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"I built 4 decks in 2 weeks and spent a grand should I build one more?" Edition

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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question:
Should me, you, or anyone else build that one last deck that they have an idea for but that just hasn't ever been built?

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This is a bad thread question.
Some decks just won't work in certain tables and completely dominate other.
And assuming something has never been done for is simply audacious, however pushing your playgroup to new experiences is always healthy for the meta, unless your table is one that likes to solidify their snowflake decks and have them remain unchanging until the day the get bored of it and completely disassemble them.

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>that just hasn't ever been built
I bet you're the kind of person who begins sentences with "Am I the only one who ever..."

>> No.54567858

>prowling serpopard price

fug, i should have got a full playset

>> No.54567859

What would you run in Thada Adel, YourShitisMyShit.dec

>> No.54567898

Anyone try out this card yet?
And what's the consensus on the new cycling taplands, only good for cards that specify basic land types when searching or what?

Really gonna burn a hole in my change pocket, tell you what

>> No.54567902

Why do people buy from card kingdom?

>> No.54567921


I play it in my Rashmi turbo fog, it's cool. about what you'd expect.

>> No.54567930

I'm going to give one a try but I wouldn't expect it to be anywhere near a "competitive" card. It looks like it will be just a fun thing to have for long games to get repeated value out of it every turn, nothing crazy.

>> No.54567940

>legal in commander

>> No.54567944

Can someome give me a link to a budget green deck wich is fun to play and dont rely on infinit combos and such?

>> No.54567950

At least it's not Glen Elendra Archmage.

>> No.54567960

Green or Monogreen?

>> No.54567964

Two threads in a row is enough.

>> No.54567968

>cast Glen Elendra
>use ability
>comes back with persist
>use ability again
>hits yard, exile with vat
>have a 4 mana counter for the rest of the game

could be worse

>> No.54567972

You could say it's persistent.

>> No.54567974

I don't really care. Green Blue would be expensive I guess. I have a mono black deck already so no green black.

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Green blue is actually quite flexible and can be built janky as hell for decently cheap.
Don't assume "good" colors will automatically be expensive.

Spend A LOT of time sifting through the card database and have notes ready on the side to jot down or save the ones you take interest in.
If you plan on staying to Magic for a while this will really pay off in the long run.

>> No.54568022

Every single color combination can be expensive. Honestly just dick around on EDH rec until you find a commander you think will be fun.

>> No.54568027

Green/Red can be pretty cheap.
Maybe something like Rosheen. You play a lot of janky X spells that aren't very useful in most decks, so they're not particularly expensive.

>> No.54568059

Borborgymos and 99 basic lands

>> No.54568093

>99 basics meme
It's okay for a cheap laugh the first time but after that it gets stale real quick.
Since you're budgeting so much on all the lands anyways it's fine to throw in some ramp cards and some draw to fuel his discard engine.

>> No.54568126

relax, anon. that was never meant to be taken so seriously

>> No.54568243

post jank combos. this gives infinite mana and lets you infinitely cast every spell out of your graveyard.

>> No.54568254


>> No.54568277

That is neither the stupidest, nor the most convoluted

>> No.54568283

Don't try this shit at home, kids

>> No.54568349

>all the artifacts are in your grave
>cast scrap mastery
>sac lotus bloom for RRR (so you can cast scrap mastery again)
>tap salvaging station bringing back lotus bloom
>sac lotus bloom for three mana
>sac a myr token for 2 mana
>trigger salvaging station, untap
>tap salvaging station bringing back lotus bloom
>repeat until all myrs including battlesphere are sacrificed
>activate codex shredder, return scrap mastery to hand
>sacrifice salvaging station and ironworks for mana
>cast scrap mastery
>repeat until you have enough an arbitrarily high number of mana, say 1,000,000 of each colour and colourless
>sacrifice codex shredder to bring back whatever spell you want to cast
>salvaging station untaps can now be used to get codex shredder instead of lotus bloom because you don't need any more coloured mana
>keep casting spells
>also mills everyone to death with codex shredder
>also can give infinite myrs to overrun with

it's really stupid and overly complex but that's the shit i do like.

>> No.54568405

Usually a modern player but I got my tax return and decided to just go nuts and buy a commander deck I've been working on.

Before I commit to all the cards, should I change anything around?


>> No.54568428

Should just be leveler with shared fate

>> No.54568430

i've seen great aurora do ridiculous work in GR wort

>> No.54568449

>2 dark rituals
Try again.

>> No.54568547

That one and the bear one have been passed around in normal MtG threads fora while, meant for Kitchen table joke/fun times.
Don't like troll one because it tries to add tormad's crypt into the mix to exile everything you own but both your swamp and spite still in graveyard, since casting spite will either sacrifice it or discard it.
A much better troll combo is the Academy Rector + Kaervak's Spite into Barren Glory.

>> No.54568571

Neither is this one. What's your point?

>> No.54568610

What do you think about this?

>> No.54568662

>bragging on social media
>"They tried to stop me but they have NO POWER OVER ME"
I think he needs a new hobby.

>> No.54568680

Someone should just tell him to have leaked on 4chan's /tg/ board. The likliehood of them wanting to touch you then is far lower

>> No.54568699

He didn't want to leak them anonymously though, anon.
Not everyone does things for the community, ya know?

>> No.54568701

/tg/ EDH General Discord

>> No.54568702

rogues btfo

>> No.54568745

Smart people do

>> No.54568757

He clearly isn't smart, and also an attwhore (which is kinda redundant).

>> No.54568771

Because I want max value for my trade-in.. and they happen to pay top dollar

>> No.54568784

Kaervek's spite is an instant, cast tormod's crypt and respond with spite so that it's on the stack instead of in your hand or on the field when spite resolves

>> No.54568899

Then you still have Tormad's in your graveyard.

>> No.54568905

I remember when $3 felt like a lot for a Magic card. Simpler times.

>> No.54569025

Are you retarded? Do you not know how stack works? Tormod's goes to GY before it's effect resolves

>> No.54569066

What partners or 3+ color commanders work best for non-voltron enchantress?

>> No.54569172

You probably want Bant, Abzan at the outside. You could do Zur but he's not exactly right. Bant lets you run both Enchanted Evening and regular enchantresses.

And frankly, once you're in bant, you don't have a ton of options. Partners are kind of garbage though you could use Thrasios/Whatever if you're planning on making infinite mana. Without getting into commanders that have a color identity different than their colors (since they're hard to search up) you have 10 choices in Bant

We can eliminate Rafiq and Jenara for being Voltron. Arcades and Treva are big honking dragons that do basically nothing for your enchantress games so rule them out too. Roon is actively hurtful to local enchantments, so presumably we don't want him.

Five commanders remain: Angus, Derevi, Phelddagrif, Ragnar, and Rubinia. Of those Pheldy, Derevi, and Rubinia are just plain skew to your interests. Rubinia maybe a little less since she can wear Freed From the Real and steal what you can't pacify, but how about those others?

Ragnar and Angus both, in a sideways sense, let you preserve auras you've thrown on your creatures. Angus goes a step further though; non-Voltron Enchantress is typically a controling strategy and Angus fogs on command to protect you from death in combat. Angus Mackenzie is therefore the clear winner.

>> No.54569208

Why wouldn't I?

>> No.54569240

I know this feel

I bought a fuckload of Fraying Sanity, EVERY good mill card gets expensive. Also what a doozy of a card, I think my modern mill deck is finally competitive

>> No.54569314

It's a """"FREE"""" Explosive Vegetation spread over six cards!

>> No.54569355

Damn it. My exciting new janky Wydwen deck ends up sharing fucktons of cards with my Jori En deck. So unless I'm willing to double up or change up one of the lists, I'll end up wih two that play the same way.

Jori En is a phenomenally fun list and actually exists, so I might scrap Wydwen or rework it.

>> No.54569373

Does anyone have the variation of this image that runs One with Nothing and Sinkhole instead? It is a lot funnier to me for some reason.

>> No.54569453

Hello my friend

>> No.54569455

>rebuilding my pimped Ezuri elfball
>include my foil Elixer, Cloudstone and Engine
>cant find my asian tempest Medallion anymore

Sure sucks losing hard to replace cards

>> No.54569464

Thanks, man. There is just something so comical about just fucking sinkholing the shit instead of casting Spite.

Anyway, I don't think I've seen a single list running Profoud Journey. Why not? It seems like solid reanimation for a color whose options are surprisingly limited.

I'm half considering running Oblivion Stone+Profound Journey in Queen Olivia with it because I'm tired of not being able to Eternal Witness a Wrath.

>> No.54569489

Looking 4 spicy techs, wincons, and ways yo stay alive.

>> No.54569507

Very expensive in a color that doesn't ramp well. I used to run it in Shu Yun to get back, like, Leering Emblem or a Talrand, but it's just too expensive to rely on.

>> No.54569589

So, how much do you think the foil price of these is going to spike?

>> No.54569600

Why would it?

>> No.54569611


>> No.54569618

50%, from two cent to three cent.

>> No.54569626


It becomes a 5/4 double striking infect. Pretty cool

>> No.54569644


Where is the double strike coming from?

>> No.54569652

Is this snake a semi-viable BadNeheb or just irredeemable trash?

>> No.54569669

It becomes a 10/9 trample infect. Otherwise known as "Block me or lose." Even without Arahbo on the field it's an easy two turn clock for anyone who can't chump.

>> No.54569670

This and a way to bounce it to keep the counters on board

>> No.54569680


>> No.54569693

The fact that it's combat damage only and green doesn't have Aggravated Assault means that Neheb has a lot more available spice. Thing is, if you want tons of mana in Mono Green there are better options, and if you want to hold onto that mana there's always Omnath.

>> No.54569697

It's not worth it to only include a single infect creature unless that creature is Blightsteel.
Foils of Qasali Pridemage on the other hand are probably where it's at.

>> No.54569708

His second line, it's only in effect while he is in play though.

It gives you a 5/4 infect on turn 2, that can easily kill someone if they don't have an earlygame blocker.

>> No.54569718

i don't think they can really go up that much. EDH is a popular format, but it's not like lost leonin slots into any deck like something like protean hulk does. i can see it going up to like 2 euros or something, mostly because of duel commander, but that's it. and the cat commander is going to be banned in duel commander for sure because wotc doesn't care enough to balance their commanders around 20 life, even though the whole point of EDH is to play "balanced for 20 life" commanders n a format with 40 life totals

>> No.54569732

Various Bribery and Mind Control effects

>> No.54569737

It's all right, but it requires combat damage, which already makes Nuheb way better

>> No.54569739

The second line would give him +2/+2 and trample, though.

>> No.54569742


>> No.54569743

>thada adel hits me to dig out my sol ring
>don't have sol ring in my deck because it's a cancer ass card and my irl group hates it so none of us run it
>he gets a shitty mind stone instead


>> No.54569745

Yup, was mostly an indirect way to bring attention to the cool interaction with lost leonin and the new cat commander.

The interaction is pretty cute at least.

>enter combat
>give creature +3/+3 from first line
>second line triggers, giving +X/+X and trample, where the cat is currently 5/4

>> No.54569758

It's worded so the Eminence triggers at the beginning of combat, and then the second ability triggers when a cat attacks. So you can have a 10/8 trample infect, but it definitely doesn't have double strike.

>> No.54569760

>I'm too retarded to figure out how to use the stack

>> No.54569763

When you can't just bolt to the face for mana it's not sayings good. That said, I'm sure something stompy should still be fun

>> No.54569772

Ah my bad, for some reason I was thinking it was double strike and not +X/+X, since the result is the same, doubling the damage.

>> No.54569794

Haven't play EDH in 5 years. Is it still a budget format, or are people playing a bunch of duals and tutors now?

>> No.54569803

In that case the commander would be actually useful, since double strike gives much better value than just buff.

>> No.54569808

Depends on the group, but even more budge players try to make their decks moderately competent.

>> No.54569810

Depends on the playgroup. There's lot of people who play the game with much better decks these days, but there's also lot of people who play exclusively draft chaff or dollar rare jank

>> No.54569822

Sangromancer, Alhammaret could help being a big dude with a minor telepathy, Duskmantle Seer has run synergy, any form of bounce, things that reduce opponent's max hand size.

>> No.54569824

I run it in Reki. When Negev was spoiled, I almost blew a gasket. Saskia wins games the turn she comes into play if not removed. It is crazy amounts of value.

I wouldn't put her in the command zone though.

>> No.54569829

It would be much better. Especially since the ability doesn't target, so you could run a full set of swords and not care about pro green or white.

>> No.54569830

I bought the Mind Seize precon and cracked it open. What are some decent upgrades I can do to it to make it better for around 50 bucks?

>> No.54569842

Forgive me. For some reason I misread eminence as counting with him being on the battlefield too.
I thought it was active only at the command zone.

>> No.54569856

I wouldn't expect too much from foil Pridemage, with the Alara foil packs and also the FNM promo there are a lot of them

>> No.54569935

Except Double Strike is also First Strike, which works incredibly well with Infect. A 5/4 Double Strike Infect can take down an 8/10 without dying.

>> No.54569982

>lot of people who play exclusively draft chaff or dollar rare jank
My group. It's great, I get to build whatever the fuck I want and not have to worry about being ultra-competitive

>> No.54570026

Uh, why wouldn't the 5/4 die during the regular combat step?

>> No.54570036

Takes the 8/10 down to a 3/5

>> No.54570037

Because it has infect, lowering the 8/10 to 3/5.

>> No.54570049

I think I killed accidentally one of my groups. I won consistently and easily every game, even though I was playing pretty bad decks, but with some synergy. I played Rith tokens and Mogis enchantress, but without the commander most of the time, since others were playing with 60 card casual decks, I played with the 99, since my casual decks aren't fun to play

>> No.54570051

Sorry, misread your post. Thought we were disagreeing.

>> No.54570052


>> No.54570064

Infect deals damage to creatures in form of -1/-1 counters, so you'd need at least a blocker with P/T 9/6 to kill the infect on block

>> No.54570071

Truly the best type of playgroup. I'm afraid that my Scarab God deck full of the good black zombies from my old modern deck and training grounds might start an arms race however

>> No.54570146

Do you want to play Jeleva or Nekusar? I'm looking into turning my Nekusar deck into a Jeleva deck right now, because Nekusar is unbelievably boring and passive.

>> No.54570189

I'm going to build an rg commander built around wild pair. I'm thinking radha heir to keld, but I'm also debating ruric thar.

So I need a couple aggressive sub themes and spicy tech pls help

>> No.54570326

My group generally knows when I'm about to be on some bullshit, so it turns into a race to "can we kill anon before his deck gets totally online"

>> No.54570425

I want to play jhlava

>> No.54570547

Green Blue is great, got an Ezuri pre-con to start off on in commander, threw together some random cards I had in it, it's amazingly good. Better than a lot of decks I had to really work at to get there.

>> No.54570615

What exactly are you planning to do with that Doubling Chant, anon?

>> No.54570651

Best way is to use either a clone or the new spy-kit equipment to get any creature from your deck to battlefield

>> No.54570669

Crypt goes to the GY as part of it's activation cost, thus exiling itself.

>> No.54570679


I have everything except the sphere in my eggs deck but I'm going to add it just for this line.

>> No.54570809

I want to build a vampire tribal deck also changelings with a bunch of lords would be fun, not too many good changelings though.

>> No.54570870

No, best way to use it is Shadowborn memes.
Both of the options you listed are extremely unreliable.

>> No.54570926

>I want to build a vampire tribal deck

Hold off for a month.

>> No.54570935

Just play Olivia. Ping your own creatures and turn them into Vampires.

>> No.54570956

Keep a list of both decks then dissassemble one to make the other. When you get tired of the one that's built you can swap the cards around.

>> No.54570980


>> No.54571042

So long as there's 1 new dimir commander from c17 ill be happy

>> No.54571061

Mostly the latter. The staples spiked hard, so previously budget cards are no longer that.

>> No.54571091

From the (very blurry) pics that were leaked, it looks like one of the decks is Grixis. They put three five-color legends, a Jund legend, and an Azorius legend in the dragon deck, so it would seem ridiculous for them to be able to print as many as five new legends in one deck and not being able to fit a Dimir one in the Grixis deck.

>> No.54571166

Literally always a dead draw.

>> No.54571191

Nebuchadnezar tho

>> No.54571216

Forced discard scales terribly with multiplayer. Why play Nebuchadnezzar to start with?

>> No.54571247

Well meme'd

>> No.54571249

This thread is cool and all but where are the new commanders? Hello, Wizards?

>> No.54571253

I really like this guy but don't want to do mono-white. Are there any other cards with similar effects?

>> No.54571355

is saproling tribal any good? looks like you just wait for three upkeeps to put spore ccounters on mediocore effects

>> No.54571443

Don't worry about the Spore nonsense. Treat it like an incidental benefit, never try to force it as the end goal because you're not going to make it work.

Only play the card if you'd play it without ever thinking you'll get a spore counter on it.

>> No.54571489

What do you mean with saproling "tribal"? If you want to have a huge load of saproling tokens you can alway play Ghave. He can become very powerful very easily.

>> No.54571617

hmm i guess maybe i ment fungus stuff. ill look em up

>> No.54571657

There are no nontoken Saprolings (don't you post Jellymoose), so Saproling tribal and Fungus tribal are intrinsically linked.

>> No.54571693


>> No.54571808

Dope art

>> No.54571809

Who putting sword into their decks here?

>> No.54571811

>wins from single swing

>> No.54571837

I hate unglued/hinged etc this is a waste of product

>> No.54571854

Here's your guy. Run the usual token stuff like Skullclamp, Eldrazi Monument, Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, etc.

>> No.54571918


>> No.54571967

Fuck, I don't even like Naya or Dinos but I need to build Grimlock NOW.

>> No.54571968

Is this card good for sort of a "fuck you and your artifacts" sort of deck or no?

>> No.54571970



>> No.54572010

Ghave is fucking insane

>build him purely as a way to make a buttload of tokens
>accidentally into combos, including 2 infinites, maybe more

>> No.54572030

I personally just run Rith. Add in all the general naya good stuff and token support. I have made some insane amounts of tokens in my games.

Or you could go Ghave if you want more of a combo deck

>> No.54572047

The middle and right cards are garbage solely because of the © symbol, but the D&D card is dope.

>> No.54572048

Are you talking as a general or just as a "value for money" card 4 drop?

>> No.54572057

Either or but i figure she would be a bit underpowered as a general so more value for money.

>> No.54572082

You can even use her as commander and use cards like Mycosynth Lattice and Liquimetal Coating and simply destroy everything you want with your artifact removal. I played against someone who had that deck and it was pretty fun.

>> No.54572083

I know your pain, $3USD is a small fortune in Canadian dollars

>> No.54572115

I know, I built him from the Atraxa precon and some cards I just had lying around and the deck was ridiculously strong.

>> No.54572134

All you need is Doubling season, parallel lives and anointed procession for the token making, and maybe a mycoloth and a craterhoof behemoth
Have a list around?

>> No.54572146

No, it is really bad. I used to have a Thelon deck about 5 years ago and it had the absolute maximum budget and best cards possible but it was thallid/saproling tribal. Even decks in the 50%-75% range just shat on Thelon. The thallids were just so weak that I could only win through the extremely mundane plays like Cabal Coffers, Urbirg, saproling mana, and Exsanguinate. In my current playgroup there is someone that runs mono green saproling tribal with Nemata as the general and it's even worse. Nemata is basically the best card in the entire deck and is only decent with the token doublers.

>> No.54572156

I know that feel. I shpuld have preordered The Scarab God when he was 8, but now he is 15...

>> No.54572168

With the fountain gone, wouldn't they stop being islands even with the counters?

>> No.54572193

>Silver Border

And like that I don't give a fuck. It's irrelevant everywhere. I mean, kiiinda cool collector pieces I guess.

>> No.54572230

>implying I won't run transformers tribal

>> No.54572268

I'm making a casual lands-themed EDH deck. Currently I'm doing Bant, but should I go for broke and do 5-color?

>> No.54572324

be gruul
smash with mountain
smash with forest

>> No.54572330

Nope. The triggered ability turns the land into an island, and sets the duration to "as long as it has a flood counter on it." That's independent of thr fountain existing.

>> No.54572426

it's one of my wacky late game wincons in a breya deck . check it out if you want, the deck has a bunch of infinite combos that don't rely on breya, and some that do. it's a quality build. another very stupid combo i have is etherium sculptor+junk diver+myr retriever+ashnod's altar for infinite colourless mana. tack on marionette master and the table is dead.


>> No.54572527


>> No.54572671

How does karametra do in multiplayer games? Is she fun?

>> No.54572728

She does well for keeping ahead of the curve and being able to take care of most problems. But she's boring. Play creature, play land. Play land, play creature, play land. And she's anything but explosive.

>> No.54572749

I've been building this deck, actually.

I started with Esper non-aura enchantments with Ertai Corrupted. I barely cast the commander was running him for colors and o avoid the hate Zur gets when he shows down at a table. After a while I decided to add green to the deck for enchantress options and some recursion effects. I ran Atraxa as the commander jsut for colors for all of like two games, then realized she had a huge target on her head like Zur. I've switched to partners and am running Thrasios and Tymna.

I run some janky combos in the deck. At first I had a storm sub win con with Guile and Blood Funnel +Tendrils or Brainfreeze, but in all the games I played with it I never once resolved the combo and was always winning other ways. Now my win con is usually enchanted evening + opalesence to nuke everyone's lands while running anthems for myself to swing in for kills. Can also enchanted evening and cleansing meditation. There are a few other combos and locks in the deck.

I didn't go full pillowfort, full control, or full stacks, but light elements of each. If you're in a more cutthroat meta focus on one of those things. My deck is not terribly good, but it suits the meta and power level my group is accustomed to. It's also really fun.

>> No.54572769

What constitutes a "Nerf Gun"? Can I make my own? Can I modify one?

>> No.54572822

It has the ® symbol, so certainly you need an official product.

>> No.54572862

But can I modify one?

>> No.54572877

If it still shoots foam darts, as specified in the card, yes.

>> No.54572878

If that implies budget then you definitely want as few colors as possible.

Benefits of 5-color lands
Black for tutors like Demonic and Beseech the Queen. Gitrog Monster is broken and one of the best land cards. Bojuka Bog and Dakmor Salvage are other good black-producing lands.

Red has the least to offer a lands deck but Seismic Assault or Borbrygmos is a legit win condition when combined with the green spells that return lands to hand or play from the graveyard. In my 5-color lands deck I only use red for Seismic Assault, Maze's End, and the general.

>> No.54572879

It's silver-bordered; just do whatever's okay with your playgroup.

>> No.54572894

This'll be fun

>> No.54572899

Post your favorite tech from recent tech

>> No.54572908

Punishing those that sleeve with slippery sleeves hard.

>> No.54572912

jeleva decks just free extra turns together until people give up

wotc just wanted to print narset but for different colors i think

>> No.54572931

chain free extra turns i mean

>> No.54572932

You need to have a way to consistently hit those extra turns and recast her with haste, it's a lot harder to do than Narset. I always see her played either just for colors in cEDH or with huge spells that leave a big impact since you never really cast more than two spells from each trigger.

>> No.54572943

It's a crying shame Sunforger can't fetch that now with the new ruling.

>> No.54572946

>First picks nerf wars
>Room is in awe as you unpack your rpg
>Room watches as you fuck up 3 board states
Pssh... Nothin personal kid

>> No.54573216


If you look at the ultra pro sleeves they're performing some kinda ritual. I think it's Wizards, even if this guy is just guessing.

>> No.54573231

regardless it's still a commander you can never really allow to swing once because the consequences range from a ridiculous tempo swing to jeleva winning

it's the same as yidris. let them swing once and you might as well be conceding the game at that point. and for some reason wotc prints these shithead commanders at like 4 cmc instead of something reasonable, like 6 or 7 cmc, where it actually makes sense to have a game-ending effect attached to an attack trigger. like in comparison, wrexial, the risen deep is a 6 cmc commander that has a similar effect, but way weaker. but no, wotc gotta print them at low cmc so scrubby spikes can reliably get them out on turn 3 so that they can start jacking off with their cheated-out 9 cmc spells while other people are still casting hedron archives and acidic slimes.

>"just save removal for it XD"

fuck you, it's super annoying to play against "le i swing and win" commanders because you absolutely need to save removal for them, even though that should never be a thing with ~4 cmc commanders. 4 cmc commander should be more of a value engine, like rashmi or ephara, or a very build-around wincon, like lazav or something, not just "i will win almost certainly if not disrupted at this very moment" wincon for retards. and when you inevitably never let the player playing that commander swing even once, they bitch you out for not letting them play the game. then you give in and decide to let them swing a single time, you know, because EDH is about having fun and they're already super far behind and not having fun, and they end up storming or infiniteing out the instant they get that one swing off successfully. great design wotc, please make more of these i fucking beg you, every contribution you make to this format is goddamn amazing, please print more

>> No.54573302

Um, have blockers?

>> No.54573315


>> No.54573316

>use a nerf gun© that is a water blaster
>threaten to soak thier deck
>even if they are quarduple sleeved, you shoot until it runs out

pssh, nutthin personal squid

>> No.54573322

Damn, I forgot all about that. I actually had Leave // Chance in my sunforger deck. Guess I'll have to take it out now.

>> No.54573338

Stop chump blocking?

>> No.54573361

>(Only foam darts)

>> No.54573364

Ok... so is there any cards that trigger off of using a Regenerate ability of my creatures? If not, how about something that triggers off of using Mana abilities of creatures?

>> No.54573365


>> No.54573398

What new ruling?

>> No.54573411

>all that salt
Christ, hold up man. Jeleva is not even like Narset where one swing and it's indeed game, she needs to reload the exiled spells by dying and recasting.

SPlit cards have only one CMC now, which is the sum of all costs. So Leave // Chance in the library has a CMC of 6.

>> No.54573422

Split cards off the stack now have a CMC of the sum of their parts. Leave//Chance is CMC=6 in all zones except the stack. This came out with Amonkhet Aftermath cards.

>> No.54573425

cmc of split cards is now the combined cmc of both halves. they used to live in this weird limbo state where it was a card with two cmc's, but they fixed that.

>> No.54573438

Well, Spiny Starfish will do things when it actually regenerates.

Activating any nonmana ability, including "Cost: Regenerate this creature" (and not necessarily actually regenerating from anything) will make Crackdown Construct get big

>> No.54573447

it's a multiplayer format, if you can't find removal amongst 3+ players you guys just suck at the game.

>> No.54573458

>Bring a Jumpstarter to LGS along with my Grimlock deck
>Instant-speed Grimlock flips

What were WoTC thinking?

>> No.54573492

>Animar gets more than 10 lands out and plays their whole deck
>Cast Wanderer for win
>Lol craterhoof isn't broken silly it's 8 cmc it's fair and fun at it's $10 very not-spike price
>Meren is interactive and certainly not a very boring and straight forward commander, they interact with zones other than the battlefield!
>haha, that Kozilek at the table is such a joker trying to play colourless in our FUN format, there's no way he's going to be an absolute fucking monster that ends my evening on a bad note
>man that card is old! From Legends? wasn't everything weak back then, but hey I don't see how this is going to go wrong for anyone since you're being so unique and creative using a commander like that

Pushing a card with a specific format in mind is terrible card design. Almost everything is abusable in the right situation.
However, not releasing a card because it's going to be super duper strong, guys! in a kitchen table format is even stupider.
EDH's balancing was always a joke and is so widely accepted as a format because it gives everyone's pet cards a chance to see play and for them to do things in a several hour game that would never fly in 60 card deck format.

>not bringing Unicron and forcing everyone to watch you fiddle with his giant ass and stabbing yourself over and over on his numerous amounts of pointy parts and looking up the instructions online because it's been a few years for 12 minutes
Not even trying.

>> No.54573515

>not holding priority to activate it for your entire collection

>> No.54573572

>unironically claiming that shitty Legends cards should be playable
And besides that, plenty of the commander boogiemen aren't from commander products. Zur, Yissan, and Tazri are all cEDH tier.

>> No.54573640

This with Tolsimir Wolfblood boiks?

>> No.54573663

I was wanting to build a deck that would be unassuming, fair, and be a kind of antidegeneracy.

>> No.54573671

dude! broken stangg combo!!!!

>> No.54573746

>"I built 4 decks in 2 weeks and spent a grand should I build one more"
No. You just spend a grand on 4 decks. Play with what you have, you greedy ass.

>> No.54573755

>never got weaved by the rasputin
>zur lives a full turn
Give me your playgroup.

>> No.54573769

>tfw you will never run it

>> No.54573830

What even is this

>> No.54573836

I'm gonna build it

>> No.54573887

Is Alosis the giant skull, the fish thing or the dude in the fish thing's mouth?
Or is that all one being that's some kind of abstract summbitch?

>> No.54573905

Google says it's a card concept for Purple, basically.

>> No.54573921

I think the skeleton man is alosis and the eldritch thing is what chose him. Art is cool as fuck though.

>> No.54573946

Are these for playing one time thinking "heh, that was silly" and then put them away for forever?

>> No.54573971

You're the hero EDH needs, but not not the one it deserves.

>> No.54573995

What would purple lands even be?
Unless it has something to do with the Blind Eternities I can't see what else it'd be since we've basically covered everything between the five colors and their combinations.

>> No.54574002

I thought about brewing it once. I support your efforts.

>> No.54574023


>> No.54574024


And since we're on the point of basics art, anyone having major difficulty with choosing their basics?
The more colors my commander is, the less basics I get to include.
When I only get 3-5 of each basic I have some issues trying to decide what thematically fits best and what's the prettiest of them all.

>> No.54574076

lol no

To maybe explain this question better I'll use an anecdote:
I had always had the idea to build OG Rakdos but I never did, and now I did. I have some other commanders that I've thought about building but haven't, should I?

>> No.54574080

Dont mind me guys.

>> No.54574087

The typical "Sixth Color" candidates were "City" (Purple) "Portal" or "Void" (or something else mystical, Purple), or, in the leadup to Arabian Nights, "Desert" (Yellow)

>> No.54574105

It's nothing, I swear!

>> No.54574124

All the pictures of purple cards are from a 1997 prank article in Inquest. The actual playtested purple land was City and it was planned for Planar Chaos. Another purple card which was very similar to Mana Drain was tested with it.

>> No.54574140

to be fair i only buy magic cards once a year, i trade the rest
still pretty dumb tho

>> No.54574180

W-why are yall looking at me like that?

>> No.54574191

Just run this, it's not like mana cost is an obstacle.

>> No.54574218

no, i just go full art. and i have to have all my basics have the same art as every other basic of the same type, because autism. i only own enough BFZ full arts to be able to do this with decks, and there is only like one of each of those full arts for each basic type that looks good.

>> No.54574244

Would this infinite drain someone if you also has exquisite blood out and deal any damage to them?

>> No.54574256

Yes, that is a combo

>> No.54574263

Or gain any life, yes.

>> No.54574265

Yes, with both on the field you only need to trigger either to make the loop work.
Believe me, I was hated out of a lot of tables by running these 2 in a Oloro deck.

>> No.54574285

>same art
Your autism is the antithesis of my own.
I can't see why anyone would let all their lands be the same exact picture.
They're different places so why are they all the same?
You draw mana from places and your memory of places, so why's it all one place?
It doesn't make sense.

>> No.54574303

You're a man after my own heart anon

>> No.54574318

>I was hated out of a lot of tables by running these 2 in a Oloro deck
was it tutor heavy and tried as hard as possible to get this combo off or was it just something that might happen sometimes? if the latter, it's fine. if the former, you're a faggot.

i like seeing repeated images and patterns, having 5 of the purple BFZ swamps makes my heart flutter.

>> No.54574344

Would you hang The Starry Night on every wall of every room and in every hallway of your home?
If you would then I'm clearly dealing with a man of another caliber than I and concede all of my points.
If not, then please explain how this is any different.

>> No.54574345

>there will never be another colour! wubrg covers it all!
>suddenly eldrazi

>> No.54574362

>Would you hang The Starry Night on every wall of every room and in every hallway of your home?

>> No.54574387

>he still doesn't understand how generic mana works

>> No.54574393

I'd run the shit out of that, holy fuck. If only it was black...

>> No.54574396

>You draw mana from places and your memory of places, so why's it all one place?

You really, really like that place.

>> No.54574405


>> No.54574429

generic mana and colorless mana doesn't mean the same thing

>> No.54574434

you're right i wouldn't. it would cause too much variation in the walls. i wouldn't hang anything.

>> No.54574436

>tfw wastes are just Basic lands and not Basic Lands - Wastes
>No dual Plains Wastes, Island Wastes, etc, can exist
>No more eldritch funtimes because the gatewatch fucked it all up
I really wish they return to Processors/ingesters, C or "Colorless matters" in the future, shame it was so badly done in BFZ block.

>> No.54574445

>I can't see why anyone would let all their lands be the same exact picture.
Mind games. Say you get hit with a Duress, then draw a land with the same art and drop it. Your opponents aren't going to know you just topdecked a land, it could have been some huge bomb you're saving for later, but it's a bluff.

On the flipside of the same scenario, if your basics are all different art, people are going to know that you just topdecked a land.

>> No.54574474

Is that supposed to be a Pithing Needle? Did the artist realize it goes in the back of the neck?

>> No.54574478

>Play it with Durable Handicraft
>2 mana counters all game

>> No.54574485

they couldn't have basic lands - wastes, otherwise it would fuck up domain. you can still have nonbasic forests that also tap for colourless tho, if that's what you're worried about not getting.

>> No.54574505

This, as long as you don't play competitively you can do what you want, but matching art whenever possible is superior in a non-zero number of situations for gameplay purposes.

>> No.54574513

>playing the same card with different art you just drew after revealing your hand
That'd be all on you.

>> No.54574544

Use use Solemnity for Esper Persist/Undying tribal.

>> No.54574682


you don't think a 4 cmc commander is badly designed if 3 other people need to save removal for it? seems pretty typical scrubby spike thinking to think that everyone needs to play around their shitty CCG creation. not to mention that removing a 4 cmc commander shouldn't really even be a "must remove" target because mtg simply isn't balanced like that. 4 cmc creatures aren't supposed to be game-enders.

i almost always keep commanders like yidris from swinging throughout the whole game, the player playing yidris just bitches at me the whole time for being unfair, and i bitch back that their commander is retarded and should never have been printed. it's just not a healthy or fun EDH environment either way

>> No.54574751

Do you think it is good design for commanders to not deserve removal?
Can you name a current popular commander that is fine to have left on the board?

>> No.54574754

>I can't refute your counterpoint so I'll just ignore it.

>> No.54574782

What, the point about blocking Yidris, the 5/4 trampler? Yeah, that one can be ignored.

>> No.54574812

don't remove him for a game or two and let everyone else see how broke he is then, and then the whole table will be aware of his power and forced to also try and remove him. as it stands your extreme reluctance to let him exist is letting the rest of the playgroup be okay with it. you are shouldering more burden than you can bear because of your hatred for the card. after some time your group will proactively fuck up these players and they'll have to shift to something less threatening. just be okay with losing once or twice and calm the fuck down. or if these commanders are THAT BAD, then build one of them yourself and start shitting on people with it. there are lots of ways you can make your point to your playgroup without just going "WAAAAH THIS CARD IS DUMB FUCK WOTC"

>> No.54574846

>I demand to set up my boardstate, unharassed, for the first 4 turns without putting any sizeable deterrants for a 4 toughness creature.

You are shit at Magic.

>> No.54574878

lets go down at this months most popular edhrec commanders and see which ones are and which ones aren't

atraxa (fine)
meren (mostly fine)
breya (not fine)
kaalia (not fine)
thrasios (fine)
yidris (not fine)
oloro (fine)
vial smasher (fine)
kynaois (fine)
queen marchesa (fine)
nekusar (fine until tainted strike)
alesha (fine)
scarab god (fine)

lo and behold all 3 of the "not fine" commanders were wotc designs, 2 of them were "le i swing and win" and the last one was breya, which just attracts combo spikes


i've been doing that shit with my own group and the jeleva player still shits out expropriates uncontested every time i don't remove her. so nowadays i just either kill the fuck out of him as soon as i can, or i never let him swing with jeleva, and he gets all pouty like the little bitch he is and hardcasts his expropriate and steals my fucking craw wurm, fuck him

>> No.54574936

Thanks for your input on my second question.
What about your opinion on the first?

>> No.54574948

>makes claims about what is and isn't fine in commander
>plays fuckin craw wurm
holy shit, now i know why you're such a scrub

>> No.54574950

The only three of those commanders not in a Commander product are Queen Marchesa, Alesha, and the Scarab God. Atraxa, Thrasios, Vial Smasher, and Kynaios and Tiro are all C16, Oloro and Nekusar are C13. So they went 7/10 on fine.

>> No.54575042

>gets blown out by Kaalia
It all makes sense now.

>> No.54575052

a 4-drop usually shouldn't warrant removal outside specific cases. MTG simply isn't really balanced so that 4-drops demand immediate removal, especially so when you have a 100% chance of playing that 4-drop as soon as you have the mana.

and spending removal on a 4-drop isn't really a good trade for you anyway, you'll spend like 2-3 mana by answering the threat when answering threats should usually be much more of a value play than that

yidris is a 4-drop but draws hate more like it's a 7 or 8-drop

>> No.54575103

you must be shit yourself if you do not see the inherent value of a 6 mana 6/4 with additional tribal synergy

>> No.54575110

it's a pretty common rule that the more color's in a casting cost, the more aggressive that casting can be

>> No.54575135


>> No.54575155

So what do you think about the Thoughtseize guy leaking that the last general is "Imana" and is Human Wizards?

>> No.54575193

What is the best 5 color EDH deck?

>> No.54575197

wow Inala, not Imana.

>> No.54575213

Food Chain Tazri.

>> No.54575272

i like reaper king artifact combo, but i know it's not the best. child of alara is pretty good. best is probably sliver queen or overlord.

got a list?

>> No.54575286

So can wear//tear be cast for both sides w/sunforger?

>> No.54575292

no, fuse only works from hand.

>> No.54575300

It says right on the text "from your hand"

>> No.54575317

Food Chain.
Misthollow Griffin.
Eternal Scourge.
Hagra Diabolist
Kalistria Healer

Every good tutor for Food Chain and Griffon/Scourge.

>> No.54575330

also they changed the rules on those split cards, before you could pick one side with 4 or less cmc but play the other side with a higher cost. Not anymore

>> No.54575335

Hey hey, its like you expected me to read that part before asking a question. Settle down guys. But really i forgot that thanks

>> No.54575370

Why is no one talking about this?
thank god they did not put ponies in it

>> No.54575415

literally was posted earlier in this thread. people just don't care about silverbordered mostly though. also because nerf war and the dinobot are only available at hascon, so the likeliness of anyone actually playing with them is very low. sword is going to be in unstable, and is the most reasonable/realistic of all the ones we see here, so expect to at least hear a little more about that one.

>> No.54575432

threadly reminder that discord is for the edgy faggots who can flap their mouth but cannot do anything.

>> No.54575443

>literally was posted earlier in this thread
Oh, my bad then, i just ctrl+f for "hascon" and found nothing

>> No.54575459

Entwine, Kicker, and other additional costs are capable of being paid with SF targets. Alternative costs are not.

>> No.54575483

I got bitched at for playing mono red Neheb 2.0. You and people like you are the problem. Want to play your janky shit? Then try to build a competent deck around it, and stop complaining that other people want to play something better than Slow Motion in commander.

>> No.54575504

Your using grenzo 2.0, right?

>> No.54575509

>protection from rogues and clerics

>> No.54575524

Scion/Hermit Druid meme combo

>> No.54575536


the protection from rogues and clerics is the only joke i don't get. I get that it gives protection because it's a sword of x and y, i just don't get why rogues and clerics specifically other than maybe the weapon itself being a scimitar/morning star.

>> No.54575565

its a joke dude chill out

>> No.54575570

Rogues and clerics are classes in D&D.
What board am I on again?

>> No.54575577

My current build has no creatures except for Neheb. It's not even good, just optimized as best as I could.

>> No.54575588

i don't understand this meme

>> No.54575589

How about them creatures with devoid?

>> No.54575597


I know that, I just don't get why they specifically chose Clerics and Rogues over say...any other class.


I'm not upset, just curious.

>> No.54575604

Devoid literally says they have no color.

>> No.54575611

one thing to note is the red and blue coloring for nerf war. It looks great. I hope more new dual colored cards look that way in the future

>> No.54575630

>i don't understand this meme

>> No.54575640

It was the latter, but it happened too often anyway. Having an Oloro deck doesn't help with the hate too, since people seems to get triggered over command zone effects as badly as infect.

>> No.54575645

I think that's the point? You put that in a deck loaded with colorless creatures? Seems okay, but not worth forcing devoid/colorless.

>> No.54575662

This, i'm glad someone else noticed, also those silver borders are really fucking nice

>> No.54575682

>over any other class
The alternatives that exist as types in MtG would be Wizard and Warrior, so maybe it has something to do with the prevalence of the type?
Could just be them picking them out of thin air.

>> No.54575734

>I know that, I just don't get why they specifically chose Clerics and Rogues over say...any other class.
I don't know, Cleric was one of the orignal classes too (Cleric, Fighting Man and Magic User) and Rogue was added shortly after. There's definetly a joke behind but i really can't figure it out

>> No.54575757


Yeah. I guess we'll find out come December when MARO talks about the design of the cards.

>> No.54575766

how are you supposed to imprint an artifact when it says nontoken creature?

>> No.54575784


>> No.54575847

>tokens leave trigger goes on the stack
>activate sun dial in response
>keep the token

>> No.54575852

oh, mybad. you get to keep the token because you end the turn
i'm shit at mtg, sorry

>> No.54575870

You don't need to wait respond to the trigger. You can Sundial anytime.

>> No.54575878

Until the end of your opponent's turn.

>> No.54575915

I'd only make domain a tad bit stronger, which cards would it even break?

>> No.54575929

That's why you activate Sundial in response. It had its chance to trigger, so it won't do it again, and Sundial exiles the removal trigger.

>> No.54575932

abilities that are on the stack when you activate sundial get exiled, the ability wouldn't trigger again later

>> No.54575937

Oh yeah. How neat.

>> No.54575947

yes you do. if you end the turn in combat, it still goes to end step, and the mimic vat trigger will then go on the stack and exile the token.

no, the trigger has already gone on the stack and tried to resolve. the "exile at beginning of the next end step" is created by the vat, not as an ability put on the token created.

i can't think of any, esp. cause i don't play any domain cards. it probably wouldn't break anything in commander, but it would hurt modern

>> No.54575952

Which stax and tax cards are the most beneficial for Queen Marchesa?

>> No.54575955

Ignore me, I was thinking about the Unearth interaction. Mimic Vat has different wording and you do need to respond to the trigger.

>> No.54575958

I think Ydris is fine, because the 4c cost is more difficult to achieve on turn 4 unless your mana base is excellent, and colourless mana ramp isn't gonna get him out any faster the first time.
That said, I disagree with the "Just chump block argument". In how many games is EVERYONE gonna have a blocker that will stop 5 power on turn 5?

>> No.54575963

what if its knight tribal that just happens to have a vampire leading it?

>> No.54575984

you can still fuck up unearth/whip of erebos with blink. obzedat also ignores this with his end step trigger and comes back to drain more life. god i love obby

>> No.54576005

so.. you name a card you can't find, then sinkhole your one land, discard your hand, and exile your graveyard all on turn 1?
such combo much wombo

>> No.54576013


New thread. Mosy on over whenever.

>> No.54576182

>and other transformers creatures
>it's not even a transformer creature
they fucked this up

>> No.54576877

That's as likely as we getting a grandma tribal deck going.

>> No.54578735

just swap the second dark rit for a lotus petal and edh here you come

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