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Necrons need more love.

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first for fetishes belong on /d/

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second for stop being so stuck up

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I think they got a pretty adequate amount of love looking through their new codex.

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Why would you even bring it up and immediately give them a reason to drag that shit into this thread?

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xth for put the fucking roster builder in the OP you autists


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Take a long walk off a short pier

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Can psykers manifest or deny while they are embarked on an open top transport?

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dont see why you are so pissy about it enough to wish death on me

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>mfw thinking about T'au tactics in 8th edition

>> No.53808321

Glad to know that the work is appreciated! I'll keep you guys posted!

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>shitposts on /tg/, derails countless threads and causes general cancer
>tells people to "stop being so stuck up" when they point this out and tell you to go back to your designated degenerate board
Literally jew tier.

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Okay. can models in an open top transport fire during overwatch?

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Tau are still really good though.

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Just started getting into 40k. I've been looking at factions and I love the Black Templar fluff. But I don't think I would like the melee heavy play style. Is there another SM faction that's similar but with a more balanced play style but still has cool fluff?

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>No matter what Chaos gets up to the Imperium will always maintain the status quo

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>mfw thinking about Tyranid tactics in 8th edition

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Is there an FAQ source for that?

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Honor Guard vs Company Veterans vs Sternguard vs Vanguard?

Honor guard have 2 units for an elite slot seems lacking but the clear escort CC choice with beefier stats

Vets are customizable and have look out sir the better general role

Sternguard got a nerf with no more custom ammo but heavy flamers and combi anything can be useful the stock botlers they get are great

Vanguard are the I need jump pack choice like they always are

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That is wrong - the unit is not being charged and cannot fire OW as such.

>> No.53808377

No, it says they can attack in their Shooting phase.

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>Oliensis is a Daemon World in the Eye of Terror. Devoted to Slaanesh, the entire planet is actually a colossal, morbidly obese man curled into a fetal position. The surface is home to Slaaneshi Daemons and is a base for Noise Marines.


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>mfw thinking about IG tactics in 8th edition

>> No.53808392

Blood Angels, death company
Flesh Tearers too

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I man your ego must be bigger than an imperator titan

>implying i'm trolling
I just don't see why talking about 40k related fetishes are not allowed. should I be sucking chart anons dick?

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Necrons are completely uninteresting and non-threatening since the lore rewrite. I hope newcrons are never mentioned again

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Do it fgt

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Read the fucking board name for me.

Then read the goddamn rules.

Point out to me exactly where it says fetishes are allowed.

If you can't, then fuck off to /d/.

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Don't be a bitch to chart anon just because the salty prudes that are attacking you are sucking him off, he's legitimately doing good work.

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You might want to look at Imperial Fists (the Black Templars parent chapter), or Crimson Fists (the other official Imperial Fists successor).

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Yeah, this is my thought, but it seems like such a blatant oversight that I have a hard time believing the most playtested edition would result in it.

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>places in 40k that remind you of you

>> No.53808419

>mfw thinking about Dark Angels tactics in 8th edition

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The design team seems to be erring on the side of nerfing transport abuse as much as possible this edition. I don't think it's a mistake.

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I don't think that's an oversight, I think its intentional.

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im not posting pictures and the topic is 40k dont like the fetish look away

I dislike peoples ego being boosted

>> No.53808451

I chuckled lightly at the thumbnail

Then I opened the full pic and saw his asian face and laughed really hard

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>mfw on the prowl for fallen with my brothers in the motorcycle club

i've got some special black beads for them

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Are orks good yet?

>> No.53808462

Is this because Dark Angels players and the marines are all involved in committed, loving, and monogamous relationships with opposite sex partners that enjoy leather and bondage?

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>with opposite sex partners
You were doing okay up until that point

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>loyalist snowflakes will gladly accept shit writing as long as they dont relieve their EoT holocaust

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>j-just ignore the countless derailed threads and off topic discussion goy
>what do you mean this is the traditional games board stop pointing out facts
Choke on some semen already.

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Literally top tier, why do people need to keep asking.

I feel like we should add a list of FAQ shit into the OP for people who have been living under a rock for 8th edition leaks

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dont see how i'm derailing a 40k thread with a 40k topic again wishing death on me why though.

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>Opposite sex partners
Lemme stop you there. Also
>Mfw thinking about Ork tactics in 8th

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Thanks bud. Looking at the sniper data, it seems the memescript spammers are right, and snipers aren't really worth it.

>> No.53808512

Boyz benefited from so much of the new rule set, got a buff to strength and remained the same points cost. Boyz really are back as a great viable option now. With a few force multipliers thrown for support in they are excellent.

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Because this isn't the 40k thread where you talk about absolutely everything. This is the 40k thread dedicated to the tabletop game. Hence the fucking board name.

What part of this is hard for your drug-addled sex addicted brain to understand?

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Also, please put Dark Eldar/All Eldar to be put in the queue.

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can we talk about the lore?

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Is the angry /pol/fag a Khornate? Since he's always like "reeeeeeee gas the tzeentchkikes, fuck the mentally ill slaanesh trap and all degeneracy!" it seems to fit.

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>relentlessly shitposts about about his autistic fetish
>w-why are you telling me tl kill myself
kys rofl lmao

>> No.53808576

Just stop responding, he will never stop defending his retarded position now that his ego has been bruised. The only thing to do is stop giving him (You)s.

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The lore written in the books and official canon, yes. Not your retarded headcanon magical realm bullshit.

>> No.53808588

>it seems the memescript spammers are right, and snipers aren't really worth it.
I'm going to gladly say I told you so, because really, you fuckers should have understood this shit from day 1 but guardfags with 100 conscripts had to sperg out because they were in denial that they were the new taufags of 8th edition.

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>angry khornefag

>> No.53808601 [DELETED] 

Not everyone here is an autistic roleplaying LARPer who follows their fictional chaos god, or a /pol/tard.

>> No.53808613

But (You) are a /pol/tard. You post in the same voice every time, every thread, it's recognizable.

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>b-but my degenerate fantasies are fluff!

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I still don't think memescripts are going to be good. 100-150 conscripts is fine, but pushing that you're going to run into serious practical problems (timed turns, etc), and strategic problems (conscripts blocking conscripts, most of your army going to waste every turn)

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It's just the rational people always get drown out, sadly.
Any one got any ACTUAL experience playing against elder? They still broke as fuck?

>> No.53808624 [DELETED] 

I'm not. But it's ok, keep insisting that everyone who disagrees with you and wants to follow you is le ebil /pol/ nahztee monster.

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don't pretend you know how I think

well I was gunna stop then you had to add
>Not your retarded headcanon magical realm bullshit.

>> No.53808628

I'm not sure. Most of the snipers are capable of buying their own cost back on average within the length of a standard game, assuming they don't spend more than a turn or two getting into and maintaining position. As others have also pointed out, snipers also have value in that they turn off the buffs granted by the characters they kill, which can often times be worth it. I think the current situation is at least close to where it ought to be.


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What wil Mortarions thing be when he gets rules etc?

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It is headcanon, and it is retarded magical realm bullshit. Sorry for not sugarcoating it for your precious feelings.

>> No.53808640

I don't anyone was arguing that snipers killing commissars would make their points back. I think they were saying that snipers when used in combination with anti light infantry units would be a force multiplier worth taking.
Also the counter argument that conscript spammers would still win in some kind of commissar sniper arms race is retarded.

>> No.53808642 [DELETED] 

>muh /pol/ boogeyman! everyone i dont like is /pol/!
ayy lmao

>> No.53808651

150 of them is all it takes. The guys memeing about an entire army of conscripts are stupid, yeah, but they're so ruthlessly point-efficient that just taking a few blobs of them and filling out the rest of your army with other 'gudshit.imperialguardexe' basically means you're up like several hundred effective points over your opponent.

I don't think conscripts can be balanced without a point increase.

>> No.53808653

The fuck are you going on about you fucking autistic pubescent dickweed.
You plop here, knowing there are boards that support your intrests (erp) and yet you shit up the thread
>WAH everyone who dislikes me is /pol/, a virgin, etc

>> No.53808656

>>Opposite sex partners
Well, it only makes sense - one is top and one is bottom.

>> No.53808657

Just stop, you're on a board dedicated to Tabletop Games trying to roleplay; at the least these spurgburgers should have directed you to >>>/qst/ so you didn't get out the angry dildo over someone suggesting you go back to >>>/d/

>> No.53808668

>implying I'm the slaaneshfag
You're an idiot.

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>> No.53808672

well if you acted not like an asshole I would stop. I don't see why I gotta restrict my conversations to make you happy why cant I talk about what I want?

>> No.53808674

How bout them sisters

>> No.53808682

Best legion reporting

>> No.53808685

You're really defensive about it for someone who is implying they AREN'T a virgin /pol/lack.

>> No.53808686

Nah anon. I play DA, and not a single thing about me being spit roasted by a muscular Space Wolf player, and his husband that plays Tau is feminine.

>> No.53808690

Bretty good these days, but I think flamers are overrated on them.

What's this about cheetahs?

>> No.53808691 [DELETED] 

>i don't see why i should follow site rules
>on a site that explicitly and clearly writes out the rules for its users and is more than happy to ban those who don't
Just to make things clear for your microscopic brain: It's not about making ME happy, it's about following the damn board rules.

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>> No.53808702 [DELETED] 

>i'm going to shit up the thread because someone triggered me: The post
>im not a brattish snowflake i swear!
top kek

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The new AoF makes Dominions into speed demons.
Scout move (Vanguard) 6"+1d6
AoF 6+1d6"
And then it's your movement phase.
All in all 18 +3d6 inches with 4 flamers and a combi flamer.
between 21-36" plus flamer range of 8".
Don't give a shit about the penalty for advance since you auto-hit with flamers.

Obviously if you want to chain multiple units you need to skip the first advance and just move 6" scouting as to reach them for AoF.

Rhinos can also move 12+1d6, but they can't use AoF.
Better to fill a Rhino with the imagifiers that got left behind.

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>> No.53808736

Why is Perturabo so sad? ;_;

>> No.53808739

>but guardfags with 100 conscripts had to sperg out because they were in denial that they were the new taufags of 8th edition

>> No.53808740

Asking again, Does the Haemonculus Master of Pain increase Venoms and Raiders Toughness by 1 if they are taken as a Haemonculus Coven faction?

Not sure how I would actually use it but neat I guess.

>> No.53808742


I can understand that, but it leads to some wacky situations.

For example, since the Tau's shield line acts as an open topped transport, any Tau models actually in the shield line cannot fire overwatch. Also, they don't benefit from any of their commander auras, since they don't count as being on the table. So if you take it, you're paying 70 points to actively make your gunline less effective.

Now I'm sure some of you are happy about that, because Fuck Tau and Fuck Shield lines. That doesn't change the fact that it's really shitty game design. I'm sure the person who made the stats for the shieldline did so before they finalized the rules for open topped transports, because otherwise it just makes no sense.

>> No.53808750

>mfw what if its all a clever ruse by slaaneshanon to get you guys to verbally abuse them because they get off on it

>> No.53808755

the insults are not helping can you not tell me this stuff without the ree in your voice

>> No.53808759

They jobbed so hard in that new book like lmao @ that tard with the melta bomb

>> No.53808767

Necrons are the real OG winners of shit. If anyone of them could be bothered to wake up and give a fuck about everyone bitching, they'd slap some shit silly.

>> No.53808775

Bitterness east away at you

>> No.53808776 [DELETED] 

>he still thinks everyone he doesnt like is /pol/ even after being called out on his retardation
>mfw redditfag is actually, clinically schizophrenic
Roflmao anon what are you doing kek, like pottery

>> No.53808780

He was a man suited to lead the Imperial Army who was told to leave the midgets alone because Spess Muhreens could handle everything now

IW are a billion times more scary now that they have a significant fraction of the Traitor Guard at their back

>> No.53808783

I liked that the necrons got some personality behind their leaders though.

>> No.53808787

I laughed so hard picturing that scene, oh my god. I don't think I've ever seen a mook in 40k job that comically.


>> No.53808789

ok ill stop
so would it look cool to add more slaanesh warbands to my Emperors children? like the flawless host and angels of ecstasy

>> No.53808790


>> No.53808795 [DELETED] 

>stop saying mean words to me SKREEEEEEEEEE
Truly, this is the most Tumblr post I've ever seen.

>> No.53808811

I liked them better when they were mindless robotic life-harvesters with mysterious motives.
Adding personality to them made them seem so much less threatening, imo.

>> No.53808818

People posting laughing cheetahs are way worse than the guy posting fapmarines. At least Fapmarines are 40k-related.

>> No.53808821

did the pikaburu watermark not give them away?

>> No.53808834

only the leaders have personality because in ancient Necron Times they were rich


>> No.53808836

The new Repulsor™ Primaris™ Gravtanks showed up and some Iron Warrior scrub was like "I WILL STOP THEM WITH MY MELTA BOMB!" and ran out to one of the tanks and just like instantaneously got crushed flat under the anti-grav Repulsor™ plates before he could even reach it.

It was like a satirical mspaint comic.

>> No.53808843

>mindless robotic life-harvesters with mysterious motives.

I think my problem with that is that they're just robotic tyranids. Seems redundant. Now they're god-caging robo egyptians who ruled the galaxy, and are just now waking up.

>> No.53808845

I do miss the robot zombies of third, and pariahs.

But I do love me some Trazyn.

Wish we could have both.

>> No.53808847

A CSM dives under a primaris gravaris tankaris things or whatever it's called with a melta bomb and the author even writes it "apparently he's never fought one of these tanks before because he was instantly flattened into red paste"

>> No.53808856


>> No.53808859

I said id stop sorry im not into insulting people for no reason other then my anger issues
>any nice person is tumblr

>> No.53808871

Best rule change of 8th:

No model in a unit can be more than 2 inches horizontally and more than 6 inches vertically of at least one other model in the unit.

>> No.53808876

Randomly joining in to remind everyone that Slaanesh exists and wants all these /pol/ guys to just bang each other

>> No.53808879

Not that anything other than Lords, Crypteks and Overlords had a personality. The Warriors are still mindless drones, with some implications that their intelect and personality in some cases survived the bio-transfer, but gets supressed by their programming. I have no mouth but I must scream, basically.

>> No.53808882

I mean, pariahs are still a thing in Lore.

Crypteks are mad scientists and make all kinds of wacky shit.

>> No.53808887

That's not even a change, they had that in 7th.

>> No.53808888 [DELETED] 

>muh anger issues
This is so autistic goddamn

It's like a special needs classroom in here.

>> No.53808901

Son, saying stop to people on 4chan just leads to them making more fun of you

You're not in charge here, there's no swiping, there's no downvotes, theres' no le leddit band lololol there's just 4chan

also the part where you admit you're into insulting people for no reason but it's Ok because you have an excuse


>> No.53808907

Khornefag has been blessed with the quads of Khorne.

Slaanesh tranny btfo.

>> No.53808908

>It's like a special needs classroom in here.
this. the tone has changed in these generals. too many nü-fags

>> No.53808919

No samefagging

>> No.53808923

Dakka flooded us when the leaks started.

>> No.53808926

>just realized GW doesn't sell the plastic Chaplain anymore
what the fuck?

>> No.53808937

What unit are you most excited about in your army?

Personally I'm glad to bring my Wave Serpents back off the shelf and play with them.

>> No.53808942


b-but muh slaanesh

>> No.53808945

What the hell happened while I was at work?

>> No.53808953

How are jetbikes with shuriken catapults and vypers this edition? I want to put together a fluffy saim-hann list.

>> No.53808959 [DELETED] 

Autistic LARPers and fetishfags raided /tg/.

>> No.53808962

I agreed to stop i'm the good guy here. they are the ones bitching that being a decent person makes you a fag. also ive never used reddit or any other meme site like that

>> No.53808969


>> No.53808976


>> No.53808978 [DELETED] 

>i'm the good guy here
You're the autistic special needs child who's clearly too young to be using this site.

>> No.53808979

I just looked at the spreadsheet, and gun drones are the most efficient unit in the tau codex points wise, for nearly every category.

How many gun drones is it possible to include in an army?

>> No.53808980 [DELETED] 

>anger issues
>says the fag who declared he was going to shit up the thread because somebody hurt his feelings


I wonder where do they even come from? This level of autism goes beyond your average 9fagger.

>> No.53808988

>mfw playing CSM for the last 3 years turned me into a really bitter bastard

>> No.53808989


They're solid AP choices - you'll need to add in some dedicated AT to go with it but its a good core for an army. Getting enough CP may be tough because its hard to fill out a battalion but its a decent place.

>> No.53808992

Here's a fuckin tip: If you ever feel the need to say "I'm the nice guy here," You aren't.

This is 4chan son, There ain't no nice guys here. It's assholes all the way down.

>> No.53808994

>tfw your chapter has its own special chaplain
>tfw you got him before FW completely stops selling your chapters characters and bits

>> No.53808996

>play deldar
>have one venom
>four raiders
As much as I love the classic raider deldar, I can't help but feel the venom is basically superior in every way except capacity. It's harder to hit, both literally by size and mechanically because -1 to hit it, and gets 12 shots.

Also, I need to get some ravagers, but I also need to assemble the shit I have. Ravagers are just so fucking brutal now with those lances.

>> No.53808997

Razorwing Flocks.

>> No.53808999

they're the sticky cheating kids whos parents drop them off at the FLGS like it's a daycare

>> No.53809004

> """pol""" guys need to fuck each other for slaanesh
>b-but muh slaanesh
what did he mean by this

>> No.53809011 [DELETED] 


Oh god I wish so badly there was a slaaneshi larp group

>> No.53809014

I'm inheriting some Necron models from my brother and am kinda drawn to the ceramic paint schemes that I've seen online.

Do ceramic necrons ever look good, or should I stop being a faggot and just buy a bunch of leadbelcher?

>> No.53809020

alright please die i've been nice so far now fuck off
this is 4chan only the tough kids work here ive used 4chan before thanks anon

>> No.53809025 [DELETED] 

Based off of your posts so far you're clearly too young for it.

>> No.53809026

...I think we're getting baited at this point.

>> No.53809030


This is what I meant

>> No.53809038


I run 2 raiders in my list and 3 venoms and I've been doing pretty well.

>> No.53809039

also half these posts are a troll not me

>> No.53809043 [DELETED] 

>i've been nice so far
This is bait right? No one is this fucking autistic, right? RIGHT?

>> No.53809046 [DELETED] 

>snowflake is also a fucking furfag

>> No.53809055

Wraithlord and Avatar tied.
I like both, but both just died before they did anything before.

>> No.53809057


I know, isn't that image hilarious?!

>> No.53809061


That's just it. I have 4 raiders and one venom in my collection

>> No.53809064

the fuck did I say that was insulting so far? I was pretty fucking nice up until now also go fuck yourself again

>> No.53809068 [DELETED] 

Please kill yourself

>> No.53809070

That MSpaint Slaanesh symbol. I'm calling 85% chance of bait.

>> No.53809088


I mean buy new stuff?

>> No.53809092 [DELETED] 

>pulls out lighter
Holy balls autism, this is the kind of shit I expect to see on Deviantart

>> No.53809098

threatening my life sounds like a good guy

>> No.53809110

Good to hear, I noticed that jetbikes are fast attack again, does that make any difference other than using a different detatchment?

>> No.53809120

Fuck you, post honorary Blood Ravens.

>> No.53809121 [DELETED] 

>b-but i was b-being nice! s-stop calling o-out my shitposting!
>mfw cant tell if liberal or underage b&
You have to be 18 to post on the 4chinz.

>> No.53809122

fuck off I never said anything like that you are just assuming this to make you feel like some godlike entity im simply pissed that you continue to fuck with me after I said id stop

>> No.53809127

Wow even I think this thread is a fucking disaster

>> No.53809138 [DELETED] 

If this level of autism isn't proof that the flouride in the water is making the kids retarded I don't know what is

>> No.53809142


I'm already pretty loaded...

I lied, I have 5 raiders. Of pic related (the envelope is 20 hellions), one SC! Box, a squad of wyches are assembled. The free box of warriors is currently being magnetized for trueborn.

>> No.53809143


The fast attack detachment
1 HQ + 5 units of full drones equals 60 drones total
The gun drones would cost a total of 480 points and would shit out 240 shots at the 18'' mark in one volley.
With a Fireblade in range of all, you are up to 360 shots at the 9'' mark
Str 5 AP 0 that is

>> No.53809144


Yeah you need to use the FA detachment as your base detachment rather than the battalion (hence the lower CP).

>> No.53809148

not my fault had they stoped being fucking dickheads I would have ceased. now im pissed and not much I can do about that

>> No.53809149

>> No.53809150


I was like FOR CHAOS! for a while but then it just got really sad.

>> No.53809154

>itt, the sticky cheating game store kid runs into everyone else at the store on the internet

he turns out to in fact, be a furfag

>> No.53809157

>mfw thinking about Grey Knights tactics in 8th

>> No.53809162

>my funny autism jokes
I see you have reverted to meme level bs jump of a bridge

>> No.53809163 [DELETED] 

Hahahahhahaha holy shit back in my day when we had kids in school who talked like this they got a tard wrangler following them around for the rest of the year.

>> No.53809166


Oh thats amazing you're still triggered by the furry slaanesh duder

>> No.53809167

Could you stop avatarfagging?

Could you stop responding? Most slaanesh fans don't get so fucking triggered when somebody doesn't like their preferred faction.

Source: am slaanesh fan

>> No.53809170

You can fall back and shoot your weapons?

>> No.53809179

Fucking kek.

Capped and saved for future use.

>> No.53809183

If you have the "FLY" keyword

>> No.53809186

Units with Fly can automatically, but otherwise unless they have a rule that allows it, no.

>> No.53809187


If you have the Fly ability, yes

>> No.53809189

Should also invest in some Ravagers. Assault Dark Lances are badass. You've got 6 total reavers but like they say, 12 more doesn't hurt!

If you have Fly keyword, you can fallback and shoot.

>> No.53809190


Why? Storm Bolters at 12" get 4 shots a piece.

>> No.53809192

Anything that can fly can.

>> No.53809198 [DELETED] 

>jump of a bridge
Wew, autistic 7th grade furfag also can't onto spelling.

>> No.53809202

ok so this is just a let's post autism jokes with no backing please end your life but first kill your family so they can come with

thats not my issue they put me in a mood I gotta ride it out

>> No.53809209 [DELETED] 

>jump of a bridge
Wew, autistic 7th grade furfag also can't into spelling.

>> No.53809214


Why don't you go paint some models instead of bothering everyone?

>> No.53809215

obvious bait kk bye if you wont argue with me and just are going to post memes

>> No.53809216

Aren't things better when we don't reply to retards?

>> No.53809219 [DELETED] 

The autism joke is you. You are the living breathing autism joke.

>> No.53809228

because of this>>53809209

>> No.53809229

if you had just dumped the art minus the furry I would have actually respected you

>> No.53809230 [DELETED] 

>threatening my life sounds like a nice guy
>literally admitting to his autism
I mean it, 4chan is an adult site. Get out right now before I tell anonymous to hack you.

>> No.53809234


The base BS is a bit lackluster at 5+
But if you add in a Marksman and some sort of drone controller dude, you can bump them up to 3+

So for roughly 650 points or so.
You could have the 60 drones plus the tools to bump them to BS 3+

Not bad for 240 shots at 18'' and 360 shots at 9''

>> No.53809237 [DELETED] 

>respecting someone with literal middle school tier aspergers

>> No.53809247

Stop giving him (You)s or he'll never fucking stop.
This anon >>53808576 knows what's up.

>> No.53809249

nope don't have autism so its a meme no matter how many times you say it

I would if they did not make me upset yeah im mad haha im mad isnt it funny to fuck with peoples minds ?

>> No.53809255 [DELETED] 


Ok no furry this time

>> No.53809258

I meant if they hadn't spoken at all, do you not know what an art dump is?

if they hadn't spoken we wouldn't know it was someone still in their terrible twos at 15

>> No.53809266

I fucking hate everything.

>> No.53809267 [DELETED] 

Please go visit your local psychiatrist and ask for some ritalin. For the good of mankind.

>> No.53809271

This is legitimately one of the most horrific things I've ever seen.

>> No.53809279


I have a voidraven not shown there that I got cheap ebay, too, and I actually want to get at least one Razorwing because I really like deldar fliers.

If I see a good deal on Reavers, I'll grab more, but the cheap ones are pretty much dried up from the Gangs box. At most, I think I'd only want one more squad, but I DO need more scourges. I'm thinking about just grabbing 3 more boxes and running 2 10 man teams. However between the hellions and the Reavers, I'm already bloated in the FA department.

Ravagers, though. Yea. There's one at my friend's shop, but they don't offer a discount. Hell, some stuff is actually a dollar or two MORE.

>> No.53809280 [DELETED] 

>y-you hurt my f-feelings s-so face my wrath!
>why is everyone calling me autistic

>> No.53809283

holy fuck im 21 stop thinking you are a god who knows everything or is to ignorant to understand the difference

>> No.53809284

this thread

>> No.53809286

Oh god. Oh god no why does this turn me on.


No. That's it I'm going to hang myself. I can't do this.

>> No.53809293 [DELETED] 

Are you by any chance familiar with the name Esdese?

>> No.53809294 [DELETED] 

Reminder to always report furfags and ponyfags.

>> No.53809302


> literally responds with nothing but cheetah pics
> calls others autists

>> No.53809304

Another victim of She Who Thirsts! Try some cocaine before you go!

>> No.53809308

wait what who are you

>> No.53809309

General thoughts on 8th Ed Nids? I've been out of the loop for a few months.

Also, am I reading the Warriors entry correctly in that they can't double up on melee weapons anymore?

>> No.53809317

Hello yes, how are Flamers this edition? Are they okay? I heard Tzeentch is in a bad place; does that hold true for all Tzeentchian daemons or just most? What about Screamers?

>> No.53809318

Also, confirmed for ban evading too, since all of his posts were previously deleted, and he's back!

>> No.53809321 [DELETED] 

>autistic furry ponyfag is a 21 year old manchild who's into crush and has mommy issues



>> No.53809323

They're excellent.

Doubling up on melee weapons doesn't give any benefit unless it's double scything talons, but if you take like paired boneswords for example you still get +1 attack AND have a slot free for guns.

>> No.53809326 [DELETED] 

>acts like an autistic kid
>types like an autistic kid
>im not underage i swear!
And then people ask me why I won't put vaccines on my kids. Top kek.

>> No.53809328

The general consensus seems to be that they are among the most improved armies, and are likely to see top-tier play.
Then again, this is /tg/ so there's a high chance that we're completely wrong.

>> No.53809331

>bloated in the FA department
that's nonsense, DE loves the new 3-6 Fast Attack detachment. Field 2!

>> No.53809341

the pony wasnt me retard and the rest of that is your image of what's going on you fucking donkey

>> No.53809343 [DELETED] 


*breathes in*


>> No.53809357

>Cheetah anon confirmed to be lurking the discord
I'm so glad.

>> No.53809358 [DELETED] 

>so shitter shattered he actually thinks having a favorite animal is autism
My sides

>> No.53809365

I'm sorry I gave them an in-road, /40kg/ >>53808253

Never again.

>> No.53809369 [DELETED] 

I'm not cheetahfag and I don't use the 40kg discord.

Here is more FUCKING GOLD

>> No.53809379


And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!

>> No.53809381


What fucking discord are you getting these caps from then.

>> No.53809382

Why in the fuck would anyone actually join a discord from 4chan?

>> No.53809383

... Guys?

You couldn't have known, Anon. We can but wait till it all blows over.

>> No.53809385

>Still no Imperial Guard.

>> No.53809386

man these few autistic slaanesh players that post on here really give emperors children players a bad name, shame.

>> No.53809388 [DELETED] 


*coughs violently*



>> No.53809389

I swear to god if this is ruby or amatsun get the fuck outta here i'm handling this dickhead

>> No.53809390

Oldcrons fluff was also generic and boring though.
Not that newcrons fluff is any better.

>> No.53809401

Everything that the Nids had, with the exception of the Tyrannofex and Dakkafexes actually being nerfed, has been buffed to the point of viability at minimum. Even this little doorstop can be used now. Warriors can no longer take double melee weapons, but there's no reason for it in 8th anyway.

>> No.53809404

Turn the raiders into ravagers.

>> No.53809406 [DELETED] 

not gonna say it because that would probably dox me too


LOL. I'm NEITHER of them.

Truly, my sides have attained maximum orbit.

>> No.53809408

Bumping yourself isn't gonna make anyone give a shit.
But in short flamers are overall better, assuming all of your opponent didn't line up perfectly each time.

>> No.53809410

Holy fuck I can't even breathe why is this shit so funny

I haven't seen autism like this in the threads since DAfags meltdowns

Actually this is a whole different breed this is so much worse

>> No.53809413 [DELETED] 



>> No.53809415

who the fuck is this

>> No.53809422

I feel you. Out of the four, it's the god I dig the most, but this thread makes me feel a bit ashamed.

I like the new fluff. They can have actual personalty now, instead of mindless killbots. Granted many of them are more or less that, but back in 5th I played Necrons for the longest time and by the end of it I couldn't stand them anymore.

>> No.53809423

>Sleek, well-proportioned armor
It looks like a femarine...

>> No.53809426 [DELETED] 

not gonna say it because that would probably dox me too


LOL. I'm NEITHER of them.

Truly, my sides have attained maximum orbit.

>> No.53809432

Advanced autism.

>> No.53809440

these are pms so someone I fucking trusted mizore? shino time to look at my dms

>> No.53809442

For 40kgrill nudes

>> No.53809448

Shotgun Scouts. Are they any good now?

>> No.53809449 [DELETED] 

The retard above who's been going on about being a nice guy followed by telling people to kill themselves.

The second he leaked his age he basically doxed himself lmao

Also if he tries to dox me I'll have him know that my discord handle is impossible to trace and will almost certainly not leak any private or confidential information.

>> No.53809450

Haven't gotten around to the newcron lore.
What exactly have they done to them?

>> No.53809452

I mean't flamers as in the daemon, but that helps, yes. As for bumping, I was just trying to cut through all the >autist spam going on.

>> No.53809457 [DELETED] 

>i mean you dont like strong dominate women?
Hooooly shit i've burned through five pairs of sides already and still cant stop laughing AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.53809471

alright who is the pussy who I dm with a month ago and now is being the biggest faggot tell me or are you a fucking coward

>> No.53809477

I've only played 2 games with my Tzeentch Flamers in 8th so far.
They quite alright, the new 4++ save helps alot when trying to get the shrimps up close.

>> No.53809479

They were a terrifying robotic menace awakening for unknown reasons in order to harvest all life in the name of ancient star gods.
Now they're Egyptian robot people.

>> No.53809485 [DELETED] 

>he ran away crying

>> No.53809490 [DELETED] 

I honestly feel a bit bad about doing this but holy fuck this is way too fucking funny

Your hint's in the attached image, kiddo

>> No.53809491

Am I blind or is there no Tyranid entry?

>> No.53809498

Cheetah anon what would we do without you. You have been the shining beacon of lulz fighting back against the autism since the gathering storm shit started. Never leave us.

>> No.53809499

>Be warrior who is probably 12,000 years old

>Has fought countless battles against enemies using grav tech

>Was likely familiar with jetbikes and grab vehicles from before the heresy

>Is still a genetically modified supersoldier who is a highly skilled warrior

>Herp de derp lol omg it's squishing me ouch

>> No.53809516

ah so is this someone from the shitty 40k discord? I hope its the cancer survivor one please get it again im still waiting to fuck your subhuman wife

>> No.53809519

that's compelling argument

Though I wager it was spontaneous one-time occurrence rather than a regular thing.

>> No.53809522


>Am I blind or is there no Tyranid entry?

I think spreadsheet anon is still working through stuff.

>> No.53809523

It's a WIP, the charitable guy doing it hasn't gotten to them yet. He's doing it by request, so look for Chart-Anon, and give him a (you).

>> No.53809530

Oh I see. Thanks for the info, guys.

>> No.53809531

I'm pretty sure the reason Chaos is so strong is they're breeding like rabbits in the warp, no matter what the "canon" says

I mean there's not much scarrier than a few Billion CSM coming back out of the EOT is there?

>> No.53809532 [DELETED] 

His dad called him back out of his room for yet another beating session.

Also daily reminder to please beat your kids so they don't end up like this motherfucker.

LMAO, that 40kg discord sounds like an awful place. Thank god I don't partake in that kinda drama.

>> No.53809536

Awesome. Danke. Used screamers at all? I heard they were a bit flimsy for their price, but I wanted to see if anyone here could give me more information on that.

>> No.53809537

He said it wasn't the 40k discord, which makes me glad as I don't want to be associated with that level of turbo-autism (I pretty much only lurk and don't post in the 40k discord though)

>> No.53809553

your a fucking psychopath kill your family cause you don't deserve one in fact you and all these fucking mongrels are fucking insane you are all fucking insane

>> No.53809555 [DELETED] 

>he literally sperged so hard he ended up doxing himself

>slaneeshi furfaggot is an actual mental illness patient who got fucked up from child abuse

>> No.53809560

If anything this is evidence for why not to beat my kids. Apparently the beatings didn't work.

>> No.53809567

Obviously beating him made him like that, not the other way around.

>> No.53809571

first beating your kids puts you on this mess and who the fuck are you you fucking sitstain coward of a human being

>> No.53809574 [DELETED] 




>> No.53809580

What is the best eldar, dark eldar, or harlequin unit to take advantage of getting Soulburst actions?

>> No.53809592

Oh lord I can't take any more keks tonight Im gonna need side replacement surgery.

>> No.53809593

your a fucking coward you useless subhuman whatever friends you have I hope die whatever family you have should be burned you fucking lunatic

>> No.53809598

And this is a prime example of why we keep overly personal convos out of the 40kg discord I've got going. So far, 0 incidents across 50+ members because people are behaving themselves, but what happens between 2 or more users in a private chat is their responsibility. I never intended for it to even get past 20 people, but even if it's not too active and discussion is sporadic, that ends up being kind of a good thing in the long run because it stays on topic and usually never devolves into personal shit like the screencaps we're seeing right now.

>> No.53809603 [DELETED] 

Should have beat him a little harder and maybe given him a little ritalin lmao

I'm gonna be able to power a riptide with all this salt topkek

>> No.53809604

Why is there discord bullshit in here?

>> No.53809607

>this thread

>> No.53809611 [DELETED] 



*takes air*



>> No.53809613


They're only worth the 1 CP, though.

>> No.53809616


>> No.53809626

Since they changed cover you can't just jink spam.
And we don't have the book of true names for the 2++ reroll 1s deathstar.

I'd say they have their usage, Slash is not 1d6 instead of 1d3.
They are still my favorite unit in the codex.

I think we need to wait for the Tzeentch codex, if AoS is anything to go by they got a TONS of spells in that.
With the limited number of powers atm Tzeentch feels like it's struggling a bit.

>> No.53809627


>> No.53809628

wait, Dakkafexes nerfed? Aren't they like...80-some points per fex now?

>> No.53809630 [DELETED] 

>self proclaimed "ver violent" manchild is a sissy cuckold
What did he mean by this?

>> No.53809638


>> No.53809640

Nid weapons got shit on, which kills the Dakkafex.

>> No.53809649

109 for a quad deathspitter fex.

No more re-rolls to hit.

>> No.53809663

How can I report an entire thread?

>> No.53809664

fucking insane all of you you are all fucking insane all you do is ruin lives while laughing at mental anguish you fucking insane mongrels you all don't deserve family friends or happiness in no way meme or Ironic do I say this I hope you all die. you are the life ruiners I don't deserve this you psychopaths I swear im gonna beat my dog

>> No.53809665


How? I figured finding the Ravager upgrade sprue is just going to be horribly cost ineffecient

>> No.53809680 [DELETED] 

>im very violent
>physical and verbal


>full-on autistic meltdown.

>> No.53809684

I'm on it.

>> No.53809689 [DELETED] 

>beating your dog because of mean internet strangers quoting things that YOU SAID

>> No.53809692


>> No.53809696


Watch out. 4chan takes animal. Abuse very seriously. Don't be surprised if cops show up.

>> No.53809701

you can't without multiple IPs and that will get you banned for report spamming, so

>> No.53809702


Come on guys this all a play.There is no way this is real - this guy has to be just playing up, he and a buddy found these messages and decided to have a laugh in /tg/.

>> No.53809708

wait, why 109?

Carnifex (67), deathspitter+slimer (10), deathspitter+slimer (10), mace tail (2) = 89?

>> No.53809709

this read this you psychopaths I hope you get beaten more by your shitty parents. or kill yourself I wanna see you get carried away in a coffin by your shitty parents you fucking psychos

>> No.53809716

So when are the Imperial Guard Forge World indexes coming out?

>> No.53809718

Yeah, but I really can't say no to an almost all Scourge and Reaver army. It's probably not the best thing considering how good the Command Point stuff is, but damn can my army go fast.

>> No.53809719

>this thread right now

>> No.53809723

This. Cheetah anon is life. Cheetah anon is love.

>> No.53809733

Please just stop posting. Stop reading. Walk away for a while. It's best for everyone involved.

>> No.53809734

I don't even have a dog I just wanna hurt something

>> No.53809737 [DELETED] 


>> No.53809742

an attempt was made.

>> No.53809743

This thread has me so distracted i almost just drank my paint water.

>> No.53809744

>this all started because people have no idea what slaanesh means

>> No.53809747 [DELETED] 



>> No.53809748

oh wait.

it's TWO deathspitters/devourters. Shit. I did NOT see that. OMG.

>> No.53809750

>he doesn't know how seriously 4chan takes animal abuse

>> No.53809754


This is why I said go paint models earlier, abuse your brushes!

>> No.53809757

Thats one of each gun, not two-You're paying 20 per pair

>> No.53809761

Are there report limits or something? I ask for a friend who has been going hog wild, and not me. I haven't reported anyone. No Sir.

>> No.53809765

...What's happening in this thread and why am i scared?

>> No.53809776


this thread makes me want to drink paint water

>> No.53809777


This idiot is in a discord started by weebs on 4chan like me. He will wear himself out soon. And I am pretty sure this is an elaborate troll, but now I'm less sure

>> No.53809782

You're using the points per deathspitter. Gotta pay for the pair which is not even remotely worth it. This begs the question, though: Why did GW buff nearly every fucking Twin-linked weapon and nerf ours into uselessness?

>> No.53809784 [DELETED] 

Reminder that shitskins are subhuman and this thread is proof of it.

>> No.53809788

Basically we have one very upset individual who doesn't understand 4chan culture and a few individuals including Cheetah-poster who are mocking them.

We also have a couple of people talking about Tyranid listbuilding in the background.

>> No.53809791

It's okay, anon. The bad people will go away soon enough.

>> No.53809793

ok so...wait.

Fex with 2x 2x deathspitters is 109.

Assault 12 18" S7 AP-1.

They really should have given the Devourers something to make it less than a shitty deathspitter. Re-roll to wound like before would be neat.

In any case...shit. I think I like these.

>> No.53809796

I'm the bad guy but i'm the one having a physical meltdown and mental one you all realise how insane you are I cant leave ill hear your words in my heads like bees turned to thoughts

>> No.53809798

i don't know

>> No.53809800 [DELETED] 

>i swear im gonna beat my dog
>i was only pretending to be retarded
>proceeds to project his mental illness

>> No.53809801

>tfw I unironically drank my paint water at some point

>> No.53809803

usually you get like 10-20 and it tells you to come back later (4 hours)?

>> No.53809808 [DELETED] 

This is not a troll. All these screencaps I'm posting are completely unironic.

Either you are witnessing the very unironic and scary face of autism or I'm getting batied into posting some random poor sap's info

>> No.53809818

why is this thread still up, why do any of you post here, and why can none of you contain your fucking autism

>> No.53809819


I once made the mistake of painting red tones while drinking red koolaid. It was a bad choice.

>> No.53809825 [DELETED] 


>> No.53809826

We're not all partaking in... -that-.

>> No.53809830


I'm hoping no one makes a new thread yet so that the spazzing can die with this thread
Fingers crossed, maybe next thread won't be a dumpster fire

>> No.53809835

Pathfinders engage.
Fire warriors arriving tomorrow.
Cadre fireblade already assembled.
Tau army is nearly ready for combat.

>> No.53809840

Oh, I know about es. I'm one of the older anons from waifu. I am very familiar with es. I mostly thought this was an elaborate troll, but each time I get less sure


>> No.53809841

he wants a chick to fuck him like his dad beat him

we get it, thanks

>> No.53809849

Hopefully the next person to get this triggered is a Tau player

>> No.53809851 [DELETED] 

>he is still projecting his mental illness

>tfw laughing so much i ran out of cheetahs
top kek

>> No.53809854

For the greater good!

>> No.53809862

Best thread on /tg/ right now.
Can't ever post slaanesh images again though, or people will think I'm the autist

>> No.53809866 [DELETED] 

>tfw your dad beat you so hard you're an attention whore with your imaginary anime gf mistress as well as online

>> No.53809867

i was under the idea that they were a bit undergunned having only one of each. now that I realize they actuall have 4 guns, they seem a bit more viable.

I mean, it *is* 110ish point for a T7 W8 Sv3+ platform. So they got cheaper and yet a bit more survivable-ish. Sure meltas and lascannons deal d6 so they can potentially die in 2 shots, but those now wound on 3+ instead of 2+.

Field something bigger and that'll eat up the AT shots instead.

>> No.53809870

>cheetahfag running out of cheetahs
truly the end of days

>> No.53809871

Hello hello, Whats going on? Whats all this shouting? We'll have no trouble here

>> No.53809872

This is like the lowest tier bait shit in the world. Where's that picture of the retarded Your Guys from Facebook? That's quality laffo.

>> No.53809873 [DELETED] 

>i just hate traditional geneder roles


>> No.53809878

whoever is posting the dms is a fucking coward if you are tough guy then please post who you are you have no souls you fucking heartless animal

>> No.53809879

You are violating global rule 4#.

Cheetafag is violating global rule 13#

Not that it matters, we never seem to have mods in this place anyway.
4chan will always be a full on autism simulator.

>> No.53809880


>> No.53809885


Don't forget the drones

>> No.53809890 [DELETED] 

Because I'm absolutely fucking high on laughter, my discord ID is fallen angel#0485. Come find me if you can, faggotron.

>> No.53809892

Slaanesh not even once!

>> No.53809895

its page 3 you fucking newfag. Why the fuck would you make a new thread?

>> No.53809896

You're more likely to beat the devil into someone than out of them

>> No.53809910 [DELETED] 


I'm not even sure I'm going to survive this thread. Holy shit KEK

>> No.53809911

this is it lads

8th edition has officially killed us

>> No.53809936 [DELETED] 


>> No.53809938 [DELETED] 

>this level of butthurt
You've brought this on yourself anon.

Now where was I? Oh right,


>> No.53809939

>Warriors can no longer take double melee weapons
Yes they can

>> No.53809944

or should I just go sniper?

>> No.53809945

same, autism really ruins it for everyone

>> No.53809952

We die long ago. This thread revived us

>> No.53809959

So what do you play, Anon?

>> No.53809976 [DELETED] 


>> No.53809989 [DELETED] 



>> No.53809995

pretty sure youre replying to the wrong person buddy, i came here to talk about tabletop and lore, not scroll through 200 posts of the slaanesh faggot and you acting like a fucking child. shouldnt have expected anything else from the 40k crowd here honestly

>> No.53809999 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810001

Executive TL:DR of the situation?

>> No.53810012

so the guy who is shit posting is some crazy conspiracy pol nut job who thinks the jews did 9/11

>> No.53810018

to escape this craziness?

i do want to just talk 8th ed

>> No.53810033

mfw I walk into this thread and see all the HERESY

>Tzeentch vs Slaanesh, Slaanesh BTFO

I guess I'll just leave now..

>> No.53810040 [DELETED] 

>types exactly like the slaneeshcuck
>im not samefagging, i swear!

>> No.53810043 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810049

man this faggot is making me want to burn my emperor's children army

>> No.53810056

reminder he believes in this and sent me this pic he is like the craziest fucking cultist ever

>> No.53810064 [DELETED] 

>implying im not a khorne player


>> No.53810076

I'll just get one, mold it, and recast it.

>> No.53810077


>> No.53810087 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810089 [DELETED] 



>> No.53810100

To be fair, masculine qt3.14s are best girl

Can't help you with that autism though...

>> No.53810105

Why are people bullying someone foreign with a relatively normal fetish

I can't tell if it's summer or just from another board

>> No.53810115 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810119

Half of it is because he's responding to the bait so strongly desu Senpai

>> No.53810126

just stop fucking with me leave me the fuck alone what is wrong with you psychopaths this is why the world needs a cleansing you are insane I feel like im going to lose my mind

>> No.53810135

Doubledubs confirm, some of us can keep our autism contained. Fulgrim scorns this classless screeching.

>> No.53810137 [DELETED] 

>with a relatively normal fetish
>crush fetish is relatively normal
Also his fucking autism about how he's going to kill everyone in this thread's families because a few internet men were mean to him lmao
>when you try to call someone retarded but you realize that you're even more retarded

>> No.53810144


You in England, mate?

>> No.53810151

Step 1: Stop posting.
Step 2: Close thread.

You have been left alone.

>> No.53810163

dunno, EC/slaanesh players that post on here are either fetishfags or autistic as fuck, brings shame to the legion....people are to obsessed with the sex side of slaanesh, god damn posers that know nothing about him

>> No.53810166

>fallen angel
>uses le
We have a reddit fag.

>> No.53810168 [DELETED] 

>autistic child abused weeb who wants to be dominated by a girl and also plays slaneesh
>normal person

>> No.53810179 [DELETED] 

If I post where I'm from I'll derail the thread even further kek

>> No.53810180

then im still fucked up and angry and ill just start getting thoughts of shit people said in the thread please can we al stop before I lose my mind

>> No.53810196 [DELETED] 

>m-make it s-stop


>> No.53810199

if 9/.11 would have worked maybe we would have gotten that cleansing, rite anon?

when at first you don't succeed...

>> No.53810207


This is definitely some next level samefagging, imma need some screenshots before I give away any keks

>> No.53810211

literal psychopaths like do your parents know you are empathyless and a monster?

>> No.53810213 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810218


So basically you have to have the last word?

>> No.53810224

So it's summer, got it.

Terrorizing someone that doesn't have a firm grasp of communication, let alone someone that's mentally impaired.. Reminds me of a video of hoodlums talking to a mentally challenged person and one just punches him in the face for absolutely no reason.

Go back to /b/ please

>> No.53810228

Dude. Seriously. Go outside, take a walk. Drink some water. Take a few deep breaths. You are pouring gas on this fire every time you post and reply to these people. Personally, I think it's funny... but also really, really sad.

>> No.53810232 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810234

Are banshees or wyches more efficient? Assume no PFP or Battle Focus

>> No.53810235


>+7 GMT

>> No.53810237

Oh shit, I dig that image. I haven't read the HH series, so is that something that went down?

Play daemons and not EC, but isn't the reason the legion went to Slaanesh because they were perfectionists with an unhealthy obsession with improving in every possible way? I dig that aspect of him more desu. It's something more people can relate to. The >le sex god XD types just seem like the cannon fodder cultists.

>> No.53810239

Why is there a discord?
What the fuck is this?

>> No.53810241

4chan will just break you, son

it's like a hobby for people around here

>> No.53810243

Jesus fuck what happened to the thread while I was sleeping?

>> No.53810252 [DELETED] 


cheetafag confirmed alt-right jackass

>> No.53810256

>Implying the neo-nazi isn't from /pol/
>implying /b/, and not /pol/ is not the root of all evil

Absolutely heretical

>> No.53810260 [DELETED] 

Nope, damned close though.

>tfw you got cyberbullied too hard

>> No.53810261

>Oh shit, I dig that image. I haven't read the HH series, so is that something that went down?

Yep, in Fulgrim.

>> No.53810263

Watching a wannabe Nazi and a Tranny argue like retarded children.

It's like 4chan in summary.

>> No.53810267


>> No.53810272

Are hammerheads worth it in 8ed? I picked one up for last edition but everyone seems to think that drone spam is the way of the future

>> No.53810273

yeah cause the people are all fucking psychopaths who birthed these satanists

>> No.53810284 [DELETED] 

>y-youre a monster!


>> No.53810287 [DELETED] 

Top fucking kek, samefag harder pls

>> No.53810290

I mean I got a screen for you but I'm not sure it's what you wanted

>> No.53810293


its like poetry!

>> No.53810296

I want to blame /pol/ for everything wrong with /40kg/ but then you get people crying about how doomsayers only blame them.

>> No.53810310

Really strong now. Watched a batrep where Ultras were literally a joke against them.

>> No.53810311


66 Multi-meltas!

>> No.53810314

I'll teach you something about 4chan son.

We go here to be anonymous.
If you wanna be here, you just have to do the same thing.
It will make everything easier. Don't get involved in discord shit or earn a reputation, and you'll be fine. You seem like a good kid, take my advice. Stop posting for a while, go outside, have a drink of water, come back and engage with the thread as just another anon.

>> No.53810319

whatever i'm gone ill assume I cant come back or ill get my balls cut off by crazy people seriously this world is fucked up

>> No.53810321


nazis attract to the imperium like bugs to street lights

>> No.53810328

Guess I'm reading an HH book, then.

>> No.53810337

Nah, I'm just tired of you spilling out of your containment thread.

>implying you aren't samefagging both sides of this imaginary argument

>> No.53810341 [DELETED] 

>a good kid
>LITERALLY choose one

>> No.53810342 [DELETED] 

>muh alt-right boogeymen CNN told me about!
How does this evil alt-right symbol make you feel?



>> No.53810354


So Cambodia/Indonesia/Vietnam or something
Nothing derail worthy, something like North Korea or Somalia though...

>> No.53810357

Yeah, that's what I was looking for.

>> No.53810358




>> No.53810363

Nigga I know that retard, he is most certainly not a good kid. Quite literally mentally unfit and has violent tendencies.

>> No.53810373

masochism , perfection etc, but i mean slaanesh isnt just the god of pleasure, thats what morons on here only think, which is a shame.

im convinced its just people that dont even own any models or read any of the books but just theory craft and act like they know everything about anything and just splurging autism everywhere

>> No.53810394

I mean, he's learning the lesson all do when they don't lurk moar.

Fuck off with your stupid laughing. You're not amusing anyone and just shitting up the thread.

>> No.53810395

Shhhhhhhh, we're trying to contain them in this thread dumbass.

>> No.53810402 [DELETED] 

So who's worse? This tard or DAfag?

Someone get a strawpoll running

>> No.53810403


>> No.53810423 [DELETED] 


>> No.53810441



>> No.53810445

that was the to far point... not abusing a clearly mentally fucked up person

>> No.53810450 [DELETED] 

>its all a /pol/ false flag i swear!
>proceeds to go on about how /pol/ are all conspiracy nuts


>Fuck off with your stupid laughing.


>> No.53810464

This isn't the real cheetah poster.

>> No.53810472

No but seriously. It's time to stop.

>> No.53810515

Have the points for the Malanthrope been released yet? I wanna play with it really badly.

>> No.53810550 [DELETED] 

Never forgeti the shitpost spaghetti

>> No.53810569 [DELETED] 





>> No.53810571

anon is autistic but fallen angel seems like a even bigger shitter seriously dude leave the retard alone

>> No.53810597

Well at this point you can't even tell when people are typing in a totally different way from the anon you've been after but that's fine. Everyone's a samefag. It's fine.

>> No.53810608 [DELETED] 

>leave him alone
Ahahahahahaha do you even know where you are? He wont stop until he kills himself.

Then the REAL laughter will start.

>> No.53810638 [DELETED] 

>i can be your angle

>> No.53810640

he's keeping the shitkid out of the general, don't complain

>> No.53810641 [DELETED] 

No really I am cheetahfag. KEEEEEEK i feel like a spoiled child right now this is TOO FUNNY



>> No.53810671

Can he do us a favour an off himself while he's at it?

An hero, do it faggot.

>> No.53810676 [DELETED] 

>full on autistic meltdown over strangers saying mean things to him on the interwebz



>> No.53810692 [DELETED] 

Esdese pls, go to bed already. You have school tomorrow

>> No.53810699

>mfw thinking about eldar tactics in 8th

>> No.53810703

you think that changes anything? he isn't mentally stable he takes this alll to heart. im not saying he is right but people saying kys are just as ill

>> No.53810714

i agree but u are talking about the autistic kid that spams cheetah images every thread, they are just as bad as each other

>> No.53810735 [DELETED] 

Maybe people like him shouldn't be using 4chan. Ever considered that?


>> No.53810741

Jesus, janitors plz. Mods plz. This is shit.

>> No.53810747 [DELETED] 

I know, I know. Its just hard to stop laughing.

Do you even know where you are?

>> No.53810749

>so it's ok for me to fuck with him
you should look at yourself anon

>> No.53810784 [DELETED] 

If he's gonna shit up countless fucking threads with his ERP bullshit and then sperg out when someone tells him to fuck off, then he DESERVES to be fucked with.

>> No.53810793

did someone fuck his discord?

>> No.53810795

Not the same guy, but nice try little redditfag.

>> No.53810796

Warhammer and Wargame discord https://discord.gg/Zeh7nhC

The fulgrim fag is the first actual problem member the discord has ever had, apart from him and his total lack of self control prior to his permanent ban we've got a pretty good server going with about 150 people.

>> No.53810804 [DELETED] 

>he is STILL assblasted



>> No.53810812

no you can't just use your shitty personality as an excuse you are being just as cruel

>> No.53810825

so warhammertv released there "how to paint" video's today and they also did a "tabletop ready" version for new hobbiest, you can really see the diffrence between the regardless of the lack of transfers, but what bothers me is that the "tabletop ready" one is Poorly lit, making it difficult to compare.

>> No.53810827 [DELETED] 

>t. esdese
This is hilarious. Why not come respond to me on discord?
It's not my personality, don't you get it? You brought this upon yourself by being a raging faggot. Like a child molestor who gets beat the fuck up on his first day in jail and asks WHAT DID I DO WRONG

>> No.53810844

not even the same guy, nice one

>> No.53810856

and i'm stopping so leave me be before I lose more faith in good people in this world

>> No.53810878 [DELETED] 

>im stopping leave me alone

>> No.53810890 [DELETED] 

There are good people, you just aren't one of them, and none of them will ever want to interact with you.

>> No.53810893 [DELETED] 



>> No.53810896

He was banned from the wargame tg discord.

>> No.53810918

I should have gone and painted

>> No.53810920

wow, i walk away from this thread for like 30 seconds and everything blows up, ima save my actual discussion for later

>> No.53810926 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, plebbit.

>> No.53810966 [DELETED] 

>tfw not even a trumpcuck and still cant stop laughing at terminal autism and libtardation



>> No.53810969 [DELETED] 



>> No.53811006 [DELETED] 




>> No.53811413

your next line is


>> No.53811801

Rate my Dkok tank

>> No.53811843


>> No.53811942

It will look better when you paint it.

>> No.53812368

kys my dude

>> No.53812411

At least Basecoat it first dude,

>> No.53812580

Fill me in on how the knight kit works
Can have the chainsword on either arm or is it specifically built to fit the right hand like it shows on the gallant.
Basically I wanna build a warden with a chainsword, and I'm wondering if its possible without having to buy two kits

>> No.53812740

it seems a bit wastefull but i like this list, few things to worry about, lots of markerlights.

>> No.53812888

Can't direct fire/10

>> No.53813379

Buy or no buy? They look fucking good.

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