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It's all good edition

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may be rolling a phoenix sorc. in the future, looking for characters that are on fire, or glowing slightly

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Got a campaign coming up set in a vietnam war style setting, anything close to that would be great

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Sadly all I've got for fire themed... which seem odd.

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Got any techno-primitive characters?

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Does anyone have Arcane Archers? Or just cool Archers in general.

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Stop that

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Not a fan of reimaginings m80?

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Cool character designs though.

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/r/ing guys with snakes, preferably not super evil

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Need some cyborgs, the gnarlier, the better.

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I've been needing stuff like this, but more Merfolk pirate than literal shark.

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Anyone got Elven Druids?

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Badass orc ladies? Mebbe shamanic vibe, mebbe cyberpunk outlaw /r/ meluvulongtime

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Anybody got anything for a phoenix fire sorcerer?

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Do you have any well-armoured archer girls, /tg/? The heavier the armour, the better.

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only got a repost for you sorry

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Pretty nice still.

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Sand barioth armor. Nice.

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Anyone got some good art of young, female, Japanese cyberpunks? Need a character pic for my techie.

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Bat people please.

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I wish Dark 3's dragon form was this; I wouldn't even care about the wings clipping through armor.

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Drow? Preferably male but anything without giant tits is good enough.

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Anyone has any celestial, holy, or angelic orcs? Preferably rather bestial, but anything whatsoevef would be nice.

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These are terrific, especially number 3. I'm making an albino batferatu librarian character (who may or may not be eating all the visitors) and was struggling with the wings. Currently they're also his fingers, do you think separate arms break the (debatable) realism?

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I need medieval musclegirls! Preferably tall, strong humans or Half-Orcs with horns or tusks!{/spoiler]

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Generic request time because my google-fu is weak.

I need a helmed paladin with a bigass hammer. Nature themed if possible too.

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Half-orc from mortal online

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Looking for east asian women, preferably archers or other martial looks.

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Finally found my character's face

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people who aren't white are triggering to him

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>not wanting content that violates the source material is racist
Here is your (You), spend it wisely

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I need art of some some kind of Gravedigger-type fighter. Male, gothic, wielding a shovel as a weapon.

Sorry mate, not an archer but the closest I got


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I think boromirs character fits. Boromir tried to steal the ring of power, and we all know niggers like stealing things.

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I need that one fucking kenku samurai pictu, y'know, the one with the hat and the sword, because I can't seem to find it.

Please /tg/ I'm blind, bad at google, and my only hope.

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Also bad at English.

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Are you drunk?
Like seriously, are you really drunk? This is not an insult.

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Is this the place to ask for costume designs? Need ideas for setting building.

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Need normal fantasy characters, except they're drinking/drunk. I know it's a weird request.

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Not that weird, pal

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Normal fantasy is sort of subjective though, I guess. Hopefully at least one of these will do.

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Johnathan Jones?

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>Get that sorcerer shit outta here
>Excuse me I'm busy
>Wizard shield activate!
>Your magic only makes my staff stronger
>Keep at it and I'll shove this straight up your ass
>Now you need to stop
All these things in my mind from this image, why.

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I understood that reference.

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No warhammer but pretty damn nature based

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Anyone have more like this? The whole divine/ethereal arms is the shit I'm looking for to a T, but I don't even know how/where I'd search for something that specific.

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I also have this one

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Anyone have some mages? Preferably with masks?

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Can I get some F I E R C E ladies?

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Any dwarven clerics? I looked through my folders and I only found two.

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I absolutely adore this.

Requesting half-orc bards if possible.

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How do I steal the art of bestiary pdfs without the black background?

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It's not the best tool for it, but Paint 3D has a magic select action now that you can use to take the art out and put it against a plain background.

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Thanks my man.

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>reimagine black people as white people
>evil, problematic
>reimagine white people as black
>why dont you like diversity?

But seriously:
>>54113230 is great. Taking someone else's design, slapping a palette swap on it, saying it's a """re-imagining""" and writing off all criticism as bigotry is about the laziest, most gutless bullshit an artist can do. When professionals try to sell the same sort of thing, they stand a good chance of getting sued along with extreme public backlash. If an amateur internet artist does it under the guise of "diversifying" something, it's untouchable and all opponents are just triggered racists.

It's stupid and lazy. It's not interesting because it's the artistic equivalent of a video game re-skin being passed off as something original.

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Some characters' race is an integral part of their story, some not. Luke Cage made white would make zero sense, but Daredevil made not-white would hold up, so long as he was still catholic. The issue also is that whitewashing and blackwashing are not equivalent because historically there were few to no PoC main characters, and that has never been true of white folk. White characters individually are not a problem, but the trend of only white characters is. Majority PoC characters wouldn't make much sense, since white peeps are still majority (or most populous, if you want to get technical) but fictional characters don't even come close to real world racial breakdown. Again, not a problem on an individual level, white MCs are super, but as a trend kinda not cool

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Looking for pics of modern era military women.

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>White characters individually are not a problem, but the trend of only white characters is.

Historically, white people have more agency. All cultures and races have done cool stuff, but it's undeniable that whites did the most, from going to the moon to conquering everyone else.

In games, PCs also usually have more agency than NPCs. So it's logical that most PCs are white.

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I think that changing Boromir to be black/asian would be dumb as fuck even if I am a huge SJW, but

>Boromir tried to steal the ring of power, and we all know niggers like stealing things.

If the only thing about Boromir's character you got out of LotR is "durr he liked stealing" then go fuck yourself with a ten foot long unsanded wooden dildo you scumfuck pile of shit salsa

Boromir was a fuckin hero, so what if he fell to the ring's lure, greater men than him have succumbed as well and in the end he died a hero's death atoning for his mistake

go fuck yourself

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>whitewashing and blackwashing are not equivalent

They are equivalent. This idea that simply because black people have been more oppressed and exploited that identical actions taken against whites is somehow not prejudicial, discriminatory, or marginalizing is the result of petty revenge schemes. Is nigger a worse word than cracker? Yes, absolutely and inarguable. Does that make it 100% okay to call white people crackers? No, turns out it doesn't, it's still racial discrimination.

If you want to get off into the weeds, less than 15% of the U.S. population has ever been black, so nearly 90% of characters being other-than-black is perfectly acceptable as it is purely representative of the population as it actually is. Even taking into account all minorities, whites have made up over 70% of the U.S. population for it's entire history (unless you're the kind of bigoted idiot that thinks the white descendants of white, European immigrants to Hispanic/Latino countries are now magically not white simply because they aren't from the U.S. or Canada), so it still falls pretty much in line with what we're seeing today. If you want pure parity of representation, you have to accept that such a thing doesn't actually represent reality at all.

Regardless, whether or not it's an integral part of the story doesn't matter: when a character gets white washed, it's intrinsically wrong and bad because every minority is allowed to have their race be a fundamental component of their character. Every time you whitewash, you are reducing a character. Because it's "problematic" to identify as white, it's automatically impossible to reduce a white character by blackwashing them.

It's all just self-centered, me vs. them tribalism stupidity.

The argument you're making is that the person who punched you in the face didn't even commit a violent action simply because the you shot him back, which is asinine and ignores all forms of rationality and sense.

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boromir was a shitlord, to be honest, he deserves to be the white guy, and everyone else should get blacked, this is the future, white bois are dead

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>Is nigger a worse word than cracker? Yes, absolutely and inarguable. Does that make it 100% okay to call white people crackers? No, turns out it doesn't, it's still racial discrimination.

Holy shit thank you for actually understanding this point. I'm a lefty faggot who believes in shit like nonbinary gender and privilege, but like this is an idea that people around me constantly seem to be completely fucking unable to grasp.

Like, yes, I absolutely think that racism towards blacks (and other minorities) is much more of a pressing and prevalent social issue than racism towards whites (or sexism towards men, or whatever), but people seem to think that means that racism towards whites or sexism towards men just don't exist, and that they're absolved of any responsibility to call it out or condemn it when they see it. It doesn't exactly take much time or effort to tell some "die cis scum" Tumblrinas to fuck off, but people are like "oh it's ok they're discriminated against so they get to be as combative and prejudiced as they want" which is total bullshit

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>Absolutely and inarguable
Words have as much power as you give them anon

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>I'm a lefty faggot
out, no questions asked just leave

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>I believe in priviledge
haha oh wow

what a dumb American

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Holy shit a reasonable lefty? It's like I'm looking at a fucking unicorn. Thank you for existing.

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ITT: Newfags who think 4chan has always defined itself by political alignment instead of being a vaguely nerdy online counterculture that prides itself on freedom of expression

Now go, take a fire hose, shove it up your rectum, and inject your colon with industrial quantities of whale semen you shitgargling dick monsters

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itt: newfag that doesn't know Moot always said this place isn't a bastion of freedom, and it was never about freedom of speech and expression

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Oh boy you really got me there, you called me a newfag and erased 7+ years of posting history

calling me a newfag only works if it's true you smegma-stained turd cactus

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Yeah, just like you did to me. Retard.

>7+ years
Oh, you came with the eternal summer? Good job ousting yourself as one on your own by the way.

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>Yeah, just like you did to me. Retard.

You fucking think that 4chan hasn't always been about being able to call whoever you want a colossal faggot without a mod banning you for "impolite language" or them being able to get their fuckhole little friends to le downvote you so they don't have to look at someone being a big meanie to them.

You might not be a newfag but you sure as hell are being intentionally obtuse

>Oh, you came with the eternal summer?

Aww, it's ok buddy, I know they never taught you what the plus sign means in your special-ed classes so I'll spell it out for you.

7+ can mean 7, it can mean 10, it can even mean 100. If I had said "I've been posting for 7 years" you'd be absolutely right, but I didn't so you can go shove it up your ass

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This guy gets it. This whole 'die commie scum' thing belongs on /pol/ and maybe /b/, but not /tg/.

>> No.54138958

>7+ can mean 7, it can mean 10, it can even mean 100. If I had said "I've been posting for 7 years" you'd be absolutely right, but I didn't so you can go shove it up your ass
Yeah, but in your case, it literally meant 7.

Don't deny it. We all do the same with the year we came here. Nobody who has been +7 years here would say "+3". Why would he, when he can say +7? You do realize you came in the second wave of biggest idiots that plastered this website right?

In fact, in retrospective, I would call the eternal summer Reddit's first expedition into the chans, considering a year later the full blown invasion occurred.

You will always be the cancer on this website, newfaggot. Your entire existence in this website is merely because mods stopped doing their job EXACTLY around the time you fucking came here.

>You fucking think that 4chan hasn't always been about being able to call whoever you want a colossal faggot without a mod banning you for "impolite language" or them being able to get their fuckhole little friends to le downvote you so they don't have to look at someone being a big meanie to them.
A mod would ban you for whatever fucking reason he wanted to back in the golden ages of this website, before you even came along, newfaggot.

And the bans weren't 3 days long like they are today, they were month-wide, and if they were feeling like it, they would make it a permanent. Or for fun they would put your ban for a 100 years. And yes, they do sometimes banned you for racism. As a joke.

Not that you would know of course, because when you came along this website was in the gutter already.

You are the worst type of faggot in this thread. A retard that thinks because he has been here 7 years he is old and above the rest. Yes, you are above most of the newfags that have been here for a few months. But there are some of us that still haven't left this cuck shithole.

So shut your whore mouth, child. You aren't an oldfag and never will be.

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not that anon but you're a colossal faggot. Stop trying to glamorize the past of this shithole mongolian pottery forum.

>> No.54139195

>not that anon but you're a colossal faggot.
Yeah, if you had seen images of pre 2009 times, it shouldn't surprise you that we weren't huge faggots. But we owned it up.
I know
Makes me cringe even to myself.

So, let's post character arts?

>> No.54139324

>If you had seen images of pre 2009 times
>If you listen to the music in the 70s it's so much better!!

No, fuck off. You're looking back at those years and only seeing the highlights and not the garbage cringe content you and everyone else posted 90% of the time, same as today. It's always been the same, anon. There's always been a reddit or tumblr or whatever hellscape other site we're going to find and vilify in the next five years. Stop thinking this place ever changes. It doesn't.

Summer doesn't exist.

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So I post two character redesigns from some random artists and you get mad because of race, then I post another redesign that has no apparent racial redesign and you get mad over race. For fuck's sake, is that all you think about?

And it ain't a videogame reskin, their outfits and equipment are also redesigned. For fun, not a damned political statement.

I can't speak for those that have hurt your dainty feelings in the past, but I have no problem with you reimagining anything as anything. White black green I don't care; just post art others can use. And this art in this thread changes nothing. Not LotR, not your kultur, not your white pride or whatever you are: It just might maybe be useful to some random anon looking to make a character. That is IT.

I don't give a shit about anything but the design and considering the purpose of this thread (inspiration, not political soapboxing) and neither should you. This ain't the place for that. So take your victim complex and your culture war back to your god damned containment board and choke to death on it.

>> No.54139379

>summer doesn't exist
Duh, Einstein. That's why we called the 2010 backlash The ETERNAL summer. Everyday is summer, dumbass.

Every single day is shit now.

>> No.54139433

You can make it less shit. Lets stop feeding them.

>> No.54139474

fine fine

>> No.54139481

You're contributing to it right now. Why do you think you're a good poster if you're adding to a fucking political conversation in a character thread, holy shit. Who the fuck cares if some asshole on /tg/ swings left wing, just shut the fuck up and post character art.

>> No.54139531

Can we actually get more ethnic/nonwhite character art in here? I've only got like 2-3 and I'd like to have some variation and options. Black, native american, asian are all appreciated. Hindu/Vedic mystical shit would be fantastic since I've got 0 of that.

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Pretty much all I got.

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image limit reached kek

>> No.54139622

anyone got any noble/victorian/bloodborne looking humans with claw hands? kinda like in pic related but with a different looking dude

>> No.54139673


Trips for a new thread.

>> No.54139680

Yes, I've got plenty of noble sorta Victorian looking character art. With claw hands specifically? Not sure. I'll check next thread. Yikes.

>It's all good edition
Something we must try harder to aspire to.

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