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Licking flamers is inappropriate edition

>FAQ (New FAQ), RIP Thousand Sons edition:

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>Latest news :

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>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

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Betrayed by those it was only trying to help.

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First for no one can give a good reason for no femarines.

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Lore says all have died in the attempt. Not that they can't. They just haven't yet.

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Do you guys hear the voices too?

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Power armor kind of invalidates that.

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what a shitty """"""aztec"""""" design

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>>54209448 #
Basically any human mini from either range. Guardsmen are probably the common one, neophyte hybrids would work. Or you could use AoS beastmen, kaioric acolytes or marauders

Really just depends on the style you want

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I enjoy the idea of procedurally generating interesting missions, but dislike how imbalanced this is. It's very clearly made for open play, and the last two decks (ruses and sudden death) are explicitly made for imbalanced forces. People have already pointed out how silly it is that one player could show up 3 PL shy of the other and get the Ruse that lets them revive a single unit and deepstrike said unit, potentially leading to stupidness like bringing back a Knight or similarly huge unit with value greater than the initial discrepancy. Of course this isn't as much of a problem for super casual games where players don't care about balance, but it means that anyone who DOES care about having a fair and balanced game will get very little use out of these decks. Which is sad, because I'd love something like this actually designed for matched play.

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power armor doesn't add S in the wargame. See all the female and male humans with powerarmor and S3 and T3.

It's an issue of being a space marine, which are S4 T4 even outside of power armor. And femarines already exist in Chaos Space Marines.

You want a good reason, the Imperium is tradition bound and doesn't like change. Done.

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I played my first game of 8th this week and have no idea how Quantum Shielding works.
2 wound Lychguard. Hells yeah.

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Might get some Kriegsmen. What's the cheapest I can go with?

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>which are S4 T4 even outside of power armor

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For matched play just don't use the ruse and sudden death decks, or if you do use them both players get a card.

Randomly draw them and you won't be able to build your list to abuse a particular one.

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So they put people through a lengthy, expensive, often fatal course of body augmentation just for shigs?

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SM scouts.

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>Emperor used his DNA to create Primarchs. He's a guy, so they have a Y
>Emperor used Primarchs' DNA to create marines geneseed. Based on guys, so they all have a Y
>Genetic material with XY is incompatible with genes that have XX

If you want female marines you can still play Slaanesh marines that successfully prayed to Slaanesh for a sex change. Transgenders also get represented in one go. Boom, two birds, one stone.

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Ah, right, carry on.

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I can think of one:

GW still haven't released an official line of Guardswomen. Forcing us to grab third party heads that don't have the aquilla helmets.

IG is known to have guardswoman and the Marines do not. Ergo we should get female models first because you won't have to break the lore. Also, because we need new plastic guard sculpts.

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Ah, right, carry on.

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Or just play Iron Warriors and use the character from Storm of Iron who is a female ex-guardsmen who was taken as a slave then possessed by the daemon in her CSM captures armor, kills him takes is place and everyone assumes the CSM was just blessed by Khorne because he kills much better now and wastes less time being a whiny ass.

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They don't need to make femarine models, personally I'd settle for lifting the ban in lore and giving me a few art pieces to base some conversion projects on.

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Emperor is just a warp construct that was able to manifest in realspace kinda like a C'tan.

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I'll get yelled at to read the book, but I have, and it's not super clear to me how detatchments are meant to work. Is there a minimum ammount of troops necessary? Could I just use a bunch of vanguard detatchments for my army and not need troops, or is it that points and objectives balance out that plan?

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The Emperor of Man made his children men. That's basically it. You can absolutely have female space maines sure, but it would have to make sense in the lore and it kind of wouldn't as space marines were sort of defined by the Emperor, but I wouldnt mind someone proving me wrong. Just no boob armor. You want to be a space marine? You wear the suit.

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>those pixels
Satan is very pleased

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As long as we get them first. If you write your ass into a corner in the 80s, at least have the decency to update the faction actually known for inclusivity before retconning you're lore. Especially if the sculpts for that faction are overdue for an update.

And yes Sisters Players I know you've been waiting and deserve plastic models. I sympathize.

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Nope, Sisters of Silence can see him just fine. And he just looks like a regular man to them.

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lore ban is going to stand.
This is not the hill to die on.

Imperium is actually pretty non-sexist (not counting lack of sculpt options). Outside of Space Marines all the other positions are explicitely said to be open to and at times held by women.
There are female magos, lords of terra, Inquisitor Lords, Generals, Admirals, Judges, Planet/sector Governors, etc.

You want a cool female warriors in power armor, you have that option. And I don't just mean sisters of battle, make a damn inquisitor.

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I'd be happy if they made a IG regiment that wasn't a blatant rip-off of historical army X from 19th and 20th century europe/america.

Granted you obviously can't do a weeb IG regiment because the Tauwank would be off the charts but you could do some futuristic 80s inspired regiment or some primitive medieval or ancient army.

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I actually want femarines, but basically this. New guard plastics with female models included are a much higher priority.

And new SoB models are an even higher priority, but let's be honest, femarines are more likely.

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Sisters of Battle are as much a sexist faction as space marines, yet somehow you never hear anybody about them ...

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If the Emperor is basically a warp creature now how can they come anywhere near him without him dying? It's not like the Golden Throne is the only aspect to his being sorta-alive he's also staying alive by sheer force of will and psyker juice.

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Probably because they've been barely acknowledged by GW for nearly 20 years.

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Girls become Space Nuns, Guys become Commisars

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Absolute cheapest is cadian or chaos cultist snap fit 5 packs for $10.

Chaos marauders are little cheaper but don't have guns in the kit, so depends how into WYSIWYG you are.

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Because they've been all but squatted at this point.

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Two things that keep coming up in our games. First one is whether you roll or choose deployment map/type. Every mission says "determine", which my opponent argues means select/pick the deployment map/type. Second is whether a model with more than one attack and a chainsword, or weapon with the same rules as a chainsword, gets the additional attack with the chainsword even though they use another weapon with all their attacks. Since the rule just says "make an additional attack with this weapon each time it fights" it doesn't specify they have to use at least one of their attacks with the chainsword.

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Well so are marines soon, no difference there. Nothing but primarines from now on.

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female commisars explicitly exist, and have been shown in art.

>> No.54209889

they have to use the chainsword to gain additional attacks.
Deployment type is up to preference, you can either roll a D6 for roll a D2 and let the winner pick. Alternatively just agree on one beforehand for the mission/game type

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>go away for a few mins
>new thread started

42ndt for CUTEDAR.

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each detachment requires you to take a certain amount and type of units, and allows you to take a number of further options. you are limited by points/power in addition to detachment slots

vanguard for example requires one hq and 3 elites, and allows you to take some more selections as part of that detachment. you still have to pay points or power for whatever choices you do take.

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I have a question.
Has there ever been a map displaying the factions on Terra during the unification wars? If not, is there anywhere I can get a general guideline of it, or some kind of run down of sorts?

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If you want femguard steel legion, death korp, tempestus scions and vostyroans are mostly androgynous minis. Cadians and elysians too depending on helm choices

>> No.54209911

Fair enough.

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Match play you roll. Rolling player can spend CP
Narrative/Open... in the words of a Mets parking lot attendant- "do whatever you want, no one gives a fuck"

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chainswords require the bonus attack be made with the chainsword. you can make your other attacks with any cc weapon you want. this was clarified in one of the faqs where it talks about units with 2 chainswords

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I know that but early on that was one of the psuedo reasons to explain why the various schola programs are so obviously not gender balanced.

Hell the only Imperial faction other than SoB/SoS that isn't a sausage fest is the Inquistion and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Oh and the Escher Necromunda gang.

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Women aren't warriors.

>> No.54209977


Short answer: nope

Long answer: like most events pre-GC and between m32-m41, GW+FW fill in the blanks when they make up a story. Most details about the Unification Wars can be found in the Forgeworld Horus Heresy black books.

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Do you still have to roll for Warlord traits for regular games (matched play now i guess) cause it adds a little sentence at the end that says you can choose to roll or just choose one. Same goes for psychic powers now that I think about it. Do you roll or is it more an optional thing?

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jk 90% of them at just cock sleeves

>> No.54210017

Optional. WAACfags take the best shit and non-WAACfags just roll. It's not too much of a problem, anyway. Chapter Masters get all three powers anyway.

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>no cute Female Mordian Iron Guard models

Hell they could easily do a Vasquez inspired Heavy Bolter Catachan special character and people would be it just for the thrill of using her in a guard vs genestealer cult army scenario.

>> No.54210036

Sorry, Chief Librarians.


>> No.54210045

that's just in models now.
Admech is all mixed, you just can't see and most people don't care.
Guard and Associated are more male than female, but all female regiments and mixed regiments exist.

Astropaths and sanctioned psykers are not decided based on gender at all.

This is the fluff now. The only parts of the Imperium that are based on gender are SoB/SM and SoS/Culexus (nulls are sent to one or the other based on gender). That's it. They've ben pretty damn consistent on this fluff for a while now, and GW is not often consistent on fluff. Sculpts are just way way.

>> No.54210056

So we don't know where the Emperor began his war on Terra, or where the factions were located on Terra, or even how long the war took to fully unite the planet?

>> No.54210060

Bro it's pure AoS now. Just pick. Rolling never made any fucking sense anyway.
Here is the awesome background for my character... who apparently has multiple personality disorder. Or my mighty psyker... who randomly knows different spells every other battle.
Now that there is nothing NEARLY as powerful as invisibility who gives a fuck

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Space Marines are people injected with the Emperor's DNA, in a male its fine because you got XY Chromosomes, in women you have XX chromosomes, it wouldn't fit meaning that some of the genetic alteration wouldn't work.

>Unless you want Autismo-Female Marines, Or genetically modify them to be XY... Also known as males.

>> No.54210082

Specifically injected with Primarch "Geneseed" (DNA) and the Primarchs are clones of the Emperor, meaning that it would be his DNA by Extension; for clarification

>> No.54210087


I think a female-heavy imperial guard regiment, as well as a few female sculpts of regiments known to field female soldiers (Catachans, Cadians if they're not all dead) would be a great addition. And I'm firmly in the "no female space marines, not ever" camp.

>> No.54210088

and while we're at it, lets go through all the fucking xenos too.

You've got Mono/nullgendered.
Necron. Orks. Nids.

Gender isn't a bases for membership in a group.
Delder, Harlequins, Tau.

Has gender based groups, but that's based on the assumed gender from joining the group because of the weird way their psychology/path system works.
CW eldar.

40k is as non-sexist as most sci-fi universes. It's just that the models aren't always up to date on this.

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> sorry feminists- it's science. Nothing personal.

>> No.54210094

Since Harker is already a thing that's never going to happen.

>> No.54210104

Victoria Miniatures does some pretty good ones.

>> No.54210113

Necrons aren't. There are canon female Overlords.

>> No.54210114


I thought either gender could be any of the Aspect warriors including Banshees or maybe I was just imagining reading that in one or more dubious sources.

>> No.54210120

>actual science determining things in 40k
>female Chaos Space Marines have been canon for years.
>because fucking daemons and magic exist in this setting and science can suck it.

>> No.54210127

Wait ten years until the Horus Heresy well dries up, then we'll get Unification Wars from Forgeworld complete with maps/outrageously details warzone descriptions.

>> No.54210141

Thunder Warrior minis when?

>> No.54210146


>he thinks equal opportunity is a thing in the realm of chaos

>> No.54210147


Okay then, that makes a sort of sense then. So long as all the Warlord/Psychic powers stay in the mediocre territory and not auto-include territory than being allowed to choose won't be a disaster.

>> No.54210155

so the fluff, which is old but still cool and not reconned, only talked about Banshees but applies to all.

The question was "are their male howling banshees?". Answer: No. There are male eldar who decide to walk the path of the howling banshee aspect warrior, but when you put on the mask your personality is surpressed under the aspect you take on. The Banshee is a female aspect based off a female Phoenix Lord.

The other aspect had male founders.

>> No.54210160

Nah they said they were doing to do The Scourging after completing HH.

>> No.54210163


Right after the Men of Iron plastics get released

>> No.54210170

I'm not kidding, it's in Storm of Iron.
There is a woman in the Iron Warriors.

>> No.54210184

>What is Slaanesh

>Eldar literally have a "Path of the Trap"
Somehow I am not suprised.

>> No.54210185

The answer used to be that it went against their themes as ancient warrior-monk supersoldiers for a regressive fascist regime. But since GW doesn't care about the lore, it's just because they don't want to produce female heads for guard or Marines.

>> No.54210203


That would explain how they all died like bitches to the Primaris Marines in Dark Imperium

>> No.54210207


It is though

It's a pure meritocracy.

>> No.54210209

With them, not a.

>> No.54210241

I thought it was mostly a sentient suit of power armour that thought having sex means the woman goes inside you, instead of the other way around.

>> No.54210242

Agreed, really it needs to be is the eventual new guardsmen kit to include a handful of feminine torsos and heads. Much like the eldar plastics.

And yeah leave marines all male, they're space warrior monks to the sister of battle space warrior nuns. Its thematic and doesn't need changing.

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>> No.54210248


Wait wut? So if you have a female Phoenix Lord you are possessed by the orginal female who wore your aspect helmet? And same with the female eldar that are members of 'Male' aspects?

I mean I can see that for some of the aspects but others like the Dire Avengers? Nah that shit is dumb especially given some of the old art.

>> No.54210249

I have no problem with female Chaos Marines, I always assumed they didn't use the same methood as the Imperium, but loyalist Female space marines just to make feminists happy is pretty fucking cringy

The weak die off, the strong survive, opportunity is for those with the will and the power to back it up.


>> No.54210254

I might be thick but say I have a drop pod with a 5-man squad, and three characters in it. Does this count as only having one unit in reserves for the matched play rules, or would it count as five?

In the case of the latter, this would mean I'd need to bring five other units to counter balance it, yes?

>> No.54210261

They are yucky.

>> No.54210263


>> No.54210275

....I kind of want Fem-CSM...now
Literally just so I can run an Exalted Sorc as a Sorceress Supreme because it rolls of the tongue oh so nicely

>> No.54210283

Didn't they say they were doing a single Xeno book for HH at the end?

The daemon armour basically used her as a host. She wasn't a female girl turned into a space marine who then turned Chaos. She was TRICKED into being consumed.

>> No.54210285


>I might be thick

Got some paint jobs on your mind I see.

>> No.54210288

well full on Phoenix Lords are just reincarnations basically, their Souls are so powerful the new wearer of the armor is basically dead.
And like I said, it's tiny bit of old fluff and only mentioned Banshees. It might fit a few other aspects, and Asurman might be so universal he doesn't define it as much.

>> No.54210290

>this was clarified in one of the faqs where it talks about units with 2 chainswords
indirect faqs for the win!

>> No.54210302


My brother converted corrupted SoBs for his possessed squad back in the day. Don't have any pics of it but it was a cool idea.

>> No.54210311

Dude you have no idea, Astral Claws are so fucking hard to paint. Then realized my stated conundrum and I'm pissed because I realize my army I've been working on might not be 'legal'.

>> No.54210319

But female Chaos Space Marines aren't a thing. It's cases where a daemon has used a woman as a host or whatever. There is no female human who is turned into a female Space Marine by loyalists or Chaos. There is daemons who mount women and use them as transport.

>> No.54210325

>No femarines because I think I know something about science.
>No femarines because I think 40k writers know something about science.

>> No.54210326

I hear people bitch about them all the time, what are you talking about?

>> No.54210329

Man i liked the Iron warriors omnibus.

>> No.54210330

Trying to put together an army for my friend to start playing with, the first thing he's going to fight will probably be Warrior spam Necrons, so I wanted to give him something strong and durable like Maulerfiends to clean up the squads before Reanimation Protocol overwhelms him.

>> No.54210331

this guy >>54210120
here, I also don't want loyalist female SM, but trying to use science as the backing is weaker for me than "the Imperium doesn't like to change things, especially things with long traditions" is stronger.
Maybe a new method could be developed to make female space Marines, but no ones going to develop that. The Primaris Marines are seen as heresy by quite a few people, and that came directly from a Primarch.

>> No.54210355

Femme marines and soldiers sort of betray the fascistic/ gothic/ Faustian aesthetic the Imperium has going on. They would seem out of place. Nigs too.

>> No.54210372

it was Khorne daemon, tempting a girl filled with hate and anger and in continual contact with blood an gore (she was cleaning the armor each night).
It fit, and she wasn't so much tricked as tempted.

>> No.54210376

>Nigs too.


>> No.54210382

The 'people' you are talking of is just one shitposter.

>> No.54210392

Its 5 units so its 5.
There's no joing of units in any way anymore.

>> No.54210395

It was rape, anon. Take a step back from your daemon privileged and realise it was rape. NO DAEMONIC POSSESSION MEANS NO DAEMONIC POSSESSION! END DAEMONIC TRANSFORMATIONS NOW!

>> No.54210401

>not backing down from your point, but not really saying anything to back it up other than "Ur dumb"

>> No.54210402

What about the Salamanders. What about librarian Jonah Orion. With women there are the clear arguments of biology, but humanity is a lot more mixed in the 41 millennium since it got fucked up during the Age of Strife. Imperial Gothic is a language based around every common language according to the fluff

>> No.54210406

Jeez. Drop pods are fucking garbage now, then.

>> No.54210411

maybe there are fem-marines, they are just all wearing helmets

>> No.54210422

I like it because it supports the whole idea the Imperium is always in an all hands to the pump situation, like the Red Army in 1942.

>> No.54210424

What was the name of this meme OC that /tg/ made? It was pretty cool desu. Made me sad Lizardmen aren't cool Aztecs any more.

>> No.54210431

If you want fem-Marines and want to respect the "canon" you can just blame Cawl being wacky.

Make some of the new Primaris marines female (maybe as a way to stabilize the geneseed). GW won't make femMarines because they target 10 year old boys with their Marine line but CAWL and Guiliman are a great excuse to fuck with the lore.

>> No.54210433


As a geneticist, I could come up with half a dozen reasonable-sounding explanations for why the process might not work on female subjects. But since it's fantasy anyway, it'd be hard to justify that in a way that also justifies the lack of a workaround.

My personal explanation has more to do with the psychic resonance to the act; not only are Astartes genetically connected to their Primarch and the Emperor, but psychically as well. Like in the Jungian collective consciousness sense. And it doesn't work with female subjects because the Emperor is the personification of male temporal and spiritual energy; like the Emperor and High Priest combined in one entity (to use Tarot symbolism).

The entity that could create the female equivalent of Astartes doesn't exist in the setting; the Ishtar (or Astarte-like) Queen of Love and War has not appeared.

>> No.54210444

Salamanders aren't black. Jonah Orion I don't understand either. Space Marines are both black and white and will change depending on the planet they're on. Yet this is never remembered by people who do visuals or write about them.

>> No.54210451

Not only that, this was the one time they threw open the vaults and dared improve on the Emperor's genetic design schematics for Astartes.
This act took 10,000 years of careful planning and monitoring by the greatest polymath then-Mechanicum/now-Admech has to offer.

And "hay wut about gilrs?" never even entered into it once.
I'd feel worse if the whole tempest in a teapot wasn't one fag fishing for replies.

>> No.54210453

No, its just null deployment droppod spam isn't an option in touranments anymore.

>> No.54210456

Like how 50% of battlesuit pilots are female but you never know.

>> No.54210460

I love this idea

It may be because I am drunk though

>> No.54210463

There aren't any women space marines since they would last only a month before they fall to Khorne during their Red Rage.

>> No.54210487

They've tried it twice before, the raven guard tried it wity their raptors during the heresy. But thats was sabotaged by alpha legion.

The cursed founding was also an attempt.

>> No.54210488

What's that an old joke for SoB? That they fought all the harder on one specific week every month or some shit? I can't remember. Long time ago.

>> No.54210490

I have a theory: White models sell better in a majority white society

>> No.54210493


>implying BL writers will ever actually portray Marines using even a fraction of their crazy organs

Other than CSMs when was the last time you had some Marines eating their opponents in the BL bolterporn novels?

>> No.54210494

I'd still loot that.

>> No.54210499

No Salamanders turn black because of the heavy radiation on Nocture, and it's an irreversible process. Once a marine goes black, he never goes back.

>> No.54210507

> white models
What? Models are grey dipshit.

>> No.54210509

So after the world engine there are only 30 Astral Knights, lead by their dreadnought (what type of dread was thade?). Does anyone know what type of Marines were part of that last 30 and whether they contained any vehicles/flyers afterwards? I'd like to start a fluffy Astral knights list with a dread as HQ and 30 marines for small games and as an allied army to my Elysians for fun. Any information would appreciated.

>> No.54210510

>As a geneticist, I could come up with half a dozen reasonable-sounding explanations for why the process might not work on female subjects.

As an biomedical engineering undergraduate, I could come up with far more for why it should, since men and women aren't different species and the chief differences outside of primary sexual characteristic are hormonal not genetic.

>> No.54210518

But I'm not looking for null deployment. I'm just looking to put some vanguard and characters in a pod.

Astral Claws fluff says heavy firepower and lightning assaults. Figured I'd back up the armor with Huron and some other named dudes in a pod with vanguard...

Had to have been a better way for them to handle drop pod shitters.

>> No.54210534


Blood Jaguars were a /tg/-made Blood Angels/Flesh Tearers-derived chapter with an Aztec theme. You can find the original thread that created them on the suptg archive; they also have a good relationship with an order of Sororitas based on their world, who I assume that pic represents.

>> No.54210536

I am just some guy and can give you one reason why it wouldn't work. Because it was written so. Its a fantasy story guys get over it. If they want to change it they can because its their story. Using real world logic on a 100% fantasy story is just down right silly.

>> No.54210545


>the chief differences outside of primary sexual characteristic are hormonal not genetic.

>> No.54210549

Want to know the actual reason? Doing black skin is incredibly difficult on 28mm models. You lose the detail. GW has only just started doing it recently and it's only because they have Duncan in charge of painting it can even be attempted. Nothing to do with 'race' but simple fact that it's more effort to do black skin.

True, I guess. Funny how the entire thing is a really easy deus ex machina to find the McGuffin but it's never used. Acid is spat a fair few times though.

It's a genetic problem. Just like any Sanguinius geneseed guy has sharp fangs and is stupidly pretty and bishie. Or any Space Wolf guy is hairy, boisterous and has enlarged canines. Or Dark Angels are homosexual and emo. Also they're coal/obsidian black rather than what is referred to as 'black' in the RL sense. Plus they don't have the 'black features', big lips, big noses etc.

>> No.54210553

maybe you don't fill a drop pod full of characters then.

>> No.54210558

If a half-eldar can become a Space Marine I see no reason girls can't get roided out by GENESEED.

Considering Marines out of armor look freakish unhuman I'm not sure why people think that a 8ft tall female Marine would somehow look like She-Hulk or Wonder Woman instead of being barely distinguishable from a male marine due to all the totally not Roids fucking up their body.

>> No.54210563

Ever notice how all the CSMfags that used to demand they should get drop pods too all of a sudden are all quiet now that drop pods are shit?

>> No.54210567


I'm the geneticist anon from up top; the biggest one is that there's genes that exist on the Y chromosome that just don't have analogs on the X. If part of the process involved expressing those genes, upregulating or downregulating them, in various tissues, then it wouldn't really work on female subjects. There's other stuff I could go into too, but that's the easiest way to explain it.

>> No.54210574

Aye that's it. Thanks. I have a fetish for Aztec/Mayan tier stuff. Underused setting. It's why I love Lizardmen/Seraphon and am sad there is no info on if they even have temple cities any more.

>> No.54210579

As far as I've seen its never been specified. Its probably mostly tacticals. But I'd feel free to do it how you feel best.

As far as vehicles go, they likely have some spares or would have relatively easy access to replacements.

>> No.54210580


No one's ever given a good reason to include them to begin with.

>> No.54210584

>I want to drop 600 points of characters into my opponents deployment with a Plasma squad

>> No.54210587

Half-eldar don't exist and therefore cannot become space marines. Also something about false equivalency.

>> No.54210588

People want waifu marines.

>> No.54210592

>half eldar

>> No.54210594

>Also they're coal/obsidian black rather than what is referred to as 'black' in the RL sense

But anon ... that's what I meant.

>> No.54210599

Maybe he thinks if he takes enough hormones his feminine trap penis will turn into a vagina.

>> No.54210601

>people will buy the upgrade sprues
That was easy.

>> No.54210609

So what are the chance Intercessors get a power bump with the supposed errata coming soon?

It seems like it would relatively easy for them to modify the stat-line on the Bolt Rifle and suddenly Intercessors are no longer mediocre.

>> No.54210613

>>it's another guaranteed 400+ fucking shitposts about female space marines
What is wrong with you? How can you keep having the same pointless argument and waste your time over and over, thread after thread?

Does it never get old?

Must you always respond to every baitpost, shitpost, or oft-repeated controversial opinion?

Why can't you be better than this, /40kg/? Have some self respect. It's a brand new edition. Surely there's even one thing you could discuss or share or comment upon that isn't this tired bullshit.

>> No.54210615

>mindless waifufags from tumblr
A sad question, but, how did we lost our hobby to such "people"?

>> No.54210616

>people will buy them

Lol if that were true we'd have plastic SoB already.

>> No.54210622

but my peepee is tiny...

>> No.54210623


>Commorragh is full of Eldar hybrids

Oh really?

>> No.54210628

How would you modify it? Make it S5?

>> No.54210636

Because faggots who whine about elitism and purity spiraling enable them.

>> No.54210638

Huh who complained about that? When ive got dreadclaws?

>> No.54210640

We haven't 'lost'. You can easily just ignore them.

>> No.54210642


I'll explain it to you, since you'll never realize it until this happens to you also.

You come here on purpose, ready to devote actual time to post here and read things.

The people who post stupid inane shit? They're only here to waste time and literally only came because they have nothing better to do because it's a slow day or whatever.

I mean, look at the company we keep here. Would you honestly waste actual quality time here?

>> No.54210643

I wouldn't expect changes to their statlines, but I could see them adjusting point costs or wargear options.

I'm not sure I'd change the bolt rifle, personally. Seems about right.

>> No.54210644

People will buy them is a reason though. It's a very good reason to release plastic SoB.

GW just hasn't yet, because... they need to sell all the old models or something? I don't know.>>54210622

>> No.54210647

What, half-eldar half-tyranid hybrids? Half-eldar half-ork hybrids? I didn't know those could becomes Space Marines and that this argument would invalidate the point that you must be male in order to accept gene seed.

>> No.54210653

They are though, you can get a woman to grow a beard or men to grow breasts just by giving them extra testosterone/estrogen.

>> No.54210654

About how long would a single game of SWA take, using just what you get out of the box?

>> No.54210656

You just embarrassed yourself

Better hit those books.

Also make some friends.... its also important...

>> No.54210660


>being unaware of Chief Librarian Astropath of the Ultramarines Illiyan Nastase

Doesn't matter if it's RT silliness at one point half-eldar Ultrasmurfs were canon.

>> No.54210662

Well yeah, in 7th they were one of the most units in the game

30 pts for a scoring AV12 vehicle with 3hp that was never threatening enough to dedicate AT weapons to which you had to with AV12.

They needed to be 1hp AV10

But 7th is dead, long live 8th

>> No.54210670


Part of the issue is, though, humans evolved to have different skin tones as being *too* dark is bad, but not being dark enough for the sunlight you're exposed to is also bad. The reason being too dark is bad is it prevents your body from manufacturing vitamin D, which is a chemical your body needs to function properly in a number of ways.

For Astartes, though, they can be assumed to either have access to enough proper nutrition to get enough vitamin D, or have an entirely different process of manufacture engineered into them. So the better question is - why is any Astartes any color other than coal black? It would just be advantageous in that circumstance.

My personal resolution of the issue is that 1. There's enough ambient UV radiation on Nocturne that the local population was either engineered or naturally evolved over thousands of years to have skin comparable to present-day earth Nilotic peoples and 2. The Salamanders' ability to regulate their skin pigmentation is damaged and so they become irreversibly darker as pigment builds up in their skin (as well as red pigmentation being deposited in their sclera).

>> No.54210675

>spiraling enable them.
Yeah we all should just sit and welcome refugees from lowest classes of community

>> No.54210685

1hp Av10 would've made them die to a light breeze you faggot.

>> No.54210686

Oh I don't give a fuck about fem Space Marines. I was simply pointing out that it is canon, according to GW, that Commorragh is full of Eldar hybrids. Science or not is kinda irrelevant.

Remember, GW literally made it canon that Lucius the Eternal got to live in an all female Wych cult for months and provided 'endless entertainment' whilst Fabulous Bill learnt to skin shit together better from the DE.

>> No.54210687

most units disgusting in the game*

Just got home and all I've had to eat today was leftover sandwich and gin

>> No.54210689

Oh yeah, back in RT when there were literally only 3 factions and back when Malal was still a thing. This is totally reliable canon right here folks. Definitely explains female space marines.

>> No.54210692

Back then the entire original Ultramarines chapter went traitor, was eradicated, and was replaced with a new chapter.

I like to imagine that is still cannon.

>> No.54210696

that sculpt is older then you

>> No.54210701

Good. What other fucking purpose did they have after they dropped off a unit? That Storm Bolter definetly made the difference

>B-but interceptor

Yeah that was fucking common

>> No.54210702

That's exactly what I'm calling out though. Retards who go around screaming ELITIST ELITIST STOP BEING AN ELITIST when you tell someone to fuck off to 1d4chan.

>> No.54210704

I wish this was a bannable offense here.
Better yet I wish aids upon everyone like you

>> No.54210722

It technically is under GR3 but mods don't care.

>> No.54210725

They allowed you to control the board and create a foothold. They didn't have any killing power, which is why they were so cheap. They were perfectly fine before GW ruined them.

>> No.54210730

>Does it never get old?
It really doesn't.

>> No.54210734

Hey, Malal is still a thing. Ever read the Crowe novel about how he became keeper of the blade? There is a super ultra powerful daemon in the blade which text description is very very similar to the Malal drawing we all know. Now it could have been just a nod and a wink. Or it could have been a nod and a wink it's Malal and or a Daemon of Malal.

Remember there is ALSO a powerful thing hidden under Titan which is so powerful even the GK's could not hope to defeat it. Furthermore, an incredibly powerful warp presence, more powerful than anything ever entered real space before, possessed one of the Black Stone Fortresses.

>> No.54210745

>Oh yeah, back in RT when there were literally only 3 factions and back when Malal was still a thing. This is totally reliable canon right here folks. Definitely explains female space marines.
back in the original RT book, there was no chaos. warp yes with enslavers. but no khorne, no tzeentch no nurgle and no slaanesh.

>> No.54210746

Whatever gather up your drop pods and weep bitter tears

I'm here laughing with my rhinos

>> No.54210750

That picture is a SoB not a fem Marine. The question is shit though.

If they didn't perma range ban Carnac they won't for this. Speaking of which, where is he these days?

>> No.54210754

As they should have been drop pods are for bringing a unit onto the battlefield via deep strike who normally couldn't.
Instead they became a free, durable, objective secured, impassable road block that would take far too much anti-tank fire to kill, while also being immune to light arms fire, and it was a transport that could allow short ranged shooting units a guaranteed opportunity to shoot a priority target.

>> No.54210760

There's even an entire short story about some renegade marines who worship Malal released during 5th or 6th edition.

The name was changed to Malice though.

>> No.54210766

This and the new Celestine sold a ton, the only thing stopping other SoB models is no one wants to work with metal.

>> No.54210772

I demand to know why the start collecting box for nids has gargoyles. What legitimate reason is there to include such worthless models in the box? Why are there no gaunts?

>> No.54210784

If nobody buys them, you've gotta get rid of them in some other way. Say, by packaging them up in a box aimed at new players who don't know any better...

>> No.54210785

I have so many questions about the future of chapters now that primaris are a thing. Like, are scouts still a thing? Will being an initiate still be part of the process or will all marines walk from their implantation fully grown? Are new standard marines even being made? Are the current scout companies the last of their kind?

The way the primaris Captain Felix talked about it in Dark Imperium, it seemed likely that the production of regular marines was at an end and that Guilliman doesn't care who knows it - he just does what needs to be done without regard to how the old guard feel about being replaced.

>> No.54210790


If you compare master crafter bolt-gun and bolt-rifles to the standard weapons the Bolt-rifle should've been

24" Assault 2 S 4 AP 0 D1

So either they fucked up with Master-crafted bolt-rifle or the regular bolt-rifle or most likely both

>> No.54210798

Carnac still shitposts about Be'lacuck and Drachnyen. Just bring up either and he will fucking sperg about how fucking superior Be'lacuck is to the Daemon primarchs

>> No.54210805


Considering the original Imp Fists went extinct I'm perfectly happy with the Smurfs being eradicated and replaced by clones.

>> No.54210810

>make kickass model
>give kickass (relatively) 7th ed rules
>disregard for 8th


He does? He's been doing that for years anyway. It's old hat for him. Also Be'lakor has the same wound count as regular DP's now.

>> No.54210815

>Back then the entire original Ultramarines chapter went traitor, was eradicated, and was replaced with a new chapter.
>I like to imagine that is still cannon.

Technically true for the Imperial Fists who were wiped out by super orks with FUCKING DIPLOMATS and replaced with their successors

>> No.54210822

Any thoughts on my 1k list? 20 points left out because battlescribe won't give me powersword sergeants. Basic idea is troops, commissar and one CC blob up, other CC and command squad pile into chimera, hop out and roast shit, russes provide fire support where needed.

>Battlescribe phone app can only make PDFs

What the fuck.

>> No.54210824


>> No.54210834

Yep, I asked about Be'lakor and why the fuck this special snowflake of a daemon prince was so special and he went into this whole autismfest and went maximum spergo.
Also the thing is that he's trying to justify Be'lacuck being better than a Daemon Primarch like Magnus. So he's literally trying to compare 8 wounds to 18.

>> No.54210835

what are the profiles for the MC bolters again?

>> No.54210839

Hey the diplomat thing was kinda funny. The worst thing about that entire fucking series was the end bit with the guy going "OH SHIT I'VE BEEN ASSASSINATED! BTW I AM OVER 1500 YEARS OLD AND I GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GREY KNIGHTS LOL USE IT TO BLACKMAIL THE PERMANENT CREATION OF THE DEATH WATCH SINCE THE LEADER DIED"

>> No.54210842


IIRC there is all sorts of copyright issues with Malal which is part of the reason he got squatted.

That and a lot of his lore is wacky as fuck. Like Starchild wacky

>> No.54210846

What? Why? The master crafted assault boltgun is just a faster-firing boltgun with sexier bullets.

The bolt rifle is like a... rifle. Compared to a submachine gun you might compare the bolter to in purpose. Its projectiles travel further and at higher velocity with greater penetration.

>> No.54210857

Seeing as Carnac doesn't play 40k the game and doesn't use crunch as any measure of anything, I doubt it was him.

He got renamed Malice and still exists. Be'lakor basically became Anti-Chaos Chaos.

>> No.54210872

Nah I'm the one who brought woundcount and ingame stats up. He skipped ahead to "it doesn't count because i don't like it".

>> No.54210886


30" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP-1 D1

MC Bolt-Rifle
24" Assault 2 S4 AP 0 D2

It's not even vaguely similar as a weapon.

>> No.54210897

Oh right. Sounds like him. I had hoped he killed himself, alas.

>> No.54210913

>>make kickass model
>>give kickass (relatively) 7th ed rules
>>disregard for 8th
without her warlord trait, she literally is a normal canoness with a powersword

>> No.54210917

Celestine is basically the same in 8th
Vyridian give her skill to every other Canoness. So she is technically there

Since 2-whatever HQ seem to be more common, having another model for Canoness works fine

>> No.54210924

Well, there was this one. Good luck finding one, this was back when models came in blisters and were made of white metal pewter.

>> No.54210930

Before you had me look it up, I actually thought it read Master Crafted Assault Boltgun, not Bolt Rifle. Probably because that made more sense to me, given the profile. Huh.

>> No.54210938

Holy fuck that face though.

>> No.54210943

That's why I said relatively. The Warlord Trait is a major boost.

I guess, but it would have been nice. I bought her and sadly I crushed the box slightly...

>> No.54210952


Like I said, you can sort of see what the fuck they were thinking with Bolt-Gun vs MC Bolt-gun but Bolt-Rifle vs MC Bolt-Rifle is full WTF.

Which gives them an option of stealth buffing the Intercessors

>> No.54210953

Can the Catchatan really spare women for fighting? I figure most of them would be all about the breeding, doing Spartan shit in their off time sure but not really leaving the planet.

>> No.54210958

I have one. She's unpainted even... good luck getting me to sell it. Plan to use it with my tanith though.

>> No.54210960

wait until the release faction specific warlord traits / relics / command traits / <faction> rules before you get too depressed.

>> No.54210961

It is a technically an auto bolt rifle, not just a bolt rifle.

>> No.54210962

What are you talking about, anon. They made plenty of female catachan models. Here's Miss Catachan M41.999 and her trophy husband.

>> No.54210964

I can't imagine the number of pasty musclefag nerds that have jerked off to this shitty model.

>> No.54210966

That's because the armor and her got posessed by a daemon. The armor did most of the work, she was just used as a host.

>> No.54210983


Catachans really only vaguely work if you assume that like the Krieg they have something like cloning and then communal creches

A death world being able to spit out Catachan regiments at the rate the Catachan do doesn't make any sense otherwise regardless of how Rambo they are.

>> No.54210990

Catachan women are used as shock troops.

You know the old sayings: Having sex with a Catachan women, is like fighting a Lictor, except your erection has a purpose.

>> No.54210991

A Catachan who cannot fight is a dead Catachan. Being pregnant is no excuse.

>> No.54210992

I would argue the difference between a bolter and a bolt rifle is that of an assault rifle vs a battle rifle.

It's weird the MC Bolt Rifle has shorter Range and Assault.

Does Carnac even real anymore? I feel like he ascended into memery like Manlytears or Nazimod ages ago and is more a story /tg/ tells of someone who was once real. Like a board urban legend.

>> No.54210995

Well, people choke the mole-rat to weirder things ...

>> No.54211002

>erect nipples thru the shirt

Shame she's also apparently an Albino Asian with cleft lip

>> No.54211004

It's not so much weird as it is pathetic honestly.

>> No.54211011

What, were all the shamans who killed themselves male? Every one of them?

>> No.54211013

>implying SoB won't be using the index rule till 10th
I lost hope for proper SoB rules when the WD rules show up. Let alone proper plastic models

>> No.54211014

Are you saying you haven't jerked off to something weirder? What are you even doing here?

>> No.54211020

That's a primary sexual characteristic you dingbat

>> No.54211030

Dunno. Carnac wasn't that hard to emulate as it is.

You not mirin' brah?

>> No.54211035

I've probably jerked off to weirder but the difference is that musclegirls are literally the most beta fetish there is next to cuckolding.

>> No.54211044

Do you know what site you are on right now ? You must be new here.

>> No.54211054

>calling people out for having a beta cuck tier fetish means you're a newfag
I've been here for over a decade already. Doesn't mean I can't shit on people for being massive fucking betas.

>> No.54211059

You'll learn, young one. You'll learn.

They totally get a codex release with an entire new massive range of models. It's written in the stars. February 2018. S-screencap t-his!

>> No.54211061


Let's assume they were. Let's also assume that the female shamans (witches, wise women, whatever) did the same thing and that psychic gestalt god-being hasn't revealed herself yet.

Though if I were writing this shit, that gestalt, the yin to the Emperor's yang, is some kind of mega-blank that is the manifestation of humanity's soulless, non-psychic side.

>> No.54211063

Because the same era of fluff that allowed a half-eldar to become a space marine also specified that geneseed only works with male tissues types, and it is so poorly understood there is no chance of every changing that.

On the other hand, there is literally nothing wrong with roiding out a girl through other invasive psycho-surgery, cybernetic, and gene-modifying means in the old fluff or new.

A classic example, but a Callidus assassin is the poster child of a female, genetically modified superhuman comparable to (or greater than) a marine.

>> No.54211064

"Women dont get to serve in combat?! Misandry reeeeee"
"Ok, lets have women serve in combat."
"Lol, no way fag, women are too weak to serve in combat."

>> No.54211072

"Women are for bearing Children"- Feelich Neetzsche

>> No.54211084

>you'll learn to be a beta faggot

>> No.54211093


If Eldar have the same sex determination system humans do, that would explain it. Both species were created by the Old Ones so that makes sense.

>> No.54211098

>muscle girls

or maybe they're so fucking alpha they don't want a goddamn twiggy bitch who breaks if they sneeze on them, sit around all day and spend their money? Maybe they want a woman with some drive, discipline, and commitment? Maybe they don't need their girl to be half their size and feeble to think she's beautiful or feel like the 'man' because they're confident enough to KNOW they're 'the man' you lowtest non-/sip/ beta-pussy transexual Zyzz-Forsaken cuck.

>> No.54211104


If you go back to the 2e stat-lines Callidus were vastly superior to Marines. Even some of the Space Yiff Special characters struggled to go toe-to-toe with a Callidus.

>> No.54211106

Wonder how many women died in the sac of Rome?
Wars being fought with the vast majority of victims being male is a recent phenomenon relative to the amount of time humans have been fighting each other. Arguably it's swinging back too , most conflicts today are civil wars or insurgent wars which inflict high causalities on non-combatants.

>> No.54211109

Pretty sure people are fine with women serving in combat just not mixed groups because you have to go as fast as your slowest member. 9 men and 1 woman is also a real fucking clusterfuck when you need to take a piss and she doesn't want dudes watching her do it. Or when she's crippled with period pain. All female groups, like Norway has? That's fine. If they're on their period they're all synced up so it means they're all out most likely. They're not going to be massively different in speed and strength so that's fine. They all can work and piss and shit together. It's fine.

>> No.54211111

unf those thighs

>> No.54211115

>i-i just want a strong woman
>totally not because i want to be dominated and pegged btw

>> No.54211116

>implying that isn't science
The process for making marines only works on humans (as in homo sapien sapiens) born with XY, nothing more, nothing less. No trans-genetic shit, no XXY, no XYY, only naturally occuring XY.
The only group which has naturally occurring XY in humans is human males.

There's you're damn explination, now fuck off

>> No.54211121

There is one thing I don't really get about Callidus. So they have this drug that allows them to morph into an basically perfect copy of the vast majority of humanoid shapes ... yet they don't put their tits away in combat form. They serve no purpose, so why not have them out of the way untill you need them again ?

>> No.54211127

Not many from my understanding. I think both major times it was sacked were actually quite civil. Certainly not near 100,000
t. Professional Historian

>> No.54211140


Why shouldn't genestealers have tits?

>> No.54211145

You know why.

>> No.54211147

Because they needed a default appearance and most Callidus drop their form when they kill their target because they want them to feel fear knowing they're fucked? I dunno mate.

>> No.54211151 [DELETED] 

>Wars being fought with the vast majority of victims being male is a recent phenomenon

Is this the real life
is this just fantasy?
caught in a landslide
no escape from bait-ality
Open your eyes
look up to the skies
and screaaammm



Just killed logiiccc
Put my gun against it's head
got triggered now it's dead

>> No.54211156

The explanation is probably that they have to completely deactivate their polymorphine in order to fight. So it wouldn't be able to remove their tits either.

>> No.54211166


>> No.54211175

This may take the prize of the most reddit post ever made on /tg/.

>> No.54211181

It really just depends. Xenology, if you consider it canon, specifies how otherworldly eldar are on the inside compared to the similar outward appearance. We're talking strange organs, crystal shits, and most important to the topic: triple-helix DNA that requires multiple times of insemination through early development. The last makes it clear a human would never be compatible.

Of course, the last also invalidates basically every other source of eldar pregnancy in the entire history of 40k, so whatever.

And on a side matter, everyone remembers the classic Ultramrine half-eldar, but rarely do people recall that one of the prominent Necromunda characters was the forced-love child of an eldar raider/corsair/deldar and a human woman.

>> No.54211188

Because boobs need no explanation ?

>> No.54211202

They're not shapeshifters, why would they use their finite shapeshifting drug for something so minor when they can fight perfectly well without it.

>> No.54211205


Xenology had a lot of things that were obviously untrue in it, though, right? It was intended to be an in-universe and fallible assessment?

>> No.54211219

You obviously have never been in one of the White Wolf generals if thats the most 'reddit' thing you've seen. Exalted general was throwing around 'problematic' with 100% legitimacy before it "vanished"

Anyway the point is that statement is so fucking bullshit false I have no response but to sing a bad rendition of a really great song /mu/ can't appreciate because their heads are so far up their own assess they can ALMOST compete with the anon who suggested men being the primary victims in armed conflict is 'recent'. There is a reason that the slaughtering of civilians, particularly women and children, is a particularly heinous and notable crime that gets special attention when it occurs throughout history. It is UNUSUAL and regarded as EXTREME. Slaughtering the men old enough to fight? Pragmatism.

>> No.54211227

Also pretty sure there is a HH novel of humans and Exodite Eldar living in harmony with each other and two Primarchs arrive to kill them all for being WRONG. Pretty sure they mentioned there were EldarxHuman families there. Whether that means male + female human had kids and lived in a house that had male+female eldar and kids. Or humans and eldar were interbreeding. I think it was purposefully left for interpretation.

Yes, the guy was mental.

>> No.54211231

Many prefer their original base forms.

Callidus assassins embody the peak aesthetic of the female form. You don't take tits from that, you ultra pleb.


Hair serves no combat purpose and is to even greater detriment, yet you don't give a damn about that, you salt-cunted hypocritic.

>> No.54211240

I believe I remember some fluff being posted about a week ago where the Swarmlord is killed by a marine kicking a sword at it. Is that right, or am I mixing two different events up?

>> No.54211243

I thought she had blades throughout her hair? I thought that was the point?

>> No.54211246

>being this assmad about /mu/
>not realizing that cancerous people like you are exactly why they hate it
Please, go back. Do it.

>> No.54211262

> he hasn't left in shame
Most people would recognize their error and withdraw from the conversation, not you- keep on shining!

>> No.54211274

hair blades yo. that eldar chick does it


Not an argument, just a distraction from how fucking wrong you were.

>> No.54211277

That's dark eldar succubi you're thinking of. Particularly Lelith, but other's have done the same.

>> No.54211288

>you're the same person
I have no place and completely do not care about your war argument. You're not wrong, you're just the living enbodiment of cancer.

>> No.54211291

I thought Callidus had poison needles or some shit in her hair? Or it was describe as potentially in there.

>> No.54211296

A Callidus has never - and more importantly cannot ever - have "hair blades" a la Lelith because said blades do not shapeshift with her, leaving behind a very obvious and stupid flaw in her disguise along with being entirely unavailable when she shifts back to murder-rape form.

>> No.54211301

>eating their opponents in the BL bolterporn novels
Look up the Red Tithe
A scout does so to find his way through a convoluted tunnel system

>> No.54211308

also falls under >>54211296. Everything they want to keep they must store under the synskin suit, including poisoned needles and lockpicks.

>> No.54211316

Didn't Soul Drinkers eat a piece of brain from a cup?

>> No.54211362

No, that's a geneseed thing too. It's why the Terrans and those recruited from places other than Nocturne have #00000 skin color and glowing red eyes.

>> No.54211379

...or else hide.*

For clarity's sake.

>> No.54211384

Did I dream this did Da Mad Prophet Thraka actually get sent back in time to raise a Waaagh! in the past to bring to the future?

>> No.54211394

I thought the phase sword could just sheathe itself.

>> No.54211415

Probably, but there's still some form of unit that remains and must be hid. "Aun'Kar" clearly had hers recovered at the time of attack.

>> No.54211423

>i'm upset about how someone tells another person they're wrong

No anon, the cancer is you

It was always you.

>> No.54211425

Aun'Kar is the blueberry that the Callidus is impersonating.

>> No.54211432

Yes. Hence the quotes.

>> No.54211442

>no, u!
Cry harder for me please.

>> No.54211461

I'm really at a loss for how to more effectively tell you how wrong you are. I can only imagine you sitting at home crying but also masturbating furiously someone is finally paying attention to you. I'm glad I was able to bring some light into your life but this is unhealthy and you need to stop.

>> No.54211471

That's cool anon. You have my permission to head on back to /r/music.

>> No.54211483

>someone actually, seemingly unironically, made this
I will admit that making me cringe this hard is probably a good way to exercise facial muscles.

>> No.54211484

Maybe you should try your hand at lyrics again. That will dissuade him for sure!

>> No.54211488


>> No.54211493

I'm not the retard who thinks that shitposting like a redditor will get me anywhere.

>> No.54211543

Who here /newzealand/? I'm going to have my first game of 8th tomorrow and would rather not play some random autist. I know it's a bit of a long shot but we have had kiwifags here before.

>> No.54211549


>> No.54211553

Off topic but are your women hot? They have cute accents. Went to school with one forever ago, didn't shave her arms.

>> No.54211572

So I looked into it a bit more. The exact description is

>Worn as a long blade attached to the forearm, this weapon is able to phase in and out of realspace by molecular realignment, bypassing not only physical armour but also its metaphysical equivalents.
in the most recent sources.

However, in fluff both old and new, Callys do often remove them when disguised. Beside the grot one, another example is "Le Kard," who was captured and thrown into an airtight cell. When they opened the cell to execute "him," the Callidus - back to base - explodes out on a murder spree entirely unarmed, presumably unable to retrieve her blade.

The 7E codex mentions it again, but 3E gives the best recount of that tale. I miss transcription fluff.

>> No.54211575

Nah not really, there are some hot ones but most are just average.

>> No.54211595


>> No.54211608

By your logic then chaos and the warp shouldn't exist because it didn't in Rogue Trader. Take your shitty outdated fetish lore and fuck off,

>> No.54211612


Not this shit again.

>> No.54211628


>> No.54211665

Who cares they have Kiwi Birds

Adorable fuckers, apparently they stink though

>> No.54211699

You just made me realize I have to buy all my maulerfiends a 2nd lasher tendril because i am an idiot

>> No.54211708

So hard to tell trolls from SJWs these days

>> No.54211717

>chaos and the warp shouldn't exist because it didn't in Rogue Trader.
Wat. White Dwarf that has half eldar ultramarine has also first mention of Roboute Guilliman.

>> No.54211720

What is the best way to run vanguard veterans in support of a chaplain venerable dread? Rest of the list is pretty dakka focussed.

>> No.54211728

Its completely the same as the question of the difference between Underwater Mongolians and your average everyday Mongolians.

>> No.54211755

Remember to join the greater good.
>better life
>drone pet
>still can worship the emperor
>blaze a glorious path forward in conquest
>the light of plasma fire keeps even the worst of the galaxy at bay

>> No.54211767

Weren't the Primarchs also just rather distinguished individuals rather than genetically engineered demi-gods?

>> No.54211768

Half-eldar will be recanonized.

>> No.54211779

Yes, that has been a thing in recent BL publications. In case you couldn't figure it out by now each book has a quota to meet of exactly 1 strong independent female character, and when it comes to stories centering entirely around Space Marines, they often get added in normal positions like Inquisitors, Guardsmen, or other Imperial Agents, while in the case of Chaos Space Marines, since they don't have any of that, you'll find them getting shoehorned in as special snowflake characters. Like in the recent Fabius Bile book, there was this random female Emperor's Children who wasn't a Space Marine, but just a really enhanced human with daemonic mutations.

>> No.54211788

>blaze a glorious path forward in conquest
>lost literally an entire sphere of expansion because the Tau tried to launch it in the middle of a giant warpstorm

The only blazing the Tau has ever had was the Damocles Gulf.

>> No.54211795

Every time I read Tau lore I question if I'm still reading 40k or some shitty shonen anime's plot.

>> No.54211796

Are Maulerfiends good?
A different friend things I should get rid of the Maulerfiends and instead buy a large cultist squad plus a melee focused infantry squad for Lucius to chill with.

>> No.54211812

Just with real world political connotations

>> No.54211819

Maulerfiends have always been good

>> No.54211843

They're supposed to be the rising power, just like how humanity eventually edged out the eldar.

But just like how the eldar sky fucked the humans by creating the eye of terror. Humanity sky fucked the tau by tearing the entire galaxy apart.

its ceramite

>> No.54211848


Tau work fine as long as we consider them the gleefully dystopian Communist-style totalitarian state in opposition the Imperium's right-wing one.

>> No.54211851

The chances of seeing one outside a zoo are vanishingly small.

>> No.54211871

No I'm serious. Looking up stupid shit like Farsight's super duper fucking anime squad with a super edgy generic name is fucking cringeworthy.

>> No.54211876

To their credit the tau empire hasn't collapsed in on itself and began a several thousand year dark age of horribleness, unlike the humans at that time.
Then again the golden age humans may have had an intergalactic empire so that's not on the same scale, for all we know just the milky way shat itself and the rest of human space is fine and they avoid the galactic ghetto.

>> No.54211930

But Burave-uh-stormu!

>> No.54211935

Hey look it's another marxist doing desperate historical revisionism

>> No.54212058

Objectively false.

Daemons existed as "warp beasts" in the Rogue Trader rulebook, as obviously did the Warp itself, while "Chaos" as we know it was added to Rogue Trader through the 7 or so supplementary books released for it before 2E.

In other words, both chaos and the warp existed in Rogue Trader.

Close. Initially, distinguished Army (of the Imperium) officers could be allowed to "found" new chapters of space marines. As in, regular humans founding marine chapters. Leman Russ and "Lionel Johnson" are two such mentioned founders.

"Primarchs," including the use of that word and its meaning as we understand it, were added to RT through the later supplements, along with Chaos.

>> No.54212094

Any chance of Looted Wagons or some sort of Looted rules coming back in the codex? I've always wanted to do the simple Russ/Battlewagon kitbash, but they're not exactly the right size to be Battlewagons.

>> No.54212132

If I get a tantalus for my DE, am I "that guy"?

>> No.54212150

I wish they would release female guardsmen so much. Come on update the 2003 plastic Cadians please

>> No.54212163

Why would they do that when they can keep releasing new marine kits?

>> No.54212227

But does the Greater Good accept worship of Chaos Undivided?

>> No.54212228

Let's see...

>Release some retarded gender swap fetish models for one autogynephile jackoff who doesn't have any money


>Release more models from the main faction of the game for real fans of the game who actually buy models and play 40k.

You're a loser and nobody wants you in the hobby including GW.

>> No.54212245

I was referring to updating the old Cadian kits, calm your man tits.

>> No.54212269

As long as you pray to the altar of getting shot and killed before you can do anything chaosy.

>> No.54212276

Take your mental illness somewhere else

>> No.54212283

Because there are a fuck load of guard players with 200+ minis waiting to be updated. Me included, although I don't mind the standard Cadians too much.

>> No.54212284

>There's female Last Chancers models.
>Escher models recommended for Necromunda IG, with official conversion suggestions.
>There's a female Catachan model.
>There's even a female commissar model.

>But no female models for the world that has every last man and women made into soldiers.

>> No.54212297


Equating autogynophylia with wanting to have some female minis in your TT game is not particularly good bait.

>> No.54212304

I don't really mind the current Cadians that much, but it would be nice if they'd include a plasma and melta gun in the standard kit. Maybe some accessories to make vets look a bit different than regular guardsmen.

>> No.54212331

>female minis
Play one of the fag factions like elves or honest elves. Or space kangz.
You can't tell a tau from another so some might be female I guess.
Slaneesh has daemonettes, and SoB is women in power armor.
You already have your pick for female soldiers stop trying to beat your dick to every range.

>> No.54212338

I notice that you haven't even tried to deny that you're a fucking retarded autogynephile

Guess how I knew? Because wanting retarded gender swapped soldiers in your army so you can force everyone to interact with your fetish is a symptom of mental illness.

>> No.54212363

God I love the autogynephile poster.

>> No.54212370

Why would he deny it? It's a claim so ridiculous and baseless that there's no need to deny it, and as long as he doesn't, you continue sperging out. It's entertaining for the rest of us.

>> No.54212396

>y-you're sperging out because you can t-tell that I h-have a m-mental illness!
loving every laugh tbqhwy

>> No.54212424


Dear god there's two of you.

I emphatically don't have autogynephilia; very comfortable in my straight male-ness. I just think that there's room to have more female minis in the range (Outside of space marines, I'm in the "no female space marines ever outside of Slaanesh wackiness camp"). It'd be more fun to have the variety to paint and model; I'd probably feel the same way if it was all female minis all the time.

>> No.54212427

>play at the shop with my ig army
>some fat basted just flips the table over
>"fuck you autogenyphyle! Shaddilay Reeee!"
>shop owner kicks me out for triggering his son

>> No.54212436

Please tell me you're the beta cuck with the dyke girlfriend who voted shillary and got laughed off the board a few weeks ago.

>> No.54212452


Uh... no. That's not me.

>> No.54212467

It's too late, he's probably already decided that you are.

>> No.54212472


>> No.54212483

>agp meme
I really don't like this meme.

I like male space marines, but also would like to see some female guard and other models. Other wargames don't have this issue.

>> No.54212491

pretty sure a 'mega blank' character already exists. Its strength is equal to that of the emperors psychic strength but just in the opposite direction.

It can vaporise greater demons and shit my its presence alone. But im pretty sure they killed him off in some random book and never mentioned him again

>> No.54212522

he's saying while wearing helmets or in battlesuits.

>> No.54212525


I just like the variety - when it makes sense in the setting. Hence why I think female space marines for the sake of "muh representation" would be pandering of the worst kind, but I'm very much down for female Guard. Some regiments (Vostroyans) shouldn't have any women for lore reasons but mixing a few here and there would be neat.


Eh, I mean, I don't think he actually believes that, he's just trying to get a rise out of people.


That's entirely my fanwank, desu. I just like dualism and Jungian ideas about masculine/feminine anima/animus stuff. Like why are all Astartes male? It's more than just genetics, it's the psychomythic resonance the Emperor's act of creation.

>> No.54212538

Yeah I'm wanting to do the whole 3x4man plasma command squads out of a chimera and it's fucking shit trying to get plasma guns, I think I'm just going to Chinaman it.

>> No.54212544

You can't tell if they're even tau inside the suits.

>> No.54212573

If I were designing space marines now (for some reason) I would have them be genderless angels, with the older marines becoming less and less human. Think of the revelations angels who were described as being covered in eyes and appearing as wheels of fire etc. Both boys and girls could be made into space marines, but the end result is the same - a living manifestation of the emperors wrath, rather than a man or a woman.

Fantasy Flight decided Vostroyans are not just firstborn sons, but firstborn children. I don't really have an opinion either way, aside from that I would love to see plastic vostroyans.

The current Cadian Shock Troop kit is 15 years old. It is time the guard got a new face anyway.

>> No.54212592


If they're intentionally supposed to be evocative of "knights in spess" then making them sexless is kind of beside the point. Knights are always male, more or less.

>> No.54212606

Are they angels or knights?

The black templar are absolutely knights
The blood angels really rock the angel aesthetic hard

Maybe it could vary based on the chapter?

>> No.54212608

This makes me think of Space Marines collectively being Jesus. Technically male but with the sexuality downplayed in every regard except to make sure icky gurls can't relate.

>> No.54212658

There were no female angels, either.

Why the fuck would god create useless angels?

>> No.54212683

362nt for cute sisters .

>> No.54212695

Man, they dropped the ball on thunderfire. Devastators with heavy bolters cost less and fire more shots with better rend.

>> No.54212714


>> No.54212722

4d3 shots vs 12 shots -1 ap

>> No.54212732

Holy fucking shit /tg/ is so fucking bad at 40k

>> No.54212801

Yeah, fuck off. Thunderfire is shit now. It lost all firing mods, potential BS6(now you have 3+) and it costs more. Whirlwind is all around better option.

>> No.54212805

Yes, but a Whirlwind isn't heavy bolters you fucking idiot

>> No.54212829

heavy bolter devastators > thunderfire
whirlwind > thunderfire
Neck yourself already.

>> No.54212833

>Happy with my proprosed Nid list
>Excorines are OP
>now can't think of anything to drop, in both crunch and fluff

>> No.54212846

Move here syrian immigrants

>> No.54212918

>They're not shapeshifters

Otherwise, you'd have Callidus Lady Deathstrikes growing claws, spiked tails, armored skin and using those to kill shit.

>> No.54213232


RT was soooo fucking weird

It's like that crazy ex-gf that lets you do anything in the sack but will key your car because you smiled at a waitress.

>> No.54213576


>> No.54213836

Women are made for fuck, you dont conquer a city to kill women, you do it for rape and slaves.
You cant fuck a guy in to submition, you can fuck women in to submition. Pregnancy is great way of making cunt compliant.

>> No.54214189


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