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Because I don't see one up.

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Too bad Sarkhan stopped himself existing.

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Except he didn't?

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Luco's foot raises a lot of questions.

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The film that Doom should have been

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wow...great filenames. really funny haha

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>he is incapable of understanding advanced references
look at this brainlet

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dude GREAT filename. i love multiple-level warmed-over memes

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no u
If you have nothing of value to contribute, then stop bitching.

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>The Aztec Empire and Golden Horde are touching borders
Certainly this can't go wrong.

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I hate it when I think I've found the fountain of youth and it turns out to be the fountain of girl.

...Or do I? *trundles off to /d/*

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Strategy game screencaps with no joke or relevance to /tg/! Yes! I love it!

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he only stopped his future him existing so there arent two sarkhans fucking every dragon they see

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It still isn't the strangest thing ever seen on that game.

I've seen the Maid of Orleans marry the Holy Roman Emperor and in later life become the pope.

I've seen a Yazidi Calipha declare Jihad against a Hindu Ilkanate.

I've seen a Samaritan Roman Empire.

I've seen a man plow a longboat into Cthulhu's face and drive it back to the deeps.

I've even seen this

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This is either some kind of robot, a really good SFX or there's a disturbed grave around.

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Fucking captcha

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Nah, she's a real anorexic.

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Having worked as a janitor, I can say that... oh fuck it.

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Circuits and diaphrams can't be fairy sized.


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Men's restrooms are /pol/?

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whats this from?

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one vision one purpose!
peace through power!
kane lives in death!

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>meta campaigns.jpeg

Although I'm a phone fag so it can use an actual filename

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i want you to read what you just posted again, but this time very slowly

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>I've seen the Maid of Orleans marry the Holy Roman Emperor and in later life become the pope.

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Honestly the guy playing Jimmy was the crux of the movie, without him it'd've been quite mediocre.

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Is... Is that?

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sauce ?

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Ascension is upon us, brother.

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Symphogear. A major plot point, as is being described there, was that ancient super magitech humanity got BTFO by aliens (or God. Its kind of doublespeak about the whole thing) who used a memetic weapon to make us incapable of using the 'perfect language' we used to communicate. Since we couldn't speak to each other until we re-invented much shittier languages, the civilization collapsed into infighting as the civilization split.

So yes, they had guns. Which were probably pretty fucking badass, when you consider this is a 'sword' of theirs that is broken down and doesn't fully work properly.

Aliens were probably justified in their fear of us.

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I think it's the 2nd season of Symphogear. But that's only because it seems to mention the tower of Babel and iirc that played a role there.

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>LRR caps

I can almost forgive you for being a fucking phoneposter. Almost.

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>Cultist of Nurgle.gif

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That's approaching the autism levels of that Bologna-Pikachu-tied-up-in-spaghetti picture. Slightly above weapon-grade.

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is this pornography?

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So fucking good.

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I want a TV series where he rips the world a new one.

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This is destroying my diaphragm

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Foreverial Tiedup Delitized pikachu? I can feel the warp overtaking me

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Do you have that pic? If you post it we can find a fitting name for it, I'm sure.

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just google "Foreverial Tiedup Delitized" it's on know your meme and everything. some turbo autist on DA started it, i think.

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Oh, I thought it would be literally spaghetti and bologna... Now I'm disappointed.

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Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. Often shortened to Don't Be a Menace. Parody of old hood movies.

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what is this from?

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Yeah, it's weird how that one guy ALWAYS managed to create Sailor Moon. Even when it should've been impossible.

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T H I N G S S H A L L G E T L O U D N O W !

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Well meme'd

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a hilarious anime about girls who play airsoft survival games. MC (pink haired one) has the same sociopathic tendencies as your standard PC.

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Sabagebu! is one of my favorite animu of all time. If anyone hasn't seen it I'd definitely recommend at least trying an episode or two.

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this looks like attack on titan.

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It is, what's your point?

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That RPG is backwards.

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Whoops, forgot to say,"Sauce?"

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Of course. Since when are Yugioh characters competent? The entire series is decided in favor of who has the most ridiculous hair.

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the ridiculous nigger hair is what really pulls this webm and this filename together.

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>fate points are OP, plz nerf

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My melanin-enhanced comrade.

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I bet that's my fault.

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this is false. Women may be very cleanly in their own homes, but women's public restrooms are fucking disgusting.

half of women refuse to sit on the toilet, and instead squat over the toilet and spray shit and piss all over the place.

I don't understand it.

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Wait are you a woman?

I'm not going to go full fedora and I know that women are on the internet but still

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Cleaning out the sanitary pad disposals is the worst thing. Half of the time they have candy wrappers or soda bottles in them, and if they're stuffed so full they overflow the whole bathroom starts to smell like blood. It's an all-around terrible experience.

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Awesome! (LRR fan, here)
Oh, Chuck Tingle. I loved Pounded in the Ass by my Existential Dread"

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Also of course it's false it's by The Oatmeal a faggot liberal from Washington

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>the bus driver was like "don't worry about it"

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> faggot liberal
> Washington
No need to be redundant here

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Well both of my parent's families are from Washington and they're as conservative as can be

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>somebody uses my filename

Who did this?

Read the filename.
>Works every time.

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Dem puppet shows sure have advanced since I was a wee lad.

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I'm not allowed to answer this question on the internet.

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You can say whatever you want on the internet, possible-girl

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Does playing as Sailor Moon count as powergaming? Bitch is OP as fuck.

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Where are these from? Better yet, what are they even about?

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Every fucking time I read that and assume he's going to blame Western decadence and every time I read it my sides go into orbit

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Thunderbolt Fantasy. If you like wuxia and/or crazy ass sword duels, watch. It's Urobuchi's best show, imo.


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Schrodinger's grill. I'll make that right quick.

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Oh my god, I had no idea he was writing them so quickly. I kind of want to buy one to see what it's like.

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The fuck?

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I need context.

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Xavier: Renegade Angel was a wierdass show

>> No.54028216

Make a quick search on iqdb

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So the joke is just that it's from a porn game?

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You haven't hears of season 2? Or the fact that season 3 is already confirmed?

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I wonder what kind of chronic inhuman madness compels AoS fags to like that fucking awful game.

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Oops, my bad, I forgot that I was supposed to act dignified and like an adult on an anonymous New Zealand sheep hearding board.

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This is so funny and sad at the same time

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this scene was dope

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Oh I get it he isnt using a knife, but something just lying around kind of sha-
blade dvd
thanks for the soda on my shirt whoever made this.

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It's from the second season (I think anyway) of Active Raid.

For the most part it was not as hilariously over-the-top dumb as that scene.


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I've worked in a restaurant, and the men's bathroom was always much nastier than the women's.

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Winona Ryder is still adorable.

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Actually, the real problem of the concept of fairy hacker is the square-cube law.

By decreasing the size of electronics, the amount of transistors you can fit onto a silicon monocrystal surfaces decreases, meaning that whatever tech fairy hacker would be using, it would be underpowered compared to a properly-sized electronics.
And even if we assume that the production process is so advanced that you still get relatively powerful CPUs/SoCs in a small package (i.e. the size of an average process node is smaller than 1 nm), you still have to deal with shit like quantum tunneling inside the circuitboard and waste heat.

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something something tears in the rain

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I winced.

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A fairy could have as big a rig as they want back at home and access it remotely.

Realistically though, even though speculative hacking of the 80s was based around brute force attacks (therefore demanding high power machinery), any on-site hacking that you would want to physically be on location to stick a flash drive into would be done with pre-written programs that only needs to be uploaded, hence she doesn't really need anything bigger than a compatible plug with her. No one would reasonably try to decompile a program on-site and look for security vulnerabilities all in a hot zone.

Meanwhile the real domain of the modern hacker (social engineering to lift passwords) has nothing to do with size, it's all charisma.

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>A fairy could have as big a rig as they want back at home and access it remotely.
You realize that the resonator for wireless frequencies has to be at least a certain size, and the size grows exponentially depending on the strength of the signal you want?
Why do you think all those 3G modem USB sticks are all exactly the same size?
I mean, you could probably use something along the lines of picrelated for WiFi, because "small distances" and it got an embedded Linux device, but you still have the problem of powering it etc.

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What was the original request though?

>> No.54030805

Shoulda made that the filename.
That's a good filename.
'Cept probably 3 would be an alignment shift of some sort.

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I thought maybe Feeblemind because of the seeming lack of ego. Ideally it would be one word, but my knowledge of that sort of spell is far from comprehensive.

>> No.54031206

guaranteed replies

>> No.54031229

Feeblemind literally makes someone retarded.
They'd be below animal intelligence.
Not the sexy kind of hypnosis. I mean, for most.

>> No.54031279

I hate this guy's comics, the are the worst schlock and always exactly the same

>> No.54031295

These are some dumbshit lions, they are just lucky its timid little hippo they are attacking or they'd be getting bitten in half

>> No.54031299

The word "badass" needs to be banned by UN decree.

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I have bought several for friends and family, they're like 8 bucks for a compilation. Pounded by the pound is fucking great and involves post apocalyptic time travel (30 days after brexit) sentient coin pounding.

>> No.54031396

The ten seconds after that would make a better .gif

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>the dark souls of fantasy RPGs


>> No.54031653

Well, at least the article is recommending good games (as far as I can tell, I don't know them all). So that's something.

>> No.54031663

>Balthasar Belt of Feminity

>> No.54031682

>> No.54031704

I'll also depend on the size of fairy. Judging from the bottlecap in that picture that fairy looks like 6-7 inches tall; you could conceivably miniaturize hardware enough, especially if you can do away with a physical user interface.

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>> No.54031764

That's what triggers you? Not "the dark souls of Persona games"?

>> No.54031777

I love the looks of betrayal.

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>> No.54031787

That's mean

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>> No.54031811

>Aztec chocolate

>> No.54031839

>Shadowrunners acing their con roll

>> No.54031840

>> No.54031872

>Cat plays XCOM2
>The Jungle Book: The Musical

>> No.54031924

Contested intimidate roll

>> No.54031943


Not unless he ever stops using Int and Wis as his dump stats.

The only person with worse Wis is the guy playing Tuxedo Kamen.

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What the Cock.

>> No.54032173

He's a big guy.

>> No.54032283

>implying Chandra poos in the loo
>implying Chandra doesn't set the countryside on fire every time she shits

>> No.54032305

>> No.54032323

Aztecs vs The Golden Horde and your complaint is that the taste of chocolate is inaccurate.

>> No.54032379

>Dark Souls of platformer roguelikes
>Dark Souls
>of roguelikes
does not compute

>> No.54032407

For jew.

>> No.54032445

Is this a SFW comic?

>> No.54032591

It's SFW in that there's no pornographic content. I still wouldn't be caught dead reading this at work.

Is page 1.

Is page 3.

Pic is page 2. I'll post the rest (7 page total) since the thread is going nowhere anyway.

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>> No.54032612

>Shin Megami Tensei the Dark Souls of Persona Games

>> No.54032622

Also, since we're in a filename thread.
>BBEG power creep.jpg

>> No.54032638

>Defeating the BBEG through social combat.jpg

>> No.54032656

>> No.54032666

And I guess that's the epilogue/omake.
>Epic level Atonement spell.jpg

>> No.54032708

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>> No.54032778

I chuckled

>> No.54032864

What do you even play as in Eclipse Phase?

>> No.54032882

As far as I'm aware, you play as a mind who shuffles between different bodies, some robots, some organic. It's weird yo

>> No.54032883


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>> No.54032919

I feel you. While I do believe that one should stick with what they know, it doesn't kill to get a little flexible. Being a one-trick pony isn't going to get someone far.

>> No.54032931

It's a valid complaint. I mean, the fuck old Civ games managed to get Ghandi's personality right.

>> No.54032940

>Obama chuckled

>> No.54032943

> old Civ games managed to get Ghandi's personality right
"Nuke everyone with complete impunity?"

>> No.54032982

The "default" assumption is that you play as members of Firewall, an organisation that's basically trying to save transhumanity from extinction after most of humanity died. What actually happens is political arguments, waifuing and constantly having to deal with that one guy who inevitably comes along and goes "I want to play in your game about transhumanism, but I hate transhumanism as a concept and refuse to play a character that engages with anything that's even remotely like transhumanism".

Eclipse Phase is weird in that the ultimate special snowflake character is more or less "plain old human fighter".

>> No.54032992

I wish summer would end

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>> No.54033050

Advanced references.

>> No.54033076

How does Wikihow manage to consistently produce such horrors?

>> No.54033103

we just don't know

>> No.54033119

I love this picture so much

>> No.54033134

I never got the poo in the loo meme

Wouldn't that just mean pooing... in a restroom?

>> No.54033149

It's magical.

>> No.54033150

Yes, it does. Pajeets do not, in fact, poo in loo, despite being encouraged to. Instead, they use designated shitting streets. I am not kidding right now.

>> No.54033168

What are you talking about? Summer hasn't ended since 2011

>> No.54033195

well then it doesn't make sense for you to call someone by something they don't do

>> No.54033205

I think some guy even got murdered for encouraging people to use toilets. Could be fake news, but there's definitely well-documented stuff about how opposed many Indians are to using toilets over open-defecation.

>> No.54033240

It's an encouragement, "POO IN LOO" said to Pajeets the same way as "PAY DEBTS" is said to Greeks.

>> No.54033263

More advanced references.

>> No.54033276

You got me. Fuck.

>> No.54033307

Is it right to left or left to right?
That's a fucking advanced reference for you

>> No.54033341

loss thread?

>> No.54033349

Top-to-bottom, left-to-right.
The official translation I posted is pretty ass, because the translator chose to mirror panels and then redraw most of the stuff, and not even all of the available stuff is translated.

I would typeset a proper translation, but I don't know Japanese.

>> No.54033378

There's only one Loss edit that really matters anyway.

>> No.54033397

please don't derail the thread with Loss without making it /tg/ related

>> No.54033423

that was incredible

>> No.54033443

>> No.54033530

If you are on Android, you can modify the filename by opening the image, opening "Details", and touching "Modify".
Bear in mind that English is not my first language and some things may be different.

>> No.54033589

>> No.54033593

>You have a lever
>A tram goes in a circle
>The lever does nothing
>But you continue to flip it
>Because it's something to do


>> No.54033607

Aren't Blood Elves the most magical of the elves, having a super magical magic fountain at the heart of their empire and its existence being the main reason for their involvement in the plot?

>> No.54033617

It's Invoker and Antimage joke, seeing as Kael serves as base model for Invoker.

>> No.54033621


>> No.54033656

I wish philosophy exams had this picture on it followed by "Solve for X"

>> No.54033690

jesus fuck that is some good shit

>> No.54033725

>> No.54033763


>> No.54033780

>Slammed in the Butthole by My Concept of Linear Time

>> No.54033793

That's a powerful brain. Kappa

>> No.54033897

>> No.54033905


>> No.54033956


>> No.54033959

>> No.54033967

I work in a charity shop.

We got a bag of donations in that was mostly unused baby stuff

Gave me a bad feeling...

>> No.54033984

Philosophyfags are the worst, you know?

>> No.54034000

I understood that reference.

>> No.54034044

Why didn't I see that at first until you made that post? Not sure if >>54033905 saw it.

>> No.54034067

To be fair, that'd fit in better with /co/ or /tv/.

>> No.54034116


Underrated post.

>> No.54034176

>> No.54034259

He's probably scouring the universe for updog to revitalize Bolas's spark.

>> No.54034292

>> No.54034327

I don't get it
Is it a SOAD reference?

>> No.54034350

I can't tell if it's on or not. But if it's on, ooops.

It's a reference to the song Brain Power and its elaborate lyrics.

>> No.54034356

What's updog? I'm not current on MTG lore

>> No.54034403

Not much, what's up with you?

>> No.54034414

>top right corner
Is that Prisoner Dilemma mixed in?

>> No.54034418

>> No.54034490

>> No.54034547

Is there an uncensored version?

>> No.54034609

>> No.54034616

>> No.54034663

oh god i get it

>> No.54034690

Is there audio to this? What is this?

>> No.54034697

>> No.54034708

>> No.54034715

>tfw it's legit
>tfw it's the wrong Megumi

>> No.54034757


>> No.54034772

>> No.54034817

Whats the point if you can't fuck it?

Though those 'custom' real dolls seem like a major con too.
Can barely customize them at all, and the tits can barely approach 'huge'

>> No.54034831

Why are women so cruel to each other?

>> No.54034855

I'm sorry you never had friends.

>> No.54034874

Why is water wet?

>> No.54034880

because of the patriarchy?

>> No.54034896


>> No.54034898

Now we're talking.

>> No.54034904


>> No.54034909

This made me feel in ways I was not expecting to feel.

>> No.54034913

You can tell this is good natured ribbing because it's physical harassment rather than psychological.

>> No.54034941

Physical stuff can get pretty wild too.

>> No.54034952

Arthur, motherfucker, do you even PBS?

>> No.54034957

Learn to use filters, you fucking sperg. Or are filters the cancer killing "your" /tg/?

>> No.54034971

>nat 20 auto-hit

>> No.54035015

>to each other
If you think that's bad, wait until you see what they do to men.

>> No.54035043

As much as i think it's alright to express and channel your emotions into charming little webcomics, i find that the artist's self-loathing message just starts wearing down on you and becomes increasingly whiny.

It's sort of the problem with people who handle emotions through self-depreciating humor, because at some point people who don't exactly identify with your condition start exclaiming "I GET IT SHEESH"

I suppose the main target demographic is people with self-esteem/anxiety issues even to the point of depression, but even from that angle i find that the inherent message of the comic is not a great way of looking at your problems. It starts looking like wallowing in your own self-loathing for nothing.

>> No.54035075

The ones that tend to be cruel (sociopaths), are much more cruel to each other than to men. Mostly because they think men don't really have emotions or can be really hurt, so what's the fun in hurting them

>> No.54035212

No man could.
Shame she didn't maintain the curve though.

>> No.54035220

Jesus, that's one big cock. How did it even fit in there?

>> No.54035224

>> No.54035252

I have anxiety issues/depression, and I just want him to go jump off a cliff because his comics are terrible and he only makes the same thing over and over again in such a hamhanded fashion

>> No.54035266

>Normal people can't like dark humor
Sure bud

>> No.54035275

I want to hug this dragon maid

>> No.54035290

She's holding up well

>> No.54035291

I want to fuck this dragon goddess.

>> No.54035312

>> No.54035357

>> No.54035366


>> No.54035375

That's some next level stupidity there.

>> No.54035379

That man is clearly a genius

Not only can't you see his face, but you can't even tell the SHAPE of his head, making him basically unidentifiable!

>> No.54035459

>> No.54035487

>> No.54035503

>> No.54035523


>> No.54035582

>> No.54035623

>> No.54035632

I don't. Any tips?

>> No.54035651

It's time to stop posting pictures.

>> No.54035660

Well played

>> No.54035793

I don't understand this one

>> No.54035826

Knight Errant is a special task force in Shadowrun that is hired by corps to deal with shadowrunners.

>> No.54035863

But she is clearly a prostitute

>> No.54035883

In Russia, no one has access to classic police cars besides police themselves.

>> No.54035896

Not in my fantasy realm she ain't.

>> No.54035911

Love Putin's smug look in the second image.

>> No.54035930

Well people in russia don't have access to much in general, that's what they get for being backwards communists.

>> No.54035937

>They have half of Ukraine

>> No.54035956

I'm glad I was here for this. My day is now complete. I am just going to go outside now. The internet doesn't have anything more for me today.

>> No.54035967

Flesh to Stone.

>> No.54036009

>they have useless ruins with no infrastructure or resources of less than a quarter of Ukraine
fixed that for ya
t. Ukr

>> No.54036071

>You're pretty good

>> No.54036080

I don't get it

>> No.54036109

I almost did, but I chose not to. You should do the same

>> No.54036146

...A showerhead attached to a multimeter? What?

>> No.54036224

It's a radiation detector.

>> No.54036245

And now I'm sad.

>> No.54036285

>radiation detector
>forbidden lore

>> No.54036373

Thats...the tower of Babel. And God just thought we were too full of our selves.

>> No.54036387

God was a vindictive shit.

>> No.54036531


Knight Errant is a corporate police force with contracts across the world, including the civic contract in Seattle. They work like any other regular municipal cops, except they are even more corrupt and profit-driven. In Shadowrun, contacts have Loyalty ratings representing how far they're willing to go for you, with 6 being a very high rating. thus the implication that she's going to sex up in the squad car

>> No.54036567

But are they faggots?

>> No.54036632

Not him, but as someone who has not played persona, no. Dragon's Dogma is the lovechild of Skyrim and Monster Hunter. Not some shitty "Dark Souls" of FRPGs.

>> No.54036786

Look where their child ended up.

>> No.54037092

Leave while you still have some semblance of innocence.

>> No.54037155

Took me a while.

>> No.54037192


...is this a ShindoL doujin reference?

>> No.54037271

I'm so confused.

>> No.54037578




>> No.54037634

Can someone roll a 1d100. Target Number is 50 since I'm untrained in Forbidden Lore.

My need to know is hitting the peak.

>> No.54037671

Rolled 38 (1d100)


>> No.54037688

I guess I'll never know.

>> No.54037720

Trust me, you don't want to.

>> No.54037745

Not a file, but very relevant nonetheless


>> No.54037767

Rolled 76 (1d100)

Welp, I, on the other hand, really do need to. So I'll try my luck as well.

>> No.54037927

Are you absolutely certain? Like this is not something you're going to forget easily.

>> No.54038137

Good roll. Looks like you passed. Time to gain a little Corruption and Insanity in exchange for terrible secrets that man was never meant to know.

>> No.54038191

Of course. Bring it on.

>> No.54038276

Don't say we didn't fucking warn your stupid ass. It's a hentai called Geiger Counter. It's unpleasant.

>> No.54038311


I'm not sorry.

>> No.54038418

You've doomed a poor, pure, innocent anon.

>> No.54038462

>It's unpleasant
Au contraire.

>> No.54038492

Well, I wasn't the anon you replied to but thanks. It was bothering me that there was forbidden lore I was unaware of.

And I only took a minor hit to corruption since I'd actually read it once or twice before; just couldn't remember the name.

>> No.54038498

What tags we talkin' here?
Little bit o' casual body horror never scarred everyone

>> No.54038531

Why don't you read it and find out? It's better to go in blind, after all.

>> No.54038548

The one you replied to. I feel stupid, since I at least knew about that forbidden scripture. Thank you, though.

>> No.54038550

Wait, seriously? That's it? Loli rape? Jesus, anon. That's pretty tame. I was expecting him to carve her up and fuck the wound or something.

Frankly, I'm almost embarrassed at how vanilla that was. No guro, no weird Lovecraftian horrors, no suicide-sex, nothing to really write home about. Is there a follow-up that goes into the really bad shit?

The game of FATAL I ran was worse and we weren't even trying to have anything lewd.

>> No.54038584

My hoser.

>> No.54038608

Yeah its pretty tame, its not even their best work. Loli Tomodachi is

>> No.54038615

It was funnier to build up an idea of a doujin so horrible that it would make /d/ uncomfortable.

>That's it? Loli rape? That's pretty tame.


>> No.54038626

------> The Joke ----->

Your head <-----

>> No.54038734

Dude. I grew up on /b/ back when Snacks was around. I took Jaded pretty early on and never looked back.

Also, you should do the same. Rules as written, rolling for fear every time someone dies is totally shit. I encourage all my players to take Jaded simply to keep us from rolling every time Jankins sees a daemon or a cultist does some unspeakable shit to a room full of innocent NPCs.

>> No.54039004

Nope, in ShindoL's one the loli consents.

>> No.54039037

If you're German

>> No.54039631

I failed my check, what is that?

>> No.54039811

The joke is that some guy on japan started doing it and raped a few girls. The author was questioned by the police.

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