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>Unearthed Arcana: Revised Class Options:

>Feedback Questionnaires:


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What are some strange but useful choices for a Ranger's Animal Companion or Artificer's Mechanical Servant?

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Hello, friends.
I hope everybody is doing well

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My DM let me use a downsized Constrictor Snake as an improvised whip. Meshed really well with Dual Wielder and a Spear, and the free grapple/restrain was useful.

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Dood suck ma hoop

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Is anyone going to pull the Roll20 assets from this for download?


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>Playing CoS
>My character dies
>DM wants me to come back as a Revenant
>I kinda want to roll a new character but am afraid DM will sperg out if I do

Fuck this campaign

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Have you asked him if he minded you rerolling instead of being a punk?

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That's what you get for playing gay vampire shit

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Oh he knows I was thinking of re-rolling, but he wants to "have a chat" and convince me to do otherwise, and I'm just dreading that conversation.

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what do you use to create dungeons?

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It's just you guys talking, lad.

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i recommend a shovel

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Dwarves. You don't have to pay them if you never let them out when it's finished.

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needless to say, I was looking for things like dave's mapper website

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If they dug their way in they can probably dig their way out.

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Skeletons don't dig.

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Counterspell states '1 reaction, which you take when you see a creature within 60 feet of you casting a spell' for the trigger.

Does this mean if I start off a combat/prepare before hand to cast Minor Illusion of a 5x5x5 box over myself and thus duck down into it, obscuring view, that my Counterspells would be un-counterable since the enemy counter-er would be unable to see my own counterspell being cast? (Since it only has a S component)

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How do you guys satisfy your itch for fantasy rpgs when you aren't playing dnd?

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It does, as far as I can see.

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they can't counterspell you and you can't counterspell them

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Why would a celestial warlock head into the underdark?

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Dragon's Dogma, Dungeon Meshi and old school roguelikes.

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Why wouldn't I be able to CS them? I'd know it was an illusion and could thus see through it IIRC

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im being invited to my first game. they've already played a few levels. what should I be

also, I'm watching youtube videos of people playing and I don't understand why they constantly want to fight enemies that are stronger than them when the DM is just trying to tell a story?

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People want to fight obviously lethal enemies because video games teach thay big baddies give big loot and they think the DM won't kill them.
What is the rest of the team playing and what kind of character do you want to play?

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Because DnD is meant to be collaborative storytelling game. As for the collaborative storytelling, the DM/GM makes the outlines of the story, but the players want and expect to have meaningful impacts on the outcomes of the story. In terms of it being a game, players want to be challenged.

When the players are endlessly facing enemies they can stomp without issue it feels both that they are not being challenged, and that combat is of no consequence due to the ease of victory.

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artificer (I don't know anything about as they aren't in the book), a warlock and a rogue with a bow

tempest cleric looked neat, but my first choice was barbarian or fighter but my friend says I should play something with more variety to keep it interesting.

they're literally in shackles with no items and they want to attack the jailers? the game just started.

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>they're literally in shackles with no items and they want to attack the jailers? the game just started.
if they are playing Out of the Abyss, that's how the game starts. You're meant to come up with a plan to subdue the jailers and escape

only to have that plan fail and one of the jailers lets you out anyways

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How do you use nets tactically? Can someone be netted multiple times at once, requiring them to burn multiple actions to free themselves?

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>they're literally in shackles with no items and they want to attack the jailers?
I have not met many players who are playing DnD in the hopes of experiencing the local justice system at work.

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>only to have that plan fail and one of the jailers lets you out anyways
I learned this in our second attempt (that means restarting the whole thing) The issue is we've become irreparebly damaged in our escape attempts.

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Battlemaster fighter is a great class, has lots of customization with the maneuvers.

With that team you're gonna be alone most of the time on the front. Unless that warlock goes bladelock.

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So last night, we met a demon bound in a magic circle who offered to answer any question we had if we let her out first. MFW when we told her to fuck off, left, and bricked up the entrance.

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Doing god's work, son

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Kek. One plot hook avoided.

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no story advances are worth dealing with demons. A devil, maybe, but fuck demons.

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Which isn't that far considering he's got a box illusion around him.

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shut up faggot.

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delet this

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>If a creature uses its action to examine the sound or image, the creature can determine that it is an illusion with a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC. If a creature discerns the illusion for what it is, the illusion becomes faint to the creature.
Since the caster knows the illusion is an illusion, they can see right through it.

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What action is it to use a spell stored in an Ioun Stone? Is it the same action as the spell that is stored?

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Yeah I was meming that the guy I responded to can't see. What with the illusion.

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demon pls go

>Why would a celestial warlock head into the underdark?
who said he had a choice?

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Anything for a warlock, outside of a character want/need they have, can usually be summed up in:
>your patron wants some seemingly insignificant thing from somewhere dangerous
>ends up being significant in some odd way, whether for the warlock themselves or to the patron

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What does a fighter and barbarian do better than a paladin?

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It depends. A challenge can be entertaining, but If you do NOTHING but super strong monsters who can easily TPK the group with a bit of luck it gets boring.

Even worse is if you constantly put the players in a situation where they can't possibly hope to beat half the encounters you throw at them and need either GM fiat or the DMPC cavalry charge to save the day (these have been my last 2 DMs please kill me now)

A good concept that gets pushed around in some other systems, like M&M, is that you should occasionally give the players a fair chance of completely mopping the floor with an encounter so that they feel like their characters are strong and useful. It may seem like a cheap, obvious trick but it honestly works.

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>What does a fighter and barbarian do better than a paladin?
keep their hands clean of filthy sorcery

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Be reliable without magic

Be reliable without armor

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For the anon who was looking for art to use to illustrate interbred dragons (chromatic/chromatic, chromatic/metallic, and metallic/metallic)

Have you tried asking Flight Rising players, or looking up dragon pictures from the game? I'm dead serious. As far as I can remember the art is pretty nice and can come in a huge variety of colors.

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More damage
More tanks
Con save proficiency

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Do you use any homebrew from the DM's Guild? Is there anything good there?

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The mushroom druid that they featured on the front page is pretty cute. Very useful too depending on the latitude your DM gives you on the corpse flowers.

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The Shaman class is pretty dope. It's like a mix of Druid, Warlock, and Cleric. One of its major downfalls is that like every spell it has is concentration, which is an issue.

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Idea for an Alternative Method for Rolling for Stats:

8 + 1d8, six times, either down the line or allocated as desired

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>8 + 1d8
This is too swingy, you need to roll at least two dice so you have bell curve distribution

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>GM always splits xp between us and npcs
>still not level 3 after 6 sessions
>always interrupts our attempts to rest so we have severely depleted resources and every fight we are always on the brink of death

like I'm always up for a challenge but at this point the difficult feels artificial as fuck. how do I broach the subject that this is bullshit

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Where can I download the Dungeon Painter Studio?

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maybe you should roleplay a whiny bitch about the bad conditions?

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y not 2d8D1+2d6P1+2d4D1 ?

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>giving exp to NPCs is okay
Never DM.

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My character died in the last session and I'm having problems determining my next character. Our party is currently a Sorcerer, Paladin, and Fighter.

Prior I have played a Warlock, Rogue, and Paladin (from recent to furthest). Race wise the Warlock was a Tiefling, and other two were humans. Party Races are Asimar, Goliath, Dragonborn.

Any suggestions that are fun? Fuck pragmatic (Clerics are shit)

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That's how it's supposed to be, but then again you're never supposed to have NPCs in the party.

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You can never go wrong with Bard

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>i've never read a rulebook
If NPCs significantly contribute to the fight in any way the XP is also split between them. The same also provides for if the party does not meaningfully interact in a fight they don't receive XP either.

>> No.54001580

>but then again you're never supposed to have NPCs in the party.
OotA gives you about 8 to travel with you at the start. They eventually get picked off one by one or leave you when you get them back home though.

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>splitting xp
>not using the milestone system

it's as if you WANT your adventure to be paced like shit

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Can Bards provide in combat healing?

I know they have the bonus healing during rests and what not.

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Yep, both Healing Word and Cure Wounds are on their spell list (among others). They're not full on healbots, but they can handle it in a pinch.

Also, at level 10 Bards can pick 2 spells from literally any class lists they want. Lore Bards get this feature at level 6 in addition to level 10.

>> No.54001773

Yes, bards get healing word, cure wounds, mass healing word etc.

If you really want to be a healbot go lore bard and multiclass into life cleric and use Additional Magic Secrets and get Aura of Vitality for 2d6+5 heals every turn

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>DM uses milestones
>end up level 11 at the end of the tyranny of dragons

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Hm, Lore Bard does sound interesting now.

Only reason brining it up is because the Warlock I invested so much time out of game into got killed because we had no healing at all (and he may have had shit stats in anything that wasn't Charisma)

Thank you lads, I'm going to dive in-depth to my phb

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>playing an adventure module

damn that sucks that your DM is an untalented and unoriginal hack that doesn't care enough to make a real adventure themselves

may as well read a CYOA book. watch out for the yeti on page 73!

>> No.54002043

>playing an adventure module
Not just but the worst 5e module.

>> No.54002049

i dunno, can anyone confirm?

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I'm playing that one pbp style...
>Go in tunnel to make sure secret entrance is undisturbed
>entrance is undisturbed, but fight rat swarms
>look more closely at entrance, still undisturbed
>dwarf player rolls perception to see beyond the gate, "you can't see anything, the area is too obscured by bushes and stuff"
>well shit that makes it even more secure and undisturbed, we can leave right?
>HAVE to open the fucking door and check outside, HAVE to do a stealth check, "roll init guys"
Is this common for this module or is my pbp DM just bad?

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God I hope so, I really want those top-down Castle Ravenloft maps.

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I'm playing a Tempest Cleric but I can't decide if I want to get War Caster or Spell Sniper at level 4.

If I get Spell Sniper, I can use a whip and booming blade which sounds pretty fun. Then again, the advantage on con saving throws and using a spell instead of AoO with War Caster sounds pretty useful as well.

Don't want to play a Variant Human either.

>> No.54002603

Do you mean magic initiate?

>> No.54002621

Did you roll really good stats? Because if you're going point buy/standard array and at level 4 without being variant human I'd recommend shoring up stats first.

No, booming blade has a range of 5 ft so it doesn't work on reach weapons. With spell sniper it becomes 10 feet.

>> No.54002654

How are you getting booming blade?

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Quick question as a newbie GM: does an encounter with no combat count as an "encounter" in the sense that it rewards XP?

Context: players are passing through Orc-controlled hills when orc scouts jump out and surround them. The party's half-orc bard successfully bluffs them into thinking he's an orc from another clan taking the rest of the party to his warchief as prisoners. Orcs don't want to start a clan feud and back off.

Encounter passed, but no initiative ever rolled. Does this count as a situation I give the full XP for the three orcs that were "beaten" for?

>> No.54002676

Spell Sniper gives you one cantrip that uses an attack roll.

>> No.54002685

RAI is 19 is auto-hit just like 20.

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File: 5 KB, 271x127, oZEGpdQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related is what I rolled. Used the 17 for wisdom

The Spell Sniper feat gives you an attack roll cantrip from any class

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I would give them three quarters if they did "ok".

If they did amazingly in getting rid of the orcs (for example something I as DM didn't think of) I would give them five quarters.

>> No.54002715

Yes. Please God reward your players for using their brains sometimes.

>> No.54002722

I would award xp in this situation.

>> No.54002739

I also have a cleric-related question.

Some cleric domains get heavy armor and martial weapon proficiency. I like the idea of casting divine spells with just as much frequency as I bludgeon foes with my hammer. Do martially-proficient clerics make for a good balance of weaponry and wizardry, or at some point would I inevitably be doing a disservice by not casting spells every time?

>> No.54002764


Yes, you should always award XP for nonviolent victories like this.

Otherwise, players think that they'll never progress as characters unless they murder everything they see.

>> No.54002785

Combat and Non-Combat are both means of solving a problem.

We are surrounded by Orcs -> all Orcs are now dead. Problem solved.

We are surrounded by Orcs -> the Orcs are now gone. Problem solved.

Award it just as if it had been combat.

>> No.54002787

Okay well with those stats you're fine, I'd personally recommend war caster, since a lot of cleric spells (spirit guardians, aura of vitality, bless) are concentration spells. While more damage is nice, War Caster fits better with your role.

>rolling stats

>> No.54002799

Fighter does more consistent DPR damage than paladin unless if the paladin is oathbreaker in which case fighter's fucked
Fighter .. you know what, why WOULD you go fighter?
Barbarian has wolf barbarian for team support or bear barbarian for not dying or barbarogue for not dying even more / grappling. Overall, they have a point aside from paladin, and also do more reliable DPR before level 11.

It's all shiiiit.

>> No.54002809

other way around
Demon is wild and predictable. Devil will pretend to be helpless 'till it's too late.

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File: 41 KB, 245x204, 5799936+_64e30bfde935bafb1225574aeed77fb7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rolling for stats

>> No.54002850
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>dm is having us choose class and race before rolling stats

Rolling stats is retarded in the first place but this is just crazy and nonsensical.

>> No.54002879

Does he let you change the stats around? Otherwise why are you playing with someone actually mentally retarded?

>> No.54002880

I'm not a big fan of rolling stats either, but it became a staple in my group

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I always make the character first then again I like point buy

>> No.54002903

Point buy is the whitest and most based system there is.

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I can certainly agree it's not worth starting big arguments over, but especially if your DM runs long campaigns where you keep the same character for a long time, it's a little cancerous.

I just wish they never kept this sacred cow in the game.

>Play a monk
>Get shit stats
>Just play dead for all the fights because you suck so bad

>> No.54002923

>Party's first level one adventure
>5 combat encounters
>cleared the dungeon
>tally up XP for combat and roleplaying
>Players still don't have enough XP for level 2

I'm going to nudge it for them, but this is a West Marches campaign with players coming and going and swapping characters, so a milestone system would be a pain in the ass.
But by the book XP guide cuts them short even after a good long session.
Wat do? 1.5-2.0x XP suggestions?

>> No.54002926

>Changing Saving Throws to roll under 8 + Proficiency + relevant stat to the save
Thoughts? PCs get actually worse at saving as they level up, I want to fix that

>> No.54002986

>PCs get actually worse at saving as they level up

>> No.54002997

How many players are there? Were the too easy?

>> No.54003015

>PCs get actually worse at saving

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File: 52 KB, 232x194, reading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PCs get actually worse at saving as they level up

no? at worst, they just stagnate (but as monster saving throw DCs increase, you could argue they get RELATIVELY worse)

but you're ignoring the fact that every class is proficient in two saving throws, and they get better at THOSE as they level up and their proficiency bonus increases. your proposed method would basically just make everyone proficient in every saving throw, which sure, i guess is a great idea if you want to take away distinct strengths and weaknesses between classes.

>> No.54003062

Absolutely give your players equivalent XP for solving combat encounters in non-combat ways (and the other way around).

One exception IMO: if your players temporarily bypass an encounter (e.g. sneaking), but they'll be dealing with it later for sure, I award half XP now, half XP next time (or as soon as it turns out there won't be a next time).

And obviously if the players bluff their way past the orcs and get the XP, they don't get MORE XP for changing their minds and killing the same orcs.

>> No.54003098

>you could argue they get RELATIVELY worse
That's what I'm arguing

>you're ignoring the fact that every class is proficient in two saving throws, and they get better at THOSE as they level up
Yeah, but the other stats saves get way worse (relatively), at high levels, it become almost an auto-failure (5% ~ 15% chance of success).

>your proposed method would basically just make everyone proficient in every saving throw, which sure, i guess is a great idea if you want to take away distinct strengths and weaknesses between classes.
Yes, I want to high level characters to be good all around, but they will still be better on saves of their primary stat).

>> No.54003110

I found Princes of the Apocalypse at a yard sale. Pros? Cons? My gf wants to try her hand at DMing.

>> No.54003140

>I want to make 5e even easier

To what end?

>> No.54003249

Why would you make a system where getting pushed over by a goblin child and dodging the breath of a dragon have the same chance of failure?

>> No.54003260

Monsters between CR 1/4 (in groups) and CR 1. Full HP, full attack bonuses. Players lost half their HP every encounter, one got to death saving throws. I'd say overall each encounter was medium difficulty.

>> No.54003265

Wait, do you add your proficiency bonus to EVERY save?

>> No.54003272

Just because you know the box is an illusion doesn't mean you can see through it. It would still block your vision.

Of course illusions are always hard to define to begin with

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File: 188 KB, 476x363, dwarfskeletons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About that,

>> No.54003319

That's a good counter-argument against this system, but I'll say I'm more interested on playability than realism.

Maybe subtract the the enemy proficiency and/or stat from the ST chance?


>> No.54003356

Just let players roll the enemy's saving throw for them if that's what you're going for.

>> No.54003399

Post the used monsters with CR of one entire encounter.

Howe many players?

>> No.54003415

My group have a ship now.

How bad did I fuck up /tg/?

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>fighting Maegara, Enormous Fire Bitch
>Wizard uses a wand to throw a Tidal Wave on it
>Warlock casts Maelstrom
>yell at the Rogue to use the Ise Rune to freeze all the water swirling around this fire elemental
>he thinks it's stupid but does it anyway because what the fuck else is he gonna do, stab fire?
>Maegara is now surrounded by a rapidly-melting shell of ice
>THIRTY STRENGTH MONK LET'S DO THIIIIIIIIIIIS activates sonic speed and punches fists into ice shell
>grapples and swings the whole thing into the furnace from which Maegara came
>Cleric Stone Shapes the furnace doorframe around the closed grill
>entrance gets Wall of Forced over
>Warlock puts Maelstrom in the furnace

>> No.54003435

>Just let players roll the enemy's saving throw for them if that's what you're going for.
That's an alternative, but it's still necessary to consider the PC's prof and stat modifier, otherwise it doesn't increase their chance of success

>> No.54003446

Then what's the point of being proficient in a save?

>> No.54003462

>Just because you know the box is an illusion doesn't mean you can see through it.
It does, actually mean you can see through it. >>54000452

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>his group is getting on a boat
>of their own volition
Your party is full of idiots.

>> No.54003471

You've opened the door to aquatic monsters. Throw an aboleth at them.

>> No.54003487

I'm changing the save system, you don't get any save proficiency

>> No.54003509

NEVER get on the boat.

>> No.54003512

I guess.

You'd also be blind. So good luck with that.

>> No.54003517

Throw aquatic adventures. It's risky, but if they play their cards right, it opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

> Go exploring for deserted islands to claim as their own
> Ferry people and goods for favors and gold
> Have to now worry about upkeep (If your group has a guy who loves micro managing shit like me, he'll probably be in charge of the boat)
> Now have a way to go from 1 continent to the other if need be
> Can now go be conquistadors if need be

>> No.54003530

Oh right, Aboleths. Yeah this is fine.

>> No.54003540

He probably thinks it's neat to have some bizarre thing happen to you to bring you back, or he just can't think of ideas on how to introduce a new character either at the current spot or in general.

How far are you? If you're towards the end don't mind playing your current character some more, you could probably just say your character's goal is to defeat Strahd/help your party get free from Barovia. Once the goal is done, you die for good and can't be resurrected, and can then play the character you want. You might even be able to set a shorter term goal depending on where/how you died, revenge on what killed you, or something.

>> No.54003572

trying to keep them on a fairly narrow path as one of the villains, former head of a thieves guild they shut down and in deals with ALL kinds of fiends, is kinda holding a party family member hostage Has actually rescued her from Drow assassins because he wants levarage over a group that wrecked his orginization's shit. so they might not have time for a full on seafaring adventure.

They've already loaded up a cargo of Oxen and are planning on sailing it to another port.

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File: 34 KB, 632x659, bandits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


3 Players (2 fighters and a wizard). This is the encounter that knocked out one of the fighters.

Now that I really pay attention, what is the "adjusted XP" on KFC? Is that what i should be using instead?

>> No.54003722

Honestly just save time and say that at higher than 10th level you just take half damage from abilities. It's more or less the same thing.

>> No.54003735
File: 3 KB, 288x169, 1498351628065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn another ancient door with a magical password I wonder how we will get it open. Nevermind this one also has password is written on it. Wait most of it has been scrawled and scratched off this time too. Oh but in such a way that we can easily decode it, again...

>> No.54003754

Taking damage isn't the major problem, failing hard control saves is

>> No.54003804

You sound like you are the autist.

>> No.54003812

Ignore adjusted. It is what their XP is worth regarding the fight difficulty. not what it's actually worth.

>> No.54003842

But the game is balanced around the idea that some characters are significantly more easily controlled than others.

>> No.54003860

Adjusted XP is a way for accounting for multiple enemies being tougher than just one on his own. For example, clay golems are healed by acid damage, so if I make an encounter where a clay golem is hunting the players through a labyrinth filled with Gelatinous Cubes, they'd get far more XP than the book would suggest.

5 bandits have a large action economy, especially on a 3-player, level 1 party, so the XP reward is doubled.

>> No.54003869

Do you think some characters having 10% chance of success is okay? Even though they are higher level than the monster?

>> No.54003896


>> No.54003916

This is wrong.

Adjusted XP is the XP value for determining difficulty. Per the DMG you award based on their actual XP value.

>> No.54004026

>tfw characters have weaknesses

>> No.54004110

There's other versions out there for free, good ones too. Like this: http://pauldanieljohnson.deviantart.com/gallery/58555031/Curse-of-Strahd

>> No.54004129



>> No.54004177

Can you deliberately make a spell do minimal damage (e.g., to give a charmed teammate the chance to make a save to get de-charmed)?

>> No.54004214
File: 78 KB, 1000x563, watch-a-great-scene-from-disneys-moana-in-which-dwayne-johnson-sings-youre-welcome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anyone else fascinated by the concept of demigods? Gilgamesh, Karna, Cú Chulainn, Herakles, Maui they all just highly appeal to me, due to their inhabiting a mythic landscape, and their vague divinity.

So I decided I would roll one up, to the extent that 5e permits. Let me know if this sounds too sueish as a general idea.

The character is an Aasimar [slighly refluffed], son of an Empyrean and thus 1/4th god. Bronze skin, long black hair, silvery eyes, and very 'ancient' looking dress [cloth skirt, metal braces on the arms and legs, bare-chested, some kind of headdress] like some kind of Sumer meets Polynesia meets Azteca sort of thing. Has Tavern Brawler, and uses Divine Favor [he's a Paladin of Vengeance] to buff his punches even more.

The roleplay would be that he's a bit of an arrogant blowhard, whose primary interest is going around doing deeds just so the common people will praise him [and the gods]. The twist would be that he's kind of a prop. All his abilities would be fluffed not as his own inherit skill or knowledge, but the gods helping him.

Divine Favor or Divine Smite? They're making him stronger. Without their help he'd get demolished by most of the monsters he faces.

Lay on Hands [which he primarily uses on himself]? The gods healing him or recovering his fatigue so he can finish the job.

Find Steed? Well its one of the gods horses. Hunter's Mark? The gods helping. Magic Weapon? The gods. Even his HP would take partial inspiration from this, that the reason he can survive such incredible hits [beyond his natural durability as a demigod] is simply because the gods aren't willing to let their tool get killed in a bitch fashion.

Which would be sort of the central premise of the character, is that on the external he's the proud monster hunting demigod, but on the interior he's wondering if he's kind of just a tool. Whether it really "counts" to do all these things if half the work is done for him.

>> No.54004222


>> No.54004290


>> No.54004333


>> No.54004351

You can do anything you can convince your DM to agree to.

>> No.54004389

All that matters to me is your opinion. babe.

>> No.54004696

>Doesn't read
Never procreate

>> No.54004750

No one plays modules straight off the box and not everyone has the time to prep a campaign

>> No.54005077

Yeah but I like options and from the thumbnail preview theirs looks very nice and more thematically similar to the module's proper maps.

>> No.54005328

Quick. What's a good way to word a Suggestion to get an Ogre to turn on the Orcs he hangs with?

>> No.54005363

Senpai, they trying to kill us and then you.
Let's kill them together and then duke it out between us, ok.

>> No.54005368

"Those orcs were going to kill us and then keep all the meat to themselves."

>> No.54005415

You see those orcs? They fucked your waifu.

>> No.54005724

yeah but with devils you know they are going to screw you and how hard. Demons might not even pull through on their end of the deal in the first place.

>> No.54005804

Going to play my first game in a couple of days, is life cleric enjoyable? In some videogames being a heal bot is kind of boring, though sometimes it can be fun and rewarding.
How is it in DnD?

>> No.54005885

one fourthth

>> No.54005925

Pick a dwarf and you can smack shit with a warhammer as well.
Life cleric is as far from a heal bot as possible, it just means healing doesn't feel like you're wasting your slots and turns on healing, like other clerics.

>> No.54006037

Life cleric makes you better at not healing. Because of it's improvements to healing spells, you'll need to cast less of them, and because they are his domain spell, you don't need to prepare them either.
Don't heal in combat other than popping a healing word, though. Combat healing is a meme.

The main thing is to survive the first three levels. Those are gonna be lethal, and healing word will be a literal life-saver.

>> No.54006146

1) Spiritual weapon is your friend
2) Bless is your friend. Probably the best use of your concentration
3) Don't waste healing spells in-combat except to revive a fallen ally (i.e., unless somebody is about to die, use your action to attack or buff).

>> No.54006321

Life cleric is pretty much the only way to viably heal in 5th Edition. It's more intuitive than being a heal bot by the nature of what you do aside from slinging healing spells. You can be tanky and use warding bond to draw a lot of damage and pocket heal someone, you can get some weapon proficiencies and strength to dish out damage while you heal when necessary, or you can just pump out a lot of support spells. Just look for more intuitive things to do than be a heal bot.

>> No.54006390
File: 494 KB, 1600x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crunch or fluff?

>> No.54006577
File: 293 KB, 690x296, history autism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluff unless you have a very good reason not to.

Case in point, I don't miss the 18 different kinds of poelarms 2E had. I understand if you're a history buff and want to get nitty-gritty about the historical differences between a guisarme has over a fauchard, but most people really don't care.

>> No.54006764

Nets are good on some enemies, like ogres. They are not good on other enemies. I assume you could multinet someone.

>> No.54006865
File: 63 KB, 321x357, [11232]123123151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Players fight a Black Pudding
>Armor is partially DISSOLVED (exact words), -X AC per hit
>Player claims Mending would fix the armor
>Mending requires a clean break and all the components of the broken object, rule that dissolved armor wouldn't be repairable
>Gets called a shit DM by the player who constantly asks to do things the rules wouldn't let him
Can anyone back me up on this

>> No.54006895

>Fluff unless you have a very good reason not to.
This. I've added a few things to my game, like a d8/d10 versatile piercing weapon and a d8 finesse slashing weapon but otherwise my approach is "if it kind of fits the damage dice and damage type of a weapon in here, just use that weapon and "reskin" it."

>> No.54006948

Black Pudding:
>In addition, nonmagical armor worn by the target is partially dissolved and takes a PERMANENT and cumulative -1 penalty
>This spell repairs a single break or tear in an object you touch, such as a broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, a torn cloak, or a leaking wineskin. As long as the break or tear is no larger than 1 foot in any dimension, you mend it. leaving no trace of the former damage.
You are clearly in the right. RAW and RAI don't allow mending to fix this sort of thing.
To make him extra-butthurt, throw rust monsters at them next

>> No.54006989

Can someone explain to me exactly how darkvision works? If my character has 60 ft darkvision and is standing 30 feet from a pitch dark cave, how deep into it can he see?

30, because my darkvision extends out 60 feet from me? 60 because I can see 60 feet into dark? Or 0 because the difference in light levels fucks up my ability?

>> No.54006996

>DM uses milestones.

>Constantly gets new players at level 1 that are leveled up in place of us so that we are only level 3 after a year.

>> No.54007192
File: 310 KB, 724x1030, Arcane Jester.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fun partial-Underdark encounters? I have my players descending deep into the underground to try and find a relic to cure two players Lycanthropy, and want them to see a Mind Flayer holding the Macguffin addressing a large army of Duregar and associated minions on an upcoming raid against the surface. Problem is they just got Level 5 and they're the "Never approach something with caution" types so they might get their brians munched. Anything else I can throw at them until they get there? They gotta go deep.

>> No.54007227

I want to multiclass bard and warlock so I can play a musician that makes a deal with the devil. Should I just dip 1 into warlock or dip 3 so I can get pact of the blade to summon a guitar? Any recommended college for the bard?

>> No.54007231

You can see 60 feet in assuming your vision isn't impeded.

>> No.54007235

Ropers and rust monsters, maybe. I'm planning my next adventure underground underdark solely so I can use ropers and rust monsters.

>> No.54007241
File: 3.32 MB, 2257x3840, Overwatch interview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some good questions to ask potential players before allowing them into my game? My current questionnaire list is as follows:

>Character Name:
>Character Race:
>Character Alignment:
>Character Background (As well as bonds, flaws, etc.):
>Character Backstory (Min 1 Paragraph, Max 3):
>Character Motivations/Goals:
>What you like in a campaign? (Ex. social encounters):
>What do you dislike in a campaign? (Ex. player vs player combat):
>Are you interested in doing a session 0 for your character? If so, when would be a good time?:
>Time zone & what days/time you can make the session:

>> No.54007255

Use every excuse available to use ropers.

>> No.54007299

Don't forget cave fishers.
>Character Name: Violet Ebonwing
>Character Race: half-aasimar half-tiefling
>Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (so I can do anything lol)
How'd I do so far?

>> No.54007309

>be in melee range of enemy
>get KO'd
>DM almost never has monsters attack KO'd party members
>party member uses heal to revive
>because of initiative order, enemy gets another turn before I do
>get KO'd again
>have to roll on injury table 3 times because of dipshit teammate

is there any worse feeling?

>> No.54007351

As long as you're willing to sacrifice all movement and the caster you're counterspelling doesn't move away sixty feet, or pass an inteligence check to be able to see through your illusion

>> No.54007371

Only if you spend an action to make an intelligence check against your own dc

>> No.54007388

so, what are some of the best user created classes? i've personally tested the witch hunter and i liked it quite a bit, what are some other good ones that also don't break the game.

i would love something that feels like a PF warpriest

>> No.54007397

Are there any rules about being drunk?

>> No.54007411


The funny part is all that effort that went into the gigantic weapon lists and only 3-4 weapons were any good

>> No.54007436


War Caster is an autopick for clerics at my table, because we allow for them to cast Cure Wounds as a Spell of Oportunity

>> No.54007454

>Bless is your friend. Probably the best use of your concentration
>Cast it
>No one rolls it unless I specifically remind them they have it every single turn
>Yet everyone seems to remember I have guidance any time a skill check comes up
I've given up on bless

>> No.54007477


>>Gave up on Bless
>>Not the retards in the party

>> No.54007484

I don't mind reminding them. It takes all of 2 seconds to say "don't forget to add a d4"

>> No.54007508

Depends how drunk you get. I'd imagine from least to most severe it goes;
Poisoned, incapacitated, stunned, unconscious

>> No.54007571

Name and alignment is fine. Would have to choose between either a Tiefling or Aasimar, though I wouldn't object to you playing as a Tiefling warlock with a celestial patron for example or vice versa. Also keep in mind that actions have consequences, so if you decide to slap a guard for some reason, he's going to slap some cuffs on you and escort you to jail.

>> No.54007572

Hell yeah, I made Maui. It was great

>Protector Aasimar
>+1 to Wis, +2 Cha
>Shapeshifter, so moon druid
>Physical stats are therefore irrelevant,
>Folk Hero Background, swap out a skill proficency for deception
>Wildshape into any animal you want, because primordial godkin
>Can still use Healing Hands while wild shaped
>Pick up friendly allies who get knocked uncounsious onto the floor by slapping at them with your dinossaur face
>Can still use radiant soul while wild shaped
>Wild Shape into a shark and enjoy that flying speed on land for the 3 minutes you can hold your breath in
>This to say nothing of whatever spells you can concentrate on while doing this

When I get to be a radiant soul eath elemental, then I'm going to have a lakr

>> No.54007579

This might work, I want to take that quest from the witcher about a type of vampire that only goes after people that are heavily drunk.

Definitely won't be throwing a full on vampire at them though

>> No.54007644

>a type of vampire that only goes after people that are heavily drunk.
Here in Wisconsin, there is a supposed serial killer that preys on drunken college-aged men walking home alone from bars late at night.

Truth is, the dumb fucks just fall into the Mississippi or some other body of water and drown, but nobody wants to acknowledge or deal with alcoholism in this state.

>> No.54007660

This reminds me of an idea that I got from here a while back

Players had Van Richten cast Hallow in the Wizard Winery (along with a plant growth from the Bard to replace the use of a gem for a year)

Rewarded them with having the feast of Saint Andraal attack backfire and having the vampire spawn explode on contact upon the supple throats of toasting barovians

>> No.54007669

>Truth is, the dumb fucks just fall into the Mississippi or some other body of water and drown

How do you know? Actually, let me rephrase--how do you know and no one else does?

>> No.54007678

>Actually, let me rephrase--how do you know and no one else does?

Obviously he's the serial killer

>> No.54007683

Because I'm the one who pushed them in!

>> No.54007700
File: 72 KB, 1280x720, 1469882068096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

L-lucky I don't drink or live in the sippy, right?

>> No.54007729

As a stone sorcerer, do I want to turn my slots into points so I can twin booming blade more or just use slots so I can bonus action smite spell and then booming blade?

>> No.54007746

Reminder if your campaign exceeds lvl 20+ and it doesn't basically turn into a shonen anime or warhammer endtimes you're doing it wrong

>> No.54007748

I decided to play an Inquisitive Rogue but I'm having problems working in why he'd be part of the party. We're all being hired to guard a caravan as our first session, should I talk to my DM about having my character take the job in order to get close to someone he suspects as being a murderer?

>> No.54007761

>should I talk to my DM
The answer is always yes

>> No.54007769

>tfw only ever got to level 18
>tfw the climax was pretty dull

>> No.54007774

You're an auditor coming in to check on the caravan's highway insurance

>> No.54007778

I'd be surprised if more than one percent of all campaigns in the history of D&D that started at Level 1 actually reached level 20, let alone exceeded it.

>> No.54007785


>> No.54008030


Possibly bad. If it's AL or some other multi-DM organization they may be somewhat limited in how much flex they can give the module. If it's a private game with 1 DM they're just being lazy.

>> No.54008066


Award full XP when you consider the situation "solved." In this case, I would award the full XP.

>> No.54008152

Got a question. I got a slightly cursed weapon in a game today. It's probably home-brewed but I got a short sword of Dispel Darkness.

How it was explained was that it is a short sword with the Light spell perpetually cast upon it. It is a +2 weapon, so it is hugely powerful but the thing is, I am a rogue that sort of relies on hiding in darkness to get advantage and shit. The cursed part is it is only has the Light and +2 aspect if it is on my person and putting the sword in a sheath or something doesn't hide the glowing blade but if someone else is wielding it, it's just a normal short sword.

Any thoughts on how to use this or should I just stop trying to hide when I am carrying this sword?

>> No.54008177

Do you tend to us pdf compressing services? If so, which one?
So many files are bloated, especially 3rd-party.

>> No.54008297

I played this exact character. 3 into Warlock to get pact of the Blade to summon a sword with a Violin's bowstring running down it, came with complementary mastercraft violin courtesy of my patron. Fully functional and badass. Went Valor Bard and took both of the level 5 paladin Smites as my level 10 Magical Secrets (campaign only went to level 15, sadly, so I was only 12 into Bard and couldn't get those sick 7th level spells.)

Paladin gets those spells at level 17, I got them at level 13. Do the same and abuse it. Damage output gets crazy.

If your party needs a support caster, though, Lore Bard is still supreme and I think legitimately better than what I put together if you want max effectiveness. Cutting Words is just too good.

>> No.54008354


It's going to depend 100% on your entire build. Clerics are extremely versatile even when single-classed, but they aren't equally good at everything.

Generally speaking, you aren't going to be able to use a spell slot every turn because in standard OTB play you won't have nearly enough slots, so its really a question of if your weapon out-damages your damage cantrip(s.), and that's really just comparing them to see which number is bigger.

In most circumstances Sacred Flame is going to be better than any standard one-handed weapon until level 5 and any standard weapon past that because of the damage scaling, which is intended to compensate for Clerics not getting extra attacks. However, this is a super-fiddly comparison: domain bonuses, combat range, damage types, DC vs AC targets, damage scaling, non-magic resistance, and so forth are going to matter a lot, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer.

My advice is to make sure that you have both a damage cantrip and a backup weapon, know the numbers on both, and use them as makes sense.

>> No.54008378

Is there some way that Armor of Agathys isn't shit?

>> No.54008400

It scales really well with spell level and is warlock only. It's great on a bladelock that needs to be tankier, and also increases damage output for a short time while in melee due to the damage it deals (which is always equal to 5 * spell slot level as long as you have at least 1 of the temporary HP that spell gave you when you're hit).

>> No.54008405

>and is warlock only

there's a paladin oath or some kind of archetype that gets it

>> No.54008415


You can always steal stuff from it to use elsewhere. 5e Adventures Modules are as much sourcebook as specific Adventure Paths.

It's not unusable to a new DM, but I'd recommend starting with Lost Mine of Phandelver if possible, just because it's a little bit smaller in scope and has a slightly gentler learning curve. If she's already been playing for a while, though, it's a toss-up.

>> No.54008481

Is it dumb or edgy to have a GOOlocks patron be you, the player?

>> No.54008502

Sounds pretty good to me. I was thinking of making mine aliens.

>> No.54008545

My group for the last few years has leveled by having the DM just declare everyone just leveled whenever he or she feels like it

It works for us, but I always wondered how anyone else felt about that sort of thing

>> No.54008701

I'd be skeptical coming in, but if it works for you, then it works for you.

>> No.54008722

Do they level you arbitrarily, no rhyme or reason to it? Or did they use the milestone system where you level based on plot advancement? The former is shit tier, latter is pretty good.

>> No.54008742

>Do they level you arbitrarily, no rhyme or reason to it? Or did they use the milestone system where you level based on plot advancement?

What's the difference? If the DM chooses when you level, or the DM chooses how much plot you have to complete to qualify for a level, it's still entirely up to DM discretion in the end.

>> No.54008750

I am a firm proponent of not having applicants create their characters in advance. Save that shit for session zero so everyone can work it out together, and focus on player attitudes for applications so you (hopefully) don't get shit people.

>> No.54008775

At least on principle there's a difference, in that it's
>You've outwitted the demon and ensured the kingdom is safe another day, everyone levels up
>The next encounter is going to be hard so everyone gains a level

>> No.54008782

>>The next encounter is going to be hard so everyone gains a level

never heard of anyone doing this

>> No.54008800

Neither have I, but that's the first "DM gives a level for a dumb reason" scenario I thought of

>> No.54008910

How does disintegrate function with Polymorph or Wild shape?

>> No.54008936

So depsite this being the most successful Edition, does anyone else feel its at the same time the most boring. Like I feel like dosent have any flavor of its or quirks. It just feels like your bog standard fantasy game thats lighter on the maths.

>> No.54008968

>It just feels like your bog standard fantasy game thats lighter on the maths.

Pretty sure this is why people like it. I don't necessarily agree, but 5e is what everyone I know plays

>> No.54008983

>What happens if a druid using Wild Shape is reduced to 0 hit points by disintegrate? Does the druid simply leave beast form? The druid turns to dust, since the spell disintegrates you the instant you drop to 0 hit points.

>> No.54009012
File: 327 KB, 1079x1200, crawford gay king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stat me, /5eg/.

>> No.54009052

I've not played TTRPGs a lot, but there's something that's been on my mind after several sessions.

>If D&D isn't a videogame, why is combat the most codified/documented aspect of it?
>Roleplaying is meant to be as free an experience as possible, so wouldn't it be against the design to codify that?
>What else is there to D&D that makes it different from a painfully mediocre wargame? Doesn't the setting fit pretty much any system, including fucking playing pretend?

>> No.54009069

Also helps that it's the new D&D edition, which has always dominated the market with the exception of 4e towards the end of its run. Despite getting peanuts for budget and a glorified skeleton crew, there was also the very convenient timing of Critical Role and Stranger Things to give it a popularity boost.

>> No.54009074

That's what it's good at. It's light so you can add stuff to adjust it to your tastes without breaking things into pieces. 5e tends to stay out of the way of the story and offer resolution mechanics that are easy/intuitive.

>> No.54009106

Thing is if you add anything that isnt pointless 5e already falls to pieces.

As for the story not really. I mean fighters still do jack shit our of combat and Wizards can solve plots in a spell. Then theres the fact thay D&D is set up to where you do fighting and nothing else.

>> No.54009124

hint it's in the name
dungeons & dragons

>> No.54009242

>why is combat the most codified/documented aspect of it?
It's the chief risk factor at any time, and a convenient conduit for character advancement, besides a modern audience EXPECTING an in-depth combat system because of CRPGs. Even with older editions where combat was nowhere as encouraged or rewarding, it was acknowledged as a inevitability, and most the design was a stripped-down wargame.
>Roleplaying is meant to be as free an experience as possible, so wouldn't it be against the design to codify that?
No. The rules are there as a quick reference to prevent the utter chaos that is playing pretend unbridled. That said, in modern editions character building, advancement and "optimization" is treated as a mini-game on its own right, but much less so in 5e than it was on 3.5.
>Doesn't the setting fit pretty much any system, including fucking playing pretend?
There is no "default" setting for D&D. It's true that there are published settings but most people don't use them. That said, of course, you can just play pretend, but as before: it WILL devolve into chaos and be very short-lived unless you begin making house rules to keep it in check... which is the point of an RPG system.

Interestingly Gygax did see D&D as a miniature wargame and strongly derided roleplaying, calling it "wannabe improv bullshit".

>> No.54009281

You say all that about pretend being chaotic, but I've just had 2 sessions in a row where there were 2 dice rolls total, and even those I had to pull out of my ass so the players had something to roll, for the sake of it. The sessions were pretty orderly, too. It's what made me ponder on the questions in my post, actually.

>> No.54009290

Considering what accounts for "roleplay" now adays. I dont blame Gary one bit.

>> No.54009320

I'd add that everyday life and verbal conflict resolution are things you as humans are (hopefully) already knowledgeable about and proficient in. The rules are there to shepherd the play experience around obstacles that normal people don't have a good grasp on from their daily life. I've never seen how many sword blows a Kobold can endure before it dies, so I need abstractions like HP to help everyone at the table understand that. I'm not a musclebound Fighter wielding a greatsword, so I need things like action limitations and feats.

I don't need the rules to codify how I put my fucking trousers in the morning; I do that all the time in my regular existence. The rules are for extraordinary things, and melee combat is one of the most extraordinary things from the perspective of a 21st century human.

>> No.54009338

The rules, especially the combat ones, are there for you when you need them.

>> No.54009372

Thanks, this gives something to extrapolate from. I tend to get tunnel visioned on topics often...

>> No.54009379

2 sessions are not that much. I've had bouts of RP-focused sessions too, but eventually, you would get bored unless the appeal of an RPG to you is honing up your improv skills. Which is fine too, but in that case, I'd recommend playing shorter campaigns with a lighter system (or one of the weird narrativist thingamajigs like Torchbearer if your group likes the idea)

>> No.54009497


I'd rule no on the basis that the first line of Counterspell is "You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell," and doing something disruptive is antithetical to maintaining the narrative that an actual box was created.

>> No.54009546


That's not how milestone leveling works.

>> No.54009607


In practice it tends to be more "we're done with that part now, so it's time to go into a more difficult part. Time to level up so we're still level appropriate."

>> No.54009679

I got into a situation where I almost had to cast Hunger of Hadar into a body of water.

I ask you, /tg/, what would/should have happened if I did? Would the water in the area of effect freeze instantly? Gradually? Turn acidic?

>> No.54009838

>lemme open up a horrible rift in the fabric of reality to freeze this water
There is nothing RAW. The issue with letting casters use spells in that broad, freeformy sort of way is that this edition already has very varied spell effects, and spellcasters don't exactly need a buff. Maybe the warlock, but that raises the question of why only the warlock should be allowed to do cool shit.

And hunger of hadar doesn't create a portal in the usual sense since people still can walk over the rift. I would rule that the mixture between the broken physics, the cold and the tentacles would kill some of the wildlife and foul the water a bit, but nothing too drastic

>> No.54009898

How do you deal with people knowing thieves' cant? How do I go about using it to talk with him? Just same as any other language "He says this to you all, only (person who knows thieves' cant) understands this and to everyone else it just sounds like a bunch of nonsense"

>> No.54009906

How would a character begin about the plan of killing Baal the god of murder?

Backstory: my character is a noble who forsook his heritage to become a martial artist (Open Hand Monk) and trains to become the best martial artist ever. With several companions he brutally fought his way through the Red Wizards of Thay's Doomvault and killed many people horribly. He released the Chosen of Baal from imprisonment because he wanted a good fight and murdered him. Now he thinks he might endeavor to murder Baal himself.

>> No.54009964

Give me some interesting starting adventure ideas I can use to introduce a group to 5E and hopefully start a campaign.

Empire on the brink of collapse as the Emperor lays dying, racial tensions are at a maximum. He's leaving behind dozens of sons and daughters and they are vying for control of resources already. The PCs were hired by one of the heirs to help him get to an estate on the frontier, but he'll probably die as assassin's strike in the first session.

>> No.54010006

"An old man gets uncomfortably close and asks about the weather in a contrived way. Only Bobby McRogue understands that he's signaling for you to act natural"

Thieve's cant isn't necessarily a language as much as it is a "code" including jargon, body language, hand signals etc.

>> No.54010062

I assume you're in a high-level campaign, right? Most DMs I know wouldn't allow that backstory unless it was a 15th-20th level game or something like that. At that point the sky's the limit as long as you have a wizard or sorcerer in the party, just be sure to talk it over with the DM because 5e isn't built to handle things like directly killing gods

>> No.54010066

I didn't expect the water to freeze. I didn't have any idea of what would/should happen, and neither did the DM. I probably wasn't going to meaningfully injure or hinder whatever ooze monster it was in there, so I didn't waste the spell slot.

The party did make me partially submerge a metal pole and cast shocking grasp on it, though.

>> No.54010104

Create a massive circle of people in the form of an arcane diagram that the monk will punch his way through single-handedly, the fallen bodies and sprays of blood cleverly arranged as a massive, interplanar crop circle to draw the attention of Baal himself. Baal, intrigued by the degree and artistry of the monk's dedication to murder, funnels himself into an avatar made of the bodies of the murdered.

At which point the monk punches the shit out of him, or something.

>> No.54010110

No. That's not character backstory those are events that happened in game. I meant as in previous events that happened in game.

>> No.54010179

I just started playing a Wu Jen Mystic in my two year running game today.. We are about lv 13 and I got a pretty good range of powers to play with. We didn't get any real combat but I had a lot of fun with non combat stuf and sneaking alongside the parties Rogue. I was glad I took Invisibility as one of my Wizard spells even though I had blindspot. I found that actual utility was pretty limited but the Wu Jens extra skills opened up room for other skill choices and made up for it a good bit.

I can't wait to see how I do in a fight come next week as well

>> No.54010225

Ask the DM if you can do a ritual to summon him like >>54010104 suggested. But unless the deities in the setting are very weak you'd probably know if he has any weaknesses you can exploit.

Maybe you can force him down to ground hallowed by the god of fertility and sap his power that way, or maybe you can bargain with an archdevil to weaken him enough that your party can kill him. If you have a high-level cleric perhaps he can blow his divine intervention to ask for advice and additional knowledge. Maybe you can go around burning his places of worship to the ground to weaken him if that's how gods work in the setting. Perhaps you can just somehow open a portal to the plane of positive energy and toss him there to soften him up. There are no guidelines for this sort of thing so you have to get creative.

>> No.54010241

Hey /tg/, I'm making a Paladin, but I'm having a hard time finding a deity that would fit the character. I want the Paladin to be more interested in smiting evil by any means necessary than protecting the innocent. Any advice on which deity would endorse this?

>> No.54010265

Heliod, God of the Sun

>> No.54010325

Maybe Silvanus, god of wild nature. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I guess he doesn't like undeads and unnatural beings.

>> No.54010332

Paladins don't need to worship any deities.

>> No.54010387

I just re-read the book and yeah, it mentions that a paladin's power can come from a commitment to justice.

That solves that problem. Thanks!

>> No.54010424
File: 206 KB, 964x828, the_great_saiyaman_by_boscha196-d58ynh1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>>Paladins power comes from commitment to justice

>> No.54010446


It depends. If it's something I expect the party to find out about before it matters, or it's somethign I don't think is going to matter if the party knows about it, i just narrate it out loud. If it's something I want the Rogue to find out without tipping the party, I write it on a notecard and pass it over to them.

>> No.54010692

How do you handle Initiative?

>> No.54010713
File: 368 KB, 1745x953, 1485846822048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone rolls initiative and goes in order highest to lowest.
Ties are broken by the higher dex mod
If same dex mod, the tie is split by coin flip

>> No.54010779

So... long story sort, because of another thread, I've kind of been challenged to come up with a PC race based on the Mares of Diomedes from Greco-Roman Mythology. How overpowered is this first draft?

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 35 feet
Vision: Normal
Bred to Run: You have Advantage on Constitution saving throws made to avoid Exhaustion from Forced Marching.
Hunter's Senses: You have Proficiency in Perception.
Powerful Build: You are treated as being one size category larger for determining your carrying, lifting, dragging, pushing and pulling capacities.
Predator's Jaws:Your fanged maw is a natural weapon, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. On a successful hit, replace the normal bludgeoning damage for an unarmed strike with 1d6 + Str modifier piercing damage.
Charnel Feast: As a bonus action, you can make a special attack with your bite. If it hits, it deals its normal damage and you gain temporary hit points equal your Con modifier (minimum of 1). After successfully using this trait, you cannot use it again until you complete a short rest or a long rest.

>> No.54010851

That's actually probably perfect. I know nothing about the race but stats wise it seems perfectly balanced.

>> No.54010865
File: 108 KB, 736x998, 1497200172152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>player constantly asks questions he could easily look up or google
>rarely pays attention to the game
>ignores npcs and pcs 90% of the time
I think I have that guy, and talking to him next time is going to suck. I get that these games aren't for everyone but it shouldn't be this hard to follow 5E.

>> No.54010912

In mythology, the Mares of Diomedes were racing horses owned by King Diomedes, granted unnatural swiftness, vitality and savagery by being fed human flesh. Hercules had to steal them as one of his Labors.

For the D&D version, the basic idea so far is that some mad wizard tried to engineer himself a superior soldier by fusing horses with wolves and then pasting it onto orcs or ogres for the humanoid frame, but he lost control and they went wild.

>> No.54011077

could be worse, I have a player in my group that gets mad when his stupid ideas get outvoted
>P1: Hey guys let's talk to this OBVIOUSLY EVIL AND BACKSTABBING thing, maybe it'll help us!
>P2: No, we aren't going to do that
>P1: It couldn't hurt to just hear it out
>P3: Yes it could, and no we aren't doing it
>P4: Yeah, we are not striking deals with fiends

>> No.54011187

At least they're taking part. I was so aghast at this guy blatantly ignoring and not humoring an old man I'm tempted to have the rumors.
>that guy insists and keeping another character's bag of holding
>thinks the bear carcass inside won't rot and get bloody as he carries out ridiculous dismemberment with it
>still thinks it'll be edible later
I'd be tempted to trade players if I could.

>> No.54011219


There is no specific ruling on that, but I would you actually have to enter the mouth of the cave and let your eyes adjust before you'd be able to see anything.

>> No.54011254

I'm having trouble making a kill requirement for demons in my setting, hell/the abyss is a less organized place and going there isn't very realistic until very end-game levels. Demons can change but generally become demons again when they are killed, and I dislike the feeling of hopelessness there is to killing something that will just come back anyway. Radiant damage is too common, a ritual is too much and I don't want to force all parties to pick a specific spell (at least not high level).

>> No.54011264

Would it cause any significant changes to have damage double on crit instead of just the damage dice?

>> No.54011333

It's like you've never heard of bounded accuracy. You don't fight high CR enemies by passing every save and dodging every attack. Instead, you get more hp and access to abilitiesto counter Fear, for example. Ancient dragons are actually more dangerous than wyrmlings.

>> No.54011391

This is true.
If you want them to level, and you do seem to, you should give them XP for completing goals that makes up the difference. Adjusted daily XP is how much they should be able to beat, but it's also how much XP that adventure should award, assuming they don't fail or chicken out and run away. XP doesn't all have to be killing monsters.

>> No.54011410

If no other back story presents itself:

You're with the party because once the Bandits hit, you're the one who sees through their disguises and ambush. You're the one who helps investigate who they might be and where they might hold up, although Ranger tracking will probably take precedence on the latter. Then you are the one who figures out who hired them and report that information to whomever will pay you.

If the rest of the Security/party is the muscle, you are the quality assurance.

>> No.54011454
File: 406 KB, 256x256, spin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been running a campaign in a homebrew setting for some time now
>introduce the first vampire to the party
>just now realized after that session that CoS exists
>also find out none of the players have run it, they just know of its existence

do i thieve it for good ideas

>> No.54011528

Next time you should pretend to be dead. Maybe you can act like the healing didn't work.

>> No.54011529

I always steal from that stuff

>> No.54011533


Needs the numbers run, but looks pretty good so far, maybe even a bit underpowered. Charnel Feast isn't giving much for a short rest.

If it were me I'd probably drop Charnel Feast entirely and let Bred to Run grant advantage to Athletics, too.That gives it a little more of a rule niche as the all-passive uber-athlete race option while freeing it up to classes/backgrounds that don't grant Athletics because picking it up seems like such a no-brainer.

>> No.54011556



>> No.54011561

I'm in the exact same situation with one of mine. He makes zero input outside of combat unless he decides to tell another player to do something OOC. In combat he just does 3 basic melee attacks and then goes back to sitting on his tablet. Half of his turns I have to re explain the layout of combat to him and remind him that the guy he attacked last turn is dead now because his group actually participate.

>> No.54011564


Welcome to 5e, friend. Around here we steal anything that isn't nailed down.

>> No.54011575

>Welcome to tabletop games

>> No.54011593

>Implying nails will stop us

>> No.54011651

>grant advantage to Athletics
Notice how no official race gives permanent ADV on a skill? Because that's fucking retarded.

>> No.54011714

They're fucking mares. As in horses. You can't even get out of this by calling out other anthropomorphic races because there's a reason behind them, like Tengu and so on. But these are just. God damn. Horses.

Fuck off to /mlp/ and don't forget your fedora.

>> No.54011719

Yes. GWM gets a ton better.

>> No.54011720

I informed our DM that when get our constitution bonus on level up since he thought it didn't add to it after level 1, should I push to make sure it gets added or would that make it look like i'm stepping on his toes? We're all pretty new to it but I don't want cons to be a almost entirely wasted stat.

>> No.54011737

Push it, you're going to get your ass kicked later on if you aren't getting your con bonuses

>> No.54011740 [DELETED] 


If you want what the official races give you, refluff the official races. If you're going to bother creating a new race, give it something to justify its existence. Since we already have official races that grant always on flight, secondary forms, reach, mini-sneak attacks, no need for sleep, fre

>> No.54011763

This. It can give proficiency, advantage in some situation, expertise in some niche, or something like powerful build if you want an effect like that.

>> No.54011769

Alright, let me word it this way.

It's hilariously powerful to give a race always on ADV for a skill. Make it ADV for checks related to running or proficiency in Athletics but free ADV just serves to make this race completely outclass any other option for a build that wants to use Athletics regularly and isn't Barbarian.

I'm fine with new mechanical options, but giving them roughly a +5 modifier to a skill doesn't make sense when you could just give proficiency.

>> No.54011779
File: 38 KB, 640x360, war on everyone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So my party managed to completely BTFO 5 wights and a vampire spawn. And now the think that they are immortal. How do I drop a reality bomb on them?
Party composition:
>lvl4 fighter (hammer and board)
>lvl4 PAM paladin
>lvl4 cleric
>lvl4 sorc
>lvl4 ranger

Do note, that I don't want to murder everyone with no chance, but an encounter that would kill a person or two if they're retarded about it would be nice.

>> No.54011793
File: 153 KB, 250x490, knightgirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /tg/, I've been thinking about creating a character that a mute knight with magical capabilities, (most likely eldritch knight). Now that is what the rest of my party will think, but in actuality, it's just a 12 year old girl that is inside this suit of armor, similar to using a mech.

At first I thought she could use a system of pullys and buttons to control it, but figured that would make no sense actually combatting and running and shit.

So now I'm thinking it has some sort of magical connection to her, either through backstory, or through some sort of spell (possibly animate object?) the more I think about this character the more I get excited, but the logistics would just be so rough.

How does the girl take damage, if the armor got hit in the head with a sword, surely she would feel nothing? For gameplay sake would this armor have to be connected to her health through some sort of magic?

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on how I can functionally create a 12 year old girl in a mech.

>> No.54011802

Mind flyer and some of his minions. Duergar or intellect devourers

>> No.54011817


If you want what the official races give you, refluff the official races. If you're going to bother creating a new race, give it something to justify its existence. Since we already have official races that grant always on flight, secondary forms, reach, mini-sneak attacks, no need for sleep, free cantrips, different rules on hiding, invisibility, a disguise self that alters height, free death saves, enhanced crits, feats, new armor calculations, double speed, HP max damage, and a whole host of formally enemy-only benefits, it's not that weird considering it's the only that's going to set it apart from the pack.

If you're terrified at the possibility that wild, unchecked athletics rolls are going to damage your game to the point of unplayability, you could drop it to proficiency instead which pretty much just turns it into a faster but squishier goliath. But at that point, just play a goliath.

>> No.54011828

in terms of story
>the church of the Elder God sends his hitsquad to avenge the attack on cities by the undead
>a person who orchestrated it is a leader of the most powerful vampire clan on the continent.
>this vampire clan rules the trading hubs on the western coast

>> No.54011833

5% chance to do an extra 10 damage, average 0.5 damage. With advantage it's twice that, but otherwise there aren't a lot of way to autocrit or similar to take advantage of it. Champion is shit anyway so expanded crit range doesn't really matter. Dual wielder feat is bad anyway, shield master is easy to buff if it creates a gap there (reaction to get full Evasion instead of only half of it, using the reaction benefits everyone that gain cover from you against the effect, +shield AC to all dex saves instead of just single target ones etc.), PAM is already the best one and on medium-high levels you'll usually get GWM with PAM anyway, SS benefits similarly and XBX is shit like DW except in specific builds.

>> No.54011842

This is better then Goliath in every way, Goliaths suck mechanically.

>> No.54011863

Best race for Arcana Cleric other then V.Human?

>> No.54011867

Hmmm who could be behind this post

>> No.54011883

What are some good names and more-so, titles, for great old ones? E.g. Haposid the governor of dreams, Caarniss the sovereign of magic, or more traditional ones like Hastur the whisperer in darkness, Azathoth the daemon sultan.

>> No.54011892

Milestones are shit as they don't reward players doing anything outside of the GM's railroad and don't give players any clear idea of how to progress.

If you actually use the XP system as written then progress is well paced and enjoyable. Our party is level 3 after 5 short (2-3 hour) sessions.

Unfortunately most GM's feel they don't need to read the game rules as they already know everything then wonder why everything turns out like shit.

>> No.54011900


corrected post > >>54011817

Proficiency is safe enough, but at that point I think it just turns it into a goliath sub-class. I think making it the only class that gets advantage on a roll gives it a niche and making that athletics both reinforces the existing traits and gives it some combat utility but only for a usually underpowered sub-system.

The more I look at what it does to Sentinel/Shield Master builds, though, the less I like it.

Dropping it back down to proficiency is probably the right play, but then what un-goliaths it?

>> No.54011910

This >>54010006 is accurate. Another thing you could do is not mention that only Bobby understands, but just slip him a note. Your players will probably get that it's thieves' cant but their characters won't, and unless Bobby reads the note out loud they won't know what's on it.

That said, I find it bizarre that all rogues happen to know the same thieves' cant, no matter what group they belong to.

>> No.54011911

5 Phase spiders.
Set them up in a cool arena with lots of weird surfaces + webs. (This will really give the spiders an advantage, they can move freely across all surfaces and webs).
There's a hole in the ceiling that leads to the spider nest, and 1d4 reinforcements (also phase spiders) can emerge from the nest if the battle is going too smoothly for the players.

Any treasure you wish to share (such as magical gear on a dead knight) should be in the nest.
If the players are still fresh faced add a phase spider mother with 3x HP and +2 to hit and poison DC.

>Things the players can do
If they want to cut down a web, they need to succeed on an investigation roll and cut 2-3 thick strings.

The webs don't burn very well but it might be possible anyways.

They could always retreat back to a narrow tunnel.

Finding a way to move freely around is also vital for the players, as is dealing with phase shifting spiders (in the astral plane).

>> No.54011920

Yes you obviously reward XP. They overcame the monsters they just didn't do it with a sword.

Unless you want to play a pure miniature wargame you need to reward out of combat thinking.

>> No.54011935

There's only so much bloat you can make before races take one of two paths, either power bloat or sort of samey feeling abilities. Personally I much prefer the later because it at least gives people more then 1 option if they want those abilities.

>> No.54011941

>father was eldrich knight
>retires after bad battle
>wanted to raise his daughter in a non violent profession
>some kind of meanie curses the girl and the father's suit, infusing them
>father goes out to hunt down the baddie to end the curse (we don't know if he succeeded)
>a year later the girl decided to go out and help her father, despite the wishes of her mother

>> No.54011958

I actually stole the mechanics for Charnel Feast from the lizardfolk's Hungry Jaws feature. Plus, it fits better, given the Diomedians are supposed to be man-eaters in much the same way as their inspirations were - that's partly why they gravitate towards the mercenary role.

Well, there's at least one Lovecraft wiki that might help. For more direct plundering, these are the GOOs from Pathfinder's Strange Aeons path:

Abhoth, Source of Uncleanness
Atlach-Nacha, The Void Weaver
Azathoth, The Daemon Sultan
Bokrug, The Water Lizard
Chaugnar Faugn, The Horror From The Hills
Cthulhu, The Dreamer In The Deep
Ghatanothoa, The Eternal Source
Hastur, The King In Yellow
Ithaqua, The Wind Walker
Mhar, The World Thunder
Mordiggian, The Charnel God
Nhimbaloth, The Empty Death
Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos
Orgesh, The Faceless God
Rhan-Tegoth, Herald Of The End Times
Shub-Niggurath, Black Goat Of The Woods
Tsathoggua, Father Of Night
Xhamen-Dor, The Inmost Blot
Yig, Father Of Serpents
Yog-Sothoth, The Key And The Gate

>> No.54011962

>going to set it apart from the pack.
Except Minotaur does natural attack and ADV on Shoves already. So now it's just a faster but less strong Minotaur.

>> No.54011980

Thanks, that's quite helpful. I just looked up the individual ones on a lovecraft wiki but it wasn't very effective.

>> No.54011984


Yeah, the existing races are already looking rather overstuffed. There's not a lot of gaps left to fill.

>> No.54011989

Since the two are magically bound in a way that allows her to feel things through the suit, damage to the suit causes her mental damage as feedback. Its damped by the powers of the suit but enough abuse will lead to headaches, unconsciousness, and eventually coma/death.

>> No.54012016

There's a few places noticeably missing. Another +2 INT race, another +2 WIS, someone with Magic Resistance who isn't a caster race...

Really I feel like they should try more +1/+1/+1 Races and at least mix the stats.

>> No.54012025


Shit, good point. Way too much overlap there.

>> No.54012032

very great idea here, can you explain more what you mean by infuse? is she allowed to exit the suit in this scenario, is she just a suit of armor?
this is so fucking smart I would have never thought of this

>> No.54012039

The PF Wiki may have more titles for GOOs amongst its pages too, since they feature multiple of them so far.

I don't know if these would "count" for you, but there were also the Lovecraftian "Malign Stars" in 4e - Dragon #366's "Wish Upon A Star" names these amongst their ranks, although there's no titles I can recall off the top of my head:

Acamar: Acamar is a corpse star whose motions and behemoth size send celestial objects that draw too close spiraling to their doom.

Caiphon: This purple star is usually on the horizon. It has the guise of a helpful guide star, but sometimes betrays those who rely upon it.

Delban: An ice-white star often visible only during winter, Delban might surprise the star-gazer with an impromptu flare during any season.

Gibbeth: Better not to write or think overlong on
this greenish point in the sky.

Hadar: Hadar is the extinguished cinder of a star lurking within the cloaking nebula of Ihbar.
Ihbar: A dark nebula between stars, Ihbar is
slowly expanding and eating the light of neighboring constellations.

Khirad: A piercing blue star, Khirad’s radiance
sometimes reveals secrets and gruesome insights.

Nihal: Nihal is a reddish star that writhes around the position it should hold in the heavens.

Ulban: Ulban’s blue-white light disrupts cognition and the ability to recognize danger.

Zhudun: Another corpse star, Zhudun is historically described as shining a baleful light over the Ruined Realm of Cendriane in the Feywild before its fall.

>> No.54012071

You're literally breaking an established restriction to racial traits to make it special, that's not on the same level as actual unique racial traits like lucky, hidden step, stone's endurance, save face etc. This is less interesting and just comes across as homebrew snowflake syndrome. Advantage is situational, proficiency in general, with very few exceptions and none IIRC when it comes to the advantage part of it.

Mechanically too, advantage at-will on a broad range of rolls like all of a certain skill, is undesirable for several reasons. Mostly I'd say that it messes up the maths and is way too strong for a racial ability since it increases your maximum (play or just dip rogue/bard and you have +9 athletics with always-on advantage level 5) compared to proficiency (which doesn't stack, so a racial proficiency means more breadth rather than depth), and the fact that advantage should be rare so that different sources of it don't overlap too much. This is both because of class features, and because the GM should also be able to reward fictional positioning, inspiration should have an impact and so on. It's why flanking is generally considered a bad optional rule.

>> No.54012100

Lizardfolk Druid or Aasimar Cleric?

>> No.54012102

Lizardfolk Druid, my man.

>> No.54012114

Slight correction; according to Dragon #381, Ulban is also known as "The Messenger", due to its nature as the last surviving intelligence after the end of the universe, come back in time to avert the end of all things.

Meanwhile, in the MM3, Nihal is known as the Serpent Star, for both its winding orbit and the fact it's apparently made of all-devouring serpents of starlight.

Likewise, Allabar is known as the Opener of the Way, because it has unique powers in bringing both aberrations and starspawn to plague the mortal world..

>> No.54012137

Portly lich: a skeleton whose robes fit like they would on a fat fleshy person with nothing actually underneath them, or simply a Skeletor-like skull-headed corpse creature?

>> No.54012144


These are all solid points and I have come to agree with your point of view.

>> No.54012197

Well, Fighters have the luxury of being able to do any kind of martial class well. Barbarians really only work with STR-based weapons, so finesse or ranged builds don't work with them. If you want to be a ranged archerman (and don't care much about the nature stuff) you're probably better off as a Fighter than a Ranger.

They also get more feats, which are extremely powerful in 5e. You could reliably go PAM/GWM by level 6 without even needing to go Variant Human, which the Barbarian has to wait for until level 8. You can add some extra utility with a feat like Alert or Observant or the heavy armor feat, or you can just pump up 2-3 of your ability scores to 20. Actually, the feats/ASIs are far more useful than most things the Barb gets after level 6.

That said, I don't see much point of going Champion Fighter over Barbarian. Barbarian does almost the same thing with much better flavor, and does the whole "physical perfection" thing much better.

>> No.54012199

I'd just give that to a paladin in plate or some shit, seems like a cool fluff thing for a holy warrior to have, and they suck in sneak anyways

>> No.54012233

If anybody else wields it, its just a normal shortsword. Its "bonded" to him as part of the curse.

>> No.54012283

ask the sword its feelings

Giving up your entire playstyle is something DMs should be avoiding forcing their players to do.

>> No.54012373

i'd just stop trying to hide while using the sword. you'll be able to get sneak attack off most of the time without stealth and if stealth is important, you probably don't need a +2 sword immediately. have someone else hold the sword until it's actually worth using.

>> No.54012387

Lizardfolk Monk 1/Ranger X. Is this a good idea?

>> No.54012389

maybe they cant kill but trap them, could be a cool setting if in your next camp there's a group of evil adventurers going around releasing the demons for powers and shit, and your pcs have to stop them and reseal the demons.

>> No.54012391

So I suggested to my friends that I run Curse of Strahd for them, but they're all kind of new so I'm not sure if they'll remain interested until the end. Is it acceptable to just start with the Tarokka reading and Death House, and then continue from there if the interest remains? And is there anything I should know from the full adventure that I should incorporate, to keep them motivated for the rest of the game?

>> No.54012411

it lasts a whole hour so despite the action cast time, you can cast it before rushing into a fight and for a spell slot it's free HP and lets you save your hit dice. also free damage when you are hit. helps get rid of weaker mooks who just aimlessly attack you.

>> No.54012413

Does anybody have a download link to the "Dungeon Painter Studio"?

I am poor and cannot buy it right now, but would like to use it for my dungeons.

>> No.54012439

Is there any class that uses knight armor and greatswords while also casting spells besides the eldritch knight? The eldritch knight doesn't seem too amazing.

>> No.54012457

sounds fine enough honestly. a second level could be nice for the ki point options. step of the wind seems particularly useful for mobility and flurry could be nice in melee. unarmored movement is nice too. a third level might be worth it but you'd be delaying your ranger progression by a good bit.
EK is pretty great if you can use sword coast cantrips and the campaign gets to level 7. before level 7, the shield+absorb elements spam makes tanking easy.

besides that your best bet is either cleric, paladin, or hexblade

>> No.54012465

oh, I incorrectly assumed he meant he attuned to it .
Maybe try to get a sheath of darkness or something then from the DM, or keep it in a bag of holding to stop the light from fucking up your sneak, then draw it after you've been spotted

>> No.54012486

The online variant works pretty well to be honest.

>> No.54012494

The assets are low res and a lot of the features are missing, which is fair that the creator did a damn good job and wants to sell his product, but I just can't afford it right now.

I'm one of those people that buy the games they pirate once they have the money even if they don't play them anymore at that point.

>> No.54012529

If you know how to pirate games then you know where to look for Dungeon Painter Studio. Not a lot of the pirate sources have up-to-date versions, though, as far as I'm aware. Too niche to bother with cracking, I suppose.

I'm not sure what it is exactly you're looking for in a mapping program, but maybe check out tiled, as it's actually free. Not as full of features, but if you can find/make your own assets it might work for you.

>> No.54012587

>grave cleric
>"To resist death... is an abomination."
>first spell is False Life to necromantically keep people alive
>Also gets Gentle Repose to halt the natural decaying process


>> No.54012602

I'd say that's essentially the same as just banishing them/summoning them from hell though, in the setting they still need to rebuild their bodies if they are killed so it's a temporary thing, and getting into the material plane again isn't going to be easy, similar to an entrapment. Of course you could use more powerful magic to trap them better, but if it's something that can be solved with lower level magic than what can summon demons, there's not much point.

>> No.54012614

I can't find it anywhere, sadly. I'm not that great at pirating games. I just got my two or three basic places to go and then I don't know what to do.

Nevermind, I'll do without.

>> No.54012628


>> No.54012637

"Balance of life/death" and similar things has never made much sense, in some sense it means they cannot interact at all with anything, and even if don't go that far healing as a whole would surely be against that principle.

>> No.54012658

Find another god to back you up on killing him.

You might be able to beat an avatar of a Power, if you're really, REALLY good, but I seriously doubt that a mortal is going to be able to kill a Power unless they have divine backing of their own, perhaps even divine blood or near-deific status. Bhaal isn't a weak god, either.

>> No.54012662


But in all reality that sounds exactly like Alphonse

>> No.54012718

quick question, since I don't have the PH with me right now

can it be a assumed that a critical hit is also automatically a hit?

for example, a character with improved critical and 19str rolls a 19 against a 25AC monster

>> No.54012728

Yes, just as a natural 1 is a miss, even if the modifiers/bonuses add up over the target's AC.

>> No.54012752

give me good ideas for spells from magical secrets to take for a valor bard

>attack cantrip (poison spray because close combat, eldritch blast because obvious)
>guiding bolt

>> No.54012807

Swift quiver. Become the best archer in the game.

>> No.54012859

sorry, I'm l'm know as the "honorable hand to hand combat!" shitposter of the group

>> No.54012873

Looks at the Paladin and Ranger only level 5 spells. Those will always be powerful picks.

>> No.54012878

RAW the answer is no (the PHB only says that a 20 is an auto-hit I believe), but Crawford said that it is:


>> No.54013020

>use milestones in a sandbox campaign
>party live there for ten years fucking about at level 1

XP works as long as you hand it out relatively generously and don't make it just for being a murderhobo.

>> No.54013202

What do you think of AL?

>> No.54013253

Al has been a good friend of mine for ages. He's getting married in August and I'm super happy for him.

>> No.54013300

>all that #pride shit on the dnd twitter accounts

>> No.54013342

But 19+4+2 is 25

>> No.54013393

>one attack per turn
>no weapon feats
>no fighting style
Shield for 2 ac or two hander for 2.5 more damage per attack?

>> No.54013445

Both are good, neither fighting styles are really necessary. DW is just bad without any synergy and/or the fighting style, S&B and 2H both start off strong and get better with feats by about as much, and polearm relies too much on its feat in this context.

>> No.54013456

If Dex take CBE for a bonus attack with a hand crossbow.

>> No.54013466

Ah, just reread "no weapon feats".

I suppose id do whatever gives the most AC then.

>> No.54013481


oh god, you made me realize that I had been neglecting to add proficiency to attack rolls

>> No.54013490

there are no cases of proficiency bonus being added to damage, right?

>> No.54013508

Think the only case is beast conclave pets

>> No.54013510

Anybody want me to upload this?

I did buy it eventually now.

>> No.54013538

Tempest is my personal favorite domain. I play one in Al and they are strong as fuck. Heavy armour, shield, lots of hp, and it's nice to have a bonus action heal to get knocked out peeps back on their feet

>> No.54013577

Have you played a Chaotic Evil character before?

>> No.54013609

No one would complain.

>> No.54013616

I did a CE Revenant Oathbreaker once, they were perfectly reasonable (however extremely impatient and surly) in town to anyone unrelated to his death but went full genocide on cultists related to his death.

Remember that CE doesn't mean "kicks puppies for fun", but "acts entirely on emotion/bloodlust/greed".
In fact its a thin line between CE and CN imo.

The trouble with RPing him isn't being CE, its being a Revenant. A Revenant shouldn't be willing to sit around in town and do side quests when they could be going after their target.

>> No.54013643

What's the least bullshitty way to have a powerful enemy take an item away from my players?

It's a plot item that allows them to open a portal to the source code of the plane they're on, and it has towers which support the structure of the main plane. Each tower culminates in a powerful weapon, but when they take it away, they damage the structure of the plane, and once they're all taken, the whole plane falls apart (and the "main" quest of the sandbox goes into the endgame).

So far they've done 1 tower and we stopped the session halfway through the next one, and there are five in total. Once they get back to the main plane after this one, I want a dragon (in human form) who guards the plane to take the item away, and prompt a questline where they have to track him down to get it back, but I don't want them to feel cheated out of the item mechanically.

Any ideas?

>> No.54013697

New thread:

>> No.54013828

Slightly modified from an existing list. Tell your players there are no bad answers, only answers that don't fit the game you're looking to run. That's a lie, there are bad answers to question 15.
>1: When and how often should permanent PC death happen?
>2: What's the main appeal of a RPG to you? (Exploration, battle and challenges, investigation, political intrigue, immersion, character interaction and development, sitting at a table with cool people IRL...)
>3: Do you prefer to make up your own objectives or follow the GM/other players' suggestions?
>4: Are you content to stay on the rails if the GM promises they're headed to Funville?
>5: Are you OK with ethical dilemmas, grey morality and real world social issues, or do you play to relax and not worry about who's actually good or bad?
>6: Are you fine with grim settings and unhappy endings? Or would you rather have something more noble?
>7: Do you want to begin at the bottom and go from there, or start as a big damn hero/villan?
>8: Should the GM focus on small details like rations, ammo, inventory space, light sources, etc. ?
>9: What kind of pacing are you looking for, slow or fast? Do you like spending a session doing a single thing in detail? (Planning, dungeon delving, talking to NPCs, visiting a town)
>10: How serious vs. lighthearted should the game's tone be? (Give me percentages: 100/0, 50/50, 0/100, anything in between)
>11: How do you stand on horror? Keep in mind if you want a horror campaign, only you can let yourself be scared unless I pull dirty tricks.
>12: How do you feel about PvP? Should a fellow player ever be allowed to rob you or attack you? If yes, in which circumstances?
>13: In a similar vein. Traitors and spies for the bad guy in the party: Yes or no?
>14: And while we're at it: do you like to play evil characters? What are they like?
>15: What do you do when it's not your turn in a game?

>> No.54014062


How I'd answer these as a forever GM

Player death should happen whenever the game rules dictate they should happen. Therefore if playing 5E by RAW this should be fairly infrequent beyond lower levels due to the safety nets the system provides.


Emergent gameplay. I feel at their best RPGs provide a framework to tackle the myriad of potential situations that can occur in a myriad of different ways. I like playing to find out what happens via my, the other players and the NPC's actions as well as what the games rules and dice dictate.


I much prefer to make up my own objectives with the group and see where that leads us than follow a set plot.


No I would very rarely find a railroad fun to play beyond a straight 'saturday night, one shot dungeon crawl’ type thing.

Yes I find grey choices add an interesting element to player choice, roleplay and decisions as well as MPC motivations. With the caveat that it's okay for things to be black and white sometimes as constant moral dilemmas can be draining.

>6: Are you fine with grim settings and unhappy endings? Or would you rather have something more noble?

Yes I’m happy to play in a grim setting more so.than a noble one. Though naturally I'd want to know the tone of the game at the start so I can make a character that would fit.
I question what's meant by an unhappy ending as I've noted above I wouldn't enjoy playing in a game with a predetermined outcome.


I prefer to start at the bottom and go from there in order to have some time in-game to flesh out my character.

>> No.54014074



Yes I find small details like that lead to interesting choices and decision making which is always good. Though I'm aware a lot of groups and GM's don't enjoy tracking it so it's no deal-breaker.


I enjoy a fairly slow pace as I feel it allows more time for roleplay to occur, characters to be fleshed out and for the little details and choices to mount together to create interesting situations. I do however like a mix of things to happen within a session.




I really enjoy the idea of a horror game but I'm aware it's one of the most difficult to run as everybody needs to be able to invest.

>12: How do you feel about PvP? Should a fellow player ever be allowed to rob you or attack you? If yes, in which circumstances?

I don't feel D&D is well suited for PVP and would prefer it wasn't part of the game. I think there's an unwritten agreement between players that it's a team game and everybody needs to get along for the sake of it to work. It can be maturely handled but I have rarely witnessed this.


Yes if well thought out between the player and GM before with enough clues sprinkled around for the other players to work out and with the condition that if they do the traitor players character can leave the group.


Yes if the group is on board to do so as well and you have an 'evil’ party usually being bossed around by some Uber level evil npc like a Lich. Though from what I've experienced most players are reluctant to actually be evil. - for example retreating to.leave the rest of the group behind or backstabbing party members for loot. Again it breaks the unwritten social compact of the game and so is difficult to actually run well.


I browse my phone and sigh loudly occasionally. /S

I patiently wait my turn , listening to what is happening and interjecting briefly in character if I feel it's appropriate.

>> No.54014087

Gentle repose prevents the target from being made into an undead and false life won't help if you're already dying (not that you cast it then, but you get the idea.) Seems like you complain about Cure Wounds here.

>> No.54014707
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>> No.54014772

LMOP pits players against 4 drunk bandits at one point. The adventure says to handle them as if they're poisoned.

Take blank sheet of paper
Write 30 at the top
Zero at the bottom
Everybody rolls
Write names and results higher or lower depending on the roll (you have to eyeball it)
Add monster HP

>> No.54015314

necromancer does with their zombies and skellies.

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