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Have you ever played bronze age era game?

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Yes. And in a different game and GM, a stone/ice age era game.

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What stats would you give a chariot?

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>be Mykean
>live on a cozy island with a hot wife
>wine is good and women walk with their tits out
>one day they come
>barbarians from nowhere
>they slaughter us with their steel weapons and huge numbers
>they can't be bribed, they kill everybody, raze or cities and salt them
Is it me or is the fall of the late bronze era a wonderful postapocalyptic setting?

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Oh perfectly. One of my ideas for Call of Cthulhu is that the Bronze Age Collapse was caused by the stars becoming right.

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You also thought of mixing lovecraftiana and ancient Greece? My take was this:

>Greek Fantasy Tips and Resources
>The Bronze Age collapse and the subsequent dark age is an almost unbelievable but real apocalyptic event. There are good theories, but much remains unexplained. The Sea Peoples, who were they? Where did they came from? These raiders of horned helmets and swift ships (quite the viking stereotype) are a blank in the history of the world. One known thing is that they razed all known civilizations, except for the phoenicians. These prodigal sailors and worshippers of Dagon were untouched and even prospered afterwards. "Sea People" being respectful to worshippers of "Dagon", need I say more?

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Yeah. Obviously the reason why the Egyptians were able to survive intact was due to the worship of the Black Pharaoh.

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I hadn't though of that... Good one anon.

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More ancient times cute girls please.

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No, which is why I'm building one inspired by the late neolithic/early bronze age.

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I ran a game of bronze age Mesopotamian city-states using the REIGN system. More of a PBEM strategy game than a traditional tabletop.

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