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"Paranoiattack" Edition

For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.
Not the wargame, not Chapter Master, not Space Hulk. Inquisitor is okay, but not many people know about it.

Not sure between starting Dark Heresy 1e and 2e? Pick 2e.

>Why did FFG lose the 40k RPG License?
Because they were bought by Asmodee and that caused some sort of licensing conflict.

>Will GW make their own 40k RPGs now?
Probably not. But if they do it will likely be worse than you could possibly imagine.

Book Repositories (If you're planning to download any Rogue Trader materials, read the .txt file in the RT directory)

There is a new Homebrew Megafolder option in above MEGA directory containing several things.

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core.

40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Now includes all DH2e books.

The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion (v1.0.0) (Total Conversion Deathwatch into the Horus Heresy)

Mars Needs Women! (v1.2.15) (Mechanicus Skitarii and Taghmata for Only War)

Fear and Loathing in the Eastern Fringe (V1.6.4) (Playable Xenos for Rogue Trader)

The Fringe is Yours! (v1.8.13) (More Xenos, Knights, and Horus Heresy gear for Rogue Trader)

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In your last game, what sessions did you put the most work into? What were they about? Do you think it worked out, and your players liked it?

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Did a GSC ambush during a down time session. No one was armed. It was basically Metal Gear Solid for a good long while. Ended with the players seizing the armory, staging a defense long enough to get contact with a nearby loyal IG unit, then having artillery called on their position. They were fine, the cultists were either dead or gone, and they managed to attract a little attention from a nearby Inquisition detachment.

Session ended with them in a ship heading up to see an Inquisitor about the experience.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for modifying the Rite of Fleshmoulding to be less horrifically broken while still being cool and fun?

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Anyone have a folder/zip full of the Vassal40k tokens for Imperial Guard/Chaos?

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all that I've heard from people when I asked about similar was that one could... theorhetically extract those onesself. I don't actually know how to do that, however. Try going into the files for the vmod?

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I came up with a pretty goddamn convoluted conspiracy, involving corrupted Famulous, the Cognitae, scheming Navigator houses, the Machenko Dynasty, the murder of Arch Cardinal Ignato, and a pair of very unlucky star-crossed lovers. I gave my players notecards with the names of every NPC on them, and I was very proud of how they managed to keep track of everything. The best part? It's only the main villain's opening gambit...
That sounds beautiful, anon. Did you do lots of stealth rolls? Would you give little situational bonuses based on what they were doing (+10 for blessed Cardboard Box), or just resolve it mostly narrative with a few opposed rolls here and there? I've always wanted to do more stealth oriented missions, but I tend to just give my players one or two opposed rolls and then let them narrate what happens.

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Did a few stealth rolls in the beginning to establish a baseline of sneakiness then ran opposed tests when they got close to an enemy or did something that violated basic stealth procedures. They wound up doing a little A New Hope bit where they fired an unsuppressed rifle, killed a cultist, and answered his vox when someone asked why there was gunfire in a GSC-owned area.

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Completely new to 40k, can someone give me pros/cons of Dark Heresy and Deathwatch? Are they the same system with different content or are they different games?

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Same basic system, d100 roll under, but scale and playstyle are wildly different. DH is investigative, secretive, and kinda high-casualty, DW is shooty. Very shooty, with lots of chances for heroism, and exploring how Marines of vastly different chapters interact. Also, Marines are harder to kill, so its arguably more forgiving, though most enemies are scaled up to match, or put into Hordes for that lovely Death of 1000 Cuts action.

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Same basic d100 roll under but play entirely differently

DH +:
* Investigation & Intrigue
* Doesn't require any prior knowledge. In fact, it's better when players don't know OOC what they're facing
* Low power level
* Designed against players being murderhobos

DH -:
* Does not give you much to work with if your players ARE murderhobos
* Players frequently either undervalue or ignore subtlety's importance
* Low power level means insta-gibs depending on what threat the PCs face

DW +:
* High power

DW -:
* Not really designed with social or other non-combat RP in mind. Especially since you can't even get such skills at char gen
* High power means you have to track a lot of modifiers and combat can drag on forever

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DH seems completely more in line with what I want. Thanks guys. Quick question, if I'm taking critical wounds and I take a level 1 wound to my left leg, and then another level 2 wound to the same area, is that upgraded to a level 3 wound instead of level 2? Do I suffer the penalties of the 1 and 3 or just the 3?

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DH campaign idea: players are loyal servants who each die i. Their own prologue. They are restored to 'life' in the warp by the Emperor and sent to do His work in the underworld. Dealing with daemons, endlessly ressurectinf until they have accomplished what He needs of them, stuck in a near sissphyian hell but holding on until because the Emperor himself needs you to do something for him

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Anon, are you drunk posting?

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Albert Camus' ghost has a hard-on right now.

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Planning an Only War game with my group. Plot is 101st Airborne WW2 IN SPESS!

Aside from being a drop regiment id have my players pick everything except their regiment type.

The Nazis would be replsced by the Severus Dominate, itd be in the TTS verse so its less grimdark for some newbie players but still lethal. Their first engagement would be Not!Operation Overlord.

Any tips on running this?

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Sabaton as background music, specifically Screaming Eagles

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So to specify;

I've never run a 40k RPG before, have dmed before.

Thinking of let my players choose different planets to give them more options since their regiment is in fact a drop regiment.

Will be using some of the /tg/ homebrew along with Felinids (found a DH2nd ed homebrew for that how do i put it from DH2E to OW?)

Anything i should let my players know? 2/4 of them know about 40k lore.

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You would have -3 wounds total, and would be suffering the penalties of a level 1 critical wound to the leg and a level 3 critical wound to the leg. Damage is worked out one attack at a time, but it is cumulative, so a series of light wounds will eventually result in catastrophic damage.

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Thanks for the explanation anon

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I just realized i didnt link those two together. FML.

Same anon:

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Don't have them have different planets.

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Too much hassle?

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Good to know. Any other bits of sage advice for a first time Only War DM?

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I need to know how bad of an idea this would be:

> Every PC starts unaligned, and no CSMs
> Every PC is subject to a Compact that'll tie the entire group together and (hopefully) provide direction
> Part of said compact is that if anyone becomes aligned to a particular Chaos God, they get booted, killed, etc. I.e., everyone has to stay unaligned best they can
> The main "story" is the party running around disrupting other daemons' plans

Could it work?

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Heretics aligned to Malal?

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Maybe. Like GW, I neither confirm nor deny this statement.

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If a PC dies, so be it. It is the IG and death is when not if. They can easily get back into the game via taking over their comrade and changing the name on their character sheet.

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Sounds awesome. Make it TTS verse and you got a campaign of the beer and pretzels variety

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>> Every PC starts unaligned, and no CSMs
>> Every PC is subject to a Compact that'll tie the entire group together and (hopefully) provide direction
This much seems to be pretty standard.

> Part of said compact is that if anyone becomes aligned to a particular Chaos God, they get booted, killed, etc. I.e., everyone has to stay unaligned best they can
> The main "story" is the party running around disrupting other daemons' plans
It's a bit odd, but not really.

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I haven't watched TTS so I can't really say if I what I have in mind would fit. I was also sorta hoping for a bit more serious of a game than beer & pretzels, but I'd be okay with it so long as the players weren't Chaotic Stupid, to borrow a D&D alignment.

I was also maybe thinking of banning some of the Tome archetypes, but didn't know if that would be going too far. I'd hate to pidgeonhole my players into a role they don't want.

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Quick rules question:

In Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, what are the rules for using a pistol with the Spray Quality (e.g. hand flamer) in melee? Do they have to make the agility test as per ranged, or can they parry, or do I still have to roll bs to hit now?

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As normal except they can parry instead of dodging.

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So I don't need to roll anything, but they get the option of parrying as well as dodging? ah k. Thanks

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>I was also maybe thinking of banning some of the Tome archetypes
If you're using basic archetypes, don't use advanced archetypes.

If you're using advanced archetypes, don't use basic archetypes.

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Are there even enough unaligned advanced archetypes for anon's idea?

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There's 2, give or take, so probably not. Could still fiat Unaligned onto other AAs.

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How do you award experience in a Dark Heresy game?
The books says that xp should be awarded on a session-based manner with bonus for "good roleplaying", I think it's a shitty approach.
How about 100xp for thwarting small heretical conducts, 400xp for bigger threats to the imperium, and 800xp for stopping major Xeno or Chaotic incursions?
I'm also thinking about giving small xp bundles for class-focused tasks, such as converting/straightening peasant's faith for priests or enforcing THE LAW for arbitrators.

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>How about 100xp for thwarting small heretical conducts, 400xp for bigger threats to the imperium, and 800xp for stopping major Xeno or Chaotic incursions?
That seems extremely slow.

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Chance of donor turning into chaos spawn?

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All players:
50 XP per session.

Progressing the investigation awards experience.
Minor clues: 50 XP (Learning of subjects ).
On the right track 100 XP (Usually interrogating subjects)
Breakthrough in the case: 150 XP. (Usually one session away from case closed.)
Laughter of Thirsting Gods: Awarded to player(s) who caused laughter beyond the material plane, 50 XP.

Role playing: Any player(s) who acted and played to their character's quirks gains 75 XP.
A player may only gain bonus XP once.
A bonus may only be given to one player by GM's choice or party vote, primarily the latter.

Leader Among Men: Led the party to the completion of the mission and is awarded 100 XP.

Purger of The Unclean: Killed the most enemies or one critical threat and gains 100 XP.

Sage Among Brutes: Furthered the investigation by skill rather than violence and is awarded 100 XP.

The God-Emperor's Finest: Preformed extraordinary this session and is awarded 200 XP.

The Shame of The Imperium of Man: Acolyte who exemplified how far the Imperium has fallen from the Emperor's grace, 50 XP.

There is also another section for learning of lore and gathering intelligence in the Jericho Reach, 50 XP per entry.

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Dont forget. Enemy agility roll replaces your ballistic roll and not their reaction roll. So enemy test his agility to not be hit by your flamer and then it still has his reaction to dodge or parry. So it's still two rolls to hit but both of them done by your enemy.

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Sometimes there are slow players. My players like to roleplay a lot so there is not much happening in average session.

>> No.54568411

hmmm...is that better or worse? been doing test rolling with a sob I made up and I can't decide whether she'd roast then or get busy with the chainsword, prolly finish up with the flamer. two shots per bottle is a bit much to waste on melee

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Convince me that Dark Heresy 1st ed is better than 2nd ed.

>> No.54568439

We all agree that Xanthism reflects the true will of the Emperor for humanity's future, right?

>> No.54568471

Depends on your enemy. Higher agility - lesser chance to hit. Most interesting thing with spray weaponry is in evasion. You simply cant evade if you cant exit spray zone. So it's best to use flamers in narrow places and small rooms. Only problem here is first agility roll "To hit" is unaffected by this rule. So if you face eldar in narrow corridor and fill said corridor with fire eldar will probably pass his agility test and will not be damaged. But if eldar fail his agility roll he will not be able to dodge it since he cant exit attack zone in most cases which is good. In summart flamers are awesome against large groups of enemies with low agility or no chanse to dodge. If your enemy is really agile it's better to feint and slice it.

>> No.54568562

>enemy test his agility to not be hit by your flamer and then it still has his reaction to dodge or parry
Quote it? I don't run that way.

>> No.54568595

Check the 2e faq

>> No.54568655

>Question: When a target fails his Agility test from being fired
upon by a weapon with the Spray quality (page 149), can he still
perform a Dodge action to possibly escape the attack?
>Answer: Yes, assuming he has a Reaction left.
>Dark Heresy FAQ v12 pg 11

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Is AllGuardsmenParty still a thing?

>> No.54568666

Ehh. Forgot to greentext two other lines. But you get the idea I think.

>> No.54568754

Actually, yes. The iste recently updated to say the new chapter was coming at 6pm on the 28th

>> No.54568781

Seems counterintuitive and somewhat stupid to make them roll twice.

>> No.54568806

When you shoot someone there is two rolls but they made for different characters. Spray attack is the same but both rolls are made by the same character. Two rolls is logical but text in the rulebook is vague.

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You still have only one Reaction per round. Autohit seems cool until it kills your PC.

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So I ran Depths of treachery yesterday. My players convinced Ebongrave to step down or they would provide proofs of his incompetence (after all he didn't see the fact that the Tau brought two Knarlocs and a shitload of gear on the planet) to the high command. Overall, they saved the day by splitting the party early to look for cues and so took the Tau totally by surprise. They even managed to intercept the kroots while they went to capture Captain Blount (the kroot leader nearly killed the techmarine tho). They found out Essiter had tried to kill Ebongrave but didn't act on it, and prevented the battle between the deserters and the ebon cosh by putting themselves behind both

I'll probably have the old dog pulling the last tricks he got and ending up getting a Warrant of Trade/allying with the monodominant inquisitor the team already faced or an ambitious Rogue Trader and being a nuisance.

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>Autohit seems cool until it kills your PC.
You'd be surprised. I've been trying to get my group out of the whole "PC deaths are off limits" thing they have.

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>50xp for showing up
>50xp for surviving
>100-300xp for solving the case, depends on threat level
>50xp for maintaining cover/keeping things quiet
>50xp for careful coverup
>50-100xp for good roleplay
>500xp for surviving a whole campaign/story arc
>100xp for psyker mishap damage control

They're looking at about 300-500xp per session unless they really fuck up.

>> No.54569206


>>50xp for maintaining cover/keeping things quiet
>>50xp for careful coverup

Those seem a bit iffy. Going quiet or loud are supposed to be equal options. It's why subtly can be a penalty to rolls (Or a bonus to others at a low value)

>> No.54569222


Well, that's what Fate points are for. Actually Dead-Dead is pretty hard to happen in Dark Heresy unless you are dying like a bitch every single mission.

>> No.54569438

Generally go by the book, but have ben know to give occaisional bonuses.
If a player provides an in-character plan that is well reasoned and from a logical premise, then they get a bonus.
If the plan then goes horribly wrong, they get the "Baldrick" bonus as well...

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Mate. I'm not trying to reason out their position, I'm just telling it to you. Some people adamantly won't play in a game where their character could die, and some GMs pander to this.

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The Emperor was a Xanthite. Prove me wrong, mindless puritans.
Weird. I get wanting your death to be something dramatic, and trusting that a GM won't throw something completely unfair at you, but not wanting PC death to be even a remote possibility just strikes me as odd. How do they feel about horrific injuries? They aren't the types who bitch and moan about temporarily losing equipment are they?

>> No.54570039

>Some people adamantly won't play in a game where their character could die, and some GMs pander to this.

Truly the world is a big place, and there are alien minds upon it.

>> No.54570068

As long as his soul and intent are pure, he's right.

>> No.54570097

We get that, but in that case Warhammer is probably not for them. I mean, the whole universe is out to kill humans, and most of the time you'll play humans that purposefully goes into danger for their beliefs.

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What advantage does Parry have over Dodge in melee? Why put the points into it? Dodge just seems more valuable

>> No.54571244

Parry has talents that expand it, like counter attack, and the most common melee weapons (swords) have a built in bonus to parrying. Also it uses your primary attack stat, so you don't have to pump agility.
But yes, Dodge is generally better if you don't plan on going all-in on evasion.

>> No.54571262

Welp, I'm throwing this into a .txt file and putting it in the Dark Heresy folder. Just like the Rules Of Not Dying Like and Idiot in the 41st Millenium file, subject to additions when a good one is made.

>> No.54571266

Hello I'm from Wargames General, a discord server primarily focused on TTRPGs and Wargames. Please feel free to come on in and join the party.


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ugh, cheevos

>> No.54571719

It could work, but unless you are brought back in a different body you're gonna have to deal with the Inquisition and probably the Ecclesiarchy swarming all over you for heresy.
If you can deal with that, maintaining a low profile while being pretty much a Living Saint is gonna be difficult.

>> No.54572507

Thinking of implementing the Mars Needs Women tg homebrew. In the sense that im gonna put some lf their gear in my "roll for random unrequisitioned mishipment" table.

IG sergeant gets an arc pistol anyone?

Good idea or bad idea?

>> No.54573047


It can be a fun idea but it will bring all holy hell of the admech down on them if they find out. The admech hoards its stuff.

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>command's face when he keeps sending us on suicide missions to be rid of our nonsense, but we keep coming the enemies of mankind's heads.

>> No.54574008

I think you a word or two there because I can interpret that quite differently.

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>command's face when he keeps sending us on suicide missions to be rid of our nonsense, but we keep coming back with the enemies of mankind's heads.

[Spoiler]quiet, you.[/spoiler]

>> No.54574058

>"Jenkins, you see that ork warboss right there?"
>"yes sir?"
>"I want you to go right up to that mean mother hubbard and jerk him off"
>"Uh... what?"

And thus the regiment falls

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Pro tip: highlight + (ctrl+s)

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Any tips for actually roleplaying a ratling? I gotta make the squad from people who exchange information to battle brothers with my ratling powers.

>> No.54574437

Can someone explain to me how the vehicle and creature stats for the glassteed in 2e core are supposed to match up? I'm looking at this can I can't wrap my head around it.

>> No.54574504

Is there a collection of all player acquirable talents from all books culled for redundancy?

Wanted to see before I started compiling them and porting them over to DH2E. Starting there, then working my way back from Only War and so on.

Im also going to start compiling elite advancement type things from all the extra books and giving them the inquisitor treatment.

>> No.54574568

People have talked about trying to compile all the books into a single cohesive rulebook, but nobody's ever stepped up.
So I don't think the talents thing has been done.

>> No.54574637

Well, wish me luck. I might post stuff as I go along over the weeks but I am bound and determined to do it before I run again.

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>everyone is a living saint

they have to at least earn that shit anon

>> No.54574706

I tried it but it'd be better as more of a WFRP retroclone thing. The actual games (and the talents in each) use a lot of really varying math that make it hard to line everything up in a logical way. DH2e is a better "does it all" iteration of the rules than reconciling the 1e books and I stopped when 2e started coming out.

>> No.54574753

I'm thinking of running a short campaign for OW where the players are part of a guard force sent to deal with an ork (or maybe eldar?) invasion on a feral world, and they get shot down far from the front lines and need to rejoin the main force. Maybe I'll have them stumble on some hidden Chaos cult that's planning something nasty, too.
Anyway, what are some good encounters for this sort of campaign?

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File: 77 KB, 500x750, af55b2dcbfe40ac360e1f9af68bd1ce1--epic-quotes-warhammer-k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're playing Only War which I gotta assume you are, just be the kind of guy who always has something helpful to say, or when shit is going down elsewhere just consider where you'd be in the ranks and strike up conversation.

"What was boot camp like for you, Private Grimlir?" et cetera. Spark roleplay by being roleplay.

>> No.54574781

if you are new to a system never let the players direct the game, you need to do so until you have complete mastery of it.

Also letting your players have "freedom' is a meme, railroad them, now don't make it fucking obvious, just give them the illusion of choice you will thank me later, now this is a delicate balance so basically follow pic related and you'll do fine

if you are going to follow operation overlord, just watch band of brothers and use that as your base, have they be dropped in "stealthily" as part of the pre invasion, and when it kicks into high gear have em knock out the "88's" or defense guns. or have them hold key locations and shit, you know what the 101st actually had to do.

>> No.54574804

Local people, local fauna, orks, local flora, necrons

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I usually do (mind you this is because i run pretty lethal shit, and such)

150xp for the session
50xp for minor clues and such, such as gaining a confession, or finding a witness.
100xp for major clues or revalations, earning the trust of a scornful captain, capturing a sect leader alive etc.
150xp resolving the plot, defeating the cult, slaying hte deamon etc. etc.

I tend to just give all xp party wide to keep my players at the same general level, I do award bonus xp for good inititive and such as well as good Rp or actions.

for example a few sessions ago the party just survived the campaign arc and were interviewed by their Lord Inquisitor, he (I) had them vote on who they think is the best amongst them and has the most potential to be an inquisitor, the player that they surprisingly (mind you I had them write their votes down secretively) almost unanimously voted for was given the right to bear the seal. And such I Gave him the option of taking 150XP or a bonus talent of my choice.

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then they shouldn't play warhammer games, or stop being a bitch, besides they shouldn't worry about death if they aren't stupid.

Hell I make straight up unfair encounters if my player act like idiots.
>blathering about inquisition over and over in the under hive? word gets around dumbass so yeah you just got ambushed by a shit load of gangers in a perfect kill box.
> not scouting the territory befor initiateing your mission?, looks like the heretik they are chasing led them to a murder whole where they dropped a bunch of combat servitors on you.

>not taking cover? SNIPERS!

>think you can take on the world eater berserker one on one? priceless.

>> No.54576398

No because you're not brought back to life in the material universe. You're brought back in the warp/kept your consciousness by the blessing of th Emperor. You're stuck in hell fucking shit up for the Emperor fighting Chaos and trying not to get your soul eaten for eternity.

>> No.54577061

How do I throw human enemies with threatening weapons against my acolytes in dh2e without them being able to murder loot great gear at the very beginning of the campaign? Also what would be good gear for cold traders to have, weapon and armor wise?

>> No.54577100

Why aren't auto guns (optional one mag of good ammo) threatening?

Give the enemies sufficient numbers that staying loot isn't viable.

>> No.54577208

It is pretty threatening to be ganged up on in melee even with just swords.

>> No.54577468

just use molotov cocktails
fire kills everything

not sure how it is in dh2 but in dh1 you need to roll a fucking willpower save to stop drop and roll otherwise you are just screaming until you die

>> No.54577530

Cheap flamers. Cheap chainswords. Cheap fire bombs. Cheap autopistols and autoguns. Enough to fucking kill everyone without heavy outnumbering. Just two gangers once got 3 burned Fate Points from PCs when one pinned them with his autopistol and then another one used his flamer on them.

>> No.54577626

I usually run stuff more on the investigative end so I like rewarding subtlety. Obviously if the scenario lends itself to going loud I'll give xp for getting through combat instead but generally I'm gonna be rewarding more xp for keeping things quiet if it's an option.

>> No.54577716
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have your enemies be smart, ambushes, murder holes etc. just take tucker's kobolds mantra and use humans. for example guardsman traitors are still as well trained as they were.

>> No.54578048

THIS. I once had a bunch of players raid a gang's underground lair. Loads of cheap autoguns, shotguns, autopistols and flamers. Plus the occasional grenade-thrower. Rounded out the encounter with a bossfight against an unsanctioned psyker.

With the gangers I had them use a swarm approach, but with another encounter against some professionals soldiers I had them use more advanced tactics, like covering fire + grenades, smokegrenades, etc.

>> No.54578842

does anyone have a link to homebrew rules for Tzaangors as enemies?

>> No.54579012


I have the playable tzaangor sheet but i don't think enemy tzaangors were ever made

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>In your last game, what sessions did you put the most work into? What were they about? Do you think it worked out, and your players liked it?

Last game, two sessions I put a fair amount of work into were slow-burn exploration and puzzle type ones. The first one was the Commandos being sent to a city outpost that had a bioweapon facility behind it. The guy making the bioweapons went a little loony, and the T'au that owned it was quite adamant to see the whole thing covered up. I drew from as much Resident Evil as I could, with documents they could find that gave backstory, weird and bizarre puzzle keys (and friezes), and lots of exploration and backtracking. By the time they fought through all the reanimated creatures and the Super-Tyrant Class Grotesque, everyone was wounded and exhausted. Everyone seemed to like it, though I did make a slight mistake and fucked up the flow.

The second was a joint operation with the Ordo Chronos. The Commandos traveled three days back in time to prevent a terrible catastrophe from befalling an Imperial city. It was very Majora's Mask, where the Commandos had to find the best course of action to take, repeating days to find the best combinations, and have those actions echo into the next day. For example, the earliest issue they found was the defense troopers didn't mobilize because they got no orders. They got no orders because the courier jaywalked and got hit by a truck and killed. By saving the jaywalker on Day 1, the troopers got their orders to mobilize by Day 2. There was a lot of back and forth debate over actions, and which ones would have the most effect. I really enjoyed that one. By the time they found out the destruction was caused by a buried Eldar vessel launching, they had pretty much the optimal series of events for Good End. One of the Commandos even surprised me by figuring out a good end for some NPCs I had intended to bad end. It really made me feel happy to get outplayed like that.

>> No.54580663

It's not that they act like idiots when faced with any given situation. It's that there will never be a situation in which something would do enough damage to actually kill a PC. They still expect to behave as though the setting and threat level is the same, but any teeth to it are made of rubber.

>> No.54581014


Thirding this. Lots of low-skill but solidly-lethal weapons will give any low-rank band of Acolytes something to chew on. But make sure to emphasize the cheapness of the weapons, and festoon them with defaced aquilas and chaos or hive gang sigils, so they will be less inclined to take the weapons for personal use or sell them. Maybe even give them the Unreliable quality.

Funny story: For months IRL I'd been running a game where the party was putting thrice-blessed boot to ass on some tenacious cultist cells on a sub-sector backwater, and the Acolytes had been looting and selling the weapons to a minor black market trader--When they eventually began to realize that some of the markings on the weapons were looking not just familiar, but identical to weapons they'd sold. So this leads to a confrontation at Crazy Larry's Discount Gunporium where they slap their Inquistorial dicks on the table, insisting that he turn himself in (along with his money--They were being pretty murderhobo-y about the game at this point) for aiding and abetting known heretics. His response was to laugh and point out the hypocrisy of Inquisitorial agents profiting off of heretics and arresting him of the same.

Sadly his first shot missed, and the party ventilated him in short order. Crazy Larry then went to the great Commercia in the sky, and the party learned a valuable lesson in... nothing, really.

>> No.54582019
File: 87 KB, 450x815, LordofChangefemale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just how much convoluted and ridiculous planning should be involved with a lord of change as the final boss of a campaign?

>> No.54582040


>the party learned a valuable lesson in... nothing, really

You do realize that the merchant calling out the Inquisitorial agents for hypocrisy should have been laughed at, right? The Inquisition doesn't try to be even-handed; it's very firm that it's one set of rules for them, and another for everyone else.

>> No.54582108


Let's clarify, laughed at, then executed, his wife converted to a servitor and his children sent to a penal world.

>> No.54582119

None. Just make shit up as you go along and say "Just as planned." whenever anything at all happens. They're basically a free pass for making shit up for a GM.

>> No.54582142


Really? Kek. I did plan on using that for some of the encounters but I had a huge plan written up about uprisings, slowly disrupting trade, the supply of material and food, and killing certain enemies at certain moments with a cool final encounter before the party likely winds up dying.

>> No.54582155

So there are Letters of Marque that basically let you be a knock-off Rogue Trader, right? Are there any roleplaying rules about that? Like, you can't actually consort with xenos because you can only operate inside the Imperium or something?

>> No.54582177

You can do that and drop randomly generated plot hooks and the end result will be the same because Lord of Change.

>> No.54582188

Pretty much this.

Sudden CSMs out of nowhere? JAP
Warp energy explosion that cripples the player's vehicle/ship? JAP
Getting shot in the ass? JAP

And so on

>> No.54582219

Has anyone here read Legacy, the second Shira Calpurnia novel? How do you feel it reflects on Rogue Trader and the RPG's mechanics and fluff?

>> No.54582436


>You do realize that the merchant calling out the Inquisitorial agents for hypocrisy should have been laughed at, right?

Oh, I agree entirely. And he was laughed at, prior to his suddenly sprouting a number of extraneous and ultimately fatal holes. In fact, the party made out like bandits, and the Legate Investigator had a shiny (literally, Crazy Larry had gone rather overboard with cosmetic modifications) new(ish) plasma pistol. But profiting off heretics is something I as the GM felt I shouldn't encourage too much, lest they just sit back and foment heresy and nurture cults as a zany revenue-generating scheme.

That sort of thing is clearly for a Rogue Trader campaign :D

>> No.54583157

If you just have to have all of thos talents available you could just TRIGGER WARNING play 1e

>> No.54583526

So I noticed that in Only War they lowered the damage of plasma weaponry... do you guys think I should do the same for Deathwatch?

>> No.54583543
File: 50 KB, 600x694, dark_eldar__coven_of_the_dark_creed_by_beckjann-d56qdoq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody ever used Dark Eldar in a campaign? I've got a fledgling idea for a quick one involving a Dark Eldar homunculus that got stranded outside the Webway as the surprise big bad. I'd love to bounce ideas off you guys.

>> No.54583561
File: 225 KB, 800x1124, the_tooth_fairy_by_lasilfideoscura-d7ajjnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Lord of Change gf

>> No.54583573

You could discourage it by having some of these heretic's weapons turn out to be tainted and causing major problems later on for the acolytes when it turns out they're responsible for an outbreak of chaos.

>> No.54583598

>lest they just sit back and foment heresy and nurture cults as a zany revenue-generating scheme.
This is probably what really appeals about the Istvaanian doctrine.

>> No.54583624
File: 431 KB, 2000x2409, Tzeentch Recruitment Poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just as planned~

>> No.54583690

>Actually being this dumb

>> No.54583699


Excuse me?

>> No.54583707

They're called astartes weapons for a reason.

>> No.54583724


Yeah but *all* plasma weapons got a power drop in OW - the question is whether or not the Astartes versions should have a commensurate drop.

>> No.54583758

All human weapons are weaker than their astartes equivalent. That is the point of them being astartes weapons in the first place.

>> No.54583762


You clearly lack the intelligence and knowledge of the game line to understand what I'm talking about.

>> No.54583867

Haemonculi usually have shit ton of crazy artefacts including portals. So if haemonculus got stranded it probably was because of some machinations from other deldar, maybe even other haemonculi. So it is possible that he'll be running from some of his deldar enemies when he'll encounter PCs. Encounter that can turn into wierd three way fight. Just dont leave him alone in there. Give him at least a bunch of wracks.

>> No.54583901

I figured he'd have at the least some impromptu wracks made from local hive guys in a makeshift lab. And yeah, exile sounds about right.

>> No.54583912

Quick maybe stupid question speaking of the webway. What happens if a demon enters the webway? Is that even possible?

>> No.54583915

How are you this hilariously unable to comprehend what you're being told, friend?

You don't look at the standard shotgun and think, "What's the deal with this power drop from the combat shotgun?" Ditto, you don't look at Only War's human sized weapons, and think, "What's the deal with this power drop from Astartes grade weapons?"

>> No.54583933

Same thing as with realspace. Unless there is a breach in the webway. In the latter case it'll be same case as with warp since they'll have source of unnatural energies to feed upon.

>> No.54583938

>Is that even possible?
I think one of the stories involving harlequins has a daemonette cursed by slaanesh to dance forever and was encountered in the webway.

>> No.54583947


You're an ignorant twat with the reading comprehension of a zika victim.

Plasma weapons had a drop in power in OW compared to the earlier game lines. So if Astartes weapons had an analogous drop in power...

>> No.54583952

Since the webway is somewhat insulated from the normal warp would it feel different to them from real space? Like say if it had originally manifested in real space but then was somehow forced into the webway?

>> No.54583981

Make up an escape plan for him. If he is exiled he will not be able to regenerate (resurrect in other words) so his precious millennial ass is no longer immortal. This means he'll be a coward. Scary and dangerous but coward. If he'll notice a slight chance to die he'll probably come up with some crazy plan to escape. Maybe with some sort of terror bomb or with a amorphous monster made of rats fused together or something else crazy enough to save his life.

>> No.54583984

Letters of Marque are basically a limited "Pirate's Licence", in that you become a privateer only allowed to attack the enemies set out on the LoM.
The scope of the LoM depends on the power and authority of the issuer, so a system's ruler could allow you to attack stuff in his system and you would have some "legal" rights if captured in his enemy's system.

>> No.54584001

Different - maybe. But nothing outside of feel. Webway is tattered and crumbling and there are a lot of holes in it to sustain their essence.

>> No.54584007
File: 60 KB, 937x668, plasma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.54584014

>If he is exiled he will not be able to regenerate (resurrect in other words) so his precious millennial ass is no longer immortal.
How mortal are we talking?

>with a amorphous monster made of rats fused together or something else
I'm stealing this thanks.

>> No.54584022

He will die if killed and left dead longer than a day.

>> No.54584033

I thought there was a constant wasting effect on Dark Eldar outside the webway if not constantly feeding. Did that get squatted?

>> No.54584048


Look at the Black Crusade entries, you ninny.

>> No.54584050

>How mortal are we talking?

If he'll get killed and his body get destroyed - it is end for him. BUT if his body is not destroyed he'll probably crawl under some rock, kill a bunch of green hivers and eat their souls to regenerate.

>> No.54584055

No, it is still there, it is just that if killed, they can be resurrected from even body parts with an infusion of a metric fuckton of pain. I can't remember if there need to be any other special equipment, but that is the gist of it.

>> No.54584059

No. But there is plenty of souls to feast upon.

>> No.54584082

Process was described in some of later codexes. They use some sort of glass sarcophagus with tortured victim fixed under it. Eldar are conscious all the time in there even if they are just a skeleton with some meat growing over the bones.

>> No.54584103

But without said sarcophagus, what happens?

>> No.54584125

So very charming.

Whatever you're trying (and failing) to convey, digging further into your retard rage isn't going to help you.

Dark Heresy 1e
>Plasma Pistol: 1d10+6E, Pen 6
>Plasma Gun: 1d10+6E, Pen 6

Rogue Trader
>Plasma Pistol: 1d10+6E, Pen 6
>Plasma Gun: 1d10+7E, Pen 6

>Plasma Pistol: 1d10+8E, Pen 8
>Plasma Gun: 1d10+9E, Pen 8

Only War
>Plasma Pistol: 1d10+6E, Pen 6
>Plasma Gun: 1d10+7E, Pen 6

>> No.54584154

Almost forgot Deathwatch errata;

Astartes Plasma Gun: 1d10+12E, Pen 10
Astartes Plasma Pistol: 1d10+10E, Pen 8

>> No.54584183


And in BC human-sized plasma guns did d10+8 pen 10, which you're avoiding mentioning because it would prove my point.

>> No.54584245

No, I avoided mentioning BC because they use plasma weapons without the safety systems imperial plasma weapons use. But do feel free to demonstrate further all the reasons I should have just laughed at you when the other guy stopped replying.

>> No.54584282

He is arguing for a deviation instead of the norm as human plasma weapons in BC are the only ones in the entire 40k line with that sort of jump in power between games.

>> No.54584365


>without the safety systems imperial plasma weapons use

citation needed

>> No.54584571

He will not be able to commit serial suicide (it's hobby for some of them). He only have one life now and he'll guard it well with whatever magic-level science he can apply to himself.

>> No.54584727

We have gone through 2 GMs, myself being one, and both of us have agreed on giving everybody same amount of XP after session, basically because it is easiest to book keep. Also we play together.

But we had two different approaches, I have awarded XP based on how far the plot has moved. If players spent all 5 hours with planning attack, they got less XP than for actually attacking next session, even if the session was shorter.
Our second GM awards XP only by length off session, I think it is something like 100 for every hour.
I can't tell what system is better, but both are so inconsequential that it doesn't matter, which is good, because farming XP belongs to MMOs.

>> No.54585081

Haemonculuc could just dicking around for the fun of it. Maybe he have left the dark city to have some fun with local humans and gone full Silent Hill. Just for a couple of weeks. If he get killed he can return in a couple of days and continue horror show.

>> No.54585245

Well his motive (and how the inquisition got tipped off that something wasn't right) is to find a way back. So I like the exile thing.

>> No.54585265

For combat circumstances, where do you draw the line between darkness and shadow?

>> No.54585286
File: 611 KB, 864x1903, fin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dark is really dark and shadow aint as dark

>> No.54585953

Isn't there a world or spot in the Screaming Vortex that's like an anathema to the rest of the Warped space? Or am I remembering?

>> No.54586001

The Anathema
Black Crusade Core pg.334

>> No.54586441
File: 70 KB, 592x392, Plasma Weapons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think it's best to buff other plasma guns in the other lines to BC's equivalent, rather than nerf BC's guns. Plasma guns finally fill their role when their pen and damage is boosted by 2.

>> No.54586893

Im taking them all from every book and making special advancements for all the shit they had in stuff in DH 1 and Rogue Trader and probably Only War.

My games usually run 3-4 years and play more like original Rogue Trader than 40k so we get to the point we need a few options.

>> No.54588231


I remember a website with most of the OW talents outside SoH, I'll find it later

>> No.54588474
File: 217 KB, 1024x768, 1279873421668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's done.
It is finally over. After over a year of IRL time, some two dozen sessions and losing total of 7 marines, a sole survivor from the original group returned to Erioch.

After cutting through scores of mutants, heretics, xenos and a thallax cohort, destroying cannibalistic underhive cults, defeating a hive slayer, bringing down an Iron Warrior fortress from inside, soloing a defiler in close combat and blastng a 20 m tall deamonic face to pieces with an earthshaker cannon it's finally over.

Time to get to the campaign proper.

>> No.54588519


>> No.54588560

You said "soloing a defiler in close combat" when you should have said "one-shotting a defiler with a power sword".

>> No.54591218

Cool. Thanks anon.

>> No.54593896


If the Ogryn starts screaming, it's dark.

>> No.54594410

Odd question - are the various schools of Inquisitorial thought something that FFG came up with whole-cloth, or were they already part of 40k canon?

>> No.54594624


Some of them are canon, but a few are FFG-invented for their own sector.

>> No.54594680

>One of the Commandos even surprised me by figuring out a good end for some NPCs I had intended to bad end. It really made me feel happy to get outplayed like that.

Care to elaborate?

>> No.54594712
File: 203 KB, 786x1017, hospitaller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of them are from the "Inquisitor" narrative skirmish game from around the turn of the century. Horusians, Xanthites, the Puritan/Radical divide, Amalthians, Recongregators, all of those are part of canon.
Oblationists, Phaenonites and a few others, particularly ones directly tied to Calixis are FFG originals.

>> No.54594813

So, just a fun little story that happened in a recent dark heresy game. If any of you read this, hi! Feel free to correct any mistake I somehow make.

So, basic summary (and tl;dr I guess, i'll mark where the tl;dr stops) is that i'm a tech-priest in a party that, during the session in question, includes a psyker and an assassin as well. We were fighting our way through an underground building, specifically a corridor with some cover in it and rooms off to the side (look it was fine shut up).
We fight a bunch of heretics who die very, very fast, mainly because three got hit by a fire bomb I sent at them and two were set alight by it, then the third got charged by the rest of the party. Then two more showed up and one promptly took a krak grenade from me to the torso whilst the other ran and got butchered by Tzaangors. OH FUCK NO.
Tzaangors charge in and it's a bit of a terrifying mess with the first attack on one of them essentially just doing nothing because they're too beefy. However, with some very good rolling they manage to take one down whilst i'm at the back trying to take shots without hitting my allies.
(tl;dr ends here)
So, they both all-out attack the second tzaangor once it's on it's last legs, seeking to just finish the thing off...only to miss. Uh oh. Now they can't parry or dodge it's return attack and it's very, very angry. It comes to my turn and i'm suddenly aware I need to kill it very, very fast before it murders someone. I quickly loaded a krak grenade into my underslung grenade launcher (high damage but no blast to murder my allies with) and fired it, hitting with a fate point reroll right in the torso and DELETing the tzaangor entirely.
The problem? It had ammunition on it, which then cooks off as per the X crit table. And the damage from that righteous furies. Three times. Whilst right next to a pair of people who can't even dodge to escape the blast. Whoops.

>> No.54594825

It ended happily though, with me remembering seeing 'NPCs don't normally righteous fury' somewhere, very quickly hunting it down and offering this to the GM in the hope of not forcing my party members to burn fate, which he accepted so they merely got a tad peppered with shrapnel and pain rather than turned into a fine pink mist coating the walls.

>> No.54595151
File: 970 KB, 1460x2019, Malal Daemonette.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Figured I'd post this here first before going to Gamefinder. In short, I'm looking to start up a text-only game of Black Crusade on Saturdays. The catch is that all of the PCs must stay unaligned due to working with a daemon(ette) of Malice. There's more details on the roll20 page. No CSMs or advanced archetypes.


>> No.54596698

Which makes better anti-daemon acolytes, a blank or a psychic crusader?

>> No.54596791

A blank for melee, psy for ranged

>> No.54599040

Aside from the ones on Lexicanum and in the Only War core rulebook, what are some Medals and Honours uou guys have given to your imperial guardsmen?

Also what ones have you made for them?

>> No.54599129

Question for you guys:

The players in my game (Rogue Trader) just managed to wreck the cruiser of the leader the Crow Spirits Corsairs as well as most of his escort fleet (they had some help). He's been a villain for some time in this campaign. A random roll revealed that the treasure room on the ship was miraculously untouched and they intend to board immediately to loot the place.

If they manage to get past "security," what kind of treasure should they expect to find in the vault? Does anyone have ideas for some neat unique items? We're in the mid-game (level 4) if that's important.

>> No.54599286

Well-maintained Solar Auxilia armour sets in glass cases, crates of high quality weapons for the armsmen, Valuable trade goods that can be flipped for a tidy sum with relative ease, stolen Xenos shit.

A fun thing is to pick a faction, any faction, be it Guard regiment, SM Chapter, Craftworld, whatever, and have the leader be obsessed with them, collecting anything associated with them. Weapons, armour, badges of honour, shit like that.

And of course, loads of Throne Gelt and other shit that can be used as generic "Profit Factor UP!" items.

>> No.54599537

Outplayed? Dude, you realize it's not a videogame or you versus them, right?

>> No.54601009
File: 255 KB, 1321x1782, Smile and Optimism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, I really like being surprised is all.


One of the chronal leads the Commandos could follow was the local Mechanicum Vox Station was unstaffed, so the staffer on his normal checks would never realize the vox station was damaged by eldar interference. They found the guy, who was playing hooky from work and chatting up a shop-stall girl. Love was blooming. Now, what I expected them to do was force the guy back to work, so in subsequent days he'd be at work and find the damage. However, his girlfriend would continue to wait, since he would have no time to tell her, and the salesgirl would think he abandoned her. Love would be over. Very grimdark.

The Techmarine's solution caught me by surprise. He reasoned that, since they were stupidly famous, their words would be treated as divine law. He had also been making a 'ledger' with their exploits to boost this. So he walks up to them, announces they won a contest (that he made up on the spot), and that they would get to spend 'a day with a Republican Commando.' He subtly drags them BOTH to the guy's workplace, and while he goes back to work, he suggests the market girl wait for him, which she is willing to oblige. Not only did he correct the timeline for the Ordo Chronos, he kept the random couple together. It was something so small but it still shocked me. It felt great to be surprised and outplayed like that.

>> No.54603377

Gimme statblock for tzaangor

>> No.54604144
File: 266 KB, 1024x1201, eldar pinup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why did the Techmarine care? Was he just a really sweet fellow, or did he reason that such loyal servants of the Emperor reproducing was vital to the Imperium's needs?

>> No.54604948

Any examples of deeds your PCs did to earn increased Fate threshold.

>> No.54605258

Party did 6 righteous furies in a row, 2 on the same psychic power. Ended up killing a daemon host

>> No.54605489

Surviving six sessions on zero fate points as a near-suicidal Meltagunner

>> No.54605606

I'm not sure there's any other kind of meltagunner.
Also, respect.

>> No.54605990

Dumb question, but can you buy characteristics above 45 when using xp? I always assumed that max cap was only for rolls and point buy.

>> No.54606006

Yes, you can.

>> No.54607105

How balls to the walls could you go in a Custodes game?

>> No.54607747

I could manage two, but only if they're going to the same wall.

>> No.54608419

Gang, I'm feeling I kinda flubbed my lore and let my RT campaign down.

The PCs were scouting some star systems for the Winterscales, and found an abandoned space station in one of them. The station was supposed to be a part of pre-Imperial human presence located in the 37th millenium, and liquidated via Eversor. My idea was to have the eversor still "alive" in some sort of animation, but significantly weakened.It would be roused when the station come online and start murdering. However, the party did well in one of their clashes with it, so I had it retreat and sabotage their shuttles.I had it destroy one and planted melta charges on the second, but due to injuries it would not attack unless given an opening. It did not get one, and the PCs found the charges, defused them, and flew away, feeling extra paranoid about whether it had found a way on their ship (and also not sure exactly what that thing was).

My issue is, did I make a mistake by making the Eversor not go kamikaze against them, but booby trap and pick off stragglers? I imagine its instructions were to ensure the station is sterilized, so would that mean that it would not pursue fleeing enemies?

On the other hand, there is a Rak'Gol outpost on one of the planets, and 2 of their ships in the system. The players do not know that yet.However, I only later realized that if the Rak'Gol knew about a human station, even inactive one,they would wreck it. Is it too much of an ass pull to have the Rak'Gol pick up the energy readings off the plasma reactor activation and find out the station that way?

>> No.54608468

that station had working ancient anti-detection measures that only broke down recently


>> No.54608552

I mean, Rak'Gol have pretty shitty technology. It'd be pretty reasonable to say the station was indistinguishable from an asteroid on their sensors if the power was off. Did the PCs leave the power on in the station when they left?

>> No.54608723

Possibly, although the station reactor has been offline for a few thousand years, they know that. Although as it happens, there is a significant archeotech cache at the station.

No, they turned it off, thinking that whatever was down there could blow it up or try to activate the station's weapons (well, the latter was not likely).

Is there any lore about Eversors ever retreating or not going full berserk?

>> No.54608823

Techmarine in question here.
I was just a filthy fucking capitalist and decided nothing was better than shilling and giving him something to talk about for the rest of his life.

Cogboys look after their own, son.

>> No.54608860

I am starting to have doubts about my ability to perform well in an upcoming RT game, I dont know shit about the lore

>> No.54608925

>Is there any lore about Eversors ever retreating or not going full berserk?

I doubt a properly functioning Eversor would ever retreat, or indeed do anything besides rip and tear whatever it could see.

That said, they're usually kept in cold storage, and their combat drugs presumably aren't permanent. You could probably justify saying "well, he never got properly extracted or resupplied, so a lot of the combat drugs left his system over his thousands of years in hibernation/stasis/cryo/etc."

If he was no longer high on murder-meth, he could justifiably use tactics and subtlety. And having the Eversor be "malfunctioning" and having thoughts it would normally never have could both make it more creepy and potentially seed some new plots.

Not knowing shit about the lore doesn't matter if your players don't know either. The game not being the perfect representation of the 40K setting doesn't stop it from being fun.

>> No.54608955

I am just a player though

>> No.54608997


That doesn't matter that much if the players don't know much either. Some of mine are kinda big on lore, though, so if I mess up they will usually catch it.

Generally, I think the info in the core book is passable, with the splats you are quite good.

>> No.54609035

In that case, it's even better. As long as you're playing someone who logically wouldn't know everything about the universe (feral world, death world, hive scum, really any origin that wouldn't confer much education) you're golden. And even if you're playing the most educated and intelligent Seneschal ever, you can always just ask the GM, "Hey, what do I know about this thing?" or "What do I need to roll to know about this thing?"

You can absolutely have fun without knowing every detail of the setting.

>> No.54611716

okay, I was just worried other players would resent me because I dont really know what kroots are and such

>> No.54611997

Probably a stupid question, but can you reload your guns if you're dual-wielding?

>> No.54612528

Nothing by RAW but it is only sensible that you'd have to holster (Ready) one gun to Reload the other, then draw and ready (another Ready action) the weapon. With talents and weapon modifications you can make almost all of those except holstering a Free Action in 2e

>> No.54612861

Followup question. Is there a limit on how many Free Actions you can take each turn beyond your GM hitting you with a rolled-up newspaper?

>> No.54612949

But that's not what Lexicanum says about Letters of Marque.

>> No.54613032

Rolled up newspaper threshold is the only limit.

>> No.54613668
File: 916 KB, 480x360, grenadier.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So, if you had a willing GM, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, and two guns with a base reload time of a half-action...

You could holster one weapon (half-action), reload one of your guns (free Action), holster that gun (half-action), draw your second gun (free action), reload the second gun (free action, and draw the first gun again (free action)...

...all in a single turn?

>> No.54613676


Not unless they are assholes anyway. Plus, if your character is from some Emperor-forsaken backyard of a planet, not being able to tell one xenos from another makes perfect sense.

It won't hurt to go through the lore sections of the core book, but it's not like you need to know all of it in advance. Maybe unless you are a tech-priest, astropath or navigator, in which case definitely read at least the info on your guys in the core book. .

>> No.54613988


What GW sources say about things is irrelevant, always look for what FFG writes as they supersede GW.

>> No.54614407

It seem like it would be easier to just get a forearm weapon mount upgrade for one or both of the pistols at that point since the only two pistols I can find that have a base reload of Half are the laspistol and pulse pistol.

>> No.54614652

You could modify other pistols with a quick release.

>> No.54614704

Yes. Imagine it being done in six seconds and it seems a bit excessive for as low as 400xp.

>> No.54615775

That doesn't seem too bad, IRL. It really depends on how you have your gear set up. If you don't have your mags covered, you could probably pull that off. I can easily reload my pistol and chamber a round in under 3 seconds, so it seems somewhat feasible that I could add holstering and drawing to that mix with enough practice.

If I was using 2 pistols, I'd probably keep extra mags exposed and close to my holsters, possibly on spring retention clips. Holster 1, grab mag on the way from the holster to 2, holster 2, grab mag while drawing 1, hand meets hand, draw 2.

Hell, you could maybe skip the holster and draw sequence if you have big enough hands or do something retarded like mount the mags on spring clips using their baseplate. I might have to give this a go, just to see if I can do it.

>> No.54618511

There is some precedent for this in the form of the combat vest which allows things it holds to be drawn as a free action.

>> No.54618945

Anyone have tome tips on playing as an exorcist?

>> No.54620010

I like this way of giving experience, so I cooked up something similar for my latest players.

Per session
Showing up: 50 xp
Wandered around: 50 xp (Were of no use for the inquisition)
On the right track: 100 xp (Most common if the team tries to be productive)
Case solved: 200-400 xp (Depending on difficulty and efficiency)

At the end of a session, each player roll 1d8 on the following table, and everyone votes for a single player who should receive the corresponding xp award. If several players roll the same number, too bad, less awards this time around.

>> No.54620017


Violently butchered mighty foes.
Had a fight=50xp; Vanquished some enemies=100xp; Killed dozens of foes=200xp; additionnaly, 1 point of corruption for particularly violent acts.
Survived deadly injuries or contracted a vile disease.
Light pain=50xp; Serious troubles=100xp; Should not be alive=200xp; additionnaly, 1 point of corruption if the injury or disease is particularily repulsive.
Engaged in acts of hedonism or lust.
Mild satisfaction=50xp; Great joy=100xp; Extreme pleasure=200xp; additionnaly, 1 point of corruption if the act was either questionable or not driven by anything else than pleasure.
Cooked up a complex scheme that went exactly as intended.
It was a plan=50xp; The plan was good=100xp; The plan went extremely well=200xp; 1 point of corruption if the plan did not benefit the empire directly.
Furthered the investigation efficiently and without violence.
Got clues=50xp; Interesting development=100xp; Brilliant analysis=200xp
Served as a great leader or skillful manipulator.
Gave orders=50xp; Controlled a group=100xp; Led an army=200xp
Lost something very important for the good of the imperium.
Minor cost=50xp; Major loss=100-300xp; Heroic sacrifice=1000xp for the next character; 1 point of corruption for every 100xp if it was NOT for the good of the imperium.
Did something truly incredible.
Up to 300xp for a single extremely impressing event, but know that even the vilest acts may qualify...

>> No.54620945

One thing has been bothering me about OW
I'm playing on roll20, and I can see the character sheet lets you roll Trade skills off Int, Agility or Fellowship, but I can't find fuckall about it in the rulebook.
Any ideas?

>> No.54620966

It's a DH2 feature that can be transported to OW too.

>> No.54620980

Ah, thanks
Guess I won't be rolling cooking off fellowship with my ratling

>> No.54620997

Used to be an actual entry, but it morphed into the first part. Is it wrong that I like entry 7?

Will the knowledge that, after solving a case involving nobles they pooled the throne gelt they had collected from their enemies and rolled for who would get it all cause you despair?
They first suggested equal split but the psyker argued that it should be split in according to their salaries, e.g. the tech-priest receiving a lesser share while a greater part went to the psyker and guardsman. Then it became who actually bled for it and so on, I threw out they roll for it as a lottery and probably because they have been damaged by MMOs they loved it.

My players rarely make claim of the God-Emperor's Finest, in the last 6 or so sessions it has been awarded twice. Assassin that one-shot a genestealer and tech-priest locking out Eldar boarders while the party was fighting another group of Eldar in the ship's vault.
About the only thing I have added for my home game to the XP handout is that the player deemed the Emperor’s Finest modify their salary roll by +1 for each time they were awarded it during the now closed investigation.
>Salary roll?
For the longest time we missed that the salary is not only raised by rank but also after missions by GM’s discretion by 10 to 50 throne gelt. In retrospect they rolled 3d5, multiply the individual dice by 10 and raise income accordingly.
I guess for Dark Heresy 2 it could be easier to requisition something of interest.

>> No.54621546
File: 586 KB, 1920x1680, 789a0d302756b90e162d0e3fbcdb599c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you ever given your players special named versions of weapons with special effects? Like master crafted bolters/chainswords or something similar with special effects like Toxic, felling or ect?

I've been considering doing it, been playing a lot of Dawn of War 2 recently and was thinking maybe it'd be a cool idea for my players to get some special wargear the further into the game they get. Should I do this or why shouldn't I do this?

>> No.54621673

You mean things like relics in Deathwatch?

>> No.54621695

one of the BC books has unique weapons

>> No.54621953


What do relics do in in Deathwatch? Also are they in the main book?


Which book? I'd like to take a look at it.

>> No.54621988

DW relics are in Honour the Chapter and are simple as that: weapons, armour, and other gear with modified or unique effects and stats.
Most of them are also chapter-specific.

>> No.54622056

So from my understanding it's like if you modified a weapon like say a storm bolter to have Proven (3) and Felling (2)?

>> No.54622078

Like that, yes.
For example, there is a thunder hammer that flares like a photon flash grenade on righteous fury.

>> No.54622403

How much planning ahead do you guys do when running a campaign or session?

>> No.54622733
File: 60 KB, 917x960, Adeptus Machanicus 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like some aid. I need to find out exactly HOW psykers are sanctioned, but 1d4chan and the Lexicanum aren't being helpful in the slightest. Neither is google, really.
Can anyone help me?

>> No.54622834

its prob in tome of blood
you can ascend weapons

>> No.54622921

I usually have a general sructure of what the area they're investigating would have and then base what would happen based on that structure.

>> No.54623018

It is deliberately vague. They're gathered by the Black Ships and brought to Terra. After that they undergo lots of harrowing trials. There are also taught how to ward off the voices of daemons from the warp and use their powers in a safe way instead of any natural or sorcerous ways they might know. Symptoms may include memory loss, PTSD, gibbering, bizarre phobias, castration or sterilization, loss of teeth, or whatever else you might want.

>> No.54623081

Has anyone gone through the process without going slightly more mad than when they went in or is that all part of having been on the Black Ships, and not actually the sanctioning process?
Is there literally ANY other information beyond "everyone who survives and gets out is mentally or emotionally fucked in some way"?

>> No.54623314

Unlike in 1e, in chewy, they come out of sanctioning with no Insanity points or weirdness. And this may be just due to writer idealization, but psykers in Black Library books often seem to have been sanctioned with no ill effects.

>> No.54623324

Chewy should read 2E.

>> No.54625001

So, would it be reasonable to assume it to be "Similer" to going through SF training?

>> No.54625590

Something like a combination of Special Forces training, a martial arts montage at a Zen monastery with lots of meditation and 'you rack disciprine!', a rigorous university, Wanted's training sequence, and the odd bit of gothic esoteric torture. They come out knowing how to shoot and smack enemies and with some advanced interaction skills, but also with a great deal of occult knowledge and control over the effects of the Warp relative to their personal space compared to rogue psykers.

>> No.54625915 [DELETED] 

(The specific reasons for me needing to know this, in case you're wondering, is because we on /u/ decided that a Youjo Senki/WH40k fanfic would be an amazing idea. If you want to add any ideas, then go to the Youjo Senki thread on /u/. There will eventually be tactical piggy-back rides with Tanya riding a Space Wolf's shoulders into battle.)

>> No.54625936

The specific reasons for me needing to know this, in case you're wondering, is because we on /u/ decided that a Youjo Senki/WH40k fanfic would be an amazing idea. If you want to add any ideas, then go to the Youjo Senki thread on /u/. There will eventually be tactical piggy-back rides with Tanya riding on a Space Wolf's shoulders into battle.

>> No.54626084
File: 490 KB, 720x966, 2017-07-26_18.31.15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're welcome.

>(The specific reasons for me needing to know this, in case you're wondering-

Well I was kind of curious-

>-is because we on /u/ decided that a Youjo Senki/WH40k fanfic would be an amazing idea.


>If you want to add any ideas-

I think not.

>There will eventually be tactical piggy-back rides with Tanya riding a Space Wolf's shoulders into battle.)

Why are weeaboos so fucking cancerous, /40krpgen/?

>> No.54626219

>Why are weeaboos so fucking cancerous, /40krpgen/?
It's mostly because three people demanded that it happen because they thought that it would be cute.
To be honest, I'm probably not actually going to include it, but I do like the idea of Tanya being an Inquisitor while having a few Space Wolves following her around and helping to murder things.

>> No.54626454
File: 58 KB, 940x529, received_10212195458777157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, that doesn't sound too awful on its face. An Inquisitor to whom some Deathwatch Space Wolves are seconded who must tolerate each other despite the mounting friction between the Chapter and the Inquisition. Were it not for my contempt for animu bullshit...

>looks up referenced animu
>magical Mary Sue little girl /tg/wank at it's worst


>> No.54626672

Actually, her main, mortal, DIRECT adversary is literally named Mary Sue, and was super-powered by Being X to try to force Tanya to her knees.
Tanya herself isn't even that much more powerful than most other mages under normal circumstances. It's only when she's being forced to pray to Being X that she gets retardedly powerful. Beyond that, she's just more intelligent and knowledgeable due to having been a military otaku in her previous life.

I'm making Being X be a Lord of Change, I think. It kind of fits. A Lord of Change creates a world and sets itself up to be the god of that world to get more power from their belief, only to become increasingly pissed off at all of the atheists, but there are too many who still believe to just wipe it and start over so they decide to fuck with one of said atheists who refused to bow to them at the last moments of their life. Tzeentch then fucks with the Lord of Change and sets that one atheist up to be reincarnated into someone who could, and would, kill said Lord of Change.

Beyond the quest to kill Being X, Tanya will probably end up becoming Ciaphas Cain 2.0.
(The smaller, cuter, more murderous version.)

>> No.54626973

>leddit just discovered the mandragora apocalypse documents and are beside themselves over the "tragedy"

loving every laugh

>> No.54627071

>mandragora apocalypse documents
the what now?

>> No.54627098

Does anyone know where I can find/make frontline maps for Only War?

>> No.54627186

Long story short, somebody discovered a homebrew pamphlet with some interesting stuff. They posted it here. Then people realize it was 80% plagiarized with the stuff in the OP and off old darkreign stuff. Author offers to cite sources but some autist goes nuclear and doxxes and death threats him, so he withdraws from society.

>> No.54627264

so some homebrew that pulls heavily from 40k and Darkreign? That gets pulled off the internet after some shithead goes postal even after author offers to cite sources?

Well that sucks but not unheard of on 4chan, what's the "tragedy" then?

>> No.54627319

Hey, Black Crusade question.

Is there any benefits to staying unaligned? Far as I can tell, any xp you might save from lacking opposed talents and skills you give up having to pay extra for lack of alignment, and it seems like a huge pain in the ass to maintain unaligned as well.

>> No.54627377


They're talking about how this poor innocent content creator is abused and hurt, while ignoring and hiding that most of his stuff is stolen. He had some good ideas with his original 20% (like the sarcosan wave) but he did try to pass off other's work as his own.

>> No.54627438

If you want a middle ground character its good. Means you don't suffer when your Khornate guy desperately needs some skills that regrettably fall under the slaanesh tree for some dumbass reason.
Plus word bearers are best bearers

>> No.54627487

>like the sarcosan wave
pretty sure that's not original either, I thought I read about that in either the Creatures Anathema, or Disciples of the Dark Gods source books.

>> No.54627504

None of this actually surprises me.

>> No.54627655

Aye, it's in Disciples of the Dark Gods

>> No.54627875


Wow, really? Did that faggot have ANYTHING original then?

>> No.54628055
File: 4.54 MB, 1000x600, 1501265983689.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any homebrewed things for playing as Dark Eldar other than the Wych and Kabalite supplied in the Soul Reaver expansion? Being a scourge or a wrack would be really cool.

>> No.54628281 [DELETED] 

Okay, so I've looted a Dark Eldar Blast Pistol, and now I'm far, far away from DE space, deep into Chaos territory.

Would it be easier to find a weak daemon and shove it into the pistol than to get actual ammo for the damn thing?

>> No.54628298

Okay, so I've looted a Dark Eldar Blast Pistol, and now I'm far, far away from DE space, deep into Chaos territory.

Would it be easier to find a weak daemon and shove it into the pistol than to get actual ammo for the damn thing?

>> No.54628323


Check the Fringe is Yours in the OP. I know it has a scourge and a beastmaster, at least.

>> No.54628333

>DE space
Is there even such a thing?
Also, blast pistols siphon energy from the dimension that black holes lead to. If they don't generate it themselves then you're probably not getting ammo outside of Commorragh.

>> No.54628405

It says Clip 6, Rld 3 Full on the stat card I got from my GM at least, and that's apparently from some bestiary. Shit's powerful, but damn if that ammo isn't really fucking scarce.

>Is there even such a thing?
Well, DE station at least. But we're far away from it anyway, we're in the bloody Screaming Vortex.

Would be interesting to see what a Daemon of Tzeentch thought about it. Thing is, most daemon weapons have infinite ammo.

>> No.54628580

To clarify, you are playing Black Crusade right? In any case, a daemon of slaanesh would be a better fit for eldar weapons.

>> No.54628628

Yeah, Black Crusade.

And maybe, but Slaneesh is icky and weird and I'm leaning toward Tzeentch anyway... Oh well, we'll see what I can manage.

>> No.54628740

dunno, never read his stuff myself. But given that the one example of originality turned out to be not-so-original, the outlook does not look good.

>> No.54628889

Psyker unaligned powers

>> No.54628924

At the very least, I would say that attempting to put a slaaneshi daemon into an eldar weapon would get the rule of sympathy bonus.

>> No.54628926
File: 957 KB, 1378x1718, 1501210579220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You get qt daemons of Malal on your side

>> No.54629822
File: 258 KB, 480x466, 1500881210304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, im playing a black crusade game and my party is really tough, they can easily take out a squad of space marines, i was wondering about send a squad of primaris space marines after them, but i have absolutely no idea how to stat them and their weapons, how would you guys go about this?

>> No.54629842
File: 122 KB, 2400x1800, KZRS3zQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

-4 STR

>> No.54629922

Well first, what is your party and what equipment do they have?

>> No.54629993

what you want to get is a best quality power sword, or two, best quality means EVERY WS test is at +10, swords are balanced so thats another +10 for your parry, you get wall of steel and counter attack and then blend everything with lighting attack and blade master. when you enemy comes to strike you, you have a +20 counter attack with a %75 chance to out right destroy their wepon, because of the power field rule when you sucsessfully parry their attack you get a free attack with counter attack, with with wall of steel you can do this twice. or you could just get out of the way, like pussy.

>> No.54630130

i have two nurgle allinged CSM one has a heavy bolter and the other has a power axe and storm sheild, those two are insane to kill, a tech priest, a tzeetchy sorcerer with an insane psy rating, master sorcerer, all the good stuff. and a slaneshy psyker, who i think is just along for the ride, the CSM's absolutly murger the shit out of things and im happy for them to do so, i just want to get them a challenge and my party has just entered the 13th black crusade in my time line, a long way from cadia though.

>> No.54630178

Have you pitted them against vehicles?

>> No.54630213

Try sending them up against a squadron of Leman Russ'

>> No.54630225

they dont really fight outside in big open field, the party is really smart and sticks to the shaows, one time i did send a couple of imperial walkers after them though, but they mowed through thm, i dont see why i would send a tank after them, they have also taken out a dreadnaught. what do you guys think about them fighting primaris marines?

>> No.54630308

id rather not fuck them over, sending tanks doesn't even sound fun for me, it will just be a long drawn out fight and the party will probably TPK. my party has allot of fun murdering good imperial citizens and can even take out a 5 man squad of space marines (i just used the default characters from death watch). it just seems right to send primaris marines after them, i am just not sure how to go about it.

>> No.54630494

Are there any guides to porting characters and classes to other systems, or should I give up because it's more trouble than it's worth?

>> No.54630520

They exist in the core books.

>> No.54630540

You could send some more customized marines that have been specifically equipped and sent to bring them down. Or Grey Knights.
You could figure out a way to get them on the bad books of some other Chaos forces, make them fight other chaos marines, daemons, that kind of thing.
Or if they've done something to piss off the Adeptus Mechanicus, you could drown them in the tides of Mars.

>> No.54630621

yeah, but the general consensus I've heard is that with the bonus xp, a character from, like, Dark Heresy will be broken if you bring them into Rogue Trader, because they'll have a lot of talents already.

>> No.54631062

>Or Grey Knights.
oh that's just cruel.

>> No.54631895

Maybe just one?

>> No.54632020
File: 99 KB, 700x703, Imperial-Guard-warhammer-40k-35817262-700-703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Take character sheets from party for an Only War game.
>Essentially clone them in a test.
>Over the next hour test a six man squad without comrades against 5 CSM
>The guardsmen win the firefight with only one loss and wipe the CSM out.

Holy shit. Autocannons are fucking beastly. Still a damn challenging fight I simulated but I have never seen CSM get wiped out so fucking fast before.

>> No.54632131

Autocannons do destroy marines with ease along with anything lighter than a chimera.

>> No.54632215

and is it backwards compatible too? Can an Only War guardsman be brought into a Rogue Trader game without too much trouble, or a Dark Heresy 2nd ed. Desperado? Just with an extra 4400 or 4000 xp, respectively?

Is there stuff to watch out for if my players want to port character over, like stuff that will conflict with Rogue Trader rules?

>> No.54632324

Honestly giving Only War guardsmen THAT much XP seems unnecessary. Then again, never played anything like Rogue Trader and my experience lies solely in Only War but Only War guard working together are a fucking force to be reckoned with.

Anyways, yes. They can, and are built to be. Just make sure they go over the rules because there are minor differences through the books.

>> No.54632414
File: 985 KB, 518x872, 1494195631254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which game would work best for playing as an one of the warrior Inquisitors that actually goes out to the battlefields like we see in the tabletop?

>> No.54632543

Only War.

>> No.54632864

It'd have to be pretty high-level Only War, considering how easy it is to die in that game. Honestly, it'd have to be a Dark Heresy 1e Ascension game. That's the only one with a power level that really gets close.

Good luck finding one, though.

>> No.54633594

guys my what combination skill and trait will achieve the highest DoS when using the full auto

assuming I am using Only War for background and the normal guardmen for ranking up

>> No.54634131

Psyker with Warp Speed.

>> No.54634677

Anybody running or in the process of running a The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion game? I'm dying to play it.

>> No.54635134


>actually using homebrew


>> No.54635226

For what purpose do you do this?

>> No.54635373

>not having a DM that lets you homebrew a signature talent for every character of yours
>not having a DM that after every campaign puts those talents into the homebrew pool for everyone to use provided they weren't retardedly broken
>not having a DM that will fix the broken talents and then put them into the pool

There is absolutely nothing wrong with homebrew

>> No.54635644

How long does gene-seed stay good in a dead Astartes' corpse?

>> No.54635709


High-level Only War can get some pretty crazy PCs, desu. For added silliness you can play Orcan Stonecrushers.

>> No.54636694

As long as the environment isn't too hostile, indefinitely.

>> No.54636875

In the Deathwatch living errata, they changed Storm Bolters' ROF from S/2/4 to S/4/-. Then, in Only War, they changed it back to S/2/4. Which do you guys think is appropriate? Is S/2/4 w/ metal storm round just too good for mulching hordes?

>> No.54636883


You don't think it'd rot?

>> No.54636941

In every book I've read which addresses the topic there's a rush to get it out quickly.

>> No.54636986


Look we get it, you want to send primaris at them. Fucking do it then. You don't need our approval to torpedo all our suggestions and send primaris.

>> No.54637014

I'm finally using DH Ascension Influence rules rather than requisition for my DW players since they boarded and captured their own spacecraft.They made their own cabal, it works like a charm.

Plus, Planetside adventures from RT Stars of Inequity work pretty well to make shit up on the fly.

Now they want to take on Samech in the Jericho reach, I was thinking of having them opening a warp route from the Canis Salient. Any ideas ?

>> No.54637036

S/4/- is fine. Compare the Storm quality in DW and OW.

>> No.54637077


The Storm quality seems to be the same in both.

>> No.54637098

For which game?

>> No.54637124

I see what you're saying, and that's why I'd allow it, honestly.

>> No.54637179

Take a closer look at the last lines.

>> No.54637207


I don't think those are intended to be different.

>> No.54637426

How can you make a tribe of primitive pygmies threatening to inquisitors?

>> No.54637463

Toxic weapons.

>> No.54637468


Give them the Ratling Sniper class abilities and toxic bows. And have shittons of them.

>> No.54637557


Oh yeah, you could port over the sharpshooter class for them to give them bows with Accurate and Toxic.

>> No.54637607
File: 1.23 MB, 1000x1000, savage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rules wise? Hordes and using the later game line's version of the Primitive quality. Sprinkle with Wyrds and strange poisons.
Scenario wise? They live on a horrible deathworld that they navigate easily but would kill anyone who isn't a Catachan. They have preternatural stealth and ambush skills, aided by underground caves and their small stature.
Despite their size, they're about as strong as a grown man due to odd musculature and the planet's gravity.
They take drugs that make them insensate to pain.
Their shaman actually do have magical powers.
They're sitting on piles of archeotech/relics that they guard viciously. Simply blowing them up from orbit destroys the loot, but prying them out without relying on heavy fire power will be incredibly difficult.
They're really good at taming/herding the local fauna, which are *really* dangerous. An armored column seems invincible, until it faces a sudden Carnosaur Stampeded bursting out of the jungle.
The jungle seems wild, but careful study reveals it's a *garden*. They have carefully selected and grown dangerous plants like the Venus Mantrap and Razor-weed in certain areas to protect themselves. Other vegetation seems harmless, but is the favored grazing plant of massive, ill-tempered primates that are highly territorial.
Finally, the tribe's royalty is a direct bloodline descendant of an extremely powerful and prestigious noble house which disappeared over the centuries. Technically speaking, these degenerate savages not only own the planet they are on, they also have strong claims to three systems in the sector, are technically owed 9 seats in the Sector Senate, and have blood oaths with no less than 4 Chapters of the Astartes. All of this is recorded in barely coherent legends of the tribes, as well as precious scraps of parchment the semi-literate primitives regard as sacred and use in their rituals.

>> No.54637788
File: 701 KB, 763x656, pygmies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you. This would be effective it's true, but I already had some kind of scenario in mind.
To be prefectly honest I intend to use a modified Blood in the Chocolate adventure (Grimdark Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) which seems strangely appropriate for w40k, albeit a bit silly.
In that context, the factory contains individually extremely weak pygmy abhumans, but there's hundreds of them working together. Their weapons are their numbers, poisoned darts (not very damaging but with funny effects, so Toxic property is not an answer) and a single shaman matriarch.
I'm just trying to see how to represent them accurately through DH mechanics. I think they should at least be able to group grapple imperial guards and exhaust them, if anything else.

>> No.54638717

>with with wall of steel you can do this twice
Counter attack can be made only once per Round.

>> No.54640637

i was asking how to stat them....

>> No.54640761

Check previous threads you spoon fed retard

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