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A bizzare setting where being a Knight is like being a cartoon Luchadore. You are more than a mortal. You're either a superhero or a supervillain.
Every knight has a theme and a helmet that become his entire being. He never takes his helmet off, no matter what. The moment he does, It's over. He stops being a knight forever.
There is a knight academy and shit. There are knight powers, related to the knight's theme.

And there's the Mask Knight. An evil, evil Knight with his helmet looking like a venecian mask. He is able to put a replica helmet of other knights and assume their identity.
And every time we are close to catching that motherfucker, he dramatically throws his fake helmet away and we are somehow obligated to shout "MASK KNIGHT! RAAAH!" every single goddamn time.

Talk to me about weird habits and other dumb stuff your groups do

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inb4 a million autists screeching WHERE'S THE -PUNK RAAAA at you

Still I can dig it. I don't know if i'd say knights should NEVER take off their helmets, but the idea of knights being the literal embodiment of ideals powered by mystic forces beyond their understanding is cool.

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So a western parody of kamen rider?
Power Rangers billionaire Saban would sue to hell out of you if you try to monetize the idea though.

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wasn't there a cartoon about this with a football team or something?

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Saban owns Sentai, not Kamen Rider.

Op's idea is strictly Tokatsu
Yes. Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

It had a badass OP theme and not much else

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I guess, except you stay in the armor at all times. Eating, taking shower, visiting your mom, everything.
This shit is not very serious.

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>-punk-suffixed genre conventions

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I can dig it OP. If you can find a group that'll ham it up and embrace the insanity it'd probably be alot of fun.
I did a High Fantasy WWE / Luchadore game way back in the day, it was retarded as fuck but it was awesome. Every fight was settled in the ring, the PCs and major NPCs all had signature moves. The campaign ended with R'lyeh rising from the depths in the shape of a giant arena, and the PCs having a tag team match against the Great Old Ones for the fate of the planet.
Like I said, it was retarded.

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>misusing ugh


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So mystic knights of tir na nog?

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Shovel Knight

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but slightly less gay yes

Though IIRC power rangers already did this with Mystic Force

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It kind of makes me wonder how well modern athletes would do against medieval knights.

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But, if the never take the helmets of...
How do they eat?

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Riot Knight!
Blinding flash:
Riot knights shield blasts out light and blinds the opposition for a while

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Justice is its own reward.
And sustenance.

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They survive off of justice!
And evil acts...
But mostly justice!
Owl knight!
Parliament of owls:
Owl knight gathers all owls in a 3 mile area to attack a target.

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Knight powers

Also, Beast Knight.
Knight power: Beast Tackle, a supreme counter attack sending back even the heaviest Knights

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So as long as they keep up the act, they're magically sustained? I can dig it.

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So Shovel Knight?

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Ghostly knight!
The Zone
Ghostly knight seems to collapse in on himself and enters a place known only as The zone.
The zone is a perfect replica of our world and even tracks the movement of people in our world however, ghostly knight is intangible and invisible to us.
He can only stay in The zone for 3 minutes.

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>No helmet
Shit man, what're you doing

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>no helmet

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Beast Trainer Knight!
Beast Trainer
Any and all animal's obey her without a second thought

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>Not wearing an extremely realistic mask and baffling your opponents by somehow keeping your powers even though you have 'no helmet'

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Vibration Blade Knight
Vibration Blade
His uses his claws and scratches his shortsword causing it to vibrate to fast that it can cut through next to anything.

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Robot Knight
Hacker of the century
Robot Knight can bust through any online defense.
You dudes enjoying this?

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Weaboo knight
Glorious Nippon Steel
His Katana somehow never breaks.

He also constantly talks about anime and browses /r9k/ but those aren't extra powers he's just a weeb.

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He's invisible.
Very, very loud and clanky though.

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>Can´t un-unsee

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would be perfect in a battle, at best the enemy cant distinguish the inviso-noise from regular battle, or it'd make some keen warrior look to the left and see nothing, just to be stabbed by a friend of yours

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I remember that cartoon! And I remember a single line from it, one of the bad guys chewing out his minion.

"How could you be defeated by a mere sword? It's made of steel! You're made of stone! Stone crushes steel!"

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Why isn't this setting called Knight Fight Night?

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Perhaps they are entombed inside the armour, which is why taking their helmet off kills them. You could compare them to Rubric marines, but with sentience and actual bodies.

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>inb4 a million autists screeching WHERE'S THE -PUNK RAAAA at you

Knights are used as ambient power sources. Having a couple of them holler at each other bleeds enough energy to run a host of war machines.

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Posting some Knights.

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How do you become a knight?

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but that's the least scary knight in the thread.

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I mean, (s)he only killed like, three gods in-universe? Lowercase g gods but still.

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Are humans animals in this setting?

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Radical Knight!
Power: Montage, the knight can create a music video to instantly learn a skill or complete a task.

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I love this comic
Dr McNinja is probably one of the best things ever

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They could stack up physically. Honestly they'd probably be in better shape, but mentality and experience would lead me to bet on the knight. That dude has been raised to kill people since he was small, the athlete wasn't.

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I keep hearing good things, but it seems way too lolrandom. Is there order to the chaos I've seen?

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I have a few knights

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That's about it

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Any Greek/byzantine looking knight?

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Just Fight Knight sounds a lot better desu

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I've been thinking of running a knightly game. Muh setting is basically not!Iceland in the immediate aftermath of not!Rome's withdrawal. The PCs are basically wandering monks who keep the spirits of the indigenous religion happy.

I've been mulling over a "what if" spinoff some 300 years in the future wherein the PCs are not!Roman knights questing across the land to subdue the native spirituality as it is slowly supplanted by that of not!Rome, probably culminating in the murder of the old gods and the implanting of the new.

Knightly idea or no?

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Goddamn nostalgia bomb. This was on every weekday morning when i was in grade school, but the way the bus worked, I would have t leave *immediately* once this theme song started playing... I never saw a full episode, and the show was canceled quickly.

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This Roman plate mail is fucking cool, who's the artist? What's the source? Got any more?

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Anglophile Knight
Invincible Western Armor
Despite being made wrong and with shitty local materials, nothing will actually damage him through his field plate.

Uses archaic english extremely badly, and all the time. In awe of the British Empire and their amazing food.

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That's not really a punk conce-
>inb4 a million autists screeching WHERE'S THE -PUNK RAAAA at you
Great idea, though.

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The modern professional athlete more then stacks up against a knight physically. They'd still probably lose unless they were like a professional swordsman or something but they'd crush them in physical competitions. Modern pros are fed specific diets, work out in more efficient manners, and are occasionally pumped full of drugs to give them even bigger advantages. Knights meanwhile are working on a much less advanced health and fitness system.

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>Roman styled knights
I never knew I needed something so badly.

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I think pic related is the last version.

Anybody got ludicrous "knights"? Like saint seiya level of bling and gild?

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Are these from anything? They're pretty awesome

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>he cant take luchador knights seriously
good thing i can
i will steal OPs idea

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Knights of the flame dawn from the infinity wars card game

>> No.53881171

>Knight Academy
I can see where you are coming from

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Knights of the flame dawn. From the infinity wars online card game

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anyone have that concept art with the purple Venetian/Gothic looking knight?

>> No.53882593

That's what I thought of, too.

Anyway, placing my reservation on FIGHT KNIGHT FIGHT KNIGHT

50% FIST
100% FIGHT

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>misusing pleb


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Seriously, this is getting worse than metal sub-genres. Is there really enough of this to warrant it's own name, or are you just trying to be a snowflake?
it's fucking fantasy. Superhero fantasy, if you really want to be anal about it.

And fuck you and your inb4, you are the fucking autist for raping the "-punk" to the point where it's lost any meaning.

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Ye olde Cato Sicarius.jpg

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Reminds me of Towergirls/Broquest for some reason.

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So would the world be divided into a bunch of Realms?

And I do mean capital-R Realms there, because the borders of these realms are metaphysically significant and the territory could almost be considered themed. From the individual Realm's health and glory flows power into the Crown and its, hopefully rightful and just, bearer. With a sort of relationship between the two where the king is influenced by the realm but the realm is also influenced by the king. Thanks to this, usurping a throne is difficult beyond the mundane political struggle involved, so most would-be rulers opt to nab a scion of royalty and bring them around to their way of thinking or otherwise use them to get power.

(One of?) the way(s?) to become a Knight is to swear an Oath to that Realm's ruler. A bit of power comes careening from the land, focused through the ruler, and BAM! A true knight, complete with power. Comes with a host of responsibilities, privileges, restrictions, and perks depending on the Realm.

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sword knight

he's a knight who's a sword

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Like video game levels?
Ice Realm, Lava Realm, Sewer Realm, Plain Realm, Plains Realm etc.

Okay, what system do I play this silly shit?
Fate? M&Ms? What about them ORE systems?
Can I just take Ryuutama and make all of this like a fairy tale being told by the fireplace?

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>In awe of the British Empire and their amazing food.

"I drink nothing but warm IPA."

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I have an idea
Why don't we create "Order " of Knight
For example Owl Knight and Boar Knight are both in the Animal Order
Roman Knight, Weeb Knight and Anglophile Knight are in the Historical Order
What do you think ?

>> No.53884711

It works really well. That would make tourneys more like mma tournaments, except with wwe flair.
[the crowd hoots excitedly] Bear Knight, dressed in a jersey featuring Animal Order logo, talks with Owl in their corner, bear helmet weirdly unfitting the whole image.
>I know not what manner of tricks the Roman Knight might display. But I did have a clash most terrifying with his brother, the Greek Knight. Be wary.
[Owl Knight turns his head 180° to look at his mentor]

>> No.53884759

Have some more Roman knights

>> No.53884761

>That last line
Also I'm drawing the Arabian Knight

>> No.53884764

And then Jurassic Knight flip-flops between the two

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Arabian Knight
Chakram throw
Very agile

He believes in Djinns so he wear wards of protection

>> No.53885535

Cool but needs a helmet. Turban helmet.
An oversized steel turban covering his whole head and only having holes for eyea

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So, like, European Mucha Lucha? I can dig it.

Personally, I like the idea of Silly Fantasy settings with places that are like video game levels. Ice place, lava place, etc. Now, of course those are only examples. I'd rather have some crazier and sillier stuff: slime sewers, candy hills, etc. But I haven't been able to pull an interesting setting out of these ideas.

>> No.53886020

Appreciate it, Anons

>> No.53886611

>and he wields-
>-a sword?
>No, you idiot! He wields a flail.

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>> No.53886672

do you beat people to death with other humans?

>> No.53886965

Rhino Knight
Knight Power:Rhino Rush
He levels his head to his targets chest,then sprints at full speed running through anything to get to his target

>> No.53886980

forgot his picture

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Alright, after reading this thread I need a system for a game I never knew i wanted, any suggestions?

>> No.53887696

Fate Accelerated is pretty good at making characters with a gimmick without being bogged down in minutiae.

Something like RISUS could also work for the same reasons.

Strike!, if you also want to make them fight things.

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I had a lot of mystic knights action figures but I don't remember ever watching the show

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He's faster, stronger, and more durable than other knights, but his fighting style is predictable and he's limited by his battery life.

>> No.53888180

Gunpowder knight!
Gunpowder knight shoves 5 balls of iron in his pot and lights the fuse.
Watch your everything.

>> No.53888215

Royalist Knight!
In the trees!
Royalist knight can hide close to anywhere aslong as there is a decent amount of vegetation.

>> No.53888252

Drake slayer!
Draconian strength
Drake slayer steals the power of every drake he slays.

>> No.53888273

Homeless knight!
Homeless knight can find just what he needs just when he needs it.

>> No.53888300

Vengeful knight!
Vengeful knight can seek out those that have done wrong and follows them silently until they beg for forgiveness.

>> No.53888354

Revenant knight!
Sin seeker
Revenant knight comes in when those vengeful knight are with don't crack.
He hunts down the sinner and when he finds them, he beats them till they are within deaths grasp and then tells them to beg for forgiveness.
If they do?
They die and go to purgatory.
If not, they die and their soul is obliterated.

>> No.53888387

Savanna knight!
Call of the wild
Savanna knight can use the ability of any animal in the sun soaked land of africa.

>> No.53888406

Quad knight!
Quad knight can split into four separate knights.

>> No.53888471

Rich knight!
Screw the rules I have money
He has a lot of money.
Like... a lot.

>> No.53888505

Tower knight!
Tower knight can use his HUGE body and eradicate close to anything.

>> No.53888532

Chav knight
He's kind of intimidating.

>> No.53888615

Crow Knight!
Ominous presence
Being around crow knight constantly puts you on edge.
He's actually a really nice guy.

>> No.53888650

>He is able to put a replica helmet of other knights and assume their identity.
sounds kinda abusable as fuck. By which I mean, unless they have certain ways to be sure the guy the're talking to can't be mask knight it would be kinda OP, it would be able to ruind the reputation of every good knight overnight

>> No.53888671

Arctic knight
Deep freeze
Arctic knight can encase himself in ice and become completely invulnerable for a couple seconds.

>> No.53888706

yes, but you could blame everything you did on Mask Knight.

>Anarchocapitalist Knight just punched a cop!
>must have been that dastardly Mask knight amiright?

>> No.53888754


You guys realize this is Shovel Knight incarnate, right?

>> No.53888802

Still, from a pragmatic point of view it sounds like investigative hell to me. Who makes sure the knights can't abuse this? Who makes sure there's a way to not get destroyed completely by this mask knight?
I mean, it works on a "turn off your brain and go with it" kinda thing, but if you try to work out the impact such an ability would have it becomes really complex
To begin with how would anyone know mask knight exists?

>> No.53888808

Feeds knights

>> No.53888928

>To begin with how would anyone know mask knight exists?
He probably fucked up big time in front of a few other knights who, recognizing the implications of such a power, immediately spread word of such a knight. Rumors of his interference attract a bunch of knights with a bit of a thing for fighting deception and illusion, so using Mask Knight as a scapegoat isn't a guaranteed get-out-of-jail-free card

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>> No.53889036

Unless he makes justice nobodys eating.

>> No.53889055

Centaur Knight
He's a centaur, and is skilled with both lance and bow.

>> No.53889072

Perhaps the Mask Knight works on very specific conditions?
Or perhaps there's a weakness in the way he operates?
Like a very awkward laugh.
Or maybe he just can't act for shit

>> No.53889118

He's a peaceful knight who uses his powers not for violence, but to feed the starving people of the land.

>> No.53889186

Hex Knight
He casts evil hexes on his foes during battle. Even if you manage to defeat him, you may find yourself subject to myriad curses as horrid as they are mysterious, and as mysterious as they are horrid.

>> No.53889223

Seven Deadly Sins kinda started out like this, well the super powered themed knight part at least.

>> No.53890913

The size of the four knights is exactly 1/4 of Quad knight

>> No.53890985

>Like video game levels?
>Ice Realm, Lava Realm, Sewer Realm, Plain Realm, Plains Realm etc.
Yeah, a lot like that actually. Came up with a few.

>The Chariot Realm
A dry and dusty expanse of mostly flat land who's citizens harbor a great love of sport and racing. Great coliseums, hippodromes, jousting lists, and the like dot the land, often at the center of major cities. There's great glory to be won here, but competition is fierce.
>The Harvest Realm
A heavily forested region with an autumn that stretches on for about half the year. Small towns are scattered across it, but the vast majority of the land is woods. Deep thickets and dense walls of trees hide mystery and danger deeper in. spirits, monsters, bandits, and even such mundane threats such as wolves stalk the hidden paths. The people do well to keep their towns clear and paths open, but there's always aid for a bold knight to provide.

And that's all I could come up with.

>> No.53893136

>Mirror Knight
>Power: The Mirror Never Lies
Mirror Knight can see the true nature of things reflected in his glistening arms and armor. Traitors are made clear and illusions can be pierced in this way.

His armor also makes it kinda hard to see him, but that's not a power. Even before he was a knight, he polished his armor to a gleaming shine.

>> No.53895775

Alright so, ways to become a knight:

>swear an oath to the Ruler of a Realm
>go on a quest to get some fucking object or other to help defeat or prevent an evil (unless you're sword knight, in which case you got tired of waiting for some chump to pull you out of a lake and just went and did it yourself)
>squire to some guy and carry on their legacy when they finally hang up the mask
>go to a Knight Academy, presumably with some kind of trial of chivalry or some kind of tourney at the end

>> No.53895815

>Or maybe he just can't act for shit
He just loses his shit under pressure, starts stuttering, sweating and twitching nervously.

And nobody seems to pick up on it.

>> No.53895940

80% Less likely to trip over carpets

>> No.53897384

Potato Knight Guardian of the Farming Realm

>> No.53897413

Here's a bunch.
Sorry for size.

>> No.53897446

Ram Knight, Hero of the Frozen Realms

>> No.53898098

Beard Knight
Knight Power-His Beard Grows in size and develops into a huge fist which can crush his enemy

>> No.53898678

I've been known to beat a motherfucker with a motherfucker

>> No.53901427

>Castle Knight
In an (visibly glowing) area around Castle Knight, blows against innocents or his allies are struck against Castle Knight instead. And believe you me, he and his armor are considerably tougher than average.

>> No.53901960

Isn't this just Arthurian Myth?

>> No.53903757

>you play in the shovelknight setting

>> No.53903780

Why do you think he's so sad?

>> No.53904881



>> No.53904938

im a blitz main and i approve greatly of this idea

>> No.53905125

Clearly he is seeking redemption for the loss of his helmet given the look on his face.

>> No.53905176


>> No.53905307

King Knight
Bonus to charisma and rallying his allies

>> No.53905992

Fire Knight

>> No.53906013

The Knight Of Harvest

>> No.53906062

Buy what are thier powers?

>> No.53906063

>> No.53906146

Fire Knight-Inferno Breath,from the holes in his helmet a large amount of deadly flames pour out and engulf his enemy

Harvest Knight-Wrath Of the Harvest-He can call upon the wrath of nature and summon a herd of raging super elk or cause trees to capture his enemy

>> No.53906152

Mutants and Masterminds ought to work pretty well. This is ultimately a supers setting with unique individual powers, and M&M does that quite well.

>> No.53907483


>> No.53907507

salvation bump

>> No.53908112

Between this thread and >>53902060, my chivalry coffers overfloweth.

>> No.53908197

knight power-he is a potato,therefor he is god

>> No.53909039

Knightpunk sounds like an interesting idea. But having the players as the Knights doesn't really fit the -punk part of the genre. Maybe you'd be the squires - protecting your Knight from underhanded attempts to steal your Knight's helmet, finding out dirt on his opponents so they'll be discredited and their chivalric powers will be weakened, trying to find out the secret designs of Mask Knight before he can trick your Knight into doing something dishonorable.

>> No.53909285

I'd play that, Running around going on quests for lost artifacts of chivalry to better arm your knight. Stealing other knights helmets and defending the realm when the knights are at events

>> No.53910110

I think Knightsplotation would be a cool name for this

>> No.53911766

Yeah totally

>> No.53911953

Could even be semi-competitive.

Only one Squire can be raised to Knighthood from each group.

>> No.53915526

Arabian Knight is back with a revenge

>> No.53915684

Non-Euro knight time?

>> No.53915707

That looks like it would be a sick IG veteran/elite armor

>> No.53916099

Huh. I remember watching the show all the time, but I didn't have any action figures of it.

>> No.53916170


>> No.53916594

>Insert Shad autistically screeching "Those aren't knights!"

t. Shad fan

>> No.53917162


>> No.53917311

Holy fuck that is brilliant

>> No.53917366


>> No.53917403

Kamen Rider Knight.

>> No.53917469

Holy shit batman?!

>> No.53917566

Wow, he really hates electric pokemon.

>> No.53917587

You'd hate them too if you wore metal armor...

>> No.53917806

Doom Knight
Power: Genocidal Rampage of Fuck You
Will go and kill everything that is a demon, looks like a demon, is related to demony things, or works for demons. Pissing him off makes him stronger in his desire to kill demons.
Weakness: Orbital Dropped Mountain Tombs.

>> No.53917858

Bio Knight
Power: Super Mutable Physiology
Can improve his body for every enemy he kills, with more mass equaling more strength, speed, endurance, ect.
Really intimidating to the point of being alone, a lot. Also cant take off the armor.

>> No.53918184

Brawl Knight
Power: Pit tank
whenever he is surrounded by enemies his power of punching increases with each one he knocks out

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