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Sanguinus Did Nothing Wrong Because He Did Nothing At All edition


>Lastest news :

>Latest GW FAQs:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:

>7th Ed 40k rules reference in wiki format:

>WIP Math-hammer doc

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Dark angels are homos
>mfw a dark angel says he isn't gay

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Second for the Archon!

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...and now it's a d6

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You have to be 10-man to take a second weapon.

I'd honestly start taking a look at Scouts.
Your choice of Bolter, Sniper Rifle, Astartes Shotgun, or Combat Knife. You can also take Cameo Cloaks, a Heavy Bolter or Missile Launcher, and Combi-Weapon on the Sergeant.

Hell, rules-as-written even gives the Sergeant access to a Thunder Hammer at the moment.

If you're dead-set on Tactical Marines then do as others have suggested and have two 5-man squads share a transport, each armed with one special or heavy and a weapon on the sergeant.

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Who's ready for the Guard Rise Up on Saturday?

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Who won yesterday between the Deathwatch and Tyranids?

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Why did you cut the roster builder from the OP?


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Dark Mech when?

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Fuck new Mortarion model. Will never use it.

Want Death Guard terminators!

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Since AdMech aren't on the army builder yet, I've been doing this by hand.

My plan is to do two patrol Detachments that are both around 1k points.

How's this looking?

HQ: Tech Priest Dominus (135 pts)
Troops: Skitarii Rangers, 10 man squad, 3x Arquebues, 1x Omnispex (182 pts)
Skitarii Vanguard, 10 man squad, 3x Plasma Caliver (142pts)
Skitarii Vanguard, 10 man squad, 3x Plasma Caliver (142pts)
Heavy Support: Kastelan Robots, 2 man squad, 3x Heavy Phosphor Blasters on each Robot (210 pts)
Onager Dunecraeler, 1 Dunecrawler, Icarus Array (130 pts)
Elites: Cybernetica Datasmith (52 pts)
AdMech Total: 993pts

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What's the most autistic fluff you've ever seen anyone write, aside from official GW, BL and FW stuff?

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I want genestealers to step on my face with their strong flexible clawed feet

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So, what in particular makes them gayer than the rest of the Space Marines?

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Deathwatch, though general consensus is that the nids player was trash.

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No Guard? Fuck them.

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Not pictured:
>The number of times anything remotely close to this has actually happened: 0

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Guy started talking to me about his twice blessed Daemon Princess of Khorne and Slaanesh

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Loyalist Luna Wolves in 40k with Horus's loyal clone. All who work for the Inquisition.

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I'll put my dick up your ass if that's what you want. Spread that boy pucci faggot.

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But anon, nobody every placed his models that way.

Unless if the game of warhammer was part of the hot date, and the person was doing it in preperation of spreaing his asscheeks in a literal sense rather than a figurative one.

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You are fucking kidding me, we actually won? How? Are Deathwatch anywhere near good in this edition?

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>implying anyone ever once in the history of 7th edition got a shot off that good
Even torrent weapons that could manipulate the direction of the template would only hit like 4 guys with proper spacing. I remember my GSC laughing off hellhounds.

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That is retarded.
But templates on a bad day hitted only one thing. Most of the time they hit 3+ things.

D6 is rather disapoitning. Maybe if it was D6+X

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Carnac's headcanon.

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they seem pretty solid alot of elite armies infantry got a bit cheaper also 1 termie in a squad makes them really durable

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Their faggotry

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Top kek

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someone please give me a link to the Dark Imperium novel!

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Fuck, new perspectives. Where can I find the Deathwatch list used? I want to get a few ideas from it.

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Subscribers only. GW only advertises to those that pay for it anon :*)

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>That pic

So that's how it happens ...

>> No.53805366

Google for a torrent, you lazy bitch. Up for days.

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He just told you how, the nid player was terrible.

Bad players don't win in this edition regardless of their army.

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Because it's broken and incomplete.
Also, because I just copied it from the previous general, where that OP cleaned the chaff out of the OPasta.

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It hasn't been put up yet, lots of subs complaining about that during the stream today.

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You know how all the indexes for the armies got leaked, what about forgeworld indexes? Did anyone manage to leak those?

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Tank Shock. Deep Strike. Emerging from a wrecked/exploded transport. Whiffing a consolidate roll (or simply not getting to consolidate, ex. Mindveil).

It was more possible than one thinks.

More unusual is if that if that was a blob of solo acolytes, it would be "one model, hit d6 times"

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I heard that Conscripts and heavy weapon squads are getting a point increase day 1.

>> No.53805400

Why do 2 Patrols instead of 1 Battalion?
You clearly have enough troops and HQs to do it.

>> No.53805402

Of course it was a bad play. My Deathwatch never seem to catch a break.

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Their desperate desire to put their pee pees inside other men.

See how the dark angel craves to it's man meat inside the behind of men, what a homo.

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No, because FW doesn't get sent out to shops.

>> No.53805415

None that I know of. Warhammer Community had an article about a trio of units from the FW books but there has been nothing beyond that.

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There's no basis for this rumor as far as I can tell.

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How does a 500pts AdeptusMechanicus/Skitarii list deal with many models, considering it only has the units from the standard box (dunecrawler, rangers, tech priest dominus)? What are decent weapon choices in the 500 pts range?

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We've heard "nerf", we don't know what form that's taking.

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for some reason the game is not even on their twitch im subed and it's just not there

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From a GW worker or another anon here?

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I thought Battalions have to be all of the same army or you lose bonuses or something.

>> No.53805450

Eventually that may be the case, but there are no bonuses to lose right now.

>> No.53805458

Thanks for checking man

>> No.53805459

Man I keep asking myself this. Basically all it needs is tech cultists and it is playable, using all of the different cult bots.

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Some dude at my lgs tried to explain his shitty Chaos marine / Tyranid kitbash models. he used gaunts/genestealers as possessed (this was years ago before cultists existed as they do now)

Basically the nids were just sprayed metal with red claws, every Chaos marine had scything talons/death spitters badly converted onto their arms and of course everything was painted horribly

The worse part was his Biker-Lord, who he insisted was a woman beneath the armour and like, gave birth to swarms of Nid-chaos fuckers or something like some kind of Alien homage maybe, i honestly don't think they guy knew how reproduction works

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What do the tier lists for 8th look like?

>> No.53805497

Is it just me, or does the power from pain chart suck ass?

>> No.53805502

Don't forget: this is legal due to Hover Jet.

Fly your Valkyrie into your opponent's Fortress of Redemption, and try to melt steel beams with it. Or just smack it with your passenger doors. Just don't miss. :)

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It opens endless possibilities for utilizing daemon engins, xenotech, "creative" conversions and bioheresy too...

>> No.53805512

Does your dad work at GW?

>> No.53805516

Are wraithblades solid now?

>t5, w3 with a 3+ 4++
>hits at s7, 3 attacks on the charge
>stick in gunboat wave serpent to circumvent 5" movement

Obviously not as good as wraithguard who are still broken as hell, but damn, they might be worth taking in regular games now. They're a pain to remove.

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Okay anon, you've posted it enough. I think it's time to retire this (you) farm and look for some OC.

>> No.53805519

from what i can remember because i watched it live they had a 10 man in a flyer with 2 frag cannons a termie some power weapons and bolters, a bick squad, a dread and a foot slogging squad, and a captain who refused to die

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What's your favorite Forge world, either fluff or colors?

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Shut up faggot, I know you want your asshole to be spread by my cock. Clean it or you'll be licking off your own shit off my cock when I'm done with you.

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Top Tier: The army you like the most
Mid Tier: No one knows because not enough data has been collected to determine a Tier list
Salt Mines Tier: Tau

>> No.53805533

I can't stop laughing

>> No.53805540

Radium carbines & plasma calivers on the vanguard for infantry, neutron laser on the dunecrawler for tanks.

>> No.53805544

It wasn't implied before that you intended to mix armies with your Patrols.
I guess it makes sense now, in context, but I genuinely thought you wanted two separate AdMech Patrols that were in the same overall list.

You're right to keep them separate though, because Canticles has a special requirement which states that, "units only receive the bonus if every model in their Detachment has this ability."
Meaning if you combine AdMech with anything else in the same Detachment, you lose Canticles.

So yeah, keep em separate, unless you're planning to run two AdMech Patrols, then combine them for more Command Points.

>> No.53805557

Wraithguard are still broken?

>> No.53805561

Tell me more....

>> No.53805563

I think he was an ex-GW employee, but either way he said he had ties with some people in the know. He didn't specify what it was that was happening, but that they would be changed somehow.

Pretty sure it's a points increase. Maybe 4 points per Conscript, I doubt it would be as high as 5. Infantry squads I could see being bumped up to 50 instead of 40. Heavy Weapon Squads are way too fucking cheap.

>> No.53805574

I see.
>It wasn't implied before that you intended to mix armies with your Patrols.
Ah, sorry, that's my bad.

Yeah, this image is the planned other half of the army.

I used Ultramarines since there's no blanket Space Marines option.

>> No.53805575

Is there a reason for Assault Termis to exist anymore? I know Termis in general aren't that great anyway, but it looks like powerfist termis just do assault termis job just as well

>> No.53805576

See >>53803355

It's just you, faggot. PfP is amazing.

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>> No.53805583

Well, haven't exactly tried them out yet, but on paper yes

They basically get one steroid lascannon each

>> No.53805584

Any link to a full leaked 8th rulebook? with the fluff and those things? cannot see any in the repository.

>> No.53805587

dreadnaught, captain, killteam squad with terminator and bike, and a backline squad with heavy weapons of some sort, and some more bikes.

the tyranid player ran his MCs at the backline lascannons in the open, instead of tactically munching the killteam with his haruspex when he should have, and the killteam just shat all over the tyrandis backline after it broke through the gaunt wall.

>> No.53805613


Storm shields you stupid fucking faggot

Thunder hammers are also far better than fists in 8E did you think they'd just leave them as concussive fists when initiative doesn't even exist

>> No.53805615

Holy fuck that's scary.

>> No.53805622

>Radium carbines & plasma calivers on the vanguard for infantry,
Aye thanks mate. Thought about the Icarus Array, is it worth to get or should I stick with the Neutron Laser at low points and maybe upgrade later when approaching 1k pts?

>> No.53805623

Reminder, if you use this pic for any reason you are an enormous fag

>> No.53805626

WTF why do fists do D3 but the blades do 1 its not like a power fist its just a damn hand

>> No.53805628

Gotcha, that makes sense.

>> No.53805636

Its fine, most of the time you got something like 5-6 per flamer, sometimes less.

>> No.53805637

t. ork player

>> No.53805644

No clue, I'd never ever take the blades anyway. I mean maybe for wrecking t3 hordes? Maybe? 4 attacks wounding on 2+ with -2 AP is pretty nice against those.

But the axes just seem way better in almost all scenarios with the 4++ making them a complete bitch to remove and grants ability to put some serious pain to basically anything.

>> No.53805654

What are the greatest benefits of turning to Nurgle worship?

>> No.53805658

t. Unfunny enormous fag who can't deal with life now that his gay ass meme has been taken away.

>> No.53805663

The best thing about it is 6+ fnp. Everything else is for melee units in an army that wants to avoid melee as much as possible. I think it's worth giving up for soulbursts.

>> No.53805664


Immortality and freedom from pain.

>> No.53805670

This is the Manticore, best artillery piece in the Imperial arsenal! Say something nice about it

>> No.53805673

Dark Imperium I've painted for my LGS

>> No.53805691

I like its chassis

>> No.53805692

>> No.53805693

>Huge lumbering literally dead bone robots
>movement 5
>same with Necrons

They might as well just move 6 if they aren't gonna try and reflect the sluggishness of things. all Infantry should just flat move 6 so it's easier to remember.

Movement only "matters", reflects the fluff, and gets interesting on Bikers, Cav, Fliers, Jump troops, monsters, beasts etc.

>> No.53805698


D-scythe looks very balanced actually: Pitiful number of hits for a flamer and one wound each, but it's nigh guaranteed to score that wound no matter the target outside of an invulnerable getting in the way.

5 guard hit 10 times, fail maybe 2 wounds, roll invul or a 6+ if you have 2+ armour.

So that does -exactly- what a suck chunks of matter into the warp gun should (hurt nearly anything) without actually being overpowered.

Wraithcannon is a little more dickish, but ultimately not worse than a Melta. Easier to wound, doesn't roll two sets of damage and pick the highest.

>> No.53805700

Back to your basement, cunt.

>> No.53805705


I ran 30 Boyz with a Painboy, Nob with PK and WAAAGH banner Nob into 5 Wraithblades in my first game of 8th.

Something like 5 turns of combat later, the Wraithblades walked out. I think they lost 3 out of the 5. They're absolute blenders in CC.

>> No.53805706

4 pts per Conscript would make them just worse Infantry Squads.

>> No.53805708


>> No.53805712

>> No.53805716

>you came to wrong neighborhood, marinelet

>> No.53805721

They could blob up unlike infantry squads. I think 4pts would be fine as long as infantry squads were 50 points.

>> No.53805722

>in an army that wants to avoid melee as much as possible
If you're playing some kinda faggot list for gunfaggots, sure. DE are meant to get stuck in.

What is the deal with gunline pussies picking up melee races and then crying their benefits are only good for melee?

>> No.53805731

>> No.53805732

personally, I'd use the swords. Especially if your putting them in wave serpents. 3w is enough to get by most attacks, and if your running wraiths, you need the extra volume of kills. You have guard for the multi-wound models.

irrespective of cost, the swords are better against every single toughness/save combo (or tied) except for t7 1+ saves for single wound models,
axes are better against every single toughness/save combo for multi-wound models., and come with an invul save.

>> No.53805734

the first thing i though of the scythe is this fucks necron vehicles

>> No.53805747

>> No.53805753

So just nerf all the guards points cause they have even one good thing? Sounds like GW to me.

>> No.53805760

>best open topped transports in the game, with access to some of the best guns in the game
>melee units lose strong breeze in a fair fight
>no initiative
>melee race

>> No.53805764

>D6 is rather disapoitning. Maybe if it was D6+X

Or 2D3, which has better chances at rolling multiple hits

>> No.53805772

aaand da last one, thank ye for attention!

>> No.53805779

Any tips for Eldar list making? I'm not very good at lists.

>> No.53805786

Looks alright, dude.

>> No.53805789

Nerfing the Guard points a little would be fine, we'd still be strong as fuck. It would end up like 1-2 less heavy weapon squads and maybe 20-30 less Conscripts. Our army is great this edition, even the expensive stuff is good.

>> No.53805790

Stick with the neutron laser at any points, basically. It's the shit.

>> No.53805795

I like the colors you used, very retro.

>> No.53805796

Guard are easily poised to be the top army right now. They can deal with the nerf.

>> No.53805799

You should take a warlock, or those guardian squads will melt to a stiff breeze

>> No.53805803

Icarus Array is very good against Dark Eldar and a couple other armies like Tau, but the Neutron is as far as I know the single most potent anti-tank weapon in the entire game on that scale. Personally I think the ratio is something like 1 Icarus and two or three Neutrons in every three or four Onagers, and I'm probably running four total eventually.

Also, always buy the extra stubber. Cheap cheerful extra dakka you can split fire.


Preheresy Xana II for fluff, basically the Mos Eisely of Forge Worlds. Also cool Heretek Archmagos who beats up Primarchs happily on the tabletop.

Their colour schemes are a little boring save the Malinax one, so I made my own.


So true. Making a Heresy Dark Biologis army, so many conversion ideas it's insane. This guy is my first Cyber-Occularis, which is basically a mega-servoskull. Apparently his little claws look cute, although I can't really see it.

>> No.53805810

>brother alpharius on the left prepares to take his shot

>> No.53805826


>the single most potent anti-tank weapon in the entire game on that scale
Now that's something I can work with.
Noted. So basically it's almost always NL > Icarus.

>always buy the extra stubber. Cheap cheerful extra dakka you can split fire.
Noted and will do, thanks.

>> No.53805830

What would you remove from my list to add in the warlock? Thank you for feedback as well
Thank you too

>> No.53805835

swords are actually better against everything, because of the +1 attack and not -1 to hit.

Axes are universally better at multi-wound enemies, swords are (nearly) universally better at single wound enemies.

When you compare point for point tho, swords do more damage and score more unsaved wounds on everything. You pay a lot for that 4++ to reduce the damage efficiency.

>> No.53805847

Storm shields don't do much when the main thing threatening you are mortal wounds. And 3 damage isn't that much better than d3 against most targets

>> No.53805855

There are shooty options for Deldar, and melee options.
The melee options actually got a fair bit better.
Wych cults, which is where a lot of the melee lies, get to choose drugs which is huge. Transports are actually quite good at absorbing overwatch.
And agonizers are super cheap now.

On the other horrifically deformed hand Covens get silly tough as crap. I think wracks should always take their sweep guns, but they follow that up with getting stuck in.
Since that will be turn 2-3, those PfP buffs will be nice.
2+ to hit, wound on 4+, 2 attacks. with T5, 5++, and 6+ FNP.

>> No.53805886

Are Wraithknights more balanced now that they are 500+ points?

>> No.53805890

this sounds right to me.
They're T5 W3 means they are going to be targeted by heavier weapons, many of which will reduce the 3+ to 5+ or worse. The 4++ means that there aren't many good weapons to shoot at them, as the heavy weapons now don't get to use their AP and so waste some points.

>> No.53805899

Give the wraithblades swords instead and you can put a warlock in plus have 49p to spare

>> No.53805904

Yeah, wyches with combat drugs can be nice. I just don't think power from pain is good enough to be worth giving up the potential soul bursts.

>> No.53805907

Advice on my modified 2000pt Space Marine 8th Ed list?

++ Battalion (Space Marines) [2000 Pts] ++

+ Troops +

Tactical Squad [153 Pts]: 5x Additional Marines, Bolt Pistol, Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Power Sword

Tactical Squad [173 Pts]: 5x Additional Marines, Lascannon, Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, Power Maul

Tactical Squad [173 Pts]: 5x Additional Marines, Combi-Flamer, Lascannon, Plasma Gun

+ Elites +

Chapter Champion [86 Pts]: Boltgun, Relic Blade

Honour Guard [84 Pts]: 2x Relic Blade

Venerable Dreadnought [153 Pts]: Assault Cannon, Dreadnought CCW, Stormbolter

+ HQ +

Captain [106 Pts]: Combi-Flamer, Relic Blade

Chaplain [79 Pts]: Plasma Pistol

Techmarine [90 Pts]: Conversion Beamer, Plasma Pistol, Power Axe

+ Fast Attack +

Assault Squad [191 Pts]: Add Jump Packs, 5x Additional Marines (Jump), Eviscerator, Melta-bombs, Power Sword

Assault Squad [169 Pts]: Add Jump Packs, 5x Additional Marines (Jump), Melta-bombs, Power Sword

+ Flyer +

Stormtalon Gunship [195 Pts]: Twin Assault Cannon, Typhoon Missile Launcher

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [108 Pts]: Hunter-Killer Missile, Stormbolter, Twin Assault Cannon

Rhino [80 Pts]: Hunter-Killer Missile, Stormbolter, Stormbolter

Rhino [80 Pts]: Hunter-Killer Missile, Stormbolter, Stormbolter

Rhino [80 Pts]: Hunter-Killer Missile, Stormbolter, Stormbolter

++ Total: [2000 Pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

>> No.53805909


They're more reasonable now - I've found mine is still very effective but he is far more kill-able and I have to make sacrifices to take him.

>> No.53805910

mortal wounds aren't especially common and 3 damage vs D3 is an ENORMOUS difference when dealing with any multi-wound target

>> No.53805917


It's just for a demo set ? Damn, they look good.

Also, how did you get these smooth colors ?

>> No.53805929

Question is if that survivability is worth 17 additional points per model. Shields are almost 50% more expensive than swords.

>> No.53805930

Is a warlock really that badly needed? I have two Psykers already, being the Farseer Skyrunner and Eldrad Ulthran

>> No.53805937

You're still spending so many extra points and giving up 20 stormbolter shots. I don't know, they just seem extremely niche

>> No.53805941

Agripinaa, because they and Cadians are best bro ever

>> No.53805947

The fuck? I use a couple Nid bits in my conversions, mostly chitin plates and Crushing Claws, but that seems a bit wierd.

Where I am there's literally one guy with any fluff other than standard armies, he's got a cool Imp Guard Penal Legion with conscripts, I'll have to lend him my greenstuff cable maker so he can model on some manacles. I can't wait to play it, actually, and the guy's like fifteen and most chill. Actually kinda impressive.

>> No.53805956

the blue looks so plain, yet so delicious. what did you do?

>> No.53805958


The problem is 10 man Guardian squads are super squishy. The warlock can provide you with a bubble -1 to hit when being shot at which will help them out.

>> No.53805963

Yes, but neither of those can take runes of battle. The warlock gives you a nice -1 to be hit bubble that vastly increases the survivability of your guardian blob.

I probably wouldn't take both the farseer and eldrad with how you can only manifest one specific psychic power per turn once.

>> No.53805968

Wraith guard aren't that good bro.

Fire dragons are better now that S10 matters less and both do D6 damage.

>> No.53805972

Vets with power swords vs double the assault marines or crusaders, who wins ?

>> No.53805987

I think it will depend.
If you're expecting to see more tanks, or units and weapons, the 17pts starts paying off quick.
If you aren't it's not.

I like that in my game balancing.

>> No.53805990

Oh, yeah that's true. Instead of those guys, what would you recommend?

>> No.53805993


Wraithguard are better in combat, more durable and can retreat and still shoot. They are far better than Fire Dragons.

>> No.53806001


>> No.53806014

Wraiths were never slow. The worst "movement" stat they ever had was initiative 4. That means those fuckers have always been as fast as marines.

>> No.53806017

Simple things one can do to make a HH model look more Chaos-y? Thinking of picking up the Betrayal at Calth Dark Apostle to run with my cultist swarm. Would like suggestions other than "add spikes"

>> No.53806018

Could ditch the skyrunner, take a warlock and take something fun like a fire prism to fill the remaining points

>> No.53806019

wraith guard got a lot tougher now, with W3.
I think both are going to be decent choices.

>> No.53806025

What you think is best?

14 Points:

24" Range Assault 2, S6, AP -2, D3 damage.

13 Points:

24" Range Rapid Fire 1, S7, AP -3, 1 damage (Mode 1)

24" Range Rapid Fire 1, S8, AP -3, 2 damage (Mode 2, if you roll a 1 you die after shots)

Which you pick on a marine?

>> No.53806028 [DELETED] 

>Counter query:
What's the least autistic fluff you've ever seen anyone write, aside from official GW, BL and FW stuff?

Gotta be distinct enough that it counts as fluff, and not just, "Chapter Y Successors."

>> No.53806036

Fire Dragons are cheaper, can advance and shoot at full BS, and reroll wounds against their preferred targets, and have melta.

Pros and cons.

>> No.53806042

Which army would be the most LGBT-friendly?

>> No.53806049


>> No.53806057

>literally the only LGBT friendly army

>> No.53806058


Gay or straight, you're getting eaten.

>> No.53806068

Not for dropping entire heavy vehicles from the back Pena wave serpent.

>> No.53806070

This looking better?

>> No.53806077

The first look better

>> No.53806081

too bad melta bombs are shit now.

>> No.53806085

Objectively speaking it would be the gay commie T'au

>> No.53806093

>they just seem extremely niche
how useful they are depends entirely on the amount of vehicles/monsters you're facing

in an infantry-heavy meta, the storm bolters will obviously be more useful

>> No.53806100


Both should be in a Wave Serpent at all times so advance and shoot is irrelevant.


What does that even mean?

>> No.53806102

I would say take the grenade launcher thing over the Plasma Gun, anon. You can just name the weapons most times.

Although it does depend on whether you'll be footslogging or in a transport, since hopping up close with overcharged plasma is pretty badass but the GLs are better at long range.

>> No.53806105

Dark Eldar

>> No.53806108

The Guard. Can you hold a gun? Can you take a bullet? Doesn't matter if you're gay or trans.

>> No.53806113

No need for 2 warlocks really, I'd keep axes on the blades instead and take some extras off of the prism if you need more points to do it, since you're starving for AT a bit.

But this should be fine too.

>> No.53806116

Slaanesh: They are all about sex that doesn't have procreational value.

>> No.53806120

inbf that faggot ork flyer

>> No.53806128

Well ork, nids and necrons are mono-gendered or non-gendered.

Eldar are either hedonists who would fuck anything, or hedonists in denial.
The Imperium is big enough that options on all things except for "Hate the Xenos","Glory to the Emperor",a "burn the witch" vary hugely.

Chaos has a god of the deranged hedonists the eldar fucked into being and only became more fucked up.
Then Tau.

So all of the factions are fine.

>> No.53806137

Tau for sure

>> No.53806138

>mfw the commissar shoots you as soon as you try to pull any special snowflake shit

>> No.53806143

Dark Eldar are set up nicely for some rapey feminization porn. You get captured, they inject you with hormones and give you big tits through surgery, turn you into a slutty slave and rape you in their dungeon of pleasure.

>> No.53806154

>Doesn't matter if
the guard is the absolute worst place for nonconformists

>> No.53806157

vary nice

>> No.53806170

Is it just me, or do they lack some shading and edge higfhlights? They're definitely good enough for tabletop, but I just came here from the wip thread, and it was the first thing that came ot my mind

>> No.53806172

>Both should be in a Wave Serpent at all times so advance and shoot is irrelevant.
you get out of the waveserpent before the wave serpent moves. So unless your opponent politely waited for you by the waveserpent you'll need to approach after getting off.

>> No.53806173

Well, I guess the deafening silence is a slight comment on what /tg/ considers good fluff.

There's a chap in the HH thread that has a Custodes army that fly around the place being fancy public executioners to show the Emperor's hand at work, and occasionally kicking down a stubborn door to get to their clients. The squads are all named after methods of execution, IIRC, which sounded pretty nice.

>> No.53806183


>> No.53806184

Thoughts on the attached?

>> No.53806186

Being gay or trans doesn't have much to do with it as long as you listen and die when they tell you to. In fact, conscription that includes gays and trannies is a great way to get rid of them if the higher level doesn't care for them. Why send all your good men to die and only leave degenerates? No that's bad, bring them along, send them in as white shields.

>> No.53806194

What I mean is wraith guard and fire dragons have similar roles of dropping high value targets with multiple wounds and high toughness.

Fire dragons can cram more shots in on a given target for the same points which means clearing your target goals in one try more often.

>> No.53806195

This decent then? And what's the thing about the -1 to hit rolls for units in x" from the warlock? It didn't say anything about that in the rules when I read them

>> No.53806203

the guard want you to conform completely on all thing relevant to killing the enemies of the emperor.
They stop giving to shits after that.

Most regiments are single gendered, and spend the vast majority of their time alone on spaceships. People be fucking.

>> No.53806208

Fuck, look's like an actual list I would happily play. You know I'm so happy GW didn't nerf Eldar into oblivion. They're in a really good spot right now, and it's awesome.

>> No.53806217

Looks good

Power 1 from runes of battle

>> No.53806222


Yeah I'm pretty happy with it - I think it is a competitive list but it shouldn't engender the kind of anger I used to get for playing them.

>> No.53806229

sounds like your fantasy


>> No.53806232


Now I see it. Thanks

>> No.53806243


And wyches look like screaming feminists when you give them all different colour hair.

>> No.53806265

Pretty hot. Rapey combat feminists who hate men and turn the captured men into women and violate them with large phallic objects. Time to masturbate.

>> No.53806275

DEldar get off more on torture than on rape. They're about guro/snuff more than the soft /d/ shit.

>> No.53806299

Best way to pull off a Necrons list for 8th? Having trouble on what I should buy.

>> No.53806316

>tfw most played mate took up eldar as his first army in 7th and couldn't stop himself going full cheese so he bought IG for fair games
>then along came 8th...

>> No.53806318

An unrealistic scenario, but there's a point. I can't remember a single time where I would have gotten 3 or less hits with a template. A single d6 is a poor substitute for the template and large blast. They should have been at the very least 2d3

>> No.53806322

Warrior blobs and tesla imortals

>> No.53806326


>> No.53806334

I want my opponent to have fun too man

>> No.53806355

Please can we not start this shit. This is just like that weirdo was getting off to some trap who polluted these threads.

>> No.53806366

Warrior blobs, Spiders with scarabs and a unit of wraiths and an Overlord with 5-10 sword'n'board lychguard.
They're Necrons, never change.

>> No.53806386

The power level gap isnt as big as it used to be, the top armies are not unbeatable the way top armies in 7th were.

IG/Orks/Tyranid all have a glaring weakness in that they all rely on their characters to function, remove them and they're not so hot shit anymore.

>> No.53806388

So, if someone were to decide "fuck it, I can't wait for proper plastics, I need a pile of those Noise Marine conversion kits", and *not * want to pour a pile of money into buying them from GW, what'd be the best option? I've never gotten stuff from recasters, so I'm a bit leery as to how to go about it and not get dicked over

>> No.53806391

Hey some anon told me to stop shit posting as much about fetishy stuff so I stioped. I only have done contributing posts and talking about theoryhammer. I've been a good girl.

>> No.53806395

What's this gonna cost my wallet? I have like £250 saved up from when I didn't feel like a nice cold beer on a saturday

>> No.53806415

>watch miniwargaming review of dark eldar
>first five minutes is some lardass not understanding how feel no pain works

How do these guys make money if they're so fucking stupid?

>> No.53806422

What you need a slap around the fuckin bake. Stop playing dress up

>> No.53806425

Just buy 3 start collecting boxes plus whatever you think looks cool and you should be ok.

>> No.53806426

So I stopped* Phone posting was a mistake.

>> No.53806431

Red pill me on the Noxious Blightbringer

>regular plague marine dude that does 2 damage in melee, has 4 wounds and 3 attacks
>has plasma pistol too
>debuffs enemy units within 7" to be -1 LD
>buffs nearby units within 7" to roll two for advance and pick the highest
>80 points

Seems good to have this guy with your footslogging poxwalkers since they only move 4" and advancing is important for them. Can be good in a rhino.

Too expensive though?

>> No.53806442

template I'll give you, a bit.
Large blast less so, as scatter was a thing.

But more importantly that loss in power against big units is replaced by additional power against smaller units or single targets.

You are probably forgetting about the times you shot a template or blast against a 1-2 model unit.

>> No.53806446

Come on, is noone gonna say it? Do I really have to be the one to do it?

Dark Angels

>> No.53806447

For many years I too have been wondering this question.

>> No.53806457

This would be so dope. A daemon engine-based army. HRRRNGGG.

>> No.53806467

same power level as 5 foot nobs


>> No.53806469

honour guard

2W & 2+ saves is relevant, and they can also take bullets for your characters

>> No.53806472

I thought we agreed no fetishy stuff.

>> No.53806476

I reckon if you don't go overboard with crypteks and ghost arks everywhere they're probably okay. The fact you may want to build a doomsday ark to get some anti-tank helps with this.

>> No.53806486

I tried watching one of their vids once, and had to turn it off before 15 min went by. There were so many rules they did wrong I was afraid I could no longer control my actions if watching another second of it.

No clue why people like MWG.

>> No.53806494

Why do they even include trans to that? It has nothing to do with the first 3

>> No.53806495


Tried to watch the batrep but cringed out hard, it hurts because I play deldar and I'm desperate to watch games

>> No.53806497

250 Pounds can easily buy you all units you need. I guess about 200 Pounds should be enough, but you might want to load up on that metallic paint, unless you do your own colour scheme.

>> No.53806500

This meme confuses me

>> No.53806513

Problem is IG characters are incredibly cheap and numerous and Tyranid characters are tough as fuck.

>> No.53806518

Why does the Imperium tolerate the Cult Mechanicus and it's offshoots when their beliefs directly contradict teachings of the Emperor? The Emperor praised humankind and it's form+potential as basically the greatest thing ever created but then the admech goes along and syas, "nop, flesh is weak bruh". The whole essense of the Imperial Cult is praise of the human form

>> No.53806520

So, what should I get then? 4 boxes of warriors?

>> No.53806523

>Listbuilder has Assassinorum
>Not Adeptus Mechanicus.


>> No.53806529

Reminds of me when I summoned bloodletters and forgot about the enemy hellhound, the unit got split right down the middle

>> No.53806540

Why do police tolerate drinkers who place their alcohol in a bag?

>> No.53806543


Watch TTT's latest report against Tau.

>> No.53806544

Cheaper than a Dark Apostle so I say hes good.

>> No.53806545

5 foot nobs can all have power claws and kombi-scorchas

>> No.53806547

I love the fact that they use the "if you uploaded a game against your friends, you'd get tons of rules wrong too!" excuse

I mean yeah, sure, we probably would

But we also play a few times a month, while MWG plays as a day job

>> No.53806559


yeah, and its pretty easy to do that against IG so long has you're a faction that can spam snipers like the necrons and the eldar, against the other two its not so easy.

>> No.53806575

Because you don't fuck with the guy that makes and maintains your heating, your guns, your car, your orbital defence laser array, your planetary annihilation devices ....

>> No.53806585

Because it doesn't really harm anyone.
And I see your point, the Admech still works for the Imperium and benefits it the same, BUT were not dealing with policemen here, were dealing with some of the most overzealous people in the galaxy who would blow up a planet worth trillions cus one guy there said he didn't appreciate the emps that much.

>> No.53806587

It was a compromise, the Mechanicus of Mars could have completely fucked up the early Imperium with their technology, Emps would rather have became their Jesus than go to war with them.

>> No.53806593

Because the Emperor signed an agreement with the AdMech that left them a ton of autonomy and power in exchange for peace and alliance. If he hadn't they may well have kicked his ass in a Mars vs Terra war, and he needed their technological proficiency to build his fleets of ships and move on with the Great Crusade.

Now that the Emperor is basically not even around anymore, and all the Imperium's military forces rely on the AdMech for basically every vehicle, weapon, and piece of equipment, they're lucky they get any say in anything at all. The AdMech practically run the Imperium when it comes right down to it.

>> No.53806602

Tau player went with shitty unfocussed list.

>tons of breachers
>just turtles and doesn't support them
>random stormsurge

>> No.53806608

soo since the bell is part of the model, can you kill this guy when the bell sticks out above a wall?


>> No.53806610


God Bless You

>> No.53806612

That was satisfying, but I believe the tau player is a moron.

>> No.53806614

Well you've stated the pros and cons yourself. He seems quite allright for his cost. Nothing amazing, but also not very expensive.

>> No.53806623

Cult mech is the dumbest addition to the game they shouldn't be a thing.

>> No.53806626





>> No.53806636

Depending on what you want to build - two or three start collecting boxes, so you have all the warriors, scarabs, spiders, overlords and stalkers you'll ever need. From there on I'd say one or two lychguard to protect your overlord and some wraiths or tomb blades.
Granted, I have no idea how Necrons will play in 8th, but in 7th the Reclamation Legion and Canoptek Harvest formations were really great. And I don't think Necrons changed a lot, so...

>> No.53806642

>Large blast less so, as scatter was a thing.
Doesn't the BS test represent that?
>replaced by additional power against smaller units or single targets.
Which is a job for other special weapons. Flamer was for removing blobs and now it struggles to fulfill that role.
>You are probably forgetting about the times you shot a template or blast against a 1-2 model unit.
Sure, but that means I hit the whole unit. When I said I can't remember, I was talking about units that were composed of more than 6-10 models

>> No.53806643


Yeah he also played a better (IMO) list against bugs on the premium channel. Ultimately I think he'll eventually (with Lawrence's help) come around to a better list that plays well.

>> No.53806650

>, were dealing with some of the most overzealous people in the galaxy who would blow up a planet worth trillions cus one guy there said he didn't appreciate the emps that much
Stop memeing, no one in 40k is that retarded, not even the most overzealous inquisitor. There's nothing in the standard Imperial Creed that says technology is bad.

>> No.53806656

I'm not an experienced player, wanted other people's insight.

The leadership manipulation seems very minor. His wargear seems pretty meh. The only thing he's good for IMO is that he can buff poxwalkers to be faster.

Also he's a summoner if you got daemon allies (though a herald of Nurgle is cheaper than him by 10 points so meh)

>> No.53806675

In this instance it's vets, not honor guard. 2 attacks, one wound and 3+ but cheaper.

>> No.53806678

Cheers fella. I'll ask the necron player in my store to see if he has any other insights. He told me Infantry based necrons were stupidly hard to kill in this edition

>> No.53806683

Okay that was a tad exageration but I think you get my point. And I'm pretty sure theres tons of stuff in the Imperial Creed that says tech is bad. Like AI and such.

>> No.53806693

they're all mentally ill degenerates

>> No.53806695


when the big E himself makes the consious decision at the height of his power that it is far more trouble than it is worth to attempt to tangle with the mechanicus and instead to deal with their eccentric attitude its usually a good idea to let things continue as they currently are.

the ecclesiarchy and the mechanicus have hated each-other ever since goge vandire killed their manufactor general but its the polite and courteous hatred of people who have far bigger problems than an old grudge so nothing comes of it apart from the occasional drunken sorority party breaking out on terra and distrupting some Enginseers maintenance cycle

>> No.53806703

What are some good loadouts for Imperial Knights right now?

A dude is selling a bunch of built and painted ones and I'm considering it

>> No.53806704

This analogy doesn't work because the AdMech are the ones with the power.

The original guy asking the question should have said "why does the AdMech tolerate the rest of the Imperium not following the Cult Mechanicus".

>> No.53806722

The Cult Mech are the ones who say AI is bad, actually. That doesn't mean all tech is bad.

>> No.53806723

There was a pretty based comic back in the day called turn signals on a land raider. One of their early strips features a marine sergeant dying a tragic heroic death due to bullet holes in his back banner.

>> No.53806725

Found the self hating tranny fucker. You're almost as bad as the guys who hate black people then jerk off to blacked.

>> No.53806736

>this is what robo-brains actually believe

>> No.53806738

Anon pls, stop projecting your issues onto me. Straight and proud.

>> No.53806740

>Also he's a summoner if you got daemon allies (though a herald of Nurgle is cheaper than him by 10 points so meh)

A summoner? what does this mean

>> No.53806744

Honestly, because the Imperium has enough power in the Sol System to destroy Mars before everything breaks down. And Mars has enough power everywhere that it could destroy the Imperium


>> No.53806750

The crusader setup is pretty good, the feet seem to kill enough shit in melee the knight class melee weapons are only needed for enemies in the same weight class.

>> No.53806758

He got "freemed" right in the banner actually

The most religious states of the US consume the highest amount of gay porn online, just sayin'

>> No.53806770

Nothing specifically.

To summon Daemons you need two things:

Chaos faction and Character.

He's both so he can forgo his movement phase to summon some plaguebearers or something.

>> No.53806777

Any Chaos Character can attempt to summon a daemon unit instead of moving now. Page 30 in the leaked pdf

>> No.53806784

Sounds about right. I guess if you add a Cryptek and give him and the Overlord a Resurrection Orb, it will become even more terrifying to meet a footslogging Necron army. Although, as I said I don't know if this will hold up in 8th edition, but from the sound of it, it probably will

>> No.53806789

I'm sure you are. 10 minutes with a cute trans girl and you'd be begging to suckle that buckle, you big homo.

>> No.53806790

reposting fluffy WE army

>> No.53806795


How about, just hear me out here, you buy what YOU want instead of what the Internet tells you to buy?

>> No.53806799

Yeah I just realized I myself wouldn't let that shit fly, if I were uploading battles professionally and for profit, I'd make damn sure it was flawless and heavily edited.

I let others slide because I have learned not to have high expectations of others, but I will always hold myself to the highest standards.

>> No.53806804

There are downsides.
On the other hand no more spending 10 minutes on every missile launchers team.
No more slowing down every movement to maintain max coherency.
I'll take the trade off.

>> No.53806810

Are you just fucking stupid or what?

They own all the means of production, all the technological knowledge, all the most powerful weapons and ships, the Space Marines, the Imperial Guard and the Navy literally cannot function without them, the Inquisition has no sway over them, they have all the Titans, they have forces stationed on almost every single planet in the entire Imperium, literally how the fuck would they possibly ever be in jeopardy of losing their effective monopoly on power?

>> No.53806811

Sounds about right. Praying the gay away never helps.

>> No.53806817

I don't hate anyone. I want people to stop suffering. Being a tranny is suffering. As far as I can tell, surgery or transition hormones don't reduce suffering in trannies.

We need to research a chemical cure for trannyism, that makes them feel like the sex they are. But the LGBT community seems to be focusing its lobbying efforts on bathrooms, and not research initiatives.

>> No.53806820

Well I'm not the one writing gay fanfiction here so you tell me

Also traps are arguably gayer than actual sex with men

>> No.53806821

Because my free will dictates that I would like advice on what to buy so I don't make a stupid decision.

>> No.53806822

Two start collecting, two of the ghost ark+warrior boxes off of ebay.

Nets you two stalkers, two overlords, scarabs, two ghost arks and 48 warriors. Good for a starting army, as stalkers and overlords boost your shooting and arka help bring people back to life.

Then later grab cool stuff to taste.

>> No.53806823

>not autistically organising every unit in eights or multiples of eight
>no 48 berzerkers
The Blood God is not angry with you. Just sad.

>> No.53806824

Seems good.

You planning on summoning lots? Cuz you seem entirely reliant on constantly moving forward.

Doubt Kharn is just gonna stop his movement and advances to summon some dudes.

>> No.53806826

when it comes to poxwalkers, the characters they'll benefit most from would probably be something like
Typhus>>>Dark Apostle/Lord>Blightbringer

Dark apostle gives more rerolls than Lord, but Lord is more useful if you also have ranged units nearby. I'd say that poxwalkers really need some form of WS boost before thinking about a blightbringer, otherwise they'll do very little in combat. Even if you're using them as a tar pit you might as well boost their damage output a bit.

>> No.53806827

I think the takeaway is that all armies are at minimum viable.

>> No.53806846

>implying sex with qt transgirlsis gay

Nigga pls

>> No.53806849

You DO pay for them in matched play though right?

>> No.53806856

90% of that power in the Sol system belongs to the AdMech. The Naval ships in orbit around Terra would be crippled instantly without them.

>> No.53806857

How good is the new nurgle bloat drone? 2 flamers seems like low damage output for the points but I may be missing something.

>> No.53806858

I'm sort off.
I don't want to be the WAAC dick for playing guard now

>> No.53806867

yup, demo set to run academy for new folks, and to set them in glass-case

colours are super simple really: macragee blue spray, recess wash of nuln oil, drybrush of pastel blue form VMC (any very light blue is fine), clean up mess with regular macragee blue. Normally I'd go with layering and edge highlights but I did not have time to spent 1+ week on one squad (which I'd normally do).

as I said to other anon. Also I think I wiped most of my highlights when cleaning up, but it looks brand new that way, and it mostly catch natural light on it.

thanks anons!

>> No.53806868

>one of these has 4 models with set points that can be slotted into literary any imperium army
>one of these has a ton of fiddly selections


>> No.53806870

The perfect compromise would be upping the hit characteristic on flamers across the board. Adding an extra 1d6, or a flat 3 to everything would be a good start. Or making it so flamers behave like bombs do currently. (roll a d6 for each model in a unit, for each result of Number+, that unit suffers a hit)

>> No.53806875

If you're genuinely interested in curing yourself rather than furthering your illness, watch this video

>> No.53806876

im guessing the blue is airbrushed?

>> No.53806878

I never said what I was because all you fags lose your mind when it's not a straight white dude posting.

It's not arguably gayer. It is if you're the trap though I guess.

>> No.53806883

>implying such a thing as a cute trap

>> No.53806884

Can't have a Death Guard Dark Apostle according to the rules.

And since Poxwalkers are Death Guard only, he's not gonna help.

>> No.53806887

Hell the AdMech even have some of their own personal Space Marine Chapters that swear fealty to them rather than the Emperor.

>> No.53806888 [SPOILER] 

It's not gay if she has a feminine penis!

>> No.53806892

Yes, you have to reserve points for them. But they come on the board and can charge and shoot, so the best way to think about it is your army starts off as dedicated transport mystery boxes, and anything you want can pop out of those mystery boxes, to suit the situation.

>> No.53806897

They did all the other fiddly shit, they should have finished the job.

>> No.53806900

WAAC is a type of behavior, not which army you play.

>> No.53806904


If you have something like 20 plaguebearers with an icon, you pay 170 points and you need to roll 10 or more with 3d6 to summon them.

>> No.53806905

I'm not a fag at all. I just despise people who go out of their way to advertise their faggotry and literally cannot stop talking about fucking sucking dicks. Fucking degenerates.

>> No.53806907

Are helturkeys any useful now? I always liked the model and wanted to buy it since forever but now I feel it just got gutted hard

>> No.53806911

What would you add/change to this 500 pts Skitarii list based upon the starter box and the formation included? Currently sitting at 450.

Dominus Maniple
Tech Priest Dominus (105)
>Volkite Blaster and Macro Pistol (FREE)
>Converter Field (5 pts)
>Raiment of Technomatyr (30 pts)

Total: 140

9 Skitarii Vanguards + Alpha(100 points)
>3 Plasma Caliber (90 pts)
>Radium Carabine on Alpha (FREE)

Total: 190

Onager Dunecrawler (90)
>Neutron Laser + Cognis Stubber (25)
>Cognis Heavy Stubber (5)

Total: 120

Army total: 450 pts

>> No.53806914

>sex with manly men
>vs sex with men that at least resemble women

I don't follow, Anonymous. Is it something to do with doubling down, or...? Masculine men and cuntboys/masculine trans men with vaginas is literally on the bottom of my "least gay" chart. They're even gayer than genderless abominations and male animals. I'm sorry but if you're straight up fucking generic men, that is as gay as you can possibly get.

>> No.53806916

>still can't decide how to paint my Primaris chapter

>> No.53806920

They're two extra strength heavy flamers re-rolling Wound rolls of 1, and the platform is pretty fucking durable. I don't think they're a bad choice.

>> No.53806926

Not trying to be a WACC
Are tyranids going to be bonkers or just skew lists?

>> No.53806939

The thing that makes fucking traps gay is the blatant denial of engaging in homosexual behavior. Also
>trans men with vaginas
You know that's just an inverted penis right?

>> No.53806951

I think if there was a full scale war, it would be long and hard fought but since the Imperium and the Emperor has the backing of 99% of the population, even without the production capacity or weaponry, the Imperium would not fall to the Admech.

>> No.53806952


>> No.53806954

Nor am I but it's just as obnoxious when straight dudes talk about women all the time when the conversation doesn't warrant it. We get it you like women and you're a dude, no one fucking cares idiot. Stop posting about what you are. You're just trying to get attention for how "normal" you are.

>> No.53806972

Blood for the blood God, anon.

>> No.53806973

And you think I don't find that annoying either? If I want to hear which whores you've fucked I go to /soc/ or /b/. Keep your promiscuity out of my /tg/.

The problem is that the large majority of attentionwhoring sexposting comes from fags. When straights do it to I call it out just as much.

>> No.53806974

Hey anon, remember that the NL comes with a Heavy Stubber as well, so you need to pay for that one too.

>> No.53806976


They also have fly which makes them nice because they can retreat and still fire which makes them super versatile.

>> No.53806978

paint them as deathwatch anon
they need to atone for the abomination that is their fluff

>> No.53806979

There are qt trans girls. You'd suck her dick too.
What is it?

>> No.53806982


>playing chadmarines

>> No.53806987

Name one who doesn't look or sound like a dude.

>> No.53806989

The hilarious lack of reproductive knowledge here....

The closest approximation to a female penis is the clit, which actually grows from the same proto-tissues and location.

The vag is more heavily related to your ball sack.

>> No.53806990

Oh yeah, didn't even think about that. But that's allright as its LD buff isn't needed and the rerolls from lords is more useful for a mixed melee/ranged army.

Interesting note: CSM Daemon Princes give their reroll buff to both <legion> and daemons of the same god, and they're only at 8 wounds, so can be hidden.
Chaos Daemons Daemon Princes only grant their buff to daemons, and are at 10w, so can't be hidden, though they instead get their gods bonus (like fnp for nurgle), which CSMs princes don't.

>> No.53806996

But... there are 48 berzerkers in that list?

>> No.53806998

Well good, I can't be mad at you for that. So hey I think I like you. You want to play games and paint together?

>> No.53806999

Mechanicus civil war when?

>> No.53807000

Explain something to me as I want to get into this since there's a new version or whatever coming out.

For the Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines there's all the different chapters. Can I use like units from any chapter I want? And with the Chaos Space Marines can I put demons in my army as well?

>> No.53807002 [DELETED] 

Reposting actually fluffy WE army.

>> No.53807004


>samefagging this hard

>> No.53807015


What do you need that many throne heralds for?

>> No.53807017


lets play the game of 'what isnt airbrushed in that photo'.

>> No.53807020


>> No.53807022

Why not? I'm currently doing some basing while taking a break from painting an apothecary.

>> No.53807029

Let me enlighten you to the glory that is the "Harassmentdrake"

The Harassmentdrake is rediculeously fast, really hard to kill in a short time, and has just enough damage output to not be easy to ignore. But the best part is that the Harassmentdrake is capable of tying any unit you like down in close combat from turn 1 onwards. Despite the fact that the Harassmentdrake might not actually kill much itself, being inside the gunline harassing units left, right and center with impunity* is a nightmare for any opponent to deal with.

*Harassment lawsuits might follow.

>> No.53807032

He's talking about post op trannies.

>> No.53807040

You got me

>> No.53807044

Death Guard but with a twist.

Going Fast.

>> No.53807048

I'm talking about fucking GRS trannies you flaming idiot. What a fucking pseud.

>> No.53807051

Shit, you'Re right. Although, you could have gone with 6 squads of 8. Or just go the extra mile and make 8 squads of 8.

>> No.53807053

The context went right over my head there.

Yeah then you would be fucking a penis.

>> No.53807071

Sounds productive. I picked up more primer today as I spent the past few days priming a lot of models. Everything I have painted is going to be okay in 8th so I have a lot of new models and stuff to paint that I want to try. It's exciting. You starting any new army for 8th?

I'm thinking Deathwatch as my first Marine army.

>> No.53807075

As long as you follow the limitations for that chapter/legion, for those that have a page to themselves with such limitations (currently only the 4 cult legions for CSM, don't know about loyalists).
And yes, you can mix in daemons with CSM. No penalties to that yet, but when proper codex comes we'll likely see bonuses for staying within a specific faction.

>> No.53807076

>Samefagging this hard

its joke

>> No.53807079

sounds fun.

>> No.53807082

sounds interesting, I guess I should just borrow one from the store and try it out.

>> No.53807089

So overall are necrons OP?

>> No.53807098

No, although I'm considering starting a Scions force after I'm done with the second half of my main army. Really love the aesthetic of their models and with how good Guard are it could be a decent investment.

I have a shit ton of bikes to paint before that though.

>> No.53807105

It's not even close to 99 to 1. The AdMech is fuckhuge.

Furthermore, most of the planets that would be totally devoted to the Emperor are feudal low-tech worlds that wouldn't be able to contribute anything to the war. The AdMech could Exterminatus them without a care.

The war would never actually happen, but if it did, AdMech pretty much win instantly.

>> No.53807113

Might as well max out plaguebearer squad, so you benefit from the -1 to hit bonus for longer. I really like the idea of loads of drones though, I was thinking of doing the same. Running a shrimpcopter or two together with a bunch of plaguedrones.

>> No.53807116

real question, can u even take daemons and still be considered as a death guard army? wondering because i wanted to use daemons for my legion and dunno if it changes the army type from said legion to then daemon list.
eg World eaters to then just Khorne list if u include letters

>> No.53807118 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53807123

Actual fluffy World Eaters list

>> No.53807138

Don't defile Lamenters with your chad shit

>> No.53807140

>>trans men with vaginas
>You know that's just an inverted penis right?
No you fucking idiot he said cuntboys and trans-men, that's people born as fucking women with actual vaginas.

>> No.53807141

The Mechanicum itself is far from a cohesive force itself though.

Most likely if the Imperium and the Mechanicum ever decided to fight one another it would end in (near) mutual destruction.

>> No.53807149

Tesla weaponry, annihilation barges, their flyers and Nightbringer are all very very good. Reanimation protocols got better with stacking crypteks making warriors and immortals ridiculously survivable.

>> No.53807173

>The Mechanicum itself is far from a cohesive force itself though.
Mechanicus is the 40k entity, Mechanicum refers to their 30k iteration /pedanticshit

This is true, which is another reason a total war of AdMech vs non-AdMech humans would never ever happen. Half the AdMech would ally with the Imperium instead of the other AdMech guys.

>> No.53807181

Use the 3" consolidation move to move around the valkyrie

>> No.53807182

What's the best legion and why is it Iron Warriors?

>> No.53807186

I'm so sorry I'm not up to date with the latest special snowflake terminology.

>> No.53807190


I think you mean Iron Warriors, senpai.

>> No.53807193

You can't consolidate if you're in base contact.

>> No.53807197

Would summon them and getting a 10 on 3D6 is much easier than getting 15. Plus they get the bonus on the turn they come in which is very decent.

'Death Guard Army' is not a real thing yet. We don't have specific condexes and unique detachments etc.

What can be a Death Guard is on 24 of the Chaos Index PDF. Once you are a Death Guard you gain associated bonuses from Death Guard characters and you gain access to Death Guard unique units like poxwalkers who can't be found in any other legion.

Example: I can run Death Guard Plague Marines and Death Guard Poxwalkers and a Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh in the same army.

Example 2: I can also run plague marines as elites and assign them to Black Legion so that Abaddon can buff them, but they won't be Death Guard anymore and gain benefits from Typhus or certain psychich powers whatever.

>> No.53807199

>nice reference

I still have to watch War Machine

>> No.53807204

This isn't some tumblr SJW shit you retard this is what they've literally always been called.

You think those snowflakes use words like "cuntboy" ??

>> No.53807205 [DELETED] 

>what is the most beta legion and why is it Iron Warriors?

>> No.53807212

Put together a 8th ed Eldar list.

Basically serpent spam.

4 Wave Serpents in 1k list.

Any opinions?

>> No.53807221

>stacking crypteks

You what

>> No.53807226

>what is the most beta legion and why is it Word Bearers?
Actually FTFY

>> No.53807228

Funnily enough this is exactly how I'd expect a snowflake to excuse their latest snowflake terminology

>> No.53807229

You should definitely go for it. I just got another start collecting Scion box. I love that kit, so many spare bits. Agreed, great models. I'm stripping my old Tyranids right now then on to priming them.

I'm off to take them out of their soak. God speed on those bikes, you big homo. Playful smile and all that.

>> No.53807230

Imperial Fists.

Because the sheer awesomeness of the Imperial Fists alone was enough for the Iron Warriors to turn traitor in an autistic fit of crippling realization they could never be even half as amazing as the Imperial Fists.

>> No.53807233

Every faction in the game either doesn't have a gender, is celibate, is incapable of having sex due to genetic modifications, or doesn't give a shit either way.

So, all of them.

>> No.53807240

>stacking crypteks
They have no abilities that stack.

>> No.53807255 [DELETED] 

Word Bearers would be the biggest hypocrites, but at least they're not getting cucked by their rivals to this day.

>> No.53807261


I'm still new to the hobby. What program do people use for listbuild like this?

>> No.53807267

What about Emperor's Children ?

and about Genestealer Cults ?

>> No.53807276

I don't see you dying but I don't see for enemy dying either.

They'll probably win on objectives imo

>> No.53807277

How are Admech in this edition? What are their best/worst units?

>> No.53807280 [DELETED] 

And still get btfo every time they fight them. Iron Warriors are incapable of doing anything right.

>> No.53807287

One thing about Crypteks in this edition, they and Lords need the ability to take a tomb blade for 20-40 points. Actually being able to get around would make them much better.

>> No.53807290

Not so much cucked as just blatantly ignored. Perturabo never fucked up, he just wasn't ever given any recognition because the Emperor is a fucking autist.

>> No.53807292

>and about Genestealer Cults ?
They would probably be against it actually since they want people to breed as much as possible.

But if you're infected with the genestealer virus it's going to make you horny and hetero anyways.

>> No.53807301

Search up warhammer list builder on google and it's the first result

>> No.53807307

>and why is it Iron Warriors?
This and bitterness

>> No.53807312

GSCs are literally founded on unwanted physical contact.


>> No.53807319

>Emperor's Children
I feel like they'd be least likely to care of all.
>Genestealer Cults
I guess if we're being super technical, genestealers are male, but they're also fucking bug monsters from outer space, and I wouldn't really call them sexual beings. I'd place them under the "not having a gender" category, at least not in the way that human beings think of it.

>> No.53807333

You could just footslog them with your poxwalkers though, it'd give you a large blob of hard to kill cheap units, so your opponent has to choose between either taking down the advancing horde before it reaches them, or the fast dangerous units.

>> No.53807357

Made me cry. Fuck, Perturabo literally did nothing wrong. He is misunderstood.

>> No.53807361

What about the Command Barge?

>> No.53807369

Any ynnari players this edition? How are you liking the changes?

>> No.53807376

Kek. That was a sudden, bitter twist at the end.

>> No.53807385

Too close to home anon...

But I am also a fan of the workhorse tropes in my fantasy. To me the one who works regardless and is always effecient is the best.

>> No.53807395

>genestealer uses its phallic ovipositor tongue to throatfuck a gay poof
>he turns into a male-pheromone-dripping, pussy-craving chad
This is fucking hilarious to me. Why is 40k lore so great.

>> No.53807398 [DELETED] 

>Not so much cucked as just blatantly ignored.
Anon every single time they've fought since the heresy they've gotten btfo. While Thousand Sons and World Eaters only lose through Deus ex Machinas and Black Legion through attrition, Iron Warriors just get straight up outclassed, outfought and generally rekt in a hilarious manner.

>> No.53807404

Love them. People don't insult me anymore for playing the army I like. Maybe I can enjoy 40k finally.

>> No.53807412

What sort of list are you running right now?

>> No.53807420

It can only work with overlord, so no lord or cryptek and has very different powers. Lord on Tomb Blade would be a combat HQ, Cryptek would zoom from unit to unit raising the dead.

Overlord is a gun platform that makes shooting better.

>> No.53807455

What would you suggest dropping and adding?

I'm personally considering dropping one of the Bright Lance Wave Serpents for more scorpions, but what do you think?

>> No.53807456

Right, I just thought of the Overlord. Has anyone ever used a Lord, actually? They seem a bit redundant, with the Overlord existing, eventhough the Lord is cheaper, yeah.
The Tomb Spider could raise the dead, but that would take a role from the Cryptek.

>> No.53807465

Ah well, I run things people don't usually run. I'm a fluff type man (although people still hate me for playing eldar). I run Storm Guardians because I think they are awesome, seeing my dudes run across the board. I don't mind if they die easily, hah. My Ynnari is Tri-Eldar, like it should be in my opinion. So yeah you have heard about the Storm Guardians, but I also run Wyches, Hellions, and Troupes. You wouldn't believe how fast they go across the battlefield! I need some units to help out though so I run a warlock and a farseer for psyker support.

>> No.53807469

Examples? And I assume they lose because they are out numbered from everyone attacking em at once

>> No.53807476

>genestealers are male, but they're also fucking bug monsters from outer space, and I wouldn't really call them sexual beings
Then why do they make my pussy so wet

>> No.53807485

Go back to >>>/d/

>> No.53807495

Because something is wrong with your brain.

>> No.53807512


>Oliensis is a Daemon World in the Eye of Terror. Devoted to Slaanesh, the entire planet is actually a colossal, morbidly obese man curled into a fetal position. The surface is home to Slaaneshi Daemons and is a base for Noise Marines.


>> No.53807514

sexy tyranid women when?

>> No.53807518

be gone thot

>> No.53807521

Because you are a smelly faggot

>> No.53807527

Epidemius looks quite disgusting now. Quite cheap, and if you manage to kill 7 units your standard plaguebearers will have:
6'' move
S5 (S6 with a herald nearby), 2A, rerolls of 1s to hit and wound
T5 and rerolling 1s on their 5+ fnp

However, what exactly does "destroyed by a nurgle daemon unit" mean? Does a nurgle daemon need to kill the last model of a unit? What happens if the last model dies from battleshock, or nurgle daemons kill 19 of 20 models in a unit and a CSM unit kills the last guy, etc?

>> No.53807530

Fucking weight gain fetishists

>> No.53807531

which space marine chapter has the most dreadnoughts

>> No.53807550 [DELETED] 

I just want a slaanesh daemon to choke me to death lovingly

>> No.53807554

I've been thinking about Acolyte squads a fair bit these last few days, and I'm convinced they can be a bit of a powerhouse unit for casual games when paired with a Valkyrie.
Advancing the Valk gives enough movement to position it for some precision hover movement on your second turn, which you can use to grav-chute insert without penalty.
The only question is, how to kit them out? I'm thinking that plasma guns or combi flamers are good for targeting 1-2W models, and storm bolters in rapid fire range put out 4 shots per 10 points of models.
How about other options, and what about Inquisitors, should we be making them cheap and disposable or is there a decent return on putting points into them for advanced weapons?

>> No.53807563

>Tfw no Daemonette vore ever

>> No.53807568

If it's in line with other effects, then the unit with the NURGLE DAEMON keywords needs to kill the last model, and only the last model, directly. Battleshock won't count.

>> No.53807580

A cartoon penis is still NSFW anon.

>> No.53807595

What is the attacks characteristic of a Razorwing flock? the leaked pdf is blurry as shit, and it could be 3, 4, or 8 as far as I can tell.

>> No.53807601

I agree. You just need something that can route a dug in squad of middling or greater models. Scorps should do it.

Right now you can kill a few tanks and one or two tac squads and that feels like it.

>> No.53807610

Probably iron hands and their successors. White scars and their successors tend to not be enthusiastic about them.

>> No.53807613 [DELETED] 

Fall of Cadia. They manage to fuck up an assault on the Fist HQ ship after having disabled its defenses and turned them against them. They even have Bel'akor and a host of daemons at their side and STILL got nearly casually btfo.

>> No.53807629

oh shit thats a penis I thought it was a cloth

also this life is suffering

>> No.53807634

>liking men makes a girl a faggot
>implying you wouldn't bend over backwards for the privilege of sniffing me

>> No.53807642

Go back to /soc/ you attention whoring degenerate.

>> No.53807645

let me sniff you please

>> No.53807660

Of course it'd be a Fist ship. That's some blatant author favoritism right there. At least have them destroy a good portion of it before getting destroyed themselves, christ GW....

>> No.53807661



>> No.53807662

Oh you're that thot that posted lewd pictures a while ago.

You seem to have made the mistake of posting in a thread about plastic toy soldiers and not on /soc/

>> No.53807667

i really hate this thread. makes me want to start reporting these fags

>> No.53807669 [DELETED] 

>he still thinks he's a woman
You schizophrenic fuck lmao

>> No.53807672

>The most religious states of the US consume the highest amount of gay porn online, just sayin'
>Sounds about right. Praying the gay away never helps.

More likely that it drives these relations under ground and religious moralists do not like porn quite as much

>this faggot thinks there is free will
>pic related

>> No.53807674

I want to be tag teamed by you and a hung man. You with a big strap on in the back.

>> No.53807678

Yo daddy so fat he has his own gravitational field and warp fluctuations.

Yo daddy so fat he has his own atmosphere.

Yo daddy so fat he thought he had lice but it was just Noise Marines

Yo daddy so fat last time he had to itch his ass but couldn't it was just a Thunderhawk takeoff

Yo daddy so fat he orbits his own star.


>> No.53807680

>a Fist ship.

It was THE fist ship

assaulting The Phalanx is hardly going to go well for anyone

>> No.53807681

Am I understanding how the Haemonculus Master of Pain works right?

They increases the Toughness of Venoms and Raiders if they are also Haemonculus Covens?

>> No.53807686

chapter most dreadnoughts?

>> No.53807689

We /middleschool/ now

>> No.53807692

Well, you came here.
And you're showing interest in gw products.

So, three strikes is it?

Why not cut your losses and an hero now.

>> No.53807703

>Liking dick
Sorry, but that's the very definition of gay

>> No.53807709

But genestealers are plastic toy soldiers and I love them

>> No.53807717

Then why aren't you discussing them? Take your disgusting fetish shit elsewhere.

>> No.53807723 [DELETED] 

Yeah, it's sad how GW never allows us a major victory... All we can do is measure how much shit we blew up before we get thrown back into the warp.

Best we'll get is 'secist objective' bullshit. But hey, we could actually win the Konor campagin now that it's player-determined.

>> No.53807725

>As far as I can tell, surgery or transition hormones don't reduce suffering in trannies.
Most statistics disagree. Being accepted as their gender has a significant reductionary effect on suicide rates. Allowing them to pursue options (especially hormones) can have a big effect on that. This is getting a bit /pol/ thoug, so I'll shut up on this note.

>> No.53807734

are you friends with curze fag?

>> No.53807739

that pic is so on point lmao
i hope you stick around lewd chan

>> No.53807743

Post pics of your Genestealers

>> No.53807753

Flamers should do 1d6 hits with a minimum of 3 hits, but unable to deal more hits than the number of models in a unit.

>> No.53807755

How would anyone fight against the admech with anything beyond a stick?

The machine spirit in the weapons would simply shutdown. Good luck firing a lascannon that doesn't want to fire.

>> No.53807766

Honor Guard vs Company Veterans vs Vanguard?

>> No.53807771

You still get to affect more models with each order, take fewer commissar casualties and need fewer charge rerolls, which means it might work out.

However, I would expect regular guardsmen to go up a point too. They are pretty good compared to similar units; probably better than cultists, who are already 5 ppm.

I will be really shocked if they change points costs before codex approved, which I think is due in December.

>> No.53807780 [DELETED] 

>only ever shitposts about his desire to fuck plastic soldiers
>mentally ill travestite
>'i totally play the game and aren't just attention-whoring, i swear!'
Praise kek.

>> No.53807792

how do I b8 people in 40k battles as effectively as people b8 40kg?

>> No.53807793

I wasn't even the one who brought up genestealer sex I was just responding, you boys get so upset every time

I don't know who that is

I'm painting them right now! I'll post pics when they're finished. It's going really slowly though because I keep needing to stop for reasons

>> No.53807794


>battle of the shitposters

The Korean War of our time

>> No.53807798

>All we can do is measure how much shit we blew up before we get thrown back into the warp.

Thousand Sons managed to throw their entire planet out of the warp in the last big story they were in. Feels like a huge step fowards.

>But hey, we could actually win the Konor campagin now that it's player-determined.
Hahahahahaha, good one. You ever heard what happend with the 13th crusade campaign ? The loyalist faggots threw such a fit GW had to retconn the entire thing.

>> No.53807804 [DELETED] 

>Most statistics disagree
Bullshit. If anything they cause lasting psychological trauma, specially on children and teenagers.

>> No.53807814

Man, I wish they had bundle deals on transports. I need a few razorbacks and I'm not sure if I want to even bother with them. Anyone know of an online retailer that does discounts and ships to NA?

>> No.53807816

IIRC, loyalist fags get points for their faction just for using loyalist units. The whole thing is rigged unless the xenosfags ally against the imperium.

>> No.53807820

>I don't know who that is

Imagine yourself, but then replace Genestealers with Konrad Curse.

>> No.53807824

Please, I also play Nids there's noting sexual about men with 5heads

>> No.53807834

but daaaaaad it's not suicide sunday yet

>> No.53807837

Does 8th edition look like fuck armor edition to anyone else?

Between reduced accuracy for moving even an inch and having to disembark from transports -before- they move I don't really see the point.

Even the increased durabilty of the traditional wound profile seems like a wash when you consider how they disintegrate when they take damage.

Thoughts? Have I completely missed something?

>> No.53807839

will you be my gf

>> No.53807841 [DELETED] 

>Hahahahahaha, good one. You ever heard what happend with the 13th crusade campaign ? The loyalist faggots threw such a fit GW had to retconn the entire thing.
But anon, that's the best part. We get to make imperial snowflakes mad.

>> No.53807842

These are the times I miss seeing sexual posts about the Slaanesh belly stuffing tranny

>> No.53807861


It is horde meta anyway
Spam to win

>> No.53807868

>How are Admech in this edition?

Still good, skitarii got some beating due to merge and simplification but they're still alright anyway.

Sadly, they're only have Cawl and Dominus as HQ, here's hoping for Skitarii Tribunes as HQ soon.

>What are their best/worst units?

The best IMO, is the Onager, shit at both infantry and vehicles as easy than any other units, and their guns are better than Russes. But for infantry it was Vanguards, like usual.

The worse is Rustalkers, they got beaten up pretty bad since they lost their USRs and Transonic turns into flip-the-mortal wound 6+bullshit, Infiltrators are miles better at killing anything than them.

Rest of the ranges are either decent or great.

>> No.53807878

>wasn't even the one who brought it up
>immediately puts on tripcode


>> No.53807886

Probably because the gays aren't as tolerated there and must resort to porn

Use your brain

>> No.53807889

Is there a point to Intercessors on the table? They seems like a side-grade to regular naked tacs.

As opposed to the Hellblasters with their 30" AP-4 plasmaguns.

>> No.53807890

I need some storm bolters and wouldnt mind adding more dudes to my army so which kit has a bunch?

>> No.53807897

Which is why you decided to put on your stupid fucking attention whore tripcode and derail the fucking thread into oblivion, right?

People like you are the reason Hitler should have won.

>> No.53807899

"lolchadmarines" aside, would dropping one of the Primaris Lieutenants for 6-7 Sniper Scouts to take a Battalion detachment be a good idea for 1k points? Originally I was going to take a Deathwing Apothecary, but scouts and a battalion seems like better mileage.

>> No.53807909

Speaking of genestealers, is anyone running the oldschool chubby ones or do people prefer the new slimmer versions? Found these the other day in an old tyranid battleforce box I still had around.

>> No.53807916

Cheeta, you are doing the emperor's work.
What army are you running for this edition

why are you battalion detaching at 1k
jesus that is jank and i'm a fucking blobguard

>> No.53807920

My feminine penis aches for you cheetah poster, breed me.

>> No.53807942

Morale tests represent running the fuck away.

And if you fuck up and kill the last model with something other than demons, then you fucked up. And miss out.

>> No.53807945

>why are you battalion detaching at 1k

I'm not sure what the issue is. Am I using detachments wrong, or is it unfair or something?

>> No.53807946

Whoa. Razorwing Flocks are incredibly efficient at killing hordes.

>> No.53807954

somebody just posted a local ad selling some for like $15

>> No.53807960

Someone help a brother out. Upgrading a boyz squad with a boss nob... I was running off a 17pt Nob to align with the normal cost of a Nob. I was told that character upgrades are free in squads... does this mean I'm getting a boss nob for 6pts??

>> No.53807971

T7 is only about 1.5 to 2 times as tough as T4 against all damage 1 weapons, equivalent wound for wound versus d3 weapons, and crippled by d6 weapons. At least they are often carting around 7-10 wounds.

The best way to keep a transport alive is probably just to ram it into a shooting unit.

>> No.53807981

Hahaha that's adorable. I wish there were /40kgeneral/ meetups so I could be friends with them.

It's not about their appearance, it's about the whole secret loving devoted alien family filling me up with strong offspring in religious rapture thing.

Depends, are you a genestealer?

I don't understand why people find that better than genestealer sex, are you guys just really really insecure about strong 4-armed alien alphas being better at pleasing a girl or something?

Please calm your virgin autism

>> No.53807989

They've been in the game almost since the game has been around what are you talking about.

>> No.53807995

The fact that transports can now charge is a pretty big deal. My boyz won't be getting out of their wagon/trukk until it's either been buried in the enemy lines or its been destroyed.

>> No.53808006

So you're the one pushing the idea that everyone who is opposed to attention whoring and off topic posting is a closeted gay MGTOW virgin. What an amazing coincidence.

>> No.53808007

Those are sexy anon.

>> No.53808009

I mean it's a sizable investment in troops at this level, I'm not sure how marines are set up nowadays but like how many tacs/scouts are you rocking now

>> No.53808011

no im a eldar and slaanesh player. but I want a eldar or daemonette to vore me

>> No.53808035


All the current knights are good for their point cost with the exception of the gallant who is really cheap but not super impressive. Still useable though.

If you see one with the gatling gun + battle cannon and missiles on top, get that one. Its called a crusader and its the dakkaest one.

>> No.53808037

No I just want fuck a chubby tranny. No interest in women.

>> No.53808039

Thank god this thread is almost dead

>> No.53808040

for those who are new:
this is the cue to abandon thread, no actual discussion will take place, and nothing of value is going to be posted for a while
check back in a few hours to see if they're gone

>> No.53808042


Agreed, seems like the toughness "rebalance" really just made everything a victim for spam armies and low to mid strength shooting.

And I have a fucking Ork player to deal with too.

>> No.53808044

It's fun to still see them around, I prefer them over the newer ones. Only got 12 of them though, and then however many of the newer stealers I got from two sets of the starter set (the one with marines and nids, that first introduced the very practical snapfit termagants)

That's too bad. managing to kill 90% of a unit and then losing out because the last guys flee would suck. So realistically even with a pure daemon list we shouldn't count on gaining more than 5 or so tally points until maybe the last turn/s? Though I guess characters would still give a tally point each right?

>> No.53808051

I don't even know wtf MGTOW means.

Sounds like Mega Gay TAU.

>> No.53808059

2 Squads of Intercessors and 7 Sniper Scouts, if I go with the idea. I was probably too vague, I plan on using the Primaris from Dark Imperium, but I want to drop a lieutenant (I imagine 1 can cover 10-15 guys easy enough).

>> No.53808061

its 40k related so don't see the issue or why you give a fuck

>> No.53808079

Yeah but for real women are trash might as well go gay4dix.

>> No.53808090

Men Going Their Own Way. Basically salty betas who reacted a little too hard to third wave feminism, which, while cancerous, isn't "HURR FUCK ALL WOMEN TIME TO MASTURBATE TO ANIME HENTAIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE" tier.

>> No.53808093

I feel like Tau would be anti-gay.
They have a very regimented society, and I assume breeding is integrated into that.

>> No.53808097

I reason that it should be fine but becareful about your commanders i send my rattlings to kill them

>> No.53808101

I'm back to work on the damage calculation sheets, current to-do list, in order is: Admech, Orks, Assassins, Inquisition and Space Wolves. I hope to finish Admech and get a start on Orks today.

Has anyone learned anything interesting or gained any insights from the calculations?

Additionally, I'm considering trying to improve the formatting a bit later, maybe throwing in some conditional formatting to the cost-efficiency tables to indicate more visually what options are more or less efficient, though that would require me to establish what "good" and "bad" cost-efficiencies look like for each target. Is that the sort of thing which would be useful to people?


>> No.53808124

People keep crapping on the new Bloat Drone.

Its good IMO.

>+3 save
>++5 save
>+5 FNP
>2d6, S6 AP-1, rerolling 1s 9" assault flamer
>can fly so it can attack in melee (Which its decent at) and then fall back and flamer something again

Its got a lot of things going for it.

>> No.53808131

I know people arent saying it but we appreciate the work you're doing man, thanks for your contribution to the hobby and be sure to do a dump with your work next thread

>> No.53808144

Anon those are 7e point costs

We have the 8e rules now man

>> No.53808148


>> No.53808156

look at your post
now look at this post >>53808101
now look back at your post
do you see the difference?

I <3 u chart-anon

>> No.53808168

Poetry in motion

>> No.53808172

so some guy posts charts and is a god ok

>> No.53808185

Noice. Keep up the good work.

>> No.53808199

So I only really had a chance to lightly skim through the new rules and I have a weird question.

I play Custodes primarily; is it possible to run my pure Custodes force in 8th or do I still need an HQ? If I need an HQ, can I run Celestine as just that? I like the all gold theme so I'm hoping it can work like it did in 7th.

>> No.53808209

But I'm gay. I'm allowed to not like women.

>> No.53808229


>> No.53808239

GW (allegedly) said on stream that a custodian guard squad can be nominated as an hq and even if you wanted to you could take Celestine as she bares the <imperium> keyword

>> No.53808278


The leaks apparently miss a couple of Custodes pages. During the Custodes v Astra Militarum GW supposedly said Custodian Guard squads can be taken as HQ, Elites and Troops.

>> No.53808486


Interesting to see how nemesis halberds and warding staves BTFO of nemesis swords all day erry day.

>> No.53808566


I run a weird Mercenary Group, IG base.

"looted" stuff from Tau/Eldar. XV8-Sentinels, Devilfish-Chimeras, fusionblaster-meltas, etc.

but also "brainboxed" Tyranids in the vein of Dino-Riders. They're supposed to be controlled by fake synapse signals and shit.

>> No.53808663

>huge lumbering literally dead bone robots
>same as medium sized lumbering literally dead metal robots

>> No.53808902

I just noticed this....dark mechanicus confirmed

>> No.53809102

>have to wait 3 more days until forgeworld indexes are released

From what we saw from the hellforged leviathan, I only hope its loyalist variant is just as scary

>> No.53809185

It's not broken, has most of the armies on it and is updated every day.

You're just a lazy faggot.

>> No.53809541

So DA black sword missiles are heavy 10, S 7, -1 AP, 2 Damage.
DA flyer is one of the best vehicles in the game until they fix the typo

>> No.53809637


Guarantee you the loyalist one will not be as good in melee. Which is too bad because I'm planning on getting one that's at least 50% melee.

>> No.53809715

Unironicaly this

>> No.53809903

I'm the anon who first put it in the (OP) a year ago, dipshit.

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