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In the servant supplement, I built an NP that let me boost my stats. Given that I assume there's a mana cost to turn the thing on, what the fuck happens if I boost my magic stat?

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Nice title OP.

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So there are alot of novels and such with gamer like abilities, status etc.. Do you think it is possible to use The Gamer ability we get and sort of share it with others and when they get powers and skills it somehow feeds back into us? Maybe when they die an auto devouring thing happens?

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Yeah, we're a classy bunch.

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Your capacity would increase, but you would still have the same amount of magic that you did before. So, let's say you have a capacity of 100 before you activated the NP, and that capacity was completely full. Now, you activate the NP, and suddenly that capacity is now beyond 100, possibly way beyond depending on how strong the NP is. However, the actual amount of magic you now have is now something like 60. Unless you have some method of quickly regaining magical energy, it just seems like a waste.

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In the sense that The Gamer would enhance any abilities that let you eat people to gain their powers, like it would enhance any ability you have, sure. As an inherent ability, no, what the hell are you talking about? Why would The Gamer let you eat people? It's based off of generic tropes of JRPGS and MMORPGs, "eating people to steal their powers" is a rather specific trope.

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How many times have you Jumped?
How many subjective years did you live through?

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I mean, that's sort of but not really what the Company does in the Gamer. It's just that what they do is closer to a hive mind that shares their abilities. Hell, lately there's a religious sect or something that's doing something very similar, but more powerful. You could learn to do that and alter it to devour them or something. Or do what the Company did and collect Thought energy or whatever it was and become a fledgling god.

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>How many times have you Jumped?
703 times.

>How many subjective years did you live through?

Aside from the time-extending drawbacks, I have a time-chamber. And a lot of time-manipulation magic. So subjective time would be around the millions years old.

Being immune to boredom is a real blessing when you want to train things like your Ki or develop new spells.

If we are talking about memories, I'm sure that I have taken some origins that are as old as their universes.

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>some origins that are as old as their universes
We have those?

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Something like this showed up in the latest chapter as some sort of semi-divine hivemind.

Been considering adding it in, as the drop in origin is primarily based on the arc company.

If they died you'd lose the things they had though.

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Typically I'm not the type to dispute posts made after I fall asleep but I'm making an exception.

>EMIYA's a Dawn

Um? No? He's a fucking Night caste. I'm an EMIYA expert and clearly my headcanon is the most correct for that reason. Or at least not a fucking Dawn.

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The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Sword of Polaris from Devil Survivor 2, which places you in the role of Alcor.

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EMIYA's not even a Solar, the man is clearly a Battles-caste Sidereal.

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That is indeed way more fitting, but we were talking about what Solars they'd be, not which exaltations are the most fitting.

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Nights are good at stealth and very aware, but also athletic, good at dodging and larcenous even by Exalt standards. And not all Dawns are the charging into battle type.

Emiya's a bowman with a really, really good copy-fighting powers power. He's less agile than Rider, less stealthy than Hassan (who are definitely Nights) and his whole legend amounts to Shirou, but more intense. And Shirou used to be an archer.

It's a close call, though. His powerset is Dawnish, his approach is Nightesque but ultimately he has to build the latter around the former so he's like a very weirdly built Dawn.

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I thought you were a Cu fangirl.

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>And Shirou used to be an archer.
I thought Shirou was literally a living sword.

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I can be both, buddy. I can be both.
That's fair, I suppose that makes sense.

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That's the point of Shirou. Shirou is a really weird case. That's also why EMIYA uses swords as arrows (Which is impractical even if he does custom make the swords but really fucking cool). He's a sword archer.

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Only after his adoptive dad jammed Saber's sheath in him to save his life. He hobbied at being an archer before embracing swordhood.

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To late for the last thread.
>I could push it up to 200 per purchase.
>Feels like eighteen story tall mecha are at least worth 200.
I't split it into two groups, because the "eighteen story tall mecha city protector" (Or a Mecha Mothra I guess) is way more then a flying motorcycle.

If 50 CP is a Wondrous version of personal sized existing tech (A powerglove with holographic display and AR glasses instead of a laptop; a Martian Ray gun instead of a some lame bullet shooting gun)

100 CP is stuff like the Jetson's Smart house or Compact flying car. (OF THE FUTURE versions of common tech, up to RV or upper middle class house size)

200 CP is the stuff beyond that, like at industrial sizes. Domed habitats under the sea, giant mecha or kaiju, that group of G. I Joe vehicles that turned into a mobile base, a building complex that is actually a transformer

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Yes, and he shoots swords from his bow instead of arrows. It all works out.

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What happens to your companion's levels when you switch them out of your Gamer’s Party? Do they keep them? Lose them until you put them back in your party? Lose them permanently?

And is every purchase of Gamer’s Party discounted for The Gamer? Or do they only get that first free purchase?

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People keep their level ups in the comic. You can party with The Gamer for a weekend and come out of it permanently strengthened.

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>How many times have you Jumped?

i stopped counting at 300

>How many subjective years did you live through?

I stopped counting at around 3000

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They keep them, and first is free rest are discounted.

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He's also a super Archer. He can only miss if he wants to miss. Otherwise he's a perfectly accurate aimbot 100% of the time.

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>The auction can get things from past jumps, but only from this jump onward, and the prices quickly go through the roof the farther back in your chain you try to buy from. Five jumps back would bankrupt nations.
Why both? It was suggested that it only work from that jump forward as an alternative to buffing the costs the further back you go, why did you add that in addition to increasing the prices?

What is the point of increasing the prices anyway?

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Why is the Gamer's Party in the companion section instead of perks? It doesn't give any companions and in setting there is no shown limit to party size.

>> No.54069732

Groovy. Thanks for the info.

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Well he does wear red, doesn't he?

Also as a neat aside the explanation for Thaumaturge and Magecraft are spot on, both being 'natural processes that have been shortcutted' via rituals and magical energies.

>> No.54069845

Most of the the god/angel/demon origins would fit in that.

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I thought Gil was shit at magic outside of basic reinforcement.

>> No.54069888

You know that other Noble Phantasm that he's constantly ignoring. That.

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If I take the arachnid needle from solars but import the tattoo needles from lunars would I be able to tattoo liquid stone or crystal or what have you tattoos safely onto people?

>> No.54069943

The clairvoyance thing?

>> No.54069960

Eyup. He knows every form of magecraft of his and the modern era because of it. Doesn't mean he can use it all but he does know it.

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So speaking of technicolor boobs...

How did you honestly react when meeting non-human girls?

Were they everything you hoped for, or did you find them less than appealing?

>> No.54069979

>in setting there is no shown limit to party size.
How many people has he ever had in his party at once though?

>> No.54070009

A girl's a girl. Boobs are boobs. An ass is an ass. It doesn't matter to me.

>> No.54070023

Is it necrophilia if ypu are both undead skeletons?

>> No.54070032

Sadly, not every non-human girl is attractive. That was disappointing to realise, but the same as with human girls really.

They're still pretty cool though.

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Not sure, I am actually rereading it right now but haven't gotten that far. I do know it is less than 8 though and that if there is a limit it should be whatever limit (if there is one) shows up in canon not 8*purchases.

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So a man-boob is a boob to you?
Moobs for life?

>> No.54070068

I had zero expectations, so I wasn't disappointed.

>> No.54070072

Jumpers, how exactly did your benefactor contact you for their offer?

Was it in a dream, did they just walk up to you, or teleport you somewhere, etc?

I would've preferred to ask this kinda thing much earlier in the thread, but fuck it, I'm desperate for ideas for my own new chain. Hopefully the pantymelon will be enough to draw people's attention.

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It was all fascinating and great in bed.

kinda odd waking up to it the first two or three times though...

>> No.54070083

But that's a moob, not a boob. It doesn't count.

>> No.54070096

I think four, during the rescue of pres from the god who has been copying his power. Three allies and the pres who was in the party so they could find her.

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>> No.54070128

>Ao Usagi art
Truly, you are a tasteful and cultured anon.

But to answer your question, my jumper hasn't met them yet. If they're a distinct entity at all, that is. My jumper's thrown around according to my core desires and beliefs, though exactly what each jump is in response to isn't always clear from their point of view.

>> No.54070129

It varies. I actually found Asari to be kind of strange to look at. It's like...they look similar to humans in someways, but are different enough that you can tell they're clearly a whole different species. With the Miraluka from Star Wars, you could look at them and see only humans born without eyes, even though they're a totally different species. With Twi'leks, they're clearly different, even if they also bare some resemblance to humans. But Asari? They just look...weird to me.

>> No.54070132

I fell down a hole somewhere and ended up in a star-filled void. Miraculously, I could still breathe and walk, like there was gravity. Eventually, a door appeared and I walked through.

I then found a strange girl in a sweater playing on an NES. She turned to me and stared in astonishment and confusion before handing me a controller and asking me to play.

The rest was history.

Unrelated, but Armour Zone is such a baller opening song, even if Amazons looks weird and J-drama as fuck.

>> No.54070135

why do I need a benefactor?
what purpose in a narrative does having one serve?
Fuck jumpchan, fight the powa!
I'm traveling the planes to take the power back!

>> No.54070149

Time got frozen in my kitchen and I collided with a mid-air coffee mug.

Mysterious white cat appears on my dining table that wasn't there before.

Suddenly spacial fuckery, cat's several times bigger than I am, and I go flying through an eternal white void with two giant cat eyes giving me the stink-eye. I land on a cold white floor, the cat's there, and I hear Alan Rickman's voice in my head giving me the low-down and the contract.

>> No.54070167

I think anon is saying that if there is a limit to party size it should be whatever limit appears in canon (none so far) instead of the way it is now, 8 plus 8 more for every additional purchase.

>> No.54070176

But arent miraluka an offshoot branch of force sensitive humans?

>> No.54070230

Because in my eyes, it has more to do with them than anything else.

Not very many. Most I can think of is four, during the fight between the black magician and arc company. Blackie himself, the witch, the druid, and fire girl.

On the flip side of that, what's been shown is that he can have four people. Not that he's limited to four people. Maybe his limit is five, but we don't know that yet.

If a limit IS shown, i'll switch to that.

>> No.54070245

My Benefactor needed someone to go against the Jumper of a rogue benefactor who wants to destroy and reset literally everything. There was an old prophecy that predicted these events, and foretold a great hero who would rise and strike down the great evil.
I...was not that hero. The Benefactor meant to summon someone who is considered "heroic", but got me instead. They ended up just rolling with it.
We still can't figure out how that happened, by the way.
Oh, and their daughter chose to give up her powers she would have gotten as a benefactor to join me as a companion/secondary Jumper. Fun times.

>> No.54070276

Without perks, what are my odds of going full emo edgelord if I just embrace emotion and act like a normal person as a Force Sensitive?

>> No.54070279

Xenos are but a foul mockery of the divine human form and must be punished with death!
>but what about the time-

>> No.54070285

I think it got muddled in with some amnesia drawbacks and background memories so I was already used to it by the time it occurred to me that part of me hadn't met one before.

>> No.54070334

A vaguely remembered dream. And then I was in my first jump.

They're mostly girls. So nothing wierd. On the other hand, having another non-human biology for yourself (being a dragon, an animal or a weird demon) is much more complicated.

There is that thing that you still like humanoid girls because that's what your mind has been used to for the last couple of centuries, but your biology says otherwise.

Just like when you are forced to change sex for an origin. It's all really weird (man I'm glad that I bought the gendeswap option in the bodymod to skip that bullshit).

>> No.54070350

It depends on your will-power. Without training you are more likely to end up becoming a follower of dark side, but there had been instances of Sith Lords and followers of the Dark Side that were pretty neutral.

>> No.54070390

In one chain, I died in a car accident I couldn't come up with anything better that I could see myself dying in. Afterward, I woke up in a sort of Purgatory and I was given the choice of reincarnating, either as myself with mildly altered timeline or somebody else. The other choices were going on the chain or moving onto whatever afterlife there is, if there is one. Jumpchan didn't know. I was doing some writing with alt-chain builder, and I'd get the option to return home an hour or so before my death and can do whatever I'd need to prevent my death. I wrote it that I'd get a spark at the end instead of having no explicit goal, but at the cost that the chain would become a lot harder (No starting cp after the first few jumps, unlimited drawbacks, among some other things that I haven't decided yet) and if I die, my soul gets destroyed.

I have another chain where I just woke up in my room at home before the first day of Pokemon trainer with my new memories and shit. Then I just went about the jump as normal without any contact until I went to sleep on the last day and woke up in my warehouse.

>> No.54070411

I think it could go either way. The important thing is to keep control over your emotions rather than letting them control you, which is difficult for normal people to do and likely far harder for Force Sensitives to do.

>> No.54070443

Twi'lek slaves when?

>> No.54070474

If you choose to side with Kaan or adopt the Rule of the Strong philosophy in Bane, you're almost guaranteed to go full Dark Side before the end.

>> No.54070476

Only if we can dress them as lolis.

>> No.54070498

Think of the Force like a drug or alcohol. If you just use it occasionally or when you need it, it's fine. Even heroin won't instantly turn you into a junkie.

Most Jedi and Sith weave the Force into everything they do. They become dependent on it. And that's what ruins them.

>> No.54070527

I mean learning to tap into the Force, but not following the Jedi or Sith codes. Just being a normal person who uses it like magic or superpowers without some cult mentality nonsense.

>> No.54070579

Each side of the force comes with a mentality. The more you dwell into its powers the more you are dragged into that mentality. Jedis grow to be self-entitled assholes as well as developing paladin complexes, while the Sith have a tendency to back stabbing and 'survival of the fittest mentality'.

>> No.54070583

That's doable. The Jedi and the Sith are probably the best at using their respective sides to the Force. As long as you don't succumb to your negative emotions, you'll be fine. Plenty of Dark Jedi and other Force using sects exist that don't have an all or nothing approach.

>> No.54070633

>. Jedis grow to be self-entitled assholes as well as developing paladin complexes,

What the hell kinda book did you read?

>> No.54070656

>I think anon is saying that if there is a limit to party size it should be whatever limit appears in canon (none so far) instead of the way it is now, 8 plus 8 more for every additional purchase.
This is a bad idea because the comic is in progress. We have never seen him hit a limit. A size of eight is because of the companion limit.

Making it lower doesn't fit the Jumper thing, and multiple purchases let you get to guild size. And guilds are a BIG thing in the games that have Invite to party systems and messaging apps, and other features the Gamer uses.

If he listens to you and makes the limit 4 or 5 (even if that turns out to be the party limit), it is a fuck up on two levels. One the standard eight companion theme the Jumper has going on, and Two when the Manwha pulls out some 40-100 person guild or 200 plus Raid/Alliance thing, that also give people access to Gamer system and do an end run around any party limit that may or may not exist.

Although I do thing getting Guild levels at 50 CP per 8 slots is to expensive, and a tiered option like Party Size 8 [100 CP] / Guild Size 40 [200 CP] / Alliance Size 200 [300 CP] would be a better system.

>> No.54070658

Possible, but unlikely. Using the Force causes emotions to be amplified, especially anger, and being a normal person isn't really possible with the Force unless you never learn to use it or specially train yourself to control it. It's essentially a drug, like what >>54070498

>> No.54070704

A sapient demiurge-esque drug that constantly is seeking more users.

>> No.54070737

What I don't understand is that in primary Lucas and Disney canon, there is no such thing as a "balance between light and dark" because the dark side is inherently unnatural and cancerous... But then there's The Ones which are primary canon because they show up in Clone Wars. The Father is the wisest and strongest of them and the personification of the balance between the dark and light sides.

>> No.54070756

What jumps have "magic" that is in all actuality advanced tech?

>> No.54070762

So how close is Bane, by the way?

>> No.54070774

>is that in primary Lucas and Disney canon

I don't remember if it was mentioned in the original trilogy, but the prequels clearly stated that they both were always going to exist. If the Dark Side wins, the Light Side will eventually find champions to overthrow them, and viceversa.

>> No.54070789

So Gazed into the Abyss makes you start out knowing about the Abyss and paranoid about being targeted?

>> No.54070803

>I don't remember if it was mentioned in the original trilogy, but the prequels clearly stated that they both were always going to exist. If the Dark Side wins, the Light Side will eventually find champions to overthrow them, and viceversa.

Bingo, That's why grey was the best choice and that was what Qui-gon was trying to tell the Jedi about

>> No.54070814

There is a REALLY powerful bendu, middle path, user in the disney show. He erases and hides the presence of an entire planet from the entire galaxy with just his will and at one point becomes a living storm.

>> No.54070826

>Lord of Light.
>MCU Asgardian technology
>Exalted. Kinda. It all boils down to science, but one that relies in cosmic beings and a weird set of metaphysics.

>> No.54070828

"La petite mort", huh? I can get behind that.
Though they usually don't consider it a punishment when i do it.
Maybe you need to work on your technique? I hear there's perks for that these days too.

>> No.54070853

I hear about this "unnatural and cancerous" thing a lot, but I've never seen anything Star Wars related that supports that. The prequels and OT are about Aniken Skywalker, the Chosen One, who is literally shown to be grey in every aspect. He brings "balance" to the Force by literally killing every light and dark side user. Then there's Bendu, who is also sort of a personification of the grey area like the father and who is incredibly powerful. And if we want to include EU too, we've got mother fucking Revan, probably the biggest badass we've ever seen and who walked both paths before settling in the middle so much he could be split into two beings, one dark and one light.

>> No.54070856

Grey is actually the hardest to tap. You need to have a really strong will to not fall into the security of each side.

>> No.54070874

>Grey is actually the hardest to tap. You need to have a really strong will to not fall into the security of each side.

I know that anon.

>> No.54070883

>He brings "balance" to the Force by literally killing every light and dark side user.
Lucas said that was wrong. Balance was only brought when he killed Palpatine. Killing the Jedi only made it worse.

>> No.54070892

Everyone who has read the manhwa should already be paranoid about being targeted.
Except it's not paranoia because they're really out to get you.

>> No.54070905

Do you know where he said it? Because I've never seen it and I'm pretty sure I've seen him say the opposite.

>> No.54070910

But if you do its fucking awesome.

>> No.54070923

>who walked both paths before settling in the middle so much he could be split into two beings, one dark and one light.
Fuck ToR. Fuck it so hard.

No, Qui-Gon wasn't advocating balance. He was advocating the Living Force and being aware of the present instead of focusing on the future which was what let Palpatine fool the Jedi because they kept trying to peer into the future but he clouded their vision.

>> No.54070936

But I liked parts of tor...

>> No.54070939

Yeah but I assume it is based on Pres; who spends most of her time preparing to be attacked by the abyss, panicking about being attacked by the abyss, distracting herself from the abyss, or being kidnapped by someone from the abyss.

>> No.54070953

Well she has good reason to be paranoid.

>> No.54070984

Replied to the wrong post, meant that for>>54070892.

>> No.54071012

>Fuck ToR. Fuck it so hard.
If I do that it might spawn something far more terrible.

>> No.54071022

For simplicities sake, pretend there's a low ranking member of your local cult who thinks it's fun to mess with you.

>> No.54071026


>No, Qui-Gon wasn't advocating balance. He was advocating the Living Force and being aware of the present instead of focusing on the future which was what let Palpatine fool the Jedi because they kept trying to peer into the future but he clouded their vision.

That as well, But the Jedi refused to see where he was coming from and in the old cannon and in some of the he was also gray or at least gray leaning as when he was telling yoda of balance between the force and also in his legends comics he was a advocate for being gray which is why council members didn't trust him because they feared he was going to fall to the darkside. We would have gotten more answers if the Clonewars TV show wasn't cancelled


I also hate how tor gave Revan a cannon face

>> No.54071058

So how do I get the augmentation powers of a Symbiote without actually RELYING on a Symbiote?

From the jump of the same name.

>> No.54071065

To Heavens or Wukong, can you import an existing ship as Amaterasu?

>> No.54071089

As i said, you can't really call it paranoia.
The only thing she did wrong was "actually get some (very minor) power". BAM, kidnapped as a mana battery, right out of her bedroom.
The Abyss doesn't fuck around.

Unless you plan to spend 10 years never using your shiny new gamer powers you're gonna get targeted pretty early just by grinding your skills.

And given the power level shown in canon so far that isn't really survivable for an early-chain jumper. Jee Han not only has the Chunbomoon for protection - including a close friendship with the heir - he also gets lucky a lot early on.
I certainly wouldn't want to rely on that.

>> No.54071098

Huh. So the Force is basically the same as Dresden Files magic.

>> No.54071141

Aria was lamenting about how Kiritsugu was inexplicably (To her, he never told her that he destroyed the Grail directly so she didn't know about the curse) wasting away and it was reminding her of her own mortality as a homunculi and then The Dungeon Master appeared behind her offering a chance to become immortal.

So she took it, why else wouldn't she take it?

>> No.54071147

If you bought some canon companions you could have a decent amount of protection, though there are still people after the MC despite the Harem King's protection so that might not be enough.

>> No.54071191

>Huh. So the Force is basically the same as Dresden Files magic.

Never watched Dresden Files, But the Force and midichlorinas were never hard to explain or understand and people just got upset over nothing





>> No.54071208

>CasGil knows every bit of magecraft in the modern era because lol clairvoiyance so he's a grand caster candidate
>Gilgamesh is not a grand servant in any incarnation and he says it himself

shitty headcanon, 0/10

>> No.54071213

You can split your Symbiote off into its own being post-jump, and keep the powers.

I'm not sure why you'd want to, though. Symbiotes literally care about nothing except their host's wellbeing. The closest they can come to betrayal is misinterpreting your wishes. You might as well be asking for a hemispherectomy because the other half of your brain is plotting your demise, as far as paranoia goes.

>> No.54071216

Well sure. You could also already be ungodly powerful (though the gamer power is a lot more valuable if you can get it early).

I'm just saying that "you're worried about the Abyss" doesn't sound like a drawback to me, it sounds like common sense.

>> No.54071217

>watched Dresden File

>> No.54071268

>watched Dresden File

Like I said, I don't know what it is so I assumed it was a show

>> No.54071273

Not that anon, but Dresden Files did have a TV show at one point.

>> No.54071277

>Symbiotes literally care about nothing except their host's wellbeing.

Not from what I've been reading in the actual webnovel. There's actually quite a few unwanted changes made to the MC's body because Bob wants a "better house."

And frankly, I ain't down with that.

>> No.54071288

Sssh, let's just forget about that. It's for the best.

>> No.54071294

I think the reason why people think midichlorians are dumb is because they take away the mystical aspects of the Force if you explain it with microorganisms in Jedi.

Also it contradicts canon in the original movies too.


I mean, again, this is just an opinion but it's not just people getting upset "over nothing"

>> No.54071323

Yes, but knowing about THAT and not the books is its own sort of heresy.

>> No.54071369

Because he's afraid the protagonist is going to get himself killed, because he goes into situations squishy humans can't handle on a constant basis and doesn't prepare enough.

Don't have a death wish, and you'll be fine.

>> No.54071403

>I think the reason why people think midichlorians are dumb is because they take away the mystical aspects of the Force if you explain it with microorganisms in Jedi.

They don't really take away anything though nikaormoth, They just explain the physical side of the force

>> No.54071408

What? I mean, it wasn't as good as the Legend of the Seeker, or the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it was an alright show.

>> No.54071440

But they dont, they just group in people with high amounts of force potential, its the effect not the cause.

>> No.54071454

No, it didn't.

>> No.54071465

Not him but I liked the show.

>> No.54071486

>it wasn't as good as the Legend of the Seeker, or the Sarah Connor Chronicles

>> No.54071503


"Luminous beings are we, not this... crude matter!"

Nope. That's fanon. Canonically they are what give people connection to the Force.

>> No.54071519


>> No.54071531

It was alright as a standard urban fantasy show. But it wasn't the Dresden Files.

And Paul Blackthorne is NOT Harry Dresden.

>> No.54071625

It's my opinion that it takes away the mysticism no matter what when you involve microorganisms. I personally don't like them, and again, it's my opinion. You don't have to agree with it.

>> No.54071792

Would you feel the same if it was instead little glowy moths that happened to congregate around force rich people and places?

>> No.54071834

That's stupid.

>> No.54071867

Is there any jump when you can turn vehicles or planes into spaceships via import?

>> No.54071883

Any jump with a ship import.

>> No.54071895

Rick and Morty if you want to fill it with a shitload of doohickeys

>> No.54071897

It's called damning with faint praise, Confused Hitler.

>> No.54072206

Here we go. Don't have enough time to drop a change log. Back to school.

>> No.54072215

Would hitler be a ruler class servant or a caster?

>> No.54072301

Best perks to specifically enhance magic potential/potency

>> No.54072314

Maybe Caster, with some stuff based on his time as an artist and a NP like Alexanders that summons his army?

>> No.54072342

Lancer with the Spear of Destiny. Up against Bomber Harris as Rider or Avenger, Jack Churchill as Saber, and Audie Murphy as Berzerker.

>> No.54072362

What's a good early Jump for picking up a robot Companion?

>> No.54072382

They're a mixed bag, just like humans.
Sometimes the average is higher or lower, but it's still a mixed bag.
Of course, differences in biology means differences in temperature, texture, and muscles.
There was no contact or offer.
Jumper just woke up in Pokemon one day.
And has been struggling to survive ever since.

>> No.54072432

Would solars heart of the sun with unconquered be able to repair Sakura on its own or would you need more?

>> No.54072435

Becoming one was a new and interesting experience.

>"Hey kid, sad you couldn't get in on Pokemon GO?"
>"A little, yeah."
>"I got something better for you."
>"How do I know this isn't a trick?"
>"You got nothing better to do, right?"
>"...alright, you got me."

She took a moment to be amazed that someone actually fell for that before dropping me into my new life.

>> No.54072510

Sorcery Savant (Buffy)
Gift of the Thousand Master (Mahou Sensei Negima)
Abyss of Magic (Overlord)
Leaky Limiter, Demon Seed (Mushoku Tensei)
Power to Burn (Dresden Files)
Innate Magic (FF6)
Power of the Firstborn, Greatest Witch Ever (The Vampire Diaries)
Hidden Power (Madoka Magica - Wraith Timeling)
Magician (Card Captor Sakura)
Choose Wisely, Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
Potential, Ace of Aces (Lyrical Nanoha)
Greatest Magician of the Age (DC Occult)

>> No.54072544

>Jumpers, how exactly did your benefactor contact you for their offer?

One day on the bus , a green haired seven-year-old in A business suit I do not remember seeing in the seat next to me Asked me if I would be willing to trade this life for a new one,I said yes,the next thing I knew I was in a Park in Lumiose City, My brain flooded with memories from a childhood. I didn't have

>Was it in a dream, did they just walk up to you, or teleport you somewhere, etc?

that's just it. It was more like they were always there and I just kept overlooking them even though I would've had to have shuffled past her to get to my seat and there's hardly ever children on the bus so I would've noticed if She Had Gotten on after me,I think it's a combination of a some one else's problem field and Omnipresence.

>> No.54072571

sorry Lilycove city, it's been literal ages

>> No.54072595

Repair which part?

If you just mean the psychological damage, there's a charm for that, "Hastening Night's End".

>> No.54072623

>If you just mean the psychological damage, there's a charm for that, "Hastening Night's End".

dammit jumpers just because you can literally hump away all your problems doesn't mean you should!

>> No.54072661

What the hell are you talking about? It's a therapy charm, you spend an hour talking to a person and afterwards they're protected from trauma through remembering the good parts of their life.

>> No.54072669

I came home one night and she was waiting for me on my couch. We had a conversation, and I haven't looked back since.

>> No.54072678

I do believe he was trying to make a joke using the "Night's End" part. Wasn't funny. But I can appreciate the attempt.

>> No.54072679

Where can I sign up for this Grail War? Because that sounds like the best one ever.

>> No.54072692

I appeared in front of a computer. The screen had a written note and the computer was connected to the drive.

>> No.54072707

Now see, you say that...

>> No.54072727

okay, that's not how I remember it being contextualized earlier Sorry.
listen you can try to do that but sooner or later you wind up having to hump the kind of things I want to hump and no one else wants that!

>> No.54072763

Tomorrow, should be.

What race should I choose for The Witcher, /JC/?

>> No.54072780

>The Witcher

you should be a human so you can be a Witcher

>> No.54072782

Does Solars have a warstrider option?

I had a massive heart attack at 22 due to me being a unhealthy fat fuck. As I lay dying the benefactor offered to let me start jumping and I took it. After my chain ended and I gained my spark I woke up lying on the floor completely healed and with all my abilities.

>> No.54072825

>Even heroin won't instantly turn you into a junkie.
Except the force acts like cliche D.A.R.E drugs where on puff of a joint will turn you into a crackwhore terrorist.

>> No.54072862

But gnomes are the best race, Banchó!

>> No.54072895

Explain Windu then.

>> No.54072901

Considering the first non-human girl I met was a "female" Super Mutant, I was considerably unimpressed and rather disgusted.

Of course, then came Imawabi No Dakini and Wakana. I stared for a little while. A humanoid spirit with crow features was really hard to process and my brain had trouble deciding if it was attractive looking for not. I eventually decided it was.

For the most part, a bit of a mixed bag. Some, like in the world about picking up girls in dungeons, were everything I could have hoped for and a little more. Cat-girls are certainly more attractive in person than I had expected. But then I hit Forgotten Realms and had to deal with things like Hags, Medusa, and Driders that were, to put it delicately, less appealing.

I NOPED out really, really hard when Lina choose a Spellwarped Drider as her monstrous form. "Get the flamethrowers!" levels of nope.

I walked out of a McDonalds and saw a man who had a blur instead of a face. Like real life censoring. And for whatever reason I decided that I really needed to find out what was going on instead of running the other direction. It was probably a spell or ability he was using to draw in the kind of people he was interested in. Like the lure of an Anglerfish.

So I talked to him, he admitted to being a Coordinator and facilitating Jumps between worlds. At which point I geeked out entirely too hard because I /knew/ about him from this board. He was rather amused to find out that someone had needed the Chain in my world. He wondered in passing if it was a passing Jumper doing their 9 to 5 or if one had cashed out early and returned home to gloat.

>> No.54072905

Throw caution to the wind and go witch/witcher hybrid and then go on a Supernatural style roadtrip hunting evil things and having an outrageous amount of sex

>> No.54072924

I mean... No? Anakin straight-up murdered a bunch of sand people and didn't fall to the dark side for years to come. Luke tapped into the dark side without falling. Hell, Windu invented an entire fucking fighting style based on tapping into the dark side.

>> No.54072926

Is the M:tA jump based on 2e?

>> No.54072934

You played DOS 2 yet? It's still in pre-release but its pretty fucking great.

>> No.54072949


I've never played the game, but as far as I can tell me Witcher gnomes aren't even shortstacks.

>> No.54072957

Hey Yoro, there is a new trailer for The Battle For Mewni, which reveals some pretty interesting stuff. Like the fact that Toffee killed Moon's mom and she made a deal with Eclipsa to cast the Darkest Spell.


>> No.54072965

Depends on whos writing that particular piece of SW

>> No.54072987

endless legend

>> No.54073013

When you come up with other WW2 servants.

>> No.54073037

Would the perk Of the Elder Blood make one a Source of magic?

>> No.54073061

Nope. Apparently it just gives mediocre teleportation from what I remember the jumpmaker saying. Can't even use it to travel between worlds.

>> No.54073082

Can you import a carrier you already have as the MCU part 2 Project INSIGHT carrier?

>> No.54073089

I've been disappointed by the whole Early Access process too often to even look at any game still in it, but Divinity: Original Sin 2 /is/ sitting on my Wishlist and I intend to get it as soon as I can afford it.

I'm /not/ adding it into the Jump I'm already making though. I'm already at 41 pages and am just barely finished with the second of eight magic schools. And I still have Crafting and Blacksmithing to finish... somehow. I'm really not sure how to turn either of those into abilities people would want to pay for without giving too much or too little.

I'm taking a bit of a break from working on it though. 41 is a cursed page count. Currently I'm messing around with skeletons for a few different Jumps. Poppy O'Possum has seen the most work lately, but the magic system for that world is kinda nuts to try and nail down. Evil Genius has seen a little work too.

Oh what the shit?! On the plus side, it looks like I might be able to actually make the Jump after the movie. Looks like they're planning to cover a TON of ground that should have been covered inside the season.

Makes me wonder if we're really getting a third season or not. It's starting to have the feel of a wrap up movie.

>> No.54073121

question about the Exalted is an exultation a perk, a innate ability or an item? I'm considering importing a group companion into one of the exalted jumps but I don't want the exaltation Shattered and split between them and it would Suck if it only gave one of them, and exaltation

>> No.54073147

Not only are we getting a third season (which has been moved to September), we're getting a fourth season as well.

>> No.54073162

>I'm /not/ adding it into the Jump I'm already making though.
You shouldn't, by what little of the story I've seen things have changed enough that it needs to be its own animal. Plus, some of the new mechanics are fun as hell.

>> No.54073176

Closest to an item, out of those three (though it fuses to them Exalt's souls). You can't really split them up (aside from Dragon-Blooded maybe), so it'd probably just be given to one of them.

>> No.54073193

fair enough. Thanks

>> No.54073255

Well... it looks like I'll be stuck in update hell no matter what I do. No point in putting it off much longer than the movie then.

I figured as much. I just wanted to make my position clear. Original Sin is a large enough mountain to climb on its own.

>> No.54073304

That's bollocks.
Imma wank that differently.

Unless... how powerful does The Witchest perk make you? Triss' level? Yennifer's?

>> No.54073331

I hope you've already started outlining things like backgrounds, and already have a good base of perks and items.
No reason to wait to get the basics down when there's already plenty of established canon.

>> No.54073344

Yeah, it's pretty much a Wakfu jump in terms of quality. The maker said he was going to update it, but obviously he was full of shit.

>> No.54073352

Mage, Witcher would be more fun but that origin is all kinds of broken and Hatter disappeared the after saying he would fix it.

>> No.54073371

Maybe someone can actually make a proper jump of the books.

>> No.54073375

I would suggest passing the jump up entirely, it is a complete mess.

>> No.54073408

Would be nice but the one people know is the games, it would just end up being used as an excuse to replace the shit jump we have now.

>> No.54073409

I might make an alternative image version or one based on the books. Before the thread starts shitting on me, let's see if the original creator objects. If s/he doesn't do so, then we'll assume that's tacit approval for the former option.

>> No.54073425

It's nowhere near that standard of quality. It falls far short of that.

>> No.54073453

So it's a Dirge quality jump?

>> No.54073454

ou know if you make one based on the books rather than an alternate version of the one we have It would work,hell, there's even precedent for gauntlets of such things working if you can't get jumpmakers approval for replacement

>> No.54073459

Mad Hatter disappeared and left behind an unfinished WIP, please make a Witcher jump. Even if the thread doesn't accept it because "No Replacements" plenty of people would still appreciate a decent Witcher jump.

>> No.54073463

If you take in the potential spoilers for Last Jedi, this gives credibility to they'll always exist.

Unconfirmed but the basic plot for Last Jedi, is that Luke had a vision that so long the Jedi exists, there will be an never ending cycle of Light & Dark Side conflicts. So he's resided to never teach anyone ever again. Rey is actually a reincarnation of the first force user. This person was born of the force like Anakin, which explains why she was able to do the shit she did in FA. She eventually convinces Kyle to the Light Side again, and they go off to face Snokes.

>> No.54073476

Dirge jumps have a certainty quality in quantity, and sheer amount of fluff. Witcher jump is just not good at all.

>> No.54073484

but I like dirge jumps anon

>> No.54073495

Ignore the shitposting. I'd say that TW should easily put you on par with Triss and or Yennifer.

>> No.54073507

What's this from? Looks kind of like that Gundam Thunderbolt movie. The art style is pretty great.

>> No.54073526

choose one.

lowest tier of quality is Dirge tier anon

>> No.54073528

I hope that's not the plot, that sounds really fucking boring and trite

>> No.54073537

Oh yeah, I've had stuff like that sitting around for a while now. My plan was to rewatch the series entirely once Season 3 hit and really nail things down, but now I think I'll do it while waiting for the movie to come out.

Not quite sure who/what to base Drop-In's perks on though. Drop-In is always hard for me. But I've already got ideas for a Princess, Normal Kid, Monster, and Wizard backgrounds.

Monster is probably going to be a double perk line just because of the wealth of options I have to add in between Toffee and Ludo.

Also, I'm probably just going to give everyone Wands or nobody Wands. Really not sure which, but it'll be one of the two. It's a hard thing to balance around.

>> No.54073557

Alright famalam,
I'm claiming The Wiedźmin series written by Andrzej Sapkowski

>> No.54073575

I think it might be. I picked it up on /a/ in a thread about tattooed Student Representative in the Boruto Anime.

Like I said it was a potential leak. Not like the first new movie was original. It was literally retelling of New Hope.

>> No.54073583

>sounds really fucking boring and trite
Did you see TFA? It wasn't boring, but it was derivative and trite.

>> No.54073592

Oh, wow, so you're a shitposter. Maybe Ricrod had a point when he tried to bring you to SB.

>> No.54073606

Fuck. Off.

>> No.54073607

Why not wands as a 600CP item that's a discount for princesses?

>> No.54073616

That is correct, yes. Her name is Bianca Carlyle. Like everyone in Thunderbolt, she's boring as fuck, so don't try to waifu her just because you like the tats or something.

>> No.54073625

I know, but that was probably to play it safe so that they don't blow out all the hype with the first movie and then move into something more interesting in the later films.

>> No.54073634

Stop responding, you're just giving him what he wants.

>> No.54073637

Hahaha, look at this tard.

>> No.54073668

That's an option too. But so many people had a demand for Wands when I initially mentioned things that I got the feeling it would turn whatever perk line it was in into the OTB.

We'll see what happens when I rewatch the series. I'll probably end up slotting Wands where you've suggested and see what happens.

>> No.54073686

Boring how? Like bland personality? One dimensional character? Just a pretty face & nice body but nothing in the head?

>> No.54073748

Princess butterfly is not the only one with a wand, hell questbuy has an entire massive section just for wand chargers.

Maybe just have a ccustom artifact section that includes things like dimensional scissors/chainsaws (maybe anything with a blade), wands, or certain magic items based on crystals (like snake hands guy) as it seems most magic casting is just channeled through the wand. They dont Need the wand it just helps skim the hobo gravy.

>> No.54073768

I know you're an isolation-type yandere, but can you stop bringing up your senpai when he's not even involved?

>> No.54073801

didn't you know? quantity has a quality all it's own. just ask the russians.

>> No.54073836

I don't like tats, I just appreciated the art style. Looks like Vampire Hunter D or Escaflowne.

>> No.54073871

How did it feel, /jc/? Your first kill? Real flesh and blood?

>> No.54073874

>Vampire Hunter D or Escaflowne
Great jump fodder, those

>> No.54073890

I thought we had a Watchmen jump?

>> No.54073909


i don't want to talk about it!

>> No.54073944

This is part of the reason I said I was going to rewatch the series. I've only watched it the once as it was airing and I know I'm getting details wrong.

I really wanted to stay away from offering a whole customization table for "artifacts" because that doesn't really suit the series. I /am/ putting Dimensional Scissors in as an item with a small surcharge to customize it to any edged item you want it to be.

Snake Hands' crystal magic is going to be on offer under the Wizard Background. Hell, all of the major Wizards don't even use wands for that matter.

Nope. We do need one though.

>> No.54073965

Crysis Jump when?

>> No.54074000

Well ludos wand if much different than stars, and stars wand seems to take a custom form depending on whoever holds it at the time.

>> No.54074028

Hate to sound like an edge lord but it didnt really effect me much after a while you make a game out of it. After a while longer it just becomea a day at work.

Im glad I am out of the army finally.

>> No.54074057

Star's wand does take a custom form, yes, but that's easy enough to bake into the item's description. And Ludo's wand is just a corrupted half of Star's wand. That's one of the things I'm hoping they'll talk about in the movie so I can understand what's going on with it.

Other than that, I'm not sure what you're driving at.

>> No.54074121

First jump had me being a skeleton. So I didn't really gave it too much thought aside from the first 'you have just murdered someone and your heartbeat hasn't even raised a bit, that's kinda fucked up'.

>> No.54074161

It's not really being an edge lord though, it's just something that happens. If you don't become desensitized you're going to end up facing the trauma while you're still serving, and chances are that might just get you killed if you're actually on tour.

>> No.54074243

/jc/, how do you skeleton?
Do you go for dark and foreboding, or silly and approachable? Are your parts detachable?
Do you make skeleton jokes?

>> No.54074301

in my old chain I liked to use my necron form to make silly little skeleton jokes and cosplay as pic related for jokes! the other necrons didn't know what communism was so they just kept a good distance away and saw me as a huge weirdo. Me making constant skeleton puns didn't help either.

>> No.54074314

How do I Rule 63 other people?

>> No.54074370

There's a perk for that in Unholy Heights if you don't want anyone to remember who they were before, and an item in Disgaea if you do.

>> No.54074398

Terraria has a Gender Bender potion.
A New Arrival (Unholy Heights) changes genders and comes with a history retcon for everyone but you.
Dark Assembly Ticket (Disgaea) lets you switch someones gender 1/day.
Girlifying/Boyifying Rifle (Kids Next Door) does what the name implies. It also erases memories from before the transformation.
Barrel of Jusenkyo Water (Ranma 1/2) applies the relevant curse, 4 times per jump.

>> No.54074417


Well in that case when I jump Naruto who should I turn female Naruto or Sasuke?

>> No.54074420

Head to Ranma 1/2 and pick up Packets of Jusenkyo Water if you don't mind it being temporary. Or a barrel of the stuff if you want them to be permanently cursed.

Sure, it's not all the time, but cold water is really easy to come by. Just keep a squirt bottle handy.

>> No.54074433

>/jc/, how do you skeleton?
Mainly while on fire. Sometimes as a skeletal dragon.

>Do you go for dark and foreboding, or silly and approachable?
That depends on present company and the jump. Can't always be humerus .

>Are your parts detachable?
But of course!

I tend to pull them out and use them as crafting material. Really good sympathic resonance with me for necromantic artifacts and such. And the durability means that few other materials can match it.

Of course, I can replace them with other bones too, in a pinch. But usually I just regrow them.

>Do you make skeleton jokes?
They do tickle my funny bone somewhat.

Dark Assembly Ticket from Disgaea, or a barrel of Jusekyo water from Ranma (+the locking laddle, if you want it to be permanent).


>> No.54074444

Turn Naruto into a girl with A New Arrival, and Sasuke female with the Dark Assembly Ticket.

>> No.54074448


>> No.54074451

>and comes with a history retcon for everyone but you.
This seems like it could have unintended consequences. Like, really terrible ones. You could turn somebody's father into a woman, and then they wouldn't exist anymore.

>> No.54074457

Both. Also everyone else. Turn Konoha into the village of ninja-amazons.

>> No.54074461

And douse Sakura with Jusenkyo water for good measure?

...Or maybe Kakashi.

>> No.54074473

>A New Arrival (Unholy Heights) changes genders and comes with a history retcon for everyone but you.
Does it... manipulate fate or something so that it doesn't change them? Sounds like it might have some unintended effects if you use it on someone who relies on their gender for their (social or supernatural) power.

>> No.54074479

If there's one way to make Naruto bearable, it's probably this.

>> No.54074510

Eh, it's hardly any less bearable than Steven Universe.

>> No.54074525

Using the fan-verse drawback is much easier and faster.

>> No.54074529

Are you going to update the Solars jump with the revisions you made?

>> No.54074532

Maybe? If you want it to? The jump doesn't specify.
Personally i rule that it retcons things to keep the timeline as close as possible. So it doesn't unmake people, they'd just have a different father somehow.

Jump document says "retcon". No details, so fanwank something.
Since the intention is to genderbend people and not erase them from existence i rule that it somehow works out and don't concern myself with the details.

I know, right? It's my go-to solution for annoying male protagonists i have to put up with.
They're still annoying, but at least they're nice to look at!

>> No.54074537

Upload folder.

>> No.54074540

The lawyer was fun, though.

>> No.54074594

TECHNICALLY they're working on a way to make a baby with two eggs, but it'll take some pretty advanced lab equipment.

>> No.54074619

I happen to be a huge fan of the show. The last few episodes have been a little strange though.

Probably, but not as much fun.

>I know, right?
Well, I dunno about that. Not everyone gets great looks automatically. Granted, most do.

I'm still just flabbergasted at how stupidly effective turning Scion into a duck with the stuff in Worm was at neutralizing him.

>> No.54074678

Fanverse usually comes with other changes though, killing your foreknowledge unless the fic is finished and covers the entire canon timeline (few are).
And you'd have to slog through countless Naruto fanfics to find one you like.

Which is just... no. I'm not doing that to myself. I'm putting up with canon because i want some of the abilities, isn't that sacrifice enough?

Jump-chan did it. Or a wizard.
Don't care, i'm just making the world better through the power of boobs.
By adding more of them.

>Not everyone gets great looks automatically.
You can get a perk for that in Investigation: Beautiful People (doing hightech crime work)
You want to go there anyway for Show Your Work and Take What You Know, and it's only 100cp.

>> No.54074699

Thanks. And please don't listen to the shitposter who says they shouldn't be scaling.

>> No.54074812

Have you been to the bottom of the ocean? What did you find there?

>> No.54074852

Unholy dead things which attempted to destroy the world with their presence in sunless sea.

I ate them.

>> No.54074872

Disturbing things. Honestly, the monsters I found in space were less creepy.

>> No.54074887

I̱̞̼̹͗ͮ̋t̷͖͎̱̟̻̙̣ ̸͔͎̹͙̝̱̬̍͗̒̉͑w̸̦̼̺̼ͅa̘̰̞̾ͩ̓̚s̯̰͚̫̻̬̣͑̈̈́̈́͟ ̟͚͖͒ͬ̌ͤͩ͝b̵̓e̙̟͍ͬͣͪ̐̓͘ȁ͓̯̈͆ͨ̀ȕ̱̬̬ͧ͋͟ṭ̎í͓̫̯̱ͅf̰͇̳̈ͧũ͎̳̗̣̹̞͋̔̂̀̒l.̛̜̙̝̜͑ͧ̆̿̇̔ͨ
̟̦̹̳͒̿̉̊̿ͮṢ̼̜̫̫͎̞͗̃̐́o̼̞̺̬̘ͭ͋͆̈́͗̽̃͡ ͣ͛̈́ͪͬ̑ͦb̘̼̳̩͕͎ͣ̈̌ͯe̓ͧ̇̓̐̉ͪa̫͉͚̱͇̔̎ͫ͂ͅu̠͖̫̦̤̳̥̐ͣ͑͟ṫ͙͈̳͍̘͕̫͗ͭ̑͑͒̆i̶͇͓̩̳̱̠͊ͧ̿̉̔f̺̰̘͇̣̞̽̎̀̓̌͆̚u̢͕͚ͭͭl͍͇͉̦͆͆̒̐̈́.ͧ͒ͫ̈ͬ
͍ͪ͂̚C͓ͪͫͩͨ̃̚o̩̮̠̮͎͎̝̐ͬ̎͐ͫ͢m͖͈͍̞̐̌͝e̤.̻̆̈́̋ ̴̤̮̠̰͒
̯͉͓̀̉L̶͓̔ĕ̢̜͉̤̻̜̩̜̃̓ͭ͐tͤ̆̓ ̦ͨ͆̌̇̀͆̚̕m̷͎̂̎ͤe̼̥̖͍̯ͅ ̴̱̞͔̱̰̟̫ͦ͒͆ͤ̒s̷̗̩͉͇̜̑̉͊ͭͦ̍̑h̘͓͕͚͙͎͗ö̤̯͔̩͖w̛̼͖̳͇͈ͫ̔ͦͭ̒ ͍̟̟̭ͨ̆̆ͨͫy͈͚̫͔͚͈̘ͫ͐͢oů͙͔̹̟̍ͪ̽.̼̟ͨ
̧̜̻͎͇̟͚ͧ̒C̵̻̦͐͒ͣo̘̞͕̮̦͕͈m̮̱̜̭͎̖͊́e̬̘͕ͩ͑͛̉͑ ͬ̄̇̌s̭̥̼̳̾ͯͭ̀́̏̓ȅ̘̗̜̮̟͑̽e̪ͤͭ̑.̬̠͍̰͊ͨͅ
͓̻͚ͤͮỊ͈͗̉̀ ̠̠̥̤̥̻̈͗ͨ̾͐ͭͅh͎̺̳̩̣͐ͮ̒̊͂̀̄͡å͈̙͓̜̠͔̇͛̓̀v̞̙̫͛͗ͦ͗ͧ̾e̯̱͖̟̻̥̰͌ͤ ̱̣̦͕̺̒s̢͍̻̜͊͐͑ͨ̈́̌ͅu̶͕͓̭ͣ͗͐͑́̉̚c͙̤̩̟͔̔̂̇͊͗̂h̥̣̹̹̽͑͑ͅ ̦̞̞̖̼̘͘w͕͎͑̇ȍ̧̭̘̈́͗́̄ͮn͔̣̥̰̝̎d͈̘͔̎͢è̵̫̰̥̣ͧr̺̽ͪ̊̏̔̉̚ôͮ̾͜ũ̳͇̦̪̊̄̿͘s̩͋ ̨̤̳͙̊̐̉ͭ̓t̡̼̤̺͈ͭ̇̏̀̂̈h̶̼̝̝̙̜̐̋͋̋ͫ̃ỉ̻̜̦̖̹̼̥́ͫͭ͊͂n̡̹̼̤̟ͅğ͖͈̰͖̰̯̘͆ͭ͝s̫̣̖͆ͯ̃̈͑̀ ̗͈̞͓̮́̉ͦ̾ṫ̺ͧ͗͊̀̎ͧ͘ȏ͉̖̝̐ͩͦͪ̈ ̜̙̹̗̠͈̀ͬͦ̈́͐̉̔ͅs̤̫̑̂̾ͫhͣ̌̋ͤͨ͛̽o͇͓̺͇̳w̝̜̺̭̐ ̼͕̻̽̒͊ͅy̧͎͉̱̟̹ͤ̿o̳̘̠̫͉͌͐ͦ̎̓̇͟u͍͉̜̼̙͐̾̇͗̑̈.̻̝̭͆ͤ̒̈́ͨ̈̃͜

>> No.54074890

Why not just include a mandatory out-of-jump power sealing drawback with it, as well as restoring them to their peak? It's much less silly than making every Dragonblooded an Omnipotent, better-than-Ignis peer of the Yozi. Hell, have it sick the Deathlords on you, too for good measure. Still almost impossible, but without fucking up the rest of the setting and its thematics.

>> No.54074907

No, but I'd like to visit one of these days.

>> No.54074912

For fuck's sake.

>> No.54074933

An endless nothing but sloping sand and freaks of nature, like the actual bottom of the sea. And a few human skeletons but that's to be expected.

The ocean is still a cursed, godless place though.

>> No.54074941

Heavens, this is probably the shitposter I was telling you about. Don't let it get to you.

>> No.54074943

No, it's first edition.

>> No.54074944

Just one since I want them to be a couple. It won't fix all the stupid shit that was post-timeskip Naruto but it will make things a bit better.

>> No.54074977

I found horrors beyond horrors.

>> No.54074988

Not them, but how do you know? I generally assume we use the latest edition unless otherwise specified, and are there major setting differences? I thought it was largely a matter of game mechanics upadtes?

>> No.54075029

Pic Related

>> No.54075034

In JLD would The Cold Flame Burns only start towards the end of the 2000 years in Quartet of Sin or does it make the cult exist from the moment you arrive? Can you actually beat the cult eventually?

>> No.54075056

what is the best library to buy in jumpchain

>> No.54075062

Sasuke being the girl could be interesting, though she'd be the biggest tsundere to ever walk the Earth if you went that route, given that Sasuke tries to kill Naruto several times.

>> No.54075067

Stopped counting after 100.
I got drunk. Really, really drunk. I then passed out and woke up in front a little girl. She made me an offer. To be able to go to worlds beyond my imagination. I accepted. And I then woke up in shoddy clothes behind a dumpster. As the opposite sex.
I felt recoil.
claiming this, payday, and left 4 dead
Objectivists. 5/10 it was ok.
[Spoiler]how do i make abilities non-op while at the same time not complete shit?[/Spoiler]

>> No.54075095

The jumpmaker said it. He might have allowed a second edition jump, but at the time 2e was either new with not enough splats or wasn't even out yet.

Also 2e magic can do things 1e can't, like easy (though still limited) time travel of more than a few seconds. It also functions, in setting, in a slightly different manner, and mechanically is very different how you 'build' spells.

>> No.54075116

I would say Naruto, then. Because Naruto will make a better girlfriend to Sasuke than Sasuke would to Naruto.

Like, if Naruto is the girlfriend, then she's this peppy exuberant young girl who's trying to help Sasuke come to terms with loss and open up his heart.
If Sasuke's the girlfriend? Then she's this crazy tsundere and Naruto is constantly shaking her and trying to get her to STOP BEING LONELY GOD DAMNIT.

Also, if Naruto's the girl, then whenever she gets overemotional and tears up because she has such wonderful friends or she has to protect people (which Naruto does a LOT), it looks cuter, and kindof feeds into the traditional japanese idea of femininity, which if nothing else means that the universe will be less likely to violently reject this outcome.
Whereas if Sasuke's the girl, she's just going to bleed from her eyes and stab people when she gets pissed off.

I mean, it depends on what you're into, but Naruto's clearly the more stable option.

>> No.54075118

Great, I can think of all sorts of fun things to do with a nanosuit.

>> No.54075121

Endless Library from Endless Legend and Library of Eternity from DC Occult are probably the best. Bartimaeus, Teen Titans, and The Gamer have decent offerings, but they only pick up magic. And from what I've heard, Abyss Library is getting a serious nerf.

>> No.54075189

Eh, 2e is more powerful in some ways and less in others. Also, it's not like nerfing time-travel exclusively is uncommon. But thanks for the explanation.

>> No.54075191

>left 4 dead
Sweet. Pls have Infected background.

>failed spoiler
Present stuff as it is in the setting and just worry about making sure everything in the jump is balanced with each other. Although, sometimes expanding what an ability can cover is reasonable enough. Example: that immunity some of the MCs of L4D have could expand to cover all virii in order for it to have use outside of the setting.

...Unless they just had really good immune systems. Been a while since I read or played anything involving L4D.

>> No.54075219

I believe they are carriers, people who are immune to a disease but can spread it.

>> No.54075227


>> No.54075266

Yeah, Naruto's personality goes from annoying oh-god-i-want-to-stab-his-face to cute genki girl if you rule 63 him. That's certainly a benefit.
Not to mention that those whisker marks probably look really cute on a girl.

>> No.54075320

Does the Brigids legacy in the new solars jump let you teach any magic to others? I ask because it says.

>. You may discover new types of magic in the world based on its existing principles, or quickly master magic that exists as well as pass it on to any willing students.

>> No.54075357

I assume most jumpers take a fan fic that turns everyone into a waifu.

>> No.54075360

Jump # 158 A Super Mario Thing
Location: A2MT Mother ship
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Background: Drop In (0)
*LP’er (0)
*Vegetable Hunter (100)
*One touch (400)
*Multiplayer option (500)

You know I would call this a weird world but honestly I have been to so many this is about average by now. I wound up in what I thought was a deserted space station/artificial moon. It reminded me of the death star in that way. Except this had a bunch of climates like jungles and under water section and strangely lots of platforms.

I wound up finding beings there. Some Cyclopean armless beings were being controlled by some guy named the artist, we fought to free him. My science team and I built a device that shorted out the system he was using to control them throughout the station and then we led a revolt against him and his remaining minions.

After that we freed the guy the Cyclopean being had worked for previously. I found out I now got super powers from vegetables… talk about super food. I reunited a bunch of sisters. After that it was a pretty quiet decade of exploring the moon and hanging out with my companions.

>> No.54075363

> Naruto-boy & Sasuke-girl
> In a relationship

>> No.54075396

What's a good perk to see through all illusions, besides the one in Naruto? I found some, but they weren't absolute, and the one in the Alice jumps doesn't appeal to me. Seriously, who wants to throw temper tantrums?

>> No.54075431

Blessing of the Endless - Dream from DC Occult. Divine Organs from Kekkai Senses are pretty damn close.

>> No.54075435

Blessing of Dream (DC Occult) or Break out of the Nightmare (Lyrical Nanoha)

>> No.54075447

Divine Visual Organ (800 CP): Kekkai Sensen

>> No.54075461

Raven is taciturn, not psychotic. Sassgay is basically a revenge happy little sociopath who will gladly kill anyone even remotely in the vague general direction of the way to getting revenge. He barely spares Naruto when he ditches leaf. If Naruto didn't have a rather good healing factor he would have died.

>> No.54075473

Well since most of the other options have already been talked about here are a few overlooked options.
There is always the classic making a girdle of masculinity/femininity from D&D or bestow curse if it's a world without magic.
If you want more extreme measure you could always use wish but that's both expensive and prone to unexpected consequences.

>> No.54075483

The Oracle perk in JLD does this and can scry and look at possible futures.

>> No.54075494

Friendly reminder that hooking up Naruto and Sasuke would fuck up the Hiashi Hyuuga Eugenics Plan and would bring down the wrath of the Hyuuga on your head.

>> No.54075512

>Wanting two guys to get together so you turn one of them into a girl

Is making one of them a girl something you really have to do if you want them to get together? Is that really something you have to do?

>> No.54075516


>> No.54075545

Jumper can't be stopped.

>> No.54075559

I believe so. There are a lot of species in Star Wars that are essentially planet-adapted humans.

>> No.54075573

Clearly Sasuke is just bad at channeling Trigon.

>> No.54075592


>> No.54075599

You can probably shortcut the worst of that by preventing Orochimaru from applying the curse seal.
Some therapy perks should also help.

You only need to care about that if you're jumping Naruto early.
And don't have one of the big, important bloodlines.
Really, the big reason for me not to do that would be because Hinata is a total sweetheart, not because of any concern for the rest of her clan.

You don't HAVE to, but it makes it easier if they're not already gay.
Especially with the retcon, and especially in the case of Sasuke and Naruto because they already have tons of UST.

>> No.54075609

Challenge accepted.

>> No.54075619

Just use the fucking fanfic option and make it a (good) narusasu fanfic you fool. If you want them to have kids use cloning and dna fuckery. Much better in my opinion.

>> No.54075631

You could have a three way pairing, with Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke.

>> No.54075646

I don't know, if shitty fanfiction has taught me anything it's that any female entity's emotional problems can be solved with the power of Naruto's dick. ANY female entity, even ones that aren't in his series. Naruto being Babby's First Shonen means that there's a crossover between it and just about any setting you can think of. But I'm getting off topic, the point is that female Sasuke would clearly abandon all her intimacy issues and need to be super edgy so that no one will get close so she won't lose them again, and instead be Naruto's really friendly and loving girlfriend who isn't at all some sort of dark avenger.

>> No.54075647

if soneone Exalts as a kid, will they age to adulthood? Or are the daughterus from Mortal Heroes stuck as lolis?

>> No.54075651

With the right background you could always take one of their places in the plan.

>> No.54075667

or you could make the three of them part of your harem(if you have one).

>> No.54075680

Look could you stop bringing up the fucking lolis already when you obviously do not even know what the word means?

>> No.54075690

make a new Uzumaki clan with all of the eye shenanigans.

>> No.54075696

Obviously their relationship will work like this.

>> No.54075704

> the big reason for me not to do that would be because Hinata is a total sweetheart
I just realized that if you specifically use the Unholy Heights perk to swap Naruto's gender, such that everyone thinks he's always been a girl, then Hinata will have had an unspoken lesbian crush for years.

>> No.54075707

>a (good) narusasu fanfic
There is no such thing. Or if there is i don't have the patience to wade through thousands of trashfics to find it.
Yeah, but then you don't get to turn Naruto into a girl. A critical flaw.
Or you'd have to turn Hinata into a guy, which is clearly a crime against all that is good in the world.

Why would you want to? The Hyuuga are all first-rate dicks. You don't want anything to do with that family (except maybe arrange "unfortunate accidents").

>> No.54075717

that isn't sasuke, that's a stunt double(you can tell because he doesn't have duck butt hair.)

>> No.54075740

They'll age to adulthood, yes. One of the Deathlords actually kills her Abyssal servant every time she hits puberty and Exalts another little girl. Poor Shoat of the Mire. All of them.

>> No.54075761

Take Shoat of the Mire with you. Shoat of the Mire's were made for headpatting.

>> No.54075765

Not necessarily. If you use the perk from Unholy Heights, than Naruto will have always been a girl from the start, and everyone would believe that to be true because it technically is. That doesn't change anything else though, so Hinata would probably still have a crush on Fem Naruto. Thus, you would have a threesome of Fem Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata. It all works out perfectly.

>> No.54075794

It's a better idea to kill that Deathlord and save all the kids she has in her lair, because there's multiple she raises at a time to be Shoat candidates.

>> No.54075809

Or it just changes the nature of their relationship so that she greatly admires Naruko (unoriginal, I know, but presumably Minato and Kushina would still be naming their kid after Jiraiya's book) but has no attraction. That's something I find really interesting about that perk, the ability to explore how relationships change if you swap genders around. Or what happens if you swap the genders of only one of a person's parents? Say you make someone have always had two mommies. Do they cease to exist because lesbians can't conceive? Do they get their DNA modified to reflect being made with donor sperm in this new timeline? Or does history get really weird and somehow two women managed to have a baby, like reproductive technology being invented that allows an egg to be fertilized by another egg? It could get weird.

>> No.54075818

Unfortunately killing Deathlords is really fucking hard because they have all Solar and Abyssal charms alongside scene long defenses. I mean I generally just fucking ignore that because it's stupid but that's technically what the canon is.

>> No.54075823

If you care about the eugenics plan either Naruto or Hinata has to be a guy.
Not that i care, but that was the basic premise.

Also Sasuke doesn't deserve multiple girlfriends, so clearly you have to turn him into a girl too. Then it's okay.

>> No.54075863

Well I'm sure there's ninja-tech that allows homosexual characters conceive. After all Oorchimaru is best mom.

>> No.54075868

I kind of want female Naruto and female Sasuke to be in a love triangle with male Hinata, that sounds like it would lead to funny and cute shenanigans.

>> No.54075874

But that's not the best Naruto fanfiction of all time

>> No.54075886

Where is Stelaris anon with the Update?

>> No.54075888

Or a lot of pain and tears. Hard to say.

>> No.54075908

Just bring anti undead shit

>> No.54075910

I know you're joking, anon, but please. Don't.

>> No.54075912

Neither is that.

>> No.54075928

Eh, you said your main issue with it was that Hinata was a sweetheart, so I was just addressing that. If eugenics is an issue, you can grab Receptive Doves from Greek Myth, than use one of the perk granting...perks, we have to give one of them that. That way, they can still have children with each other.

That also works.

>Male Hinata having to deal with Genki Girl Naruto and Tsundere Sasuke
Oh boy.

>> No.54075929

Dude the Deathlords aren't exactly going to go down easily even to anti-undead shit.

>> No.54075931

Why do you do these things to me, anons? Is this some sort of assassination attempt? Nauseate me to death?

>> No.54075933

More than one person who thinks the Wyld Hunt doesn't need to be, and shouldn't, have fiat scaling. Just them at their peak.

>> No.54075944

>not a loli

Good to know.

>> No.54075950

Chuunin Exam Day wasn't that bad, anon. Don't overreact.

>> No.54075960

Anon if the eggs already been fertilized they're no longer a loli. Stop being such a prude.

>> No.54075972

Wasn't someone going to make a jump of it? Or am I misremembering?
Or was it a generic Perfect Lionheart?

>> No.54075984

He's baiting. Basically some guy said an adult woman was a loli the other day, and when someone else replied telling him how he was wrong, the author guy went full autist and started posting dictionary definitions and shitposting for half the thread trying to mock the guy who explained was loli is to him. In this thread it looks like he's trying to pick a fight with other people to 'mock' the guy who explained to him what a loli is.

>> No.54075988

It's times like these that my opinion of most of /jc/ having really bad taste is reinforced.

>> No.54075992

It was a masterpiece. Anyone saying otherwise is just jealous of a great author.

>> No.54075998

Reminder that Orochimaru got away with everything.

>> No.54076004

Didn't someone say they were doing a Perfect Lionheart jump?

>> No.54076035

Pic related.

>> No.54076037

The worldbuilding in that was fantastic. Say what you will about it's other elements, there was a lot of creativity expressed in the worldbuilding. Same could be said for Partially Kissed Hero, actually.

Really? That would either be amazing or terrible, and I find myself wanting to find out!

>> No.54076038

Should I Exteminatus or not ?

>> No.54076051

Someone was talking about a Partially Kissed Hero jump.

>> No.54076053

>Someone making a Perfect Lionheart jump

>> No.54076078

That guys really has entirely too much free time on his hands to be this petty, but thanks for pointing our what he's up to, anon.

I wouldn't mind that at all.

Typical intolerant Imperium. Go back to WK40, worshipper of the Corpse God!

>> No.54076080

>Male Hinata, Hinoko?
>Heir apparent to prestigious clan
>Cousin is better in every way
>Sister is better
>Have a crush on the cute Genki girl in her class
>Eventually man up, asked her out
>However she's already engaged with this shifty guy/gal, called only by Jumper-kun.

>> No.54076088

it would be a fun place to go. Evil dumbles would be a good dark binding familiar.

>> No.54076098

It really was, anon. Naruto Chaos Mage I admit I was overreacting to, but Chunin Exam Day is the absolute nadir of Naruto fanfiction. It's got every terrible bit of fanon and awful portrayal of the characters possible. It's poorly-plotted, full of the author's screeds, blatant wish fulfillment, incredibly misogynistic, has flat dialogue, terrible worldbuilding...I can go on and on about this shit.

That is the most disgusting idea I have ever heard of.


>The worldbuilding in that was fantastic. Say what you will about it's other elements, there was a lot of creativity expressed in the worldbuilding. Same could be said for Partially Kissed Hero, actually.
The worldbuilding was creative, but it was not good. It's full of blatant flaws that anyone with half a brain could see the problems with. Like Suna using water for currency, or all technology being summoned from other universes. Or, and I don't even know how someone begins to think this makes sense, but Orochimaru's possessed body as of the Chunin Exams being Kushina Uzumaki. Yeah, they look so much alike, right Jared?

>> No.54076118

>If s/he doesn't do so, then we'll assume that's tacit approval for the former option.
Haha. No. Absence of a yes is not a yes. Otherwise someone could just do another Jojo, since Jojoanon isn't here to say no.

>> No.54076125


>> No.54076131

>The worldbuilding in that was fantastic. Say what you will about it's other elements, there was a lot of creativity expressed in the worldbuilding. Same could be said for Partially Kissed Hero, actually.
Some of the worldbuilding was interesting but it really shows when he's doing worldbuilding to be interesting vs. when it's being done to suck Naruto's dick.

>> No.54076133

fuck it, guilty pleasure plug

>> No.54076140

No, you don't want to get that sort of variable competence infecting you. Evil Dumbledore in PKH has the same flaw he does in every Evil Dumbledore story: He's supposedly this genius manipulator that has the whole world dancing to his tune, and yet the schemes and pranks (remember Harry convincing Dumbledore that there was an evil wizard named Colonel Sanders who used a potion made of seven secret herbs?) of small children are able to defeat him. That would be nightmarish to get stuck in your soul. Don't do it, anon.

>> No.54076151

Yes Lord Inquisitor.

>> No.54076159

>More than one person
Bullshit. You've already been established as a shitposter, and trying to falsely claim "consensus" won't convince anyone otherwise.

>> No.54076165

This I'm not sure I can hate.
It's so fucking aware that it's Mary Sue garbage that it somehow still works.

Yeah it runs into the problem of all Evil Dumbles fics where he should have already won. Like if Dumbledore was an evil manipulator he's obviously done pretty fucking well so far.

>> No.54076181

it helps that they're basically jumper&crew with some edgy drawbacks

>> No.54076186

That sounds great, lots of cool things in that fanfic which are just different enough to be interesting compared to the HP canon, and that's before you get into the new stuff.
I liked his interpretation of Fawkes and the beat down he gave Dumbledore when freed, and the way the Goblet of Fire had hidden functions brought out in fire based rituals.

>Orochimaru's possessed body as of the Chunin Exams being Kushina Uzumaki.
You might want to remember the time that came out and his making clear statements about ignoring Shippuden.
There weren't clear images of Kushina at the time, and even if they were, he'd already made clear he'd ignore it as a blanket policy so he wouldn't have to go rewrite large chunks of the story that suddenly contradicted. Which seems reasonable to me, as a layperson when it come to writing fanfic.

>The worldbuilding was creative, but it was not good.
I wouldn't claim it was perfect, but then creative doesn't need to be good. In any case, I do find it good, and you're are entitled to your opinion otherwise, it is fairly subjective after all.
Do you have a better explanation for how schitzo the tech is in the setting?

>> No.54076208

Why? So you can just slap them with your OCP dick and write it off as free points? Justify why they shouldn't scale. There's no reason.

>> No.54076244

>Do you have a better explanation for how schitzo the tech is in the setting?
It's the Meiji revolution and no one invented cars. Like the schitzo tech in Naruto is meant to evoke a very particular part of Japan's history where you would have stuff like fighter plains being pulled around by ox carts and telephone poles running past 100 year old homes.

>> No.54076257


...Why does this reminds me of Bancho ?

>> No.54076261

It works until the sequel, where apparently Naruto suffered a mental breakdown offscreen.

>> No.54076264

So basically pre-world war Japan at it's height but with magic ninjas and shit?

>> No.54076281

Honestly if Sonichu can get a jump I don't see why PL can't. Him or Tara Gilesbie

>> No.54076282

>You might want to remember the time that came out and his making clear statements about ignoring Shippuden.
No, I remember that. But if he's ignoring Shippuden, then Kushina shouldn't be in it at all. She wasn't introduced until post-timeskip. Neither was Yugito Nii, but she got introduced, too, because Jared wanted to fuck her. That's the reason any character is in Chunin Exam Day, so that Jared can fuck them. Whether it's literal like all the haremites, or figurative like how he rapes the characterization of every other male character.

>Do you have a better explanation for how schitzo the tech is in the setting?
Yes. It's a world with magic, and so its history occurred differently than ours, and so different technologies were prioritized. It makes just as much, if not more, sense than Jared's little "all technology is summoned and no one actually understands how it works, except Naruto because he actually bothered to read the manuals and books that they summoned and no one else did because they're so stupid and can't take advantage of obvious solutions for their problems". Hey, Jared: You don't get to mock someone for not noticing a simple way to fix a problem when you made up that problem and also made up them not knowing how to fix it.

>> No.54076291

Isn't that the story with the groin saw? I think he made that one picture in response to somebody bringing that fanfic up in the thread.

>> No.54076308

Nah it at 80/90 level of technology.

>> No.54076317

Because he read it once (or more likely, found the pretty hilarious audiobook version) and got inspired. I don't think he realized that the things in Thirty Hs are supposed to be so stupid they're cool and not outright cool. Like the groinsaw, or Fuckslayer, or Scumblecorp the Faggart of a Thousand Suns.

>> No.54076318

>Criticising an author for making his MC look good.
I think you'll find that this is a sin all fanfic is guilty of to some degree or another. I wouldn't find it fair to be overly critical to any story in particular for it.
That said I don't really agree with you in the first place. A lot of the world building is incidental to Naruto and dosen't really bear positively or negatively on him as far as I can see.

No. You damned Loyalists. Stay your guns.

>Yeah it runs into the problem of all Evil Dumbles fics where he should have already won.
If I remember correctly, he kinda has. He has all the power and reputation he wants or needs and can get even more even ever he is inclined. A big part fo the story is revealing just how powerful and influential he really is, with this getting scarrier as more and more is revealed.
Only the OCP Faerie and similiar unpredictable things made it possible for the MC and his crew to even begint o have a chance. Afterall, powerful doesn't mean omnipotent; this evil!Dumbledore is super well prepared and resourceful, but even with a prophet on tap he can still be blindsided, like when he misinterprets something his pet prophet tell him.

That's not an explanation for why it's true in setting. Maybe it's an explanation for why Kishimoto made it that way, but that is not what you were being asked. Do you not have anything? If so then maybe you shouldn't be so quick to criticise other being creative enough to come up with some sort of half-ways sensible theory where you can't.

>> No.54076326

Not exactly but it's very much meant to call to mind the sudden leap forward in progress that Japan had. You actually see in all the cities that got wrecked during the world that the tech is much more ubiquitous. Rain is this mess of pipes and skyscrapers. The tech is more like 60's/70's stuff. They have computers and can do live TV broadcast in color but they're kind of shit and hard to do.

>> No.54076338

>That's not an explanation for why it's true in setting. Maybe it's an explanation for why Kishimoto made it that way, but that is not what you were being asked. Do you not have anything? If so then maybe you shouldn't be so quick to criticise other being creative enough to come up with some sort of half-ways sensible theory where you can't.
The Warring Clan Era's ended and the world is undergoing a scientific revolution now that ninjas are no longer blowing everything up.

>> No.54076345

Magic ninjas target skyscrapers.

>> No.54076392

>Yes. It's a world with magic, and so its history occurred differently than ours, and so different technologies were prioritized
If you are going to bring up canon, then you should know this isn't true.
Also those instruction manuals were not common, and were lucked upon. Even more lucky is that Naruto had the time and resources and good fortune to decode that specific language in his spare time in order to make sense of it. Given that any written material summoned is not in any way obliged to be of the same language, that was lucky.
So, no one was being mocked. The MC was just lucky and was admitted as such in story.

Regarding Kushina, well, he wanted to include Naruto's mon, and I guess he'd be shat on either way, using her actual canon name or making on up and the former was easier.

our points about his shallow characterisation about the male characters, yeah, there's no real defence there. They were really shallow. I remember being disappointed with the loss of potential when some of them were effectively put on the bus regarding the time skip after being included.

I think we can both agree that Characterisation is where he's weakest.

>> No.54076435

Is there a jump where I can lead the Native Americans to victory, and carve out a Native Empire?

>> No.54076454

Paradox or Civ.

>> No.54076458

Europa Universalis,

>> No.54076469

That would require the document to be edited again. It's not happening, it's done. Give it up.

>> No.54076484

Nope. Doesn't work.
The Warring period ended less than a century ago, more like 70 years or so, and been interspersed with 3 Great Shinobi Wars before the most recent on in Canon. That is not a good environment for a 'scientific revolution' we see no evidence of such a thing, and to produce a fraction of the tech we see, some of which looks fairly old, would take a lot longer than that time period.

Kishimoto himself knew it didn't make sense so he reduced it's presence as the series went on, or handwaved it to be chakra based or powered or whatnot.

I think the idea was touched upon a while back, but no one took up the torch to make a jump for it. There was interest in the idea, but no one felt like they knew enough ot do it justice.
You might be able to make a workaround out of the Wild West jumps, but they may be set too late. American history isn't my strong point.

>> No.54076487

>The United Tribal States of America

>> No.54076511

My Jumper keeps meticulous records of this sort of thing, trying to find a pattern in it.
37 jumps in.
673 subjective years.
It was me or them. I didn't enjoy it but I don't regret it.

>> No.54076516

Mysterious Cities of Gold is Mesoamerican, but close enough.
Uncharted Waters might also work, especially if the European diseases haven't picked up steam by then

>> No.54076523

>If you are going to bring up canon, then you should know this isn't true.
It's not untrue, either. It's a reasonable assumption that can fit into the vagueness of Naruto's canon, and doesn't contradict any known facts.

>So, no one was being mocked. The MC was just lucky and was admitted as such in story.
You're misremembering. Naruto crows about how he's so smart for having realized how useful these things are instead of just dismissing them like everyone else. And yeah, they're not common, and in foreign languages, but there should be at least some attempt to decipher them. To hear Jared tell it, there isn't.

>Regarding Kushina, well, he wanted to include Naruto's mon, and I guess he'd be shat on either way, using her actual canon name or making on up and the former was easier.
Or he could have just not have made Orochimaru's body be Naruto's mom. Because that's a stupid and contrived idea.

>I think we can both agree that Characterisation is where he's weakest.
No argument there. The rest of it is bad, but the characters are by far the worst part. Oddly, Jared sometimes actually loops around and gets weirdly good in his characterization, even though he's shooting for something completely different. Like Sakura. She's supposed to be this awful fanon bitch, but her reactions to Naruto treating her so horribly for things she hasn't done, and feeling hurt and betrayed and wanting to make things right but him rebuking her every time...that's good stuff. Too bad it's meant to be her just being some jealous and petty whore trying to get into Jared's...sorry, I mean Naruto's good graces so she can take advantage of him.

>> No.54076597

>No argument there. The rest of it is bad, but the characters are by far the worst part.
Remember how all the girls want to be in Naruto's harem because, having been grinding domestic skills for thousands of loops instead of things that would actually help him, he can therefore produce lots of shiny things for them. Seriously, that's why: "Ooh, look at all the pretty dresses and jewelry and shoes he can make us, clearly we should all agree to spend eternity with him for no reason other than this." And also some stuff about hey, Shadow Clones, he can fuck all of them at once, isn't that great? Ugh. It's such a shallow view of women as these purely materialistic beings. It's gross. No emotional bond there, no love, just "well, he's a good prospect".

>> No.54076630

You act like a lot of people don't think that way.

>> No.54076632


>> No.54076668

close enough geographically, that is.
If you don't want to spread tech from out of jump, just nab a few Muan designs and hop up north.

>> No.54076726

Why is his head so tiny.

>> No.54076737

>It's not untrue, either.
Given how vague the whole time period is, yeah. We can leave that there.

>You're misremembering.
I'll take you at your word here. It'd been years since I read it and I don't really care enough to go look it up.

>To hear Jared tell it, there isn't.
I wonder. What if they had and did, but found the information so useless it was buried? Just an idea.

>Because that's a stupid and contrived idea.
It... was a little out of left-field certainly. It could have been made into something interesting, maybe, but I think the story was largely discontinued that chapter or the next.

Yeah, I see what you mean.

Those were fringe benefits, reasons not to be concerned about the future and to reassure new members that they wouldn't be ignored due to him splitting his time and attention.
No financial worries, top-notch medical care, a doting and dedicated lover/companion who can give you all the attention you want, comparadarie from other who know exactly what you are going through and can give you even more emotional support, and importantly given the world they were living in, increased chances of survivability both for them all, and their children and insurance that if they die, their children will be raised and protected by trusted parental figures rather than be at the mercy of whatever social support system their might be and that they know failed Naruto pretty badly.
Would you give up all that if it was offered to you? For most people, just a lack of financial worries would be worth cutting off their own arms!

Mr Freeman, you have failed us!

>> No.54076748

this is an edit, but not as extreme of an edit as you might think

>> No.54076814

I've already admitted that I stole the groinsaw thing from Harry. My aesthetic is ironic edgelord So yeah, I'm going to go for that kind of thing.
picture related,seriously, I'm not getting how that is an important distinction as long as the end result is "it's cool"

>> No.54076861

It's not too late around the Wild West Era. It's not IDEAL ("Too Late" would probably be around the 1900s) but you could probably do it if you have the sufficient technology to give the Native Americans.

>> No.54076897

No, your aesthetic is stupid edgelord

>> No.54076913

Pretty fair, I'd say it's open to interpretation

>> No.54076946

Are there any really good Alternate History settings where the Native Americans win, or end up developing technologically in time or even earlier than Eurasia or maybe one where someone goes back in time to that time period and decides to help them?

>> No.54076961

>Would you give up all that if it was offered to you? For most people, just a lack of financial worries would be worth cutting off their own arms!
If it meant I had to be eternally bound to a little sociopath like CED's version of Naruto. Yes, I would definitely give that up. Remember, he has not offered any emotional support, just "here's a lot of shiny things, and some 'massages' nudge-nudge wink-wink, be my bride for all eternity now! Yes, I know that we met when I emotionally manipulated your psychopathic murderer brother into forcing you to me me sexually assault you, I see no reason why you wouldn't want to be with me forever."

>> No.54076977

Honestly, the IDEAL timeframe would be to take something like Total War and just jump the pond. Given a few centuries they could build up the resources to resist colonial powers without radical uplift.

>> No.54076988

No. It's really not.

>> No.54077098

Well, there was that episode of Family Guy. That was the opening gag for the episode where Brian died.

I'm mad at myself that I know this.

>> No.54077149

Yeah, no. Jumpmakers don't negotiate with powerwankers.

>> No.54077171

>Yes, I know that we met when I emotionally manipulated your psychopathic murderer brother into forcing you to me me sexually assault you, I see no reason why you wouldn't want to be with me forever."
I know it's been a while since I read it, but I'd think I'd remember this. Care to remind me?

>If it meant I had to be eternally bound to a little sociopath like CED's version of Naruto.
In regards to the actual characters, as ninja themselves they would likely have married other ninjas. It's a pattern that we see in canon and it makes sense.
As ninja are likely to suffer from various mental issue due to the thigns they have to do and go thorugh, I would imagine any young kunoichi, would have to be prepared, that if she was to marry another ninja, for baggage of that sort. And compared to some absolute trainwerechs that ninja can become, the MC isn't that bad, with lots of mitigating factors enough to make up for that deficency.

>> No.54077182

No one can stand against the power of metal


>> No.54077204

>Total War
>those special scenes at the end

What's Scotland doing in Egypt? Is it referencing a let's play?

>> No.54077213

Help me I stared reading the Sonichu wiki because I wanted to make a Jumper who was accidentally sent there for his first Jump instead of Pokemon Trainer and now I can't stop reading please help

>> No.54077216

As much as it pains me...

Marriage for love is recent. Really recent. Marrying for prospects for soldiers/mercs in a feudal warring setting would be expected, wouldn't it?

I also vaguely recall that there were scenes of emotional bonding. Just doing stuff together is the basis for any level of relationship and there were a few 'working together to solve problems' scenes, and I remember characters expressing sympathy and working together to solve problems. There was just more discussion and emphasis placed on the ways that the group and particularly Naruto could produce value.

There are still tons of problems -- I think my favourite is when Naruto's cult starts, like, reverse slut-shaming Sakura for not wanting to marry Naruto? CED is just so gosh darn weird looking back on it...

>> No.54077217

How do I Conan?

>> No.54077234

Naruto basically tells Gaara "Give me your sister" and he does.

>> No.54077246

Sword and Sorcery jump, it's fucking fantastic

>> No.54077257

yup https://lparchive.org/A-Scotsman-In-Egypt/
same goes for Egyptian in Scotland, and I am Skantarios
not sure about the others
As it happens, I actually chose the former for said jump, may have let things get out of hand...

>> No.54077267

Exalted solars
Warehouse time 92.4
Twilight cast
Pages and words free
Mind of the sun 700
Brigids legacy 500
Unconquered mind of the sun 100
3 circles of sorcery -200

Arachnids needle -300
Body strengthening liqour -500

Interesting times -200
Virtue of compassion 0

>> No.54077277

I'm watching season 2 right now, and the filler is painful. I marathoned through season 1 and enjoyed pretty much all of it. S2 is sorely lacking so far. Does it get better?

>> No.54077295

What are your favorite jumps to start native chains in?

>> No.54077329

Generic xianxia, that way I can pretend to be a warlock plundering worlds for their cultivation methods.

>> No.54077332

>How do I Conan?
You don't. There is no Conan.
There will never be a Conan.
CCDT doesn't like it enough to make an imaged jump.
Myrmidont had his binkey stolen by barbarians as a child, so he won't make it either.
Mardukth did Lunars, and thinks that was close enough, so he won't make a barbarian jump.
Stupid Dog could do it, but fell off the Earth
All home is lost.
Thulsa Doom won.
You well never get a Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan Companion.
Never Ever.
Weep for the dream that is never to be.

>> No.54077362

Welcome to CWCville!

>> No.54077383

> But so many people had a demand for Wands when I initially mentioned things that I got the feeling it would turn whatever perk line it was in into the OTB.
By all appearances, the wand itself is just a thing that makes magic easier. The Queen and Glossarick both talk about "dipping down" and the Queen even does some impressive magic without the wand.
It just seems to be a thing that lets ANYONE do magic -- and also possibly have some kind of corruptive/crazy effects depending on who wields it. Never gonna forget what happened when Lobster Guy got hold of it. That shit was crazy.

I really like the filler, but it is filler. Honestly, Star VS has this thing going where you can basically skip all but the first and last episode of a season and you won't miss a whole lot.

I guess if I were to recommend episodes, I'd say watch the one with Heckapoo, the first and last episodes, and then maybe any episode where Ludo makes an appearance.
I think Ludo doesn't appear in the episode where Star tries to get Glossarick back through a portal, but it's not a huge deal. Ludo's not a huge deal, even, it's just kindof interesting to see his progression from Ludo to... the last episode.

>> No.54077395

>Sword and Sorcery
Is generic only. No specific setting option.
It IS a fantastic jump.
I'd jump it multiple times if I could (Sitcom Jump 4th option style) for different sword and sorcery settings.
But it will never get you Conan, or take you to Hyboria.

>> No.54077411

I'm going to bed, so I've got to leave things there. But I remember that somewhat differently from you. Wasn't it more a case of comedic sociopathy from Gaara, wanting to be related to Naruto by becoming family and Temari goes along with it out of fear of Gaara?
Good night.

>> No.54077422

It is a great jump but the generic nature of it means I have no idea what mages there are capable of. I want to magic but can't.

>> No.54077435

>What are your favorite jumps to start native chains in?
Where did the pic come from?
Because whoever made it should face off against the author of the Chick Tracts in a Cage Fight.

>> No.54077447

> should face off against the author of the Chick Tracts
Jack Chick? He's dead. Died last year.

>> No.54077459

So make something up. I'm playing with GURPS magic systems from Thaumaturgy, myself.

>> No.54077468

Oh shit. How'd he eat it?

>> No.54077483

Some kind of high level shamanism? At least thats what the perks make it seem like, summoning and conjuring spirits

>> No.54077492

Read the Tvtropes page to get a highlight reel of the cancer without actually having to read it.

>> No.54077503

Weirdest damn thing. They just found his clothes on the floor of his bedroom. Shoes and all, like he just disappeared.

>> No.54077530


>> No.54077542

Why, the Cthulu Tract, of course!

>> No.54077547

Nah September 23rd is the next mempocalypse date

>> No.54077562

Did CERN open that portal to Hell yet?

>> No.54077574


>> No.54077595

I wouldn't mind living out a combination of DOOM and TWD

Oh, I agree, but there are some people who just get retarded about eschatology

>> No.54077607


>> No.54077628

Also, Hellgate London. As terrible as the jump is (and as disappointing as the game was).

>> No.54077655


You know I'm just gonna let this build speak for itself.

Jump 97: Gravity Falls
Origin: Mystery Kid [950]
Age: 14 [900]
Location: Suburbs
Awesome Opening Sequence
Where is it, where is it, AHA!
Journalist [900]
Laugh All You Want, I Have A Plan! [700]

Black Light
Lifetime Supply of Snacks [200]

Mystery Twins! - Diend

Journal Page (All Journals) [1200]

Bonus points for anyone who can give me ideas on what Ford's journal entries on Decade look.

>> No.54077673

It might be because no matter how sad your life is you can always look at Cris Chan and feel good about yourself.

I recommend improving your life until you have a less depressing subject to favorably compare yourself to.

>> No.54077705

Fate but only because right now I'm obsessed with the damn series and can never shut up about it for more than five minutes.

I have been considering making a native chain starring one of my JJBA OC's for Seventh Stand User named Pat Zeppeli (It's implied that the MC of the game is a Zep so).

>> No.54077718

"Now that I've gotten fit, I'm confident enough to masturbate to more attractive anime characters"
t. /fit/

>> No.54077720

Initial Journal 1 impressions are probably a sketch and some minor notes.
>"Doesn't seem hostile. Human???"
>"Who is 'Yuki?'"
>"The belt seems important. What does it do?"
>"Where does it go when I'm not looking? The key means something!"

Journal 3, well...


>> No.54077741

The Walking Dead

What. In the FUCK. Am I watching?

>> No.54077745

The fuck?

>> No.54077754

The Second Adventure of the Lawgiver: Exalted Solars
>Just a Humble Merchant 1000, Weighing the Scales 900, Prosperity of the Sun 600, Logic 400, Brigid's Legacy 200, Power and Majesty -200, Unconquered -600
>Lunar Mate -700
>Yozi-Friend -500, A Grim Nemesis -300, What's A Combo? 0

The Lawgiver first knew the grace of Our Guarding Star in his third incarnation. He was a great student of economics, sociology, psychology, theology, and all those sciences that governed the flow of trade between men and gods. But all the great skill of his new life paled before the memories of the day he was Exalted. The experience of the true divine, the booming voice telling him to judge right from wrong in its name and to teach mankind, had wrought an uncanny transformation within him. The knowledge that such a great being existed, a god of limitless perfection and virtue, took hold of his mind. Though he was still young and cowardly, he knew then what the meaning of his life was and set his heart upon the course it would follow for millennia hence.

>> No.54077770

In his life upon Creation, he had become a rising star in Great Forks while making his fortune, and tarried there, quietly liquidating his assets into jade to store in his warehouse and allowing the demons that followed him to be dealt with by the city's confused gods. Nearing the end of his labors, he feigned drunkenness and wandered the streets, ranting about the evils of slavery and the righteousness of the Sun. It was in this manner he was accosted by one of the very demons his presence had summoned. He made to flee, but before he could a shape pounced upon the spirit, rending it apart with claws of silver. Memories of his Exaltation's old host rushed back, and he knew the woman to be his mate. Looking up from her kill, she smiled in mutual recognition. She was Undaunted Ivy, a petty mugger and thief who had been Chosen by Luna, picked up by the Sun King Senechsals, and turned loose on Creation with half remembered tales of the Sun's Chosen. It was half a heartbeat before she, still covered with the demon's ichors, embraced the Lawgiver, babbling about how he could save Creation. It was only a near thing that he managed to stop her from mounting him then and there, and instead brought her back to his house. Far into the morning he explained the truth to her, of what he was and of the vile yet wondrous world from whence he hailed, where man had tamed lightning to caste back the darkness of night and rode great shells of metal into the sky to trod on the moon. To all this, she only replied "Love, I don't know about this science and magic bullshit. But I can see you're no fighter. I'll stay by your side wherever you go. I'll keep you safe, and I'll kill whoever you say needs killed. I hope that's enough."

>> No.54077777

pic related

>What. In the FUCK. Am I watching?
CERN opening ceremonies. Not even joking.

>> No.54077786

It was only a few nights of living with her before the Lawgiver knew he could stay hidden no longer, for her drunken carousing a loose lips would shortly expose them for what they were. And so he packed up what was left of his belongings into his warehouse, took Ivy into his arms, and ran an inhuman sprint to the northeast by night. He came shortly to the borders of the Bull of the North's empire and hailed the first Icewalkers he came across, letting forth his anima and saying "Friends! Behold, I am ken to your king, and I am here to join his circle!"

Thus was he guided to Yuurgen Kaneko, to whome he offered his services. "Sir, an empire grows not by the arms of its soldiers, but by the flow of goods along its roads and good management of its citizens. Make me your minister, and I shall guide your nation to greatness." Having been accepted, he made rounds to the conquered territories, and set them to loyalty and sun worship with his Taboo Inflicting Diatribe and bade all governers and guards testify to him, that he could uncover corruption and spies with his Judge's Ear Technique.

>> No.54077798


>> No.54077803

I am overcome by laughter, that is hilarious.

>> No.54077805

It was some time before the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile tracked him to the North, but one maddened nihlist from a half a world away could kill only a few outlying tribes before being hunted down by Samea, Fear Eater, and Crimson Antler. It was then that the Lawgiver made to expand the Bull's realm peacefully, whispering to the merchants from Haslanti of how much their coffers would overflow under the safety of the Bull's leadership. And so on did his time in Creation go, until years hence he came to the end of his stay. It was then he offered a final prayer to his god, in the hopes to once again be blessed with his divine attention. "Master," he said over the roar of the sacrificial bonfire, "I soon shall depart, to shine your light unto ten thousand worlds that know it not. I promise you, I shall not go the way of my predeccessors, and shortly shall I come in force, to throw open the gates of Heaven and show you that not all of your servants are false and trecherous. Even if no other does, know I shall keep virtue dear to me, and you shall behold a great yet dutiful servant, come to deliver redemption to your Chosen and prove to all of Creation that you were right to create us."

The Sun replied not, but the silence only bolstered our Lawgiver's resolve to prove himself.

>> No.54077820

I heard someone is making a Wonder Woman jump, has there been any info on that other than the fact that anon is working on one?

>> No.54077839

>I have no idea what mages there are capable of. I want to magic but can't.
Summoning spirits and monsters and stuff.
Turning into a giant snake. And other snake related stuff, like turning your mooks into snake people the hero can not feel so bad about killing large numbers of.
Making various enchanted items.

All the 'you can do/are talented with these magical techniques' perks can be learned in the setting. So pick up the CP spellbook if nothing else.

>> No.54077846

...the movie, the TV series or the comics?

>> No.54077859

Jumpers are probably the only ones who could pull off being a barbarian-detective with their own talk show.

>> No.54077860

I think it is is the movie.

>> No.54077869

That's very little to work with, wouldn't a DCEU jump be more appropriate?

>> No.54077871

I'd give that actress an Amazon injection, seriously. Needs muscle.

>> No.54077882

I don't know anon, that is one of the reasons I'm asking about it.

>> No.54077913

>Reading Solars jumps
>Really like the needle that lets you make clothing out of pretty much anything
>Realize that there's a non-zero chance I'll end sewing still-living people into clothing during one of my "episodes"
>Am scared to take the needle now
Any advice?

>> No.54077921

>Marriage for love is recent. Really recent. Marrying for prospects for soldiers/mercs in a feudal warring setting would be expected, wouldn't it?
Naruto world has the only marriges we see be for love. It's not like Sasuke cooked up a baby with Orochimaru to powergame the Uchiha bloodline.

>> No.54077936

It's people trying to change canon to justify their defence of a shit author.

>> No.54077939

Why is John shirtless?

>> No.54077960

Just remember to kill them first.

>> No.54077965

They've been to focused on time travel technology.
Steins; Gate jump when?

>> No.54077975

He's at a poolside bbq.

>> No.54077978

If they weren't Solars are they really still people?

>> No.54077981

Do it.

>> No.54078028

>Warehouse time 92.4
I have no Idea what this means.

>> No.54078070

>tfw you sew a PSV into them.

>> No.54078100

92.4% of the time spent in the warehouse in jump?

>> No.54078113


How would that even work? Perfect Lionheart's fics encompass multiple fandoms.

>> No.54078125

She really does need one, yes.

I didn't even know there was one honestly.

PSVs pop unless you handle them very, very carefully

More carefully than poking them with a sharp piece of metal, is what I'm saying

>> No.54078198

Does anyone know the method Bob used to get access to Frank's abilities in Symbiote? I want to keep my symbiote as part of me but that mental speed. . .

>> No.54078283

I think that's a tally of how much temporal alteration the Clock from Narnia can do at that jump.

>> No.54078299

Don't know if anyone's working on anything, but I was considering seeing if I could do anything with a DCEU jump fter Justice League comes out.

True. Gadot's a knockout and all, but it she could use some protein.

>> No.54078313

Hey! Lunar waifus are people, too. Sometimes.

>> No.54078314

I think the other anon was right and it was supposed to be a Perfectly Kissed Hero jump which makes sense since you can already do CED with the fanfic drawback in Naruto.

>> No.54078334

They're pets not people.

>> No.54078355

I think the WW jump that was mentioned was during the WW movie, in World War 2. Far enough apart that any more encompassing DCEU jump wouldn't be interfered with.

>> No.54078367

Yeah Lunar waifus are the pet dog who guards the house while you're off doing important things.

>> No.54078390

Fair enough. Not sure how you'd actually make that work as a jump, though.

>> No.54078403

WWI, actually. And yes, there was an anon working on it.

>> No.54078407

For the Marvel Magic Jump, would gauntlet count as melee weapon for the Worthy Weapon?

>> No.54078411

Really just make sure you are far back enough to prevent them all dying of disease and that should be half the job done.

>> No.54078437

More like guards your wiener.

>> No.54078462

As a twilight nerd I hid myself the last place anyone would look, inside a woman.

>> No.54078474

Sure, why not?

Maybe strap some spikes or something on the knuckles to be sure.

>> No.54078488

It's true, nobody would ever expect to see you inside a woman.

>> No.54078502

Not even Cracker Jack wants to do a Conan Jump.
He is to busy inventing the DCEU, which I guess is like the AU, but Erotic I guess.

>> No.54078518

All things considered, it's disappointingly unerotic really. Except for Faora, tho. Faora is bae

>> No.54078524

>I think that's a tally of how much temporal alteration the Clock from Narnia can do at that jump.
Ah. That makes sense, thanks!

>> No.54078561

Are you working on any jumps at the moment? And/or have any jumps on your to-do list?

>> No.54078579

Not sure how well that would work if you decided Lilith was your mate instead of Swan.

>> No.54078598

Transformers the Last Knight is the best Transformers. Jump when, Many?

>> No.54078608


What's even worth having from Partially Kissed Hero?

Aside from the satisfaction of killing that fic's version of Harry?

>> No.54078613

If Lilith doesn't kill you immediately and you give her head pats and treat her nice she'd probably be all over you. The prospect of a mate that loves her and handles her gently is something she's not going to be used to and she'll probably melt. If she doesn't kill you first, anyway.

>> No.54078631

Super Machiavellian Evil Schemes and Refuge in Audacity perks?

>> No.54078635

That form and that history hit all of my buttons.

>> No.54078697

There's a question for you.

>> No.54078718

PL Harry Companion

>> No.54078730

And a potion that keeps getting retroactively edited via time travel, including an addition that makes it so they can only love Harry and they dose basically all women with it.

>> No.54078741

Other than the Owlfu are there any good lunars to take as Lunar Mates in the Solaroid jumps? Can only take Owlfu once.

>> No.54078822

Really not as much eroticism as you would hope.

Not really, no.

Eh I'm going to say towards the end for now? You can probably beat it.

Sorry, it's just been a while since I wrote the jump.

>> No.54078844

I want to point out for those unfamiliar with Exalted that IN THE CURRENT TIME THE JUMP BEGINS Lilith is roughly as mentally stable as Adorjan, and not an "owlfu"

>> No.54078878

>Lilith is roughly as mentally stable as Adorjan
>implying Adorjan isn't best girl

>> No.54078885

Mental instability doesn't stop someone from being a waifu, anon. Besides the point of Lilith is that she can't decide if she'll be in love with or kill whoever currently has her Solar's Exaltation. If you roll the former then you can help rehabilitate her.

>> No.54078902

So jumpers have a moral obligation to waifu her and help her with her issues through head pats?

>> No.54078926


Why would you even want to bring him along?

>> No.54078937

>Towards the end, and they can be beaten

Thanks. Now I just have to do so while avoiding Constantine and his memetic ruinous aura.

>> No.54078941

>Aside from the satisfaction of killing that fic's version of Harry?
Satisfaction from messing with Dark Lord Dumbledore.

>> No.54079035

Is there a Horus Heresy jump being worked?

>> No.54079048

Given that fic's escalation problems it'd probably turn out he is an evil ex-jumper who got stuck in Harry Potter early or something, and he's done a hundred more jumps than you, even if you have done all of them. Don't worry though, Harry will make an interdimensional reincarnation ritual and get two hundred jumps more than you so he can save the day.

That story has issues, is what I'm saying.

>> No.54079069

That's some serious shit, anon. I just got done watching it and I really don't know what to take away from that.

>> No.54079130

Why not?

>> No.54079139

I mean, we know from all that spirit cooking nonsense that the wealthy are into some freakish new-age pseudo-occlultism, so I wouldn't be surprised if this actually has some spiritual meaning to them.

>> No.54079149

something something /pol/ is always right.

>> No.54079156

No, go for it.

>> No.54079199

Nope, I imagine such a jump would be difficult given the book series isn't done yet but if you think you can do it justice then go for it.

>> No.54079292

"It's native to the alps and makes jobs." Is apparently the intended take away from that it's just all done through the sheer WTFness of interpretive dance.

>> No.54079316

That's what they want you to think.

>> No.54079349

>"It's native to the alps and makes jobs."
Pffft. No fucking way. I don't disbelieve you anon, but there is no way that's the takeaway from that.

>> No.54079392

>Nope, I imagine such a jump would be difficult given the book series isn't done yet but if you think you can do it justice then go for it.
I'm not claiming it but the book series not being done shouldn't matter too much since we've always known most of the important events since Visions.

Though to be honest after thinking about it I'd rather see a Great Crusade Jump rather than a Heresy Jump. I think it would have more to offer experience wise than a Heresy jump though there's no reason why you couldn't have both.1000CP Lost Primarch origin when?.

>> No.54079457

>1000CP Lost Primarch origin when?
No, Primarch would be the 400 CP capstone booster for all the other origins.

>> No.54079465

>Just four hundred for that
Hahaha. You're not serious.

>> No.54079499

It's not detailed. They're critically injured and Frank goes off half-cocked trying to fix things, resulting in an incredibly dysfunctional fusion. They get better, but it happens off-camera, so to speak.

Symbiotes have trouble actually reading brains. They can model your behaviour and watch hormone levels to make uncanny guesses most of the time, but the actual thought processes are opaque until they're significantly developed. If you have some way to make that easier, you'll have better results on that front.

>> No.54079531

>1000CP Lost Primarch origin when?.
Strange I swear I spoiled that.

>> No.54079549


>> No.54079640

Probably more than 400, but I agree it's probably not worth 1000 CP.

>> No.54079718

Speaking of Horus Heresy, is Space Hulk still in progress?

>> No.54079735

When did the Hulk get into space?

>> No.54079743

Capstone boosters are 400 CP because they don't do everything by themselves. They need 600 CP capstones to unlock other abilities. So more like 400 CP (Primarch capstone booster) + 300 CP (your discounted capstone) = 700 CP minimum. Or 1,100 CP for 2 capstones + boosted effects. With the specific capstones determining what the focus of your powers is. The Patriarchs aren't all identical after all. All are psyckers of a certain capability, but there's only one Magnus.

>> No.54079789

>Capstones boosters are 400
Again, no. You tried this before. Most are 500, not 400. You're also making some hefty inter jump balance reasoning here, assuming that capstone boosters are all worth a constant amount. Becoming a Primarch is a gigantic boost in power, skill and such, especially when the rest of the jump would be based on space marines and maybe normal humans.

>> No.54079832

When the writer's thought it'd be cool to rewrite the Barsoom series with the Hulk.

>> No.54079837

>That image


>> No.54079856


>> No.54079927

Not that anon, but is that actually true?
Do we have a list of capstone boosters?

>> No.54079946

No and no. He might as well just be asking Red for her opinion.

>> No.54079953

People keep suggesting jumps for the alternate Heresies, too, but maybe that should just be a +0.

Or is Hektor too different for a +0 drawback?

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