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How tall is your character?

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He's just sort of gotten bigger in each description as the campaign has gone by. I think he's around 6'9 now?

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4ft but hes a gnome so hes a big guy 4 u as far as gnomes go

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1.6m high
1.6m wide

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5'3" of concentrated RAGE

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Well, he's a hero, and you can't be a hero unless you're at least 6'4", so that puts a lower boundary on things, doesn't it?

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Depends. If I play a paladin figure I'm almost always playing an average sized character since the larger a paladin's enemy are in relation to him, the more righteous and heroic he is.

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My group always makes fun of my characters height and I roll with it, but I always laugh on the inside at the ironing since I'm the only person in the group that's above 6'.

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He's composed of more or less 75 liters of biomass, his height depends on what he wants to be today

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Like the Roman soldiers of old, 1,6x1,6 meters, 50% raw strength, 50% pure ignorance, 100% faith in the SPQR

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2 meters (6,5 feet) of pure imperial might

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>Not instilling fear and humility in the hearts of the guilty with your brawny 7 foot 10 plus hussar wings

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I usually play characters 6'4" or over, as I find it hard to empathize with short people.

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5' 5'' tall, which, while just about average height for a human, is positively GIANT by drow standards (who average 4' 9' for males and 4' 11'' for females). She'd stand a full head taller than most in a typical drow city like Menzoberranzan.

This is largely due to her diet growing up. Iliira was born on the surface and raised by a human man at a seaside inn. She ate a far greater variety of food, getting nutrients that even drow nobles tend to lack, as well as having much easier access to real meat and veggies instead of lichen paste, mushrooms, and insects, which forms the bulk of the typical drow diet (with nobles occasionally having rothé meat, and not even all that often).

It's also totally meant as a reference to the height difference between North and South Koreans, which is itself caused by the food differential. North Koreans do NOT get good or enough food as children, and as a result the average North Korean is something like six inches shorter than the average South Korean.

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>not short

Do you ever leave your hole, hobbit?

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7 or 6'7 feet tall for most of them

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>50% raw strength, 50% pure ignorance, 100% faith in the SPQR

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6ft and 1/4 of an inch more.
Height is a common topic of discussion in our group, so everybody always makes characters of exactly their height. Any taller is you trying too hard, and any shorter makes you a manlet. (Or more of a manlet, in our shortest player's case.)

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170cm slightly higher than wood elf average.

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Current character started off around 6 feet, but due to wild magic surge he is now 6'10". Nobody in the party has noticed.

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>Left: 5'11''
>Right: 6'2''

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He's a 157 cm manlet and he has a hard time accepting it. He makes up for it with a huge ego and even bigger dick

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The Alchemist is 183 cm.
The Heretek is 189 cm.
The Guardsman is 178 cm.

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manlets when will they learn

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So you're a Drizztfag?

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Some 120 meters. Machine meld is one hell of a drug.

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Not really...I came into D&D from a kind of weird angle, and managed to learn about drow before I learned about Drizzt, as unlikely as that sounds. Iliira was created before I knew Drizzt existed. Having said that, I've since gone on to try and make her as unlike Drizzt as possible while still having her be a Chaotic Good drow.

She honestly is a lot more like Aladdin crossed with Lina Inverse than anything. And frankly even the Lina influences are vague, it's mostly Aladdin.

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5'10" and he's a KING!

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>all these metric plebs

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I keep forgetting how little sense the imperial system makes.

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That said, because the Imperial system is based off of reality (i.e., length of an actual human foot), Americas are generally better at eyeballing things like length or weight or temperature than Europeans are.

And anyway, blue whales being 100 feet long is more impressive than them being 33 meters long.

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About 2-3 heads taller than most space marines.

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Are you playing an ork?

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You say that, but blacks can tell exactly how many grams of drugs they're buying just by tossing the baggie up and down a few times. They don't do that with ounces.

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Would you listen to a song called 804.672 Kilometers?

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And no one wants to join the 1.60934-high club...

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My sides are literally hurting right now

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It helps that the Mile High club is a misnomer: planes fly 12 kilometres high.

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A smidge under 6'1, 185.5 cm in metric. Well muscled though, not fuckhueg but definitely buff and cut. Got a pretty face too.

I've noticed I'm the only one who consistently makes my characters average to decently tall in my group. Everyone else makes either giants for whom 6'5 is the minimum or they play women.

Seriously our party looked weird as hell for a while, everyone but the girl was tall. My character was the middle in height. Three tallest party members were 7'2, 6'7, 6'5.

We are all humans.

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soooo, everything you're not

i hate it when people create a character to compensate for their own insecurities, im 6.2 and 190 pounds, im well built but my character is a 5.4 balding ugly man, i have so much more fun, im literally playing kano from mortal kombat and i have a pet gretchin, i should mention im play dark heresy.ive never had more fun then with an ugly character, mary sueing your PC is so dumb, nobody else cres how pretty, handsome and tall your character is, unless they are also doing the same thing and they want to be prettier, taller and more handsome than you. your party sounds really dumb.

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I'm 6'3, though I rarely think a lot about my character's height. If there's a good reason for him to be tall, I'll go for that, otherwise average height.

What I do do, however, is almost always go for characters that are as little like me as possible. Like drifting towards very religious characters despite being irreligious myself, or unforgiving hardasses with a thorn up their ass about other people despite me being an agreeable cunt who can't hold a grudge.

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I'm not >>54544692 by the way, just to avoid confusion.

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10 inches.

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The fuck they don't you dirty ultracrepidarian.

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fuck I meant I'm not >>54544273

Today is not my day (fuck 4chan pass and captchas)

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Liri Freehand, halfling rogue.

3 feet tall, 35 pounds.

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because I've fallen for /fit/ memes and my first major RP background is city of heroes, the end result is none of my males being less than 6'0.

This gets weird when a few are teenagers.

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>I can play unattractive characters
>But if someone play attractive characters then they are compensating if I don't think they are attractive.
It's both insulting and stupid, if I had the same logic as you then I should assume that you play a short and balding guy because you think sbort and balding dudes can only be clowns.

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My hacker girl in this cyberpunk game is in her 30s but I wrote "the shortest" for her height because I was absolutely determined to have her be the shortest member of the squad.

She's at least a few inches shorter than whoever the shortest member of the squad is, regardless of who that is or what their height is.

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go fuck yourself, you know exactly my point, im against mary sues

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My last character was a 8 foot tall goliath

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honestly this is the average sort of girl i wish i had been having one night stands with in college

nothing really noteworthy about her but it would be a good night of feeling like you're normal. i'd almost rather bang her than someone objectively prettier because at that point you're like "ok you're banging me but you're out of my league, what's your angle"

with this girl you're like "ok shes just horny like me, we're both average. cool"

anyway whats this thread about?

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Five cubits, give or take. No one really keeps track.

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Well he was 5'10", but we ran into some wild wild magic tables and he was 6'4" afterwards.

I got off pretty good compared to the drunkard storm cleric who became immune to alcohol for a month.

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Is this what happens to halflings who go on a date?



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A little below average height, and a little above average weight

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5'6" half-elf

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luga is 3 feet tall.
luga decapitate you at the knees now.

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He's 6'3, the master-race height. Anyone under 6 ft is a manlet, anyone over 6'5 is a lanklet.

I am sexy, I am fit, midgets and lanklets eat my shit

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we should all be counting in a base 12 system, we only count on base 10 because that is how many fingers we have.

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My current character is a lanky 196cm girl

Second tallest in the party

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My current character is 6'4 and built like pic related but they weigh over 300 lbs because they're a shapeshifting abomination like Alex Mercer-lite.

They could look ripped if they wanted to but I like the theme of "hungry skeleton that leaves bigger footprints than the Goliath and can no-sell a Troll's attack"

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6'5" She's tall for a hobgoblin, but she is of noble blood among them.

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5ft 10in

Playing a dwarf character at the moment.

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Yeah that's pretty short for a dwarf, it'd be beyond shameful for a human to be that tall or even worse, 5'9''. Imagine being that short.

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A guy plays one handsome character and he's a wish fulfillment mary sue? Are you alright in the head? Why bring your own height and weight into it?

The fact you're so up in arms about if a character is handsome or not, plus the fact you admit your character is a reference shows you really don't know much about what makes a character good.

If someone wants to play a party face, odds are they're gonna be at least not ugly, confident, tall enough that they aren't overshadowed, and so on. All he described is how his character looks, and the funniness of how he's hardly the tallest character.

His PC isn't the tallest, or the hottest. He said he has a pretty face and decent body.

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>playing a halfling or a dwarf
>required to be 188 cm

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Maximum height for the race.

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He could be playing Gamagoori, in which case his size is always "bigger than the biggest person in the vicinity"

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I will never play a short character, nor will I ever play a short race.

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I'm guessing you didn't know those are mostly made of protein, huh?

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> America is the only country of note still using that assbackwards system that even it's inventors have given up on
> The entire rest of the world is plebs for choose the superior system though
Ahuh. Sure thing.

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Literally how?
Teens can easily reach close to their max height at 16. I sure did, not that I'm a tall guy myself.
And if that max height is fuck huge then yeah, you can easily get 16-17 y/os that tower over the average adult. I've got a mate who's just like that.

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i dont think you really read what i said, i was bitching at his party as a whole, they are all unnaturally tall humans, they are insecure about playing a short ugly human, thy need to be tall and good looking, that idea is dumb

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Not even a song called 1609.34 miles

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>Soul Knife Rock Elf Mystic with Giant Growth and the Burly feat.

Well... Depends how large he wants to be.

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I think you protest a little too much, kid. I can practically smell the mass of bubbling insecurity under your greasy skin.

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