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Last Thread: >>54086130


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

Thread Question:
What is your favorite underplayed land cards?

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Just gonna post this card

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BG Glissa, or Damia, or Hanna? Which one to choose?

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Whichever one you have more cards for

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Depends on what do you want to play and how. Hanna is god tier, but obviously very different from the other two. Glissa has more potential for recursion and can chain insanely well, but you have to rely on different cards for enchantment recursion.
Damia is just a second Necropotence and the decks are usually way different from Hanna and Glissa decks.

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>point on the doll where the Feast and Famine touched you

But really it is a cool card. Shame that the foil is ~$40

Pic related is sorta popular so I guess kjeldoran outpost is my second land

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I wanted something very different from Jhoira, currently considering these 3. There are some cEDH or semi competitive players around here, so I don't want to build jank. They all look powerful enough though.

It boils down to which one is the most fun and interesting to play. I'm leening towards Glissa, but not sure yet.

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check out this list I made, feel free to suggest cards

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I love this for marchesa. Another friend runs it for ashling

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Should I build an Archangel Avacyn deck or Aurelia, the Warleader. I want to fit a very decent amount of iconic angels in it but don't really want to commit to full tribal..

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What's the spiciest tech for The Locust God?

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Avacyn has flash + boardwipe potential/momentary protection built into her. My vote is for her b/c of her versatility

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Good idea. I can also run things like Gorgons head and basalisk collar when she flips so I gain lots of life and destroy all their creatures. Maybe stoneforge to search it up?

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putting a basilisk collar on her before she transforms (it doesn't fall off during transformation b/c she never leaves play) is also particularly spicy

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stoneforge mystic, stonehewer giant, steelshaper's gift, quest for the holy relic (lol), don't forget Godo

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Haha, you seem to have forgotten the Discord, OP! Did you want the thread to get shit up on purpose?

>/tg/ EDH General Discord

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I wanna make a fun Golgari deck but not with Meren or Gitgud Frog, any recommendations?

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Hapatra or Jarad.

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Pick Gitgone or pick not Golgari

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Need some help here.

My opponent casts Time Warp.

I cast Reverberate and copy it.

I want to know exactly what happens here, heres some examples of what i think that happens.

A: My opponent gets an extra turn after his current turn, then i get my extra turn and then get my normal turn. so we both take consecutive turns.

B: My extra turn resolves first and comes after this turn, then his extra turn resolves and comes after my extra turn. So basically nothing happens, no one takes consecutive turns at all.

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This. Hapatra is the most fun you can have in GB. She flies under the radar until you have a dozen deathtouch snakes, and after that it's super hard for people to hit you on the ground. Also, even if her combo potential is lower than Meren or Gitgud, she can still pull out surprise wins with Persist combos or Bloatfly Infestation

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Turn order is Him You Whoever Else.
Reverberate goes on the stack and resolves.
Turn order is Him You You Whoever Else.
Time Warp resolves.
Turn order is Him Him You You Whoever Else.

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Hey, I asked this a few threads ago but it was near the end of its life so I'll ask again here. I want to make an Abzan control deck and I'm not sure who I should make the commander. I'm currently considering Ravos/Tymna and Ikra or Anafenza.

Any input on that would be appreciated as well as any cool stuff I could throw in.

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anafenza is great for control because she hoses a ton of graveyard decks. It really limits their resources which allows you to control the board better.

Also goes well with hatebears.

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Anafenza or possibly Doran.

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doran to fuck with buff fags

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Well, Hanna and Glissa are entirely different colours, so it obviouly affects a lot. Still, Hanna isn't particularly interesting, although I've been extremely satisfied with her. Glissa was my first deck, but it was awful, although she's more interesting. I prefer the versatility and the good value Hanna gives, not to mention the good shit that comes with the colours. I'm a absolute sucker for Standstill.
Mostly, I love enchantments, more than artifacts, so I obviously prefer recursion that can get both. Not to mention, that BG has way worse synergy with both permanent types, aside from the couple cards that allow you to draw cards when you cast enchantments.

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Anafenza hoses creature graveyard recursion right out of bat. Ruins stuff like Mike+Trike, or any Saffi combo.

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Please esper spirits

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Hypothetically, lets say your group wanted to have a game of commander without the traditional "commander tax" mechanic, but was willing to make a create a new rule in it's place. Which of these alternative rules would you most enjoy?

>Your commander has an additional cost of 5 life for each time it's been cast before this game.
>Your commander has an additional cost of discarding two cards for each time it's been cast before this game.
>Your commander has an additional cost of exiling the top 10 cards of your deck for each time it's been cast before this game.
>Something else entirely

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Place your bets on the other 4

>GB Elves
>UR Wizards
>W Soldiers

I would love to see 5c Elementals get more love, but I don't see WOTC doing more than 1 5c/4c tribe in this.

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First one rewards Lifegain decks
Second one rewards self mill decks
Last one is the "fairest" but I personally wouldn't play it.

About the only other thing I can think of is maybe extending Summoning sickness or something, but that doesn't sound too fun either.

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The only one I can see being remotely usable of those three is the exile and even that's a stretch.

The problem with the other 2 is you can build decks to completely exploit them. Life loss means nothing to a commander like Oloro. I WANT everyone to discard cards if I'm playing Nath of the Gilt Leaf or Neheb.

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*other 3
Sorry I'm retarded

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The extra turn that comes first is given to a player that's spell or ability that gives them was the most recent to resolve, so if you copy their spell, your resolves first and their afterwards, so they get the turn first, then you.
Resolving extra turns is like resolving a stack but in original order.

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Each of those is abusable. Current one is best if compared to yours

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>I WANT everyone to discard cards if I'm playing Nath of the Gilt Leaf or Neheb.
To be fair, I want my opponents to have to spend extra mana to recast their commanders, too. In that specific example, I think the discard would come across as a stax-esque effect if you're playing Nath or Neheb.
If any commander would be broken with the discard rule, it would something like Zegana.

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Prossh, Jeleva, and Marath.

>> No.54108755

>implying 2 of the three of those commanders shouldn't be banned off the face of the earth

>> No.54108783

>implying Jeleva should be banned just because Grixis Storm is a thing

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Hook me up with that 5color sliver tribal senpai.

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Why is this allowed?

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Because that's what glory looks like

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Brewing up a W/B hatebear + ETB abuse deck that I want to feel stax-ish.

I've been a Black autist for a while, so I know my Black ETB's. I'm struggling to find good White ones. Besides the obvious recursion creature package (Sun Titan, Reveillark, Karmic Guide, et al), I've got Seht's Tiger, Wall of Omens, Ranger of Eos, Thalia's Lancers, Knight of the White Orchid and Wingmate Roc.

Ideas? Bonus points if it's a particularily hateful effect

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You may not like it, but this is what peak glory looks like.

>> No.54109292

Athreos as commander and Panharmonicon and try destroy your opponents hand with as much ETB Discard Thoughtseize effects as possible?

>> No.54109315

because red sux

>> No.54109366

Pretty much. Ravenous Rats, Lili's Specter, Gray Merchant, Fleshbag/Merciless (and others) have all been homies for a long time.

And I'm thinking Obzedat as the commander instead of Athreos, cause my meta is a bit durdley at times, so I believe a 5/5 beatstick will go a long way

>> No.54109411

Athreos is good if you want to make your enemies life miserable but its a bit slow.

Obzedat is a good beat stick too

Or you can go for Karlov and add some lifegain ETB's into the mix and kill players in one fell swoop with a gigantic 20/20 ghost that nukes key threats.

>> No.54109482

probably the 3-mana teysa, if for nothing else then additional token generation for smokestack or whatever

my favorite recursion/etb shenanigan cards in white are

Gift of Immortality
Yosei, the Morning Star
Ashen Rider (don't bother unless you can cheat him out)
Angel of Serenity

maybe World Queller for staxing

you're also in the colors to do the upcoming Bitterheart Witch + Overwhelming Splendor combo

>> No.54109485

Tidehollow Sculler, Fiend Hunter, & Leonin Relic-Warder all have their abilities printed in the old O-ring format and are abuse-able. Containment Priest fucks over cheating creatures into play and is an alternate way to abuse o-ring/banishing light's "return" ability. Grand Abolisher is probably the king of nonlegend hatebears desu

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this can help recycle your creature ETBs, Sin Collector is another card worth looking at

>> No.54109766

Gains suspend X where X is the number of times its been cast before? Too easy to abuse?

>> No.54110076

suspend can be taken advantage of. obliterate a turn before my commander comes in, ez modu.

the best idea would be to have a turn cooldown. it dies, you cant cast it until after your next turn. increase the turns by one turn from here on out per time.

>> No.54110083

Those all promote certain archetypes. Discard is a boon to reanimator and madness, lifegain decks like kokusho would be happy to pay life. Labman wants to exile his library.

Mana cost from the command zone is the hardest thing in magic to cheat with, and is the best solution.

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Red Sakiko?

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Neheb is much, much better.

>> No.54110165

Green is much, much better.

>> No.54110196

You aren't wrong, but mana based off of life lost is much more preferable to mana based off of combat damage.

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Alright Anafenza it is then, anyone have some cool stuff I can throw in?

I'm going to be including Dark Depths and a few ways to cheat it as a finisher and the Elesh Norn + animating lands as another. I'm thinking I might want to add at least 1 combo to win or possibly an equip package to suit up Anafenza if I need to.

>> No.54110723

If I play Kaalia of the Vast, am I "that guy"?

>> No.54110769

Deck strat is linear and predictable. Unless your normal table is ultra casual I can't imagine this being a problem. Unless you just have some sort of horrible dragon fetish like Seto Kaiba and can't stop yourself from humping the table.

>> No.54111006

How can I into tempo?

>> No.54111013

Hey now. He could have an angel fetish and get shitty anime alters.

>> No.54111044

You're correct sir. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

>> No.54111066

>Turn 5 this guy.
>Turn 6 earthquake for 5, gain 5 X (number of opponents) red mana, cast comet storm

>> No.54111199

fast mana lul

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>Abhorrent Overlord sacrifice trigger saccing himself
>Sheoldred trigger bringing him back during the same upkeep
>Saccing the harpies to Attrition

It's been to long since I've enjoyed mono black

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if you mean pic related

kaalia is literally half angel, demon, dragon human AND became a cleric. you cant get much more donut steel than that.

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Ordered my new custom sleeves.

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you better be morph and trap tribal nigga.

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Heart of the fucking cards.

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So I decided my next deck is going to be WUBG activated abilities tribal. Help me brainstorm /tg/?

The Commander is Kydele/Ravos.

What are some solid cards in that context?

Kydele goes infinite with Umbral Mantle real easy

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Forgot pic

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Does she have hetero-chrome?

>> No.54111478

eyes whited, but probably did at some point in her long, excruciatingly cliche backstory.

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"Kaalia of the Vast alone holds the forces of Angels, Dragons, and Demons within the palm of her hand. Watch her toss each bone-crushing creature onto the battlefield with merciless glee while your horrified enemies are sliced, diced, and then deep-fried."

No, they're whited out, but she has two different kinds of wings.

>> No.54111580

the back wing looks like a different color so on a small card it makes me think demon wing. although her dragon wings are half black.

>> No.54111590

Dark Impostor
Havengul Lich
Illusionist's Bracers
Magewright's Stone
Necrotic Ooze
Quicksilver Elemental
Rings of Brighthearth
Skill Borrower
Thousand-Year Elixir
Training Grounds

If you're doing artifacts too:
Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient
Myr Welder

>> No.54111593

Getting ready to pull the trigger on ordering this pile of cards for The Scarab God. I still have a lot of cutting to do, but all of the expensive beasties are going in, so I may as well do some playtesting with the little fiddley-zombies to decide what makes the final version. Before I order, and good tech I've missed?

>> No.54111624

>Sheoldred trigger bringing him back during the same upkeep

You can't do that though. You choose targets when the ability goes on the stack, not when it resolves.

>> No.54111799

I don't hate this / 10

>> No.54111827

you dont need zombie tribal, but some zombie support is okay like boneknitter cause tokens. ideally you should be milling, killing, and countering, then take the beststuff.

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Shit well at least you saved me from goofing in front of people rather than just /edh/ and my tappedout, I've played about 3 games since probably December, a lot of college kids are at my LGS store now so I'm getting back into commander, guess I need to read how the stack works again

>tfw you're wrong on the internet

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Does anyone know if this will retrigger if you play a card that gives you additional combat + main phase?

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yes, seize the day will allow triple dipping of neheb, you monster.

>> No.54111952

It won't because it isn't adding another post-combat main phase, it's just adding another main phase that happens in between combats.

>> No.54111972

Or I guess I'm wrong.

>> No.54111990

I asked the question. I went and looked up the rules. It works. Every main phase beyond the first is referred to as postcombat.

>505.1a Only the first main phase of the turn is a precombat main phase. All other main phases are postcombat main phases. This includes the second main phase of a turn in which the combat phase has been skipped. It is also true of a turn in which an effect has caused an additional combat phase and an additional main phase to be created.

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>> No.54112308

>she flies under the radar
If she flies under the radar in your group then your group is fucking terrible
She is a god damn immediate threat
Her being only 2 mana is even scarier

>> No.54112351


"Easiest" infinite combo is Saffi+Sun Titan+Blasting Station.

>> No.54112642

You're thinking too small anon.
Turn 5 this guy, turn 6 Heartless Hidetsugu and equip the Swiftfoot/Lightning boots you laid down earlier.
Then either Comet Storm for 50-something, or drop a Spawnsire of Ulamog and put all 5 legal Eldrazi Titans into play from your sideboard.

>> No.54112797

The Scarab God is FUN
It's weird having a Dimir commander that actually tries to win the damn game instead of lurking back doing nothing but say "NO" to whatever card may advance the board state.

>> No.54113372

he fits alot of playstyles and hard counters reanimation. counter/kill and stax come to mind.

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itt: cards that should have been commanders

>> No.54113691

Accurate. Temmet can get away with "flies under the radar", not the snake factory that is fucking Hapatra.

>> No.54113705

Soooo, what's on everyone's wishlist for C17?

We know we have dragons, but any guesses as to the other tribes? I have a hunch Merfolk will be one. They've been one of the most popular across many formats. Also, based on the Ixilan leaks, I see a lot of Standard Merfolk additions on the horizon.

I know it is a long shot but I really, really would like to see a new Sultai Elf or Faerie legend (since Leovold got banned). I want to turn my Edric deck into Sultai rogues, but there's just no commander that fits the bill.

>> No.54113738

Hey fa/tg/uys, I'm an almost completely new player who realized after playing shittons of Shadowverse that MTG exsisted. I love playing all sorts of other Traditional Games and played MTG as a child many years ago.

Anyway, I downloaded the Magic duels app thing ande have fiddled around a bit, I think I like blue and white the most right now as far as colors are concerned. The app has nothing like commander but I've read that it's the cheapest.

How do I get into commander? Whats a good cheap way to start playing casually?

>> No.54113887

One theory is that they're only doing four tribes because they'll all be 5c, which would make Slivers very likely. Other options include Elementals, Spirits, and Humans. Some people are even thinking a five color Eternal Pilgrim, the Eldrazi worshipping cult, to allow for playing cards like World Breaker or Eldrazi Dispacer in a tribal Eldrazi deck.

>> No.54113893

Buy a Commander precon of an archetype that appeals to you. They're the best mass-market preconstructed product Wizards offers, barring a couple stinkers out of the box. We're in a weird place right now as Commander 2016 supplies are a bit more iffy than usual and we're not yet at C17 release (theme this year is tribal, and we only know one of the four tribes is Dragons thanks to leaks), but C13, 14 and 15 decks can be obtained with relative ease and there's a Commander Anthology out right now with four decks taken from the first four years of Commander decks that's a solid pickup too if you like variety and have the cash for that/don't mind selling off the decks you don't like once you have them.

The only bad thing is Commander hasn't done allied color pairings yet, so there's no WB deck to just point you towards. Evasive Maneuvers isn't a bad choice to dick around with nasty bird wizard, it's probably closest to the kind of controlling gameplay you're probably fond of playing in Duels.

Oh, and don't sink any actual money into Duels, it's getting abandoned.

>> No.54113910

Grim-Grin already fit the bill, but it's nice to have options.

>> No.54113937

I think dragons will be the only 5c, the rest will be 2 color that take advantage of of both "class" and "race" tribal (like merfolk wizards)

That's my best guess, though I am damn sure they won't make more than one 5c deck.

>> No.54114002

We're getting a Merfolk vs. Goblins duel deck this fall as well, so I'd be very surprised if either of those tribes is in C17. Elves are also unlikely since there's already an Elf tribal Commander precon, and it just got a reprint to boot.

If they're all 5-colour, I would guess Elementals as one. Probably not Spirits unless O-Kagachi is in both, which I don't think they've ever done so unlikely. Zombies, maybe? We now have white zombies on Amonkhet, blue zombies on Innistrad, green zombies on Ravnica, and red zombies on Grixis and Theros.
We could also get at least one Class based tribal rather than Race, so something like Wizards or Knights or Soldiers.

>> No.54114071

Thanks anon. You are the best.

>> No.54114386

i guess. it would make sense for yugi to be mono b than bloo, but i was guessing ub/* for more traps, morphs, and miracles to suit the ygo playstyle.

>> No.54114434


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stupid fucking device

>> No.54114477


My friend uses her. It's a fucking gatling of -1/-1's and those fucking snakes.

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>> No.54114907

Don't pick up the 2015 Red/White "Wade Into Battle" unless you're looking for a challenge. Literally all of the others from that set can perform better out of the box.

>> No.54115028
File: 62 KB, 640x499, 1475984273984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Summon Legend

>> No.54115035


>> No.54115052

we're all edh guy why give yourself that name

>> No.54115068

Yes, sorry, i'm a huge faggot who loves sucking giant cocks

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>Buy/put together a new EDH deck every month
>Get bored after 2-3 sessions with it
>Have done this countless times over the past 4 years
How the FUCK can I not find ONE deck that doesn't make me want to kill myself after only playing it a couple of times...

>> No.54115118

Ah, the true spirit of EDH.

>> No.54115135

Try to figure out what you actually like doing.
Me, I'm all about synergy. I love card interactions.
My brother, he loves value, card advantage and that kind of stuff.
Our friend, he's a number guy, he loves to swing huge amounts of damage.

Find what you truly love and build around it.

>> No.54115162

he banned

>> No.54115239

Did you just assume my edh gender?

>> No.54115540

>Mardu Vampires or Angels.
>Esper Merfolk
>Abzan Elves
I would also like a new Commander land, like a fetchland that fetches a Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain or Forest card if there's a card in your command zone. Or a filterland that gives you two colors in your commander's color identity for 1.
And basic fucking reprints they keep avoiding like Capsize, Forbid, Diabolic Edict, Mystic Remora, Skyshroud Claim, Wild Growth, Rhystic Study and Tainted Pact. I'm tired of playing with cards so old and worn they feel like they're made of toilet paper and you can't quite find 20 year old 50c commons Near Mint anymore. Even SCG's NM feels like greasy shit with such old cards.

But to tell the truth I expect the other three tribes to be Eldrazi, Humans and Zombies so they can fill the decks with post M15 shit that doesn't need a reprint instead.

>> No.54115561

Stop being such a faggot.

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>this is banned

>this isn't

>> No.54115649

It's not even out yet, also MonoR was always cucked so a powerful card in a pile of shit cards doesn't really do anything, Rofellos is a really powerful card in a really powerful color

>> No.54115686
File: 187 KB, 394x432, 1497675417260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can't see the difference between those two cards and why one is banned and the other isn't, then you're a fool.
That said, I'm really excited to play with Neheb

>> No.54115799
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 7555f843a1918f0dff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was the fucking point.

And cards like Metalworker or Cradle are perfectly fine.

>> No.54115873

>Paying three mana to get RRR
>After you played a do nothing paperweight of a commander for 5 and it somehow survived.
Is Neheb a meme?

>> No.54115922

Cradle and Metalworker aren't in your starting hand 100% of the time and recastable as much as you want each time they get removed

>> No.54116882
File: 41 KB, 640x539, 19248076_1984485878490606_4121331491156830693_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /devilish/ here?

>One girl in my playgroup is obsessed with winning only instead of having fun (she only uses OP tekken characters and OP dark souls builds, and she plays Prossh)
>Make a secret deal with a friend
>He plays aggro and I play control
>We always murder and make the match miserable for her first
>But we still exile and destroy eachother's stuff occasionally so it's not too obvious
>This girl always cries all the time when she dies IF I HAD ONE MORE TURN I WOULD'VE KILLED YOU, YOU COULDN'T HAVE DONE ANYTHING

>> No.54117051

No, I purposely took it out cause discord is cancer.

>> No.54117052

kingmaking and metagaming are literally the most cancerous thing in any meta.

Politics is good, but politics begins when you draw 7 and ends when your life total is 0. If you're playing politics outside of that you can fuck off.

>> No.54117063

i literally cannot wait to build this deck

>> No.54117084

Just build Sakiko. Monogreen ramp will probably be massively better than monored ramp regadless of Neheb.

>> No.54117095

I see nothing wrong with focussing the most dangerous deck/commander first, i play Prossh and as a Prossh player i'm fully aware of how dangerous and strong my commander is. Don't cry about getting focussed if you play cutthroat decks

>> No.54117113

but mono green is boring as fuck

>> No.54117118
File: 18 KB, 510x430, 1461681478722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Anon, if you destroy my threatening permanent X I'll spend every remaining match this evening only going after you"
>mfw my playgroup actually have people like this

>> No.54117132

You clearly never played monogreen done right

>> No.54117133

What do you expect monored ramp to get you in terms of fun plays over monogreen ramp?

>> No.54117134


>> No.54117154

i do that but its only when someone is being a turbro fag. like if i miss 4 land drops in a row and you strip mine one of my 3 lands im pulling out zada or skittles and suiciding you the rest of the night

>> No.54117174


>> No.54117266


There's something about magic that destroys friendships, like blowing up lands and leaving someone to die or fucking up the most important part of their gameplan

>> No.54117295

They aren't focussing a powerful player they're colluding to ensure she loses no matter what.
That's not good practice, you should be playing to win, not playing so someone else loses.

>> No.54117312


Dude her deck is strong as fuck, if we don't do that somebody is going to get slaughtered on turn 6 and wait for another 40 minutes until the game ends.

>> No.54117339

>they're colluding to ensure she loses no matter what.
That's quite literally focussing a player so she's out of the game first

>> No.54117406

I still can't figure out why the hell Malignus isn't legndary.

>> No.54117420

Because ti would one-shot people

>> No.54117434

Is there a way to upgrade Saskia that's not Infect?

If I were to build a Queen Marchesa deck and make it Conspiracy themed would it be stupid?

Should I build an original Selvala or Take the Crown Selvala? Or is it better to just put the new one in the 99 and keep OG as the Commander?

>> No.54117454
File: 71 KB, 312x445, 81.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine Combing and effect such as Cataclysm or Razia's Purification with Legion's Initiative or Eerie Interlude. You'd generate mountains of salt that way.

>> No.54117500

my saskia deck is just hate bears

>> No.54117520

>five sets on innistrad
>still no runo stromkirk or edgar markov

Come on wizards, give me my rakdos/mardu vampire commander that actually does something for vampires.

>> No.54117539

Anyone got good mass blink cards other than Eerie Interlude and Legion's Initiative?

>> No.54117565

Fuck the whiteknights anon, there is literally nothing wrong in taking pleasure from tryhard spikes getting angry.

>> No.54117711
File: 63 KB, 312x445, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks like Ghostway is the only other card that does this.

>> No.54117730

Parallax Wave

>> No.54117771
File: 60 KB, 312x445, eerieinterlude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this one more

>> No.54117775

There are a lot of good blink cards if you don't count blinking your entire board

Ghostly Flicker
Vanish Into Memory
Vizier of Deferment
Astral Slide

Parallax Wave might be the GOAT, especially if you have an Auramancer in play to flicker

>> No.54117792

Eerie interlude?

>> No.54117802

Disregard this, didn't see it mentioned already

>> No.54117804

GOAT? What's that?

>> No.54117819
File: 64 KB, 312x445, 38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This would be cheekey if I had ways to cast it without suspending it, or removing its suspend counters.

>> No.54117834

Means that its the greatest of all time combo card with Springjack Shepherd

>> No.54117859


>literally nothing wrong with secretly being on a team in a free for all game


>> No.54117903
File: 59 KB, 312x445, Mana Vortex_DK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being a big baby
I can understand being salty in that situation, but man, you're just a fag yourself for being extra mad rest of the evening.
Besides, it's usually best option to strip mine a manascrewed guy than a dude that sits on 20 lands, none of them being worth stripmining.
Hell, best possible option with my Hanna is to get early artifact mana and T2 or T3 casting Mana Vortex. Especially fun because there's always a retard that will play a land either way because they think that they can somehow race the thing.

>> No.54117904

Yeah, let's not focus Prossh. Great idea.

>> No.54117986


Idk man maybe that's reasonable

it just seems shady that you would make a "secret deal with your friend" to make another player "lose and be miserable"

>> No.54117990

>literally nothing wrong with just let the strongest deck with OP commander have a free win


>> No.54118010

How does this work with miracle cards?

>> No.54118011


That's some awesome mental gymnastics there, you are a real pro

>can't beat literal ever, 0% chance of winning, without cheating

Real good look

>> No.54118033

Dude it's a free4all, that means that alliances are gonna form no matter what to bring down the strongest player, that's not cheating that's playing the motherfucking politics game

>> No.54118048

>focusing someone in free for all format

Holy fuck, not even that guy but you are retarded.

>> No.54118056


I think if you make a deal before the game to collude that's against the rules of a free for all game. Would people want to play with you if they knew it was 2v1v1 instead of 1v1v1v1?

>> No.54118071

Why does it bug your autism so much to see it in the OP? It's going right back in next OP yet you insist on bitching about it every thread and trying to sneak an altered OP once a week or so.

>> No.54118076

Are you one of those people that cry "1v1 ME MATE" when they get killed in a team focused game?

>> No.54118084


They make a deal before the game to team up, that's way different from just focusing on whoever is the scariest

>> No.54118093

>wow it took 2 of you to kill me

>> No.54118102

>enter multiplayer tournament
>before entering, make deal with other player to split the cash if either wins and team up to ensure one of you wins

Is that not cheating? How is this different?

>> No.54118108
File: 627 KB, 1597x1600, 562[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's subtle. It's seasoned with little things, like the person being a girl, "OP dark souls builds", etc.

>> No.54118122

>I think if you make a deal before the game to collude that's against the rules of a free for all game
>rules of a free for all game

Also it seems quite obvious to me that they made a deal because the extremely cutthroat deck she played already beat them, are they not allowed to know that the deck she plays is extremely cutthroat? If i see a person in my group bringing out a deck i know well that is cutthroat i'm gonna advise everyone to focus him and explain why, am i not allowed to do that?

>> No.54118123

It's not cheating as long as the rules of the tournament allow to do it. Simple as that.

>> No.54118130

>Politics is good, but politics begins when you draw 7 and ends when your life total is 0. If you're playing politics outside of that you can fuck off.

No it doesn't. Literally any politics article will talk about how the reputation you build in your meta is the basis of politics. Is this another "Anon makes up rules to define what he thinks is fair" episode?

>> No.54118146

>I'm being mocked so let's call someone's post a bait.

>> No.54118160

>tournament rules apply to casual games

Show me where it says collusion rule is applicable outside of tournament. For the record, they don't do multiplayer tournaments precisely because monitoring collusion would be impossible.

>> No.54118171

I've built a commander deck from scratch, it's pretty shoddy so far, it's Abzan Counters with Anafezna as my commander, but for the most part the cards are just stuff currently in standard I only started playing magic about a week before Kaladesh released, the 4 or so cards from Tarkir that I bought and a few MM3 fetch lands and signets. Are there any staples of commander decks that should be in absolutely every deck?

>> No.54118193

According to DCI floor rules, premeditated prize-sharing deals *are* cheating. However, no multiplayer format is sanctioned so people don't have to play by what the DCI would do.

>> No.54118195

>I'm being mocked

You're mistaken, that was my first post in the conversation. I'll give (You) this, though.

>> No.54118200


Right yeah, it's also not against the rules to take 1 hour per turn in a casual edh game, because the rules aren't that extensive

Does that make it not a shitty thing to do? Clearly there is a social contract involved in playing casual edh, I think the assumption that everybody is trying to win and there being no teams (it's not 2hg). Basically if this prossh player knew about the secret pact to defeat her, she would be inclined to team up as well. You're basically taking advantage of her good faith in your sportsmanship by doing this.

Now obviously if she wins every game because her deck is too net deck, competitive, etc, that's a breach of the social contract too, so sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

>> No.54118253

Sol Ring, signets, Chromatic Lanter for 3+ colored decks, green ramp like Cultivate and Kodama's Reach if you have green, efficent removal in your colors like PoE or Swords, wraths in your colors like WoG or Toxic Deluge, repeatable card draw in your colors like Phyrexian Arena.
As far as deckbuilding in commander it's a rule of thumb to include 35-38 lands, 8-12 ramp spells or mana producing non-land permanents 6-8 card draw cards possibly repeatable, 6-8 removal/counterspells possibly repeatable 3-4 wraths and the rest can be cards that make your main strategy or that support it. You could play as you want with these numbers, they're only to give you broad idea

>> No.54118255

I believe Conspiracy is (or was) DCI sanctioned FFA multiplayer. The only other DCI sanctioned multiplayer formats are team-vs.-team from the get-go.

>> No.54118282

Is hoping for 5 color slivers as one of the 3 unspoilered c2017 precons too optomistic? Ive been wanting to build that for a while but never pulled the trigger, also how are they to pilot and is the hate for them real or not so much?

>> No.54118285

There is no need of secret pacts to defeat her, any sane person focuses Prossh first, maybe unless Teferi is on the table. You are debating a non-issue here.

I'm with you if someone jwould be just focused for no reason other than being disliked, but playing a cEDH Prossh is more than enough on its own,

>> No.54118294


I think people hate sliver queen because her combos are so easy and anticlimactic. A regular old sliver deck shouldn't draw too much hate. Board wipes are good against you though, I just wouldn't necessarily call that hate

>> No.54118299

That sounds dank as fuck. Whatcha using?

>> No.54118312

How about exiling two cards from your hand for each casting after the first? It's not nearly as easy to abuse as discarding to the graveyard, or as exiling cards from your library. Would you exile 4 cards from your hand to cast your commander, how about 6, or more?

>> No.54118322

Yes, it was already discussed but basically Eldraze and Slivers make for horrible tribes for precons or new legends, they're "faceless mooks: the race" so giving them some legend outside the titans or already existing sliver legends would clash a lot with their design of anonymity
The last sliver legend was received pretty badly by the community for this exact reason

>> No.54118335

EDH didn't fell apart only because, if someone brings a T1 they can maybe be 3v1d before they win on turn 3. That's part of the free for all format.
And no person sane enough would team up with a Prossh player, this deck kills everyone at the same time.

>> No.54118353

Well, I'm pretty similar to your greentext. The difference is I usually still like my decks, I just feel compelled to jump to new shiny.

At least for me, Versatile decks -- ones that are like 60/40 Goodstuff/synergy -- last a good deal longer. Playing combo gets old pretty quickly because if you do it well it's just a matter of finding one of the routes to Your Win -- all the other puttering about doesn't matter, just hit that critical mass of tutors and go. Now, decks can have a combo in them without hitting that, but dedicated combo, that actually tries to win in a consistent manner? The novelty of comboing off soon wears thin. Similarly, I take little joy in going full bore on other strategies, like tribal, where the cards are almost fully interchangable since, once again, the deck self pilots and there's only so many times you can watch it do its thing before it gets old.

So the trick is to have a deck that can surprise you. Where it will play one way if you get certain cards, or another way if you get another set of cards. Let them overlap, so the purpose of cards in your deck is a nice little venn diagram with 3-6 circles all variously overlapping (and, ideally, your commander in the center of it). This way, when you go to the table, you don't exactly know what to expect out of your own deck because it is weird, complex, and random.

High impact, high variance, high interactivity "main" strategies are also best, because they won't play out the same way every time even when you get the 'right' cards for them. My Stax decks routinely get more plays-per-deck than most others because establishing with stax is a crazy rush that forces you to account for every permanent at the board at all times and has about a zillion decision points. I will still pull out red chaos cards like Grip of Chaos, Scrambleverse and Thieves' Auction (Protip: Confusion in the Ranks) long after I'm done with combo because they'll usually create unique game states.

>> No.54118359


Idk man like why would you play a game, i.e. For fun, where you secretly try to "make someone miserable"? I just don't get it. If they deserve it then why are you playing with them in the first place?

>> No.54118374

Do you know what a hyperbole is, anon?

>> No.54118388
File: 73 KB, 312x445, 211[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Board wipes are good against you though
You can prepare for that just a bit.

>> No.54118396

its about sending a message that dicking me over like that isnt ok. it takes a lot for me to just suicide someone like that but when someone is that big of an asshole you have to do something about it

>> No.54118406


Not sure what that changes

>> No.54118429
File: 13 KB, 137x147, prick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not him but why does it trigger your autism that it isnt there? you are the one who is currently sperging out that it was left out of the OP

>> No.54118434

He was exaggerating, if you read the whole story again i did't perceive that the girl was crying and desperately asking them to stop while they laughed maniacally and abused her, on the contrary it seems like she had fun too.
You're white knighting too hard to even notice that?

>> No.54118443

>Your commander has Suspend X, where its suspend cost is equal to its mana cost and where X is equal to (twice?) the number of times it's been put into the command zone

>> No.54118454

>A regular old sliver deck shouldn't draw too much hate
yes the fuck it should, every single turn a sliver deck goes without getting hated out makes it exponentially more powerful

>> No.54118465

>The last sliver legend was received pretty badly by the community for this exact reason

Hivelord was poorly received because it's not a 7/7 and because of the Sleen debacle. All it takes for Slivers to get a new legend is just "this is the cool dude main sliver from X plane slivers happen to be on."

>> No.54118466

Distant melody

>> No.54118499
File: 150 KB, 464x664, 1468292013079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bit expensive but worth every mana

>> No.54118502

I don't think anyone is suggesting a new Legendary Eldrazi, because it fits poorly with the way Eldrazi are set up. Mostly people have been entertaining something like Brisela, or the Eldrazi cult.

>> No.54118510

I'm interested too

>> No.54118536

If you put a card into your hand, did you draw it?

>> No.54118551

It doesn't

>> No.54118568

i dont have it on tapped out but its basically just all the best bears from each color and tutors for vidalken orrery so you can just have a response for everything. also make sure you have odric (both of them) because it does a lot of work

>> No.54118578

Asking a question isn't sperging out. Please don't resort to common 4chan hyperbole to force conflict. I'd ask the same question if someone removed tappedout or manabase crafter from the OP. Just there aren't people that are offended by those sites being in the OP.

>> No.54118605

Wouldn't work because the ruling for suspend specifically says it needs to be casted from your hand. That's why Ith is such a shitty commander.

>> No.54118637

It was explained a number of times in previous threads, currently you are the only anon caring for the discord to be in the OP, no one else does, outside of you everyone either:
a)despises discord as a discussion platforms since it resorts to basically namefagging and that's seen as a cancerous form of discussion here on 4chan
b)doesn't care either way and just wants to talk about EDH on 4chan

>> No.54118639

Okay, take all the actual rules text wording for Suspend, scratch out the part with "hand" and paste in "Command Zone". Donezo.

>> No.54118659

We can call it Suspendo.

>> No.54118686
File: 29 KB, 223x310, jeleva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i build pic related in a way that isn't "generic storm list"

>> No.54118716

*steals* tribal

>> No.54118722

>strong as fuck
>turn 6
You are like little babby.

>> No.54118747


If you really are outmatched then you don't need a secret pact, you should just be honest

>> No.54118831

Put the highest cmc spells possible in the deck. That's what my Jeleva deck is and it's not very powerful. It allows some timmy plays though.

Jeleva is not a great general unless it is generic grixis storm though. She is very much like Kaalia and people make it hard to use her.

>> No.54118845

What are some good hatebears in boros?

>> No.54118858


>> No.54118874

I hope you enjoy people playing red grabbing stranglehold every time.
Haha holy shit I love this.

>> No.54118881


This is so true. My plans always benefit the the other parties so everyone always responds to my deals fairly quickly. And then I start sweeping.

I've been told I'm a pain to play with cause my level of help is directly related to how fast things can change.

I'm worried about playing other groups though, my "long con" strategy isint worth squat with newer guys.

>> No.54118922

Extremely unbalanced. UG keeps rolling and Boros and such can't play their commander at all

>> No.54118924
File: 123 KB, 672x936, Ground Assault_MM3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it's been explained to you a number of times that most of the over 100 users in the discord appreciate it being in the OP and it's a tool to organize playing games, get quicker help for deck advice, and just promote conversation in general. You can't get that maybe you're opinion is in the minority here. So keep an eye out for the next time you can sneak it out of the OP.

And there are probably about a dozen or so anons who make the OP. You're the only one who takes out the discord info. Want proof of this? The threads I make have quotation marks around the thread edition title and the images I use are pulled from an app that sizes then the same dimensions and names them very specifically like pic related. Whenever either of those haven't occurred, I haven't made the thread. Sorry you're in the minority.

>> No.54118930

>guys please help me shill my server
>n-no im not sperging, i just go out of my way to spam the shit out of it in every thread and freak out when people question it
>e-everyone on /edhg/ who doesnt like it is one person and is just mad
>n-no im not doing the very thing i am accusing others of doing

literally you, go shill your discord on reddit where it belongs

>> No.54118963


Elverlasting torment + blasphemous act. Try again.

>> No.54118974


>> No.54119000

I am apart of that discord and I think its cancer to have it in the OP. I found it on an unrelated /b/ thread. You are just using the OP as a way to advertise your server so you can get more people, its pretty obvious. While I don't mind discord, the thread OP isn't the place for the invite.

>> No.54119001

Eidolon of Rhetoric, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Suture Priest, Linvala.
>But anon, those are all white!

>> No.54119013

Skull clamp your locust
I admit it, it's only 2 alarm, 2 and a half tops.

>> No.54119018

Any red ones to go with them?

>> No.54119032

Don't be a twat.
There's no card where someone can't say "BUT THE OTHER CARD". You're not clever for pointing out cards have answers to them. That aside, you're less clever than most people, who probably would've just said something like "Merciless Eviction".

>> No.54119069

I would have used either Terminus or Hallowed Burial. They seem much more used in my playgroups

>> No.54119071


Stoneshaker shaman, harsh mentor

There are also some hateful red enchantments like blood moon, price of glory, and war's toll

>> No.54119080


Try toxic deluge or cyc rift lol, THE board wipes. All those others are second string

>> No.54119090

>Sorry you're in the minority.
Sure thing pal, keep living your dream

>> No.54119152

I've never seen anyone here trying to defend the discord but you, i'm really starting to think that
are right

>> No.54119199

It's not my server and haven't logged on it in well over a month. Also no one on the internet would just come into a thread and lie, would they?

>> No.54119224

>It's not my server and haven't logged on it in well over a month
Totally beleive you.

>> No.54119230

I want to make a three or four color commander but don't have any cool new ideas or variations. How do I start brainstorming?

>> No.54119240
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't listen to these fools.
Make a fungus deck.

>> No.54119256

Go to EDH REC -> click on the random button next to the search bar -> repeat until you find a 3 or 4 color commander

>> No.54119370

Find a commander and build around it? Or fuck it and do something really stupid like make a deck around cards that win you the game, shit like Maze's End and Hedron Alignment to give two examples and fuck it, also throw in shit that loses you the game like Glorious End and Demonic Pact and Harmless Offering

Or make something really stupid, 5 colours and only spells with CMC 1

>> No.54119433

And the other new commanders in the deck could be cards that synergize with Slivers but aren't necessarily ones themselves. It could actually be an ideal way to add more 5c goodstuff options, kinda like the way Ramos works very nicely with Dragons but isn't dependent on a 5c tribal deck built around him.

Also, if it's a cycle in C17, you could do a Gx Yisan post-living in the hive and some other three-color thing like Wasitora.

>> No.54119437

Probably about as much as I believe >>54119000

>> No.54119485
File: 2.69 MB, 650x1981, deckbloxes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey guys deckbox building dumbass here

i built a couple of new boxes based on some of the ideas i got from this thread, so im posting them now.

obviously the other one has the PW logo and the other one is supposed to be reminiscient of black lotus. both boxes hold about 1150 double sleeved cards so they're pretty roomy. the only thing that's left is finishing the interior and waiting 3 weeks to smooth out the outer polyurethaned surfaces (they're not quite smooth right now)

if you liked them be sure to follow me on twitter and add me on facebook and leave an upvote and leave me some reddit gold thanks for reading

>> No.54119512

>13 damage
>enough to kill Slivers

>> No.54119530

Love your boxes anon, hate you forever for taunting me with shit I'll never own.

>> No.54119649

How long have you been doing this? Because I really want to make a deck box based on Tamiyo's Journal since I think it looks cool, but I have no craftsmanship skills of any kind so I doubt I'd be able to make it look good, and it's difficult to really get a good idea of what it's meant to look and feel like anyway.

>> No.54119666
File: 54 KB, 265x370, Nissa,_Vastwood_Seer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i use nissa flipwalker as commander, when she goes to exile, can i decide to put her back into command zone?

>> No.54119689


>> No.54119690

Yes, if you really want to.

>> No.54119765

I still don't get why people go bananas over Toxic Deluge. It's very good but late game the life loss can be very relevent for black decks.

>> No.54119775

i've been building stuff like this from time to time for about 8 months. i consider myself an amateur at best. my dad's helping me out with working this stuff out though, which is why i've been able to avoid a lot of trial and error.

i think if you want to get into crafting stuff, then you shouldn't think too much of each individual project, just focus on learning how to do stuff and not get too sad if you screw something up

>> No.54119776

Calm down satan

>> No.54119796

Probably because it can be easily sculpted to be a one-sided wrath and ignores indestructible and regeneration, all that for 3 mana of wich 2 are also generic

>> No.54119797

>putting your commander back in the command zone on purpose
That's some next-level shit right there

>> No.54119819

Grand Abolisher

>> No.54119845
File: 1.64 MB, 1187x875, eu4 is meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Send help why am I building five commander decks simultaneously? Help /tg/ Which should I focus down on?

Gisa Zombies 90% complete, not competitive just wanna make zombies
Alesha Stax 30% complete, more competitive dunno what the end goal will play
Kraj Good stuff 15% complete, boring combos
Zur Control/Prison 60% complete, fits my meta well
New Neheb Tap and Smack 10% complete, I dunno what even will happen
Azami nofunallowed 75% complete, goblin charbelcher after selective memory and lab man bullshit

>> No.54119898

>Gisa Zombies
If it's 90% complete, just finish that one. Zombie hordes are always fun.

>> No.54119913

Avacyn has more cute interactions with some cards, Aurelia can be played as angel tribal and then when the table is low, swoop in, double your combats and knock people out.

>> No.54119917

Again it's very good but the same can be accomplished with other board wipes for minimally more mana, in a color that is notorious for it's ramping ability. And people pretend like because it's 40 life that black can just spend whatever amount of life it wants with no issues.

>> No.54119956

The next one-sided boardwipe i can find in black is In Garruk's Wake andi wouldn't call 6 mana "marginally more mana"

>> No.54119958
File: 1.24 MB, 500x281, shell city.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would anyone do this?

>> No.54120002

They want to cast her again to get another Forest, I guess.

>> No.54120021

Easily sculpting to be one sided could be BSZ and Mutilate.

>> No.54120178

>seven mana
>THE boardwipe
>in 2017

Either you love dead cards or your group is crawwurn.dec

>> No.54120183

Skull Clamp
Ashnods Altar
Phrexyian Altar

Skull Clamp + Ashnod's allows you to go "infinite"

Clamp 1 token, draw 2 cards, and spawn 2 tokens. Sacrifice a token with ashnods for two <><>. Now spend one <> to clamp a token draw 2 cards, and spawn 2 tokens.

Now you have 3 tokens, and <> in your mana pool. Repeat this drawing your deck, play Phrexyian altar. Now you have your deck in your hand AND a bunch of tokens to sac for colored, and colorless mana.

>> No.54120194

Hey deckbox anon I wanted to throw some ideas at you.
1. A ring of the khan symbols with their relating dragon symbols across from them.
2. Silioetes of recognisable characters, or at least part of them. Like having Garruks helmet and an axe, or Ugin's horns and wings for example.

>> No.54120204

I'll give you BSZ although it really fucks you up making your creatures weaker but Mutilate isn't really easily sculptable since you don't decide anything

>> No.54120220

Cyclonic Rift is literally the 2nd most played card after Sol Ring.

>> No.54120237

And then cast Omniscience and cast the rest of your deck

>> No.54120242
File: 435 KB, 750x564, 1468895707292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cyclonic Rift
>a dead card or your group is crawwurn.dec
While I would disagree with the anon describing Cyclonic Rift as a "boardwipe" in the usual sense, I hope you're not insinuating that Cyclonic Rift is anything less than an EDH staple.

>> No.54120255

Post those lists lads

>> No.54120279

And sol ring is the most played card despite being worse than Crypt, Vault, and Monolith. What are you saying?

>> No.54120311
File: 133 KB, 955x957, 481ff064d7f8d08ce6a76e62d8141f4e2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54120325

>sol ring
>worse than Mana Vault and Monolith

>> No.54120354
File: 98 KB, 800x806, 1495633230825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is converting my Titania deck to Angry Omnath a good idea?

>> No.54120360

Even assuming you're not an idiot l, as evident by posts like this, your original post implied that 7 mana for a board wipe is not useful in the majority of metas which is quite literally false since over half the decks that have blue play the card.

>> No.54120361

Are there other cards that need players to vote beside the conspiracy ones?

>> No.54120391

Do you consider Tempting offer to be voting? Because Tempt with Discovery and friends is from Commander 2013.

>> No.54120462

and if they try to stop the omnsicience just use those tokens and mana to counter/etc.


>> No.54120479

I need things like council dilemma and will of the council, anything that could benefit me via Brago's Representative and Ballot Broker.
Does Tempting offer apply?

>> No.54120487

3rd place is Swords to Plowshares. I'd love to hear if you have any pithy thoughts about that.

>> No.54120490
File: 7.14 MB, 2300x1777, 4 angels of waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Avacyn the best

>> No.54120510

Sigarda a-live.

>> No.54120540

Nope. I'll see what I can find.

>> No.54120563


>> No.54120699

>only Sigarda lives on a sieged plane where she was originally part of a group of angels
>only Hazoret lives on a sieged plane where it was originally part of a group of gods

Inb4 all survivors from this kind of trope in MtG will band together in the FINAL BATTLE

>> No.54120854

Return to Theros kills off all but one of the gods?

>> No.54120917
File: 113 KB, 310x233, Bottle Fairy Approval.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Sigarda, Hazoret, Maralen waifu team.

>> No.54120928
File: 47 KB, 265x370, beneaththesands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Spring // Mind and Beneath the Sands as ramp in your 3cmc slots? Ignoring rocks here.

I prefer to keep my mana ramping at 2cmc or below, but in one of my green decks I have a few slots for 3cmc ramp. I currently use Cultivate (nets 2 cards), Harrow (instant speed is great, sac effect can be useful), and Recross the Paths (hits nonbasics, may return to hand for reuse).

I'm swapping out Recross for Spring // Mind to test it out. I like that Beneath can be cycled if you don't need the ramp late-game, which is sometimes a problem for me. The problem is that you only get one or the other, while Spring you can cast both given the time and mana.

>> No.54120939

Elspeth comes back to life, murders all the gods except (wheel spin)... Nylea.

>> No.54120952

My money would be on a couple making it, probably the least dickish and with minimal overlap. The monocolored ones would probably all bite it if so.

>> No.54120963

I'd rather play Edge of Autumn.

>> No.54120986

Does the rest of your deck include a laboratory maniac?

>> No.54120998

Definitely not feeling Beneath the Sands for most situations, unless it's babby's first EDH and they'll work up to Cultivate/Kodama's Reach later. Spring // Mind is an interesting possibility, although this is the first I'm noticing Recross the Paths. Interesting card.

>> No.54121004

>Sigarda, Hazoret, Maralen battle to the death
My preferred result presuming Maralen kills those other two jokers

>> No.54121015

You'd really prefer to blow up your own lands in the battlecruiser format? I can understand that in the late-game, but even on turns 4 or 5 when the initial casting requirement can't be met?

>> No.54121038

How much power does Maralen actually have? I know as Oona-clone she's got a hefty amount, but god-smacking power? Sigarda would be hard to nail one way or another.

>> No.54121068

Yeah. In a situation where I'm desperate enough to be digging, I'd rather dig without paying mana. That's not necessarily speaking highly in favor of Edge of Autumn, it's speaking very lowly of Beneath the Sands.

>> No.54121073
File: 97 KB, 240x345, urzasincubator.full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post cards you can't be without

>> No.54121085
File: 184 KB, 520x308, 1471968023949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Maralen even usable in EDH? Has any of /edh/ ever used her to success

>> No.54121110
File: 22 KB, 200x285, 118418_200w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54121111

I don't think so. She is one of those commanders that seems interesting at the first glance, but noone made here work. Same with Rayne for example.

>> No.54121133
File: 63 KB, 312x445, 228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If my deck even remotely plays out of the graveyard

>> No.54121157

New thread.


The only time I've seen her used to devastating effect was by a skinny, horribly smelly guy at an old LGS who also got Ob Nixilis out thanks to a fucking Tempting Wurm from the grouphug player. He was murdered hard, but he took at least one player with him.

>> No.54121182

No, just play Sidisi. Most of the time when you play Maralen, someone else will either tutor up a combo piece and win on the spot, or tutor up removal and kill Maralen to keep someone else from doing that.

>> No.54121243
File: 75 KB, 312x445, doran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54121325

Thassa, Iroas, and Pharika.

>> No.54121398

Does Urabrask fit this too?

I don't know if he is dead or not but is the one praetor that sides with humanity instead of Phyrexia (Atraxa even excludes red). Sounds similar to Hazoret.

>> No.54121636

Titania to Gritog is probably a better transition. I'm saying this as someone that converted Baru into Angry Omnath. Titania to Angry Omnath is easily doable, I have her in mine and she does a lot of work. So I guess the answer is yes, but Gritog wants to do more of the same thing as her.

>> No.54121681
File: 67 KB, 312x445, 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this guy good in Boros? Going for a stax/hatebears build and I'm looking for solid, low cost creatures.

>> No.54121722 [SPOILER] 
File: 45 KB, 312x445, 1499024578632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You forgot the best gritty survivor waifu. Being a boy never stopped anyone from being the best girl.

>> No.54121723

have to cut 20 cards, should I just give up on bant and make it a Selesnya deck?


>> No.54121955

The Adventurer's Guildhouse Cycle.

I love messing with people on Banding, because I'm just a little evil. I do explain all the rules to players, since they don't normally know them, because I'm not that evil.

>> No.54123604

pretty decent. Especially in boros since hatebears without green is pretty bad, so you gotta take what you can get.

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