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Female Necrons edition

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>Latest news :

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in pdf(and epub), SW:A, WIP and BB are here too, no novels.

>Old crap

>List Builder
Deader than the Emperor.

>WIP Math-hammer doc

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what's your take on obliterators? still worth the points?

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I think they're cool, but they're not rapid fire weapons so don't just plop them 9" away because you can, try and make them shooty and 24" away.

>> No.54065231

Not enough attacks, not enough range. At best they're short range twin lascannons and at worse they're super garbage. You'd be way better off paying the difference and striking in a team of combi-plasma terminators

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4th for you're a grot

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God I fucking hate painting Skitarii. Why do they have to look so cool?

>> No.54065341

What would have been so hard about making them the way they were in this edition? I can't wrap my head around it. It would have been so simple.

GW, stop smoking crack when remaking rules.

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Because sometimes, in order to hurt someone very very much, you have to appeal to their baser instincts. I painted mine camo-blue, because fuck the ForgeWorlds.

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All the wargear they could emulate all got a buff (except maybe plasma cannon), so they couldn't just give them that wargear, which is understandable to me. I just wish they were a little better.

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Daily reminder that next edition manlet marines will be SQUATTED

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Oblits are 65 pts/model and havocs with missile launchers are 38. Are the extra wounds and 2+/5+ save worth the points?

>> No.54065447

GW salesforce is in

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I'm trying to make an army around pedro kantor and some assault centurions. I have them in a land raider with a librarian, as well as a contemptor and an apothecary in the list.

What else should I consider doing to make it work?

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Only thing that left will be wrongscale primaris marines.

>> No.54065491

What about Mutilators?

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Best ask Mommy to give you money for birthday/christmas/easter because old marines are history. Control the battlefield of the future with your INTERCESSOR™ squads! Bring fury to the enemies of the imperium and rain down hellfire with the HELLBLASTER™ squads.

Stalk the battlefield like a predator with the skull faced terrifying REIVER™ squads.

A dark future needs new heroes; manlets don't measure up.

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>obliterators are some fucked up warp-virus
>mutilators are just guys who were too into their knives

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You should avoid creating pseudo-deathstar fire magnets. Kantor is for turning kinda good units into really good.

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Our youth have it so easy. I remember the time, when marines were shorter and you actually had to aim to hit them, now they are so huge even a blind can blast them to hell.

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I'm at a debate with myself. I about to paint my first battlewagon and I'm not sure what scheme to go with.

I'm debating between mostly black with some red panels, or mostly red with some yellow and bare metal panels.

Pic is of my current scheme I'm already using on my warbikes.

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Went are there not Dwarves in space? Is make an army of Fyreslayers in space in a heartbeat....

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Ah, i'd like to use either him or lysander.

That's the only real requirement for my army, although I'd like to use my centurions.

What would they fit well into?

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Theres the Demiurg.

>> No.54065568

Just put my stealth team on 32's.
Fuck it looks good.

Wondering if I should convince my friend to put all his manlets back on 25's so I can do the same to all of my nobz as well.

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There were. But then they were no more.

>> No.54065601

Check out the squats; they had models and vehicles and everything until they got SQUATTED via tyranid swarm

Press F to pay respects.

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Excuse my lore noobiness but someone mentioned in another thread that necrons are afraid of tyranids and that tyranids have in the past destroyed a few tomb worlds.

Why is this? What possible reason would nids have to attack necrons and what reason would the fleshless necrons have to fear tyranids?

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The 8th ed rulebook actually mentions them so they're still around.

>> No.54065629

You have 10 seconds to prove you're not a marinelet.

>> No.54065636

My chapter is of first founding.
Given every first founding chapter death is replaced by a Primaris, I am therefore a primaris.

>> No.54065639

This is a thing? Seconding this question.

I heard that; I'm picking up my rulebook tomorrow on my monthly payday from work. I wouldn't collect a full squat force if they were still around; but I'd run a kill team for Shadow War or something.

Warhammer 40k quest when?

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I can ride Hulkcoaster in Universal Studio

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I thought it was the other way around; Tyranids afraid of Necrons because there's no life or something

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I'm not a traitor

>> No.54065670

Post yfw you realize that primarines are overpriced hot garbage ingame.Except for the lieutenants.

>> No.54065675

its both.
its flat loss for tyranid because no biomass.
Its hard for Necron because shadow of the warp

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Should I play Eldar or Word Bearers?

>> No.54065692

dont you worry we still have 17 (well, 16 because of the reiver release) Primaris unit to come that are listed with no description in Dark Imperium

>> No.54065702

Nyds eat all the metal off of planets they consume not just biomass. Though Necrons are one of the best factions to fight tyranids in attrition (orks may be comparable for different reasons).

>> No.54065703

Warhammer but instead of guns it's bumper cars

>> No.54065705

I dunno man. They get 3 attacks each and they could be s8 ap -3 attacks that do 3 damage... Or they could s6 ap-1 attacks that do 1 damage.

4" movement on a melee guy is terrible but 2+/5+ and 3 wounds is pretty good...

I dunno, I'm afraid to bring them.

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What's a good way for Chaos to deal with mass conscript blobs?

I'm facing an army with atleast 2 full hordes soon.

>> No.54065712

Are you gay, jewish and/or japanese? Eldar
Are you a pussy? Word Bearers

>> No.54065713

Why not both?Dark eldar!

>> No.54065720

khorne flyprinces with dual claws.

>> No.54065731

Who would ever choose +1a over warptime?

>> No.54065733

combi bolters are good and cheap

>> No.54065737


I spray mine silver after priming black and leave the armour, bionics, backpacks and weapons the same colour with slight variations by using different washes. 50% of the model done with simple spray, wash, drybrush techniques.

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You say that like you are only taking 1 prince.
only one prince can use warptime, the rest should just take the +1 atttack.

>> No.54065776

Why not bring a few hordes of your own? R&H are pretty cheap and can get HWTs.
And of course there always are brimstones. I'm currently converting 40 servitors count-as brimstones with servo-skulls and other bits and bobs.

>> No.54065780

Slaanesh daemon stuff? Fast as shit, so should be able to go from outside rapid fire range into assault in a single turn, and loads of attacks. The combine harvester seems especially thematic for what you're trying to do.

>> No.54065784

They are pretty expensive though.

>> No.54065790

Khornate berzerkers, add a Dark Apostle or Khârn, and go collect some skulls.

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>> No.54065797

Why not create multiple CC threads? Use Kantor to buff Termies, Veterans or Honor Guard? Part of list building is making fire priority hard for the enemy. Deathstars are unreliable in 8E.

Also, Señor Kantor is versatile: you can use him to buff a gunline just as well and then countercharge.

I pair him with librarian too: i want to swing first with those extra attacks. I like jumppack librarians due to how smite works.

>> No.54065799

Word Bearers

>> No.54065808


Anything with good wound/cost ratio and T6+ Sv3+ or T4+ Sv 2+

I found rubric marines very effective, bolters hit on 3, wound on 3 and give no save. In return they hit on 5, wound on 5 and you have a 2+ save.

This gives you 4/9 (24/54) wounds per attack versus their 1/54 making your marines be worth 24 conscripts in a direct confrontation. That's 72 points for each rubric.

>> No.54065810

Which stream?

>> No.54065811

Renagade Punisher w/ heavy bolters: you ont even need to take rengade troops anymore thanks to key words

>> No.54065812

180ptsfor 10W T6 3+/5++
Move 12"/fly
8 WS2+ with rerolls S7 -2 D2

>> No.54065813

They're not afraid of necrons, they just don't bother with lifeless worlds. Which is what most tomb worlds are.
Nids show no hesitation attacking those tomb worlds that do have life.

>> No.54065830

Why isn't there a rule in 40k for units like Rubrics and Necrons to make it impossible for them to die from shit like poisoning or fleshbane?

>> No.54065837

This. Spiky pansies best pansies. You can branch out to necropansies later if you want, the faction allows almost all elf units in one list.

>> No.54065842

>inb4 retarded explanation from a gw shill

>> No.54065853

>implying Adarki Aeldari poisons can hurt Necrons

>> No.54065856

CSM: Summon bloodthirster or slaanesh cavalry
Chaos Daemons: Do the same
Renegades: Do the same

>> No.54065858

Because that would be some kind of universal special rule and all units have to have cool, bespoke rules right there on your datasheet. This makes play faster and easier because there are fewer rules to learn.

>> No.54065859

Because they didn't want to make DE completely useless in those match ups.

>> No.54065873

You can have a faction specific USR like ATSKNF or Favored of Tzeentch. Or Reanimation Protocols.

>> No.54065884

having two entire factions immune to your shooting wouldn't be good for game balance

>> No.54065896

Summoning a BT needs one hell of a roll, though.

>> No.54065898

I'm new so I don't know what CC thread means, crowd control I guess?

I am really new, so I am just trying to use units I like.

I got raped by psykers, so I know I need a librarian for the deny

>> No.54065903

That's too fucking bad for the pointy eared space jews then. Go get some better weapons.

>> No.54065904

close combat, crowd control, depends on context

>> No.54065907

Close Combat threat, he meant. Something that can get in and smash all those puny psykers into paste, preferrably multiple units, so you're not completely fucked if you lose one unit.

>> No.54065912

I mean sure they could just remove poison from the game and replace it with something universal.

>> No.54065917

Because its assumed those using such weapons adjust their chemicals, like acid for crons.

>> No.54065921


>> No.54065933

No anon I'm talking about niggercrons not tau.

>> No.54065936

In Rhino or Land Raider?

>> No.54065939

Then get mulched by 100 overwatch shots.

>> No.54065943

am I a cunt for bringing a land raider redeemer at 1k?

>> No.54065950

Just park a rhino in front and charge from behind it.

>> No.54065953

No, you're being a scrub. But we all had to play our first game once.

>> No.54065965

I take a pair of Hemlocks or a Wraithknight. So no.

>> No.54065966

Deathshroud terminators when?

>> No.54065981

bout 3 weeks, maybe 4.

>> No.54066001

Ah ok, I didn't see any other way to get my centurions into action other than a land raider.

>> No.54066003

How long until chaos codex?

>> No.54066015

3 months

>> No.54066021

Likely before August but dont hold your breath

>> No.54066023

Well that confirms it. I guess I'm dropping my manlets and going for a full Primaris force.

>> No.54066061

Nurgle Daemons ability to buff wound rolls has no duration.

RAW it's permanent, but is it RAI to last one turn?

>> No.54066071

No, it's permanent.

>> No.54066079

whats the list?

>> No.54066080

No other buff is though and this one has an easy value of 6 to cast. Feels like it was designed for one turn to me.

>> No.54066089

>been playing grey knights for years
>take a break from 40k
>8th out and want a new army
>pick up[ blood angels why i should have done orks i already have the beginnings of an ork army already
>why am i this schizophrenic with 4oK

>> No.54066098

Hey man as long as you're having fun rock that shit

>> No.54066100

Blood Angles are cool anon

>> No.54066102

Anon i've got a backlog of 3 2k armies and 2 1k armies - i literally cannot decide and focus on one
However i wanted to play a rare army so i've gone Tyranids and hope to have them all done in 2-3months

My other nearly finished force is Dark Eldar

>> No.54066114

"Its there Sonny, its right out there!"

>> No.54066116

Paint them as Lamenters.

>> No.54066128

Pretty fluffy given nurgle being about entropic growth

>> No.54066133

There are not enough Lamenters left for even a 500 point game.

>> No.54066148

Do we have standard size for a gaming table? Like, anyone know dimensions?

>> No.54066157

6 by 4

>> No.54066162

Word Bearers are Space ISIS.

>Religious fanatics
>Recruit by radicalisation
>Encourage collateral damage
>Place sleeper cells on Imperial worlds

>> No.54066164

>Start building space wolf army
>Finish it
>Start seeing all the new primaris shit

I should of just done imperial guard. I prefer imperial guard as a faction anyway. My manlets look fucking stupid fielded next to Primaris. I see no reason lore wise for my manlets to exist when the ability to upgrade existing marines into Primaris exists.

>> No.54066165

4'x4', 6'x4' for above 1500

>> No.54066166

Depends on the game size
Less than 1000pt - 4' x 4'
1000 to 2000 - 6'x4'
More than 2000 - 8'x4'

>> No.54066170

Did you lose to smite? You need to feed the psyker units you don't mind losing while your other guys get into position, then you counter attack and take the psyker out. Rinse and repeat for the other psykers.

>> No.54066180

Oh, and build in a little extra for tape measures and stuff

>> No.54066185

>I see no reason lore wise for my manlets to exist when the ability to upgrade existing marines into Primaris exists.
There's always Skyrar's Dark Wolves, anon.

>> No.54066200

>No reason lorewise
Nigga theres a huge fucking gash in the fabric of space and time, maybe your dudes are ancient as fuck and are stuck in a time loop or something

>> No.54066210

Just imagine, if a year ago you were told that Space Marines will be squatted you would laugh at the idiot who said such a thing.
And now we are here.

>> No.54066211

>Prima-what? We are Space Wolves, you milk drinker.

>> No.54066217

Doesn't make sense when fielded with Primaris though.

I'll be honest, I'm considering fucking off my current primaris units into storage and just rolling pure space wolves. Primaris having PRIMARIS™ only transport is bullshit and really divides my troops, I don't even like the intercessors playstyle of only bolters, or the HELLBASTERS™ style of plasma only.

I'd rather just have a force of Wolves who reject the idea of heresy.

>> No.54066218

>tfw not an autistic insecure brainlet and have no problems fielding primaris next to my other dudes from all eras and editions

>> No.54066226

How do I play Blood Angles

>> No.54066229

Let's all point and laugh at this moron that doesn't know what squatted means

>> No.54066256

>doesn't make sense
Dont wolves have priests who can pray? arent they Viking in nature as well? Maybe your primaris are the scared new guys calling out for help and your old boys are some kind of blessing from the emperor or something. Not too hard to make it work given warp fuckery and the power of the emperors will

>> No.54066266

Are tyranids good or at last not bad now?

>> No.54066273

Seems like they're good.

>> No.54066275

Top tier along with DE

>> No.54066277

scary good in the right hands but above average overall. might get FAQS'd if WAACfags keep up their shenanigans

>> No.54066282

Yeah I lost two hole units to it

>> No.54066290

Have you played against Tau yet?


>> No.54066296

Sisters of Silence are cool too if you want to deny and field an assault squad with rhino

>> No.54066307


>paint gray
>paint metal parts silver
>paint black parts black
>apply nuln oil everywhere
>apply red dots to eyes
>apply white edge highlighting in your spare time

wow so difficult

>> No.54066312


He doesn't know what squatted means, but he does know how to play 8th edition unlike you.

>> No.54066317

>ignoring the weapons
>ignoring the gold/bronze detailing
>ignoring the robes
0/10 your models probably look like shit

>> No.54066318

The newest GW guide coming to a store near you in July.


>> No.54066322

Yes, but I shot half of them, including two gundams, to shit on t1, so no actual opinion.

>> No.54066327

>He doesn't see the inevitable squatting


>> No.54066330

Anybody know what base the dark imperium plague marines are on? I just got some on ebay and they didn't come with bases and I'm new to this so I don't want to buy the wrong ones.

>> No.54066343


>> No.54066345

Did you get the entire Death Guard side from DI?

>> No.54066348

Yeah. Once at 1K and once at 2K. Lost by 1 VP at 1K, rekt him hard at 2K. Apparently gundam seed destinies are terrible at fighting terminators especially if said terminators keep on fucking coming back to life

>> No.54066368

Lord: 50mm
Blightbringer: 40mm
Plaguecaster: 32mm
Plague marines: 32mm
Bloat drone: 60mm

source: instruction manual

>> No.54066374


Just the plague marines. Me and my group of friends play shadow war and I thought they looked awesome. No assembly instructions either but I can probably find that online.

>> No.54066376

I bought the box, I don't know if I can fit them legally in my army?

Are they any good against less psyker heavy armies?

>> No.54066385

Who the fuck needs Librarians when you can have Culexus Assassins that rape the collective asses of any psyker within 18"?

>> No.54066387

You can legally fit them in any imperial army, and they're lifesavers.

>> No.54066410

Does your army have the "Imperium" keyword?
Are you putting them in a detachment that allows elites?
Do you have the points to spare?
If the answer to these questions is "yes", then you can field them just fine

>> No.54066414

Marinelets are not going to be squatted anytime soon.

Chad-marines are just about GW selling new marines to existing players (and novices). Considering that a huge number of current marine players have old marine armies from 2e-3e time period and some people even still field RT-era beakie marines it's about giving them a reason to buy significantly newer and more expensive models.

The "NO PRIMARIS" rules on transports are 100% there to sell new vehicles as well instead of letting people spam old school boxes with their chad-marines.

I'm kind of surprised that some of the FW stuff didn't get allowed to be Primaris friendly but as far as I can tell only one of the big expensive flyers and the Thunderhawk get Primaris friendly rules

Right now though I can't see Primaris Only lists being particularly successful against most lists. Maybe once Chad-Termies and Chad-Rhinos/Land Raiders but right now they seem kinda meh.

Of course they'll get a power boost with the inevitable Warddex

>> No.54066434

>> No.54066436

I don't know what those are, I'm pretty new.

They were death guard psykers, 2 named ones, and then two other ones.
Cool I might try em
Oh so you don't need an allied attachmend?

>> No.54066445

What's an allied detachment? Page?

>> No.54066449

Which box did you buy? Also, against non-psykers they are more or less an upgraded assault squad or a pretty good objective horde remover with those flamers (get magnets m8)

>> No.54066454

in 7th you did
in 8th you can field any <Imperium> units in the same detachment
They said there would be bonuses for sticking to faction keywords like <Astra Militarum> or <Astra Telepathica> within detachments, but those aren't implemented yet in the indexes so we'll need to wait for codices to get those

>> No.54066456

There was a explination in the 4th ed necron codex, something along the line of soldiers swapping out posion for acid etc. They basically said it was to stop bullshit like deamon and necrons being immune to everything

>> No.54066457


Also bear in mind that Intercessors are fucking wimps for some reason.

>> No.54066466

Any psyker within 18" of the Culexus gets -2 on the psychic tests and deny tests. In addition the Culexus can never be targeted or affected in any shape or form through psychic abilities. He also forces any unit shooting or attacking him to strike at WS/BS6+ and has an Assault D3 Str5 AP-4 weapon that turns into D6 if there are enemy psykers within 18". Also all close combat attacks from him ignore armor saves

So he's the ultimate psyker rapist. Any psyker problem, just field one of those and laugh.

>> No.54066468


Thanks. Do you know if digital copies of the instructions exist?

>> No.54066477

Yea, like corrosive chemicals ect. It also said that agonisers were set to not make flesh-agony but overload/short circuit necron system and the like.

>> No.54066483

He lost his "psychi powers dont work near" aura?

>> No.54066485

Allied detachment was a thing in previous editions which allowed you to field allies outside your faction as long as you had a basic command structure for them as well. No longer relevant in 8th as we moved to the keyword system which has any unit being capable of being an a "non-taxed" addition to the main force so long as they share at least one faction keyword throughout the force

>> No.54066490


>> No.54066496

Scored an unpainted trygon today for $40 AUDand cant wait to start painting it tomorrow on my day off. How was your day 40kg?

>> No.54066501

reddit /r/WarhammerInstructions/

>> No.54066511

Yep, it's just -2 to enemy psychic tests now.

Also do note that he can target any model with a psychic ability even if they're a character and not the closest unit to him/ So he's capable at wiping the floor with any specific enemy psyker.

>> No.54066514

How often does GW release FAQs? I've got some questions that weren't covered in the last one.

>> No.54066515

Talons of the emperor, I haven't opened it.
It's what I was told you had to use for ally armies
Wow, how is that not overpowered?

>> No.54066517

wtf primaris come with arms attached to the shoulder pads

>> No.54066520


Thanks guys. I'm off work sick so this will keep me busy.

>> No.54066524

>tfw leaf
Just beginning but I'm hyped to finish up my Devastators later and maybe start my crusader but I dont want to get ahead of myself. Still cuntish to field a crusader at 1k?

>> No.54066527


They are just Marines with non-Marine tactics and weapons.

The range boost of Bolt Rifles means people need to play them significantly different but unfortunately most marine players have mediocre strategy and honestly a lot of people play on small tables.

>> No.54066538

they are working on a second one, should be here soonish

>> No.54066540

Used to be even more powerful back in 7th. That's how.

Also he tends to become a high profile target for enemy units. So you really have to make sure he survives in order to make full use of his abilities.

>> No.54066542

No idea

What kind of questions?

>> No.54066560

Moderately, not like its a Baneblade or a Knight.

>> No.54066566


If you're standing back at 30 inches for 1 S4 rend 1 shot per model that's not tactics, it's plinking.

Also they have an extra attack and wound, making each one effectively two marines for melee purposes. If they only actually had equipment for it they might be useful.

Meanwhile other armies with rend shooting on basic troops (Necrons, thousand sons) are laughing at you.

>> No.54066567

Well, thats a heck of a box but maybe get another box of sisters as ToTE only has 5 and that rhino can fit 10 but run them as 2 5lady groups as you can split if needed and dodge some losses from battleshock while getting another sister superior

>> No.54066570

questions based on arguments I've seen in this thread:

Can a ynnari army take Haemonculus covens units in a separate detachment?
Does Old One Eye's argument affect all things with the Carnifex keyword, or just "carnifex units"?
The last FAQ said "you cannot start a game with less than 0 command points" Does this mean that an army with less than 0 command points is illegal, or that you just start with 0 command points?

>> No.54066579

If a unit disembarks from a transport, can it still attempt to summon using the Daemonic Ritual rules?

>> No.54066583

Due to how pistols work in the new rules, would giving them to Raveners be a good idea?

If I understood the rules correctly, you'd be able to shoot with the spine fists in the shooting phase, even if the raveners are already stuck in melee, and as Spinefists make as many attacks as the wielder (4 in the case of Raveners), you'd be able to first in the shooting phase, dish out 4 shots per ravener at the poor fuckers you are ripping apart, and then in the fight phase, shred them some more with basic melee.
Is this how they would actually work?

Also, is there any sense in giving Termagants spinefists?

>> No.54066592

What would you need to buy? just 5 more or 4 and a sergeant?

>> No.54066606

would giving spinefists to Raveners be a good idea*

>> No.54066612

just another sisters of silence squad as it comes with the bits to make one a superior in the kit

>> No.54066614

if they're of the "pistol" weapon type, then you can shoot them in the shooting phase even if you are locked in combat, yes.

>> No.54066649

Gay Knights get bonuses against "daemon units"

Does this mean units with the faction keyword Daemon? Or the nonfaction keyword Daemon? There are quite a few units in the game that only have one.

>> No.54066653

Well, they are.
So basically, you'd get fucking 8 attacks out of a Ravener stuck in melee. First 4 in the shooting phase at strength 3, and then 4 proper melee attacks at strength 4.

Fucking nice. I am gonna get a bunch of raveners and fucking shred guardsmenlines like mad. The fuckers can deep strike 9 inches away from enemy lines so the possibility of getting into melee from a good charge, especially if one uses onslaught psychic power, is actually pretty damn good.

>> No.54066660

It plainly says Carnifex units with no mention of keywords so theres that
>0 CP
It means that you cannot have less than 0 as there is no penalty in negative CP and even so by following matched play restrictions it is hard to even get to 0 CP

>> No.54066666

What have people been running for their DG armies? I am trying to put together something for this weekend.

>> No.54066678


>Quint 6s
>Not 7s


>> No.54066690

Basically everything but the bell guy.

>> No.54066691

>still can't choose an army

>> No.54066700

not worth it?
What about for AV, Predators?

>> No.54066723


Slaanesh why are you starting a deathguard army?

Anyhow I honestly wouldn't waste time trying to start Deathguard when they clearly have a full release coming up.

>> No.54066733

>Can a ynnari army take Haemonculus covens units in a separate detachment?
I would say no
The key wording here is "Ynnari army", and army refers to all the models you are using in the battle.
RAW when you play Ynnari everything must be Ynnari.

>Does Old One Eye's argument affect all things with the Carnifex keyword, or just "carnifex units"?
If Carnifex was in the bold keyword font it would effect anything with the CARNIFEX keyword, but since it is not in the keyword font it refers to units with the name Carnifex. This means that Old One Eye does not benefit from his Alpha Leader trait.

This could be unintentional and get errata'd later but I think the wording is clear.

>The last FAQ said "you cannot start a game with less than 0 command points" Does this mean that an army with less than 0 command points is illegal, or that you just start with 0 command points?
I think this means that you can't get negative command points, no matter how you construct your army. There is a lower limit of 0 CP.

Gonna say no, because of this phrase:
>"Note though, that even if you don't move disembarking units further in your Movement phase, they still count as having moved for any rules purposes".
Since you count as having moved you can't do something that would require sacrificing your movement

I think it's pretty clear, but it could use an official ruling

>> No.54066736

Any keyword daemon

>> No.54066740

Going to double my HH DG army for them.

>> No.54066743



>> No.54066745

Has there ever been a case of guard running out of ammo and tearing apart the remnants of a tyranid swarm with their bare hands in a raw tide of bodies?

>> No.54066749

Anyone know how to add allied imperium forces to a SM list in battlescribe?

>> No.54066758

>bare hands
Fix bayonets, guardsmen

>> No.54066761

>Bayonets, anon

>> No.54066773

just awful like last time

>> No.54066775

I'm torn between selling off my wyrdvane psykers or using them in valkyries for smite spam.
What do?

>> No.54066778

>wouldn't waste time starting an army that is going to get more stuff in addition to the basic stuff they have already

>> No.54066810

The Guard is always recruiting

>> No.54066816

I just
edit force>add ally force>unbound
be mindful of their roles and its all good

>> No.54066822

I was wondering the same thing

>> No.54066824

Ok cool ty

>> No.54066827

The hivemind welcomes you

>> No.54066850

Join us Bananas, and then weep when you don't get to deep strike and your only transport costs 400 points

>> No.54066853

Are Carnifexes good in 8th edition?
I like how they don't have degrading stats.
I am thinking of running a bunch of Screamer Killers.

>> No.54066861


Can't plan it properly if it's all about to change and add shit.

Buying in early only leads to buying superfluous shit you'll end up never using.

>> No.54066883


>Not a desperate tide of screaming flesh flowing over a Carnifex and tearing it apart

>> No.54066886

Can't choose between Predator and Devastators.

Both will have simillar loadout (4 Las or 4 HB / Autocannon+2 HB) and not sure which will perform better in general.

Any thoughts you guys?

>> No.54066913

Can't they use Forge World shit? I thought you could take any Imperial vehicle for them...

>> No.54066915

I personally think they are great because of how cheap they are now. However a quite few people seem to be in the opinion of them sucking because due to the S6 attacks which is mostly wounding transports and other tanks/monsters on 5s. I think screamer killers are fucking top notch

>> No.54066918

It's shit like this why I used the meme builder

>> No.54066919

yeah thats how they work, so if you're going to give ravaners guns spinefists are probably the best choice.

not worth it on termagants, spikerifles have longer range and fleshborers higher strength. If you want gaunts in close combat you'd use hormagaunts.

>> No.54066923

I played Banana Golden Dildo Marines so I am bigger than everybody.

>> No.54066926

I can sell you a heap of space woofs

>> No.54066933


Mortis Dreadnought with four Lascannons, 175 points.

>> No.54066935

So did 6th, what's your point?

No they didn't. They've literally been around for 4 years or so.

>> No.54066942

How about giving Warriors Spinefists?

>> No.54066943

Contemptor Mortis Dread with dual twin lascannons. It's basically just a las pred with bs2+ and 5++ for the same price. Devs are best with full Grav.

>> No.54066950

>Reminded of Pox Nora's retarded construct immunities
>When the meta was undead
Good times.

>> No.54066960

>Female Necrons
Would buy in a heartbeat

>> No.54066981

yeah fexs are fine. not as good before, but they're now a definitive dreadnought equivalent and the versitile "light tank" of nid MCs. Which was a good move IMO, means they still have a place in the now crowded selection of nid monsters.

sure they're not deleting tanks with just a touch anymore, but they're still decent enough especially with OOE.

>> No.54066985

>Then you learn you need minimum 2 domino to field any useful detatchment.


>> No.54066986

They're canon anyway. IA:11 specific dynasty is lead by a female Overlord. So just convert one.

>> No.54066988

Id give them boneswords and devourers instead because they can just take flesh hooks as well for 2pts

>> No.54066997

Seeing as how Dark Imperium mentioned girlyman has a Tribune with him, you'll get getting a super OP HQ at some point. And I suspect Fire of Cryaxis will give us 30k shit. if not, we'll get them when we get our codex.

>> No.54067004


>> No.54067005

There's nothing wrong with fielding 2 Domini tho. You get double the repair capability and they're pretty fucking hard to kill on their own too. In addition it means you can save shekels through start collecting boxes.

>> No.54067006

probably worth it for front line warriors, paired with boneswords to still have 4 attacks. add fleshhooks and you can shoot 5 times and then get 4 attacks all in cc.

>> No.54067010


Well yeah true, a Contemptor Mortis is also good.

Regular Mortis a bit more budget, contemptor longer lasting with a 2+ to hit.

Oh, and if they respond to emails pointing out they forgot the cyclone missile launcher, we might get an eratta allowing the c-Mortis to take a third gun mount.

>> No.54067019

FW is canon. There's no debate here.

they're not 3rd party or anything.

>> No.54067022

Don't do this anon.

>> No.54067053

Do people allow FW Indices now?

>> No.54067057

GW sent me a free Domini when I ordered the Codex when it was released. £21 model for free, yeaaaaah boiiiii. They also sent me a free Blastmaster once.

I then b ought a Get Started box. Then I realised I can't paint to save my life and gave up. I wanted to make my own Forge World but Cawl has actually been stuck to Mars only so I'm forced to paint them Mars.

>> No.54067059

The only thing i hate is how crushing claws on fexs suck. With out an OOE around they're hitting on 5+. Bht hey screamer killers as distractions are going to work well for a whilenat least

>> No.54067066


>> No.54067072

for the most part FW is fine.

>> No.54067079

tomb citadels

>> No.54067080

If model have 2 melee weapons, do i make attack of opportunity with all or only 1 of them?

>> No.54067083


Yeah the days of "ask permission" have been gone for a few years now, outside of a few stubborn holdout local metas.

They don't even print the disclaimer anymore, in this Internet age everyone knows about the mail order sub-company and it's expanded options.

>> No.54067085


>> No.54067087

What the fuck are you on about?

>> No.54067089

Well, people sell them, so, if your heart still beats I guess you're living metal fucked.

>> No.54067091

FW is ok but they need to release FAQ for 8e indexes as they are riddled with errors. Until that i dont think using them is a good idea.

>> No.54067097


Tomb citadels are weak as shit for their points sink.

>> No.54067102

yeah, they shouldn't have the -1. dreada don't get with their Sx2 weapons.

or get the D6 damage on fexs, -1 to hit wouldn't be so annoying if you hit like a lascannon when you did it.

>> No.54067104

>It's a D&Dfag posts in the wrong thread episode


>> No.54067115


>Titty robots

You know my Necrons are mixed gender and you can't even tell, because robot skeletons.

>> No.54067119

>implying anyone wants to use a model with pokeballs for tits

>> No.54067120

>those cyberchebs
fucking lmao

>> No.54067122

I disagree. The top 5% of GW stuff was generally more OP, but across like 90% of other choices the FW option was superior. Look at many tactica said to take the FW version of something instead of the GW one last edition.

>> No.54067132

I always thought necron warriors were an even mix of male and female, you just couldnt tell them apart as they all got stuck in identical bodies

where did the women necrontyr go?

>> No.54067135

I know that the original r'varna pre-nerf was pretty strong for cheap. Something like 4 pie-plates every turn that hit beasts twice and vehicles or large models 3 times with haywire or something.

>> No.54067137

>i listen to everything on 1d4chan
Newfag out

>> No.54067143

I prefer them because of the bs break point, since you don't really need to move that often for those first turn shots from 48", hitting on 2 reroll 1 is functionally an extra hit for 25ish points the vast majority of the time. The extra wounds and the 5+ invuln make it about twice as durable against meltas as well.

>> No.54067150

Holy fuck that is insanely ugly

>> No.54067159


This is the website that said to take Bolters on Death Company because 'it gives you a free shot'. Or the website that made up literally bullshit about WHFB End Times for no fucking reason and got into edit wars. 1d4chan is utter shite and they live in a mathammer world at best.

>> No.54067160


>> No.54067162


Nah, it was more like...

40% of forge world was unusable shit
20% decent
20% better than equivalent codex options
15% rules so outdated they didn't even make sense in relation to codex and core rules
5% holy shit op.

>> No.54067170

Pretty sure the R'varna is better now than regular Riptides now, right?

>> No.54067171


>> No.54067174

I don't.
P2W DLC has no place in a tabletop game

>> No.54067176

Having my first game of 8th on Saturday. Me and my brother both started building second armies a few months ago, but took us so long to get them game ready they never saw action in 7th edition. My only worry is it's first game of 8th and first game with the new armies, so I want it to be a fun game rather than one player getting fucked over. Heres the lists (roughly)

Yvraine & four incubi in a venom (dual splinter cannons)
6 reaver jetbikes (2 caltrops, champ with power sword)
2 dark lance raiders full of warriors (1 squad has a blaster, the other a dark lance)
a ravager with all dark lances

Khorne daemon prince (FW, no wings)
10 cultists
10 bloodletters
10 bezerkers
5 possessed marines

Does this seem like a reasonable small game, or does the buff to dark eldar/ynnari (plus speed advantage) in 8th mean my brothers going to get dicked?

we'll be playing tactical objectives with plenty of scenery

>> No.54067178

>Deathguard barely get six units from 2k

>> No.54067181


>> No.54067183

>t. booty blasted poorfag

>> No.54067190


>> No.54067195

As an IG player, you're full of shit.
Everything is either "better version of X", "cheaper version of X" or a free reroll bubble.

>> No.54067198

Name ten overpowered units in FW 7th.

>> No.54067201

The most OP thing I can think off from IA was Manticore Batteries. They were like 40 points cheaper than the moveable ones and could take AA missiles. Sadly easily destroyed. At the moment I have no idea what the difference between Earthshaker Battery and Artillery Carriage is. Latter has Guardsmen but why bother when the former is cheaper and doesn't suffer from having them killed.

It's the oldest trollpost in the history of the internet. Pretend it's DLC P2W crap when Riptides, Wrathknights and Grav Devs existed.


Kill yourself.

>> No.54067203

>made by GW
Are you retarded or something?

>> No.54067210

Imagine actually purchasing those models and explaining to your opponents that you bought them because they had tits.
Just imagine being that subhuman

>> No.54067211

Everything in the grey knights,
Imperial Knights, Wraithlord, Stompa

>> No.54067220


You're probably right about it being downright better, through being a budget four las platform is also pretty handy depending on specific list.

>> No.54067221

>FW was better than Wrathknights, Riptides, Grav Devs

0/10 Would Not Reply Again.

>> No.54067226

I mean the 6th/7th edition experimental online rules had two versions. One where it could volley fire every round and had a better save, and one where volley fire prevented it from shooting at all the next round, and it was more expensive.

First one was absolutely broken. It was more or less auto-include, even with the rest of the tau shit. But formations were barely a thing, then.

>> No.54067232

>Implying mathammer isn't the one true hammer

>> No.54067233

If an overwatching unit has -1 to hit is it impossible to hit a charging unit?

>> No.54067236

>Forge World
Those are all in normal Indexes.

>> No.54067246

Read up to 'overpowered units' and stopped

>> No.54067251

yeah, same here.

>> No.54067252

Fair enough.

>> No.54067256

If you don't use math in a game based on probabilities, how do you determine what is good?

>> No.54067261

Hornets, Lynxs, Skathrax Wraithknights, Mek Stompa, Thunderbolt, Tarantulas, Fixed Artillery, Most of the Riptide variants, Whirlwind Scorpius, Fire Raptor.

>> No.54067268

Yeah exactly, pretty annoying really. Maybe one day in the future it will get fixed with some balancing. Although i am more tempted then ever to convert a fex into an ooe now

>> No.54067271

Assault grenades. Leviathan for 175.

>> No.54067272

Doesn't the overwatch rule say that they hit targets on 6 regardless of modifiers

>> No.54067274

Pretty much but there is nothing stopping you from making your female Overlord have tits. They all do different things. Some cover themselves in skin or fur or whatever. So adding tits isn't surprising. Also it didn't actually say they don't have boob bodies. It's possible the female leaders demanded it to be able to be told apart from men.

Regular warriors? Nope. Overlords and Lords? Yup.

>> No.54067285

it literraly do tho.

>> No.54067289

>I will ignore the next part of the sentence to win an internet argument on a Burmese Etch-A-Sketch animation forum


>> No.54067295

Is the new IG meta to take 3 Battalion detachments instead of one Brigade?

>> No.54067297

I don't play marines.

>> No.54067306

>Wah wraithknights
So OP.
So unfair
Boy doesn't it just make you want to buy a couple of resin surprises.
Just to compete, y'know?

>> No.54067307

Base sizes\Shapes, are there any actual rules for them? Thinking of converting some things but they come with square bases.

>> No.54067308

Give me the most OP option of GW indicies so I can legitimately shit into your throat.

>> No.54067309

they went to far and are overly reliant on it. math is useful, but it can't give a complete assessment. There's to many extra variables in an actual game with the terrain, objectives and other units. You can't just compare 2 units in a vacuum and get a complete picture.

>> No.54067314

So if I replace the battle cannon on my Leman Russ with something else do I first deduct its cost?

>> No.54067318

Yes it does, cheers!

>> No.54067319

Won my first official game of 8th last night as Deldar vs Death Guard, don't ask me anything.

>> No.54067323

Of course you do you fucking retard

>> No.54067326

no, you just add the cost of the weapoms it actually has. except fr some special characters the base cost of a mini doesn't include any of its gear or weapons.

>> No.54067330

Find a flaw.

I'll wait.

>> No.54067335

nope, you just dont add the battlecannon to its cost

>> No.54067339

Just sum up the cost of a model with the cost of all of it's equipment.

>> No.54067341

Oh shit that reminds me, how heretical would it be to kit bash one using sentinel legs?

>> No.54067342

This game and anything else that requires simple logic and mathematic skills are probably not for you.

>> No.54067343


And that's the final nail in your argument coffin. I wasn't talking about Index you utter mong, follow the conversation.

>> No.54067344

>mfw can finally run Mechanized Chaos again thanks to R&H


>> No.54067351

Thanks, but no thanks.

>> No.54067352

More troops than I wanna deal with

>> No.54067354

A huge pain in the ass to paint
Basically monopose with a few options
S3 guns

Aside from that I fucking love them. Best troops choice in the Admech codex for sure

>> No.54067358

Biggest flaw of this universe

>> No.54067360

but muh conscript spam

>> No.54067365

I don't give a single fuck about the past. But now to ban FW completely is the only reasonable option for the non-WAACfags.

>> No.54067366

>TFW when I can take my 30k list in 40k and it isnt terrible, waves of infantry supported by Basilisks

>> No.54067367

>start a thousand sons finally

does this shit ever go away?

>> No.54067368

Everybodys always talking about which army is the best. I want to know whos the worst

>> No.54067370


I literally just got the index please be gentle.
Anyways thanks for clearing it up

>> No.54067374

a mere meme

>> No.54067387

filthy dumb space jew scum

>> No.54067390

The look fucking dumb, and a single skaven model has 1000 times the flavor of the entire AdMech faction.

>> No.54067391

I just wish we could use this beauty

Also Seige Terminators

>> No.54067394

>Friends collect Tau, Space marines, Necrons, Skeletons, Skaven.
>I collect Harlequins, Admech and Bretonnia.
>They will never know the pain.

>> No.54067397

Your anger amuses me, yet it is but a fleeting sensation.

>> No.54067403

Use them as Daemon princes with Warpbolters.

>> No.54067406

>I don't follow convo
>you're an idiot, fuck off
>I-I d-don't c-care!!!111111

Lol mong. Hidden.

>> No.54067411

If you have the time and the cash have fun.
I have 50 infantry and they are painted and I am fucking done.

>> No.54067412

>age of shitmar nigger detected

>> No.54067419

I have manage to collect and play every army and game that GW has squated or left unsupported

>> No.54067421

Rememberemebr what?

>> No.54067426

Are Terminators just shit this edition, they're so damn expensive. A Paladin with a Daemonhammer is 68 points. I can get a freaking Dreadknight for three of them.

>> No.54067428

Assault is shit this edition. If you're playing anything other than gun lines you're an idiot asking to lose.

>> No.54067431

What's it like knowing that you will be raped by an amorphous hermaphrodite entity and his/her servants for the rest of eternity if you die the wrong way?

>> No.54067432

Oh me too buddy, me too. I'm just meming

>> No.54067433

It sucks because Bretonnia are so good in AoS.

I've got a bunch of Skaven myself but it just isn't the same.

>> No.54067436


these cunts shitting up every book

>> No.54067444

So you played Nippon in WHFB?

>> No.54067454

Funny I run an assault centric CSM army and I rofl-raped my way through gun lines of tau.

Assault works fine if you plan it right, you have to use your brain this edition and actual tactics. Time to dust off your copy of "Art of War" my friends.

>> No.54067455 [SPOILER] 


>> No.54067462

>Being this retarded.
Wew lad

>> No.54067464

It says that on 1d4chan? Haven't bothered looking at that site for years because the tactica are rubbish (it mostly just tells you a unit's stats rather than, you know, suggesting actual tactics).

>> No.54067471

Naa, that's the same text that appears on top of their warscrolls. Just the small blurb they give Bretonnia players to help expand the lore behind their army in the Mortal Realms.

>> No.54067473

Post list or liar liar pants on fire.


>> No.54067478

They sound like embedded journalists? They were Great Crusade Era newsmen reporting from the front, big deal. Hell isn't the book Starship Troopers told from the perspective of one of these guys?

>> No.54067479

It feels good to know in death we join into our god (the actual god, not a corpse on the chair) to live forever as the most powerful entity in the universe.

>> No.54067480

What did they make up aboud ET?

>> No.54067484

I know lad, I was being a bit mean. We can hope, lad. Though I suspect it'll be Not!Bretonnina if anything. Just like I suspect Not!TombKings will turn up.

As for 40k, I hope Exodites get some love, they're mentioned enough in Eldar fluff to suggest they will one day.

>> No.54067493

>Nurgle sorcerer has a cloud of plague shit
>ugly as fuck
tempted to cut it off. What hands would fit as a replacement?

>> No.54067501

Yes, it dies off, but the shitty human characters never go away.
They even start making them immortal so that they won't ever piss off.

>> No.54067503

>t. falseflagging assmad tau player

Show me on your riptide where the bid swarm touched you

>> No.54067506

Not with GW models.
Mordheim (sisters of sigmar)
Necromunda (arbiters)
WHF Bretonia, Chaos Dwarfs, Slaanesh, and a bit of Tomb kings
Battle fleet gothic (Navy and BT)
40k BT, Inquisition and SoB
Bloodbawl (lizardmen)

I manage to sell almost everything but the BFG and 40k stuff (Slaanesh crap is in a box waiting for their return)

>> No.54067509

>implying ynnead isn't just slaanesh LARPing as an eldar god

>> No.54067512


>> No.54067514

There's a decent chance, now that Ynnari are a thing they may field a larger variety of elves.

>> No.54067517

The lore has kind of advanced now where we're getting mortal cities again, so you never know they might introduce some new generic looking human models.

Exodites would be cool, do you know if anyone has combined Eldar and Lizardman stuff to create Exodites?

>> No.54067524

Something about Aborash and Giles Le Breton went on a quest for some crap and then went and fought at the final battle and died or some utter crap. It was a load of utter bollocks unsupported by anything. I even copied it word for word and asked Josh Reynolds who wrote the End Times stuff (this was before he got censured by GW) and he said "That's not right, that's wrong. Nobody knows what happened with them only that they met up at some point" or something daft.

>> No.54067536

I mean it's easy to explain humans living long times given that rejuvina treatments and de aging treatments exist in canon. I assume it's possible that even the high Lords of Terra are several millennia old

>> No.54067540

>implying Slaanesh was not failed beta version of Ynnead

>> No.54067550

Yeah, isn't the next AoS stuff the female Stormcast character? As for the latter.

>> No.54067553

I can't hear you over the sound of my W2 Arco-fags with 3D3 attacks each
I can't hear you over my W3 Acolytes with S5 and needle pistols

T3 melee models seem to be a bit broken now.
Except Repentias, because GW hellbent into preventing SoB having nice things intentionally. Good thing they end having good things by accident

>> No.54067561

So much of a failure that he made the Eye of Terror, splintered your entire race into fragments, nommed every single last one save 3 of your """""gods""""" and turned you into a bunch of ship bound space kikes that no one likes except for that one waifufag primarch.

Pretty goddamn successful if you ask me.

>> No.54067565

How do primaris inceptors work in the assault phase? They have only the assault bolters, can they attack or do something during that phase?

>> No.54067569

Chaos Dwarfs have models and rules. So do Slaanesh. Necromunda is getting an update next year and a video game too. So is Battlefleet Gothic. Blood Bowl is also re-released.

>> No.54067570

Just because it works doesn't mean its good. There are some efficient combos with it because you can exploit undercosted units, but trying to force it with more "fair" units shows how inefficient it is. Pay a lot for veterans or terminators, pay for a transport on top of that, or deepstrike and fail your charge. I end up paying 300+ points for 10 wounds worth of t4 guys when I could have just gotten 2 or 3 vehicles that do a better job.

>> No.54067574

I play dark eldar and have an initial shockwave of shooting followed by charging my haemonculus coven units into the weakened blobs while using pile in and consolidation to pull in the bigger ones. Even though I had more units on the board I had the necron player concede because I managed to assault/battleshock his warriors off the map while my shooty units blasted his heavy destroyers into oblivion.

>> No.54067577

Lord on Bike with Power axe
Sorcerer on Bike with Force Sword
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Warp Bolter & Sword
7 man CSM with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
-Champion with Lightning claw / Bolt Pistol
5 man CSM with Bolter and Bolt pistol
10 girl Daemonetts
10 girl Daemonetts
5 man Terminators
-2 Power Axe 1 w/ Combi-melta
-2 Power Fist
-1 Power maul w/ Reaper Autocannon
Fast Attack
7 Chaos Bikers 6/chainswords Champ w/ Lightning Claw
Heavy Support
5 man Havock w/4 Lascannon
1 Slaanesh Soulgrinder w/Sword
2 Rhinos w/ TL Bolter

Don't have the exact points costs but it should be just under 2k

>> No.54067589

In the lore if you are important and rich enough you can get revived.
Yes the Imperium has the tech to revive the dead.
But you end turning into this strange cyborg thingy since the revival tech is basically cheating

>> No.54067599

They can attack but don't have any special weapons to attack with.

>> No.54067614

Yes, bask in the glory of our deeds, irrelevant lesser race creature. We shape the universe while you play your little games.

>> No.54067618

Anon I'm way too old and jaded.
Till I can shove a fully assembel plastic model of X into a drunk college girl ass. I won't believe shit.

Also the Mordheim video game suffer the same fate as the BFG game, developer left it in the dust. So I'm not trusting the Necromunda game specially if it is the same guys.

>> No.54067629


>> No.54067633

That's a side game, most releases at the moment are side games and new supplementary rules, but a lot of evidence is pointing to new Elves from the Realm of Shadows. Should be cool.

Damn that's cool.

>> No.54067641

>Lord of Skulls has consistent armor design, and the trim on all armor plates is consistent width consistency throughout
>everything else chaos related has retarded trim that is varying widths and consistency and looks retarded and ugly as a result instead of a well engineered evil killing machine with an ornate beauty

Any other chaos fags hate this?

>> No.54067648

What? Mordheim literally got multiple DLC's and patches, what more is needed? As for BFG, you're right there. As for Necromunda? Who knows.

As for the rest, you can have Chaos Dwarfs and Slaanesh models right now in your hand. Blood Bowl got re-released and models can be in your hand, not Lizardmen because I doubt they're popular enough as a team to do. As for the rest? Who knows. Seeing as GW has so far stuck to their promise to bring back specialist games, I doubt they won't bring back BFG, Necromunda and Epic (which they said were the first 3 to be released, alongside Blood Bowl).

>> No.54067650

eldar deeds include:
>being so shitty that your creators tried to replace you with orks
>never having advanced in any way technologywise since your creators died out
>having one of your farseers nearly wipe out your entire race all because he was an impatient retard
>creating the biggest warpstorm in the galaxy that would have ripped it in two if not for technology created by the very race you were engineered to destroy
Anything else I'm missing?

>> No.54067653

Opps Forget
Fast Attack:
1 Distraction Spawn

>> No.54067660

Yeah some good conversions out there. I want them so I can get conversions for my Lizar... I mean Seraphon army.

>> No.54067667

Ram them into your opponents face as fast as possible and watch your death company hack all the infantry and tanks into little bits.

>> No.54067670

New SoB models fucking when?

>> No.54067674


>> No.54067687

Only the third part is true. Creators created orks because their other creations tried to kill them... then orks killed them. They advanced pretty far in tech because that's the only work they did after a certain point. Who were they engineered to destroy?

>> No.54067699

>Death Company
>Beating Khorne Zerkers

You might have weapons, but that just makes your death more expensive!

You play them as red coloured regular Marines. Since assault is poo and BA rely on so many aura characters to do well. Oh and Mephiston lost his fly spell. Oh and Tycho is still around for some reason despite being dead in fluff for decades. Lemartes and Astaroth aren't great. Dante is expensive for no real reason.

>> No.54067709

>40g: angry about elves edition

>> No.54067715

They created Orks because the Eldar were incompetent at destroy the Necrons. All Eldar tech is just repurpose Old One technology. And they were engineered to destroy the Necrontyr you dumb fuck.

>> No.54067717

Well, you got me there.

I do think that's most of it, though.

>> No.54067737

so you just use the assault bolter stats? or use their strength and asume they do 1 would?

>> No.54067750

Yea that Atlas is totally replacing the two techpriests it costs.

>> No.54067758

but aren't the booger-boys ded 'ard?

>> No.54067760

10th edition.

>> No.54067779

>so you just use the assault bolter stats?


>or use their strength and asume they do 1 would?

Yes. They have no CC weapon so they attack without one.

>> No.54067781

I wasn't using the AoS names because people in this thread would bully me

>> No.54067803

New GW naming is basically TM

>> No.54067808 [SPOILER] 

Tell them to fuck off.

>he isn't angry about Elves


>> No.54067809

Dude, breath of decay is the coolest and if you lop that hand off you'll need to change his baby face too.

>> No.54067822

>implying youve ever read a book, let alone "Art of War"
sure bud

>> No.54067824

>soul grinder
but why? theyre useless

>> No.54067833

>Literally change a single letter to trademark it.
>Nobody complains.

Orks, Orcs, Orruks. Same shit. At least they aren't ripping off tolkien anymore.

>> No.54067835

>varying widths and consistency

Can you post an example? I'm not sure what you mean.

>> No.54067836


>> No.54067858


>> No.54067870

>Imperial Guard
>Astra Militarum
That was a huge single letter they changed there

>> No.54067880

Here's one, the trims are all thinner and all wavy, making it look not good and more organic rather than hard edges steel like the lord of skulls

>> No.54067887


Incubi have minimum 5 per unit, pretty sure you can't take 1 HQ and 4 Incubi in a venom anymore.

>> No.54067891

And the 40k universe is richer because of it.

"Space Marines" is boring, "Adeptus Astartes" is interesting.

"Orc" is boring", "Ork" is interesting.

It's not trademarking, it's setting design.

>> No.54067907

Anon it is a way to assert dominance.

Now if someone brings a Bad dragon dildo and use it as nid drop pod spore thingy. Now that is a problem.

Poor taste models is just that, poor taste

>> No.54067920

>this is what pathetic beta virgins actually believe

>> No.54067926


>> No.54067933

Not so much triggered than a mix of abhorred and pitiful.

>> No.54067934

>it is a way to assert dominance.
>Implying the omegas who buy tit crons to hot glue could even imagine asserting dominance.

>> No.54067939

Given that you can't buy cypher on his own, that one makes more sense

>> No.54067955

i actually like those models because they have alot of character but got damn do you sound like a massive beta fag

>> No.54067956

Buying the old metal Cypher is preferable to that monstrosity.

>> No.54067969

>implying people don't just buy those things as a running joke

But yah I bet most of them do it for hot jeezing all over like >>54067920
Only a virgin would care about other people virginity

>> No.54067973

Is it worth taking russes without sponsons? I love me some russes but imo sponsons completely ruin the aesthetics.

>> No.54067994

I think that's Brother Vinni. I like some of their totally-not-fallout stuff, but really not a fan of this stuff.

>> No.54067995

>he called me a virgin so he must be a virgin
Absolutely pathetic. You really are one sad fucking bastard.

>> No.54068021

Depending on the rules he's using, he can field under-strength units. He still has to pay as if he had the minimum, but can use less than the minimum number of models.

>> No.54068032

What are my fellow Ork players finding success with? I used a squad of 5 Nob Bikers with PKs and a Painboy on a Bike yesterday in a few games and it wrecked. Also tried a Trukk with Burnas in it which worked out great.

I'm looking for something effective to fill 200 points that's not Boyz.

>> No.54068046

Obviously! We all play with little dolls here! We must embrace the beta nature!

Stupidity aside those are from Brother Vinni, they have nice things outside of mini porn miniatures

>> No.54068050

meh I quite like it, ranted the half naked grill thing is a bit silly but it looks suitably dynamic

>> No.54068062

I play admech. being taller is a steel bracer away.

>> No.54068069

>tfw there's a girl who's around 6 feet at our store who towers over all the manlet Marine players

>> No.54068083

It's literally just a ripoff of this artwork. Lazy bastards.

>> No.54068100

Careful mods ban people that post stuff from that "artist"

>> No.54068104

>Tfw live in flyover state so all players in my local store are all military or former military
>Tfw find myself to be usually alpha but when around them always find myself as the odd man out because of actual military and combat experiences vets surrounding table

>> No.54068111

Explain. I just searched up "female cypher" and that popped up.

>> No.54068114

Calling people virgin and betas in 4chan and specially in the little dolls general is beyond pathetic too

>> No.54068121

hook me up nigga

>> No.54068131


Hellbrute with twin heavy bolters and hellbrute hammer.

>> No.54068132

The artist also has humanoid ripper swarms. The mods think that is porn.

>> No.54068136

You are a to a beta as everyone else here is to alphas. That's how sad you are. You're the king beta in a general filled with betas.

>> No.54068150

Oh, that creepy fuckin shit. I mean that has exposed tits and this doesn't so I shouldn't be banned for this.

>> No.54068163

sure it's lazy, doesn't make it bad though

>> No.54068179

Make sure you thank them for their service before every turn

>> No.54068189

>tfw 6'4
>tfw can never have Amazonian sex unless it's with a genetic monster

('_') (._.)

Mods only ban it if it shows a nipple. Then again, I got banned for 3 days for 'spamming' when I asked a quest thread to go to the quest board... when the Sticky does that as well.

This is not a complaint either.

>> No.54068201

I play Emperor's Children and use these models as objectives. I honestly don't see the problem with that.

>> No.54068202

It's similar to where I play. Lots of law enforcement and former military. All the vets treat me like an idiot, call me sweetheart and act surprised when I'm not totally familiar with how real warfare works. Or when I say something silly for fun, they take it totally straight faced and tell me how that isn't how it works. It's kind of like, yes, that's the point, but trying to explain jokes and humor to them is too tough. Others have tried before me, and they tell me to not bother.

>> No.54068209

Only if it is a women nipple it seems.

I'd understand if it show a genital, but a tit? Come on! Do mods know beaches exist?

>> No.54068219

Half of WE minis are stolen artwork. Grimskull (the modeler) justifies it by saying that the fan artists didn't get GW's permission to make the fan art, so why should s/he get the permission of the fan artists.

Like, I'm an unrepentant pirate and illegally download movies and TV shows and shit, but that WE art appropriation stuff strikes me as unethical.

>> No.54068222

Nah it is just a fag getting trigger by super dominant betas!

In any case it is just a bunch of resin and plastic, if that offends you then honey you have bigger issue than beta walking around you

>> No.54068233

Rate my 2000 point WAACfag list

Astartes Supreme Command Detatchment:
Bike Librarian w/Force Axe
Bike Librarian w/Force Axe
Roboute Guilliman

Ravenwing Vanguard Detatchment:
Sammael on Corvex

Ravenwing Champion
-Plasma Talons
Ravenwing Ancient
-Plasma Talons
Ravenwing Apothecary
-Grenade Launcher

Ravenwing Black Knights
-3 Plasma Talons
-1 Grenade Launcher
Ravenwing Darkshroud
-Assault Cannon

Nephilim Jetfighter
-Avenger Mega Bolter
Ravenwing Dark Talon

I'm going to a 2000 point tournament this weekend and I'm anticipating some tryharding from most everyone there. I'm fairly certain at least a few of the people there will be running some assaulty units and some will be running heavy vehicle spam. Some others against whom I haven't played yet will probably be running hordes, but I think this list deals fairly well with those things as I think I've made a fast list that has decent volume of fire, decent anti-vehicle and heavy infantry, and a fair capacity for causing mortal wounds. Tell me how wrong I am and how much I'm gonna eat shit to conscript spam.

>> No.54068242

The rule I believe is basically to stop boards, all boards, becoming porn dumps. Once upon a time mods didn't care, at least on /tg/, about it. Now? Well.... Things....Change.

As for male nipples? Let's have an experiment!

>> No.54068279

We all know that superior male nipples are always OK

>> No.54068282

you need someone to report it also

>> No.54068291

He's probably Russian.

>> No.54068293

I know about the intention. I just question the criteria of mods.

Now back to 40k

>> No.54068314

Meh. Mods literally have a rule which states they can ban for whatever reason they want. They don't have to stick to 'rules'. Those are pesky annoyances.


Superior are obviously Bishi Marines.

True but that seems like an auto assumption.

>> No.54068315


Okay that's interesting, does it say this in the 8th edition rulebook?

>> No.54068323

As we seen in threads. There are some anons that simply hate women.

I doubt anyone would report male nipples.

>> No.54068325

Plently of man-nips in 40k. The whole Blood Angel aesthetic is based on it, with their nipples being so erect they show even through power armour.

>> No.54068334

>15 models at 2000 points
Really not sure about that. Every casualty is going to hurt BADLY, and you are going to take casualties early facing tournament lists. Apothecary will help but at best that's one model saved a turn.

You could always report your own post. I did that once while drunk, having decided that what I'd posted was dickheadish and forgotten there was a Delete button.

>> No.54068347

Russians steal. In other news, water is wet.

>> No.54068350

those ones are a little ott but they do make me miss the old daemonette models (hypocritical i know) just because it made sense for slaanesh to have the succubi daemons and the new ones just look like they are angry women.

>> No.54068361

No one here hates women. Majority of people here hate attention whores and excessively lewd miniatures/artwork though.

>> No.54068364

why the fuck is a Falcon 67 points more expensive that a Wave Serpent.
A Pulse Laser isn't even close to worth 70 points, even ignoring the loss of the Serpent Shield and the extra wound.

>> No.54068370

>tfw fucking Grey Knights got rules for Shadow War despite there being no daemons but fucking Deathwatch still don't have any

>> No.54068376

You're boring, and a shill

>> No.54068381

Reporting your own posts is quite deep on the 4chan poster level. There was an old picture, you know, of how deep the sea goes. It was down near the bottom.

Hey now. We're just so sexy. I refuse to buy any Primaris until we get BA specific Primaris with sexy blood drops, nipples, wings, bling, the works.

>> No.54068382

Deathwatch are part of the Marine Specialists. Canonically there were only 10 Deathwatch marines on Armageddon.

>> No.54068387

I honestly feel like GW hasn't given a shit about Blood Angels as an army since 2e. Hell most of their sculpts are 2e era.

>> No.54068389

There obviously is no reason fro Deathwatch to show up on a Xenos infes-
...Wait a minute

>> No.54068390

So enough for a Kill-Team?

>> No.54068398

Death Watch have their own game, Kill Team. They're also Veterans Specialists.

They got some of the best damn models ever m8!

>> No.54068404

If people like you got your way 40k and Warhammer fantasy would never have happened.

Sometimes you have to change things to make them better and more interesting.

If the 40k Orks were called Orcs, people would constantly lump them together with every Orc type in every other setting ever.

That K changed everything, why do you hate that K so much?

>> No.54068408

It's like you don't even want overpriced, monopose characters, and a tactical squad kit (because tactical squads are what Blood Angels are known for).

>> No.54068421

8th edtion forgeworld unit still need oppenent agree for use?

>> No.54068425

Am I monumental scrub for actually preferring models without lots of fiddly bits of detail to paint?

>> No.54068426

Shut fuck

>> No.54068438

Am I looking at things wrongly or does a Hyperphase Sword and a Voidblade do exactly the same, but at a 3p discount?

>> No.54068442

How do you know? I might... I mean I don't but I might. How would you know?

>> No.54068444

for whom

>> No.54068447

Well death company is really what you come for.

And Chaplains.

But Dante and Tycho and Mephiston look like ass.

>> No.54068450

No, but if you're playing BA, you are. They're all about the bling bling mayne.

>> No.54068456

Technically no but you should probably do it and in a tournament scenario it would be clarified in the tournament registration. I mean its like you don't need permission to bring Knights but your opponent might not play you if he hates knights that much.

>> No.54068460

Where do I get Crimson Fists transfer sheets?

>> No.54068468

Not officially. Though a lot of people can be dicks about it, because they think all FW stuff is OP just because their local WAACfaggot or other type of asshole fields nothing but the most broken FW stuff (People do the same with GW models, yet those don't get banned for some reason)

>> No.54068469

>only 10 Deathwatch marines on Armageddon.
>major xenos Warzone in Galaxy
Seems legit for chucklefuck Imperium ruled by braindead Administratum instead of Guilliman.

>> No.54068471

No, it doesn't mention it in the front any more. It says it's 100% compatible with Warhammer 40k. So no. If you wanna make autistic rules for your local group, power to you, but default is they're legal.

Nothing's really changed in that regard.

>> No.54068474


>> No.54068475

That hasn't been a thing for like three editions.

>> No.54068477


>> No.54068480

Because I'm constantly accused of being a misogynist and I know for a fact that I don't hate women, I just don't fucking like attention whores and I certainly don't like lewd shit on a blue board.

>> No.54068482

Then play ultras, imp fists and maybe unforgiven.

Blood Angels should be pretty marines

>> No.54068483


>> No.54068485

half of me want's to push the report button to see if they'd kill it but the other half doesn't want to get banned for miss reporting

>> No.54068507

>an independent faction is relegated to being another faction's specialists despite specialising in exactly the kind of operations the game is about
Well fuck you too GW.

>> No.54068512

I didn't knew I hated attention whores!
Oh wait we found the women hater.

The issue is simple, ignore and move on. People in general keep posting this stuff because it fucking baits people hard

>> No.54068516

i think its to balance points value on certain models, but its something that doesnt make alot of sense just looking at it

>> No.54068535

>constantly accused
If it's constant you may want to consider whether the accusers have a point
>I know
that's great that you know what your opinion is, but the question is how do you know what "the Majority" of people here think?

>> No.54068555

No it's keeping in 'canon' for that Warzone. In that Warzone there are 10 Death Watch, so only one can be dispatched to help another group at a time. If you want to play Death Watch units, then go with Kill Team. The reason Shadow War doesn't have it is because it's suppose to be 'weak units'. So, Cultists, Conscripts and so on, moving up to the next level and so on. If you played Death Watch, how do they 'level up' to a better skilled unit? Like a Scout Initiative becomes a Scout or a Cultist becomes a Chaos Warrior or whatever.

If you want to do Death Watch fights, use Kill Team, it's a much more even playing field. The only problem is it doesn't have a Progression System.

>> No.54068556

Well I earn a ban for reporting actual porn in a blue board.
Maybe the mod like said porn and so banned me for reporting it.

Anon this is 4chan lewd crap will happen. If you want safe spaces so much look somewhere else?

>> No.54068578

They don't because they only accuse me when I call out attention whores and/or lewd shit. Unless disliking attention whores and disliking lewdity makes you a mysoginist now. Either way I highly suspect that it's the same 1 or 2 people constantly doing it.
And that's because I've never seen a single post that explicitly or even implicitly expresses hatred for women. But I've seen plenty of anti-attention whore posts that get called out for hating women.

>> No.54068585

The lowest Grey Knight is basically a high-ranking deathwatch member in power and those are allowed.

>> No.54068588

My death guard have footslogging marines, poxwalker cannon fodder and renegade artillery. how can i make them more /legion/

>> No.54068589

They only need 10, anon.

>> No.54068602

>lewd crap will happen on a blue board
Maybe you should stop behaving like a horny teenager and keep your sexuality in check. This site is 18+, if you can't control your impulse to post fetish shit or stupid lewd shit you belong on reddit where people will tolerate this garbage.

>> No.54068615

10 is exactly enough for one Kill-Team, which is how the Deathwatch is deployed, not as individuals.

If powerful individual units are the problem why do Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights exist as factions?

>> No.54068625

Are you new or what? Even the fucking banners are lewd from time to time.

>> No.54068633

True but they're additional factions, right? I guess GW will released another book at some time for the factions missed? There isn't many they have missed though.

You totally misunderstood what he was saying. He was saying people will post it, not that he posts it. If you don't wanna run that risk, go to another site. You'd have hated Pre-2010 /tg/.

The fluff says they're attached to help in vital missions. Fuck knows anon. GW is weird. My believe is because Kill Team is it's own thing. You'll have to ask them why there isn't Death Watch rules. You could just make it up yourself.

This, pic related.

>> No.54068635

Primaris >>> Deathwatch.

>> No.54068638


>> No.54068642

So what if the fucking banners are lewd? I don't give a fuck about the goddamn banners because I don't see them 90% of the time. But if people keep posting stupid fetish shit or spamming whichever constantly reposted image of their favorite attention whoring tripfag then I have a problem.

>> No.54068657

Primaris seconded to the Deathwatch >>>> Primaris

>> No.54068658

didn't you just get some new models from Grishnak and Raging Heroes?

>> No.54068660

Plaguebearers and spawn maybe.

Deathshroud when they come out to deep strike with a lord of corruption

>> No.54068671

>people will post it
Well they certainly shouldn't, and on top of that they certainly shouldn't be fucking sperging when they get called out for it by me or anyone else
>/tg/ pre-2010
The boards were unmoderated shitholes back then. Now they're overmoderated shitholes. I hated it as much back then as I do now.

>> No.54068678


>> No.54068692


Chad-GK > Chad-DW > Regular Chads > Marinelets

>> No.54068700

surely demons are less legion.

they doing 40k deathshroud?
i'd have termies in, if it wasn't for the fun fact they aren't on the death guard army list

>> No.54068701

Nowt wrong with baiting for attention and lewdness is allowed so long as it's spoilered. Why not simply hide and move on?

I get that uncensored lewd images should be reported if they break the rules but I don't see the sense on whinging about it beyond that.

Could it be the case that you used gender specific insults perhaps?

>> No.54068705

You would die a decade ago. /tg/ was not the USA Christian friendly board it is today.

That is why people post lewd crap from time to time just to fucking trigger assholes like you

>> No.54068713

Orks should have a rule to actually loot destroyed enemy vehicles from the battlefield. Offset power by making Ork vehicles weaker.

>> No.54068714

so long as it's spoilered who give a crap?

>> No.54068727

just having looted tanks back would be nice.
remember that time Orks looted the Yarrick's super special baneblade?

>> No.54068732

I think Mortarion is the only no fun allowed plaguemarine leader. Everyone else seems to be okay with papa nurgle coming out to play.

>> No.54068740

>lewdness is allowed so long as it's spoilered
Read the sticky for me thanks
>Nowt wrong with baiting for attention
Assuming "nowt" is meant to be "nothing", that shit belongs on /soc/. You have a board designed for you to shit up so go shit it up instead of shitposting here.
Already said it, /tg/ then was shit, /tg/ now is just as shit. If you can't handle people who want to follow the board rules then maybe you're the problem here.
Read the sticky, thanks and goodbye

>> No.54068745

Which legion would be most likely to footslog marines?

>> No.54068746

SoS are atheist.

>> No.54068755

World Eaters.

>> No.54068758


Blood Axes please go.

Orks that want to be humies are cancer.

>> No.54068759

Multi Quoting is a sign of authism.

>> No.54068774

>not wanting to waste time dealing with post cooldowns is autism
Here's your (You).

>> No.54068775

Don't the Death Guard have a whole thing about not using rhinos?

>> No.54068779

Well Death Guard tend to use Chaos Spawn a bit more than some of the other legions.
In the fluff i think they also use lots of terminators, but the new Death Guard terminators aren't out yet.
Have you considered adding some Nurglings to your army or other Chaos Daemons? Plague Drones and Nurglings supposedly deploy rather commonly alongside the Death Guard. If you can snag one an old "Plague Hulk of Nurgle" from Forge World is probably one of the neatest options but the new "Foetid Bloat Drones" are fucking tanky as shit for 158 points and very effective against infantry. If you are willing to run a herald of nurgle they become vehicle killers too.
Then fuck off.

>> No.54068784

Is that autistic atheism?

>> No.54068788

Rubricae are like 100% footsloggers.

>> No.54068790

thats implying i wasn't gonna use morty in every game i can when he comes out.

>> No.54068805

Arguing about fake tits on the internet is clearly a sign of mental problems.

Also getting trigger by people not following rules in weeb site is a sign of autism.

>> No.54068820

Indeed! Stupid autistic Atheist SoS

>> No.54068828

>look at this guy, wanting to follow rules and shit. what an autist!
I swear this board is filled with edgy anarchist 13 year olds.

>> No.54068838

in the forgeworld chaos index there is a dark mech unit which is pretty much a warpsmith but better, what model is best to convert from the admech line to represent him ? "chaos hellwright" if u dont know what im talking about

>> No.54068843

bloat drones are mvp in every game, i wouldn't mind taking demons just to buff them

>> No.54068844

>as if anyone cares about shitsters of shitsence

>> No.54068855

not anymore, actually
She shouldn't be talking, though

>> No.54068856

plastic ad mech dominus.
its really easy to make normal ad mech chaotic, either add chaos vehicle parts or deldar wrack parts

>> No.54068858

Tech Preist Dominus if you want GW. There's actually the FW model otherwise.

>> No.54068862

Posting porn is one thing. Going assblasted autistic meltdown due to some drawn or plastic tits, is another thing altogether

>> No.54068863

>creating the biggest warpstorm in the galaxy that would have ripped it in two if not for technology created by the very race you were engineered to destroy
I thought Chaos did this when they stormed Cadia.

>> No.54068866

Guilliman was surprised they were worshiping him and dad in Dark Imperium.

>> No.54068876

it already has a model from forgeworld?

>> No.54068887

>implying anyone here is assblasted other than you because you got told off for being edgy on the internet
Projecting a little hard there buddy

>> No.54068897

God damn it BL and their fanfic writing is getting out of hand!

What next write about the Horus Heresy but focus in side characters like Erabus (or what ever his fucking name is)

>> No.54068899

Well, to jump into shitshow of an argument, one of those things is actually against the rules and one of them isn't. You know. The rules. Those things we're sort of meant to follow.
>inb4 following rules is autistic

>> No.54068902

big dakka is big dakka.
don't matter who built it first

>> No.54068911

It's like gay pottery

>> No.54068915

Well I haven't seen porn here so.

Maybe the half naked marine could be consider porn, but that's is stretching it

>> No.54068918

She isn't. The speech bubble is pointing to her hand. It's translating the sign language, though why I dunno. Flick_The_Thief is an autistic neckbeard I doubt he'd make this mistake.

>> No.54068928


Captains fine since it's just his current shit loadout that's weighing him down, doesn't look like he'll be that much more expensive than a normal captain otherwise

Hellblasters are legit solely for the fact that they cost exactly the same as a devastator for 2W/2A

Everything else is meh right now

>> No.54068931

Its you forgeworld index anon? Waht else are you expecting? If you cant find it on their website it might be in the 30k mechanicum stuff.

>> No.54068932


>> No.54068940

>the Imperial Cult was literally getting bigger and bigger last time he was around
>he's surprised it took over with no one to stop it
>this dumb ass managed to outdo the Emperor's own work creating the Astartes
If you're going to make your character a massive Sue at least make him not be a dumb ass.

>> No.54068960

I didn't notice that before
Whaddya know

>> No.54068963

>this dumb ass managed to outdo the Emperor's own work creating the Astartes
Blind haters are the worst. The books have been out for awhile now you can just read them yourself.

>> No.54069026

Why does everyone assume the emperor is the smartest guy ever and that no one could ever do a better job at something than him?

>> No.54069054

Death Guard

>> No.54069060

Can a vehicle pop smoke launchers if it Advanced?

>> No.54069076

The potential godhood and being thousands of years old don't hurt, I'm not gonna lie.

>> No.54069080

He basically made Demi-gods in a cave with scraps.

That is pretty smart. Remember he was trap in Terra a world that was basically a dead world resource wise

>> No.54069271

Smokes replace shooting, you can't shoot after advance so my answer is no.

>> No.54069275

He created Demigods with the power of Chaos.

>> No.54069321

What if the vehicle also has Assault weapons?

>> No.54069479

Ork? Fine
Adeptus Astartes, worse.
Astra Militarum?
Militarum Tempestus?
Festering Fucking Poxshaman?

Please return to GW and tell them that Age of Sigmar is where their cute IP fenangling should stay.

Also, don't pretend WHFB is anything more than Lord of the Rings.

>> No.54069487

You barely even need R&H, the new detachments let you take shitloads of Heavy Support, LoW and Fortification units, it's absolutely delicious for IW.

>tfw my 1500pt list spends a command point to give my Battalion a 4th Heavy Support slot, just for old 3.5E nostalgia.

>> No.54069792

Can someone tell me what the standard size base for astra mil infantry is now?

>> No.54069830

25mm no?

>> No.54069924

25mm Round (~1") - Standard base for 40k, the round that comes with marines, guardsmen, etc.

32mm Round (~1 1/4") - the "new" infantry base size.

What is "new" though?

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