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>Unearthed Arcana: Greyhawk Initiative


>/5eg/ Mega Trove:

>Resources Pastebin:

>Previous thread:

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How do you make Alchemist not shit?

Let them do half damage on a successful save?

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Are there any decent, spammable offensive Necromancy spells to make proper use of Grim Harvest apart from Black Tentacles, Blight and Vampiric Touch that I might be missing?

Really hard to actually get any advantage out of that trait.

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Toll the Dead, if you can get the UA approval.

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spelljammer when

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It's a herculean task. First of all, the entire design of alchemist is wrong. They have to choose three or four options they like best on level 1, and then, as they level, they can get the things they didn't like enough.
Their offensive options is all or nothing - either your do damage, or don't. This would be acceptable, if all of their "cantrips" didn't target dex save. They need something that targets Con or Wisdom.

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Not really. Honestly if you want a Necromancer actually focused on something other then Animate Dead, you've got 3 options.

Death Cleric does offensive Necromancy really well.

Shadow Sorcerer is basically an undying Necromancer Sorcerer.

Theurge (Death) is still a Wizard but just gets access to Death Cleric abilities delayed.

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Black Tentacles is conjuration, not necromancy. In point of fact I don't think it's ever been a necromancy spell even in previous D&D editions...

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Toll unfortunately doesn't help with Grim Harvest at all, as it's level 0.

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Chill Touch

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Do you mean the artificer?

Rework the class from the ground up to be an actual alchemist and not a dinobot summoner.

I'll mock something up in a bit.

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Nevermind. I'm retarded. I see now the spell needs to be at least first level.

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There was a pretty popular homebrew alchemist.

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I'm playing a game with 4 other guys. One of them is a good friend of mine but the other three of younger guys I don't know as well.

The thing is, the three 'kids' are the biggest bitches I have even seen. The DM even had to make a point of saying that the party are trying to be Adventurers with a capital A.

The kids didn't want to go through an abandoned town that had a warning sign saying there were undead around. They decided to spend 8 hours and walk through the woods to go around the town altogether.

One of our quests was to investigate the rumors of a dark mage in some runes near this ghost town. Their reasoning was that the DAM said there were things that could kill us if we didn't act correctly so now they are wary of the smallest encounter.

As a character, I am getting a bit bored with these guys chicken shit antics and want to take my Tempest Cleric buddy and go do some adventuring. We are level 4 characters now, 5 of us shouldn't be to scared of some zombies and skeletons.

If I just walk into the planned encounters, do you guys think the other guys will follow me in or just be ~100ft back doing jack shit?

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Ray of Sickness?

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They won't follow, but you'll get to go at your pace and use your tactics. So honestly just do it and go have fun being an Adventure.

Eventually they'll either join you or leave because they'll be bored compared to you.

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>Ranged attack less complex than melee attack
>Less complex than moving
Holy shit they really don't know what they're doing, do they?

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Your party has to kill this dude. What do?

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Kill the dude.

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Well considering he's literally unkilable by normal tactics and CR18.....

Weaken him and then Disintegrate. Hopefully the party has a Monk or at least 2 casters who can chew through the Legendary Resistance.

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Prioritize ranged attacks.

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How precisely do you accomplish it?

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Like, in one situation the DM was dropping serious hints about 'don't fuck with this lady' but they treat every fight that isn't a night time random encounter as some sort of super lethal combat they should try to talk their way out of or just avoid entirely.

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This is genius, I totally forgot about it.

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Yeah I know the feeling. Eventually just say "I draw my sword and charge the guy" or something. If they get angry point out that you're all alive and did what needed to be done.

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>Condition Immunities
>No Stunned
>No Grappled
>No Charmed
Get everyone in your group to gangpile him, get the biggest guys in the group to Grapple and Pin him while the spellcasters wail on him with everything in single-target spells they have.
Either that or just Suggestion him to leave.

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This character is sort of bullshit, don't you think?

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Ah, I mean Restrained.
>216 HP
God fucking damn.

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He totally is, but we have several advantages.
1) We don't have to fight him yet. I'm planning his death in the distant future.
2) We know his exact stats.
Which is why I'm crowdsourcing a way to murder him.

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I understand how trying to avoid some low level undead is annoying, but provided the enemy is intelligent enough to talk to, what's wrong with trying to talk your way out of situations?

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Hey, /tg/, could I get you to look over this class? The short version is that it's meant to be a "spell-less druid". Basically something that could be inserted into a low-magic setting as an alternative to druid. In practice it's kind of like a monk/barbarian/ranger hybrid.

The intent is to create a class that can represent someone like Dar (duh), Mowgli, Tarzan, or the Cultists from Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim.

Part of making the class involved building some spells directly into it. Those spells were: Find Familiar, Speak with Animals, Animal Friendship, and Sympathy/Antipathy for the base class; the Circle of Beasts additionally got what amount to Awaken, Commune with Nature, Conjure Animals, Conjure Elemental, and Conjure Fey. Circle of Shapes doesn't get any additional built-in spells except for at-will Alter Self at 14th level (built directly into the kit, and leaving out Alter Self's natural weapons clause since it's redundant to a beastmaster)

Some notes:
- Animal Cohort is just the find familiar spell with expanded options. Is CR 1/2 to high an allowance?
- I'm not really all that happy with the Natural Weapons feature, but the class needs some offensive oomph so that was my best thought.
- Should battle roar be usable more than once per long rest? Should I tie it into primal points?
- Not sure if I balanced the Primal Rapport (ki) costs well.
- Also not sure whether or not there should be more Primal Rapport abilities built into the base class. As it stands most of the abilities are instead gained via Circle choice.

- I have no guarantee if I balanced the primal point costs for the spells in Circle of Beasts correctly
- - Additionally, note that the beastmaster (a) doesn't need to maintain concentration, and (b) doesn't risk losing control of elementals/fey

- The Circle of Shapes gets all the benefits of a Moon Druid's wildshaping, except:
- - It's based on spending primal points, so it's usable FAR more often

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>All melee, ranged and spell attacks automatically miss when in wolf form
Forgive me but what the hell do you do against that?

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It's a reaction, and he has one per turn.

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Sure, I knew I was missing something.

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If Huntmaster's Chosen is usable as an action, why isn't it listed under "actions"?

How long does it last for? I.e., how long does he retain Regeneration 40 and access to Primal Smite and Pariah Rage?

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>how long does he retain Regeneration 40 and access to Primal Smite and Pariah Rage?
Until the combat is over, looks like.

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Not less complex. But resolving faster.

The underlying idea seems to be about an arrow/bullet coming faster to your face than you can swing an axe back, or run away from it.

But true, they could had explained the rationale a little (only vaguely hinted to it in "Order of Operations") more.

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1) Create a trap using a portable hole
2) Lure wolfboy into trap
3) Wizard flies over hole and drops in a bag of holding

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So, something that hasn't been said yet. Wulfag can't deal damage, if he can't hit you. His Wisdom saving throw is utter shit, so he should be suspectible to Bestow Curse. His Cha is even worse, so Bane should be able to harm him too.
Regeneration 40 is very serious, but can be theoretically overcome with Harm and Chill Touch.

But the IDEAL way to kill him is probably to wear down his legendary actions, get him to reasonably low HP and cast Disintegrate before he even thinks of using Huntmaster's Chosen.

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Well, you could hit him with Dominate Person enough times until it sticks, have him lay down on his back, put two Immovable Rods in a triangle over his neck and then use Control Water to drown him in 20ft of water.

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Made the potion making rules for the alchemist class. I'll move onto other things, but I want to get your criticism of this.

The main idea is:
1. instead of spell slots, you have potion slots. Make potions during long rest. Potions are not interchangeable. You make a fireball potion during the long rest, and it remains a fireball potion forever.
2. Potions can be used by anyone, including enemies. Regardless of who uses the potions, the alchemist stats are used for any save DCs
3. I haven't made the spell list yet, but I want to keep it to nonconcentration, nonspell attack spells.
4. I haven't decided how many spell slots I want the alchemist to have yet. I was thinking of doing something similar to the warlock, but with more slots at a lower level.

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Thank all of you for your help. For those of you who like story times, you'll hear about Wulfgar soon enough.

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Literally how wild elves are supposed to look in the Forgotten Realms. Gold dwarves also have dark skin in FR but I don't see /tg/ talking about that.

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I need help on the following premise:

A powerful celestial being becomes the Patron for a large number of people turning them into celestial warlocks. In turn these people become fanatics and begin worshiping the celestial being as a god. The Patron is uncomfortable with this new turn of events and even their refusal isn't enough to deter the warlocks from venerating their Patron.

- How would it make sense that if the Patron withdrew his favor from the warlock, the warlock still retained their power?

- Alternatively, what conditions would prevent the Patron from withdrawing their favor?

The backdrop to this is that a celestial city was forced into the material plane and refugees and supplicants are over swarming the city and the Patron needed mortal help in stabilizing the city but now it's warlocks are turning the people towards worshipping the Patron.

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clean up the wording about claws being finesse weapons, just say they are 'considered to be finesse weapons'

>> No.54283599

Is he going to need specific material components? How micro-managey is that going to get?

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In place of concentration spells, you should still have potions that mimic concentration-effects like haste... but with set durations instead of requiring concentration. (and non-stackable, for the same reasons you can't concentrate on more than 1 spell at a time. Don't wana bring back the flying invisible blurred elemetal resisting stoneskin polymorphed Pathfinder Wizard, after all).

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Couldn't he just have a component pouch? If the wizard's louch is bottomless so could the alchemist's.

>> No.54283636

The alchemist satchel is not written correctly right now, thanks for pointing this out. The intent is that the alchemist satchel works like a spell component pouch, and the necessary reagents are ignored as long as you have it.

maybe. I could see something like that working with a duration equal to the Int Modifier. I'll keep it in mind, thanks!

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So I wanted to remove athlete and charger feats because they're hot garbage, and work them into the brawny feat (athletics feat from skill UA). Not sure which things to keep as I don't want it to be too crowded, maybe the charge part should just be scrapped.
>+1 Strength.
>Gain proficiency in Athletics, expertise if you already have it.
>You count as one size larger for determining carrying capacity.
>Climbing and swimming doesn't halve your speed.
>When you are prone, standing up uses only 5 feet of your movement.
>If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line towards a creature and make a melee attack against it following this, you do an extra 5 damage on a hit and can shove the creature as a bonus action.

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Anything else stand out as good or bad?

>> No.54283657

The pact is a binding contract and the warlocks will sue the patron if they withdraw from the arrangement.

>> No.54283660

Will it need a few SP to be restocked every few town-visits? Sounds like a depletable resource to me.

>> No.54283676

>"Gotta throw the potion"
> no range on the throw
I think short rest slots might work, take an hour or so to mix up a few, along with some cantrip ones. Honestly, the artificer has this concept covered.

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There's a number of misconceptions about warlocks, and one of the key factors being tied to the fact that they're a charisma based class.

Many see the obvious front of this implication - being more persuasive and sure of yourself will enable you to get a better deal during the initial bargain or deal.

However, the implications afterward are very different from those of a cleric or druid. There's nothing saying that the warlock actually is continuing to gain power from the entity they're contracted with.

Imagine if I made a deal with you for a loan. I've now obtained the full amount of money in cash. It's mine to do with as I will - for the intended purpose, hopefully, but there's nothing stopping me from using it in other ways except for the threat of reprisal. So, you can send debt collectors to try and get the money back, or you can come fuck with me yourself, but you can't actually take the power back without doing something; and often, it's not in a form that's recoverable. An even better analogy would be to say that power is like a meal. You've eaten it, and now it's part of you.

This fits consistently with the other charisma based classes - paladin, sorcerer, and bard. The paladin's oath is based on charisma because they're drawing magical power from their own internal abilities - assisted by a god, maybe, but if their god abandons them, they still have this power. Sorcerers are born with magic. It's part of who they are and can't be taken away by any but the most extreme methods. Bards are the same - their magic is built into their ability to express their soul in a way that generates these effects. It doesn't come from an awareness of oneself and the universe or the divine, like a monk or druid or cleric, and doesn't come from studied intellect, like a wizard.

Warlocks cast from the soul. To get it back from them, you've got to kill them or come damned close.

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Probably not, but for depletable resources, I need to add in component rules (basically just the default ones) That should bring it in line with others.

>> No.54283767

Question: Let's say I want to make a class or subclass that revolves around anti-magic. How can I ensure that the class remains *interesting* in a wide variety of situations? Specifically, how do I prevent combat for this character being more complex than, "I pop a cone or aura of anti-magic, then I spend the rest of the fight hitting it with my sword?"

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>Proceeds to list a ton of stuff that's baseless unproved speculation as some sort of "counterargument"

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Interesting. What do the players want from game and what are their characters motivations?

I usually do this exact thing as well - when i feel my character has no reason to enter the fight, i avoid it. It's stupid to die just because you wanted to save some traveling time, or because "muh aanr" when fighting random ambush.

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Forcecage his ass and bury him under a metric shit-ton of rock?

>> No.54283836

The Mage Slayer feat in 5e is derived from the Mage Slayer feat tree from 3.5. Just take those and turn them into class features and you're good.

>> No.54283853

I'd focus more on being able to stop shit before it happens. Build off the mage slayer feat (e.g., at higher class levels, you can disrupt at range instead of needing to be within 5 feet).

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This is why "I'm an Adventurer" is a shit character motivation. A good DM will take something meaningful from the player characters, or tell them to come up with a goal that requires risk and sacrifice.

"Adventurer" as a profession is one the most retarded things to exist in tabletop. No sane person risks their life because "HEY! IT MIGHT BE TOTALLY COOL AND AWSUM XD!"

>> No.54283871

Well shit anon, how do you think they work? And remember, it's gotta be logically consistent, or you're no better than me.

>> No.54283888

>illusionist wizard
>cast Mirage Arcane
>turn open field under him into a crevasse (allowed in the spell description)
>use Malleable Illusions to change the crevasse back into an open field
>Wulfgar is now buried alive.

He may never die. I don't really know. But all the wizard has to do is come back to that spot every ten days and he'll never get out.

>> No.54283906

How I think they work doesn't matter. The issue was that you stated your interpretation as fact when there's nothing in the text supporting that it is.

>> No.54283908

If it is possible to send power one way, why it's not possible to send it the other way?

>> No.54283924

Because the guy is literally talking out his ass and presenting his theorycraft as fact. There is nothing in the actual text that specifies it works this way. How it works is ultimately up to the DM of the game.

>> No.54283940

hm, I'm reading to lv2, wild empathy is confusing, it seems that you can auto charm any beast with higher than four intelligence? Also rather than say the beast is entitled to a saving throw, say it may make a saving throw to resist Wild Empathy, or something more derived from how the official material words things

>> No.54283944

>The kids didn't want to go through an abandoned town that had a warning sign saying there were undead around. They decided to spend 8 hours and walk through the woods to go around the town altogether.
Part of this is your DM's fault. What's the overarching plot in your campaign? What are your characters' goals? If it's just murderhoboing around, then avoiding a fight with undead isn't unreasonable. In a better-run campaign, there would be consequences for spending 8 extra hours to go around the town instead of punching through (plot-related, not "oh, you missed out on some XP"). In other words, the characters should have a good reason to go through the town beyond "there are things to kill there".

>> No.54283946

Are you stupid?

>> No.54283954

It all comes down to Warlocks having no strict rules of conduct like Paladins, and not as much of a ritualized attachment to their benefactors as Clerics and Druids, so you can play them however it fits your character and the campaign because there are no mechanics for depowering them for disobeying their Patrons, nor any implications that this should be the rule in the generic official fluff.

If anything, it offers an antagonistic relationship as an example, and mention that most often the arrangement is like a master and apprentice - ergo, Patron teaches/grants you power, and more and greater power as you take Warlock levels, but the Warlock's already unlocked isn't actually reliant on the connection to the Patron.

>> No.54283959

Your pact with your patron isnt borrowing a book from your local library.
Its a sale, trade etc and the patron shouldnt be able to take back the power even if they disagree with you; read the part of the phb where it talks about disagreeing / working against your patron

>> No.54283977

His theorycraft may just be how he runs it at his table, but it does make sense.

The warlock's patron isn't constantly sending power. The power is the Pact and the Pact has already been made.

>How would it make sense that if the Patron withdrew his favor from the warlock, the warlock still retained their power?

Because the power is the Pact and the Pact has already been made.

>Alternatively, what conditions would prevent the Patron from withdrawing their favor?

Nothing, but it has no impact on the Pact.

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Bring in a drow ranger that uses twin swords and has a panther companion.

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>The warlocks Patron isn't constantly sending power
>The warlocks patron can't withdraw their favor

>Gain a level
>Get a shiny new boon from my PATRON who supposedly hates me and refused to grant me any more power.

>> No.54284051

Huh...I have no idea how the text got that badly mangled. Changing it now to be a nearly straight copy/paste of the spell.

>You can spend 1 primal point to attempt to charm a beast within 30 feet that can both see and hear you. If the beast’s Intelligence is 4 or higher, the charm attempt fails. Otherwise, the beast must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for 24 hours. If you or one of your companions harms the target, the charm effect ends.

>> No.54284054

I think of a warlock pact as your patron fundamentally altering your innate magical abilities, and something not easily taken away.

>> No.54284058

Can't gain new levels while the Patron refuses to assist you.

There, easy. Wave the carrot, not the stick.

>> No.54284060

Are these arrays balanced against each other? I want players to start with higher stats so there are more feats in play for more customizable characters. I'm thinking monk would benefit the most but it's not the strongest class anyway so it doesn't seem like a bad change that way.

>18, 16, 15, 13, 12, 10
>18, 17, 15, 10, 10, 10
>18, 16, 16, 10, 10, 10
>17, 16, 16, 14, 13, 12

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This kind of stuff is why I love the illusionist specialization. Malleable illusions is so unique and flexible.

>> No.54284120

Paladin and Paladin multiclasses would love this.

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What's the most D&D picture you got?

>> No.54284157

Do you mean just the first one or the last? Losing a point in strength probably isn't worth it but I can see the first one being really nice as you only lose out on some charisma/con and get +1 wis/dex.

>> No.54284160

The PHB specifically mentions that the warlock may have an antagonistic relationship with the patron, and doesn't mention anything about this preventing them from getting new powers upon leveling up.

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Do you have any limitations on CR? Charming a T-Rex doesn't really seem the same as charming a weasel even though they have the same INT and WIS scores.

>> No.54284195

I can have an antagonist relationship with my bosses at work, but as long as I do my job they're legally obligated to pay me.

>> No.54284198

shit, that's pretty good.

>> No.54284218

Should I play a Paladin or a Loremaster Wizard

>> No.54284219

This discussion is why intelligence based warlocks should have been a thing.

>> No.54284230

>But you do get results. Consider this your final warning!
"Antagonistic" doesn't necessarily mean you have opposite goals.

>> No.54284252

Any advice on how to choose a school of magic as a 2nd Level Wizard?

I'm still pretty new to the game and not entirely sure what to do here.

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>> No.54284279

Who do you wanna be? (as playstyle/fluff)

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>> No.54284339

But only someone stupid would make a pact with evil!

>> No.54284343

Why is Jackie Chan a hobbit?

>> No.54284349


Take whatever strikes you as coolest, if you're still new. Don't worry too much about having the most min-maxed build if you're still learning, just experiment.

My personal favorites are Enchantment and Divination. Enchantment spells have a lot of room for creativity while still being effective. Divination's main draw is Portent.

>> No.54284370

No, but then, neither does Animal Friendship.


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>> No.54284383


I've always imagined wizards and other magic users as being long-range and high damage, using blasts of magical energy.

But at the same time, I also don't want to be fully focused on offensive combat magic.

Maybe have some defensive magic, and non-combat magic as well.

>> No.54284407

You ought to specialize into Evocation then. Even though you'll be an Evoker, you can have access to other spells.

>> No.54284415
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Honestly, given my players?

>> No.54284434


Keep in mind that anyone can, and should, take a mixture of both anyways. Just because you take Divination or Necromancy doesn't mean you can't be taking Fireball later. It just turns out that Evocation wizards get slightly bigger, more intense fireballs than the Divination wizards.

>> No.54284446

If you wana focus on blasting, Evocation wizard has a nice class feature that lets it avoid hitting allies with the larger area-of-effect blasts.

>> No.54284459

>dm plays his orcs like lord of the rings orcs
i don't like it

>> No.54284463

Non of the school will close off an option so you can still be adaptable. The school just build up your strength. If you just wanna blast shit in to pieces, read up on Evocation or maybe Divination.

>> No.54284483

>player shitposts about my campaign on 4chan because of a trivial style decision
i don't like it.

>> No.54284496

First thing I noticed is the d8 hit die. I'd personally bump that up to d10 with the classes inability to use metal armor limiting it from the best medium armor, or it having to go very MAD with the unarmored defense.

>> No.54284500

It was shit. Bitching makes it worse, just accept this fact it was bad and either commit to it, or fix it. What your doing now though doesn't help anything.

>> No.54284533

I'm going to double down on it now. Don't like it? you Dm.

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Is it worth continuing to run a game if you, the dungeon master, have long stopped enjoying it? Before you say anything, 3/4 of the players have dried up and only one enthusiastic person is left. Nothing gets done anymore.

>> No.54284543

Of course not.

>> No.54284545

>is it worth doing an activity meant for fun if you don't have fun doing it?

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Ok this is more "conversations on the internet" but still

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>> No.54284638

d10 hit die, roger. I was originally leaning towards that, but I figured that between either shapeshifting or summoning an animal army, it might not be necessary.

>> No.54284685


Monks get by just fine with the same unarmored defense and hit die, and the beastmaster can use a non-metal shield with his.

Should be fine, IMO.

>> No.54284720
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Niggerelves are the most disgusting thing ever imagined.

>> No.54284732

That's an orc you racist.

>> No.54284743

Sorry to repost but the last thread died, looking for a unlabelled map of Faerun for a campaign I'm running soon, anyone got one?

>> No.54284797

No, Wild Elves are pretty much brown Elves, thats it. They were never described as being flat-nosed or wide mouths.

In fact it fits Tolkiens description of Orcs to a T apart from the bodytype.
>...they are (or were) squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes; in fact degraded and repulsive versions of the (to Europeans) least lovely Mongol-types.

>Gold dwarves also have dark skin in FR but I don't see /tg/ talking about that.
They also were never described as anything of the above. Take your muh multiculturalism-shit and shove it up your asshole.

>> No.54284803

Would you be a Heretic?

>> No.54284827
File: 271 KB, 800x992, draconians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What reptilian (and amphibian) races are available as PC races in 5E?

>> No.54284840

>>54284685 >>54284496

Well now I just don't know.

Regardless - can anyone think of a better name for this class than "beastmaster"? Obviously The Beastmaster is the inspiration, but I generally prefer classes to have a single word as their name.

It's extremely different from the standard druid, so I don't want to call it a "druid". Likewise although the Cultist of Fervus from Majesty was a major inspiration, it's not really all that cult-y since it's not tied into the worship of anything.

"Feral" is the best thing I can come up with.

>> No.54284848

Could you elaborate? What does 'Lord of the rings' orc means? And what you don't like about it?

>> No.54284863


>1. (of a person's face or complexion) of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown color.

I don't think OP's the kind of brown that "sallow" is going for.

>> No.54284871

Lizardfolk and Dragonborn.

>> No.54284874

Dragonborn, lizardfolk, kobolds, and yuan-ti purebloods. Between the four of them that should cover all your reptilian needs.

>> No.54284879

Doesn't seem like it. MAYBE tie loose ends and finish prematurely, to solve the things. But continuing seems not only worthless, but outright harmful, if what you say is true.

>> No.54284902

>we was elves in sheets

>> No.54284905

Hello /5eg/, I recently starting playing 5e with the Starter Set and I'm new to tabletop gaming in general. I had a question concerning our DM and I was hoping to get some tips.

I get the feeling our DM is guilty of what apparently is called 'railroading'. I have already talked to him a few times about it and he said that he would look out for it, but it keeps happening. A few examples to illustrate what I feel was 'railroading'.

>Our party wants to go to the Wave Echo Cave
>DM says there is some 'divine intervention' and hints that we should visit Thundertree first where we known a dragon resides (backstory of our archer)
>reluctantly we go there and lose a party member in the dragon fight, who had to create a new character

>In the wave echo cave, we see a floating burning fire
>The party decides to not go there since they don't trust it
>My character is obsessed with finding and hoarding knowledge, so I suggested to the party a few times that I really wanted to check it out
>They refuse and my character reluctantly agrees, for party cohesion
>DM says my character is so intrigued by the floating fire that I just HAVE to check it out
>Obviously only 2 party members decide to go with me (we just decided we didn't want to go there, so a few were a bit grumpy in character)
>Apparently the green flame was a hostile creature
>Since I suck at stealth, our party was immediately spotted and 2 of the 3 people went down immediately after a fireball was cast by the flaming creature
>8-12 zombies were lying around us
>Both the other party member and me were at 2 death saving throws when our cleric (who stayed behind at first) saved the fucking day

I have a few more examples, but my post would be too long.

Is this normal for a DM to do? I don't particularly like being told to go somewhere, but if that's the nature of the game I guess I'll have to deal with it. Anybody with similar issues?

>> No.54284910

>broad face
>wide mouth
>slant eyes
>degraded and repulsive version of mongols

Whatever that thing in OPs Pic is it aint an Elf.

>> No.54284941

Nope. Your DM is being a dick.

>> No.54284952

Why do so many people in my campaigns play with female characters? I notice its quite the trend nowadays

>> No.54284964


Looks cool. I'd probably want to play it more like a doomsayer than what the pdf has, just so I don't have to walk up to a table and say, "Hey, can I play this class? The prerequisite is that there are no gods/everything we know about the gods is wrong"


Wildling? Beastfriend instead of Beastmaster?

>> No.54284995


Wildling maybe?

>> No.54284998
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>> No.54285012

Thats not just Railroading. That is badly done railroading and a sign he is either shit, new, or both.

In regards to railroading its not a good thing but it has its uses. Truth be told I have railroaded my party in to a situation a couple times but very rarely to have a key moment playout. To do it "right" it needs to be subtle, behind the scenes, never strip a player of their choices. They just gotta think in the end that you happened to plan for *even that* outcome.

>> No.54285022

Why wouldn't you want to pretend to be a cute girl

>> No.54285031

First one is railroading, second one, he might have felt like he was throwing you a bone to let you do what you wanted to do but still pretty bad.

>> No.54285034
File: 235 KB, 699x1000, Average Crossplayer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weeaboos and their fictional waifus. Also typical TRPG players as a whole being reclusive anti-socials who fail at traditionally masculine values to begin with (while reeing about "normies" who threaten them by having such skills)... but mostly anime and waifufags.

Also Magical Realm

>> No.54285039

>Is this normal for a DM to do?
Only the bad ones.

On the other hand: Does your character have agenda in game, reason to go through the module? The game implicitly assumes your character wants to go on adventure for reasons and GM should put adventure hooks and lure you to it.

Divine intervention sounds like bad planing on GMs side. Maybe he didn't have Wave Echo cave prepared and thus opted for forcing you to Thundertree? Correct way to handle this isnt divine intervention, but either "I dont have this prepared, gimme 10 minutes to correct that" or "I'll need some preparation for that - lets play Talisman instead". Or pull out of his ass some pre-fabricated encounters you meet on road.

Second one is so bad i can't find words. It's just plain wrong. Only reason for GM to take control of your character are Dominate spells or something and even then, he should allow you wisdom saving throw.

I am really sorry about that experience. Hopefully, he can learn, but from the sound of it, it will be long and painful journey, both for him and his group.

>> No.54285052


I think it's more inexperience than being a dick. We all only just started playing for a few months. He puts in a lot of time into preparing and I don't want him to think that I'm ungrateful, but I feel like he wants to push his idea of the story too much and not let us unfold the story in our own way, especially with quests he created himself.

Another example

>My character found a vial of potent poison created by the Black Spider
>Was obviously the intention to use it as a plot item
>My character loves and hoards knowledge, but hates to share it, meaning he took it for study
>Later my character is in a giant library in Neverwinter
>He wanted me to read a specific book there related to my background
>Tell him I want to read up on the poison first, since my background is sage (know where to look for information) and I'm in a gigantic library
>He says: your character knows there is no book regarding this poison. Now do you want to look into this section of books (for my backgrund)

I enjoy how he plays with my background, but it feels more like playing a video game, being forced into a certain path, than actually creating my own story. I think he just really wants to show us what he created, but I'm not sure if it's working for me.

>> No.54285093

Is harmonquest any good?

>> No.54285096

So how do you make skill checks interesting and not dull binary outcomes ?

Likewise same for attack rolls?

>> No.54285101
File: 202 KB, 1200x1800, players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, since its the starter set and your DM is probably new, he is not that familiar with known yet with improvising.

With a session or 3 behind his belt he will probably be more relaxed.

Fun fact: most campaigns (even those in the books) usually go off rails straight from the get-go mad-max style. A good DM allows this and just goes with it and is able to slowly get it back on-rails for it to just go overboard again.

Just ask him outside of sessions to ease up a bit and to take the time he needs prepping, otherwise play a oneshot with someone else DMing so he can experience it from a player point of view, or someone elses DM style

If he still doesn't let up, ask him to focus on the old-school dungeon crawling aspect of the game

There are many ways to play, he probably is just worried that doing stuff to avoid conflict might harm the story in some way and has yet to experience that the best stories and events are usually those made up on the spot

>> No.54285122


I failed to mention in my original post; he's just as inexperienced as I am. We all started playing together a few months ago.

The thing is I already told him I don't like it when he forces us to do something and just let us do our own thing, but he didn't take the hint apparently since it happened again last session.

Another problem, the entire party doesn't have an issue with it for as far as I know. I don't really want to leave the party either, since we ARE having fun and they are my friends, but these moments can really ruin a session for me.

>> No.54285126

This sums it up perfectly.

For me, it is mostly the second reason, the lack of masculinity.

When i play female, i don't feel like i have to be strong, responsible and emotionless. I can be vulnerable, stupid or emotional. When i play male characters, i either resort to play young guy (who isn't really men, yet), or someone fundamentally flawed, so they're aren't really mature and sensible.

>> No.54285130

You kind of sound like a sperg that doesn't actually speak with anyone in the outside world to be honest

the typical TRPG player stereotype has been long gone, sorry bud, your hobby is now widespread, normie and has been played or still is played by 80% of anyone between 18-40 years old

>> No.54285139

Yeah sounds like he has no idea what he is doing and can't make up stuff on the fly.

>> No.54285166

Once again its an execution problem. Some GM would allow you to look up the information on the poison some wouldn't. The key is not just saying
>you know you wouldn't find the info here
Doing something like
>You spend the evening pouring over various alchemical books, looking into diffrent poisons and toxins to find out this particular brews origin. After sun sets and the oil in your lamp runs dry you are no closer. Also while taken a break you did happen to stumble upon the tome about [BACKGROUND] and also a lovely recipe book on making pastries while on the road.

Personally I would also also an investigation check to allow them to find the source of the poison even if I didn't want them too I would just make it a very high DC.

>> No.54285175

Find out how to do 14 CON damage, probably.

>> No.54285176


>ith a session or 3 behind his belt he will probably be more relaxed.
We're currently finished with LMoP after around 7-8 sessions, and he still did it during our last session. However, that was his own made quest (first time for him), so I think he was just really excited to show us what he had prepared.

>Just ask him outside of sessions to ease up a bit and to take the time he needs prepping, otherwise play a oneshot with someone else DMing so he can experience it from a player point of view, or someone elses DM style
Did both of these, but nothing really changed (last session was the worst case of railroading thus far, with him specifically telling me; "no you can't do that" as DM without providing me any arguments in-game as to why that's impossible.)

>There are many ways to play, he probably is just worried that doing stuff to avoid conflict might harm the story in some way and has yet to experience that the best stories and events are usually those made up on the spot

I think this is mostly the case. I really hope he will understand that we (the players) are the ones unfolding the story in the world he, the DM, created. We're not there to follow his story exactly how he planned it.

I just hope he'll see it that way. We're starting on Curse of Strahd next month.

>> No.54285185

Hey 5eg. Give me a few of your favorite names for NPCs or PCs in your campaign that I can use.
Also how do you feel about hearing names from other works of fiction such as a Atreyu or Grom?

>> No.54285218

That depends in what regard.
>Is it entertaining?
>Is it good for learning how to do a 5E game?
Nope, they play Pathfinder.
>Is it good for learning how to run a campaign?
Not really, it's really designed to work as a 30 minute comedy bit. Player agency isn't really relevant.
>But is it entertaining?

>> No.54285220

You sound like someone struck a nerve, bro. It's OK, we're all anons here, nobody is threatening your pretend masculinity.

>> No.54285245

To add variety, maybe. I've never done it, but it's not all that much different from playing a character with a totally different set of moral values and beliefs than my own.

>> No.54285256

Suggestion. After the current stuff is wrapped up but before starting Curse of Strahd. Volunteer to do a fun 1 night one-shot since it is a good narrative pause and it give the DM a vacation as a player. It then give the players and DM a diffrent taste. It takes work on your end but as you are all new the change of pace might be healthy, and you might like DMing.

>> No.54285274

Hit the nail on the head here. Of the last 3 guys I played with who played exclusively female characters, two of them were legitimately gender-dysphoric and wanted to be female, and the third was some weird "submissive" who played all his female characters like the hot dominatrix girlfriend he wishes he had.

>> No.54285297
File: 28 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and the third was some weird "submissive" who played all his female characters like the hot dominatrix girlfriend he wishes he had.
I know that feel.

>> No.54285298

1. make skill checks only when failure is meaningfully interesting.
For example: jumping across wide chasm. Is failing and falling to your death interesting? Unless you're playing OSR, probably not. Either don't allow the check, or give autosuccess. Success at cost, optionally.

2. i try not to make skill checks to decide success/failure, but rather success and reaching your goal/success, but not reaching your goal. Or success/success at cost.

Persuasion failure doesn't mean, necessarily you didn't persuade the target. But he might feel intimidated after this experience and will view you badly next time. Or he's unable to help you directly and maybe redirects you elsewhere/need something from you to help. One my GM once interpreted Persuasion failure as target being eaten by nearby monster.

Survival failure for tracking the target doesn't mean, necessarily you lost the track - but the target may have prepared ambush for you, or reached his destination, where he will be much harder to deal with.

>> No.54285301

Half orc Rogue. Should it play to it's strength bonus, or just build like any other rogue?

>> No.54285302


Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not sure if it works out. The reason we're taking a one month break is because most players (80%) are going on a holiday. Also, we already did a oneshot, because another guy really wanted to DM for once and we didn't have all players for that night's session.

On top of that, I'm not sure if I'm cut out for DMing. I really love creating a story, but I'm really anxious (even amongst friends) if people all look at me. I can write glorious pieces of lore (according to friends), but when I have to tell a small story about what happened the other night to more than 3 people, I completely shut down.

But thanks for the suggestion anyway. I'll keep it in mind and maybe it's a good practice to overcome my anxiety.

>> No.54285327

Most of the PC names I use are hella generic but here you go.

Morros Alkendrovich
Crunan du'Leagh
Ghalen Moore
Elorin Torell
Valos Timera
Khel as'Radiph Menaan III
Maesin en Vaat
Gnur Vosh
Vadiv en Saedur

>> No.54285335

Curse of Stradh is a really good choice, itll give him some inspiration and polish his roleplaying/encounter skills.

Tell him that quests or dungeons or whatever are more triggers really rather then events happening and that he might be overthinking the design process. Just draw a bunch of rooms, put some creatures or people in it, have a large but very simple overarching theme or story about the place and leave it at that. the rest is more of the environment reacting to the players, rather then the players reacting to the environment

>> No.54285344

you win

>> No.54285345

I'm not a big fan of hearing names from other works of fiction.

Regular NPCs I use: Sir Bryce Fairmore (Paladin), Eerie Magus (wizard), Abar (some kinda tribal, savae thing. I usually use a lizardfolk and pair him with Eerie.)

>> No.54285351

I always have a blacksmith named Rufus. Don't know why, it's just always my go-to name for a blacksmith if I haven't used it earlier in the campaign.

>> No.54285353

I do like the more narrative approach they take to combat in it. 5e combat is pretty shitty, but they ran whatever they were playing in an entertaining way.

>> No.54285360


>> No.54285372


Aeron Smiths is a name I somehow keep using

>> No.54285374

Depends on setting. In FR, there are names examples for every possible culture - then i pick one and butcher it up.

Atreyu = > Treya
Grom => Gorm

When naming no-name village NPCs, i usually go for German names, or names from our country. That way, they feel down to earth, common.
When naming no-name higher class NPCs, i usually go for latin names. They have certain air of supperiority and elegance.
Again, with generous amount of butchering those.

I would be bothered if i recognized names of NPC from elsewhere, unless the name is really generic and common.

>> No.54285417

>I think he was just really excited to show us what he had prepared
This does seem to be a large part of it, he thinks a lot about the material but doesn't make the hooks good enough to make you actually engage with and explore it. If he uses a module that should be mitigated, but it's pretty hard to deal with.

>> No.54285475

I always let my alchemists make actual potions with what they have/find. Potion of growing? you'll need <2 random ass magic plants> and a giants toenail.

>> No.54285491

The patron can not take its power back unless the warlock breaches contract. Your celestial needs a good lawer.

>> No.54285570
File: 443 KB, 572x476, cc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best single target nova build I can make at 5th level apart from paladin? Let's assume any official UA can be used.

>> No.54285585

Bladelock with the original version of the smite invocations.

>> No.54285610

I just play a female because no one else ever does. Also try to play a race no one else is playing just to add more variety to the party. I just play them like a male anyway

>> No.54285619
File: 7 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can someone help me come up with a fantasy combat sport? my players are starting in a big city with a arena dedicated to this sport because gladiator death matches became illegal. ide like for it to allow the players to use their features and spells without outright killing the other players, maybe all players wear special gear that anyone can wear to balance out AC, with weapons made of wood.

i still dont know what the objective would be but something that focuses on team work and maybe involving a ball or goal, or maybe even something like flag football were you are out if you run out of flags.

alot of eyes are on the sport and theres a whole market built around it with bets being placed regularly

pic semi related

>> No.54285624
File: 46 KB, 564x412, c99e0cc9f7c638674da0cccaebccb7ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A couple of months ago, but got reminded of it today
>We continue our quest
>he is super exited, not being able to drink had him save up some money and be bought some foam to crafted himself one of those warhammer elven-ish crowns and fake elf ears
>Really gets into the game RPing and stuff. Does most of the talking but the other peeps go along.
>Place them near a bridge rigged with explosive pressure sensitive plates and a riddle as elemental images of creatures in their past travels spawn, barbarian attempts to pass it and instantly explodes to 0 health
>While battling a variety of elemental creature images while having to solve a riddle, he solves it, runs over to the other side but returns to look at the creatures on the bridge, uses gust to push one of the elemental water kobolds into a elemental fire wolf, temporarily solidifying it and causing it to trigger the runes
>High-fives all-around
>Give him an inspiration point at the end of it all and cliffhanger it

When was the last time you gave out or received inspiration?

>> No.54285630
File: 55 KB, 630x354, Korra04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit sorry about the bad pic

>> No.54285632

Do you mean no paladin at all, or does sorcadin work because it isn't just 5 levels of paladin?

>> No.54285658

> original version of the smite invocations

I guess sorcadin would qualify, thanks.

>> No.54285668

Variant Human McCree Fighter
Battle Master, CBE, SS, Hand Crossbow
Action Surge and spend SupDie as required to land or boost your five 1d6+13 attacks.

I believe it'd do more than a Paladin? Haven't checked the math, but while Paladins at 5 get 3d8*2 worth of extra damage and BMs only get 1d8*4, being able to use them to proc a trip for advantage or precision to turn hits into misses is huge.

>> No.54285708

>not being able to drink
Recovering from alcoholism or bariatric surgery?

>> No.54285717

Read the Warlocks and Wizards UA. It includes invocations that mimic smiting, which can be used multiple times in a turn.

>> No.54285730

Yeah but I'm autistic so kinda want some clearer mechanics for it.

>> No.54285771

Magical summoning tournament where summoners get together to summon the most mythical beings. (You can even add in some combat with the finalist attempt goes awry)

A Maze-like sealed structure. It houses deadly creatures of an abandoned coliseum. An underground betting company is attempting to use it as a sort of race where contestants enter the place through a opening in one of the sides, and have to get to the outside as fast as possible.

Arm wrestling tournament where everything is allowed: empowered mage hands to alchemy to pure strength.

Festival Pinjata Smash Party Thing. A festival honoring the ban of death matches. 2 teams of advanturers fight each-other, but are not allowed to physically kill. Each team consists of adventurers and a pinjata-esque structure. the first one to destroy their opponents pinjata wins. Expect all mage teams blocking the enemy path with walls of stone, gladiators grappling and gridlocking or a one-trick pony team that just buffs their wizard whom instantly destroys their opponents pinjata with a double fireball.

>> No.54285779

Nice, thanks.

Yeah, just did.. thank you.

>> No.54285789

Lots of drinking in his student days and the habit didnt go away. Thankfully he wasn't an aggressive drunk. He decided to stop drinking alcohol altogether a few days after the session since he is on the right track now anyway

>> No.54285856

Inflict wounds my dude. 3d10 for a first level spell is nice as Hell. It is melee but all you got to do is take out any small fries that your party ignored.

>> No.54285859

Define and plan the mechanics yourself ahead of time. If it's a DC 15 check, rolling a 14 is quite a bit different than rolling a 5 or a 10. Given the situation and anything your players do to "prepare", think about what will happen in those different cases.

If it's some physical task, maybe a 14 will let players make a second roll immediately to try and recover and succeed. Rolling a 5 would be a catastrophic failure resulting in injury or some other consequence. Somewhere in the middle (rolling a 10, say) would not be as bad. Maybe the character fails but recovers without injury and can try again on his next turn.

If it's a knowledge-type check, you can reveal different amounts of information based on the roll (15 reveals everything relevant, 10 reveals some useful information but leaves out something crucial, 5 is only vague details).

>> No.54285876
File: 844 KB, 1200x1504, adventurers-fighting-goblins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54285877

I've started a D&D campaign on Roll20 with some friends almost a year ago and we never got around to playing again since then. The setting is similar to a more magic focused mix between Eberron, Elder Scrolls and some Final Fantasy design directions (techno-magical airships and railroad systems with a medieval touch). The first arc of the story is a pretty simple one of the party enlisting together in a volunteer force to help the guard solve a mysterious chain of people turning mad due to a drug during an annual festival.

We had 4 players, one of which (the Paladin) dropped off since it was his first time trying it out and not liking D&D after all. Everyone else is antsy to finally play again and another friend would like to give it a try, but doesn't find the time to let me help him create a character and introduce him to the game.

My question is: would you guys recommend continuing with just the 3 of them and cutting the encounters either down in size or by giving them an NPC as the fourth party member until the other guy can finally join?

>> No.54285946

According to DMG 3-5 character party doesn't receive any encounter XP worth adjustment. Then again, it's also a matter of party composition in terms of utility, DPS, other mechanics. I personally would not add an NPC, maybe adjust encounters on the fly somewhat if players look overwhelmed.

>> No.54285963
File: 1.61 MB, 800x697, 1464063813788.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want to do as much centered-on-caster AOE damage between bouts of horrible melee damage as possible. I don't want to throw spells from a safe range, and beyond AC and HP I don't really care about spells that keep me alive longer than necessary. I want to be the grenade, self-delivering and hopefully reusable.

How do I maximize the ability for making myself explode all over everyone unfortunate enough to be too close to me?

>> No.54286004

Wild Mage Tiefling, pray for a Fireball on Wild Surge, plus fireball yourself when you reach 5th level.

>> No.54286023

Why are you even doing this? If you want characters with more feats, just give an extra feat or two when you feel it's appropriate.

>> No.54286079

I want to make feats viable without relying on them being better than ASIs (like GWM/PAM etc.) and don't know when to hand out free feats. I can do it at level 1 and 5 I guess? Or would it be reasonable to give one at level 1 and not allow ASIs to be used to increase ability scores.

>> No.54286127

Looks juggernauty.

>> No.54286150

Skill Challenges my dude! Read the rules for them in the 4e handbook, and remember a few tips here:

1. The players should NEVER be told they're entering a skill challenge. From their perspective, it should just an organic series of tests.
2. Be flexible with what skills can apply. If your player thinks of a good way to use X skill, then let them use X skill.
3. Create different outcomes based on how well or poorly the players do overall.
4. have fun narrating it! If a player fails a skill check describe some complicating circumstance that happens. The players might be trying to ford a particularly wild river for instance, and a player fails his strength check. So he falls in, and now the other players have to react and save him somehow.
5. Spells can substitute for skill checks.

>> No.54286194

Illusion Wizard. Get programmed Illusion, then spend the next 3 years of your life programming the most realistic set of illusions to emulate a fireball. The fireball will be so realistic that people will subconsciously damage themselves as a result, inflicting psychosomatic burns.

Congratulations, you can now cast a fireball every 15 minutes. Repeat the process and you can do it every 7.5 minutes. Repeat it again and you can do it every 5 minutes.

>> No.54286217

Free feat at 1st and/or 4 sound cool. I would opt for free feat at 4th instead if 5th, though. ASI, while powerful boost is pretty boring (unless you take feats) - it's just +1 here and there.
5th level abilities are interesting more than enough. New spells, extra attacks,...

>> No.54286225
File: 46 KB, 288x358, waaat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or you could just learn Fireball...
Which you can cast in a little under 6 seconds...

>> No.54286228


>3. Create different outcomes based on how well or poorly the players do overall.

This is the most important one, IMO. A single failed roll should be a setback, not a dead end.

>> No.54286244

Simulacrum is an illusion spell.
Malleable Illusions lets you change the features of illusion spells using the spell's original parameters.

Assume a party of wizard, cleric, druid, warlock, sorcerer, and bard, all at level 17.
The illusionist wizard casts Simulacrum, targeting the cleric. He uses the Simulacrum's 9th level slot to cast a 9th level spell. He then uses malleable illusions to reform the simulacrum in the bard's image. Can he use the Simulacrum to cast another 9th level spell that the bard has, with a bard spell slot?

The thing about a skill challenge is that it is never just a single roll.

>> No.54286257

Other fag here.
My main problem with skill challenges is fixed target number of successes/failures. If i narrate situation normally, i can get to point where players action could resolve the whole challenge directly - even though we are not at the target number. Either i can stall them (which feel unfair to players) or let them win (which seems to make use of skill challenge rather redundant).

>> No.54286258

Yay, my power's back on.

>>54284964 >>54284995
Well, that's two for willdling and I'm easily suggestible. Wildling it is.

>> No.54286277

I have a randomly generated list off medieval german and french names paired with random character traits I use for one off NPCs.

>> No.54286285

I dunno, I assume it's a carry over from video games like Mass Effect. If I'm going to stare at an ass for 20+ hours, it might as well be an ass I find attractive.

>> No.54286302

I haven't had this issue. I usually find that stalling them can work just fine narratively, and isn't unfair to the players, because it's actually making the situation just as complex as it was designed to be.

I tend to fall more on the gamey/narrative sides of the DMing spectrum. I can see issues if you're more of a simulationist.

>> No.54286352
File: 163 KB, 452x452, PONDERCEPTION.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You use ass-shots as your character portrait?

>> No.54286362

You don't?

>> No.54286371

>party tracked down god of knowledge's personal holy library
>routed corruption in the ranks of his paladins caused by another goddess
>got into contact with him as the first mortals in hundreds of years
>party got info on how to stop resurrection of Tiamat as his reward
>my Wizard wants to eventually join up with his order and become one of his followers/servants because knowledge is cool shit
>get scrap of paper with random scribbles that will "lead me to him"
>get flown out of his library by his personal assistant sphinx
>fucker teleports the entire library to a different plane
God dammit.

>> No.54286376

Just Tempest cleric and use your choice of thunderwave, shatter or destructive wave with your Channel Divinity for auto-max damage.

Evocation Wizard can do it too but it's limited to effectively once per day, comes online at 14th, and only on 5th and lower level spells.

>> No.54286380

Why not? That's the most pertinent part of the anatomy.

>> No.54286385

Well if its the best identifier and impression of their character, then sure?

>> No.54286394

The problem with 4e skill challenges is that people come up with better substitutes for them without even trying, and they were doing the same thing long before 4e. The core idea of the 4e skill challenge, "everybody takes turns rolling a skill check each, you must get X successes before you get Y failures," just doesn't make sense in the majority of situations. It's especially bad if there are additional secret rules in place, as there often were in 4e (such as "you can only get one success from this skill" or "you can only get successes from this skill after you unlock it with a different skill.") It's much better to just let players describe what their characters are doing in story terms, call for a roll only if you think it's necessary, and apply the effects of that action to the situation using some common sense. Having players volunteer to roll dice is ass-backwards.

>> No.54286442
File: 852 KB, 1380x843, ordersix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54286467

If the players realize they're in a skill challenge you fucked up.

>> No.54286469

>I tend to fall more on the gamey/narrative sides of the DMing spectrum. I can see issues if you're more of a simulationist.

I am, but more out of necessity - i just am not as quick at improvising as i would like to. "Simulating" everything is MUCH easier for me.

>> No.54286470

1. The players don't have to take turns. What you're supposed to do is present problems in the skill challenge that appeal to different character's talents, so that the players will tend to take turns.

2. Secret rules shouldn't be stated, but should be presented so that the players can figure them out.

>It's much better to just let players describe what their characters are doing in story terms, call for a roll only if you think it's necessary, and apply the effects of that action to the situation using some common sense.

That's literally what the skill challenge framework is about.

Clearly, you never played more than a few sessions of 4e as dm'd by a retard. That or you're just regurgitating memes.

>> No.54286471

>No sane person risks their life because "HEY! IT MIGHT BE TOTALLY COOL AND AWSUM XD!"
Agreed, which is why in my games, people view adventurers as crazy hobos that are practically made of money, and only slightly more tolerable than the monsters they slay.

>> No.54286527

You fucked up if you put them in one to begin with.

Also, the main goal of the skill challenge (to give everyone something to do outside of combat even if they're not the skill monkey) is completely thrown out the window if the players don't know they're in a skill challenge. If the players aren't forced to take turns, then the rogue will just fix the problem on his own, possibly while wondering why this is requiring so many skill checks. If the players are forced to take turns, that's a dead giveaway.

>> No.54286573

Anyone tried Mage Hand Press/Middle Finger's Warmage?

Anyone have the PDF?

>> No.54286578

>That's literally what the skill challenge framework is about.
Then it fails as a framework, because it's worse than having no framework at all.

>> No.54286622

>throw out the artificer
>make a Thief Rogue.
>Throw acid and shit as a bonus action
>Let your player find ingredients they can use to brew potions instead of just potions.

And there you have an alchemist.

>> No.54286671

It's actually better than no framework, because it allows you to differentiate in a fair way the complexity of various tasks, and offers the DM a prompt to continue.

>Also, the main goal of the skill challenge (to give everyone something to do outside of combat even if they're not the skill monkey) is completely thrown out the window if the players don't know they're in a skill challenge. If the players aren't forced to take turns, then the rogue will just fix the problem on his own, possibly while wondering why this is requiring so many skill checks. If the players are forced to take turns, that's a dead giveaway.

Yeah, if you're a retard that runs them incorrectly, I can see this being a problem. See >>54286470 for why you're retarded.

>> No.54286738
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW in 4e I had my rogue do a skill challenge that had the whole group sweating bullets and breathing a sigh of relief when he completed it successfully.

Best part was, it was optional, failure would only have affected the rogue, and unknown to him (and myself), he had built his rogue in such a way that he could only fail on a roll of 3 or less.

it was a device with 13 locks, fail too many and it nukes your ass and resets, all they knew was that it had a shitload of locks and curses written in abyssal all over it.

>> No.54286798

Full spell casting and items that don't have an arbitrary time limit would be nice.

>> No.54286841

As a spellcaster, If I want to help other to avoid damage (like disadvantage in attack roll or more AC for a round), what are my options?

>> No.54286882

>what are my options?
removing the enemy from existence.

>> No.54286936

Which class is the most fun?

>> No.54286942

>if you don't like 4e you must not have played it, and if you did play it you didn't play it right

Tell me more about how no true Scotsman hates 4e.

>> No.54286956

I want to play a peaceful spellcaster that want to help other but I don't want to play a healslut because that's boring

>> No.54286964

Maybe a book with an adventure module in late 2018, at best

>> No.54286966


>> No.54286983

Nice strawman. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to not like 4e. Your misunderstanding of how it works is not one.

>> No.54286988

>Which class is the most fun?
We aren't you. We can't answer that question.

>I want to play a peaceful spellcaster that want to help other but I don't want to play a healslut because that's boring
Then might I suggest actually reading up on the spells? If you are going to play a caster you need to put in at least the smallest bit of effort and read the book.

>> No.54286995

>Adds immunity to desintegrate to Its OC monster

>> No.54287086

Give them Lore Wizard spell changing shit because muh potions and stuff. Definately a less OP ability on a half caster or whatever. Maybe make the changed saves required to be in the same category like int/wis/cha and str/dex/con.

>> No.54287089

I find wizard compelling though I didn't play much of it. A variety of viable options of what to do is the core of a fun class for me, rituals are cool, and they have a weakness to play around in that they're very squishy. I'd like sorcerer if it wasn't shit and if all the metamagic options were as good instead of quickened and twinned being basically required. I like resource management but not spells slots much in that regard, so I think monk and battlemaster (i.e. resources where I have to think about how to best use them in each combat isntead of worrying about whether we'll have a night encounter) are quite fun too, though they don't necessarily have a lot of options.

>> No.54287112

IMO, all they really need are more spell choices, artificer unique spells wouldn't hurt, but they got this great ability to share their spells and they got fuck all to work with.

>> No.54287131
File: 100 KB, 992x354, 1479774872934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54287152

that's a really tiny ship.

>> No.54287159
File: 59 KB, 293x364, 'kay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spell I'm alright,I wanted some help in choosing a class and arquetype, what's why I said "spellcaster"

>> No.54287178

It's a soarsled. They're a common form of transportation (usually ran like taxi services) in the city of Sharn. Sharn lies on a manifest zone to the plane of Syrania, which makes magic related to the air and flying and such more powerful within it.

>> No.54287208
File: 64 KB, 698x745, Weapon Category Feats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my changes to the weapon feats, changes in bold. Mostly
>SS/GWM can use the -5/+10 once every attack action instead of whenever.

Also are there any other feats that would qualify as weapon category feats?

>> No.54287212

fair enough. I thought the artist just completely skipped all his classes on perspective.

then i suggest you go read the book and come back with more specific questions. Most of the casters have access to spells that buff allies

>> No.54287239


If you're looking to be a true pacifist, you'll probably have to look into UA classes like Path of Tranquility Monk or Oath of Redemption Paladin.

>> No.54287276

ok, so if you don't want to heal, DO NOT play a cleric, druid, bard, or anything else that has healing spells. Taking one of these classes signals to the party that at the very least you will get them up as soon as you can if they fall to 0HP.

>> No.54287277


>tfw no one ever thinks to include spears or tridents for PAM

>> No.54287313

that all depends on how retarded your group is.
My last character was a Cleric, group starting talking about healing so i replied with "I'm not that kind of cleric." Was never mentioned again.

>> No.54287329


>> No.54287365

My character bled to death while the cleric did his impression of a gimpy fighter, but it's ok because he's "not that kind of cleric."

>> No.54287367

If you really want to buff shield master make it so you add your shield's AC to any Dex saving throw, not just an effect that only targets you.

>> No.54287387

I feel like quarterstaff should sooner be excluded but

Yeah that's the other easy one I've considered. Didn't know how much it was needed with the nerf to SS/GWM though, knocking someone prone is pretty good if you have no one in the party to do so/grant advantage consistently already. I don't have much experience, maybe I overestimate it.

>> No.54287402

I'm sorry your cleric sucks, anon. But in my group we didn't need healing, not with three guys flame striking everything into fucking oblivion.

>> No.54287409

>but mechanically I see no issue with it so why not.

>> No.54287435

>Pole Arm Mastery
>Both your forearms are replaced with 10 foot poles
What would your character do

>> No.54287455


>> No.54287458

Why is Mike Mearls such a... Well, what would you even describe something like him as?

>> No.54287459

fuck bitches?

>> No.54287465


>> No.54287478

handsome genius?

>> No.54287482

You had an easy campaign if you could waste all your high-level spell slots on the shitty, weaker version of Fireball designed for a class that doesn't specialize in fireball-type effects.

>> No.54287501

By all accounts his initiative rules work for his games. My theory is that he's a decent enough DM and even has decent ideas but he just can't write them down worth a damn.

>> No.54287530

well it was OotA, so take that how you will.

>> No.54287532

>when the party is all bards

>> No.54287568

What work better, a warrior that can go spellcaster or a spellcaster that can go warrior?

>> No.54287592

Depends on what your goal is.

>> No.54287596

>Stuck in """THAT""" retard group
>be part of it
>So butthurt when others can play out of the loop characters because they aren't mentally ill when he is stuck with the tank dps healer trinity

>> No.54287601

depends do want a warrior that can mage or a mage that can warrior?

>> No.54287638

How to buff Mage Slayer? Would one of these work, or both if it's still not strong enough?
>Your attacks ignore magical defenses, such as the blur, shield or mage armor spells.
>When a creature within your reach magically teleports to a space you can see, you can use your reaction to teleport to a space within 5 feet of their new location.
With both you would fucking destroy a spellcaster but then again you're taking a feat for it and it's still situational.

>> No.54287663

I was unaware mage slayer needed buffing. But, anyways, no, both those ideas are terrible.

>> No.54287727


>For the price of a feat, negate all magical defenses
>And/or follow enemies when they teleport because

That is NUTS, anon.

>> No.54287734

>stuck in that group where everyone else is a fucking theorycrafter playing characters that make no sense from a game or story perspective because they have this "really unique" idea for "hacking the rules" and showing how "creative" they are
>they can't do anything for shit without you to babysit them

>> No.54287759

My impression was the mage slayer is commonly seen as a bad feat, that is overshadowed for countering mages by class features (like shadow monk) and that is only useful in specific games once you get to really high levels since you have already taken all the really good feats.

Yeah it is, the first one working only for spells and maybe only bypassing AC buffs might be enough?

>> No.54287773

Do I roll my gold?

>> No.54287779

In the spirit of your suggestions, I would add:
* All attacks against spellcasters are done with advantage
* Melee and ranged spell attacks against you are done with disadvantage
* You gain resistance to the following types of damage: force, thunder, lightning, psychic, necrotic, radiant, poison, fire, acid, and cold

>> No.54287788
File: 515 KB, 1280x673, 5e_deities_historical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I were to make one of the historical pantheons in the PHB the default pantheon of a generic setting, how much studying on that particular mythology do you think would be necessary?

>> No.54287801

>* All attacks against spellcasters are done with advantage
that is so fucking ridiculously overpowered. I don't even need to read the rest of your post to know you have no idea what balance is.

>> No.54287802

Significantly more than the smartest player at the table knows. As with any published setting, the bane of any pseudohistorical setting is that player who knows more about the source material than you do.

>> No.54287806

Oh, I get it! This is satire! :D

Oh hey, I didn't realize Oghma and Silvanus were Celtic deities. Rad.

>> No.54287812

It was quite clearly a joke because he thought the initial suggestions were as bonkers.

>> No.54287835

sometimes it's hard to tell who is trolling and who is just retarded as fuck.

>> No.54287839

make it clear to the players these are fantasy versions of the deities, like the PHB says, not the "real" historical deities.

then read some wikipedia articles and call it a day, unless you want to learn more about ancient religion, in which case go right ahead.

>> No.54287896
File: 71 KB, 400x615, 1499873896788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Loremaster coming through.

>> No.54287934

It's not "trolling," it's satire, a centuries-old rhetorical device meant to display the flaws in another's arguments by employing their logic and demonstrating it to lead to farcical conclusions.

Now THIS is trolling.

>> No.54287940



How much of the original mythology around the pantheon are you going to use? If the god of Death just happens to be named Hades, then slim to no research is required.

If you're going to introduce things specific to the mythology like his Helm of Darkness/Cap of Invisibility, you'll need to do some light reading.

If you're going to get REALLY up close and personal and have specific intra-pantheon drama, you'll need to do a good amount of research.

>> No.54287951

"Getting it right" is not the only benefit of research. There's so much wacky shit in the source material that you probably would have never thought of that you can steal for your campaign. My players currently have no idea that they are more-or-less reenacting the Cattle Raid of Cooley.

>> No.54287956
File: 32 KB, 982x622, A Wizard is a Wizard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my favorites!

>> No.54287992

Unless one or more players have interests in specific gods (for worship, or especially as a cleric), it should be fine to just cursorily familiarize yourself with the pantheon through Wikipedia.
Something where the players want more involvment might require more reading on your part.

>> No.54288056
File: 222 KB, 900x675, 1380833783189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Like the idea of a Loremaster reading so many books that he understands the inherent nature of spells and can reshape them
>But all he can do is use one element due to being incredibly familiar with the climate he lives in, or another reason perhaps to do with his race or culture

>> No.54288099

There are Celtic deities with those names, but as with all D&D stuff, that does not imply any resemblance to its namesake. Case in point: gorgons.

>> No.54288106

You fucking retard, that was the actual artwork for the loremaster in 3.5e. It was widely considered to be even worse than Mialee. Fugly as fuck.

>> No.54288132
File: 35 KB, 300x432, books_dnd_livingdead_pic2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54288148

That UA looks like something that would need an app to make things go smoothly

>> No.54288156

some resemblance

Raven queen is pretty Morrigan

>> No.54288161

Is mystic the least multi-class friendly class ever made?

>> No.54288172

Speaking of, I need a new name for the D&D gorgons, the bull-things, because I'm a big mythology nut, especially greek and norse, and considered renaming the medusas to gorgons for obvious reasons, and when my players finally encountered one, the bard rolled the check to identify it from afar and I start describing and she goes "GUYS IT'S A GORGON!" so that settled that.

>> No.54288194
File: 156 KB, 400x569, Lidda-The-Halfling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just because it was the actual artwork for loremaster in 3.5 (it wasn't, it was the artwork in 3.0, dipshit) doesn't mean strolling into a thread and being all "dum dum di dum here is a controversial topic" doesn't constitute trolling.

Lidda was best girl. This is not up for debate.

>> No.54288197

It's like multiclassing wizard: grab a level or two for utility but don't plan on depending on it for much else. Best I could see for it is is grabbing disciplines with good focuses like +1 AC or advantage on Athletics checks. And of course the psychic focus that lets you become proficient in anything, but that's another problem.

>> No.54288201
File: 259 KB, 410x612, 1324674990804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can dip 1 Mystic for Soul Knife if you're a TWF Finesse user and get a Psychic talent to go along with it, like one that gives AC or melee reach.

>> No.54288209

>some resemblance
>Raven queen is pretty Morrigan
I thought Raven Queen borrowed more from Greyhawk's Wee Jas, but I could be wrong.

>> No.54288243

Holy shit, you seem to be actually severely autistic. Also what the goddamn fuck are you blathering on about.

>> No.54288244

TL;DR: it's TOO multiclass-friendly, so no DM should allow it, so it's not multiclass-friendly after all.

>> No.54288248

except that in 5e that wizard multiclass still gives you spell slots, so while its suboptimal it's still decent. mystic doesn't do shit outside of a couple minor tricks

>> No.54288251

Isnt that how they write strong famele characters nowadays too?

>> No.54288255

Godess of death, Chooser of the Slain, turns into ravens, is insanely bipolar, I don't know, they're pretty equal

>> No.54288263

>No Charm immunity
>No Incapacitated immunity
Looks like my GOOlock just got a new minion.

>> No.54288268

Wee Jas and the Raven Queen have very, very different attitudes on death and undeath. And I believe the whole raven thing is fairly Morrigan.

>> No.54288297

>I just play them like a male anyway
What does that even mean? A female mercenary shouldn't act all that different from a male mercenary.
She actually has a higher chance of being into chicks, because adventurers are often those who don't fit into regular society.

>> No.54288320

Right-o, I was wrong like I said I could be.

Oddly enough in the pantheons section of the PHB Morrigan is listed as a chaotic evil war goddess...
But then again they slap CE on Ares even though I'd say he's more lawful evil if you go by greeks at large and not just the athenians' biased accounts (Spartans DID see him as a model soldier, after all).

>> No.54288339
File: 44 KB, 364x576, 001_SOLDIEp1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 18, 19, 17, 17, 13, 17 = 101 (6d20)

Battlemaster coming through.

>> No.54288348

I like this chief of police approach very much

>> No.54288354


>> No.54288356

Are you delusional as well as severely autistic?

>> No.54288372


>> No.54288374

>These stats
Jesus tap-dancing Christ buddy, that's not a battlemaster. It's a VIABLE BLADELOCK!

>> No.54288378

>worse than Mialee. Fugly as fuck.

I mean, she isn't bad. Okayish art for 2003.

>> No.54288387

Did you reply twice because I ignored you the first time?
Okay, here's the (you) you so desperately wanted. But it's your last one. Don't spend it all in one place!

>> No.54288406



More like 'Future Replacement for the god of War' with those stats, holy hell.

>> No.54288407

Kind of depends on where you look, I suppose.

The new Wonder Woman film had Diana as a very feminine person; she wanted her man and loved babies and enjoyed dressing up and all that other shit we'd reflexively associate with women. But she was also pretty strong in her convictions (with a brief lull in where her naivete got a kick in the ovaries) and kicked a ton of ass to boot.

All three major women from Firefly were like that, too. Zoe enjoyed being a wife and even got pretty matronly for the most part, but was effectively a man on jobs. Inara used her femininity as a weapon to lull people into her palms; she could then take advantage and wasn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. Kaylee was a doer and an engine geek and a total dweeb (like any male secondary humor-based character may well be) but she also loved froofy dresses and going to balls; nevermind her ridiculous crush on Simon.

I guess it's easy to make a strong female character by writing a man and giving him tits, but there are other ways of doing it.

>> No.54288415

I'm trying to make a lizardfolk grappler mystic character to basically just be killer croc. How do I go about this?

>> No.54288427

Not him but I was asking a legit question, are you delusional as well as severely autistic? None of the others have been screeching or going full retard like you've been.

>> No.54288430
File: 20 KB, 296x666, 1480558640037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54288433

Wouldn't Barbarian with grappler and tavern brawler feats work better?

>> No.54288445


>> No.54288449

That's my list of names for whenever I roll up a Fighter.

>> No.54288462

A human fighter would have 20 in all stats and a half-feat at about level 16 with these stats.

>> No.54288472
File: 396 KB, 1920x1080, WP_20170712_14_15_27_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There were artists capable of drawing hot chicks back in 2003. The only reason there weren't many of them in the PHB is because they didn't have the budget to hire them.
Pic related is from 2e.

>> No.54288483

Certainly not second option. If i want to slay mage, i don't want to be one.

>> No.54288485

Do DMs here use average damage of monsters? Why or why not?

Likewise should we just use averages across the board for damage players and monsters to speed things up further?

>> No.54288489

2e also had that glorious Planescape art by DiTierlizzi.

>> No.54288503

Pretty sure I actually fapped to some DiTierlizzi art in the monster manual.
Dat nereid, man. Jesus Christ.

>> No.54288510

I wonder why so much of the 5e userbase is still so virulently against homebrew, but tolerates Unearthed Arcana, when it has become clear that there's often no refining or playtesting process before Mearls takes a shit on a sheet of paper and sends it off to be published

>> No.54288529

because homebrew is even worse than UA.

>> No.54288533

some people interpret homebrew as a criticism of the system and get defensive about it

>> No.54288535

Yes. In fact at my table we use the average value for everything: damage rolls, attack rolls, saving throws, initiative, ability checks, etc. It really speeds up the game not having to make all those pesky dice rolls!

>> No.54288547

Top choice, my bro.

>> No.54288549

wu jen/wizard is the most broken class in the game

>> No.54288576
File: 1011 KB, 352x198, 1368661946200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Dump stat of 13

Jesus Christ.

>> No.54288577

This is what happens when elves give into their primal desires, mate with horses and have offspring.

Hóros Fais

>> No.54288578

Is there any combination of levels that makes a Warlock/Cleric multiclass not shit?

>> No.54288580

You'd need to be really trying to make homebrew that was worse than say, Loremaster. They key is that most good homebrew is going to be deep within DM's guild or some dude's obscure blog, not dandwiki. Or not even published and tailor-made for the table

The dev's homebrew shouldn't immediately sanctified into semi-official canon

>> No.54288583

it could be that, but mostly it's because of the jackasses that say "Hey check out my dragonslayer class! Isn't it cool?" and it's level 2 ability is that it kills any dragon on a crit, no save.

>> No.54288586

Makes no sense - the system was specifically built for homebrew. These people are foolish fools.

This. At least the people who write UA are vaguely aware of the design principles, even if they flagrantly violate them occasionally.
Plus, the 2nd version of every UA has always been better than the 1st. Well, except for the mystic, obviously.

I never realized I had a fetish for women wearing nothing but water until I saw that picture.

>> No.54288600

It was meant as a sort of "jumping with them through the portal before it closes" sort of thing.

>> No.54288606


Post pics you lunatics.

>> No.54288614

Warlock 2/cleric X, same as literally every other warlock multiclass.

If you'd ever been on dandwiki, you'd know just how easy it is to make homebrew worse than the loremaster.

>> No.54288623

Warlock 2-3/Any Class X is generally the way for any Warlock MC.

>> No.54288624
File: 229 KB, 1920x1080, diablo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any of you would have ideas on how to stat Lucifer? I want to make it a deadly encouter last boss for a team of 5 lvl 20. Also if you have cool ideas for abilities shoot!

>> No.54288633

Yes anon, I mention that on the second sentence of my post, coming soon to dvd

>> No.54288637

tome warlock 3/cleric 17 to get all those cool wizard rituals. warlock 2 really only benefits martials or cha casters that can take proper advantage of eldritch blast

>> No.54288639

sure, just use a Solar.

>> No.54288644
File: 351 KB, 1920x1080, nereid2e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best I could do was literally take a picture of my Monstrous Manual.

>> No.54288647

I've been sketching out a character for a TN Warlock. Here's what I have so far. Please let me know if the idea is too hackneyed or if there are parts I should flesh out more

The character is curious and intelligent, but is impatient and lacks work ethic. He's primarily motivated by gaining personal power and wants to become a spellcaster for the power that it will bring. He lacks the innate ability to be a sorcerer, the religious devotion to be a cleric, and views druids as being too ascetic and doesn't really care much about nature to begin with. He was studying to be a wizard, but was frustrated with his lack of progress and found a "shortcut" to cheat his way forward and thus became a Warlock. He draws his power from a pact with a GOO (haven't really decided on specifics yet) and wants to learn more about what exactly the patron is and where the magic power is coming from.

>> No.54288651

I mean at that point if the players have a wizard you need some really crazy shit because the players can easily have infinite clones hiding in demiplanes and an infinite army of dragons and whatever the fuck.

There is no balance.

>> No.54288661

Possibly? I was just looking at some of the mystic shit and you can get free advantage on athletics checks as well as huge size for a minute and it seemed like something that could be a thing. I'm still new though so idk

>> No.54288676


what if I wanted to go majority warlock with cleric dip?

>> No.54288681

No, because i usually forget it's an option. I really should, though.

For players... i think it would change the "feel" of the game enough, so it would be less fun.
Also, the variety of damage particular monster can soak is good thing, i believe. I would be bothered if every orc would fall after exactly two hits and every goblin after exactly one. Maybe combined with some grate/hit/critical hit mechanics...? Like + 0,5 base damage for every 5 over base AC, or something.

>> No.54288701

Yhea well one of them is indeed a mage but she keeps it pretty vanilla in the use of her spells and skills. Im not worried about her beaking the game. (Btw the party is Cleric, Barbarian, Mage, Fighter, Rogue)

>> No.54288715
File: 153 KB, 500x673, tumblr_oneytvcMFN1unlm3do1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't find that one, but pic related was a piece he did.

Very nice.

>> No.54288717

Cleric 2 for channel divinity wouldn't be horrible.
It wouldn't be """optimal""" like warlock 2, but nothing wrong with it. Especially if you pick a domain that gives heavy armor.

>> No.54288731

I like this idea as it follows the whole Xtian tradition of Lucifier being a fallen angel

>> No.54288736

I was actually thinking about average attack rolls. It would.mean some enemies would literally be impossible to hit with some attacks and others would auto hit the players so the players would have to be smart rather than rely on rolling dice at things until they die.

>> No.54288756

Rolled 18, 4, 8, 6, 16, 7 = 59 (6d20)

Rollan bard

>> No.54288760

There's really never much point in doing 'majorly warlock'.

But if you must, a single level dip of cleric works for heavy armour and shields and whatever level 1 feature you get.

What also works is a 3 level dip of cleric in order to get aid - you can upcast aid with your warlock spell slots, rest, then start the day. Combined with inspiring leader this makes you ridiculously useful for buffing party health.

>> No.54288775

inb4 somebody takes this seriously

>> No.54288777

>all the assembled information of the god of knowledge
>takes it with him back to another plane of existence

That seems like the very definition of things mere mortals aren't meant to know.

>> No.54288781

Nice try, Cleric.

>> No.54288784
File: 256 KB, 1200x1534, zkTnMXd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had the party encounter several Modron once and actually only used the rule for that particular encounter for thematic reasons.

>> No.54288794
File: 30 KB, 292x257, 40 times kaio kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're that decrepit, sickly homeless guy with a guitar on street corners.

>> No.54288798

>o the players would have to be smart
it will literally do the opposite of that.
Players know enemy cant hit them? just attack roll them until they are dead, waste no resources
Players know enemy can't miss them? Bolster defense until enemy can't hit, or just save-suck them until they are gone.

All thought in combat is now gone.

>> No.54288807

Rolled 15, 8, 19, 17, 14, 14 = 87 (6d20)


>> No.54288811

>There's really never much point in doing 'majorly warlock'.
Paladins can apprciate warlock 9 in order to get 5th level spell slots to smite with

>> No.54288814

How would you roleplay a character with high CON, but trash STR and DEX?

>> No.54288827

Put on your plate armor, warmage! :DD

Not use weapons, probably.

>> No.54288829

I've seen advice to use it for players that use summoning spells (Druid or Necro Wizard), apparently, it speeds up the combat by avoiding rolling for damage.

>> No.54288835

just a big fat fatty.

>> No.54288837

>Roleplaying physical stats

Players are so funny

>> No.54288851

Or they could just level paladin for paladin spell slots to smite with, the strongest level 6 feature in the game, extra attack, improved divine smite and more auras and features and whatever?

It's not as if it's a terrible idea to aim for getting 3 level 5 spell slots from warlock to smite with, but it's effectively inferior. Going up to warlock 3 makes sense because you get 2 level 2 spell slots as well as shillelagh.

>> No.54288852

Rolled 12, 10, 2, 13, 16, 6 = 59 (6d20)



check these wizard rolls kiddo

>> No.54288857

i feel sorry for you

>> No.54288871

warlock spell slots are short rest = more smites

this isn't optimal and its heavily GM dependant, but it's a legit build

>> No.54288876



>> No.54288885

Bubble Boy, is that you?

>> No.54288886

>A wizard so feeble the party figher literally needs to carry him on his back since he can't move on his own.

>> No.54288893

He basically built the entire thing to be a giant teleportation circle with its own leyline things to power it and said that he caught wind of the shit probably going down here soon and got bored of what the plane had to offer centuries ago anyway, so no reason to stick around any longer.

The concept of that adventure was pretty neat, though. It's basically deep under an island used by his paladins as their HQ, which is more or less a giant trade island for artifacts and knowledge. Let us buy a few randomly generated trinkets and weak magical items as well as buy books and get answers for some of our characters' personal quests. Good way to hide obvious plot speed boosts.

>> No.54288906

Roleplaying physical stats? Sure, mate.

Probably someone who do "office work", don't work out, but is blessed by good health.

Fat guy. His bulk is mostly fat and he have difficulty tying his shoes, but is quite tough.

Some sickly looser, who has WILL and never gives up.

>> No.54288916


>> No.54288931

Where's the Mega of stuff on DMsGuild? Did it get taken down?

>> No.54288958

>play level 11 Necromancer Wizard
>51 HP
>8 Str, 8 Dex, 12 Con, 20 Int, 10 Wis, 7 Cha
>literaly higher chance to be one-shot by most mobs than not
wat do

Can't possibly get close enough to drain with Vamp Touch, Mage Armor only buffs me to 12, False Life is pretty bad as well and I generally almost die just by being sneezed at no matter the distance.
Putting 2 more points into Con or taking a Dex perk to at least have 10 AC seems like a waste on a Wizard (even if I'm more Concentration/Utility focused).

>> No.54288968

>not roleplaying extreme stats at all
>dumping cha to 8 and thinking your character can smooth talk his way to free drinks at the inn

yeah nah you're bad players
I bet you make checks for skills your character wouldn't have any reason be good at

>> No.54288990

Next time punch your DM in the face when he suggests rolling for stats.

>> No.54289014

New Thread:

>> No.54289015

You ask for point buy.

>> No.54289022

To be fair, he gave us the choice to go with either.

Considering my char for our secondary campaign had 13 as her highest stat after I decided to roll for her, though, I sure as fuck will never roll for stats again.

>> No.54289048

What method were you guys using for rolls? I've been using 4d6 drop lowest for years now, and it hasn't failed me yet.

>> No.54289078

IMO never roll stats for games that are longer than a couple of sessions. As you are, minor illusion to conjure up a 5x5x5 box you stay within gives attackers disadvantage if they don't have really good passive investigate or waste an action searching to see through it. You can also get some barkskin scrolls to mitigate your bad ac but that would probably be hard.

>> No.54289109

A level 9 warlock with two short rests every day would get 6 level 5 spell slots. That's 30d8.
A paladin that starts at level 2 (and thus already has two level 1 spell slots) and reaches level 11 instead of multiclassing 9 into warlock gains 2 level 1 spell slots, 3 level 2 spell slots and 3 level 3 spell slots. That's 24d8 I believe.

While the warlock does an extra 25% there, it has to be spread out over the day and for that reason I'd say they're on about the same power level with regards to total smite damage. Also, doing more smite damage per hit doesn't matter as a paladin can easily reach four hits a round with four chances to smite every round, so that's a non-issue.

So, then, you have to compare class features.
The warlock can be assumed to be going pact of the blade and taking lifedrinker (even though that's a level 12 invocation)+thirsting blade to balance out extra attack and improved divine smite they're missing out on. So already they're practically the same as the paladin but with a different non-smite-spell list.

The paladin gets a big lay on hands heal pool, aura of protection, a level 7 aura such as team immunity to charms, team immunity to frighten, channel divinity and a bit more HP.
The smitewarlock gets 3 other invocations, cantrips and generally more useful spells for non-smite-purposes and pact benefits.

Looking it like that, I'd say it makes for a good 'anti-paladin' that hates teamwork, but the loss of auras is kinda painful.

>> No.54289132

6 rolls, 4d6 each.

Her stats after racial buffs and everything ended up at 13 / 15 / 14 / 7 / 7 / 13.

Shit was so bad that I landed a whooping 2 hits and made a single out-of-combat roll in that entire first 6 hour session. DM and everyone else then absolutely agreed that I should just remake the stats with point buy.

>> No.54289134

If you have the slots right, the paladin would be at 25d8.
Of course, your assumption of two short rests per day is highly questionable for many groups.

>> No.54289167

> Ifrona was replaced by her stronger but otherwise identical twin sister who is also named Ifrona

>> No.54289185

I don't understand. He's got a lot of cool tricks, but still seems perfectly beatable. What am I missing that makes him unkillable?

>> No.54289232

Ah, right, I did 3x 3d8 = 8d8 for some reason.

The paladin's definitely better off on smite damage and has auras. I'd at least take back when I said 'There is no point' but it's inferior. And any mostly-warlock build that uses more than 2 levels of paladin will take forever to match improved divine smite that normal paladins would get.

>> No.54289525

They're almoat catoblepases, but those are already a thing in D&D

>> No.54289883

pics please?

>> No.54290039

So one of my players has been working with me on something for his hermit background, The discovery. He wants a coin that determines whether someone is lucky or unlucky, And then for something really mundane to happen to them. I basically have a small 1-20 table for both sides, and every other level the dice size I roll will get bigger. Currently the stuff that happens is things like "this food tastes better than you expected" and "you notice a silver coin on the ground" or bad luck being things like "you stub your toe (no damage) and it hurts a bit" and "the sun glares in your eyes and it's kind of annoying" - what are some other really mundane good/bad luck things I can add?

>> No.54290293

>>54289002 try the new thread.

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