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Why does Medieval art always have time-traveling knights and nobles assaulting Jesus.

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Medieval artists had no idea what the ancients actually wore and tended to always depict any biblical scenes in contemporary armor and clothing.

Pic related is Charlemagne for example.

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They knew, or at least had a good idea, it was more stylistic than anything.

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Some of the best-equipped, most ferocious religious knights in Europe


A collection of drunken Slavs, Baltic pagans, and literal Muslims

The winner may surprise you...

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This is way too well-armoured to be medieval.

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Thank you for the dump.

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If you want anything specific, just let me know.

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not surprising, slavs had numbers, climate, and homefield advantage (or whatever) on their side

also the teutons were just another in a long series of people to learn not to take on russia in winter

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>Thank you for the dump.

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Teutons were retards who though fighting on frozen water with ~several hundred/1k+ pound horses with riders wearing 40 or so pounds of armor was a brilliant idea.

I don't understand their popularity at all, especially when the Knights of Saint John kicked more ass and didn't act like teamkilling cunts.

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this legitimately hurts my eyes to look at.

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Well that's fine. Doubly so because the badass elephant gets the guy with a gun.

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Verily, This fellow here is winding up his 'secret technique'.

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I kek'd mightily.

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This image is on every God damn thread on this board
stop reminding me of this game

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I just wanna take a big bow and a quiver full of bodkins and see how long that guy lives.

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>After this a second messenger came into announce that the enemy had commenced their march, whereupon the Sultan ordered his drum to beat, and mounted at the head of his cavalry. He then set out, and I accompanied him close up to the army of the Franks, when he formed his troops in line round the enemy, and gave the signal for battle. The marksmen were posted in front, and the arrows shot by both sides fell thick as rain. The enemy had already formed in order of battle; the infantry, drawn up in front of the cavalry, stood firm as a wall, and every foot-soldier wore a vest of thick felt and a coat of mail so dense and strong that our arrows made no impression on them. They shot at us with their great arbalists, wounding the Moslem horses and their riders. I saw some (of the Frank foot-soldiers) with from one to ten arrows sticking in them, and still advancing at their ordinary pace without leaving the ranks.
>-Bahā'al-Dīn, "The Life of Saladin" (Ch. CXVII)

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" He furnished them abundantly with arrows and exhorted them not to use them sparingly, but to shoot at the horses rather than at the Franks. For he knew that the Franks were difficult to wound, or rather, practically invulnerable, thanks to their breastplates and coats of mail. Therefore he considered shooting at them useless and quite senseless. For the Frankish weapon of defence is this coat of mail, ring plaited into ring, and the iron fabric is such excellent iron that it repels arrows and keeps the wearer's skin unhurt." The Alexiad, Book XIII, Chapter VIII

And good old Baha Al-Din would have been my second choice of passage, the imagery is great.

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I do repeat, if you want something specific just ask. I probably have it or can find it.

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cataphracts or any kind of heavy armoured cavalry where horse is also armoured

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Nice, thanks m8

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It was never very common, but Franks in the High Middle Ages also used maille caparisons as seen in this English manuscript from the mid-13thC.

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Horse armor in general was more of an Eastern-European/Eurasian thing. Any horse armor in the west was considered "heavy" and the typical armor used was simple padding or just a heraldic sheet.

It's a mistake to call Knights, at least in their early/high iterations, as heavy cavalry. That belonged to the Romans and their Cataphracts which were armored like tanks and would briskly trot into the enemy, beating them over the head with mauls or impaling them on lances (which weren't so much used for couched charges as thrusting).

Meanwhile the Knight was specifically shock cavalry. Their horses were fast and they were supposed to slam into an enemy unit and then either run down the broken remnants, or retreat and form up for another charge if they didn't break.

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From the same manuscript is a nice little image of a fully mailled knight using a crossbow while mounted. We have plenty of evidence of mounted crossbow use but for a variety of reasons in the popular imagination only mongols get horse archers.

Try not to think too hard about the physics of how he can hold the stock flat but the limbs vertical as on a regular bow. Medieval art could be strange like that.

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World needs more tacticool Knights. During the Third Crusade King Richard basically assembled a modern rifle commando team of knights with arbalests for urban warfare which proceeded to scythe down Saracens.

>tfw King John murders Arthur of Brittany, denying England of King Arthur

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I need a backstory on apple knight.

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My God, someone actually tried to make the back-lacing chausses.

I'm getting weird sensations from looking at an image of authentic kit.

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His name is Sir John Appleseed

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If you think that's intensive work you should see this.

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>the DMPC with the PC's

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>Believing the frozen water meme

Good job, tovarish, only we Russians write our history without bias. Of course, no other source confirms our epic chronic's account, but why wouldn't you believe the Russian?

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Considering the Teutonics also attempted to seize the land they were supposed to claim for Poland, we're not talking about the sharpest knives in the drawer. Or how they attacked Catholics when they were supposed to be conquering and converting pagans.

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Time for super slavs with super wallets reenactment.

How the hell do you even get this kind of money in Eastern Europe?

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of all varieties.

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Nah, that's merely a cool-looking kit from a period I don't portray (Sassanid?).

It's pretty to be sure, but it does not produce the same tingles as someone else caring enough to make/fit riveted laced chausses- a detail few reenactors of the relevant period know about and even fewer care. In the rare case chausses are worn it is always the later style of complete leggings which are far, far simpler to make and wear. The guys kit is not very showy but there is a real attention to detail, and that is worth 50 ill-fitting gilded breastplates.

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I was talking about the individually strapped manica.

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I have back lacing chausses, not as early as that guys kit, thankfully you don't have to undo em and redo em every time you put em on

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>fuckhueg 'kill-me' button on the back of the helmet
does this have an explanation?

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Oh yes, I had missed that. Pretty cool.

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I think they have a screw that locks them into place
Don't know why you get one of those of dueling though since it'll be harder to get out of your helmet when you have trouble breathing

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I wish surcoats had survived the plate era

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They did
French knights wore full on dresses attached to their surcoats called bases

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That's an armet rondel. We actually don't know what they were really used for, they pop up for like 20 years then vanish again. To my knowledge they either were meant as ablative armor over the spine/neck (armets are some of the most form-fitting helmets of the european lot) or meant to secure the wrapper to.

Another fun fact about Armets, they have early origins. They seem to appear just at the turn of the century (1400) and existed alongside bascinets for a while.

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Any knights with a middle-eastern/ asia minor flair?

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Deviating into fiction, but I fucking love Imperial and Bretonnian Knights. Such a good fusion of fantasy and reality.

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So Romans.

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>Medieval characters trapped in the modern times have to try and figure out how to survive in this weird time

Fund it

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So what are these slavic Osprey knock-offs anyway?

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No idea actually. I'll let you know my secret for sources if you want.

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I'll be out for a walk but when I come back, fantastic 13th century kits.

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Does early 14th count?
Post that

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This really just goes to show what about 4 decades of technological progress.

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Hark anon, Sir 2Chainz approacheth.

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Oddly those chains to secure weapons appear quite a bit on coat of plates in the mid to late 14th century but then vanish altogether later on. I have no idea why exactly, although IMO probably because people realized you could use them to grapple.

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Das bump

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thread good

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The fuck's wrong with his hand?

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It's actually the arm being drawn wholly wrong and the forearm stretching and bending more than it should.

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This is a useful thread for my medieval choose your own adventure series.


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>That guy runing with a basket one him.
Jesus fuck why I'm laughing so hard.

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Probably a lot more than you would think, at around 10th-11th century the mail was of very high quality, and at around 13th century even horses started to get armoured big deal, specially when fighting armies with lots of archers.

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Give me a pdf of this comic now or I stab him.

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It's only in Spanish desu, the art isn't bad apart of some minor, nit picking details (the Spanish shields tended to end rounded, not pointed etc), but it's good fun.

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I can post some more pages too, without much dialoge.

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Some of the faces are meme worthy too.

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>I don't understand their popularity at all,
Nazi worship by proxy?

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Aw yeah, Celts

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Probably. Either that or people assmad about Slavs in general.

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I got some

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Eb-dee eb-dee eb-dee ebdee That's All Folks

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