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Join the greater good.

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What faggot removed the snide memes from the list builder entry in the OP post? Disgusting.

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Anyone around here been to The Vault in Kutztown? Good prices? Good Selection?

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First for Ork Tankhammers

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>greater good
>posts elves

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Let's say, one of the sisters of battle turned out to be a psyker. How fucked is she?

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>Venerable Contemptor
>fenresian greataxe & blizzard shield
>two heavy flamers

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Apparently enclosed Salamanders are a thing the Steel Legion have in fluff. Did they ever have models?

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Shut the fuck up and build a trench already

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She'd be identified in the schola and send over to telepathica for training. With the typical zeal and willpower the sisters have she'd stand a good chance of making it through and being assigned a non-shit post, maybe as astropath to her order. Way better off than the average Joe McWitchcraft.

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Depends how good she is at bluffing. She might be able to pass it off as a gift and become a Saint.

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nah they where FW only and open topped at that
i really want a salamander to

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It didn't add anything m8.

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>I play tau

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Honestly speaking, I thought Iron Warriors do not use daemons, no?

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why don't people just put a link to battlescribe?

it's free and works perfectly fine. There are a few errors here and there, but it's more than passable

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But that means she'd be kicked out of her order, right?

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I've only recently found out they got canned. Was that recent?

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Is it new Gundam suit?

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Because these autists can't figure it out anon

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Well, yes. She'd leave her order and join Astra Telepathica, then get a post with either them or another organization like the Guard or a noble house.

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Not a bad idea. How would you suggest running the spear guy?

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Keep posting dioramas.

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>leviathan platform
>Dreadknight sword
>blizzard shield
Seems reasonable to me, it'll be rightly expensive but Killy as fuck

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Are Scions viable now?

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Ok, thanks. Like I said in other thread, I want to put her in my army as a primaris psyker and give her a battle sister squad as a bodyguards/guards. I like the idea of her former sisters guarding her but also keeping an eye on her so they can torch the bitch down if she goes batshit crazy.

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Oh, and here's how to make those ork buildings.

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That's perfectly viable, have fun converting.

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Anyone know a hood place to buy custom transfers?
I have an idea for a Primaris Dusk Raiders army and I suck absolute balls at free-handing

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The miniature's so great it doesn't need converting imo. She even has sororitas symbol on her, so...

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Scions + conscripts are IG bread and butter now.

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You could try making your own.

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>pssshhht, nothing personel, kid

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don't know when exactly
but at the very least over 2 years ago
probably longer ago though

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>you will never play a game like this
Feels bad

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The stone spear is a bit off, though I suppose you could just paint it as a fancy crystal on a bent metal staff.

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>I don't play tau

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If a model has 2 chainswords does it get 2 extra attacks per turn?

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Yeah and it is pretty cool, it even move like a Dom.

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Going with my gut here:
>Venerable Contemptor
>dreadnought chainfist
>twin lascannon
>two heavy flamers

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Same answer as the last 5 times you asked :yes, but only with those chain swords

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Those remind me of FW "photos", i really love when they do stuff like that

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Fallout hobbies make great custom decals

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The Leviathan seems a tad huge for this. I'd use that for the Telemon, if at all.

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Salamander is also the name of an IG tank.

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Need to give him a skull helmet so his REEEEs can reduce everyone's Ld by 1.

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Size doesn't matter, killing power does. The spear one is actually as tall as a leviathan, though. Just a little slimmer

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>the captain casually posing while everyone else is desperately fighting for their lives

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big time

>can have a senior officer style HQ
>full squads can take four special weapons
>plasma and volley guns got better
>taurox primes are fucking value
>-2 on the basic hotshots is always relevant

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Is taurox prime spam brrrtttttttttttt viable?

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So I haven't heard anyone talk about the hq-builder website. It's doesn't have all the armies Atm, but it seems to work alright and I haven't checked but the points values have usually been right. Am I missing something?

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It's literally one of the most efficient gun platforms in the game. To the point of almost but not quite being broken.

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Not wolf enough

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>the single zoat in the middle of the image
Bring back zoats.

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Beat me to it.

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what's the best way to fill slot bases ? I have 20 of them and I don't want to use greenstuff to do that.

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> Primaris
> Dusk Raiders

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It's either slightly under or slightly over 100 points depending on your preference of secondary weapon, and what I'd consider the best transport in the game.

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Literally any kind of modeling clay
Just go to your local craft shop and buy a ton of it for dirt cheap

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>please log in to access this page
Yeah, nah.

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Oh god sorry, my autism.

It is a shame their model got squated

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If you can get Chinacast, Vultures Hovering with Punisher Gatlings and a Fleet Officer painting targets is scary for a bit more points.

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Single sheet of plasticard will last you for a hundred bases or more.

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bluetack covered in superglue to harden it if you really dont want to use green stuff. then just base over it like normal.

Or cut bitts of the sprue to size and glue it in place. doesnt have to be a perfect fit because the sand or whatever you base it with should cover the gaps that it missed

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>And here is where a significant number of our few thousand Grey Knights who have to cover the entire galaxy were cut down by dime-a-legion Lesser Daemons, thus lessening the defenxes for thousands of worlds. Nobody noticed, because the one Grey Knight assigned to that Sector never showed up anyway

Did GW ever answer the question about how Space Marines can have any meaningful impact on a galactic scale? They've shown they understand an inkling of what that means with the Admech marching billions of Skitarii around the place, even if we're meant to take the "and then the squad killed 10000 Xenos" as anything but propaganda one million men minus casualties is stupid. That's less than the population of Birmingham, or one Battle of the Somme.

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Could 5 terminator squads kill/hurt a primarch? (Lore)

>> No.54282949

Only a scrub one like Perturabo.

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5 random terminators?

No, probably not even 50

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Dorn please go

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Warhammer is not meant to make sense.

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Fair enough, I already had a spam-tier email that I use for such things.

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5,000,000 terminators could not kill Vulkan

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Didn't perty take on a load of terminators by himself, and win, at phall?

About the only good thing he did at phall though.

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I am fortifying this position.

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What is the best loadout for a maulerfiend, lasher tendrils or magma cutters?

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5 Squads, not 5 terminators.

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Perty is strong as Fuck and actually plans shit in advance. Think of him like Bane from Batman, in that not only is he strong as Fuck, but he's also as smart as Batman too, this is what makes him dangerous.

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5 conscript squads though, that's a different story.

>> No.54282998

Well given how Guilliman said that one Bolter round unarmoured to the head would kill him, almost certainly. They're only so fast, and unless they're a Perpetual or one of the Psychic Bullshitonium Gods like Magnus or Lorgar they should manage it. Dorn supposedly went down to a swarm of astartes, right? It would go down like Battleships in Uber. The Primarch would probably kill one or two squads, and in fact did at Phall, but not that many at once.

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How long does it take you to paint one line infantryman?
[spoilers]a little over 2 hours, and it still looks like shit

>> No.54283047

Actual painting about 20mins, waiting for shit to dry rounds it up to about an hour. I paint by squad so by the time I'm done with tiny plastic man #5 tiny plastic man #1 is dry and ready for the next coat.

>> No.54283052 [SPOILER] 

Over a month if I can focus. I think they look good.

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That's some pimp grass. Tell me your secret.

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Whats he reading?

>> No.54283129

Codices are coming soon.

What do you want out of your army's new book?
More importantly, what do you want, and what do you think GW will actually give you?

>all I want is Duke Sliscus back, with maybe some new Haemonculi Coven models
>probably get some new cuck-model to help the Ynnari more than the true Lords of Commoragh...

>> No.54283142

Jetbikes for HQs damn it. Or at least reaver/hellion hqs.

>> No.54283146

I want mechanized artillery and better Obliterators

>> No.54283148

been going at it with 5 valhallans since 10 this morning
granted i'm just waiting for the texture paint to dry so i can finish basing them but it took me a good 4 and half hours for the dudes themselves

>> No.54283162

>step one
>put in laspack
>step two
>point laspistol at enemy
>step three
>pull the trigger backwards as indicated on the diagram

>> No.54283163

Brigade Detachment

Marshal Karis Venner (Warlord)
70 pts

x2 Feild Officer
Power Sword
54 pts

Death Rider Commander
Power Sword
42 pts

Infantry Squad x10
Vox Caster, Flamer
62 pts

x4 Infantry Squad x10
Vox Caster, Grenade Launcher
240 pts

x4 Infantry Squad x10
Vox Caster
220 pts

x3 Command Squad
Regimental Standard, Vox Caster, Meltagun, Plasma Gun
171 pts

Death Rider Command Squad x4
68 pts

x2 Commissar
Power Sword
68 pts

Death Rider Commissar
Power Sword, Bolt Pistol
55 pts

x2 Medicae Servitor
48 pts

Fast Attack
x3 Death Rider Squad x5
240 pts

Heavy Support

Heavy Weapon Squad x3
x1 Lascannon, x2 Autocannon
65 pts

Heavy Weapon Squad x3
x1 Lascannon, x2 Autocannon
65 pts

Quad Launcher Battery x2
x3 Guardsmen Crew
170 pts

Quad Launcher Battery x2
x3 Guardsmen Crew
170 pts

Medusa Battery x2
x4 Guardsmen Crew
192 pts

Total: 2,000 pts

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I want Space Marines to feel like actual elite troops sent in to suicidal meat grinders because they are the few men alive that can withstand retarded amounts of firepower and still get shit done.

>> No.54283167

>What do you want out of your army's new book?

Some options for custom legion rules would be pretty cool.

>> No.54283168

You put the glue and then you but the flock. It's not anything special, just pva glue and static grass.

>> No.54283173

>csm mixed warband
>really want defilers made viable, and new units for khorne + slaanesh (probably will have to wait for WE and EC codexes for that though)
>will get lots and lots of DG releases, which isn't bad persay but not ideal

>> No.54283175

The thought of being able to put a Succubi on a jetbike or hellion board gets me more excited than a space wolf at a furry convention.

>> No.54283177

Personally i hope Ynnari get their own codex at some point with some of their own shit. They had "Black Guardians" or something for a while, maybe those guys plus some other edgy shit? I like the idea of eldar devoted to that one crazy prophecy and the god of death but mixing aspect warriors and kabalites is hardly "fun and exciting new eldar" its just eh. Especially since you can mix all that shit WITHOUT losing haemonculus stuff by just taking aeldari keyword instead of ynnari.

>> No.54283185

Riptide wing.

>> No.54283187

It used to be true in ye olden days of 3e, too, before the Update.

>> No.54283192

>really want defilers made viable

Aren't they already in a fairly good spot?

>> No.54283195

They've implied they want to have separate books for the First Foundings now. That's their plan. So we may actually get proper rules for White Scars, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, Iron Hands and Raven Guard. Shit would be so cash.

>> No.54283196

Bait so weak I cba to even attach a pic

>> No.54283202

Generally, just chapter tactics for every major faction.

Overpriced clampack character. Maybe an autarch with an utterly nonsensical pair of weapons, like a reaper launcher and scorpion chainsword or something.

>> No.54283206

I want 20 man assault squads and the ability to give my vets carapace armor and chainswords.

>> No.54283210

>4 attacks
>5+ to hit if you move (read: every turn)

>> No.54283219

I mean, theoretically SM could change the course of a battle by drop-podding/teleporting into the enemys' high command and perforating anyone with a fancy hat. But then they'd immediately die.

The problem is that, while the lore about SM capabilities are wildly inconsistent, we do know approximately how tough ceramite is. We know that hotshot lasguns can crater it, we know that power weapons and plasma go through it like butter, and even krak grenades can pop them open. An elite force of supersoldiers 1,000 strong isn't going to last long when all it takes to kill one is a lucky heretic with a mass produced, standard issue anti-armor grenade.

>> No.54283222

Black Guardians are Ulthwe, and will probably be in that book. I'd like Ynnari to be their own thing rather than All The Elves: Army Edition, but that's probably not going to happen. Though there was talk of a 'new side'.

>> No.54283227

Currently, there's just about zero reason to take many, if any, dark eldar in a Ynnari list, save for some blasterborn.
At least, thats been the case in my lgs

>> No.54283231

CSM Codex?
Possessed buffs. Options to buy marks of chaos as actual bonuses of some sort. Price drop on shit like power fists on plague champions and double helbrute fist seriously what the fuck 40 points for one extra attack? 2 Base attack warp talons and raptors, if chosen can have it so can they! Price drop on plague marines. Defiler buffs. New fucking spells i can cast more than once a god damn turn.

>> No.54283238

I batch paint. Takes about an hour and a half to two hours for 5 models.
Thats before highlighting though, just colors and shades.

>> No.54283240

>Captain Tyr reached the inner sanctum of the ship where Perturabo resided, he had only 14 terminators and 30 Astartes in Mark III "Iron Armor" with him. All of the Imperial Fists, including Amandus Tyr, were killed in the final assault against the primarch.

That's 1 Captain, (almost) 3 squads of Terminators, and 3-6 squads of Marines.

Unsure if Perty had any help.

>> No.54283249

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to look up custom transfers.

>> No.54283255

Before or after his ascension?

>> No.54283261

GSC. I want to customize my HQs. That's literally all.

>> No.54283272

Before. This was early on in the Horus Heresy.

>> No.54283277

>Another view: Not much more durable than a Defiler, and you could have 2 Defilers for his cost. Outside a Thousand Sons list (why?) not worth it. Surround him with Scarab Terminators or Rubric Marines though, and he's a force multiplier that's broken as shit. Makes a great Phalanx which goes with their theme well, on top of being strong.

2 Defiler > Magnus

>> No.54283287

What's a decent price for an entry-level airbrush/compressor? I think I want to try it out.

>> No.54283291

>1d4chan tactics

>> No.54283298

I want there to be a distinction between Chaos Space Marines and renegade Space Marines.

"Veterans of the Long War" just didn't really give CSM the feel that they had been alive for 10k years doing nothing but fighting each other and the Imperium. There should be two entries for renegades and for CSM. Renegades should basically be equal to loyalist Space Marines, CSM should basically be Chosen —but a little cheaper in points/power than Chosen are now—and Chosen should be more expensive than they are now but be rapey as fuck, since Chosen are CSM that have done even more shit than regular CSM.

>> No.54283300

No more new suits, add more Auxiliaries (Gue'vesa, Demiurge, Nicassar, etc).

>> No.54283310

$50 would get you a decent one.

>> No.54283332

ahaha thats fucking bullshit, magnus is about as killy as 5 defilers

>> No.54283337

Being able to take lasguns on guard Sergeants

>> No.54283340

Where the fuck from? Second hand?

UKfag here, and all I've been seeing is £150 for the basic starter-kit shit of brush, compressor, some cleaning solution and tubing. Granted I have no idea what I am looking for, so I don't know if this is expensive for cheap.

>> No.54283346

>Unfortunately for the allied forces, there was a complication.

What complication?

>> No.54283355

Hey guys, I noticed GK librarians can cast Gate of Infinity on any GK unit, not just infantry. Does this mean I can have deep striking land raider crusaders?

>> No.54283366

Can't recommend the Badger 105 Patriot enough. it goes for like $85 on Amazon, but you can hunt for cheaoer. Had it for a couple years now and it is still tickin. Especially since I was new to the airbrush scene.

>> No.54283373

Is there an actual model for a chaos contemptor or is it just a matter of painting and adding bits for flavor?

Not counting the traitor legion models as 'chaos' in this sense, I mean it in the aesthetic sense.

>> No.54283382

For Space Marines: generic Chapter Master in the Codex and custom Chapters rules.

For the Guard: custom Regiment Rules, Veteran Doctrines, new units without need of new kits like Veteran/HQ version of Sentinels/Rough Riders, HQ Chimera to give order to vehicles, a way to make the Lord Commisar T4 with cibernetic prosthesis.

>> No.54283384

>be a distinction between Chaos Space Marines and renegade Space Marines.

How about no. Just give CSM a clause that they can take regular marine units similar to how Genestealer Cults and Astra Millitarium.

>"The influence of Chaos corrupts all, including Space Marine Chapters. To represent the element of such a force that has been corrupted by chaos you can include ADEPTUS ASTARTES units and HERETIC ASTARTES units in the same matched play..."

>> No.54283386

EBay air brush kits, I got one 2 years about for £50. Works fine, YouTube is your friend for working it. I wish I could show you the models I made with it but sadly my army was stolen about 6 months ago and I'm still yet to decide on what to do as a replacement.

>> No.54283391

I'm new to the hobby and just bought some chaos terminators. What would people recommend I make their load out? I'm making my own legion to be one that uses world eaters rules with the sons of horus colours

>> No.54283392

>Using perspective to mix epic and 40K models in a believable way.

That's pretty clever.

>> No.54283394

Holy shit, isn't that like ~300 ameribucks? Unless there's a drastic airbrush shortage in the UK, there's no reason to ever pay that much unless you airbrush professionally.

>> No.54283410

So what do you all think will be in the Adeptus Mechanicus codex?

>> No.54283412

I got a cheap airbrush from amazon for £20, and a small compressor for £50 I think.

I just use it for priming and getting a base colour across the whole model/tank and it works fine for that.

>> No.54283413


>> No.54283427


Close to mine

>> No.54283438

Well shit.
Oh, evidently i don't know my shit then. Well yeah I'd like to see them more limited in what they can steal from craftworld + Harlequins since they have a limitation on dark eldar with the no haemonculus, then get some of their own shit to make up the difference. Like why not have wraithbone bodies animated by dark eldar souls like a Wraithwych or something using some ynnead soulbinding shit instead of a soulstone, some dudes who are trained by/copy the visarch and maybe some weirdass mandrake variant?

>> No.54283446

Do many of you actually use plastic glue over super glue
I've been using plastic glue for ages, Geedubs store manager recommend it and I never gave it a second thought, but I recently gave super glue a try on a model and it worked just fine

>> No.54283454

Plasma combi-bolters. Deep strike them together with your lord, so you appear next to the enemy HQ and shoot them at S8, reroll 1s.

>> No.54283456

I just really want to use the riptide.
++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (T'au Empire) [49 PL, 675pts] ++

+ HQ [6 PL, 127pts] +

Cadre Fireblade [3 PL, 62pts]: Markerlight [3pts], 2x MV7 Marker Drone [20pts]

Ethereal [3 PL, 65pts]: Honour blade, 2x MV7 Marker Drone [20pts]

+ Troops [24 PL, 396pts] +

Kroot Carnivores [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Kroot [60pts]

Strike Team [7 PL, 112pts]: 2x MV1 Gun Drone [16pts]
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui [8pts]: Pulse rifle
. 11x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [88pts]

Strike Team [7 PL, 112pts]: 2x MV1 Gun Drone [16pts]
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui [8pts]: Pulse rifle
. 11x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [88pts]

Strike Team [7 PL, 112pts]: 2x MV1 Gun Drone [16pts]
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui [8pts]: Pulse rifle
. 11x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle [88pts]

+ Fast Attack [19 PL, 152pts] +

Pathfinder Team [7 PL, 56pts]: MV31 Pulse Accelerator Drone [8pts]
. 6x Pathfinder [48pts]
Pathfinder Team [6 PL, 48pts]
. 6x Pathfinder [48pts]
Pathfinder Team [6 PL, 48pts]
. 6x Pathfinder [48pts]

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire) [39 PL, 825pts] ++

+ HQ [7 PL, 176pts] +

Commander [7 PL, 176pts]: 4x Fusion blaster [84pts], 2x MV1 Gun Drone [16pts]

+ Elites [32 PL, 649pts] +

DX-4 Technical Drones [2 PL, 32pts]: 2x

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [17 PL, 371pts]: 2x Fusion blaster [42pts], Drone controller [5pts], Early warning override [8pts], Ion accelerator [107pts]

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [13 PL, 246pts]: Homing beacon [20pts], 2x MV1 Gun Drone [16pts]
. Stealth Shas'ui w/ Fusion blaster [43pts]: Fusion blaster [21pts], Velocity tracker [2pts]
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/ Multi-tracker [64pts]: 2x Burst cannon [20pts], 2x Multi-tracker [4pts]
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/o support system [60pts]: 2x Burst cannon [20pts]
. Stealth Shas'vre [43pts]: Fusion blaster, Velocity tracker

++ Total: [88 PL, 1500pts] ++

>> No.54283457

>all the upcoming codexes
>fucking order and chaos shit

>> No.54283461

Exchange rate is about $1.25 — £1 at present, so ~$200. This is without factoring import tax and shit.

For example the Badger 105 Patriot like >>54283366 recommended is £92.99 on amazon, without extra needles, compressior, tubing, and cleaning materials. Shit's fucking expensive.
Which one have you got, mate? I have fuck all idea where to start — I would like a dual action trigger at least, so I can have it as a beginner's crutch.

>> No.54283480

It'll actually be

>> No.54283488


They're doing it because of the upcoming campaign you dolt.

>> No.54283507

Gross. you're right, you can. good find anon

>> No.54283537

Cool. I figured I'd use them as a distraction while I do the real killing with my MSUs of falchion troops.

>> No.54283538

You mean a firing stud? Theres no moving parts on las weapons

>> No.54283549


>> No.54283550

I use plastic cement whenever I can.

>> No.54283551

Their thing is not being afraid to die and mastery over souls with wierd ass robo-necromancy. So why not configurable manmobs of acolytes with lighter, but more skilled wraith constructs to lead and support. Add an elite unit fluffed as Yvraine's personal guard and it's a solid base for a faction. Keep soulburst as is so dying acolytes fuel your necrobots and elites.

>> No.54283555

Saw a dude post from the Rotherham store yesterday, he still here?

>> No.54283558

Iron Within, Iron Without.

>> No.54283571

Dear fucknut who keeps reposting my stuff,

Im going back and redoing all my infantry. A coat of Mephiston on the fatigues, administratum gray highlights, second Agrax wash. The difference is insane.
I hope you're happy
But Im not doing it because of you!

t. RGG

>> No.54283577

If it's something that has trouble staying together or I know I will never want to change it I'll use plastic glue. Otherwise I prefer super glue.

>> No.54283579

*ant screeching intensifies*

>> No.54283580

>"Thumbnail Screeching"

>> No.54283589

I'm trolling around Lexicanum reading up on Tau lore for the first time, and I find myself wondering why Thraxians and Nicassar aren't represented on the tabletop like Kroot and Vespids.

This seems like a missed opportunity to put some new units or mechanics in for the faction, especially for the Nicassar, since they're psychics.

With fluff in mind, are any of the Tau books decent?

>> No.54283590

i prefer to have skin on my fingertips so i use plastic glue when i can
superglue is for metal/resin and shit that is extremely frustrating

>> No.54283591

See eBay link above

>> No.54283592

If this is anything like Fantasy then "Chaos will inevitably win lol, why are you guys even trying" because GW is manned by drunken monkeys.

>> No.54283595

And what about for melee weapons are power axes still generally the best? And is it worth taking anything else apart from combi plasma?

>> No.54283598

>upcoming campaign
>space marines will have their new codex and will steamroll chaos into oblivion with special rules because Chaos Codex won't come out till most likely after the campaign

>> No.54283610

Did you save a thumb nail?

>> No.54283623

Claws are beasts now. Combi wise I would go with plasma or grav.

>> No.54283625

I want to be able to mix and match Ork Klans as it's described in the lore without being punished for it. If all we get is different detachments like "If every model in your army is from the Goffs Klan, you get a massive bonus" my entire army will be invalidated.

>> No.54283626

Do you like anime?
If not stay the fuck away or get ready to be throughly bothered by space marines jobbing to the masterful blueberries and the imperium not wanting a war of attrition despite having more people in one hive world than they do in their empire. God it's so fucking stupid.

>> No.54283640 [SPOILER] 

You shouldn't let random fucks on tg get to you, Anon. That said, I do have an idea for how to spruce up your tanks...

>> No.54283648

Just say "yeah these blue guys and those red gitz are goffs. Don't like it? How about I krump ya then? I'ze da boss, I says them loota gitz is goffs then thems goffs!".

>> No.54283654


>> No.54283662

We try because

>> No.54283663

But the battle is Ultramarines vs Death Guard. I suspect there won't be a huge difference of time between the two. For some reason GW supported a unofficial campaign event like this for AoS and Chaos won that, so I don't think you have to worry TOO much about Imperium steamrolling.

>> No.54283668

This is a long time coming. I cant keep using the "Ill do good infantry when regiments come out" excuse.

>> No.54283673

This right here. unless im magnetizing or working with metal/resin its plastic glue all day

>> No.54283675

Yeah I could do that, but it would kill my immersion which is half the reason I play this game.

>> No.54283681


It had better not be space marine Sigmar.

>> No.54283696

Why not have the acolytes be injured eldar who have lost limbs etc and now have wraithbone replacement parts etc? Half-wraithbone eldar who don't mind dying so they have less penalties during morale phase and are tougher to kill, but are slower and aren't quite as effective with guns now that they have to use wraithbone fingers, see out of wraithbone eyes etc etc.

>> No.54283697

How? If the warboss tells an evil sunz he's a goff now then what is the other ork gonna do?
Either he does as he's told or gets smashed.

>> No.54283703

>"chaos wins"


>> No.54283709

The next campaign, Assault on Karak, is SM vs CSM.

The campaign after that — which'll probably have a Chaos Triumvirate of Mortarion, Typhus, and Fabius Bile and maybe an Imperial one — will feature DG and GK. That's why those Codices are slated for release in that order.

>> No.54283712

>"The war is over, Diocletian. Win or lose, Horus has damned us all. Mankind will share in his ignorance until the last man or woman draws the species' last breath. The warp will forever be a cancer in the heart of all humans. The Imperium may last a hundred years, or a thousand, or ten thousand. But it will fall, Diocletian. It will fall. The shining path is lost to us. Now we rage against the dying of the light."
- The Emperor

>"The war is over. Humanity has lost. Warhammer 40k - in all its Gothic, towering, Cylopean, decrepit, doomed, rotting Byzantine majesty - has taken its first irrevocable step."
- ADB, BL Author

>imagine bothering to play as ANY faction other than Chaos

Why are you even bothering?

Why play a game where the setting ending is decided for you? Are you a bunch of cucks?

>> No.54283717

Next book he will be a Knight Commander, commanding from his Knight Paladin, rectifying a mistake GW has made since his inception : ^ )

>> No.54283720

This is your threadly reminder that Tau are totally great soldiers on their own and arent the least bit reliant on support systems.

>> No.54283727

O hi carnac
kill yourself chaoscuck

>> No.54283730

But they are.
Even their bred for war caste is wimpier than humans. Not by much but still.
What doesn't make sense is the huge shift from 4+ everything to 2+ commanders.

>> No.54283732

The only cuck is ADB, and nobody should pay too much attention to his views on 40k's lore. He's not quite the same level as Nick Kyme or Phil Kerry with his bias, but he's getting there.

>> No.54283738

Should I buy two boxes of gretchin or a box of nobz? I already have 10 nobz in two 5 model units and no gretchins (for now)

>> No.54283742

Eldar don't need prosthetic limbs. They can grow cloned limbs and surgically attach them to replace damages.

>> No.54283749

hey newfag, it's pasta. don't be a retard.

ADB outright admits to being a fanboy for Chaos in the hopes that lessens his favouritism.

>> No.54283760

Commanders suits have their own dedicated and highly advanced AI.

>> No.54283761

>Why play a game where the setting ending is decided for you?

t. tzeentch

>> No.54283768

nobz, you cuck

>> No.54283780

Still have no idea why BL thought it was a good idea to have the self-admitting chaos fanboy write the book about the Emperor and the war in the webway.
But then again it is BL, so common sense does not apply.

>> No.54283789

It's not pretending to be from the same clan that kills it for me, it's that I can't represent a real huge Waaagh! as it's described in the fluff with every clan fighting alongside each other.

This is what the concise Index fluff has to say:
>Entirely separate to the crude strata of Ork tribes are the six clans. In some ways, the clans are closer to spiritual groupings, while in others they resemble distinct nationalities or philosophies within Ork society. Of course, the Orks themselves see things far more simply; every Ork belongs to a clan, which means he prefers certain colours, has particular likes and dislikes, and is one hundred percent certain that his clan is the best and most important of the lot.
>Within a single tribe there may well be mobs of Orks from several different clans, all fighting together despite their sometimes violent rivalries. Such diversity actually benefits the Ork tribes immensely, for each clan’s Orks tend toward certain violent proclivities and specialisms that complement each other upon the field of battle.

>> No.54283791

Never knew that. Kinda disappointing, that other anons idea of wraithbone prosthetics are pretty cool.

Then again that's the sort if thinking that leads to Autarchs with wraithbone arms that have D-Pistols, so maybe not.

>> No.54283807

Because Goulding is an important person there and he is bumboys with ADB because they all hate the same thing (Blood Ravens being Thousand Sons loyalists for example) and are all staunchly anti-Imperial and outright use their headcanon to decide how shit goes (Goulding: SoS no longer exist in 40k they were wiped out after 34M!!!).

So Goulding gets ADB work. What people don't understand is MoM shat on EVERYBODY. Chaos, Xenos and Imperium. Nobody seems to understand that.

>> No.54283808

Gretchin can be usefull to use as meatshields, by zoning away deep strike units and being in the way for a charge. And pretty cheap units to hold backline objectives with. So depends on if you want that or more musclepower in the form of Nobz.

>> No.54283813

I heard they are a decent pick for objective securing

>> No.54283819

Retouched my Plague Marines a bit based on feedback.

They look good yes?

>> No.54283828

Welp, hivemind

>> No.54283830

No no, it made blood angels look good.

>> No.54283833

Yeah but those aren't all cool and "working towards my inevitable death". How long does it take to work wraithbone anyway? You could make the excuse that its quicker, so the easiest way to get back to fighting as soon as possible is to slap on a wraithbandage and throw them back in.

>> No.54283834

>why play a game where the setting ending is decided for you?
Because it's a good game.

>> No.54283851

>Goulding: SoS no longer exist in 40k they were wiped out after 34M!!!

>> No.54283857

I like them mostly but the WW1 looking guy needs more highlights or something on his mark 3 iron armor crotchguard tabard thing. Other than that i guess you could try and make the plasma gun look hotter with some white?

>> No.54283861

New Rumor engine. Thoughts?

>> No.54283874

You could make those a separate unit from acolyte packs. Just a mob of angry old men with necrobot bits and old edition weapons like Punishers, giving one last one-finger salute to the universe.

>> No.54283877

>No one here ever wanted to even try Lotr
>Despite my best efforts to get people interested and being able to provide armies for both sides

Why are wargamers such autistic faggots they never wanna try something different for a change ...

>> No.54283882

How do Ork klans work anyway? Do spores from a goff boy spawn goff orks, or do the klans recruit orks or what? How did they start?

>> No.54283884

Shadow Aelves for AoS

>> No.54283887

AoS, I think.

>> No.54283899

Yes, and cause kultur.

>> No.54283900

Looks like grenades tho

>> No.54283910

Are we getting a new edition of Apocalypse?

>> No.54283918

Sounds like good payback for EoT campaign and the bullshit that was CSM 3.5.
Get fucked heretic

>> No.54283926

Except that game specifically had What If scenarios and was based on a book decades old. Not being written by dozens of different authors over years.

Terrible fucking meme. Stop it. They're obviously grenades.

>> No.54283930

>good payback for EoT
>when they retconned the Chaos victory into a Imperium victory because of imperium butthurt

>> No.54283931

This can only mean one thing :

Plastic thunderhawk confirmed.

more seriously, those look like the frag grenades that you get with plastic khorne berserkers

>> No.54283932

>took me years to try it because "what's the point I already know how it ends" and "I can't make MY dudes"
Game is essentially a Historical, it takes a certain kind of person to play Historicals.

>> No.54283933

Spores spawn feral/savage Orks, who are then recruited into spacefaring Klans. It can happen immediately, having them join the Klan they spawned from, or it can take decades or centuries for a planetbound Ork society to get rediscovered and recruited.

>> No.54283936

paint the armor trim bronze

>> No.54283945


>> No.54283955

You need to highlight them a bit more or at the very least recess shade them. They look flat as fuck, fellow Plaguenigga.

>> No.54283960


Something, anything to save what was a mid tier army from it's 8th bottom of the barrel tier status

>> No.54283972


>> No.54283978

>steamroll everyone else because you have the most powerful codex at the time by far while everyone else has a pamphlet.
>people get upset, GW decides to pause the setting rather than letting anyone win
>years later when the setting restarts you still get to destroy cadia
>somehow this is GW retconning it for imperium fanboys

You want bullshit retcons, then look towards SoC. EoT was pure bullshit because of 3.5 CSM, and even then you guys have ended up getting more than you originally got

>> No.54283979

Yes, it's a known feature.

>> No.54283980

>Point tweaks
>Mechanicus can now use most (if not all) Imperial tanks/vehicles


>> No.54283991

Didn't EoT ended with Chaos getting a foothold in Cadia but getting their ass handed in Space?

>> No.54283997


Another fucking HQ choice please.

135 points is too fucking much for our one and only choice

>> No.54283998

>heap of grenades with a slotted metal plate on top
I have no idea what this is meant to be for. Some kind of trap marker or something?

>> No.54283999

>Loyalfags still butthurt about EoT


>> No.54284006


>> No.54284007

They lost in space, but it wasn't getting "their ass handed to them"

>> No.54284009

Obviously you havent played 8th yet. Ad mech is insanely good right now.

>> No.54284025

I got over that a long time ago, I'm simply pointing out to this fag
That there's a certian poetic justice in what he's suggesting

>> No.54284026

It really was not, even a little bit, as bad as you're claiming. Not even convinced you played in the campaign.

>> No.54284037

This exactly what I did, Anon. Now we need to find some nice sororitas.

>> No.54284042

Makeshift Anti-Tank weapon? So, maybe? Bundle grenades, stick them together, attach them to a metal plate and smack it on a tank as it goes past, or a door or something.

>> No.54284048

Also that was the 13th FoC was the 14th, but GW forgot and made it 13.5th because pulling a WHF not! End of times is the only thing newGW knows

>> No.54284072

The duke was the entire reason I started with this army back in the day. If we don't get him back I'll probably just play orks again for this edition.

>> No.54284073

23ppm with prism rifles, 28 with blaster and 25 for launchers

Exarch is 4 points more for an extra attack. Taken en masse with minimal sized units each with exarch to save points across two detachments, could it actually be effective?

>> No.54284075


Hopefully 2-3 HQ choices and 1-2 decent dedicated transports.

>> No.54284079

>human genes

>> No.54284086

>In 8th units can attack with as many ranged weapons they are carrying. GW words this new unit's rules poorly and we get a unit that can throw 6 grenades a turn.

Calling it now.

>> No.54284089

My friend that i know since highschool used to play a lot with his brother and brother's friend.

But the son of bitch never wanted to play with me a wargame even though he got me in 40k, he only want to play video games nowadays

>> No.54284090

>human genes

>> No.54284098


I run 30 with bike autarch and bike warlock as my main beatsticka in an Ynnari army

-2 to hit them and reroll 1s is absolutely brutal

>> No.54284103

>People believing the campaign is gonna actually be influenced by people reporting on who won where

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."

>> No.54284131

How do you run the 30? 3 units of 10?

What's your list?

>> No.54284132

If victory is inevitable, why bother fighting?

>> No.54284138

Say that to my nova cannon

>> No.54284143

Such a shame, because I love this idea. Ideally would dig a campaign where each GW shop/county/state would represent a certain planet/continent. Fluff written before the campaign and after to represent what occurred.


>> No.54284145

I consider an airbrush an investment so it's not something I'm willing to go too cheap on as I've been burnt in the past.

>> No.54284149

Ow! The edge?

>> No.54284159

They got their ass handed in space.
Chaos players didn't had the "eye balling distances" as imperial player had.

Imperium basically torpedo and nova chaos fleets in BFG so easily it was not even funny

>> No.54284163

>I've been burnt in the past
Burn how? What would be your recommended lower limit?

>> No.54284182

A cunningly hidden trap!

>> No.54284184

I want different bonus for Regiments which will happen. I also want an officer that can give orders to Bullgryn, but I know that won't happen. I think they know it will make them really strong if they can do the Fix Bayonets order.

>> No.54284192

"Oh the Piglatinus Campaign? Yeah I fought in that! We only barely managed to save Planetos, but because we did it was used as a staging ground for the counter assault in the next campaign."

>> No.54284203

Trying to attract the Adriana Grande crowd?
Cheeky GW, very cheeky

>> No.54284204

The outcome of campaigns has never been decided by actual results, with the possible exception of the 1990s tyranid invasions (which were rigged anyway since the tyranids literally couldn't win, being a single army against literally everyone else).

>> No.54284207

All I can picture is a trap near a sign of Orkish scribbles saying NOT A PILE OV NADES and it's making me laugh

>> No.54284214


>> No.54284220

I'd really like Commander Rough Riders and Boss Sentinels. That woudl be great.

>> No.54284224

What psyker ability gets them another -1?

>> No.54284231

It's been done before. Storm of Chaos was originally an GW campaign which would decide the result and Chaos got it's ass handed to them. So GW had to keep saying "B-but at great cost!". Eventually asked the public to vote for who won and they all voted for non-Chaos because fuck GW trying to get out of this.
>it's an anon uses a meme he doesn't even know how to use it properly episode
Wew laddy.

Isn't it the mask on the Autarch that does it?

>> No.54284233

Does anyone know the point value for the armies in Dark Imperium?

>> No.54284234 [SPOILER] 

Am I doing 1k Grey Knights right?

I was thinking of just getting into close quarters and doing as much damage I can with rerolls and such.

Also is it viable to put Purifiers and a Brother captain in a Raider then just spamming smite?

>> No.54284239


30x10 vanilla SS
Warlock skyrunner
Autarch skyrunner with 2x deathspinner

Rest varies, I have been trying various combinations of the following:

Farseer skyrunner (Doom)
Swooping hawks in 5m units with sunrifle exarch to provide cheap deepstriking charge screens (that trigger soulburst when killed) and grab objectives.
as above but with scourges (4 splinter cannons or 4 blasters) for some priority-target removal
10 more spectres in the blob
A second 30 SS blob with Autarch (no conceal tho)
CE flyers
DE flyers

>> No.54284245


conceal from the warlock

>> No.54284262

>No... This planet... is theirs...!

Totally not DoW II intro (before it even happened).

>> No.54284264

Nope, but i can take a quick guess for death guard.
From memory
Plague Marine squad, 183 points with the setup they give you.
158 points for the plague drone.
185 i think for lord of contagion?
110 for malignant bloatnerd.
80 for Noxious Blightbringer.
So 716 for death guard? I'm not 100% on the lord of contagion cost.

>> No.54284266


>> No.54284269

How common actually is this kinda story?

> Friend introduces me to 40k
> Get super hyped
> Get the starter box for christmas and give him one of the armies
> Go away on holiday for a few weeks
> Nothing but rain, so I spend the time painting the models to the best standard I could at the time
> Come back
> Fucker had thrown his half away, calls me sad for getting so nerdy about it and spends his time going on about how great weed and communism is

>> No.54284278

Because fuck Chaos.

>> No.54284288

Does this actually do well?

>> No.54284291

The AoS one went all Order, they didn't change a damn thing.

If they were changing anything, they would have given one city to one of the other factions.

>> No.54284299


Mine is similar

>Group of D&D friends gets into 40k
>Everyone buys $500ish of stuff
>Start playing games regularly
>Play less and less games
>Until none of the others plays anymore

>> No.54284306

Except those are BA not BR.

>The AoS one went all Order
What? What campaign was that?

>> No.54284308

>Titan owners so rich they can buy multiple tau battlesuits to act like accessories to their titans
Yeah i make sure to outfit all of my dreadknights in the latest daemon corpse fashion.

>> No.54284312

>heavy bolter is basically a giant bolt pistol

>> No.54284316


>I play Death Korps of Krieg (*recasts)

>> No.54284319


Had a few close calls won all 4 games I played with this so far.

>> No.54284321


>> No.54284326

Why are iron warriors fans the most autistic?

>> No.54284331

Season of War.

>> No.54284337

Sounds like he needs a trip to the reeducation center and/or gulag. Seriously he threw it away? What the fuck.

>> No.54284346


>> No.54284347

Awesome, I really want to make use of them.

What do you play againt primarily

>> No.54284353


Lots of videogames go through "phases" where they play a game religiously for a month, and never touch it again. Unfortunately they sometimes also go through a 40k phase and try to start it with their friends, only to quit a month later when the new *insert blockbuster game here*

That's how I got into it. My friends don't play anymore and never painted their models.

But at least it helps spresd word of the game to others right?

>> No.54284354

Oh right yeah. Who won it? What was the result? I never followed it. Lemme guess, Seraphon did fuck all as per usual and it was all Stormcast feat Syvaneth?

>> No.54284358

Well >>54284089, like Tau and Socialism, hate mecha animes because the are unrealistic but love to 2deep4you animes

>> No.54284363


>the ultramarine wank reaches the tongue in cheek IG funny pages


>> No.54284365

>all those counters for a game about rolling fixed scores

>> No.54284381

>not playing 40k stoned as shit

>> No.54284382


Anything that comes

The 4 games were against IG (very close), Tau (tabled him on T3 with minimal losses), Orks (as Tau) and Ultrasmurfs (somewhat close)

>> No.54284389

More to come.

>> No.54284390

W-why are most of the Tyranid items on the GW store out of stock or not available?
G-Games-Workshop... You're not going to squat the nids... r-right? RIGHT?!

>> No.54284393

Did you use a wash at any point?

>> No.54284397

>I play Dark Eldar

>> No.54284401


>Breaking news, the nids have been eaten by nids

>> No.54284403

He is cosplaying penguin for halloween, yes.

>> No.54284406


>> No.54284414

>two guys comes into my lgs
>spends a day talking to everyone about different armies and fluff and what's good and bad
>they collectively drop $2500 on full space wolf and grey knight armies and a bunch of books and the rulebook
>they return a week later with a fully assembled grey army
>they play a couple game over the course of that week
>never seen again there or at the other shop in town

>> No.54284416

>Iax is among the most beautiful worlds in the Imperium, known for its gentle climate, lack of urban development and enormous rolling fields. No wonder it’s known as the Garden of Ultramar. REVISED EDITION NOTE: DESTROYED BY VIRUS BOMB, CURRENT STATUS: DEATH WORLD.


>> No.54284417

They got eaten by the blood crusade, sorry man. Codex tyranids and GSC are about the past, not the present.

>> No.54284418


>> No.54284428

Primaris marines come to about 960 iirc. More than the death guard.

>> No.54284429


>I play Primaris Marines

>> No.54284435

Yeah if you still use demotivationals in 2017 and still think FOR DA EMPRAH XD is funny you dumb piece of shit

>> No.54284445

Fuck off Malcador.

>> No.54284449



>> No.54284450

Only way to do it nigga.

>> No.54284453


>I play harlequins

>> No.54284454

The Tyranids are one of two groups to withstand the blood crusade. The other was ghazghkull.

>> No.54284472

N-no bully!

>> No.54284485

>My wife's son plays Ultramarines

>> No.54284487

Fuck off imperial guard shitter, go wank on your half-assed barely painted Cadian minis while laughing at 2010 tier DKK memes

>> No.54284490

already a thing for elysians, they have a thing that makes "all weapons assault types", they all have krak grenades.

>> No.54284493

>that fucking gate art lifted straight from 40k
how was this ever approved

>> No.54284499

Basically, Sylvaneth got a huge fucking release of OP bullshit right before the campaign started and because of that, Order rekt all other factions from day one on.

That's why they switch from planet to planet every week now, so that an overwhelming victory in week one doesn't prematurely win a faction the whole campaign.

>> No.54284502


AND frags

each guy can fire 2 lasgun shots, 1 krak and d6 frag

Still not as OP as it seems, as it only works within 6"

>> No.54284507

'Cause battleships are just one dude and thus easy to hide, the other German Battleship grabbed some laser eye bois, ran with them over under cover of night without his support staff and blew the fuck out of all the Americans. Did get HIS Uber battalion destroyed, but a Battleship is worth way more than them and they killed most of the Allies too.


Yeah, pretty much this exactly. We know how to kill them, they can't hope to fight a single open battle against surely overwhelming numbers and their precision strikes could be performed by Scions or Thallax for a fraction of the cost.

Marines seem to be a morale boost rather than a serious fighting force, they certainly aren't worth the investment over an entire Guard regiment of good soldiers that you could have got out of all the kids you kill to make a Scout squad.


Tweaks I would like:

Cheaper HQ who buffs Skitarii, an Alpha Primus FnP boost bubble or something like 30k Axiarch Tactics.
Reroll One Canticles now provide a flat +1 To Hit, so as to avoid buff wastage and grant us our ENTIRE GIMMICK of good accuracy back.

Infiltrators get their +1A back.
Ironstriders gain Sniper if stationary/move less than 3" or something. Fluffy.
Vanguard guns either get +1S against targets they've already wounded, something similar to 30k Rad-Phage or proper wound spreading back.
Ranger guns gain their AP again or the Rend becomes -2/-3.
Maybe we could have our 6++ swapped for 6+ FnP? Unless someone is wasting a Lascannon on Skits we never use the invuln.

Transport that is a kind of flatbed Dunecrawler, like the Dust Tactics desert thing. Flimsy and has fuck all firepower (like 2 Phosphor Blasters or something) but carries 12 and lets Skitarii special weapons fire out the top.

Arquebi become 20pts instead of 25.
Kataphrons get a price cut and Torsion Cannon become D3 shots, Heavy Arc does mortal wounds to vehicles.
Kastelans go up 15ppm.

Mostly just restoring some of our old glory, I'll admit.

>> No.54284518

Rule 0: Don't buy everything at once, start small

>> No.54284524

IIRC, that gate art was from 4th edition rulebook. Most AOSfags were not even born when this was drawn.

>> No.54284526

Nope, weve already agreed Guardfags are the only ones who post decent full painted armies. Your diss is factually incorrect

>> No.54284531

>I play Ynari

Age of Sigmar is diet 40k, what did you expect?

>> No.54284536

Imperial regiments!

Give me plastic imperial regiments. Give me shitloads of vostroyan, armageddon, Krieg, Mordian Iron Guard, Elysian etc etc.

I've wanted to start a krieg army for so long but i simply can't take the ridicolous costs of FW.

>> No.54284547

Meh, two idiots payed the store's rent for two months in a single purchase, just humour them. All it does is keep your store in business.

>> No.54284549

That it? Thanks. Typical stupid GW. AoS was perfect time to make Lizardmen less static. They did everything right. Made them able to talk so they could write novels about them (which was the excuse why they didn't during WHFB), they made them non-reliant on Realmgates (but still made them important) and they made them able to hit anywhere.

So what do they do? Nothing. Doesn't help their book is god awful and match play is really shit for them.

Not that it really changes anything, sure. I just wish Seraphon did something. They've done one thing in the campaign which is prevent Skarbrand killing the Seedpod. That's it.

>> No.54284560

>decent full painted
Two guys priming, dry brushing and applying a shitty muddy effect for muh realism on their plain looking ass cadians on reddit and reposting it on /tg/ isn't exactly "being the only ones posting decent full painted armies"

>> No.54284561


You mean Seraphons, Anon

>> No.54284566

Those wins then affected the direction of the setting, but yeah, that was it.

>> No.54284573

>tfw your LGS doesn't have any qt traps who play 40k there

>> No.54284575


You can spot a faggot who won't last long in the hobby. Rape their wallet for all it is worth since if they spend $50 or $50,000 they won't be back.

>> No.54284588

Let's see your army anon

>> No.54284590

The fuck it did. The cities we fought over ended up being about as relevant as everything else Your Dudes will end up accomplishing in the greater scheme of the story.

>> No.54284592

Many Tyranid players (myself included) haven't bought anything for years because 90% of tyranid units have been completely useless.

Suddenly things that were useless are not useless and there's a reason to buy models other than hive tyrants, hive crones and maybe a tervigon and a few gants. You'll notice that things that are the most good are the most sold out, try finding a box of hive guard in the US, shit ain't easy.

>> No.54284594

Transport would look a bit like Pic Related, except obviously more Admech.

Also probably would want Dragoons to get some kind of damage buff to make them worth taking over Ironstriders, perhaps just a point of AP or something, and give Rusties +1A to increase Mortal Wound chances for their expensive asses.

>> No.54284595


>> No.54284599


>> No.54284603

What can beat the Scorpion II for the price?

>> No.54284611

put up a notice in craigslist
"Male seeks girl(male) for fun wargaming at LGS. Army supplied if needed. Rules explained also if needed. Willing to pay extra for regular meets. Contact [email protected]"

>> No.54284612

Ironically the lgs manager took them aside and told them she thought it was a bad idea to buy all that at once, I asked later why they wouldn't just milk them to death she told me how much they paid and said that if they became long time customers and didn't instantly burn out they'd pay a lot more than that over their hobby lifetime

>> No.54284617

>in a shocking turn of events, the nids have been mined by squats

>> No.54284621

And yours is.....where?
Oh right. Next to those Tyranid, Eldar, Deathwing, and KDK forces that get posted here every day.
If every day was never

>> No.54284623

>running magnus outside of 1k sons army

>> No.54284625

Gimme plastic Ratling snipers already GW fuck.

>> No.54284634

People who are willing to frviolously splash retarded amounts of dosh at something in which they have a very sudden interest were never going to become long-time customers.

>> No.54284635

why are lascannon predators so based?

>> No.54284644

>GW words this new unit's rules poorly and we get a unit that can throw 6 grenades a turn.
fw already did that so we got elysian veterans throwing 10+ 10d6 grenades + firing all their normal weapons

>> No.54284646

Silly anime poster

>> No.54284647

I just want warriors for snaps on the fly.
More formations too.

>> No.54284651

>doubting tactical acumen of 1d4chan

Get out reddit.

>> No.54284654

razorbacks are double-based

>> No.54284659

That's about the saddest thing I've ever read and we need it desperately.

Actually we don't. A local gaming store has a qt Asian in lolita dress standing at the cash register and I can't for the life of me bring myself to walk into a store that cringey[/spoiler}

>> No.54284670

This is actual canon in 8th edition. Hive Fleet Hydra has arrived in the galaxy and has been eating existing splinter fleets and ignoring planets.

Nids are literally being eaten by nids.

This kills leviathanfags, who are the nid equivalent of ultrafags.

>> No.54284671 [DELETED] 

1d4chan is reddit incarnate faggot

>> No.54284676

First, never trust 1d4chan tactics.
Second, at least have the decency to post the bullet point RIGHT BELOW that, where the bullshit you quoted is debunked.

>> No.54284678

There's no fun allowed in the plastic range!

>> No.54284681

>Actually we don't. A local gaming store has a qt Asian in lolita dress standing at the cash register and I can't for the life of me bring myself to walk into a store that cringey
Then stay away from 4chan, normalfag redditor

>> No.54284682

>I can't for the life of me bring myself to walk into a store that cringey

I know this feeling well. I don't mind hanging out with nerdy dudes to take part in my nerdy hobby but some people at my LGS are just uncomfortable to observe in a social setting. Nowadays I just buy everything exclusively online and invite friends to use my models to play as long as they chip in for beer.

>> No.54284686

Anon, 1d4chan is just a pretext for people to shitpost and advocate ridiculous cheese that doesn't even work half the time. It's good for the memes, that's about it.

>> No.54284693

>More formations too.
Fuck off, Formations ruined 40k and off all the changes in 8th, taking Formations away was the second best, right behind making AP a modifier again.

>> No.54284695

t. 1d4chan tactica """"""""contributor""""""""

>> No.54284697

Go on anon, show us your decently painted army so we can get a good example, but sure to not accidentally pull pictures from Reddit

>> No.54284699

Ok, you balance Nids. I liked them because it made wacky groups for nid players.

>> No.54284700

Lizardmen are actually one of the strongest armies in the game, but, hey, whatever.

>> No.54284709

>Formations ruined 40k

Give a single reason why formations are a bad thing. I'll wait.

>> No.54284714

I think you meant
>normie get out REEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.54284721

mmm... thanks for the idea anon.

>> No.54284724

900 points of free skitarii stuff.
500 points of free rhino

>> No.54284725

Kindly fuck right off. I never post my dudes on reddit.

>> No.54284726

>anything non DEATH
>strongest army

pick one.

>> No.54284741

And ?

>> No.54284742

>guard player
>defensive when he gets told
>tu quoque
>reddit and morty image
>ipad/iphone filename
You rolled the yahtzee of faggot

>> No.54284745

I don't need warriors. I have 15 and 3 primes already.

>> No.54284746

How do you stay sane touching up line troops? I've gotten this far and already feel burned out. Meanwhile.....

>> No.54284748



>> No.54284753

>A local gaming store has a qt Asian in lolita dress standing at the cash register and I can't for the life of me bring myself to walk into a store that cringey

What are you? Gay?

>> No.54284757

>6/10 passable trap goes to my lgs
>we become good buds (no homo)
>doesn't play harliquens
>doesn't center every conversation around "muh sexuality"
>tells enough self referential jokes so that it doesn't feel like taboo to mention the fact he crossdresses and other weird stuff not really that common
Every lgs needs a based trap

>> No.54284761

I still have this ahead of me.
Pray for me

>> No.54284762

>he didn't paint recognition stripes on his leman russ
Get a load of this faggot

>> No.54284763

How is fielding a 3000 points admech army in a 1850 points game a good idea again ?

>> No.54284767

Oh yeah, sure. That's certainly true. But don't forget how Bloodbound are nearly unbeatable.

>> No.54284768

Trap as in wearing woman's clothing or just looks feminine

>> No.54284772

>anon lends out expensive models as long as the other person is cool and brings snacks and beer
Please move to Kentucky

>> No.54284773

Actually, the current interaction between Termagants and Tervigons is pretty much how a good Tervigon/Termagant formation should have looked like. The main difference would be that the formation would have taxed you some nonsensical unit on top of those two. Like "you can only replace Termagants if they stand within 3.68" of the unit of Tyranid Warriors in this Formation."

The current synergy rules replace everything that made formations good and fun without any of the tax unit and free wargear bullshit that 7th was filled with.

As I said, tax units and free wargear. The king of that shit was the Space Marine Gladius, with FREE FUCKING TRANSPORTS. Nothing can justify that bullshit advantage. Similarly, the Harlequin formations that forced you to play shitty Starweaver simply so you were allowed to play their other units.

>> No.54284774

To be fair, the Skitarii were still not Tier 0 even WITH that, they kinda needed the Scout+Crusader given by their formation to play normally with their lack of transports.
It was strong, yeah, but also very restrictive and predictable.

>> No.54284777

Why would a multi-image you took of your own shit have a 4chan filename

>> No.54284780

If you dont see the problem with Factions fielding 20% to 80% more points than the other player in a game balanced around points you are definetly on the spectrum.

>> No.54284790

>everything's 4+/4+

>> No.54284793 [DELETED] 

Can we stop with the fucking trannyposting please?

>> No.54284794

They are if you use cheese/WAAC shit. Ripperdactyls, for example, are so much weaker in match play than regular. Kroak as well. Factions like Undead and Bloodbound are worse. Former has all the Ld shit and the latter is in your face by turn 2.

>my dudes
>4chan filename


>> No.54284798

>he doesn't make a custom unique insignia for his Russes and instead paints giant obvious-ass stripes on a vehicle in the only army in the game that has historically used CAMO NETTING

Which Tau sept do you play?

>> No.54284800

The picture must have not loaded or something, I still can't see your army anon, do you maybe not have one up to your own standards? Do you even have an army at all? :^)

>> No.54284801



>> No.54284802

>Trooper Perkins has already faced sanction for his “Funny T’au Ethereal” impression. You are advised to visit the Medicae tent for a demonstration both of the perils of humour on the battlefield and a demonstration on how to dress and treat a wound from a bolt weapon.

>> No.54284804

>his own

>> No.54284813


How is it not ? Reminder that War Convo wasn't even crushing the competitive scence by the way.

Also, you are talking about it like everyone ran that kind of shit outside of tournament. The only formations at my LGS were played by a Necron and KDK player and all it did was making their army playable

>> No.54284819


On my phone at work. Saved it from a previous thread because the original was a png (I formatted like an idiot) and I wanted an easily posted version. I have the original photos if you want a dump.

>> No.54284823


>summoning armies
>good outside narrative play

I chuckled

>> No.54284825

>woman's clothing
>calls themselves a trap
>tells me they literally do workouts to try and tone without adding too much muscle mass
I'd consider that trap tier

>> No.54284828

Well done, you figured it out.

>> No.54284829

Utter bollocks

>7ft tall biological weapon designed purely to fight
>5+ save

>At best 6ft tall human armed with sword and shield
>3+ save
>Does more damage on average as well

Uh-huh. Tell me how Seraphon are 'one of the strongest armies' without resorting to WAAC lists. Because guess what? In Matched Play, Seraphon are dog shit as you cannot summon and all their good units are useless.

>> No.54284830

It's fine in a balance sense so long as both armies are actually capable of fielding roughly the same amount of extra points in wargear and upgrades.

The problems arise when you have an army that can field shitloads of extra points vs one that can't or where one has really shitty wargear options.

>> No.54284833

Because she literally just stands there so fat nerds come in and drool over her.
I have a problem with coming off as weird and creepy at the best of times, never mind when I actually walk in a store where a girl is nerdbaiting.

>Captcha making me pick fedoras.
How kind of you.

>> No.54284843


IDK about fantasy, but chaos summoning can work decently with 8th matched rules

Move 20" with valk, drop renegade characters, summon 1500+ points of demons in the enemy's face

>> No.54284849

Any ideas or tips for running adeptus custodes in 8th? I'm thinking about running an ordo malleus inquisitor as an hq and just use my tribune model but what do i do with the rest of my army? Just spam custodes squads?

>> No.54284855

Well, you would need to leave for that to happen.

>> No.54284859


>tips for running adeptus custodes in 8th?


Well, unless you have a fetish for losing

>> No.54284868 [DELETED] 

Fuck off. Go back to >>>/soc/

>> No.54284869

>not fucking trannies
>in the [current year]
What are you gay?

>> No.54284878

Summoning in AoS is just Deep Strike. It sucks because Seraphon are out done in combat with their basic units. Their good units suffer from Rule of 1.

Don't unless you're making 8th edition rules for their 30k shit because there's only one unit in 40k (outside of generic Dreads et al) and they're so expensive and multi damage guns so regular they're dead before then.

>> No.54284888 [DELETED] 

>the current year
>not fucking off back to your containment board(s)
Go back

>> No.54284891

Except there is a Battalion where Saurus Guard get 2+ saves that ignore -1 Rend and do D3 damage on each of their 3 attacks.

Add to that the Bastilladons barfing out mortal wound snakes and an Engine of the Gods for a potential three turns in a row.

Do you even Star Lizard, bitch?

>> No.54284900

Where are his fingers?

>> No.54284901


>he doesn't know about the vampire lord on dragon cheese
>he doesn't know how fondamaly broken sephulcral stalkers are, to the point they are getting nerfed in the GH2
>implying skeletons aren't the best baseline of the game.

>> No.54284904

>falling for obvious bait
come on son

>> No.54284908

>reeeeee leave my safe space alone!!!

So how's your Adepta Sororitas army going?

>> No.54284909 [DELETED] 


>> No.54284920

Basically, whichever klan finds the "newborn" orks first teaches them their klan's ways.

Although some have a genetic disposition for being in / leaning towards a certain klan and just hang out with likeminded people.

>Bad Moon orks naturally grow teeth (currency) faster than other orks
>Death Skulls genetically more likely to suffer from kleptomania
>Goffs naturally more aggressive / straighforward

>> No.54284928


>Implying he does not play Dark Angels

>> No.54284944

>he doesn't know how fondamaly broken sephulcral stalkers are, to the point they are getting nerfed in the GH2
Yep. And you know what else they are? Out of Production. So you'd need to be either rich as fuck or one of the three WHFB players who didn't stop playing with AoS to even have them.

>> No.54284951

Princeps of the Titan Legion Ingestus Titanicus

>> No.54284957

>leman russes have been frequently painted with recognition stripes for decades by FW studio painters and depicted with them in official art for just as long
>"muh dudes"
>hurr Tau

>> No.54284960


>> No.54284962

Go back to tumblr if you're gonna get so triggered :^)

>> No.54284966


>> No.54284969

looks like squad sizes for reivers and plague marines is 3.
is this going to be some new thing to speed up games and make them more newbie friendly.

>> No.54284972

2+ Save is irrelevant when they have 1 wound and Mortal Wounds are dished out regularly. They're also expensive. Bastilladons are incredibly random and can do literally nothing every turn. Engine of the Gods is literally so unlikely to get the extra turn it's hilarious. Even with a Slann it's 4D6 and you drop one. You need 3 6's.

The problem is, as I said, their basic troops are weak as shit. Skinks are taken out with farts and Saurus Warriors are reliant completely on Mystic Shield but oops you can only cast it once per turn :^) The only way you're gonna beat Bloodbound is with a Carnosaur, Troglodon, Dread Saurian + Stardrake Banner wombo combo. By then you're gonna be killed anyway by their bajillions of awesome units.

>> No.54284981

If I remember correctly they only get those benefits if they don't move. So congrats, you are holding one objective. Also, the shitton of mortal wounds any army can dish out in AoS fucks up your tanky guard pretty quick.

Meanwhile, skyfires/kurnoths/kharadrims sniped your characters two turns ago.

>> No.54284983

In your mom's holes. Cobblepot is up to his chins in poon.

>> No.54284992

Easy as fuck to convert tho

>> No.54284993

What do you guys think of the Know No Fear starting box? My friends want a good starting point for the hobby and I was going to recommend it to them but it seems to favor SM slightly.

Just curious how the balance is, figured it should be able the same as Dark Imperium right?

>> No.54284997

>perfectly valid reason to avoid recognition striped in favor of a less visible identification
Never mind that the whole hobby is about finding your own scheme. Get out.

>> No.54285033

For anyone wondering, Reivers are Elites at PL 4, that's all my local GW store manager told me.

>> No.54285042

I guess there's no problem with me painting my marines like tau then.

>> No.54285047

>gaunt summoner of tzeentch (100 points) casts infernal flames
>half of the saurus guard dies

>> No.54285057

>what is a starter set
No, they're not. In fact, the pdf already tells us that Reivers are 5-10. The datasheets in the Easy to Build boxes apply to only those starter games and potentially to Power Level games.

In Matched you are still required to field a min-size unit (or pay for a min-size unit and field less).

>> No.54285062

>no one can stop me from being an autist

you are correct, have fun

>> No.54285066

They get their armour save anyway. But the D3 damage is if they stay still. He's a retard and I have 15,000 points of Lizardmen. Seraphon are just totally and utterly shit in matched play. This is undeniable.

>> No.54285070

>someone questions your taste in paint job
>points out that people have been painting vehicles that way since be free Tau existed
>muuuuuuh duuuuuudes

>> No.54285077

Legitimately curious. Where the fuck do you get the snake bodies? Aside from using Canoptek Wraiths in order to win the "World's Ugliest Conversion" award, I mean.

>> No.54285089

Could you possibly be more defensive about your bad taste and newfaggotry.

>> No.54285099

>it's autistic to follow the lore
>it's autistic to not follow the lore

>> No.54285109


>> No.54285117

Well that doesn't help. I'm going to be running them regardless and there are plenty of allies I could include. Should you just run them in land raiders or rock storm shields?

>> No.54285120

there is artistic freedom and there is autism, anon

>> No.54285133

Well, I think you should recommend them the First Strike set, actually. If the like that, they should just jump straight into Dark Imperium and skip Know No Fear. There's literally no reason to get a second Lord of Contagion/Captain in Gravis Armour except to make wacky conversions and once they found out that they like 40k with First Strike, DI is frankly the next logical step. Unlike the two smaller boxes, DI has a rulebook in it, after all.

>> No.54285141

Not an argument

>> No.54285147

Just for once I'd like an army box to be internally balanced

I remember when I played Island of Blood at the store, my Prince on Griffon basically won the game by itself

>> No.54285168

>Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch
>5 Wounds, 6+ Save, 6" movement, can be singled out
>Infernal Flames: Casting Value 8

Come on, man. Yes, Infernal Flames is good, but we both know he won't survive past the first casting, IF he even gets that off. You'd need that Look Out Sir spell for him to survive and even then you'd need a damn beefy unit to tank the hits.

>> No.54285231

I run him with lord of change (+1 to casting rolls). In the first turn, I summon vortex (another +1 to cast and double the spell range), immediately cast look out spell on pink horrors and infernal the shit out of something. When the horrors get low, I just use the destiny dice to get D6 back on battleshock or if I have none, have them cast fold reality on themselves.

Pretty nasty combo bruh

>> No.54285236

Is Sigmar thread really so fucking dead that you niggers are forced to argue here?

>> No.54285253

It's pretty dead.

>> No.54285263


>Yesterday: /pol/ autism ruining my 40kg

>Today: AoS Autism ruining my 40kg

Can I have some actual 40k autism?

>> No.54285266

I thought that it sold well? What gives?

>> No.54285276

It's not dead, It's just pretty hard to compete with the hype over 8th edition i guess

>> No.54285278

The thread isn't that dead, considering there hasn't been a single release since the Steampunk Dorfs.
Also, it all started from the very legitimate question of how the AoS Summer Campaign went so 40k players know what to expect.

>> No.54285279

If we had something to talk about sure.
Start the next thread off with lore discussion or something and maybe we can have an actual 40k thread

>> No.54285282

>Can I have some actual 40k autism?

>Magnus has been broken into countless shards
>Tzeenetch was also broken into countless shards

>> No.54285286

>/pol/ autism ruining my 40kg
You mean enriching right?

>> No.54285289

>40k autism
Quick, someone call cheetah anon, GSC fag, and Night lords fag

>> No.54285303

I always start new threads I'm a part of with some sort of group question about 40k to get things rolling, like asking how everyone's last game went, or their favorite model in their army
Usually channels the autism pretty well

>> No.54285313

I dunno, anon. Maybe the fact that for months all the releases were either fucking Blood Bowl or 40k 8th Edition. Remember how dead and boring your threads were before Gathering Storm? Yeah, like that.

I'm still excited for the new General's Handbook but I originally came to AoS because 7th Ed 40k was a trainwreck and now 40k isn't a trainwreck anymore, so now I'm torn between fouling up the Mortal Realms with my Nurgle Rotbringers and fouling up the galaxy with my Death Guard.

>> No.54285319

4chan is for b8 and autism
If you want actually productive conversation go to Reddit :^)

>> No.54285326 [DELETED] 

Don't forget Esdese, 1d4ddit fag and DAfag.

>> No.54285329

Lazy as fuck.
Mediocre as fuck

>> No.54285334

>his AoS and 40k armies match
mah nigga

t. arcanites/1k sons player

>> No.54285338

Yeah, that's especially good for getting a thread on track after a couple of threads have been drowned in shitposting
Maybe next thread we can talk about our expectations, hopes and plans for the next campaign, maybe throw in a little bit of "your dudes" stuff.
I for one always enjoy hearing about people's characters and such. Maybe they'll do for konor like they used to do in the really old batreps, where guys who did really well became canon? That'd be neat

>> No.54285361

A guy I know who does well runs 2 Land Raiders, 2 squads of Custodes inside, Greyfax, some Primaris Marines and some Conscripts with a Commissar.

Their Land Raiders are super tough to kill and put out really good damage.

>> No.54285366


>> No.54285371

> too fat for one mirror
Consider KYS

>> No.54285377

>the token guy who shows up to play stoned
you're not as charming and funny as you think you are, man

>> No.54285414

I won't be around for next thread, but just like tell people to discribe their army they'll use in the campaign, or what other universe their army would best belong in, something creative so we can all be friends and get along
>or just keep shitposting and laugh as the thread burns I've done both

>> No.54285421

Holy shit this killed me

>> No.54285429

even better. damn those legs. real nice. would suck her cock.

>> No.54285440

By the light and righteousness of The Emperor!
BACK TO /b/ !!!!

>> No.54285460

Nice. Do you use the same Daemons to tie the two together or do you paint the amour in the same colour scheme?

>> No.54285461

Which super heavies are worth bringing in 2000pt games?

>> No.54285463

Nice tank

>> No.54285483

>t. arcanites/1k sons player

Do Sigmarites have Magnus equivalent?

How good would he be in Sigmar, anyway?

>> No.54285497

Does herald of nurgle's +1 S apply to bloat drones? The heralds text says NURGLE DAEMONS and the lack of a comma makes me think that the rule's referring the army NURGLE DAEMONS rather than units with the tags NURGLE and DAEMON, and that it wouldn't apply.

>> No.54285530

Nigga it's a NURGLE DAEMON right?
Why you fucking asking questions.
Why you causing trouble.
Are you a cop? Because you have to say if you are a cop

>> No.54285540

Anal idol

>> No.54285544

Barely anyone actually plays it, half of the people who do are actual retards and the ones who aren't overlap with 40k players anyway.

>> No.54285551

Thanks. Wish it wasn't shit in this edition, bit I love it anyway.

>> No.54285554

Sure, everything with both NURGLE and DAEMON. Even a Lord on Palanquin would profit from that. The problem is that he Herald is so excessively slow that the only thing he'll ever buff are Plaguebearers.

I like AoS' system better, where the Locus abilities are on the units' warscrolls and simply say "this unit gets that bonus while they are within [Sacred Number] inches of a [God] DAEMON HERO".

>> No.54285558

I play Tyranids and Skaven, does that match?

>> No.54285563


Quite, if you play horde nids

>> No.54285565

It does, it's the same principle as, say, ULTRAMARINES INFANTRY. Demons being both a unit type and an army just muddle shit.

>> No.54285569

>want to play AoS
>buy box and a hero
>assemble them and go to play
>refused because I am using 20mm square bases (that came in the kits)

>> No.54285573

Keep telling yourself that. How's the 9th Edition rulebook coming along, btw?

>> No.54285575

>using bottom tier idols

>> No.54285579

Tbh I only own 90 termagants.

>> No.54285583

No, you should play admech. Nine billion skitarii lost, great-great victory for the Omnissiah!

>> No.54285587

>people actually discussing daemons
pls r8 and h8
planning on making a changeling chaos swastika in the middle of the table to prevent character shooting till they can get into combat. Room for more screamers or flamers if there is a lot of vehicles/infantry/flyers as needed, otherwise just replacing horrors

Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch - 1500 pts (1232 pts + 268 reserved)
378 -- 2x Daemon Prince of Tzeentch w/ wings, talons, bolter
355 -- Lord of Change w/ sword
100 -- The Changeling
87 -- 3x (7 brimstone + 3 blue horrors)
135 -- 1x (10 pink horrors w/ instrument, icon)
Fast Attack
93 -- 3 Screamers
84 -- 3 Flamers
Total 1232 pts

>> No.54285592

I take "Things That Never Happened" for fifty bucks.

Or Stormfiend spam Skryre.

>> No.54285595

>Empire (Fantasy, not Aos)
I don't know what that says about me.

>> No.54285605

A giant clusterfuck?

>> No.54285615

You're correct, no one wants to play AoS.

>> No.54285620

Playing 40k stoned is a group activity.

>> No.54285638

the emperor is a closet faggot with a smelly minuscule micro dick. shameful!


>> No.54285643

I have to leave the store when that one asshole comes along. Pot stink gives me coughing fits.

>> No.54285651

There's nothing in the tyranid army list as good as stormfiends.

>> No.54285667

>chapter masters should be run with a squad of termies
well no shit.

>> No.54285674

No, I meant, Skaven horde style equals Nid horde style, while Skryre Stormfiend spam (very) roughly equals Nidzilla.

>> No.54285690


More importantly, a Bloat Drone's kills would count towards Epidemius' tally and would gain the bonuses it provides.

>> No.54285706

See: Splinter Clans

Also see the part on Interclan Rivalry where it mentions Orkz engage in Kart Racing.
I miss Rogue Trader.

>> No.54285715

I hear slaanesh is getting a box. This true?

>> No.54285720

Back when the game was allowed to be fun.

>> No.54285726

Yep. Epidemius is brutal thanks to keyword synergy. He's not quite as awesome as he was in 5th, where he buffed all Nurgle stuff regardless, but he's still damn good.

>> No.54285736

40kbowl confirmed

>> No.54285741

A Start Collecting yeah. It's for Age of Sigmar, but if its Daemons only you can use it in 40k too.

>> No.54285751

Fun is a buzzword.

>> No.54285757

Slaanesh daemons are getting a start collecting box, because they didn't have one due to having been slated for getting squatted. GW has apparently decided not to do that so they finally get parity with every other daemon army.

>> No.54285791

Shit? You have the cheapest T8 12 wound cunt in the game.

>> No.54285805

Top joke anon. I like it. Subtle.

>> No.54285813

Slaanesh was never getting squatted you fucking faggot holy shit I hate you fucks. One of the first fucking AoS books was a fucking Slaaneshi Daemon that wants to make Nefereta his sex slave and literally heals himself by raping men and women. One of the first short stories was ALSO Slaanesh based.

Stop forcing this terrible fucking meme.

>> No.54285831

>my autism shall not be denied

>> No.54285844

Probably a dumb question. Is Gabriel Seth's Whirlwind of Gore able to proc on himself if he consolidates?

Here's the text.

Whirlwind of Gore: Roll a D6 each time a friendly
FLESH TEARERS unit finishes its move within 6" of
Gabriel Seth when it consolidates; on a 6 that unit can
immediately fight for a second and final time.

I know a lot of special characters rules work on themselves so I am just curious.

>> No.54285867

slaanesh is literally dead you fucking mong

>> No.54285869

Be sure to paint him smiling to make sure he's a friendly FLESH TEARER

>> No.54285884

Literally not. Literally stated to have been captured by Tyrion and Teclis. Final (You), shitposter-kun!

>> No.54285895

Is there a word bearers equivalent in AoS?

>> No.54285900


>no talking bad things about my army of rapist fags REEEEEEEEE

>> No.54285902

The iron hand one doesn't have a fucking iron hand, instead he's just got a solid boltgun boltgun
GW painters are hacks

>> No.54285920

Never said anything bad about them only that they're not squatted. I couldn't give a shit about Slaanesh.

>> No.54285924

Using bloat drones when augmented nurglings are far superior
What are you even doing anon

>> No.54285937

Anon that's an edit

>> No.54285953

Chadmarine flesh is stronger than metal, if Ferrus was a chad maybe he wouldn't have been decapitated

>> No.54285964


didn't even notice. New level of GW autism.

>> No.54285973

Fishing for (you's) has never been so easy.

>> No.54285983

If she was captured why does he still have daemons?
Checkmate atheist.

>> No.54285985

Kek, they're not even painted my dude, it's just the same model photoshopped into different chapters.

It's such a lazy job that I doubt you can replicate some of them with the current range of Citadel paints.

Really miss those days when GW would assemble and paint a small force to showcase each chapter.
Then again with the lack of customization on primarines, I doubt it would look any good.

>> No.54285988

New thread anons


>> No.54286005

One model, so no good for holding objectives, and the Vanquisher is objectively the worst Russ in the game, only forcing a save on enemy tanks one out of every 4 times it fires.

Battle tanks can work. Demolishers can work. Punishers can work.

The Vanquisher does not.

>> No.54286007

I find it hilarious that people actually bought into the "Slaanesh gets squatted" meme, considering the whole mystery about Slaanesh missing gave the guy more publicity than he'd enjoyed in WHFB for years thanks to having the most underwhelming Mark and special character in WHFB.

>> No.54286037


Heavy bolt pistols were confirmed to have ap -1

>> No.54286142

They do in spanish.

>> No.54286174

It is very and unambiguously clear that when AoS was being developed GW intended to drop Slaanesh out of the fantasy setting and that's very apprent from the way Slaanesh was written into a point of total irrelevance in the lore and not represented at all with model releases.

When you consider that AoS was dreamed up under the reigns of old, retarded, "we don't give a shit about what our customers think about our product" management who were interested exclusively with making their products as child friendly as possible dropping slaanesh is an obvious thing to do.

However at about the same time AoS was released GW changed management and began to give a shit about consumer feedback, which was filled with a ton of complaints about the incredibly apparent intent to remove slaanesh. Suddenly slaanesh characters start to be relevant in lore again.

There wasn't just a bullet with slaanesh's name on it. That bullet was chambered, the safety was off and the gun was pressed against Slaanesh's temple.

That bullet was dodged by the narrowest margin.

>> No.54286200

Well that makes more sense. Although I would have liked those ap -1 combat blades

>> No.54286311

This is official pic, right? If Blood Ravens have access to primaris marines, it means this faggot Belisarius KNOWS who the fuck their primarch is. And if he knows, why the hell wouldn't he tell them? Holy Terra, just ask them or dreadnought Thule, since he knows from Kronus. Discuss.

>> No.54286403

Sort of suggests their primarch might not be Magnus, given how he hasn't been allowed to use the gene seed of any traitor primarch yet.

That being said, I wouldn't take that image as canon; probably just a careless GW media boy not thinking about the lore.

>> No.54286438

I'm guessing you mean Necropolis Knights. Stalkers are really shitty.

>> No.54286482

Knights and foot custodes seems like the name of the game.

>> No.54286516

>Give a single reason why formations are a bad thing. I'll wait.

Because the developers don't bother to attempt any game balance at all. They just throw out another dlc formation that's either shit (to forge that narrative) or overpowered (to sell new things).

>It's fine in a balance sense so long as both armies are actually capable of fielding roughly the same amount of extra points in wargear and upgrades.
>The problems arise when you have an army that can field shitloads of extra points vs one that can't or where one has really shitty wargear options.

AKA The problem with formations. Some armies got game breaking good ones. Others got literal garbage.

>Also, you are talking about it like everyone ran that kind of shit outside of tournament. The only formations at my LGS were played by a Necron and KDK player and all it did was making their army playable
Oh, so because you didn't personally experience the horrors of bullshit formations, that makes them ok? Also:
>all it did was making their army playable
Why not make GW release a good codex instead of supporting a pay-to-compete-with-real-armies upgrade system?

Salty nid/ork npc player is salty

>> No.54286571

>How is fielding a 3000 points admech army in a 1850 points game a good idea again ?

>How is it not ?

...because you're using an extra 1000 points of shit against your opponent? Otherwise known as cheating (if it wasn't sanctioned by the formation)?

Don't act stupid. If I showed up to a friendly 500 point game with an army that had 1500 points in it, and said it was just a game, you wouldn't be fine with that.

>> No.54286609

>new reivers have the ultramarines keyword

>> No.54286722

That's just for the mini starter set. They will have chapter keyword, and additional rules like bolter options, ATSKNF, and probably infiltrate in their actual release.

>> No.54287133


>increasingly nervous man claims for the 7th timep

>> No.54287309

They look very plain

>> No.54288441

I still don't understand how we ended up with the retarded abortion that is the dreadknight.

FW at least, has proven they are fully capable of producing a good looking large, humanoid vehicle/mech.

The custodes Contemptor's look great, and would have been perfect models for "Dreadknights". Hell they could have simply called them "Grey Knight Contemptor's" and explained that only the custodes and the GK get them and that would have been fine because the GK get all sorts of super elite gear.

>> No.54288554

that'sprolly a GW diorama

>> No.54288585

wood berry desu

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