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nightmare soulgrinders Edition

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>Designer's Commentary (FAQ 0.1)

>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>other MEGAs

>List Builder
Deader than your sex life

>WIP Math-hammer doc (chart anon doing god's work)

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First for Sonic Dreadnoughts

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Disregard Guardfags/Acquire thread diversity

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Do you give your dudes stories and names?

Or does that not cross your mind!

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Reposting from old thread: are new terminator models (e.g., blood angels, deathwing, or the termie captain) larger / bulkier than the generic SM terminator models? The most obvious difference is the head and the crux terminator but they also seem more impressive in general, and not only because of the detail. Can anyone provide a comparison?

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also, FW FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/09/forge-world-faq-july9gw-homepage-post-4/

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Here comes the diversity, prepare for your thread to be enriched.

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New Abaddon model fucking when

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To think this originally started with imperiumfags mocking 'noiselets'.

Who's being mocked now? Heh.

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Dark Triumvate feat. Mortarion, Typhus & Abbadon when?

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Okay so this is obviously some spicy new meme. Can anyone explain it's Genesis?

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When the new GW boardroom has fulfilled their dream of a full tittyfulgrim and his legion, aka all the daemon primarchs first.

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His model is fine, the pose could be a little more dynamic, but there are far more pressing models in need of an update in the Chaos Space marine line.

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We need someone to shop helmets on this.

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>that star of david on the gun
are Orks the most jewish race?

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link me to chinese aliexpress recasters I want forgeworld shit but not at forgeworld prices

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Who would you put as the girl?

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>Mortarion, Typhus & Abbadon

>Not Fabius Bile, Fabius Bile and Fabius Bile

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>noiselet newfag doesn't know anything about memes
Can't make this shit up

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Lol those manlet titties

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This is from the new short story released today going into some of the details about the Tyranids

>‘The data-codex demonstrates the tyranids to be a highly hostile and adaptable race – an alien swarm made up of many different forms, each engineered for a specific purpose. Their aggression seems not to proceed from cultural prejudice or territorial concerns. They exist only, it seems, to assimilate encountered life into their bio-matrix. The building blocks of such life are then employed to propagate the tyranid species further. The gene-harvesting of victim-species assists in the engineering of further organism types and convey upon the alien swarm various environmental and aggressive advantages. A genetic arms race, if you will, in which the tyranid grows stronger with each new conquest.’

>It didn’t just want to kill him; it wanted to assimilate him. To absorb his flesh and craft atrocity from it. To become one with his essence, the building blocks of his existence, and rob him not just of his life but of the future of his entire race.

Why are the Tyranids so focused on assimilating the genetic material of other species and growing stronger? It's an arms race but against who? Do the Tyranids have some unknown enemy somewhere that requires them to go to these lengths to ensure they are the strongest living species around?

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Thats the star of Gork ya git

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>Anti-Titan detachment

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good one

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>‘Ballistics in three, two, one. Mark.’

>With a brief flash, the automaton weapon fired its foremost barrel upon the restrained monstrosity. A las-bolt ricocheted off the shell-like carapace, prompting the gaunt to hiss its displeasure. The servo-arm descended to almost point-blank range and fired again, resulting in a small explosion of burned chitin and a squeal from the tyranid creature. The servo-arm retreated above the beast to reveal that the second shot had barely penetrated the creature’s organic armour plating.

>‘Having already detailed the construct’s devastating physical capabilities, it seems ranged combat is our best option against these xenos beasts,’ Kryptman extrapolated. ‘By far the most common weapons available in the Imperium are las-based in their technology, but as we can see, strikes in the nineteen to twenty-two megathule range struggle to penetrate the fused, chitinous plates sported by many bio-constructs. Even successful penetrative blasts would be fortunate to hit an essential organ in Gaunti gladius’s sparse physiology.’

Las-weapons have a hard time penetrating the chitin armor of GAUNTS.

More and more we realize that lasguns are literally the worst basic weapon in 40K.

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Just no.

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ok anons is this thing worth the points? or are landraiders going to be more cost effective for CSM?

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It has -1 to hit while moving, anon. It makes me sick.

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Grot blastas are the worst basic weapon, followed by cultist autoguns, lasguns are maybe 3rd.

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>‘The living surgical vivisection of the third xenos subject has been a success,’ Kryptman announced, producing a data-slate and scanning down it, ‘with the complete specimen recovered for further analysis, documentation and testing. The creature has demonstrated... a considerable resilience to shock and biological commitment to its genetically-engineered purpose. The chitin-carapace and skeletal structures stand up well to conventional blades, necessitating the use of chain- and power-tools.’ The inquisitor grinned. ‘The close combat equivalents of these tools would be expected to stand the best chance of wounding tyranid constructs at close quarters on the battlefield.’

Gaunts are remarkable resistant to melee'ed attacks which necessitates the usage of chain and power weapons to do damage to the creatures.

No wonder the Orks were struggling against the Nids. Da choppas weren't cutt'en it, boss

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Can't shoot, can't scoot, awkward capacity, eats your dudes, costs an arm, a leg, and a soul. Gee, what do you think?

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Nth for still trying to find source that Krondor campaign is rigged

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What's a good paint scheme for a chapter under the influence of a powerful navigator house ?

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t. toughness 3 humie shitter

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Who needs a source? There are 2 times the number of Imperium players. They just win by default due to numbers.

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Doesn't need to be rigged by GW, it already will be with Codex: Space Marines out roughly at the same time it releases, kind of like how the AoS one had Order win by a landslide right after they released Sylvaneth, and mostly Order Battletomes before that.

Not gonna stop me from playing and getting rewards at my local GW though.

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> the way the chicks eye just drop when they look at the manlet
Top kek.
When will they learn

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Learn what? You can't change your height.

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Cosmetics Peddler has a navigator splat with house descriptions and heraldry, look there.

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>rewards at local gw

What kind of shit are they giving away? Not just those shitty trading cards right?

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gib forgeworld recaster links

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Local GW is giving away dice pouches

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Guardfags are the new taufags.

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They have the trading cards still, but they also have dice bags, stratagem cards, tokens, and some other things I don't care much for.

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I was left shaking and disturbed by this scene. Fucking heartless Imperials.

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ok .. well regualr landraider has same hit problems on the move. i was hoping having twice the lascannon shots would help offset that.

I was only looking at it as a fire platform (not transport) I guess i won't finish out this repair job. (see pic)

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SpeakIng of GSC, i want to try get more milage out of my acyolyte hybrids kits since they're so expensive but come with some many arms and heads. What other kit would be a good source of legs and torso that woukd be fitting. I was thinking AoS crypt ghouls maybe.

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Whats your local one giving those away for?

>> No.54247316

The regular CSM LR has POTMS.

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Grox lives matter

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Do we HAVE guardfags?

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>well regualr landraider has same hit problems on the move
They have not

Also, that is a Proteus

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Not with that attitude.

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What's this from anyway? I love Kryptman shit

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>Also, that is a Proteus
nah i'ts a landraider spartan (just need to add the lower lascannons in the sopnsoons.

Proteous must be far newer than the original spartan (that was one of the old original landraiders not a fw kit)

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spartan .. see pic

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and you are just a regular fag

50 conscripts are a terminator equivalent, get over it

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Well yeah, the carapace is hard to penetrate.

That's why you aim for the softer skin areas rather than the plating.

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/ourguy/ back at it again BTFO'ing gaysworkshops terrible model designs


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>shoots armoured plate with anti-infantry gun
>suppriswd when it dosent work

>> No.54247406

Any release date for codices?

>> No.54247407

How does lasgun compared to our modern Earth weaponry? Can an AK-47 kill a tyranid?

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Why is Kryptman the only fucker in M41 with any common sense?

>> No.54247414

>stratagem cards
Are they like cards for all of the stratagems and all the scenarios in the base book?

>> No.54247426

Literally who?

>> No.54247428

>armored plate on an infantry unit that outnumbers you 10K to one.

>> No.54247432

I'm not clicking on your link, but the way you worded your post assures me it is bait of the highest caliber, so have this half-hearted (You)

>> No.54247440

to bad his opinion is shit

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what's with the extreme reaction?
it's just a slug with a big mortar on it
sure, it's nothing special, but it's not worth shitting your pants over

>> No.54247444

Truly the apex of evolution

>> No.54247445

Why the fuck WOULDNT you start with your basic line infantry weapon if you're trying to science the shit out of killing them?

>> No.54247448

orks are OP

>> No.54247449

It's statted identically to autorifles, which ARE equivalent to modern weaponry.

>> No.54247457

his voice tells me his part time lover is a sheep

>> No.54247458

>that length of time
>for thoses bad opinions

>> No.54247464

Lasgun is comparably lethal to autoguns which are pretty much modern assault rifles.

An AK could do it but it would have a hard time, between the bullet proof armour plates and resilient multi level redundant organs. A soldier could likely empty his whole clip into one as it charges him and stil fail to kill it before it kills him.

>> No.54247471

You'd do it as a single test in a set of tests, so then you'd shoot the fleshy part, and maybe diffrent parts of the exo`

>> No.54247473

Search specifics, not broad ranges. Eg Astra Militarum Sentinel vs Astra Militarum or Sentinel.

If you go through the stuff in /r/yoyhammer it's piss-easy to find the websites. You might need a VPN for some of them.

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GW shills out in full force today. That's what I get for posting during UK working hours haha

you're too easy to spot

>> No.54247485

>everyone who disagrees with me is a shill
Point and laugh at this retard

>> No.54247487

Or maybe also test at different ranges for penetration? HHHHMMMM

>> No.54247495

>everyone who disagrees is a shill

you just showed how mature you are
come back when you are older than 14

>> No.54247496

He does that in the extract, so that goes without saying

>> No.54247499

>calling some nobody /ourguy/
>they get shit on
>haha youre all shills haha like why did i post right now haha caught you hahaha
is that your video, anon?

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The opposite, actually.

>> No.54247504

Will people still consider Eldar to be OP?

I started playing Eldar when I picked up this game a long time ago because I liked the idea of having a lot of supportive psykers backing my people, so I went with ulthwe.

But when playing people all I get is bitching that I am broken and then proceed to complain about things I am not even using or something that I have no other option to take for its role.
I don't use wraithknights to much wraiths in general which is common to hear them whine about being broken in 7th and when I use my wave serpents to transport my 2-3 guardian squads to their needed locations they bitch about my transport but it is the only one I have and when I tell them that they tell me the falcon can transport but it can't hold even the smallest guardian squad I can take.

I always take as many seers/warlocks I can because those are the biggest reasons I even wanted this army but then they bitch about them being on bikes and tell me I should footslog them or put them in a transport only to hear about how wave serpents are broken after I ask them if they want to have another one of them on the field.

Am I in for another edition of people complaining? I just want a army that supports and looks after itself.

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>> No.54247507

I give my Custodes names at least
Old phoenician ones

>> No.54247510


The design is pretty good, but painting the body entirely bone with nothing to break it up was a mistake.

>> No.54247513

>every army I like the fluff of, I don't like the gameplay of and vice versa

>> No.54247520

Whatcha like, what is your preferred gameplay style?

>> No.54247527

Dumb anime poster, I'm an Ork player who wants to loot the shit out of that DG tank because it looks ded killy

>> No.54247528


I want footslogging, low model count, elite.

But my favourite armies, fluff-wise are Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Orks.

Basically, I want a Xeno army that plays like a marine army.

>> No.54247530

>Caring about what the filthy monkeys think

>> No.54247534

Lol what, that guys an idiot.

Maggot themed mortar tank is awesome for nurgle.

>> No.54247537

You can do that with Nids, easily.

>> No.54247542

alright, here's your (You), now fuck off

>> No.54247546

You can do that with Nids or Orks, at the very least. I don't really know what's good with Deldar.

>> No.54247549

Nidzilla you faggot

>> No.54247556


Not really. Even warriors, meant to be their elite troop choice, are only like 24ppm. Plus only come 3 to a box, so have to buy a fucking load of boxes.

>> No.54247559

You need to try harder for my (You)

>> No.54247565

You don't need to use a troop choice. Go for another detachment and field all Carnifexes, or something. It's not hard.

>> No.54247566

Meganobz ya git

>> No.54247569

What are Carnifex, Guard, Broodlords, Lictors, etc?
Take Old One Eye and 6 Carnifex and blast the shit out of the front door.

>> No.54247570

You can get them up to 39 points a peice if you go all out.

But if you want more elite than that just go full nidzila and run nothing smaller than a carnifex.

>> No.54247573


Until they take those detachments away in the future. Which they absolutely will. Then I have an entire army I can't field.

>> No.54247576

Tau Battlesuit more or less does that, but with more mobility
Sadly, not in you list of fluff-liked ones

But what you really want is Grey Knights - follow your heart, anon!

>> No.54247580

No. No they won't. Where the fuck are you getting that idea?

>> No.54247581


>> No.54247588

They're in the core rulebook. Why would they take them away?

>> No.54247591

"Hey guys i have photos of EVERYTHING but i cant show you for reasons."

What a wanker.

>> No.54247594


Like I said, the armies I like the gameplay of, I don't like the fluff of. I don't want to play an Imperial army, they're already overplayed.


I don't see stuff like Spearhead Detachment lasting more than one edition. It's too hard to balance.

>> No.54247600

The Death Korps of Krieg entry in the FW books has a differently worded version of Voice of Command:

Voice of Command
This unit may issue orders to those under their command at the start of any of their Shooting phases. Orders may only be issued to INFANTRY or CAVALRY units within 6" of this unit that have the DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG keyword. To issue an order, pick a target unit and choose which order you wish to issue from the table below. A unit may only be affected by one order per turn.

Duty unto death!
Any INFANTRY or CAVALRY model in the unit that is killed in the Fight phase immediately makes a single attack.

Without Mercy
All lasguns and all hot-shot lasguns in the ordered unit change their Type to Pistol 2 until the end of the turn.

Bring it Down!
Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for all the models in the ordered unit until the end of the phase.

Forwards, for the Emperor!
The ordered unit can shoot this phase even if it Advanced in its Movement phase.

Get Back in the Fight!
The ordered unit can shoot this phase even if it Fell Back in its Movement phase.

Move! Move! Move!
Instead of shooting this phase, the ordered unit immediately moves as if it were the Movement
phase. It must Advance as part of this move, and cannot declare a charge during this turn.

Fix Bayonets!
This order can only be issued to units that are within 1" of an enemy unit. The ordered unit immediately fights as if it were the Fight phase.
It states that a unit my only be affected once per turn, but there is no limit of one order given per unit using Voice of Command. RAW this means that a Korps marshal/officer could issue an order for each unit near it.

Do you think this is correct, or FW incompetence? Is it fluffy? Would you allow it in your games, or consider it WAACfagging (despite death korps not having first rank fire second rank fire)?

>> No.54247603

>I want a Xeno army that plays like a marine army.
>Troops that cost 24ppm are far too cheap

>> No.54247613

Will CSM ever get to use Cataphractii terminator armor?

>> No.54247614

Of course it's correct, Death Korps orders are different to normal regiment orders, and have been since orders were introduced.

>> No.54247620

I think balance is doing pretty good right now, and we'll see it get better over time as they change up the points costs.

>> No.54247621


>Tyranid warrior - 24ppm, 3 in a box
>Space marine - 13ppm, 10 in a box

It's about value, senpai.

>> No.54247624

Spearhead detatchment isn't going anywhere, its no harder to balance than any other type snd GW has been on an upward trend of freedom in list building for a few edditions now, thats not going to change.

>> No.54247636

In which Warriors are faster, have more wounds, better weapons, and fuck you

>> No.54247637

>Will CSM ever get to use Cataphractii terminator armor?

Technically they already do. Tyhpus has it

>> No.54247639

Are Imperial guard Sentinels useful in 8th ed?

I want to get into the game and i love how Sentinels look so it'd be neat if they weren't terrible

>> No.54247645

Space marines take 5 to a troops choice, warriors take 3.

>> No.54247652


The main selling point of las weaponry over autoguns and other solid projectile weapons is ammo standardization, with a charge pack fitting anything from a man portable lascannon to a laspistol (obviously with different capacity).

They pretty much offer the same effectiveness but a MASSIVE logistic advantage, especially to an army as big and sprawling as IG.

>> No.54247654

Give a scout sentinel a heavy flamer and a chainsaw for memes.

>> No.54247655


And are still only 3 to a box. I can get a full tactical squad in a box, which is around 160 points, give or take for options. Or I can get 3 warriors which, maxed out, still won't break 100pts.

>> No.54247661

so both sponson weapons can fire at the same target? this is retarded.

>> No.54247664

Forgot to add: the different wording doesn't specify that Word of Command can only be used once per turn, so officers could, RAW, issue as many orders as there are units nearby.

>> No.54247668

i use three with autocannons and three with lascannons they are quite useful as long as you dont move them

>> No.54247671

Yeah but the Inquisitor games' stats are 1-100, rather than 1-10, so Gaunts could be Toughness 39 if there's no rounding.
Like how Catachans and generic Guard are both Strength 3. The Catachan would be Strength 38, while the, say, Tallarn would be Strength 32.

>> No.54247679

while true, the range on orders is not large enough for it to make much difference unless you pay the vox tax on every unit, plus you should still take multiple officers unless one gets sniped

if this was on scions then it would be very powerful, however not so much on dkok

>> No.54247684

If you want elite you could try not running the cheap worse equiped warriors.

Give them boneswords, deathspitters, toxin sacs adrenal glands and flesh hooks and they're 39 points each and decently hardcore for it.

>> No.54247690

Maxed out they're 138pts, go away.

>> No.54247694

That sounds great for you. I don't understand your complaint.

>> No.54247696

3 Warriors with toxin sacs, flesh hooks and adrenal glands, plus two boneswords and a venom cannon is 128 points.

Take a barbed strangler each and they are 146, what the hell are you talking about?

>> No.54247700

The warrior box also comes with sthe parts to make a tyranid prime, whos 104 points minimum.

>> No.54247707

Orks are the negroes, Chaos gods are the jews

>> No.54247709

Barbed strangler and venom cannon are 1 per 3 "heavy" weapons.

>> No.54247718


Because I don't want to have to end up buying endless boxes of models to make a decent sized army.

>> No.54247719

Arcs in general are gone and good riddance
It was one of the many ways vehicles were vastly inferior to monsters

>> No.54247720

There's nothing more footslogging and eliter than custodes really

>> No.54247721

So /tg/, now that the dust has settled somewhat, what's your favorite Land Raider variant? What's the most effective, in your opinion, too?

>> No.54247725

Still 132 pts per squad with just 1, and 2 deathspitters.

>> No.54247729 [DELETED] 

>> No.54247731

Crusader is now budget-landraider
Other two are pretty expensive

>> No.54247732

Wrong thread, Anon.

>> No.54247733

Well RAI it's clearly once per turn, since the Marshal and Venner specifically state they can use it 2 or 3 times a turn respectively, which would be redundant if anyone could use it any number of times. I imagine it will be in the upcoming FAQ.

>> No.54247738

You're 40,000 years and an alternate universe behind my dude

>> No.54247749

Redeemer if I have the points, Crusader if I don't. Godhammer is a glorified predator at best.

>> No.54247753

No exact dates but space marines are getting it this month

>> No.54247756

No matter what you pick you're going to hsve to by a bunch of boxes to make an army, that's just how 40k is.

>> No.54247757

Landraider Crusader
Sadly GW fuck me up and I can no longer load those bitches with DCA, Crusaders, Priest and Random HQ.

So now I have 2 overpriced fun platform with no one to fill them up. At least till GW stop being a fucking retard regarding Inquisition and Church stuff.

>> No.54247770

Can I make a decent CSM army out of these units:

>Chaos Marines
>Daemon Prince

Because those are the CSM units I like, I'm not really a fan of anything else they have.

>> No.54247771

Why did they nerf sicarian infiltrators in the faq again?
Also did we get any confirmation of which 10 armies are getting the codexces by the end of the year, apart from space marines, grey knights, csm and death guard

>> No.54247774

Because they were obviously the superior choice to Ruststalkers. So GW nerfed them in order to change that.

>> No.54247775

Overpriced fun, worst fun.

>> No.54247782

If new Lord of Contagion or Typhus is any clue, as well as the leaked death guard terminator pics, new legion units will get cataphractii armor

>> No.54247785

I want my missile termies.

>> No.54247787

Fielding a Leviathan Dreadnought with my Deathwing, should I paint it in the same bone color or would the DA green be a more suitable choice?

>> No.54247790

I think lasguns might be a bit more powerful, because in the Imperial Primer it warns that lasguns can blow off limbs when describing how to treat lasgun wounds.
I know a lot of the Primer is propoganda, but it also states that lasgun wounds cauterize themselves, so a clean bandage will often suffice, but bandaging a lasgun torso wound is largely cosmetic, because the heat from the las-bolt will cause fatal swelling of vital organs.

>> No.54247797

If I was you I'd paint it GC era black. That shits old nigga.

>> No.54247799

Also consider how much better most armor is in M41. Standard flak can stop a Bolter.

>> No.54247804

Crusader for sure. I prefer my expensive anti-tank weapons to stay further back for safety, while I want my land raider driving close to get my bloodclaws or wulfen into combat. The crusader just murders infantry, and then my melee units can clean up nicely.

>> No.54247806

There is no real purpose it is just how they are genetically hardwired as their ecological strategy for growth, development and colonisation of ecological niches.

t. microbiologist

>> No.54247807

"Without mercy" is basically a better "Fix bayonets" as it gives you double lasgun shots at point blank instead of a single attack per soldier.

>> No.54247808

Makes sense. Plus I'm fielding Ravenwing too so it'd work from an overall color perspective rather than green which would stick out a lot.

>> No.54247814

>It's an arms race but against who?

Well...Against the other species ? Duh...

>> No.54247818

Terminator armor is also called Tactical Dreadnaught Armor.

>> No.54247822

It could have been easily repainted, but just go with the overall colour scheme of your army.
I'm personally a big fan of heresy era DA colours so I might be a bit biased, but black and red looks great on them

>> No.54247823

I don't remember if it's old fluff or just speculation (or speculation in old fluff), but there's something out there about them fleeing from something beyond the galactic rim out east.

>> No.54247831

I suppose it's meant to be used when you're charging, since you will have already shot and will be within rapid fire range if you can charge

Fixing bayonets for charging is very fluffy too

>> No.54247836

Bolters were AP5, and Flak Armor gives a 5+.
The only reason Bolters aren't -1 is because those Primaris Marines aren't going to shill themselves.

>> No.54247841

It WAS Creed outflanking them but now he's off the board so they're starting to gain momentum again.

>> No.54247845

Its in universe speculation, from an imperial scholar. In the same paragraph he also speculates that they're an unstoppable force of nature as old as the universe itself.

>> No.54247848

Well now theyre AP-. Get with the times, grandpa its now Canon whether you like it or not.

>> No.54247849

Those are the standard units, they are all viable.

Some of them just have nothing going on, but are not necessarily bad.

>> No.54247850

they all turned into obliterators, anon

>> No.54247851

Zoats were the ones running from the Nids. They could use Nid bio weapons.
(that is assuming my memory is correct)
Zoats made the nids and it backfired like a grey goo situation.

>> No.54247865

>The only reason Bolters aren't -1 is because those Primaris Marines aren't going to shill themselves.
AP5 = 0
AP4 = -1
AP3 = -2
AP2 = -3 or -4
AP1 = -4
This is not hard to understand

>> No.54247868

I thought zoats where a slave race and occasional diplomat for the tyranids.

Before their fluff went full murder hungry dinobug.

>> No.54247869

So Cawl is trying to rebuild the necron pylons on cadia. Why doesnt he just ask Trazyn how to do it? Also why dont the Necron already just employ this tech on every tomb world?

>> No.54247871

Lord + Sorcerer + Terminators + Raptors deepstrike alpha strike force is really good.

Chaos marines are workable.

Daemon princes are good.

Helbrute is good.

Spawn are really good.

Possessed are still trash.

>> No.54247872

There's some ap1 stuff thats -5, and there's some -6 as well.

>> No.54247878


Yeah, I've found that I just like the generic units the most. Stuff like the daemon engines just hold no attraction for me, they don't look like they fit in the rest of the army.

>> No.54247892

All weapons that were AP 5 or worse are now AP 0, boltguns didn't get singled out.

I agree with the choice, at a certain point (5+) a model's armor just didn't matter, and with a d6 system it created a huge gap between 4+ and 5+ saves. This change simultaneously made weapons that were AP 4 useful in their intended role, and gave units with 5+ saves a fighting chance against basic weaponry.

>> No.54247895

Anyone has a suggestion for Acolyte models that are female?
I'm liking this, but I need about 15 models.

>> No.54247899

yeah I remember reading somewhere someone felt the hive mind was actually running away in fear from something, If we assume chaos is not contained to this one galaxy it could very well be they just migrated from somewhere where chaos just fucked up reality so bad there is no biomass so no more nutrients. Another known extragalactic faction are orks, it could be that nids got BTFO from orks so hard they had to abandon ship.

Most probably it's neither and just some "unknown threat" so people can theorise up. just like now. That doesn't mean they do what they do for a purpose, it's just their way of life so to say, When they turned on the light thingy they attracted the hive and it works like chemotaxis.
It remains to be seen how far is the evolutionary branching point between hive fleets and to which point they share the common hive mind. Not like GW will ever explore this anyway.

>> No.54247900

Maybe, but this is old lore and I'm remembering it from teenage years.

>> No.54247910

My problem are like the CSM and Possessed.

CSM are Havocs with less weapons. And that's it.
They are Troops, but other than that they cost the same and have the same equip and rules.

Possessed are the same. If they had 2 wounds (for an increase in price) they would have been interesting.
Right now they do the same stuff as other units (like axe chosen) with some extra little rules that don't really add enough flavour to make them stand out.

>> No.54247922

What are some great boxnaught loadouts?

I bought the Venerable box and also kitbashed some Autocannons for it, so I have all those options

Afterwards I also discovered my dual Kheres Contemptor, so that's definitely a BRRRRT kinda guy (under the assumption no one sperges at FW) - what will complement that well?

>> No.54247923

Warp time sorcerer in terminator armor plus full sized terminator squad with all combi weapons- WE have the alpha strike now!

>> No.54247930

What would you guys pay for an assembeled Stone Crusher Carnifex? I never FW and somebody is trying to sell me one for 39. I just don't know if that's a deal or not. Help?

>> No.54247942

Should clarify $39 dollars US

>> No.54247944

> talking about zoats
Who gives a fuck. Those ugly abortion of a models are better left to history. Their fluff was retarded as well

>> No.54247950

Yea, because they didn't just convert all the weapons straight from 7th to 8th. They also buffed some weapons and nerfed others.

Note that both Pulse Rifles and Bolters lost their AP, which makes guardsmen equivalents a hell of a lot more survivable.

>> No.54247954

I've the same complaint with vanilla marines. My Black Templars feel especially dull and bad. Without rules to back up their chainswords, I feel like there is no point to using them without Helbrecht or a chaplain nearby.

Hopefully we won't be waiting long for new codexes and we can get back to smashing each other apart in our own unique ways.

>> No.54247957

Sounds like a recast because that model is way more than 39 bucks, assembled or not.

>> No.54247959

No reason not to take a plasma cannon. Average of 2 shots, and if you've got a 'reroll 1s' guy nearby you can overcharge them if you need to.

>> No.54247962

Just make them good then, or cheaper, anyway.

>> No.54247971

My personal headcanon as to why comes from the description of the Chaos gods as the reflections of the most powerful emotions of THIS galaxy.

Now imagine for a moment, that another far-off galaxy developed life and warp-resonance, but never sapience. What powerful emotions would create god-level reflections in the warp of of that galaxy? Sure there's lots of Anger, Despair, Excess, and Desperate Hope in the grimderpness of the future, but what about the 100% primal wilds? What comsumes the minds of animals? Eat. Breed. Survive. Now what would happen if this basic instinct were to resonate its own chaos god? The Great Devourer is a chaos god of its own galaxy. It does not reflect the complex emotions of sapient beings, but the primal and visceral need to feed and reproduce. It won whatever passed for a "great game" in its home galaxy, and has moved on to new hunting grounds. That's what the shadow in the warp is: The Devourer imposing its own warp paradigm on the world around it: one that the big 4 are not used to working with. That's why a species that's seemingly mindless is warp-sensitive, but never possessed. That's why a species seemingly devoted to efficiency in absorbing biomater chose such a dangerous galaxy to feed on: it's not just here to eat people, it's here to eat the chaos gods, because that's what The Devourer does. Khorne fights. Nurgle stagnates. Tzeench changes. Slaanesh parties. The Devourer, devours.

>> No.54247972

thats a good deal. take it.

they'reabout $70 new.

>> No.54247973

You get to attack one extra time with a Chainsword, so a model with 1 attack, a bolt pistol, and a chainsword is making three attacks total.

>> No.54247975


Possessed CAN be decent, but it requires a lot of support units that would make basically any unit decent. Run them with a dark apostle and a jump pack sorceror.

>> No.54247978

I hope they nerf obliterators again.

>> No.54247980

If you are looking purely for fire support then don't underestimate a Mortis with dual LCs. Admittedly a Contemptor Mortis might serve you better but I play only boxes for my Dreads and I'm loving having the firepower equal to a tri-las Pred or LR on a fairly cheap boxnaught platform.
For anything Venerable stick a cheap Captain next to them to give them absurd accuracy, obviously. Autocannons especially shine here but sadly there is no Venerable Boxnaught Mortis so you might have to turn to Contemptors.

>> No.54247982

This. Tyranids used to be a traditional species, they just used biotechnology (though not exclusively), and had client races they mind-controlled.
They were a bit like Tau in principle, each army has to have an X amount of Tyranids (what are now Tyranid Warriors), and the rest was 'auxiliaries' like Zoats or mercenary troops.

>> No.54247986

It LOOKS good. It's just premade with double claws.

>> No.54247992

Of course you do, we never get anything good.

Bitter Within, Bitter Without.

>> No.54247997

wait.thats not a carnifex body though.

>> No.54248011


Don't know about female, but I've been kitbashing Frostgrave Cultists, Frostgrave Soldiers, and imperial guard (and some 3rd party 40k rip-off weapons as well since imperial guard plasma guns are unobtanium)

what are those models though? They look decent.

>> No.54248016

I can dig it.

so are the tyranid creatures like its deamons or just turbo devoted "cultists".

>> No.54248019

White Dwarf July up


>> No.54248023

....it's not? I'll admit I don't know Nids. It's a gift for a friend

>> No.54248027

Huh, looks like a mirelurk with a weird head.

>> No.54248028

It's not about decent or not. Everything is decent.
It's just boring.

I don't feel like buying and painting some possessed because they don't give me anything I can't already do with other stuff.

>> No.54248042

oh hang on. it is just converted
its just a 3e fex torso with 4e legs.

it looks fine to me really.

>> No.54248043

Get yourself some of Statuesque Miniatures heads and kitbash to your hearts content.

I personally like having a varied ragtag bunch for acolytes so I use basically whatever bodies I can find, namely (for you) DEldar, Harlequins, Guard, GS cultists and Dark Vengeance cultists.

>> No.54248046


Oh, yeah, they're not bringing anything that can't be found elsewhere. I just field them because I play Word Bearers, so they're a fluff choice.

>> No.54248050

that's a 3e carnifex body (old one eye) with a 4e carnifex head, what I think are metal 4e hive tyrant legs and the FW siege arms on top

I wouldn't pay forty bucks for it.

>> No.54248064


>Plasma cannon

Literally the dreadnought heavy weapon with the lowest utility.

Second lowest is missile launcher, just because of rate of fire relative to the cost of the platform it's on. A cyclone would have been great.

>> No.54248075


I kinda like that conversion? It's a fairly lanky 'fex, but it goes well with the claws, makes it look like a boxer.

>> No.54248095

>Dreadnaught missile launcher
So disappointing every time man.

>> No.54248099

Toxic Sacs aren't worth it, honestly. Rest is ok, situational.

>> No.54248120

>so are the tyranid creatures like its deamons or just turbo devoted "cultists".
How human of you to try and make such a distinction. Such powerful animal brains, and all they're used for is to complicate and categorize what could be simple functions. Your biomass will not ask such silly questions in its next iteration.

>> No.54248127

My ML/TLC venerable dread has been doing pretty damn good

>> No.54248138

WH40k newfag here, are forgeworld still working on the renegade/heretic line of figures, or is the expectation that players will make their own conversions and use the models? I haven't seen any new models in a while, and the new imperial armor lists of a lot absent units.

>> No.54248156

Forgeworld have some conversion kit, but really, everyone convert their own stuff.

A full FW renegade army would cost an arm and a leg. And maybe a kidney.

>> No.54248158

they're expecting people to convert.

they'll probably eventually add some more minis. but its likely a long long way off.

>> No.54248161

Cool, I hope you like how plasma tastes because it's all you'll be eating.

>> No.54248169


He's adequate but inefficient, essentially.

You could be taking a quad las Mortis or Contemptor Mortis.

>> No.54248180


thanks man, yeah that's what I was already half-planning on. They have some cool designs but I'd rather just mod some IG minis myself.

>> No.54248187

>Commissar without a hat

>> No.54248193

Ork stole it.

>> No.54248210

That's even more shameful.

>> No.54248220

Where the fuck can I get land raider/predator weapon sponson/weapon bits? everywhere I look is sold out

>> No.54248234

Not for him, it's not.

>> No.54248236



>> No.54248292

I want to see what contemporary 40k battle reports look like. Will a kind resourceful anon upload some pics of one pls.

>> No.54248300

In theory yes, take hunter killers on all of them.

>> No.54248301


>> No.54248302

WD battle reports that is.

>> No.54248304

I found them at the Bag dice lady.
As a side note she would even contact other companies she doesn't work with in order to get the models you want. So I always return to her for buying random models.

Well my army is basically a rag tag team. Basically an Inquisitors personal army, mostly using SoB rules for it.

Picture related would work well, if only this fuck would release the bloody things

>> No.54248313

Have you tried looking on youtube? There are dozens of hours of 8th edition batreps up all over youtube already.

>> No.54248335

Games Workshop sells Land Radier and Predator kits, check them out

>> No.54248347

Should I equip Grav cannon on Centurion now ? Though Grav weap isn't as trong as before anymore but surely they still have some use right ?

>> No.54248371

Best daemon/daemon prince models?

>> No.54248383

I've got bad news for you
Most of them are done by WAAC faggots wanking off their new netlist
As such most are complete garbage

>> No.54248391

Can anyone recommend some resins for casting pieces?

>> No.54248395

He means WD ones.

>> No.54248403

blood wrack medusa

>> No.54248409

I need ideas. Ideas for an Iron Warriors daemon Prince.

>> No.54248415

Even if they are a meme, I like miniwargaming and they have a good range of 8th ed batreps up already

They also tend to not make cheesy lists fwiw

>> No.54248423

Autistic, angry, angsty, edgy, doesn't like the color yellow, constantly autistically screeching?

>> No.54248427

Nice, that looks pretty awesome.

>> No.54248431

White Dwarf ones.


>> No.54248434


>> No.54248438

>t. son of dorn who keeps getting his defenses pushed in

>> No.54248444

>Doesn't like the colour yellow

But we use yellow!

Meant model ideas, not how they act.

>> No.54248446

You can't spam them to murder vehicles quite as easily, but a lot of vehicles have a 3+, and grav hurts 3+. Still, it's not two lascannons and nipple missiles (although three of those is like 400 points).

Why not assault centurions in a land raider, or storm thunder talon hawk bird whatever?

>> No.54248455


Actually I have been looking for WAAC battle reports to see how the meme lists perform in actual play.

I have not been able to find a single BatRep running 100+ conscripts, razorwing flock spam or drone+ commander army.

>> No.54248463

Don't worry, ImpFists are just as if not somehow even more autistic. That being said it sort of says something that IW have such an obsession with beating up mentally retarded children.

>> No.54248470

Kit bashed ones

>> No.54248487

Best kits to bash?

>> No.54248495

Pewter ones and your skull.

>> No.54248503


The guy in the back could make for an interesting base

>> No.54248509

Is the Avatar of Khaine worth using now?

>> No.54248516

Well then frigg off and Google them if you know exactly what you are looking for, you fag

>> No.54248521

Not the same guy, anon. Fuck off.

>> No.54248523

When has he not been?
He was awesome in 7th.

>> No.54248524

>that second list sure as fuck doesn't sound like 750pts
Thank you for pointing that out. I downloaded the PDFs and started to look over the points and you were right. His list was 981 points, not 750. That said, it wouldn't have really mattered, the Primaris Marines didn't do much. Between both squads, they killed maybe 6 Guardsmen total. It was pretty much the Land Raider, Custodes and Greyfax doing all the work.

>> No.54248525

How can you get so salty about a fucking tank? Don't like it, buy the FW stuff you keep fellating.

I mean its fucking nurgle, the most boring aspect of the most boring army in 40k, what the fuck do you expect?

>> No.54248537

Has anyone gotten their hands on the rules for the new Primaris captain/libbo yet?

>> No.54248542

Never used him to be honest, should I play him as a distraction carnifex?

>> No.54248549

Yeah, basically same as a normal one in most ways.

>> No.54248552

Nice, looks cool.

>> No.54248553


>> No.54248566

main difference is that they get an extra wound and attack.

Their gear is more restricted with from memory only the assault bolter being different for the captain.

Each cost an extra power compared to the originals, no options for jetpack or being on a bike.

>> No.54248570

Thet guns look kind a cool so I thought would give it a try, but yeah maybe i'll go with the assault Centurion.

>> No.54248571

>tfw no Deathwatch ammo

>> No.54248573

So its a chaos minotaur artillery tank? Looks cool

>> No.54248598

Yeah I think it looks cool too, whoever linked that video should be told their opinion sucks

>> No.54248614

The captain is just a more fat Canoness.
I'm missing something or what?

>> No.54248621

Which factions benefitted the most from 8th edition?

I already know that "Imperial Guard" won't be part of the answer, but a man can dream

>> No.54248630

That's due to the tourney fags needing to buy, build and then send the models off for a commission painter to do the rest. Give it a month.
Current cancer is max flier spam, which isn't a big issue for most armies to deal with.

>> No.54248642

Cheap ebay listings, people will actually play you, still a cunt to face.

>> No.54248656

Specially since the bloody things end moving in a square.
You can it's movement rather easily or troll flame it too.

I have burn down a couple of flying crap with Immolator and BSS with flamers

>> No.54248657

I thought gaunts couldn't eat.

>> No.54248675

>what's your favorite Land Raider variant?
Either Excelsior or Terminus Ultra

>> No.54248683

Anon... Guard is Tier 0 now

>> No.54248722

He is absolutely deadly to anything without a storm shield, and he will eat T4 characters for breakfast. I intend to run him up my board inside a cloud of banshees and see what my opponent does.

>> No.54248734


Infantry gunline guard is

Tank guard is mid tier, combined arms Tier 2

>> No.54248739

I'd kit-bash a Daemon Prince with a Helbrute or Defiler to get it very Mechanized look. A Cyber-Daemon Prince

>> No.54248745

Either way 8th was amazing to Guard

>> No.54248767


As a lot of other things are

Ie: Draigo with hammerhand hits on 2 rerolling 1s, wounds T9 on 2 and deals 3 damage a pop. He will absolutely murderize anything he charges.

>> No.54248770

I do recall reading in a white dwarf that there are hive fleets with Rippers that gorge themselves, and then throw themselves into the digestion pools, and there are ones who simply regurgitate. The previous codex said that Hormagants would sometimes be deployed outside of the synapse web to just wander around and kill shit, and they could breed rapidly. It stands to reason that they would have a digestive system to facilitate growing from eggs.

>> No.54248801

This is true but Eldar historically don't get access to melee murder machine characters since Phoenix Lords have been shit since about 3rd. Khaine does his job very decently, has access to rerolls in Guide and Doom support, and can carve up heavy vehicles and maybe even a moderately-wounded Knight if he gets the charge due to his 2d6 drop lowest damage.

>> No.54248848

starting an imperial guard army, with a focus on scions

just got the scion starter and an additional squad of scions, what should i buy next?
i was looking for combined arms between vehicles and deep strikers

should i get more scions for an even 15 + 5 for the command squad, or should i get something like a heavy weapons squad?

if it helps, most people like to use space marines at my LGS

>> No.54248854


lol sad cunt, not our fault your video's shit

>> No.54248864

Warham community page just posed Reiver stuff. You get the gist of their rules.

They're leadership modifying Intercessors that can't be Overwatched again, with 3 attacks.


>> No.54248879

Another scion starter probably! Moar Scions.

>> No.54248880

So Primaris being fat Eldar units is not just a meme.

Oh wow!

>> No.54248884

For protection my Basilisk from specifically Carnifex rush WITHOUT USING CONSCRIPTS what would be a more effective counter, Assault Cents or Dev Cents? I got a box half off and figure I can fit it in my lines.

My gut tells me Dakka Dev Cents but my heart says Assault Cents with big punchy drill fists that go pow kablam.

>> No.54248894


>> No.54248917


>> No.54248920

It's on my to do list, but I might get inspired to do it during a game

>> No.54248940

The last one should be banshee. I mean the river marines scream now

>> No.54248948

That dude on the right better not be dabbing.

>> No.54248958

alright, im gonna save up for a second box, hopefully they still make them by the time i get all my cash

any small incremental thing to add while waiting?
another squad of scions or maybe a hellhound or sentinel?

>> No.54248965

Nah, think he's just enjoying himself.

>> No.54249001

Depends on the theme you're going for! Sentinels are good but aren't so good for your wallet. Not sure about hellhounds but I have heard they're good, especially with the Dr Thrax chemical cannon. A Valkyrie or Vendetta should be pretty good and thematic with Scions. More scions is always good, I hope you paint them!

>> No.54249003

does anyone have a list of all tiers ?

>> No.54249019

Top tier:
My army
Shit tier:
Your army

>> No.54249032

I want updated Obliterator sculpts or more lore for them

>> No.54249037

What if we play the same army though ?
Does that make us middle tier ?

>> No.54249043

Assault centurians
I've used them several times with the new (and old) edition
But now they are crazy. Dual flamers and hurricane bolters? 6d6 flamer hits plus 36 bolter shots and drills make them crazy good vs hordes and heavy stuff.

>> No.54249044

All characters and squad leaders are named after the marines from Aliens, one day I'll get around to converting Inquisitor Ellen Ripley (Ordo Xenos obviously)

>> No.54249046

No, it makes us both patricians of fine taste.

>> No.54249047

No, my army would be top tier regardless. Yours will always be shit.

Simple math really

>> No.54249061


Actually in Inquisitor and in Dark Heresy its pretty easy to get your most dedicated stat to 40-50 ish as a normal human, the difference between humans and marines is that marines get Unnatural Toughness/Strength which flat out doubles their STR/Tough bonuses and gives them an automatic degree of success on those skills (plus a bunch of other astartes special rules)

So even a Catachan half-ogryn badass with 55 (5) strength will never compete with the weediest manlet marine with 40 (8) strength.

>> No.54249065

How exactly do you hope to quantify a tier? Upon what criteria is an army assigned a tier? We have zero tournament data to go off of and as such you are literally placing your trust in the neckbeards jerking off to their latest unbeatable meme list. Furthermore, by the time we establish tiers, the codices will be out and all that data is irrelevant anyway.

What I'm trying to say here is tires don exits but seriously just don't make obviously retarded army building decisions and you should do okay against TAC

>> No.54249073

I'm so sad that Inquisitors are rather shit unless they are named.
Inquisition section is so boring and overpriced.

Looking at you Acolytes with 1 Shitty wound!

>> No.54249075

the dr thrax cannon sounds good, especially since i need fast armor to keep up with my taurox prime and scions

the thrax cannon sounds very useful against marines as well you can tell its just right, when the flesh falls off the bone

this will leave me with just 10 scions and the command squad for the infantry department, though

>> No.54249077

So, question: What is the worst thing that a Slaanshi cultist, space marine or human, could do to another Space Marine, while appeasing their god?

>> No.54249090


he's just a normal marine captain with +1W. the primaris tag and different wargear options. Same with the librarian.

Granted, normal captains are pretty sweet now.

>> No.54249091

Read it Vogon poetry.


>> No.54249105

Feels more like a nurgle punishment.

>> No.54249118


Another start collecting scions and probably a valkyrie.

You'll want the taurox prime even if its empty, they're legitimate attack vehicles.

Just be warned that Scions are kinda fuckin expensive to make a 2000 point army of since each 200 point 10 man squad+taurox is $68. Luckily you play guard and can easily supplement them with some tanks or artillery that have an easier point per dollar ratio.

>> No.54249130

I was thinking that honestly. Either a group of Carnifex, a Flyrant, or a Trygon and Gaunts will pop up by it and I figure they have an answer for everything. I don't own Index 1 being a Guard Player. Anyone have their data I can steal?

Also I already have a small Red Hunter manlet marine force but what should my new Ass Dev chapter be?

>> No.54249136

Inquisitor faction is a meme.

>> No.54249148

Tiers will be a thing eventually. Maybe the index lists aren't going to be that far apart, because historically full releases for all armies tend to be more balanced, but it's just a matter of time until somebody discovers something in a new book that blows other stuff out of the water.

>> No.54249154

FW gave me my Vindicator Laser Destroyer back, then took away my Thousand Sons Rapiers

>> No.54249159 [SPOILER] 

give them a hug

>> No.54249162

>then took away my Thousand Sons Rapiers
Blame Ahriman.

>> No.54249174


>> No.54249195

convert him to the Slaaneshi side and unleash him upon and innocent, unprepared and hopefully unarmed populace. I think Slaanesh would appreciate the irony of a staunch defender of mankind murder-raping is way though an orphanage... preferably on a cardinal world

>> No.54249197

>historically full releases for all armies tend to be more balanced
All one of them, you mean? You are right though.
>tfw 3rd started out so promising

Anyway, I'm splitting hairs. That was my point, indices are somewhat balanced against one another. Sure there will be cheese lists but as the meta re-establishes itself I have faith that counters will likewise emerge. It's too early to put armies into tiers yet.

Frankly codices will ruin the careful balance that may exist right now, but GW is GW.

>> No.54249210

So a death rider got accidentally packed with my forge world order.

>> No.54249212

t. assblasted marinelet

>> No.54249215

>Blame Ahriman.

If Ahriman turned all non Sorcerers into dust, who maintains their equipment / pilots their vehicles?
>Rubric Techmarines?

>> No.54249223


Remember that most of the utility of Inquisitors comes from their psychic powers, which are pretty alright.

Hopefully they unfuck them when Imperial Agents gets their codex in 2 years.

>> No.54249224


>> No.54249229

Email them saying that you'll send it back if they offer to pay for shipping, get good goy points

>> No.54249233

it's in a fucking Forgeworld clamshell

>> No.54249240

Don't forget Ravening Hordes.
That was a great release.
I'm currently having an open bet running wether or not formations are going to come back and the way I'm seeing it, they will and I'll get myself a few nice things for it

>> No.54249259


Nope, legit. Just seems a slightly degraded mould.


If those points were actually worth anything, sure. As is, I'll take my gas mask horse bonus to my over £250 order.

>> No.54249263

Sorry but it looked like a good recast.
Clamshell means shit thou

>> No.54249265

There was probably a psychic Tech-Preist who survived or some of their pre-heresy forgeworld friends went traitor as well.
More likely however no-one and they just raid or barter with the dark mech.

>> No.54249278

It's really because no model no rules...

Inquisition should really be the kitbasher's dream
>An Inquisitor can take any weapon that any IMPERIUM INFANTRY can purchase for the same price, so long as it's not a relic

Yes it will lead to some issues if certain melee weapons are free (Grey Knights can swap their melee weapons out for free)

Likewise Acolytes should be split to WS3+ and a B3+ variants.

(For more points)

>> No.54249295

Indeed after all Acolytes are either confetti to throw at a problem or hand picked by the Inquisitor or Interrogator due to their unique skills.

I miss 7th Inquisition codex, it was shit but it was way better than this crap

>> No.54249302

Convert it to a Commander.

>> No.54249308

>Inquisition should really be the kitbasher's dream
It really should. That would give people a reason to strive to make something out of the stuff you see in the Blanchitsu bit of the White Dwarf.

>> No.54249326


The closest I play to Guard is Genecults or Skitarii.

>> No.54249331


>Inquisition should really be the kitbasher's dream

It used to be, look at the 3.5 daemonhunters codex. Inquisitors could take nearly any Imperial weapon in the game at that point in some very funny combinations.

>Likewise Acolytes should be split to WS3+ and a B3+ variants.

Totally, I like how they work in Shadow War t b h. I just want BS3+ carapace acolytes so I can use my Arbites without feeling stupid.

>> No.54249332

Every named chapter master is now a best, if only for their re roll everything auras

>> No.54249337


Yeah that's why I think another starter set might be good, but don't worry too much! Slowly build up your army. Scions cost more points than normal guardsmen so it's not as hard to build up to higher point brackets.

>> No.54249356

Question for my ork niggas:, should I buy:

>1 Gorkanaut box
>2 Flash Gitz boxes
>4 Stormboyz boxes

I have nobs to put in the 'naut and a battlewagon to let the gitz pimp around in.

>> No.54249360

I forgot how much I got from my LGS moving sale.

Question for anyone who's build Centurions: how easy is it to swap between drills and Bolters or is it like a Manticore/Wyvern where they only give you the parts to do one or the other?
Also what chapter should I run with my Red Guard?

>> No.54249368

im gonna get a second one eventually, just need something to pad out my army for now, to keep me above 1000pts

5 more scions or the hellhound is tempting, since i want a nice combined arms force that can move quickly

>> No.54249385


>> No.54249388


Honestly don't buy scions 5 at a time, either get a start collecting box or just wait. The box is just such a discount that it makes the 5 man box look like a huge rip off.

>> No.54249397

>Question for anyone who's build Centurions: how easy is it to swap between drills and Bolters

Pretty easy. Magnet in bottom of arm and top of weapon and good to go.

>Only thing that sucks is each weapon variant is unique to each Centurion so they'll only work on 1/3

>> No.54249398

I just ordered 3 repressors from chinaman. I'm going to put 2 dominion squads in them each, both with 2 meltas, 2 storm bolters, and 1 combi-melta.

It's 319 points, but it can shoot effectively against pretty much anything and gets a free move phase turn 1.

>> No.54249417

But it is. How many plastic models have you got? One? Two?
Have fun with your army of monopose jokaero weaponsmiths

>> No.54249422


you're gonna have fun

>> No.54249427

alright, gonna save my shekels for now

i guess i will take the hellhound
how easy is it to kitbash a chimera to save 10$?

>> No.54249430


>> No.54249431

Im not getting what you mean but im sure it's bullshit. Care to explain a little differently? Do you mean there's a specific gun for each Centurion like Scion hotshots and backpacks?

>> No.54249437

> 6.25 sales tax

>> No.54249448

Personally I go full melta. I assume that meltas will miss or fuck you over. So you need to spam them hard.

Beside the Repressor can have double Heavy Flamer and storm bolter so there is enough fire power.
You can make the "budget" version of the Immolation flamer that way 8" instead of 12"

You can fit 5 Acolytes with Storm Bolter in case you don't want the turn 1 move, but want more dakka

>> No.54249456

I'd buy from the Chinese if I weren't so damn paranoid.

>> No.54249458



>> No.54249466

Centurion A's drills and guns only fit on Centurion A.

Likewise Centurion B's weapons only fit on Centurion B.

Minor inconvenience that you'll either need to keep all 3 Centurion's weapons separate or do a trial and error until they work.

>But still beats buying multiple Centurion kits.

>> No.54249469

Anon all my army is plastic! The power of conversion is magical!

Since I'm an Inquisitor this "magic" is not Heresy but research

>> No.54249477


if it helps I've talked with Z in chinese and he's a pretty decent guy

>> No.54249493

Had you buy something from the street?
If yes then you can buy chinaman safely

Beside they use PayPal, how easy it is to make fake accounts in that is silly.

>> No.54249499

Not true - go look at a lascannon with visible power cell like the ig hwt and tell me that would fit in a m 36 galaxy in one of the gaunts ghost novels they actually get the wrong pattern of power cell as well

>> No.54249500

This pretty much confirms that your faction is a meme. Like every other faction that requires conversions to collect.

>> No.54249503

: ^ ) and a Guardfag : ^ )

>> No.54249510

Accolytes should be:

M:6" S:3 T:3 W:2 A:2 Ld:8 Sv:4+
Either Ws:4+ Bs:3+ or Ws:3+ Bs:4+
Pistol / melee choice + Pistol / melee / ranged choice.

10/14 point / pop + loadout

>> No.54249527

I just got one for my DG, this thing is the perfect Poxwalkers delivery device. It also only eats one dude a turn, not a dude from each unit, so if you stick typhus in there with 23 walkers you can just sacrifice a zombie on a bad roll. Plus when it eats a friendly it gets back a wound.

Not perfect, but it works. No machine spirit is a loss, but that's true of every chaos tank.

>> No.54249532


As expected, Reivers are mechanically uninteresting and have an article that keeps ridiculously asserting that they somehow aren't less intimidating than space marines who don't dress like Juggalos.

>> No.54249535

The repressor has 6 firepoints, so I can fire either all the meltas or all the storms and bolters out of it. It doesn't really feel worth it to take more than 6 of any special weapon in it.

I could drop the stormbolters, but they're so cheap it hardly seems worth it.

>> No.54249545

Primaris are a meme by that logic, hell marines are a meme too.

>> No.54249565

>For a shitty acolyte

>> No.54249571

>being this assblasted that everyone in the universe but your shitty army is getting everything we've ever wanted and there's absolutely nothing you can ever do about it

>> No.54249573

Primaris are a meme though.
>eldar units in power armor

>> No.54249579

I don't think I get how Reivers are meant to be used. Can I get an example of how they would be used?

>> No.54249584

Can we all just take a second to appreciate just how brutal a big Deathwing beatstick is in CC?
Ancient with TH/SS, Champion, Knights, and Belial will obliterate almost anything they look at.

>> No.54249589

I heard u talkin shit bout Marine Force 141

>> No.54249598

>eldar units in power armor
>with better Strength, Toughness, and Wounds.

How can xenos even compete?

>> No.54249599

The SB Acolytes are there mostly to shoot while you get in range. Hence why the more dakka vs not having first turn bonus movement.

It is a trade off, but I insiste Dominions do not like mixing weapons

>> No.54249603

I really hope easy to build shit doesn't become too prolific.

>> No.54249609

Your post shows no logic, explain.

>> No.54249621

Tell me why I shouldn't field Aetaos'rau'keres

>> No.54249625


See, this guy isn't quite a Reiver equivalent. If he was, he wouldn't just have a skull mask, he'd also be wearing fatigues cropped to expose his calves, his midriff and one shoulder.

>> No.54249638

CT or VT? Im always up for a game brosef.

>> No.54249639

>Can we all just take a second to appreciate just how cheesy a big Deathwing beatstick is in CC?
sure we can
>same price as PF/SB termintors
>chapion causes wounds that spill over
>normal guys have PF but without the -1 to hit
>can take a 3+ shut-down-a-psy-power watcher

fucking dark homos

>> No.54249641

outflank, chuck stun grenades at one Fire Warrior/Conscript/Scion squad, charge another (in the process traumatising a third)

>> No.54249648

He says converting makes your army a meme.
Primaris models kit lack all the options so you need to do some minor conversions.
Hell marines need to kitbash from time to time. So every army is a meme by his logic

But hey what can you expect from an assblasted marinelet player?

>> No.54249649


They're kinda like Assault Marines who forgot their jump packs but can still do alternate deployment.

>> No.54249658


So they're assault marines that pay 5 points to get +1W, +1A, infiltrate, overwatch immunity, -1 AP pistols and causing the enemy to have -1 to hit and leadership when they charge.

So honestly, actually looking pretty decent especially if they are confirmed to infiltrate.

>> No.54249670

Let's not forget about sci-fi metals. Maybe autoguns have barrels of far stronger metals than we have access to, which would enable them to use a much larger explosive charge to propel the bullets (not to mention that the bullets themselves could have been improved upon on 38000 years)

>> No.54249679

By teleporting behind you.

>> No.54249683

>>normal guys have PF but without the -1 to hit
Fucking what? Since when were we able to do this?

>> No.54249693

>Ghost with crop-top and one shoulder out

anon, I can only get so hard

>> No.54249700

I know the anon that did the shops didn't think they looked very good, but did anyone happen to save the pic of reivers in raven guard colours?

>> No.54249704


Why does A have a bolter, and C's head? Why is B so happy, skipping along like he is in a feild of flowers
Honeslty this picture raises more questions than it awnsers

>> No.54249724

Primaris have some form of Down syndrome.

Most of their model are looking down and their helmets make them look flat faced.

>> No.54249727

Who has the best Contemptor dreadnought and why is it the Raven Futas?

>> No.54249732

nu GW art is always unintentionally hilarious

>> No.54249743

Primaris marines just have autism.

>> No.54249746

> Look at all these heretics that I can kill.

>> No.54249747

To be accurate, they are Chainfists with -1 pen +1 dam , and without the penalty to hit

>> No.54249751


Why does the Contemptor Chainfist look so shit?

>> No.54249765

A Knight squad is 250pts base. Are normie marines termie squads that expensive?

>> No.54249787


No normie marines are about 200 ish, knights are closer to Paladins in cost.

>> No.54249790


The flail is anti-infantry but the maces are anti-big thing.

>> No.54249796

That's what I thought. We basically pay a premium for maximum level cheese but unfortunately enough they're useless if you can't get them into combat.

>> No.54249801

Oh cool thanks. Also just saw they're 15 Power holy shit. I honestly hope they're worth more than Pask. I could field 6 Bullgryn for their cost too, yikes.
>Inb4 "Power Level".
It let's me build a list while I take a shit at work go ahead and judge me.

>> No.54249803


>> No.54249807

All the forgeworld hell forged tanks for sure.

>> No.54249808

a 5 man knight squad is 250, a 5 man PF/SB terminator squad is 240
50ppm vs 48 ppm is not a gerat diffrence

>> No.54249819

Both can do both really. Flails are 3 attacks and S6 so even tanks aren't hard to wound. And a full strength squad is hitting you with 8 of those mace attacks so they do a number of infantry too, especially MEQ.

>> No.54249820


you may not have storm ravens but land raiders are still goty

also buy a spartan

>> No.54249822


try 240

>> No.54249840

Can any suggest a non-autist list for tau? Based around actually buying models with a normal hobby budget of a few getting started boxes and a few boxes of elite troops over the month or two.

Many thanks.

>inb4 > tau > not autistic > pick one

>> No.54249842

>The flail is anti-infantry
its also the only thing where damage carries over, bar mortal wounds. it is pretty bonkers

>> No.54249853

Holy kek, normie marines are cuck tier. My fully kitted out DW Terminator squads are 250 and 258 pts each.

>> No.54249859


Play old school Tau, no robots bigger than a broadside suit.

That SC box is actually perfect for that. Do combined arms of firewarriors supported with some crisis suits and hammerheads.

>> No.54249868

I made the video your pic is from

>> No.54249872


Right, duh. See this is what I get for playing grey knights.


with the new FW FAQ, just buy them a spartan and pretend you're rolling up a deathstar in 30k.

>> No.54249877

240 is for a basic unit of DW terminator you silly head. My point is that knight are stupid good for their points

>> No.54249878

Cool thanks. I'm just looking for a vague outline of purchases. I play with people who aren't very competitive anyway.

>> No.54249891

Full Mechanized. Hammerheads in the back with Fire Warriors in Devilfish hitting obvjectives.

>> No.54249894

Starter sets and easy to build primaris do not count, obviously. You just need to consider multipart plastic kits of which inquisition has none except for one or two hq and vehicles borrowed from other factions.
Then, I never stated that optional conversions constitutes a meme army. I stated that if an army needs conversions to collect it is indeed a meme army. All your subsequent line of reasoning stems from a deep misundestanding of the basic inference rules of logic. Therefore, your whole argument is invalid.
Not counting that you have been assuming you are talking to a marinelet without providing any proof, and hoping to prove your unrelated points.

>> No.54249896


Well dont worry you wont be gimping yourself, plus you'll get to be a Tau player people don't hate to play against.

>> No.54249899

>all terminators are cuck tier in 8e

>> No.54249908

Total bullshit, Terminators are fucking amazing in 8e.

>> No.54249918

What do you mean by cucked?

>> No.54249922


They're not, terminators are really good this edition. You cant just deep strike your entire army and expect it to work though.

>> No.54249925

You need conversion to collect anything really.

Since everything lacks something

>> No.54249940

True but I just realize how insanely point efficient Knights are compared to a standard terminator squad.
I play full termies, I know how good they are. I just didn't realize that the gap between Knights and standard termies had closed so much.

>> No.54249942

Well, half your army.
You are playing matched play rules, arent you anon?

>> No.54249945


>> No.54249950

Reivers still having a 3+ save seems a little lame if it means their stripped down armour means nothing protection-wise.

Maybe they should have some kinda penalty, like weapons with S5 or higher do an extra wound to them.

>> No.54249965

I don't think it's a big deal. Shred them.

>> No.54249969

Hell, TH/SS termintors are the same price as knights. shits crazy

>> No.54249971

>mfw Grey Khights are fucking insane with falchions+buffs
>31 attacks on a 10-man strike squad (210 pts) when near an ancient, dD3 per attack
>and that's not even factoring in hammerhand and Grand Master/Draigo rerolls

Jesus fuck how powerful are the sues this addition? The mathhammer is insane

>> No.54249988

Except they don't get Infiltrate or anything like it. Have fun footslogging them across the field or buying a presumably very expensive Repulsor to ferry them around, at which point you might as well transport something actually threatening like Hellblasters.

>> No.54249994

Assault Cents vs Bullgryn. Are the extra toys REALLY worth twice the price mathwise?

>> No.54249996

Reivers confirmed for wrecking machines

>> No.54249999

You just have to accept that the game is not that granular.

>> No.54250003

Hae you tried shooting at them with weapons that are good against heavy infantry?

Flayed ones get 40 attacks out of a 10 man squad with bonuses from heroes too and they reroll wounds. Lots of numbers don't necessarily mean the unit is TOTES BROKEN.

>> No.54250006


yeah go add up what 10 storm bolters at rapid fire range will do too.

Absolutely nobody believes me when I say PAGKs are great again.


>Except they don't get Infiltrate or anything like it.


>> No.54250029


>Combat blade

Reivers confirmed to not be combat specialists with elite equipment.

>> No.54250030

Ancient gives everyone +1A AND doesn't lose out on combat efficacy like other Ancients and is tanky as hell.
Champ has 5-7A against almost everything you're likely to throw these suckas at and gets to do the Crowe thing.
Knights have 3 and 4As.
Belial kept Fleshbane and does the Chapter Master thing (if you do somehow miss) with like 5A near the banner, and buffs plastastic Greenies nearby.

Personally submitting Belial for moat improved Character of this edition.

>> No.54250046

I have four armies and I never had the need to convert anything. But most importantly: why do you keep claiming you need to obtain 100% of an armies possible variants and models in order to collect it? If you need to convert it, it means your army is a meme because it either uses 20 years old models, no models at all, you need to convert every single model because every release was monopose, and the army is composed of replicas of the same model because these models were not released to form an entire army by itself in the first place.

>> No.54250054

>bought belial in 7e because muh fluff
>get called gay for it
>now we're melee monsters in 8e
Truly there is a god.

>> No.54250055

Make meme armies great again!

Seems that SB spam is oddly good, mostly due to cheapness of it

>> No.54250063

Not when Harker exists. He went from literally useless to a MUST take.

>> No.54250066

Are 30k marines bigger than 40k marines?

>> No.54250069

Storm/Combi bolters are great. I really like taking bike groups with combi bolters and plasma guns for tons of dakka.

>> No.54250071


SBs are just plain viable but coupling them with a unit that gets discounted force weapons and FREE deep strikes (seriously, if you account for the cost of all their equipment PAGKs deep strike for fucking free) they become quite good.

>> No.54250076

it is obviously the custodes dreadnought

>> No.54250082

The Primarines as a whole are a sad joke of new models meant for Maximum Copyright. The fact they're also "no options" units once again has me asking "so...why wasn't I playing WMH again?"

Intercessors are far and away the superior option! Superior mobility, deployment, and 6 Heavy Bolter shots each. Hmmmmmmmm...

The Reivers get...-1 Leadership. In a game of Battleshock, conscripts and commissars, and Stormraven spam. An aura of "no Strategem pts may be spent on units in here" would be far more general-purpose, and keeping with their "Disruption" theme. (Especially since one of the core stratagems is ignoring Battleshock).

Shit rules, shiny models. Almost as bad as shit models, insane rules.

>> No.54250091

Well that's good lol. Fwiw we don't have anyone who plays tau in our circle so that's kinda why I chose them and they're different to paint than nids so I'm looking forward to the change.

Cool yeah I was hoping to take some tanks they're more aesthetically unique than the gunpla

>> No.54250096

Wow it's almost as if you keep posting this and nobody gives a fuck you assblasted little bitch

>> No.54250104

>tfw always thought falchions looked retarded
>tfw mathematically better than halberds vs nearly anything
what did I do to deserve this I didn't even play them in 5th

>> No.54250112


>> No.54250114


Eh, I wouldn't really count the Contemptor-Galatus and Contemptor-Achillus as regular Contemptors.

>> No.54250115


>The Reivers get...-1 Leadership. In a game of Battleshock, conscripts and commissars, and Stormraven spam. An aura of "no Strategem pts may be spent on units in here" would be far more general-purpose, and keeping with their "Disruption" theme. (Especially since one of the core stratagems is ignoring Battleshock).

Did you forget to read "No overwatch and -1 to hit on charge"?

>> No.54250121

Can you share your list? Which chapter is it? Pics? I'm looking to start a termie army but the old SM models bother me, DW seem to be bulkier and better scaled in general

>> No.54250124

Take Aim
>Ordered Unit rerolls 1's To Hit for one phase
>Officer gives the order. Cannot be combined with FRFSRF
>Only affects Infantry

>Fuck you stand near me and we'll always reroll 1s to Hit
>Sergeant, not an officer
>Combines wth other orders
>affects VEHICLES as well as INFANTRY

Really think that they should've added Harker's Hellraisers only affect Veteran units.

>> No.54250150

>The Reivers get...-1 Leadership. In a game of Battleshock, conscripts and commissars, and Stormraven spam. An aura of "no Strategem pts may be spent on units in here" would be far more general-purpose, and keeping with their "Disruption" theme. (Especially since one of the core stratagems is ignoring Battleshock).
Wow, it's like you are to busy butthurting to read properly.

>> No.54250163

My army is a Deathwing-Ravenwing conjunction although I usually field pure Deathwing at 1k pts. Tactics is simple: Two DW squads deploy near objectives and move forward slowly or towards objectives while Belial, the Apothecary and the Knights make an unkillable deepstrike-charging unit. At higher point levels I bring the Champion and sometimes the Ancient.

>> No.54250173

I don't think pure termies have enough models to put out enough firepower to work correctly. I think they work best as described as an elite unit that will do tons of work when properly supported.

>> No.54250175

Forgot list because durrrrr

>> No.54250188

Let's not forget that the two feets are fighting each other

>> No.54250193


halberds can pull ahead against certain targets if they're in ancient range.

>> No.54250200

www.aliexpress com/store/1674031

check out some of the stuff this seller has hidden behind generic images :^)

>> No.54250201

Oh I don't think they're totes broken, but a 210 power armor squad being able to mince a predator in one round of combat is pretty beasty. I'm impressed, not upset.

My only thing with PAGKs is they die quick, it seems. They look cool asf to start but I think from a mathematical standpoint making a frontline of Paladins/terminators backed up by a few lines of PAGKs is the best way to go

>not counts-asing weapons you don't like
I hate falchion design too, I figure it makes more sense the heavy daggers should have the AP of the sword while the sword should give bonus attacks. So I plan to switch out the two

>> No.54250206

What are the point of those Deathwing Knights? Seem pointless, no guns, not that great in melee desu. Guess you get a 3+ invul but thats it.

What a waste or am I being stupid here?

>> No.54250234


>My only thing with PAGKs is they die quick, it seems.

They *need* the alpha strike, so deep strike your strike squads and paladins and put your interceptors in rhinos. If you're in cover your guys are fairly shooting resistant but you need to be able to legitimately weaken the enemy with your first alpha strike.

>> No.54250237

What 4 armies do not need anything?

>> No.54250247


They're straight up better TH/SS terminators for about the same price.

3++ on a 2W model is phenomenal.

They need a land raider or a spartan.

>> No.54250265

>not that great in melee desu
Have you just not read the thread?
>I hate falchion design too
Single hand sword then a lefty Falch is cool af.
>interceptors in rhinos
I hate this so much.

>> No.54250269

your average dev squad can do the same thing at 48" for 165 points

>> No.54250273


Kinda mad as well, al my GKPA are with halberds except for a couple hammer sarges.

And halberds are definitely the most iconic weapon.

>> No.54250289


>> No.54250304

How big of a Necron army could I swap/sell the Death Guard half from Dark Imperium and CSM half from Dark Vengeance, all built?

>> No.54250306


You're going to need some meat shield marines for those lascannon devs or you're going to be playing a 1835vs2000 point game.

Also 4 lascannon devs only do 5.185 wounds to a predator in one turn, a bit more with the auspex.

>> No.54250312

>weapons don't suffer to-hit modifiers unlike every other Sx2 weapon
>flails are D3 and extra damage carries over to other models
>maces are hitting you 8 times and on top of being Sx2 AP-2 also have a hard D2
>also immune to morale, have 2W and 3++
Tag an Apothecary and Belial with them for the rerolls to hit and you basically have the best melee unit in SM.

>> No.54250318

> am I being stupid here?
yes, yes you are
>better chain fists
>god teir weapon on the sergent
>1 ppm chaper than TH/SS termintors

>> No.54250320

Thanks anon

What about Gk termies spam then?

>> No.54250323


Codex hopefully

Also have to build and paint some psilencer guys, seems to be the mathammer winner among all the weapon choices.

>> No.54250325


You're not overly gimping yourself with a halberd and if you're in ancient range you'll mince T4 with hammerhand wounding on 2+.

Plus being able to wound T8-9 on a 4+ is nice.

>> No.54250336

It seems GK players are out in force in this thread so I figured I should ask.

What's a good place to start with collecting them? I can't decide between PAKG focus and Termies, LRs or SRs.

>> No.54250337

>Tag an Ancient

>> No.54250342

Maces are D3, flais is D2, alas

>> No.54250343


Draigo paladinwing is viable, troop terminators are just a bit overcosted to be better choices than strikes.

>> No.54250358

Only to find out the humans' armor and cover saves are the same from the front or behind, and now they're cut off from friendly forces.

>Hurray for 8th stealing my LOS-play!

>> No.54250360


>> No.54250363


Meh purifiers can take care of T8/9 with ease, if anything is left hammers can clean it up.

>> No.54250365

You want an Apothecary because it's only 77pts and he turns your guys into crypto-necrons. Add that to the already difficult to damage statline and you'd need to concentrate all your firepower in your entire army for 2 turns to do any damage to them. And they're only 250pts.

>> No.54250374

You should have at least 15, probably 20 Termie models (all magnetized) and somewhere between 20 and 30 PAGKs.

Also if you don't own this dude, you're doing it wrong:

Voldus is very good, as of course is Draigo.

>> No.54250379

Right now GK seem to work the best when played with some terminator armoured units, and having plenty PAGK specialists supporting them.
Personally I'd stay away from expensive vehicles, because the GK units themselves are already rather expensive.

>> No.54250380

That pretty cheeky

>> No.54250389

>Can I have plague bearers in the same detachment as poxwalkers cos they have same keyword?

t. Friend

>> No.54250397

>somewhere between 20 and 30 PAGKs.
Also magnetized.
You'll want at least 5 of these guys as Purifiers and maybe ten as Interceptors (magnetized backpacks of course).

>> No.54250398


DESU, scrap termies (except for characters)

GKPA + Purifiers

Mass storm bolter fire and mass smite

>> No.54250407


Start with a terminator box and a strike squad box, you can legitimately just take one of everything.

You'll need an HQ, so either get the brother captain model, Draigo or find Voldus on ebay for cheap.

You can hit 1000, 1500, 2000 points very fast as GKs. Don't go overboard with land raiders and just remember to always take a decent amount of power armor grey knights of some flavor.

Its not something to depend on but its a viable way to see broad ranges of effectiveness and expectations.



anon, I...have bad news.

>> No.54250409

>implying you're not just buying the image files

>> No.54250420


>> No.54250423

Have you read the rest of the post?
But here you go: IG+scions, craftworlds, gk, 30k custodes. Not a single model is converted. Still, this is not the point, but whatever.

>> No.54250425


>> No.54250444

>anon, I...have bad news.


Purifiers are simply amazing in 8th with the proper setup.

>> No.54250447

>Voldus is very good

>MFW it used to be special to play/collect 3rd brotherhood GK
>But now everybody suddenly does too because Voldus is OP

>> No.54250450


I'm assuming it must be a typo because purifying flame is NOT worth 7 PPM more than a strike squad.

Especially when you can take Crowe for nearly that cost disparity and he'll mulch GEQ and boyz nearly as well as fucking Kharne too.

>> No.54250456

>DESU, scrap termies (except for characters)
I think 15 is a good number.
If you ever want to run a 5 man murder escort of Pallies for a GM and then a full squad of GKTs, this is the way to go.
Also, conversion parts for GMs, Bro-Caps (personally I recommend strapping a Psycannon to the Resin Bro-Cap's model) Libbies etc.

>> No.54250459

With all the GKposting in this thread I sort of want to see Deathwing vs Draigowing. Terminator fuckfest.

>> No.54250480

Never. People didn't raise enough of a stink, sadly. If everyone raises riot then MAYBE in the codex. But probably not.

A stormraven, box of Paladins, 10 or so terminators and twenty or so PAGKs will do ya fine.

I've found the combo of 6 Interceptors in an assault Cannon razorback to be quite useful for mowing down generic infantry, though strike squads (as we've been discussing) are quite good this edition.

So something like
>Voldus/Draigo (either one is autotake)
>paladin ancient, maybe apothecary
>at least one squad of Paladins, sticking 4+ancient+voldus in a stormraven is damn good
>maybe a dread, the doomglaive one is fucking sweet ruleswise but I recommend just putting the guns on a venerable, the FW model is awful
>10 terminators, though you can just as easily do Paladins instead.
>10-15 interceptors, good for late-game objectives any time.
>20-ish strike squads, easy enough to buy and paint and do good on the field
>pair of razorbacks
>stormraven of course
>hell, psilencer purgation squads are hilariously cheap for bursting down the low-save MCs. (Looking at you daemons and nids)

All that will give a nice collection with a good amount of options.

I know, fuck that shit. What the hell were they thinking? More expensive than Interceptors for shittier rules in almost every scenario? Fuck that noise

>> No.54250482

So you'd suggest a vanguard detachment with paladins? I was thinking of adding a LR and dreadnoughts for long range support

>> No.54250483

I know the answer is yes but the guy is asking this. Pretty sure Chaos (I don't play Chaos) same detachments only requirement is the same god keyword. You can't make a Nurgle and Khorne daemon in one detachment you need to do two separate ones.

>> No.54250487

Meme army galore! And marinelets too!
God fucking damn it! Even decade old mono pose models!

>> No.54250490


It'll be a slaughter, both sides have good access to D2 weapons although only having AP-2 on maces is kind of a bad thing in this match up.


Crowe does the same thing for way less and is much harder to shoot off the board (kickass model too)

>> No.54250502

>implying Librarianspam has ever been a rare sight
>implying with Stern around 3rd hasn't been the most popular brotherhood

>> No.54250510

>I'm assuming it must be a typo because purifying flame is NOT worth 7 PPM more than a strike squad.

It is

it's 35pt on a base squad, for (1d6-1) extra morta wounds each turn (and an extra psilencer).

>> No.54250520


Vanguard detachment of paladins + Draigo and ancient, LRs are always good and rifleman dreads are as good as ever.

Also the GK doom glaive dreadnought from FW is very good and looks awesome.

>> No.54250524

In my experience forcing Terminators to roll 4+ saves is devastating to them. And even if they don't do that much damage you're still gonna have a tough time killing them.

>> No.54250533


You can't run 4-5 Crowes. Plus 5 purifiers are still pushing out 12 psilencer shots and 12 storm bolter shots.

>> No.54250539

Crowe seems really nice now. Normal attacks to mow down chaff, short range Smite on steroids for tough stuff.

Though I still have to try the Brotherhood Champion buffed with Hammerhand combo. Plus two on all to wound rolls if he uses Swordstrike at the same time.

>> No.54250541

Copy of Librarian Dread. HACKS!

>> No.54250543

>I recommend just putting the guns on a venerable, the FW model is awful
What's wrong with it?

>> No.54250546

But the real GK bros know it's Mordrak's 2nd that you better be collecting.

>> No.54250550

>only having AP-2 on maces is kind of a bad thing in this match up.

Which reduces a 2+ to 4+ and only a 5++, while Deathwing have Storm Shields for a 3++

Deathwing definitely are the more durable of the two.

>> No.54250551

I don't get it.

>> No.54250553

You should re-read. That's a function of their Grenade, not their own rules. :) You have to start exactly within 12 for it to matter.

>> No.54250559

Are the 1st Brotherhood special in GK? I can't remember. Paladins?

>> No.54250562

What a faggot

>> No.54250563

>Deathwing definitely are the more durable of the two.
Also, at points parity, you'll be able to bring more dudes. A DW Champ probably.

>> No.54250566

>Copy of Librarian Dread. HACKS!
Psychic Only Chapter has Psychic Dreadnoughts.

More at 11.

>> No.54250567

Paladins are their own pseudo-Brotherhood.

Also, Draigo was a previous 3rd GM.

>> No.54250581

warhammer recasts

>> No.54250582


>Plus 5 purifiers are still pushing out 12 psilencer shots and 12 storm bolter shots.

So can a purgation squad for 35 points less.

>> No.54250594

>this guys entire channel
>"waaah gw bad stop messing up MY 40k"

>> No.54250596

The GK do mortal wounds though.
When I played against Deathwing I thought the knights were gonna stomp my entire army, because GK have always had trouble with stormshield terminators. But the Deathwing Knights got obliterated in a single turn because of the amount of wounds Smite did to them (this was with a lot of PAGK units, so it was easy to spam it)

>> No.54250605

GKs basically have 10 Brotherhoods, but two of them are special and one of them is perpetually at half-strength.
b-but the 3" Smite haha ;_;
>Crowe is the Bro-Cap and Bro-Champ of the Purifier Order cause he's just that good at into swords
>doesn't have Psychic Locus
What the hell GeeDubs?

>> No.54250606

No sorry, terminators only
He won't help you
>Decade old
>Mono pose
Where? For HQs? I don't have replicas, sorry

You're lost

>> No.54250612


The problem is more that deathwing would have to eat a non-trivial shooting phase, especially with stuff like psilencers actually being pretty deadly to terminators when spammed.

It would be a good match up, I'd love to see it.


So their equipment that only they can take doesn't count because they have to throw it before they charge?

>> No.54250623

Very nice, those are exactly the models I'd like to bring. Thanks!

>> No.54250627

I was doing more of a All Deathwing vs. All Terminators / Paladin face off.

Wasn't counting on PAGK spam. But you are correct.

>> No.54250631

>b-but the 3" Smite haha

As if the range is a problem when 5+5 purifiers + brother captain disembark from the stormraven and get a full move

>> No.54250638


>> No.54250672

What I predict will be the problem with Reivers :

>Pop up over 9'' away from unit
>Fuck, that's too far to throw grenades !
>Try to charge anyway
>Fails, enemy just walks even farther away
>Grenades are never used

It's also funny that they wear stripped down armour, but apparently that has no impact on the level of protection the armour provides.

>> No.54250712

>not marinelet

>IG mono pose only special weapons
Sure right kid

>> No.54250733

Charge threat range is 6 + 2d6 + 1.

Grenade threat range is 6 + 6. If they have Infiltrate, they show up 9.0000001 away and get to sit there being cucked before they themselves are either charged or blasted at point-blank.

Don't forget that unlike other weapons, a unit can only throw 1 grenade a turn and only affect one unit. Reivers are cucked vs Tau/Supporting Fire.

For the same trouble, might as well sacrifice a Rhino/Razorback instead.

>> No.54250816

>not marinelet
Marinelets or not marinelets, there are no primaris gk.

>IG mono pose only special weapons

It's nice how you are trying to argue over points you have no control over, admitting you lost over all the other points. You can try to go off topic over and over again, but you're totally and utterly lost, and have lost each and every argument up to this point, not ever bringing up a single argument. On the other hand, I'm providing you answers to each of your attempts, which have gone unsuccessful. Your most articulate response up to this point has been "Bhahahahahah" which has no meaning.

Most importantly, the original point still stands: Inquisition is a meme army and will always be until multipart plastic kits are released.

>> No.54250825

IG only has mono pose special weapons. Unless you are just running launcher and heavy flamers

>> No.54250881

>IG only has mono pose special weapons. Unless you are just running launcher and heavy flamers
My army is mostly based on tanks, and heavier on scions for infantry.

>> No.54250960

Incorrect. The legs are separate so you can run various poses by varying the stance. Running ready, kneeling, forward ready, rearward ready, etc.

>> No.54250963

Well, least until the Codex. Wouldn't be surprised if we see stuff there.

Primaris Bikers would be awesome.

>> No.54251006

Thralls? Tzaangors?

>> No.54251024

I think B is tripping
>Oh boy I finally get to kill the hereti-AW SHIT

>> No.54251035

Primaris Jetbikers incoming for sure.

>> No.54251299

I play nids so.... I can't

>> No.54251398

Also that, thanks anon.

>> No.54251436


Case in point.

>> No.54251467

Nice models! Hope they got to crisp some ork scum recently

>> No.54251487

Sadly due to scheduling problems I haven't had a game in months. But I'm still painting. There's always dudes to paint.

>> No.54251529

That's the life of a guardsmen commander..

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