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Im gay btw

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First for tactical dog fucking.

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>quality posts

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>bought a macron 500 ink pen because some guy used it in a painting vid and thought the effect looked cool
>it's absolute shit
>at least the set was only 20$

even for purity seal writing, should I just use a fine tip with abaddon black?

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What's the best way to equip sternguard? stormbolters,combi weapons or special issue bolters?

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> 3. Fortune: WC value 7. Targets a single Asuryani unit within 24". It allows to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+. Works before the multiplication

Is 1d4chan right on this one? You make the Fortune roll before rolling for damage? What if it's flat damage?

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Fourth for new table!

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Are you trying to bait the genestealer slut into posting or something

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Not really? GW had done absolutely nothing with them.

However, I do believe they would make a fine replacement. They're more Viking-y and less retarded than Space Yiffs, and the idea of space traders/miners is awesome. My issue would be if they could ONLY ally with the Tau.

Seeing as the local tournament is using PL, I don't have much of a fucking choice in the matter.

Posted again because of the new thread.

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No, it got FAQ'd iirc

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If I wanted to paint this guy as a Word Bearer, how would I do so? The robes in particular.

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It is pretty obvious how most Tau fags are just fucking posers, they call their battlesuit "anime mechas" without actually know 2 thing about them or just for the sake of "lol they looks like those things from chinese cartoons and most 40k fag hate weebs lets annoy them"

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why does so much daemon art have different gods working together, when the chaos gods hate each other even more than the imperium 99% of the time?

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Need opinions on these shoulder pad insert things for my loyalist alphas. They're so hard to put on I'm really considering just getting forge world pads.

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>packaging foam bunkers

my man

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IIRc WB don't have any dedicated sorcerers. they literally don't have shit except for dark apostles

just paint him however you want and fluff that he's allied for some reason

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Also Xth for if people stopped posting my shit with the sole intention to troll you wouldn't see it so much you fuckers

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I'm just saying, it wouldn't take much extra effort for a genecult to infect animals, then have not just the Purestrains and cultists at uprising time, but also a tide of genehounds and sewer rats and groxes and horrible shit. On TOP of all their other stuff, just infect a few animals and let the infected animals do the rest of the work.

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The different gods work together all the fucking time, read the Daemon Codex.

Just because they hate each other doesn't mean they don't have fun together.

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Duncan has two or three tutorials for WB red. I'd leave the robe black.

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>the Grinchcrons try to steal Christmas, but thankfully the Berzelves and Lord Christmas himself rip their spines out if they try!

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What colours would the Bird Wearers chapter be painted in?

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Every race should have pets they can bring to the fight. I want more squig options for my Orks.

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Would probably be too difficult to keep a low-profile with those.

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The FAQ refers to two abilities that explicitly work when you lose a wound e.g. disgustingly resilient and the warlord trait FNP.

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those look sick wtf, where'd you get them and how're they hard to put on?

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Nids do not need GSC for random animales.
They need when the random animals can actually fight back.

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Black robes probably, though ash grey could be a good callback move if you can make it work.

>PL tourney
I'm sorry brah. The issue with PL so that it uses mean cost and is meant, in truth, for kiddie games, not tourneys.

May want to have a word with them, armies that can't customize a ton are at a fuckhueg disadvantage. Though they'll see as much after the first rounds

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Just now learned that the next four dexs that GW has said they will release are all marine books...

At least they are getting them out of the way early?

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Not really, genecultists are part of the brood mind, a generat would obey it's brethren.

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best daemons

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Those abilities are all intended to work the same way. Fortune, Catalyst, DR, Warlord Trait, PfP, it's all the same Feel No Pain mechanic.

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[citation needed]

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>Twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a tomb world was stirring

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Yeah but the new models are fucking terrible

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But they're stupid animals which would probably be more taxing for the Patriarch to control than a human who can be indoctrinated from birth and only needs slight nudging here or there.

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How can machine be undead, teegee?

And since when do Necrons make undead out of the living?

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I know what you mean, I just know my distopias really well.
And my main point is I want it to be justified, or at least mostly. Like the inquisition is for the Imperials.

Only it's message is more hopeful and progressive. Also I want to keep the whole caste system vibe, and everyone being happy in their place. Actually a bit closer to Brave New World in that sense.
So bit of communism, a bit of ancient chaste system, a bit of Brave New World.

Also I kinda like their mac-book future aschetic. Only I kinda like to push it. Like overly smooth and clean, to the point it doesn't quite feel right. Until things start getting broken and dirty.

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space marines coming first in a new edition has never not been the case
plus, there's 6 other dexes on the way by christmas, so I'm sure some NPCs will be in there somewhere
I'm hoping for orks, personally, but I'm not holding my breath

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The lasguns were hung in the Bastille with care.
And Tarantula sentries monitored the air

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Well in codex announcement they only show us 4 codex Adeptus Astarters, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights and Death Guard

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>How can machine be undead
Mysterious Necron soul

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I like them but the old metal ones with the tities are better yeah

>> No.54275076

Warhammer community.

Space Marine
Grey Knights

These are the codexes that were revealed to be released this month and the next. 2 codexes per month until Xmas

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>How can machine be undead, teegee?
blend the two

>And since when do Necrons make undead out of the living?
a C'tan isn't a necron

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Necrons have no souls though

>> No.54275097

Slather me with some delicious rumors, tg. Models, codexes, anything, just pique my interest.

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I want all three versions in a box. Punk Lobster, Sex Daemons, Ugly Banshees. Ideally in plastic and multipart so you can easily mix all three.

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It's not that they're specifically focusing on marines, they're following a pattern:

Vanilla Space Marines are almost always first in a new edition (6th and 7th were weird anomalies).

CSM are the oldest book in need of an update.

GK are one of the next oldest books in need of an update.

Death Guard are the next release in the Primarch schedule which is interwoven with the normal release schedule.

After that it will move on to the next oldest book in need of an update, which is Chaos Daemons... unless they split those into separate books for each of the 4 gods, which they are doing with AoS.

Then Tyranids.

>> No.54275108

Blood Angels,
Thousand Sons,
Dark Angels, and
Space Wolves

have all yet to be done. So maybe 2 non-marine books this year. Odds are IG, knights, and mechanicum are up early too.

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Thoughts on making a Primaris Sky Sentinels chapter?

Sky Sentinels are described in the BRB as having been destroyed during the Dark Imperium story progression by Magnus and the Thousand Sons. However, this period of time was also marked by poor communication and backlogs. Maybe some Primaris were assigned as Sky Sentinels to relieve and aid this current chapter, only to arrive to see them wiped out.

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DG is getting a cool mortar tank.

>> No.54275120

I hope the Ork codex is good, and we see a neat new release or two. I'm also curious if codexes will actually do much to change stats and costs from the indexes. Does anyone see anything major in the indexes that needs fixing other than typos and clearing certain things up?

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Then is it in the Necron codex? Checkmate.

And how do you blend undeath with a machine?

>> No.54275129

Trips say do it. but I say go a step further and do greyshields

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>> No.54275140

It's crooked.

Shapeways. There are stores making pads, weapons, shields, and knight parts too.

>> No.54275141

Make me : ^ )
Get good or stop posting shit for me to save

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>Forgeworld units won't be covered
>have to wait for FW to move their lazy bums to bring an IA book
kill me

>> No.54275157

Since they're adding entirely new factions and the 'FAQ/Errata' was changing things that clearly were not errata there is a 0% chance that rebalancing will not occur in the codexes.

At the very least they'll have to rebalance for the shiny new relics and stratagems that literally nobody else has.

>> No.54275161


It's not. Just the angle. It lines up straight with the pad lip.

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>> No.54275175

How do you do Grayshields?

Do you do colours of all legions and just add a gray bit to their shoulderpads?

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>> No.54275181

Anyone taking bets on what the first Xenos book will be? Side bet for how long until we actually see one.

>> No.54275184

>didn't even try to make the tank 40k like.
At least it is painted.

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>> No.54275186

What are you plannibg to use them for?

>> No.54275187

Relics, warlord traits, strategems, chapter tactics and equivalents.

>> No.54275200

You're right. Still cheaper than FW.

>> No.54275209

Working on it, the rhino was unpainted so I ran the old proxies to avoid shame.

>> No.54275218

I've got some sweet cardboard that my vacuum came in that are totally going to be terrain.
Using old cardboard and foam to make terrain at least lets you get the effect of terrain on play.

>> No.54275219

The "Dark Mechanicum" keyword has begun surfacing in rulebooks

>> No.54275221

>be at GW yesterday
>i need that index for cool points
>nah ill buy that guillyman instead
>CSM codex this month
dodged a fucking bullet

>> No.54275229

Nah, from what I guess it's everything like regular except non-chapter pauldron is grey. Dark Imperium doesn't give specifics iirc

>> No.54275234

Every codex should have extra entries detailing what the stats and cost of their vehicles being looted by Orks should be. Obviously it needs to be included in each new codex, otherwise there would be vehicles released after the Ork codex comes out that wouldn't be covered.

Or they can make the last codex "looted wagons". I'd buy that.

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>> No.54275251

Did you actually fucking think they would put FW in Codexes?

>> No.54275255

Nah, just give -1BS and some of the ork rules. Make it easy that way.

>> No.54275265

FW chaos index, only one or two have it though.

>> No.54275269

>All that forum bitching from people who bought Index: Imperium 1.

>> No.54275271

Almost definitely Tyranids, slight chance Orks get bumped up ahead of them, and we'll see one or both of those in the next three months.

>> No.54275272


>> No.54275287

>-1 BS
It'll just be a flat change to BS 5+

>> No.54275300

Says who? They're "lose a wound" against "suffer a wound".

>> No.54275304

No I just need more flame based Orks and vehicles for the Waaagh Charjaw

>> No.54275308

So how's 8th shaping up? I haven't played a game yet. The rules look to be streamlined but I worry the game has been dumbed down.

>> No.54275316

>buying the index

not just downloading the .pdf and either printing it out or putting it on your phone/kindle/ipad and saying you bought the digital version

>> No.54275324

Dumbed down a lil' bit, but it's fun, haven't played against anything cancerous enough for me to rage yet

>> No.54275328

It's just bad proofreading. GW didn't get everything in the first FAQ and they're already working on the second one, almost guaranteed you'll see it explicitly mentioned there.

>> No.54275329


I mean, forge world makes like 500 Contemptor Dreadnought weapons but the index only covered the two in the plastic box.

So the forge world index comes out, it has RELIC CONTEMPTOR as a different unit with a bumped up price and statline.

Meanwhile, the chaos version is just a fucking Contemptor.

>> No.54275331

Here you go.

>> No.54275335

those are some nice squats, really tempted to get me some Squats as I fancy something a bit different. Doubt I'd use them to play and if I did they'd just be "counts as Space Marines"

>> No.54275343

Well, I don't think it ever happened before, but a man can dream. Also, my bigger problem isn't that they're not covered in the codices, it's more that I'll have to wait for Forgeworld to do something.
And I'm a bit afraid of having to wait for years until they release everything. Sure, I mainly play Space Marines, so I probably won't have to wait that long, but GWs and FWs insistence on doing everything seperately is annoying.

>> No.54275346

I already do that senpai, I just wanted something physical and though codexes will be released like in October.

>> No.54275348

they dont even have to 'work' on a second one. they just lurk on forums/check their inbox and see what the common complaints are then go from there

>> No.54275353

I actually need to invest in more Burnas.

I actually kinda hate this wait for the codex because I want to expand my burnas, kommandos and tankbusters, but I don't know who to focus on in case the codex has any major changes I should keep in mind. Guess I'll just horde money and keep fixing the minis I already have.

>> No.54275355

just resurrect them

have Guiltyman just shit them back out of his vast army of stasis niggers

>> No.54275356


>Titan hunter lance is only S14

>> No.54275368

They had a series of FAQs for the indices and an updated designer's commentary. No mention of suffering a wound being the same as losing a wound.

>> No.54275375

I like it. I started with 2nd, came back for 5th, and now 8th feels nice and fresh to me. Moves very fast, even as I'm still getting used to it.

>> No.54275383

Being girl.

>> No.54275385

>How can machine be undead, teegee?
If the C'tan feels like using its powers to make busted machinery work even though its broken.

>> No.54275394

Just speculation but I think with GW moving the plot towards focusing more on the Imperium vs Chaos conflict this edition we're going to start seeing a lot more Chaos-ified versions of other factions pop up with their own codexes.

Dark Mechanicum may be the start, but I'll bet we'll finally get a non-Forge World Renegades Codex, too. Maybe even Chaos Eldar from the Crone Worlds will get a book.

>> No.54275398

Wounds everything that isn't a Warlord on a 3+.

>> No.54275400

My local Games Workshop

>> No.54275403

I wonder if Fires of Cyraxis will have stuff for both normal and Darkmech

>> No.54275413

>Alpha JEW

>> No.54275416

This is where you go to get shanked isn't it?

>> No.54275418

>Alpha Jew

>> No.54275419


>alpha jew

sounds about right

>> No.54275422 [SPOILER] 

I have barely enough boyz for full tankbusta and kommando squads

I however have 40 some Burna Boyz

>> No.54275435

C'tan can simulate the Waaagh effect?

>> No.54275438


>> No.54275448

>Alpha Jew

>> No.54275455

excuse moi?

>> No.54275471


Exactly, there are plenty of models less designed against Titans which hit S16.

>> No.54275479

I am so fucking happy someone still remembers that legend

>> No.54275491

>alpha jew
Ya'll niggas need gacha mobage.

>> No.54275496


>> No.54275510


>Yoshikage Kira

>> No.54275519

Any Iron Hands fans here? How are they faring?

>> No.54275524

They're Star gods with the power to manipulate reality should they feel like it.
Any idea what that means.

>> No.54275545

I'm about to finish Dark Imperium, what's a good followup?

alternatively, which book is it where Rowboat has his chat with the Emperor?

>> No.54275546

No rules yet. Should have PDF or eScrub in a few weeks.

>> No.54275551

Haven't played since 4th Edition but I've heard a lot of hype about 8th and from what I've seen so far the game seems a lot more balanced and streamlined.
What's the /40kg/ opinion? What shit from 8th is broken?

>> No.54275555

My sides took 40,000 years to recover

>> No.54275566

Gathering Storm 3, you don't see it.

And wait tor the next post 8th launch novel.

>> No.54275568

What are they doing in the fluff since everything changed?

>> No.54275584

8th is fun so far. It will be better when everyone has a codex.

Hordes are difficult to kill at the moment.

>> No.54275587

fuck all.

>> No.54275589

Same as ever - nothing of note.

>> No.54275591

Not that much, honestly.

There's a lot of balance and the difference between best and worst army is much much less than before.

>> No.54275592

This post made me laugh.

>> No.54275594

My local GW

>> No.54275606

Starting necrons for 8th. But slightly hesitant to buy warriors, a monolith, or destroyers, as they seem like the likely suspects to get model updates.

Think I can get buy without them till a new dex drops?

>> No.54275610

>Do you live in beta jew territory?

>> No.54275620

The macharius vulcan seems extremely busted to me. The way the math works out, it outperforms any other variant in all areas i've thought of, at least according to the math (assuming you sit still to get heavy 30). It tends to keep up with the baneblade in marine-killing ability and damages larger things just as well for the points cost.

As far as i can tell, the leman russ conquerer is a similar case, it seems like a direct upgrade from the battle cannon russ, only for ~20pts cheaper, at the cost of 2ft range (but who gives a shit, 4ft is plenty).

>> No.54275626

No reason not to buy them, even if they get updates.

>> No.54275628

>model updates
Even if so, what could they change with warriors anyway?

>> No.54275636

What do you have so far?

>> No.54275641

what mm drills does /40kg/ use to drill their barrels?

you do drill your barrels, don't you?

>> No.54275649

>you don't see it.

Aw, damn.
Thanks anon!

>> No.54275651

Modifiers are batshit nuts, one of the biggest head-scratchers I've seen from GW in a long time. For example, a plasmagun is more likely to overheat at night, thanks to modifiers.

Otherwise a lot of the shit that wastes time and starts arguments like vehicle facing has been cut out. The game isn't as tactically rewarding as it was before in that regard, but it's a lot more playable and easier to learn now.

>> No.54275664

I always wonder with Tyranids, am I supposed to?

>> No.54275669

Yeah, he just goes into the throne room and comes back out after a few hours, saying the Emperor talked to him. You get to see more in DI than in GS3.

>> No.54275671

Depends on the gun. I say yes for most of them.

>> No.54275672


Apparently we're posting our local GWs now.

>> No.54275674

>For example, a plasmagun is more likely to overheat at night, thanks to modifiers.
If you are trying to fire a plasma gun and can't see your fingers, you are more likely to blow yourself up. If you are trying to fire a plasma gun while running, you are more likely to blow yourself up. If you are trying to fire a plasma gun at an airborne target, you are more likely to blow yourself up. It honestly feels pretty okay.

>> No.54275676

Always drill your barrels. Always.

>> No.54275677

Honestly, I just sloppily shove my xacto in the barrel and turn it a few times. Sometimes I have to fidget with it if it's off center, but it's normally good enough.

But if someone suggests a real cheap drill, I'll pick one up someday.

>> No.54275690

>drill barrels on energy projecting guns.
Actively no.

>> No.54275691

Only for stuff like Bolters and above, never Lasrifles.

>> No.54275694

Makes enough sense to me.

>> No.54275695

Night Lords abutts right up to the beginning of the Dark Millenium ie 999.M41 ,according to ADB's writing. I just finished it after starting with Carcharodons after finishing DI.

Shira is one of my favorite lines just for all-around fluff.

If you haven't read Gaunt's Ghosts you should probably start there, though.

I also enjoyed Bastion Wars, which technically ends around the same point as Night Lords at the start of the 13th Black Crusade, at least by date

>> No.54275707


I use a fine tipped brush and Abaddon black to drill my barrel holes.

>> No.54275721

modifiers are fine.
Not defining natural dice rolls vs modified dice rolls is stupid.

>The game isn't as tactically rewarding as it was before in that regard
I'm pretty sure this is a matter of people not having figured out the tactical interactions as well yet.

>> No.54275724

lasrifles are too thin and the material is too tough

use an xacto to make a dent

>> No.54275725


i might just do this, i feel like if I try to drill i'll end up screwing up my already painted minis

>> No.54275736

I'm talking shit like being able to flank a tank and it actually does something.

>> No.54275742

Yeah, both have been ignored, but at least Orks got a 7e codex, as crap as it was (and no, GSC doesn't count)

>> No.54275746

I've heard IG conscripts are a goddamn terror now.

>> No.54275753

What's good Philly bro.

>> No.54275758

Only on paper, they are alright, but aren't the game winners people thought.

>> No.54275759

I don't remember this bit. Which book is this from?

>> No.54275760

>drilling barrels on 200 boyz

Get fucked.

>> No.54275763

Yeah, I heard templates are gone... no more arguing if a base is under there or making sure my units are exactly at 2" of spacing. That's nice.

>> No.54275766

The links on google are dead, does anyone got papercraft rhino stuffs?

>> No.54275772

I drill barrels after painting sometimes, all I tend to do is drop some black ink or devlan mud down the hole, and touch up around it. Of course, I play orks, so I coat those bastards in Devlan Mud the moment I get tired of painting them and call it a day.

>> No.54275775

>just realized I have amazon prime

any good deals on there regarding GW stuff?

>> No.54275776

I'm not from Filthadelphia, nor dirty Reading. I am proud man who loves in the glory of KUTZTOWN

>> No.54275780

yeah, that was removed. And other stuff was added.

Holding zones against deep strike do to the universal 9" restriction. Manipulating closest models. Pile in and consolidate to grab other units.

I'll admit some stuff was lost, but there is still plenty of stuff to be tactically satisfying. We just aren't as used to that yet.

>> No.54275782

That looks like Oxford. I can't tell though. Might be Cardiff.

>> No.54275783

I guess somebody needs to show you the proper way holes are meant to be drilled. Personally.

>> No.54275795


fucking hell m8

>> No.54275796

That's still a pet peeve of mine. I'd love to exchange toughness 8 for toughness 9/8/6 or something on the Leman Russ.

>> No.54275798

aw man I was hoping the 2pt flashlight shiner+commissar combo would be good

>> No.54275809

The fuck?
There is a GW in Kutztown? Since when?
I thought everyone just went to The Vault and called it a day.

>> No.54275811

Oh shit, I drive past there on my way to work. I'm a Readingfag though and you're right, shit's filthy.

Honestly the convenience of there actually being shit to do here is the only reason I haven't moved out of PA yet. I wanna go back to NY so bad it hurts. I hope I never hear Spanish again for the rest of my fucking life.

>> No.54275816

Then how come they lost? Checkmate.

>> No.54275829

>doesn't want to hear spanish
>in NY

>> No.54275830

I fucked a girl from Kutztown at a Phillies game once. Who's running the store these days?

>> No.54275831

>*Infiltrates behind you*
>*Kills your Commissar*

Psssh...nothin personnel...kid...

>> No.54275838

>drop by FLGS after work to grab Index: Xenos 2 like a good goy
>out of stock, so I buy a box of Stormboyz instead
>come to my senses hours later and realize that I can just download the pdf for free
wew lads almost wasted $25 there

>> No.54275840

How the fuck do you run chaos terminators now?

Melta and axes? Dual claws? Seems like nothing is punchy enough to compare to th/ss.

>> No.54275842

Not that i saw. Checked today since its prime day and everything.

>> No.54275845

Because if a C'tan uses its powers too much they run the risk of getting hungry for more life-force and then get distracted from using their powers and nuked from orbit.

>> No.54275847

There isnt one, the Cottman Avenue one is the closest.

>> No.54275848

I lived upstate before I moved down here, like literally five miles from the border to Canada. There was about absolutely zero there in terms of anything unless you wanted to work at Walmart for the rest of your life and were fine with driving an hour out of your way to buy anything /tg/ related that wasn't MTG cards.

>> No.54275856

That gun needs a trigger.

>> No.54275858


Oh, they're game winners allright, they're just godawful for tournaments because all the horde spammers have no counter against one another and end up clogged up against each other on the middle tables whilst more flexible lists actually get to move on.

>> No.54275859

Thank god the Leman Russ kits come with so many bolters. I failed the centerline some 4 or 5 times a cross my three tanks and still have enough to kit the sponson russes

>> No.54275863

Also going to be irrelevant in like 6 months


>> No.54275865

So... why not just go to the Vault?

>> No.54275871

nigger please-- you do know my commisar is right in the center of my 50 man blob dont you?

>> No.54275879



>Fucking -Cardiff- of all places

>> No.54275885

I hate Reading so much, and that fucking courthouse. I'm pretty sure Reading made me in to the racist monster I am today.

>> No.54275888

You lived in the hills, not in New York.

>> No.54275892


>Gulliman the commissar

>> No.54275897

I do. I just noticed that the picture for Cottman said Alpha Jew, and thought I'd post it here

>> No.54275908

No bully. I've been to Cardiff's one. So does (or did) my sister.

>> No.54275911

Yeah, the place is an absolute shithole and I only moved in because there were no other apartments nearby in my price range. I'm saving up to get a house now and just biding my time in this dump. I'm completely fucking tired of reggaeton though. How these people can listen to every song having the literal exact same beat all day every day is truly astounding.

>> No.54275913


You actually think we're gunna let that happen?

Tip#1 of character survivability:
Conscripts up front
Commissar in center
Infantry Squad w/ heavy weapon in rear

It's called the commisandwhich and can be further boosted by putting a Vehicle in front, the conscripts now in two smaller blobs on the left-front and right-front, and the infantry squad in the rear.

Of course, that's if your taking an assassin. Normal armies dictate you just place the entire army 9" or less away from the table edge, which in gunline guard was already the plan.

>> No.54275914

I have the army painter kit that came with 4 or 5 bits, and I just use what one seems smaller than the right size, that way I can just size up if I need to. The key is getting your pilot hole centered, which is easier with a finer bit I find.

Also I play Orks so it seems every gun has a different barrel size.

>> No.54275935

>Eldar chicken walker

The one stupid looking eldar model in the whole codex and he had to buy it.

>> No.54275942

The Reading area is terrible, but god are there a lot of fantastic restaurants. Ever been to Infintos? Jumbo China Buffet? Shit's good

>> No.54275949

Interesting commissar you have there.

>> No.54275959


>galactic commissar has the power to compel an entire planet to fight under threat of absolute annihilation

>> No.54275963

That color scheme is rad as hell, and the name sounds cool too.
Do it!

>> No.54275964

Size depends on the barrel.

I think I used .5mm on the Poxwalker guns from DI but off the top of my head I can't remember what size I use for boltguns. Maybe 1.5mm or 2mm?

>> No.54275968

I walked into my local GW today and saw someone actually fielding Gulliman. What the hell?

>> No.54275973

I forgot how much of a manlet the non-FW avatar of khaine is

>> No.54275980

>nerfing yourself by using a taller model

Wew laddy.

>> No.54275985

Jumbo's pretty good, haven't been to Infinitos yet though. There's a little Spanish food place right in the city ran by Indians that makes the fucking best food ever. There's like six restaurants right down the block from my apartment and it's crazy. I just don't like how everything closes at six around here or that you can't just buy beer from most stores.

>> No.54275991

>commissar guilliman vs. the wraithfag

at least your models are painted

>> No.54275994

Had any fun games recently 40kg?

>> No.54276004


Maybe he was just using it as a converted daemon prince? I've heard some people are doing that.

>> No.54276012

can you shitters either take it to /soc/ or start talking about warhammer again please

>> No.54276016

>conscript spam fully painted
>marine player can't finish a single tank

>> No.54276022


>Tfw theres other PAfags here

Any decent shops out that side of the state? Pittsburgh has one decent FLGS out of about 5.

>> No.54276026

>be any sniping unit in the game
>just target the commissar

>> No.54276029

Pretty new and playing death guard here, how are deep striking lighting claw terminators? I've been loving teleporting in with my lord of contagion and I'd enjoy converting a couple squads in old beat up cataphractii. I'll definitely be waiting for the actual death guard terminators reveal to see my options there, but I'd like to hear from people with experience regarding gameplay utility.

>> No.54276031

In Kutztown, we have this fantastic little restaurant called Quality Shop. It also just so happens to be next to the Liquor Store

>> No.54276044

Is there any unit that is cost effective at snipping Commissars?

>> No.54276047

>Showing my putrid face to another human being
No thank you

>> No.54276053

I ended up surrounding it and locking it in combat for the entire game if that helps

>> No.54276060

I did recently, my first battle in 8th. This was my army...

>> No.54276066

id be tempted to do that just to trigger people. go full nurgle with tentacles and shit but make it still obvious that its a converted gorillaman

>> No.54276068


No, he was an ultramarines player. He just had Gulliman right there on the board. Primed blue.

>> No.54276073

Tau sniper drone might be able to do it cost-effectively

>> No.54276075

>building 200 boyz
>not doing an extra 30 seconds of work on each

>> No.54276076

under what metric.
A unit that can kill it in 2 turns but costs less?
No, there isn't one. That metric is dumb though.

A unit that can kill it in 2 turns and still be around doing work for the rest of the game? Yes.

>> No.54276081

And the guys outside of the box were who survived until the end. I did end up taking the objective and winning though. Once my Nobz got out of the trukk, they just murdered every unit they touched. I'll try to share at least one pic from the battle itself.

>> No.54276083

>don't want to hear Spanish
>in NY
>going to NY ever
Anon you're going to have a bad time.

>> No.54276086

There's the Owl Central out by Reading. Their staff's pretty chill, the store's surprisingly active and they play a lot of games. Walked in on like fifteen kids playing chess once. My only gripe with the store is their paint selection is pretty minimal so I end up having to get my paints from other, less good stores nearby. It's nice to actually talk about 40k with the cashiers too, as far as I know half the staff plays. I haven't been able to go in and play for a long time due to my job but they let me take a sneak peek at the indexes around the time when the leaks were first coming out.

>> No.54276090


Or my personal favourite

>> No.54276093


Christ, I thought Ultras players had more class than that.

>> No.54276097

I'm on the fence at the moment.

Terminators are more survivable than last edition, and I'm sure the Death Guard "Plagueinator" unit will get to ignore wounds on a 5 or 6 as well but they are slow, especially being Nurgle and wearing cataphractii, and having to deep strike more than 9 inches away sucks, especially with a melee unit.

>> No.54276113

>I don't understand something so it must be dumb

>> No.54276120

I live in the hills, NYC a shit.

I even have two FLGS within a half hour, currently deciding which one to call home

>> No.54276122

I just use a cheap pin vice I bought for $7.

>> No.54276157

>those old metal ork models
I love it

>> No.54276158

I believe this was turn 3 since all my lootas are dead (they were up on the structure in front of my Shokk Attack Gun). The oil barrels are the objective marker (Only War, Ancient Relic). I failed to kill his last lascannon crew with my Shokk Attack Gun, so I had to actually pull my mob back to claim it (as my Warboss was blown to bits in a single hit).

>> No.54276173

That marine looks deeply annoyed.

>> No.54276178

Nice. Over here Legions Hobbies is king. Place has about 18 tables mainly used for 40k, about 10 smaller ones for historicals, and a seperate room for cardfags. Shits cash.

>> No.54276202


No aspect warriors tho, feels weird.

>> No.54276207

[spoilers]Chaos and Dark Eldar books make me want to die. Rah rah I'm so angsty and evil, would you like a link to my livejournal
Maybe it's just me.

Gaunt's Ghosts are awesome, yeah.

Shira is next, I'll check out Bastion Wars after that, thank you! why are we doing spoilers[/spoilers]

>> No.54276214

oy vey

>> No.54276229

If GW does release new Ork sculpts, I imagine the style clash of my army will increase quite a bit. But I do love some of those old minis, and they were models my friends and I used back in the 2nd ed days. Lotta memories with this army.

>> No.54276238

Always Guard. Seriously it's uncanny

>> No.54276249

That must be some sharp cheddar.

>> No.54276250

Only IG have painted models? And that annoys you because?

>> No.54276251

Is that a full squad of Nobz with only one power klaw?
I've been meaning to try that out, that worked well for you?

>> No.54276278

Aren't there Howling Banshees?

>> No.54276279

Not even annoyed. The color PEACH does nothing to trigger me I just find it odd they the ONLY ONES

>> No.54276286

Seeing as there are many more armies needing new models than Orks; such as Grey Knights, AM, IG & Scions, Harlequins and SoB... I doubt there will be many.

I'd really like a new Ghazgkull model. Maybe a Triumvirate with Orkimedies and somebody else?

Still mad Flash Gitz are shite.

>> No.54276304

He didn't bring any tanks, so it worked out for me this time. I'm painting up my deffkoptas and considering getting tankbusters though, cause I feel like I'd be hurting a bit if he brought too much heavy armor. All those Nobz with big choppas completely rip through guard though, power klaw hits were a bit much.

>> No.54276312


>> No.54276315

>classic cadians
You just want to start shit don't you?

>> No.54276332

>I'd really like a new Ghazgkull model.
I have a 2nd ed Ghazgkull... he's so damn tiny. You can see him just to the right of the flying bases near the center of the table. I was considering getting the more recent model, but I'd love if they put out a new one.

>> No.54276336


More like only the IG players with fully painted armies bother posting them. Tau players are just retards and don't have the brains to not post photos of their unpainted shit. You could just say IG players are more shy or less retarded, not that IG are all completionist painters.

>> No.54276346

what? WB don't have special sorcerer rulewise but they definitly do have sorcerer out the wazoo, how the hell do you think they manage to invade whole planet with only a handfull of marine? They routinely try to learn sorcery, which is like magik but for non-psyker, so all WB could very well do minor feat of magick with proper ritual and shit

>> No.54276351

Nazdreg would be neat.

>> No.54276372

I understand the metric, but it's a dumb thing to ask for.
There are snipers that can kill commissars effectively and are worth their points. They don't cost less than the commissar, because they shouldn't.

>> No.54276379

Yeah. Nazdreg, Ghazgkull and Orkimedies would be neat.

>> No.54276380

I really just want a new basic Boyz unit that isn't the one from the late 90s. The sculpts are totally unposeable and wayyyy to hunched.

>> No.54276398

The mechanicus sniper can one shot them, but the sniper unit isn't the cost effective thing, it's the fact that the commissars buff an absurdly undercosted unit.

>> No.54276412

/40kg/ what the the worst warhammer based youtube channels you know about?

>> No.54276422



>> No.54276428

I'm betting we'll get an updated kit for warbuggies/wartrakks, a plastic multi-build to cover our HQs, and maybe a new Ironjawz-esque kit that can be built as two different units so they can say they gave us something

>> No.54276433

Arch. His narrating is horrible.

>> No.54276441

The old books don't need an update, retard.

>> No.54276447


>> No.54276452

How so?

>> No.54276456

josh and matt are okay
everyone else is completely unwatchable
bring back dan, owen, and jay

>> No.54276458

Had my first game of 8th today. My IG vs his imperial fists. Holy fuck marines got cucked hard this edition, they just cannot field enough bodies to be effective, he was even loaded with heavy bolters and everythig. All I had to do was keep my units in several blobs and unload everything onto one squad at a time. He had one guy left on turn 4, fucking kek.

>> No.54276461

I want some mix unit Imperial Guard. Cadians are suppose to be 50% female and 50% male but no female sculpts bar the one offs.

All of them. ArchWarhmmer if you like 1d4chan distilled for YouTube.

>> No.54276469

I like his ramblings when painting.
Way too much headcanon though.

>> No.54276472


>> No.54276476

His use of the English language is frankly offensive. Every other sentence is nonsense, he overuses the same expressions constantly and also uses them completely inappropriately and his accent is annoying.

That's before you even get to the part where his videos are basically just 14dchan lore speculation or him complaining about GW designing models that he doesn't like. I don't even think he actually plays 40k.

>> No.54276480

Oh shit nigger I go to KU
look for me at the vault, I'll be the one with the red rose pinned to his cotillion

>> No.54276489

This is what the Leman Russ should have looked like.

>> No.54276492

>Impying cuck isn't used by nearly all of 4chan at this point.

Check out this cuck.

>> No.54276495

Local GW?
Ha! What's that?

>> No.54276500

That the OKC store?

>> No.54276501

>they literally don't have shit except for dark apostles

Except they have a fuckload of sorcerers and warp-users in their ranks, as utilizing the Warp is considered a sign of piety and personal power?

The only thing Word Bearers truly lack are Cult Troops, but even still many Word Bearers end up dedicated to a specific Chaos God (though this does prevent them from moving up in the ranks of the Legion and carries a heavy stigma). Many Word Bearers cannot help but be marked by the Chaos Gods in some way, though they are expected to always work within the schemes of the Legion and not fall completely to their baser instincts and become Cult Troops.

The watchword of the Word Bearers is controlled fanaticism and the enrichment of humanity through Chaos. Becoming Cult Troops means falling to your deeper impulses and lacking in willpower, which means you're considered a shitty Word Bearer (and therefore marked for death).

>> No.54276503

Cuck is used by anyone who spends any time on the internet at this point.

>> No.54276529

Jumping in on that local gw shit a bit late

>> No.54276533

They updated immortals in 2011 and made their gauss weapons all plastic.
If they did that to warriors they wouldn't have to produce the translucent rods anymore, reducing logistical nightmares among other things
They're slighty out of proportion now that the game is more of a 30mm than a 28mm game

>> No.54276543

I don't even play Orkz and I want Wazdakka Gutzmek to have a model.

>> No.54276544

Mines in the next state but it's neat.

>> No.54276576

Who here is in Canada?
Who here is in South America?

>> No.54276577

>Using cuck is now being a conformist.

So 4chan will stop using it soon?

>> No.54276583

It actually isn't.

The best part os that whenever someone uses on a fb page where it's obviously full of 4channers, it's always by some greasy nerd with an anime pic or some dubious interests. Never fails to make me laugh.

>> No.54276592

This was 100% my thinking.

Only a few kits left that use the green rods, and they obviously have a design of gauess weapons that don't require them anymore.

>> No.54276594

Only if someone labels cuck a meme.

Then people will use it ironically.

Das pretty cool.

>> No.54276605

Sandy Spring, I go to that one

>> No.54276611

I was talking about 4chan, not fucking Facebook. Get some reading comprehension moron.

>> No.54276620

MKE, bud.

Climbs inside a Pabst keg to cry myself to death.

>> No.54276631

Happen to be in MA. Anyone else stuck in New England?

>> No.54276643

Made a silly list for a random 4v4 game at 500 points. Greyfax ride the Valk with Acolytes (hence why one squad has 5 models) the others stay put in cover and shoot stuff.

+++ Sailor Jupiter's Groupies (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [38 PL, 493pts] +++

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Inquisition) [28 PL, 315pts] ++

+ HQ +
Inquisitor Greyfax [5 PL, 85pts]: 3 - Dominate

+ Elites +
Acolytes [6 PL, 60pts]
6x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

Acolytes [6 PL, 60pts]
6x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

Acolytes [6 PL, 60pts]
6x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

Acolytes [5 PL, 50pts]
5x Acolyte: Bolt pistol, Storm bolter

+ Flyer +

Valkyries [10 PL, 178pts]
Valkyrie: 2x Multiple Rocket Pods, Multi-laser
2x Heavy Bolters: 2x Heavy bolter

>> No.54276646

He's kinda right, though. I mean cuck has been overused to the point of being another nonword that people throw out sometimes but it doesn't really mean anything. If you want to get under an anon's skin, you gotta surprise them, keep them on their toes. It's like the pepe images now, I associate them with newfags. We should be on the cutting edge of internet bullshit, not slurping up the leavings.

>> No.54276647

Nah OKC store is this one

I go to it

>> No.54276660

Talk about a butter face

>> No.54276664

Need to paint fast:

Company master
5 hell blasters

all before saturday, with work on everyday bar tomorrow. Any tips for fast but decent looking Dark Angels?

>> No.54276666

>Literally everyone in the North Atlanta area is in this thread

>> No.54276673

Woo local store

>> No.54276706

Im amazed mall stores still exist.

>> No.54276724

Well, you sure seem obsessed with a common word. Are you autistic by any chance?

>> No.54276725

My mall store apparently moved out of the mall. But that mall was already over an hour away, so I guess it's not big loss for me.

>> No.54276738

Mine is inside an office building.
We had to explain this is SA and the open up store is mental retardation and asking for trouble here.

Not because people will steal stuff from the store, but from players because "fuck the rich"
On the flip side we have maids serving coffee and biscuits while we play games.

>> No.54276740

I always swing by after I hit up the Ramen bar

>> No.54276744

It's the only part of the world where you can see black people playing warhammer outside of captivity.

>> No.54276750

Hot maids?

>> No.54276751

space marine chapter based on the legion from fallout?

>> No.54276753

Command points are absolute fucking cancer

there is NOTHING more frustrating than to have victory stolen from you at the last second because of a command reroll

>> No.54276759


Anyway this is mine.

>Dark Angels

Yeah, kill yourself gay fuck.

>> No.54276760

I certainly like that track profile way more, yeah. Things almost as big as baneblade tho

>> No.54276764

Basically just Marines Malevolent desu

>> No.54276766

>ave true to emprah

>> No.54276783

No, but I'm tempted to throw some money and make a local version of a maid cafe.
Like a family version of our "Café con piernas"

>> No.54276793

Doesn't change the fact that to me, people using cuck are /r9k/ grade teenagers. Whenever someone uses it, I know I'm dealing with a retard.

>> No.54276804

Yeah, but, it's summer. What are ya gonna do about it? Best to just ignore them like most people do.

>> No.54276806

I meant the profile of course. Although the LR could use a bit of a size increase length-wise.

>> No.54276809

They are still small stores in Europe from what I could see.
Hell, the one I was near is the one where the French rep works, and it's a tiny ass shop, to the point where he sends some stuff back every year because he doesn't have any room left.

>> No.54276812

Pretty much

>> No.54276814

Would using AoS dwarves for manlet marines to make my primaris marines look bigger be gosche?

>> No.54276819

Projection: The Post.

>> No.54276829

Shut up cuck

>> No.54276838

Oh yeah definitely. I just ignore the post normally. Doesn't change rhe fact that it's completely overused, and not just because of summer.
I blame /pol/.

>> No.54276969

>A gameplay mechanic is cancer because it's used against me

>> No.54276982

Don't put yourself in a situation where you're overly reliant on luck going your way.

>> No.54277001

Good luck I have 14 in 1k

>> No.54277008

Did you not use YOUR command points along the way?

>> No.54277019

>lol I go first now
>is moral even a thing?

They are annoying at best. Even when using them they feel like cheating. Specially when it is easy as fuck to get 6+ CP on 1000 points or more.

>> No.54277034

Having said that, I think people that go the WAAC route to pry out as many CPs as possible is kind of shitty.

>> No.54277037

Unless you're Guard then you can easily fit a Brigade and Creed in 1k for 14 total.

>> No.54277071

Guard get like 12+ with that?

But yah usually anyone can get at least 6+ in 1000 points. Hell not even trying you can get 4+

>> No.54277075

My Legions bro!

>> No.54277103

3 for battleforged, 9 for brigade, and 2 for Creed I assume.

>> No.54277115

>game is 5+ turns long
>limit of one use per phase
6-7 pts runs out fast enough you have to conserve.
And 12+ pts doesn't feel that hard to work against as they can't just blow them to get an overwhelming turn.

>> No.54277116


>> No.54277119

What's your opinion on it?

>> No.54277121


>> No.54277153


>> No.54277158


>> No.54277165


>> No.54277168

Not better

>> No.54277173

With 6 phases each turn it is not hard to use them all on in one game. Nor do you need to use all 6 your first turn.

The reroll is not really a problem by itself, the melee one make the CP system rather awkward

>> No.54277174

I absolutely love 2 of the employees, like one and dislike the rest. The 3 I like are super nice to everyone, willing to hold conversations and are usually helpful.

The shop itself is pretty meh, really small, often lack the things I want, and the painting corner is always full, so I have stopped going there for anything besides buying paint.

>> No.54277193


>> No.54277208

you get one use.
Also the melee one doesn't let you go first.
it lets you go second. So pick your first one carefully if you expect the opponent to spend the CP.
Also 2Cp is expensive for most armies. Even with 6cp, that's a third down.

>> No.54277216

I can't see anything saying there's any limit on how often you can use a stratagem, or even the same stratagem

>> No.54277239

match play rules.

>> No.54277241

On the release day of 8th my FLGS ran a huge 12 person game on a long ass table side v side. I was last man standing with my Necrons alongside with the guy using the Praetorians.

>> No.54277245

Genuinely OP. Tarts are legit murder machines.
PS: Fear the marine player that brings an Imperial Space Marine that you aren't expecting.

>> No.54277264

Well shit, how long was it ?

>> No.54277268

How's this?

>> No.54277283

ouuugh praetorian guard please my benis

>> No.54277290

judging by that pic, 24'x4'

>> No.54277296

Primed. Symbol turned out really good. Don't think I'm going to shave the Aquila off or go too crazy.

Doing tealish blue armor and white helmets.

Do I have to wait 24 hours to put paint on after primer with this Vallejo shit?

>> No.54277297


>The only thing Word Bearers truly lack are Cult Troops
lol no

read their books, they don't trust sorcerers and are more likely to kill them than ally with them

they rely on dark chaplain-priests to summon daemons

look at their list of characters, there's literally only 1 sorcerer and he's from the heresy

they're all summoning circles and shit like a satanic KKK

>> No.54277302

Stupid question but did 8th edition get rid of the "Relentless" special rule.

>> No.54277306

How are BA and or Space Sharks (assuming latter has Tyberos)?

>> No.54277317

it took the entire day. Maybe 6 1/2 hours total. I tabled both Chaos players at the end of the table, praetorian guy smashed the Wraithknight, I poofed my obelisk into the middle of the bikes and zapped them all to death and the guy opposite me playing Ultramarines lost Guilliman to Trazyn MW spam from his special weapon and a guy that fielded 6 knights died to Doom Scythes, a suicidal charge by someone playing Dark Eldar CQC focus and some Golden Boys.

>> No.54277318

I'm fucking dumb, here's the pic.

>> No.54277322

pretty sure that everything has relentless now

>> No.54277328

as long as the primer is touch dry it's fine, though obviously leaving it for 24hrs would be best just to let it cure fully

>> No.54277329

>having your tracks exposed at the front

In the grim darkness of the far future [spoilers]no one thinks of mobility kills[/spoiler]

>> No.54277333

Yes. Some units ignore the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons still, but it's not (usually) called relentless

>> No.54277344


>> No.54277355

waiting is always better as it'll let the primer do its work.

it's paint-ready in less than an hour though if you're really chomping at the bit

>> No.54277361

I thought you check for gets-hot before modifiers??? I swear I read that somewhere.

>> No.54277364

Any idea what it is called? Just trying to update my homebrew SM captains for the new edition

>> No.54277367

24 hours is best.
Technically, you could go for it agter like 30 mins, but you're not into that much of a hurry are you?
Build and prime the others for now.

>> No.54277371

I kinda want to see what it will look like. Gotta test how I do my blue.

>> No.54277386

As there are no universal special rules any more, call it whatever you like so long as you define precisely what it does. Go check what rules terminators get.

>> No.54277402

What do you expect from Primaris Marines once the codex drops?

Intercessor Tactical Squads?
Lieutenants group into Veteran units?
Aggressors to arrive alongside the codex?
Space Marine & Primaris Marine synergies better? (ie: Instead of a lieutenant buffing tactical marines, what about a Primaris Sergeant acting as squad leader?)

>> No.54277413

Any good Raptors chapter novels? I know they're in Fire Warrior but that shits so bad its almost not canon

>> No.54277424


Do I get +1A for charging?
Are stats as listed, or do I get an extra attack for having a pistol and hand weapon like previous editions?
Do units that are engaged in melee take part in the shooting phase with pistols because of the new 1" rule?
Is there anything that, in general, is easily missed but important?

>> No.54277445

Prime and then spray silver or just silver?
Also white or black primer?

A copy of 30k. Here we go 20 man squads and legion rules. Because marines are legionaries again.

>that shits so bad its almost not canon
Sounds like normal Tau fluff.

>> No.54277448

Everything we have now. The models we are missing are

>Primaris Apothecary
>Overlord (40 Transport Flyer)
>Repulsor Tank
>Primaris Dreadnought

I think that's it.

No you don't get any bonus for charging.
Stats are as listed, you can shoot pistols even if engaged in melee.
You don't have to shoot everything in a squad at a single target. You can shoot, for example, Botlers are infantry but your Missile Launcher dude can shoot at a tank. Essentially everybody has Split Fire.

>> No.54277449

No. You can shoot pistols in melee now.
Yes, but only with pistols agains the one they are engaging.

Stop assuming 7e and previous rules. Just read the new rules and only use what is said there.

>> No.54277455


Read the rules.

>> No.54277459

I don't know why, but the angle that the sun is casting it's light on everything in that picture pisses me off irrationally. It's like the "sun is setting, but it's still going to be in your fucking eye one way or another" angle.

>> No.54277469

>Fear the marine player that brings an Imperial Space Marine that you aren't expecting.
>mfw they gave him an 8E dataslate
>mfw combis are infinite shots now

>> No.54277472

>tracks made of adamantium

>> No.54277479

Raptor chapter or chaos raptor? The former is not in the game.

>> No.54277483

>Overlord (40 Transport Flyer)
Fucking christ

>> No.54277495

Looks really good, much better than a lot of similar conversions I've seen.

>> No.54277503

It's supposed to be similar in appearance to the Blackstar, but larger and more technologically advance. Thanks Cawl! It apparently makes Thunderhawks look like toys. It has one of those three barrelled lascannons and heavy bolters. I think. And that's 40 Primaris Marines iirc, not regular Marines.

>> No.54277510

I got a fucking boot up my ass from one of them. The bastard literally came down in a drop pod on his own and proceeded to devastate my rear line. Armoured Marbo, essentially.

>> No.54277517

raptors the chapter, they are at the start

>> No.54277554

So if I charge I get to attack first this turn, do I get attack first next turn ?

>> No.54277557


>> No.54277592

Read the fucking rules.
There's 6 pages of them and you still don't get it.

>> No.54277594

God damn. That's gonna be a wallet buster.

>> No.54277595

>not playing as our Spiritual Liege

Wew lads.

>> No.54277598

Next turn it is up to whoever's turn it is (in this case your opponent). So any units of his that charge go first, then he gets to pick one of his units still in combat to fight. Then you pick one of yours. This continues until every unit in melee has fought or died.

>> No.54277606

I don't remember anything but Ultras and chaos, wow.

>> No.54277609

Leman Russes are designed to literally mow shit down and crash through defenses with their mass. The reason it has a raised profile and stubby cannon compared to 3M MBT's is to facilitate its role in running the enemy the fuck over.

While our 3M tanks are pretty durable and often use their mass as a weapon, they are not designed with the express purpose of running things over (though they can when necessary).

>> No.54277631

Wait, did Cawl (or the 'I'm Totally Not Cawl Wink Wink' machine) tell Girlyman that he knows Blood Angels and Space Wolves have negative geneseed and then went "oh btw I fixed it in Primaris Marines, all they have now is the shit like larger fangs and hairy and shit!".

So do Primaris Blood Angels not fall to Red Thirst and thus Black Rage? Do Primaris Space Wolves not fall to Wulfen Curse? Does Cawl know that Dark Angels are team-killing borderline traitors?

>> No.54277649

It's not fixed, there's just something like a 0.1 mutation rate in the geneseed.

>> No.54277656

Don't forget the Primaris Chaplain.

>> No.54277679

This is pretty much confirmed to not be the final stat line, right?

>> No.54277685

I think it defeats some of the enjoyment of BA for me. It's implied, though not stated, that Baal was the first place saved by Girlyman because so many chapters were gathered there. Plus implying that GW is going back to the original peril to Baal which was invasion by Khorne, rather than Nids.

So Cawl knows about this and goes 'oh it's acceptable'. Red Thirst, for BA, is a shame but also a boon. They use it in extreme circumstances to defeat their enemies. If Primaris Marines don't have it, they're just like everybody else.

Not sure I like it desu. I liked BA's symbolism and shit. Now they're just Red Ultramarines. Cawl being Mars only sucks as well.

>> No.54277690

Primaris marines aren't subject to those mutations because they're basically made from fresh geneseed. The geneseed regular marines use is older, and over the years has mutated.

Cawl wouldn't know about the DA's secret unless somebody told him, or he found out somehow.

>> No.54277691

That's Oklahoma for you, there are no trees here at all

>> No.54277703

So he used the Emperor's own stocks which were purer? Bit odd, but kinda ruins the duality of BA's.

>> No.54277704

>The mechanicus sniper can one shot them

implying i give you line of sight by not blocking line of sight with something stupid like a sentinel

>> No.54277718

>Faction Keyword: Ultramarines

>> No.54277724

Spray black
Caliban green x2 coats
Dry brush warpstone glow
Light dry brush moot green

Pick out details (gold, metals, scrolls), and hit it with earth shade

White the glowy bits then ink them to taste

Apply transfers and matte seal.

I knocked out a starter set plus a libby in a week.

>> No.54277731

i would expect it to change once the codex hits. none of the primaris guys are worth using, and gw wants them to sell

>> No.54277732


without the gene seed flaws the furries and bangels are basically red and grey ultrasmurfs. I hope they clear it up in the upcoming blood angels book.

>> No.54277735

He used stocks which came from Bobby G, where he got those, who knows.

>> No.54277738

Which two?

>> No.54277756

Read the PDF, they can be used with any other chapter.

>> No.54277767


>> No.54277771

>none of the primaris guys are worth using

>> No.54277782

Yeah last night.

>> No.54277787

They're all pretty shitty aside from the Hellblasters though.

>> No.54277789

Tyberos hasn't changed much. His army wide buff has become only an aura, whoch kinda sucks, but many people got that treatment I guess. Still, you lose efficiency for Deep Striking him far away from your troops.

>> No.54277801

>Unpainted Guard against painted army

>> No.54277802

It's gonna take a while to sculpt these cog trims... Might just make a blustuff stamp

>> No.54277832

Forgot picture.

>> No.54277843

the same one you've been in.
The painted guard posters were like 10 people top.
That's a tiny tiny proportion of the total number of guard players.

>> No.54277850

I don't know, but it's just that time of day 4:30PM-5:30PM which is when the sun is usually at that angle, just the way the light makes everything look a certain way pisses me off for no reason. I never understood it, I don't know when or why this behavior developed, it's just there. I do love the golden hour, though.

>> No.54277852

It's like GW knew that plasma guns would be so good all other special weapons would be unnecessary, so they didn't even bother giving them any options.

>> No.54277871

hehe, painted guard fag here.

xenos cucks mad

>> No.54277879

Some of those are alright. The skull symbols are universal, since that's the codex symbol for Commanders. Other things like the trim are nice to have.

There's a "Raptors" audiodrama by Gav Thorpe, but it's about the 30k Raptors. It's still like 9/10, good shit. As far as audiodramas go, it has a simple story, but god-tier atmosphere and acting.

There's also Deliverance Lost, which details the origins of the Raptors.

>> No.54277883

Jai and Jonte are the two coolest guys in there, always helpful and never made anyone felt unwelcomed

>> No.54277894

Is Jai the brit?

>> No.54277900

>He doesn't buff tactical marines and termies to absurd levels with lieutenants and ancients

>> No.54277916

Yeah, he is the brit

>> No.54277925

Yeah he's nice.
Which one is Jon?

>> No.54277944

How does one explain Jonte....
The tiny swedish guy that is always super happy flying around the shop with a smile on his face

nvm found his linkedin


>> No.54277965

I havent met him but I havent been there in forever.
Where do you play btw? Dragonslair?

>> No.54277999

Do any of the chinamen sell Tau Orcas? I've always wanted one but could never find one

>> No.54278022

Have some general grey knights questions here.
>Castellan Crowe
Herioc Sacrifice" happens, does "Master Swordsman" apply to this attack? (The whole extra attack bit.)

>Teleport Strike
Can this be done from inside a vehicle?

>Purge Soul
Can I use this to slay tanks?

Can this be used from inside a vehicle as long as it is within range?

>> No.54278024

I basically only play with my friend at his house, but been trying to get myself to meet new players, since we both work at different hours

Hell om du är svensk lägg till mig på discord Gaboro#7528

>> No.54278040

Unlikely. The orca is like the least usefull unit ever, and 99% of Tau players are WAACfags that won't even spend a dime on a model that isn't OP as fuck. So demand would most likely be so low that even chinaman wouldn't bother with the effort of recasting it.

>> No.54278053

Min 40k polare flyttade till Finland tyvärr.
Avskyr yugioh kidsen på dragonslair.

>> No.54278114

How is the 40k crowd in Germany? What places in germany are best for 40k? I've been learning german, and have a great desire to move back to my ancestral homeland. But I will be taking my collection with me if I ever move.

>> No.54278125

>Herioc Sacrifice" happens, does "Master Swordsman" apply to this attack? (The whole extra attack bit.)
Heroic Sacrifice says the model is allowed to pile in and attack. Meaning not one bonus attack, but basically another full close combat activation, which means all relevant rules are in effect.

>Purge Soul : Can I use this to slay tanks?
It does D6 mortal wounds at a time if you're within 3''. Depends if you think that is enough to kill a tank in time or not.
>Narthecium : Can this be used from inside a vehicle as long as it is within range?
>Teleport Strike : Can this be done from inside a vehicle?
Pic related. READ the fucking rules next time before asking retarded questions.

>> No.54278282

Neat, they're essentially assault marines with a terminator stat line. Seem really strong for assault marine armies like GK and BA.

Too bad GK don't get primaris for the buffs, oh well, shock grenades for no overwatch is gonna be great.

>> No.54278350

First attempt. I need to get more contrast. Been too long since I painted.

>> No.54278368

so a tech marine can't repair from inside?

>> No.54278377

>Neat, they're essentially assault marines with a terminator stat line
And half the move value. For now I'd rather use actual assault marines, because without a transport option or a foward deployment/deep strike ability they're never gonna get close enough to charge. Which also means they are waaay to slow to be in a position to use their grenades when the more competent melee units want to charge.

Besides, with not needing line of sight in order to charge, if you're really scared of Overwatch you can just charge from behind one of your own Rhinos. Enemy unit can't see you, so they're unable to shoot at you.

>> No.54278381

Do you think we'll get a single Aeldari codex or will they split it up into Craftworlders, Ynnari, Harlequins, and Drukhari again? I only play Craftworlders/Ynnari but I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the book if it meant getting into other subfactions was easier.

>> No.54278397


You know they're going to get infiltrate right.

>> No.54278403

negative. Ork mek boy can't repair from inside neither

>> No.54278404

Well with Chaos marines also getting seperate codexes for Death Guard and Thousand Sons, it seems most likely that every faction and the vast majority of sub-factions are gonna get their own codex at some point.

>> No.54278413

>Being this delusional

If they were gonna get infiltrate, they'd already have infiltrate on that unit entry.

>> No.54278419

What's the best place to get spare parts for miniatures in Asia?

>> No.54278446

>Another view: Not much more durable than a Defiler, and you could have 2 Defilers for his cost. Outside a Thousand Sons list (why?) not worth it. Surround him with Scarab Terminators or Rubric Marines though, and he's a force multiplier that's broken as shit. Makes a great Phalanx which goes with their theme well, on top of being strong.

Would you field two defies instead of Magnus The Red, anons?

>> No.54278485

Top fucking kek. Who is that from ? Sounds like somebody who has not even read the rules. Like, it should be common knowledge that Magnus' Smite alone is OP as fuck. He's a one man killing machine, having him sit between Thousand Sons units as a force multiplier is a waste of points.

>> No.54278506


You mean the entry that comes in a beginner's box and even deactivates their ATSKNF and doesn't include <Chapter>?

>> No.54278509

Does Psychic Locus stack?

As in does two Brother-Captains double then double again, so 12" inches turns to 48"?

>> No.54278518

They're gonna get bolters too you dipshit don't see any bolters there do you. Of course they're not going to have infiltrate on a 12x12 paper mat.

>> No.54278555

FAQ clarified that buffs from the same ability do not stack.

>> No.54278562

The green looks a bit boring.

>> No.54278569

Nice Son of Horus anon.
You might want to add some blue.

Or see pic related for a full tutorial about AL.

>> No.54278640

Yeah I do that with my landraider, it's quite funny to watch a Tau players face when you deep strike behind line of sight and they try to use interceptor on you, and you tell them they can't. Takes a moment for the facial twitch but it's worth it.

>> No.54278674

Yep. Manager's bro-tier, as well.

>> No.54278698

Anyone? Need some replacement shoulder pads for my terminators

>> No.54278895

Thread is dead, long live the new thread

>> No.54279006

Rotherham bro? :O

>> No.54279072

It's just always firing. Problem solved.

>> No.54279105


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