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Form up, men! Backs straight, arms at your side!

Men! As you are all likely aware, tonight is movie night. I had even managed to get my hands on the new action Pict, "Try Hard 19: You tried your hardest!". Thankfully, instead of wasting your time watching a stupid action movie, you're all going to live it! As I have just been informed during a meeting with Divisional command, that we are to be joining the coming battle to retake the planetary capital city of the planet Dracolese.

But, before be begin what will be a most assuredly bloody, yet glorious task, that will cost innumerable lives! I am calling for a surprise field kit inspection, to assure myself, that each and everyone of you, is ready to stand atop the graves of each of these foul traitors, and piss upon their graves!

As such, all hands, present arms and equipment for a Field Kit Inspection.

>Welcome to ''Field Kit Inspection", home of the 'Unknown Regiment". Feel free to join in! Remember though, we tend to use spoilers for OOC chat, while greentexts for are used for describing a character's actions. D20s are for combat checks and d100s for other things you wish to roll, with higher being better.

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Third company here! We're all prepped and ready to crush the enemies of man, beneath our boots!

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*leans against a wall doing nothing of interest*

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>the man who stands a fair distance from the commissar nods his head

thank the empra, it is better to die for him than live doing useless tasks.

I am Varish Lamoth, your new medic commissar sir.

>he adopts a relaxed parade attention pose

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But of course honorable commissar, my supply depot is running smoothly.

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*Reporting for duty in this regiment*

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>The mostly mechanical adept sits at a table, doodling on an official looking form with various quills

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Are you supposed to be doing that.
It seems like what you would call heresy.

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No changes in equipment, except for ammunition.
>shows a small pouch filled with round, handcrafted silver bullets

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Huh, look's like I've beaten the life expectancy of an average guard soldier, at least. Still, wonder if I'd ever get a promotion...

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The average life expectancy of a guardsman is 14 seconds.

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>crawls out of the door
reporting for duty sir

had to take a leave of absence owing to problems with my augmetic lungs

>brandishes a large double barreled gun with glowing green coils at the ends and fixed with a large metal axe head
also needed to clean my new toy

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I'm pretty sure we wrote you off as dead.

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It's not, it's very intricate administratum coding language that your feeble xenos mind cannot even begin to fathom

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If you want to have a clash of the minds so I can display my mental superiority I'm game mon'kleigh.
But we both know the game can only end one way and we both know what game I refer to.
So how about you contain your ego?

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>Brings nine 1 litre bottles of colour changing ink
Here honorable costumer, your order
>Spit's on the ground
Your raider and soulstone is at the docks, in a yellow crate

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it will take more than a missing lung or a missing arm to keep me dead

but ive almost got bingo with the techpriests down stairs

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>The adept says nothing, finishing the scribbles and drawing a long U shape atop them, before placing the form atop a small stack of other forms

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Wonderful, I will go grab that shit.
No I mean the formal paperwork consisting of a sticky note and decade old binding that says you are dead was filed.

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Oh, thank you my... uh... man?

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Please honorable scribe, I'm your quartermaster, but you can call me Ars, yes.

But anyways.
Who wants plasma weapons that won't blow up when you use them?

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>Slides into formation hastily, rubbing a luminescent pink powder from his nose

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As a side note, I am looking for several troopers...
>He would stare out amongst the ranks of Imperial "guardsmen".

Private's Vu Chen and Bob Gunderson, Corporal Dak Ironwall, Sergeant van Kleez, and Captain Matthias Wyvern!

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*shouts from a distance*
Hey mon'kleigh!
Check out my vampire raider!

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>the young private would salute and stand at attention.
Uh, sir... I think the Adeptus Mechanicus may be playing tricks with me again as it seems my lasgun is powered by being wound up...
>he would show the commissar the curious lasgun that when wound up would play the tune "pop goes the heretic"

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Present and accounted for, sir!

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>Matthias would walk up towards the Commissar, before flashing him a crisp, firm salute.

Captain Matthias Wyvern, of the Third Infantry Company, reporting as ordered Commissar!

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>I'd throw the Commissar a salute
Reporting sir!

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I also wish to see, Adept Viktor Morvos and Hospitaller Illya Mirabelle!

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>the krigsman would look at this curious weapon and he looks at the boy

how long do you expect to live?

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Wanna take bets?

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L-live? You mean not die? Well I mean I'd like to retire and settle down with a nice girl after a few tours, why?
>the young mans face would be full of innocence and he'd offer the kriegsman an honest smile.

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>the adept pulls a form from a large stack and closely examines it, smacking his new cybernetic eye accidental when he forgets he isn't wearing his goggles.
Ah... uh... Due to a bureaucratic, uh anomaly, we were accidentally shipped a crate of Centurion Brand Little Laser toy lasguns. And we have no spare real lasguns. So you're gonna have to make do for now.

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>the adept walks towards the commissar, fiddling with his new arms as he walks

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this is not commisat approved, I will not partake in your bets.

>the krigsman gives it some thought

I will keep hold of the money and pay out to those who win, minus a small fee... *right*?

this way we can not loose.

>he waits for a response

>the krigsman laughs then grows serious

ignoring your desire to survive, whitch is sickening I will try to keep you alive.

>I toss him a las pistol

use a proper waepon

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>The sister of battle Hospitaller, would make her way up the lines, and would flash the Commissar a salute.

Hospitaller Illya Mirabelle, here as ordered, Commissar!

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4 sponge tubes says 2 hours!

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thrones or any equivalent. no trade goods

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Right but that doesn't explain why I'm the only one who got issued this type of gun.
>catching the laspistol he nods.
Thank you.

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Because there aren't any real lasguns left

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those darn bureaucrats
this is why i bring my own weapons

>> No.54587559

Hellohonored biped, say that las pistol is a little weak, yes?
Would you want to get a las rifle...or a plasma weapon?
'cause I can get it for you, for a price, yes.

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Your loss, sponge tubes are a most legendary item renowned across the galaxy after the extinction of the spongites.
*snickers at the exchange of the miniature flashlight*

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first rule of guard new one, follow the old ones advice. you will last longer.

rule two everyone above the rank of sergeant probably wants to kill you

rule three is the minitorum is incompetent, make do with what you got

and rule four is follow orders

now go practice with that weapon and see the quarter master.

>he goes to find the med bay

thrones or no dice

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I heard that a legendary corsair master pirate stole the last shipment of actual weapons.

>> No.54587586

Oh, well then, I will use this weapon to the fullest of my abilities and make both the Emperor and the Adeptus Mechanicus proud.

>> No.54587598

No dice.

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

let me see if i have any old loot i can get you
the slower you die on the battlefield, the longer we all live

>> No.54587626

well, darn
all i could find was this foam-force brand autogun, it fires foam darts at official foam-force brand cardboard heretics

>> No.54587627

Hey are you using those pipes?
I want to add to my collection.

>> No.54587630

>he shrugs

no loss of mine

>he finds the medical tent

lets get to work

[rolling for secret]

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Oh, well I mean it might work, we don't actually know what we'll be fighting, or at least I don't.

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>coming back from the medicate tent, several have been given the empras mercy and he has a largely expanded supply of medical supplies

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>He would cast a quick glance towards each of the assembled troopers, of his regiment. Looking them over once, before nodding his head.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to make this quick, and far less ceremonial than it should be.

>He would glace over to his right, towards his Adjutant, -A young, round faced Lieutenant, with shaggy black hair- motioning him to make his way over.
>The man would be carrying a half dozen boxes in his hands, which he would present one at a time, to the Commissar.

Captain Matthias Wyvern. In recognition of your brilliant useage of the Tactica Imperialis, during our recent campaigns, as well as courage, and valour above the call of duty. I present to you, the Macharian Cross.
>With this, he would pin the red and gold medal upon the man's chest, before flashing him a salute.

Hospitaller Illya Mirabelle.
>The adjutant would hand the Commissar another ornate box.
For acts of valour, and bravary, in regards to saving the lives of innumerable guardsmen, it is an honour for me to present to you, the Eagle Ordinary.

>With this, he would pin the medal upon her armor.

Adept Viktor Morvos. For bravary, and valour above the call of your station, in the defense of the Firebase Septias, as well as the extensive injuries you sustained during its defense. I present to you, not only the Eagle Ordinary, but the Medallion Crimson.

>He would proceed to pin both if these medal's to the Adept's robes.

Private Bob Gunderson. For courage, and valour, above your station, I also award you the Eagle Ordinary.
>He would proceed to pin medal to his uniform, before flashing him a crisp salute.

Lance Corporal Dak Ironwall. For valour, bravery, duty above your station, as well as having sustained critic injuries, yet kept fighting to the very end. I present you, with the Medallion Crimson.

>He would proceed to pin the medal to his uniform, before flashing him a salute.

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>waiting for the ceremony to end, I look about and when it does I make my way to the sister

hello, I am the new medic. I require some of your knowledge upon the regiments members that may need healing.

you seem to have done well with this many surviving

>I gesture to the others

well done

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ooh shiny

i am very thankful sir

all i got are pipe bombs

>> No.54587793

Nice work fellas... heh
>Maybe one day I will get recognition

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Private Vu Chen. For bravery and courage beyond your station, as well as having sustained life threatening injuries, yet continuing to fight despite it all. As well as for having saved the lives of the Wyvern family during our stay on Praetoria. I am proud to present you with not only the Eagle Ordinary, but the Medallion Crimson. Ontop of that, I am awarding you, with a field promotion to Lance Corporal.

>He would pin the medals, along with the rank chevron, upon the man's uniform. Before flashing him a crisp salute.

You truly are a shining beacon to us all, in these dark, dark times!

>> No.54587824

You won't.
Want to play forget me mon'kleigh?

>> No.54587829

Yes, conguradilations to the honored heroes, yes.
In honour of your deeds I'm selling busts in your image for half the prices, 50 thrones, yes

>> No.54587839

Now. With this out of the way, I suggest you all get ready to move out! We leave within the hour!

>> No.54587853

Sir. The ships Amory is ready to receive new field accusations. Also, are we gonna get sny of those fancy new guns?

>> No.54587854

Right on, Commissar Knochenmus. Right on
>A small tear would be visible in his right eye

>> No.54587894

>The adept touches both the medals on his chest, surprised
Oh... thank you commissar

>> No.54587895

Where can I store my raider?

>> No.54587935

>Matthias would return the Commissar's salute, witha crisp salute of his own. A proud look upon his face.

Thank you, Sir!

>Once the "ceremony" had finished. Matthias would return to his company. A proud look shining from his face.
>The moment he saw his wife. He would run up to her, and would immediately embrace her. Lifting her up for a moment before putting her back down.

>> No.54587984

>Vu Chen salutes the commissar

>> No.54587993

You are NOT to acquire anything while we are down here. Am I understood, Sergeant?

On top of that, I am promoting you to the rank for second Lieutenant, as third company recently lost its Adjutant during the attack two nights ago.

>With this, he would pin a small, silver bar, upon each side of her collar, before flashing her a salute.

Your position as quarter master, will be given to someone else.

>> No.54588009

I reccomend myself for the quartermaster job.

>> No.54588015

>Lights a small fire, barely more than a fistful of sticks
>Sits next to it and begins chanting quietly

>> No.54588018

>growing bored I head for this former quarter master

excuse me second lieutenant I would speak with you if you have the time

>> No.54588032

>He would nod his head.

Make us proud, Corporal.

>He would nod his head at the now almost entirely bionic administratum Adept.

You did well, despite it all. Most men of your station would have panicked, and fled from battle. You however, stood your ground, and aided our men with valour, and courage.

I hope to see you rise above, and become a shining example of valour and courage, Corporal. Make us proud.

>> No.54588033

Oh honorable commissar, may I get the promotion from the cargo techician?
Eldar, you sure want to work with the imperiums paperwork ?

>> No.54588035

What are you doing mon'kleigh?

>> No.54588057

I would relish the opportunity. Besides I'm pretty sure that if I mess up nobody will even care.

>> No.54588062

Trooper. You were just assigned to this regiment, less than a week ago. If I felt you were ready for a promotion, you'd hear about it already.

>> No.54588078

Park it in hanger 3 and I'll put it in a hidden hanger.

>she's horribly confused and scared

Then I must refuse the promotion. I wish to remain as Quartermaster, Sir. I am sorry. It is where I can do my best for the Emperor.

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>Continues chanting as he smothers the fire with his bare hand, letting into air the smell of burnt flesh

>> No.54588098

Got it.

>> No.54588103

>The adept stares at the astropath, slowly backing away
Think he's gonna explode?

>> No.54588114

But of course honorable commissar

>> No.54588120

Who knows with those types. I'm just hoping that the ash can be made into drugs.

>> No.54588183

>The Commissar would narrow his one good eye at her.

Unfortunately for you, this isn't up for debate. You're going to be more useful out there, than in an Armoury. The men seem to last a hell of alot longer when you're around, compared to when you're not.

You can grumble and groan as much as you please. But the decision has been made.

>> No.54588192


>> No.54588207

>He would smile, as he flashes her the newly pinned medal upon his uniform.

I was awarded the Macharian Cross! Can you believe it? Do you know how esteemed such an award is for an officer?

>> No.54588216

*the most annoying eldar laugh ever devised*

>> No.54588218

I can get you any vehicle honorable magos, just like I got this eldar his raider.

>> No.54588224

>Falls silent as air around him grows cold and colors are drained, and even light seems to grow dim near him

>> No.54588243

seeing the astropaths signs of "shits going to go bad" I draw my las rifle.

>my words at normal volume
your pet pyker is going mad, permission to execute if it goes feral?

>> No.54588250

>she glares at them both before heading back to the amory, tapping her ear
Luciena to Amory. Stat.

>> No.54588252

>With this having been said, and the matter now closed. The Commissar would turn upon his heels, and would walk away. His duty requiring him to make sure his men are ready for war.

Hussel up you dogs! The Emperor is looking upon us this day! And you shall NOT embarrass yourself, or THIS regiment!

>> No.54588253

Y'know, I think I left my... uh... quill box in the mess hall, I'm gonna go grab it.

>> No.54588277

Stupid names. Stupid mobile

>> No.54588293

Allright the fuck are you doing?

>> No.54588312

>The Captain would make his way over towards them.

Alright, knock it off you two! I know you both hate eachother for obvious reasons. But we need to work together, if we want any chance of coming out of this battle with the forces of chaos, alive.

We're going to be fighting alongside ATLEAST twelve other regiments out there. Against unknown numbers of heretics, and chaos space marines. I don't need you two going at each other! Am I understood!

>> No.54588320

>the tiny Magos would run out from between the knights legs towards a lift

>> No.54588358

>as She would watch zluciena arrive she'd stand
Make me Quartermaster again. I don't care what machine you need to talk to just make me the regimental quartermaster and unable to be changed or we're both dead.

>> No.54588383

>Halls would walk out from the main area before entering his small quarters

>His quarters would be small and neat, having a picture of the emperor on his wall, an imperial vexilla nearly ontop of it, and his certificate of passing the academy of the Astra Telepathica

>Halls would reach for a small metallic compartment under his bed, pulling out the compartment to reveal a small collection of artifacts from the Horus Heresy

>Unknowing to most, it would appear that Halls acquired these artifacts not from plundering or any other illegal means, but through inheritance

>It would now be apparent from such artifacts that Halls is a direct descendant of Malcador the Sigillite, one of the most powerful human psykers in the Imperiums history

>These artifacts would include the family crest, and a small trinket passed down from generation to generation. It is said that such trinket contains a shard of the soul of Malcador

>Malcador exists within Halls, and when the situation is dire, Halls will prove true to the family name

>After looking at these artifacts, Halls would put them back into the sealed compartment

>> No.54588385

>There would be a beeping from his Vox bead.
>It would seem someone is calling for their new Adjutant.

>> No.54588392

I could kill all of the traitors with my mind captain, I don't really think I need his help.

>> No.54588467

>Luciena squirms lightly
I-I can't remove your current promotion since a L-Lord Commissar had given it but i can add t-the Quartermaster job back to you then have the ship l-lock your file so it can't be changed...
>she thinks to try and alleviate the situation

>> No.54588471

>He would place his arms across his chest, a blank expression on his face as he speaks.

Alrighr, let me reword what I've said.


Now start packing your shit up, or so help me EMPEROR! I'll do the executions now! Now MOVE! OUT!

>> No.54588479

>The air about him is freezing cold and frost starts to cover him, but beyond that, there are no changes
>Orr'ee ot mglw'nafh, ahe ya uln. L' ai ya, ng k'yarnak r'luhh ot ymg' shuggog...

>> No.54588482

*shuddering slightly*
Right, I'll leave the raider on call I guess...

>> No.54588489

>Having not heard anything from his new Adjutant. Matthias would begin voxing Luciena.

>> No.54588494


please send any of the men with prosthetics or other afflictions to the medicae so I might take look at them and clear them for active duty.

if they will ide for the emrpa they will die at their best

>> No.54588504

*severing the psychic connection quickly*

>> No.54588505

Hmm captain seems a bit...jumpy, wonder if I should get him some medicine

>> No.54588521

Shame...dibs on honorable astropatchs staff

>> No.54588531

>as the shitshow unfolds around him, he sighs, and begins field stripping his lasgun, whilst praying to the Emperor.

>> No.54588541


Do it. The Quartermaster job is too simple and an Adjutant is below my skills. I can handle both but gods dammit I did nothing last battle. Sat in the arty depot the whole campaign.
>she grumbles loudly

>> No.54588555

>Dozens of the regiment's vehicles would be busily driving about, as orders are dispatched to their drivers.
>Everything from Chimera APC's, to Half trucks, and the regiment's two armoured Companies, would be busy getting ready, as tech crews work diligently to prep them all for war.
>The Commissar meanwhile, would be busy overseeing it all. Threatening the occasional trooper with a possible execution, should he not work faster.

>> No.54588573

>the adept looks out the windows of the mess hall at the small group of people watching the psyker, taking another sip of recaf and trying to pretend he can feel it working
Huh, wonder what they're all shouting about

>> No.54588604

this sounds serious

>shoulders his curious glowing green twin barrelled gun

better make sure my armor is tight, wouldnt want to lose any more limbs or organs

hopefully there will be many souvenirs

>> No.54588607

>The phenomena slowly dissipate, as the man bows, placing his forehead on the pile of sticks he burned before standing up
Oh, you lot... So fearful. Do not worry, I am not going to explode.

>> No.54588617


>> No.54588619

>deciding enough is enough, I shoot the pyker in the arm.


>> No.54588654

>Up in the skies above, several flights of Imperial bombers would fly over head at incredible speeds.Their destination... The planetary capital of Dracolese.
>Nearby, the sounds of basilisk artillery cannons booms out. Their gun barrels firing an unending barrage of shells, upon the Chaos controlled shrine city. Blossoms of fire, and death echoing out as they impact the ground, and or building.


>> No.54588665

>she plugs herself into a nearby terminal and sits down for several minutes before standing up

D-done... and I locked the Armory for only your b-biometrics...

>> No.54588683

>With this final order. Knochenmus would place the shaft of his thunder hammer upon his mechanical shoulder. Testing it there, as he enters his command Chimera, along side his command staff.

>> No.54588688

>hopping into a chimera, I sit with the med tech and begin praying under my breath. cheeking my weapon and knife I return to my prayers

>> No.54588693

Oh course honorable commissar
>Get's inside the transport
>Put's on gum-guard

>> No.54588697

>Turns his head at the wound
Oh, well. I should have expected worse.
For practicing my arts, Eldar? Sigh... Xenos.

>> No.54588714

>quickly enters vampire raider

>> No.54588721

>peeks out the top hatch to try and get a good look and a good field of fire
oof, man its bumpy
>thinks twice about trying to fire out
why did we think this was a good idea to shoot out of this back in the day?
its impossible to aim, and i could drop my really expensive gun

>> No.54588736

>the adept stands just outside the door of the Chimera
Uh... Commissar, do I have to go to the heinous swelling blister of chaos that is Dracolese?

>> No.54588757

Thank you. Now let's get back there and deal with the idiots. I'm sticking with your knight this time around.
>she starts walking back, putting her gasmask on tightly

>> No.54588760

>Not hearing back from either of them. Matthias would let out a loud sigh. Knowing full well, that one of them, was doing something highly illegal, and likely punishable by death, should it ever be discovered.
>He would have to have a talk to his wife later on. But for now, duty calls.
>Coming back to reality, he would look out across his men, before quickly ordering them to board their assigned Chimera transports.

Hussel up people! One, two! One, two!

>Once everyone but Rias was aboard. He would entering his assigned transport, mere seconds before the hatched was closed. The APC driver, bringing the transport into line, alongside the rest of the regiment's mechanised forces.

>> No.54588773

in fact, i even dropped my name tag

>climbs back into the interior of the chimera
i think i will just wait to debark before firing

>> No.54588796

>As his transport rumbles towards the city. Matthias would once more try to raise his wife.
>"Come on, Rias. Pick up damn you..."

>> No.54588876


I heard there were sheep.

>> No.54588882

>Sits in the transport, shifting nervously and poking at his wound

>> No.54588903

Rolled 72 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Glory to the Emperor, and to all of you.
>Rolling to buff up my squad mates for the incoming battle, making them faster, stronger, and have better reflexes

>> No.54588909

Ah. Chimera's.

>spots the eldar
>follows the Eldar in the Chimera subtly while nobody else was paying attention to him

Stop poking it.

>> No.54588957

*takes off suddenly, exit hatch still open*

>> No.54588970

>Scratches it before leaving it alone

>> No.54588985

>As the 27th army group, gets closer to the city edge. The scenes outside their vehicles would begin to get far more sinister.
>The corpses of priests, and local guardsmen, would be hooked upon edifcaces, and defaced monuments. Their bodies often skined in their entirety, or missing all of their limbs.
>Piles of burned, charred bodies can be occasionally seen as well. Remnants of clothing suffers them to be bodies of local citizens, or priests whom we're unwilling to convert to the worship of the dark gods.
>Dozens of tanks, trucks, and other guard vehicles lay scattered across the ground outside the city. A failed earlier attempt to retake the city.
>The landscape itself is both destoryed, and warped. Where once there had stood lush fields of grain, and dedicated parks. Now stands only impact craters, and destoryed treess.
>Where once there stoof a monument to the Emperor of mankind. Now there stands a defaced statue, dedicated to the ruinous powers, covered in blood, and numerous corpses.
>The city ahead, seems to have faired no better. Where once there stoof glorious marble buildings and shrines. Now there stands roadways clogged with rubble and bodies, as well as ruined, half exposed buildings spewing smoke into the blood red sky above.
>Overhead, a flight of Imperial bombers would zoom past, before deploying their payloads, into the city. Explosions shining brightly like momentary suns.

>> No.54589010

Uh sir my baneswords shells a screaming again

>> No.54589013

>Get's out of chimera with a large crate and a table
>Puts on a table, write's "Bar" on it
>Opens a crate with alcohol in it
Come tired guardsmen, and buy a drink in honour of you still being alive

>> No.54589021

>Walking out, I'd touch the ground, my eyes glowing red
Trouble close. There is an evil presence looming

>> No.54589035

Rolled 1 (1d20)

*I would fly overhead, ignoring most enemies but relentlessly attacking all things slanneshi*

>> No.54589043

>feeling a bit better I send a call over the vox

who put caffeine in my vodka? or who is playing with warp stuff?

>looking at the view, I sneer and toss a grenade at the monument as we go by.

see this taint comrades? this is why we are here, to those who will die go fighting, to those who live the empra protects. let us cleanse this place

give us a location pyker

>> No.54589066

>Flak rounds would soar, and fly through the sky. Nailing two of the bombers, and sending them crashing into the ruined city below.
>If their crews had somehow survived the crash, they wouldn't last long as legions of cultists, and traitor guard swarmed their position, and slaughtered or captured them.
>The city edge would almost appear to be abandoned. It almost appeared to be a ghost town.

>> No.54589081

About 200 metres from us. Daemonettes, but... ack, my I'm not getting a clear image. I don't know how many of them there are.

>> No.54589089

Hmm at least I don't see marines in their number, yes.
Shame,power armour sells well

>> No.54589090

Yes~ dearest?
>The rumble of ship engines is in the background

>> No.54589092

Where's the enemy?!
>Turns his head around, confused

>> No.54589107

Rolled 14, 13, 20, 10, 19, 6 = 82 (6d20)

>For his utter stupi- bravery. He would be rewarded with the sight of dozens upon dozens of cannons inside the city center. All of them now pointed towards him, as the Imperial bombers flew out of range.
>A moment later, flak would begin to fill the air, as two squadrons of hydra's opened fire upon him.

>> No.54589117

Shit man, this could get ugly...
>fixes bayonet

>> No.54589120

Chap, I can tell me 8 from me 12 year old amasec, but usually after battle.
But hey. Looks like they already had quite the party here.
So. What are ya selling?

>shuffles away from the psyker
Oh bloody hell no I'm not charging sober into that
>takes a swig from his flask

>> No.54589162

Of course honorable biped, I have a 12 year old amasec if you want, but I also have a month old too, winesec, vostryan and valhallan vodkasec, yes.
So what will you take?

>> No.54589183

Biped, biped, i'll show you...
>looks closer
Wait, the fuck are you? What the hell was in my flask?

>> No.54589231

I'am but a humble merchant honorable biped, and in your flask is whatever you choose, yes.

Get a name tag, and I'm a stryx

>> No.54589250

>he fiddles with arcane dials on his energy pack
>the barrels of his gun glows green with power
time to show them some shock and awe

>> No.54589282

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Got you covered, Gue'la

>> No.54589297

Aaaaaand my nametag fell off.

Alright sir, well, I don't know, it's a bit... maybe if I come back alive.
>takes another swig from his flask, feeling uneasy

>> No.54589307

Stay focused men. Keep an eye on those ruins. Who knows what's out there. If you spot anything, call it out. It could just be some kind of illusion.

Squad three, move up, and scout out the main road. "Praise from Beyond", I want you, and Scout Sentinel team four to follow after them. Keep as quiet as you can, and report back if you see anything.

The rest of us will follow in at a slower pace. Flamers, burn anything that looks corrupted as we go, but stay close.

>> No.54589316

What ruins!?

>> No.54589328

Rolled 7 (1d20)

*seeing that the raider had taken far too much damage, I would aim it towards the anti air guns and jump out through the still open drop hatch which I had left open specifically in case of this event.
*roll for effect of super heavy transport crashing into AA Guns*

>> No.54589365

Rolled 4, 2, 8, 10, 18, 10 = 52 (6d20)

>With the foul Eldar transport having missed. The hydras would continue to track, and fire upon the now damaged transport. Their drivers and gunners curious, as to why the hell an Eldar transport is here

>> No.54589367

Rolled 4 (1d20)

>his gun unleashes a bolt of green energy at the ruins
>he proceeds to fire arcing bolts of green lightning at everything that looks like a target
i think i saw something move

they all look evil

>> No.54589399

>Drops prone, rolls to nearest rubble

>> No.54589453

Rolled 19 (1d20)

>shoots the ruin

>> No.54589472

*chuckling behind his mask that the ancient enemy still thinks he is in the transport*
*the eldar zooms towards the ground; too fast to hit; in his jetpack, aiming to land on the tallest building he can find*

>> No.54589529

Rolled 2, 6, 18, 2, 16, 12, 15, 20 = 91 (8d20)

>The moment the trooper had started firing at random illusions, was the moment that dozens, if not hundreds, of cultists and heretics would keep from the shadows. Charging the Third company.
>All across the the city limits, the same thing would happen. Cultists rushing out of their holes, and charging towards the tanks, infantry, and other vehicles, of the 27th army group. Shaped charges blowing up innumerable tanks, and APC's.
>For the regiment's part however, cultists would begin firing their weapons. Stubbers and lasguns it would seem.
>The first set of shots, would be fired towards the Astropath. The cultists demanding his blood. First roll.
>Cultists would begin firing upon the newly recovered Ironwall, with lasguns. Second roll.
>A squad of heavy weapons would begin to deploy their lascannons inside the ruins of a building. Their massive guns aimed towards the knight, as they open fire. Third roll.
>The psyker would see cultists charging towards him. Their blades drawn high, and craving his blood. Fourth roll.
The stryx merchant would have lasers flying by him, as traitor guardsmen begin firing upon him. Fifth roll.

>Thel would be put to cover, as bullets, and stubbers rounds, begin impacting the ground around him, as traitors begin firing upon him. Sixth roll.

>A Leman Russ vanquisher would roll out from a set of ruins. Crushing traitors, and grinding stone to dust, beneath its armoured treads. Its cannon, and plasma cannons sponsons, would open fire up the knight. Seventh roll at +1.
>Guardsmen Ruh, would be put under fire, as stubbers rounds are fired at him from a group of angry, maddened cultists.

>> No.54589544

I'm with the knight. Give me the location of what needs to be removed and I'll get on it.

>> No.54589545

>looking around at dozens of stagnent troopers, while two idiots blaze away into the ruins.
Are we moving or what?

>> No.54589552

Rolled 6 (1d6)

>a lasbolt strikes him in the center of his carapace
im hit!
not again

>> No.54589558

Rolled 12 (1d20)

"Ha so my plans were correct stormtrooper! there was infact a chaos cult planning to overtake this world."
>Gathers various weaponry and thickets.
"Can't let that happen!"
"Trooper, at ease, were is your commanding officer?"

>> No.54589569

i knew this carapace was a good purchase

>revs up his blaster and unleashes another torrent of green energy

>> No.54589576

Rolled 19 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>leaping to the guardsman's aid I set to work trying to heal him

don't move, you will be fine



who the fuck

>> No.54589584

Rolled 12 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>Get's hit in the shoulder
Gah, great, another burn
>Takes out an aether rifle
I should stay in the base next time
>Looks at Wyverns general direction
And hope he doesn't notice me
>Opens fire

>> No.54589595

Rolled 1 (1d20)

darn, that lasbolt destroyed my nameplate, good thing a guardsman always carries spares

>this time he takes careful aim at the now revealed cultists before unleashing more energy

>> No.54589606

"Trooper, at ease, I am Lord Inquisitor Annekin, and I've come to help."
>His power armor and cape would wave gently in the wind
"And I go where needed."

>> No.54589627

shut up, I'm busy

>almost completely covering the side effects, the trooper can resume combat, and I leap to my next patiant

>> No.54589632

>Trooper Thel gets up, to adress the inquisitor
>before he can say a word, the attack starts, and he is hit square in the chestplate with a stubber round
>he falls back down as if hit by a truck, and begins moaning, as this is the second time his ribs were broken
>begins digging through kit for some sort pain relief
I-GUHUH d-dont k-know s-s-sir.
>still lying on back

>> No.54589639

Oh, now now...
>Takes cover
How far away are the cultists?

>> No.54589645

Rolled 8 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>again landing next to a patient I begin my craft

speak to me, don't fall unconscious speak

>> No.54589653

>He runs over to the trooper,
"Trooper, stay with me now, the god emperor asks that you die standing, not fallen to the ground like some felled tree."

>> No.54589672

Rolled 61 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

>The Psyker would dodge all of the attacks, and would cast warp lightning on them

>> No.54589678

>setting the troopers ribs, he still finds it painful to move, but can aim well enough

sorry comrade that's the best I can do.

SHUT UP, go annoy the commissar, leave the battles to actual soldiers. not men playing make belief.

>the angry medic is on the verge of shooting the being

>> No.54589679

>Matthias would curse both his luck, and the choices that Ironwall had made.
>He would quickly activate his vox bead, and would issue his orders to all squad commanders.

>He would let the the cultists get a little closer, before voxing the assembled platoon.


>Rather than attack himself, he is giving everyone an extra attack for this turn.

>> No.54589682

Gah, I just need some stims is a-AAAAH FUCK DONT PRESS DOWN ON MY CHEST YOU FUCK!

>> No.54589700

Rolled 1 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>opening fire on the cultists I keep moving

>over the vox
who else needs aid?

>> No.54589719

>kneels, and begins firing

>> No.54589729

Rolled 63 (1d100)

*zomming towards the lascannon teams directly from above the eldar spits out a single word*
*roll for psychic maelstrom*

>> No.54589732


>> No.54589736

"Men, soldiers, they need something to beileve in, I beileve in a hope for humanity! I beileve in the GOD EMPEROR!"
"Are you the CO of this, [Unknown Regiment]"
>He would approached the Captain in a suit of man-sized power armor
"If you are, there's a large problem here."

>> No.54589753

Rolled 12 (1d20)


>> No.54589770

Rolled 10 (1d20)

>firing wildly

>> No.54589773

>I vox the captain, my gun has the quisitor in my sights

permission to execute a disturbance?

>> No.54589792

"Permission granted, trooper, fire away."
>His Thunder hammer and inferno pistiol would hum gently at these words."

>> No.54589809

Rolled 15 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

thank you

>firing the tranq that would drop an ork

>> No.54589812

oh jeez, the inquisitors gone looney!

>> No.54589840

> looking up from the command console in shock at the mention of an inquisitor.
> sets down the cup of tanna in a shaking hand.
> with the flick of a switch he sets the Vox channel to an encrypted frequency.

"Comms. Officer here, I have switched your unit over to an encrypted frequency. I am currently rerouting numerous requests for further information on the presence of an inquisitor to secondary receivers. The Emperor Protects."

>> No.54589874

>the vox hums and I report

inquisitor has joined a battle and was following me, I took cover and he was to slow, status presumed dead. the empra protects...but not this time

>I walk over to the tranqed quisitor

any orders?

>> No.54589884


"Someone verify the Gentleman Inquisitor's badge of office please. Let's not have a repeat of what happened three months ago.".

>> No.54589925

>taking the item from his neck, I wait a moment and report over.

negative, this is a false one pleasing to the eye but no internal circuits. it seems it is an impostor, permission to execute this heretic.

>> No.54589938

"I..I need you too, Kill your self."

>> No.54589941

he has a shallow pulse, but the cultists are getting closer. should I grant the empras mercy?

>> No.54589942

>Calls over vox
Maybe we can use him as a meatshield, yes

>> No.54589957

Rolled 18, 11, 10, 1, 8, 1, 11, 4, 6, 2, 8, 2, 7 = 89 (13d20)

>His shots would hit a few of the cultists, but more would appear from the ruins, to take their places.
>Despite the enourmus amount of cultists and traitor guardsmen. None of his shots can hit anything but dirt, and walls.
>They aren't far.
>He would take cover. -1 to all attacks against him that aren't tank weapons.
>Several cultists and traitors would go down form the warp blast.
>His shots never seemed to land upon anything but some pillars.
>A handful of cultists go down. Sadly, more simply step over them, and take their place.
>The building would collapse ontop of them. Their death screams as they are buried alive, drowned out from the heavy fighting.-1 roll for me.

>Dozens upon dozens of cultists would switch their aim over to the power armoured INQUISITOR(IM RAGING HERE!!!). Their guns all firing in unison. Rolls 1-6 are all on him.
>A squad of heretics would continue to fire upon thel, with their guns. Laser and stubbers rounds peppering all around him. 7th roll.
>Lasers would begin firing all around the Eldar jetbike. As they attempt to take this foul xeno out. Rolls 8 and 9 aimed here.
>Stubbers guns are aimed, and fired at the kreiger medic. 10th roll.
>Lasers are fired at the Captain giving out the orders the moment he sticks his head out of the command Chimera's Cupola to give his orders. 11th roll.
>Blades are swung, and knives are slashing as they attempt to cut him open like a fish. 13th roll +1 for melee
>The vanquisher tank would once more, fire it's main battle cannon, and it's plasma cannons at the knight. Final roll, +1

>> No.54589967

>he jams the end of his blaster against the face of the inquisitor and fires the green energy at point blank
time to atomize this traitor

>> No.54589982

>I shoot him in the skull with my las pistol

soory command, the heretic started talking heresys, it may have been attempting a summoning. I had to execute him. sorry command

>dozens of shots fly over my head, all missing

>> No.54590010

Rolled 19 (1d20)

>a lasbolt scratches his armor
watch the paint!

>returns a blast of arcane lightning

>> No.54590032


"Negative. He must be bought in for interrogation. By the Emperor why does this keep happening. Restrain him and place a beacon, i'll contact the commissariat and have him bought in for... questioning. Relaying your request now."

> drinks from cup of tanna.

"This is mobile comms. unit Tango Oscar Bravo Alpha, Requesting urgent priority dispatch for moral threat level Violet. I am relaying co-ordinates now."

>> No.54590052

Rolled 8 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Hmm meatshield tactic worked, yes.
>Continues shooting

>> No.54590064

Rolled 18 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>winged in the shoulder, he rolls behind a wall
Emperor, that hurt...
>peeks out to throw frag
Throws above them for maximum shrapnal spread

>> No.54590073

Rolled 90 (1d100)

*roll to telepathically cause an army of ants, bugs and other insects to rise up and attack the forces of chaos*

>> No.54590086

by the way. Its Nice to see you again Ruh.

>> No.54590098

Rolled 1 (1d20)


> running from cover, having finished relaying the communications. trying to reach higher ground before the enemy starts bringing in reinforcements.
> looking around, finding an abandoned position with good cover.
> runs for it, the heavy communications equipment slowing him down.

>> No.54590109

I would like to report that interrogation is no longer possible, owing to injury

>> No.54590134

negative command, he has been terminated.

the cultists charged us and he started a summoning, he had to be terminated. he did have a book on him, returning it to you now.

>he loots the weapons and armour in record speed and takes the quisitors diary, and runs

>> No.54590138

Rolled 14 (1d20)

*Stands up*
"Trooper, did you just attempt to kill a member of the inqiusition, I'll have your head for that!"

>> No.54590154

Rolled 1 (1d20)

> takes a hit in the leg from stray shooting further up the line. Blood sprays out in all directions.
> Falls and grits teeth hard enough to draw blood from his gums, the communications gear pinning him to the floor.
> curses in the name of the emperor occurs.

> looks at bloody stump. tries hard not to cry out and hastily starts trying to apply a tourniquet.

>> No.54590159

Rolled 100 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

>As the cultists tried to hit me and fail, I'd attempt to manifest a warp portal below then, sucking them in

>> No.54590161

sorry your dead........like SUPER deaddead as hell

>> No.54590185

Rolled 5 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>making a massive dash, I head for the comms officer

[two rolls]

>> No.54590190

Rolled 20 (1d20)

>Rolling for perils, 1-5 nothing, 6-10 I suffer a lost limb, 11-15 my brain ruptures, 16-20 death

>> No.54590192

>I see no nat 20s babe.
>I grab my bolt pistol and fire into the horde of cultists!
"Psyker, hurry we must stop the summoning!"

>> No.54590198

Rolled 2, 6 + 2 = 10 (2d20 + 2)


>> No.54590207

Rolled 4 (1d20)

ill cover you

>he fires several flaying bolts to keep their heads down

>> No.54590208

> fails (lol)
> the attempt to apply a tourniquet only makes the blood flow faster.
> further curses.
> looking around, seeing no enemies but in the open. Decides risk it.

"This is field communications officer Opella. I was hit as I tried to move location. I... I'm losing blood fast! Can anyone read me! Please be careful on approach! Frakking hell I can't see through all this blood..."

>> No.54590236

[tranqed, you cant move. heretics hosed you, and two different people atomised you. your dead]

with my horrid aim, I manage to make it within a few feet before the fire stroms of bullets stop me

hold on Opella, we are coming. just hold your wound as closed as you can and keep talking

>> No.54590245

> smiling faintly as he begins to lose consciousness.
"Weren't far, then..."

>> No.54590246

Rolled 15 (1d20)

>I shoot the psyker in the head, before he can drag the plane into the warp.
"This is why we burn your kind witch."

>> No.54590280

Rolled 6 - 15 (1d20 - 15)

>Being blind, he shoots his pistol in the cultists' general direction

>> No.54590295

Rolled 78 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

>as the psykers death scream swallows as many heretics as it can possibly do. I leap into the comms officers cover and begin my treatment.


this is medic varish, I need a transport here. wounded comms officer. repeat wounded comms officer, I need help over

come on please speak, come on wake up

>> No.54590318

>The final cry from the Psyker would simply be...

>Ave Imperator

>> No.54590340

Rolled 17 (1d20)

>Malak would crude, as stray las rounds, impacted the Chimera armour playing around him.

Blasted heretics!
>He would vox the Chimera driver.

Sergeant! Anoint them in holy Prometheium! Now!
>Rolling for how badly the enemy are burned alive.

>> No.54590368

"In my pouch..."
> He says, reaching for his webbing on his tunic.
> Reaching inside will reveal several combat stimm doses used to keep troopers awake well beyond what a person would normally be able to.

"Normally only use these when i've been on for a few days. Give me two. Just stop the bleeding, friend."

>> No.54590375

>with a super human effort, I keep the operator alive and manage to restore some consciousness

come on, come on

captain, I request aid. I have a wounded operator here, he is stable and conscious, but I need assistance getting him out

>> No.54590397

huh a useful patient, they are few and far between

>I apply some of the stimms

keep talking, can you get on the vox? I need a transport here for you, and I need more casualty locations

>> No.54590412

> vox
"Negative. I can keep going. I just need something to keep me steady."
> looking at the medic.

"I won't leave this battlefield. Not until it's over."
> uses rifle as a crutch. starts trying to make it to cover.

>> No.54590444

heh, I like you but no going to the empra while I'm still on this field fighting and healing

>I assist the man to some cover

stay here and get firing, can you tell where there are more critical patients?

I need to know as soon as I can

>> No.54590514

> pulls out a map.
"I can tell you where casualties are most likely to be."
> gestures towards specific locations marked in red.
"These locations are designated as hotspots for fighting. They have good cover but are surrounded by open ground on the outsides. Most casualties are people like me who try to make a run for better cover in the middle of the fighting. These spots of open ground will be where the casualties are. You'll want to be careful approaching the cover though until you're sure who holds it. I'll be alright. If you bring people back here we can set up a triage.".
> checks rifle over. then looks at leg.
"That's good work... i've seen people do worse off the battlefield even. Thanks. What's your vox designation, medic?"

>> No.54590526

Rolled 1, 10, 14, 19 = 44 (4d20)

>Scores of foul heretics would be killed by his shots.
>He really isn't a trained marksmen, so most of his shots go wild.
>Scores upon scores of heretics are wounded, or outright killed, as explosive shrapnel rains down upon them.-1 roll
>Insects, horribly mutated by the ruinous powers seeping into the very land inteself, would erupt violently form beneath the ground. Slaughtering both heretic and Imperial alike.
>His shots outright miss.
>His body would disappear in a birlliant show of light, and moaning, as the warp swallows him whole, alongside dozens of guardsmen, and the heretics that surrounded him. -1 roll.
>Scores of heretics fall before the APC, as they are engulfed in holy, purifying flames.-1roll.
dude, make a new character. We banned inquistors of any kind, long ago. It never ends well.
>Oddly enough, someone goes down screaming in pain.

>The heretics would attempt to consolidate, as hundreds of their number go down across the city limits. Army group 27 managing to push them back, but at a rather steep cost.
>Heretics would open fire upon the astorpath. Wishing to kill him in the name of their gods. First roll.
>With a giant, mutant ant, roaming around d the area. The vanquisher would turn it's guns, to fire upon the psyker that had summoned it. It's vanquisher cannon flaring as a shell flies out of its barrel, and plasma shots fire from it's three plasma cannons sponsons. Second roll, +1
>Stubbers shots, would begin raining down, as heretics fire upon the kreiger medic. 3rd roll
>Seeing a worthy foe. Heretics would begin firing at the man who had just killed so many of their fellow traitors. Fourth roll.

>> No.54590590

> stares at leg wound.
> realizes that he won't be able to run away if ambushed.
> sets lasrifle to hi-power mode. brandishes service knife and stabs it into a broken wooden bench.

>> No.54590593

Rolled 53 (1d100)

my old nick name is Asclepius. but my name is Var. whatever is easiest. right I will start going keep me updated.

>as the shots go wide by a small margin, I make a break for the designated location


>> No.54590598

Rolled 9 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Hmm they seem to ignore me, what good news, yes.
>Takes a half-hearted shot with an aether pistol and goes back to his little shop

>> No.54590601

>Matthias would be forced to ignore the man's words. More concerned with trying to keep the men and women of third company alive at this point.

>Seeing that the number of heretics has thinned rather well, he would order his men forward.

>Once more sacrificing my attack, to give everyone else a second attack.

>> No.54590619

Rolled 13 (1d20)

"This is Comms. Situation is amber. Requesting battlefield update in my sector, Over.".

>> No.54590626

Rolled 2 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Do I have to?
Okay honorable captain
>Takes another shot

>> No.54590656

"Name's Opella! There'll be some Amasec in it for you next time we meet!"
> he calls after the medic's retreating form.
> alone again.
> starts investigating different frequencies, trying to see if he can isolated enemy intelligence or un-encrypted radio transmissions. It's unlikely, though.

>> No.54590662

... That was... Probably someone else?
Wait half a minute and I will have reloaded...

>> No.54590686

>he had ducked behind the wall after laughing at the scores of dammage he had done in the hopes to survive.
>it did very little against the scores of incoming fire
>the wall crumbles, and he is hit several times
>once in the leg, thrice in the armor, and twice on his augmentic arm, blowing it off.
>he cant even scream for a medic
>but by the emperor, he screamed.

>> No.54590689

Rolled 7 (1d20)

*with the shot missing by an inch the corsair has a dastardly plan*
*jumping onto the giant insect that he controls he decides to use his abilities to make the insect levitate*
*roll for insect attacks and levitation*

>> No.54590719

Rolled 89 (1d100)

*roll to levitate insect*

>> No.54590746

Rolled 4 (1d20)

"Good job men, the emperor protects."
>I leap at the insect poised to smash it's head in with.

>> No.54590748

Rolled 17 + 40 (1d100 + 40)

>making it half way I am side tracked by the screaming form of thel

fucking heretics, making my job worse

>I run to thel

okay lad its back to me, so how did the battle go


>> No.54590779

>fixing the man, he can no longer move but can still fire

fucking hell

stay here, keep shooting, die with grace comrade.

halls boost has saved you yet again

>> No.54590824

>faint banging noises can be heard coming from within the expensive looking yet battered thick wooden closet

>> No.54590936

Rolled 19, 19 = 38 (2d20)

*the corsair looks at the man bluntly.
Snuggles, cave his head in.
*roll for giant insect attacks and brace of pistols fire*

>> No.54590937

> nearly jumps out of his skin at the sound of the closet, which he had ignored up until this point.
> retrieves lasrifle. takes aim at the closet.

>> No.54590957

Forgot mah name

>> No.54590960

>Matthias' voice would echo over the vox headsets, and vox casters of the entire third company.

Doubt not yourselves this hour! For this Regiment's greatest triumph, lays before it! And it is I, who shall be it's glorious spearhead!

>With this spoken, Matthias would jump out of the Chimera's Cupola, his Hellgun in his arms, as he charges forward.


>> No.54590973

>the light banging continues, along with what sounds like a voice. The thickness of the wood and the clamor of battle make it practically impossible to determine what is being said.

>> No.54590974

Rolled 13 (1d100)

>Begins looting some of the bodies left behind
>Roll for what I find

>> No.54590985

>weak gurgling, and crawling forward

>> No.54590993

Rolled 3 (1d20)

>The private would charge the enemy as instructed by his captain

>> No.54591025

Bad luck, just some pipes
>Calls over vox
Hey eldar *spitting noises* wanna trade some of your bugs for pipes?

>> No.54591037

Rolled 11 (1d20)

> braces himself against the wall behind. takes aim for the hinges.
> takes a hand away to reach for the vox receiver.

"Comms officer reporting in. I have a situation."

>> No.54591042

But I wasn't done reloa-Oh forget about it...
>Runs in the same direction as the others

>> No.54591067

Rolled 2 (1d2)

whats wrong

>my las rifle barks a bitter report in the back ground.

and how do you propose I get these men back to you?

>> No.54591069

Rolled 3 (1d20)


> firing, the shot slams into the top right-most hinge of the closet, causing the door to swing off it's bottom hinge wildly.

> prepares to fire a second shot.

>> No.54591079

>A sharp, fearful shout comes from within the closet

>> No.54591082

"Var? Something we missed back where you left me. I'm knocking now.".

>> No.54591083

Rolled 15 (1d20)

>the Inqusitor leaps at the hover craft
"taste the emperor's fury XENOS!"

>> No.54591105

> the second shot goes wild, the wound from earlier affecting the officer's shooting.
> takes aim again.
"That was a warning shot! step out where I can see you!"

>> No.54591128

I will give you Victor the giant beetle for a prison rifle.
I won't trade snuggles though.
He is special.

>> No.54591134

>the thudding and shouting inside the closet simply grows louder and more frantic

>> No.54591140

that's not good

>I smile as I reach the imperial held hot spot

any idea on what? is it safe to come back for you?

>> No.54591156


>> No.54591169

Rolled 11 (1d20)

> reaches for bio-luminscent.
> cracks it to provide light.
> throws it towards the closet and returns to shooting stance immediately.

>> No.54591191

"Unknown article as of yet. Will advice. No one came looking when you left though so that's a good sign."

>> No.54591224

>Clears rubble off closet.

>> No.54591225

> sees the gigantic insectoid creature coming towards his hiding spot.
> reaches for frag grenade and gets ready to die, fading into the dirt-coloured brickwork of the rubble and hoping for the best.

>> No.54591231

I get victor, dibs on the space marine armour, three sponge pipes and all of the unnamed bugs you have.
In return you'll get prism rifle and a full soulstone with whatever eldar you want, yes?

>> No.54591236

>the shouting grows louder

>> No.54591257

>smashes closet door open with thunder hammer and reaches hand in.
"are you ok trooper?"

>> No.54591259

I got 30 wounded, 40 fighting advise when you can, but don't die yet. you still owe me that drink

>> No.54591281

Do not fret my friend, I am the spirit of joyous occasions. There is no need for combat or war. We must fight the enemy and not eachother. Now get out there and kill daemons!
>>54591231 I don't want a soul stone I already have one and sponge pipes are devoid of all value. Don't try to swindle me. Take victor and I take the rifle. Only deal I will make with your kind.

>> No.54591283


> stares at the inquisitor at the bug thing stomping around his hidey hole, unsure of
what is transpiring.


>> No.54591305

no inqusitors here friend, just ignore any post under that name

>> No.54591311


>> No.54591322

> feels his sphincter squirm at having been addressed by a xenos scum and having his camouflage so simply seen through.
> reaches for the vox.
> reaches for the combat knife and primes the detonator on the frag grenade, but doesn't release it... yet.
"Foul scum!"

>> No.54591334

Stop standing around and kill chaos for fucks sake you useless peon. I will pay you for each snalleshi follower you bring me the head of.
Also stop staring at my levitating giant insect.
He does not like it.

>> No.54591347

My last offer, but instead of a full soulstone which you could use as a companion I sell you swooping hawks jetpack and wings, yes

>> No.54591348

"Xenos threat! AND YOU ALL SAID I AS MAD!"

>> No.54591356

>Seeing the the bravery(stupidity?) of the men and women of the Unknown regiment's third company, against the odds displayed against them. Similar charges would begin occuring all along the Imperial lines, as hundreds, upon hundreds of infantry, dozens of chimeras, and Leman Russ battle tanks, and dozens of Sentinel walkers, would begin charging forward. The heretic guardsmen and cultists would attempt to hold their positions for several moments. Their guns killing scores upon scores of guardsmen, but to no avail.
>Those that didn't retreat in the coming moments as the distance was closed, would be gunned down by laser fire, or speared upon innumerable glistening bayonets.
>Many of those who retreated fri.the scene, wouldn't fare much better. As they are torn apart by HE shells, and lasers.
>Within moments, the heretical forces that were guarding the city limits, would be overrun.
>The battle for the western city limits has been won for the moment.

>> No.54591360

Rolled 20 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

>listening this, I curse and sprint pell mell to the injured man

I'm coming, don't die on me, not yet

>> No.54591373

Nothing much honored leutenant, just looting and business

>> No.54591380

You must stop hating those who try to help you. Now we must go, my planet needs me!
*the insect and rider dart out of sight, flying through the air at speeds that make no sense given the insect does not even have wings*

>> No.54591387

> looks down at ruined leg. then back up at the xenos.
"You... You speak our language?"

>> No.54591417

>the closet continues to bang and scream, accompanied now by the sound of something metallic scraping the inside

>> No.54591423

Fine, fine. But I don't want the soul stone. Just shoot it towards a craft world or something.

>> No.54591449

Well if you don't want a wraithbone companion then sure.
>Does something on a tablet
Your order will arrive tomorrow

>> No.54591515

*darts back over to speak*
Yes I do and I am also part of a regiment. And if you try and kill me it's just going to end with you becoming chum. No but seriously we both know daemons are a bigger threat. Do you want a ride back to the closest medicae?

>> No.54591518

"My god, come here!"
>Prys open box with crowbar."
>Sticks hand inside closet.

>> No.54591533

>finaly able to walk again
>leg splinted, mechanical arm severed at elbow
>lasgun slung over shoulder, holding pistol in good hand
>aproaches the closet

>> No.54591535

> doesn't know what to do.
> decides to disarm the frag grenade.
"What's in the closet?"

>> No.54591539

>After intense fighting, Matthias woild hear a beep from his Vox bead.
>It appears that Regimental command was pulling the third company back from the fighting.
>Matthias wouldn't argue against it. He had killed his fair share of heretics this day.
>Once he had finished with regimental command. He switch to the company command frequency.

Third company, This is Captain Wyvern. We're being ordered back to the edge of the city. I repeat. We're being ordered bakc to the city limits. All squads not currently engaged with the enemy, are to pull back at once.

>> No.54591557

"It's someone HELP THEM YOU FOOLS!"
>Points at the dresser sitting in a middle of a battlefield

>> No.54591570

> listens as the order comes in on the vox.
"Roger that. Just tying up a loose end, Sir.".

>> No.54591577

I have absolutely no idea what's in the closet.
I'm being serious. But my first guess would be a daemon however the metallic scratching would indicate something mechanical. It's probably harmless whatever it is.

>> No.54591586

Rolled 13 (1d20)


> primes grenade and throws it into the open in one swift motion.

>> No.54591605

>the banging and screaming stops, and a voice can be faintly heard from within the closet
>the thick wood masks all but the basic rhythm of the word, but it definitely has two syllables

>> No.54591611

>holsters side-arm
>Takes out 9-70
>Starts to clear rubble
>takes out his remaining frag, and clips it to shirt for easy access.
Hold on in there!

>> No.54591615

"You'll excuse me if i'm not inclined to stop you sticking your arm in."

>> No.54591620

"Good job! you get a purity seal!"
>Grabs Lieutenant
"And a as effective immedently promoted to inqusitoral lackey number 1."

>> No.54591630

Look we can stay here and get overrun by chaos or regroup at the city limits.
Your call.
And make up your mind about the closet already. Open it or don't.

>> No.54591643

Rolled 8 (1d20)

> fires at the other door of the closet, trying to knock it off.

>> No.54591665

>Strides in, huffing, presumably emperor-blessed purified air, carrying her trusty stormbolter with her
>she scans her surroundings, itching to find heresy, or heresy accessories, her trigger finger was awfully itchy at the moment
>She looked around, trying to catch on any scent of heresy for immediate annihilation by her hand

>> No.54591666

> the shot hits, and the other door falls off, -hopefully- revealing whats inside,

>> No.54591670

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Let me help you with that, snuggles keep me airborne.
*roll to blast the door open*

>> No.54591690

Uh, excuse me, Commissar, sir, but am I at the right unit? Just got transferred from some backwater agriworld.

>> No.54591692


>> No.54591734

Rolled 93 (1d100)

*roll to have my giant creature attempt to carefully shift rubble*

>> No.54591747

>The closet door falls to the side, revealing a plump man wearing what was probably a formal dinner suit at one point before being dragged through a sizable hedge, holding a small pistol in one hand and an iron aquila in the other
>The man look terrified, and the dark bags under his eyes show he probably hasn't slept in days

>> No.54591748

>Get near the closet
>A hunched over figure has a sack filled with lasguns, halmets, and a bunch of trinkets and trash
What are you daing here honored bipeds...and eldar?

>> No.54591757

"Adept of the Ordo Hereticus, this regiment is full of penal legonaries that fear the long arm of the emperor."

>> No.54591759

>Standing nearby, would be a sister of battle Hospitaller. Dealing with the innumerable wounded, that were continually coming in.
>Her eyes would widen somewhat with surprise, as soon as she spotted the new sister. But she would soon flash her a warm hearted smile, before working on the legless trooper.

>> No.54591789

>drop 9-70, draw side-arm
Who the hell are you?

>> No.54591811

> stares at the man.
> reaches for the vox.
"Captain, we have a civilian for extraction and debriefing."


"I'm gettin the fuck out of here".
> brandishes a bottle of amasec and starts drinking and he hobbles away, passing it between those who walks with him.

>> No.54591828

(Reminder to all, to ignore inquistors of ANY KIND!)
(Also, for those of you whom are new to feild kit inspection, or haven't done so already. Please come join us in discord using the following link. https://discord.gg/xgEwUQ

>> No.54591837

Oh, erm, GOOD DAY honored biped, you don't need to be afraid for you are surounded by friend, yes.
Say what do you want for that tie?

>> No.54591842

"Hmm, strange, I feel someone is telling loyal servents of the god emperor to ignore eachother."

>> No.54591848

>limping back to camp with the wounded I was able to move about 20 or so, I manage to limp up to the sister.

Medic varish reporting to duty

>I clasp a hand over my chest in salute

how may I assist...sister superior?

>> No.54591869

>The man instantly looks relieved that the people that wrenched him from the closet were Imperial Guard, not cultists
M-my name is Franisko van Stittert, I-I-I used to work for the planetary gov-governor's office

>> No.54591873

We are leaving before we get overrun by chaos.

>> No.54591903

>Suddenly a FUCKING HUGE BARGE would land on the planets surface near the city
>Kaptin Toofrich and his krew would leave the barge to meet with the unknown regiment


>> No.54591909

"Put the gun away trooper."
>The black armored inqusitor walks up to the man
"Are you ok? Why were you in the closet, why can't you come out?"

>> No.54591916

Planetary govenor? Your comming with us.
>gesturing to the surrounding guardsmen and xenos
>must be the meds

>> No.54591929

>turns to face the xeno
"Oh, it's you, it's been a long time."

>> No.54591955


>> No.54591967

Hmm, sure
Come honored biped, follow us to safety, and while were on it, would you like this helmet?
>Shows a standart issue guardmans helmet, it's slightly dented
I can sell it to you for you tie, maybe a pen or glasses

>> No.54591970

>the man follows the guard, clearly dazed and a little confused

>> No.54591977

*the eldar would call the rest of the sufficiently large insects to his side*
Shopkeep, take your pick I don't remember which one was victor anymore. I know two of them were sterling and mael though.
Ok we are leaving now. Everyone else hop aboard snuggles or be left behind.

>> No.54591998

>the man tries several times to climb onto the creature, before finally sliding onto the beast

>> No.54592002

>Now the xeno is riding a giant ant
>that damn medic may have given me too many stimms
>Thel helps the man up the giant insect

>> No.54592048

Oi've got sum' tranzportz for you grotz'. I 'eard der' woz' 'eavy cashultees' frum' foightin'

>> No.54592065

"Xeno the only casuality here is going to be your race, when I am done."

>> No.54592082

>Gets on a bug on the left
>Puts a device on it head, it's eyes start glowing
>Begins typing on a tablet and bug begins to fly
Okay eldar, let's go

>> No.54592094

Allrighty then!
*i would command the beast to go at incredible speed to the city limits*

>> No.54592136

>watches it speed away
That valkrie didnt even wait for me...
>begins to jog to city limit
>falls from pain
>begins to walk to city limit

>> No.54592147

>flies right behind snuggles
Honored biped
>flies near
Hop on

>> No.54592196

Rolled 6, 11, 9, 19, 14, 1, 3, 14, 17 = 94 (9d20)

>Seeing what they believed to be a giant warp entity. There squadrons of Imperial guard hydras would open fire upon the giant flying bug.

>> No.54592231

We serve the Emperor with our faith and devotion, as long as everyone does their duties and keeps their faith, I'll be more than probable to be where I belong, removing the enemy, rather than motivating the ranks.

>The batlle sister nods in response to the Sister Hospitaller's gesture, making sure not to distract her from her important duties
>She then continues her stride, clutching her stormbolter in her hands, her fingers itching was not merely a figure of speech in her case

>> No.54592238

Shit pilot! You got some fancy flying to land like that. Go on ahead, im scavenging for some weaponry.

>> No.54592251

Rolled 64 (1d100)

>walks on, waves, and looks around for anything obvious

>> No.54592270

Of course honored biped
>Pushes some buttons on tablet
>Victor flies away

>> No.54592294

*shaking this nightmare from his mind the corsair continues flying uninterrupted before landing safely with the rest of the seemingly blind regiment*

>> No.54592299

>the combat fatigue finally strikes the medic down and he collapses in the middle of camp.

night night g..........*snoring*

>> No.54592392

>Meanwhile when everyone got away, Private Gundersson would be stuck on his own, fighting to his last breath

>His lasgun is cold, his hands are cold, but his heart burns, for the emperor

>He has been shot at least twice, but he refuses to give up


>> No.54592442

How exactly are you controlling that thing anyway?

>> No.54592476

>Points at a headset
Don't tell me you eldar don't have technology to control simple, not sentient creatures
>Get's down on the ground
>Places a table
>Lays down a selection of lasguns, powerpacks, helmets and trinkets

>> No.54592493

No we don't have the technology to do that. Why would we? We do it with our minds.

>> No.54592512

Hmm, anyways

>> No.54592591

Anyway did anyone die while I was messing around collecting my other mutant creatures?

>> No.54592604

>Bob would pull up the vox caster of a dead guardsman

"P..please, anyone who can make it... I'm in the city... I've lost a l..lot of blood... please, come..."

>Intense firefighting could be heard from the backround, before the vox going out

>> No.54592607

Rolled 41 (1d100)

>sees something shiny, and walks over to investigate
[Rolling for what]

>> No.54592631

Hmm Thel decided to scavange, and that's about it
Hmm seems like there's also a private in need of help

>> No.54592680

Sounds like an opportunity for heroics!
*the corsair would tie all of the giant insects still following him to a Wooden spike and instead mount what looked to be an oversized dragonfly*

>> No.54592730

>Stands in front of his table
Come all, come all, get new lasguns and powercells, only slightly used!
We also sell trinkets and good luck charms

>> No.54592764

>Private Bob would go unconscious, although not dead.

>Blood would form in a pool over his stomach, as he closed his eyes

>Time was running out

>In one hour, Bob was able to hold a horde of 100 cultists off, himself alone, in a city ruin

>> No.54592806

(A new thread is up, over at >>54592793

>> No.54592826

Well this is a mess. I can't tell if this guy is even dead. What about you snuggles II?
Fine, I will drag the body back.

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