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Good morning imperial citizens. What Heresy have you noticed or been up to recently?

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No. But I did save Feuerschwinge

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I made a thing. You may not like it.




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I dig. Reading.

>> No.54195554

But anon, I'm on vacation. I'm too busy relaxing to make a jump.

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Jesus fuck. I'll read it when you get better formatting/font.

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>implying making jumps isn't relaxing

It's putting it up for the thread that's stressful. Just ask Dirge.

Put on some classical or folk music, chill, and find productive enjoyment. Grace us with your content when you get back

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>mfw I finally figured out how to make kanmusu in future jumps

>get that one casting perk in Young Justice that lets you copy any spell you see and could possibly cast
>go to Kancolle as admiral
>watch a kanmusu summoning
>blow up your ships

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I confessed and purified a small community. It should only take a week for the flames to die down.

Pay no attention to the color of the warpf...err flames.

Now if you'll excuse me, Ahrim..err... The Inquisitor needs me to report back.

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God don't remind me. I'm pretty sure I got the worst ending in Dragonfall.

I set the A.I. free, my fault I let it play me.
I didn't complete Glory's companion mission, my fault I didn't want to press her and that's the wrong thing apparently.
I killed Feuerschwinge, not my fault since we get NO fucking hints, at least none that I found, that she's anything other than what she's initially presented as.
Oh, and the F-State was lost, despite the A.I. trying to keep it.

So yeah, worst ending.

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[spoilers]I didn't bring my laptop. Why the fuck didn't I bring my laptop?[/spoiler]

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Last jump was Inuyasha, so slaughtering demon armies alongside a priestess bound half-demon. Is that heresy?

>> No.54195697

In the strictest sense, yes

But she sounds redeemed so I won't inform on you.

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>potential anti-Dirge shitposting
Personally, I think shitposting anyone who is anti-Dirge sounds like a GREAT idea.

>Is that heresy?
Everything is Heresy.

>> No.54195717

Nah, it's cool. I picked up a fire immunity early this chain. Do your duty, Imperial Citizen, and know the God-Emperor smiles on your faith.

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>It's putting it up for the thread that's stressful. Just ask Dirge.
If you ask people to make jump like his I think they'd find it stressful.

>> No.54195792

Skeleton Punch seems a bit much for 400cp, might just be me, might just need more clarification.
>Locked Out
Make it so the keys have to be collectable, and half the size. Otherwise it's unbalanced with the two other capstones.
>Personal Shield
10% is a bit much to no sell damage. 5%?
>Gravity Sense
Something's off here, but im unsure what. Perhaps move this to 400 and Personal Shield to 200? I have no idea on this one.

Perhaps make the Metal Storm "origin" cost cp? Might balance things out better. Seems like the "powerlevel" of MS is significantly

Moar items

I like it, keep at it

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Putting it up for the fucking people here would definitely be stressful.

Why do you think that asshole never released Evolve.

>> No.54195801

>There are many games and stories we look back fondly on, but some do not have enough content to create a full jump. So this jump will have you traveling between four different NES games of a vaguely similar setting and theme. Mainly dealing with action-hero types punching the hell out of aliens.

Does this even count as meta?

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Ah, upsetting. I do jumps in a (paper) notebook and have google drive on my phone. Perhaps im giving you ideas, perhaps you should stop stressing and enjoy yourself.
I was referring to Dirge's personal jc drive, but whatever.

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Who was even making Evolve?

>> No.54195837

That's kind of the point. 37 jumps is a ridiculous amount to some people and the thought would be enough to make it stressful.

>> No.54195906

How about you provide some reasons for your suggestions, bub?

>> No.54195917

Are the video games canon to the jump?

>> No.54195928

Hell if I know.

>> No.54195967

Those of you who write out your jumps - do you do cameos, and if so, how?

>> No.54195978

Cute little shellsquid

>> No.54195992

What do you mean by cameos

>> No.54196026

Like having a character from popular fan-content show up.

So if during your time in Pokemon, you write that your jumper met some kid who kept whispering gibberish to himself and walking in completely random directions, who then somehow beat you in a battle. Like that.

>> No.54196040

It is very cute, yes. Probably not used to all the light, considering where they normally live.

>> No.54196065

Alright, i'll spell it out again.
One perk needs clarification, or it might just be me so feel free to ignore.
Locked out is too OP compared to the other capstones.
Personal Shield: no selling any damage under 11% is incredible for 400cp?
Gravity Sense is also really good, and would fit well as a 400cp perk, while personal shield at 5% would make more sense under the 200cp spot.
Seeing as the Metal Storm perks are more powerful than the other 3, add an origin cost of like 100cp.

Also more items because it seems a little bare.

>> No.54196079


Debated on it. Haven't written too much yet, so I might. Might not. Who knows.

>> No.54196179

Gravity Flip is "okay". It's less versatile than any flight perk and allows you to sense a weak force exuded by everything without allowing you any control over it. Except how it relates to you. It's at best situationally useful, and certainly not worth more than nullifying any damage done to you under 6%.

>> No.54196242

>>Personal Shield
>10% is a bit much to no sell damage. 5%?

Depends. While in vidya with its health bars and DoTs that can be a big deal, and in TV/movies where the protag/bbeg can take ridiculous punishment and keep going (which this perk would actually help explain), in reality most battles involving lethal intent are "one or two hits later someone is down, dying or dead" and this perk won't do much at all.

>> No.54196304

Personal Shield seems more powerful than the capstone for the same tree. Maybe keep it where it is, and remove one effect from the capstone (which is mainly just a stamina-booster with agelessness and boredom immunity throw in). At that level, it'd be a similar defensive counterpart to punching through everything, and make Locked Out seem less OP.

>> No.54196319

No particular opinion on Personal Shield, but that's not a terribly good argument to use considering we have many (to say the least) settings where lethal fighting doesn't in fact work the way it does in real life.

>> No.54196357

We also have many in which it does, though.

>> No.54196402

> Percussive maintenance
> When something is damaged, you may draw out the flaws and embody them as a monster. The greater the damage, combined with the power, complexity, and age of the item determines how powerful the monster is.
I like the idea of being able to cause some (comparitively) minor damage to a city here, then creating monsters that embody that damage, and then creating a loop where you let the monsters cause damage in order to create more monsters. Potentially effective siege tactics.
I am not sure if that is intended, but it's where my thought process went immediately.

>> No.54196419

Fair enough.

>> No.54196979

How far will pic related go to stop you from changing the timeline during WCIII?

>> No.54196986

If you're a canon character, was the timeline every any different?

Also the best way to handle a Chromie trying to get up in your business is to give her the business instead.

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What sort of power level do you get in PS238? I'm not really familiar with the setting, but I kept seeing references to it here and at SB.

>> No.54197209

So, what does count as non-magic for the Dahak scenario? Would super-powers like the ones from X-Men, Superman TAS and Hero Academia which are biological in natural in nature count as non-magic enough to be kept?

>> No.54197362

Yes. It's just magic, not supernatural or even superhuman.

>> No.54197461

For the various Fate jumps, is some sort of atavism-based magecraft a viable family focus? Some sort of "trying to reach the Root by bringing our bodies back to the level of Age of Gods humans and beyond"?

the fact it's also dinosaur magic is completely coincidental

Option B is thermodynamics, with Maxwell's Demon as the pimped-out Mystic Code because I am a shameless thief from MIAL and the idea was too cool to pass up

>> No.54197785

Also, Benedict Arnold Lily as a timeline where he keeps fucking up the Brits on Lake Champlain rather than getting all his glory stolen by that fucker Allen, yes/no?

>> No.54197797

I'm not super familiar with it, but I think it's supposed to be roughly comparable to DC's normal. So, you won't get any of that cosmic source or infinite universe or Black Lantern Corps world ending shit, but there's high tech science and gadgeteers and superpowers and supermen. Like around what your friendly neighborhood normalfags and Hollywood movies think about when they think "comic book superheroes"
That's my impression anyway.

The major difference being the plot follows superhero training schools (ever seen "Sky High"?), and also everyone is really fucking classist against flying bricks.

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>> No.54197849

Well, I was a tyranid. So there's that.

Also I regurgitated a lot of newly reincarnated Eldar into newly recreated bodies at their approximate age of death, onto an empty craftworld I created, with notes stapled to their clothes that read "sorry for eating you guys. IOU 1 craftworld, here you go. Happy trails! J" note on their clothes.

After the ensuing panic, I dragged Isha out of Nurgle's domain and into a nearby Webway nexus just to prove a point. Everyone involved was highly confused.

...I'm pretty sure that's the Bingo of Heresy.

I picked up Deadpool in the xinematic X-Men jump. The Benefactor found him funny, so he was allowed to tag along for a while.

He was more one long, continuous narration I tried to ignore while doing stuff. At least he was also very inconsistant because he'd also go wonder off and get into other trouble.

Eventually he broke into the Lanturn Corps, took a green lanturn for a joyride and blipped off the Benefactor's radar. We're pretty sure he blundered into a DC/Marvel crossover by accident and couldn't get out again.

I think so. By canon, Touko used to have tried reaching the Root by recreating the original human body. And Araya can mess with Origins by awakening them, which can give the subjects uncontrollable, unpredictable powers. Like turning into a ghost that can kidnap other ghosts. Or become sort of a werelion, but not really.

>> No.54197938

I'm thinking the 1778 self-governance offer is accepted and/or Allen isn't such a fuck in every way (We just took over this fort to steal the cannons, what should we do now? Start getting the cannons ready to go? Nah, let's get fucking drunk! Hey, this guy from the actual revolution government spent money out of pocket to help me. Let's write him out of my account of the capture!), so he's remembered by history as an American hero rather than a bitter traitor.

>> No.54197976

Did you buy the perk that gives you lots of psychic power, and then give it up just so you can say you vomited out a craftworld's worth of Eldar?

>> No.54198033

...give it up? I'm populated by countless legions of First Circle Souls-some of exist solely to be Essence batteries, and all of which are skilled in Essence crafting. I'm a consummate chef. Mass producing excellent soul food is one of my specialities!

Oh sure, there was some dimming when I hurled space elf chunks into the void between stars. But I'm sure I more than recuperated my reserves once I finished retching up the last Eldar.

I mean, why would I keep the space elves in myself? I've got nothing against the Craftworld Eldar. Now, if it had been the DARK ELDAR it might've been a different story.

>> No.54198086

I mean why buy a capstone just to undo it?

>> No.54198109

Do your First Circle Souls produce CP for you?

>> No.54198135

Uh. Let me start again-the way I see it, the big selling point of it (souls for psychic power) isn't undone. I can recoup the bit I've sacrificed relatively easily with other resources and I don't have anything against space elves, so a short term inconvenience is worth doing the species a favor.

You're silly.

>> No.54198286

Ah, you just wanted the capability, not the pre-used bit of it. Fair enough.

>> No.54198410

Hey choice points don't grow on trees anon at least if you aren't using a sweatshop where orphan Jumpchans who lost their jumper toil away at making more anyway.

>> No.54198525

Oi, anon. For our Jumpchans, its worker rights through the roof!

Dammit, why does the phrase 'orphan Jumpchans' make me sad?

>> No.54198530

So, weird question, but what would you think the average density of a Tyranid is, accounting for all their various chitinous and fleshy bits alike?

>> No.54198553

Depending of the internal organs, liquids and muscular tissue I can say I got no idea.

>> No.54198583

I guess I'll just have to settle for converting all mass in the Milky Way into Tyranid flesh, instead of using biotech Paragon Generators to produce my own resources and literally fill the galaxy to bursting with Tyranids. The scenario says that your swarm's size can never go above what it was in the jump, so I want that thing to be as big as possible. Just converting mass would have the benefit I wouldn't have to do figure out how to counteract their gravitational mass, too, just leave them in place of the pre-existing masses and their orbits. It would be a minimum of twenty-one orders of magnitude smaller, probably a few orders more, but I suppose it's worth it for simplicity. I'm unlikely to run into situations that need a galactic mass of biological psychoframe analogue, anyway, let alone more.

>> No.54198868

what's the best way to become like
<------ him

also, what's the best order for the warhammer 40k jumps?

>> No.54198894

this is just over halfway done, but I thought I'd get some comments on stuff so far.

Asterix WIP.

>> No.54198913

jesus christ, what are you trying to do? why?

>asterix jump
fuck yes! Thanks anon! reading right now...

>> No.54198930


>> No.54198939

Assuming no other jumps aside from warhammer 40k?

I would say Light of Terra (Necron route + psyker DLC) -> Imperium -> Craftworld Eldar -> Dark Eldar -> Tyranids

Get all the psyker perks and technology perks and that should be it. Probably you will need to eat a lot of souls, so you might be interested in taking tge Tyranid scenario. Use your knowledge of the webway to assault it first and once you have assimilated the Eldar, use the webway as a backdoor to the galaxy.

>> No.54198975

>stealing Papa Nurgle's waifu
Truly, you are the worst sort of harem jumper.

>> No.54198997

Just out of curiosity, how exactly did you vomit up the Eldar? Do you have some perk or magic system that makes it possible?

I'd assumed the Tyranids had simply digested their souls into psychic power, breaking down their identities. But then again, I guess that isn't grim enough for 40k.

>> No.54198998


>> No.54199030

You're just mad because you don't have a dick, Tzeentch.

>> No.54199051

Since we seem to be on a 40k kick right now anyway, I'm curious about something. Is the sorcery in 40k all about summoning/binding/commanding demons or can sorcerers use spells that directly manipulate warp energy for actual spells sort of like how people manipulate the Winds in Fantasy?

>> No.54199054

...this seems filled with some pretty overpowered stuff.

>> No.54199074

any idea for the 600 cp warrior perk?
for the 600 cp wise man perk i think you might need some restrictions, since "professions" can vary in power in different jumps. If i can just pick jedi-knight as a profession and automatically can become the best there is with this perk it might be more than you intended.
the "prisioners" item is pretty dark for asterix, don't you think (i know where you're getting it from; i'm just worried about what some jumpers might do with that)

suggestions for drawbacks:
>you find a kid on your doorstep
>some annoying chic is into you (you can't hit her)
>some guy is breaking appart the friendship in your organization
>you get turned into a kid
>fucking aliens are invading and lead to a complete downfall in storytelling

great work so far anon

>> No.54199075

> can achieve absolute mastery in any
mundane skill in, at the absolute most, a couple of years
Back to the All Star Batman problem. Boosting your learning speed is okay but reducing the max learning times isn't. Especially not for absolute mastery. Please remove that part of the perk.

>> No.54199093

Pretty sure you're Brellin?

>> No.54199102

...Such as? Could you point out something spceific?
Right. Will change things accordingly

>> No.54199109

Yes, and yes. But sorcerors maniluplate the magic, fo lack of a better term, via ritual, runes, chants bargains and deals unlike psykers who do it by...whatever means psykers normally do things. This does not exclude a psyker from being a sorcerer either, mind you, and the principles of sorcery are often employed to easen their job (the staffs, tattoes, etc etc)

>> No.54199113

i kind of like that in those low power setting there are often a lot of incredibly powerful perks
i got most of my strong "plot armor" perks from low power settings

>> No.54199118

Did you follow any Walking Ways in the Elder Scrolls jumps?

>> No.54199120

The infinite duration of any magic feels a bit out of place when it's directly against what it is in series and so powerful. Especially since it also makes you better at everything else and is a capstone booster as well.

>> No.54199145

...Obelix is directly against what's in setting?

>> No.54199154

It's just one piece of magic, anon. Based on, I'd say, Obelix having the effects of the potion maintained permanently.

>> No.54199162

Why is your capstone booster one of the origin's capstones? The fuck is that?

>> No.54199163

He probably has more than a few at each time. The trick is remembering where they are before he morphs again.

>> No.54199186

You never read the comics, did you?

Will you add a movies optional drawback?

>> No.54199187

Cultural Differences is hilariously underpowered compared to the other perks. It doesn't really seem worth more then 200.

Discovery- I'd echo the concerns about the reducing of learning limits. Instead, I'd say to boost the rate at which you learn a bit more to compensate.

Fun as Glorious Facial Hair is, it doesn't really do anything and the other 100s are actually useful things. I'd reccomend maybe making this a free thing for fun or even in an item section, or at least adding some bonus effect to make it more useful.

Single Handed should probably have a note that they won't ignore the rest of your army if that army starts fighting them. Otherwise I'd suggest moving this up a level.

As a Baby- whew, this is probably too much. Others seem to have detailed the problems and I pretty much agree in that there's one insanely good effect accompanied by two great ones that makes this just too good. Comparing it to the other capstones only makes that more obvious. It'd probably work if you just remove the duration stuff entirely, since capstone booster + boost to all your skills and stats seems on the level with the other caps.

Strength in Numbers- is this based on something in the comics?

Do items next.

>> No.54199193

Oh, I didn't notice As a Baby was only for one spell ever. Do think it's still too much since the other 600s don't act as capstone boosters but I've no objection to the duration boost now that others explained it.

>> No.54199203

huh? The faction capstones are boosters for the origin capstones. I'll be putting details of every interaction in the notes once I'nm done establishing the perks.

>> No.54199205

Please, Tzeentch is obviously a girl. Just look at that crotch-mouth!

>> No.54199212

Only one of them mentions that. It makes it a bit lopsided.

>> No.54199219

what about when he sticks out his dicktongue?

>> No.54199231

Right, right, that's an edit error. But it says so at the top of the perks section... I'll mod As a Baby anyway, as it does seem a bit too strong.

>> No.54199304

Yeah, should be fun

>> No.54199306

>all mass
>in the Milky Way

Wait, are you counting like. Suns, Wraithbone, planetoids, blackholes and Necron doodads? Or matter from the Warp, since I understand those have iffy relationships with mass depending on the writer

Because Benefactors that grow up alone and unloved intenalise deepseated psychological trauma, which can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Like all drawbacks becoming mandatory, uncontrollable crying when certain perks aren't picked and begging their new Jumper to stay so they won't lose them again.

...why does everyone assume I put every female (or potentially female) character I vaguely associate with in the seraglio these days?

Come on, man. I'm not REALLY a harem jumper, I just-happen to have a very large harem! And a very diverse skillset! I've just been around for a while, that's all!

No, I did NOT put her in the harem! I literally just put her in the Webway, scrubbed off the worst of the gunk, confirmed this wasn't some Warpish trick and then asked for a little help explaining things to her species!

Judicious amounts of Eradia guided by the Double Deity (FF13-3) to retrieve the souls from psychic dispersal

A racial skill from my Overlord build which is the complete opposite of The Goal of All Life is Death; like you said, I figured the digestion merited a bit of brute force

An M:tG spell called Breath of Life for the actual ressurection

And the Third to stabilise ego identity, and give the souls just enough power to reshape inchoate surrogate bodies in their self-image.

Er, what are those?

>> No.54199390

>Er, what are those?
The six different paths to godhood.

>> No.54199402

>It's too bright
>The pressure isn't high enough
>My shell hurts
>I wish I was home, playing hide and seek with Cthulhu

>> No.54199503

Adding to this-it's best that the capstone booster not be attached to any one background for the sake of parity

>> No.54199532

but both faction capstones are going to be boosters! That should take care of parity, yeah?

>> No.54199558

Yeah, didn't see that for the Roman origin. I guess that's fine then.

>> No.54199716

Needs more Wild Boars.

>> No.54199726


>> No.54199754

I got you.

>> No.54199800

>jesus christ, what are you trying to do? why?
No particular plan, I just figure that since the Tyranid swarm you get as a scenario reward can't get larger than it was in the jump, making it as large as possible in-jump maximizes the resources I can bring to bear.

>Wait, are you counting like. Suns, Wraithbone, planetoids, blackholes and Necron doodads? Or matter from the Warp, since I understand those have iffy relationships with mass depending on the writer
Yeah, I've got matter conversion tech. Which thanks to various perks I have can easily become matter conversion biotech and be built into my Tyranids. I don't think it would work on wraithbone or other warp-spawned substances, but anything else with mass should be fair game. Chew it all up, convert it into good old fashioned CHON, assemble that into Tyranid biomass, eventually have a galaxy-sized amount of raw materials I can deploy as needed. I figure I'll probably use the same tech-adapting perks to turn my Tyranid biomass into a huge array of psycommu crystals from Gundam, make the psychic amplifying effects of the swarm even more ridiculous. But that would just be the holding pattern, I'm sure I can devise something more useful.

>> No.54199834

>roman manuals and gallic recipies

perfect! Now i can finally convert my soups and potions to powder, for easier transportation! I could even convert my pots into powder so i don't have to carry them along!

>> No.54199838

I just had my Tyranid fleet eat everything on Holy Terra.

The Emperor tasted awful, apparently. Like rotting jerky.

>Other than the Slime race from Overlord, are their any liquid alt-forms that get treated like a liquid? I found Morphological in TOME that can buy a semi-liquid state but that's not quite what I'm after. One Piece has a Devil Fruit but that's spending your devil fruit to turn into an 'undetermined liquid'.
>Surely we have a water elemental form somewhere that actually flows and moves as, well, water... right?
The Spider-Man Trilogy jump has a pretty good perk for that, Demolecularized.

I mean, you could pick any mundane and fairly common material, but I went with water myself.

>> No.54199877

Would 400 cp for a perk that lets you find an upgraded version of something you own (think mecha) once or twice a jump work?

>> No.54199886

Whats there to do in the Fate KLP jump?

>> No.54199902

Not fighting tentacle monsters

>> No.54199915

Pat Illya on the head

Go fight and capture Clow Ca-I mean, Servants, so that you can store and use their abilities

Uncover a conspiracy from another universe where some jerkfucks are trying to make Angel Notes happen because magical climate change is killing the planet, in the most assholish way possible


>> No.54199917

An interesting change of worldview, I'll admit.

>> No.54199921

So is there a difference between learning the 2nd true magic in Fate zero and Fate Stay night without the perk or buying the perk in Fate Kaleid?

>> No.54199925

That seems both meta and really really overpowered in the long run.

>> No.54199930

if you define the upgrade properly, maybe; but it seems to be quite overpowered for 400cp
>once or twice a jump
definetly overpowered for 400cp

>> No.54200001

Is Banchó dead?

>> No.54200015

Wise Men don't get to make the strength potion?

Also, their item section is titled Mystic instead of Wise Man?

Does the As A Baby perk also work on a potion, like Obelix himself?

Anyway, you need something for feasts and wild boars.

And also a drawback that makes you like Cacofonix. Absolutely horrible at singing, but convinced you're amazing at it and wanting to do it anyway.

>> No.54200100

becoming cacofonix could be more of a perk than a drawback
>instill fear into men/beings that know no fear
>torture people with your voice
>make it rain everywhere you want, even if it makes no sense at all

>> No.54200133

>Breaking up the happy couple
Clearly you are truly Evil.

>> No.54200160

Hey /JC/ can I make canon characters companions with the companion option in KFP Jump ?

>> No.54200171

Nah, in canon she's a sworn enemy of Chaos and he's a monomaniacal mad god incapable of true compassion. Why do you think he hates clean people and some of the other Chaos gods?

Don't let /tg/ memes guide your judgement, anon. Not all liches are sick rap artists, and not all knights are kniggas

>> No.54200178

>I dragged Isha out of Nurgle's domain and into a nearby Webway nexus.

How did you do this? This is something I want to do myself but have little idea how to pull it off.

>> No.54200216

>Not all liches are sick rap artists

>> No.54200217

Hm, true... It could be both.

>> No.54200288

I've been reading the Adventures of the All Guardsmen Party, lately.
I'm pretty sure that's a kind of heresy.
Dark Heresy Jump when?

>> No.54200301

thanks my man

>> No.54200389

Hey /JC/ how can I mix the Animorphs morphing ability and the Terraformars Mosaic Organ ?

>> No.54200432

Depends, what do you want to accomplish with that mixing?

>> No.54200467

Terraformar unlimited shapeshifting.

>> No.54200497

jesus christ the light of terra jump is gigantic, fuck!

>> No.54200579


I don't think you can. At least not by perks alone. The mor;phing ability comes from alien technology, and the mosiac organ is basically activation triggered genesplicing.

That's like asking how to combine sharks with fighter jets. That sounds cool in theory, but they come from two completely different sources and there's a lot of logistical problems. Like, shit man, you'd have to figure out how to keep the shark alive while it's flying around, and then it still might not do what you want it to do, you know, fuck.

Good luck on your quest, though.

>> No.54200581

What's the difference between Dark Heresy and 40k generic?

>> No.54200604

Found the answer.

>> No.54200612

Dark Heresy would focus on the Inquisition and being an Acolyte?

>> No.54200614

It's a blow against literal Chaos, anon.

To navigate and withstand the Warp, I used Unassailable Tower of the Adamant Soul (Exalted: Mortal Gauntlet), Worldwalker (Dresden Files) and Keep Going Right (Kirby). However, I made sure to start from within the Webway.

In order to prevent interference from Nurgle's domain, I stacked King of the World, Nightmare Empower (MOTHER: Cognitive Dissonance) along with the accompanying PSI boost, Titan's Blood, Empathic Environment (God of War), Inner Universe (MGNQ), Order Magic (Young Justice) and Anti-Demon Wavelength (Soul Eater) to temporarily overlay a zone which would be anathema for Warp entities to approach. I used several layers of redundancy as a contingency, and also to reinforce the mystic connection between my origin and destination by sculpting the world to manifest as a conceptual path.

To wrench apart her cage itself, I used Abyss of Magic (Overlord) and Soulfire (Dresden Files) to empower the white magic spell Flow Break from Slayers, which negates magical effects by disrupting spiritual energy. Abyss let me leverage other magic boosters like Thousand Master (Negima), while Soulfire made the spell adaptive enough to exploit and neutralise a Chaos construct.

Finally, I used Winds of Magic (Warhammer: Dogs of War), Viator of Nullspace (40K: Imperium) and Mark of a Crimson King (Samurai Deeper Kyo) to crudely wrench the Warp's currents to deposit myself and Isha back into the Webway like a magic slingshot, by tapping into my Magicant's life energy signature. Finally, I disassembled the world again to prevent pursuit.

....though now that you mention it, I suppose I could've just used my Charms. You probably don't need all that specifically of course, broadly speaking you just need a means of navigating the Warp flawlessly, a means of negating a Chaos God's construct and a means of transportation. Preferably a way to defend yourself too.

>> No.54200695

What the-

>using Finally twice

Note to self: Start THINKING before typing when you need to fit everything under the post limit.

Also since the morphing tech is based on the Escafil device, you could use the HYDRA Blueprints from MCU part 1 to mix them...somehow.

I imagine the result would be some kind of flesh cube organ.


>convert my soups and potions to powder

So like, instant food in supermarkets? I guess the real magic is keeping the fresh taste when stored like that.

>powder pots

I can't help but imagine someone mixing up the powders and then making a soup-flavored pot. Or pot-flavored soup.

>> No.54200731

How good are the 200 and 600 cp perks? Judging whether something is overpowered or not is impossible without context of the setting and perks.

>> No.54200848

I kinda want to do an tyranid chain where jump I become the hivemind and then go from there. What would be some good setting to visit? Also would there be any setting in which I could gain a avatar like body (a body that could hold my entire psyche while also still being in control of the nids)?

>> No.54200888

Toriko, if you want to get eaten

>> No.54200894

I don't understand why everyone's so obsessed with CHIM. It locks you into a very narrow mindset, puts you at constant risk of ceasing to exist, and prevents you from using your phenomenal cosmic power except in extremely limited circumstances.

>> No.54200954

>avatar like body

What kind? I think Cortex Command has an option that puts your brain in a sort of hoverpod thing. Avatar from Heaven's Lost Property straight up lets you project yourself into a human body, but with the rest of yourself dormant; you wake up immediately if your avatar dies, though. And Lord of Light's technology is all about transmitting consciousnesses into bodies.

>> No.54200999

I think a warframe would be your closest thing

>> No.54201047

Dark Heresy was all about investigating cults & chaos. You were literally part the dregs of society however useful enough. We're talking about an Imperial Guard Private First Class, Baby Faced Aribter, Mostly Flesh Tech Priest...etc. Your job was to investigate corruption, Heresy, & Chaos. Because you're no one, combat is pretty lethal. For /JC/ sense it would be better as a gauntlet.

Having Jumper come in, to be a disposable underling to the =][= would be really weird.

>> No.54201049

I was thinking along the lines of a body that could be used for me to directly interact with the world without having to use my swarm. So even if the body dies I just disperse back into it. Honestly right now I'm just thinking of using the Emperor's DNA (given how I need to eat him to beat the scenario) and creating some form of hybrid.

>> No.54201107 [DELETED] 

You are fucking stupid. No, seriously, you are a blithering retard who has very obviously never even read the books, much less played a full, long game of DI.

Just ignore this moronic fucking simpleton. Many, if you and your autistic ass want to mouth off, make sure to educate yourself first. Yes a lot of Acolytes die but a number also progress through the ranks to become elite, valued agents or even the apprentices to Inquisitors themselves, eventually becoming Inquisitors in their own right.

Or are you so stupid you think Inquisitors just pop into existence? That Jumpers can't achieve very difficult things when there's the possibility of death?

>> No.54201120

Given how 40K works an Inquisitor could in fact just pop into existence.

>> No.54201135

In that case I think the Lord of Light stuff would probably be the most suited; I'm pretty sure the Synapse folk could do proxy bodies too, but the aspect attunement stuff the Lord of Light crew work with might work better with an Emps sample. Especially if you set it to "tyranid" so you can assume direct control over it.

>>54200999's a pretty good idea too though, depending on how human you want to appear.

>> No.54201139

...I don't know what game you played Manyfist, but it sounds like some sort of level one run on DI. All your examples only fit for a group of players who are starting immediately on the bottom of the rankings of the class system. The game fully expects you to end up as a pretty awesome badass in whatever specialty you have, including some pretty high vaunted ranks even before you get into the games 'epic level' equivalent, which includes outright becoming an Inquisitor in game. Even the most lethal of games would usually progress well beyond what you seem to think is the entire focus of the series.

>> No.54201143

>no hic haec hoc
Come on, man.

But seriously it's a great idea.

>> No.54201164

generic creepypasta has avatar

>> No.54201189

I can't really Zero sum after achieving it and neither Septim nor Vehk were barred from using their power, they just knew not to.

>> No.54201210

>(a body that could hold my entire psyche while also still being in control of the nids)?
The Tyranid scenario gets you that anyway?

Anyway, Stellaris with the hive mind option could be good.

>> No.54201241 [DELETED] 

The autism is strong in this one.

>> No.54201256

What is DI?

>> No.54201259

An addition to this, going to X-men first and getting the Gene-ius perk, good idea or great idea? Hell going to Marvel after it and eating the cancer-verse too. I can only imagine how fucked the Imperium would be with omega healing factors and Magnetism Manipulation being used by the nids.

>> No.54201270


>> No.54201282

I love Star Wars. A reference for every occasion.
I deleted my post because I thought I was being too mean. Was I?

>> No.54201293

I think they both mean DH and just accidentally typed DI.

>> No.54201308

No worse than anyone here, buddy.
Bonus points for also being a bit witty.
Double bonus points for referring to Star Wars.

>> No.54201312

Just a little bit.

>> No.54201329

I'm a bit incredulous that two people responded with similar sentiments in such a short time frame, and managed to make such a similarly unlikely typo.

>Was I?
No, you fucking faggot.

>> No.54201360

Yes. You work your way up by surviving all the crap thrown at you long enough to be badass.

>> No.54201371

*Sigh* I used to be such a nice guy, and then the 4chan nation attacked.

>No, you fucking faggot.
I feel like I'm getting mixed responses here.

I guess you are all just telling me to be myself and find my own level, right?

I'm going to go back to lurking now. Bye for now.

>> No.54201375

By that logic, all the D&D and other game jumps should be gauntlets because they start at level 1.

>> No.54201395

Who else wants Yoda's loose ass-pussy around their tongue?

>> No.54201421

I went to the Tyranid jump, and combined them with my genetic information from hive queen and the zerg.

I then proceeded to create what would become known as the descendants of hive Ouroboros. I scoured the galaxy, eating my way through the chaos, Tyranid, pirates, and Necron.

the Imperium was equal parts confused at how my swarm was able to survive on a small group of enemies and post exterminated worlds, terrified at how it would simply split to go around non-chaos planets.

>> No.54201436


>> No.54201441

How far could true mibu abilities carry you in Naruto?

>> No.54201443

Not me. He's a hairy guy, you just KNOW you'd sneeze and it'd be awkward. Or worse, get something stuck in your throat.

>> No.54201445


>> No.54201452

Halfway through part 2 at best. Once the big war starts or against a few of the strongest earlier foes like Nagato, you'd be fucked.

>> No.54201455

>that pic
So, who else is going to give Doomfist's gauntlet and some hero training to that kid?

>> No.54201461

Its pretty much 8 Gates except it makes you stronger instead of fucking you up, and instead of going up by powerlevels it just sorta wrecks the world around you.

So, I'd say pretty damn far in a world that literally runs on chakra. Not sure if the illusion stuff would be torn asunder since its all chakra projections

>> No.54201463

That's twice that someone's posted that in response to me. :)

>> No.54201488

Jumpers, have you tried to participate in or host fighting tournaments?

>> No.54201508

Too many to count.

>> No.54201534

Except even in late game Dark Heresy the psyker can fumble and become a daemonhost, a critical can kill your adept, you've been accumulating enough corruption and insanity that your guardsman is only slightly less likely to commit tech heresy than the magos, who still couldn't diplomance his way out of a wet paper bag, and oh yea you still answer to a madman who can and has glassed planets.

>> No.54201572

So? Even in high epic a level-appropriate enemy can still kill you.
Pretty easily in fact. Failed save, you're dead. And since you're a jumper you won't be rezzed.
The same is true for pretty much any game that's not shit.

>> No.54201582

So it's a fair bit more dangerous then most games.

>> No.54201647

To those who went to hive queen quest jump what do your speakers look like? Are they fluffy?

>> No.54201685

>Even in high epic a level-appropriate enemy can still kill you.
I'm not talking about "level appropriate encounters" I'm talking about a plasma weapon going boom, or dying to a ganger with a lucky shot. It doesn't take a goddamn CSM to kill a group of acolytes, half the time they end up killing or at least maiming one of their own.

Yes. You start off under-equipped, under-prepared, and ignorant. You have to fight for everything you get, and even then you're likely to die. You just hope you survive enough missions without burning fate points that you can survive when the GM starts throwing nids and daemons your way.

>> No.54201725

Sounds more like you've just had dick GMs or been playing in games meant to be short, instead of stuff that's meant to go the long run.

>> No.54201779

The kid could be a good hero in training. He was able to take control the Doomfist & use it without snapping in half or at least breaking his arm. I don't plan on mentoring him. However I do plan on stealing the Doomfist. That way I will have two Doomfists.

After all why just have one massive oversized gauntlet?

>> No.54201820

Sounds like your GM was coddling you through the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

>> No.54201831

40K is really one of those games where you might as well show up with multiple character sheets. Or at least several copies of the same character sheet and a list of names to go through.

Personally I always thought that would cause me to really phone in my role as a player, but to each his own.

>> No.54201851

>I'm talking about a plasma weapon going boom, or dying to a ganger with a lucky shot. It doesn't take a goddamn CSM to kill a group of acolytes, half the time they end up killing or at least maiming one of their own.

Do your groups not use fate points? They can be used to avoid death.

>> No.54201856

If Valeria is here, I have a Tyranids question. If you beat the Scenario, do you always have the immense psionic power of the Hivemind, or does your Hive Fleet have to be deployed for you to access said power?

>> No.54202177

>They can be used to avoid death.
Yeah, and then never again. There's a difference between using fate points, and burning them.

>> No.54202198


Yeah, that's what I meant. It's just...I fail to see how people are so heavy on the 40k RPGs being super lethal when you need to kill every PC 2-5 times before they actually stay dead.

>> No.54202222

What are some scary settings we have jumps for?

>> No.54202243

Nine to Five.

>> No.54202267

There are people who wouldn't?

>> No.54202270

The fact that you actually need those extra lifes should already answer your question.

>> No.54202279

Because that 2-5 times is likely to happen over the course of a campaign? Or sometimes even in a single session?
Like, if you're bleeding out, you may need to burn a couple fat points to not die before you're stabilized.
That's happened in a game I was in.

>> No.54202283

Run, flee, hide yourself away in the dark and the cold. Pluck out your eyes lest you see and be seen. Far better to be blind cold and alone lest in your seeing they see you.

Do not seek to know for ignorance is your greatest defense, seek not knowledge in the expanse for all you will find there is death, death and destruction for us all.

hive queen quest is pretty damn scary

>> No.54202306

The fact you even need those extra lives should be a FAIRLY BIG INDICATION.

Also the fact that you DON'T HAVE FATE POINTS IN REALITY.

>> No.54202328

You can get a regenerating batch of fate points from that newish steam/magic jump, I think its arcanum? Its a pretty awesome perk.

>> No.54202346

Well that sounds disconcerting.

>> No.54202388

if you stay on earth and roam around some villages you can get into some nice spooky cult-crime stuff
if you dig too deep or travel to outer space, you might simply lose your mind if you don't have strong protection against that

>> No.54202454

Spooky nice.

>> No.54202537

If you CHIM, you're no longer an individual. You have gone beyond the illusion of reality and recognized the dream. You realize that you are the Godhead. But the Godhead is particularly attached to the role of the figment that wad the individual you were. So it continues to play the role of that individual. But then the figment is forevermore stuck playing the role of that individual, because if they become something else then they lose the attachment and cease to exist.

>> No.54202620

What in the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.54202743

So how many people have actually abused the potential for Templates in Forgotten Realms, instead of just gunning for a hyper-OP monster?

>> No.54202748

Best Genetic perks one could get in the chain?

>> No.54202765

I never knew I needed this jump in my life until now anon. Thanks!

Looks great, and while i don't agree with the concerns some others have brought up, the text on extra life could use some elaboration. Are they consumable (in that they do not come back after they are used post-jump like most other one-up perks/items)?

Other than that, looks pretty good. Maybe a few more items?

>> No.54202773

I think there's a perk that makes your abilities genetic and inheritable?

>> No.54202793

your descendants get 1/4 of your powers

>> No.54202800


>Like, if you're bleeding out, you may need to burn a couple fat points to not die before you're stabilized.

That seems rather a nasty interpretation of it by the GM. Considering a single point will save you from 'Trapped on a space ship during a warp drive implosion', making the player burn again and again for bleeding out (Rather than saying burning the point mean you survive bleeding out) seems more like a malevolent GM than rules as intended.

>> No.54202812

>Also the fact that you DON'T HAVE FATE POINTS IN REALITY.

Well, considering SOB can use them to shoot laser beams like a magical girl they might be an actual thing.

>> No.54202818

My whole last line-up was what people would consider "sub-par" choices. And my favorite choice for monster form for Forgotten Realms is still the Rakshasa.

Spell Resistance 27 + Class Levels and Damage Reduction 15/Good & Piercing? Fuck yes. Slap a template like Spellwarped or Half-Dragon on top of that and just go to town. And it's only about half the price of most of the Dragons (unless you pick a young form).

>> No.54202820

In Charmed would it be a good idea to buy magic resistance or Invincibility just to avoid accidentally doing something nasty to yourself with Projection and the poor control drawback?

>> No.54202829

Newgenics in Generix Xianxia.

>> No.54202839


>> No.54202852

Projection is the "freeze stuff/blow stuff up" power right? Or is it not one of the three main powers?

If it is then there is no danger to you, I don't think you're even capable of using it on yourself.

>> No.54202858


>> No.54202879

A reminder that the creator of JumpChain himself intended for drawbacks to be able to be overcome with gains. See the fucking example of buying PokéGlot in Pokémon being able to deal with the no-communication-drawback in PMD.

Now get your dumb bullshit out of here.

>> No.54202894

>A reminder that the creator of JumpChain himself intended for drawbacks to be able to be overcome with gains.

At which point it becomes free points?

>> No.54202901

>one-time event between his own jumps
>hurr durr all drawbacks can be overcome


>> No.54202907

>thinking people still care about Quicksilver's intent

We've shat all over his dream.

>> No.54202909

Yep. That was the original intention.

Times have changed though.

>> No.54202911

Projection is the low level reality warping with your choice of mandatory drawback. Be a Genie in a bottle or start out with shit control your OOC perks can't help with.

It only says OC stuff can't help you, in context perks should be able to provide some help.

>> No.54202917

Yeah. And if you can read the drawback doesn't actually say that it hurts you.
It just means you have poor control.
Taking a perk that makes your control perfect wouldn't work, because drawbacks override perks.
But taking a perk that makes your little mishaps not hurt you or at least hurt less doesn't conflict with the drawback. Your control is as poor as before.

So try again, jackass.

>> No.54202935

Welp, way to make it obvious you're just here to shit on everybody else's parade.

That was the fucking intent from the beginning, you shit-slurping monkey.

>> No.54202966

Reminder that drawbacks DO override perks, but only from the same jump.
Let's say Charmed had a perk for perfect control, it would do nothing for you if you took the poor control drawback also in Charmed.
But if you took the perk for perfect control and then in a later jump took a poor control drawback then it would help abate the problems caused by the drawback.

>> No.54202974

Please find the proof where he says all drawbacks can be overcome with perks.

>> No.54202984

That's some nice fanwank you got there.

>> No.54202988

So how is that Tanya the Evil Jump coming along.

>> No.54203021

that yoda is one thicc bih lemme see that yussy

>> No.54203027

>Also the fact that you DON'T HAVE FATE POINTS IN REALITY.
Do you really think you would survive half of these jumps if they were real?

>> No.54203028

the whole animorphs jump and starcraft zerg, so you can incorporate genetic based powers from others just by looking at them and integrating it into your altform. (A morph isn't an altform, but you can circumvent that with zergs primal evolution; otherwise you can even combine morphs and increase their power).
so you can just copy kryptonians, martians, all of x-men (even the beyond omega level ones) powers just by looking at them

>> No.54203065

what's the best way to give your items your own superpowers?
I know there's hybrid from smite, but i have to wield that item as far as i remember; and there is amazos backup memory from yj, but it only works with machines i build and not just random items/weapons

>> No.54203101

just no

>> No.54203136

Trolls are out in force anon. Don't brings facts into this argument. It just angers them.

>> No.54203150

> No, I did NOT put her in the harem! I literally just put her in the Webway, scrubbed off the worst of the gunk, confirmed this wasn't some Warpish trick and then asked for a little help explaining things to her species!

>> No.54203155

Nope. You're wrong, you're wrong.

>> No.54203205

So if i have multiple forms of regenerative powers and a drawback in a jump with regenerative powers states something like "you lose your arm and no regenerative abilities can bring it back", my arm simply grows back?

>> No.54203215

If i survive Pokemon my chances to survive everything after that are relatively high.

Why? Because i'm a paranoid coward who prefers fighting from the backline, if i'm not scheming in the shadows.

So my second jump will most certainly contain some kind of powerful regeneration perk, and following jumps will focus on getting other defenses before i go to settings where i need them.
I'll also collect extra lifes, luck perks and plot armor like they're going out of style.

So yeah, if i can survive 10 years in Pokemon it's rather unlikely that i'll fail my chain by dying.

But then again i wouldn't voluntarily go to jumps like the WH40K verse for anything, which also helps.

>> No.54203241

That's different. The specific wording of the drawback negates perks from other jump. Similar to the "you can't access powers from other jumps" drawbacks.

>> No.54203248

So in the end, it's fucking legalese.

>> No.54203295

isn't that one of the points of jumpchain?
Abusing (nerd)legalese to find plot holes and further your goals?

>> No.54203299

No, just that there's no point for drawbacks and every jump should give us 2000cp starting out now, since drawbacks are now worthless.

>> No.54203308

Every Jump should be Jumpable at Jump 1, just my opinion.

>> No.54203312

>But then again i wouldn't voluntarily go to jumps like the WH40K verse for anything, which also helps.
Not even when you grow powerful enough to deal with them?

Honestly, the warp is the worst part and you can become a Blank without endangering your own psychic powers.

>> No.54203324

No it doesn't. This is wrong.
Drawbacks override perks, no matter where they're from.
You can not negate a drawback with a perk.
If a drawback states you have poor control over your magic no amount of control perks will change that fact.

What you can do is mitigate the effects of a drawback.
Like >>54202917 said, if you have perks that lessen collateral damage or keep your powers from hurting yourself those will work, since they're not actually doing anything about you having poor control.

Similar with amnesia drawbacks. No amount of memory perks will let you keep even parts of your memory, but if you're carrying around a journal that won't get erased unless the perk specifically says so.

No, it's idiotic fanwank. I have no idea where this comes from.
If you take a drawback you can at best mitigate the consequences of it, but the drawback itself is something you'll have to deal with for the jump duration.

>> No.54203336

yeah ok, i can accept that, but the example given by >>54202966 seems quite similar.
if i'm in a magic jump and a drawback says "no magic", then i don't assume i can use magic from other settings
how is "perfect control" and "poor control" different from that?

>> No.54203353

A psychologically healthy person with no desire to die or to harm themselves shouldn't have much of a problem with Projection causing them harm with the drawback, as it is still somewhat controlled subconsciously. The trick with it is to bring up the level of control to the conscious allowing it to work as intended rather than to act on fleeting thoughts and associations within the user's mind.
Still, accidents can still happen so if your jumper is still fairly squishy at that part of their chain, you could certainly make poorer choices for your PP.

Tl;dr, those Powers are useful whether you have Projection or not and having Projection doesn't mean you need them, but they might help out in a pinch brought about by the Cold-hearted Assassins drawback.

I hope this is useful to you Anon. Have fun with the jump.

>> No.54203364

Ya'll know it's a single player game, right? Everyone can play the game the way that they want.

>> No.54203366

Who is he?

>> No.54203380

You're doing Tyranids wrong dude. Just an opinion but you're doing Tyranids wrong. :T

>> No.54203381

It's also for driving jumpmakers to alcoholism from constantly pointing out loopholes that aren't really loopholes :^)

>> No.54203390

The example you are citing specifically gives the outs of "you do not gain this ability" and "unless you can get it somewhere else". And it's pretty standard for jumpers to work around things the drawback explicitly doesn't say. But in cases where the drawback directly contradicts a perk, it is comdicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks

>> No.54203394

>Not even when you grow powerful enough to deal with them?
By the time i feel safe enough jumping WH40K there is nothing there for me to jump it.
Other jumps i might still jump for the setting if i like it.

But lets be honest, unless you're fucking crazy you're not going to 40K for the scenery or the people.
You're going for the perks and try to survive until the jump ends.

>> No.54203400

NO! Some people are playing autistic pretend games WRONG, and I won't stand for it!
I'm not gonna take it lying down, either!
I guess I'll have to sit here and continue to shitpost!

>> No.54203405

Then there's no point in fucking discussing anything, and these threads may as well not exist except for dropping the jump PDFs.

>> No.54203407

It's not.

Carry on without me anon. Do what I could not.

>> No.54203418

you can also play solitair any way you want, but if you come to a place discussing solitair and you bring up your own invented rules, people will shit on you

>> No.54203433

Could you post what you had Anon bro?

>> No.54203436

That got thrown out the window the moment some people decided they had to fight the jumpmaker on what they can do.

It's the same assholes who take a tabletop game and make it all about them against the DM.

>> No.54203441

Unless there's a basic consensus on what rules jumpchain follows there's no point discussing anything.
And "drawbacks override perks" is pretty much the most basic rule there is.

You can argue over specific rules interpretations or how some things interact with each other, but if you can't agree on the basic premise you're not talking about jumpchain.

>> No.54203442

With a host out out-of-context powers, pet dragons, and memories from the lifetimes of dozens of people more competent than myself by miles?


That's the thing about the Chain. You're never really alone.

>> No.54203451


>> No.54203468

Abate: (of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread.

That doesn't mean negate or override faggotron learn to read.

>> No.54203519

I'm a horrible procrastinator.

>> No.54203549

Ah okay then. I guess the claim is open then? I mean to make it official.

>> No.54203566

Every jump is jumpable as jump 1. I have yet to see a jump that doesn't put you at least on-par with the general canon powerlevels.
Some settings are just more inherently dangerous than others.

You're unlikely to live any more dangerously than in RL when jumping something like Career Model, but any setting that has you regularly engaging in combat or that contains monsters or supervillains is by definition more deadly than that.
People in those die all the time to violence.

The other factor is what powers you can get.
X-Men Movies is a big example of a "safe" setting. Sure, it's full of superpowered mutants who aren't exactly shy about violence, but Omega Self Healing makes you pretty much unkillable to anything in setting unless you go out of your way to get nuked.

On the other end of the scale is, well, Warhammer 40K.
Even gene-engineered super soldiers with centuries of combat experience and state-of-the-art gear die all the fucking time. Everyone dies all the fucking time. Even for the strongest in the setting survival is in large part a matter of luck.

>> No.54203580

Nobody ever fights a jump maker for what they can do in their game. When has that ever happened?

>> No.54203586

>being this wrong and mad

>> No.54203589

Have you seen the Exalted or Fate shitflits? Or Worm shard bullshit?

>> No.54203619

Are you new?

>> No.54203680

The Marvel - Magic jump is present on the old Jump drive but not on the new one. Is this intentional, was it removed for a reason?

>> No.54203693

Speaking of Fate stuff when do you think we're going to get Fate/hollow ataraxia? Stuff looks sweet even if you don't get into the whole Avenger is forcing a Time Loop on the world thing.

>> No.54203710


sauce on that image?

>> No.54203713

It's on the new drive too for me. The drive may just be shitting itself on your end.

>> No.54203874

>a Welsh hentai.

>> No.54203894

Speaking of 40K if hypothetically someone did make a Great Crusade jump do you think a Lost Primarch origin would be an appropriate or acceptable option?

>> No.54203936

Jumpers regarding your companions do you try and balance their abilities or do you let them specialize? In addition do you always try and be more powerful than them or do you let them surpass you?

>> No.54203947

>No, I did NOT put her in the harem! I literally just put her in the Webway, scrubbed off the worst of the gunk, confirmed this wasn't some Warpish trick and then asked for a little help explaining things to her species!

>pic related

>> No.54204050

What the fuck is Jumpchain and how is it different from normal cyoa?

>> No.54204070

Keep powers between builds, less explicit lewd.

>> No.54204081

CYOAs of established settings with similar format.

Keep stuff from previous builds/settings to form a chain of CYOA builds and construct some sort of vague narrative over it.

>> No.54204103

Hyper Autism compared to /cyoag/'s Ultimate Autism

>> No.54204106

I let them take whatever options they want, with the occassional "hey, one of you pick up [useful perk i didn't have enough cp for], will ya?"

We also discuss which jump to take next, and unless there's a big, overarching threat we tend to split up and do our own thing a lot of the time.

They're basically jumpers in all but name, except they respawn when killed and usually get a little less CP, depending on the import option.

>> No.54204123

Do they have 800+ CYOAs on a drive?

>> No.54204140

Let them get whatever they want, BUT at least try to get one of every origin within a jump represented.

And oh dude, I'm a Support Jumper. They are loaded down with so much of my creations, enhancements, and empowerment options that they are basically Jumpers in their own right.

>> No.54204178


>> No.54204190

Asking one last time just in case someone who didn't get to answer or talk about what they wanted yesterday, before I busy myself with writing the Jump in seclusion until it's done.

If there is anything anyone wants to see in Dark Souls 1 Jump, even if they think there's no way it won't make it in, or they think their suggestion sounds stupid in their head or they think I'll have thought of it immediately, could you please speak up and tell me about it?

I don't need the suggestions, I'm not stumped, if no one speaks up that's just fine too. This is for finding out what everyone wants though. If no one wants anything else that wasn't covered yesterday, I'm just going to go back to work and the next time you guys hear about it will either be when someone asks about it, or it's done.


They're exactly like Jumper on a smaller scale in my chain, specializing at first and branching out due to lack of options at times.


Normal CYOAs exist within a bubble, they're one and done. Jumpchain is explicitly made for connecting Jumpchain based CYOAs (called Jumps) into an ongoing adventure (called a chain).

You do a Jump, the Jump ends, you get to keep your shit and do another one after that, jumping from one world to the next. That's the basic idea of it. I'm sure other people will go into more detail.

>> No.54204197

Adding to everything else, it got so popular in /cyoag/ 3 or 4 years ago that they kicked it out into its own thread, which you see here.

>> No.54204211

But that's every CYOA that gets too big for /cyoag/'s boots.

>> No.54204229

No, I just want it as quickly as possible, please.

>> No.54204242

Yeah but most end up dying after a few threads

>> No.54204270

Starter gear, full sets of spells/miracles, and waifus.

>> No.54204300

The Moonlight Greatsword.

>> No.54204305

Followers or minions a la pilgrims?

>> No.54204310

>balance their abilities or specialize?
I try to do what makes sense for the character. Like Raven would seem more interested in specializing in magic rather than branching out, unless that wasn't an option. When it isn't, I try to look for similar options, like item creation, alchemy, things like that.

But other characters might be more interested in grabbing a little bit of everything, like the OC Okuda in my last chain. She was a Support in a world focused mainly around Adventurers, so given the opportunity I would think someone like that would be interested in picking up a little of everything combat related. Swords, magic, magic swords, ect.

>always try to be more powerful than them or do you let them surpass you?
Eh. Power levels are such a silly thing to try and compare after a certain point. Everybody has things they are better at than others and it's more beneficial for everyone to focus on taking advantage of that, instead of making it all about who's got the most "levels". So the latter, especially in my last chain. A good half of my Companions could probably have kicked my Jumper around in their field of specialty. The Jumper's main power was his versatility from combining powers and things in strange ways.

>> No.54204326

Izalith/demon stuff plox.

>> No.54204335

Says the chuuni dragon pretending to be a demon.

>> No.54204358





>> No.54204367

The ability to make illusions like this?

>> No.54204431

Bitch I will fight you.

>> No.54204432

A lot more blacksmithing shit.



>> No.54204437

Jump when?

>> No.54204448

You're cute when you're angry.

>> No.54204452

Never, because the jumpmaker's a chode just posting random shit for attention-whoring.

>> No.54204466

But I want my dragon waifus and futa space goats.

>> No.54204475

You'll have to make it yourself then, because OAA's simply proven himself to be a piece of shit.

>> No.54204490

You realize the more you keep doing this shit, the more people won't associate the jump with anything except lewdshit?

You're killing our chances of getting it on the drive.

>> No.54204501


>> No.54204526

Awww the dwagons angwy.

>> No.54204546



>> No.54204550

>X-Men Movies is a big example of a "safe" setting. Sure, it's full of superpowered mutants who aren't exactly shy about violence, but Omega Self Healing makes you pretty much unkillable to anything in setting unless you go out of your way to get nuked.
well depending where you start this could be a dangerous first jump. You can be mindraped to death, tortured by the goverment and killed after they take away your powers, the sentinels could also kill you given enough time to adapt to your powers, the phoenix could simply disintegrate you and apocalypse surely has other methods of killing you too

>> No.54204558

...Can I touch it?

>> No.54204560

You're right about one thing.
That /is/ a magnificent tail.
<--my face

>> No.54204563

Then fuck off if you can't handle it.

>> No.54204565


Horns: check
Tail: check
Teef: check
Yep a dragon

>> No.54204582

So this is what you're doing instead of Black Crusade?


>> No.54204590


Lies. You are simply a cookie monster.

>> No.54204593

No wings though. You need wings to be a dragon. Otherwise you're just a wurm. And that's an insult so vile I wouldn't fling it at the worst scum of the universe.

>> No.54204600

Literally all the magic.

>> No.54204604

Alrighty then.

Starter gear seems appropriate, sure.

Probably not, doesn't seem like the appropriate Jump for those kinds of things.


Alright, alright. It's one of those things that would be weird to obtain in-world anyways.

Perhaps, though I'm not sure where I'd put it given it's something that appears signature to Gwyndolin (gigantic, realistic, city blanketing illusions that is).

I already had Soul Smith planned, but I do need to cover some other things like Boss Soul Weapons iirc, so this is a good reminder.

Much appreciated everybody.

>> No.54204610

Funny I thought she had wings too. Then again chinese dragons dont have wings.

>> No.54204626



See >>54204610, I just don't have wings out 9 times out of 10.

>pic related

>> No.54204633

Where can you get corruption immunity? Because I really wanna pick up Dresden-style necromancy but it does a number on you.

>> No.54204656

>Probably not, doesn't seem like the appropriate Jump for those kinds of things.
Fair enough.

>> No.54204657

Never. I know your true form.

>> No.54204660

I guess we can look forward to a subpar product then.

>> No.54204667

You know there's much better places to get much more efficient necromancy, right?

>> No.54204678

Leaving behind notes and seeing the last few moments of peoples' deaths?

>> No.54204683

Re-Birth in Cardfight! Vanguard.

>> No.54204693

black heart (Once upon bla-bla-bla)

>> No.54204698

You admit to being a dragon then? And a fuzzy cookie eating dragon at that?

>> No.54204699

Black-Hearted Bastard from Once Upon A Time is pretty damn good.

Dresden necromancy gets better depending on how long your reanimated thing's been dead though. That's pretty nice.

>> No.54204703

Corruption Adept, Classic Spyro.

>> No.54204706

Yet it's still better than the jump you're making

>> No.54204716

But, but, it will feel good! I will take all the Slaanesh perks in the BC just for that!

>> No.54204722

She's not particularly fuzzy, though she may be a cookie-eating dragon.

>> No.54204726

Ugh. More namefag bullshit, as per usual.

This shit's why we're the laughing stock on /tg/.

>> No.54204734

Saying that without at least suggesting some alternatives for the guy makes you look like a mad dong, Yoroboy.

If you wanna play with fire for mad gains, you could also try Red-Eyes Transmigration from Shadow Realm.

>> No.54204741


>> No.54204777

You can't get rid of namefags here. You can only embrace them

>> No.54204782

Sorry about that. I had a cat decided my keyboard was a tap dance mat and my post needed to be posted half-finished.

I was going to suggest Forgotten Realms for Dread Necromancer and a whole host of prestige classes based around controlling undead. Admittedly the number of undead you can control at once starts out rather small, but you can make some really impressive monstrosities after a little practice.

You could also head to Shaman King and pick up Necromancy there. That's got some crazy power behind it because it continues to grow in power and quantity as your soul gets stronger. And there's a ton of ways to do that all over the place.

See above.

>> No.54204786

It is assumed you have the intelligence to keep your goddamn head down if all you have going for yourself is "not dying".

Who's going to mindrape you? Especially if you keep the fuck away from the plot?
The government torturing and killing you can be solved simply by relocating to another country.
The sentinels can kill you if they manage to completely destroy your body, since fiat-backed "regenerate from a drop of blood" means "you regenerate from a drop of blood, no matter what". And that's assuming you're not using your knowledge of canon to GTFO.
The phoenix and apokalypse don't have any reason to kill unless you give them one - see above regarding the assumption of basic survival instinct.

Lets not forget that the movieverse is pretty tame compared to the comicsverse, and that you still have CP left over to buy either something offensive, something to hide or a mover ability to GTFO if necessary.

Is it 100% safe? No, of course not. But RL isn't safe either.
People die of the stupidest shit. Car accidents, falling wrong, heart attacks, you get the idea.

Omega Healing Factor will no-sell all of those on top of the vast majority of death-by-violence.
And the only way the jump will kill a jumper with knowledge of the setting - barring really, really bad luck - is being stupid.

>> No.54204802

>The government torturing and killing you can be solved simply by relocating to another country.

>implying international boundaries matter, and that they can't just force extradition.

>> No.54204803

I do not admit to it.

I can only admit in light of posts like >>54204716 that I am done with Slaaneshi perks and will try to get a decent amount of Nurgle perks done this weekend.

>> No.54204816

>And the only way the jump will kill a jumper with knowledge of the setting - barring really, really bad luck - is being stupid.

Nigga have you SEEN some of the dumbfucks around here.

>> No.54204817

Do we have a Guilty Gear jump?

I want to wife Baiken

>> No.54204832

We do not, because the original jumpmaker was a flaky asshole, sat on the claim for over a year and never posted, then dropped it when everybody gave up hope.

>> No.54204892

Remember that perk from Jurassic Park that makes you stumble over intact dinosaur skeletons? And how Dresden necromancy is more powerful with older remains?

Zombie raptor swarm.

>> No.54204919

Isn't that one pretty situational?

>> No.54204928

>Who's going to mindrape you? Especially if you keep the fuck away from the plot?
prof. X in the second movie kills of almost all mutants; even if you stay away from the plot that might just happen to you. the phoenix could do that simply if she's bored
>The phoenix and apokalypse don't have any reason to kill unless you give them one - see above regarding the assumption of basic survival instinct.
again the phoenix is chaotic and doesn't give a fuck if you give it a reason to kill you or not, she might just do it. Apocalypse was just about his way to fucking destroy the world and only let his chosen ones survive. If you're not part of that..
also: the sentinels could capture you, bring you back to base and i'm sure they have a way to kill you there, since it plays in a timeline in the future where they figured out a way to "cure" mutation. Sentinels don't have to kill you on the spot

sure you could stay out off everything and let it play out without any harm to you, but that's just boring

>> No.54204940


Called me?

>> No.54204956

Rivals are done. Would appreciate any comments on them. Rouges are next, then it is onto the Princess section proper.

>> No.54204963

>Shadow Realm
I can't seem to find that on the drive. Can you post it?

>> No.54204964

>I am done with Slaaneshi perks and will try to get a decent amount of Nurgle perks done this weekend.
Ooh, nice. Will we get another WIP when that time comes then?

Would Nurgle's perks have anything mentioning Isha? And also something with Nurglings (those little guys are great)?

>> No.54204989

>The government torturing and killing you can be solved simply by relocating to another country.
[extraordinary rendition intensifies]

>> No.54205042

Yes, yes, and yes.

>> No.54205110

im waiting for big tittied cookie monster here...

>> No.54205141

On what grounds? If you leave early enough nobody will even know you're a mutant.

Well i try to give the benefit of the doubt. I also don't care if the dumbfucks die because of their stupidity.

>prof. X in the second movie kills of almost all mutants; even if you stay away from the plot that might just happen to you. the phoenix could do that simply if she's bored
Get the anti-telepath helmet. It's 200cp for a drop-in.
Or just GTFO of the US, where pretty much all the action takes place.

>also: the sentinels could capture you
You start in 2003. That's before even the Mutant Registration Act and you'll be long gone before Days of Future Past happens. And you're in the revised timeline anyway, since starting in the original timeline is a drawback.

>> No.54205184

Most excellent.

>> No.54205233

What jumps allow the conversion of different forms of magic into more familiar forms of magic (overlord is not an option)?

or even more generally magic into tech?

>> No.54205235

The point of CHIM is that one recognises and enforces their individuality and sovereignty in spite of the recognition that they are the Godhead, or at least a part of it. Even if I'm me, I am still myself.

Elder Scrolls metaphysics

>> No.54205260

There any progress on that Killer Is Dead jump SMTAnon previewed a long while back?

>> No.54205267

FTFM: Even if I'm not me, I am still myself.

In addition, Elder Scrolls metaphysics are really open to interpretation tbqfhwy

>> No.54205318

>no goblin princess

one job.

>> No.54205474

>Implying the rest of /tg/ acknowledges us at all.
>Implying we're not basically the daily elf thread

>> No.54205525

>conversion of different forms of magic into more familiar forms of magic
justice league dark (i cheat), chronicles of narnia (favour of taslan), the dc occult jump i think
>magic into tech
thouhou (dollmaker of buccuresti), harry potter (setup wizard), young justice (starro tech notes)

and many more, really common actually

also: if you have good magitech, you can just use "hydra blueprints" from marvel CU to combine all your tech thus combining magitech, thus combining different forms of magic

>> No.54205560

How the fuck were Sentinels produced so early in this universe?

>> No.54205604

The Sentinel concept showed up in the comics during the initial run, anon. Way back in the 60s. Clearly, it doesn't take that much advanced science and technology to build them.

>> No.54205607

Good so far. Rivals seem pretty solid. I do wonder how effective they actually are at the cp they give but that's just nitpicking.

>> No.54205650

Here's the latest version of my revised jump for Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. All of my changes since the one I submitted onto the drive are as follows:

I found a way to get a workable background for the document, and I added in a bunch of illustrations.

There are now two capstones for human: one for Drop-In, and one for Local. The Drop-In one was the overall Human capstone in the previous version I posted on the drive, but the Local Human capstone is new; I hope it looks good, as I tried to avoid the pitfall I stumbled into the last time.

I added in new items for most of the backgrounds, and I also moved around the prices a little.

I added in a few more companion options, the last couple being added in just the last few days.

Finally (besides just a couple minor edits here and there), I added some more drawbacks.

So anyway, please let me know what you think of my improved approach to the jump.

>> No.54205780

A scientist did it? I don't know when they showed up in the comics timeline offhand, but it can't have been much later if >>54205604
is true.

The first Sentinel (Mark 1) was produced in 1973.
The jump starts in 2003 - shortly before the first movie.
The Mark X (the ones that can adapt to mutant powers) shows up in 2013, so they're not usually a concern for the jump unless you take a drawback.

They're also only used by the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, India and the United Kingdom.
Go move to Canada or something.

And again, the X-Men Movies jump takes place in the revised timeline, so sentinels aren't an issue anyway unless you want them to be - it doesn't come right out and say it, but there's a drawback that lets you start in the original timeline, so it follows that without the drawback you don't.
And there are only the two timelines in the movieverse.

>> No.54205785


Looks nice, quack Warrior.

But the author companion seems a little too meta.

>> No.54205802

>Go move to Canada
>In Marvel
Do you know what you're saying?

>> No.54205807

>Rouges are next.
How many reds are you gonna put in, huh? How many are there? Is Red gonna be in there?

>> No.54205810

Lifts-Her-Tail is that you?

>> No.54205811

Do we get to be huge like Typhus?

>> No.54205837

Well don't move right next to the lake where Phoenixx shows up, obviously.
I hear Canada is pretty big.

Or am i missing something else?

>> No.54205852

Is Genius-anon going to be around today? Hoping to get replies on the previous questions.

>> No.54205865



>> No.54205868

Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure about that one myself. It was a last minute whim I had after seeing her cute chibi-Kappa avatar, so I can remove it if people think it doesn't fit well into the jump.

>> No.54205882

Her Red, any chance on eventually getting an MCU Part 3 with stuff based on the Spider-Man movie and the ones after?

>> No.54205903

Canada is literally nazis.

>> No.54205917

... in the movieverse? Really?

>> No.54205931

Spidey stuff is in Part 2.

>> No.54205932


In every universe. Including this one.

>> No.54205943

Corruption Immunity perks don't work on DF magic by jumpmaker fiat.

>> No.54205948

Aren't they supposed to be the polite ones? Has the internet lied to me?

>> No.54205974

Well lets just say canada is a lot more than maple syrup and moose riding super cops.

>> No.54205982


>> No.54205986

>Has the internet lied to me?

Of course not.
Canada is full of polite people
USA is home of the obese in the earth
Japan is the land of lolicon

You know it's true.

>> No.54206013

question fo the DC occult jump
how dangerous would it be to fight trigon, if i take greatest magician, vestments of fate, tower of fate and dimension lord?
I know trigon is powerful as fuck, i just want to gauge if i would be able to even survive with the powers/perks from that jump alone. i mean apparently in my own dimension i could hold my own to the spectre and the other stuff makes me incredibly powerful as a wizard + boosts my magic incredibly...but is it enough?

>> No.54206023

MCU2 is going to be updated with more spidey stuff.

>> No.54206025

That sounds like a load of bullshit.

>> No.54206028

>that cat again

>> No.54206040

They paid 10million dollars to a child soldier convicted of murder. What do you think?

>> No.54206049

Take I Am The Fortress from the masters of magic jump and you will retain your bonus from the tower of fate and dimension lord outside of it.

>> No.54206080

I need to get some perfect-memory perks for my Companions. Anywhere they can pick it up with import budgets?

Kingdom Hearts would work, but I'm not going there just yet.

>> No.54206087

It's a perpetual slide of shitposting when it comes to Wild_Card.

>> No.54206096

generic universal monsters has weight of ages.

>> No.54206102

So it wouldn't even be that hard to fight him actually? Or am i wrong when i said you could hold your own against the spectre in your own dimension? That seemed to be the consensus in the other threads i think..

>> No.54206123

Generic Universal Monsters - Weight of Ages.

Best. Fucking perk. To have right out the gate.

>> No.54206150


>> No.54206169

Sounds good, but I'd have to flip the order of some jumps apparently.

>> No.54206199


>> No.54206216


Hey Cracker Jack, the jump says you need a cyborg leg to buy the hard light projector and then in the description says arm. It's just meant to be arm isn't it?

>> No.54206225

I think it's in the imaged folder now?

>> No.54206304

Can we buy two doomfist gauntlets and use Go Go Gadget to have two cybernetic doomfists?

>> No.54206401

>Go omnic to save CP by already having robo-limbs
>Replace all limbs with Doomfists Gauntlets
>Punch everything
>Even when kicking things
>Especially when kicking things

>> No.54206428

Omniac Moonape with four Doomfists?

>> No.54206682

Should be in the Imaged folder of the drive. Here you go anyway.

>> No.54206729

What's the Brawler class in the Servant Supplement based on?

>> No.54206795

While we're asking Overwatch questions, can you put two things in the same cybernetic limb like a hardlight projector in a Doomfist Guantlet?

Does Interface give you Sombra's tactile holographic screens?

Can omnics have multiple limbs like Orisa?

Magic Shotguns + Go-Go Gadget = Doomfists shotgun knuckles?

>> No.54206834


>> No.54206835


True Mibu? Where's that from?

>> No.54206896

On it's own? Pretty far. in conjunction with chakra? A great deal farther.
If you are assuming the two energy types are compatible, and they should be, you should be a top tier fighter strong enough to compete with anyone below Pain's level.

>> No.54206915

Samurai Deeper Kyo

>> No.54206918

Bazett in Capsule Servant

>> No.54207148

Yeah, just have it's cost reflect what it is.

>> No.54207255

I could see it as an origin, a capstone booster, or whatever else the jump maker comes up with as long as it is done well.

>> No.54207302

I like it as a Capstone Booster myself.

>> No.54207339

Only if I also get a 100% guaranteed chance of my own Space Marine Chapter.

>> No.54207369

Jumpers, when has a prospective waifu turned it around to waifu you instead?

>> No.54207389

I would love it and yes it seems like it would be appropriate considering it is somewhat of a golden age.

Also I want to be Big Es favorite son.


>> No.54207392

>Jumpers, when was the last time you were Decade?

>> No.54207424

I can name a couple of times where I was the one Husbandoed

>> No.54207670

Depends on the general level of the jump. Will the other origins be balanced to match it or will it have a high cost to match its value?

Also, a Great Crusade jump should span over at least a thousand years... So it might be a good idea to offer things like that.

>> No.54207800



>> No.54207808

Bah, Slaanesh and Nurgle. A true Champion of Chaos would know that they are but pawns to the Architect of Fate.

>> No.54207838

Are there any perks that can let you re-use one off magical items, or items that can only be used a few times?

>> No.54207875

Cheat mode it first?

>> No.54207883

So would learning the 2nd true magic be any weaker then buying it or would it not work outside the jump?

>> No.54207902

Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but there might be something from Diablo that lets you reset the charges of a magical item?

>> No.54207919

Magic is always getting weaker in Nasu, the True Magics have fared far better than magecraft in this respect but eventually they will be subjected to it as well.

>> No.54207989

If you leave on schedule without causing the degradation of True Magic it should be fine. If you stay longer than the jump intends you may find it weakening before you leave. If you buy it you can be sure it won't degrade.

>> No.54208005

We have a Diablo jump?

Don't have cheat mode, but I guess I could try to copy them some other way. I wanted to merge a bunch of such items together though, so while this works it still isn't quite what I'm looking for.

>> No.54208019

I'm not making a Great Cursade jump after all I did say it was hypothetical. I'm only asking because a Great Crusade jump has been on my mind for the past couple days after someone brought up the idea of a Horus Heresy jump and I just wondered what people thought of the idea of a Lost Primarch origin. Plus I have no idea how to even start making a Great Crusade jump especially as I've never even finished a jump and the one I was working on is a half finished piece of shit.

>Also, a Great Crusade jump should span over at least a thousand years... So it might be a good idea to offer things like that.
The Crusade was only around 200 years long. But I could see a 0CP drawback extending the jump past 10 years until Horus becomes Warmaster. Though the question of whether the jump should cover the Heresy as well does come up.

>I like it as a Capstone Booster myself.
It as a capstone booster means that all origins would probably have to be Space Marines.

Honestly if someone was going to do a Great Crusade jump then I think the origins should be
>Remembrancer as Drop-In
>Imperial Army
>Space Marine
>Lost Primarch

Though perhaps you could have being one of the Lost Primarchs as a capstone solely for the Space Marine origin.

>> No.54208037

Good saves me the extra step of having to remove my pants.

Yes we have a Diablo Jump. Its pretty poorly made.

>> No.54208062

>Or just GTFO of the US, where pretty much all the action takes place.
All the action we see, you mean. The world's still happening off camera - and we know via the Cerebro FX that there's mutant potential all over the planet, not just the US.

>> No.54208067

Where is it? I just skimmed the drive and didn't see it. Lots of people have been having trouble finding things on the drive lately. Wonder what's up with that.

>> No.54208088

normal problems with Google Drives, it's nothing new.

>> No.54208109

It's Diablo Hellfire or something like that. The excuse for making it was "Game Mechanics jump only, no story no lore nothing."

>> No.54208110

GDrive search engine gets overloaded. Its in the WIP folder because how painfully poor it is. Like we have a lot of meh jumps, mostly because quality can't really be controlled but, Diablo is pretty bad.

>> No.54208129

Well yeah, but the Tzeentch perks are already done anyway.

Personally I'm really looking forward to the cybernetics and psyker stuff.

>> No.54208137

Ah. I'll give it a pass then. Is anyone trying to fix it or make an actual jump for Diablo?

>> No.54208153

It has to be out and about for you to have it. If it's in storage, you won't have access to the hivemind benefits.

It'll be a while yet. If you just wanna meet some characters or be in that story, you can technically take art if you just don't alter the plot of FSN enough, since Hollow Ataraxia takes place a year after FSN.

No one. It's an OC class made to solve the quite common issue of Jumpers or companions who don't use weapons/magic primarily to fight have with not having a fitting class.

>> No.54208209

>We have a Diablo jump?
It's going to get remade soon, hopefully.
According to my notes, SJ is working on it.

>> No.54208217

Eclipse Phase has some memory-enhancing augments (Eidetic Memory, Mnemonic Enhancement) that can be picked up with the morph stipend.

>> No.54208244

It's someone else. The same guy who did PPC and Storm Hawks, apparently

>> No.54208257

If you go through the archives, someone talks about making a jump for it, there's even posts of perks / drawbacks, then suddenly silence and they are never heard from again. Many months later, the cycle begins anew.

The jump is cursed.

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