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What are some good places to get spare bits?

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I really like this model

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Black astropaths now rule over this thread.

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If any of you know this place I feel sorry for you

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Will the C'tan be relevant again or are they gonna
continue to be buried by GW?

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Nth for we need a new guardsmen kit with regimental options.

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It is really nice. But I fear it has not aged well.

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Nth for bring back stormtrooper operations

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Sup /tg/. I decided to bring Captain Valentine to his first 8th edition game today. 100 power points of SM versus Necrons. He had a few of the forgeworld necron characters, one of which was able to instantly gib the entirety of my 10-man tactical squad.

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I need help /tg/

Trying to think of something to paint for my standard and I'm having difficulty coming up with something that I could actually paint

Post whatever banners you have to give me inspiration, bonus points if its something you actually painted

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how bad is it? the skin I mean, the rest isnt started aside from the cloth.

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As long as no one trying to introduce any tricknology into this thread, I see no problem here.

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some advice.

Its been a month since I bought Dark Imperium, and I'm finally done building and painting my Deathguard models.

I want to try them out in some games, but I don't really know anyone.
As such, I am thinking of just going to the LGS and hoping to find people to play with. This will be the first time I will be going to the LGS other than when I went to pick up the dark imperium box, and I don't really know anyone at the store.

As such, I just want to ask for some basic etiquette advice.

1) Should I just bring my army to play on my first trip to the LGS? Or should I just go and introduce myself first?

2) I still have the loyalist side of the Dark Imperium set which I am honestly not too interested in playing. I was thinking of giving it away to my brother to try when he comes back, but I was also considering looking for someone to sell to. What would be the best way to go about doing this at a LGS? Would it even be appropriate?

3) I am brand new to the game, and quite frankly, not too familiar with the game even if I've tried to read the rulebook a few million times. Whats the best way to keep a game going smoothly while still trying to figure out the rules as I go?

4) I would like to expand my army if possible. I Know the Death Guard in Dark Imperium coems up to about 900'ish points. How would I find someone to talk to regarding what models I should look at buying next in order to buff the army up to about 1500 pts?

5) Anything else I should keep in mind?

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Unfortunately I ended up tabling my buddy at the end of turn 4. Some good plays had my venerable dreadnought charge and wipe a squad of destroyers, while a combination of my Land Raider Crusader and the Deredeo wiped out nearly all of the left side of the board.

The rest of the game just had me sweeping from left to right, wiping out squads as I went. With the MVP of the game going to the LRC and my tartaros terminators. Being able to engage and destroy 3 targets simultaneously with just a single unit is hella great.

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Maybe some more highlighting, but otherwise it looks fine to me.

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>4) I would like to expand my army if possible. I Know the Death Guard in Dark Imperium coems up to about 900'ish points. How would I find someone to talk to regarding what models I should look at buying next in order to buff the army up to about 1500 pts?
Look through the index and the GW catalog and decide what looks fun or interesting

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That doesn't sound right, neither of the cron forgeworld characters has anything that can do that.

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Is anyone actually excited for Mortarion's release? He's one of the most pathetic cucks in the 40k universe.

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Either call up the store and ask if someone wants a game, tell them you're new or just show up with your army and ask store owner to help you out
2) Just ask in store if anyone wants to buy it, alternatively ask the store owner if he knows anyone who wants to buy it, as long as it's on the sprue it should be fine
tell opponent you're new, they'll understand, or ask store owner and he might supervise the game and help you out
depends on what playstyle you want
do you have your own dice/measuring tape?

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there is highlights but the camera is shit they are a soft highlight hard to pick out. hmm I dont know but painting freaks me out I always feel it isnt good enough

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I believe it was "The Stormlord" or something like that. He ended up dying to a Reaper AC volley, with a nice follow-up of 5 relic blade attacks.

This game was pretty strange, both of us simultaneously forgot our dice, and we didn't have enough money to buy a dice cube. So we both downloaded some kind of physics-based dice simulator on our phones.

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>Chaos warrior in spess

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I don't care about Mortarion but I'm looking forward to plague marine and terminator boxes.

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Honestly, if it looks good to you now, just go with it. Cameras are very different than seeing a mini in person. I learned long ago that working too long on a mini can do more harm than cutting things a little short. Most of us always feel it's not good enough, but you might think differently when you have the whole squad lined up on the table.

Good luck with it, anon.

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I may not have any good ideas, but props to painting the space wolves something other then the dumb ass blue they want.

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That's exactly why I like him.

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Oh, he's a regular cron character.

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I keep buying more and more plastic army men to try and fill the void in my life but it isn't working.

Also someone is tampering with my mail but I don't know who or why. A package of butanone arrived today that I ordered quite some time back, only the box had been ripped open. The glue still seems to be there, but who would tear open the box like that?

I have no friends and the only game store that does wargames is prohibitively far away, and does 40k only one night a week (so they can have mtg be the rest of the week)

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yeah I pick the perfect armies for myself all the ones focussed on obsession. slaanesh, the emperor's children and the eldar I feel their pain kek. hell it isnt even finished still need to paint her armor and hair

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Yeah because after he gets released we might get Angron

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Sounds like you have a hard life, anon.

Which plastic army men have you been buying lately?

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buy plastic army tanks

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Is it worth taking Power Mauls over Power Swords on Death Company?
I was looking at the mathhammer and they just seem so outclasses when compared to Power Sword. They're better at taking out GEQ and light vehicles, of course, but not by a significant enough degree to warrant taking them over Power Swords (which are better at taking out both TEQ and MEQ infantry as well as medium and heavy vehicles).

Should I make 5 Power Sword guys and 5 Power Maul guys or should I just go all in with 10 Power Swords? Bits are no issue.

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He did have another character that managed to take 7 wounds off of my Ven-Dread, and when it was killed in turn, it had some ability to self-resurrect on a 4+. Although it did fail that roll.

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What the best armor Mark for Black Templars?

Mk3, Mk4, or the standard Tactical Marine box?

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Swords are better than mauls this edition. Used to be the other way around.

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I'm going to get a box of scouts to make Neophytes for my Black Templars. How should I kit them out? Bolt Pistols and Combat Knives, Shotguns, Boltguns, or some kind of mix?

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sounds like the government
you're on a watchlist now

>> No.54279184

BP+CCW if you're going to charge things, bolters otherwise.

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Well, Mauls do better at dishing out more D. At 2 over 1 they are better on guys with one or two attacks base to give them an advantage for having less attacks. (example: in all my squad leaders for my wolves getting them because the damage out put outclasses the the extra -2) It also all comes down t what you are fighting

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Standard Tactical Marine box. If you can find Knight helmets that works too. Black Templars are second founding so most of their stuff is post heresy from what I've seen.

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pick armies that have some qualities you reflect well not perfectly obviously. the models are your friends your family. think about stories of them and paint them with the love they deserve.

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That doesn't sound right either. Trazyn can res himself, but only be replacing another non unique character and on a 2+.

>> No.54279206

Mk III for shooting, Tacticals because finding chain swords for them is easy and you dont need forgeword help

>> No.54279210


mk 4 for regular guys mk 3 for sword brethren

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Last thread said terminators were op and that tartaros were monsters.

Whats the loadout for them all claws?

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dark angels mostly, a few orks, a bit of used tau off ebay to strip and repaint, some sigmar even...

I haven't played a game in a very long time so I collect and paint whatever I feel like at this point. If I painted everything I'd probably have some 10000 points of mixed space marines, plus another 4000 or so chaos marines from when I was younger. I've thought about selling old stuff just to be rid of it, but it isn't worth enough to go through the effort. Collected over the course of 15 years or so.

tried that too. I have a vindicator still in the shrink, five rhinos that have been stripped and repainted a few times, two land raiders in different stages of completion, a razorback, two really old whirlwinds

buying plastic welding agent gets you on watchlists?

I tried that, only I made the mistake of posting those stories once. A few kind anons wisely told me not to post them any more.

>> No.54279227

Confirming If a captain is inside a land raider crusader it does not reroll 1s

however if he is next to it and not inside, then it does?

Thats fucking stupid

>> No.54279234

My favourite model I own... It's been awhile since I played.

>> No.54279235


That guy was full of shit, but Tartaros is the best loadout for all LC since they're the fastest. Cataphractii 4++ is really clutch for any unit, especially assault ones, but the move speed penalty is crippling.

I would not run all LC TEQ if my goal was to be competitive, but I know RG or Carcharodon players are going to want to spam their claws.

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>buying plastic welding agent gets you on watchlists?

If you live in America or Britain, Yes.
Who else would snoop through your mail checking your chemicals

>> No.54279243

why is it covered in hairs

>> No.54279248

>inside a tank, cant see shit, cant talk to your guys
>outside tank, next to squad, can freely see whats what and give orders
its not that hard to get, anon

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im sure they arent that bad hell most of mine are filled with fetish degeneracy. All of my hq are female my eldar autarch, my dark eldar succubus and my keeper of secrets. I love all of my armies lore wise and obsess over them it keeps the bad thoughts out and keeps the imagination sharp I fill my head with lots of lore and stories to keep myself sane kek

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the first time it happened it was just some crappy video game. I thought maybe one of my neighbors accidentally opened it or something

Then it kept happening

>> No.54279271

tfw my claw/bolter Tartaros are no longer legal

>> No.54279276

Go away Esdese

>> No.54279280

Dust.I have no idea why it looks hair-like.

>> No.54279282

Hey guys, I found out how to stop Knights as Orks!

>> No.54279284

Non-shooty tartaros are bad. The best loadouts for them are
> 1x Plasma Blaster+Grenade Harness on the sergeant
> 1x Reaper Autocannon
> 3x Combi-bolters.

If you want chainfists, they should both go on the Sergeant and your Heavy, so that leaves your 3 'squadies' as ablative wounds. Also works really great with a Land Raider to get them into a prominent location.
> Get into prominent location after your LR gives you an opening
> Shoot 3 completely different units with 3 different weapons. Combi-bolters+grenades at infantry, Reaper AC at an Elite/heavy, and Plasma Blaster at another Elite.
> Then charge a 4th unit and wipe it off the board.

You don't get this upsurd utility with Lightning claws, as you can only target and break a single unit.

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I really hope the AdMech codex comes out relatively soon. The meta for them has quickly devolved into just, shooty Kastelans, Neutron Onagers, Electropriests, and Cawl. Maybe with a squad or two of skitarii for snipers or a charge screen. Everyone I've talked to considers everything else in the army utter trash.

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We get it, you're autistic and schizophrenic. Stop shitting up our threads you tranny fuck.

>> No.54279316

>feitsh degeneracy
it was nothing like that, just really crappy and bad writing.

>> No.54279330


You could repost that for basically every army, word for word, just swapping out unit names. Everyone says the same thing


You've got a mystery in your life to solve

>> No.54279341

Can anyone here tell me what year the meta is in? Like how long it has been since the Ultima Founding?

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>tfw my semi renegade viking space marines now don't sound as bad.

>> No.54279365

Shut up, Carnac. You don't own these threads.

>> No.54279381

Not a chaosfag, mr "ver violent"

>> No.54279398

>This was a fucking month ago
Where does the time go?

>> No.54279406

Most postage processing places have sniffer dogs. If the smell drugs or heavy chemicals. They may search it, especially if the package isn't labelled as containing Haz chems.

>> No.54279407

>>tfw my semi renegade viking space marines now don't sound as bad.

Nigga that's just Space Wolves

>> No.54279411

that wasnt me but I think ill leave as not to shit up another thread

>> No.54279416

I've been out of the downloading scene for a long time. Anyone know where I can grab either audiobook or pdf's of the somewhat recent Dante and Mephiston novels?

>> No.54279418


112 years, but because of some errors Guilliman discovered in the calender system, the date got moved back to 999.M41. If we followed the previous calender it'd be like 110.M42

>> No.54279423

At least now we aren't going though 8 threads a day with 80% of each one being shit posting.

>> No.54279424 [DELETED] 

Please do and preferably never come back. Fuck off to /qst/ or something since you love LARPing so much you cancerous tranny.

>> No.54279431

>[CSM] tryhard edgelords who suck at everything but have a cool secret hideout
>[CSM} tryhard pirate renegades who were setup to fail and now fight to survive
>[StD] barbarians in a swamp
>[DA] dangles brooding and doing edgy teenager things like they normally do

future ideas
>[SCE] slow melee sigmarines in a cool fort built into a canyon
>[Tau] some tau live on an imperium dump world and make stuff out of garbage
>[CSM] edgelords on space ships that are falling apart
>[CSM] tzeentch raptors with plasma guns

>> No.54279434

Also the ordo chronus are at war with themselves as to what date it is.

>> No.54279435

>yfw grav weapons are 4 years old
>yfw 6th edition was 5 years ago

>> No.54279438

Can both portions of a combi-bolter be fired in overwatch? Can't find anything that says they can't be, but I may have missed it

>> No.54279440

This is the type of people Discord attracts.

>> No.54279450

>but because of some errors Guilliman discovered in the calender system, the date got moved back to 999.M41
aka GW pulling some shit

the fact is that there is too much warp-fuckery time distortion for there to even really be a canon date anymore. Characters can literally be in two or more places at once in the galaxy.

>> No.54279464

A few days ago they sperged out because their shitty invite link was deleted from the OP and essentially spammed the shit out of the thread with all sorts of garbage. Those fucks really are mentally unhinged.

>> No.54279472

>mfw famous marine character talking shit and arguing with himself over the long range astropaths

>> No.54279480

I don't see why not.

>> No.54279481

Toying with a Dread List.

>> No.54279489

Well sooorry I hate having someone dumb put the world wolf in front of every other word in the fucking codex.

>> No.54279499

I'm not usually anti-Eldar, but there is something really satisfying about seeing them losing their shit in this picture.

>> No.54279504

paint your models

>> No.54279506


Yeah but the negative modifier will still make you kill yourself on a 2 if you fire a combi-plasma.

>> No.54279517

only if they over charge it, and their wouldn't be much reason too

>> No.54279522

I mean he respectfully left why bash him?

>> No.54279523

The guy behind Trazyn....IS THAT VULKAN?

>> No.54279529


>> No.54279531

>not overcharging your plasma always

What are you some cowardly Tau?

>> No.54279538

this pic is more accurate than ever

>> No.54279546

>chained up
>has a chest cavity


>> No.54279551

He's autistic and spams the thread with his ERP shit on a regular basis. He deserves every single last bit of it.

>> No.54279553

Doing this as a test for my tau, I fell in love with metallic colors for some reason so I want to make sure I'm not fucking up too badly on the test models before moving on to my army.
not a greater good marine, that is also a test for transfers as I've never had good results out of them for some reason

>> No.54279554

only when im not smashing my enemys with the might of half a dozen leman russ tanks

>> No.54279559

Lads. How do you deal with X Parasites?

>> No.54279563

I don't see how he is any worse then the guy screaming about trannys, arent we all retarded?

>> No.54279573

Too similar

>> No.54279578

he didn't spam while he was here you are the one posting discord screencaps. I dont think anyone "deserves" to get a shit storm the guy clearly isnt alright in the head

>> No.54279579

What fresh bullshit is this? Did Tzeentch fuck with all the clocks & make them skip all the 9s or some shit?

Also thank you for the answer. I couldn't find anything by google.

>> No.54279581


Calling the motherfucking Space Wolves.

>> No.54279582

Send them at the tau, the blueberries will anime up a cure.

>> No.54279596

>want to paint yesterday
>too fucking hot
>wanted to paint earlier today
>way too fucking humid

>> No.54279597

>Powerful astropath finds out he is talking to himself...

>> No.54279601

No, the Imperium is just shit at bookkeeping as is won't to happen when any organization is 10,000 years old and spans an entire galaxy, and only someone as superhumanly intelligent and autistic as Guilliman was able to realize it.

>> No.54279603

If you weren't around for the day where he went full sperg I don't think you'd understand just how much most of the people here pity/hate him.

>> No.54279607

No, the Imperium's Inquistion and church had several destructive wars over the calendar which led to several calenders for different factions.

>> No.54279608


>> No.54279618

It's just fucking Carnac using some fresh bait. You know what to do.

>> No.54279621


Guilliman wanted to study the history he missed and in doing so realized there were huge gaps where records were destroyed, blacked out, or missing entirely and was able to figure out the huge mess the Imperium was. He also started his own anti-Inquisition force called the Historians or some shit to recover history and cockblock the Inquisition because he was sick of the Inquisition covering 90% of the Imperium's records in black sharpie.

>> No.54279626

How In Captivity would you say the Last Metroid is at this time? Very In Captivity? With metroids the solution is easy. Without, it's a pure shitshow if more than one vessel was infected before anyone finds out about them.

Also what are the 'hard rules' we're going by, literally only metroids work against them or are we willing to say some other extreme forces work?

>> No.54279634

Can you keep your dumb discord drama out of this thread. Please.

>> No.54279636

well if he keeps his composure from now on then leave him be. it takes a special kind of person to hate someone who clearly has been through alot. I feel only pity, to hate him would be more cruel.

>> No.54279639


If you're not going to get an airbrush, because of lack of space or money, then just bite the bullet and use brush-on primer. Trust me, I waited 6 months for the weather to become right, only to miss the only good windows to spray due to work and other obligations.

I use Stynlyrez because I don't like how thick gesso is and how rubbery and slow curing Vallejo primer is.

>> No.54279644


GW didn't mean to make Vulkan black initially just mutated by that sun.
But now I think they've just rolled with it and most people think of the Sals as black. GW of course don't mind, they get to look good claiming they totally have had ethnic diversity since forever.

>> No.54279645

Carnac doesn't even post here anymore aside from going full tard about muh be'lacuck. And why the fuck would Carnac use any bait aside from his own insanely warped view of 40k lore anyways? Try harder Esdese.

>> No.54279646

Nigga, no one but you cares. Take your faggot grudge against some discord weirdo elsewhere. Start a fucking tumblr for all I care, but we have plastic army men to discuss, not your childish bullshit.

>> No.54279650

apologize I just felt the one posting the discord comments was being unfair. what army do you play anon?

>> No.54279654

Drop space rocks on it?

>> No.54279661 [DELETED] 

Are you guys all newfags or some shit? Lurk more faggots.

>> No.54279670

oh no he likes femdom! what an awful human being honestly anon just go away....

>> No.54279687 [DELETED] 

Hello esdese! Tell me about the times your dad hit you.
i'm honestly glad the guy who screencapped all this stuff left so many images because holy fuck this is a goldmine

>> No.54279689


>> No.54279693

If it has been 112, how long is reasonable for a space marine to live? I'm making up some lore for my dudes, & trying to stay close to believable. I'm hoping for a handful of "generations" of marines to have passed

>> No.54279699

Holy shit, marry the fucker if you're so obsessed with him. How are you this much of a limp dicked sperg?

Speaking of femdom, how long do you all think it'll be before we get a Sisters of Battle codex? A year? Two? Twenty?

>> No.54279706

No worries. CSM but with Daemons being a potential part of my army know I don't know if I should branch out into them. I have plenty of infantry, maybe some big boys or chariots?

>> No.54279707


200-300 is normal if they don't die in battle. After that you start getting called "old". Certain chapters like Blood Angels live longer than others and don't become old men until much later.

>> No.54279708

Considering Dante is like 900, the sky is the limit.

>> No.54279712

Oldest loyalist marine is 1100 years old. So marines can totally live 112 years but those 112 years were the most brutal years in the history of the Imperium. Entire chapters were wiped out and those that didn't get wiped out were decimated.

>> No.54279715

>implying SoB aren't powerful, thirsty, amazonian subs

>> No.54279719 [DELETED] 

>being this assmad that people are posting screencaps of your embarrassing behavior on discord

>> No.54279724

>GW splits it into a SoB sub and SoB Dom codexes, to get the most profit.

>> No.54279725

I return since im bored
oh sisters are the last army I need they really fucking need an update

oh oh do you have kharn the new one he looks super cool

do dreadnoughts live forever?

>> No.54279726

Once you get past a couple hundred you're "grizzled elder of the chapter" tier if you're not dead or dread by then. There's a reason you don't see marines with more than 2-3 service studs. They just all die or stop counting. BA are different cause they stay young longer due to their geneseed and the vampirism with the actual diluted blood of Sanguinius, and SW seem to become hairy old men faster for whatever reason.

>> No.54279727

What god do u run as with CSM. Bloodcrushers are aces and BTs/Khorne DPs beat the shit out of most things.

>> No.54279729

>Oldest loyalist marine is 1100 years old.
You sure about that?

>> No.54279733

>space wolves

>> No.54279734

>do dreadnoughts live forever?
Bjorn the Fellhanded has been around since the end of the Great Crusade, though he spends more and more time asleep and dreads tend to start o go senile after a while.

>> No.54279737

This nigga needs to grow some balls. I was beaten constantly by my father (not black and blue child abuse, just being hit as punishment) and he still fucking yells at everyone all day every day to this day. Is it annoying as fuck? Yeah. Would I murder him if I could get away with it? Yeah. Am I going to become some weird mentally diseased tumblr-being? No.

>> No.54279745

Thanks you sirs/ladysirs

This may hinder my fiction then, but not terribly.

& if I might ask a final question, How many voidships are in a fleet based chapter, especially if they are escorting a bunch of human settlers on big capital ships made for long term habitation. I don't need stuff like attack craft or light cruisers, just big ships

>> No.54279746

Inquisition pls go, nobody likes you.

>> No.54279750

>being a dreadnought

If you can call that living.

>> No.54279752

for savages the space wolves have some sexy dreads

still I fucking love dreads

>> No.54279753

>Everyone I don't like is carnac
God I hate you newfags.

>> No.54279754

If I were you, I would beat him back. At least before he grows old and frail so it would be fair. Then when he is old and frail throw him in a shitty home.

Be petty. Go wild.

>> No.54279763

For my fellow Carcharodons players, I just stumbled upon this page on instagram. I'm not a fan of Carcharodons Primaris fluff wise, but as I said yesterday, anything goes if it's well done, and those are definitely well done. Look up the other pictures.

>> No.54279768

I dont think you understand how child abuse works anon you sound just as mentally unstable

>> No.54279769 [DELETED] 

Autismo pls go

He's literally fucking schizophrenic. All because he had some shitty parents. Like imagine how many kids grew up in fucked up families, did all of them turn out like this fucking sad shit?

Posting the screencaps that seem to be from when he went maximum sperg.

>> No.54279771

I mean, it is. He can even hold conversations and shit whenever he's awake. He's not really "living a life" but for all intents and purposes he's "alive".

>> No.54279772


Two to three battle barges. Fleet-born chapters can have more because they operate solely from their fleet and would thus expand the fleet with excess materiel rather than something like fortifying or improving their planet or home system. Carcharodons have at least one large ship per company with accompanying fleet since each company operates independently.

GW says "most chapters have two or three" battle barges, which are the largest class of marine ship.

Fuckers lose battle barges all the time too, plenty of stories of abandoned or lost battle barges being re-found as possessed ships or infested space hulks or what have you.

>> No.54279774 [DELETED] 

Just made a 1k Grey Knights, I haven't touched 40k in a long time. (1000/1000)

>HQ (100)
Rhino Primaris (100)
Repairs my Dreadknight/Land Raider
Increases my Dreadknights hit chance with the Nemesis Daemon Greathammer

>Troops (0)
Lol who needs chumps

>Elites (288)
Apothecary (90)
Nemesis Warding Stave to keep him alive just a touch longer for those sweet heals.
3x Paladins (198)
Nemesis Daemon Hammers for all three of them.

>Fast Attack (138)
Interceptor Squad
Al small squad teleporting to the right place can put people in a world of hurt.

>Heavy Support (474)
Land Raider (239)
Paladin and Apothecary taxi service.
Nemesis Dreadknight (235)
Double Incinerators for the no so surprise teleport burn followed by a Nemesis Daemon Greathammer.

Interceptors in the Rhino (Telporters don't count as jump Packs).
Rhino fixes the Raider and Dreadknight.
Raider drives Termies around to smack shit up.

>> No.54279781

Black Legion, leaning towards towards Khorne but undivided enough that anything is fair game. I don't like to spam one type.

Naw, i usually run Ol' dusty as him if need be. (See pic posted above)

>> No.54279782


What's this from?

>> No.54279788

This pleases Perty

>> No.54279791 [DELETED] 

If you would never take another human being's life no matter the circumstances, you're a fucking pussy. Bleeding heart liberals like you don't have room to judge those willing to cross that line. Plenty of parents would gladly murder you in cold blood if it meant protecting their family, so arbitrarily judging one person's motives vs. another's is hypocritical. Especially if you don't see anything wrong with lolicons who are literally just pedophiles who haven't actually molested any kids yet.

>> No.54279793

>oh sisters are the last army I need
Same. I'm considering making a deal with a buddy to go half and half on some starters to start a small Primaris force, but if I get even a hint that SoB are happening soon, that's my focus.

>> No.54279797

GS 1

>> No.54279802

cool I hope they update lucius

I will wait forever some day anon some day

>> No.54279806


More mentally stable than you, judging by your grammar.

>> No.54279811

>grammar=mental stability?
this a new study anon?

>> No.54279812

my minis are all primed, the problem is it's unbearable to sit and paint where I do my business
>first day
>feels 100+
>second day
>feels 80 but i'm sticking to everything and it feels like a fucking swamp

>> No.54279815

is vulcan just a torso and head?

>> No.54279817

You have to go back

>> No.54279820


It's about as scientifically accurate as judging someone's mental health from a single post on /tg/.

I'll also point out all the shitposting faglords on this site have terrible grammar, just like you.

>> No.54279823

Well out of Khorne Daemons, Bloodcrushers are heaps fun, Bloodletters are a let down, flesh hounds are meh. BT's are good if you do unfettered fury or wrath of khorne, and daemon princes are awesome and can buff both daemons and CSM.

>> No.54279824

/pol/ please go home

>> No.54279825 [DELETED] 

Do you know why people don't like you? It's not your shitty english, and your posts are occasionally alright. No, it's because you keep on fucking avatarfagging and keep spamming the same shitty fucking deviantart images that fucking no one wants. You keeping on ERPing as your retarded sexual fantasies on /tg/ of all places, and whenever ANYONE at all tries to fucking get you to fuck off you go maximum sperg.

You don't even play the fucking game you mentally sick fuck. Please leave.

t. fallen angel

>> No.54279826

I mean, Te Katurangi is said to be removed from the original Exiled Ones by only 3 generations in Red Tithe. That would make him several thousands of years old. Not unlikely when Carcharodons spend the vast majority of their time doing nothing, since, y'know, they're in the void of space and there's not that much going on.

>> No.54279831


Do you actually have a legit primaris?

>> No.54279833

Last we saw him, he was caught in a nuclear explosion,

>> No.54279838

A Rhino Primaris is not allowed to have the Grey Knights chapter keyword, meaning it can never repair your GK vehicles. Unless you give your other vehicles a random chapter name alongside the Rhino Primaris, but then your GK are not allowed to embark upon them.

A Nemesis Dreadknight is not allowed to have two of the same ranged weapons.

In other words, nice illegal armylist. 0/10, put it in the bin.

>> No.54279844

Where the fuck do I even get one of these?

Forge World doesn't sell them anymore, and I don't feel like waiting my ass off just so I can pay some insane price on some facebook b/s/t groups.

I guess I'm gonna have to track down some ching chong recaster or some shit.

>> No.54279847

He's partially right though.
Maybe he means he'd kill people that don't have the same skin or opinion as him, but his example about parents is extremely valid.

>> No.54279848


They also travel in the void and get void sickness due to lack of nearby gravitational giants, which would alter the flow of time. They also spend much of their youth and their lives in cryo sleep. No non-Dreadnought is older than Dante to begin with, that is a hard fact of the setting, just like there are no female aspirants who become full fledged marines, so I'm not going to let some shitty BL novel try to imply being 10,000 years old is normal.

>> No.54279851

Is the biggest ship an Emperor-class?

I was thinking the general population would live on three fuck huge ships, like big enough to house gardens/farms for sustainability, & from what I could find Emperor-class was the biggest.

The SM'SO would run a vanguard of maybe five barges. One for each fuckhuge civilian vessel & two for all the slightly smaller ones. One of the battle-barges is bigger than the others to be the entire fleet's flagship & where the SMs Chapter would be based

>> No.54279854

That or convert them out of rhinos and plastic card.

>> No.54279857


I don't know anything about Imperial Navy ships, only marine ships. Space Marines aren't allowed to use the biggest ships, those are Navy only.

>> No.54279858

I have a convertable Rhino for friends.
Forget that list though, i realize it doesn't even fit any of the formations.

Dreadknight just changes to a heavy psycannon
Also doesn't the Primarus have the chapter keyword?

>> No.54279862

See yoyhammer for Z. He might have it.

>> No.54279865

I mean judging from the posts the "crazy guy" posted he clearly suffered from his abuse. saying that one doesn't have the balls is just ignorant and lolicons are closet pedophillies I mean come on.

>> No.54279868

You can't replace <chapter> with Grey Knights.

>> No.54279869


I don't run sisters, I just want a single one for converting.

>> No.54279874

So you're saying someone willing to kill their lifelong tormentor but who hasn't done it yet is crazy, but someone who wants to molest children but hasn't done it yet isn't a pedophile?

>> No.54279875

>not running sisters
come now anon

>> No.54279878

Oh, I midread it, back to the drawing board.
Gonna pastebin the next one to reduce text walls.

>> No.54279879

Can you please not post discord bullshit in these threads, holy fuck

>> No.54279880

Does the flow of time really alters because of gravity?
Although the cry sleep part doesn't mean they suddenly don't "age". Just because you slept for 1 year won't have toustaying 30 years old instead of 31. Biologically sure, your bodystays almost the same. But chronologically? You still gained a year to add to your name. Anyhoo.

It doesn't sit that well with me either to have someone that old out of nowhere.

>> No.54279881

im not getting into this lets just post 40k ffs

>> No.54279882

>liking sexual depictions of children
>not a closet pedo

What the fuck do you call it then because it sure isn't normal. Even western governments are starting to ban lolicon as child pornography.

Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, guess it can't possibly be a duck though right?

>> No.54279893

>gets into it
>gets btfo

You're the one who BROUGHT IT UP, and then GOT INTO IT. We're just expanding on stupid ass shit YOU posted first.

>> No.54279902

They /40kg/,

What pt-size matches do you think would lead to 1 or 1.5 hr long matches in 8th Edition?

I am looking to set up a tournament in my local area in the near future, and I would like to get some feedback from you guys regarding the size of matches. I am looking for each match to last 1-1.5hrs, perhaps 2 hours at absolute maximum.

Given this restriction, I think anything above 1.5k isn't realistic. Even 1.5k is probably pushing it in terms of size, and I was thinking either 1k flat, or 1.25k.

This observation though is based on my relatively limited experience in 8th ed, so I'd like to hear your feedback as to what you guys think would be appropriate for a 1hr - 1.5hr long games.

>> No.54279903

Yes? This is not exactly rocket science, even things like satellites will have inaccurate time due to gravity. I guess you just don't have a huge interest in astronomy or black holes or stuff? If you've watched the movie Interstellar or looked up gravitational time dilation you learn about the phenomenon.

>> No.54279905

>Does the flow of time really alters because of gravity?
yeah, gravity slows time.

>> No.54279906


All I see are tons of posts asking for an email address and tons of other posts loudly stating DO NOT ASK FOR RECASTER EMAIL ADDRESSES NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU THEM


I might grab a few in the future to add to my marines army, but I'm waiting for the codex to drop first in case there are specific chapter tactics or anything that require all of the models in the army to be <chapter> or something like that (like the canticles thing for admech).

>> No.54279907

I find it funny this is all going on around me and im just talking about warhammer

>> No.54279912

The deceiver is probably the best fucking monster in the game at the moment.

>> No.54279914


That's like saying Guilliman is 10,000 years old and is the oldest member of the marines alive, but he isn't, because he spent 9000+ years in cryo.

>> No.54279919

A 1.5k game can fit within 1.5 hours if the people playing know the rules enough.

>> No.54279926

same I hear that Z's stuff is second best in terms of recast quality compared to Coolcast but he has absolutely everything
I have an email from an infograph about chinese recasters that I knew was accurate at the time, but I don't know if he ever changed his email from it

>> No.54279934


Since you are saying 1500 in under 1.5 hours isn't realistic, this tells me the average speed of play you're used to in your area would probably require 1000-1250 points to get under 1-1.5 hours.

And no bullshit "playing on his phone and having you tell him five times it's his turn before he responds" nonsense either.

>> No.54279936

I strongly think its not about size but model counts.

2 dread armies of 3k point will easily be done in 1h30, with most probably a winning side at the 1hour mark.
I play tau suit and have like 30 models to move, all my turn are >10 minutes even at 2k points.

>> No.54279952

how are SpeedFreeks Orks in 8e?
massed buggies and bikers any good?

>> No.54279956

Why are you so scared of being called a pedo. You know all the guys jacking off to guro and rape are way worse.

>> No.54279958

I can fit 300 models easily at 1k points.
We wont end before nightitme

>> No.54279960

Z's old email (which he still monitors) is extremely easy to find if you follow the FAQ on yoyhammer.

Searching site:reddit.com/r/yoyhammer z email should give you what you need if you look through enough of the results. I literally just found it in like 2 minutes of searching, the result is only a a couple pages in.

>> No.54279963

There's something called a Galleass of War in some of the Heresy material. It's basically a slightly larger battleship, but with less guns and more auxiliary space for, like you said, farms, stores, troop bays and whatever the fuck else you want to put in there. It's mostly used by the Mechanicum Ordo Reductor, who are nomadic Admech troubleshooters with even more superweapons and esoteric bullshit than Forge Worlds because their job is to solve Outside Context Problems for the Imperium. They can compensate for having less guns by making them more scary, but wouldn't the GoW suit your chapter too? They're Space Marines, so I'd imagine they'd win battles by boarding mostly anyway, and that way you can have a fleet of three or four floating arcologies to hold all your dudes.

>> No.54279970

Ooooh yeah silly me! Had forgotten about that.
Unlike the vast majority of /tg/ I don't come from a scientific background, so it did slip my mind.

Eeeeh yeah.
For the record, looked around a bit, and here's what McNiven himself says about that. Looks like he's more than happy to not state anything as a hard fact about the Chuef Librarians age.

>> No.54279973


There's no way to share it on 4chan and make sure that only one person gets it though.

I'm going through the catalog right now, looks like he/she doesn't have it. I'll keep fishing I guess.

>> No.54279976


Bruh are you some tree-hugging Nancy-boy? Just shove all your human cattle serfs in the lower holds.

>> No.54279978

Z is second best after CCON and miranda irene.

Its VERY hit and miss tho and prepare for a 2 month wait

>> No.54279982

Only people who get their lore exclusively from 1d4chan actually think Salamanders are African.

>> No.54279988

Im back

>> No.54279989

Funnily enough it only took me like 3 or 4 weeks to get my stuff last I ordered from him. It all depends on the size of your order and how busy he is at the time I think.

>> No.54279998

miranda Irine is good?
been meaning to give that one a go.

an I better going through the MI webstore or allie express?

>> No.54280003


Salamanders can't be African, they're born on Nocturne!

>> No.54280004

Like the ones that think Cawl destroyed Cadia, or that the Carcharodons are loyalists NL? What a marvelous bunch of people.

>> No.54280010

I agree with you here, but I have to think of the worst case scenario for tournaments. I fully suspect that there will be some faster players and some slower players, as well as people with large model counts or smaller model counts. I'm currently planning for a little bit of rest time in between matches, so maybe matches can stretch out to up to 2 hrs max. But I'd much prefer for matches to actually play to completion instead of cutting matches short.

yes. I'm factoring in complete noobs as well. Especially given that 8th ed is still relatively new.

I don't disagree, but I'm not looking a "a" game . I need about 16 games all to finish within the allotted time, and so I want a bit of leeway to make sure everything gets done on schedule.

>> No.54280022

I legit just got my 3 GK dreadnought bodies in today after like a month. I only got one body, sent him an email but the body is pretty top notch. Gonna do some NDK conversions to lose the baby carrier.

Hope he responds soon to the email so I can get this crap cleaned up though.

>> No.54280023

CCON is fucking great
Responds pretty quickly, top tier recast quality too along with the discounts you get from his tri-annual sales

Ordered from him during December once and he even included a filled out Christmas card with the package, real cool dude

His only drawback is the range of models he provides is quite limited

>> No.54280027

Ordo Reductor, so about as far from that as you can get. Disregard war crimes, acquire Exterminatus. Still, a fleet of eight or so of their ships tended to be the Imperial option when the Marine Legions failed completely at doing a thing, probably because the lack of outrageous plot armour meant to the Mechanicum was actually smart about war. Seriously, about half the grand battles of the Heresy could have been solved by lobbing cyclonic torpedoes at the planet.

>> No.54280032

Guilliman isn't a marine so he's not in the running.

>> No.54280036

Chaos daemon question:

When you summon in a chaos daemon, can it move that same movement phase?

>> No.54280039


I still don't know why the Mechanicus doesn't design their laborers and Skitarii to fold up in compact little packs to be stored on racks, like the Star Wars drone army was.

>> No.54280052

This sounds perfect for my uses actually. Thank you.

>> No.54280054

I was surprised he gave tracking info considering iirc FW doesn't even do that most of the time. Sadly the Thanatar I ordered seems to be missing a single arm piece and some bits were broken off. Sadly I didn't notice until well after I got my order and it's far too late now to email him demanding parts so I'll just have to be creative.

>> No.54280059


>> No.54280069

>Seriously, about half the grand battles of the Heresy could have been solved by lobbing cyclonic torpedoes at the planet.
>if Ferrus had just launched cyclonic torpedoes at Isstvan V he could have wiped out Horus, Angron, Mortarion, Fulgrim, and their legions in one fell swoop
>instead he decided to perform a ground invasion for the lulz
Worst Primarch. Vulkan and Corax too for going along with it.

>> No.54280074

No. The summoning happens at the end of the movement phase, meaning you cannot perform any further moves for that movement phase after summoning.

>> No.54280080


Cast on the lower claw arm looks great but there's a lot of parts that I would not be satisfied with on that cast, especially the storm cannon mold slip. The parts at the top of the carapace and left leg are probably just you not prepping the gate removal areas properly so it's whatever, but people always claiming recasts are great when they're not gets tiring.

>> No.54280082

If he does give me replacements, awesome, if not its not a huge loss. I'm thinking of ordering a Kytan from him or Alpharius (heard good things if he has it in the catalog). I won't order GW stuff from a recaster, can afford it just fine but FW stuff is expensive af. Bought a Dread Saurian from FW, neat packaging, was like 250$ bucks for it though.

>> No.54280090

FW probably don't give tracking because you're either local and it's going to arrive in like one day anyways, or you're in another country, in which case you can't track internationally (cheaply and built in) unless you're from originating country.

>> No.54280097

Skitarii aren't quite that augmented yet, and the menials aren't worth the effort, but I can totally see them doing that with Servitors or Servoskulls or something. The Heresy Dominus has a bunch of scouting skulls roosting under his hat.
Pretty good ones too, they give Interceptor to allies within 3", cut enemy cover within 12", have Jetpacks, Stealth, T3 3+ and spot for artillery. Also have a BS2 TL Laspistol, which means they shoot better than Guardsmen. Can't do anything Objectives related, but don't give VPs so you can use them to block corridors and force the enemy to waste bullets on them.

>> No.54280100


normies don't shape their view with 1deddit
people see artwork of black marines and assume they're black, just like we got space mongols for that diversity credit

>> No.54280101

Getting FW stuff for 30-50% of the cost is just too appealing. Sure you get some iffy quality at times but generally it's either minor or something that can be fixed with a bit of work.

That's not even taking into account the oop stuff recasters still sell.

FW is the only international reseller I've bought from that won't give tracking info. I bought some game mats that came from Italy, got tracking info. Recasters from China? Got tracking info.

>> No.54280106

>>if Ferrus had just launched cyclonic torpedoes

Nothing would have happened, because planet-bound Void Shields powered by geothermal energy can pretty much withstand more firepower than any fleet of spaceships can throw at it.
For example, during Battle of Fenris, the Thousand Sons have huge, promethium filled space ships that are just the ammunition carriers for some sorcerours weapon array that fired down onto the Fang non-stop for days or even weeks. The void shields were perfectly capable of withstanding that.

So in conclusion, if you ever wonder again "why didn't they just nuke it from orbit", the answer is most likely voidshields.

>> No.54280120

Do the Voids cover literally the entire planet? It's Exterminatus, you only need to hit it somewhere to win and planets are pretty damn big.

>> No.54280121


Recasts are ok, not great. With some paint or worst case scenario some liquid green stuff they are generally indistinguishable from legit models (especially at tabletop distance).

If you want a model that is 100% complete, in perfect shape, that ships quickly and is guaranteed to get you what you ordered there is a caster that can do that for you, it's called Games Workshop.

If you're not willing to pay GW/FW prices than you just have to deal with issues that are common with recasts.

>> No.54280124

Yeah pretty much. Some of the bigger GW things I would maybe consider like a Lord of Skulls but if it's anything I can buy locally like Archaon or Grey Knights stuff I'll buy at my LGS.

>> No.54280130

the best part is selling the info for $50 and making +- 2k a year just from that

>> No.54280134

Why is that dreadnaught yellow if it's Iron Hands?

>> No.54280140


I like how they won't give you tracking but they'll double dip on the VAT charge and do flat 10% shipping. Surely they could have given tracking with all those extra costs.

>> No.54280141


It's bone colored.

It's a Chaplain Dreadnought anon.

>> No.54280143

Then you get the same as what happened with Caliban : the planet might be gone, but the fortress with the people inside it that were your actual targets are still high and dry on a huge astroid.

>> No.54280145


Are there other xenos entries other than orks in the Uplifting Primer?

>> No.54280147

those defects were honestly quite easy to fix with some greenstuff, I just assembled the model right after some basic prep work to start getting an idea of how it was going to fit together

also compared to the horrendous quality of a contemptor I received directly from forgeworld i have to say the casting quality was a significant improvement

>> No.54280152

This, space marines were struggling for models, they had so little choice, we get it, meanwhile im building guard on a 10-15 year old sculpt

>> No.54280153


Old FW molds always suck ass after their first year or two. Leviathans are new, Contemptors are 6 years old. You do the math. Thunderhawks and Storm Eagles are absolute shit too.

>> No.54280160

>because planet-bound Void Shields powered by geothermal energy
It's mentioned in Massacre that the orbital bombardment shattered the Void Shield in multiple locations and their coverage was patchy, leaving plenty of areas exposed. They could have hit those areas with the torpedoes.

>> No.54280162


Do you also wonder why soda companies keep making new flavors of soda instead of making thumbtacks or pencil sharpeners? It's what the customers are buying, faggot.

>> No.54280167


I don't know, I save stuff from /40kg/ that I think is funny and that was in a previous thread.

>> No.54280185

Thank you!

>> No.54280189

Not the schizoid fag but you're almost as bad. All you've decided NE is clutter up this thread with drama that has gotten old, you utter discord twat.

>> No.54280194

Do they never refresh their molds?

>> No.54280197

Chaplain dreadnoughts are black with the usual skull face though.
This one DOES look yellow.

>> No.54280204

no, once the mold is done, whatever it was become OOP

>> No.54280206

They probably just use them until they die.

>> No.54280211

It's because of how pissed the chaplain inside is that he is now locked inside a metal box.

>> No.54280225

I already have a unit of Custodes and unassembled SoS and was thinking about grabbing a talons of the emperor box for $100. What would be a good HQ choice for this army? I have the primaris side of DI but would also be willing to grab any start collecting box- the scions look really neat and so do the admech guys .

>> No.54280228

>but the fortress with the people inside it that were your actual targets are still high and dry on a huge astroid
With no air, no atmosphere, and no geothermal energy to power their Void Shields. The sheer force of the planet exploding would vaporize their fortress and kill everyone but even if they magically survived they'd still die in very short order.

>> No.54280262


>talons of the emperor box for $100

Where is it this price?

I'm thinking of picking one up because they'll be OOP soon and it's a pretty good deal.

>> No.54280268

just stick to 1 codex desu.
or go scion + cuckstodes but thats it

>> No.54280275


>> No.54280297


That doesn't do a burger like me any good

>> No.54280322

Hey guys, newbie question.

Can you run me down on "that guy" behaviors for 40k?

I'd like to avoid making mistakes my first few games. Thanks!

>> No.54280328

so, i can summaries it all in 1 point
Dont be autistic
see, ez

>> No.54280351

EBay $110

>> No.54280356



>> No.54280361

With tubes

>> No.54280366


Just don't be a WAACfag (Win At Any Cost), those guys who min/max or try to cheat or "creatively" interpret rules or do dumb shit like that.

Also, fucking bathe.

As long as you do those two things and you get into a cool meta you'll be fine. A lot of people are either getting into 40K or getting back into 40K (after not playing since 4th/5th/6th/whatever) with the release of 8th Edition, so odds are you won't be the only FNG in the area. This is good because it means you can learn with other players.

Lastly, read the rulebook, read your index/codex. You aren't expected to have the rules and every statline memorized, but you'll learn faster if you actually try.

Also don't play Tau, they're for fags

Good luck have fun!

>> No.54280368

>tfw you'll never have a gf to reassure that 25mm bases just means it are old, venerable models, something which more shallow people fail to understand

Why live

>Dont be autistic
So that 's why I fail at life ...

>> No.54280370

>"I know thats not how its intended to work and you're right, but I'll play it like this until an FAQ is officially released"
>"Thats not mathematical it shouldn't have happened you're literally winning because of luck at this point"
>Rules lawyering games that aren't yours and being wrong about them as well
>Making shit up as you go, essentially cheating, and then saying thats why you love playing newer players
That about sums up the autism at my shop

>> No.54280377


25mm bases means that your opponent can have fewer models in base contact with your models, and you can have more of your models in base contact with theirs.

Also it makes disembarking a full 10 man tac squad out of a Rhino easier (you don't have to use all three access points and waste a turn getting everyone back into coherency).

>> No.54280382

Anon, why are you on /40kg/ before 9 in the morning?

>> No.54280394

Be nice, be fun to be around, don't be akward, be clean, paint your models, don't WAAC, and you're golden.

>> No.54280400

Becuase i like to wake up with some shitposting before work

>> No.54280401

Because I work 3rds.

>> No.54280403

I'm sorry anon, I have 176 Boyz to paint, and I really wanted to play in that tournament. I'm doing one color a day, started 2 days ago. I'll have them all done and based in about 2 weeks time.

>> No.54280412

So I just got a MASSIVE Black Templar Army
>20 chainsword/bolt pistol Initiates
>20 bolter Initiates+few heavy weapons
>20 neophytes
>10 Terminators
>Terminator Chaplain
>4 Land Raiders
>3 Vindicators
>Grimaldus, Helbrecht and Emperor's Champion

So how the fuck do I actually go about playing them?

>> No.54280425

>write a list
>find an opponent
>roll some dice

>> No.54280428


Trading them in for a real man's army, like Guard

>> No.54280432

So as an old Eldar player thinking about coming back into the game after dropping out in 4th, which is more fun to play around with, Ynnari, or Craftworld Eldar? Ynnari look kinda neat, but I dunno if its just because I dig the Visarch model a lot and wanna paint him anyhow.

>> No.54280433

>access points
go away grandpa

>> No.54280434


Thanks guys! Question regarding custom models (asking in WIP as well)

How do you police height of the model. I make sure to put them on the correct size base.I get that model height and size matters due to true line of sight, and I don't want to look like I'm trying to pull anything by using models I sculpted. (2 Chaos spawn for 40$? Come on)

Is it just "get the go-ahead from your opponent before game starts and call it fair"? I don't really understand.

>> No.54280440

DEUS VULT obviously

Also known as loading everything in land raiders, driving everything fowards, disembark once close enough, then charge everything into the enemy.
There might also be some target priority involved, but that depends very much on what you play against.
Then there is also some finesse to properly playing a melee army in 8th (like charging from behind your land raiders, so the enemy can't see you and thus can't fire overwatch, and using two units to surround the unit you charge so that it can't fall back out of combat)

>> No.54280461

>4 Land Raiders
>F O U R
>L A N D R R A I D E R S
jesus, just pile everything into them, and have a giggle

>> No.54280463

If you're new I doubt anyone is gonna give you any bullshit especially if its just casual games , as long as the base size is the same as what it comes with or larger its fine, and for size just try to keep no shorter than it would normally be. Bigger is fine though.

>> No.54280475

Awesome. I'm assuming this is because it is "good manners " to make it a bigger target, as you're not trying to like metagame smaller hitboxes for your stronger units?

>> No.54280479

>tfw your 40k collection is so large 4 land raiders doesn't seem outlandish at all

Where did it all go wrong ...

>> No.54280483

Basically. Making it smaller is pretty much only an advantage, naming it bigger makes you a bigger target but for your opponent but also let's you draw more LoS and minor things like that.

>> No.54280487


You just want to avoid the classic "modeling for advantage" shit that some people pull.

As long as it's roughly the same size or larger you're fine. As long as you're not obviously trying to game the system your opponents shouldn't care (unless they are sperglords).

We had a new guy in our meta who played Orks who was really worried that we wouldn't let him use his converted Rhinos as Trukks and he was so relieved when I told him no one was going to have any problems whatsoever with that.

>> No.54280488

I got it all for $230.

>> No.54280491

Skorcha Buggies are nice.

>> No.54280492

Thanks for the info!

>> No.54280497

>Where did it all go ... Right?

>> No.54280514


> started playing in December and I'm already at over 3k points
> I make $11 an hour

I need to work on my fucking priorities, jesus

>> No.54280529

phew lad

>> No.54280530

dumb question i know, but with 8th ed, assigning wounds:

if I deal six wounds to my opponent, who has a squad of some space wolf units in which half the squad has stormshields for an invuln save, with each model having 3 wounds, can he put all the wounds to save on the shielded units? or just 3 wounds per model?

8 wounds:
8 wounds saving against stormshield, or

8 wounds:
3 wounds on stormshield model
3 wounds on stormshield model
2 wounds on non-stormshield fagwolf buttboy

>> No.54280547

Not because they're soda companies? Of course people buy marines instead of plastic sisters.

>> No.54280563

I have to call bullshit on that unless you show me the listing on ebay (I'm assuming thats where you got that kind of deal from)

If its true thats amazing

Regardless mass land raiders, while not something thats going to win you tournaments, is something you can actually do this edition and should make for a pretty fun list. I think within 2000 points you should be able to field 3 land raider crusaders, all loaded up with initiates and a commander each and just roll them across the table as a big black wall of death

>> No.54280571

230$ for four tanks?
Fug, I'm glad I never got into 28m sci fi, I could field a battalion of tanks for that price in 15mm.

>> No.54280572

He should roll six of the storm shield saves first, and then roll the other two if storm-shield protected wounds still remain

>> No.54280573

Why does his helmet have jowls?

>> No.54280590

lrn2read my friend

>> No.54280594

could he legally, albiet slowly, roll them one at a time, and all on the stormshields, as long as one with a shield remains alive?

>> No.54280604

Effectivly each save would be assigned and rolled individually, until models die.
So rolling 6 of them on the Invul saves, and the remainder if they have enough wiunds left.

Each wound gets resolved on their own, it just speeds it up if you can batch a few together.

>> No.54280606

Local Flea Market.

I think I will have to get just a few more Marines to have a full 10+10+10 in each Crusader.

>> No.54280610

>haha being poor is so much better

>> No.54280615

Is it just me or is this thing really fucking good?

Fill it with tankbustas and it'll do some fucking damage in the enemy deployment zone

>> No.54280616

I've lost control of my life

>> No.54280618

>can he put all the wounds to save on the shielded units?

You can manually put your wounds wherever you want in 8E.

>> No.54280622

The point is to just never roll more storm-shield saves at a time than there are storm-shield-protected wounds remaining
AT LEAST this is how it was before 8th, when the 'wound pool' was intricately described in the rules

>> No.54280625

Yes, that is how it is technically done.
Page 179 of the rule book, right side panel under fast rolling dice.

>> No.54280628

It's doubly hilarious when you realize the poorfags are letting their poverty dictate their hobby and enjoyment too. Like they buy certain things "just because they're cheaper" or "are a better deal" instead of buying what they actually want, probably because they can't even afford what they actually want.

>> No.54280635


>> No.54280649

>4D6 str 5 ap-2 DD3 shots
>A billion rockets from the busters
>super fast

yeah, that'll do it

>> No.54280654

Weird, this is the first time I've ever been thanked on /tg/ for helping..
What is this feeling welling inside me?

>> No.54280676


Disdain for plebs

>> No.54280684

I got a Leviathan from Miranda Irene and it was much better, none of this terrible moldslip problem you have at the top.

Very good. Her prices are quite a bit more than Z but the quality is consistent.

>> No.54280687

Is it because you usually shitpost?
I mean that's what 40kg is most of the time due to shitposting becoming tg's official sport.

>> No.54280701

>STILL no pictures of Mortarion

>> No.54280707

>Get "order dispatched" email from GW
>Check tracking info
>it was for an order that was delivered a month ago
Goddamn it gw.

>> No.54280712

Weren't there full-body leaks of him that got confirmed by the teaser shot of his scythe

>> No.54280738

>Nth for we need a new guardsmen kit with regimental options

I'm mixed about this, I would love to have a new kit but I have so many fucking cadians, I would feel obligated to replace them

>> No.54280757


We call that the Primaris syndrome.

>> No.54280772

do you have the most up to date catalogue? If i use his email from a few years ago (i*********@1**.com) will that still work? i understand that you cant give me his recent one if its changed but at least ill know to keep looking.

>> No.54280776

>order hasn't arrived for 2 weeks
>email GW
>3 days later they respond
>tell me my order may take up to 2 months to arrive
And this is why I'm never using free shipping again.

>> No.54280787

>Rise of the Primarch arrived the Thursday before it was supposed to be released
>8th ed books arrive a week after launch.

GW are nothing if not consistently inconsistent.

>> No.54280798

Something that i do before going a new LGS is looking if they have a Forum/Facebook Group and ask there.

>> No.54280805

My store hasn't even gotten the Index books yet. And that order I was talking about had 3 of the indices. It's been a month and I'm still relying on PDFs of the indices to play.

>> No.54280815

That's either one hell of a fuck up on GW's part or one hell of a fuck up on the part of whatever company is shipping them. Or both.

>> No.54280822

Eh, yeah, I feel bad for those who had big SM armies. (Well, not too bad, it's the army for bland peoples or kids)

>> No.54280824

After I saw the updated map had Armageddon labeled as Daemonic Infestation I jizzed myself.

>> No.54280848


>rattler kannons
>D3 damage Snazzguns with 2D6 shots


>> No.54280854

i personally always use my best manners on /tg/ in an attempt to try to steer the board away from /v/ levels of just
awful people

>> No.54280896

^ not me.

I just usually don't get a response when I'm trying to be helpful.

>> No.54280903

Yep, keep it up dude.
There was an influx last month of people who were being purely nasty for no reason. Don't know if it's the infamous summer influx or people coming back here from other boards because of 8th who weren't normally used to the more chill attitude of /tg/

>> No.54280910

Well he is a planetary governer

>> No.54280916

Looks like we have come full circle

>> No.54280924

Look up Jordan Peterson on youtube. Time to sort yourself out mate.

>> No.54280938


Hmm, 193 points with the Rattler Kannons, but has the survivability of wet tissue paper. However its potential for dakka is pretty much unmatched, especially with models on bo-

>no Open Topped rule

Into the trash it goes.

>> No.54280944


40K was basically Fantasy in space.
Age of Sigmar is now basically 40k in Fantasy

>> No.54280947

Eh, nurgle stuff sharing design elements with other nurgle stuff isn't a major issue.

The copied ski shoes are bloody cheeky however.

>> No.54280950

>skip tubes, download this maps of meaning book
>pain is the only irrefutable reality
Sounds about right.

>> No.54280989

What would one do with the top bit of a defiler or soul grinder? Without the crab legs.

>> No.54280993

Plenty of kitbash fuel too, especially for Chaos with the unified aesthetic.

>> No.54280997

replace it.

>> No.54281005

Soul grindr? Have it burst out of the base Kyras-style as a demon prince, or make it into a swanky broken demonic statue. Defiler? Mount it on a Rhino instead for a Vindicator, or go balls out and substitute cultists and slaves for legs.

>> No.54281029

>posting a redditor's OC

>> No.54281040

What are you talking about? I saved this from either this general or wip a few days ago.

>> No.54281052

Yeah, the guy who made that posted the same model on reddit with a timestamp of his fat face.

>> No.54281065

I don't know what's happening on that discord.
But he is a good man.

>> No.54281071

Nah, he's an autistic faggot.

>> No.54281076

He look like the baby head if he shaved.

>> No.54281077

Holy shit, that is cringe turned up to 11. Someone should have told him it was good enough for an anonymous Cantonese dog-eating board but not nearly good enough to put his real fucking face next to it.

>> No.54281096

>releasing the new space marine units but only in easy to build form

>> No.54281207

New to the hobby, any sites where I can get cheaper citadel paints?

The price of the miniatures is fine but the cost of the paints is harder for me to cop.

>> No.54281226

stop shitting up the thread with this tripfaggotry
post terrain and dioramas

>> No.54281231

Could be neat. Was thinking of using defiler as a helbrute, its aclunky box so just add weapons and legs right?

>> No.54281235

you should have bought them two years ago on ebay

LOL you will never EVER get them now you 40k hipster.

Z doesn't have it either.

Hahahaahaha he thought he could simply "jump in" and play sisters with his creditcard


You made my day, I'll check at my office computer if you left a reply holy shit what a moron

(wow idiots jumping on the SoB bandwagon)


>> No.54281237

The model was creepy before.
Now it's "Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again."

>> No.54281241

1. Use other brand combine with GW paint (P3, Vallejo, watever....)

2. Learn about mixing.

3. You don't need 20 type of paints for each mini like Duncan, watch other people paint. Also see point 2,

>> No.54281247


>> No.54281270

It's fine if the model's too big, it's not fine if it's too small.

>> No.54281276

>Didn't know that is exactly the same as AoS release schedule. Which they will release full plastic kit laster with outrageous price, like 50$ for 5 dudes, or 70$ for 10 dudes.

>> No.54281295

Just use vallejo model/game color and army painter washes. Maybe shell out the extra bux for stuff like GW retributor armor.

>> No.54281296

Is it just me or the maelstrom of war missions are too objective focused?

It seems that if you manage to keep you opponent on the defensive, you win no matter your losses.

IE: played 100 DE + 1000 IG vs 2000 CE (I was DE)

I was basically tabled by turn 2 (only archon left), with the IG player also having suffered significant losses.

But since I suicide dived all my stuff into his lines, he had to deal with it, disembark from transports and never really got out of his deployment zone.

He conceded on turn 5 with 2 VP to our 9

>> No.54281297

It's the mk5 helmet ya dingus.

>> No.54281303

If you have the bits, sure. Converted demon engines can easily count as whatever the fuck you want as long as they have the right weapons.

>> No.54281305

It's just a different way to play. You have to either play to objectives or totally table your opponent.

>> No.54281309

Are there any books about the Dark Mechanicum?

>> No.54281312

Keep up the good work my man. We will all make the board a better olace by being civilized.

>> No.54281321


>> No.54281323

thats kinda the whole point. for the game ro be about objectives, manouvering and board control instead of just killing stuff.

>> No.54281381


See >>54280412

>> No.54281401

mealstorm of war is the best way to play
forces people to think tactically instead of camping ruins in spawn and going "i heav big guen"
it also favours more diverse armies

>> No.54281407

>take 2 squads of 5 Havocs
>4 plasma and combi-plasma on the champion
>put both squads on a Rhino
>Now I have 10 plasma on a Rhino
>Deepstrike a Chaos Lord with Jump Pack or Terminator armour nearby
>Overcharge everything

>> No.54281437

bravo you killed 20 drones and lost the game

>> No.54281445

That Rhino and the Lord better have combi-plasmas too

>> No.54281447

>combiplasma on rhino
Just remember to never, ever overcharge it.

>> No.54281448

That's not how it works.

>> No.54281454

Would you overcharge combi-plasma on Lord and Rhino, even with rerollable 1s?
Seems risky to me.

>> No.54281457

According to the developer's commentary that it is how it works.

>> No.54281472

If he has rerolls, sure
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA if you like suicide then why not

>> No.54281531

Nid players on? What's a good way to load out carnifexes this edition so far? Cheap with talons or full on claws and cannons?

>> No.54281544


>> No.54281546

This seems a strangely worded to me. Can anyone please explain how Gabriel Seths Whirlwind of Gore works for me? Here's the entry.

Whirlwind of Gore: Roll a D6 each time a friendly
FLESH TEARERS unit finishes its move within 6" of
Gabriel Seth when it consolidates; on a 6 that unit can
immediately fight for a second and final time.

>> No.54281557

I mean AoS started under Kirby.
Rountree came in, reboxed AoS and made more reasonable prices.
Sure, it'll be expensive, but I doubt it'll be as AoS started as.
I doubt we'll see something priced like the Varanguards for example. That was...bad.

>> No.54281588

After fighting around of close combat your unit get to consolidate up to 3 inches. If after consolidating they are within range of the character, and a roll of six they get to fight the second round of close combat immediately. So there's a small chance to get the fight twice and close combat in the same turn

>> No.54281593

After you finish a fight with a FLESH TEARERS unit, after it's consolidate move if it's within 6" of Gabriel Seth you can have it fight again on a 6, but only once per fight phase.

>> No.54281597

Is there a way to paint white without having to use a shitty off-white as the main color?

>> No.54281611

Gabriel and some FLESH TEARERS death company go assault 10 guardsmen squad and kill them all.
The death company consolidate 3" to second 10 man guardman squad that were 4" away.
They are now within 1" of the second guardman squad so are in range of melee combat.
Roll a D6 because they are within 6" range of Gabriel.
You get a 6!
Start a fight phase with the second guardman squad straight away.
You kill them all!
Consolidate 3" towards whatever.
Stop. No more fighting this turn.

Repeat on your next turn's charge and fight phases.

>> No.54281613

if you consolidate into a different melee with a unit that is within 6 inches of seth you roll a d6
if you get a 6 you get to attack again with that unit that just consolidated

>> No.54281620

airbrush/ spraycans

>> No.54281625


I get it, but it went so far that it looks just like "grab objectives, ignore the enemy, It does not matter if you are being slaughtered"

>> No.54281658


No, because you can't highlight white.

>> No.54281660

A few thin coats of Reaper HD paints white. I use it for crisp white shoulder pads on my Templars over black undercoat

>> No.54281665

Highlight it with Infrared, duh!

>> No.54281706


Do what washing machine soap companies do.
They use UV active pigments in their soaps that penetrate your clothing and fluoresce white light when exposed to sunlight. So your edges will essentially be glowing.

>> No.54281729

Rules question time!
Can modifiers to hit reduce you to needing 7+ to hit, and therefore make attacks impossible?
Eg. a unit that hits on 6+ getting a -1 penalty, can they hit?

>> No.54281738

Sixes automatically hit and wound.

>> No.54281739

Yes, you can modify a dice roll so it's impossible.

>> No.54281746

I thought that was the case, but couldn't actually find the rule. They specify ones fail, but unless I'm an idiot and missed it I couldn't see the other side of it

>> No.54281749

Yep. For example, it's impossible for a standard vehicle to ever hit Belial in combat because of his Parrying Blade rule.

>> No.54281755

in some cases, units can only save on a 7+. poxwalkers i think, only ever get a save when theyre in cover, or something.

>> No.54281763

Cool. Might have to try out that conceal warlock then. Making Orks unable to both advance and shoot my mans is nice

>> No.54281772


If you get tabled, you still auto-lose.

Honestly, this is mostly my approach to playing maelstrom missions.
Watch my opponent try to spread out and grab objectives as I wipe him off the table

>> No.54281774

Where do people get ITC army lists without downloading the cancerous BCP app? BoK hasn't started uploading 8e tournament lists yet.

>> No.54281793

Nowhere in the rules does it state rolls of 6s automatically hit.

>> No.54281795

Why is the BCP app bad? My local scene has been using it. Should i drop the app?

>> No.54281797


>> No.54281801

Can I play after gluing straight away with the Start Collecting Astra Militarum

>> No.54281813

no one would care if they are unpainted. 50% of people who play are unpainted, 40% play with primed models, 10% actually paint.

>> No.54281815

If you have an android phone compatible with x privacy, get it and see how many permissions it actually uses.

>> No.54281825

You poor bastard.

>> No.54281849


Awesome, thanks for clearing that up for me.

>> No.54281892

I was asking if I had enough models

>> No.54281895

Whats the best loadout for Sanguinary Priests?

>> No.54281901

What are you, some kind of queer?
Overcharge that shit

>> No.54281903

Gork and Mork have given me a ded kunnin idea. I'm gonna kit out my ork warband as veterans of the Octarius War, starting with nobz who have Kombi skorchas and big choppas. What Tyranid heads do you lads think would be a good size to use as trophies on them?

>> No.54281905


Post more cool dioramas.

>> No.54281939

Jump pack.
Maybe a power sword if you have the spare points.
But he isn't for fighting. He is forcing giving the units doing the fighting +1 S.

>> No.54281942

If you're getting slaughtered but it's not enough to stop you from doing what you came there to do, which the objectives represent, then they still lose. If a guard army is there to protect something and your niggelves steal all those things it doesn't matter how many clones they shot, they failed.

>> No.54282020

Just to clarify because I don't want you to get misinformed by this specific post, you do NOT need to eliminate a unit in order to consolidate. You can consolidate no matter what after fighting. So you CAN attack the same unit twice in the same fight phase.

I've seen this mistake a few times in the past two tournaments. Edition crossover effect.

>> No.54282035

Any. Small ones like Gaunts can go on spikes or around guns, medium ones like Warriors can be made into smaller bits of armour, large ones like Mawlocs into chestplates. Anything with a big crest or prominent plates is good.

>> No.54282058

Where can I buy Plasma Calivers from? And what would my best bet be to convert into a Plasma Caliver?

>> No.54282070

From the Skitarii Ranger/Vanguard set obviously

>> No.54282075

kill me

>> No.54282079

Anyone see any chaos primaris marine conversions? I've thinking of doing it but kind of wanted to see how it comes out before I go out of my way for it.

>> No.54282101

At least you won't see this abortion now

>> No.54282107

Technically yes, you have enough units for a legal patrol detachment.

It's an incredibly small army though. 18pp or ~250pts with no frills.

>> No.54282108

is there any decent 8th edition list builders that isn't battlescribe?

>> No.54282142

Forgeworld sells bundles of oldhammer weapons, and the plasma guns/cannons look both similar enough to easily convert and retro enough to fit with the admech aesthetic. Just gotta trim them marine hands away, but Cawl has experience in that front.

>> No.54282147

Not really. Picturebook is dead.though whoever is formatting the BS lists is doing decently

>> No.54282154

Can I have adepta sororitas and SM backpack comparison pic please? They are quite cheap sororitas for sale, but they lack backpacks...

>> No.54282161

You should be flayed alive for having the audacity of bringing that cancerous mob of AIDS to any table

>> No.54282172

>viking space marine

but anon, it sounds fucking terrible, what's your point?

>> No.54282219


>> No.54282221

Is that the one in Katy?

>> No.54282243

alpha legion colours is all I've seen.

>> No.54282247

Then... why you even on this thread peasant

>> No.54282254

I think they will become far more common once the multikits came out.

>> No.54282262

thefuck are wrong with his arm does he have autistic

>> No.54282266

>painted army with themed bases
I don't get it. Is it the riptides or the forgeworld models you're bitching about?

>> No.54282272

Baiting in other peoples' generals is fun. You don't shit in your own backyard now, do you?

>> No.54282305

Holy fuck, you're right!
I never noticed this because of 8 years of habit.
Thanks anon.

>> No.54282306

>sisters of silence allied with riptide spam

>> No.54282321

Again, you only have yourself to blame.

>> No.54282326

I'm not even the guy who posted the image.

>> No.54282339

>He doesnt enjoy the freedom of shitting on his neighbors flower garden

>> No.54282348

Holy shit once you see it

>> No.54282375

More the spam of Riptides with a detachment of Sisters of Silence to ignore / negate Psykers.

>If I remember 7e correctly those 4 units would have a 24" radius aura around EACH model that turned off Psychic Powers. While the Riptides could just double tap to their hearts content.


>> No.54282377

Threads 8 hours old.

New when? I would but I'm phoneposting

>> No.54282417

Fresh bread, stale memes

>> No.54282602


>> No.54282709


>> No.54283061

>two beautifully painted knights
>a hundred yellow (?) primed orks
And I bet you complain that the knight player is cheesy while yourself being the worst cancer in this hobby

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