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Men! You should all be INCREDIBLY proud of what you have done this day!
Because it you, this world likely won't have to be exterminatused in the near future.

>A continuation of >>54586886

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it would have been a nice bang though
haven't seen a exterminatus in years
might have made me feel young again

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>Stands in front of his table
Come all, come all, get new lasguns and powercells, only slightly used!
We also sell trinkets and good luck charms

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I am very proud mon'kleigh.
Also ignore all of these insect looking guardsmen. For they are just guardsmen.

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Rolled 12 (1d100)

>The Hospitaller, having just finished patching under another wounded man missing an arm. Would run over, and begin to work on Gunderson.

Don't you die on me, dammit! You've got a lot of fight left in you!

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>Thel continues to dig through the rubble, praying to the meperor he found something good.

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>The adept walks out of the mess hall, hands stained with ink
Oh, you're back! I finished filling in the dental work forms for everyone in the regiment, then I ran out of those, so I rewrote everybody's full military records in triplicate

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Rolled 16 (1d100)

>Unfortunately, his wounds are to severe, and he's going to need a hefty amount of bionics, if he's going to survive.
>Motioning for several men to help her bring Gunderson to a nearby field hospital, so she can get to work.
>Once there, she would start implanting bionics.
>Rolling for implants.

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>At the womans hands, the man would die of his wounds

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Abhor the Night, it is the Light that Endures!
Praise be to the emperor!
>coughing and wheezing

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>As soon as the ashen faced man slides off the large creature, he crashes down onto the floor, barely able to support his body weight with his legs

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My, are you okay honorable citizen?

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You are welcome for the lift by the way.
First half of the flight is free of charge!

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>the man simply stares at the strange creatures before him with mild bemusement, likely due to starvation and trauma

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No but seriously I am charging you.
50 thrones mon'kleigh, pay up.

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Hmm you seem hungry,yes.
>Puls something out of his robes
I can sell you this nutrient bar for your pen, yes

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*muttering to himself*
Well well well, she killed another one...

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> The sister would be saddened by the man's loss, and would have someone write out the forms to have his medal sent to his family, alongside his pension.

>After having finished with another surgery. Illya would make her way over towards sister Benedictine.

Sister? Are you alright?
>Her voice is warm and kind as she speaks to her.

That's quite a nasty cough you have there. Would you want me to take a look for you?

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Bets people, will sister Illya kill Benedictine?
Bets are 3 to 1 against her killing and 2 to 1 for her killing Benedictine

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>the man stares at the two loud, foreign creatures from behind his broken glasses, before his arms give in and he falls from a sitting position to a prone one, staring at the sky
H-how's the city?

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Oh honored citizen, it's at the state of war against the forces of chaos, yes.
Will you buy nutrient bar?

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Well I'm fairly certain I detonated the planetary government building with my mind and I'm also pretty sure that the city is rubble.
Why do you ask?

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>the man reaches into the inner pocket of his suit jacket and pulls out a fountain pen, with a small aquila engraved on it in gold. The nib is slightly bent, and it's leaking an ink that's so blue it's practically glowing

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>Looks at the broken pen
Hmm that'll do
>Gives the nutrient bar

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It's nothing, I'm fine, you handle your duties, I handle mine, Emperor's blessings to you sister.

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>She would frown at the sister's words.

My duties, are to ensure that everyone is healthy, and stitch them back together if they're not.

>she would flash her a warm smile.

And that includes you, Sister. Now come. It won't hurt, I promise.

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>the man takes that bar and simply holds it

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Eldar you bettin' whether she kills sister or not?

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My helmet says she does not kill her.
Nobody can be that incompetent.

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>Writes on a full paper with a binch of names

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You must have plenty more to take care of, I don't wish to bother you with something so trivial, besides I already told you it's nothing, I'm fine
>Benedictine takes another deep huff through her re-breather and adjusts her footing, before attempting to walk off again

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*Whispers under his breath*
Just fuck already...

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>the dominion sister's finger was dangerously close to the trigger of her stormbolter, scratching at the handle as she ached for an enemy to kill

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Rolled 1 (1d100)

>She would sigh, before grasping the other sister by here power armored hand, and dragging her towards the field hospital.

No excuses. Everyone gets a checkup, including you.
>Rolling for check-up
(Again, if you haven't joined our discord, you really should. https://discord.gg/ygJdq

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>And the exhaustion would kick in, before they've gotten anywhere near the Hospital. Causing her to fall to the ground in a heap.
>Spending three days doing nothing but stitching up guardsmen, and implanting bionic replacements, isn't good for your health.

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*whispers under his breath*
That seems like an unlikely cop out...
But at least I keep my helmet

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Nah, that means I take everything, but you eldar can keep your helmet and 100 thrones if you keep everyone who betted distracted

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>the dominion sister sighs, grabbing the sister hospitaller and carrying her to the infirmiary, leaving the unconscious nurse there, before getting back to heavy breathing and scanning the horizon with anticipation
>with the occasional cough and wheeze interrupting her menacing borderline-asthmatic heavy filtered breathing

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*chucks a large bucket of water mixed with a bottle labelled "sea men, do not touch" he found in the fridge onto the hospitalier to wake her up"
*runs off*

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>The Catachan would now become apparent to the unknown regiment

>The man would be 9 feet tall, carrying an autocannon and a rocket launcher, along with a full bandoleer of Krak grenades.

>One of his fuck huge arms would be a giant powerfist, and on his side would be a giant machete, which itself was 5 feet long

>The Catachan would have a huge cigar in his mouth, puffing away smoke

Reportin' for duty, boss.

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I find it completely inexplicable that I have never noticed you before.

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I foind' it inexplicable that you haven't been liftin' weights to get some meat on those spindly arms, son.

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I don't, I have snuggles for that.

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Who the frak is snuggles?

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>Staggering out of a nearby transport, some farmboy with a big, stupid grin on his face drops his regulation gear and salutes the Commissar.

Private Murphi, reportin' fer duty, Sir! Ah reckon ah could rustle us up some form of trouble if'n y'all need me to.

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*points towards the giant,levitating insect feasting off of unused rations in the corner*

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Oi' see.
Allow me to git' moi' pet.
>I'd whistle for Windsor
Windsor! C'mere boy!

>A fuckin' big dinosaur would rush into the room, to look at the corsair prince

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I have no response to this.

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>The Praetorian captain would raise a brow at the man's accent.

Weve just finished dealing with trouble, trooper. But that shouldn't stop you from doing your job.

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>The redneckish Guardsman salutes the captain in confirmation
Well, shucks, ah guess ah should've got 'ere sooner then... Oh well, guess ah'll find me some scrap and make a still for some brew.

>Picking up his gear, he wanders around the general area, still smiling that stupid smile of his. The optimistic bastard.

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Hey why did we abandon the city anyway?
Did we win or did you guys not pull your weight mon'kleigh?

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>Matthias would raise a questioning brow as he watches the man walk away.
(If you haven't joined our discord, I would highly recommend doing so.

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>the radio come in full of static and heavy Knight fire
Come in *static* -rd company. *chaingun fire* -odfry immobilized in *static* -ket square. We're at the push point whe- *demonic laughing followed by the crackle of a powerfist* the flying fuck is the armored elements and support troops. *another larg blast followed by static* -ciena focous that Demolisher with the missils!

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Wow. I never knew powerfists crackled.
My mind is open

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>Matthias would check his vox bead. Attempting to clear it up if he can.

This is company command. Please repeat. I say again, please
Repeat. Over.

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Sounds like time for my epic heroics!

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We got orders to push to ma-
>more chaingun fire
-are and wait for push orders.
>theres a few plasma shots before a blast
Fuck! I need a new pistol. I think they're trying to push again. Did you get our coordinates? Command should have ordered you there as well.

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*Zooming towards the location*

>> No.54594458

No, the entire regiment was ordered to pull back, and allow the rest if the army to push forward.
>He would already be boarding a valkyire dropship.

Listen, I'm on my way. Can you hold out until I arrive to pick you both up?

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>the cityscape grows denser, an obvious path of bullet hell destruction that the knight went rampaging on, ending at a massive square with makeshift defenses scattered about and a knight on one knee with half a crumbled building on top of it, still rapidly firing away, a techpriestess hurriedly trying to clear it's backside as Rias squashes another mans head in her fist, several burning wrecks littering the entryways

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Rolled 84 (1d100)

*roll to telekinetically lift rubble*

>> No.54594540


>A squadron of Valkyire gunships would arrive on the scene at this point. Heavy bolters flaireing as they fire away at traitor infantry.

>> No.54594566

>Leaning out the door of a Valkyrie, he fires indiscriminately into the horde of traitors
If'n they run, they're heretics. If'n they stand still, they're well dissiplin'd heretics!

>> No.54594606

Two sets of ropes would be lowered down. Each one carrying a set of repelling bodies. One of a Praetorian, and the other ,of a nearly nine foot tall space marine scout.

Lieutenant, Magos! Are you alright?

>Matthias would fire off a few shots at a nearby traitor guardsmen. Putting him down for the count.

>> No.54594607

Good. Once it's clear i guess we'll pull back. Deamons keep coming from that theater and I can't leave to clear it out.

Thanks! Can you rocket the surrounding buildings?!?

>> No.54594655

>meanwhile, Sergeant Rook is more or less in her element: that is, knee deep in the scraps of a traitor guard's tank and cutting another one down to similiar size.

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>The Techpriest would walk up towards the regiment with his many mechanicus apendages dangling around

Greetings my newly assigned regiment!

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Rolled 79 (1d100)

*roll to collapse the buildings roofs*

>> No.54594662

>Matthias would nod, as he hits his vox bead.

Ptolomios two, I need rockets on those nearby buildings, over.

>"Understood Captain. We'll send em running."
>After a moment, several bright flashes would appear from underneath their wings, as rockets fly out towards their targets.
>A half a second later, various debris is all that's left of the buildings, and their current occupants.

Honestly, Darling. This just isn't a good enough neighbourhood for us to raise a family in. Far too much hanger scum around here.

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We're fine. Just get those approches collapsed so we can get the knight back.

>> No.54594685

>far back at the base, the government official's eye twitches slightly, as if he can sense somebody shit-talking his city

>> No.54594688

>His boltgun flaireing with each shot. He would walk over towards, and would assist the diminutive magos.

C'mon. We've been given the order to pull back. You two were way out of your league here.

>> No.54594724

All right rubbles clear of the knight.
Just make it stand up now.

>> No.54594731

"That's a spiffy plane you got Captain. Is it up for pick ups? I've been, uhm... busy here".

>> No.54594743

>Matthias would pause for a moment, as his vox bead beeps inside his ear.
Company command, go ahead.
>This is ptolomios three. I've got eyes on a heavy armor column making their way towards us, Captain. I'm counting atleast five squadrons of tanks, and atleast a platoon of infantry on the way. Probably mo-
>The pot is cut off, as it's cockpit crumples and explodes from a sudden impact. Causing the rest of it to go crashing down into a nearby building.


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"So that's a no...? Alright... looking at the bright side, I didn't make plans for the evening."

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>He would nod his head, before handing her the rope.

Best hold on, Sergeant.

>He would flash her a quick smile.

Otherwise you'll be dealing with a dislocated shoulder.

We don't have time for that, Darling. We need to move, Now.

>> No.54594806

>the burnt-up sergeant shoudlers her meltagun and grabs the rope.
I've done worst. For once, the vehicle wasn't a flying one.

>> No.54594826

>Rias looks as if she is about to argue, but keeps quiet, as she grabs hold of the rope.

>> No.54594880

All right all of this shits clear fuck this job is stressful go reverse the knight or some shit

>> No.54594899

>Once everyone had grabbed hold of the rope, Matthias would motion for them to be pulled up. The line quickly ascending towards ptolomios two.
>Not a second sooner were they ascending, than a cannon shell would explode under them, from the approaching tank squadrons.
>The two remaining Valkyries would be quick to pull back, and begin flying back to the FOB.
(Helga, I really do suggest you come join us over in discord, if you haven't already. https://discord.gg/ShuSr

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Rolled 17, 20, 3 = 40 (3d20)

>Before he can get too far, several Leman Russ executioners, would begin firing their gatling guns towards the flying bug/daemon, and it's space elf rider.

>> No.54594954

Rolled 19, 6, 4, 3, 20, 17, 2, 18, 1 = 90 (9d20)

>The rest of the tanks would begin. Opening fire upon the escaping Valkyires

>> No.54594962

>Meanwhile back at the base the humble stryx merchant is selling las rifles and power packs, also some lick charms
I wonder where everyone else go.
Honorable citizen, would you like to purchase a las rifle, or las pistol?

>> No.54594982

>the sergeant sighs as she watches the battle behind
I could have totally taken three more of those tanks...
>she has lost quite a bit of armor and, perhaps most noticeably, a good chunk of her hair

>> No.54594994


>> No.54595015

>the man sticks his head out from the cocoon of standard issue blankets and spare coats he constructed himself, slowly shaking his head

>> No.54595062

>Before the Valkyries could get very far. They would both take hits from various Leman Russ weaponry.
>Malak would let out a loud string of curses, as the valkyire he and the others were on, would go down.

>> No.54595067

I guess not honorable citizen
Say honorable Krux, your fine beast could use a saddle and armour, yes?

>> No.54595093

Rolled 67 (1d100)


>With these words. Matthias would grab hold of something, before his dropship goes down. Crashing into a build.
>Rolling for how bad the crash is.

>> No.54595130

*flying over to the crash site, out of sight of the tanks*

>> No.54595154

>the sergeant comes out of the the wreck after a few seconds, missing her flamer and laspistol and looking even more ragged
Worst saving ride ever.

>> No.54595180

>Matthias would blink a few times.
>There was a soft ringing in his ears.
>Was he dead?
>No. That burning pain running through his entire body said otherwise.
>Good. Pain meant that you were still alive.
>And being alive, meant that he wasn't that far from the chaos lines. Those tanks would be here any moment.
Matthias would stand up at this point. His every muscle aching and burning, in an attempt to keep him down.

Is *cough* is everyone alright? Speak up!

>> No.54595216

Well. Good to see atleast someone else is alive.

Looks like we're walking though.

>Matthias would check up on the pilots.
>Both KIA.


>> No.54595237

Want a ride?
It's free if you let me keep my pets

>> No.54595243

>Calls over the vox
Hello honorable captain are ypu still alive, do you need back up?
Also how do I deal with a man in fetal position?

>> No.54595282

Rmph. Sure...
>Helga tries to shake one of the pilots, but her left arm doesn't budge and just stands at her side. She pokes at it and shrugs.
... emergency stimms. When they will run out I'll be in a sea of "please Emperor no" level pain.
>she wearily heaves her meltagun and squats behind a piece of building, taking cover while waiting ofr orders.

>> No.54595298

>He answers his vox.

Like HELL you're keeping two Daemonic bug things! I'll kill an entire army, before I let those things leave this world alive.

>He would switch frequency.

Yeah. We're alive here. Barely. Our pilots didn't make it.

As for the fetus position. He's likely shell shocked.

>> No.54595319

Do you want a ride?
I can get us back to the base in a few minutes.

>> No.54595324

>Over the vox
That's the civilian, I'm afraid he'll scare my costumers away, yes.
But anyways should I call someone, yes?

>> No.54595340

Uhh yeah.
Only two.
But those tanks are closing in and I don't see how you are going to outrun them on foot. This is the best offer you get.

>> No.54595357

Rolled 14 (1d100)

>Matthias would frown, as he grabs the emergency first aid kit, from inside the hols of the wreak.
>Opening it up, he would pull out a syringe before grabbing her arm, and looking for a vein.

Hold still...

>Once he had found one. He would inject her with it, before pulling out a roll of bandages.

That should keep the pain away for a couple of hours...

>Rolling for medical check

>> No.54595358

*over vox*
He is displaying a position to signal what he wants most likely. Deploy a fetus

>> No.54595395

>Over vox
I have questions, but that'll wait, I'll just drag him away, yes

>> No.54595399

Tanks are closing in, buddy.
>she sets her melta on her cover and aims
I wouldn't want to lose this show...
>she doesn't seem to be feeling much from that arm, not even enough to shiver at the injection
Captain, why don't you take that ride?

>> No.54595405

>Matthias isn't exactly a medicae. But the quick bandageing work will have to do for now.

If you can walk, we need to keep moving. Use side streets, and alleyways whenever we can.
>He would grab his rifle, and would slump his wife, Rias, over his shoulder, before starting to walk.

Come on. Let's go.

>> No.54595434

>somewhere among the rubble, a sergeant is huddled in a foxhole, shouting into his voxcaster as artillery booms in the distance
Adjust, 2239 b-by 5020 - fire!
>bolts of fire arc down from the sky
>earth-shattering explosions rock the city, sending plumes of dust into the air
>in the distance, a skyscraper collapses into a fiery heap
Re- what? My unit's been *wheeze* located? Well that's g-great ne-
>out of the corner of his eye, he sees the valkyrie wheel out of the sky
...yeah, I saw. Emprah's finest, the lotta them.

>> No.54595440

Because. Unlike you, my Refractor field, room the worst of the blow. And I also haven't spent the last six hours, fighting off tanks and heretics on foot. Now come on! We've got to get moving

>> No.54595458

That is not where the needle goes firstly, and secondly are you aware that there is a tank just around that corner?

>> No.54595477

>Meawhile at the base
Oh honorable civilian, I know where you will be safe, yes.
>Drags Franisko to some dark corner in the base

>> No.54595526

Nah, i'm fine here. There is a nice smell in the air, and as soon as those tanks come into my range there will be more. You go captain. I'm sure I can spare five more minutes here, and earn you as many.

>> No.54595573

Like HELL I'm leaving anyone behind! You lot may not have gotten the order to pull back. But I'm sure as hell getting you and my wife out of this hellhole. Even if I have to drag you with me!
>He looks determined. More than willing to drag both her, and his wife away, should he have too.

Now let's get moving! That's an order dammit!

>> No.54595611

I-if tha'ts an order
>guardsman reflexes kick in and the sergeant shoulders her weapon, standing up and switching to his backup-backup pistol
But where are we moving?

>> No.54595617

Are you aware that that creature is a daenonette?

>> No.54595665

>He motions down to a set of nearby stairs.

We'll start by heading down towards ground level. Using alleyways whenever we can, to avoid detection.

If we follow the main road west long enough, we should come across our lines eventually.

If, and when we can't use the alleyways. We'll use the shadows, and nearby ruins to keep out of sight.

>> No.54595693

>Matthias would let out a loud, anguished sigh at the foul xeno above him.
>He thought about simply shooting him right here. But thought better of it.
>"That moron would likely enjoy it. And it would only attract more heretics to our positions."

>> No.54595715

Seems like a good way to get us killed, captain.
>she critically stares out of a window, turning her head a bit sideways
Now, and it is a bit of a longshot but I'm pretty sure we could use that collpsed building to cross from this one to that one over there.

>> No.54595753

Right sorry, Daemonette. I misspoke.

>> No.54595772

>Matthias would let out a sigh.

You're forgetting two important details Sergeant.
First of all, there are probably snipers around here.

Second on the list-
*he would point towards the incoming squadron of heretic Leman Russes.

Those Leman Russ executioners.

>With that stated, he would grab her by the shoulder, and would begin to bring both Helga, and his wife Rias, down the stairs, and towards a backdoor, into an alleyway.

>> No.54595807

All right, alleyway central.
Reminds me of my time on terra.
Where to now genius?

>> No.54595831

Rolled 10, 3, 19 = 32 (3d20)

>Not long after the crash, a squadron of Leman Russes would begin rolling down the street. Their destination is the crash sight.
>As soon as they had spotted the same giant hug from before. They open fire upon it and its owner.

>> No.54595853

>as he grabs her, she had already tried to go and approach the Russes
I'm just saying, if we really want to get out, we could accept that lift from the guy above us...

>> No.54595866

>Meanwhile back at the base
I wonder if I should've offered captain to buy a teleporter

>> No.54595968


>> No.54596037

I'm not letting that xeno, get his two Daemonic bugs aboard our ship.

>> No.54596066

How come these threads don't get deleted?

>> No.54596105

I have no idea why you are fixated on the number 2 when describing the amount of creatures I control.
Also I searched through your ship records, you've had worse aboard it.
Does the name hamounds ring a bell mon'kleigh?

>> No.54596109

Fair, captain.
Once we hit ground level, you go on. I'll set up some...hazards.
>she uses her only functioning arm to pat her backpack. Unlike the rest of her, it seems more or less intact, as does the obvious landmine peeking from it
It won't take long. Just leave me an easy trail to follow.
in ohter words I gotta leave, so I feel like this is an acceptable way to have Helga follow Matthias without me being around.

>> No.54596128

How come your GM hasn't kicked you out of the game yet?

>> No.54597109

>Rias coughs sitting up quickly
Matthias... where's Godfry?!

>> No.54597176

>Matthias would place her down next to an alleyway wall, before kneeling next to her.

Gone, unfortunately. We had to leave it behind, when a group of tanks showed up, and started blasting our rides apart.

>He would begin checking the side of her head for any major injuries.

Nathaniel and luciena should be foowing us in a moment.

>> No.54597217

Fuck... we can't leave it. We gotta take it back and now.
>she pushes him off and stands up, popping her arm as she does

>> No.54597358

Unfortunately z we don't have anywhere near the level of fire power to take that thing back. And I'm not risking our lives to try and take it back.

There were atleast five squadrons of tanks, and atleast a full platoon rolling up right when we left.

Our best bet, is to pull back to the nearest frontlines, and hope the army can recover it.

>> No.54597417

Oh, and by the way-
>He would tug harshly on her ear, as if she were a disobedient child. His voice seething with rage as he speaks.

The next time you ignore me, when I vox you with new orders; i'll personally tie you up, and whip you myself! Do you understand me, Rias!

>He would let go at this point. Obviously furious with her.

You may be my wife. But you're also a soldier under MY command. And you'll act that way when we're out in the field.

>> No.54597455

We're the blasted army. And the knight is special.... it's uhh... modified... by the both of us... you know. They want it and we can't give it to them. If there's 10 tanks then half will be committed to dragging it away. It'll keep firing till they bust the guns so there's definitely a good deal less. Plus no easy exit means more will be needed to clear them. Two fully crewed and active tanks at best and I know we can handle that...

>> No.54597483

Don't threaten me with a good time. And I had priority orders to come here but apparently they were fabricated just to capture that Knight!

>> No.54597528

>He would think about thebods for a moment, before shaking his head.

It's still too risky. Besides, we've got three Leman Russ executioners looking for us, back the way we came. Not to mention at least a platoon of infantry. Maybe more an-

>He would go deadly silent at this point. Finally understanding her words.


>He doesn't sound happy right now.

If you did what I think you did...

>He would begin pulling on her cheeks at this point. Obviously infuriated with her.

You better not lie to me, "Darling"!

>> No.54597570

>she slaps his hands
If there's three looking for us then none currently active in the target area... and uhh... marital disputes happen off the battlefield, okay?
>she steps back, hoping to avoid the argument

>> No.54597700

This ISN'T a marital dispute! This is a "You fucking did something highly heretical, and illegal" dispute!

>His face his burning red with anger at this point. He's BEYOND infuriated with her.

I cannot BELIEVE you did this! Do you have ANY idea what you've done!?

>He would smash his hand into the wall next to him out of anger.

>He would take a deep breath. Holding it in, in an effort to calm himself.
>Once he had released it. He would begin speaking.

Alright... Here's what we're going to do.

I'm going to ATTEMPT to recover one of the missiles from our crashed Valkyire, without getting shot.

From there, we'll use the city sewers, to get to the target location. If we're lucky, I can sneak up to the knight, and activate the missile inside it's reactor.

The resulting explosion will destory it, and everything within twenty meters of it.

From there, we'll stick with the original plan, and get back to the main base.

AND IF, we survive. The two of us are going to have a POOOOOOOKE GET discussion, about what has transpired here.
Do I make myself clear.

>The look upon his face says that NONE of this, is negotiable.

>> No.54597781

Dearest... I understand completely why you're mad. And I want you to know that I love you so much that I'm willing to risk myself...
>she pushes a power axe against his chest hops through a crack in the wall, bolting through the building, leaving the axe with him

>> No.54597827

>The look upon his face is one of both shock, and infuriatation as he realises what she's doing.


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