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Ultramarine™ Upgrade Sprue™ seems like great value!

Old thread: >>54587545

>Konor Campaign: Chaos comeback? edition

>Check your local store's contribution

>GW FAQ (1.1):

>FW FAQ (1.1):

>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>novels here

>Other megas
https://mega.nz/#F!9NchGZyZ!-V1LhJALxDp9Tw97WzEQGA (no 8e stuff here)

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Chart-Anon doing Abaddon's work)

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First for the Drukhari! First for Commorragh! We will harvest the lesser races suffering!

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First for Lord Solar Macharius

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Third for not wanting to enter the "Ultramarines meme, leave me alone GW I like my own chapter".

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>still no scan
>40k continues to disappoint me in ways i thought impossible

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Glory to the new Imperial Guard! Or new Inq28 box! Or eh, random laspistol wielding non-astartes!


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>Bald head
>Ultramarine specific

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7th for Archeotech from the DAoT

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40kfag pls.

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I could scan the points pages of the codex, is this any use or not?

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It could be Rough Riders, or maybe a command squad bit. But my money's on Acolytes for GK. GW is really trying to have models for every possible unit. Plus, almost no IG/AM have laspistols.

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How'd he draw that sword?

>> No.54589848

I want an Imperium/CSM "character spam" army

How would I approach this ?

A lot of single model "one against many" elements in an army for both shooting and assaulting.

Inquisitors in Term armour with psycannons? (they got psyk spells)

Anything better ?

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You can take Bahsahkahs outside of World Eaters you brain dead rat

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Why should somebody scan a 300 page book for people when they get nothing in return? The rules alone are 75 pages. Again, why would they when they get nothing and they paid for it?

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>Not trimming the sprue for your preview

>> No.54589864

Bloody 2nd Legion, go back to your dimension..

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Not really, all the new model points are free downloads from GW. The only point changes from the index is Power Fist went to 12pts. and 1 other thing.
The real need is the other Warlord traits and the rest of the relics and Stratagems.

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Clearly you've never heard of glorious Scanon.

>> No.54589871

with his right hand before switching it to his left
are you really this daft ?

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leaked SM codex when?

>> No.54589879

Gripped it backhand style, pulled it out, flipped it as it left the sheath and then pointed that direction/

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>no looted wagons
>can't use lumbering behemoth on embarked units
>Grukk squatted
>Wazdakka still squatted
>Zogwart still squatted

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I could probably do that.

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He wouldn't even need to go that far, it's perfectly easy to draw a straight weapon like that with your left hand and flip it in your grasp

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People scan shit all the time without getting paid for it. They do it because it's helpful to other people. You might just be a cunt.

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rollia for the rock

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In Rainbows is an overrated album and The King of Limbs is much better


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NORTH AMERICAN CHAOS! Where you at? Quintus Gate ain't gonna crash itself get in there and be somebody!

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Sororitas, Rogue Traders and Inquisitorial power armor are low tier compared with the Astartes patterns in terms of overall military systems and are made for relatively common humans.

I don't understand why people are mad about not Marine power armors users if they never use a Mark VII armor or some shit expecially made for Marines, the only bullshits are Terminator armors but since they are the best armor pretty much humanity have i can imagine that a greed inquisitor want a heavily modified version.

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You would be a true hero, I pre-ordered a physical copy but it wont get delivered til later this week.
I always buy a physical copy and then get my digital copy from /tg/

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>can't field looted imperial knights
>warboss and painboy probably won't have entries for bikes

>> No.54589946

>want to assemble an Emperor's Children army
>no noise marine box
>no viable characters

how does one even do it

>> No.54589947

rolling for the 5th member of my Deathwatch Primaris squad.

>> No.54589952

It is much easier to wait for a kind anon that bought the digital to upload a copy of it.

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why does everyone keep talking about a scan. the epub released last night, PDF is easy.

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gimme the 05 please

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That new head looks way better than that bleeding bald googly eyed one

>> No.54589979

GImme Raven Guard

>> No.54589980

If somebody buys me the new codex, I'll scan you guys a pizza

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no one is leaking the epub because GW embeded identifying code in it and they'll get sued.

>> No.54589997

New chads ohhhyeah

>> No.54589999

Alright, Angels Encarmine it is.

>> No.54590000

looted Imperial Night. Gorkinaught.

Job done. that was hard

>> No.54590006

What!?! Since when?

>> No.54590007

>no Star Krakens

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please dont, why has mortarion wings too?

with magnus i can understand and it quite fits him, but im really disgruntled if this is a true leak

>> No.54590017

gimme something good

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same thread. get out.

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i just don't like normal humies in armors that aren't fitted for them because it looks like they'd never be able to use them. IE: that chick in the terminator would shatter every limb she has when a limb moved.

>> No.54590026

What's the obsession with PDFs anyway, granddad?

>> No.54590033

Inquisitors in Termi armour would be a start. Those Space Wolf individual dudes, Assassins, Dreads...

>> No.54590045

>wanted dark angels
>got disciples of caliban
Close enough I guess. What are those guys even supposed to be?

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>> No.54590051

Gimme something to work with

>> No.54590056

Gladius sprue, interesting, i can use it for my imperial fists or make some gladius armed scouts to do a mini game about the Feast of Blades

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>weeeeeigh why can't i use other people's stuff as well as my own
fuck right off

>> No.54590078

Whatever I roll it's always 61

>> No.54590079

>that chick in the terminator would shatter every limb she has when a limb moved

go play halo, that's not a real thing in any other universe. The idea that a suit's actuators are so crude and shitty that they'd shatter a person with "too slow" reflexes is pants-on-head retarded and belongs only in a shitty "hard" scifi universe like Halo.

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that's why you convert to PDF, no identifier. nobody wants the epub.

>> No.54590090

Quads for gods.

>> No.54590094


>angels of iron

literally who

>> No.54590095

epubs pretty much always look like shit, and sometimes are unreadable. pdf is a much better format.

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The iconic image of a daemon prince is of one with wings, since non-wing ones are plebshit. In addition to this insect wings are cool.
I don't expect any Daemon Primarch would be wingless except fulgrim.

>> No.54590105

The chapter you're painting. That's who.

>> No.54590112

Truth speaking Anon speaks truth.

>> No.54590115

The Vatican Marines. Totally would go Swiss Guard RL with them.

>> No.54590125

>the only bullshits are Terminator armors but since they are the best armor pretty much humanity have i can imagine that a greed inquisitor want a heavily modified version.
TDA doesn't use the black carapace as an interface if I recall, so an ordinary human could use it fine as long as they got it modified to fit them.

Most "human" power armor is much slimmer than smaller than astartes armor anyway, since it doesn't have all the support systems, sensors, and other stuff space marine suits have.

>> No.54590127

Well i am pretty sure the Inquisitor terminator armor is it own pattern (like the normal +3 save power armor) itself made with especific controls like the power armors in other settings.

>> No.54590128

it has nothing to do with her reflexes. the suit's limbs are longer than hers. Her shins (or ankles) are where the suit's knee joints are.

don't be stupid, stupid.

>> No.54590132

You see anon. they can. I do not own Battle Wagons. I have a Toy Pirate bot with trakks and a deffrolla and a rough trader ear land raider all looted ane in the place of said vehicles. Works just as well.

>> No.54590144

Started with the indicis

>> No.54590147

>daemon prince is of one with wings

may be but this is still the deamon prince of papa nurgle, is wish he will be not unlike a great unclean one bloated and and girthy :^)

>> No.54590149

Well, obviously she's either curled up or her elbow is where the shoulder articulates.

>> No.54590152

Ridiculously new at this. Never painted before.
My still-on-the-sprue Primaris from the DI boxed set are looking up at me.
I rolled White Consuls.
Am I fucked?

>> No.54590153

Nah, you're just not using a proper reader. Seriously, the first time you open an epub in a reader designed for them is a "why wasn't I doing this the whole time" moment.

>> No.54590160

I doubt Pert has wings.

>> No.54590174

Better be a Green chapter or no paintarino

>> No.54590175

>buy loyalist
>paint pink
>put dicks and guitars on them
There you go anon

>> No.54590184

Pert just strapped a Stormhawk engine to his back

>> No.54590187

FW often seems to create this image of DP (see Mamon and Cor'bax) but if we look at GW's nurgle DP you can see that besides the distended stomach it's pretty much marine shaped. Besides that point Mortarion should not look like regular Nurgle stuff due to his despising nurgle.

>> No.54590194

How do I get good at Admech? I feel so slow compared to everyone else.

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>> No.54590203

Terminator armor is still being produced by Mars and a few select other forgeworlds.

A sufficiently wealthy inquisitor, whether male or female, could conceivably get a suit either custom made or adjusted to fit them.

>> No.54590204

Pert isn't going to get a model. Seriously hes so far down the list of primarchs we would get malcador the sigilite before we get a god damn pert.

>> No.54590215

play admech

>> No.54590217

>except fulgrim
the main four daemon princes all have wings

the other ones (pert, lorgar) have never been depicted, but I could see them going without wings

>> No.54590219

10 pls

>> No.54590223

Pls no space yiffs

>> No.54590226

And what magical reader is that? I've tried everything besides the one that is just a chrome plug-in as I don't use chrome. You can't even zoom in on an epub. Like pdfs are far from perfect, but epub is a huge step backwards.

>> No.54590228

That's about as green as it gets anon. If you aren't confident with the fire, just do orange sort of stripes/rims in the areas with the fire, then later you can paint the fire around that easily and that bit can look like the "base" of the flame.

>> No.54590231

Gee, I wonder if it could be true...

>> No.54590234

>magnus the red
>is blue
Epic was a mistake.

>> No.54590240


>> No.54590244


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>> No.54590252

gee this blows

>> No.54590253

>or her elbow is where the shoulder articulates.

>could conceivably get a suit either custom made or adjusted to fit them.
Then it should fit them and not be like the comic.

>> No.54590255

Thanks, I based it on this.

>> No.54590256

fuck me, alright i gotta practice fire anyway for my Orks

>> No.54590258

>my face when no one in this thread has the epub for the SM codex

>> No.54590259

Well, I guess Magnus is still a blueballed neckbeard then, and not a huge, muscular cyclops.
Old models are not necessarily indicators of future models.

>> No.54590262

Are you guys ready for your very own Gabriel Derpelos of the Blud Ravens?

>> No.54590265

"the red" refers to his red neckbeard

like blackbeard

>> No.54590267

>i've tried everything besides the one that actually works

>> No.54590268

>Am I fucked?
Nah as long as you can follow basic instructions. WarhammerTV has some guides up on painting white armour

>> No.54590273

Every epub reader i have tried has managed to make it slower to move from page to page than it is on PDF. Seriously how does anyone manage to do worse than PDF?

>> No.54590281

looks like Gary Busey.

>> No.54590287


>> No.54590291

>have to install malware to install a working epubreader
Thats suss as fuck.

>> No.54590294

We're never gonna see daemon Pert or daemon Lorgar, are we?

>> No.54590300

>feathered wings
anyways we already have modern depictions of daemon fulgrim, daemon angron and daemon mortarion, so we know they all have wings

>> No.54590304

I use Readium, which you certainly can zoom with.

To be clear, I don't own stocks in epub readers or anything, it's just I see people getting frustrated with the lack of leaks in PDF and it seems so unnecessary. Only trying to help, basically.

>> No.54590309

>Then it should fit them and not be like the comic.
comic artists having no idea how human proportions or anatomy work? wow that's never happened before

>> No.54590315


>> No.54590317

But that beard is clearly orange

>> No.54590320

Dude in the back right

I just finished iZombie on Netflix, that dude's a zombie

>> No.54590324

>mf as I keep painting my ark dangles

>> No.54590329

>I'm going to download and use a google product

>> No.54590332

I thought he grew to obliterator size?

>> No.54590334

I have it on very good authority that Blackbeard didn't have a black beard either.

>> No.54590335

The problem with the Epub is they have a lot of sub-variations formats and some readers are bad a reading the differents formats. Use Radium i don't use Chrome but it works.

>> No.54590336

"red hair" usually is

>> No.54590343

t-t-this isn't an edit ?

>> No.54590345

Obliterator Pert when?
It's just a different head to put on the regular obliterators.Even uglier than the regular heads

>> No.54590346

readium is the chrome addon, I'm not installing chrome

>> No.54590347


What chapter tactics do Blood Ravens use? It suggests for successor chapters use the rules for the founding chapter except different special character/warlord traits where applicable. So what do you do about a successor chapter whose progenitor legion are heretics with weird units and are probably going to get their own codex?

>> No.54590349

Nope go look up rob liefield feet

>> No.54590350

comparing liefeld to common comic book artist is a plebeian mistake.

also, it wasn't the artist's decision to sit her in space marine terminator armor. that was an order passed down from GW, and it was stupid.

>> No.54590353

Now that mortarion is about to be released in the next month, what loyal primarch will be the next one to be breathed to life as a mini

my bets are on vulkan

>> No.54590354

Are the 'enchanced' digital codice good?

>> No.54590355

You could use one of the degoogled chrome forks

>> No.54590363


>> No.54590367

That man has never seen another human being in his life.

>> No.54590373

They've teased homo poet reference man with several rumour engines, either luther is going to redeem himself and all the fallen are going to become lion themed minis in some massive dark angel release or he's coming back.

>> No.54590374

>Not Lion
They even had a focus on the Fallen in the recent fluff, come on.

>> No.54590382

the second most sexy one, the Lion

>> No.54590386


They venerate all of the First Founding loyalists, so they are familiar with all of their chapter tactics.

>> No.54590388

>the second most sexy one,
Well Sangy is kill, so first sexy

>> No.54590389

Well okay.

Out of interest, what PDF reader do you use? Just to see if I'm missing out, for all my evangelising.

>> No.54590390


Daemon Lorgar would be great, I would buy it. But what are the Word Bearers doing right now? They were with Kharn when he pillaged that forge world for Abaddon in Traitor's Hate but I thought they hated Guilliman, I would think they would be helping Mortarion at Ultramar.

>> No.54590395

You mean they stole all their chapter tactics?

>> No.54590396


>> No.54590398

You are nuts if you think GW will release him before Lion or Russ. The only Primarchs less likely to get a release are Khan and Corax.
They'd probably release Sanguinius before they release one of the primarchs nobody gives a shit about.

>> No.54590399

It is well known that Black beard was in fact a black African man born close to Moroco.

>> No.54590401

>rob liefield feet
>this man gets paid for this

>> No.54590407



>> No.54590414

It's on purpose. He's from the Death Spectre chapter.

hence the pale unhealthy appearance, and the pink eyes like an albino rat.

>> No.54590415


>> No.54590417

On this day did a glorious conqueror of scanning return!

>> No.54590419


>> No.54590421


>space marines get ObSec and nobody else does


>> No.54590430

The next primarch to be released will be probably Lion.
I want Dorn

>> No.54590431

Where the fuck is my Kaptainn Bluudflag

>> No.54590432


>> No.54590434

He lives forever in my heart

>> No.54590439


Weirdly I'd probably be in a rush to release Khan and Corax if I was in charge: They cover the jump and bike niches, which are way more intetesting than other Primarchs from a gameplay perspective.

>> No.54590440

acrobat, although I've never had a problem reading a pdf no matter what reader I'm using.

>> No.54590443


Those are they guys who attempt ritual suicide and pull themselves back from the brink of death through willpower, as part of their training, right?

>> No.54590446


>> No.54590448


>> No.54590453

>Stratagem that spends CP to alter a unit before battle
Woah, i thought stratagems like this would not exist. This has a lot of potential.

>> No.54590458

>bitterness intensifies

>> No.54590463


>> No.54590467

So with Primarchs being like 12 fucking feet tall, how did they ever get around anywhere?

They'd have to crawl around on their knees in all the ships and vehicles, and lay down and sillysnake through doorways etc.

>> No.54590475


>> No.54590484

>wisdom of the ancients

>> No.54590485

>Capatin, we have secured the objective!
>there's still 60 orks next to you, that is not secured!
>The Codex Astartes says...

>> No.54590488


That didn't take long.

>> No.54590491

The cone people head completely ruins it. I hope the sculptor was fired

>> No.54590494

>gosh danggit Bobby, really?
>primaris space marines, a xenos wife?
>you ain't right boy I tell you what, here I am trying to keep humanity safe from daemons and you're out there just smoking pot with one of them slaneeshi types

>> No.54590497


>> No.54590507


>> No.54590510

Yeah yeah, I had to go to my downstairs PC to the scanner and then send them up via skype and the stupid system blahblahblah. You still get info, bully.


>> No.54590520

Isn't it canon Eldar won retribution?
If so he's dead.

>> No.54590523

be jolly anon.

>> No.54590530

>that Bolter Drill

No fuck you

>> No.54590531

So what's the consensus on Codex: Everything Boring about 40k?

>> No.54590532


>> No.54590535

Thousand sons

>> No.54590538

why would they make a sanginuis primarch for 8th? he's dead.

zombie sanguinius?

>> No.54590546


>> No.54590547


Ah, so after setting my Dread army as Wolves to access Bjorn, turns out I can't use generic stratagems anyhow.


>> No.54590549

>Can use any other chapters relics

>> No.54590559


that's what I'm saying, thousand sons are getting their own codex

>> No.54590563

I just realised I have 13, so... 11/13.

>> No.54590567

Nah m8 they'll find his soul and reanimate him

Also Ferrus Manus is Burning Legion now

>> No.54590568

How else would Rohan have gotten Taldeer's soulstone?

>> No.54590582


>> No.54590594

He looks so hopefull
>Gee, maye this world aint so grim dark afterall

>> No.54590595

You mean legion of the damned

>> No.54590604

What tactics/strategems/relics are you most excited for, homo?

>> No.54590607


There, should be it.

>> No.54590613

Thanks anon

>> No.54590617


>Inceptors 60 points per model or 64 with plasma

Huh, I was told they had gotten 15 points per model cheaper. Was that a lie? I thought they cost about 55 points per model before.

>> No.54590622

Is it clarified on the datasheet what, for example, a sergeant weapon is? In the index it just says the sergeant can take a sergeant weapon, which is a bit...vague.

>> No.54590625

Where's Silver Chariot?

>> No.54590633

>Burning Legion
Wew, I dont even play WoW anymore

>> No.54590634

Ta pet.

>> No.54590644

>space fags get objective secured

Hahaha, horde armies btfo

>> No.54590645

No dataslates?

>> No.54590650

Spess mehrins ending is canon. It's stated in DoW3 that Diomedes defeated Kyras. Seems like Rohan just sneakilly stole the stone from under their noses.

>> No.54590661

Filthy Chaos-lover detected.

>> No.54590666

50% cute
30% comical relief
20% complete fucking psycho
100% best sidekick

>> No.54590671


>> No.54590672


>6 inch move models with Obsec

Did you even play last edition? It was the transports and bikes with it that had any impact.

>> No.54590678

They used to be 45 pts base, now they're 30. Assault bolters stayed 15 pts each.

>> No.54590680

You're welcome. The entire rules section was 75 pages.

>The Space Marine Sergeant may replace his Bolt Pistol and Boltgun with items from the Sergeants Equipment list

That's what it says for Tactical Squads. However, the Intercessor Sergeant may take a power sword.

Honestly if I had the will power I'd do the whole thing, but not atm.

No because they've already been seen and it's 62 pages worth and that'd take ages.

>> No.54590684

Is Chaos+Xenos's ceiling on the campaign 60/40?

>> No.54590687

Don't you need more than the 20 dudes Vect has after Yvraine took the rest to her wedding ceremony with Big G the Bob?

>> No.54590690

rollin' for the emperor

>> No.54590696

Do you have the warlord traits?

>> No.54590705

That's a hot manga desu.

>> No.54590707


>> No.54590714


Oh okay.

Well, they have about the same profile a crisis suit had last edition but with lower rate of fire, better AP, no JSJ but T5 so... Probably fairly priced.

>> No.54590715

See >>54590510 I posted them already.

>> No.54590725

Do you have eyes?

>> No.54590738

Anyone got the leak of the Reiver rules with the grav-chute and grappling-hook rules? I seem to have misplaced mine.

>> No.54590752

>iron resolve is a direct upgrade from the one in the brb
jeez gw

>> No.54590755

So apparently the Tech-Priests who designed the Redemptor did so viewing the marine inside as a part than can be replaced, and Redemptor Dreadnoughts burn out their occupants.
Why would any chapter put their heroes into one of these things? I'd think most chapters would just chuck regular joe-shmoes in there, assuming they don't find the whole concept revolting from the start and reject them.

>> No.54590767

This is what they do.

>> No.54590769

Emperor bless you, Provider

>> No.54590772

Build a Chaos Lord for my Berserkers, any suggestions for a name?

>> No.54590783

What who do?

>> No.54590787

>mfw Deathskullz will get Clan rule that allows them to field a single non troop model with ORK DEATHSKULLS keyword

>> No.54590793

>>54590666 >>54590705

>> No.54590796

Skullcrusher mcbloodybloodblood

>> No.54590797

Red Scorpions or Mantis Warriors go!

>> No.54590807

Rock formation looks like a longboard...

>> No.54590811

Sir Paddington Berr.

>> No.54590813

>Needing someone to point them at skulls

His name shall be Capt Obvious-o

>> No.54590817

Dont forget the Red Button, reduced BS, REduced Movement, reduced save, reduced toughness, reduced wounds, and only a Killkannon option

>> No.54590818

The imperium's sword is legendary fighter with rerolling
Iron resolve is tennacios and +1W
Rites of War is Inspiring leader but auto-pass instead of +1 L

All the rulebook ones have a straight upgrade.

>> No.54590819

Fucking off by one.
Scorpions it is.

>> No.54590820


Jean Jaques Saint-Claude.

>> No.54590837

Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life, I think

>> No.54590839

Aaand right on target.
Mantis Warriors it is.

>> No.54590846

Thanks anon, here's to hoping this is a sign of a general to come

>> No.54590847

My primaris chapter won't field them because of this even though I want to

>> No.54590850

still would take that

>> No.54590868

I can't see any reason to use the shatterfield missile over the necrotoxin one, am I just dumb?

>> No.54590880


Most dreadnoughts typically do not have a long lifespan from time of battlefield activation. The number of dreadnoughts from the GC era being reduced to relic status attests to this. It makes sense in the context of the current era since you will only ever want to deploy Redemptors when you need something smashed right the fuck now.

>> No.54590885

Depends on what you're trying to down.
Against vehicles shatterfield erryday

>> No.54590886

>I'd think most chapters would just chuck regular joe-shmoes
Not a bad idea to be honest. If they're at a state of dreadnoughting, they're basically dead anyway. Why not give them a time-extension?

>> No.54590890

You know you can... not glue that ?
Youtube has unboxing from 2 freaking weeks ago

>> No.54590897

>You know you can... not glue that ?
Not what he is talking about

>> No.54590898

When you want to shoot vehicles.

Although didn't the Toxin missiles get FAQ'd to d6 shots? Or am I remembering that wrong...

>> No.54590906

>successfully magnetized fire warrior's head and the weapon-holding arm so I can use them as breachers
>just noticed that the shoulder pads are meant to be glued on the non-weapon arm
Fuck, being autistic is not easy. I will probably stick with Strike Team backpacks but will glue the breachers team shoulder pads - they look so much better

>> No.54590915

I meant I won't be fielding them because of the lore. I like the hips and ass. Pregnout is hot.

>> No.54590916

I really like that, a nice simple conversion.

>Barry the berzerker, remover of skulls, sculler of blood.

>> No.54590926

C'mon, don't be a pussy. Any true hero would not hesitate to burn his life in a glorious pyre as long as he could use that conflagration to light the darkness encroaching on humanity.

>> No.54590938

Well apparently it's bad enough that Redemptors have already killed their own occupants. Unless they retcon something, unlike the others, you won't have 1000+ year old Redemptors running around. I'm not sure where you got the short lifespan idea from, as I struggle to think of a Dreadnought character in fluff who wasn't portrayed as being centuries and more likely millennia in age.

>> No.54590942


>> No.54590954

I hope they give wych weapons a once over, because as it stand Hydras are the only thing worth taking.

>Hydra Gauntlets - reroll failed wounds
As a S3 unit, this is obvious very strong

>Razorflails - reroll 1s to hit
Completely redundant because the succubus does the same thing

>Shardnet and Impailer - D2 and no bonus attack
This one straight up confuses me. For starters, it's fucking garbage. I can't think of a single time where I'd rather my wyches doing 2 damage instead of an extra attack. Second, according to the Succubus entry, a lone Impailer has the same stats as the SN+I, which leads me to believe it was a shitty copy and paste.

Personally, I think the razorflails should have AP -2/3 instead of -1, possibly an extra extra attack (+2 instead of +1) instead because I think Hydras still pull ahead with -2Ap.

I think the Impailer should keep the same profile, but give the extra attack and make the Shardnet give a -1 to the opponent's roll when they try to fallback per net.


>> No.54590963

These dreads are the exact opposite of the new Plague marine models ; the more I see of them, the less I like them.

>> No.54590965


Because he is correct. It was errata'd to d6 shots

>> No.54590968

Barry the Blood-Surfer it shall be.

>> No.54590982

>space marines don't know the spirit of true sacrifice

>> No.54590986


>> No.54590988


>> No.54590997


>> No.54591002

So what paints do I need bare minimum to paint a squad of 30k Imperial Fists?

I'd ask /wip/ but it died as did the 30k general.

>> No.54591005

hell, they could just chuck serfs in there

>> No.54591009


They're Leviathan-lites. Of course you won't like seeing them.

>> No.54591011

The Plague Marines look fantastic once you remove some spikes.

>> No.54591014

Except they're bigger.

>> No.54591019

He guys I am painting my first Space Marines. Is it heresy to paint my marines as Black Templars without the upgrade kit?

>> No.54591021

Still the best artwork of a World Eater there shall ever be.

This pic alone tempts me to start a proper WE army every time I see it.

>> No.54591032


one is killing infantery, the other destroys vehicles/monsters.

>> No.54591036

Tiger/Panzer IV when?

>> No.54591040

>thinking being stuck in a regular dreadnought isn't true sacrifice
serving even in death, until they die again

>> No.54591047

>not giving money to GW for something you can achieve with paint
Extra heretical.

>> No.54591051

Templars or NOTHING

>> No.54591057

I'd rather see a Redemptor on the other side of the field than a Leviathan. Because unlike the Leviathan, a Redemptor will have no save against my anti-tank weapons and also doesn't really have a ranged weapon that can threaten my vehicle-busting vehicles.

>> No.54591062

Of course not.
The kit is really nice though.

>> No.54591065


>> No.54591066

No, of course not

>> No.54591075

I got... Sable Swords? Who the hell are they?

Nice paintscheme though...

>> No.54591080

>Dieing a second time quicker just because some toaster humper decided to cut corners on the life support
>Sacrifice of self for greater things

Pick one.

>> No.54591086

Time to pick what to paint a small Primais detatchment as

>> No.54591091

>guy finally uploads rules for us
>barely anything

>guy posts a roll picture
>(you)'s galore

such is the life for scanfags, cucks for giving poorfags what they want.

>> No.54591094

He's such a beautiful butterfly

>> No.54591101


>> No.54591108


>> No.54591114

>>guy finally uploads rules for us
>>barely anything
Everything he posted was already available AND he tripfagged.

>> No.54591122


>> No.54591123


>> No.54591138


>> No.54591144

Literraly not. No one gave us the points and its literraly the only thing that matters

>> No.54591148

no it isn't and he tripfagged so you could follow it, is he still posting with it? no, he isn't. if it was all available, why are people asking for scans then? the dataslates are all done, who cares about fluff and if the stuff he did is done, why do people want? why did >>54589868 say what he did?

either way, as i said, cuck.

>> No.54591155

>complaining about 4chan roll culture
Wew lad that was half of /bant/
How many termagaunts can a tervigon spawn if I have no gaunts in my army, just 10 until that 10 is wiped out.
If I give termagaunts toxin sacs and andrenal glands will they respawn with these
If a unit of 30 termsgaunrs dies, can my tervigon respawn 30 over the period of three turns

>> No.54591159

So, what shall we do with that ignorant faggot?

>> No.54591160

>I have never fired plasma

>> No.54591163


>> No.54591168

Where is it available? Link please.

>moaning about tripfags when he used it correctly

Ah, one of you new people.

>> No.54591179

>forgetting vechiles used to be immune to plasma explosions which is why we wanted walkers to exist otherwise my dreadnought could explode

>> No.54591187

Yeah but /bant/ is just /trash/ with flags.

>> No.54591189

>he used it correctly

Are you fucks serious?
It's on reddit

>> No.54591206

Make him buy me Orks

>> No.54591207

This is what I want from the new berserker kit, people chaining themselves to their weapons
>tripfagging is always bad
Ever played chapter master beta fag

>> No.54591213

but anon that was one of the main draws of playing orks

>> No.54591219

>Ever played chapter master
Duke used one correctly.
This is just a simple rules dump, trips are unneeded.

>> No.54591243

Anyone know if DoW2 paint schemes had models painted for them to show how they're actually like and not just in game
>more easily followed
>don't open joke images
>easily searchable in archives
Yeah no idea why people would use them

>> No.54591247

Yes he did use it correctly. He didn't use it as a username, he isn't posting with it still. If you hate that the option exists, go and cry on /qa/.


oh that explains it so much, lol, no wonder. But go on then, send us the link.

He made 13 posts with it and took it off, if you think that's bad when it allows people to follow what is rules and what isn't, then you're just shitposting. Still waiting on that download link.

>> No.54591260

>my marines who weren't in dreads or piloting a razorback have never fired a plasma gun

>> No.54591277

So what prevents me from using the stratagem for relics twice to get +2 relics for 2cp instead of paying 3?

>> No.54591280

>What is Archive Searching
>What is not opening unrelated images
>What is CTRL+F finding it in a thread

Etc. You're an idiot. If he was still posting with it, you'd be right, but I've literally NEVER seen him post before today so he doesn't use it regularly AND he's no longer posting with it. Go to >>>/qa/ and demand it's removed, how is Duke shilling his game 'correctly'? Bet you think Tsundre Developer is OK.

>> No.54591297

I usually love helping with names, but you are a filthy bloodfag.
Next time pick a better God or go undivided like a patrician.

>> No.54591309

>guy uses trip code for 13 posts to stop SCAN WHERE posts
>spend 50 posts complaining about it
Just nuke /tg desu

>> No.54591313

>if i don't get the best stuff evar it's not sacrifice
sheesh i wonder why anyone even fights
they're just dying cause some toaster humper couldn't be bothered to give them an emperor class titan

>> No.54591316

Why does the pre and post Heresy Imperium want to genocide the fuck out of all alien xenos and how do they justify it? Can i please get a non-meme explanation.

>> No.54591319

This guy seems to have gotten the double codex release on one day right. Off by a week...
Hm, maybe the schedule got pushed up and he had old info?

Validity remains to be seen, but I wanna believe

>> No.54591330

>better god
>implying us chaosfags don't just come around circle to the idea that Khorne is the best god with the best models sans metal Ahriman

>> No.54591332

humanity was largely destroyed or enslaved by alien races during the age of strife

>> No.54591338

Unpainted miniatures do not deserve a name

>> No.54591341

Ive seen the name before, not sure if the trip is the same, he was dumping stuff then too. Hes a good poster.

>> No.54591343

strategems can only be used once each fase
this happens before the battle, so i guess that counts as a fase

>> No.54591355

I think you can only use a Strategium once per phase and Game Setup Phase means you can only use it once. So you need to spend 3CP for 2, you can't use it twice in one phase and it says Before Game, which is Game Setup Phase.

>> No.54591361

Upload your space marine codex epub you filthy buyers!!!

>> No.54591366

They're basically nazi. Humanity is the superior race and should rule the galaxy, anyone that could interfere should be destroyed.

>> No.54591372

>Necrons this year
Don't play with my heartstrings, anon

>> No.54591374

Kharn shits fury over Azrael this edition, right?

>> No.54591376


>> No.54591377

Easier to unite humanity than aliens
Aliens means even more planning e.g. How do they use lasguns with their hooked penis and claws
Because people would complain imperium had an easy win, screencap this CODEX DEATHGUARD IS LAST WEEK OF CAMPAIGN WITH MORTARION IN IT, that's different to my previous idea it would be just Mortarion, but chaos and GK have been shifted so why not

>> No.54591384

when you kill ants in your house what is your justification?

>> No.54591388

I just checked archive and it looks like he's used the same password as another person, because it matches them. I think I've seen him before and he had a different code but he disappeared like 3 years ago.

>> No.54591399

This, give him a name depending upon who he kills in battle

>> No.54591402

Pretty much what >>54591332 said.

The Emperor did not appreciate alien races fucking over humankind pretty much nonstop before he revealed himself plus xenocide is pretty much a perpetual cassus belli on the galaxy.

>> No.54591410

Nope. The rule specifically says that such stratagems are not affected by the limitation.

>> No.54591426

manifest space destiny

>> No.54591441

I mean, why bother? Its not really worth it anyway.

>> No.54591442

Except for all those countless planets which still made them the most populous species in the galay barring maybe Orks and saw the Imperium become in a few centuries the biggest empire in the galaxy without any massive repopulation programs but just by finding more humans, not to mention all the numerous major powerful human star nations encountered enslaved by no aliens.

>> No.54591443


Here's what I'm gonna do for my homebrew chapter:

They have 1 Redemptor. And it's only used in the most dire of circumstances. it's not for prolonging or honoring heroes. It's used as a great sacrifice, the marine who goes in is a hero for doing so.

>> No.54591452

>Because people would complain imperium had an easy win

I doubt people expected otherwise


Assuming AM is admech, a combined release makes sense given FoC is coming out... Someday, and you might wanna release their codices together

>> No.54591455

True, just seems stupid.

>> No.54591457

In Great Crusade, the Emperor said he wanted to make all dangerous xeno's powerless. He did not say he wanted to eradicate them, but to make them unable to threaten humanity. This, post HH, got turned to KILL THEM ALL and the reason was obvious, most xenos were dangerous.

>> No.54591469

>Assuming AM is admech

>> No.54591478

>given FoC is coming out
This is a given? ;_;

>> No.54591499

I wonder why the upped centurion devastators, they weren't even good.

>> No.54591507

How many termagaunts can a tervigon spawn if I have no gaunts in my army, just 10 until that 10 is wiped out.
If I give termagaunts toxin sacs and andrenal glands will they respawn with these
If a unit of 30 termsgaunrs dies, can my tervigon respawn 30 over the period of three turns
Surely we have some nid players here
Fall of cadia is already out anon

>> No.54591528

Apparently nothing. Probably only until the next FAQ

>> No.54591537

>thinking gw cares about Astra Militarum
Hey, remember that time GW did a big event that focused on Cadia, the focal point of the Guard model line, without releasing any new guard miniatures?

>> No.54591546

>Digging through hot naked Cockslayers to get to the Flamebelcha

>> No.54591554

He's just a shitty moth

>> No.54591571

Wyches in general are pretty bad this ed.

I agree though, their weapon choices are horrible. At least give shardnet and impaler -2/-3 AP or something similar so it has SOME use hunting termies or something.

>> No.54591596

The what?
>back in 5th ed Beast of War said Wcyhes were the best, whilst Sustainable centre said they were the worst
Which good youtubers are still around
Also fuck unitlost for covering warhammer for like a year then selling out to overwatch

>> No.54591598

A question to fellow IG/AM players:
Are non-ratling sniper units, such as special weapons squads (at least somewhat) viable?

I was thinking about adding a unit of snipers to my army (mostly because metal sniper models look dope af), but I don't want to use ratlings (altough I might have to, in the end, as they ARE pretty fucking good this edition).

>> No.54591601

A shitty moth who sold his soul for good rules for his sons rather than fluff power. Draigo autographed his heart but morty gets the last laugh. Plague marines are always a solid choice every edition. I don't even like nurgle.

>> No.54591604


Don't be gay!

>> No.54591607

Proxy my dude.

>> No.54591618

>don't be gay

>> No.54591621

Daddy needs a new pair of bowlin' shoes!

>> No.54591623

so what faction(s) is/are the most threatening in the long run, necrons, chaos, orks, or tyranids?

>> No.54591631

It can spawn a new unit of 10 each turn, but you need to have reinforcement points to field them.
Sacs and glands are wargear now, and tervigon spawns gaunts armed with fleshborers only so no.
Tervigon can't bring the unit above its initial size, so if a unit of 30 dies completely, you can't add anything to it and can only spawn a new unit of 10 (if you have enough reinforcement points), to which you can't add more.

>> No.54591637

chaos. Because

>> No.54591638


Derail incoming

>> No.54591639

Chaos, cause they've already won the setting 10k years ago.

>> No.54591641

special weapon squads have somewhat been subsumed by stormtrooper squads, but they can be viable

But that's because plasma guns are good. I don't think they'd be too hot as snipers.

>> No.54591654

is this not a good question to ask? I can make a separate thread but I figured i'd ask in the 40k general.

>> No.54591667

but what will Chaos do if all life is eaten by tyranids or killed by necrons? Won't they have no souls to steal and no cults to power the daemons.

>> No.54591672

it's fine to ask but it'll dredge up the autists with the
>NPC race
basically the Chaos players and Carnac

>> No.54591679

We talking about in lore or on the table?

>> No.54591687

Nids can't do shit if the entire galaxy is in the Warp, which is the ultimate goal of Chaos.

>> No.54591688


At this point they don't care and just want to have some fun.

>> No.54591691

Not sure really worth giving a SWS snipers, you've paid of the dudes and may as well hand them meltas. Good snipers are pretty much limited to ratlings and possibly Skitarii Arquebi of your opponents like their heavier characters.

You could always make some Guardsmen in low/crouching poses with smoke grenades and camo cloaks as well as snipers and use those as ratlings.

>> No.54591702


I wish GW made a good dragon kit. This one isn't bad, but it lacks wings.

>> No.54591716


Depends on how they wake up, how many wake up etc... As well as the Void Dragon

Will always be a pain unless someone develops a special Ork super deleter

Keeps developing and getting new shit, hates orks so they'd probably asspull said ork super deleter even if it took 1000 years
Or if they get their star killer off the ground and start deleting stars randomly

Depends on how much you buy into the main fleet thing really

I'll leave that to BL cringe

>> No.54591720


>> No.54591729


>> No.54591731

Imagine if the Stardrake kit had an option for extended wings.

>> No.54591743

It's bait of the highest order that has been discussed ad nauseum.

>> No.54591746

Sorry I was gonna share some of the new codex but actual work stuff came up. Here's some random fluff I grabbed.

>> No.54591760

just glue wings on it?

>> No.54591770


Gotcha, then let's make it more interesting. Which of these is worse for the Imperium?

The main tyranid fleet arrives

All Necrons Wake up

The Orks finally unite into a super WAAAGH

I'm not even going to put "entire galaxy is absorbed into eye of terror" because obviously you can't get much worse than that.

>> No.54591774


Hmm, not too bad but distinctly a chaos dragon rather than just a no frills dragon kit, which a goddamn fantasy miniatures company really should produce.


I said a good dragon.

>> No.54591775

So, fucking around with a list. Nothing serious, just some Konor-ing with minis I like.

Battalion Detachment (1000 points):

>Primaris Librarian
>Force Sword
>Relic: Tome of Malcador
= 105 points

>Primaris Lieutenant
>Power Sword
= 74 points

>6 Intercessors
>Power Sword
= 124 points

>6 Intercessors
>Power Sword
= 124 points

>5 Custodian Guard
>3 Guardian Spears
>2 Sentinel Blades
>2 Storm Shields
= 264 points

>5 Reivers
>5 Combat Blades
= 90 points

>2 Honour Guard
>2 Power Swords
= 50 points

>5 Hellblasters
>5 Plasma Incinerators
= 165 points

All in all: 996 points

Fluffed as Thousand Chads. The reason I'm using the Custodes is because a) I love those models and b) they give me an excuse not to use Chapter Tactics so I can avoid being That Guy

>> No.54591777

We knew this ages ago. We still don't know what the organs ARE though, did it say that?

>> No.54591786

Has the sangprimus portum been mentioned before or is that new?

>> No.54591787

Are Alpha Legion a meme?

>> No.54591790

>Two Service Studs

They might as well have just Tomb Kinged the entire Space Marine line.

>> No.54591797

You're going from paying 7ppm to effectively 10 since only one guy gets a sniper, and lose bs3+ infiltrate and shoot and scoot, you gain being a little harder to kill. Unless you want to run hundreds of the fuckers it's going to be such a small part of your list that an army that was viable will remain so, but the sniper parts will be worse. If you really want to avoid ratlings in any way, you're probably better off with sniper command squads for 8ppm and bs3+ than SWS snipers, even if you need a bunch of lieutenants to get them.

>> No.54591816


>> No.54591817

Wow, it finally has a face. I still remember when the Khorne Dragon's head was just a big ugly spiky ball. Apparently ridiculing a Work in Progress does help.

>> No.54591818

This Ork pict has terrible colour balance. He looks yellow.

>> No.54591824

>The Orks finally unite into a super WAAAGH
IMO this actually trumps the rest. Orks are meme tier because this never really happens. Even Ghaz didn't unite all of them. Maybe Black library has ruined this though, I never read the beast arises or that shit.

>> No.54591847

what did Alpharius mean by this?

>> No.54591849

I'm thinking of painting up a "good guy" chapter. Which one should I go for?

>Salamanders: 1st Founding chapter. Good chance we'll see Vulkan in the coming years, but not a huge fan of the dark green. I'll probably try for a more yellowish/dull green tone.

>Celestial Lions: Cool paint scheme but I'm afraid the army will be too shiny when together. Has anyone tried a darker paint scheme with these guys (thinking like Sisters of Silence "gold")?

>Lamenters: Probably my favorite lore-wise but I don't care for Blood Angels and checkers are annoying to paint en mass.

>> No.54591857

>What are the 12 fucking tomes of the beast arises

>> No.54591866


>> No.54591867

Really, reserve points, i thought it was only summoning they needed
Is it in the rulebook FAQ?

>> No.54591870

>t. Alpharius
t. Omegon

>> No.54591878

There's a bit with the three new organs, steel coil muscles, amplifier, and super saiyan adreno mode. If I start taking photos of a codex though I'm gonna look like an idiot on the news so gimme a bit.

Gill added lts to everyone apparently. I like the iron hands ones as naysmiths.

>> No.54591884


This. The entire series is a mistake.

>> No.54591890

Rollin in dough

>> No.54591895

There are rumored Salamander chapters and newly made Primaris one. Just paint them them the color you like the most, give them dragons emblems and pelts and flamers and u gucci.

>> No.54591897

Going by the last few threads there are a whole bunch of people doing primaris Celestial Lions now, if that's any help.

>> No.54591902

>Rollin in dough
Yes, FW is. Yours ha!

>> No.54591904


Main fleet varies so much depending on whether you want to make it stupidly big
>leviathan squared plus a bazillion!

>> No.54591919

>t. Alpharius
t. Alpharius

>> No.54591924

>best books about 40k

Then it tells more about the setting has a whole faggot

>> No.54591927

Basically, if you point at a depleted unit and add 10 models to it, then it's free. If you point at empty space on the board and place 10 models there as a new unit, that's summoning and you must pay for it accordingly. Which is why every Tyranid player has that 30-strong blob of Termagants they can reinforce without having to pay points for it.

>> No.54591932


>Even more Space Sharks
I swear FW hacked this site since last week or did some magical nonsense

>> No.54591933

Y-you too

>> No.54591936


Yea. It needs SOMETHING. I'd say give it mortal wound potential on infantry, but the game needs fewer mortal wounds, not more.

>> No.54591940

>t. Alpharius
t. Dorn

>> No.54591941

>best books about 40k

>> No.54591943

I mean, I don't dislike the Lieutnants as such, but marines had a perfectly working system before, where the captain took a demi-company and the chaplain led the other half of the company.

>> No.54591950

If its not from the orks perspective why read it?

Give me the rundown then.

>> No.54591954

It is well known that Blackbeard was actually a sentient beard that would bond to various host criminals.

>> No.54591976

Yes, the house-sized orks were surely a brilliant idea.

>> No.54591980

>The grethchin have just charged
Who wins?

>> No.54591985

Liefeld has a career due to two traits:
1)Getting his work done on time
2)Not being a complete asshole to his coworkers.
Never underestimate the power of these qualities, ESPECIALLY when the world of webcomics gives a plethora of examples of ridiculous primadonnas who go months between updates while warring on twitter with their own fans.

>> No.54591988

Best books about 40k goes to Dark Heresy 2 and all supplements, you grot

>> No.54591992

>incomprehnsible rambling
>awful taste
Everything checks out.

>> No.54592018

Alright, now that CSM Codex is about to be released, what bonuses do you expect for non TS/DG legions?

>WE: +3"
>EC: Always fight first
>NL/WB: Useless ld minus/buff

>> No.54592019

Nice, but if my unit of 30 had adrenal glands, would the respawned ones still have adrenal glands, or do I assume they don't, breaking unit cohesion in some cases

>> No.54592031

>Dorn's fate is to get fisted by mooks on a chaos cruiser

t. Perturabo

>> No.54592035

Nah, it's in the rulebook itself. It says you need reinforcement points for any ability that allows you to add a new unit, summoning is just an example.

>> No.54592038

How's this for an Alpha Legion successor Primaris 1k army?

>Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines) [52 PL, 983pts]

+ HQ +

Primaris Lieutenants [10 PL, 148pts]
. Primaris Lieutenant: Power sword
. Primaris Lieutenant: Power sword

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 204pts]: 2x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
. 9x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power sword

Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 204pts]: 2x Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
. 9x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power sword

+ Elites +

Primaris Apothecary [4 PL, 68pts]: The Crusader's Helm

Reiver Squad [10 PL, 182pts]: Bolt Carbine, Grav Chutes, 9x Reiver, Reiver Sergeant

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [8 PL, 177pts]: Assault Plasma Incinerator
. 4x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Plasma pistol

++ Total: [52 PL, 983pts] ++

>> No.54592039

Full meme.

>> No.54592053

Has he done anything
Thanks anon

>> No.54592057

no idea, these orks are fucked though

>> No.54592068

*thanks anon, read it before but thought daemons was the only example they gave
Well at least it can consistently birth gaunts now rather than three on the first turn

>> No.54592072

oooh they're all so good
salamanders will get you the most support from fw
celestial lions are a pretty nice to paint and i like their colour scheme , you can always use a brown wash or even paint them in yellow if you are afraid of the metallic overpowering the mini
Lamentors are my favorite but ironically enough if you wanna play them you get dicked over the hardest
>they're yellow
>their crest is detailed
>they're BA successors which means BA codex , which means BA exclusive units which means having to deal with all those BA crests all over your minis

if you're up for all the trouble lamentors bring with them go for lamentors
if you don't mind no exclusive characters/units/strategems celestial lions would be my choice , they're such nice guys

>> No.54592078

Glands are basically given per model, it's just a requirement to give them to all models in the unit when you're purchasing them when building a list.

>> No.54592079

>entire galaxy is absorbed into eye of terror
Technically, that's the 'win condition' for Chaos, rather then the trouble factor; like the difference between 'main fleet arrives' and 'tyranids eat all worlds'.
Could be argued that the Great Rift is this level of a threat for Chaos, but it looks like we're getting that half-and-half thing GW often does where this is simultaneously the worst thing ever but also no big deal.
Honestly, though, I'm not sure whose full mobilization would be worse between Orks, Nids, and Necrons.
Order is probably...
based on how likely they are to stay as a united force, but that's just a ballpark guess.

>> No.54592088

I didn't see any successors in the book

Only raven guard and ultramarines had primaris successors that I saw

>> No.54592093

You abandon your noble bright desire and muster the greatest color scheme to ever exist.

>> No.54592115

Apart from the dreadknight being a shitawful model I don't hate this. With the statline of a dreadknight a grandmaster should have enough beef to throw down with just about anything short of Girlyman.

>> No.54592120

*from fw and gw

>> No.54592124

It's a pile of bolter marines, I dunno.

I was thinking when the new kit (or maybe the SC) comes out it would be fun to have a more mobile squad with the assault bolter variant (auto-bolt riffles?)

>> No.54592142

Can somebody identify what the hells going on here, Turret and sponsons are metal.

>> No.54592144

>What chapter tactics do Blood Ravens use?

The Community Site recommends Imperial Fists. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/18/choosing-the-right-chapter-tactic-for-your-successorsgw-homepage-post-4/

>> No.54592149

Thoughts on the following list, I would give a power axe to the berserker seargeant but I don't have a model for that, and autists would sperg if I used kharn
>chaos lord
Power axe, plasma pistol, 81 points
>Khorne berserkers
+3, 3 plasma pistols, rhino with combi bolter, 8 chain axes, 228 points
Multi melta, fist, 135 points
9 Auto pistol and CCW, shotgun
Lord goes in rhino with berzekers, whilst cultists either provide cover for the rhino or the helbrute, helbrute busts other tanks or DELETES HQs by themselves

>> No.54592153

time to finish my Dreadknight conversion

>> No.54592154


>> No.54592167


One random bolterbitch recommends Imperial Fists, which makes no goddamn sense considering what the BRs are best known for.

>> No.54592168

Its a 2nd ed predator whats to know?

>> No.54592172

they're basically just renamed force commanders

as you said though, it's pretty arbitrary

>> No.54592173

Hello child you have found a 2nd ed model.

>> No.54592185

You obviously gift yourself whichever tactics you need anon.

>> No.54592192


>The Dark Angels Chapter!
>Deathwing Company!
>To the left! Overwatch!

This is some glorious shit

>> No.54592194

>Of course, this is just my opinion – if you picture your favourite Successors fighting differently, you’re welcome to use whichever Chapter Tactic suits.
good that they added that cause her opinion is trash

>> No.54592210

2nd edition half metal half plastic imperial predator
Sponsons are lascannons
Turret is lascannon if double barrel, autocannon if single
Search Deimos predators for it reimagined

>> No.54592218

Salamanders because there reroll is suposed to be because they have good equipment, so the Ravens probably aquired it. Or Ultrasmerfs because in the game you could just walk out of combat and they're as close as you get to 'the default chapter tactics' anyway.

>> No.54592224

Off trying to steal Greyfax's hat.
Less likely to get one of these before Gorgutz because of the latter's recurrence.

>> No.54592232

They were gifted those tactics after taking Dorn's thunder hammer

>> No.54592258

iirc Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs are also given. The respawned models are only required to pick Fleshborers as weapons, the other options are still assumed to apply to the whole unit.

Personally I think both options are a waste on Termagants, but whatever.

>> No.54592266


I want Minotaurs

>> No.54592279

Gimme Iron Fists!

>> No.54592280


>> No.54592298


>> No.54592301


>drop pod decapitation strike

>protects villages and settlements against numerically unfavorable odds

>favors small teams, subterfuge, and rapid assaults
Raven Guard

>deploys regular use of bionics and dreadnoughts
Iron Hands

>> No.54592303

>mfw Tau get lascannons

>> No.54592309


>> No.54592320

Alright, let's see

1) The second Aux Grenade Launcher is worthless. You can still only fire 1 grenade per unit, so either split the 2 10-man squads into 4 5-man squads (which would also let you play a Battalion detachment by using the Lieutenants as two seperate HQ units)

2) The Reivers, similarly, should be split into two units of 5, now that you have a Battalion detachment and thus up to 6 Elites slots

3) The Plasma Pistol on the Hellblaster Sergeant is worthless.

There, that's all the nitpicks I can offer. Correct those and this list seems fun enough.

>> No.54592328

>not charging your ranged units into the enemy flanks

>> No.54592337

Been FAQ'd, tervigon now spawn reinforcement with upgrades if the targeted unit has them. Still vanilla if new unit

>> No.54592346

Why release models for a planet they were blowing up?

>> No.54592350

>> No.54592353

How about making a new thread when the current one stops bumping shitheads?

>> No.54592364


make it urself shitter

>> No.54592369

If no one noticed, CSM and GK codex are going to be $40 (ten less than Vanilla Marines). Interesting.

>> No.54592383

now that I think of it the only thing they actually shouldn't use is Black Templars because of the whole psyker thing

>> No.54592389

half the pages

>> No.54592399

Cawl confirmed agent of tzeentch
>£25 for new rules already
If you bring an index on you should get 10%, but anything to suppourt the local store

>> No.54592401

Whoever uploads the new codex, let me tell you, I'll suck your dick.

>> No.54592412

>autists would sperg if I used kharn
I'd find it fucking rad if you used Kharn as a generic Berzerker Champion.

No, the Helbrute will do no deleting whatsoever. Any HQ important enough to protect will have a meatshield to chew through and the Multimelta is reeeeally iffy with its one shot that only hits on 4+ if you moved that turn

If you gave it a Twin Lascannon and a Power Scourge it would be useful, but you're clearly using the Dark Vengeance model, so you only have the shitty loadout to work with.

>> No.54592414

British or American?

>> No.54592415

>Apollo Diomedes is a renowned Blood Ravens veteran. He is the Captain of the Honor Guard and the former Captain of the 1st Company
>In Dawn of War 3, he is promoted to Chaplain.

Lol, "promoted"

>> No.54592420

There is 63 pages of dataslates alone in the Space Marine codex. 208 pages.

Not, actually. 40 less pages, for CSM's anyway.

>> No.54592439

I think he became a Chaplain to repent for how much of a dumb shit he was in DoW2.

But yeah, "promoted"

>> No.54592441

What do you need uploading? The rules have been posted, we know the dataslates, don't tell me you want fluff?

>> No.54592451

I suspect he is master of sanctity but Relic is too busy with salvaging dead game than writing story.

>> No.54592472

But I don't want your buck teeth anywhere near my dick, nerd.

>> No.54592485

>clearly dark vengeance
Well rused anon, also I have the old kharn, speaking of old, I don't have to rebase the berserkers as I bought them back when they were first released
What about space crusade dreadnought with two heavy bolters and missile launcher, glued the new guns on when I was very young

>> No.54592488


Players who want to play lamenters suffer as much as their chapter does... that's oddly fitting.

>> No.54592525

Personally I want to know about what equipment Honour Guard can take. In the Index they got to choose between Power Sword, Power Axe, Power Maul and Relic Blade, but one of the "Reviewers" claimed they've been reduced to Power Axe only. I'd like to know if this was true. Because if so my Honour Chads with Power Kopeshs will need to be given a new calling as Intercessor Sergeants.

>> No.54592533


If you recall, Diomedes assisted Gabe in purging the chapter after the end of Retribution - so he naturally belongs in the position. He also commands the same authority as he did as captain of the honor guard, since he commanded a detachment in DoW 3.

>> No.54592549


FAQ says if there are options missing in the codex that were available in the Index, then you can use the options listed in the Index.

>> No.54592552

>ywn purge with your BATTELBROTHERS

>> No.54592563

New thread when

>> No.54592571

Correct. Codex says they can only use Power Axe (default equip), but I think FAQ says you can change it anyway.

>> No.54592575

Hm, I thought that only applied to datasheets that are missing from the Codex, like Captain on Bike.

>> No.54592578


>> No.54592583

Isn't that half way between an axe and a sword anyway?

>> No.54592593

Alright then. Thanks for the clarification!

>> No.54592611

Yeah. I guess it still works that way in chapters where both lts deploy with the captain as advisors or bodyguards, or maybe an lt goes with the chaplain.

>> No.54592614

Yeah, but since the Scarab Occult Terminators have their Kopeshs statted as swords...
Also there's the issue of the stupid axes being one point more expensive than swords for no reason.

>> No.54592641

You're welcome.

Probably cause getting to S6 as Marines is useful in 2+ing GEQ as -2 is enough to cut through them?

>> No.54592644

Id use white scars just for the librarian relic.

>> No.54592656

This is Konor News. At the 60 hour mark, let's see how the war is going.

Massive Space Marine reinforcements arrived today, with a full 12 Chapters arriving in the system, 3 coming to Astaramis itself. We can be sure that this will lead to the traitor's destruction.

Across the planet there has been very little change, with sieges and trench warfare erupting across each theatre.

We're not sure what will happen next, but we're sure we will win. Goodbye and good luck, go kill a traitor for us.

>> No.54592663

But the axe is only S+1, so you only arrive at S5 which is only useful for wounding marines on 3+ and Land Raiders on 5+.

>> No.54592676

uh axes are s+1

but yeah axes are better than swords, they perform about the same against MEQs, and let you at least put some amount of hurt on larger things

>> No.54592684

Isn't there +1S from various areas though? Psychic Powers, Chaplain Dreads, I know BA get SP, Tyberos Wake gives +1S.

>> No.54592687

For +1 to cast Smite? Nah. I'd rather take the Tome of Malcador, which isn't Chapter-restricted and makes your Libby a tool belt by giving him a third power, which usually means you can take Null Zone without gimping the Libby.

>> No.54592707

I know, see >>54592684 I was assuming otherwise. I play BA so I'm running a SP anyway so +1S from Axe is enough to get S6.

>> No.54592725

Sure, but if you have to jump through that many hoops to get some mileage from your axes, then the damn things shouldn't be more expensive than the swords.

>> No.54592740

day 2... still no pdf

>> No.54592744

page 10, newfriens.

>> No.54592771

>Ultramarine™ Upgrade Sprue™ seems like great value!

Little Greco-Roman in this kit.

>> No.54592777

The one time I made a new thread I was hiveminded. You can't get hiveminded again.

>> No.54592778

>tfw my store finally flipped to chaos because imperialfags cant just bring in painted shit

>> No.54592835

New thread

>> No.54592841

It legit looks like Chaos is changing the tide, just really slowly.

>> No.54592920

Nah this is definitely false. That guy already knew the order the first four books were coming out and he just guessed random saturdays as the release dates. I guarantee DG will be out earlier than that.

Not only that, but the next 6 Codexes after DG for the rest of the ear won't be all no-model releases, and it seems like GW is releasing the two at a time codexes only for the ones with no models.

>> No.54592981

Fantastic. Thanks anon.

>> No.54593015

I want an Imperium/CSM "HQ spam" army

How would I approach this ?

A lot of single model "one against many" elements in an army for both shooting and assaulting.

Inquisitors in Term armour with psycannons? (they got psyk spells)

Anything better ?

>> No.54593100

>I have to buy another Voldus and a Dreadknight
Well shit. I don't know what to think.

>> No.54593214

why? Just use a regular head on the DK and call it a grandmaster

>> No.54593231


Grey knight apothecaries and techmarines!

>> No.54593286

>it seems like GW is releasing the two at a time codexes only for the ones with no models.

I was really hoping that New Abaddon would come out for the New Codex.

>> No.54593572

as did we all anon
as did we all

>> No.54593732

Are Black Templar primaris marines worth playing? I'm new and Templars always spoke to me

before they became the inquisition's and sororita's bitchboys anyway.

>> No.54593766

>before they became the inquisition's and sororita's bitchboys anyway.

They aren't, really. They just have a good relationship with the nuns

>> No.54593792


rather be the High Lord's glorious enforcers than the Inquisition's little bitchtit fags

>> No.54593905

My offer still stands, if you upload the Codex: Space Marine, I'll suck your dick, I'll deepthroat you till you cum. I just want to read the fucking book!

>> No.54593910

thank you based anon with a non shitty camera

>> No.54594054

anyone who willingly wears terminator armor is beneath me

>> No.54594373

This is part of the reason that Contemptors are so valued by Traitor and Loyalist Space Marines. Contemptors are much less harsh on the psyche of the interred warrior, meaning they maintain their faculties for far longer than most other dreads do. This is also why their frames are so insanely prized by Chaos Marines, as internment in a Contemptor is one of the few non-Daemonic ways of ensuring prolonged life.

>> No.54594419


>> No.54594573

>Isn't that half way between an axe and a sword anyway?

More or less. It's a "sword" that has more chopping power than a straight blade while still allowing for a rudimentary degree of fencing and stabbing ability. Most also have a hook on the tip that enables the wielder to pull away guards and shields and better disarm the foe.

It's actually a pretty solid choice for a general-issue melee weapon to an army, barring its significant cost investment compared to "normal" weapons.

>> No.54594602

Anyone leaked the SM codex yet?

All they have to do is upload the digital copy they got.

>> No.54594646

Hey Anons, I remember this leaker sending just the first three entries before adding the other three. So the leak might have been modified with fake information. I also saw just info about SM/CSM/GK/DG being posted the day afterwards, without the last three. So I'm not sure if you should trust the latter

>> No.54594700

>biggest badass in the movie
>he should have won.

>> No.54594723

I want to know as well

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