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First for Slaanesh!

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The swarm hungers!

>> No.53785548

First for WAAC fags are cancer and the game would be better off without them

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Second for Magnus

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Oh fuck you I was going to ask for list C&C but now thanks to your shitty OP we're going to have the same argument for 400 posts. Wanker.

>> No.53785574

they look even worse proportioned than manlet marines

>> No.53785581

>tfw start with Thousand Sons
>tfw realize there's basically no customization in the entire army

Rubrics, Scarab Occult, Sorcerors. That's all it feels like Thousand Sons have.

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Highlight from the last thread:

Somebody didnt understand that Starship Troopers was satirical

>> No.53785605

Tzaangors, too.

>> No.53785610

Magnus still has Janus running around with presumably uncorrupted Shard, however.
Anyone here had any experience playing him in 8th? How was he?
You have Tzaangors for troops, DPs and Sorcs for HQ and then a host of various Heavy picks.

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Yes, they do. We don't know the true specifics, but in the process of becoming a daemon prince your soul is owed, eaten by, or otherwise partially consumed by the deity in question. Then part is, effectively, replaced with their essence. Daemon Princes do seem to remain a high level of independence.

This is why undivided daemon princes have been going away. The only remaining ones are Daemon Primarchs, and Belakor. Because...which patron god corrupted their soul? So it has to be some weird unity, where they'll fight over who owns that soul later. Not commonplace for the gods to do anything in unity.

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For fucks sake, are you still bitching about this?

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How do your lists compare to 7th now chaps? My deldar list comes to:

2025 in 7th
2000 in 8th
104 power points

Pretty balanced I'd say!

>> No.53785628


Oh, yeah, Tzaangors too.

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Delete this thread

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I feel like there are three camps of people that like Starship Troopers:

One group likes it just for the cheesy action and the "ham" stuff (as in going ham).

The second for how it was a satire of fascism and such.

The third missing out on the satire and liking it because of the fascism and such.

The groups that don't like it perfectly mirror the groups that do.

>> No.53785666 [DELETED] 

Warhammer 40k General Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/mjZcYAN

All are welcome, attendance is optional. We've got a pretty decent sized group going now.

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ignoring daemonic allies in cult armies is silly

>> No.53785700

Daemonettes seem pretty good at dealing with conscript spam.

>> No.53785710

How about you delete yourself?

>> No.53785725

Requesting a drawfag for a Valkyrie and Leman Russ engaged in melee. (And yes, a Valkyrie can enter Hover mode then legally charge)

>> No.53785733

My Grey Knights in 7th:
2000 points on the dot.
My Grey Knights in 8th:
2445 points.
...Rhino's, Dreads and Raiders are expensive now.

Say, is there any Grey Knight unit that is actually cheaper in 8th than in 7th?

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Which is the most weeb faction:
Chaos with their notice me senpai ugu bullshit or tau with their mecha-rai?

>> No.53785752

What happened man, 18 Ork boyz with 2 Boss Nobs dead to 1 pathfinder squad & one fire warrior squad in ONE turn, it was bollocks before, it's bullshit now.

>> No.53785769

I like it because it's hilariously over the top with a flagrant disregard for human life. Which camp does that put me in?

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>Literal space japanese who have always been protrayed with asian ass accents and samurai pants
>Marines but evil

>> No.53785793

I think that falls in with fascism and such

>> No.53785803

Voldus. Although, people say he's even shittier, I fail to see how. I thought he got an improvement.

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>chaos marines
the only weeb thing in chaos is archon and that's a different game.
Daddy issues doesn't make you a weeb

>> No.53785819

luck spikes happen

>> No.53785822

Someone asked for this last thread

>> No.53785823

They're only evil because they want senpai to notice them.

>> No.53785826

Has the Meka Dread lost the ability to be an HQ?

>> No.53785849

>most weeb
tau or eldar, depending on what brand of weeb you're trying for

the joke is that the actual japs prefer the imperial guard and space marines for their space nazi looks

>> No.53785855

Anyone know how My Will be Done interacts with the "always miss on 1" rule? Is a BS5 (+2 hit) Necron next to an overlord going to simply autohit?

>> No.53785861

I'd peg it as satire and ham
that doesn't make a lot of sense

>> No.53785862

If you like it because its silly then you're probably in the first camp.

>> No.53785875

Female Slaaneshi Marines!

>> No.53785890

Chaos Tau when?

Seriously, I want my Crisis Suits with barbed, serrated naginata.

>> No.53785914

I don't think Slaneeshi followers can be described by a single gender.

>> No.53785922

>what is farsight enclaves

>> No.53785927

How are you structuring your list these days?

>> No.53785928

a 1 always misses.

>> No.53785929

Gee I dont know maybe you should just read the rules and apply basic logic

>> No.53785933

Who was this artist again?

We should find/make porn that resembles his precious characters and spam his twitter with them.

>> No.53785945

why would you do that? It seems like a lot of effort to go through for very little profit.

>> No.53785949

How would I go about getting only legs, bodies, and heads for orks? It's a shame to have all these unused arms laying around.

>> No.53785966

>little profit
Lots of muscled girl porn.

>> No.53785985

Just buy more boyz goy.

>> No.53785990

Lots of rage also>>53785966

>> No.53785994

Why ain't yer boyz <Freebooterz>?

>> No.53786006


He actually didn't do a bad job with the fluff.

>> No.53786008

Buy a new box of boyz then use blue stuff to copy extra bodies to use the extra bits on.

>> No.53786011

reposting for critique

>> No.53786016

Sounds inefficient my jude.

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to see them scared, defenseless, beaten, and broken of course!

>> No.53786067

60 Bloodletters
12 Bloodcrushers
4 Heralds on Chariots
Bloodthirster to taste

c. 2000 pts with instruments
c. £250

Seems pretty reasonable for a full army with some good synergies.
will it get shredded by conscript blobs /tg/?

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Is there a tactics site up for 8th yet?

>> No.53786071

I don't want energy swords, I want to rip and tear.

>> No.53786080

I need to get better at using blue stuff.
So far my uruk crossbowmen resembled misshapen army men than anything.

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when emperors children gets an update what models do u think they will release, if they following same as 1ksons and dg im guess...

Noise marines obv
some type of hybrid cultists
maybe terminators?
extremely low chance but would love.. sonic dreadnought/hellbrute

>> No.53786134

You would be correct.

>> No.53786135

This is pretty terrible.

>> No.53786149

Why is everyone starting an EC army?
Are there leaks of new models?

I'm just starting a new EC army but it seems everyone on /tg/ is too.

>> No.53786189

Everyone is making a guard conscript army.

>> No.53786194

Found these today at a local sports gear shop that used to sell GW stuff in a small corner.

>> No.53786203

everyone on the internet claims to play the armies that no one irl plays
well, except DKoK fags

>> No.53786226

inquisitor was a pretty great game, and a pretty awful game all at the same time.

Its dice wer epretty awesome though.

>> No.53786231

What is beautiful or perfect about skin that looks like it is melting off, spooky black orbs for eyes, and jagged-sharp teeth?

>> No.53786238

Why would a sports shop sell GW?

>> No.53786265

Excess doesn't dictate either of these. Whilst Sigvald was one aspect of Slaanesh, there are more than one.

>> No.53786272

That's a vox grill. Not teeth.

And the eyes are so it can see more than even Space Marines can.

>> No.53786308

Or an army to beat guard conscripts. So far, I figure necron immortals, chaos daemonettes, and nid/gsc genestealers are fantastic conscript killers. Daemonettes are probably the best though, since you can deny the IG player the ability to fall back, and always strike first.

>> No.53786331

Has anyone noticed the insane amount of shit you can fit in a Guard army now?

>> No.53786342

I'm going to order the resin noise marine weapon bits, I hope no new models come out.

>> No.53786350

Yes, but it's a disadvantage for guard players because you get more command points for doing it.

>> No.53786358

>being this mortal

>> No.53786362

>more command points

>> No.53786366

>Playing IG
>Not owning any russes
>I can't hold all these infantry
>8th comes out
>Russ spammers BTFO
>Infantry new meta
Feels good commisar.

>> No.53786370

What the fuck? I actually know this guy in person. Since when did he become a meme? Have some info btw.

> He uses Wood-elf heads with the ears shaved down for his models
> He runs them with Carcharadons Tactics
> Somewhere around 95% of his marines use jump packs, including the devastators and tacticals.

>> No.53786398

You know what you must do anon.

>> No.53786401


Prepare the men.

>> No.53786412

>he buys from the grognard range

>> No.53786425

>Implying Age of Sigmar has grognards

>> No.53786426

you kids ought to be grateful

>> No.53786430

>runs them with Carcharadons Tactics
>female marines who get Rage when there's blood
I see what he he did there.

>> No.53786444

Why do they have midget proportions? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

>> No.53786447

Wait a minute, isn't that sexist?

>> No.53786468

Who cares?

>> No.53786473

He went from shit tier in 7e to best tier in 8e.

>> No.53786481

I'm on a new phone, so no pictures sorry. Anyway, the dude seems pretty ordinary and fun to be around. I wouldn't call him a degenerate since he's a good friend.

Also, the chapter is mostly ocean-world specialists. They use jump packs to get around, and favor Power Lances.

>> No.53786486

They shouldn't have skipped leg day.
>That or replace their pauldrons for better proportioned ones.

>> No.53786506

Are Primaris a good choice for a new player?

>> No.53786509


>> No.53786514

>around 95% of his marines use jump packs, including the devastators and tacticals

I don't like anything about this post but I have to ask for more info on this part.

>> No.53786521

Sonic Dreads
Noise Marines
Elite EC (so far DG and TS both got Terminators)
Duelist / Noble / partying cultists

>> No.53786522

He probably commissioned some guy who didn't know 40k and gave him old space marine models as a reference.

>> No.53786537

He should buy SYLVANETH like well adjested people and not from the POS old range.

>> No.53786542

Right, I know it's well established that sergeants etc. don't cost extra points in 8th edition. I'm wondering about adding wolf guard pack leaders to space wolf squads though - as far as I can tell they only cost extra points if you put them in terminator armour, if they're in power armour they just cost the same as a blood claw/grey hunter/whatever. Is that right?

>> No.53786547

Illegal now. Can't run solo Obliterators or 3-man Terminators anymore.

Also, the mechstealer "Battletanx" army I had planned went from a single Cult Insurrection to requiring 26 Auxiliary detachments, and having -23 Command Points.

>> No.53786555

>Roses are red
>I love the new lore
>In the grim darkness of the far future
>There is only war

>> No.53786567

He models all of his dudes as using jump packs since they're ocean world specialists, and walking across an ocean floor is not exactly a productive enterprise. We just let him pay an extra 3 points per model to have everything use jump packs.

He does put them in pretty cool poses. Absolutely everything is in some kind of sprinting pose, with sand being kicked up around their feet and in clouds.

>> No.53786571

That doesn't rhyme.

>> No.53786577

>Right, I know it's well established that sergeants etc. don't cost extra points in 8th edition.

Unless you are Aspiring Sorc, in which case you cost 45 fucking points.

Good chunk of which is spent on a fucking force weapon.

>> No.53786580

There is no rhyme, only war.

>> No.53786595

That's pretty cool.

>> No.53786598

Xe is beautiful beyond your comprehension

>> No.53786614

Khorne can have sorcerors now.

>> No.53786620

>Jump packs are only worth three points

You're all fags.

>> No.53786622


>> No.53786623

No he can't

>> No.53786626

Does anyone think that minor characters like Aun’Do and captain Solaq from the damocles crusade stuff will get rules for 8th like they had in 7th?

>> No.53786630

No he can't.

>> No.53786631

How do you get the kicked up sand/dust effect? Pics?

>> No.53786634


Think you're mostly on the money. I don't like the movie for all three of those reasons though.

Way too hammy.

As an argument against fascism it is pretty juvenile.

As fascist propaganda it is pretty juvenile.

>> No.53786635


I meant your 8th lists back priced not your 7th translated to 8th

>> No.53786644

No they can't.

>> No.53786654

So, could anyone explain a newb how this whole command benefits and detachments work out? I don't think I get this right.

According to the Angels of Death p92 sheet, there is the detachment for Salamanders stating that it would need at least 1 Core (1-2) and 1 (1+) auxilary choice (with an additional 0-3 command, but let's take this off for now).

Now, what counts as a "Core" choice, and what counts as an "auxilary" choice? Are the auxilaries only the ones stated on pg93 (and thus the ones from the core codex of SM)?

Also, As I think of it, would it be even possible to get the Detachment with even 1 Dread, 10 TacMarines, 1 Captain? I don't think it's possible regarding that those only make up for a Battle Demi Company (right?) which would be my (in my current PoV) be my core, correct?

This is quite complex for a newb to dive in, but hella fun when you first get your first insights on how this stuff works.

>> No.53786655

well why are you starting to collect them, thats probably to answer for other ppl...

>> No.53786661

Not today.

>> No.53786663

Now that it seems like everyone and their mother will get 'chapter tactics' does anyone think every codex will have a 'built your own tactics' chart like in 3rd-4th ed? Like you pick two bonus and two restrictions and thats your regiment/have fleet/sept/chapter tactic.

>> No.53786672

Should I get back into 40k for 8th edition? Or should I start a crack habit?

>> No.53786675

Don't worry about that. It goes away Saturday.

>> No.53786676

I hope not, that was shit.

>> No.53786682

not at all. their models have already been subsumed as generic examples of their kind

>> No.53786688

most people arent willing to put together enough IG infantrymen to make enough conscripts, you'll be fine

>> No.53786689

Welp, just saw the core thingy on the right of pg92 stating the BD-C as a core choice. FML.

I have some peeps around who are heavily favored around 7th and have a grodge against 8th so far, so I'm diving into that (yea ik, don't judge me or them)

>> No.53786690

I suspect chapter tactics won't be free. Free chapter tactics made white scars king of 7th ed L

>> No.53786692

TFW I had 3 chimera vet squads
Well now I guess I have to transfer one of my chimeras to my inquisitor's motor-pool.

>> No.53786698

I posted before that I'm on a new phone, so I don't have pics anymore. The oldest pictures I have are from almost a year ago, long before he started doing the whole sand technique. I'll be sure to take a few pictures next time I see him.

While I don't know how he does the whole 'swirling clouds' of sand, but I know it's essentially just done with PVA glue and multiple layers of sand, then reinforced with thinned down PVA.

>> No.53786700

None of that stuff is present in 8e, bro. You've got basically one week to use a Battle Demi Company, then you'll never see them in game stores ever again.

>> No.53786709

forgot my pic
I really cant do anything today.

>> No.53786712


Crack doesn't have any value once you're done with it.

>> No.53786714

How has this thread featured the word "fascism" more than 0 times and not devolved into a political shitfight yet? Let me fix that
> Antifa Trump!

>> No.53786724

I remember solaq had a cool helmet relic and a special rule, shame as raven guard have such few characters.

>> No.53786732

Khorne can't have sorcerers anon, drop it.

>> No.53786734

You cannot assault with a valkerie.....read the rules.

>> No.53786743

Anybody have any slaanesh lists they're working on?


>> No.53786745

I'm playing with a bunch of peeps I've met through other TT stuff, and so far they're heavily favored towards 7th instead of 8th. Don't ask me why but that's the reason I want to learn that "old stuff".

>> No.53786748

Hovermode, you dumb sorcerer of khorne

>> No.53786749

Yes he can.

>> No.53786750

That would be pretty fuckin' neat-o, but I doubt it.
It'll probably be something you spend command points to "unlock" for a game, if I had to guess.

>> No.53786753

Also you can fall back any direction.....read more rules.

>> No.53786760

What do you use for army building? To get picture like this

>> No.53786762

No he can't

>> No.53786769


>> No.53786770

Yes she can.

>> No.53786772


>> No.53786776

MS paint.

>> No.53786781

But does fall back let you walk THROUGH your opponent's models? I didn't think you could as Knight sized models had a rule to let them

If the LR was in a corner and the Vendetta went in sideways. It might be able to completely block in the LR so it won't be able to fall back.

>> No.53786782

Can you share what is working for you?

>> No.53786804

>But does fall back let you walk THROUGH your opponent's models?
Its just like a normal move, but you end more than 1" from an enemy

If your model has Flying then you ignore them while moving

>> No.53786819

No xe can't

>> No.53786821

Last I checked land raiders can't fly.

>> No.53786838

no, make ur own list

>> No.53786840

Tell that to the Blood Angels

>> No.53786844

I just happened to want to expand my slaanesh army.
I collect lots of daemons and I really wanted some marines, I liked slaanesh marines the most because of how funky they were but they were never popular on /tg/ until now.

>> No.53786848

Then he cant move through enemy models

How is this hard to understand?

>> No.53786854

>get sorcerer
>align to Khorne
Flhget will be pleased.

>> No.53786863

Ty, why is no GK to choose?

>> No.53786882

Are those the same idiots that actually think assault marines can take meltas?

Geez, tell those creampuffs to get with the times already!

>> No.53786887

>Khorne tells you no
>Khorne grabs the Index
>Khorne, FUCKING KHORNE, reads to you the section about marks of chaos
>it all still ends up with a book up your ass

>> No.53786889


It's still being updated. Lots of armies are still missing.

>> No.53786890

well chaos is one of the most popular armies to play and they are 4 main god focused legions.
they seem to be updating them all so people that collect that certain god army are getting excited. doesnt seem to crazy to me

>> No.53786894

He probably hasn't gotten around to adding them yet. Before today there were like half the available selections.

>> No.53786911

Nah, 5th edition Bangles could deep strike landraidets

>> No.53786920

This is basically how tarpitting works now. I watched a quick game of 8th saturday where 10 scarab occult terminators teleported on either side of a leman russ and got off high charges. This allowed the termies to pile in in a way that blocked off the russ' retreat

>> No.53786924

>> No.53786937

since 2 out of the 4 are revamped, khorne and slaanesh players are coming out their caves

>> No.53786939

Joke's on you, I wanted to have it rammed vioelently inside.
This pleases both Tzeentch and Slaneesh.

>> No.53786943

No. 7th was fucking awful, play 4th or 5th or go with 8th. Staying with 7th is retarded.

>> No.53786945

Seriously is there something wrong with the Guard? How can a plasma gun cost 7 points and a heavy bolter cost 8?

>> No.53786951

No he can't

>> No.53786983

Would be a safe bet.

>> No.53786985

Poor aim, in unrelated news the price for marine sized grips skyrockets.

>> No.53786987


Of course all 10 scarab occult terminators were killed by 200 or so conscripts after they were done with combat, right?

>> No.53786988

Another question...

Say a Valk enters Hover Mode, and charges a Russ. Next turn, can it turn off Hover Mode? If yes, does the mandatory Supersonic Move count as Withdrawing?

>> No.53786991

Yea, we're currently like 6-7 for 7th, while 2-3 pushing forward 8th in regards of better rules. Idk shit so far since I just joined with some space marines I got from one of them.

But thanks for that headsup, any good reasoing why 8th is far superior? So far I've only read WAAC-memes here and the "boo-hoo 8th is bad because REASONS" from my group.

>> No.53786994

>'Ere We Go
Mad Dok Grotsnik uses the madboy rules, a complex series of charts full of strange behaviour
>2nd edition ork codex
He still uses the madboy rules, but they are now just one relatively simple chart mostly based on the existing psychology rules. He may not join a unit, even one of madboyz.
>3rd edition ork codex
He is now immune to psychology but must move towards the nearest enemy whenever possible, granting the same rule to any unit he is with.
>4th edition ork codex
Basically the same as 3rd edition.
>7th edition ork codex
He has the fearless and rampage rules and may not leave a unit.
>8th edition index xenos
If there are no friendly models around, he will try and charge the nearest enemy.

Is it just me, or is Mad Dok Grotsnik getting saner and more social over time? It used to be he wouldn't hang around with other orks, then he wouldn't leave them and persuaded them to act a bit mad too, now he's actually calmed down when he has some friends nearby. The rules governing his behaviour have steadily become simpler and more advantageous. By tenth edition he'll probably be a calming influence on any orks around and allow you to enter into diplomatic negotiations instead of fighting.

>> No.53787003

I can't decide which legion my Primaris chapter should be successors of. Who do you think, /tg/?

>> No.53787009

I hope that Putin and Trump spit roast Colbert.

>> No.53787011

Space Wolves

>> No.53787019

Space Dire Wolves? They're like Space Wolves, but Dire.

>> No.53787025

Zog, you might be onto something.

>> No.53787027 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53787040

Sons of Horus

>> No.53787051

It is genuinely more balanced, there's no bloat to the rules, no formation bullshit, everyone who's played it, including me say it is much more fun than 7th. They brought the power level way down, removed instant death and D weapons and made it a much more infantry focused game, which is when 40k is at it's best.

You can find the rules for free, give it a go before you stick with the shit that is 7th.

>> No.53787057

Marines Malevolent

>> No.53787081

It promises to be more balancing. The major legitimate complaints I hear are about the lack of facing on vehicles and the loss of templates. Some players argue that the rules change took away some bit of streategy from the game. I think having to choose when your reserves come in combined with alternating deployment have made risk/reward a much bigger part of the game.

>> No.53787085



>> No.53787119

Which color for edge highlights do you like better anons?

>> No.53787125

Best way to equip Death Company?
Chainswords or power weapons?

>> No.53787132

What is the effective range of a melta beam and how does it look like?

>> No.53787133

Depends on the colour.

>> No.53787145

My biggest gripe is its feels much more bland. Codices will (hopefully) change this.

>> No.53787146


Forgot pic

>> No.53787158

Thin your paints.

>> No.53787163


>> No.53787167

Thank you kind friends.

>> No.53787173

I'd say the one on the left

>> No.53787189

Can I take Emperor's Children Noise Marines as troops in a mostly chaos Daemon army?

>> No.53787202

do you even know what thinned paint looks like?

>> No.53787205


>> No.53787207

Yes, as long as they have the emperor's children keyword.

>> No.53787210

Plasma Gun or Flamer as the special weapon of choice for all my basic Guard infantry?

>> No.53787213


>> No.53787219

Thank your doctors

>> No.53787229

I've always done Flamers. They're better on basic guardsmen than on veterans and they're the only weapon for which this is true, they're really good in overwatch, and they're cheap.

>> No.53787233

Yes, not that.

>> No.53787235


>> No.53787240

Sure, but is that keyword relevant at all? Because they also have the Chaos keyword, so I can just make my entire faction chaos, correct?

>> No.53787242

Grenade Launcher. Why would you pay for an expensive Plasma Gun in a BS4+ model with only a 5+ save?

>> No.53787258

Loss of fire arcs (pic related), and "defender allocates casualties" replacing "closest models first" both have potential issues as well, as well as "all models must be in cover to benefit from it." "Closest models first" gave some incentive to flank/focus attacks in firefights.

Replacing Tank Shock with vehicle melee has led to...weirdness like Valk/Russ battlebots, but it also results in pic related. "Closest legal distance" for model displacement made it a useful 'utility'/board control trick. Now, there are far less "move control" tricks in the game. Mind you, I'm not saying "bring back Lash", but between turn 1 charges, the games are devolving into "screen trading" moshpit scrums.

This weekend I witnessed a Tzeentch player just jam the board in Horrors, refuse to die (that 4++), and jam enemy Rhinos in melee while spammint Smite with Heralds to finish them off. The army pretty much played itself.

>> No.53787266

So Celestine can't jump in with Seraphim any more? Did I read this data sheet right?

>> No.53787268

Because I'm thinking in terms of 8e where a plasma gun is only 7points (GLs are 5)

>> No.53787276

Bumping for the Emperor and Sanguinius!

>> No.53787277

You can also have multiple celestines in your army. Odds are things are going to change.

>> No.53787279


OP here

Thanks anon, got worried a bit. I'm a beginning painter and heard of stories of unthinned paints

>> No.53787283

No specialists for scrubs. Save them for Special Weapon party Vans

>Three Command Squads, each with four Flamers in a double Heavy Flamer Chimera

>One Officer and Two Command Squads, each with four Plasma Guns in a Transport

>> No.53787286

>Fighting for a couple of corpses

Ha ha ha ha

>> No.53787293

>AoF for more dickings

>> No.53787296

I feel you brother. My GK termi spam list went up by about 700 points. God damn are their special guns expensive. Still very happy overall, however.

>> No.53787302

>Iron Warriors still dont get access to artillery
>Imperial Fists & sons now get access to ALL the artillery, including ICBMs

Iron Warriors about to get blown the fuck out in every possible way.

>> No.53787308

Plasma, it synergizes with autocannon. You generally don't need flamers for infantry removal because you've got massed lasgun fire.

Because it's all of 2pts more.

>> No.53787319

Iron Warriors were made for Forge World anyway.

>> No.53787322

it looks decent desu, but i wouldnt ask for help on 40kg, u will only get idiots saying "thin your paints" when they have never touched a brush, i would go to /wip , could get good tips there

>> No.53787329

>combat lesbians

>> No.53787333

Whenever you post any WIP of any kind there will be some shitposter who says to thin your paints.

You could be Duncan himself and it would still happen.

Pic related got it as the ONLY reply.

>> No.53787371

>Imperial Fists

>> No.53787378

What is it about funny and articulate comedians that make 'pedes so uncomfortable? Is it the long, hard to understand words?

>> No.53787379

Pretty good.
You could still stand to thin your paints though.

>> No.53787384

looks good anon but you could
rotate your picture

>> No.53787396

"The weak fight back"

What did the Chaos Space Marines mean by this?

>> No.53787397

Look at Endless Crusade for your answers.

>> No.53787398

Looks pretty decent, you did well on the cloth. That said...

The metallics look chunky. Thin your paint.

>> No.53787399

I didn't support trump in the election, but the thing that bothers me about all the late night comics is that they all make the same jokes. Like clockwork. Same points, same jokes. It's almost enough to make you believe that they share (((writers))).

>> No.53787421

>t. assblasted perturabo

>> No.53787422

Then it depends on what you want that squad to do. Unless you're expecting close combat threats I'd take the Plasmagun for it's higher threat range. Add the reroll 1s to hit order and every shot you land will be a near guaranteed kill on infantry. Or you can use the reroll 1s to hit to safely supercharge it an achieve a similar effect.

>> No.53787427


>> No.53787432

Who the fuck said that?

>> No.53787436


>> No.53787445

That their oponents are weaklings. Not that hard to grasp.

>> No.53787446

They were implying that they were the strong ones and as such not accustomed to people fighting back.

>> No.53787449


>> No.53787451


>> No.53787458

I'd do right, with white at the very edge.

>> No.53787476


I use Vallejo, their metallics are a bit odd. They look fine in person but under the camera they get super specular and shiny.

That said this build did take a damn long time and by the end of it I was really itching to be done with it, so I might not have fully thinned in the interest of getting fewer coats.

Turns out scions are super detailed and doing scions like Kasrkin makes it even worse.

>> No.53787480

How bad does this look? This is mostly a list of me picking shit I'd like, though I feel a bit bummed I can't squeeze a lemon into there.

Company Commander with Maul and Plasma Pistol = 39pts
Company Commander with Maul and Plasma Pistol = 39pts
Tempestor Prime with Command Rod and Power Maul = 44pts
Scions with 4 Plasmaguns and Vox = 129pts
Taurox Prime with Battle Cannon and Autocannon = 118pts
Scions with 4 Vollyguns and Vox = 127pts
Taurox Prime with Gatling Cannon and Vollyguns = 96pts
Infantry Squad with Plasmagun, Mortar and Vox = 57pts X2
Infantry Squad with Plasmagun, H.Bolter and Vox = 60pts X2
Command Squad with Lascannon, Sniper and Vox = 51pts X2
Scion Command squad with 3 Vollyguns and Vox = 69pts
Taurox Prime with Gatling Cannon and Vollyguns = 96pts
Ratling Squad = 31pts X2
Rough Riders with two Flamers, Maul and Bolt Pistol = 119pts X2
Armoured Sentinels with Autocannon and Chainsaws = 171pts
Two Basilisks with H. Bolters = 216pts
Heavy Weapon Squad with three Lascannon = 72pts X2

Total 1932pts

>> No.53787487


>> No.53787494


>> No.53787510

I use vallejo gunmetal, a bit of acrylic medium helps amazingly

>> No.53787511

QUICK! I need the orks "did you just assume our gender" picture to troll someone.

>> No.53787513

>Turns out scions are super detailed
fucking this
i assembled my first taurox the other day
holy shit that interior detail

>> No.53787515

Who /nurgle/ here?


>> No.53787517

>armored sentinels
I hope you're just running those because you have them, anon. They're kinda shit this edition.

>> No.53787523

I play age of Sigmar for a year now, never played 40k - so I'm a total noob - my question is for 8th edition army building for Chaos. Is it possible to mix chaos or do I lose some special treatments like in AoS with the grand alliances. Example: when I take Kharadron overlords only army, I can take some special abilities, but when I play them along with other order forces I lose the access to this abilities - is it the same in 40k? Do my deathguard lose some special abilities when play them with thousands sons for example?

Pic related, it's a Color test for My deathguard, what do u guys think?

>> No.53787543

Is the jury out yet? RAPTORS, or WARP TALONS? Which should I build?

>> No.53787555

Right now, you lose nothing, but most people suspect things will shift to be more like age of sigmar as the codexes roll out.

>> No.53787562

>I play AoS
>spehss dwarvs
Leave. Now. And never come back.

>> No.53787569

>Never played 40k - so I'm a total noob
Well that's okay. We all had to start somewhere and so you're always welcome to grow the hobby and-
>my question is for 8th edition army building for Chaos.
Get fucked.

>> No.53787574


Right, Thinned down and lightened a little so you can paint thinner lines, then use something right along the edge of chitin as a highlight colour, either a really Dark or really light purple.

>> No.53787587

its from dawn of war the video game... chaos marines say it when they get pinned.

>> No.53787596

This is entirely in the planning stage currently, I've not had any chance to play 8th (hell, haven't had a chance to play much 7th in a long time) but I'm looking at it as a project for the new edition.

>> No.53787602

Power swords are cheap now, I'd say it's worth it to take those since ap-3 should do better than just another ap0 attack per model. May want to consider a few thunder hammers in a squad if you've got lemartes or astorath nearby. Inferno pistols are disgusting if you can spare the points for a few, don't overdo them though as each death would hurt bad.

>> No.53787604

you can't take a taurox prime with autocannons and hot shot volley guns , despite the fact you can model it that way
also for the price of those 3 armored sentinels with autocannons and chainsaws you could get 9 HWT with autocannons

>> No.53787611

>squad broken!
>boss, we'ze getting sho' up!
Fun times. Shame the series hasn't been good since Dark Crusade.

>> No.53787624

basically there aren't any special rules like the Overlords get. GW has said they will release new codexes, and the community is split whether they will be for existing models (like that chaos marine) or if they will only be for new models (like the Kharadron Overlord book)

>> No.53787627

Personally, I'd cut the vox and use the points to buy more commanders.

They're fine.
Not everything has to be brutally competitive.

>> No.53787632

Yeah, sentinels got survivable but the trouble thay hit them and every vehicle except the Leman Russ (because Grinding Advance) and the Hellhound (because autohit) is that he's y weapons fired on the move are at -1 to hit, even on vehicles. So unless your sentinels are taking heavy flamers they'll shoot like Orks.

Not worth the points, IMO. Especially since they're as bad as always in melee.

>> No.53787634

Necron immortals with an overlord nearby and some help from a stalker across the map can be 150% accurate. Necron characters offer so many buffs this edition its insane.

>> No.53787644


>> No.53787661


>> No.53787663

So it's basically impossible to first turn charge with Slaanesh chaos demons. Great.

>> No.53787672

what would be crazier than a ork that uses Diplomacy.

>> No.53787674

So guys, I was thinking about giving this to my father as a present once he finally recovers from what he's been reduced too.

What do you think? Imo this might be useful...

>> No.53787689


More so than others? Why?

>> No.53787702

It just seems screwey, that the faction that most needs first turn charges, is the farthest from it. They could have fixed the daemon summoning rules a bit better too.

>> No.53787705

What are your thought's on Painboys or Apothecaries in general?

>> No.53787711

Isn't your father dead, milord? I remember you saying he was assassinated by his brother at some point.

>> No.53787735

They aren't on 25mm anymore and can have klaws?
What the fuck happened, last time I used them they were a nob upgrade?

>> No.53787741

I can't remember the last time I saw the old "official" 40k general picture.

Now it's just people striving to be "epically epic XD" with their "hilarious" meme pictures

>> No.53787743

>he picked shitty titty daemonwhores instead of strong alpha male genestealers

>> No.53787745

Yes, he is.

But I believe he somehow will eventually return, even from the dead, to guide us all once more!

>> No.53787751

go back to reddt
Also you should be happy if Drumpf and Putin spit roasted Colbert, then you would finally have that collusion evidence you have been looking for.

>> No.53787773

That's not a problem unique to sentinels, or even guard.

Heavy weapons teams get the same penalty for moving up the board while trying to shoot.

They're a cheap heavy weapon platform, just not as absurdly cheap as HWS.

To be honest, I think axing Platoons was a mistake. Maybe we'll see them come back in the next codex.

>> No.53787779

Such a tactical mistake that he chose the wrong melee blob.

>> No.53787785

Base size doesn't matter and they come with power claws. They're an Elite choice now and were an HQ last edition.

>> No.53787788

Nids are all female you mong.

>> No.53787790

It's a new edition. I think people are trying to come up with a new general image to match.

>> No.53787822


That's basically his thing isn't it? He's just the same spirit that's been reincarnated a billion times then he remembered.

>> No.53787826

No, your FATHER. You know, the Macragge noble who raised you, not the guy you share DNA with.

>> No.53787828

You're getting me even more confused and scared.

>> No.53787830


You see, I have hope, however miss guided, that GW will use the fact that every sub faction/legion has been subdivided down and given its own section of the book to provide for situations like this.

The Iron Warriors were supposed to be the kings of artillery, they very clearly have access to massed artillery and robots in the Horus Heresy era (and game), so theres no good reason other than general lazyness that GW couldn't just port over the rules for the Basilisk/Medusa etc into the IW section of the Chaos book and include a caveat that says something like "This model may only ever have the IRON WARRIORS keyword and may only be taken if the HQ for this army is a WARSMITH".

Hell they could even give the Warsmith proper rules, just an upgrade only available to an Iron Warriors Chaos lord where he just gets a servo arm, can only pick warlord traits from the IW list, and some other generic buff like guiding artillery if he has LOS on a unit, or lets Obliterators always choose to have max strength on their weapons, or he can perform multiple vehicle heals in a turn, or ....I literally drew up about 8 other of these in detail but you get the idea.

Theres a lot to be tentatively hopeful about, because GW could very easily make this the best edition for chaos players in a very long time by making each subfaction very unique with the new formating and rules or just more of the same blandness that was everything from 4th to the launch of traitors legion rule back ~6 months ago.

>> No.53787839

Agreed late night comics need to take a lesson from South Park and give up. It almost makes me think that most late night comics are secretly tsundere for Trump.

>It's not like I would have liked two scoops of ice cream to Baka!

>> No.53787840

So, Shadow war general is dead? Asking here as it's tangentially related and I haven't seen a /swag/ in awhile

>> No.53787849

The main thing they had over HWTs last edition was mobility. Now it's dubious durability.

I'm sorry but aside from the Plasma Cannon, which I admit OP did have the foresight to pick, I really don't see it.

>> No.53787857

>Can't take autocannon and vollyguns on Taurox Primes.

I admit one of the reasons Sentinels are in is because of making a conversion of some kind of powerloader/ converted exosuit, but I might reconsider. If I drop voxes I could probably get two more Company Commanders in there by my reckoning, would you have them jogging alongside the infantry squads? Also is the Heavy Bolter something to consider these days or is it still too middling compared to Autocannon?

>> No.53787860

Genestealers and Hive Tyrants are explicitly male.

>> No.53787862

>late night comics are secretly tsundere for Trump.

of course they are he's a goldmine of material for them

>> No.53787873

with daemonettes, sure.
Same with bloodthirsters.
Don't know why thought first turn charging with foot infantry was going to be a thing.

Seekers. 14"+d6+2d6+1" averages a bit over 25", so they can get the first turn charge off with seekers. Chariots are bit harders but still possible

>> No.53787875

>Anyone here had any experience playing him in 8th? How was he?

He's not as god-tier anymore, but still suitably scary if you let him get too close. I use to feel bad for taking him (love the model) but not I don't have to apologize when I put my army out.

>> No.53787881


SWAG is dead because it hasn't been house ruled yet

>> No.53787882

Konor you mean.

I sadly don't believe he's coming back. Ever.
He was a truly inspiring leader and a great man of good, but also just a normal human.

>> No.53787885

Genestealers even have ovipositors.

>> No.53787892

I concur

>> No.53787907

I remember there being some necromunda rules crossover in progress but I think the game could really benefit from an actual GW expansion somewhere down the line
Oh well

>> No.53787909

Yeah Sentinels are pretty bad. I might take some Scout Sentinels just for mobility's sake. I'm considering Missile Launchers, but they are pretty expensive. Same with Heavy Flamers. Multi-Laser probably will make a come back for me seeing as how they are only 10 points.

>> No.53787912

interesting, but most likely points better spent on actual redundancy.

>> No.53787915

I'm hoping night lords and word bearers get love with raptor troops and just something demonic related.

>> No.53787917

Genestealer ovipositors are wildly different to insect ovipositors, mainly in that they override DNA instead of laying eggs in something.

>> No.53787940

they are still more mobile.
Won't matter for things like lascannons if LoS isn't an issue. Which is still the same.

But sentinels are faster, so they will spend less time getting into range.
I'm not sure if the scout sentinels move counts for their shooting first turn.

And of course if you're using heavy flamers the -1bs doesn't matter.

>> No.53787941

So is it true that some of the Primaris chapters' geneseeds come from traitor legions?

>> No.53787944

>Genestealers even have ovipositors.
Then why do they become patriarchs and not matriarchs?


>> No.53787951

A vagina is still a vagina even if it has teeth and bleeds acid that changes you from the inside out.

>> No.53787957

well, yeah. We've seen Primaris marines in Dark Angels colors.

>> No.53787959

Lads why is the psychic phase so boring and shit looking now? Picking powers is nice, but not when there's no real choices

>> No.53787965

Cawl suggested it. Rowboat vetoed it.

>Now whether Cawl LISTENED is another story.

>> No.53787971

It's like rough riders. You take them because you like the idea, or have cool mounted models you want to use, but because they're actually any good.

I'd have them jogging with the infantry. Or deepstriking if you go for the scion commander.

Autocannons are generally better on anything that can take them. HBs are okay if you're strapped for points. They do pretty well on HWS, because they're cheap as chips.

>> No.53787981

Are Heavy Flamers "assault" weapons? So you can still shoot after advancing?

>> No.53787982

They don't, those are just the terms the sexist imperium calls them.
They really are all called a variation of Mary.

>> No.53787983

But genestealers arent laying eggs, they are impregnating their victims with their DNA and impregnating by proxy their victim's partner.

They're a male life form.

>> No.53787989


Seems so
Might as well post here
How to deal with death marks intercepting in the game?

>> No.53787990

Has anyone considered a tribal/animalistic space marine chapter?
Heavily based on totems and with Haida icons as emblems.
The result could be pretty dope.

>> No.53788001

They're not impregnation anything, they're merely laying their gene-eggs.
Men can take ovipositor too.

>> No.53788002

not heavy so no shoot after advancing.
But autohit, so -1bs doesn't matter.

>> No.53788005

244 points of Daemonettes inflict 12 wounds on 240 points of genestealers, which crack back for 14 wounds.

Points loss wise, the Daemonettes lose 126 points or 14 models, while the genestealers lose 144 points or 12 models.

Daemonettes can also get more buffs, at a cheaper points rate than genestealers, increasing the odds in their favor.

>> No.53788011

I asked last thread but no response so hoping for better luck this time.

Would like to start a dark elder army. Would the following be viable:

units of Kabalite Warriors in Raiders
units of scourges
and some Jetfighters/Bombers

I really hope so. The only reason I never bought it before was that Deldar were so horrible in the game and its no fun losing every time.

>> No.53788012

Because it was a complete clusterfuck in previous editions. I much prefer it in its 8th edition form as something we can resolve quickly.

>> No.53788013

Are you retarded? Genestealers are all 'male' or as close to it as you can get for agendered bio-engineered killing machines. In fact they're so fucking hypermale they can even use the males of other species as their females. They inject their DNA into the host and the host produces offspring for them, that's what you call 'male'.

The alpha genestealer of a cult is called the "Patriarch" and referred to with terms like "Father" for a reason.

>> No.53788018


Because the alternative was 7th's psychic phase which was so over the top it was game breaking.

>> No.53788024

A vagina isn't what makes you female in a sexually dimorphic species. In most species of course, the presence of a vagina is an indicator of being female, but it's really the relationship you have with the gametes that defines it.

>> No.53788025

My go to squad is Heavy Bolter and Plasma Gun. 55 points and flexible. Also considering doing Grenade Launcher instead of Plasma Gun since I have those already painted.

>> No.53788036

what you describe is not male by any biological definition I've heard of.

It's not female either, but I know this might surprise you, biology has categories for things autoside of male and female. I'm not talking SJW stuff, I just mean they don't consider stuff like fungi or bacteria male or female.

>> No.53788040

>giving people aids makes you a man
And the host still needs someone else to make the babbys with.

>> No.53788049

Where are all the mech guard players? Wanted to ask what's best on a Chimera (especially if its advancing) now and how this looks for a vehicle heavy list. Debating on 2 Wyverns + 1 Hydra for infantry or 1 Wyvern + 2 Hydras for <Fly> hunting.

>1999/2000 IG Cadians - 6 CP
Pask +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Tank Commander +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Master of Ordnance
Wyvern +Heavy Bolter
2 Hydras +Heavy Bolter
Manticore +Heavy Flamer

Tank Commander +Punisher, Lascannon, 2 Multi-meltas
Company Commander
3 x Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
Chimera +2 Heavy Flamers

2 x Company Commander
3 x Command Squad +4 Plasma Guns
2 x Chimera +2 Heavy Flamers

>> No.53788053


100% that's a viable start to a list. You just need to select the right special weapons on different squads and models to give you good coverage.

>> No.53788054

Genestealers don't have eggs. They infect you with a retrovirus. The term "ovipositor" is a misnomer, it's a phallic invasive organ that gets stuffed into the hosts orifice and spews genetic material inside them. Genestealers are ultra-male.

>> No.53788069

Is the Boss Nob a free upgrade for Boyz? I don't see Boss Nob listed under Ork Unit Values and regular Nobz are unit size 3+. My understanding is that "a Boss Nob may take the place of one (6 point) Ork Boy".

>> No.53788075

>watching VOD of frontline gaming playing Admech vs DE
>they say exploding dice (roll of 6 does more hits,etc) can't explode on a 6 if you have -1 to hit
>but they don't say plasma overheats on a 2 if you have -1 to hit.

THey both use the same terminology and you can't have it go both ways. What morons.

>> No.53788077

3 points? Thats it? wth.

>> No.53788082

awesome! thank-you

>> No.53788084

I'm going to go on from here >>53787873

Why did you expect daemonettes to be the ones making the first turn charge? There is actually a pretty clear setup here.

Seekers or fiends tie up the enemy turn one. Chariots follow behind, then the daemonettes get into the mix.

Or if you do mixed armies, seekers and fiends go forward to tie things up if needed. Daemonettes rule makes them good counter chargers or even taking charges as they to attack first even if charged.

>> No.53788089

I've considered it but I ended up making my homebrew chapter based on English cavaliers before they fell to chaos. You should definitely try it though, it's a good idea.

>> No.53788096

Cool, thanks for the advice. This is a list for fun more than for being competitive, but if it keeps going tits up I'll look to making grander changes.

>> No.53788102

Genestealers don't have a true sex, because they aren't sexually dimorphic. All genestealers have the same reproductive status.

Whether a genestealer acts more in line with traditional and cultural expectations about the different sexes is a different story, but it doesn't have anything to do with the actual scientific sex of the organism.

>> No.53788106

Yes, squad leaders cost the same as a basic squad member, you just pay how many dudes you want in the squad and one of those is the squad leader for 'free'.

>> No.53788114

That's the point, all Tyranids are neither male nor female. But Genestealers are their closest approximation of male and even come to regard themselves that way upon ascending to Patriarch status and developing complex thought and human language.

No that's not what the Imperium calls them, that's what the Cults call them and what the Patriarch's call themselves.

>> No.53788116

you will need an HQ.
Your best option is probably an Archon as he's pretty cheep and survivable.
But you can also get silly by taking a succubus, making your vehicles all wych cult, and having her give them rerolling 1's when shoooting.

>> No.53788117

Just listened to Signals today and I'm pretty sure that cane up and Reese said that a moving Dev. Squad overheats on 1s and 2s.

>> No.53788128

Thanks. That will take some getting used to.

>> No.53788166

>even come to regard themselves that way upon ascending to Patriarch status and developing complex thought and human language.
I always took it as them using that more to indoctrinate and control, rather than seeing themselves that way.
They're corrupting a patriarchal religion, so it makes sense to use that language.

But I could be wrong. I just like the idea that the full genestealers are still so alien that stuff like gender is really just a foreign concept they can use on other beings, not something they apply to themselves.

>> No.53788167

Do you feel believe that's a viable strategy though? It seems like I would just be throwing the initial units away.

>> No.53788168

Thats frontlines podcast, right? If it was said by one of them, that holds basically no more merit than if one of us said it.

He has said incorrect statements many times, so far.

>> No.53788181

This. Biologically they are neither male nor female.

Sociologically they are referred to as being 'male' because of the way their reproductive cycle operates, by hijacking the reproductive method of other species and using them as incubators to carry genestealers to term.

>> No.53788188

>you will need an HQ.
oh snap, you're right. I think Archon is the right move with that sweet invulnerable save but what do I do with him on the table. He doesn't look like he has much in the way of good shooting options (did I miss something?) and would I need a venom to shuttle him around in with a unit of trueborn? Do trueborn and an Archon even fit in the same venom together?

>> No.53788194

All the mech guard players got hot with a Nerf bat.

I think you've got it right though, for mech spamming ccs is the way to go, if you're trying to be competitive.

I think pure mech night be dead though, conscripts are a really cheap answer mech work need for turn 1 charges.

>> No.53788217




>> No.53788218


>> No.53788221

Okay, we need a Daughters of Persephone chapter page on 1d4chan.

>> No.53788235


He's more a combat model, you could always put him in a venom with some Incubi or some court of the archon options.

For the record as long as he and the unit he is with is at or under the maximum transport capacity of the vehicle in question they can hang out in it.

>> No.53788246

You have to go back.

>> No.53788248

He's later corrected himself on everything I can remember him being wrong about and is still in regular contact with the GW dev team and asking them questions, so out of anyone I would say Reece is one of the most trustworthy sources of the rules. Hell even GW's facebook team has been wrong on multiple occasions, doesn't mean they aren't USUALLY the correct source.

>> No.53788271


>> No.53788282

It's how much Assault Marines pay for Jump Packs.

>> No.53788294

Then they must be male. Everyone knows women can't rape.

>> No.53788297

Yes, the site where all shit memes go to die, that's exactly where discussion of someones shitty homebrew femmarines belongs.

Not here.

>> No.53788314

No, we don't

>> No.53788317

I'm not sure tba. Way to early.

But my guess is that the initial unit will die the turn after they charge. Especially if they're all seekers.
But that's the point. Getting a turn 2 charge with the daemonettes isn't unlikely. The seekers give you that turn.
If you go with waves of charges, with the chariots following up, you're basically denying opponent range advantage and getting off first strikes over and over.

Once you get into details about point balance etc, don't know yet. But the basic idea is there in the rules.

>> No.53788331

Assault marines are meant to take them

>> No.53788332

damn, so no good shooting HQ choices for the Deldars then? It's going to suck a lot of points out of my list to trick out an archon and stick him with some Incubi into a venom that is sure to get blasted to oblivion turn 1. Then again maybe not, could be fun to have something to punch in the combat phase with.

>> No.53788355

Quick question, don't upvote me.

Is there any requirement that your army not be mostly reinforcement points? The only requirement I can see is that the rules require half of your units have to start on the battlefield. But reinforcement points aren't units.

So can I start the game with a 100 point character, and theoretically summon 1900 points worth of units throughout the battle?

>> No.53788356

Question: Is there a reason for Purestrain Genestealers to use Purestrain Talons over Rending Claws? Talons get reroll-1s, while the Claws get AP-1, and wound rolls of 6 are resolved at AP-4 instead. Given that AP-1 is good against virtually everything, it seems like the Claws are just the better choice in every circumstance I can think of.

>> No.53788366

>Min unit 5 now

>> No.53788368

New battle report

hope the dirty Tau lose


>> No.53788372


Go cheap then - just take an Archon + Blaster, put him with 9 warriors with a blaster in a raider. It's workable.

>> No.53788375

I think this is technically possible, but a bad idea. What if your character is killed Turn 2?

>> No.53788379

very few HQ choices are actually good shooters themselves, it's more a matter of their buff.

The direct shooting buff for Deldar is weirdly the succubus, but she has limited buffie options.
haemonculus can give a monster shooting base pretty darm tough. And can have a sniper rifle.

>> No.53788380

You can take both, and choose which one to use when you fight.

>> No.53788387


You are correct - didn't even check the minimum unit size on them.

>> No.53788390


They already have

>> No.53788395

you're allowed to take less models than the min unit, you just have to pay the points for the model you left out.

>> No.53788396

Yeah, what I described (1 unit, the rest summoning) would be a bad idea. But I think there might be a case for sticking most of your points in reinforcements.

>> No.53788412

The only reason to ever take the talons is when fighting something that has an invulnerable save equal to or better than its armour save, or something like poxwalkers which have no save but FnP.

IE it's never ever worth the extra 3 points per model, I don't know what retard phoned in their index (actually I do it was clearly cruddace) and kept them at 3ppm just because that's how much they costed in 7th under a completely different system where they granted an extra attack with the rending claws.

The Hive Fleet Genestealers can take them as a 0 point upgrade and therefore always should just on the off-chance they run into something like the above where armour save doesn't factor into the fight.

Maybe someone should ask GW to errata that for the purestrains in the FAQ.

>> No.53788424

What I'm asking about is if there's a case where you would ever want to use the Talon over the Claw. The only thing I can think of is if you're actually fighting a Sv+7 target.

>> No.53788425

I think with some bonuses you're hiring in a 2+ and reroll 1s. Almost guaranteed hours hits is nice.

Think rending is still better for most targets.

>> No.53788428


How can a Succubus give a buff to shooting?

>> No.53788433

damn, no way to get a combat Archon into the mix with some backup unless you go full raider?

>Go cheap then - just take an Archon + Blaster, put him with 9 warriors with a blaster in a raider
this sounds about right actually.


hmmm looking into this

>> No.53788451

Thank you very much! Makes sense!

>> No.53788453


The court of the archon would allow you to put him with a combat unit in a venom.

>> No.53788459

So are Tau actually horrible now or is this a meme?

>> No.53788465

They're solidly mid-tier now.

>> No.53788480

I don't mind as long as I can finally discuss Tau without automatically being assumed as a WAACfag.

>> No.53788491

I just watched them get their asses reamed so hard by Tyranids I wasn't sure the poor Tau player would be able to walk away from the table afterwards, but it's hard to draw any real balance conclusions from that because most Tau players were getting carried by their OP Codex last edition and probably just never learned to play the game, while Tyranid players have had to learn every single trick in the book just to have a slim chance to compete for the last 10 years.

>> No.53788505

>Be IG player since 5th
>Suddenly GW unfucks all of our heavy weapons so they've all got a legitimate use in the army
>holy shit internal balance wtf is this?
>Go to check bits box to see if I have any mortar and heavy bolter bits lying around
>15+ of each
>MFW I'm about to add 15 mortars to my army overnight for shits and giggles as well as an entire line of heavy bolter teams

Those schmucks at the store have no idea what they're in for once I pick up 30 more guardsmen for weapon teams

>> No.53788506

how is she holding that spear though look at that grip, it's all fucked up and overhanded

>> No.53788516

>Yes, the site where all shit memes go to die, that's exactly where discussion of someones shitty homebrew femmarines belongs.

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, anon. I'm here if you want to talk.

>> No.53788522

Welcome back to the "chill guys discuss their non-WAAC armies" circle! You can have the Imperial Guard guys chair, we sadly had to kick him out recently.

>> No.53788525

Except A) the court is expensive as fuck and B) they're all characters ie individual units so in melee your opponent gets to pick his battles

>> No.53788533


I see. Is it because horde armies like the guard or nids are top tier now? Or is it because they got nerfed themselves? I can't find anything about them so far except the stats for the drones and that forge world model

>> No.53788541

did the math to check and you are right.
Even with a 6+ save, it works out that talons are 92.5% as effective.

Having the option seems worth something, as there are a non-negligible number of units you'd like to attack with genestealers who use invulns or no save. but it's at +1pt tops.

>> No.53788546

My Railsides and I will happily take the chair.

>> No.53788561


I think T'au might still be really good but they need to totally relearn their army, they were one of the ones hit hardest by the loss of Formations, and their index shook things up a lot.

>> No.53788570


Didn't say it was a good idea - just said its a way to get an archon in a combat unit in a venom.

>> No.53788584

all friendly to hit rolls.
Nothing about the fight phase.

if you are using a haemonculus, even for just a small part of a mainly cabal army, make sure to have your transports be coven.
They'll be out of his aura after turn one most likely, but being T6 against turn one shooting is better than nothing.

>> No.53788585

>is there a tactics page up for the game that's not even officially released yet?
>i am literally incapable of playing what I want and need someone to tell me what and how to play!

>> No.53788588

Looking for advice on converting/building Mek Gunz. I am thinking of buying Dreadnought plasma cannons from forgeworld and putting them on wheels but I am mot sire where the wheels should come from and if the gunz will be big enough.

>> No.53788590

How many armies can do turn 1 charges? Sounds about as scary as my experience with Ynnari deep striking Fire Dragons next to my Lemans.

But despite the nerf I think I can put up with being on the weaker side of IG and try to optimize the models I do have since I like a mass of armor over bodies. If pic related doesn't save me I'll keep some Guardsmen to act as bubble wrap as a last resort.

>> No.53788592

Female space marines don't make any sense: a marine's highly scientific and complex organs are created in such a way that, as the Codex Astartes clearly states, they are only compatible with men. It’s written right there in the page of this fictional book!

These are serious science organs like the Omophagea, which allows a Space Marine to learn by eating genetic material, or the Betcher’s Gland which turns the Space Marine’s saliva corrosive and poisonous. This is hard science! Do women think they can come in and mess with this stuff just because it’s “entirely fictional” and “could be changed at any time”? Get real! It’s like they don’t even understand how upsetting it would be for me to have to admit that!

And here’s another thing — Space Marines aren’t even sexual! Their sex drive and desire to procreate is completely bred out of them, to turn them into sexless warrior golems who exist only to kill. So what are feminists complaining about it! It’s not like they’re ‘men’, they’re just all male, and they call each other ‘brother’, which doesn’t mean anything. Do words mean things? Clearly not??

Once a Space Marine has been fully implanted with their male-only organs, they, like me, are placed into a relentless years-long training programme of powerful hypnotic suggestions and psycho-conditioning routines. It’s this barrage of thought conditioning that gives Space Marines the strength to fight as merciless warriors, and me the strength to insist that only men could be one, without spending nights at my painting desk sobbing into my bitz box at how easily I’ve been manipulated.

Space Marines also have access to the finest arms and armour so that they can defend the Imperium against the mutant, the witch and the alien. This technology was invented by the Emperor himself, who is a psyker of incredible power and limitless knowledge, and — pay attention here, feminists — a MAN.

>> No.53788603

I agree it got a bit out of hand in previous editions but surely there had to have been a middle ground between 7th editions clusterfuck and 8th editions so bland and choiceless it might as well not be there.

>> No.53788608


I agree. There is still a lot of stuff to be revealed.

>> No.53788610


That is wrong.

>> No.53788613

Some incomplete ones are up on 1d4chan, but people have not played much yet so the game hasn't taken shape.

>> No.53788623

Dunno about you but I've rarely seen a psychic phase in 7e take more than 5 minutes to resolve. Just do some basic maths early on (pre-game, when a shooting casualty drops your base WC, etc) and it ends up being a non-issue. Deciding the WC to commit to a power did give the game a sort of "calculated risk".

The main issues with 7e psykers were bad scalabilty (diminishing returns on WC), and the odd "battery" interactions, as well as "all-or-nothing" manifesting and denying.

...now, we're just at "psykers spam Mortal Wounds, a D sidegrade."

>> No.53788632

>How many armies can do turn 1 charges?
Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines can do it basically guaranteed every game. I think nids are the best at it but Chaos Terminators are no joke either.

>> No.53788651

That's some pasta you got there.

>> No.53788655


The current edition is fine. The powers that exist are very good for what they do - they can impact the game without overwhelming it. I don't play 40k for a magic phase.


Di you ever play Magnus or a summon farm? I did - I played a player with Fateweaver and Magnus + a Discstar and he was an extremely capable player who played quickly and worked actively to speed up his phase and it could take in excess of 20 minutes.

>> No.53788657

The full rules for the game have leaked, check the download in the OP.

But yeah, it's both. Hordes are much more viable this edition, and Tau had a bunch of cost increases. Besides that, a lot of tweaks were made to how they play, so it'll take a bit for people to re-learn the army. They've gotten a few nice new things though, such as triple-weapon Crisis which can fire all their weapons at whatever they want, Quad-manders being weirdly cost-effective, Markerlights now do more diverse things and can be re-used by other units (side-grade), a bunch of old units which never saw play are now solid picks (Vespids are quite nice, Drones of all flavors are excellent value, Railsides are fantastic vehicle-killers, etc.). So the stuff that was too powerful got nerfed, the stuff that was too weak got buffed. Which is what we'd expect from a more balanced edition.

>> No.53788662

Oh, I see. Yeah. In general, there aren't any cases. The way I've started thinking about this is that the order of operations doesn't much matter in the equations for this game.

If you did armor saves before rolling to hit, the math would give you the same answer. bonuses or penalties to armor saves have the same weight as a bonus or penalty to wounds or hit rolls. With rending claws, the bonus is bigger: you've got an always on adjustment (that helps you 1/6th of the time, and a conditional adjustment that is pretty big in a lot of situations. With purestrain talons, you've got an adjustment that helps less than a 6th of the time. So the answer is set. The only way to change this is to find situations where armor doesn't matter, and that would be any target with an invuln save or no save.

>> No.53788699

or you could take a trueborn unit, and leave off one of the basic models.
you're down 11pts, but that's kinda meh.

>> No.53788701

>using vets as troops
i've got band news anon
I feel your pain.
Armageddon foots loggers is not a compelling name

>> No.53788702

If you want to play an army of bad bitches then the sisters of battle are there for you. Stop trying to force women into the boys club. You don't see men trying to force males into the SoB.

>> No.53788705

I know Guard can, using Rough Riders. Speaking of which...
I've kinda wanted rough riders for a while during 7th but my kitbashing plan was pretty complex, so I couldn't really justify it while they were shit. But now...
>turn 1 charge capable
And, if you give them two meltaguns, they have a invested-points-to-inflicted-wounds ratio rivaling that of the Taurox Prime, provided they make the charge (Command reroll, anyone?).

A fully kitted squad (10 dudes, 2 meltaguns, sergeant takes a Power maul/lance and a Plasma pistol) can reliably inflict 5 wounds on anything short of a Land Raider. Sure, they're flimsy, but it doesn't stop them from being sweet tank hunters and character assassins.

Pic related: it's part of my plan.

>> No.53788711

Males are already in the Sisters of Battle.

>> No.53788723

oops, derped.
was looking for it at the end of the sentence, like for the incubi leader, but it was at the start.

>> No.53788728


>> No.53788738

>I don't play 40k for a magic phase.
some of us do

>> No.53788753

There's also Ynnari, the named psykers basically have a better version of warp time.

>> No.53788764

The owner has always been a real nerd, but loves hockey too.

>> No.53788771

I played Word Bearers throughout 7th, so I'm well aware of summoning. I mathed out "5 WC for Paradox, 5 WC for the Spell Familiar Palanquin Sorc, leftovers for Psyshrieks of opportunity." Generally I only used the summons for Flesh Hounds on turn 1, and switched to buff/debuff support on subsequent turns. Got to slay enemy Champs for Chaos...

Yes, you could get the 30 WC+Magnus list, but this was more the fault of Magnus rather than the psy phase itself IMO. Ymmv.

>> No.53788777

So, unlike the other cult legions, World Eaters will probably not get their own psychic discipline when they're released as a separate army.

What do you think they will replace it with? Army-wide +1A maybe?

>> No.53788789

>Dunno about you but I've rarely seen a psychic phase in 7e take more than 5 minutes to resolve.
never played against summoning spam did you.
The powers themselves didn't take that long, but each resulted in a deepstrike resolution, so on and on and on.

There was also the issue of if one side went full psyker, then the other side basically lost all their psykers. Again a tzeetch deamon thing, but when they've got 15+ dice to DTW with, you no longer have psykic powers.

and imho, a lot of psykers are better used for things other than smite. The only things you want to spam smite the unit options, not characters.

>> No.53788793

The psychic phase is fun as fuck now, everything feels like it can actually contribute instead of existing only as warp charge batteries for my one or two major psykers.

I no longer have to roll 6 fucking dice for my zoanthropes to have a decent chance of manifesting, only to have them miss their fucking shots.

I no longer have to worry about rolling shit powers at the start of the game, I just pick which psykers I want to have which powers.

The Rule of One limit actually makes them tactically interesting, since I can't just spam out the best power on everything for any given situation, I have to carefully choose the right target for each one at the right time.

I can try to avoid having my powers denied now by using smart positioning to avoid his psykers.

There's no more stupid "Mastery Level" upgrades during list building that were fucking mandatory and had no reason ever to not take them.

All of my powers are actually useful and synergize well with my army, and Smite is sometimes a fucking MVP that turns support units into fuckhouses of pain for an opponent who played badly and left an expensive unit out of position.

Do I need to go on?

>> No.53788803

How would a fluffy Word Bearers army be like?

>> No.53788819

arguable need it more than daemons. And like daemons you have to pick the right units to do it.

with one unit, if you get the psykic power off.

with one unit if you get the psykic power off.

>> No.53788833

Some Marines, some cultists, some daemons.

>> No.53788841


So you made a choice to speed up the phase at the cost of efficient management and choosing not to summon. Other players did not elect to do that and slowed down the game as a result. I don't mean to denigrate you but you're talking about how the phase wasn't slow when what happened is you chose to speed it up by not taking full advantage of it.

>> No.53788845

i'm still not sure if we'll get full detachment bonuses, but it's possible.

I think unique stratagems is more likely. Charge after advance. Rerolling all charges. bonuses on charges or in fight phase.

>> No.53788860

before, during, or after they turn an entire planet into a daemonworld?

or probably just this

>> No.53788879

Isn't this the same limit as for CSM? Getting the power off? The Ynnari one is a lower cast value also if memory serves. Theres less viable targets I guess, though the Solitaire can probably be made to charge turn 1 with blitz semi reliably as well as scorpions

>> No.53788886

More wargear and specific anti-psyker options.

>> No.53788898

Looks pretty good. I don't really plan on doing mech guard, but I want to a hybrid like I did in 7th. I do have a few lists where I want to play with mostly mech. It involves Bullgryn, Scions, Lemans and artillery.

>> No.53788901

They could just get some divine casters like they do in AoS.

It's not magic but praying to khorne to smite their enemies with warp powers.

>> No.53788907

I mean like if they got their own army like Death Guard and Thousand Sons. Legion rules, psychic disciplines, that kind of shit.

>> No.53788913

The Nid power is guaranteed, since it isn't a psychic phase.

>> No.53788915

for CSM and Ynnari?
yes, that's why I used the same sentence.

For nids. They have other ways of doing it, but the charges get riskier for them.

>> No.53788918

So fellow Xeno players, have you chosen a side in the Battle for Konor event? Aim for a tie or boycut the binary event?

also War of Orktarius when? Ork vs. Nid Campaign, everyone else get to sit on the sideline occationally nudging the battle in favour of who they want to stomp them after

>> No.53788940

I'm always voting against the imperium.

>> No.53788957

40k should never give overwhelming emphasis on psychic bullshitery. It should always be something in the background. If you need something more fantastic than that then go find a game where magic dominates the whole game. Like War Machine.

>> No.53788971

You'll get an army-specific special rule (probably Blood for the Blood God on everything).

You'll also get Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, and maybe some sort of Legion Tactics.

>> No.53788989

All my wins go to taking points from Chaos.

>> No.53788990

I'm leaning towards that if only because they have three times the codex armies Chaos do.

>> No.53788993

Which faction are you playing?
Necrons, would side with the Imperium, for fluff reasons. Or, more like don't side witht he Imperium, just btfo Chaos.

On a somewhat related note, what's the usual point level for games now?

>> No.53789002

But Khorne is not the kind of God who does the killing for you.

All cult armies get extra wargear.

>unique stratagems
The other cult legions will get them too. What I mean is something that will compensate not having access to disciplines.

>> No.53789008

Nah that's stupid. You're stupid. There should be strategies viable for all the damage phases. A psychic army should be viable.

The problem with summoning was that it made the armies that did it super strong in the psychic phase and the other normal combat phases.

>> No.53789017

Working to keep the imperium safe from chaos, for the same reason sheep farmers shoot wolves.

>> No.53789043

He is in AoS, there's load of khrone blood priests.

>> No.53789049

>A psychic army should be viable.
They are viable you idiot, smite is extremely powerful to the point that they had to nerf it for Grey Knights and Thousand Sons to stop them dominating the whole game in the psychic phase.

>> No.53789052

>You'll get an army-specific special rule (probably Blood for the Blood God on everything).
>You'll also get Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, and maybe some sort of Legion Tactics.
Thousand Sons and Death Guard will get all of that. It won't compensate the lack of psychic powers.

>> No.53789059


I tried a combination of both. Thoughts?

>> No.53789061

>A psychic army should be viable.

No. Go fuck yourself. Go play Warhammer Fantasy, Sigmar, WarMachine, or previous editions of 40k if you want to put on your robe and wizard hat you complete fag.

>> No.53789071

This isn't Age of Sigmar.

>> No.53789074

You play Khorne, you made your choice, stop bitching.

>> No.53789080

I main Deffskull Orks with a side of Deathguard and Deathwatch, most frequent opponent mains Nids with a side of Wolves and Thousand sons

>> No.53789084

Right looks like a hot rod style paintjob, so you should go with right.

>> No.53789086

Looks good, but a lot of work for little gribblies.

>> No.53789101


Sorry bro - your opinion is shit. 40k should have the psychic phase be a supplemental phase and move on to the meat potatoes of the game.

>> No.53789113

anti-psyker discipline, cause Khorne is autistic god who tries to deny his psy-potential

>> No.53789114

Khornates should just have powers targetted at them peril on any double.

>> No.53789128

>I mean like if they got their own army like Death Guard and Thousand Sons.

They're vanilla.

>> No.53789131

How is expecting an answer to a question I previously made "bitching"? Top kek, all you're telling me is that you're mad because your post was shown to be useless. Also

>what is game balance
>your army should be shit because i dont like it

>> No.53789132


Excuse me as English isn't my native language, but what exactly does hot rod mean besides cars?

>> No.53789145


>> No.53789147


You're absolutely right, but I wanted to practice highlighting on the little shitgaunts so I'm more confident on doing it on my big gribblies

>> No.53789155

That's what he meant. It looks like a paint job you'd see on a car.

>> No.53789159

>what is a hypothetical scenario
And you are one dense motherfucker.

>> No.53789165

It looks like hot-rod flame patterning.

>> No.53789176

That won't do(?).

>> No.53789196

The back plates extend past the last vertebra onto the base of the tail.

>> No.53789201

You chose to play hardmode.
Get mad and git gud or get out.
Im sure Nurgle is still welcoming quitters.

>> No.53789207

Okay, they fly in giant cupcakes.
They have a special unit called gay boys who at the start of the game can pick a unit that they will try and bugger for bonus victory points.

>> No.53789209

>smite is extremely powerful
>average of 1.91 wounds per cast that you can't target
It would take 5 psykers 5 turns to kill the conscript blob the enemy keep shoving in your face to avoid smite ever hitting anything important, assuming your psykers don't kill themselves through perils in that time.

>> No.53789249


>> No.53789258

>Playing with points.

Just accept it, Power Levels are for people who like having fun, and aren't autistic about how many points every gun in their army costs.

>> No.53789266

show me on the doll where magnus touched you

>> No.53789278

death guard: rhino/land raider or not?

>> No.53789280

This is where the "all or nothing" issue came up. In 7th, you could do something like a Lib Conclave with Invisibility, get 5 or so successes (manifest on 2+) and your foe would deny on 6s, and 4 successes to deny was the same as rolling 0.

If the system was "no pooling WC for casting or denial", "powers are weak but scale with successes", and "denial subtracts successes" you would have something less innately whack.

Choosing not to summon wasn't about "speeding up the phase", so much as I ran MSU, and wanted a unit that was both tougher vs shooting, and was easier to DS in (less models, fleet, immune to dangerous terrain).

Of course, it's Word Bearers, the Legion that didn't even *have* Legion tactics, and their summoners were relatively static. The real griefers were the speed-summoners like the Flying Circus, or Eldar in the first half of 7th. Summoning gave both a material advantage *and* a positional advantage, wheras previous "free units" tricks (Chenkov Conscripts, Without Number Nids, etc) were usually out of position to actually matter.

>> No.53789305

Don't stick close to the fucking conscripts with your psykers.

I have played several games now where Smites were deciding factors.

>> No.53789308

Pretty sure people who spend 100s or 1000s on toy soldiers which are then assembled and painted don't play 'lol casul fun'

>> No.53789318

Are there any blackshirts here that remember what their interview questions were?

>> No.53789323


>> No.53789333


That's obvious b8 m8.

>> No.53789346

Gveee bveee meee?

>> No.53789352

Oh, I see, you're playing with opponents who have no concept of screening themselves, and will freely let you move around their units to hit the big dudes.

And since you seem to think these battles needed "deciding", I can only assume that you were relatively equally matched with these morons. Retard.

>> No.53789353

No, it's part of GW's plan.
First kill the lore, then kill the game, then sell action figures to 9 year olds.

>> No.53789355

Then why feed it?

>> No.53789357

He didn't respond to you because you are right

>> No.53789375

The psychic phase is mechanically better, but lacks the sheer diversity and substance of 7e. Smite is a pretty boring, ineffective power, but it's the cantrip.

>> No.53789377

Says trash opinion haver. Go away.

Probably just a butthurt WAAC tau player mad you don't get psykers

>> No.53789380


>> No.53789391

Name all 18 Primarchs in order of Legion number.

>> No.53789417

I'm pretty sure you're wrong kiddo. Also, good job fucking up the spelling of 'casual' you illiterate slob.

>> No.53789421

Free mind bullets that blast through invulnerable saves is neither boring nor ineffective.

For all the "diversity" in 7e no one ever used it, it was just rolling on like 3 tables to fish for the few really OP powers and the guys who generated shit powers were just warp charge batteries to fuel the ones with the good ones. Most of the psychic tables were never used at all.

Now every power is useful and has its place.

>> No.53789440


I play Eldar dumb dumb. I get the best psykers.

>> No.53789441

Power levels are better anon. People can finally take whatever options for their units they like, and don't have to worry about weapons being cost effective or not.

>> No.53789442

Smite tends to be fairly efficient as a way to ping more heavily armored targets. It won't single-handedly take down tanks, but a cheap psyker spamming Smite isn't an awful deal vs strong saves or T.

>> No.53789451

Reponding with b8fish reaction images and no text isn't feeding, it's marking it so the fucking retards in thread do not feed it. How new are you.

>> No.53789460

And I would agree that it was efficient at that role, if you could choose to use it that way. But any smart opponent will slap a throwaway model between you and the strong stuff that you want to hit with smite.

>> No.53789463

gr8 b8 m80 i r8 it 8/8

>> No.53789468


The botched AoS launch was a few years back friend. You need a time machine if you want to keep this narrative up.

>> No.53789477

Except that's not true, because if two guys play the same power level list but one of them takes the more effective weapons, that guy now has an advantage. There's still opportunity cost to weapons outside of the points.

>> No.53789488

Shitposter gets (you)s
That's feeding.

>> No.53789498


Not even the same guy but what are mobile psykers? I mean obviously you can block but if you have psykers with a higher degree of mobility you can get into the position to smite your target (minus characters for the most part). Alternatively if they're preventing you from ever being able to smite a good target you're still dictating the flow of their movement heavily which is advantageous.

>> No.53789505

Alpharius x20

>> No.53789507

>I don't understand the difference between what people mean by (You)s and the literal autistic interpretation of (You)s as in any post that responds even if its responding to mark it as bait without actually taking said bait
I want newfags to go and stay go

>> No.53789512

Why worry about it outside of a competitive tournament setting? If you get beaten, you can always find ways to tweak the list for a rematch. Forge the narrative anon.

>> No.53789530

I know nothing about 8th edition and I'm selling off most of my tiny plastic men.

Are my Orks or Skitarii more worth keeping?

>> No.53789537

Bat Rep: Tau vs Dark Eldar


Spoiler Tau get creamed, post match commentary is Tau tears

>> No.53789538

Because a lot of people play competitive tournament settings, 8th was partially designed to make the tourney scene flourish.

Obviously you use power levels if you're playing narrative games.

>> No.53789543

They don't hire dumb memers.

>> No.53789558

Age of Sigmar is still a non game with 0 strategy to it that despite GW's constant shilling can barely do better than a dead game.
So the only one forging a narrative is you.

>> No.53789566


Shootas or Slugga boys?

Also how do you guys feel about taking cheap ww2 model planes and tanks and making them orky?

>> No.53789574


AoS post GH has contributed a great deal to GW's bottom line but at this point dialogue with you is meaningless. Have your opinion and fade away, the sooner you're out of the hobby the better.

>> No.53789589

I think you're underestimating how easy it is to block smite with a horde type army. It's the same principle as daisychaining, and it works just as well.

>> No.53789592

>two hours
Well time to sit down.

>> No.53789595

One squad of shootas per squad of sluggas, use the shootas to advance and fire as they screen for the sluggas until they can reach combat.

>> No.53789610

Oh anon you silly, how many people play exclusively tournaments? Thank goodness points are on their way out except for those rare instances when WAAC players decide they can't handle narrative play.

>> No.53789616

Right now I have 20 shootas and 30 sluggas built.

I just got another 10 boyz. What would you build?

>> No.53789630


Daisy chaining is ludicrously easy for some armies to break though. I play Dark Eldar and pray for daisy chains.

>> No.53789653

>how many people play exclusively tournaments?
what does that have to do with anything?

>> No.53789661

It has added more converted marine models.

>> No.53789676

You also don't have psychic powers. Try to keep your personal anecdotes relevant.

>> No.53789696

Looking for some list criticism.

First battlewagon carries warboss, big mek, burna boyz. Attacks on one flank, tries to get the infantry in position to engage in close combat.

Second battlewagon carries tankbustas, flash gitz. Heads for the centre and acts as a mobile firebase. Could possibly put the big mek in this one instead. Deffrolla is in case anyone tries to tie it in close combat to stop the shooting.

All the boys form a big crowd around the centre, with the mad dok and the weirdboy. Weirdboy teleports the big boyz mob to engage the same flank as the warboss, then the rest of them run forward. Weirdboy teleports boyz or himself where needed.

Gretchin find an objective and camp it.

Kommandos infiltrate wherever they can and try to harass enemy long-range units.

Mek Gun sets up wherever there seems to be a good spot and concentrates on hitting big targets.

Warbikers and Stormboys move along with the shooty battlewagon to guard it from assault.

Hopefully the flank attack crushes whatever is there and can then move to support the centre around the time the boyz arrive.

>> No.53789730


>> No.53789800

Illegal. No rules for looted wagons or ard boyz. No rules for my monowheel cyborks (biker nobs can't take cybork bodies). Half my characters have illegal load outs. If my looted russ "battlewagons" didn't double in points I'd struggle to make 2k points.

>> No.53789931

>not playing with points in narrative play.

Do you want shity games?

>> No.53789961

I don't think you understand the purpose of narrative games, please go back to playing warmahordes and posting on reddit.

>> No.53790186

daemonhosts, tons of cultists, fallen sisters of battle and ecclesiarchy prists turned to chaos, and some weird chaos constructs


these guys ported to chaos with some special rules, tons of daemons, and whatever they're using for psykers/deny the witch since IIRC they have no librarians anymore

>> No.53790387

Supposedly the difference is in the "+".
If something says, "A roll of 6+," they mean a roll after modifications.
If something says, "A roll of 6," they mean strictly if the dice turn out a 6.

Judging by that, exploding 6's can't explode if you have a -1, yes.
But it is also true that Plasma doesn't Overheat on a 2 if you have that same -1.

I don't know if that's actually completely true, but that's the way it's been explained before.

>> No.53790453

I believe that or purgation squad became cheaper, even if you kit them all out with psycannons. Might be wrong on that.
But why would you need rhinos when you have reliable deepstrike and gate of infinity to reduce footslog?

>> No.53790917

because all power points are assigned assuming you'll take the good wargear, it's actually worse for casual b/c you're obligated to take the best (most expensive) gear to get your "power's worth" or be woefully outmatched.

>> No.53790950

>playing WYSIWYG

This is why you shouldn't do this.

>> No.53790974

>not making any effort whatsoever into WYSIWYG

Why model anything properly at all? Just use random miniatures and soda cans.

>> No.53791011

I make plenty of effort, but I'm not repainting my army every edition just to have viable gear.

>> No.53791069

I learn to put magnets into everything after 4th.

>> No.53791586

>the purpose of narrative games is to dominate your opponent because you used an objectively shit system that inevitably gives one of you a big advantage in points
cool playstyle

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