurd without having to actually make new moulds.

i doubt it'll be as the GUO though.

>> No.54594253

What I want is a 40k Xcom-type game. Space Hulk is great, both the tabletop version and the vidya adaptations, but I want MORE

>> No.54594260

>exact same
Anon look how close the dial is to the points of the chaos star, can you even point models with how blind you are

>> No.54594263

I hope not...because we could build them seperate and use them as Chaos Lord and Nurgle Sorcerer/Malignant Plaguecaster

>> No.54594269

>It's better for everyone if 40k gets a proper game.
Go back to /v/ you whiny underage faggot.

>> No.54594282

Get the dicks out of your eyes, they're not the same ratios, you can literally see the dial move as you swipe back and forth between the different regions.

>> No.54594288

So, your argument is that they should stop fucking around and give a game license to a company that's proven professionals, as opposed to yet another pack of fly-by-night amateurs?
(To be fair, I know nothing of the guys who made EC, that might not describe them at all, given that the Dawn of War guys had a very long descent over the years.)

>> No.54594290

>maggoth riders
Have you not seen the carnifexes in the new art with nurgle elements

>> No.54594295

I was at my local shop putzing around with my sternguard vets, and another regular popped in to pick up his pre-ordered codex. He peeled it out of its casing and then flipped it open to discover there was only one page devoted to Iron Hands, and still no special characters.

He looked pretty bummed.

>> No.54594297


I'm more of a Festering Poxshaman man myself.

>> No.54594301


Depends on the game. Vermintide is superb, but an open world mmofps requires a lot more work.

>> No.54594308

Okay, seeing it now. Apparently, logged on just as all three were equal.
(And, uh, yeah, in all three of those pics? They're equal.)

>> No.54594311

>check back next month for some news

>> No.54594312

Just because EC was bad doesn't mean that a proper 40k planetside would at all kill the tabletop.
The tabletop's appeal is completely different from that of a planetside clone, it's about the hobby, the painting, converting, creating fluff, playing the game with friends, controlling vast armies and massive warmachines, it's about your dudes.
People who play 40k for the rules (because I assume at least one must exist) won't be fulfilled by a shooter, the people who are into the hobby side couldn't give a ratsass about some vidya. The only people 40k would lose to a planetside clone is fluff only fags, and even then that's doubtful because there are a fuckton of warhammer video games, including some really good ones, and none of them killed 40k

Your just a retard.

>> No.54594313

>iron hands book didn't sell well
>models depend on this selling well
>no models
What a fucking suprise

>> No.54594318

Do you think in the new codex they will have all of those different versions they alluded too? there was like 4 different kind of special nurgle sorcerers

>> No.54594323

I'd actually heard basically the opposite. Is it actually good? Because if so, 'Fantasy Left 4 Dead' sounds pretty intriguing.

>> No.54594324

Do you know the history behind the development of EC before you start calling people out? It started out as a planetside inspired 40k mmo and devolved into what it is today. Almost the entire dev team left the project and this is what's left from the dumpster fire.

>> No.54594326

They already confirmed it's coming back like 3 years ago.

>> No.54594334

The Dark Imperium novel literally mentions Maggoths

>> No.54594342

Those aren't Carnifexes you idiot, they're a totally new Nurgle thing.

>> No.54594343

Fantasy L4D but with classes and equipment/loot. It's also supported with DLC.

>> No.54594344


>> No.54594346

It's ok, though I'd argue that Space Hulk deathwing is a better L4D 40k game now that it's got most all of it's bugs and issues ironed out.

>> No.54594347

>We base modeling decisions on how people respond to our various shitty fanfic-tier novels.
Solid plan, guise.

>> No.54594355

New Epic:EA when?

>> No.54594364

Guess they decided to do Necromunda next. Good. The reason they're doing it next is the video game of Necromunda is out next year.

>> No.54594370

Also Pestigors.

I think the Death Guard Codex is going to have a lot more units than people are imagining. They can't very well release a whole dex with only like 10 units in it.

>> No.54594371

Yeah, but there's a big difference between it being in limbo with the specialist games team getting to it sometime™, and (some) news about it actually coming next month.

Also, if necromunda isn't too far away, I do wonder if pic related may actually be a bit from a necromunda kit.

>> No.54594378

In theory, that goes to his argument that they should be going after higher-tier companies to make games for their license, the kind that are (in theory) less susceptible to that kind of problem. Of course, I know jack shit about the vidya industry, so that kind of crap might just be a constant factor at every level there, in which case, it would certainly explain why licensed games are such a crapshoot.

>> No.54594380

None of the said video games have the same addiction potential as a proper mmo. Games like deathwing are good but lose their replay value really fast. A hobby can be easily replaced with another unless you suffer from severe, crippling autism that has caused you to dedicate your life to a single (often useless) pursuit, which you might considering your evident lack of understanding of basic psychology.

>> No.54594381

Are tomb blades bad?

Also when the hell would you take a sypder

>> No.54594384

They have a five pointed carapace and will be living battering rams
I did not mean explicitly a carnifex, like how we had ork dreadnoughts because they were like imperial dreadnoughtd
If it doesn't sell when it sucks fans cocks then it's a good indication there are no players
Clan raukwank was only bought by power gamers
>SFO just added godgors

>> No.54594386

Shit, who was the guy who posted some rumours claiming Necromunda was coming out in November? Was that the same one who said we would see 95% of the Astra Militarum range redone??

>> No.54594390

isn't shadow war basically that anyway?

>> No.54594393

that's cause iron hands are a bunch of boring cold losers that can't even follow their primarch's teachings
>the flesh is weak! t: literal superhumans

>> No.54594396


I wouldn't count on it. Like you said there's 4-5 different types and I'm not sure how GW would differentiate between all of them and dedicate all those different entries/wargear/spells for each one.

>> No.54594397

It was a stop gap to boost sales

>> No.54594402

>None of the said video games have the same addiction potential as a proper mmo
And an MMO doesn't have attributes that the tabletop of 40k has that gives it appeal. Like I said, only people who play the game because of the fluff and nothing else would give up 40k en masse, most everyone else wouldn't get what they want out of any vidya

>> No.54594404

I guess, when my question about SoS and Custodes was posted I asked about it like 8 months prior. They basically keep questions on ice and then put them into the mag when it's relevant.

Minus not being about gangs and police fighter each other in the Sump? Yeah, I guess. But the dev's who made Mordheim are making Necromunda video game so releasing the tabletop at same time makes sense.

>> No.54594407

Not anytime soon, Titanicus is supposed to be later this year as last year FW said it was basically done and just waiting for production and a release date.

>> No.54594423

What bothers me the most about SH:DW is that the SP campaign's got all these bits that would work perfectly for the MP and enhance it a lot, yet they didn't add them to it.

>squad chatter
>proper radar

Instead MP is basically a flavourless trudge towards the objective with little tension because you can see all genestrealers in the vicinity on the radar with 100% accuracy. I don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it, I just do it. I seriously hope they fix up the MP campaign missions with the Enhance Edition that's dropping alongside the console release; it would really elevate the game.

>> No.54594424

Not really, it's just a play test (public) using models most people have. Unless you're Death Watch only, every army has the ability to use the rules of SW.

>> No.54594445

>whiney faggot at my store spent ages bitching about using the SM codex for Konor
>Ends up buying the dex halfway through the day and running his zerkers as counts as BT
>still bitching about the dex while using it to his advantage
>staff get fed up of his bitching and record his victories for the imperium instead since he was using the SM dex

>> No.54594448

Papa Nurgle either is fond of or dislikes me lads. Camping in the middle of nowhere for literally just this one night and my previously trustworthy tent disintegrated under an unexpected rainstorm, so we've all had to shift over to my van in the pouring rain in the middle of the night with all our stuff. Sodding hell.

On the upside, we're all packed for leaving tomorrow now ;) gonna get back to painting my Admech, and am a little confused about how to do Kastelans. Do you do graduated shading on the armour, or will base/wash/highlight be enough? Are Fistelans worth enough to warrant sticking wrist magnets in, or should I just glue them in dakka mode?

>> No.54594455

stalkers are good for a unit you plan to use to control backfield objectives.
Extra range helps and heavy isn't such a liability on a unit that'll likely stay still.

>> No.54594466

Post lads who MAKE IT HAPPEN!

>> No.54594467

IIRC they plan on doing a massive overhaul of the multiplayer before the enhanced edition, including adding leveling up saving outside of missions

>> No.54594485

It made people buy new units for armies they didn't have, that's like 0.1 boost or something if every other person does that

>> No.54594494

Grey Knights?! More like ___Dread Knights____

>> No.54594496

That does sound good. The Streum On guys are obviously really dedicated to the game.

>> No.54594499

>staff get fed up of his bitching and record his victories for the imperium instead since he was using the SM dex

>> No.54594502

So halfway through he swapped codexes, that must have been a fun snack brake

>> No.54594505

lterally been posted in this thread already.

>> No.54594509


>> No.54594518

I went with 10 rifle ones, since I got Reivers for short range and heavy incinerator hellblasters for long range.

>> No.54594529

Fuck that guy for giving the glory of chaos a bad rep.

>> No.54594530

Anyone have the Crimson Fists lore page(s) from the codex?

>> No.54594547

Yeah, it's been really nice to see them trying real hard to make the game good, especially given how many other devs have treated warhammer games. I really hope the enchanced edition does well, because they deserve some success for their dedication.

My only real complaint that they haven't spoken on at all is the lack of mod support or a custom mapmaker, the game is practically begging for those.

>> No.54594548

>on an anonymous image board

>> No.54594555

Maybe a single unit of them is okay. I'll have to try them in game. Basically for the same points as 10 Scouts you get 5 Primaris Marines with better armour save and same amount of Wounds, with better range/AP guns. But if you're just holding backfield objectives you wouldn't take 10 scouts, you would take 5. So I guess it's a question of whether it's worth it to take 110 points that can contribute some amount of firepower or 55 points that will do the same job but probably not shoot anything and are easier to kill/beat in CC.

>> No.54594557

Based employees

>> No.54594562

Does the new codex show any of the paint schemes for Ultima Founding chapters that haven't been shown off yet?

>> No.54594568

probably. they just need to add a 40k sprue with some powerpacks and maybe bolters like they did for tzaangors.

>> No.54594574 [DELETED] 

>I hate GW for not catering to my less profitable playerbase and spamming their most popular best seller

Welcome to how it feels to not be white

>> No.54594600

>all tabletop 40k gamers would easily become MMO addicts

This is retarded and I shouldn't have to tell you why.

>> No.54594601

>full dreadknight armies will be a thing
dunno how i should feel about this
i seriously hope people will at least repose the dknights and not field all of them in that same toy pose

>> No.54594605

If you wanted firepower you'd give those scouts snipers, or take devs.

>> No.54594621

Atleast the Interrogator-Chaplain was unreal(tm) levels of badass.

>> No.54594640

But they didn't, they made whole new spruces for sigmar

>> No.54594641

Where do you live in which non-whites are not specially catered to?

>> No.54594651 [DELETED] 

Konor was a rollercoaster of emotions today, but Imperium ended up winning by a large margin after pulling ahead around turn 2.5.

>> No.54594674

>I hate GW for not catering to my less profitable playerbase and spamming their most popular best seller

Pretty sure Orks are high sellers, they can cater to things that aren't the top you know without losing money.
GW never gives faction finances so who knows. Visiting a LGS probably is a good anecdote, always see SM stuff the most and other factions in lesser quantities, but Orks are usually stocked

>> No.54594676

Will I be considered one of these subhumans as I am starting DG? Damn it the models just looked really cool....

>> No.54594681 [DELETED] 

Deathwing doomed itself to failure the moment some idiot thought the mariachi rap song with grating nasally female rapper vocals was a good idea. Not only was it completely unfitting, it didn't target the current customer base nor would it ever be successful in drawing a new, different target audience. It's lose lose lose in all ways. Should've just stuck with generic gothic chanting shit at least that way it would fit and not jar the established consumerbase. How many indie music female rapper fans became customers of Deathwing? Zero.

>> No.54594683

No, just a traitor.

>> No.54594686

What a faggot employee. Hilarious admittedly. But seriously, chaos was told he was gonna have to box some dude right after his opponent put bricks in his gloves. This whole campaign is tilted in imperiums favor. I don't blame him.

>> No.54594690

Literally all armys have subhuman players. I believe tau has the largest concentration.

>> No.54594708

I know, right?
10 man is good, combat squad if needed, easy enough. A 5 man Stalker Bolt Rilfe squad would be a good cover/backfield objective.

Stuff to work with, working on an infantry heavy list, will probably post build later. Are Dev Centurions still good? Found a good guide to make the less squat

>> No.54594716

>some marketing muppet doomed deathwing
Focus Home Interactive are pretty much for their low effort marketing. They spend pretty much nothing on it.

This trailer was pretty good; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-qWl5PB8-I

>> No.54594721

But it was good timing with the flamer anon

>> No.54594737 [DELETED] 

Non-whites don't even exist/have established communities in the overwhelming majority of white areas. The cultural melting pot concept only exists in major metropolitan areas.

This isn't limited to whites either its for all minorities. Whites don't exist in Saharan Africa or most Asian cities either. Majorities will always be catered to, and marines are the """privileged""" majority of 40K.

Not even an SJW, it's just facts. If you think minorities are catered to, just look at how the criminal justice system works. Juries are scared of blacks and whites are always acquitted. There is no special treatment unless it's a white guy, and 90% of niggers don't trust the system while 90% of whites do. Whites think racism and privilege don't exist in today's world. Guess what, the same percentage of whites said the same thing during MLK's time.

>> No.54594739

>mfw I like the mariachi rap.....

>> No.54594759


>> No.54594785 [SPOILER] 

Same it's my workout song

>> No.54594786

Wow, he's like an Unreal Engine of war!

>> No.54594788 [DELETED] 

>t. White non-marine player

It's always funny how white people try to act like they know more about racism than the people who actually have to live with it every day.

>> No.54594794

so sisters of battle are american blacks?


>> No.54594814 [DELETED] 

They're Native Americans.

Tau are Jews/Asians.

>> No.54594827 [DELETED] 

CSM are blacks.

>> No.54594829

halfway through the day, not a game obviously. with 8E being so new our store is allowing people to change lists and shit between games so they can try whatever they want
>accusing people of lying on an anonymous image board
why would i bother to lie?

to be fair they only did it to that particular guy because he is regularly such a tool. if anyone else had played counts-as, or if he's been even slightly less insufferable they wouldn't have given a shit

>> No.54594847

>average grades, white middle class family, go to college
>no no you cant have scholarships
>girl sitting next to me
>"yeah I got half my college paid for because im 3/8th indian"

All I need to know about it m8y

>> No.54594849

who are eldar? orks

>> No.54594856

Real question here.

The fuck do space marine backpacks even do?? Also source for your info.

>> No.54594858

Does anyone have a link to a pdf/epub of the book Dead Men Walking? It doesn't seem to be in the mega directory in the OP.

>> No.54594874

Can we not do this?

>> No.54594878

>every single tabletop 40k gamer would have to become a MMO addict for it to have detrimental effects for GW

This is retarded and I shouldn't have to tell you why.

>> No.54594895

>Are Dev Centurions still good?
Can't say, I hate them so much I'd never consider running them and haven't tried. I want my 8th ed marines to be fully Primaris so I think I'll be relying on Repulsors for AT

>> No.54594898 [DELETED] 

>being denied compensating privileges because you're already privileged

Try having your family murdered and the murderer being acquitted because he was white and you weren't before crying faggot. Typical cracker thinking he's being racially oppressed because of other people's business. A nigger earning six figures will be denied a loan in redneck states at the same rate as a white man below poverty line

>> No.54594916

They're the power reactors that power the suit.

Source: idfk go look it up on lexicanum or something, I just know its true.

>> No.54594918 [DELETED] 

>average grades
>thinks he should get a scholarship

Fucking lol. Scholarships are for the poor and smart, dumbass. The government just happens to think all non-whites are poor.

>> No.54594921

HH Book 1: Betrayal describes it as a "power/life support unit".

>> No.54594925

5x Hellblasters are 165 now. 1.11 vs Geq, 0.89 vs Meq, 0.66 vs Rhino. OC RR1 they are 1.3, 1.3, 2.03, for 33 points each that puts them on par with the best ranged units in the game.

Redemptors are the best non mortis dreads outside of space wolves, since they get a discount by virtue of their 25 point ccw, if you like you said ignore bullshit leviathans which shouldn't be brought to friendly games. Redemptors actually do enough ranged damage to wipe out marine squads while still having strong melee damage against monsters and vehicles, other dreads tend to not have enough of either shooting or melee to be effective.

>> No.54594945


>> No.54594947 [DELETED] 

>average GPA
>middle class family

Why do you think you should get free money? You don't have good grades or financial hardship. What does that have to do with race?

>> No.54594948

Why are you demanding a source you faggot?

>> No.54594955

Where is the proofs?

>> No.54594956

>stabilising jets
Original purpose. Now its just exhaust.

>> No.54594958

Expel waste heat and other fumes
Heat expulsion means it can act as s thruster in the void, anvilus (chaos) backpacks are better thrusters due to extended reach but also release dangerous radioactive waste to the user on the form of partially burnt fuel

>> No.54594963

>Gw still doesn't understand that if they only ever update one model range and only keep one model range reliably in stock and all the new releases and all the new marketing are only of that one model range, that model range will sell the best regardless.
Orks also had shit rules for the last few editions. Hopefully now that most of the WAAC shit from the last few editions is useless GW will see people buying previously unpopular armies and start supporting them.

>> No.54594967

No. It stabilises in zero g, original canon was jetpack.

>> No.54594971

That's not a very good example, anon.

My friend with stellar grades was denied his university of choice because he's asian-american in favour of other minorities with worse grades.

>> No.54594980

you're still privileged/lucky enough to go to college

>> No.54594985

nah. the 40k tzaangors kit is the AoS tzaangors kit with an extra sprue of chainswords and pistols.

>> No.54594986

So it still is use to stabilize in void fighting? didn't know that.

>> No.54594987

Cuz people would provide, and they did.

>> No.54594990


>Redemptors are the best non mortis dreads

Add "arguably" at the start and "against hordes" at the end and you might have some ground to stand on.

Even then, they have guns that demand standing still because they invest so much in it and don't have a starting BS of 2+ before the heavy penalty or degradation, yet have a power fist that asks them to use their 8 inch move.

>> No.54594999

>Average Middle Class
>Wants soecial treatment

kys sjw snowflake

>> No.54595002





>> No.54595007

>Scholarships are for the poor and smart
twenty years ago, yeah

that's been changing over time, though

>> No.54595018

Do you know what SJW means? Because I think you should really consider looking it up before using it again

>> No.54595022 [DELETED] 

Black lives matter is a conspiracy!!

>> No.54595025

we've already got all Dreadnought, deffdread or carnifex armies.
its fine I guess.

>> No.54595028

Where da proofs?

>> No.54595041 [DELETED] 

Orruks are awesome and sell well

Most AoS sells well

Good plastics just sell period, unless they're an unpopular faction like DE

>> No.54595045

See >>54594958

>> No.54595065

Provides the power to the POWER armour? It's got a generator of some sort. I've seen descriptions range from atomic stacks to a sub-atomic microfusion generator. Whatever it is, it clearly needs protection from, since the Anvilus pattern is noted to have less shielding.

The exhausts for the reactor are actually the vents at the bottom. The bit vents at the top are not for exhaust purposes, but are jets, mainly for maneuvering in low gravity environment. In the old days the backpack was referred to as a jetpack or a flight pack and art featured Marines descending from the skies on them (and Guard troopers on somewhat similar packs). Currently the Primaris Reivers use the exhausts of their backpacks to deep strike onto the table, so the idea still exists on some levels.

The pack also houses external life support systems and other such functions. There's even a solar panel on top, probably for recharging batteries when possible.

>> No.54595086 [DELETED] 

Dey dindu nuffin!

>> No.54595144

That hasn't been updated for todays wins for chaos or imperium.

>> No.54595303

I have a moderately sized 40k ebay store, I sell mostly SMs, CSMs, tyranids, IG, tau and eldar.

>> No.54595400

darker more gaunt paint scheme, currently too much red.

>> No.54595482

dont do it mang, the book has a literal cuckold ending and is depressing af.

>> No.54595626

Considering how much the model costs in Australia, I can't see him finding his way to many tables down here.

>> No.54595639

>Expecting an IG novel with the title "Dead Men Walking" to have a happy ending.

>> No.54595726

The head is the worst part.

>> No.54595829

I knew it was going t be grim but not protagonist is literally cucked and then gives up on life grim.

>> No.54596526

>tfw i find this rumor credible given cadia getting rekt, yet am balls deep into an AM army already

pls no

>> No.54597608

Did some janitor seriously delete EVERY SINGLE one of my posts? Even ones that broke no rules? What a fucking moron.

>> No.54598781

Can you shoot through enemy units if you can still draw line of sight?

>> No.54598883

I want to run Aun'va but he doesn't suit my army at all, aesthetically. Any cool ideas for a counts as with the same profile that looks a little more military?

I'm not opposed to Ethereals, some of them look suitable for an army, but Aun'va is just too silly.

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