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Hey /tg/... post Your Dudes™

Tell us about your dudes. Why are they special, what do they do? How do they do it?

Although you can see the Primaris Marine template as Op pic, non GW is ok too.

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bumping to make sure this thread stays up while I sleep

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I'm playing magpies 5th company. At the moment, if I hadn't bought the dark imperium box, I would have more librarians than normal troops.

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Crusaders. They crusade and kill heretics. They dont look like those new shitty chad marines.

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Knights of the Starlight Hawk
Fleet based
Drop Assault
Most likely Salamander Progenitor
Mostly Codex Compliant, but with a few but significant deviancies.
Tasked with reconnecting/reconquering worlds lost in the Dark Imperium.

Chapter recruits solely from the offspring of Space Marines, either fathering children before receiving the Black Carapace & final transformation, or donating seed. They initiate any willing descendants, even those not directly father-son. It is not unheard of for a nephew or grandchild to be the only one to succeed the grueling trials, those that do not live up their ancestors usually find other ways to help their family. Family is important to them & so is inheritance, most arms & armor being inherited. The rank of Chapter Master is an inherited title, as well as the leaders of each Company. They are led by the young but promising Lord Bradley. He succeeded his father after his death during a battle while the fleet was besieged by Chaos on an unrecorded world. The battle seemed hopeless but the young marine, at the time leading the Scout Company, received a vision of a twinkling hawk blue & light grey, leading him deeper into ruins of some old forgotten civilization, something from the Dark Age of Technology. Inside a defensive citadel they found a large crystalline sculpture of a winged birdlike creature. The rest of the ragged marines held fast while the Chapters few tech priests & Tech Marines investigated the artifact, it had some kind of effect on Warp, activation of the artifact turned the tide against the demonic host attacking the Chapter, allowing them to be fight free & escape back to their fleet. Renamed the Knights of the Starlight Hawk, they have interred the artifact upon their flagship Starstorm within the Chamber of the Hawk.

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Neophytes are required to meditate there as their last trial. For some will gain visions or guidance, for others nothing, & some are found dead, with their eyes burned out. The Hawk is sometimes glimpsed or seen by marines, always leading them to safety or to where they are needed most, & some say that the Hawk itself guides the fleet through the Great Scar.

The fleet has a huge civilian population, with the idea being they would serve as a Hive to repopulate the worlds the Chapter finds during thier voyage.
The entire Chapter is Primaris & supported by Scions who are mostly other important nobles of the civilian fleet. The capitol of the fleet is the voidship Venturous.

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What do you guys think of this color progression? Standard, Sergeant, Officer. I'm unsure about the faceplate on the standard marines.

They are an Alpha Legion splinter that finished of a dieing ultramarine successor, then took their place and was in the process of rebuilding when Cadia exploded.

I can tell more if anyone is interested, although I've posted in a few of these threads. They're the ones that have to grow Ultramarines in the basement.

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I think you'd have more definition on your scheme if you had the tubing as Dark Grey or something.

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Go for it

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Forgot pic.

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I agree. Havent updated the scheme though, sorry. Will do next time.

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I need help /your dudes/

I'm planning to build a Ad-mech female tech-priest (or Alpha) and I need a suitable name, gone fucking blank though.

Domina seems to be "Lady" in Latin so I didn't know if I wanted a title or an actual name

or something like

>Domina Cyen Automata - Alpha Primus MMXXIV

Or should it be simpler, or if you can out and out think of a cooler name (not hard) I'd love to hear it

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Your spoopy Hawk thing sounds interesting, I don't know if you'd actually care to tell "us" what it is, while unknown to the Chapter

>It's actually an Old One warp dampening device that such and such

It makes it a tad more grounded than magic crystal hawk statue.

Although I really like the Hive City in spaaaace, almost like they have their own human breeding program, although that's probably not what you meant

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Well, take a seat on my huge lap and let me tell you a tale. A tale of the Lernaean Brotherhood, who are also huge.

During the 23rd Founding, a planetary system known as Paragus was under continual attack by Orks, no forces could be mustered to fully eliminate the Greenskin threat, so the highlords instead voted to found a new chapter of Space Marines to defend the mineral rich system and eventually cleanse the threat wholesale. Thusly, a chapter of Ultramarine successors known as the Stormborne Knights was created and assigned the planet of Typhon to recruit from. With the Stormborne Knights leading the defense of the system, the Orks began to loose ground quickly, but the increase in activity only further stoked the Orks' lust for war, and the battles over the years became larger and more costly to the Stormborne, whose numbers were steadily decreasing. Knowing full well they could not last in a war of attrition, the Stormborne Knights mustered the entirety of their numbers and every allied Imperial ship they could to strike the heart out of the Waaagh. Losses were tremendous, but the Waaagh was scattered, easily eliminated by the small crusade of Black Templars that had arrived to aid the system. The Stormborne had been reduced to a mere fifty marines from the 3rd company. The survivors fell back to their isolated orbital station, the Bastion, to begin to recover the chapter.

Several weeks later, mere days after the Templars and the other Imperial reinforcements had left the system. Alarm sirens wailed again aboard the Stormborne Knights' station. An ancient pattern battleship had slipped from the warp dangerously close to the Bastion. The ship was unmarked, and attempts to hail the vessel had no response. Without warning the battleship began to furiously bombard the Bastion's shields. The surviving marines attempted to call for help over the long range vox, but found their transmission jammed.


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I was going to have it be a device of Old One tech, that they used to navigate before they made the Webway. A Warp entity that filled the role Navigators do in the Imperium. It was lost on the world for a long ass time, until the young Scout Commander found/comunicated with it. But people seemed to think that might be too snowflaky so i dialed it back.

Beyond a navigational/prognostication Warp entity that seems friendly/supportive of the Marines thst found it, i dont really have anything else dreamed up. No name or personality. Just a kind of totem/mascot.

& yes while the Hive in space does not have any forced breeding program, it does really encourage big families, & starting colonies. Bloodlines are also a big deal because everything is feudal. Each ship counts as its own citystate. Captains & ranking officals are inherited positions, & full of nepotism. Laborer & shit jobs are done by ship serfs who are not allowed to leave the ship they belong to. There is some middle ground yeoman/merchamt equivalent class that move freely between fleet ships. Volunteering to be a colonist is a very favorable way to move up in life as a shipserf, giving them a lot of freedom.

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An admech army that started as backwards primitives living in the ruins of a Forgeworld. The natives worshiped the Machine Spirits by piling fruit/food on a platform infront of a doorway deeper into the ruins. They could not approach the door as the machines would scream "Ident Scan" & any who were scanned were not worthy enough & were destroyed by the deathray security measures. One day, a lizard was attracted to the food pile, the cognator didnt recognize the lizard as a threat so it didnt kill it. The natives tnought the lizard to be an embodiment/messenger of thier god & started worshipping it. Time passes & real Admech come to the planet. Just one exploritor who finds a planet full of nutjobs. He goes to the doorway, it recognizes him & lets him enter & start to repair the place. The natives get pressganged into being admech & start to learn the proper rituals & such. The Exploritor finds the lizard they worship & says its a messanger of the Omnissiah, & now carries it around as a mascot because its easier to do that than kill a planet full of retards

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Waiting for part 2 anon

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>Mostly Codex Compliant, but with a few but significant deviancies

>I'm mostly vegan but i eat bacon everyday

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As the Bastion's void shields collapsed, squads veteran Alpha Legionnaires were teleported into the station. The Stormborne Knights found themselves outnumbered and outgunned, but were prepared to sell their lives for a high cost. It mattered little to the legionnaires of the Lernaean Brotherhood, this was key to a plan centuries in the making. For hundreds of years the Brotherhood has searched for a suitably weak Chapter to eliminate, and then more importantly, replace, to tap the vein steady Imperial supplies straight from the Adeptus Mechanicus. A small contingent was left to pose as the Stormborne Knights, while the remainder of the Brotherhood reboarded their vessel and left once again for deep space.

The new Stormborne Knights consumed the memories of the old, fabricated a story just incase word of the battle had gotten out, and began their duty to grow their numbers into a sizable force. In the deepest, most isolated chamber of the Bastion, a lab was built with the sole purpose of geneseed implantation, but not of the Alpha Legion. In this lab, the Ultramarine geneseed from the last true Stormborne Knights was implanted into mentally failed aspirants, to be harvested and used to pay gene-tithe to the Adeptus Mechanicus.


Writing this all as I go, I had it saved, but I fried my old hard drive.

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Since that time, the Brotherhood has been in a state of aggressive rebuilding, staying out a major conflicts and only lending just enough aid to avoid suspicion. This growth of power hasn't only consisted of Space Marines however, the local planetary governments and PDFs have all been heavily infiltrated with agents as well, especially the local Stormtrooper Corps, a great number of which are composed entirely of early stage aspirants.

By the fall of Cadia, the new Stormborne Knights had grown to roughly full strength, assumed complete control of the system's government and PDF, but were appalled by the return of Guilliman. Although separated by the turbulent activity of the warp, the Brotherhood feared that the Ultramarine primarch would see through their plot, and have begun preparing to leave for the depths of space once again before they are discovered.

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So basically they had a good thing going, but Bobby G has potential to ruin everything, so they are gearing up to grab as many men and ships as they can, jump away and say fuck it, let's find a new system and be space pirates.

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Also, I don't know a whole lot about the process of getting Primaris Marines, but my bet is they wouldn't be able to without getting found out.

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As in, they still favor its doctrine, 1000 men cap, 10 Companies etc. But they have a Cult of the Hawk, that definitely aint Kosher & they have nepotism & recuit only the bloodlines of SMs

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How's this?

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That immediately makes it looks a lot better and breaks up the model

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Man, it feels like I haven't touched My Dudes in a year at least.

Iron Phantoms are a renegade Iron Hand chapter stationed on an icy hive world near a Tau expansion sphere. They were excommunicated for using Tau tech to successfully repel an attack. Knowing an Imperial force would be coming and the Tau are mounting up for another push, the chapter figured they would not be able to fight both and even if they did, they wouldn't be able to hold the system forever, so the chapter elected to flee with everything they've built up (technology, allies) and vowed to return and claim the system from whoever takes over.

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Closest I could do to a Gold & Silver color

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Eye wateringly awesome

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Thanks my main inspiration was to be a son of Dorn who remembers what is most important, covering everything in excessive bling.

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All I have is the paint scheme, and that they are blood angels successors. Any suggestions for the bolter color or fluff?

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Scourge Eagles
Progenitor: White Scars; Chapter Established during the 21st Founding
Color Scheme: Charadon granite/Chainmail
Home World: Saer'rio

Fleet Based, favor Assault Troops and Bikes for Infiltration and Hit and Run attacks when planetside (Standard Issue Kit also includes Camo Cloaks for full Battle Brothers, some higher ranking Astartes even have camoline robes over their armor.), otherwise prefer various skimmers and fliers, although they truly shine most in fleet combat and boarding actions. The Scourge Eagles fortress monastery is a moon sized space hulk trapped in orbit of their home world.

A mutation was previously present within their Chapter, the gene-seed slowly saps away their warp presence. This led to numerous alterations in Chapter composition such as maintaining two extra Scout Companies, nearly six times the normal number of Apothecaries and four times the number of Chaplains, as some Battle Brothers wished the Emperors Peace rather than risk their secrets become known to the Inquisition.

As of the Ultima Founding, the Scourge Eagles redoubled efforts to recover lost and forgotten information regarding the origins of their gene-seed has been successful, recently learning of their relation to Jaghatai Khan and the White Scars. As of now they have received additional reinforcement in form of Primaris Marines with the curing of the mutation in their Gene-Seed, though their frequent encounters with the Legion of the Damned and older Battle Brothers with the mutation still remain present.

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Aaaaaanooooonnnnn... Come out and plllaaaayyyy.... AAAANNNNOOOOONNNN... COME OUT AND PLLLLAAAAYYYAAAYYYY....

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Freedom doesnt play, it RINGS!

Have you missed me /tg?

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Paint scheme looks cool, but immediately is noticeable as a custom one instead of official.

Bolter color needs to be something that's not that pastel dark blue. Gold, silver, grey like the shoulders, black, red, any of those would be better.

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And almost on queue. How fairs it fellow Eagle? Ready to dispense indiscriminate freedom and liberty all over some traitors and xenos?

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And almost on cue. How fairs it fellow Eagle? Ready to dispense indiscriminate freedom and liberty all over some traitors and xenos?

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How about...
The Bloody Choir

They were formed to crusade with Gilli, have an affinity for old Catholic style chior chanting/music & bells. They use the bells to help condition those that fall to the Black Rage of which there are a lot of them, trying to keep them normal til they here the bell toll, which is the psychological trigger for them to Rage.

After the crusade they were placed in a sector near some Nurgle or Khorne Marines. Now they defend the area from their fortress-monastery, The Gloria Domine

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Yes my brother. It should be know Eagles flock together.

(I wait a bit to reply til I see either someone talk about me, or the tread is about to die, orI see you or the other dude. I do not want to spam thread "Dude" threads so much as to make people reluctant to post.

Im actually thinking of what kind of fluff to give my dudes. Something moderately snowflaky without stepping too much on the toes of the lore.
I'm feeling that they are a Lost Legion to Primarch II qho was raised on a planet that was basically 40K 'Murica. He opposed the Emps Empire & though they tried to work together, the Emps was too uncompromising & eventually sent his attack hound. I just got to figure out the Primarchs specialty, & the Legions specialty

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alright so with the new redemptor dreadnought making me hard for dreads again, i'm trying this again. so three chapters are sent to the outer reaches of the segmentum obscurus. these chapters of ultrasmurf and blood angels stock were to assist a mechanicus expedition. on a dead world with no life they find a device within a fortress. The device releases an ancient plague (possibly nurgles) that eats muscle and skin tissue. most of the 3 chapters are nearly eaten away by the virus, aside from the techmarines. only a few marines from each chapter are immune and once the cure is found most of the chapters marines are dead or barely alive husks with shriveled limbs and broken bodies. The chapters are all left under strength and most of the officers are dead or on life support. the marines agree to combine into a new chapter renaming themselves the last bastions. all three of the chapters dreads are brought together and they now have a whopping 15 active dreads thanks to the many broken marines that they had who could be placed in dreadnoughts.

the chapter is focused on excellence in war and have a affinity for art (blood angels and ultramarines) they constantly clean and maintain their dreads painting and adding glyphs and fresh coats of paint to them. the chapter is ruled by the dreadnought council made of the last chapter master and the few company commanders left. finally arriving closer to support in the ultramar system the chapter is given primarius marines and new dreadnoughts to add to their large count of dreadnoughts.

>I also want to make a sexy dreadnought chapter master oc!

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we also take dreads from BTFO chapters and broken ones we find wich pisses off the other chapters and call the LB scavengers

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Curious about something Dreadman.

I understand the link between Ultra chapters & the Nurgles rot. But what if it was Necrons instead? They have no fear of Biological weapons so they could decide to amke use of them in war. Then you could have the theme being your army of men bound in mech bodies fighting Necrons which are men bound to mech bodies.

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Moderate Snowflake usually means Cursed Founding. Easy to pull off Iron Hands, Imperial Fists or Ultramarines parent legion at that rate. If you're going to spam missiles, definitely go Ultramarine parent legion and be vastly more patriotic than those stupid Howling Griffons in all of their Britishness...

In truth, I only like reporting the Scourge Eagles to piss off that one ultra salty lore elitest anon. I'd rather talk about my Tyranids but it is SO hard to really fluff out space bugs.

I've got the bioluminescence angle going for their flesh tones. There was this really bad ass sheen used to the exoskeleton back in the 3rd Edition 'nids dex. It was the rusty orange carapace over the dark blue/grey high lighted exoskeleton.

Either way if I could play these guys out like I fluff or paint them, it'd be a fleet of mass production of stranglers and spore mines with a heavy favoring of subterranean and aerial assault combos. I really liked the idea of a fungus or plankton angle on their paint scheme. It's just so damn hard to figure out how to make Tyranids unique outside of just a color scheme. Tactics aren't inspired, units conform to a set meta. so my favorite option is painting and modelling with a lot of kit bashing and ad-hoc builds to count creatures as others (Say a well altered Carnifex kit now looks very much like a Malanthrope...).

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Chaos Space Marines that are a retainer for a dark mechanicus forge. They worship the ommnisiah as a chaos god and have a love of demonically possessed augmentations.

>> No.54474715

that might work actually the bio weapon wasnt linked to nurgle directly any sort of ancient plague would be cool also the chapter was founded in M.35 so dark imperium hadn't started yet

>> No.54474763

Experiment with popping open a glow stick & sprinkling them with it. I dont think it would effect the paint or plastic but Im a random dude on the internet so take this with a grain of salt. Youd only need about one or two sticks before a battle & if you play in low light it would have a pretty cool effect.

As for fluff, why not explain their biological history? What did they eat or adapt to to need bioluminescence? Have they killed any interesting or significant planet or people?

>> No.54474780

How many dread pics/gifs do you got dreadbro?

>> No.54474876

Thats TOO glowy (And technically dangerous) to bust open glow sticks for a quite gimmick. As for biologic history I'd have to fill that out as survivor reports and biologis findings. Just not very fun to whip those up without learning more. I'm still on again and off again studying the biologic function, application and advantage of the luminescence. I'm only going to write it out if I have hard science backing them rather than being content to letting dice dictate everything. That was how I got into the blank mess with my Spess Mahreens, I'd rather not revisit that sort of predicament.

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a bunch as many as I can find of art of them

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Nah, can't think of "Curse" & they are too 'Murica memy for that anyhow.

Post more pls

Glow in the dark puddy? Like the stuff kids can buy. Maybe put a dolop "bulb" on your dudes. Honestly the nonidentity of Nids turns me off of them. Id rather fluff half a dozen Imperium armies or Xenos than Nids

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kek np

>> No.54475094

still cant think of a good color scheme keeping in mind they like to look polished and pretty

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Plain metal maybe?

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If you don't want your vehicles scavenged, then fucking salvage them, faggots. I can't fucking understand why chapters are written as complaining that Sons of Medusa or whoever "stole" their destroyed vehicles. You had hundreds of years to pick them up, it's not like they stole them immediately after the fighting or even during.

If a Land Raider or Dreadnought is that valuable to you, and they should be, you should be recovering those wrecks ASAP.

>> No.54475134

I prefer bright catchy colors (im also a slaanesh player) maybe white or yellow im not sure

>> No.54475153


White and gold my dude.

>> No.54475157

I agree it doesn't make much sense then again neither does my chapter but gotta stretch the boundaries sometimes

>> No.54475163

Spraypaint them chrome & paint pictures/decals over top of it, like a custum car.

>> No.54475172

like this?

>> No.54475178

Fuck yeah like that!

>> No.54475190

Always happy to see FREEDOM

>> No.54475252

its pretty ba I must say might throw in another color maybe hmm

>> No.54475253

Blood Angels & Ultras, could use Red & Blue as your colors.

>> No.54475319

thats a cool idea need to mix them without looking like crimson fists though

>> No.54475586

I've had an idea for a chapter that eschews lightning strikes and instead specializes in trench warfare and leading non marines, They would work closely with the imperial guard, Holding the toughest spots in the trench line while providing tactical and strategic advice, They would have their own household regiments, Potentially even drawing recruits from the children of the men in these, They would favour dreadnaughts as far as astartes vehicles go and heavily favour hydras and basillisks.

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The Reductors: (looking for suggestions for a better name)

Progenitor Legion: Imperial fists (Originally)
Current Genetic Heritage: Unknown/Mongrel
Non Codex Organization

Following the Iron Cage; a small faction within the 7th Legion became disgruntled with Dorn's increasingly suicidal leadership style; believing that Dorn's failure to save the emperor was a sign that the age of the Primach had ended, and that his attack on the iron cage was not only a foolish undertaking, but had also pointlessly wasted far to many of their brothers lives. This small faction decided to break away from their parent legion, believing their father was straying further and further from the Emperor's true path.

Guiliman's second founding provided the perfect opportunity for this increasingly bitter group to break away. After the Second founding the newly formed Reductors cut all ties with their parent chapter and Primarch. Striking out on their own in the name of The Emperor. Adopting the Legion scheme that was used before Rogal Dorn's discovery.

This beginning shaped the chapter's attitude. Disgruntled with the state of the Imperium and the harsh reality of the universe the chapter has a rather pessimistic view of the Imperium, fighting rather for its people than for the Imperium. (Basically they are realists)

The chapter is divided into 10 companies. Each company is made up of 80 marines; 4 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads and 2 Devastator Squads (as well as usually around 20 Squires/Brothers-in-Waiting).

>> No.54476032


Rather than having a dedicated scout company, scouts (squires) are assigned to individual battle brothers in the tactical squads. Squires will accompany and serve a single battle brother from the time of their first implant to the time of their accession. Should their master deem them worthy of accession but there is no place currently available within the current company structure; a Squire will be seconded to a "waiting squad" to serve as scouts. Though being a full battle brother; some brothers take to this new role whole heartedly choosing to never ascend to a role within the battle company.

Reductors also lack any Apothecaries; instead all battle brothers are trained in at least the rudimentary harvesting of gene-seed; with implant operations usually being performed by a group of battle brothers and chapter serfs rather than a single Apothecary as would be the case in other chapters.

The Reductors are notorious for their tendency to scavenge anything that can be used from a battlefield after a battle; including their allies vehicles and even gene-seed. Post battle the remaining Battle Brothers will swarm over the battlefield, rescuing wounded, harvesting gene-seed and granting the Emperor's Mercy to those beyond help. Numerous accounts exist of Reductor Marines harvesting the Proginoid glands of allied space marine chapters before said chapters have a chance too. This has made them somewhat hated by all chapters that have served alongside them.

This stealing of gene seed has caused the chapters genetics to become a mongrel blend of several different gene types.

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I hope that stockpile of Tau tech includes a plethora of suits ripe for corruption, reconfiguration, and daemonic possessions

>> No.54476755


The Luk'a Sept are a small Tau sept hailing from a star system across the Damocles Gulf.
Settling their home system during the 3rd Sphere Expansion the Tau of Luk'a were cut off from the rest of the Empire following the climax of the Damocles Crusade. With supplies cut off and communication with the Tau homeworlds impossible the Luk'a were forced to rely entirely on the resources found in their own star system, severely hampering their crisis suit production, and forcing them to rely on infantry more often.

The Imperium's scorched earth approach to the crusade proved to be the most important factor in the sept's development as the warpstorm that raged in the gulf eventually triggered the long dormant security systems of the Necron dynasty that had laid claim to the star system the Luk'a now inhabit.
After the Necrons had brought their structures to the surface and announced their presence the sept's ruling ethereal and the awoken Phaeron met to discuss the possibility of the Tau leaving the system.
Unable to do so the ethereal and the phaeron struck an agreement, the Tau of Luk'a would be permitted to stay but in exchange would be required to provide troops to assist their benefactors when called upon.

It is rare for the fire warriors of Luk'a to go into battle on their sept's behalf, most engagements involving Luk'a warriors have been initiated through the machinations of the dynasty they serve, though on a few occasions the Tau of Luk'a have fought for themselves against foes when the protection of the Necrons was not close at hand.
In such situations the sept deploys Pathfinders and Fire Warrior teams en masse with most support coming from stealth suits or the XV-95 Ghostkeel, stealthsuits of course being harder to hit, and therefore not in frequent need of repair.
A doctrine still held as the sept works to minimize materiel expenses due to their lesser resources, even with the matter replication provided by their undying masters.

>> No.54476776


The Tau of Sept Luk'a operate closely with the Necrons of the Mikutrekh Dynasty, to many it is a natural part of life to see the shambling phalanxes of skeletal warriors march tirelessly across the planets they call home, or the vivid green lightning storms that wrack their planet as the crypteks bring ancient and arcane machinery back to life. It has become an expectation for the Tau of Luk'a, and they will fight just as fiercely for their Eldritch overlords as they will for the Empire and the Greater Good.

>> No.54476883

Gamza pls leave

>> No.54477667

Could an guard regiment with Marine in their title which focus on actual amphibious or ship to ship attacks work or is that word reserved for Space Marines?

>> No.54478091

I can't decide on a chapter name or symbol

>> No.54478585

I like the idea of Necrons (perhaps Tzeentchian) manipulating other races' hopes and dreams in order to remind themselves of what life once was.

>> No.54478800

Could do Mariner instead of Marine.

>> No.54478835

What is Gamza?

>> No.54479000

I don't need help painting them since the layering and blending effects that I do for the "flesh" portion of them is settled. I'm just trying to get a similar effect on the exoskeleton now like the ones from inside of the front cover of the 3rd Edition 'nids codex had.

>> No.54480128

The Gotrekh Dynasty, a Necron house dedicated to the preservation of promising life. During the War in Heaven, a scion was born to the ruling family with none of the race's signature cancers and defects, the first genetically pure Necrontyr in recorded history. Gotrekh was a minor dynasty, but had much hope that these genes could provide the salvation they had failed to procure from the Old Ones.

After the Biotransferrence, the dynasty lost its purpose, foundering for many years. The young scion was the only member of the royal family to successfully awaken from the Great Sleep, further adding to their aimlessness. Upon a review of Gotrekh's territory -a task taken more to pass the time than anything- the new Phaerakh discovered upon one of the lush agri-worlds her people had once worked that during their people's long sleep one of the livestock species had evolved into a young but scrappy sapient race. She returned to the throne world with a new purpose for her people- though their genetic destiny was forever lost to them, they might be as saviors to the lesser races of the galaxy.

And so it came to be that the Gotrekh dynasty continually roves through their corner of space, seeking out threats to developing life and enacting vengeance on those who have defiled it. They are relentless enemies of Chaos and Tyrannids in particular, but spare no mercy for the encroachment of the Adeptus Mechanicus or Dark Eldar Kabals whose reach exceeds their grasp. The house has little regard for the old enemies of their race and have been seen to tolerate Orks and even aid Eldar. Curiously, the Phaerakh regards the Emperor as a kindred spirit, affording mankind some leeway out of respect to him.

Full fluff:

House Gotrekh hails House Mikutrekh and their precocious blue wards.

I like the general premise but Crons don't into Chaos.

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america is a shit land.
go back with your autistic friends on /pol/

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I return how could I give my chapter master dreadnought a big ass sword?

>> No.54483423


There be big ass swords and hands in the dreadknight kit, but I think they would be the wrong size honestly. This may require some custom sculpting for the blade and a dreadnought sized power fist. Fortunately at that scale the sword shouldn't be too hard to sculpt.

>> No.54483490

there's a FW Custodes Contemptor that has a big sword, probably isn't suitable but might be worth looking at that kit as a base for your chapter master

>> No.54483604

Reposting my dudes because i still need a fitting name
>Slaaneshi Warband
>They repaint their armour white before each (major) battle, because they each want to be a sinister piece of 'art' made from the essence of war: blood, dirt, ash and all the other thingsdrugs

Current name ideas:
Ivory Brotherhood
Aurelian Artisans
Emissaries of Excess
Angels of Anguish

Please help me find a name

>> No.54483606

good ideas probably going to buy a fw dread. actually now that I look some of the fw arms look cool

>> No.54483629

>Aurelian Artisans
>Emissaries of Excess
>Angels of Anguish

Please no alliteration. Makes your super neat dudes seem like fedora tippers.

>> No.54483696

>dreadnaught anon

as a hardcore slaanesh and emperor's children fan I must say that is a pretty cool idea. I like the Aurelian Artisans.
>10/10 would paint art with people's body fluids with.

>> No.54483718

i guess you are right. Seemed like a theme in warband-naming to me.
How is:
The Rapture
Or Rapturous Host?

>> No.54483795

I'd also like something with Phoenix in it, but i can't wrap my head around it

>> No.54483945

Ok I spent a while and I think I got one for ya

The Unmarked


If you don't like it, I've been looking at Pheonician poems for inspiration. Also, something like the biblical "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin"

The marking upon the wall which spelled the bloody fate of a kingdom.

>> No.54483965

The Unopened Door?

>> No.54483995

I like it anon, thank you.
But don't you think it could be confusing, what with Chaos Marks and all? They are Slaaneshi and not Undivided, after all...

>> No.54484001


Mikutrekh acknowledges. Æons of good fortune upon your Dynasty and your Phaerakh.

>> No.54484058

Thanks for the image anon, but i am afraid your name does not do much for me.. i'm sorry.
It's not a bad name, just not what i am looking for

>> No.54484122 [DELETED] 

So.. jews

>> No.54484747

I think i've settled with one.

>The Choir of the Phoenix

It combines Noise Marine elements and the Phoenix imagery of the repainting and the Emperor's Children as a whole.
What do you guys think?

>> No.54484827

welcome to the party brother
>Emperor's Children represent

>> No.54484907

Now all i have to do is kill myself for creating a white colour scheme.
Seriously, why do i hurt myself like that?
Is it Slaanesh's call?

>> No.54485013

possibly white isnt so bad pink can be rough as well undercoat with corax makes it easy

>> No.54485064

What do you think, Ulthuan Grey or Pallid Wych Flesh as a layer over Corax?

>> No.54485165

wych flesh is warmer and ulthuan grey is cold. if you go with wych flesh you will get a sort of tan white I prefer ulthuan

>> No.54485314

But won't it clash with the gold trim?
Guess i have to try it out

>> No.54486723

More like feudal noble warrior-lords. That kinda have their own culture after being relatively on their own for a while. But whatecer floats your goat

>> No.54486740


>> No.54486942

Fuck you
I only go on /tg
Fuck you
America is nice
Fuck you
Cause you want to sling hate on shit that doesnt hurt you in the slightest, me posting about my dudes ina my dudes thread only once or twice doesnt hurt you or your delicate geopolitical opinions Im just trying to have fun, youre the asshole who is bringing up /pol shit
Fuck you
Just because

>> No.54488374

The suits are usually used as they are and have regular dudes wired into them, sometimes they are reconfigured to serve as Juggernauts or whatever cool mechanical shit CSM's have access to.

>> No.54489651

I think
>The Phoenician Choir
flows a bit better. Choir of the Phoenix is a tad chunky to my ears.

>> No.54489741

Still trying to smooth out the edges with my armies fluff but we're getting there. (Exorcist successors who guard a warp rift) Working out the finer details of their origin and homeworld at the moment.

The planet Carmack is a medium population civilized world located in the western fringes of Segmentum Tempestus, most of the planet is ocean and aside from a band of islands running along the equator there's noting really noteworthy about it. It has two moons (Carmack Alpha and Beta) that are full of rare ores/other resources and there's a large mining presence on them.
Whilst excavating on Beta they discovered a giant fiery pit deep under that gave off a massive amount of heat and energy, the cause of which was unknown and eventually an Adeptus Mechanicus research station was built to observe the phenomenon and perhaps to take advantage of this new power source.
It's all smiles and laughter until said fiery pit starts to expand and spew out demons and other warp nonsense that promptly slaughters the researchers and miners. A distress call is sent out and an exorcists strike cruiser that's nearby comes to try and rectify the situation. They manage to travel down into the bowels of the moon slaughter hordes of demons and seal the rift, there's only one survivor.
By this point the inquisition is aware of what's happened and "convince" the Exorcists that a force is needed to guard the place in case the rift (that they've decided to call Perdition) opens again, the lone survivor (who's name is lost to time) is given the dubious honor of leading this new chapter.
The chapter has a fortress monastery on the other moon and are constantly watching for the rift to open again and slaughtering demons when it does.

Anything glaringly wrong with that fluffwise that needs to be altered a bit? (i'm not 100% on 40k lore)

>> No.54490632

The Ordo Reductor is a Mechanicum sub-branch, so be prepared to be confused with the Admech Special Circumstances a lot if you keep that name. Kinda hard to come up with something that doesn't sound edgy as fuck. The Reforged? The Bare Gauntlets or something else like that, since I imagine they'd have discarded the Pain Glove along with Dorn's leadership?

>> No.54491541

First one ive liked and felt suitably 40k good stuff anon

>> No.54493209

would all white marines look good i'm going for clean pretty boy marines so white with gold trim and would it look good on dreadnoughts
>dreadnought anon

>> No.54493346

Yes, as long as its pearly white. Off white or creamy white wont look good.

I do feel like highly polished chrome gear bits would look sexy though

>> No.54493513



>> No.54494455

Yay or nay?

>> No.54495499

The Sandy Claws

>> No.54496009

My dudes is a an Imperial Penal Legion called "The 22nd Tarktis Scum". They hail from the penal colony if Tarktis, a once a lush jungle world, but after a sudden warp storm shifted the planets orbit just a little bit it started to trigger an ice age on the planet. The once lush jungle world became covered in snow and ice, but the Imperium still hade use for the planet. They determined that it would become a Penal Colony, and not long after the decision had been made, giant prison facilities had been erected on the planet, some on what little ground that remained near the equator, and some either at the foot of or on the massive glaciers.
The decision to create Penal legions was because of two reasons, the first being that the planet was soon to be overpopulated with prisoners, and the second being that a massive Ork Waaagh!!! was rampaging through the sector.
So far that Waaagh has been grinded to a halt, and that couldn't had been done without the previous 21 Penal legions raised from Tarktis. But the 22nd Tarktis Penal Legion is the to be used to try and break the stalemate in the Imperiums favor and hopefull provide an opening large enough in order to push back the Orks.
This Penal Legion is lead by Commissar Tiberius Flax, a veteran Commissar who have seen his fair share of battles against the enemies of Mankind. He has made it his life's goal to drive the Orks back and bring back Order to the sector.

>> No.54496031

I hate sand

>> No.54496043

The Golden Sons

Descending from the Blood Angels, The Golden Sons was a chapter once infamous for it's reckless treatment of it's death company, treating those who had succumbed to the black rage as nothing more than shock troops and meat shields. The chapter was destroyed when hive fleet Leviathan arrived at the planet, but a recent second founding of the Golden Sons began when relics of the lost chapter were rediscovered on the world of Jato

>> No.54496175

adeptis mcdonalis

>> No.54496193

And don't forget the chapter master

>> No.54496329


First time trying bate and WOW fishes catch it soi quickly.
Man my opinion about america is... weird.

So if you like your land, go for it!
Also, the painting of your chapter is great !
Maybe just a bit hard to do in real life, but i'm a novice painter so i do'nt now.

>> No.54496968

I approve! Then again, I might be biased
(and I think the one on the left looks best)

>> No.54497385


I was spitballing names with friends over some beers last night. Decided on Storm Hounds due to both the mongrel geneseed, pre heresy lightning motifs and as a more overt reference to the Hound from ASOIAF.

Im happy with that name.

>> No.54497466

They would be Guard, not Muhreens. McDonalds is all over the place and extremely prevalent. So is the Guard. The Guard is like, everywhere.

>> No.54497481

Don't have an army yet, thinking about either starting an Lamenters army, Imperial fists or Imperial guard wich will be themed like savlar chem dogs.

>> No.54497483

Well it's more dignified than Zap Doggos.

>> No.54499516

What fast food chain would be Astartes, then?

>> No.54499984

Burger King Orks need made

>> No.54500024

Burg Orking

>> No.54500460

IG- McDonald's
SoB- Wendys
Admech- Chipotle
Marines- KFC
Slannesh-Taco Bell
Khorne- Pizza Hut
Nurgle- White Castle
Tzeneech- Jack in the Box
Orks- Burger King
Eldar- Panera bread
Necrons- Sonic

This isnt exactly a super thought out list, but heres an idea

>> No.54501554

Dark Eldar - Denny's
and can you explain your reasoning for some of those? Like KFC and Taco Bell

>> No.54501744

Taco Bell-Slaanesh
>Anal Devastation

>> No.54502690

Its a place you eat at even though you know its gonna hurt you. Also stoners & drug users.

>> No.54503416


>> No.54506344

White scars successor chapter, not so focused on bikes but a large amount of jump pack assault troops and flyers.
Don't have a name yet

>> No.54507613

KFC clearly belongs to the Kroot.

>> No.54509196

So what should represent marines?

>> No.54509370

Only good at one thing and even that is questionable, spread around some random ideas and throwing things around and hoping that something sticks before giving up and returning to their default specialization.

>> No.54510392


>> No.54512908

>> No.54513351


>> No.54513411

Ultramarine's Successor, but codex divergent with a focus on shock and awe tactics and dont field devastator squads.

Also have a chapter cult of venerating their ancestors to the point that those that inherit the geneseed of a fallen legend will assume his identity and wargear.

>> No.54514619

Damn, now you got me hungry for pancakes.

>> No.54514685

Is there any chapter that's Byzantine inspired?

>> No.54515634

Cliche as fuck to do DAngels successors in Green and Bone I know, but it was fun whipping it up.

Maybe if I get some primaris I'll do this instead of adding more to my 2000pts of Infantry...

>> No.54516518

Sound pretty cool, I still think you should do something to break up the blue if you don't want to change it. Maybe do the hip plates, and the plates over the forearms in the light blue you used.

>> No.54516683

The models themselves are more broken up by the accessories they are given such as bags.

>> No.54516720

Well the aesthetics are dope, if nothing else. The motto's a bit clunky, though.

>> No.54518664

I like that color scheme.

>> No.54518797

hmmmm, something about this scheme seems like it would really go well with "magma", possibly because of the "heavy" nature of space marine power armor and that magma is typically associated with hard-hitting weapons/heavy equipment

>> No.54518946

>> No.54518979

Hot Shots

>> No.54521036

I see you changed your lore to fit the fact that Space Marines are sterile. Concept is really interesting and creative. Really unique chapter, I like it. Still that color scheme tho ..... not my taste, atleast on paper, maybe looks better on a model.

>> No.54521119

personally, I like the right scheme the best, tho I would keep the yellow eyes. Dune Claws or Dune Striders would be a cool name.

>> No.54521162

I like it, good name too, whats your fluff?

I'm being terribly unoriginal, I painted the sample model from as a Fulminator.

>> No.54521758

Its supposed to be light & dark greys & a sort of cyan/light blue for trim & accents. Their left shoulder is gonna be hard because its supposed to be heraldry & there will be a few different crests.

>> No.54521805

>my suggestion for how they might father children despite sterility got used
Always nice to help somebody out.

>> No.54521941

still doesn't really appeal to me but I am looking forward seeing at least a test model painted. Hope you can deliver someday

>> No.54523695


>> No.54525296

What do you guys think of this idea for a chapter:

The Oath-sworn chapter begun with a crime.

The imperium had chosen a long dead chapter to be revived in the primaris founding, sending the geneseeds and tech-priests to undertake the task on the chapter world of Oranca Prime, once the fortress world of the Serpent’s sons. In the decades after their passing, the planet had been put to other use, with large prison colonies covering the surface. The most violent gangs and criminals was sent to Oranca from all over the sector.

The project to revive the Serpent’s sons begun, with candidates selected from the elites of Oranca. But, a large prison uprising shocks the world, as the gangs broke out and spread through the countryside. With the first generation of battle-brothers still gestating and the marines sent to train them few in numbers, the fortress was overrun by the largest prison gang, who claimed the geneseeds for themselves.

The gang, calling themselves the Oranca Oath-sworn pressed ganged the tech-priests into continuing the process, turning their members into space marines and claiming their arms and armor for themselves.

The Oath-sworn poses as Serpent’s sons to fool imperial authorities, using their astropathic codes to send false reports to imperial command. In truth, they are a brutish gang of thugs, in the vague shape of a chapter, who fight to expand their hold in the underworld across surrounding sectors - often by dominating local organized criminal networks.

The Oath-Sworn often come into conflict with genestealer cults, Alpha legion and other infiltrators, as they fight for the same resources and territories.

>> No.54525886

Well in the beginning I just left it vague, but it seems to upset people for me to just say they didnt get sterilized. Half the reason I go on these "dudes" boards is for critic, so of course I'm gonna listen. Thanks by the way
I know ive shown these guys a lot & im looking forward to showing them off as soon as I can afford to get an army of them (paying for a wedding right now)

>> No.54526239

Where's the most up to date 40k timeline? I want to write one for my chapter but I don't want to fuss with dates maybe being wrong

>> No.54526355

Latest word is that timekeeping the Imperium is impossibly fucked due to the distances involved and the time-bending nature of the Warp. It's so bad that the Ordo Chronos literally destroyed itself trying to put together a consistent calendar.

So basically go hog wild.

>> No.54526634

should't stop you from buying something like the easy build primaris to practice the color scheme and showing it off. Anyway looking forward to it, congratz to the wedding

>> No.54526889


40k wikia, the shitty fandom one, has a pretty good timeline, but it's organized by millenia.
Some pages have pretty good timelines as well, usually different faction pages like Space Marines and such.

Otherwise, the 40k core rulebook gives a pretty generalized and basic timeline.

It also depends on the sector. Different sectors like the Calyxis and Jericho sectors (from the FFG RPGs) have timelines you can follow with significant events. Other events just sort of crop up throughout other faction's timelines in how it effects them, leading to a pretty mismatched kind of piecemeal timeline.

Honestly, trying to find a complete timeline of 40k is about as hard as it would be to try and find a complete timeline in 40k. The fact that in-fluff they have factions deleting history, trying to uncover truth, and writing apocryphal stories is possible lampshading and possible parody of the very nature of 40k's setting's own history.

>> No.54527283

I have next to nothing written about an actual faction, but I've been brainstorming about a Dark Eldar Archon and this thread makes me realize that it's time to write it down.

>Kabal rules by successive clones of the original Archon.
>current clone prince" is Alirekh VIII, 428th successor
>due to a fault in the cloning process, Alirekh has a wasting disease in his blood
>he gets medicine from the Haemonculus commissioned to clone him, but in exchange must provide information about the Kabal
>over the years concocts a plot to depose the old Archon
>in the weeks approaching the hour of his rise, he discovers that the Haemonculus engineered him to have this blood disease on purpose
>decides this cannot stand
>takes his most "loyal" trueborn with him to a crone world in the eye of terror to get a spirit stone
>goes to the Haemonculus' lab, kills him and binds his soul to the stone before putting it in the hilt of a huskblade
>uses the same sword to kill the current Archon
>takes control of the Kabal, but now has to siphon twice as much soul energy to keep the Haemonculus soul from draining while also dealing with it whispering to him
>personal Tantalus is painted bright red and called The Ruby Throne

>> No.54527326

I forgot the mention
>soulstuff in the Huskblade does space elf magic to keep him from wasting away

>> No.54527702

Okay. Anything else?

>> No.54527765

I need to think of attributes for the Kabal itself. I'm thinking it claims lineage from one of the old Eldar noble houses but I'm not sure. I'm also unsure about a color scheme.

Is there a dark eldar template that I could color in paint.net?

>> No.54527781

WEZ BACK! Da Greata Waaagh!

A shit ton of Orks who keep Kroot as slaves. Runtherds and Slavers took the place of Shapers, forcing the Kroot into servitude. They field as a combined Ork + Kroot Merc army. When the go to war, they stomp towards their enemies, indiscriminately laying down waves of dakka as their kroot subordinates jump into the thick of the fighting alongside waves of Sluggas and Runtherds as Burnas, Tankbustas, Lootas and Flash Gitz lay down an ever increasing amount of fire. Known for using salvaged T'au weaponry, they tend to only use the glowiest and blastiest gibbins for the biggest amount of carnage possible!

>> No.54527808


Photo imaging/editing software needed, but thats the closest you're getting.

>> No.54530547

You know anon you might want to consider painting the helmet instead of the faceplate for the tech marine or librarian. It'd pop out more on the tabletop.

>> No.54531881

What's the largest number of fighter/attack aircraft a chapter could reasonably acquire? I'm thinking of a chapter focused very heavily on aircraft.

>> No.54535410


>> No.54536370

Thanks anon.

>> No.54537300

N7 based Marines,

Primaris counter-parts will be Cerberus based.
Here is a captain.

Wrote some fluff out, but it is not complete.

>> No.54537378

Do you have any thoughts on it?

>> No.54538031

That is the ugliest shit I have ever seen

>> No.54538115

still proud of it though. Head could definitely be better but I love everything else about it

>> No.54540313

I've got a question /Your Dudes/,
My regular marines are going to have blue (Dark Reaper) helmets with black or dark grey face plates, do you think the sergeants should retain the black face plates or be red all over?

>> No.54540492

SGTs should have blackface. Or full black helmets with a red stripe

>> No.54541151

Don't have a picture on this device but colour scheme isn't that important.


>Lions Militant

Dangles Succcessor (or claim to be. They have a significant ammount of Dark Angels specific wargear, but were part of the Dark Founding so nobody has records to verify this claim. Obviously Azrael isn't going around saying "it's cool guys they're at every Inner Circle meeting so they're obviously part of us.")

They were founded to guard a region of space after a Necron tombworld (officially) was discovered. Are just over chapter strength since the Tarot predicted heavy losses and they were granted leniency due to being founded FOR a crusade.

Between the Necrons and fending of tendrils of Hive Fleet Leviathan, they are especially adept at fighting xenos, leading to a good relationship with the Deathwatch. Especially decorated members often keep a peice of their wargear from the Deathwatch.

They draw inspiration from the Dark Angels doctrine of advances under covering fire and last-minute assaults to break the enemy line. Their heavily expanded Ravenwing and extreme surplus of heavy weaponry has changed this approach somewhat. Unlike other chapters, they do not have Tactical or Assault squads, instead, they exclusively field Devastators as rank-and-file infantry, with the gaps filled by Ravenwing riders and tank crews.

Their homeworld is a feudal world largely comprised of plains and wastelands. Forests exist around the equator, in verdurous pockets formed by dead volcanoes. They maintain extremely close ties to their tribal traditons, except in the case of blood feuds and rivalries, which are conditioned out via psychic indoctrination.

After a betrayal by a rogue member of the Officio Assassinorum, leading to a feud between the two organizations, the Ravenwing is lead by a council of veteran knights. They refuse to name a new Company Master until the assassin is brought to justice.

>> No.54541546

Reminds me a little bit of the Storm Giants. I wholeheartedly approve!

>> No.54541703

Ultima Founding Salamander successor, emphasis taken off of flamecraft, put towards marksmanship and shock and awe tactics. They see speed and focused fire as a way of minimizing collateral damage and friendly casualties. All the compassion and bro-ness of the Sallies combined with pragmatism of the Raptors. Chapter-wide interest in gunsmithing and architecture. Maintain close relations with their parent chapter and its tradition that every battle-brother make a pilgrimage to Nocturne at least once in their lives. Extreme hatred towards Dark Eldar and Night Lords due to philisophical differences. Deep mistrust of Inquisition. On friendly terms with AdMech.

>> No.54542056

Ultras and their successors have a lot of space Rome tropes. That's all I can think of, though. The only other "cataphract" pun is in the mechanicum.

>> No.54542082

Why would he be N7 based and not in black and red?

>> No.54542803

Honestly I just noticed this when you pointed it out. Those two colors should have been swapped around. I'll correct that later.

>> No.54542826

Thoughts on what?

>> No.54543044

The Kabal.

>> No.54544472

Jesus Christ get better lighting, everything looks blue.
I think it is, just the light makes it look blue.

>> No.54544489

It fits the theme. I'm not a big fan of self made or customized random shit. You're in the faction, you're par for course up until binding the Haemonculus which gets weird but stupid and strange bullshit happens all the time in 40K. It's pretty bland in your overtones and it could use additions to add flavor or color to what is a band of murderrapesweatgoblinbdsmnormalizingslavershankingknifeearedbastards that are led by a succession of clones of a single cloned murderrapesweatgoblinbdsmnormalizingslavershankingknifeearedbastard.

>> No.54545405

I'd like some external opinions on how I should represent My Dudes.

The commander is a Rogue Trader (who has a problematic obsession with archeotech), with all other infantry and vehicles representing their house troops. This force is a mercenary company that will work anywhere and for anyone, so long as they get paid. Which means just about any Imperial force could potentially work, but I imagine this Rogue Trader charges a high premium for their services and expects the best of their employees.

I have a few ideas already, but what say you? What existing crunch do you think would most naturally match this fluff?

>> No.54545488

I don't really think N7 marines make any sense. The program was founded by aliens and the games are all about assembling a crew of filthy xenos to form a multiculti crime fighting team for a progressive tomorrow. N7 Tau are a better fit.

>> No.54545816

N7 is the human special forces organization. I think you're thinking of Specters.

>I'm not a big fan of self made or customized random shit
>In a Your Dudes thread
I think I'm misunderstanding something

>> No.54546638

I specify random shit, like cloned lineage of archons and soulnomming Haemonculi swords.

>> No.54546659

I'm trying to make a reference to Elric.

>> No.54547117

Would this be a little better to differentiate them more?

>> No.54548507

Starting up a force of Crimson Talons, they're one of those official Chapters that has no more fluff than a name and a colour scheme. Settled on them because after a little experimenting I think I can pull off the colour scheme quickly and easily with drybrushing and washes and I can get the Brazen Claws shoulder pads cheap enough on ebay.

I'm building a small techmarine and devastator heavy force with some dreads and tanks and fluffing it that they've taken heavy casualties lately against (enemy yet to be named) and are trying to minimize further losses and maximise kills with an abundance of heavy weapons and vehicle support.

If/when they do get reinforcements, it'll be an excuse for me to slow add Primaris to the force.

Still trying to settle on a Chapter for them to be a successor of; Ultras, Iron Hands and Salamanders are all in the running for fluff and tactical reasons.

>> No.54548532

>drybrushing power armor

Never do this unless you are going to use a glaze of the same color afterwards or you're going to do something like 10 faint layers that you can't even see until the 5th layer. Otherwise you'll be left with a lot of brighter red scratch marks all over the armor.

>> No.54548539

Or if it's metallic power armor and you're drybrushing metallic.

>> No.54548619

>Never do this unless you are going to use a glaze of the same color afterwards
Thats exactly what I'm doing.

>> No.54549085

It works, yes, though I do admit, I kinda like the red pauldrons a bit more. the Storm Giants only had red on one pauldron, red aquila, and no faceplate colour.

>> No.54549358

Lantern Bearers

Salamander Descendents

With a focus on preemptively destroying fledgling chaos cults. They have a large network of informants and agents, ranging from street urchins and criminals to scholars and soldiers.
They favour deploying small kill teams to covertly eradicate all traces of the cults they find.
Chaplains occupy the highest ranks in the chapter, including Chapter Master.

>> No.54549686

That's some pretty nice fluff. Kinda like a monotargeted Alpha Legion. I imagine they work closely with the Inquisition, which also plays into their colour scheme?

>> No.54552029

why is it so damn hard to think of a name for my warband, i got names for characters im happy with but thinking of a good name for the army that isnt generic as fuck with stuff like "knight, brotherhood etc"

>> No.54552091

because in Mass Effect 2, and I believe Mass Effect 3 you are able to customize your color scheme, and I based it on the color scheme I had on my armor in those games.

>> No.54552272

Whats the theme of the warband?

>> No.54552389

What do you guys think of a necron dynasty that want to value a c'tan shard, but instead of hunting for one, they keep a system full of planets populates by other races nearby, and every once in a while they go capture a bunch of being from other planets, and put them into a machine that sucks out and concentrates the delicious life energy that the c'tan crave in order to lure one to them? Does that make sense?

Mainly need a good reason to fight dark eldar all the time. I figure they are stealing the dynasties bait-folks for slaves and sacrifices so they clash with each other a lot

>> No.54552473

Emperor's children warband which follow the ideology of dueling

>> No.54552499

any particular colour scheme or unusual troop choices?

>> No.54552526

Heavily white and purple, "troops"chosen with power swords to show the duelists and ofc some noise marines

>> No.54552610

... I got nothing, but if that changes I'll post some names for you to use or discard as you see fit

>> No.54552656

yeah finding names is a bitch, i got like 6 pages of lore iv being adding to over the months but every time i type where the name would be i just leave it as <warband> lel

>> No.54552943

My new loyal Edglelord Chapter.
Raven Guard successors but act mostly like pre-heresy Night Lords with a little of Alpha Legion Black Ops mixed in. They have a huge boner for skull masks and for causing Terror. They favour the new Reiver units and love Stalker pattern Bolters and often team up with Vindicare and especially Eversor Assassins.
Going to build a small Kill Team with the new badass Chaplain first.
I'm going full ham here.

>> No.54554220

I'm making an Alpha Legion primaris successors, Deltamarines. Their first encounter with Chaos happened to be Alpha Legion, where they suffered heavy losses.

Basically, I want the implication to be that some of the Deltamarines are Alpha Legion infiltrators.

>> No.54554775

They are paint Dark Reaper, closest thing I could get to my color scheme from the Mass Effect games. Including my scheme for my human soldier in ME:A

>> No.54554803

Correct, N7 is the human special forces group. Specters being the multicultural special forces group.

He also fails to remember that not all humans were FOR human xenos alliance, as some still had some animosity after the first contact war.

>> No.54555053

Did you put these guys together for SW:A or similar? Sounds like the kind of fluff that'd lend to it.

Dueling Stars
Phoenix Champions
Eternal Victors
Phoenician Conquerers
Conquering Champions

>> No.54555107

I'm not sure if that works. It'd probably work on a fully-formed Star God, at least back in the days of the War in Heaven, but I don't think the shards are generally that mobile.

That said, they are Necrons. It could be that they were a major production point for feeding the C'tan back in the War in Heaven, and they're still doing it in un-life because it's what they always did and their robo-alzheimers makes them think they should still be doing it.

>> No.54555250

Not really OC, but not a lot of people go with the Dark Hands. So I am currently building up an army of these guys because they go together with my 39th Cadian Xenobane division.

>> No.54555313

My mistake. It's been a while since I played the games since 2 was mediocre and 3 was by all accounts trash, with Andromeda apparently somehow being even worse.

>> No.54555623

I actually loved 2, although I felt that the "human reaper" idea was poorly executed. 3 was probably my favorite game, what people were pissed off about was the ending of the game.

Andromeda is actually really good, I think people don't give it a chance because of all the bugs it seems to have. I think the only thing I hate about Andromeda is the "unlocking your father's memories" bullshit. I can see how it could get repetitive too as almost every planet follows some form of pattern "Arrive, meet local faction, run missions for (or against) local faction, unlock vault, rinse and repeat"

still really like it. At least I like it enough to make some semi-related chapter for it.

>> No.54555826

I know it's general frowned upon, but I need information on pro painting people. My hands are seriously shaky from my antipsychotics and I'm coming into a considerable amount of money before the year is out so I figure I could get some nice looking models.

Those who have commissioned before what have you payed and where have you gone for it?

>> No.54555942

Check out instagram, there are some pretty good guys on there. Some of these guys are all the way in the UK though. I think @HobbyVices might be in the USA, but not sure if he does commissions.

>> No.54556123


>> No.54556942


>> No.54557443

The Takwin Mechanicum are the evolution of a Xanatite Explorator fleet, who were out of the Imperium's territory when the Heresy broke out. After the first planet they came to shot at them for being Reductor ships (who were mostly Loyalist) and the second for them being Xanatite (traitors) they decided fuck it and returned to a cushy system they'd found in their trip. Fast warp lane through a couple fiddly sectors, but an easy trip for Mechanicum precision. They set up on a planet with a whole bunch of greenery, started mining the asteroid belts and steadily assimilated the planet, using their already large number of Magos Biologis to turn the local flora and fauna into war machines. The Archmagos in charge, Xander Treides, is largely a massive cogitator bank spread throughout his fleet, and sends out copies of himself in custom bodies to lead expeditions whenever required. If he "dies", he's obviously still fine, but he loses the data that body was carrying, and his mind gets steadily more corrupted by interference and such every time, so he slowly goes a bit mad. Eventually, late into the Scouring, he realises what's happening to him and locks the useful parts of his mind into the ship, losing his memories in the process. He takes over subordinate's minds and uses their memories and perspectives, which has led to strange command strategy as he commands with the biases of anything between a great Archimandrite and a Skitarii Alpha Primus, each taking prominence as required.

>> No.54557474


His last body, abandoned with the torn memories of the ancient Archmagos, was rendered Damnatio ad Gladium by the last commands of the intact Xander, and led the majority of the fleets Cybernetica and their newer Genetus monstrosities against the Dark Mechanicum in an enraged vengeance crusade for the destroyed knowledge of Mars, finally being killed (some of his fellow Archmagi preferred to say "put down", there was hardly anything separating him from his creatures by the end) storming Cyclotrathe by Knights of House Atrax.

The fleet is still there, dug into a system that would be a fortress by cosmological standards, even before it became a collection of Forge Worlds, gun platforms and energy farms. The Genetors continued their experimentation, slowly developing research paths that were sealed in the Vaults of Moravec for good reason before, combined with some of the Vodian research from their last homeworld, and before too many centuries had passed could be considered the equal of any in the Dark Mechanicum. Strange corrosive bio-weapons, living ships, creatures of the Warp bound screaming to flesh as the Soul Forge did to metal. Occasionally, a rumour would spread of the "Old Mechanicus" beyond the Ghoul Stars, but aside from a few missing ships little was found besides worlds picked clean and poisoned more subtly than the Plaguefather tended to. Inquisitorial attention had been planned, but was dramatically disrupted by the launching of the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

Working on a custom model for the good Archmagos, will probably nab all the bits in a month or so along with the rest of the stuff I want to finish off my 40k Mech army. Then onto actually getting him a 30k Honour Guard.

>> No.54558021

>all these space marines
How dull

>> No.54558468

Ah, Takwin. Glad the name suited. What are your plans for the custom model? Big ol' cogitator bank on wheels?

>> No.54558607

Takwin was an excellent name for the planet, too, which solved a few annoying problems re: writing unit lore for conversions that in-universe were from [Unnamed Planet] creatures.

Model is for one of his proxy bodies, although I suspect that if I ever do make some centrepiece model big enough to warrant it (aside from the whale-stormbird, since there's no room on that) I'll have his old body wired in Mr. House style. Going to magnetize the base on this one, too, because he's on 60mm for 30k and 105/70mm for 40k because Cawl is huge.

Was going to be the Forge World Archmagos with the not-skull head with the body wired into the LoTR metal spider queen model, which would be a bit of a pain but look rather cool . Armour it with Kataphron plates and stick a Kata trackplate over each pair of legs, plus go sawbones on the spider's head to add his Photon Thruster and hand him a chainfist instead of the axe and we're good, even if finding a suitably Mechanicum chainblade is a tad difficult.

Marine and Ork ones look cartoonish, GSC ones look plebian. Some kind of siege drill?

>> No.54558788

Started Primaris, still working on the paint scheme. The light grey is going to be silver. I don't really have many ideas for the helmets variants still, and while I think red eyes look cool with the whole armor they stop me from doing red helmets.

What is a good eye color that goes with both red and silver/white?

>> No.54558821

Post better then.

>> No.54558828

Some alternative for helmets and the weapons.

>> No.54558847

Keep red eyes. Go with black or dark grey for helmet accents

>> No.54559039


>> No.54562330

Sounds like a remarkable undertaking. If and when you get around to it be sure to post the results here, I'd be very curious to see how it pans out.

>> No.54562348

Domina Grell Gaimar

>> No.54562472

"Strike me not, foolish men!"

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