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>Unearthed Arcana: Revised Class Options:

>Feedback Questionnaires:


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Why aren't Variant Humans banned in your game?

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Looking for more feedback on my Warlock Patron.

I'm mostly unsure about the magic parts. Maybe it shouldn't be able to cast any spells besides cantrips.

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They are and aren't. I use them as a base template for humans from different regions, applying the bonuses and assigning the feats as appropriate for them. The "Pick and Choose" aspect isn't allowed, but if you want to play a variant human, you do so with your home region's pre-set choices in place. The generic standard human represents the roving clans, from which most human stock is derived.

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>Why aren't Variant Humans banned in your game?
Because they're fun. Also because I want people to actually play humans.

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It's trash.

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Because when you ban variant humans, you get a party of a tabaxi, a tiefling, a half-elf and yuan-ti.

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I'm trying to get feedback to alter it and balance it. You don't need to be rude.

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There is literally nothing wrong with Variant Humans.

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I prohibit my players from playing anything BUT Variant humans, my friend.

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And people complain about dex. Charisma is the truly broken stat

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I think that the biggest problem with it is that it's the revised Beastmaster ranger, but better and more versatile. When designing a class in 5e, it should either be more versatile or better, not both. This needs to be its own class, rather than a subclass.

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I see. I can definitely change some of the versatility stuff. I want it to be viable compared to other archetypes but still a chunk weaker because it's not a full class. Any ideas on what for it stands out as a separate class? I'm probably gonna drop spellcasting and make it only gain two major modifications, and then two starting minor modifications, and one more at each other level. Are the ability scores too high?

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Because it's one of very few options which can actually be adapted to fit almost any class well, so my table isn't full of a bunch of random fantasy races.

Because I like feats.

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WotC is currently working on a Druid variant that focuses entirely on shapeshifting. Maybe try making a class that focuses entirely on an animal/monster companion.

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>Letting people use feats in 5e
Get with the times old man

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I've started DMing to give our usual DM a break. My group is into the game and enjoys playing but they have no interest in story. This is cool with me but I've never played a campaign with no real goal.

Does anyone play like this? Tips? Should I still implement some large overarching goal or just say fuck it since they don't care?

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Non-variant human really should have gotten an extra skill or something. As is it's basically just pointlessly bad

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Alright, I'll look into doing that. That also gives me potential to add some more combat abilities to the PC as well, instead of everything for the companion. Thank you.

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They're not really working on it. Mearls has just said he wish he had focused on it more during development, but people aren't complaining enough about druid to justify a full rework.

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So Humans go from being THE WORSE RACE to pick as an adventure to becoming actually competitive.

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Well damn, guess I was wrong. Either way, I feel like at some point during 5e's life cycle we'll see a class that focuses on shapeshifting. Mearls and Crawford will probably spend a month or so working on it, release it in a UA along with intiative variants, and then spend 12 months revising it.

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Flail snail is best monster.

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Why don't you ban Variant Human and just give a feat to every PC?

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Because then no one would play a human, and this isn't Pathfinder.

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Why not just start the game at a higher level if that's what you want?

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I do exactly that, and my players always go for flavor choices over the usual picks that work with their character. Tavern Brawler for a heavy drinking barbarian or Healer for a former medic turned adventurer.

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>Banning something because it's good

Do you also ban spells? Do you ban bear totem barbarians? Greatswords are good, do you ban those?
There are a lot of choices in this game that are good. Why not ban all the good choices so your PCs have to play Dwarf wild sorcerors or Dragonborn rangers or Gnome champion fighters.

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>missing the point this fucking hard

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So why do you ban variant human?

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Not him, but I share the same opinion. Normal humans are 'average' in that they are crap for building an adventurer. More than half of the races have dark vision, small races don't have a strength or hit point penalty and the worst that can happen to a non-human is social racism outside of combat. Yeah, it is meta-gamey to choose a race suited to what you want your character to be but that is how games are played; otherwise why have classes and subclasses? Only one type of Fighter knows how to trip an enemy by hacking at his ankle? Rogues know how to use a short sword but not a scimitar?

Feats in 5e can be very powerful and that is how humans can be a valid option to any class. Humans make up a huge population of the world so it makes sense that humans could adapt to many roles.

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>if i ban variant human nobody will play human!

Is that even a bad thing?

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Back to /pfg/.

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I hate Pathfinder with all my heart, I just don't see a problem with having a group of core races with none being human.

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Hey reposting from last thread. So I'm a ranged battlemaster with sharpshooter and I was wondering if I should go with Lucky, a Dex bonus or Dual Wielder for 6th level. The reason I'm interested in Dual Wielder is because it'll allow me to throw 3 darts per turn essentially getting an extra chance to get another +10 damage on a target.

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And if you allow V.Humans, you still will have non human characters.

At Lv4, what is the difference between a Mountain Dwarf melee Fighter and a V.Human melee Fighter? The Dwarf can take the feat and the human will either take the ASI to match the Dwarf stats or take another feat.

If the human takes the ASI, they will both have the same feat and the same stats. The Dwarf will still have dark vision, poison resistance but the human has a bit more movement and an extra skill. Not really equal in my view.

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Anyone have the latest season of Adventurers league adventures? Season 6?

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the game is better without variant humans and half-elves.

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The only race that should be banned is gnomes.

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God I'm so stuck, help me out.
Doing early level content right now and so far I'm going to ask my players to use a fake caravan ride in order to catch some bandits and find their hideout. Problem is I want to spice it all up and have a major villain stalk/engage them so it's not the usual find place raid place win type deal.
Any ideas or stuff I could steal from you folks?

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the highest ability modifier you can start with is +3. The dwarf and the human are going to take asi at level 4 and 8 for every class except fighter.

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Give me 47 reasons why

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GWM and PAM are better than +2 STR, though.

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Because all the human PCs are dead. Well, petrified.

The survivors are all crazy deviants. Homebrewed Emperor Penguin-folk, Abyssal Tiefling, a Dragonborn with Charisma over 20 (magic tables gone wrong/right, his Strength is 6.) and a UA Minotaur.

Can't call the variant humans over powered once you hit level 9.

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Just limit v. human feat choice to some less broken ones

No PAM or whatever, but they could still grab HAM if they wanted for example. Basically just remove the meme feats. If someone wants to be an optimizer they can spend their actual ASIs on it like everyone else.

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In the long run yeah, but at low levels accuracy is a bit scarce. If it's a ranged guy with the fighting style to match sharpshooter is pretty much entirely better than a dex boost though

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Reposting " >>54034977
Just for the official answer, you cannot TWF with darts. They are not melee weapons. You'd be using daggers.

And my advice is to never take DW before you reach 20 Dex. I can't imagine drawing one more weapon could ever be that important."

For good measure. If you want an extra ranged weapon attack, there's crossbow expert.

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I want to remake an old character that I once had. Since the homebrew thing isn't going to be allowed and I'm certain of that, the closest I can think of is a multiclass of Mastermind Rogue and Bladesinger Wizard, in an attempt to make a "slightly fighty supportive tactics wizard".
The old character was a Half-Elf, but someone else is encouraging me to go VHuman to get Spell Sniper instead.

Honestly, I'm on the ropes. Opinions?

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>WotC is currently working on a Druid variant that focuses entirely on shapeshifting



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Also unless his heart is completely set of darts or daggers he's also be better off just getting the crossbow feat and getting an extra attack for using a hand crossbow

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Because I DM adventure league games, which has its own set rules. They have gotten better with giving DMs more freedoms recently but limiting or expanding players choices in race and class is not one of them.

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what's wrong with feats? they're not usually that OP, and they are super fun.

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No, even then.

At levels 5-7 you need to be hitting AC16 for ASI to just about edge out over GWM, and even then GWM wins because of the BA attack additional effect.

And for Barbarians is a no contest.

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Play a Valor Bard?

>> No.54036758

>WotC is currently working on a Druid variant that focuses entirely on shapeshifting.

>> No.54036760

As long as you plan to never fight with anything other than your chosen weapon, of course.

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I have one of them, but it's on my computer at home.

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Nothing says "slightly fighty supportive tactics wizard" like bladesinger if you ask me, but you might want to clarify exactly what "slightly fighty" means to you.

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I've got a level 7 Barbarian in my current game. Level 8 coming up.

Currently have
>18 str
>16 dex
>18 con
>17 ac

Increase str to 20 or go for GWM?

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Assuming you plan on always using a greatsword or something similar I'd pick GWM otherwise strength

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Greataxe, so yeah.

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Variant Human is fine. Variant Human Fighter with PAM, Sentinel, Tunnel fighting at lv 4i when it gets autistic.

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I completely forgot that they existed. How good are they?
I've never fucking seen a Bard played, and I don't think I could manage someone as suave or good at words as one. The character is likely a kind-hearted person with a keen mind,
but social skills that aren't exactly up to scratch, and possibly a bit naive and eccentric and thought
Basically, not being a total pushover in melee, and while not necessarily a front line (and most likely not anyways), is still capable of holding their own up-close.

Also, another reason I wanna use the particular multiclass, since I discovered it, is the fact that with the Half-Elf racial, Mastermind's 3rd level bonus, and the background I intend to use, i could have a whole 8 languages at level 3, which is where we'll be starting.

>> No.54036975

Oh, and basically, the idea would be to lay down some controlling/supportive spells, then move in to range to give someone advantage with Help, and then the next round again use the bonus action Help and start poking things in melee.

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I'll keep the tab open, then.

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Anyone has text-only version of dmg?
It's a pain to read dnd books on eink reader

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In some respects you may even want to consider playing a paladin since you could just cast bless or whatever and just help people by fighting near them for the rest of the fight, but really any of the gishes mentioned already would work

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I am thinking of creating my own campaign, what are some tips for stuff I should/shouldn't do while creating it?

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I don't think Paladin is something I want to try and play, as I already have one. This way seems a little more involved, and entertaining.
I'm also tempted to just make it a straight Mastermind, but I dunno quite yet. I only played the original Wizard for two sessions for the campaign fell apart, and I've never played a Rogue at all.

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Download DMG from PDF, don't be That Guy, don't railroad, don't think for one second you can predict every possible outcome your characters will undertake, etc.

>> No.54037516

All bards are eccentric. Just act like a rock star.

>> No.54037560

Start with a small town/village and an adventure.

Let the Players determine a lot of the world's history and geography by creating their character's backstory.

Don't over prepare, just figure out what the players want to do or could do, and prep for that.

>> No.54037563

It's kinda based on an old one I made like I mentioned before and I don't think I can personally emulate that sort of style at all, myself.
Plus, Bards lack the tactics-y style I was looking for.

>> No.54037609

Don't plan too much, give them choices and don't force them to do a thing. My players were expecting something they decided to help with to be bigger than I had planned, so I had to extend it by about three places. I wish they didn't take so long doing things though.

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Lore Bard is the best class in the system.

Valor Bard not so much but it's more fighty (either sword and board or archery) and decent at everything.

Don't worry about roleplaying being good at words. Your character is meant to be smart/cunning, right? Fluff your shit up as making sound arguments, keen insights, and coming up with good plans or whatever.

>> No.54037689

Already have the books download, and I have done sessions before. For the railroading I was thinking of making something along the lines of a quest-board for when they want to do those king of things.
That was what I was planning on doing where they are in a town trying to solve the mysteries around the town.

>> No.54037737

I hear this a lot. Why exactly is Lore bard considered the best in the system?

>> No.54037828

They're a full caster that gets a few chances to add other classes spells to their own spell list, while also just having a decent list of class features.

>> No.54037921

>3 feats at lvl 4

But how?

>> No.54037942

tunnel fighting is a fighting style (that should probably never be used)

>> No.54037973

Ah. Right. My bad.

>> No.54037984

Seems odd that they'd have these ideas and tactics when they don't have much INT or WIS to back it up though, you know?
I just have this one idea stuck in my head, I suppose.

>> No.54038283


How about a Mystic? Do an Avatar. Still Int-based, can still use things that are similar to spells, also get a bunch of auras and other support stuff.

>> No.54038489

If the players end up capturing any of the bandits, have the bandits leader treat with them.
If the pcs are willing then trade the captives for bribes or a favor, only to have it fu l them over with the law after the bandits leader spreads rumors that the pcs are a part of his band.
If they aren't willing, then have him vow to make their lives hell. Have them be unable to journey through that area without being constantly harried by bandits.

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Why before 20 dex? Why not at 18? Genuinely curious

>> No.54038535

I don't think Mystics are allowed in this, otherwise I'd be using a Soul-Knife.

>> No.54038542

Not quite used to fifth edition yet and played my first real session yesterday. We're a group of magic users in a magic-centric FR campaign but we ended up without an actual wizard. We're levelling up from 1 to 2 and I want to be able to study the weird shit that's going on around us (year 1385, Mystra was just killed and everything's on fire but some magic still works to an extent), but I'm a sorcerer and it looks like the Identify spell is the only practical way to analyze the effects of stuff around us. I'd try an Arcana check but the DM broke it down into specific fields of magic for this campaign and I'm not sure any of them would be particularly relevant. Of course I'll ask him about it soon.

In the meantime, what are my best options to either gain Identify or otherwise analyze magic? Detect Magic is moot since most magic sources are on fire. At the moment I can see either:
- Multiclass into wizard to learn Identify;
- Wait until level 4 to take Ritual Caster with wizard spells.
Either way I still need to find an expensive pearl, which I'm sure is going to be a problem.

>> No.54038559


It's still semi-official material. If you're not playing League it's worth asking about at least.

>> No.54038682

Could use some advise.

I've given my players some sidequests to complete, and when they complete them I'm going to award them with some magic items. I already gave out an animated shield to one player, and now another player is about to complete his quest. He's playing a moon druid, but the aspects of his character he seems to focus on are being stealthy, sneaky and cunning. Kind of spyish. I'm not really sure what to give him, so I'd like to hear some suggestions if anyone would like to offer some up.

>> No.54038795

I'm checking, but I doubt it'll be allowed.
Would my initial plan of Mastermind 4/Bladesinger X be solid? I'm okay with not getting 9th level spells and I doubt I'll get to that point anyways.

>> No.54038822

Just modify the Cloak of Elvenkind to work only in forest and other vegetation

>> No.54038835

A knife that can cast invisibility?

>> No.54038896

Anyone got the Aasimar and Tiefling extra features tables?

>> No.54038936

Reposting from /pgg/ for opinions because I got no (you)s, despite it being far less relevant to 5e than it was to 3.5
>Remember Lolth, spider-goddess of the drow? When Sutherland and Gygax wrote Queen of the Demonweb Pits in 1980, their assumption was that she would be a tough but not impossible boss-fight for a party of level 10-14 characters. How about Tiamat, mother-goddess of all evil dragons? According to the AD&D 1st edition monster manual, she has AC 0 and 128 HP, although 80 of those are 'in' her various heads: doing 48 damage directly to her body will kill her outright. (You don't even need magical weapons to hit her!) Orcus? 120 hit points. Asmodeus and Demogorgon? 199 and 200 HP respectively. Yes, they're crazily powerful, and, yes, they're quite capable of killing your PCs: but they still clearly exist on the same scale as trolls and giants and dinosaurs and high-level player characters.

>As much as D&D PCs have been boosted over the years, their top-end foes - dragons, demons, demon lords - have been boosted even more. High age-category dragons, for example, have gone from 'a bit tougher than a giant' to gigantic mega-monsters with completely surreal numbers of hit points. In AD&D 1st edition, the maximum number of hit points for a regular goblin was 7, whereas in D&D 3.5 it had risen to 9: but over the same time, the maximum HP for a red dragon of the largest size had risen from 88 to 880, meaning that the toughness of the dragon had increased roughly eight times as fast as that of the goblin

>A demonic sadist with the head of a dove, who eats the eyes of his victims, makes minions made from their flayed corpses, and lives in a house in which every room contains some new tableau of the macabre? That's great! Stick him and his horrible skinless minions and his horrible creepy house in a hex somewhere right away!

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>Why aren't Variant Humans banned in your game?

One, because the the benefit provided by a feat is roughly equal to the racial features other races get.

Dwarves get weapon proficiency, poison resistance, darkvision, tools.. Elves get weapon training, darkvision, advantage vs. charms.. etc. Humans get zilch, but the feat compensates.

Two, which builds off the first, is that the feat only *exceeds* the power of other races if you take the most broken ones and stack them up, like Lucky or PAM. None of my players are such munchkins they seek to break the game open like that, but even if they did, again, they do it at the expense of other racial features like Darkvision.

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>But wait: he's 'challenge rating' 26, meaning that only a party of level 25+ characters would have a decent chance of beating him

>In the original Conan stories, the hero can't seem to manage a half-hour's walk without tripping over some benighted valley full of crazy demon-worshippers revering a monster-god from before time. These stories almost always end with Conan stabbing the beastie to death and wandering off. That's not because Conan is a super-duper-high-level-mega-ultra-badass fantasy superhero: it's because the demonic god-monsters in his world just aren't all that tough. Early D&D reflected that sensibility, and I think it was the stronger for it, because it makes the resulting monsters - dragons, demons, archdevils, and the rest - so much easier to use in actual play. There is a place in games for enormously, unbeatably powerful monsters, but it's quite a small place, and you're unlikely to need very many of them in any one campaign

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Which is better, on average, for spells: rerolling any 1 once, or treating any 1 as a 2?

>> No.54039025

I mean, on a d20 there's a 90% chance you'll better than a 1 or 2 if you reroll

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>Why aren't Variant Humans banned in your game?
Stop playing non-humans.

>> No.54039042

Rerolling any 1 once.

Look at a d8. It's average is (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8) / 8 = 4.5

Rerolling a 1 averages to (4.5 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8) / 8 = 4.975

Counting a 1 as a 2 averages to (2 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8) / 8 = 4.625

>> No.54039164

Cloak of elvenkind, ring of disguise self(3charges), or eversmoking bottle for standard stuff
More creative stuff:
> Weapon of Seeing. Requires attunement. If you deal damage to a target with this weapon and the target is still living, you can choose to percieve using the targets sense for the next 10 minutes. The target is not aware that they are being used. Has no effect against creatures immune to telepathy and mindreading. You are blinded and dead ends to the world around you while using through the targets senses. Once per x rest. Basically, stab an enemy, let him escape, and you get a free scout of where he's coming from or of any reinforcements.
> Mask's Personal Wardrobe. A small wood carving of a miniature wardrobe. Activating it takes an action and it takes 1 minute for it to fully expand to a full sized wardrobe. It takes 1 hour for any of the following changes to be made. Any outfits put inside the wardrobe after activating it will magically change to fit you perfectly and be fully repaired. The wardrobe can also be used to make small changes to the outfit, the adding of a sigil, changing the hem of a coat, as long as the determines that the worth of the outfit remains the same. Any armour placed inside the wardrobe still retains any magical properties it has along with any proficiency restrictions and negatives.

>> No.54039181

*deafened, autocorrect

>> No.54039220

I'm running up against a blank screen here because I'm a useless hack.

What kind of quest might a manipulative (secret) vampire give a neutral good party that would be of the most benefit to him.

>> No.54039229

As long as the dm determines*
Sorry I'm tired

>> No.54039247

What do I play?

>> No.54039260


>Cloak of elvenkind, ring of disguise self(3charges)

This is sort of the line I was thinking along. I was considering putting together for his character a "Batman package," including the Cloak of the Bat and the Eyes of Minute Seeing, but I wasn't sure if such a package of magic items would be satisfactory compared to the animated shield I gave one player (and the dancing blade I had planned to give another, but gonna nix that). I might throw a minor magic ring into the package too, but not sure which one. Do you think a package like that would be good?

>> No.54039263

Kill a strong, non-good creature that is competing with the vampire somehow

>> No.54039290

Paladin, it's the most broken class in the game

>> No.54039298

If you want versatility and the best spell list, you can do everything.
If you want to smite all evil, be the party face.
If you want to hate yourself and ask to change your character after 3 sessions.

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>But wait: he's 'challenge rating' 26, meaning that only a party of level 25+ characters would have a decent chance of beating him

Anon, I feel like you might be retarded. Are you retarded?

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What class will best round out a party of
"Bardsassin" Yuan-Ti College of whispers Bard
"Technically not a Barbarian" Half Orc Monster Slayer Ranger
"Feral spec" Wood Elf Moon Circle Druid

>> No.54039386

How would relations be between mindflayers and slaad, if the slaad were A) not beings of pure chaos B) part of the mindflayer life cycle.

In more detail, no blue slaad, red slaad make Red slaad, when they attack a humanoid, but if the tadpole that become slaad are extracted and put into the brine pool they become mindflayers. I think the slaad would definitely be the lowest on the totem pole, but how exactly would they be treated?

>> No.54039403

That is not my blog. You can also see right in the link that it's from last year, and it also talks about 3.PF, which I mentioned on the first post. I found a link to it on another general and posted it on /pgg/ first to see what people thought, but since it got no attention I posted it here. But yeah I'm the retard

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How operator is your group?

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The mind flayers would tolerate them in times of peace, but in times of conflict would keep them just below the elder brain in terms of importance. After all, they are the propagators of the species

>> No.54039532

A Wizard or Cleric can fit nicely.
Either for utility or another tank.

>> No.54039624

Is there anything in the first party stuff for blinking about like FF15s warp strike?

>> No.54039643

>kobolds pirates rafting down the river
>baby kraken that got lost
>some tryhard suddenly reroutes the wizard while you're travelling along it, sending you directly through atrociously filthy stables

>> No.54039644

Need kobold traps with an ice/cold theme, for a white dragon iceberg lair. Help, 5eg?

>> No.54039700

*reroutes the river

>> No.54039715

Low tunnels that require players to crawl, lots of chunks of ice (just reskinned rocks) that get dropped, throw in some pits that contain low maintenance northern fauna. You can also make it so that they have lots of false tunnels with scratchings to mark them (unknown to players), and many of these tunnels will lead them into the lairs of even more dangerous creatures, such as a remorhaz or a winter wolf. Maybe a pack of winter wolves, even.

>> No.54039725

Icicles tuned to fall from footsteps heavier than kobolds.
Ice floors thick enough for skinny bolds.
Frozen over doors that lead to a seawater filled chute.

>> No.54039824
File: 2.36 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got some mini's the other day.
Now I just have to figure out how to paint them lol

>> No.54039837

Im guessing Tempest is the best Domain for the job?

>> No.54039871

Paladin with 3 levels of Warlock

Best of both worlds.

>> No.54039939

>Maybe try making a class that focuses entirely on an animal/monster companion.
This has a fundamental problem in that you have two characters while everyone else have one. Default beastmaster could work if the numbers were tweaked, but people couldn't stand that the PC was just sitting in the background commanding the beast. They want to have a competent PC and then a companion on top, which doesn't work very well. In 5e they've done it three different ways to get it to work, and I still don't think it's very elegant. IMO the best way to do it is to have them fill different roles, like having a companion that handles combat while you cower in a corner and then when it comes to RPing the PC is very much in focus again (basically pokemon), or the opposite with the companion being useless in combat but serving other purposes like a mount, spellcasting medium, etc. Another is augmenting the beast into the PC's abilities like the first beastmaster fix attempted.

On another note, a half- or third-caster moon druid variant would be cool.

>> No.54039967

Horizon walker ranger gets closest to that.

>> No.54039972

Because v.humans aren't OP. In my games I let them keep +1 to all stats in addition to the V human stuff.

>> No.54040022

Abyssal Tiefling Bard, standard array. Should I go with
>8 14 14 12 10 17
>8 13 16 12 10 16

>> No.54040080

Maybe a stupid question: What happens to magic items when a moon druid wild shapes? Would a druid with a cloak of protection still get the +1 AC and saving throw while in bear form?

>> No.54040085

I'd say the first array for sure

>> No.54040170

You'll want to max out CHA as soon as possible, so it comes down to whether you want to hit that 20 with a feat or a with ASI's,and the only feat that I can think of with added Charisma is Actor, so the answer comes down to whether or not you want Actor

>> No.54040236
File: 285 KB, 414x295, Tiger of Judgment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54040262

Spells for a level 3 Favored Soul? Keeping in mind I already know Cure Wounds naturally and with Sorcerer's limited spells known I probably won't take Healing Word but will get Mass Healing Word when I can.

>> No.54040286

Revised Ranger has a section under natural explorer stating they ignore difficult terrain
Does this include magically difficult terrain such as through the web spell?

>> No.54040307

Yes. They ignore difficult terrain.

>> No.54040311

Id assume thry ignore it as far as "costs 2x movement" goes but they still have to make saves to avoid damage/restrained/etc

>> No.54040314

they ignore the difficult terrain of the web, but they still have to make a dex save or get restrained.

>> No.54040421
File: 321 KB, 640x360, waiting for OP.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how absurd/broken would these abilities be on an end game, artifact level weapon?

Blade of assured victory: When the wielder of this weapon scores a critical hit against a target, the character gains advantage on all attack rolls against the target until the target dies.

Heart seeking blow: When the wielder of this blade scores a crit against a non legendary creature who's HP is below half it's maximum, the target is instantly slain. Against a legendary creature, the critical hit does an extra 5d8 damage.

Trying to make a unique 'Holy avenger' style weapon for the groups fighter, so trying to think of something he could really benefit from.

>> No.54040476

I've got a province that long ago hosted many powerful magicians. I have a crater (with a pit in the middle) and a petrified forest settlement, what's something else I can have that indicated some kind of magical nuke happened here a long time ago?

>> No.54040509

Natural creatures twisted, both terrible and beautiful. Glistening plant growths, fountains of prismatic energy, strange magical abilities in creatures and people in the area.

>> No.54040517

>Blade of assured victory: When the wielder of this weapon scores a critical hit against a target, the character gains advantage on all attack rolls against the target until the target dies.
Advantage means little at that stage in the game, there're many other ways to get it rather than through a tiny random chance.
However, this might be powerful for a really tough enemy that you fight multiple times unless it dies and comes back to life.

>Heart seeking blow: When the wielder of this blade scores a crit against a non legendary creature who's HP is below half it's maximum, the target is instantly slain. Against a legendary creature, the critical hit does an extra 5d8 damage.
Considering a champion with advantage crits a lot and how many non-legendary creatures there are...
Also, technically, by your wording, they get +10d8 extra damage.

>> No.54040521

detect magic not working properly/going a bit haywire because of latent magic radiation

extraplanar creatures because of the barriers between planes being thinned to allow some to cross through etx

>> No.54040548

Unnatural creatures.

>> No.54040576
File: 132 KB, 400x509, Double fort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What could be done to make the first power feel stronger? The character itself is a battlemaster fighter, not a champion. Lugs around a greatsword so basic 2 hander smashy smashy type. Basically I want him to come across a kickass sword of some sort, especially since i'm gonna be tossing out some other powerful items for the other characters. They'll be 18th level soon and I want them all to feel OP as shit and cool.

And yes, they would get a lot of crit damage.

>> No.54040581

If you turn into something that could realistically still wear the cloak, then yea

>> No.54040613
File: 92 KB, 669x900, LeifJones-V20-LHIANNAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Could someone kindly determine, even if roughly, how powerful this vampiric druid would be in the d&d system (a vague idea of her challenge rating, perhaps)? She belongs to the 5th generation and is infamous for spending the last two millennia beating the shit out of every supernatural being of Ireland who dares to invade her sacred wood.

>> No.54040653

They could get both advantage and a bonus to hit

>> No.54040729
File: 156 KB, 342x276, 1490933681675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't really help because I'm a faggot and mad at magical weapons in general.

Because personally I'd put utility or less mechanically defined abilities or a limited use so that it's not just a weapon you mindlessly hit with but have to think with and it doesn't stop you from using other weapons because 'the other weapons aren't as powerful so why bother'

But still, some people enjoy 'you hit harder I guess have fun not thinking' so the first ability could be something like:
'If you have advantage on your attack, you may choose to instead give yourself disadvantage. If you do so, your attacks crit on any hit.'
Or just,
'You may choose to give yourself +10 to hit on an attack as part of an attack. You cannot use this again until you finish a short rest or kill an enemy.'
Or if you want to keep the same ability design
'On a crit, you mark the enemy for death. While marked, you know where the enemy is, always have advantage regardless of any disadvantage you may be given and you may make a reaction attack against the creature should it use any action within 5ft of you. The mark lasts 24 hours or until you mark a new target'

.. Something like that, maybe?

Though if you were thinking of giving them a sword that grants advantage maybe they somehow weren't getting advantage from a billlion sources for some reason.

>> No.54040767

Can a Mystic use Mind Meld to give others memories too or is it purely one-way?

>> No.54040787
File: 27 KB, 600x338, 1497505987979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you mad at magic weapons, friend? Well I guess you gave your reasoning, but it's still one that I don't quite agree with. In general, I try to design magic items based around what they are. The group has some utility based magical items for sure though - but when I make weapons, I want them to feel like a killers tool, and be focused on that.

So the sword I want is something powerful, and focused on being killy. The character for some reason doesn't seek out advantage often, but the group has ways to give him it constantly if he wants it. So I designd that in one way to give him a source of advantage if he crits. but maybe that's the wrong way to go about it.

>> No.54040816

Heart seeking blow sounds much like a Vorpal Blade
>When you attack a creature that has at least one head with this weapon and roll a 20 on the attack roll, you cut off one of the creature's heads. The creature dies if it can't survive without the lost head. A creature is immune to this effect if it is immune to slashing damage, doesn't have or need a head, has legendary actions, or the DM decides that the creature is too big for its head to be cut off with this weapon. Such a creature instead takes an extra 6d8 slashing damage from the hit.

>> No.54040850
File: 12 KB, 280x150, aaaah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ran my first DM session tonight, i think my heart is crying

>> No.54040885

>Be a bard
>Be constantly shat upon by the party because of "le music faggot memes"
>They're all horrid roleplayers
>DM focuses only on coming up with battles despite insisting to have acknowledged his pretenses at social encounters
>We're talking "No XP if you don't kill these creatures" tier
>Still play with it because only 3 regular groups in the city
>Big lich coming up
>Basically one of two climaxes for the whole campaign
>DM hypes the shit out of it and supposed ambiguities
>Decide to fuck it all, I'm going to steal the thunder
>I have been slowly amassing for months only the silver out of the loot
>I have equally been spending it just as fast on Holy Water from local cleric
>Finally acquired enough water mass to make a Simulacrum (about 100 vials worth)
>Battle is about begin
>I'm first thanks to peerless skill
>"Bard, wtf, go last"
>"I want otherMe to hug the lich"
>DM gets That Face
>"Okay, make grapple check..."
>First time he ever encounters a grappling bard, obviously fails
>"I dispell my Simulacrum"
>"It instantly melts back into Holy Water"
>"That'll be 200d6 Radiant Damage"
>Party explodes into chaos
>Table flipping drama ensues
>Having none of it though. No one can object to me with DM ex Machine, which his ego would never allow
>700 of damage in one turn, obviously the lich dies
>After a sullen silence I go "So... How much XP do *I* get?

And this is the story of how I was uninvited from playing d&d

>> No.54040894

the constellations change at night if you are near ground zero, as the veil tears through to the outside realms

>> No.54040911
File: 400 KB, 805x828, 1495248540372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I feel like that every time I DM. Then I recount all the things I fucked up on and start scrutinizing how I could have done things better, and although my players say they're having a good time, I know that they're just being polite.

>> No.54040922

You can give a sword utility without it being un-swordlike. And anyway, it's kind of fun to use a weapon outside of combat.

You might have some sort of rocket boosted spear. That's all there really is to it, 'You do this and then it blasts out like a rocket'
And so they can think,
'Oh, I can use it to jump'
'Oh, I can launch it like a projectile'
'Oh, I can try to empower a swing with it'
'Oh, I can blast someone with the backblast'
Maybe let them make more and get some sort of crazy rocket sled.
And then they don't have to use the weapon all the time. They can launch it forwards and then use another weapon if they wish.
They might ultimately just use it as a once per however often you can use it +damage from a rocket-empowered swing but, sure, if that's how they want to play. It's still doing something for them.

Alternatively there're people who just say 'Okay, here's a +1 weapon, and it'll never really do anything special or memorable but you'll feel lackluster if you use a +0 weapon now'.

>> No.54040925

sounds like a win-win you left a shitty group and got some neat revenge

>> No.54040997

I'm honestly surprised because I imagine a lot of DMs would go 'b-but actually he can't take that much damage from holy water' or something.

But RAW I don't think there's anything that supports 200d6 radiant damage. Bundling more bottles of holy water together shouldn't necessarily have a linear increase.

>> No.54041060

Would you allow an original Favoured Soul in your games?

>> No.54041096


Probably not.

>> No.54041111

Sorcerer's underpowered at any rate, so if they don't want to go for the more recent edition let them but don't give them any bonuses you might give someone just for being sorcerer. Not like sorcerer can't function without, though.

>> No.54041112

No thanks.

>> No.54041116

I think a ring with +2 sleight of hand checks would work well with that set

>> No.54041151


After giving it some more thought, I'm thinking of going with a set including: Cloak of the Bat, Boots of Elvenkind and Goggles of Night. Only problem with that is that both the cloak and the boots give advantage to stealth, but I'm convincing myself now that that's okay.

>> No.54041180

How necessary is it to have a cleric in your party?

>> No.54041195
File: 81 KB, 720x579, 148686890015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That depends who else is in your party.

>> No.54041200


Not at all.

>> No.54041257

Why are clerics so fun? What is the funniest domain in your opinion?

>> No.54041267


>> No.54041285


I haven't played all the domains, but I did have a blast with Trickery.

>Party comes across a hostage situation between two factions
>Disguise Self as a member of the faction without the hostage
>Channel Divinity myself invisible
>Walk over to hostage
>Get her on board with my plan
>Break invisibility, shout something about death to the opposing faction
>Dimension Door away

>> No.54041292

When a creature succeeds on a dex save does it assume they actually get out of the AoE? Like maybe flip a table over, run behind a wall or close a door?

>> No.54041302
File: 37 KB, 500x575, 1496812859544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a comprehensive list of potentially OP 5e builds?

I have some knowledge of the system so far, wanna compile all the stuff I don't want in my game / fix it w/ homerules. Before dropping LFGs and going into "suggest a build and I ban it on the spot because I didn't think of it in advance". So as not to look uninvested to players.

>> No.54041314


Because I still like giving my players the choice between one of the racial sets or one of the feats.

>> No.54041320

Hmmm, now I wonder how one would express a probability weapon like the Possible Sword in this edition.

>> No.54041349

>Is there a comprehensive list of potentially OP 5e builds?
What is good depends entirely on your meta and the level being played

Some OP things:

Sleep at 1
Moon druids from 2 to 4
HAM at first level with V. human
Wiz 1 / Twilight Druid X
A Champion with Wave, the legendary sentient trident

>> No.54041353


When you're a NARP with nothing to do but masturbate to the PHB it's easy to get in a rut and assume that since you can only get an erection by picturing playing one specific character, everyone else must too. In actual play V. Human is probably under-represented.

>> No.54041378

Should I be a Swashbuckler or a Thief if I don't plan to pick up BB/GFB?

>> No.54041380


The real problem isn't V. Human, it's that tunnel fighting was an unsuccessful beta test that still hasn't made it into the game. Banning things from the PHB because they don't work with the UA stuff is exactly backwards.

>> No.54041386

I enjoyed War, you are better than a fighter until somewhere between 3-5, have several viable combat options for most of the game, have reasonable extra resources for when you need to conserve spell slots, and hold monster is fantastic.

It's just super combat versatile, and doesn't sacrifice anything a cleric gets anyway, so its useful out of combat too.

>> No.54041388


I wouldn't say under-represented. In my area, at least, every time a human is played, it's variant. Granted, there's not a human in every group in every campaign, but that's the usual. I'm the only one I know who has played a non-variant human.

>> No.54041413

Clerics in general are just too good before martials get an extra attack

>> No.54041458

>D&D Published Adventure
>It *doesn't* have maps by Mike Schley

It's shit.

>> No.54041462

Planning to run a free multiclass (if that's what you meant by meta) lv. 2-20 campaign, mainly concerned about nova and like builds because I don't want players bullying each other on behalf of build's PvP capabilities. Other than that, balancing caster utility by faction prequisites / laws.

>> No.54041468

>reading the DMG
>using a grid and miniatures in combat is variant rule right there next to flanking

what the heck

>> No.54041477


All of Tomb of Annihilation's maps are b Schley, same as Curse of Strahd's were, so there's hope for it.

>> No.54041514

It's 2017, I can't believe there are still people designing maps that can't just be copy/pasted to Roll20. I'm looking at you guys who did most of the maps in Storm King's Thunder.

>> No.54041534

With this edition they seemingly wanted to emphasize that you didn't NEED anything other than dice and some paper to play. You'd think otherwise by how fiercely a lot of people in the general argue about it, but 5e plays just fine theater-of-the-mind. One of the games in the stream of annihilation was played without a grid, IIRC

>> No.54041544

>if that's what you meant by meta
When I say meta, I'm asking how many encounters a day you have, how many rests you can get, how your DM play the monsters...

>Planning to run a free multiclass lv. 2-20 campaign, mainly concerned about nova. Other than that, balancing caster utility by faction prequisites / laws.
If burst damage is a thing, I will say paladin multiclassed with sorcerer or bard would be great

>> No.54041553

Which UA is tunnel fighting in? I've seen people talk about mariner, too, if you know what that one is.

>> No.54041559

Theater of the mind is default, the DMG even includes mentions of how to handle AoEs without a grid.

Personally, i find a grid useful, but that's more because my DM's tend to not be great at description. When they draw something out, i can ask "Whats that thing?" pretty easily.

>> No.54041566

I wanna try that some time but I think all my friends would hate it.
It's a shame because of the grid all combat happens in what's essentially empty 2D arenas and there's no room for ingenuity or creativity.

>> No.54041569


Life. If you're going to Cleric, Cleric as hard as you possibly can.

>> No.54041628

The designers either don't know their own game or are trying to present it as something it's not. Possibly both.

>> No.54041642

>how many encounters a day you have, how many rests you can get
Haven't analyzed this wholly yet. Est. 4-6 med\hard encounters with 1 hard\deadly bossfight, 1 rest.

>how your DM play the monsters
I'm assuming adversaries' targeting is suboptimal, i.e. don't geek the mage first if you don't make the DC 10 Int that is only allowed in case you have 11 or more Int, ...roughly.

>> No.54041648


I'll agree with more people going V. Human than standard Human, but that's mostly because the standard Human niche is MAD classes/weird multiclassing and that doesn't see a lot of play in 5e.

In this area it's mostly been half and full Elves, Dragonborn, and Goliath. I think I've seen a grand total of 1 Human actually get played although I have seen more than that rolled.

>> No.54041654

No Mike Mearls said he would like to do it. He also said the Druid should be a half caster.

>> No.54041663

The more races that get well rounded stats, the fewer standard humans we'll see too. Tritons cut off any reason for normal human as paladins, for example.

>> No.54041695


Do like I do and run both. I have a ton of mapping stuff that I use for complicated, crowded, or tactical battles but on the simpler stuff I just TotM it. It's an easier sell to get them to try it and a lot of the players like the mix.

>> No.54041708

+1 cha +1 wis is still an advantage over triton.
Of course, nobody cares about +1 int.

>> No.54041728


Tunnel Fighter, curse be upon it, was in "Light, Dark, Underdark!". Mariner was in "Waterborne Adventures."

>> No.54041740

Tritons are +1str, con, cha.
Sure, dex and wis can be important, but a paladin doesn't really need them, especially since they can make up the potential saving throw detriment anyway.

>> No.54041794

Best Point Buy stats for a Tabaxi Sorcerer?

>> No.54041809

>Ignore the Warlock meme and say they're fine
>Roll one for a new campaign
>Want to do anything but be them after 4 sessions
Jesus why aren't people up in arms over the state of them like they were for Ranger? Is it the multiclass keeping them from outrage? I mean shit sure I could EB but holy hell they are the most boring badly designed class in the PHB.

>> No.54041810

I have a question about alternate senses like blindsight. If something has blindsight of fifteen feet and is in the Darkness spell, what, exactly, do they see? Do they see only what is within the darkness, but not anything outside of it? Do they see everything in the darkness and outside of it? And why?

>> No.54041814

Do you want to prioritize Dex or Con?

>> No.54041820

Warlocks are funnier than fighters and barbarians

>> No.54041821

Uh, Dex for skills I guess.

>> No.54041837

What's a good god for a NG Tempest Cleric in faerun?

>> No.54041838

Warlocks are the Fighters of casters.
You get Extra Attack - The Cantrip, and it scales with your stat.

You get 2 spells per short, as opposed to maneuver dice or an extended crit range

>> No.54041847

Fighter sure but Barb is simple effective fun because you are the best at what you do, Warlocks get full caster shit dangled in front of them then get slapped with a shitty resource system and more trap options than a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.

>> No.54041889

They are ranged fighters that get 9th level spells, whats the downside? Literally best martial.

>> No.54041893

>Barb is simple and not fun, Warlocks get full caster shit dangled in front of them then get a unique resource system and loads of options to customize your PC.

>> No.54041905

Hell, remove the PC aspect at all. Go back to AD&D and make a class that's just a monster

>> No.54041918

Get cancer.

>> No.54041931

>Never played one
>D8 hit die and light armor proficiency

>> No.54041957

>Never played one
I played a barbarian once, and I've been playing a warlock for almost two years already.

>> No.54041958
File: 801 KB, 1280x1387, Micolash host of the nightmare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You get people complaining about Warlocks, but it usually involved, at least at the time, smite abuses. However, with the changes, all warlock issues (mostly base class complaints) are answered with:

>what kind of shit DM do you have that doesn't have a 6:1 short/long rest ration :^)

Despite the fact that an hour is far too long a time for a short rest in terms of danger presented: if you can wait an hour somewhere harassed, then you can probably wait the full 8.

>> No.54041962

>D8 hit die and light armor proficiency
You have access to the single best forced movement in 5e, stapled freely onto your attacks.
Just because you can't discern a classes strengths by reading their mechanics, doesn't mean they don't have them.

>> No.54041967

>Specific list of high level spells at a one a day limit negating your unique resource system and mandatory invocation choices
They are great for RP but shit at everything else. There is a reason why every single warlock player I've encountered has rerolled or multiclassed after a few sessions. They are a badly designed class.

>> No.54041975

You can only benefit from 1 long rest per 24 hours, so its not waiting 8, but usually closer to 16.

>> No.54041979

Nigga don't say martial then backpedal to EB turreting.

>> No.54041985

No class gets more than one 9th level spell per day, what sort of retardation is that.

What the fuck do you think makes a martial? A rogue has d8 and light armor, is it suddenly a bad caster? It's a martial in play, with caster fluff.

>> No.54042013
File: 44 KB, 400x290, Legion_of_Doom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my Legion of Doom party
>Oathbreaker Paladin Tank
>Death Cleric Debuffer and Healer
>Fiendish Chainlock Face, Scout, and Glass Cannon
>Necromancer Utility and Blaster
Can't wait till we get to seventh level for the Oathbreaker Aura of Hate to make our minions that much better.

>> No.54042027

Rogue has some of the best defensive features in the entire book, the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.54042041

>I refuse to say what i think a martial is, so that i can maintain my position uncontested.

>> No.54042045

>Rogue is a caster now
Only here do I read shit this stupid

>> No.54042068


>> No.54042077

Is there a rogue archetype that let's them be a bit tougher? Like a thug or something?

>> No.54042089

That was my point. He said that Warlocks aren't martials, because of things they share with the Rogue. So i asked if those same things made rogues a caster.

>> No.54042096 [DELETED] 
File: 78 KB, 171x178, ss+(2017-05-15+at+12.22.32).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eberron Campaign Guide when?

>> No.54042115

Warlocks are casters, the fuck are you on about?

>> No.54042117

It's called "multiclass Barbarian"

>> No.54042130

Bladelocks are, every other flavor is. Are you a bit dumb anon?

>> No.54042143

you can't sneak attack while raging

>> No.54042144

multiclass or just play a fighter that takes a lot of rogue skills (monster slayer is very good for this)

>> No.54042150

No idea. They seem hesitant to approach other full on settings beyond the realms besides the demiplame that is the Underdark, as it supposedly extends to myriad other worlds, and the demiplane of Dread.

They mention them but do not seem to be supplying products.

>> No.54042157

True, but that doesn't address the problem, though; long rests should not be the go-to default rest after the party is set on a goal, whether it be dungeon delving or what have you. Specifically, when inside a hostile environment, you get issues like:

>"There's enemies in the areas ahead and we're beaten badly."
>"Let's take a short rest."
>"...wait, are they in the next room over?"
>"They don't appear to be."
>"Barricade the door; let the X nap."
>takes 8 hours
>now need to have consistent pressure with patrols to ensure they choose a short over long rest
>need long reaching patrols/wandering critters that take hours to complete so its not literal DM metagamey knowledge
>make the above dangerous enough not to risk a long rest but still consider a short rest
>all without having any alerts sending the location into maximum lock-down

As both a DM and a player, I don't have time nor would I expect someone else to plan several encounters with that fine of a balance for one leg of a journey so that the short-long rest mechanic crops up meaningfully. Rather than that, I just consider putting short rests on a much shorter time-frame (20-30 minutes where looting, puzzles, and general stock-taking equate to the rest).

>> No.54042171


>> No.54042181

Warlocks are martials with caster fluff.

>> No.54042183

Yes you can, in fact you can even use Reckless Attack for advantage.

>> No.54042185

Only if your DM is shit and makes stupid houserules like 'you can't sneak attack while raging because SNNEAK ATTACK AND STUFF', and even that doesn't stop you from getting tougher using barbarian levels.

>> No.54042193

Is that a Sage Advice thing? I don't see anything about that under Rage or Sneak Attack

>> No.54042206

It's why the system is flawed for short rest classes, either they have no resources, too many or no point to the feature because long rests fuck them over. I wish they'd print varient rules on short rest classes to adapt them to long rest rules.

>> No.54042207

No because screaming and being angry is the exact opposite of being sneaky and careful it doesn't make any sense

>> No.54042227

"Sneak attack" is not Assassinate you STUPID FUCKING NIGGER.




>> No.54042230

>he thinks rage means autistic screeching

>> No.54042237

Sneak attack is about exploiting weakness and distractions, which isn't exclusive to when you're hiding. If you have some shitty homebrew nerf to sneak attack that's your own group's problem, but you shouldn't give advice as if it means anything to any other group

>> No.54042245

Do the sharpshooter archetype feats work with thrown weapons?
I wanted to make a fighter based on javelin throwing.

>> No.54042246

>It's another 3e DM doesn't understand that sneak attack isn't like the old sneak attack anymore episode

>> No.54042248

>They are martials
>That are full casters
You are wrong, no shame in it. Eldritch blast is a wrong place to focus on your argument.

>> No.54042250

Any time you have a time constraint, it incentivizes not resting. Short rests, in character, would be when you just can't possibly keep going. Wounds are too much, too exhausted, you've manage to get away and need to hide.

I admit, playing the 6-8/2/1 formula takes some straight up meta-gaming on everyones behalf, but it DOES genuinely help the classes work better in relation to each other.

I tend to play characters that just want to keep going, until/unless someone else heavily insists otherwise, just so it works.

>> No.54042273

>full casters
>don't have the spell casting feature
Half/Full casters specifically refer to that mechanic, and their progression rate. I'm not denying they are 100% fluffed casters, but mechanically they act as martials with a spells as their short rest resource, whose features include high level spells.

>> No.54042275

why are we putting the fucking discord back in none of the problems are gone with it

>> No.54042293

Whatever mental gymnastics you have to resort to is fine. Warlocks are casters with a strong cantrip. Argument ends as soon as they get mystic arcanum.

>> No.54042303

Yeah, you're still here brewing up drama which is the problem with it, and now I'm here too because I'm feeding you (you)s, so don't expect any more.

>> No.54042310

As long as you don't play a warlock, and then complain about the mechanics when you aren't casting enough, i don't care what you call it.

>> No.54042313

Not that guy but interested in what y'all are saying. What do the numbers mean?
Is it 6-8 hours constitutes a long rest? I'm not sure what the 2 and 1 mean in that case

>> No.54042316

After 3 campaigns and a few one-two shots I've sworn off short rest classes, too many problems and headaches. It rarely works out well.

>> No.54042318
File: 47 KB, 230x230, imstraight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54042326

20 DEX is a non-situational +1 bonus to AC, important saving throw, 3 skills, damage, and to-hit chance.

The feat gives you an average of two extra damage per turn (assuming they get rapiers, which isn't the case as they want to throw darts), and a situational AC bonus.

>> No.54042328

6-8 encounters per 2 short rests per 1 long rest.

It's the encounter to rest ratio intended for 5e, but its something many groups disregard, then complain about.

>> No.54042332
File: 45 KB, 230x230, imgay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.54042341

Actually this made me think of a Barbarogue Asassin and it's a gunny mental picture
>Be target
>Fancy foreign merchant is talking to you about business, signing papers and etc
>As soon as the guards leave the room they explode into a Khornate rage beast, roaring like a maniac and RIP AND TEAR-ing them apart, jumps out a window and smacks ground face first for half damage
>Takes off into the woods at ridiculous Dash+Dash+Barb speed boost speeds

>> No.54042360

>sending you directly through atrociously filthy stables
Sounds like a Herculean effort to undertake.

>> No.54042389

I realize i wrote that wrong, that's 6-8 in total for the long, with 2 shorts between longs

>> No.54042428

Ah gotcha makes sense. Thanks!

>> No.54042434


i wish they'd do what fantasycraft did and key ability cooldowns to at will/per encounter/per session, since those are time units you can't fuck up or fudge.

>> No.54042451


sounds pretty effective honestly

>> No.54042454
File: 8 KB, 90x88, thonkang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cooldowns based on meta-concepts like encounters and sessions
So that's why Fantasycraft is a dead game.

>> No.54042459
File: 131 KB, 315x263, 637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Variant humans
Good man.
The current homebrew setting we have is mostly human, so variants are a part of the setting and character building.

>> No.54042464

am I dumb if I choose Hexblade Warlock if I use a 2hander?

>> No.54042469


There are times I miss AEDU. I've thought about trying to make a variant for 5e but it messes with the non-Warlock casters.

>> No.54042478

No, but your AC will probably end up a bit lower

>> No.54042481


Dumb, no. But you are leaving some money on the table.

>> No.54042482


I just tried to join and it said the invite was invalid or something.

>> No.54042488


don't kid yourself, brand loyalist.

>> No.54042491

Thinking of changing Mystic to differentiate it from other classes and give them a slight buff

Replacing the usual "long rest recharge" with
>For every hour spent doing light activity or resting you regain 1/8 of your maximum PSI points rounded down (minimum of 1)

What are your opinions on this shitheap?

In the game I have they run out of resources far too quick, and Long Rests are very rare. If your group takes a long rest every time they cast one spell obviously your experiences differ.

>> No.54042505

Personally, i found it odd that the only archetype to get a replenishment built in was Psiblade.

>> No.54042520

That's probably half the reason they lack the 2 free Disciplines.

>> No.54042523

With the revised invocations your dumb for playing a bladelock at all. You'll have 2 smites for a long time, they renew in a short rest however how often do you actually take short rests.
Basically what your measuring is shitty AC for a melee class and shitty spell Dc but you get smite and 2 attacks, you do get 4 from eldritch blast at max level however.

>> No.54042668

Hexblade after last UA is just flat out dumb, wait for Xans book. Or do the smart thing and play anything other than Bladelock.

>> No.54042716

I've seen this happen and the half-elf population suddenly explodes.

>> No.54042796

>Paladin Oath of Vengeance
>Polearm Master/halberd
>Tunnel Fighter fighting style

Is there any reason I can't enter TF stance, opportunity attack, move 5ft back, repeat? Maybe Command beforehand so the enemy continues to approach.

>> No.54042875

I just got rid of Variant Human but changed the actual Human race to have features and shit so they've got parity with the other races. It's easier when you also remove racial stat mods and just give more points to the stat buy pool.

>> No.54042881

That was how 4e did it, and there was an attempt at preserving it without angering the 3.5 crowd with short/long rest

>> No.54042918

I don't understand how you can seemingly be aware that warlocks are completely different in design and intent from every other caster, even pointing out they don't get spells beyond 5th level as actual slots with mystic arcanum, and getting a grand total of 4 spell slots at max level, and still think they're normal full casters who should be evaluated and treated as such

>> No.54042965

Mystic PP progression is identical to the Spell Point variant in the DMG.
The relative strength of their powers and the levels gained also match the cost-per-slot of the Spell Point variant.

They shouldn't run out of spells any more often than a Wizard or Sorc or Cleric or Druid unless you're upcasting everything or spamming the shit out of low-cost 1 PP options.

If you need to replenish a Mystic's PP just give 'em a fucking Pearl of Power except it's a Dorje of Whateverthefuck and restores PP instead. How often are you gonna have TWO Mystics in a party to fight over this?

>> No.54042993

The enemy doesn't move on your turn and you can't move on theirs.
You'd be better off getting Pushing Attack somehow and shoving things back on your opportunity attack so they walk into your range again on their own turn.

>> No.54043023

I should've specified, but Paladins get Relentless Avenger at 7.

>When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, you can move up to half your speed immediately after the attack and as part of the same reaction

>> No.54043033

Get sentinel so that your attack stops them in their tracks, and they cannot get within 5 feet.

>> No.54043050

Having seen mystics in action up to 4th level so far, I do have to agree with that anon: mystics run out of PP very quickly. Their at-wills are limited and largely garbage, nomadic mind's psionic focus notwithstanding. In order to dish out any reasonable utility, damage, healing, buffing, etc. you need to spend PP, and unlike full casters don't have access to a wide variety of utility cantrips alongside useful class features, since almost the entirety of a mystic's abilities are based in their disciplines.

That said, I don't think they really need a buff at all. They're just a long-rest class you need to play a bit closer to the cuff.

>> No.54043073
File: 7 KB, 631x811, 59531a38-6b4d6d7b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /5eg/, I'm gonna be gming last minute for a group of my close friends, they're all beginners and it will be my first time gming ever. I have played tabletop before but mostly my friends homebrew game, I do have a working understanding of stats and skills.

I need some help coming up with a short one shot, I've been looking up some of your resources and they've been pretty helpful. Pic related is the map for the dungeon I generated. I was gonna have it be a desert castle filled with orcs and air elementals but I don't know the standard stats most characters can start with so I was hoping you guys could give me like a general guideline or some advice.

I was also hoping for some interesting flavor ideas, my current plan is that the party is part of a guild of mercenaries who are offered a contract to retrieve/kill some item/person. Idk if orcs and elementals can live together, but fuck it.

Any advice or tips at all would be great, it's my first time gming and their first time playing, thank you.

PS in the resource pastebin, the pdf for beginners, the starter guide, the one shot campaigns are unavailable, just thought you guys should know.

>> No.54043124

I played a Mystic up to 9 and "running out of PP" was only a factor at the low levels, where every caster has this issue. It's not so much a problem with the class as it is the economy of spellcasting in general. You just can't fill every round with a spell at level 4 like you can at level 9, and the spells you're going to be casting at 4 aren't as impactful on the battlefield as your 4th and 5th slot spells.

>> No.54043156

That's true, and I'd likely let Sorcerers take the same benefit as they honestly can use it more than Mystics. Wizards and Clerics still use Spell Slots though, not sure if I should make Warlocks use Spell Points.

>> No.54043159

What is your experience with this class /5eg/?

>> No.54043192

Hey, does anyone have this?

I have one in my campaign, it is a very well put together class that my player really enjoys.

>> No.54043201

Personally, a long standing house rule in my group is
>Sorcerers use spell points
>Progress as normal through 5th level spells
>When you would get 6th level spells, you instead choose 1, which is castable once per day for 0 points, mimicing warlock
>You can upcast to a maximum of any spell level you could normally cast according to the Spellcasting feature, and are not limited to a single 6-7-8-9 upcast per day like the spell points variant suggests

It lets Sorcerers be more versatile in the way they use their spells, but doesn't step on the wizards breadth of spells.

>> No.54043209

anyone got the monster manual download/pdf?

>> No.54043267

It's in the Mega in the OP.

>> No.54043317

Oh shit thanks

>> No.54043352

>How necessary is it to have a cleric in your party?

Never go adventuring without one.

>> No.54043398
File: 124 KB, 373x344, 1387713305322 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have any DMs fucked with their warlock players?

Like having their patron appear invisibly making weird jokes about their combat.

Or trying to unnerve them whilst joking about eating their soul.

>Dave you see a Monkey like creature with smooth black leathery skin and extra long sharp fangs
>What the fuck is anyone else seeing this?
>No it's just you
>"Hey Bob...whoa this is a fucked up situation huh?"
>Now the monkey is humping the paladins leg
>Roll a straight face check
>"Witchbolt? Again? I wouldn't do that."

>> No.54043412

Which is better for a level 8 Immortal Mystic, using Mind Thrust mainly or picking up Booming Blade and using it as my main attack?

>> No.54043439

No, Hexblade does fine if you do CHA Sword and Board.

It is exactly the same as Warlock, except it gets slightly higher at-will damage in exchange for range. People seem to think Hexblade's some sort of edgy Paladin, but it's still a Warlock.

>> No.54043453

Yeah commanding them to move towards you basically makes a giant train of rape. It's pretty awesome.

>> No.54043471

eks dee

>> No.54043478
File: 28 KB, 320x320, 1329178030523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure you can do that.

As your DM you'll meet enemies that stand 150ft away with 20 longbows.

Oh no...I can't come near you...

Why do people think Tunnel Fighter is actually good?

>> No.54043483
File: 183 KB, 682x900, commercial_art_13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having their patron appear invisibly
>Dave you see a Monkey like creature with smooth black leathery skin and extra long sharp fangs
Thanks, nice idea.

>> No.54043486

I'm curious if anyone here has ever faced a Terrasque, and if so, how did it go?

>> No.54043496

>thinks being a DM is you VS your players

Thank god you're not my DM

>> No.54043511

Speaking of the mystic with the order of the immortal am I crazy or it is super MAD with the exception of a Drow one?

>> No.54043517
File: 55 KB, 900x810, 1344656358765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its not. But don't expect your enemies to act suicidal.

>Waah they're not playing by my specific rules that gives me insane advantage within 5feet of myself

>> No.54043526

Yup it's like Monk "Really good with good stats but shit without them" but turned to 11, you basically need 3 stats at 20 to be fully effective.

>> No.54043549

>creating every encounter specifically to counter your players builds

Clearly you think it is. In your scenario, the players would just take full cover behind whatever is closest. But let me guess, they're in a field with no cover.

>waaah my players are playing what they want to play, better stop them from having fun

>> No.54043562
File: 360 KB, 538x477, 1328241487047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I read about an OP build on the internet
>What do you mean it has flaws
>Stop ruining my fun


>> No.54043567

Not that guy, but he isn't wrong.
Trying to do cheesy shit that is the result of dumb theorycrafting never plays out the way you hope it will as a player. Even if your DM isn't being adversarial.

>> No.54043600

>power tripping so hard you shit on your game because one of your players enjoys optimization

True narcissism.

If it doesn't work out, why does it matter? Can't a player play what they want without having to deal with a DMs autism?

>> No.54043625

A DM's autism is always impactful.

Anything you do as a player has to deal with the DM, and the DM is forced to scale appropriately to keep things interesting.

>> No.54043645
File: 450 KB, 770x885, 146304261116782548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I play a Favored Soul or Cleric? On one hand Tabaxi racials match up better to a Favored Soul, on the other Cleric seems much better.

>> No.54043652

I've got a shillelagh-wielding nature cleric, and i'm naturally boosting my WIS to 18 at level 4, but I'm unsure whether I should boost my WIS again at 8, or if I should take Magic Initiate to grab Booming Blade.
Which should I do first?
When I get Magic Initiate, what other cantrip and 1st level spell should I learn?

>> No.54043655

You should not play tabaxi.

>> No.54043664

Great. Make it hard, challenge is fun. It means players get to use their optimized builds to their fullest potential. What isn't fun is encounter that are designed to counter whatever it is you're trying to do.

Player is doing well while mounted? Better make the next dungeon a mine that a mount can't fit in to. Player is powerful in melee combat? Better make an encounter with pure range enemies and a uncrossable space between them. Fuck that.

>> No.54043665

Patron turning off warlocks powers if he/she don't commit their bidding.

>> No.54043674
File: 218 KB, 479x640, 1356905210263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best case scenario. You take all those feats and build your meme character and the DM just ignores you in combat.

Worst case, he actively tries to sabotage your meme.

>> No.54043686

Sure, but equally, it doesn't mean i just up the power level and match your style every time. If you are some sort of invulnerable melee god, i don't throw the Terrasque at you, i add a few casters and ranged enemies into groups, forcing you to figure out how you want to handle them.

>> No.54043689

>Challenge means only things my PC is good at

Now this is shitposting.

>> No.54043705
File: 432 KB, 375x264, Spoonfed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No orcs, they will stomp a low level party
Use goblins/kolbolds instead.
Also consider room hazards like collapsing ceilings, falling sand blinding people momentarily, quicksand, and crossbow traps and shit set up by the occupants. However, keep all damaging traps at the 1d6/1d4 level since they are lowbies and newbies.

If any of them are casters, make sure you have spell descriptions in easy reach
This site can help with that

Escort missions are a pain, instead have it be a capture mission of some asshole within, and if you grab some cool artifact on the way out they get a bonus. They also get a bonus if the target is alive. Make the cool artifact actually useful, like a bauble that imparts the Levitation spell on whomever holds it against their skin.

Make sure the air elementals are weak little shits... but give them gimmiks like flying, being invisible, or forced movement. Don't do all those at once though, these are newbs. Spread it out a bit.

Don't be surprised when due to their shenanigans a difficult fight is instakilled, or an easy fight goes to hell. If they find a awesome way to circumvent a boss fight, fuck yeah, let it roll. It is all about what is most fun for everyone.
That said, don't be too afraid to kill someone. Ideally, do it at the end of a session though, siting around watching other people play sucks. In the meantime, have the final hits be nonlethal on PC's, and have mobs start dragging them off during the fight. Mobs kidnapping PC's always makes them shit their pants.

Don't go crazy on reusable magic items. Instead, single use items, such as spell scrolls, poisons (powder nades are a thing), alchemist fire bombs ect are cool things to find in a dungeon. Give some to their enemies to use ON the PC's, then let them find a few on the corpse after.

If you can find music to play in the background it helps set the mood. Exploration background, fight, boss. Good luck.

>> No.54043788

Why even bother? Why not just drop 5 Terrasques on the party while jacking off under the table?

As long as you don't mind your players leaving.

Yeah, nobody should expect to be useful every enocounter. But you can sense when a DM is trying to compete with a specific player when the majority, if not all, shut down whatever they're trying to accomplish.

>> No.54043834

>Haha, now he'll feel so useless/unwanted for playing with X build or X concept :^)

Ok, instead of treating it like a game of passive-aggressive shit, have you tried actually talking to the player and saying that the build is a problem?

>> No.54043912

How do I make a White Mage?

>> No.54043915

>implying I play with memelords like anon

I'm sure his DM will need to talk to him though.

>> No.54043926

Is 8 guards and a thug too much for a 4-man party of level 2s? Apparently it's only "Hard" but a d10 cantrip can't even oneshot one guard.
Unless I roll their HP...

>> No.54043934

Cleric of Life.

>> No.54043935

Keep in mind action economy.

Whatever side has more actions will always have the advantage.

That group would murder level 2s

>> No.54043943

Always roll the hp.

>> No.54043950

The enemies already have a numerical advantage, which accounts for the bulk of difficulty thanks to the action economy. That aside, you need to figure out:

>do the pcs/enemies have the drop on the other?
>is the fighting area just a 20x20 room, or are there variables?
>will the enemies fight to the death, or just surrender/break and flee to get more guards?
>are your pcs geared for the AoE needed (level 2 is probably a no)?

>> No.54043988

Party is either gambling at or working security at a steam-powered river boat restaurant/casino ran by goblin mark twain.
Be attacked by river monsters/pirates looking to take back what goblin mark twain swindled from them.
Turns out he's some kind of warlock who practices cajun river magic and swindled magic items from the monsters/pirates that he's going to cast a ritual that will let him control ALL water in the world, allowing him to make a literal and metaphorical killing by selling the water.

>> No.54043989

Okay, I typically don't play as a spellcaster so I need something cleared up.

If I have 3 1st level spells slots, and I cast magic missile or whatever, I know that takes up one of the slots.

BUT, does this mean if I cast magic missile again it uses another spell slot? Or does having 3 spell slots means I can use 3 of the 1st level spells that I know of as many times as I want, and I need to finish a long rest to change what spells I can use?


>> No.54043994

MY plan is for the PCs to surrender and be arrested, as they're ambushed by an overwhelming force.


>> No.54044009

Roll the hp, unless you are in a rush/lazy.

I tend to just use the monster damage averages towards the end of a session.

>> No.54044052

>does this mean if I cast magic missile again it uses another spell slot?


>I need to finish a long rest to change what spells I can use?


>> No.54044077

Casting magic missile the second time would use another spell slot. Spells known depends on class and is unrelated to spell slots.

>> No.54044084

Random question because /4eg/ is down: are there any aspects of 4e, fluff or crunch, that you miss in 5e?

I miss a gish who can actually blend martial & magical skill in a way that both feel important. Why even make the Bladesinger if you're not going to let me magically duplicate myself into nine independently-fighting copies, or stab a guy in the guts, kick 'im off my sword and then detonate the fireball I just planted inside him with my sword when he staggers into his buddies?

I miss having a barbarian so metal that when when he cries to the heavens, the heavens answer with lightning - and when he roars, he bowls the enemy over.

I miss... way too much of the fluff to cover here.

>> No.54044090

>planning for PCs to surrender
So what you actually mean is "get their asses kicked for not surrendering"?
>Ever surrendering

>> No.54044106

You're right. They even started this whole thing, attacking and killing a guard because they didn't feel like paying a weapon tax.

>> No.54044118

Okay thank you, I guess that makes sense otherwise spellcasters would be OP as fuck.

>> No.54044135

>weapon tax

>> No.54044170

You can't get into the village with weapons unless you pay.
I thought this would be a clever way to keep bandits and such out but apparently this violated the non-aggression principle and now the town must be sieged.

>> No.54044183

This is great advice, thank you man

>> No.54044235


Mostly solid. I'm not thrilled with "moxie" and I think some of the way it shifts resources towards attack might prove to be a bit short-sighted in certain parties. I probably would let someone who brought it to the table play it, but it wasn't good enough to make my "suggested materials" list.

>> No.54044264

Literally 100 mooks try to charge through your paladin meatgrinder.
The 101st mook shits their pants and runs away.
Tells the bbeg "dont try to run the mooks past that guy, he'll actually murder all of them; throw rocks or use bows or some shit."
Stop metagaming dm

>> No.54044293

>Double-Reverse NAP

Did they shout "Taxation is Theft!" and mention what they did to the "bandits" on the road?

>> No.54044295


You need someone who can scrape people off the floor mid-combat, preferably at range. It doesn't really matter a terrible amount how they go about it.

Certain classes can get value keeping them from hitting the floor to begin with, but that's a bit trickier and isn't as necessary. Nice to have if well played but not worth the seat they're taking up if played badly.

No one can keep everybody topped up and shouldn't try. 5e isn't designed for it at all, that's what HD and rests are for.

>> No.54044307


Don't be surprised when someone points out that's a house rule.

>> No.54044310

Yeah that's kinda on you.
>give us money so you can't have your shit on you
>what are you doing, stop violently resisting what is essentially a mugging

Also, implying bandits would let themselves be stopped by the law for smuggling weapons

>> No.54044332
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trying to do cheesy shit that is the result of dumb theorycrafting never plays out the way you hope it will as a player. Even if your DM isn't being adversarial.
MFW I have a friend who loves to use stupid high AC builds from the net, and then is constantly crit with on-the-table dice rolls.

Shit pisses him off so much.

>> No.54044432


At 750 it's closer to "deadly" than hard. It's not unwinnable but your players would have to play very, very tactically, make great use of terrain, and coordinate strongly. If it's just a line-up-and-whale-on-each-other in a featureless space that 9-on-4 economy mismatch is going to fuck them sideways, and at level 2 they aren't going to have the HP to withstand said fucking.

I would take it down to 2 guards and 3 thugs. Same on-paper difficulty but less of a problem with the economy and your players pocket more XP to boot.

>> No.54044445



>> No.54044704

How's this look for my spell choice? I'm a Favored Soul and get Cure Wounds for free, so it's not worth using one of my few spells on Healing Word.

Cure Wounds, Bless, Guiding Bolt, Prayer of Healing and Phantasmal Force. I wasn't sure about the level 2 slot, Enlarge seemed more powerful but Phantasmal Force has out of combat uses.

>> No.54044896
File: 93 KB, 564x452, f65b71ac5ae85981fc764140464ce622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DM Question

How do I handle this situation gameplay wise
>Player A, a Barbarian, blocks a doorway with his shield
>Player B, a Fighter with a spear, wants to stab over the top of him and hit the enemies trying to get past him

The way I handled it
>Barbarian makes throws against assisted shove check
>If he succeeds then the other enemy(s) attack
>If he succeeds the shove check he can maintain the position
>If he succeeds the shove check but any of the attacks are a crit he loses his position

Am I doin good? Is there any way I can lessen the dice rolls of this? Maybe make the maneuver give him a bonus to his AC so its just the attack roll?

>> No.54044901

Here's an idea for changes to UA Changeling to fit a different setting. Does this seem balanced?

>UA Changeling as a form of lesser Fey exiled from the Feywild, made to be on par with Variant Half-Elf stats

Changeling (Don't feel like making a unique name, and the Ebberon race doesn't exist anyways so no point in it.)
Ability Scores: Int +2, Choose +2 +1
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft.
Ability Score Increase- Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.
Darkvision- Using your adaptive biology, you can adjust your eyes for dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of green.
Fey Ancestry- You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan.
Shapechanger- As an action, you can transform into any humanoid of your size that you have seen, or back into your true form. However, your equipment does not change with you. If you die, you revert to your natural appearance. If you are not wearing clothing or armor, you can make false clothing such as cloth or leaves, but cannot duplicate metal or other reflective substances.

>> No.54044923

>Player A, a Barbarian, blocks a doorway with his shield
>Player B, a Fighter with a spear, wants to stab over the top of him and hit the enemies trying to get past him

The Barbarian better spend his whole turn holding that shield up. Using shove checks sounds ok. But was he getting attacked as well?

Disadvantage on the spears attack roll.

>> No.54044925

Friend is playing a Shifter with a Frog form, can I get a review of my custom abilities for it?

Dex +2

>Do not have to get a running start for maximum jump height/distance
>Can cast jump as an action on yourself while shifted

>> No.54044926

DM starting a new 5E campaign here. I have experience with mostly pathfinder/13th Age/ 4E

My players really want to be able to use unearthed arcana stuff. What should I keep an eye out for?

>> No.54044937

Seems fine. Personally I'd make Shifting CONmod times per short rest, honestly all the races from that UA aren't that great.

>> No.54044950

I just make being a shifter have adverse effects on social interactions with lawful characters. Is that not enough?

>> No.54044958

...you are aware my suggestion was a buff, right?

How racist your setting is to furfags is entirely up to you, I'm talking purely mechanically.

>> No.54044991

Ah yeah I forgot its once per short rest

>> No.54045074

Are there any good gods of the Death domain? Plenty of Neutral but I can't find any Good.

>> No.54045095
File: 1.21 MB, 370x270, DMing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't that always the way though. You know just how seat of the pants you are flying this session. You remember every long pause or moment you had to look something up, every slip of the tongue. But unless you are playing with some douchey players, most of them think you kick ass. Especially newbies that have no reference, as long as you have an answer, even if it isn't a good one, they think you are a god damned savant.
>Easy mode: Stay sober while the players drink. Sober you thinks faster than an entire party of tipsy murderhobos.

>> No.54045098


most of the UA stuff is pretty underwhelming by itself, but multiclassing does cause some of them to get a bit out of hand since none of it is balanced with multiclassing in mind. I would just ban multiclassing if they want to use UA stuff.

>> No.54045111

You're probably doing fine, but here's how I'd do it:
>Barbarian is essentially taking the Dodge action
>spear Fighter behind gets half or three quarters cover from attacks
>Fighter attacks with disadvantage, since he can't fight properly, but might get a lucky stab
>enemies try to attack, if that fails they shove, if that fails they try to tumble or overrun, all the while people behind the frontline also throw or shoot stuff at both characters

>> No.54045170

Something else-

>Variant Lizardmans

>Hulking Lizardfolk (Like a Daedroth from Oblivion)
Ability Scores: Str +2, Con +2 (Having 2 +2 stats is probably a bit too strong, should probably make it +1 Str)
Speed: 25ft.
Swim Speed. You have a swimming speed of 25 feet.
Powerful Build. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
>This replaces Hunter's Lore
Natural Armor. You have extremely tough, scaly skin- even by Lizardfolk standards. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC is 12 + your Constitution modifier. You can use your natural armor to determine your AC if the armor you wear would leave you with a lower AC. A shield's benefits apply as normal while you use your natural armor.
>This replaces Natural Armor and Cunning Artisan of normal Lizardfolk
Imposing Presence. You can use Constitution instead of Charisma for Intimidate checks
>This replaces Hunter's Lore

Razorclaw Lizardfolk (Velociraptor-type dudes)
Ability Scores: Dex +2, Con +1
Size: Small
Speed: 35ft.
Swim Speed. You have a swimming speed of 30 feet.
Climb Speed. You have a climbing speed of 20 feet.
Razor Claws. Your claws are natural weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.
>Replaces Bite
Cunning Artisan. As part of a short rest, you can harvest bone and hide from a slain beast, construct, dragon, monstrosity, or plant creature of size small or larger to create one of the following items: a shield, a club, a javelin, or 1d4 darts or blowgun needles. Your claws replace the need for a knife or other tools.
Pack Tactics. You have advantage on one attack roll against a creature per turn if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.
>Replaces Hunter's Lore

>> No.54045199

I miss Rogues having status effects. Now I have to roll a Monk to do any kind of control.

More broadly, I miss the paradigm of dealing damage AND a status effect. Whereas in 5e you typically must pick between control or damage, which means that damage is king once again except for some throwbacks like the Battlemaster and the Open Hand Monk and for extreme break points like the more powerful or efficient of the control spells.

>> No.54045519

Assuming I'm for some reason a Monk with 12 Con... Is it better to go Sun Soul so I can avoid melee or Tranquility for what's effectively +10HP per level?

>> No.54045754

What is the best way to rule called shots?

It is something I always try to do in my games, to get the players to think a little bit when they do standard attacks to aim for weak spots

I was thinking making attacks with disadvantage, but it might be a bit too difficult, so perhaps making the attack without the ability modifier (unless negative)

>> No.54045792

Sun Soul

>> No.54045876

It's pretty difficult to do really. I know if I allowed it every attack from my players would always be on a weak spot. Unless the damage is lethal I just describe it as the monster parrying the blow, or just taking a glance or something like that

>> No.54045912

in that case you should avoid giving weak spots too often and making obvious weak spots

>> No.54045921

But there is nothing to suggest it wouldnt be a linear effect.

As the game treats holy water in vials, and the similicrum is 100 vials, then its 100d worth of damage, douvled since weak.

>> No.54045929

Depends also on what kind of called shot you're doing. If you're gonna say "attack with disadvantage" and someone attacks the monster's right arm, causing it to drop its weapon you'd be heavily stepping into Battlemaster territory.

I'd say, if they're doing something specific (like trying to disarm a monster), let them attack with disadvantage and have the monster roll either a strength save to maintain its hold on the weapon or a con save to ignore the pain or whatever.

If they want to trip an enemy just follow the Shove rules. No damage, just two Athletics checks, it's in the book.

For something extremely specific like attacking the eyes I wouldn't even allow it.

Also remember that if your players can do called shots, so can your monsters.

>> No.54045944

>extremely specific like attacking the eyes I wouldn't even allow it.
why not?

>> No.54045967

In the case of a humanoid every attack would be to disarm him or to behead him and stuff like that

Makes sense

>> No.54045981

Because it's practically very difficult to aim for the eyes in actual combat.

You could include it as a DM for flavor reasons I guess, but only on crits or something.

>> No.54046027

Best 2nd level spells for a Sorcerer? I'm having a hard time picking my spells at all because they're so limited.

>> No.54046049

disarming should only be allowed for battlemasters, it isn't the same saying "I try to disarm", which can only be done by a trained fighter, and to say "I try to hit his arm" which can be done within reason
Beheading is just a flavor of insta kill, so naturally enough it would only be used when it would kill the target

being practically very difficult then I would impose it as a roll with disadvantage and perhaps no ability modifier, or even only let battlemasters do it
or as you say, only for crits

there are lot of great ones
hold person
enhance ability

>> No.54046122

do you have to roll to cast spells?

>> No.54046126
File: 65 KB, 628x472, Netherforge_TunnelCaber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm currently doing an one shot adventure. My players have to infiltrate an duergar outpost within the underdark. A player I really like, but who has a knack wo power gaming, has chosen PAM and tunnel fighting. From these threads I was aware that this might be a problem, but allowed nonetheless.

He got his great moments when he sliced through goblin fodder in the beginning. However, breaching the inner defences of the outpost is way harder. No dwarves attacking in the open, but firing from behind cover and using contraptions of all kinds.

Tomorrow will be the last game night for that adventure. Their support troops are long gone and now it is 6 adventurers against the remaining garrison of duergar.

Litte did mit tunnel fighting rat know that I my 3d printer was quite active printing the little fellows shown in the image. I'm not sure how I should stat them however.

At the moment I thought about allowing to run away. If they want to stop the roller by brute force they will have to make an athletics check and will suffer reduced damage nonetheless. When they figure something out to stop it without their sheer body force, they might succeed unscathed.

As a little gimick, the enemies will cast an illusion of charging duergar in front of the roller. Will my player hate me?

>> No.54046130

Roll...for what?

>> No.54046133

Depends on the spell. If the spell requires you ti make a spell attack, then yes. But a lot of spells only require rolls from the targets

>> No.54046142

to cast the spell


if you don't roll high enough the spell fails and doesn't manifests

>> No.54046150

> Spell Attack
You have to roll to hit the target, you have to roll the damage
> regular damage spell
You have to roll the damage
> regular non-damage spell
You don't roll at all
Spells always manifest.

>> No.54046155

Only for scrolls

>> No.54046176

Maybe have a look at the Spellcasting chapter?

>> No.54046186


Personally, I would disallow. The Fighter can't attack from within the Barbarian's square because he would stop his movement to do so even he promised to start moving again immediately, just because he's moving before and after doesn't mean that isn't two moves.

Assuming the Fighter isn't a Bugbear, since the spear isn't a reach weapon he can't attack without the movement either. So unless he wants to move past the Barb and then retreat as written it's a no-go.

If he had a reach weapon, though, he could make the attacks without moving but both he and his target would get a +2 AC for half cover from the Barb.

>> No.54046204


I've never seen them work out in actual play because of how hard they are to balance, either encouraging a called shot every time or never being worth it. My suggestion is to re-fluff the -5/+10 effect of the feats that grant it as called shots and bring them in that way.

>> No.54046222

there are damage spells that do not require an attack?
arcana skill check, right?
I did, I just wanted to double check with you guys to convince my master

>> No.54046241

>there are damage spells that do not require an attack?
Fireball, how does it work?

>> No.54046254

though fireball could miss its target
oh well

>> No.54046263

Maybe you should at least read the starter set before thinking about playing (a caster)?

>> No.54046273

I don't play a caster
at least not one with damaging spells, I play a valor bard

thing is we just rolled with what our DM said and nobody complained

>> No.54046281

Nope. Firebolt could.

But yeah, read the rulebooks. Either download a pdf of the player's handbook or check out the "playing the game" portion of 5etools > rules.

>> No.54046346

If your DM is okay with this it is fine. We've got a house rule, that if it is your turn and you want to cast a spell and you start reading how it is working just then, your spell has a 50percent failure chance. Unless, of course, some current events required you to change your plans

>> No.54046356

I'm actually reading it right now, hence the questioning. Previously I had only read it for character creation

I think this is a case of even the GM not having read the fucking book properly

>> No.54046383

Where do you get the models for printing those?

>> No.54046440

Rolling for dubs so that Maple's luggage may be safe

>> No.54046459
File: 140 KB, 750x1334, phoneposter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking phoneposter

>> No.54046614

Thingiverse dot com. You might want to search for "Netherforge"

>> No.54046789

As a security guard, it's my job to be a wandering monster. My patrol doesn't cover everywhere each hour. I don't even patrol every hour. But I do cover everywhere within 8 hours, and that's not counting the other people who actually have work involving these places.

>> No.54046818

Just played one for a 6 session arc, levelled from 6 to 9

Hugely OP, i'd remove the moxie recovery on damage because i was unkillable provided i kept getting hit. Otherwise fun as fuck, and i'm no powergamer so it meshed well, but I outdamaged the fighter, outsurvived the barb, and rarely had to worry.

>> No.54046906


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