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>Unearthed Arcana: Greyhawk Initiative


>/5eg/ Alternate Trove:

>Resources Pastebin:

>Previous thread:

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What is the most waifu race and why?

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Reposting... So a couple of threads ago an anon talked about their campaign's gem/weapon enhancement system. I liked it, but I felt it could use some work in some places. What do you all think and what would you change?

Enchanted Gem
>An enchanted gem can be inserted into a slotted weapon or armor for various effects depending on the gem. This process takes 1 minute and you must make a successful Jeweler's Tool check (DM Discretion) to add or remove the gem from the slotted weapon or armor. While a gem is not inside of a weapon or armor you can use an action and throw it onto a hard surface breaking the gem for various effects.

Slotted Weapons
>100 GP per slot (Maximum of 3)
>Using a bonus action you can activate all gems embedded into this weapon.
>This can be done with magic weapons

Slotted Armors
>100 GP Per Slot (Maximum of 3)
>This can be done with magic weapons

Magic Gem Prices:
Tier 4: 1,000 GP
Tier 3: 7,000 GP
Tier 2: 15,000 GP
Tier 1: 500,000 GP

Ruby Tier 4
>Weapon: Upon activation, while this gem is inside of this weapon, your weapon's damage type changes to fire until the start of your next turn.
>Armor: While this gem is inside of this armor, when you take fire damage you may use your reaction to gain resistance to fire damage until the start of your next turn.
>Break: If this gem is ever broken, it explodes, each creature within a 20-foot radius centered on the explosion must make a DC: ?? Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 3d10 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.

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you dont have the spell slots to cast mirror image often
stick with armor of aggie for situations you dont wanna die in, it scales with spell level too.

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Dwarf of Half-Orc. Nothing beats tsundere and snu snu.

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Ruby Tier 3
>Weapon: Upon activation, while this gem is inside of this weapon, your weapon deals an extra 1d8 fire damage until the start of your next turn.
>Armor: While this gem is inside of this armor, you gain resistance to fire damage.
>Break: If this gem is ever broken, it explodes, each creature within a 20-foot radius centered on the explosion must make a DC: ?? Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 4d10 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.

Ruby Tier 2
>Weapon: Upon activation, while this gem is inside of this weapon, ???? until the start of your next turn.
>Armor: While this gem is inside of this armor, ????.
>Break: If this gem is ever broken, it explodes, each creature within a 20-foot radius centered on the explosion must make a DC: ?? Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 5d10 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.

Ruby Tier 1
>Weapon: Using a bonus action, while this gem is inside of this weapon, ???? until the start of your next turn.
>Armor: While this gem is inside of this armor,????.
>Break: If this gem is ever broken, it explodes, each creature within a 20-foot radius centered on the explosion must make a DC: ?? Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 6d10 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.

As you can see I'm still not sure what would be a suitable and balanced ability for the final 2 tiers of these gems. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Currently, these gems do not require attunement as well if you think they should let me know.

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Fair enough

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I want to FUCK that Halfling

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Gnome, Elf, Human

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But Warlocks only have one kind of spell slot, AoA and MI take up the same amount of "ammo". Also should've mentioned I'm a multiclass and going to stop at level 5 or so with Warlock.

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>armor of aggie

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Is Rogue 1/Barbarian X the proper way to Barbarogue?

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Wings and attitude.

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nigga i ant spellin out that dumbass cold devil place
fuck is ice doin in hell anyway its supposed to be hot

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explain your full build then

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No. Barb 5/Rogue X

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The whole thing is just too Vidya Gaem for me, honestly.

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Barb 3 (bear totem), rest rogue. Use Strength, reckless attack with short sword for high accuracy sneak attacks, and pick up Shield Master plus expertise in athletics for shove potential.

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Just make the gem a round peg going into a round hole, the tool check is silly and doesn't add anything. I'd say plenty of jeweler's tools checks have been made by the time this 500k GP gem has been completed.

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My Druid forms

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So bigger sneak attacks are worth more than whatever Barb has to offer past 5?

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Barb has very little to offer past level 5 in general.

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I was thinking about that, it was a carry over from the previous anon's post. Should I keep the 1 minute shift/removal? Or make it an action?

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Up until you hit 20 and become the fucking terminator.

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Barb drops off at 5 in terms of damage. Going rogue means you consistently gain it every 2 levels

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Anything coldblooded that always wants to cuddle with you.

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>Barbarian/Rogue meme builds.

Builds is why there is no multiclassing at my table.

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Pretty obviously, Ruby t2 in armor should give Immunity to Fire, while Ruby t1 should have you take no damage from Fire but instead heal an equal amount.

Dunno about Weapons. Maybe t2 lets you make a ranged attack, shooting out a directed gout of fire. t1 just giving you Burning Hands or an equivalent.

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Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that Radiant Beam is a DEX save? I mean it'd make sense normally, but it's repeated each turn.

Am I to assume then that my Mystic is shining a laser pointer in their eye until they manage to wiggle out of it's reach, then I go "oh well, might as well turn it off".

Seems like it should be a CON save.

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Do item enhancements always feel that way? Or is it just that it's gems are a common trope in video games?

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It's not a meme build, it's a "I want to play the Predator" build. Granted, it's a poor franchise.

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As much as I don't like how often it's brought up in 5eg, what's wrong with barbrogue?

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>Wanted to make a barbarian because I enjoy Conan
>He sneaks around a lot as well so wanted to multiclass rogue
>DM calls me a powergamer

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No go with what you said, that's way better.

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"Slottable" magic items are always going to feel like this.
I have a system in my game using various rare metals and materials to make "magic" weapons and armor that uses increasingly high DC crafting checks to achieve certain bonuses.

But they are static items, not interchangeable at all.

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You could do that with either a stealthy Barbarian or a combat focused Rogue.

You are building a meme because it's "optimal" under multiclassing. Which is a shitty optional rule I have no part of.

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>being a little gurl

Shame on you

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Stealth is a skill, not a class.

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Quick question, for gunsmith artificer, does one need to reload after special shots too or only for the "standard" ones?

Also, would it be reasonable to use a bag of holding to store your mechanical servant if you can make your DM agree that it folds up into a ball?

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>Ruby T2
Immunity to fire as a reaction? Or always? This tier is about the rarity of a very rare item.
>Ruby T1
I was thinking about something like this, but I fear it might be too much? Do any creatures heal from taking a certain type of damage?

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Stealthy, from a really shitty UA
You know how best to hide. You gain the following benefits:
> Increase your Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
> You gain proficiency in the Stealth skill. If you are already proficient in the skill, you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with it.
> If you are hidden, you can move up to 10 feet in the open without revealing yourself if you end the move in a position where you’re not clearly visible.

And ya done. Plus, you just fucked over any rogues in your party by creating a rule in regards to moving while hiding that otherwise doesn't exist in the game.

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>Wah, I can't push my flimsy excuse for power-gaming past my GM! Conan totally WAS a ninja, guy!

Glad your GM isn't a chump.

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>thinks constant advantage against PC and lower non-burst damage is an upgrade rather than sidegrade

What did he mean by this

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>I am no fun allowed DM

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Sweet mother of mercy

>> No.54350451

Try building a character for once, and not an Arena Bot.
Fuck, people might start enjoying having you at the table.

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>delaying progression in your main class in order to become a bit more versatile is power gaming

I'm glad you're not my DM.

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There's really nothing wrong with it. It's the best non-magical grappler in the game, and sneak attack synergizes with reckless attack pretty well. It's not bad, but it's certainly not op either.

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My barbarogue is named Stormwind

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t. That Guy who never gets in games past single digit levels anyway, "fuck high level abilities, I wanna be optimal at 8th!"

You aren't fooling anyone, and the feeling is mutual.

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>Quick question, for gunsmith artificer, does one need to reload after special shots too or only for the "standard" ones?

>Also, would it be reasonable to use a bag of holding to store your mechanical servant if you can make your DM agree that it folds up into a ball?
As long as that ball isn't bigger than 2 feet across in any dimension, I don't see what would stop you from putting it in there.

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I agree that there are worse "builds", but Grappler characters are meme builds.

>> No.54350519

How often do you let your Wild Magic Sorcerers roll for Wild Magic? After every spell? Why is the rule formulated like a possibility?

>> No.54350521

Witnessed a guy grapple a werewolf and save the party. Was pretty worth it.

>> No.54350524

Assuming you are actually following all of the rules correctly, there is not one situation in which multiclassing offers you a direct upgrade, rather than simply an alternative choice with its own strengths and weaknesses. Prove me wrong.

>> No.54350536

A. It's annoying and distracting except for when the DM feels like it
B. It can be time consuming to deal with if the DM doesn't feel like dealing with it.

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Tiefling, see pic.

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I mean, I'm in two games right now.
One with a rogue/sorcerer level 11.
The other an abj wizard level 14.
I also DM for a group where everyone just hit level 13.

But hey man, whatever helps you sleep.

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As has already been mentioned, some classes have "dead spots" in their progression where they don't see meaningful power upgrades for several levels. Martials particularly.

>ITT we pretend multi-classing isn't about strong builds

>> No.54350559

>ignores criticism because he's wrong
>will commit Stormwind fallacy even if right

What did he mean by this, /tg/?

>> No.54350565

Conan was statted as a fighter/thief

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The only real exception to this is when we're looking at frontloaded classes (such as warlock) or we're dealing with classes that have really shitty capstones/mid-high level abilities.

In general, though. You're completely right, and multiclassing is fine. If you want to multiclass in order to do one thing really well, go for it, you'll probably be disappointed when you don't get to do that one thing all the time. Now, if you multiclass to gain versatility as intended, you will get a nice side-grade and likely be happy with your choice.

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Cool examples you gave friend, I'm convinced.

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In what edition?
Fafhrd was a Fighter/Thief/Bard at one point, but that's also silly.

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It's fun and made sense for the character.
I know you don't like fun, though. You'd rather be paranoid and unable to trust your players.

>> No.54350604

>I'm obligated to convince anonymous of an OPINION.
No, I'm really not.

>> No.54350607

Thats a different guy, guy.

>> No.54350623

You are making a specious claim and not even making an attempt to back it up with any examples or evidence. If you make a claim, you are obligated to support it or fuck off.

>> No.54350627

So guys.

My roommate wants to make a Fiend-Patron Warlock, but you know, wants it to be an accident. Go figure. I tossed him the idea that an Erinyes could have told him that she was an Angel and manipulated him into service.

He seemed to like the idea, but I was curious as to how you guys feel about it.

>> No.54350636

I am not the same anon you were having the autistic argument with.

>> No.54350648

>You allow Multiclassing;
>You are having wrong fun
>You don't allow optional Multiclassing;
>You are having fun wrong

>> No.54350657

Hey, back at ya. That's the thing about anonymity.

>> No.54350659

If he likes it what more do you need to know? Are you worried he doesn't like it *enough*?

>> No.54350665

Thanks, senpai.
I always thought it was kind of weird that you had to choose a large beast. Seems to turn it into much more of a liability and hard to take it certain places.
If I can have him turn into a little samus-ball when he's not active and stow him away, I feel like it would be easier for everyone, DM included. And the big drawback being that if we get surprised while he's in the bag, I'd have to fish him out.

>> No.54350669

What's the specious claim? That Martials have dead zones where they aren't progressing in strength?
Because I'm not the guy who made the "Barbarians don't get much stronger after 5th for a long while" statement.

>> No.54350674

>Being so paranoid about powergaming you feel the need to ban fucking Barbrogue of all things
lmaoing at your life

>> No.54350677

Well, they used to be angels, so it's not entirely made-up...

>> No.54350679

No, no, haha. I just wanted to be sure it didn't come across edgy and/or stupid when he uses it. I'd feel bad for giving him the idea.

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>> No.54350691

oh fuck dude, how silly I must look

you can disallow optional multiclassing, but I just find DMs that do often have this distrust in their players that's completely unfounded.

>> No.54350693

>admitting it

>> No.54350701

Grappling is itself niche. Few creatures have effective defenses against it, but on the other hand, there are few situations where grappling is the best call.

Barbarogue merely has it as a solid option on top of being a good build.

>> No.54350705

Who the hell is arguing with who anymore?

>> No.54350708

I disallow a number of optional rules.
And I use a few others, plus a house rule or two.
I've never had complaints or objections.

>> No.54350713

>As has already been mentioned, some classes have "dead spots" in their progression where they don't see meaningful power upgrades for several levels. Martials particularly.
>>ITT we pretend multi-classing isn't about strong builds
You have made two claims of alleged fact. One, that multiclassing offers a direct upgrade over singleclassing in vaguely-defined builds involving martials that you won't elaborate one. Two, that people do not multiclass for any other reason besides being "optimal".

While the second one is just you being a cock, the first one you could at least make an attempt to back up with a relevant example.

>> No.54350718

>if your character doesn't fit exactly into this class archetype REEEEEEEEEEEEE get out of my table

>> No.54350728

Really videogamey, I don't like it.

>> No.54350731

Things no one has said.

>> No.54350735

Well, so long as everyone is happy. Keep having fun.

>> No.54350742

Alright since multiclass characters trigger everyone's autism, does anyone know of a way to make pure-class melee rogues actually useful?

Short of homebrewing some rules for flanking I can't think of anything.

>> No.54350744

Is it this >>54350364 anon? What would make it less gamey feeling?

>> No.54350752

Define "useful".
If you mean "effective when not hidden and without allies" then Swashbuckler for one.

>> No.54350754

I know, right? Honestly, this can be solved if all boards dispensed IDs.

>> No.54350757

no its not the same person.

>> No.54350764

I find thief is the most underrated. Especially nice if your DM gives out magic items.
Being able to use mundane items as a bonus action is pretty sweet.

>> No.54350766

AT with Booming Blade and Mobile
Swashbuckler with Magic Initiate for Booming Blade
High Elf Swashbuckler with Booming Blade

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File: 75 KB, 856x809, 1499853750356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel bad not posting the original anon's idea.

>> No.54350776

booming blade and disengaging is a pretty fun meme, anon

>> No.54350784

Play an assassin and become friends with a ranger or that one genasi that has pass without trace?

>> No.54350785

/tv/ plz go

>> No.54350788

There's no way to make it feel less "Videogamey" because it closely represents a Very Common enhancement system in video games.

That isn't an argument against it necessarily, but it's always going to feel like a V.G. because it establishes a hard code system for enhancing weapons with magic. Sorta takes the mystery out of it.

>> No.54350791

Pardon me anon, I redirected to that post to ask is that why you think it feels really gamey?

>> No.54350811

So, is Battle Master the best Fighter Archetype? Making a Hobgoblin and it looks super tempting.

>> No.54350824

I see, thank you for explaining in greater detail.

>> No.54350825

It's a good Archetype.
So is Eldritch Knight.
Champion is a bit less so; I give them a further +1 to crit chance at 3rd in my game.
Purple Dragon Knight is a terrible option for playing a heavy armor Bard and being lame.

>> No.54350827

As opposed to, what, enhancing magic weapons the old fashioned way? The only difference I can view from Anon's idea is it's a modular system, but otherwise seems fine. There's even historical precedent for it: 3.5 Eberron did something similar with dragonshards.

>> No.54350829

How dare you want to be strong and good at using the only str skill

>> No.54350840

PDK becomes serviceable once you hit tier 3. Two allied attacks per usage? Heck yes

>> No.54350846

It's something I might use in a Very High magic campaign, where magic items are purchasable luxuries.
Myself, I prefer a lower fantasy "you have found the ancient Sword of Lysander, if you take it to the Stone of Argyre you may awaken it's powers once more, blah blah blah" route of keeping magic items rare and mysterious.

>> No.54350849

So basically use booming blade instead of sneak attack?

Shit, I guess autist DMs are less likely to outlaw that, at least.

>> No.54350856

>You have to be double-proficient to be "good" at a skill, especially one based on a Stat only you are likely to be maxing.

>> No.54350864

Why instead of? You know you can do both, right?

>> No.54350868

Swashbucklers don't rely on allies for sneak attack damage.

>> No.54350879

>Ignorant of the rules AND passive agressive.
What a joy you must be to have around the game table.

>> No.54350892

Ah! Good, then I'm doing this right. I am running a pretty high magic campaign, (I came off of Pathfinder a couple of months back) in my game there are magic shops and evolving magic weapons that change through RP and SideQuests. The only thing I was missing was something for enchantments and this fit the bill nicely.

>> No.54350914

Yes, to be clear, I have no real issues with it as a system; I just don't care for it myself on the basis of game flavor. I see no reason why you shouldn't use it.

>> No.54350926

God bless the modmakers for allowing me to marry her.

>> No.54350938

Has anyone here played a Monster Hunter Fighter? How's it like?

>> No.54350946

>>Alright since multiclass characters trigger everyone's autism

I don't deny it. I can barely suspend my disbelief at the idea of class and levels. When start mixing and matching them that's a bridge too far in my book.

Characters pick up abilities of other player classes I don't actually mind. Hell if you have been working together as an adventuring party you logically should be

>> No.54350958

A player in my party is playing it, with a feat for more manuevers. He claims it's much better than battlemaster, with much more option, and my DM says he "does the best he possibly can with the fighter class". I'm not sure how much I believe either of them.

>> No.54350961

Passive-aggressive? To who? That guy who was up in arms over class mixing? No need to be so defensive, you ninny. Also, work on your spelling.

>> No.54350973

Myself I find that the Skill Feats make it more or less unnecessary.
I had already been using a Expertise Feat (minus the little side ability) in my game from the start. Barbarians who must be the Master of Sneaking or Climbing can just take the feat, and keep their high level progression intact.

This campaign will certainly progress to 20th level, the crew has a very predictable and reliable schedule. We've only missed a handful of games in the last year and a half.

>> No.54350977

dnd5e "Hey, let's make magic items/weapons pretty rare and unique and not just something you can buy at the local Ye Olde Weaponse Shoppe"

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>Had a character I enjoyed a lot
>In friend game of other PC I made bond with
>Down far the session lines party hits bad point
>BBEG ambushes us in a abandoned crumbling fort
>Basically bad rolls and Fighter buddy dies
>Everyone retreats but I stay behind to not leave him alone
>Out of game other party members calls me an idiot for doing so
>End up fucking up BBEG somewhat and chunk of minions due to some 20's
>Die at the end out of a bond of loyalty
>BBEG actually gives me a proper burial due to the futile last stand

I regret nothing even if the others thought it was a waste to do so. After the session the player who had the fighter said thanks for going down to the very end even if his character was dead.

One of the memorable moments I ever had. Honestly think it made us better friends oddly. Moments like those is what I love about DnD.

>> No.54350995

Why wouldnt i want to be the strongest and most athletic?
You're gonna make it bro

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File: 4.77 MB, 2204x2758, Pawns Klesh 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Printan off some pawns for my campaign, party is headan into the Rainforest.

>> No.54351025
File: 2.77 MB, 2204x2758, Pawns Klesh2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Part 2

>> No.54351041

Booming blade is more versatile, seems like you'd get more use out of it than SA.

Though I've never played a booming blade rogue so maybe I'm just talking out my ass.

>> No.54351043
File: 4.98 MB, 2204x2758, Pawns Klesh3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54351044

I'm trying to make the prices a little better (More expensive), require a slotted item, and make it so not every magic shop/peddler sells these. They will commonly be rewards in my game.

>> No.54351046

>dying pointlessly because you didn't want to abandon a corpse

Nah, staying behind to attempt a casevac would make sense, getting yourself killed out of solidarity with a cadaver is dumb not heroic.

>> No.54351050

Sounds like D&D might not be the right system for you bud.

>> No.54351051

Swashbucklers rarely lack the ability to sneak attack, they can use it under the usual circumstances and also when matched against an opponent lacking allies close to him.

>> No.54351061

Multiclassing has never been integral to Dungeons and Dragons unless you wanted to be a REALLY old school bard.

>> No.54351072

So, I want to make a tragic knight type who was partially raised by Fey, giving him a warped view on love and loyalty. Think Lancelot du Lac. I'm thinking starting him off as a warlock, and then multiclass into fighter. Might pick up an armor feat later so he can fit the knight image. Thoughts on this?

>> No.54351074

But why are you worrying about getting more use out of one or the other? You can use them at the exact same time, on the exact same attack. You can make enemies tear their hair out doing this as a swashbuckler.

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File: 1.77 MB, 2204x2724, Pawns Klesh Swamp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have to supplement all these with my complete collection of Pathfinder Pawns.
Lots o pawns.

>> No.54351076

>hawt tribeswomen

I like the sound of this campaign.

>> No.54351092

Yeah but he said he doesn't like class and levels either.

>> No.54351095

Not in my eyes. No regrets.

>> No.54351116

In FR, would demons invading the material plane build a castle?

>> No.54351119

>my druid left the party for parts unknown because he was driven insane


This game is full of surprises sometimes, good thing I have another character I wanted to give a whirl

Have you guys ever had to retire characters for non-death reasons? Besides a campaign ending of course

>> No.54351123

Id reccomend either starting in fighter or paladin. Oath of ancients has good synergy and fluff with warlock. If you dont want to be a pallock you could just go oath of ancients and be a feyknight.

>> No.54351130

Yes. Hellgate Keep is one of them.

>> No.54351148

hmm, that makes it a bit better. I was under the impression it was straight up Diablo III style.

I guess it works as a way for PCs to craft their own magic items but I'm kind of a graognard when it comes to magic items having grown up on AD&D

>> No.54351219
File: 993 KB, 740x850, Klesh Monolith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally, gotta grid this guy out as a Gargantuan pawn. I usually make those to lay flat with 1 inch squares for threat.

>> No.54351221

Did you mean this post >>54351044?

>> No.54351243
File: 243 KB, 1000x1294, 1500214438148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic sorta related

>> No.54351246

I kind of like the warlock invocations though. For flavor, but also I like the simpler system to it. I don't need to memorize as much stuff.

>> No.54351250

>someone posts about the last fight in oota
>battle royale with the demons, players control them
>tfw my dm didnt do this
Just kill me

>> No.54351263

I'm retiring my current Rogue along with a fellow PC retiring a fighter because they have no real reason to continue following these bumbling idiots we call a party into the line of fire. Instead of wandering into the sunset they're becoming NPCs at our home base, acting as our Ocelot to our retiring fighter's Miller since we're forming into a bit of a mercenary group.

The biggest reason they're being retired though is that they're your typical "has their own agenda" PC (a foreign spy) and it's simply not practical to play them now that our group went from 4 players to 6.

>> No.54351341

rather than play post-tag since I'm apparently bad at it I guess I'll describe what makes me personally "okay with it".

If you're using that system to create static magic items, as in you make it one time and it can't be altered later, sure..

Personally though, I like my magic items beyond the typical +1 or +2 sword to have a little more nuance than just stacking bonuses and resistances, so systems like this just kind of rub me the wrong way off the bat. That's not to say you couldn't build that into the system...

I'm also usually against players having any input on the magic items they acquire anyway so it's largely just a difference in playstyle.

>> No.54351398
File: 926 KB, 720x716, Pawn Klesh Monolith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54351406

All that does is determine who is the final boss. Not exactly a total loss.

>> No.54351424

I see, out of curiosity what do some of your unique magic items do? Any personal favorites?

>> No.54351492

It seems to me getting a 1-level dip in Revised Ranger and the same (possibly a 2-level dip if you really like it) Rogue is a pretty fucking rad idea for just about any primarily martial build.

Anyone else do this with their characters?

>> No.54351650


>> No.54351730

revised ranger lvl 1 favored enemy humanoid dip is well known and cancerous
fuck off if you do it

>> No.54351742

Hey wait, I thought we established it was the fun way to play the game.

>> No.54351763

Go back in your cage, you autistic cuck

>> No.54351775

It was clearly explained to me that people only multiclass for Fun and Great Fluff, and that disallowing it was Bad DMing.

>> No.54351786

instead of 5eg shitposting about blanket banning the entirety of ua/multiclassing or not, they should be looking at each player's ua/multiclass on a case by case basis to make sure its not blatantly overpowered

>> No.54351833

>favored enemy humanoid
That's boring, though.

Natural explorer is great, favored enemy lets you pick some rad monster type and be a specialist in telling it to fuck off, specializing in a couple of your preferred skills and getting an additional skill proficiency from multiclassing into either (two, if you start as something like Fighter but make sure you have the 13 Dex and 13 Wis to multiclass into both).

I have a Monster Hunter Fighter who has Rog1/Rgr1 as part of his schtick, professional undead slayer but he branched out to taking on just about anything magical, unnatural or otherwise dangerous since he joined the party. My group seems to like having him around.

>> No.54351838

but... revised ranger is unearthed arcana and it says right there it's to be used with caution...

man... let the poor ranger have his +2 damage, it's alright.

>> No.54351856

And I'm telling you your self-professed autism is getting in the way of your realizing this is Unearthed Arcana, worm

>> No.54351874

Natural Explorer is way too strong an ability, especially when combined with favored enemy, to allow as a 1 level dip. I don't mind 1st level rangers having it, but I'd swap it with Primeval Awareness if the character is dipping into Ranger.

>> No.54351901

Oh yeah. Starting out with Observant as your human feat and using your rogue Specialist ability to pump Investigate and Perception is fun, too. Playing someone who's about as talented of a detective and tracker as you can get is pretty fun.

>> No.54351935

How is it too strong, especially if the player is doing it specifically because they want their character to be a tracker?

>> No.54351943

Employing your game rules on a case-to-case basis based on subjectivity is super-cancer.

>> No.54351983

>I have to be +10 in a skill before I have any talent at it.
Your DM misuses DC I see.

>> No.54352068

Oh what, you mean like the CR system as described in the DMG? Fuck off, cuck.

>> No.54352079

It's not "before I have any talent in it", friend. It's about having a hilariously high modifier to reflect the way your character acts.

I mean shit, if I'm playing someone who stops to study the scene of an abandoned room and check what's been knocked over, the state things left behind are in, how the old tracks in the dust look, et cetera, wouldn't it be sensible for choose options for that character that give them benefits in doing that? He's a trained sleuth, he's practiced in studying the small details of a scenario and picking up subtle cues others miss. Taking an option that puts him, at level 3, with a +6/7 and passives in the area of 21/22 just means his mechanics reflect his Batman-like detective abilities (the fun batman, not the one who forgot how to do the research and just does gadgets and kung fu or whatever).

>> No.54352096

>players may as well be "I move forward and attack with weapon / stand motionless and cast my damaging cantrip" broken records in combat
>they're frustrated fights are so difficult
Any way I can convince them to take on a combat as war play style?

>> No.54352160

Mention the environment at the start of their turn, remind them of how smart the opponents are and how their tactics are blowing the group out of the water.

>> No.54352201

Have the enemies demonstrate intelligent tactics and don't be afraid to kill the PCs off.

>> No.54352220

This. Bonus points if you use enemies who are mathematically weaker than them.

>> No.54352623

How important are dex/ wis saves as a paladin? Can I go 16/9/16/9/9/16 and just tank whatever, or am I gimping myself?

>> No.54352715


>Reckless attacks every turn for damage that is comparable to a PAM fighter.
>Gets attacked every turn because of their lower AC and advantage.

Why would people be worried about Barabarogue? They are just a fun build that rolls a bunch of dice, and needs healing all the time.

It is basically the fuzzy wuzzy fallacy. Sure, your damage is a bit higher, but now everyone is gunning for you. You are still only one turn in the round, so your actual effectiveness is not as high as your damage increase would suggest. Also, actual great weapon Barbs or full Rogues can out damage you.

>> No.54352717

Go 4 so you actual spending something instead of lvl 1 dips into ua classes.
4 gets you an asi and a scaling pet, multiattack or one of the other ua abilities.

>> No.54352757

Dex and Wis are the most common spell saves.

>> No.54352816


DEX is extremely common, and while WIS is slightly less so, the effects keyed to it are generally pretty nasty. Don't really want a penalty to either if you can avoid it.

>> No.54352872

>building a game based around the capabilities you want the players to have in mind is bad

yeah i mean what's even the point of discussing with your players what you'd like to see in the campaign and what you're okay with it's not like i should've expected any less from 5eg

>> No.54352888
File: 272 KB, 918x934, apprentice_gravekeeper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gods damn is making backgrounds exhausting. Proper ones, I mean.

Well, 2 down out of the 19 Backgrounds relative to the campaign world I wanted to put in.

>> No.54352892

Id reccomend any of
Pal 2 / warlock x
Fighter 2 / war x
Pal 6 / war x
Fighter 6 / war x
Fighter 8 / war x is good if you go ek and want to cantrip + attack
Or if youre feeling cheesy
F 2 / p 6 / war x

If you want warlock flavor from the start id go vhuman and grab magic initiate for eb another cantrip and either hex or AoA

>> No.54352901

I know, which is why I'm asking for advice. Maybe someone has some better insight.
Imo DEX saves usually have to do with damage taken, or being knocked prone. That I'm not so worried about due to high hit dice + access to healing and eventually aura of warding.
WIS I'm more unsure about. Most sources of WIS saving throws are against fear, but if that I fail that I can hang back and use supportive spell casting. Charm effects are a bit more tricky. Teammates can just slap me to wake me from sleep, but that only hurts our action economy a bit.

>> No.54352970

Seems OP

>> No.54352982


It's Tieflings. It's always Tieflings.

>> No.54353010

Would help to know what's OP and why.

Spectral Network is just Criminal Contact but a little expanded in utility and Voshim's Blessing is all just harmless fluff - or so I'd think.

>> No.54353043

I think he's memeing or something. At best, some of the boons roughly approximate the power of an utility/flavor cantrip (light for example), but that's not too much. I'd tone down Spectral Network, though. Specify some limitations, such as a long-ish casting time. 1 hour seems fair.

>> No.54353078

Youll probably okay with low for either.
Unless you expect a lot of fear/charm effects and to stay at low levels.
I wouldnt put a negative modifier in wis but i wouldnt put points in it over str cha and con

>> No.54353103
File: 16 KB, 439x99, collect_call.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alrighty. That does seem fair, yeah.

I also added a small charge of coin that can be retrieved from the Dead afterwards - making it feel a bit more like a very simple spell.

>> No.54353139

i do agree with adding a cost but i like the flavor of copper way more then silver for dead people
but thats just me though

>> No.54353170

Also how did you expect this to work is it supposed to be like the dead whipser it to one another untill a grave keeper passes by a body and it delievers the message
Or does a hand like pop out of the ground and knock on the door and deliver a written message

>> No.54353272

What's a good gift for a low level martial artist?

I'm really struggling to think of something that'd be useful for social encounters etc.

>> No.54353275

Considered it, but it sort of steps on the whole 'bury the Dead with a Token of respect'; if they had a valued possession they're buried with it. If not, then they're buried with a copper piece that was dipped in Holy Water to literally pay respect for their previous life. (important for it to be CP because, well, a lot of Gravekeepers are pretty dead broke)

You basically use the Dead as a channel to speak to a Spirit-Caller in the Goddess' demi-plane. The Caller then locates the nearest dead body to the Gravekeeper you want to send a message to who's been properly buried and charges the soul that belonged to that body to deliver the message. The soul is then temporarily released from their bonds in the world of the dead and sent up to the world to deliver the message as a gaseous mote of light (a Will-'o-the-Wisp). Once the message is delivered the soul is pulled back to the world of the dead. In exchange one of their sins is absolved and they earn the right to petition Voshim to be reincarnated.

It's all part of Voshim's whole 'the dead are to respectfully service the living as the living would respectfully service the dead' thing.

>> No.54353301

What's cool about Mystara? I wanna get away from the forgotten realms, but I don't know much about the other places. Looking for a setting to build on.

>> No.54353427

My DM does. I had 23 AC at like level 5 and just facetanked every enemy I could. They still hit almost every single attack because he gave all of them like +15 to hit.

We have not had a DC below 12 in our game yet and now, even simple shit, it's surprising to see a DC below 17.

>> No.54353432

Something with out of combat utility?

>> No.54353461
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW I have a friend who always comes to the table with these net-built high AC characters, and then proceeds to get crit 2-3 times every single combat, even with dice visible.

>> No.54353476

>Friend rolls a sorcerer
>First encounter gets crit twice in a row by twig blights

>> No.54353526
File: 190 KB, 300x420, 1443063566845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

feels good man

>> No.54353562

I need a good name for a debonair Tiefling Bard, a traditional "handsome devil" type, very distinguished and stately but actually quite reserved and hardly the adventuring type. He's a butler out on the road purely on a vicarious quest from his frail, eccentric master. Makes up for his lack of bravado with sheer loyalty.

Best I have right now are Bertram von Rouge or Barclay von Rouge.

>> No.54353567

The funniest thing was that I would've fudged one of them as just a regular hit, because dying first encounter isn't a great thing, but since the rogue got all pissy when I said he got hit and demanded I roll in the open after that I did for the encounter.

>> No.54353579

>Net-built high AC

So huh... EK with plate using Shield as a reaction...?
War Cleric with plate and shield using Shield of Faith?

Is that what passes for 'net-builds' these days?

>> No.54353580


Read dante's inferno my dude the deepest part of Hell is solid ice

Satan is literally chillin

>> No.54353582

Hoisted by his own petard.

>> No.54353642

I didn't even build the high ac shit. Just plate with a shield. Our DM hands out stat boosts like candy though. I had +1 armor and a +1 shield with a +1 ac ring at level 5. I actually had to tell him to tone down my ac boosts because it was getting ridiculous.

Our Bard player, on the other hand, is a powergamer out the ass and takes all the obscene upgrades the DM will hand out. I think his AC is 26.

I thought when I talked to him about toning down the DCs, ACs, Skill boosts, and to hits that he'd do it, but it's just gotten worse.

>> No.54353673

Lucius? Merrick? Atticus? Silas?

You seem set on the last name, so why not just go through one of the hundreds of name lists out there and pick one you like?

>> No.54353689

>von Rouge

wew lad

>> No.54353695

5e tools doesn't have the 18th level Monster Hunter (Fighter) Feature.
Anyone know what UA the Monster hunter subclass was in?

>> No.54353700

Do you roll in the open or behind a wall? I roll in front of everybody and last session I've killed for the fourth time one of my players; he is the only one to ever die and I feel bad about it. He has become a laughing stock to the other players

>> No.54353722


I hate retards too dumb to fucking Google.


>> No.54353723

>26 AC
Why even at this point?

>> No.54353727

Generally behind a wall

>> No.54353732

Open rolls are best rolls.

Our dm hides his and is too scared to kill anyone. There is literally no element of risk in any of our games and that takes so much fun out of it for me.

>> No.54353755

The main point of my post was to say that 5etools doesn't have the feature.
I just figured I would ask that question as well, since I'm already posting.

>> No.54353771

Wait, what the fuck? It doesn't have an 18th level feat?

>> No.54353772
File: 127 KB, 328x476, failure-is-an-option.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behind the wall at all times, except when rolling big adversary potential failures and the like - things everyone can get into like "Does the Villain fall into the pit when shoved to a grisly doom?"

I am a DM who puts the RNG underneath the fun of the game and am willing to lie, cheat, murder, mutate, and/or steal if it serves the party's fun and the plot's progression.

In sum, I wholeheartedly agree with near every word written on this page in FantasyCraft's 'World' section. The dicerolls I take at face value unless I see an opportunity to bend them to serve the game better - in that way I take them more as suggestions than fiats.

>> No.54353787

Oh, it's included in the 10 level feat.

>> No.54353800

I've used GM screens a lot for 40k RPGs, but more for the reference tables - I still roll in the open. If the players need a deus ex machina, the sound of rolling dice won't make it much better IMO.

In a 6-month Black Crusade game, I killed one player 7 times, by removing different limbs. I wound up making a villain NPC, stitched together from his characters' discarded limbs, life breathed in by Papa Nurgle.

>> No.54353815

Your guess is as good as mine. He feels obligated to give out loot for everything and just goes overboard sometimes.

I stop him when he gives out too much, but the other players just take everything they can get. Our powergamer Bard is the worst though. He doesn't roleplay or participate in anything. Just jerks off to the numbers on his sheet.

This same guy hid behind a house with the rest of the party while my PC soloed a boss with 500 hp. At level 5.

If every part of that statement doesn't indicate the shittiness of my group, idk what will.

>> No.54353830

>Unearthed Arcana: Greyhawk Initiative

Wow, fuck that. This is waaaay too much work to add just a bit of drama. Like you may as well just re-roll initiative each round if you want to randomize it more.

>> No.54353851

>Level 5
>500 HP

Gods above, I'm amazed the party wasn't reduced to a tomato-paste-like smear by Round 7, let alone Round 27.

Y'all have either got some amazing weapons and attributes (like 20+) for Level 5 or that dude was a wuss who just had a super-inflated HP value.

>> No.54353870

I'd drop the game.

>> No.54353888
File: 131 KB, 345x295, 1471586789145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought having someone ripping characters off and barely roleplaying was bad. How the fuck did it even get to this point?
>fighting something with 500hp at level 5
Was it your turn to solo the encounter or was everyone else busy with their phones or something? How long did that take? Some encounters with grunts take far too long because of bad rolls and some people being too cautious.

>> No.54353894

I'm not married to the last name but it sounds good with those particular names. Thanks for those suggestions, too! I considered "Luke" or "Lucius" but it seemed a bit too on-the-nose vis-a-vis "Lucifer."

yknow what actually it's gonna be Bertram von Rouge de Esperanza Abdul

>> No.54353904

I find the arguments for hidden rolls in combat somewhat weak. Generally, it only takes 1-2 rounds to figure out the opponents' bonuses and AC anyway, so there's really no point.

As for fudging... Firstly it just means that a DM was bad at judging the difficulty of the fight. But it also means that he felt this was a battle that should be fought, and should be won. Both are bad. It distorts the agency of the players. If they picked a hard battle, then death must be in the cards, but they also must really be able to pick or not pick it. And systems like D&D offer multiple ways to survive going down, and even come back from the dead. In any case, there's no need to fudge.

>> No.54353917

Bahahaha. That would be a fun idea, actually. Ridiculous HP, but weaknesses to everything. Constant enfeeblement, maybe even narcolepsy.

>> No.54353997

My best friend is DM.

He hit hard as fuck but due to OP items so did my barb. I retired the PC after the fight. Being so strong so early wasn't fun. With that being said, the fight last 24 rounds I think.

The rest of the party was nonroleplaying, coward players. They hid behind a building and either skipped their action or did negligible damage every turn. The valor Bard player waited for me to get downed and just healing worded me back up over and over and over while he hid behind a building as well. We added consequences for that afterwards.

The DM actually had the guy start leveling buildings and wrecking them so they'd have a stake in the fight too.

>> No.54354109

Do you think Yuan-Ti are OP?

>> No.54354136
File: 282 KB, 661x343, yuan-ti_custom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't have to be.

>> No.54354158

This month's UA is the dumbest UA ever.

>> No.54354212
File: 824 KB, 1000x1185, Mike-Mearls-headshot[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just try it out. It will be fun, I promise!

>> No.54354239

Every spell he casts his number range goes up by 1. I feel like the more power you use the more likely whacky stuff is going to happen. It keeps it interesting and basically gives the wild mage a real chance to get surges. And as a wild magic sorcerer player it is something you want as often as possible.

>> No.54354303

Is there anything specifically that he cites for it being so strong?

>> No.54354387

> -2 Con
Into the thrash it goes

>> No.54354482

Where can I get the most basic supplies for a new DM? Like a blank gridded map and some minitures?

>> No.54354509

The Stormwind Fallacy is false. Optimization and roleplay are demonstrably mutually exclusive. Even just on the face of things you're having to ignore the fact that your character just happens to be that specific overpowered thing, which is a huge elephant in the room. It would take a huge series of contrived coincidences to have your character happen to end up the literal best he can be, and that's about the most versimilitude-breaking thing that could ever happen.

>> No.54354563

yeah it's pretty garbage
I can see it working well, but only in a group where everyone has played together a bunch, and is on top of their game.
Average group that will just make combat about 100x slower.

>> No.54354565

Does Moonbeam continue to exist while being moved, or does it just appear in the new location? I lean towards the latter, because it doesn't seem like it's meant to be passed over enemies to hit them while being moved or it would have wording closer to say Flaming Sphere.

>> No.54354572

>blank gridded map
We made ours ourselves. The official ones are kind of small and/or not white.
>some minitures?
Just google something like "male elf bard miniature" or whatever and look for whatever pleases you.

>> No.54354585

nice opinion, dude

>> No.54354593
File: 385 KB, 698x445, yuan-ti_halfblood_custom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then mod it so that it's +2/+1 - or take this Yuan-Ti subrace.

>> No.54354606

This non-word is easily the most insufferable thing about RPG discourse, and that's saying a hell of a lot.

>> No.54354626


Damn. I forgot about the NWN2 Waifus. Neeshka really was best girl.

>Elanee. Stalked you throughout your childhood. Probably has twigs in her asshole.
>Shandra. Too soon.
>Qara. The poster girl for why Wizards > Sorcerers.
>Green chick, Zivije or something. Know that she is worst girl.

>> No.54354633

Appears. Would be broken if you could just zigzag it around tagging every enemy for 2d10 for a 2nd level spell

>> No.54354635

Not that guy but it's good. It's Battle Master Plus:

- You gain 3 skill proficiencies.
- Same Superiority Dice and progression as BM.
- Built-in Precision Maneuver
- Concentration Debuff Maneuver
- Can use SupDice for Skill Checks (so more out of combat utility)
- You can add an extra SupDice to damage and you roll max damage against some creatures.

All they lose in return for that compared to BM is the Know Your Enemy ribbon ability and access to the full Maneuver list, but Precision is built-in and the other two good ones (Riposte and Trip) you can grab with Martial Adept.

>> No.54354648


>Playing with a bunch of friends
>Most of them have never played D&D before
>DM and I have quite a bit under our belts
>DM says that we all should make our characters independantly, so come to session 0 with a 'mostly full' character sheet, the newbs will be allowed to leave a few things blank if they have questions
>Arrive to session 0 with a Mountain Dwarf Ranger
>Rest of the party is Mountain Dwarf Fighter, Hill Dwarf Fighter, Hill Dwarf Barbarian, and Dragonborn Fighter

After we spent a good 10 minutes laughing at serendipity, and barely scraping by the first session since we had almost no out-of-combat skills, I RP'ed my dwarf storming off, muttering about 'absolute incompetance' and 'being ashamed of dwarves this foolhardy'.

Made sure to explain to the players, who were giving me uneasy looks, that I just wanted to roll something else so we weren't just 'TEAM SMASH'.

Came back to session 1 with a Hill Dwarf Light Cleric, since everyone was having fun with a mostly-dwarven party.

>> No.54354656

Ever fell in love with a NPC you put in your campaign?

>> No.54354665

No because I'm not a fucking faggot

>> No.54354693


Never expose your waifu to your players, anon. It won't end well.

>> No.54354729

It's honestly not that good, if you look at what those levels of Barbarian actually give you it's rather shit honestly.

You get an easy way to get Advantage which Rogues can already do, natural AC likely the same as Studded Leather, a bonus to DEX Saves and depending on how you build it an extra 1d8+STR damage.

You also have Rage of course, but only twice per long rest which is a pretty huge limiting factor.

On the other hand look at nearly literally any other martial/rogue multiclass and it's better for a Rogue. Paladin gives much more, Ranger gives much more and even Battlemaster gives much more. Barbarogue makes a good nonmagical grappler and that's it, that's all it's got.

That's a very specific role that's not a very good one either, it's a dumb meme at this point.

>> No.54354752


>> No.54354824

If a player wanted to take another player's item, not to steal but just to use then replace. How would you handle this?

A sleight of hand check with DC based on the other player's passive perception?

>> No.54354845

Well shit, that sounds great, actually. Maybe I'll make a Monster Hunter totally-not-Belmont human

>> No.54354905


Only if the other player would resist that course of action.

>> No.54354967

Why do people say that Sorc is a better blaster than Wiz? Does Twinned Fire Bolt/Quickened Fireball (and using up about 1/3rd of your SP) really outclass an Overchanneled Bigby's Hand + Fireball?

>> No.54354984

Melee Advantage, which no, Rogues can't already do because Hide is such a bullshit mechanic entirely down to DM fiat.

Unarmored Defense doesn't matter, you take Shield+Medium Armor.

Two Attacks.

Fast Movement.

Danger Sense which synergizes great with Evasion and Uncanny Dodge.

Rage, which is 3 times per day, and also synergizes with Uncanny Dodge.

Fighter/Rogue is good. Paladin/Rogue is MAD and only arguably worthwhile for an Arcane Trickster. Ranger/Rogue is downright trash as Ranger doesn't give anything worthwhile to Rogue that the erstwhile mentioned don't already.

But you know what? None of this shit matters, because Barbarogue isn't about making Rogue better, but making Barbarian less trash.

>> No.54355005


I'm guessing he means 2e.

>> No.54355012
File: 43 KB, 346x322, moron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>three skill proficiencies

>> No.54355048

Blame whoever transcribed for 5e tools

>> No.54355079


The people who made the 5e tools site are those faggots from that 5e Discord.
The one run by some overweight deadbeat named Rick.

>> No.54355116

>Booming blade

Wait. Can Booming Blade be used in conjunction with Sneak Attack?

>> No.54355171

Red Draconic has the SP pool to deliver 4d10+10 single target damage every round of a battle circa 8th.

Few things beat Overchannel but then, that's essentially a once per day level 14th ability, while Sorcs can be doing solid damage from 6th level onwards.

>> No.54355176

>It's about making Barbarian less trash
Barbarians do fine damage until high levels as long as you're using GWM. They use it better then anyone thanks to the constant ADV. Dealing an average of 40 damage at level 5 with GWM while NOT raging is equal to the damage a level Barbarian 5/ Rogue 7 can deal.

Let's not forget of course that Barbarians can always pick up PAM as well to be doing way more damage. I'm just lazy and don't feel like doing the math comparison for that.

So for this thing to be doing more damage then a level 5 Barbarian you have to be level 12. At that point Barbarian still does more damage thanks to more Rages and has much better HP.

If you don't want to take a weapon feat to be good you could go Anything/Rogue because that will 100% give you the best damage. That doesn't suddenly make Barbarogue good when compared to builds using feats.

>> No.54355187


Why wouldn't it?

You cast the spell, which makes a melee weapon attack as part of the spell. As long as you used a finesse weapon and fulfill the other requirements for sneak attack, there's no reason it wouldn't work.

>> No.54355189

Alright, fuck it. I'm gonna make a Monster Hunter not-Belmont. We already rolled for stats but I hadn't settled on anything. VHuman here for assumptions, and I'll assumedly be using a whip and short sword.

Rolled stats are, before modifiers and not yet designated;

I'm not even kidding here. And since I'm an idiot and can't think for myself, what do you guys suggest for the human ASI? Balancing out the 15 and 13, and then using my next ASI for that delicious 18 DEX? We'll be starting at level 5.

>> No.54355191

Yeah, basically


>> No.54355196

As a part of booming blade you make a melee attack, so ye

>> No.54355207


>Floor collapses

>DM asks us to make a dex check

>I pass, everyone else fails

'As they fall, I cast feather fall on them'

>DM says that in the time I jump to safety everyone has already fallen beyond 60ft

Am I wrong for getting irked at this? I've built my wizard as a utility caster to help out in situations just like this and I've done basically nothing these last few sessions.

>> No.54355241

That one logically makes sense, but then again you can cast the spell while falling so I don't see why you can't cast it while jumping.

Any other examples of him doing things like this? If it's just this one time then it's not too bad.

>> No.54355243
File: 78 KB, 171x178, ss+(2017-05-15+at+12.22.32).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is 5etools literally better than Beyond?

>> No.54355252


If I were your DM, I would have made you make another Dex saving throw to see if you can react in time.

>> No.54355266


I agree with you, that does seem weird. Especially given that Feather Fall is cast on reaction, it was literally designed for that situation.

>> No.54355274


Fuck off Rick.

>> No.54355291

Is party kill?

>> No.54355375

Wow, this makes me realize that I hated all the girls that weren't shandra in that game.
Now if we're talking about nwn1, Linu is the truest waifu, though that drow girl from HotU was pretty good too

>> No.54355395

As it turns out it was a 200ft drop into water.

Yeah I mentioned that, but he said that to use my reaction, I'd have to choose to fall rather than save myself. I chose to fall and potentially save my teammates.

Just one from this session. There was a chest with a pool of blood surrounding it. I tried to cast mage hand to open it from afar, he said the mage hand was too weak. So the party fighter walked up and opened it by hand with nothing happening. This one I was kinda meh about, because I don't know how hard a chest is to open.

Also this session, we had to enter a warlock's tower (later we found out it was empty). I have misty step, so I reckoned I could go to the second floor, chuck a rope down and help everyone up (the door was open but I was anticipating an ambush or something due to moans coming from inside). Turns out the windows were bolted shut.

>> No.54355406


Linu is a clumsy goober!

>> No.54355419

Should the polearm and crossbow feats be banned?

>> No.54355425

I mean, that's not that hard. That's like saying particle board is less shitty for building a house than cardboard.

>> No.54355438

>Yeah I mentioned that, but he said that to use my reaction, I'd have to choose to fall rather than save myself. I chose to fall and potentially save my teammates.
That's bullshit.

>> No.54355484

Yeah, that's what I said.

>> No.54355531
File: 60 KB, 354x304, 1483945934547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since monks are proficient with simple weapons and unarmed strikes are considered simple weapons, should the proficiency bonus be added to damage rolls along with the STR/DEX modifier?

>> No.54355545

Because it's full of shit Wizards doesn't want you having for free. It's piracy. And it's great.

>> No.54355561

First of all everyone's proficient with Unarmed Strikes, doesn't even need simple weapons.

Second you NEVER add proficiency to Damage rolls.

Third if you mean they add Proficiency to Attack rolls then yes.

>> No.54355593


>> No.54355670

I find it amusing that in the very paragraph you posted, it notes that unarmed strikes do not count as weapons.

>> No.54355685

It's the PH errata and it doesn't change anything, really.

>> No.54355702

>Martials have something that makes them good

>> No.54355728

It really does though, PHB Errata is official clarification, rewriting of wrong rules and rule changes. So much so that any PHB printed now has the rules changed in it.

If it's official enough to be in every copy of the PHB aside from the first ones, then it's means a fair bit.

>> No.54355747

It's not that they're good, it's that they're centralizingly good.
Polearms and hand crossbows are by far the strongest weapons by virtue of having those feats, leaving everything else behind.
Besides, casters can use those too you mongoloid.

>> No.54355824

Unarmed strikes are not simple weapons, the first round of errata removed them from the weapons table.

Everyone is proficient with their unarmed strikes.

Proficiency bonus is never added to damage rolls unless a feature specifically says so (and that is rare, especially in the PHB).

>> No.54355857

The only case I can think of where proficiency is added to damage rolls is in the case of the Beastmaster Ranger and the Necromancer Wizard. Are there others?

>> No.54355890

So let'd be real, in a game where feats were disabled casters would blow martials out of the water in terms of damage, right?

>> No.54355898

Hexblade's Curse does.

>> No.54355902

Hexblade Warlock in the UA gets it to their improved hex.

>> No.54355931

Casters can use it but it's alot less valuable to them.

The problem is feat tax. You don't take away agonizing blast from warlocks because it's an invocation tax, you do something else.

>> No.54356022

It was mostly in 3.pf and 4e, where he'd come in with a character that uses obscure rules and other shit and have 40+ AC, but i could totally see him come in with a forge cleric with platemail, shield, shield spell, and shield of faith, plus magic items for 28+ AC

He's been a lot better in 5e largely due to the fact that 5e wont LET him do his retard one trick pony builds. which i am grateful for because aside from crits and such negating his build, he also gets pissy when you throw an encounters at him that his build can't trump. He's one of those guys that will make a sword and board build and pout and complain how it sucks he can't do anything in a fight against flyers because he didn't bother to buy a shortbow, because his dex mod is 2 less than his str, and he "wont be able to hit anything anyways."

>> No.54356044

What's a criminally underused monster in 5e?

>> No.54356059

I seriously don't understand these rules questions that rely entirely on making shit up whole cloth. What do you think you're going to accomplish?

>> No.54356088

I have a friend who tries to do that, but every "net-build" he finds is unimaginably terrible to the point of recommending things like 4 elements monk over the others

>> No.54356089

Going Evocation Wizard to be a fireball-chucker. Are there any multiclass dips that are worth it or should I stay pure Wizard?

>> No.54356169

I don't ban multiclassing myself but i could understand why one would decide to ban multiclassing. Most times i see people talking about it, they are trying to create an extremely strong or extremely pesky build. It's rarely just a multiclass for story or flavor reasons.

>> No.54356196

3 levels of Sorc somewhere down the line if you like power.

>> No.54356197
File: 17 KB, 327x173, 1500226736073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want to break open the lock
>"OK roll athletics"

>> No.54356203

hes actually taking this very hard right now hes crying to tranny cammy and scoring some sweet free cam time with it please dont bully rick

>> No.54356217

How build Hexblade?

>> No.54356227

I remember one night he almost retired his character and stop playing because he couldn't roll above an 8 the entire session.
We had to sit there and explain to him that any character seems like shit when you get shitty rolls. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if we just let him go.

>> No.54356239

Only a dazzling display of athleticism will get the lock to open up to you

>> No.54356268
File: 487 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cast Open/Clothes!

>> No.54356279

>Barbarian strains, yelling as they dig their fingers into the lock and try to pull it apart

>> No.54356287

Eh, if you want to be a high AC combatant you do:

Eldritch Knight
18 Plate
5 Shield spell
2 Shield of Faith (Magic Initiate)
1 Defensive Fighting Style

So 26 AC by whenever level you can afford plate. You could do 28 by adding a shield, but if you want anything resembling decent damage you'd do Dueling FS so that'd be a +1 instead. Something similar can be done with a Paladin but their spell slots have better uses than spamming defensive buffs.

>> No.54356302

A 3 point SP pool isn't worth shit.

>> No.54356303

>No I want to attack it with my +3 spiked greatmaul of lockbreaking
>DM has no idea objects have AC and HP
>"Uhhh... roll athletics?"

>> No.54356322

Not seeing the problem. Is it realism? Fuck that. If you think it should be an attack roll, then that's reasonable.

>> No.54356377

>Yeah I mentioned that, but he said that to use my reaction, I'd have to choose to fall rather than save myself. I chose to fall and potentially save my teammates.
Light your DM's house on fire at night.

>> No.54356383

Forge Cleric is better for that
18 Plate
2 Shield
5 Shield Spell
2 Shield of Faith
1 Blessing of the Forge
1 Soul of the Forge (level 6)

28 AC as soon as you get plate, 29 AC at level 6. Forge Cleric also gets some decent offensive spells later, including heat metal and wall of fire. Yes, the EK gets more offense, but forge cleric hits the high AC sooner and for less cost (no feat needed), you will have more spells to spam shield (you can always use a higher slot if needed). Plus forge cleric gets some useful non combat spells.

>> No.54356403

Of course it is. At level 3, it's 2 Quickened Spells, which already pulls far ahead of the typical wizard curve. And if you take something like Subtle Spell in addition, that's something that when you need it, you *need* it.

Add to that the durability boost from the Draconic Bloodline, and it's a good trade off against Signature Spells, Mastery (these don't really do much at the levels you get them) and one ASI.

>> No.54356426

The issues is that a Cleric, being a full caster, has better things to spend their concentration on.

Fighter, who gets extra feats, never really worries about concentration, nevermind the fact that they have proficiency in it and if EK are likely getting Warcaster to hit with the SCAG cantrips as reactions anyway.

>> No.54356461

Anyone else get crippling choice paralysis for making characters for a new campaign? Do you roll dice? Wait until everyone else has their characters and fill in an untouched niche? Ask an Austrian underwater basket weaving forum what class to choose?

>> No.54356471

>At level 3, it's 2 Quickened Spells, which already pulls far ahead of the typical wizard curve

It's one quickened spell. It costs 2 SP per, and you've got 3.

And if you quicken, the only other thing you can cast that turn is a cantrip. Just clarifying because I suspect you don't know how Quickened Metamagic works.

>> No.54356475

>realise dm doesn't account for monster resistances
>feel like I should say something but don't want to step on his toes

>> No.54356508

the concentration spell is only for two AC, most of the time, when i spent my concentration on something else, it was offensive-defense: Heat metal, wall spells, etc. so overall it still added to my defense. So, sure, realistically forge cleric may be 1-2 ac behind EDK, but that doesn't really matter when the enemy is stuck behind a wall of fire, or can't hold on to their weapon with heat metal.

>> No.54356509

Work with the other players. See what they want to play. Don't just let everyone else decide first, though, this approach helps everyone.

>> No.54356659

You're going down the full caster slippery slope of whatifsms.

AC matters to the EK who actually has to get in melee.

>> No.54356667

How new is the dm?

When I first started dming one if my friends, who had more experience with the system than me, often had answers to rules I couldn't remember off the top of my head and often times I could ask him something while looking it up myself and it sometimes made it quicker

Just tell him at some point out of game

>> No.54356715


>> No.54356766

No actually, I played both classes, in fact, I played the forge cleric as a melee combatant, and when my melee damage fell off, I switched to spirit guardians as my main damage dealer, which requires me within 15 ft of the enemy, so I still had a need for good AC, in fact, doing so protected the rest of the party, because things were stuck at the front lines with me.

How could i keep things with me on the front line, you ask? Simple, I charge forth, enemies attack me, 1-2 rounds of not getting past my AC leads to them looking for other targets, other mages in group put barriers between me/monsters and them (wall spells, force cages, spike growth,etc), so turns 2-3 monsters are forced to continue to engage with me or spend extra rounds getting past barriers, turn 3-5 combat is over. There wasn't much that could hit the back lines for more than a single round before dying.

>> No.54358216

the dm is just railroading your group to get them into the water

>> No.54358224

It literally technically doesn't change anything for unarmed strikes, it simply removes it from simple weapons category into its own. Everything else is the same. Stop shitposting.

>> No.54358234

>going to accomplish
Clarification, you nigger.

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