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Who is best Chaos God and why do you think so?

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I mean al of them are a special kind of garbage, but I gotta give it up for my boy Tzeentch. At least he wants people to have hope and strive for change in their lives, those are some real nice positives...even if it's still all part of his wacky plan to turn everyone's genitals into dust or whatever.

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Papa nurgle, he loves you more than you know

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I agree but for different reasons I think. Tzeentch is naturally against stagnation (being the god of hope and ambition you kind of have to be), something which I personally agree with and strive to avoid in excess.
I know it sounds weird, but that's the way it is.

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Any official artwork on him? All I saw was a single picture, and even then I'm not sure if that was him.

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Nurgle. "I love you, you love Me, we're a happy family. With a touch of plague for me to give to you, won't you say you love Me too?"

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Slaanesh, because xhe's the only one who is reasonably successful in corrupting and destroying society.

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Reminder that by worshiping any Chaos god you are also worshiping Slaanesh indirectly, for what is Chaos if not an expression of excess? Slaanesh will consume all when she is done feasting upon the entreè that is the Eldar race!.

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Not if we consume her first!

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Tzeentch is probably at the top in terms of aesthetics.

Nurgle would be the best choice if you had a sane decision in the matter. He's the only chaos god that would actually give a shit about you.

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Heh, no because slaanesh is the god of decedent excess, not excess in general.

Plus if what you say is true, slaanesh would be the strongest chaos god, whereas it is the fourth strongest

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Well in terms of being the best at the chaos god thing it is khorne as he has basically already won given the galaxy is exactly as he wants it in a state of perpetual self sustaining violence and bloodshed and could defeat any of the other chaos gods but doesnt as that would take away from the amount of violence and killing

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Tzeentch is breddy gud.

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>no one can agree on what Slaanesh's specific domain is
>no one can agree on whether or not Tzeentch actually does anything with his schemes, or if he's merely pretending
>no one can really tell what Nurgle does except spread plagues for fun

I admire Khorne's pure focus.

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>khorne as he has basically already won given the galaxy is exactly as he wants it in a state of perpetual self sustaining violence and bloodshed
Gork n' Mork won long that contest before Khorne was even sentient. Him showing up just added to their win-state, so technically wouldn't they be better than Khorne at his own job?

Either way, one thing is clear in the Warp: War gods > everyone else.

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KHORNE = You get what you paid for. Good for violence and little else.

NURGLE = Eternal suffering or horrible life. Good for nothing and makes your current existence shit.

TZNEENTCH = Basically causes things to reverse themselves and that considers it some incredibly genius act on his part. Good for making bad things good, but also does the opposite.

SLAANESH = Asshole that actively fucks over anybody that worships him.. so what's the point? Murders elves, nuff said.

So in descending order of usefulness.

KHORNE (makes you mad and strong), TZNEENTCH (Good in a pinch but bad when things are swell), SLAANESH (Fucks elves, but will also fuck you watch out), NURGLE (Avoid like the plague).

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>NURGLE = Eternal suffering or horrible life. Good for nothing and makes your current existence shit.

This is wrong in the worst possible way. A true devote of Nurgle enjoys being a puss-filled sack of diseases and flies, possibly because of chaos-related mutations to how the brain experiences pain and pleasure.
Why do you think Plague Marines are T5?

>bad because you get fucked
That's the point anon. That's exactly why people choose Slaanesh.

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>Murders elves, nuff said.

That's always why I will have a soft spot for him. Nothing to me beats seeing a black crusade PC going on a rampage against eldar.

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really made me think

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Slannesh > Tzeentch > Nurgle > Khorne

Slannesh followers can be lots of different things and the "Release from the endless treadmill of stagnation that the imperium represents" angle is good.

Tzeentch is proper subtle and like slannesh can be done lots of different ways

Nurgle has a good aesthetic but there isn't much you can do with him

Khorne is just a bit boring.

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They're all kind of boring, if you ask me. 99% of the time worshiping any of them is all downsides. I also think that the big four being the predominant gods is kind of goofy based on the way the warp supposedly works. I mean, are we to believe that across the scope of the galaxy, the dominant emotions are angry, horny, wizard and AIDS?

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This, and his followers don't feel any pain from the myriad of diseases they get.

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>Worshiping Chaos is excessive.
>He isn't a casual church-goer.

One or two meetings a month and I can plan my week around it easily. I'd tell you to get fucked, but I'm afraid your coke addled brain would misconstrue the meaning of my statement.

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> Wake up from a delicious dream about crashing a planet into another planet as a part of some grand experiment
> Grab some coffee
> Realize 1) it wasn't a dream, 2) you're missing some key ingredients for the experiment and 3) and you're on Planet A
> Well, shit
> Open a portal to the Warp mid-thought and step through to a planet across the galaxy and 100 years before you left
> Research the effect of setting gretchin on fire for a decade
> Reach the conclusion that gretchin do not react positively to fire, but add that more data is needed
> Remember why you came here to begin with
> Equip the gretchin with flamers on your way out and tell them there's candy inside the space hulk towards galactic north
> Commandeer passing civilian freighter, go to Rynn's World
> Learn Esperanto along the way
> Give explicit instructions in perfect Spanish for the void shields to be lowered for 2.5 seconds at 12:48:57 PM for you to pass through
> Crimson Fists do it anyway, get hit by a missile from an intern you hired six weeks ago for this very moment
> Set up a lawn chair, chronometer, telescope and camera on a beach as the next wave of Greenskins attacks Pedro Kantor's ruined fortress
> Vid-capture a planetoid filled with screaming flame-belching gretchin colliding with a hive world the next system over
> Send the video to Terra addressed to the High Lords, marked "Tape 2/4"
> Set orks on fire until your mom picks you up at 3:00
> Only it's not your mom, it's a bird daemon that shits fire and only understands Esperanto

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Malal, of course.

Why you ask? Because I wish he actually existed so that we could have him trolling the other 4 Gods since he's a walking paradox. Having Tzeentch's plan backfire on him, teleporting Khorne soldiers to a world where people don't bleed, changing a disease Nurgle created to be beneficial to the host. Just funny shenanigans

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Wasn't it only the Death Guard that did not suffer while being sick as fuck while the rest of his flock are in pain or agony 24/7 or something like that?

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Malal, coz I'm contrary even to my own detriment.

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>I admire Khorne's pure focus.
This, Khorne is pure. No games, no delusions, just endless slaughter and battle in the name of the Red King. Preferable to getting fucked over and over and over and over again by the other patrons.

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No, all people who succumb to Nurgle are glad to receive his gifts before the end. There's different interpretations of it, like that they can't feel the pain or they do feel the pain but they enjoy it because they feel blessed. Even in the Dark Imperium book it shows a guardsmen who was injected with Nurgle's Rot by a fly. When he realized it too late he was horrified up until the very end and realized how blessed he was to receive Nurgle's gift and become a Plaguebearer.

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The Emperor, aka the greatest chaos god of them all.

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Not knowing who Malal is i have a serious question
Tzeentch is the lord of change
Would malal give tzeentch power by changing his plans to somthing else so they dont affect him?

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Think about it though everytime i see the "if you join nurgle sure he cares about you but you suffer the pain of every fucking disease ever and cant die from it"
that makes no sense that is such a "excessive" amount of suffering that even Slaanesh would join in on it and get a slice of the power

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What chaos god would allow me to reproduce as much as possible.

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Isn't it obvious?

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The servants of nurgle are unaffected by tge pain and misery caused by his plagues says so on the tin
[spoilers] that being said I sgree with the ranking [spoilers/]

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I'm pretty sure Malal feeds off other chaos gods like a leech, while also trying to undermine them. He's a god of paradoxes,atheism, anarchy and pure chaos without any order, think of him as a chaos entity who's goal is to destroy chaos

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One you are there it doens't really matter, but if I had any chance to pick, I would go with Tzeentch or Nugle if the "I don't feel diseases and Nurgle cares about me" is true. The other two are simply worst options.

Why Tzeentch? Sure, he is the god of change, but also knowledge and hope, and I like those. He may fuck you up in some bullshit plan in a century (assuming you are that important), but at the same time he actually wants the imperium or some sort of society to survive so he can continue watching it evolving, planning, betraying, thinking... So he's not going to destroy everythin ala the other three gods. Plus, warp powers and magic, which are nice.

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Had a thought about this a while back.

You know how the Chaos Gods are comprised of the galaxy's emotions?
And the reason they're complete shits is in part because the galaxy's emotions are negative, and the negativity is self-perpetuating because daemons make bad shit happen so people think of bad shit which makes more daemons.
We all on the same page here? Good.

See, the Chaos Gods also encompass the positive emotions, they're just drowned out by the negative ones. But here's something. Humanity doesn't associate the Chaos Gods with their positive emotions, instead they associate them with the Emperor.
What if the Emperor is effectively starving the Chaos Gods of their positive emotions and disrupting the balance of the Warp by hoarding all of the good shit for himself?
What if it's not just that the Chaos Gods corrupt Humanity, but that Humanity is corrupting the Chaos Gods with only sending them negative emotions?

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>Who is best Chaos God and why do you think so?
A dead one,do i really need a reason why?

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I like Nurgle from lore, actions etc.

Khorne in terms of aesthetics.

Don't like Tzeentch the most, he seems like he has no upside.

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He is the Chaos God of Chaos. He's the contrarian

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Hashut, because chaos dwarfs are ducking awesome, fuck you thats why

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>give a shit about you
Papa Nurgle has a lot more than that for you.

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Tzeentch dosent get power when literally anything changes, he gets power from the hope of mortals for change

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doesnt it say somewhere that "the change of life to death if the greatest change a mortal can undertake"
Which is why im pretty sure tzeentch encourages it
But still yeah you are right if he did get power from just anything changing it would be werid

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I literally clicked this thread to find you, and call you a faggot.

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Malal's 40k servants are savage shitposting cannibals that literally summoned the god into the materium to reclaim their own planet, who have a tradition of a reunion where they eat a capture slave, alive, raw and whole, and go through nigh autismal concentrated survival of the fittest rituals to provide the perfect candidate to summon Malal into the Imperium, because that's a thing it can do.

The major goal of the Horus heresy was in fact to permanently remove Malal's incidental influence as a counter-balance and to the four Chaos Gods - Lorgar, Horus, and Magnus were all driven by Tzeentch, so then it could fuck everything with legions of Traitor Marines in a "unified" faith" that blacks out all knowledge of Malal to prevent it from stealing from the other four due to it's power of growing in proportion to it's others, meaning any gains the 4 make automatically end up defaulting, never gaining or loosing ground in their attempts to gain a hold over the materium.

The Daemon that showed Lorgar the 'Primordial truth of the Universe?' Tzeentian, with the Word Bearer's Erebus moving on to get Horus Mortally wounded and converted to Chaos in his unconscious defenseless state. Magnus ruining everything? Tzeentch, who set this up to begin with, hell, Magnus even tried to PREVENT Horus from getting brainwashed, but guess who stopped him?

Tzeentch is literally stated to have the power of viewing all the thoughts and ideas in the universe as a Chaos god, in effect, as a psychic construct and reflection of an aspect of life, it's also a dataminer, and he's the god of change, but here's the thing, despite this, if it's a god of change, wouldn't that almost mean Tzeentch CANNOT remain in it's position as a chaos god, because stagnation and static existence is Nurgle's sphere?

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Oh wait, this explains everything, Tzeentch is trying to become SOMETHING ELSE, and this then explains the- "Chaos's aim is to merge the Materium with the Immaterium." It's actually just one of the ways that Tzeentch can escape static karma from catching up to it, by no longer remaining a psychic entity. This is then, backed up by the fact that Tzeentch, having surely been around when H.P Lovecraft wrote his novels, notably has a greater Daemon that is written up with a sampled quote from the horror writers works, and this greater daemon, is effectively Nyralathotep in all but name. You know the Shadows in the warp, and other anomalies that don't make sense in context to the current racial roster of 40k'sunderstanding? All from creatures with, essentially biologically superior traits fit to resist and combat the warp, which is the realm of souls sent completely off it's rocker, it's change and evolution, and tzeentch Recognizes that there is a series of concepts higher than itself, an ongoing theory on Tyranid Origins attributes them to be little more than a minor probe of a greater biological entity, and even despite proof on this, it is something Tzeentch would have picked up upon.

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In effect, Tzeentch is the drive of the actions of the four, and has every intention of betraying them to possibly leave the immaterium in a state that compliments what it is, which is pretty much a Great Old one. I should also note that the betrayal of the Iron-men is most likely the resut of Tzeentch easiyl corrupting them, for whilst they were sentient, they had no souls, and were as easy to mould as clay for it's efforts, yet Tzeentch has a dedicated once-human Greater Daemon for the purpose of corrupting machines alone. It's probable that Tzeentch wanted the constructs for it's own use, AKA the possible construction of a vessel to possess. Slaanesh for example, has a purposed vessel to ride about in to fuck Fulgrim, Tzeentch literally is on a time limit before Nurgle wins it out.

In fact, Tzeentch's individuality is also shown with it's actions when it broke it's staff, and when it threw it's Lorfs of change into that one well because it was UNWILLING to sacrifice itself for the power that Kairos later received through going through it, Tzeentch literally has shown it's own self-serfving nature.

Oh and lastly, why do you think Lorgar is all kept pent up in a palace, 'Meditating on the true nature of Chaos' An impossible feat essentially after the Horus Heresy ended? Because Lorgar is the key to Tzeentch's master plan being unraveled, Lorgar, gaining any knowledge of the now defunct 5th Chaos god is now secured by the Daemon Primarchs now-blind faith, and is none the wiser, living in effectively, self-imposed house arrest.

Hell, it's also the explanation about why still-living cultists to chaos and those enslaved and force to worship through torture, via mass prayer and whipping are present, there is an ever constant need for the ruinous powers to expand for them to do anything, in order to gain opportunity and actual progress over what Malal would have undone, had the Heresy granted it any sort of spotlight.

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Hell, even though the Chaos gods are supposed to be reflections of the Materium as constructs of concepts of life, the Horus Heresy and the birth of Slaanesh have set them into over-the top overdrive, Khorne's other aspects of Honour and such are almost non-existant now, probably due to the influence of the World bearer's and those who followed their actions in suit.

What a Devilish little bugger Tzeentch is, lying to Magnus about the Emperor making a chaos god of disbelief, when it already existed, to further subvert it's own ambition, fucking it's rivals over through their influential followers and setting itself up for a higher state of existence at the same time whilst ensuring nothing could possibly link anyone to such a goal through the destruction of human civilization at the behedst of the age of Strife to prevent any reference to the higher set of concepts only the like of lovecraftian fiction could offer.

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>Not choosing the sublime glory of the Primoridal Truth.
Chaos Undivided for life.

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Best waifus (Tzeentch is a close second), is all about strength determining who's in charge, and (depending on your fluff) has somewhat of an honor code in combat. You'd be basically be surrounded by bros like Kharn and tomboys for the rare few females.

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>Not lifting for the Blood God
never gonna make it

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That helmet decoration makes it look like he has a dong embedded in his head.

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Every other god only cares that you do what they want you to do

Slaanesh both cares about and is empowered by your own desires and feelings while doing what it wants you to do

It's almost impossible to truly fail your loving and lewd liege when serving Slaanesh

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The only way to fail is to get complacent with what you've accomplished. You have to be the worst exaggeration of hedonism to impress it, and you have to double down on THAT to keep it interested

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None, the clear best option is to make Chaos serve you, regardless of gods.

Undivided, unbroken and unbowed.

Iron Within, Iron Without!

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Slaanesh, obviously.

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I accept this greatest of duties

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Slaanesh by far the best

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I feel like a lot of you fa/tg/uys say that, but don't realise it's going to quickly turn from "bang this hot chick" to "get pegged by your own grandfather, while drinking goat urine"

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Yeah, but I'm gonna enjoy either.

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Horned Rat

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being comfy is the best

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All of the Chaos Gods turn you into degenerate monsters who will happily commit genocide and kill people for fun. Slaanesh is the one Chaos God that will completely obliterate your conscience so you will never realize the wrongness of your actions. Therefore I choose blissful ignorance of my evil over all the other offers.

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Reading this made me realize; why didn't Tzeentch pick the Alpha Legion as his trophy instead of the Thousand Sons? They fit his 'constant scheming and plotting' stick better, which seems to be more important to him then being a sorcerer which he appreciates but can live without.

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>muh morality

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khorne. he has something he wants, and he does it. he doesn't let anything get in his way. that pure desire, indiscriminate of all other variables, is admirable.

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Alpha Legion is loyal.

>> No.54241363

To the Alpha Legion.

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I hate the idea of other Chaos God existence beyond those of the main four (and Malal who will always be canon in my heart) but I have to agree that Hashut is the only one that favors all the things I like. Shame he has a thing for Dwarfs.

>> No.54241577

And therefore not to Tzeentch.

>> No.54241921

Tzeentch doesn't care if you follow his will either, and doesn't care about your "faith" in him, only what you want to do in life.

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I'm gonna get a mark of Nurgle fidget spinner made. Custom

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The Emperor

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> I mean, are we to believe that across the scope of the galaxy, the dominant emotions are angry, horny, wizard and AIDS?

well, yeah actually. Eros and Thanos, sex and death, are what is said to drive humanity in everything they do.

A god that represents death through violence

A god that represents death through disease

A god that represents getting what you want with careful planning, aka getting that puss

A god of sex and excess, just doing shit that gives you pleasure.

seems legit to me to be honest

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Tzeentch. Most variety in types of worshipers. Best color scheme. Cooler mutants. Pretty neat daemons.

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>get dubba dubs
>one set of dubs is 9s
>Tzeentch's sacred number is 9


>> No.54242410

>There are nine traitor legions
>Tzeentch's sacred number is nine

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There is only One God. One above all false gods.

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That's a unique rendition of Nurgle; shriveled and dry rather than puss filled and bloated.

>> No.54242467

The Thousand Sons are tools to Tzeentch. Every member is either a sorcerer bound to him whether they know it or not and the rest are mindless automatons.

The Alpha Legion still has free will.

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Hey guys can I be in this thread

>> No.54242501

I don't know; I'm not familiar with you.
Tell me, what do you do? What are your domains?

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fuck-fuck all the other gods

>> No.54242552

>That file name.
I'm guessing this guy is an important figure in Warhammer fantasy.

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The Horned Rat is the god of all skavenkind.

Here's what his greater daemons look like.

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well now, that's just silly

>> No.54242629

Why he's the god of scheming and diseases of course. GW has already replaced the redundant slaanesh with him in fantasy/AoS, and it's only a matter of time before they do the same necessary pruning and restructuring of redundancy with 40k.

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That's dumb.

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Yeah, well fuck-fuck you, man-things.

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Khorne is cool, just a bit overdone.

He's consistently ended up stealing the spotlight in (almost) every major 40k videogame. The only exceptions i can think off are Ulkair in chaos rising, and even then khorne ends up taking the spotlight, and the tau videogame where the villain is a greater daemon of tzeentch.

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>> No.54242766

One of Slaanesh's sobriquets is She-Who-Thirsts.

>> No.54242829

>tau videogame
Which one is that?

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Nurgle is Jesus Wrapped In Budda. He loves you completely. He loves all living things. He can't help that some of his children's love is not yet complete enough to contain the so-called "lesser" children, but his love is all encompassing, and it absolutely includes you.

And then there's the afterlife.

If you serve Khorne, unless you are the sort of badass motherfucker who's played by Jason Statham in an action movie, your soul will meet with oblivion upon death.

If you serve Tzeench, unless you're the sort of impossibly machiavellian motherfucker who would be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in a spy thriller, your soul will be met with oblivion when you die.

If you serve Slaanesh, unless you're the sort of sexy motherfucker who would be played by Channing Tatum in a schlock-film, your soul will be met with oblivion when you die.

If you serve the Emperor, unless you are the level of hero who would have their actor personally cast bu Leni Riefenstahl in a fascist propaganda film, your soul will be met with oblivion when you die.

If you serve Nurgle, even the lowest among you will be reborn as a plaguebearer when you die, and that does not remove the possibility of Daemon-Prince-Hood.

Nurgle loves you, and he wants to take away all your pain. All he asks in return is that you spread his love.

>> No.54242853

>you are the level of hero who would have their actor personally cast bu Leni Riefenstahl in a fascist propaganda film
For the record, I am using the word "hero" in the ancient greek sense, not in the modern "ethically-good" sense

>> No.54242888

Fire Warrior


>> No.54242894
File: 60 KB, 465x236, knowledge is power.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54242902

Fire Warrior. It was pretty mediocre shlock for the time and didn't get any better with age, although it does portray bolters properly and has commissars who swing their chainswords while rushing you while they're still fifty feet away (at least from what I remember).

>> No.54242944

I'd rather go to oblivion than being a diseased aidslord.

>> No.54243245

Tzeentch, he has 1000 sons.

He probably has lots of experience.

>> No.54243273
File: 7 KB, 1024x128, altar_xom_all_detail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best Chaos god reporting in.

>> No.54243512

Khorne makes his followers swole and high test.

>> No.54243767

But by definition you will be okay with it, because nurgle will take away your pain about it.

>> No.54244712

Slaanesh because I'm a lazy hedonistic fuck that just wants to feel good all the time

>> No.54244765

>Feel good all the time
Is your idea of feeling good sticking hooks into your asshole?

>> No.54244774

Don't judge me you prude.

>> No.54244824

tzeentch because chaos could work with just him alone


>> No.54244889

I'd say Nurgle but not because he is the strongest, the loving or whatever. There is just simple fact that he is the only Chaos God who has followers and demons with a sense of humour.

-Khorne's followers are try hard, stuck up meatheads that have trouble stringing made more than of three words.
-Tzeentch followers constantly rave about how great are they and how they control everything, or Tzeentch controls everything. Pathos flows out of them like liquid shit.
-Slaanesh followers are always high on some drugs and laugh if you show them a finger.

Nurgle and his guys are the only ones with whom you can have a normal conversation.

>> No.54244915

>a deeply evil creature being "best"
I can only name the worst - Nurgle. And second worst - Slaanesh.

>> No.54244930

Because magic and the opportunity to do insane fucking color schemes that hurt the eyes and still make the damn thing work.

>> No.54244987


He's the male fertility god in the pantheon, his symbol was originally a dick and his daemons canonically have had children from mortal women before.

>> No.54245942

Huh, only just realised that the shiggy diggy meme is actually an acronym. I Sure Hope You Got D--- D--- There?

>> No.54245986
File: 30 KB, 600x308, slaanesh love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gotta lighten up and enjoy yourself man, pegging is far from the worst thing to happen in this millenium

>> No.54246022

yet so many end up as sacrifices, spawns, or made into living books/staves on purpose as part of the almighty "all according to plan!"

>> No.54246080

Nurgle at the moment, although I would be super into Tzeench if people embraced the insane psychedelic side of him as opposed to the books and magic side.

>> No.54246084

>his symbol was originally a dick and his daemons canonically have had children from mortal women before.


>> No.54246107

Thats a surprisingly underrated observation. I think 1d4chan summed ut up nicely.

Nurgle followers are one of the few who dont go uncontrollably bat shit crazy, they just shit uncontrollably.

>> No.54246182

Tzeentch is the worst mostly because everyone I know who sucks the Lord of Change's cock are smarmy jackasses who think they are much smarter than they are... they also do social studies and english degrees.

>> No.54246349

You seem to be mistaken that appears to be a corpse

>> No.54246396



>> No.54246429

Newfag pls go

>> No.54246439

He's the god of Fail and I'm a failure.

>> No.54246458

So the god of Marxism then.

>> No.54246461

>not knowing what shiggy diggy stands for

>> No.54246801

Well sorry for never seeing Seinfeld I guess, it's never on tv here. My memetymology isn't so autistic as to know the origin of every dumb joke we tell each other.

>> No.54246811
File: 18 KB, 1030x751, spoon-1030x751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ISHYGDDT stands for "I seriously hope you guys don't do this"
Shiggy diggy came from it

>> No.54248114

realm of chaos and the lore of one of the maggoth lords (the armoured one, I think)

>> No.54248216

Im going to assume the human women die a horrible and painful death?

>> No.54248390

I'm not sure, she was a bitch in this particular case, probably even the kind willing to do it with a guo

>> No.54248411

Ya I just found it on 1d4chan. Cant imagine how that would look but assuming it was consensual, I think it woukd have been surprisingly comfy.

>> No.54248925


>> No.54250410


You are the only one who will end up winning.

>> No.54250554

Khorne. Nurgle's alright too but he's gross as fuck.

Tzeentch is for the sort of feckless cunt that attracts those very special faggots who think they're far more clever than they actually are and think mono-blue D&D counter/control decks are the height of strategy.

Slaanesh would be cool if the hedonist shitstains who follow it would ease the fuck up on thinking they need to press their absolute lack of taste and inability to control themselves in any capacity on everyone.

>> No.54250998
File: 437 KB, 1672x1237, 0e402eba8e25a68a051bfa026d7bf92de26d9a51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nurgle's alright too but he's gross as fuck.

Anon please dont say such hurtful things

>> No.54251745

>Be a techpriest obsessed with making a perfect body
>Follow slaanesh to push his obsession
>End up in a quest to perfect his body for both combat and human beauty, also become immortal necron-like.

There is only one true path for me.

>> No.54251797

>slaanesh followers
>absolute lack of taste
Spoken like a true Khorne faggot pleb

>> No.54253386
File: 38 KB, 539x442, facepalm-ernie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For fuck sake, I thought you were joking. I don't even know with this faction anymore.

>> No.54253475

First time I worshipped this guy, he turned Gastranok into a Juggernaut.

Fun times.

>> No.54253764
File: 15 KB, 540x404, mercy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slaanesh and Nurgle are tied for best because they both make you happy.

>> No.54254033

Don't post that picture.

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